Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, December 25, 1847, Image 4

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    The gruaiest Discovery of the lac!
""•#: • t.
OR. TB tag MAGNETIC oz:vr.ranvr.
T ait@ is the first attempt so esnisbule tlos LI,r;C: FSLIC
or MAWS k: rx
,FLU kis with rowel lal regeltaWe •:. 1 1-
tft.t:tll in the form of nu , Anti:lent—to he kipplked et tot ltV -
ly fir the removal of disease. Thu .sinikist toinoote I ~01:
csu it hairnet with stomps it at unne the G( : tTEST
DISCOVE OY THE AGE, It Is co•nd ellok3kkig 1• 4
cures of theof the utmost imperiante. The In - int rein
lOUS are CONVINCED—Cho inkiet foithle,,, arc roninelled
to bellevein the power tool virtue of tilt,. great remedy.
It I•uoiv , nwliy admitted to be l'll I; Ylos I' WON t•Cit -
ELM CO.IIIIINATIoN KNOWN in t' , o Woltl.D , ror t h e
IMMEDIATE ItELIEF ord. b e ,11.11 pain.'
hawser fails while there remoin3Stidickent bine re-torn
• natural and healthy action in the eatiillai y Ven.el,s el . On
body, and equidizr the circedal ea of t.'.e. !do .el By tutr. iksValsi
a contro ll ing power i4gdine,lwer At 'a Vi Multy •a d , i ,.,.,.. ,
HL/EASE which cannot be obi:rice.' ft net any other r,ti
edy. Such is the power of do. combloattott that It pro
Crates to very portion orate human trame; cu m.>. lame tad
muscle. Jett), nerve and ligament ~ , :arched out and 111.1111:
sensible of purifying anti hen hog influence. Mare it
topes as readily nit!! filer/tut as exteroul di.easos,
, Nutoorotis i..stancea ere ol r ettrill, witerejlth reme ly
ha. restored health to patient, .t.,,.. ur pie. grin c that the
Mast pOwerful intermit reined., In ied to prodnee any ,q
-, foci. Stoll has frequently baun Tie c i•e in 11t• I. 1.11.1
TION of ho LOVVEI.S-1, p neat over need di , u ill, 0.,
disease where the ~.3lfgnittle Oudot •itt can he itltt titled
That dattgarou• Erni-I,lle know' n • the PUrnib EitY-
Stri:FAS esti nitsnrS lie cured by Chi; remedy.
For IN Fi.A IVIATOIt 'I 1 1,1 1!;;C1!ATI531. this Ointment
hi the moot Complete rein edy es el' j.rl`, / r , it.
In; 9 cases out, of 100 it ere I , 5,q ,, , , / eilh/ e re',.:( I , , lm
IM Oriitea . exOrNEtt.Voll, It V'. •,, I , 'it'll , i' Pk re fi ts' iiki. rats.
Pqr Nertou• Diseases Ii i eni"dr diunio ll' (- v , II".
Affection/of the Spine Ithearn.. •. , t, I r . tin , ae , ... Ulcer
ated Soto Throat, Itriinc'otn, I'l itii eloa , ,i, (:bibs,
Cholera Morhus, Ague in the Fact , l),:..11..:1&t. (Sures. h a'd
Head, Seruful 1, Salt !threat, Trt offtel tt., illn.Vll al C., e•,
reverSoree &erwill• be fintnedt itely :het la 11) t to use
of thin remedy. , •
bit. 81NG11.1.11 - : (71:1:TII'll:TT17.
In reply to your giterie.willi regard to I', r Cott. of The
,Experiments I bane wale with roar justly tel.-1, tel
) I'llf"tic thottneat: I can ...ty nit:, litea.ii re rill I deem it
one ESOP Glt EATES I' DISCOV!.1111:S CS' l'T II E AG f . „
It is now neerey two year Is lance I Lotemenced ...leg It
- Ili my practice, tool I have tested it la ea, es 01 Intl iniMa•
tion. bulb local and general, of the lona In , 1.L.,4-0 . , , 1 . Lind
with universal etiere S.; ..% en where i.ll 'eternal remedit,
bile . rl k , I have succeeded with lid , .
I hate treated 'euttee of facto.; ttion of the Crain, intl ',-
Malian ofthe Lungs, Indonsiiinik or the Coast'., lad unto n.
tory Illieninithut: and kk:likij lk -,1 1 - ,•v-.1., wall p•I foci
ruccora; alto cairn of Scarlet rev ~, (7 totter Ittizh, and
IVlCeritted .11. mat end Longa with I,he ...,,,,,,,, 1
' In the Eprelemle hewn as the Plitt IA lirpfinel it, by
which .o many valuable hie; ts , re lost, I teat,, 1 it Fre
quently, anti it never foiled of elha tai; a *peed . , and cer
tain cure. . •
In eves or /Jur it, Sprtins Bruit 4, rroz^n Limb , . I.e. i
It nets like a rh wan.
No Physician or r.noi v will 1,3 ~ ~.,21,) ,1., ) , , ~o,out I
this modici., Rrtor t.,,,
~,o, „.",„„,,., 1 ~,,i, , 1 v „,.. e
to enre. N. 131\611.131, Yllyzie:an and Surgeon.
CU , a. N. /"..7,74. 19. IS W.
r_TirFor further partieulirs Arai tiiti.noarils, ace pon !
Ithiet left with each anent
Pr.c.e4s and fin cents per brittle.
AGEN'I'S. -Carter & itinihrr, cr'inie...i.. a . 1,1 r rot iii. i i
Eria; IL N. & „I 1, IVeb-fer, C.,,,,,,, t . o',io; It:Inv!
rotter. West Sprinaflichil %V. 11. To t iiscirl. t ' r ni.4t.eltii I
L. 8, Jour, R. Co. G:ra d; .I.i`an .5. Trues, Fain ie..
E e. Aus/. 14. 1.:.Q17 —I r l'i.
•U l &l
ARP, 1 - 11 E R -t -4.11
The new Jew Store again Ahead!
JUST received at the New Jew store, \n.
Fleming, Block, State street, a new and
did assor.ment of FALL IV I N Elt GU° 1..):-!
consisting' in part of
LMOADCLO rHS.—Fre eh, En 4lish end nOr
c jean black, blue, brown, an ,1 cadet flux. d
Broadeloatlis, e:ie,tp ;is the ell •npeet.
ALSO.—Cassirner..s iutd Vus.iugs Loma Oa, loth
as to color cinali;y aro
a accertiES.=A et ntfral rd , nent of cli•dve
Groceries. IA ltich tvdtfio syl,t eNt.. cin t I .w.
CIIOULKRY.-i-A lie -Iloilo!
ery,at prices 11)4 cannat mil a plraSe.
800 AND SUUE ithMit e
can tr u lr i , av we have the cht•apes
aortmont of Boots au
i Iti4oi Lf L ohe.,
Gentlemen anti litiyi• eve. loon...tin to t. tit. etly.
CAPS.—Men and Bove cap 4, ihat ta.mot. I .11 to
fit both the parse .tad head - t,ot• a,ot
. 1 I
LA JLES DRESS G001)S.--Ilere s nil at
home. We have cashmeres, de I um. , w'tlioot
number and ahno3t khont
and Alpaceas Califirfina und,Sit i. 4 an I
Tnrkton A ;1
instins• Wide 1111 1 1 111111 cord,
dress buttons, cor ds and us-els, hot
. use of canine! ats lirt; — . 2y: ha% e eVe.y thin, to
make the hand3unie mire ii ylll,l and die tigly
SlLKS—Striped and Plaid Pooh de SOl9,
White oro de Swis3,
Bktelt watered ,t i r Satin atipe pcmit lie SIA,
liMatzki and Idue back, gro do Maples,
Black ~r ode Rhine.
SHAWLS—Of all' price 3, s l iadex (plairr
Isi the ehea;) et./110 , 1 up Lu the 111C:.q.
and Cashmere,
at.ovEi—LOf all kinds, colors nod sizes.
Hosiery,Suspeadet 8, Pri , lbl,TlCllu, lillll4, Fac
terlee, in short every thing culled to the tnedSoll
and market.
Ready Made Clothin,q.,.
one mock of ready made elothin2 , itir.le and
splendid, and will be sold cheap. We do not w
to boast, but we 'think we can einwinee any one
by calling that we sell a .szo:sl artiete ter a sinallet
sum than any otheriestahli:onnent in town. _ At
any rate "the proof of the pudding is in Ur; eat
ing," th-refore TRY US!
jf.J'Alind the name and nurri!iCr. ,
1. al, 1817. la
"Not fora Day hot for alll'ime."
StANTO vs Kt rats: At. TAX° •
HAS now given abundant cvide,,ce of (t heal
ing powers, and proved i self Cie to , st tot i '-
ordinary and Wonderful - medicine in the wo:h1 --
In the short space of two yoarg, it has acquired a
reputation for'eurin disease and releavnaz pin
far greater than any medicine ever discovered.—
Its wonderful cures 114ve the Aledical
Faculty, who now univeisally concede its
value. They speak of it in the higotest tet ins and
commend its use.
It is condemned by Lne. On the contrary, its
praise is universal. •fhe ease 3 of cute, ate so no
merous that iF would take voltnnes•to recount them'
—and it is ti-fisid feet, and is not disputed, that
as a pain extractbr it has no equal. For the many
astonishing cures, see the p implilet. tote ha I of
etch agent. If vou surfer with either of the
eases for which it is recommended, tenor' at mn
to its use and be cured. -For the Iv:lowing dis
eases it is aninhillible remedy :
Affections, Ithett.,
widens, Paralysis and all ner- •
vous affections, SaltAtheum, CrouP or
Hives Amre in the Breast and race, tVcak
ntes of the joints, colds, tooth ache, sore throat an.
Quinsy, ulecra•cd sores, indolent itleers.imins
frosted ferfl, tiormi,bituyons, fresh u•ounds
aweilinrrs and bruise's, serail
lons affections, muss
cptitotbes and
it.7"Thin Liniment i;nnbl by all thn renpacta
blet Mcrchants and Drungis4 thron.butti the
country, and by %Ito Proprietnno at Sin,: Sing,
N. Y. Gr.() ST' A N i'tt'.
Par rale by J. R. Burton &en. n . t • Tow., North
East. J. Clements Fiiirvinw; S. &
Oct. O. 1817.
Cash for Flax
T 'WILL puy thti Iniuhe.t price in c 1• for :Illy
J quantity or Flax Seed. C. A1.'11611 tLS
Atig."27 b 1847.
YE STUFFS.— Nladdrr, Lo t! , Wo o Fi t
Nic \Vood, Cam Wood, .1 Juni, Comtera.
Blue Vitriol, Cream Tartar, Indigo, &e., for vale
cheap for the ready, by
June 25, W• P. RINDERNrctir.
BROCHA SH A %VLF, —F'rom . S 5 to 9 0, crape
do. M Delaine do. of diff•reot sizes and col
ors, for ;tee at the cheap s:ore of •
Sept.. -2. r.
Attynii6lo. 'Jeer, ani Gentiles,,
brovlites, fshntaetitee, 'Hebrews and E.g,wp•
So us - af Aaron l and Daughters of
Mariam, rreit,e instruCtiun and - belvise.—
ilear and kuow that
All) 8 F 8, E- J
r.,,,,ned limn the E,IS C, Wen with the
choicest; reasmc,4 n' s that enci,•lit region, un I in
your e•ten ion to the, B,loe at the ...canine
IA.1) JvW O. it, Me one that has earned the repu•
ta Itirtuf bac,: J than any other It s' ouse
in i.i i ,f , mad thereby estallitibed a eri!dit fur Juive
ty that has i educe 1 fithet ' imo elder under the Fatale
mime whereby they hal r u t to reap a •pt
j 14 1-1 y helom l s mot. Now wisheVit to lie
" 'erS d tfdt not - a Watidtning Jew, here
'Ms year and an ay the next — a class that nil! sell
mune Pelson at cost and to another at double price.
' but that he is di .regalar descendant of Faitlital
ilhraltatn, aMr has pitched I)is te l mt in Erie with
Om intention or rcniaininz in it, ' and intends to
do business as heretofore in such u manner us to
;five- entire satisfaction to all reasonable persons
that favor him with their custom, keep all his old
hiendS and make new ones of all that once pur
' roods from -him. • I ' hat the old Jew Sto,e of
•Nl , ..stni, Koch does Se II more Goods and at !ewer
pt incsthan any 0 her store in Nile, is plain to be
*nen hi the course tiro bets, who fintiim_ their litiB
to inietepte•
.ttottation and abuse of the JEW *TORE, whielt
they well !thou - Anis helm t',e catt-te of their loss of
rtc-tower , and o ,, ainst which they (li4ecl'ull their
Mit es, thini in!! no Minh, that it Mrs a tillt oiot
(nit in di , Way, tact could gct, what they call the
_nod old pi fy to one hundred per cent -
such es they heed to .2et before JEW Nit ).: 4 1t: •4
canie ainotm -t virtu: I knee we see evetsthin. ,
diet e, n take a Fit i v luall of ' rape :nn: Bibbiti
I co timencos blowing hintsa It into notice ht le ti ; .g:
b :•••', ti ltl ; Inn ihts only
eq.! v..* o 1-how that. dal tire In gt eat. ri - atit,rureitii
toneri, and Mat' th ,f ) no - .t n here thee
- N 04,, the sew, et uf lloudv bring t&litil sv much
I t tt of at 'his store th to soy 0 her is simply this—
s fi,fht to rhr. /pa I et ' the in trket, to the
la;.(1 ac , utt.n.; un t fmpottcra and buys by the
flf •,,,f2; ! : or pArAc..I(.3E, sod cw
U.\ -.11 do a n, by which be inal - rve cr;t ~
dile rend a
and Is emddeti to scit zoofdt Ni io what
o ht . r. , pay her in the c ty; and that lime
bo no inisinke about thinllittler lie Invites all
ti Ito Want any tiff az, ill hi , bite; and %%LAI in pay
or vomit iy educe, to call end exam
ine .lockand pc., tliat they
tia I the JE \V 8 . l'131: thc best pace
c. Lee :veal (jowls ftt he Imitst prices,
MoseA beg , to be CXeln.e Hi - 0111 shirt_ a list of
el:' number nt . Pin ces ufelothatfd Oativo, \lustAin.
the Ot . some 15 • -- tieinz much
moteofi and plea , .ntly cniployed in it nit
11111 00 eaciontor, fie will leave this mode 01 pul
awl Ic or Of leer
s:uc.i:s and ,iteer ctishcmrs.
C9ritex oinctlch sirret4.
n^ar ttio F.tnnctb Hold, Calomel Li)
net •i?..
fon, N'ano..
- b
ckt,,, g fon ; ileu -qua n,r,, Cho long, 6•c.
A ILLf! IMlV.rme; oil too its itt ..!14 1,N.1: The
ennuis y why' e tan oiner. have hrttad laves
hod shot t nose<, littlo eyes, little feet, and plump
rosy lips, it (tore emperoi styles In molt thifttrots!
er of thc snit, aryl h.s ttonntry?l ' .i . :l.l : 2STl
l ' h • la t 1 ;hatLt!tt: I.lrth to Contlic its, and what
isol inure I:wise:pollee ;0 its, the land fro it whielt
v, .th• ;tin ihAt (1. 1 I..thitil beret - 4.e. vaned 'l '
• Iti;rhly v • 1 ltNtitit; i..att Ladies rant..
and (.01.tilloit,s, and ahottt. t i tetn it is been
50 itioult said ;yid vat 'ell of IS t' pel slut!,
t'ly unadeiity thinii:l.• to be the ordy
Nlll a pure ar c icle at ho.l s! priers. Hu' we pre
sume rely lety - petunia %toll b.dit to the ability or,
itt pi (tutu e and 1.101 )1. ) TEA.> is con
fi ted es.eltt . ti‘ely to 100 New York, atiti
that .tll olbers in this line„sell lin iltleriur (plait •
ties and that too at 'exorbitant pi ices—and that
th; lotnevolety p roils sin en non. with altittt:
tiosKrilt - ; but merely to 4otve the sa ist.tetiou of
pea the d,;tep opht from 4eituz Iturnblizrzetl.
Cot our patt «c„ think there is startettnitt , m ere'
shag nn al under „Ite tub. This P.m
elitnil Sone ;sm.!, and I ihnitt . , .1 It %%op.( and Pit -
kW', 1111.1.1. Sliver tool ( .101 leg e'ittp . .!
tt t It 41ot t tun Ih it it ii pa tip in TH kV A , :
• ppoi :se 4 2 e. tI quite unnecessary
anion , plain hone.t people: For oar part o tt; shall
ehotent otirselt es by simply a-sitrinz those that
cla• 'ttc are pr p tied to ofr-r them
an a...or:men: 0. the "e 1 101C.•51 and .
t..tireen - reas, at the folloOtine rates:
13 1. K 3 4 aid 5s pet
I Ys't 1%; AT' 4. it. mid tis por lb.
I dl' 11l A.C. 7 and ri
These it t;if. jilt e 11l
• ut i'll• iii Ile e I,ty and may b • reli t
ly #lll in 1119 mattet lit fill%
pi: tip in the tforld 01
uood , n,l "iv to plaio,p
it ;toy heatlitot Ity roL , ly phi cs to gtt I
II Tort° Rico
~a it io t3ll tub (Mora
\iol 1-?r+, 1111 d itl MlOrt Wu! b l iVe n ,CCTV
as :#311111e11! or 01'01;e1 ICS, to,
caich we invi e theattuuiun 01 our friende, nl
Nu. 6, iteil.l [louse.
Octo!) , 21 49, ISI7
Charity covers a multitude sins
ANII .0 (10-, \ lint•ii a: liks r e'letip and
las'ii 'gable CLOTII NG S WU E.
1..'0.1 zi, Ore: co.: •s, Prints:, iire.t.i, Drit teers, shirts
b ".11-, colt I, -,. awl every an clef in I.lle elnillill!!
line. ark. 10 I•t• 11.1(1 '',s in 50 per cent. clieape. ai
ph,. c , L,117.1E - 0. - ST( I (E (II in ill luny other estal.)
. 11,Innen: in Erie; an I .10: reaN iii i', l j tat :id., Alit
se..3 1):0,1 all !lI (in li:: Ca:einter:Rwl Flannels.,
by ;lie bdu and piece, I I : onl en! Alallllrn:ltinet a
ail faipor:eo .11, I th it. lbr, .toil then be inn
ploys fit et rice r .00: r and his °Will 1110 y tip on
i,il cw:l premiqes .tail tinder hi= iii , itc, inn ,i)
11. at Ile i, alit t,s -aye :1111i:tin'. a "oral ankle a:
Ina 0 pinfli q 10.4, 0,1 i th.V., o la) 11 irdll,o Ii ead V
!:1411V vi .C. 11 1 ,2
,in rililadelp'lla• :Ind 'Non: Folk.
i t a t rio eel). r A ny nfloferior ill Ile] hi la a si r i , vtit nn
in inavr. Now din ,t: iiis`iiii : l:l.o par
(11:1-1.: any ii-licle of it eat i lig iirirel can depen I
, op,on olnaiiiiii:i in Lice be , t niateriol anti w o rk
1 ittansinp, .1 1 1 1411 alloy il.Sei cheaper ih in they c.tri in
„ me oti j o: w a y or nov other plat, in Erin. Re
ohintwr 11t4 I 1,1 .fi•iv Stoic:of; Ml IS ES KO(lII,
No. 3 - •,,,i).imi Exchanlze. Pi (Itch hr.
I nor 0) lail_ I
..,.',•More of the Effects."
w r , : i
i n t r .
. i r t
n I 1 1 %; ; I ) I t i ,e ch oni a
h r n a d
:rcontplerc a.sq t mem of plain. plaid, Ft riped and
11 , nred \ I nliair, Calltmerf , , Me! 'no, 1)e
Lirlro :10(11S0119 1 . ):11,1 .kf the rich,, ,
ditY•rent pa terns, awl style 4 of
11,,,% etn t, ; ; l e i a t! all the now itt:thltmt t0:1.5.;
w e mil Feil as cheap as the (heapest, at the cor
ner • - titp.efi e the Ea , zte I :o el.
Ow W11.1.1A ‘IS Fr lV111(7.111'.
Important Decision.
ryol7. cnutv,t,d iti,d tout has ,hven eci?tinz
thAny vents has. heen fioally settled by a .111 , y
of l'weive LI lica, and Coir derision is, That the
parrs, .v:ratii and cheapest Teas to
he ha ,1 4:n this seeqion or the c•aiotty, are 'hose
‘,lhich tome. From the eel elo wed t N' nN TEA'
CJI\WAN V. ills., TC•LS can h, had at all
l u te, and ti,:iieranfr•l to dive en. ire sat ista eti on or
the moose will be refloolvd, of their agents who
ate reeeivin.l tresh supplies weekly..
ILL! .11AIS 4. kV RIG I IT, A ~ents.
I)irectly opposi,e the Eagle Hotel.
Sep% 13, tiik7. 1 \ IS
. WES'filitN , IioTEL,
r.,, 1 Ti 3 lIN GtAilA .\ d„ Proptietor. The
`4lTh J sub,criller would', a:spur:tinily inform
Au) his hie ids end the traveling public lien- "
et ..tiy, that he has leased fir ' a taint of years this
'row awl emnniv.iliells 110u4e., si.tiatetl at the
Ei. , 110 Street Ciinal Bain. i This location ran
(leis the " WEs I'ERN ,' pre eminently the most
convenient and de-irable st,pping place rr till
either doing Int!ittes4 or_ Ira Veli IV. on the Canal.
There i+. A-0, mulched to ',this a
lar , re and stable for the use of Beat
men and u hers having lonises.
No pains or'expense has Lem spared in (Win! ,
up this lions.. ror the convenience. comfort :mil
Pleasure or gitezcs, and' the Ptriprieter trusts by
etiict attention, ro hnsiness to merit and receive a
share of pnitlittpatronage,
Erie, April -21. ISI7. , et
1 )tk.:K.17.1.;.) Lill'lCEitS, Sardines, foin,on
r - Ca sap. Lemon Syrup, Pepper Sauce, Salad
id, NI ta , tard, Ci . u..alia Jelly, F.n2lisli Whitg Pep
per, ,for sale et No. I, Perry.BloelA, by
itr„ %if aillFl
p, uuier ro
einA by Ttiper. a few coils at Now York pri•
ces, just it ono for Buie by
[Eli Auguet 2.1, IPI7
on 414 lII
p ico4:
';per, with•
the mien:,
'rnp, brown
r tile. snibseriblnti haVin)/ a•imait assortment of
New Emilatitt initt s blat 011 11 ', 1 .1 0/, I . l'ool dal
et I plorries, calculated eon ilettif alitl,Poitt tables
Monuments, ts:c. a filch they orro to Fell to any
on tt i - in Erie, conntv. Pa. not lividg farther than
Vale, lettered in that rate stale, and delivered, at
the follmvinti prices) Small, for children, :$1 50
per five.; NI oldie size. for aaeil people, '6l Yr/ pet
foot; Lori/est size-$I 73 per foot. ‘Ve thick it
would he an object ihr some of the Erie. corinn .
people to fora toil 118 a few huge, ipt ions as we have
recently been informed by the Erie marbltr;dealeiv
in rather sl bro:/!/ine way, that they wet e : slicit in t.t
ilia) the Erie and trawfig)l ereggy people _aid
They brit_ very Itist * ily of seiliii , to tht:"l'.•nicit ,
fililes" at ftoin ) 1 Z 50 In z 3.1 per loot. i Silottlil airy
of the people of,Erie 'comity 'be in want of am
thing in Our line, t'aey can Coro oral their imc,ip
thins, or come themselves, lard they sit 11 bare a rate ar,icii) at the above. pi iCe9-
11111'._\ NI S'lli..ES &CO.
Westfield, 'N. Y. Sept. 13, IS IS. I , 17t
7a LACK sAi,-rs.—l will pay ( 7 a.311, an .1 lllc
11JJ hl !u mire for Ittly (filatlClty UI 'Mark i^.llhs
delivered at .'11 1 1( elm, or at lily elore in 16 ie.
Oinoller - (7. M. 'llllllAt.`=l
i k. ( l'Es OF AN by W,
beill as itre ,,
.tiat or the. fiw,hois co flue
ment. at. Vail 1),-tat.t:,.? Land, ttxtrt - ttatt
tin salt, at Spafin (14's Bouhstoitt.
ASHES! AfillES!!,
v:11,1_. pay y c,lll , 1 ,1 bu,:t.l ior ;plod rif.!,
fislie4 2 1 2 per r
es cloliveted ni v or van co:,, ra.
10'0' Ir! T1130A1,,:.
..u: co iii.l) ; also, a It,v
Coy p::t • h.;
C 1( ,I) (.;01 , 1 P 11.4
ti otc, I, Iprtt• 01•11;,'t , A ., 110 :it a IP"
hs-zori leW CO!),111titly f•i 11
100; :d 4, ) !hi',
fetent - iads e-:)1 ) ,-n,.itt.
G. )( ).511:-.: .5. I :.04,
n',.. at. vteally optit,:lit VAigle 1109.1
July 10, 1817.
NEW AND rizEntglocloaEs,
.vo. 6 Poor — teop;es
V i T P. hde just redeired a
T • hrue WU! IA ot wet
dry and Paluily 11,neeiie-; d
which will sell e'leaper va,lt tha,.
whey e , t...tblist.tueqt in tvteit. Pleas , e e4ll and
:tee. :Time 12, 7.
b. 1 ,7;
mint') tvid Jar:, Coff , e, one d, or oottli ()Ida,
Big Wiadow, Sinte :-”ruer, by
W. P.
Jtvw I '.', I . -174
(.1,, , t I-S , ( thio ••:t.,.m..! ' 0 ..:tr , ,% lor sate ()tie I
4 - 101 or nem lb of thr• Pi , _: , VIT 1 1111.1‘ .
6.1,0pii. 11E11E, 11111,1, Your .
Tr volt ‘,i:4•l to buy chrn,p, y.nt i;I nl
I'd IN 1)Elt NEI 'll i*:-; o. Pon;
Iv he re )net can ( . 14 ! I the t0110=, , ,, hp' nitii it •e vv!uv4e
are ivn • e d st,,:ar. re., met,
Tehae.,..ail i rut , , 1: Pr Spice;
ch. Chaco
fate,Cocoa, Ity pont,(l nt lix. Pop, ci
Lo w ( Lally I ) 1 1 V,ttt
avir, Fite CI C
Brf i c't c 4. 1,(11(1, t/ts(ttll
111111 I'llls, (*AC IC Wit,kt ine,
-hoe it-11 ,, ,t a 'h
Tar nil 1 Ito-in, •\l•len'my ant S‘•oii
Wier, 1 7 111. 141 I`,ll rll,llllitll tl's.
l Co Rope, 111 0
11,1.1111%f, Pa en , Pill:, Ttll) , , \\,
It .1 , 1 , , \Vire ;\ 1.14. 11.1 1
\llll, PIIItCI I S , 'wry (
llorso l'nnt•hv, and Combs. S:4l pn:pr. I /ally , 1111.
in . 1):1!: , t, Brooms, Coln Whi"j e: and 11ea...1,
Bro,,mq, 1/,:1P., 111111 o her 4111( les
Ui ) C111,10,(0 11S to tn , mtitia. Please c.lll and see
pint:elves it!, Julie 19. ISI7.
ruci r.—You r.t, find a' No G. Pori
• l'col.h•••+ Ito v Solfloa
L .In 3, 1 . 3.1\• tin=]'aunts
andCat . 2.ll, far t.a,h 1;
Jtvo• P.
_ • . •• •
• kNDY AND It 1NI\: It 111, lox potoill
!‘,llO at No. I, Pert v 11fo
Jolv IV. NI( y
A, Cl.( ilt1)1.•:, '? 4, will) tits Imp, n% .•d v. i b,,,
i!..., v,ol,violin and (~ tiit, it string., for 5 a I 1..
byG..,,, p_n ) k I i s; ;s.. cn.,
Sinte st., nearly nppoqi:e. El!t!zle 1.1.
jltiv 1 7 H'7. -
tut:ell:A a the New t oo;
Ca.'entere 61a.v.%14, Vi•l e 11.0. pi il:t•R
Ovt Ili I,f 1.
Arrival of New Fall and Winter
'it cc tit
l arts nod Phil idrlpltia, to t'u• selt•oti;r, and
w itch:l,e or iwir Exi l'ENzi .K, tthiclt
t !t• t • Ant open; beg leave. to to their
customer, nod the country tit 141 111.11 they are
nor prepmeil to terrei: ailofl,
Ifillll,lr hui.ot at lent•.s I , l'r c elle
en, - We find devoi hit! little to hit
eoods., as tits t (Or c,ish, it it 1. I n d o .: 't v.tstdll
I; reaco, thrt l•rat e u•I•i oitr=v_ly sto
as low as I louse— (that it,tv, hit tic in 'Jowls)
-this Ni ,le Or New i r,t k or and Int ilit•
above itg.tlratlC(' lie invite thn.rthata.c piirritas
iny arty kilo! food's. I laid %vale, I:i.wer
iv., to ,tri‘e nil oppo: tititi•y tool tie ill -how
yoit as good art as-piled, and elicit'.
m oc k tit coods as van It,• ford in this nun het. -
Par wither particulars ple,o , te c•ill of the [hie:,
cal tier, opposi.e the Cale f fo el. near the clout
N(1000 . 5 evviy tli ip iun daily lit
.1.1 1 1 I vine-lrolo Now Y and Do•ton, of Ih ,
New Store, elinapside.
Nov. -20. NUYS COrr.
Cll.l. AND sr, .--Pitpamiol - y lc)
.inan!. , , , enarmt Inc ¢nin¢ io Vo) • 191
mtt .crud 04 i'nlPc sloc,t; 4t G0.1:14, WP. \\“11
alt Fi 11115111 . :' ' ilrill" and : - 'elidnler “nn , l. at Cost, to
wake rnoin fur the Hew P I , rtt
.Nua. 17. nit( ) \\IN: Sz.
' CI.()C K S.
17 4 . 11(ITIT I - ) ky and 30 hoar I ;titbit:, Ct . . ti
. 0.
i-I Pillar, Alai in mill commit), by the E . lll , de tii
ease, toy cheap fin . 'only rii: ! i
.G. I . ; h:)\lIS. Sz. Co.
'Spite st., tinily ryi.o• iOl F.41... , !e i i014:1.
:fily IT I'' l7 . I
50 ri .t) .\ll )1. jo-t ! , Yrylverl mid
tot cheap aft the eniapuz,i, Uot..: dour
rior:it of thußig Win l o , v. by
Joao N. W. l•`. CUNDI.:IISEr r :III'.
G tool all oiler Lititt,Y.
July 17. T. \V. :1100.13.F..
t'orlt, tiaras, Sitntittl
r pple4, third Pent.hos. Corn Nlital
Vrrhite Fish, Nlaelte,A, Potatoes and c‘.
el% thin!: in the Provision Lino, constantly' on
hand and hir Fain by
June :IG, W. F. IRII.7):IENEC r-rc.
mIL 1 R.i at six prrxessi less Van curl be
had nt /via , tet stare in Erie. and -or , grat
quali y, now oß•red by
filAft im.s. New Orleans, L 0,4 Po, e. iz
e) !L Flg e d, a c i d
cheap liar cash, one door north of hr. Ili !! Window,
June 12,1917, 4
Till: sul, , criherk rie outhoriz d .A fr. ent for the
sale of FOWL1 7
,11'S PH lI.F:Nr/Lrr•III AL
I,VORKS, its F.rie coe r i T y, lie : Lvill rli.p o . e gol
them at New York pritel. (lei:L.o4l A uelit. thr
Comhe'm Plenoli)eleal Jr araal. Call and wornm
inc ,these vabilble pill I.ea;lons At his 1.3p01t
Store, on Stale street, r., e i Pa.
A tv.r. 5 1817; , , 1 0. D. SPA VPORD.
ciot(iNG and took inz "iagS
A lure nsgertment or the above . ani,•lc for
sale very law by . G LOC1 1 .118 & Co.,
Ste e at., nrmrly oppwi te 'Eagle Hotel.
July 17: 18 . 17.
GUNS.—Double Barrel!, t'-';ii t dri do. ;Fowling
Piecea, Stmoteis t with a.-gen
eral assertniont of Gun fisini!s.
G. T.,OOMIS tr. Co.
July 17,1817.
MElittEPlOr 4- BRE viTB I El kerii cnn.
standy on hand at. tho El is WOrdlert Facto.
rv. Plain (Moho, Plain and Fancy entiNi metes and
Twe&, of various colotp and ie. ohich they
exchanee for wool on delivery ; on customary and
aecoinmndating terms. They also pay cash for
Erie Woolleat tetory, June IC, 19 t7. 6
Pekin . Tea .Company's Agency.
NO. 5, ItE,kill itotiFiE.
y r ea ! ,
,Lii, nu lort:zer doubted that 'the e4taliiiii
I mcia ld the thin, tt.iittey in i t li ie. rids vii-11 , '!'d
Indyers to oh aiti'lett lima tt% enty live 'to 11111 ty•
Ott ee •11 lid a 'Mid tfer_entil tesi limit tin intA t lv, and
hit , COM,e cretitly the j)Li,tl :4 .ic
ale out &ult.:a -1 ‘ ti no wooder then thlit \ l! 1 .1
win, awider it, and by rais'o,r the et r iii' Irk! ,, •
Inv , " codvavOr to it,ime. th e ( r,;;lii of the , e -MO,
but tiny Call'ilill it. Spit 1111 ‘,.ti
.r venom awl-ill ,
flaunt:4l iihiclicia,,, geri,lealc - a ihi-y the it-i ceet •
1Y h , tltok-t.', It diEvetning ),LhliC i:110V, i‘xti %%Ili
tie 111 I lye: ptilUl 11 I I II" , -.
III:-t: 1e.8 4 110 4001
Will ~ e ll. 11.4WiiicSt.1 II lin ! bet an,: tho's,y rye i - , ' it ,r
--,11111 ch i sapPr [kill C:I 11 b e h l d e ds..tvhe,e, a-iii tirl
.iii4e liwy an' J . . , s', anti ini , ep •Ig 111,.y Will it $p
I rail ;tut' in-L2til of tiaL, Linty p ii..:k,we it it 111'
l'ahli'dif il - tt•hdfl'll exeltdiye id the putt a iii tint,
I be:i.- tut: C.ll'iS ~ nil no "homtsttg," a , all sib. , 11 , 1 , 1 e
!lied th'e it!:l3 !inter! and LllO 9e 'hit h, tve , nett may.
d: ll y eis t \ , tt 111 id...tse not reit;oned I(.leitel. The
telly ',ldea iii l in whi.4-e the PO; i I,ewhputl's
tea can be It-ad o - la at No 5, Reed Ito e...e. ot
• 1.'4 4, IS W.
4,1 , t
ti inibtty 7 by 9 ;()
'2-% hit:hurt, 111.1•13 ttlika‘tern tae
ics, 1.0 1 et! a • tgoAtinirl
I 188 c rt to toy or 8 la r f wi h Olt CXlr4
th ti!zo. , Potty ukva.B bawl.
i,o ' ' ‘'t n't ()NT,
/ bit ut•:i'd %I II alt! uil Iv No tint t•tt I
litte. 3 C llt rEtt I;a° vii Lit.
A icris - rs , r( • ND ('OLD:I.S.—
_ti. t retnuerz Maw. Ha!: t! (Cl.
Cense \‘'hi -nit et no
- - VUIM)1{011 ehlilll , C, do Vrenth,
\ leshast ltd. Liz'at da
srs - iss• hie Blste, (.7;sintse j
1.)1 sasnarse do, see ell, do
1(oyal pet plc, Noples vclloly
Moor, Ivo, y Bleck, Vlee,(lo
\rand . % h'o }he wn , `,:e•teelt -
Nes an .repl,s
Cna-s Flabby and .`,lsdleio, ,
Pallet e 13ssaido, du
I .I,CIS prep 4red
Pux [Jae-, Flat s a d Round
in, 131 t• ele•s
(lenders Brushy-, Crayons assorted col's.
D, Pencif:, 't o [' over ,
\l'hi e ase: insect 1 - 31isei' Board;
An I in WI. II•AVII It pith; y et/141.10e a.5 - ier,-
ste lit in icks
1.1 , 160.1 f and Keisiss!ying every us side that may tn.
ash's; ;or csa tl'es sihorest notice. -
I c 1. C,lll 13110 T -I
lA:MD . IIId
Ori3;l/13 anti 1 .- 1 0, Wt•1.. souk very
Vb•w r : <tom; by OK, b 4 \l.l.le.rd.
11\1: MI: 0110) rIIER.
X:1 ,k(.; Al•
_4 ti»lid, Ex. I„ettititott, 110:u tt`ii et, Met',
‘Vhi., ()live( (,:ayenne
Uhstillll , 4ll, 1110 :s.
- - - - - -
NPlaM,titited:ze-1, owl Embossed Vibiting
I:l3cl:,Cat mine, Indelible,
1 ?. by c n
11i EDIC A L BOOK 8.1 . •
J J NITED ; t tutes D:Tent-atory, by Wood,
Vainilv 16y i i.ut, I , vPoct.l3..ach: _
ftern , ;dies, by 11.
con -ulnpi 1.,3! by 1 1 .
For sole by I it Tux & PEalil
Nov. 27. 7
Li itl.'l,N I.: LI lee Flow in pound initictigcs
tJ lof 1:tOlily Use, tot'F•llC by
Nov. '2.7 11 1 .71:TUN 1 .7 I Ni 4.
CNNOL;- r4perili
Sperm ( ror %, Ile al A • ,
N“v 27. , It', :At VON
:rely hrill,Ltri(ll\Tew,G'oods.
TA'1,1:•; , •; IItJI.4IIE,S tsoula ) fi,'w winier•
f i jemt e r t i m j ,00,4 th rt In 3 has . ;I'3'
s ;cm ctl \VNI: C. it I,N ;Ili him in the
.1111.'11‘ . 1>5. Jame, ISn,lt S ('n
le xuuhl flu thermic(' state that they hare j
i - erel col a I .rtfe aiitl troll select ol as.ortineut ul
Llt Goo+?, let.. I L Id,t are, itiie e ii.o
N.c.. all DI u ill lib tli, ;bey
ru elsewliew. Il:,t'ni, brim ebiel
lv , puic ., ,l•ol at II o bur
it 'the icrice.s p j : bb t 10 New , Ihey
, n be ,0'..1 Act' buy 111 c , Lathes and'
the public goicr..lly,- ale iov.ted
U c,ll and ultie Ili, it u, ordinen
1 itvy hov• j revci‘cd a Lir:z.-qa y (WS:al
v.. it 1, 1 in Ix 1)t: in I , St 0' prim.
NOA • , J. 11136 HES t& (o.
flir'ullice - 611 SIXIII Slilet, Li
WO. P. arms lii , Eei Vier , to all ihn=e %k I pre
.l- the kcal the've t !ela
le It in. , (hon, ..f! discar . il-zill of
I ,ip nful oulv such retiiethezi
aet 1(1• 11 v., 01 11:e.
' ''") , V(' me. Si(). I a. lure. r,nstrtli•,
NN, i 101.11'6 e or ille/11 , ., or
. ith-hforwl onr hands e never ztain,
' \or poi -91 num. to enst. till."
1. IL \I, diva' I:nolo kept on hand.
Nov -27, 1317. 4.1)`?.4
()dr C.,'ustomprs
inlbi u.d that in mi l d t 101 l our present
,trul; I. and N'F.,-; NtiA err
Will be ro , •eivin , by Expres , s rittrio, , ..r the Fun
inlor such unods in our 1010 AA the d •10.10dilutv
o quite It i> cinrin ly huprd Nir 4i y + , lll sup
port 000 ro2 . ubcr Nlvie'4lot 9•10 p that 1.
e3riietl nu by werhauics.
,s. I. El. KEENE.
Frio. nutohor 20, 1517. _ o'2l
1111) , 1 A I'lE.-4 hie stoe% of !lard war,' don H
pri=es a' .21 v.i Mochanical toiP l e •
nc ,119 nt'suiter:or qtt dity. -itch as Pi I 4 :11i , flAs,
L! . 9 II 4ZeF, planet 11q119. antic, e,151 Weal a:1111(,05 (long sivtill.,) braces and ,
!Cal Scotch pdard
comp Divide.FF, tap I).,rerS, ion° mill and
crn , s tint 9,1119, ha ml and bank saw., Sawa and
Imine4, 10;4,4 hvr with .a ucnc.ral n s s oru n e , , , t o f
ow i ,
materials, 1,( , c1,:‘, I lantllrs, Kilo!. cis
llottb Blots and el rmiF, Itodiss and hinges; tae, ,
SEN f T CAI E , vrEtt.
Nov la, 15i7. '26
D ' JAIL , tcued at the New Sto r e
n la ge supply of fled bleached
and unbleached :-,lieetino's ;o l d Shir;in"s, Co 7 lon
I'lannela, CI e-h, Hueltalmelt, Apron dwelt, mitr
ed Shirtings, colored 'anthl Jeanc,
Alto.-just eeeived. blown and blenelaal Until
Table Um' rs, Dal hen, Nipkins and
Towels, I:wink vet y low at
net 23 ALLYN ,t• revrr.
N ew Goods at N 0.7, State Street.
E are note opening, a ttretil variety 011)111'
v G% )003, suited to the seasen, which will
be sol.l as chap as the cheep st Anitill2st them
mi . ; Broad Cloth. and Ca , stineres eivlrious Imes
and finalities '
- Alpacas. Plaid and Plain Cobol - us;
Nllll3ll Nierino4,, Bombazines! 11,1 W Sillt and
131 ittani;i, Linen's, LijOen d'ambric Hann
I,etelde..s t'toin 12 1 2 to 71 cent-; Pt inlsr.olll4 to
25 cents; De L ines inn lt3 3 1 cents Opwattls;
it high ills in treat varie.y, e.:Ointere,
Pooch:I, de Lane, Sir dills and crher lasl4frnable
Shawls, and oilier Goods in ten a, cal variety to
adverise, cut ions or invited to examine
them and purchase if they are satisfied nithgoods
and pricers.
I...nstsn, izENN I:TT St C
Oct. 1(1, 16 1 7.
NOW and Winter Goods.
T A‘t nok teectw ni, c ro p.; New York n L"re3l
variety Of :telt :11111 dusii able goods tar Fall and
\V inter trade, Among other
- desjrables now o
pening are
Fuperior:rinhet o°ol4, din') and trirodr; French
printed Cashmeres, heaukifurpatterns and very
100 pieces Wail:, drab, 'mode; plain. and striped
• Alpaceas, One third cheaper than ever befirre
oTered —some, as low a s 22 eerve per yard.
Slinns. a great vari•qy ref' now slyit•='; rritat'.
Gii zharns, •
Nt. de Loins, and othernew styles
of Dress Goods in aryl r quantities, twenty five
per cent: cheaper 11141) evi!r befirre o bred in this
city. „i
Ail of which my etrunmera and Me public are
respectfully invited to examine.
o.mber(9, IR 17. 21
RICH, OREGON PLAIDS selling fur 20, 2 5
and 31 I ethts per yard ot the New Store.
OiroghornA selling proportionally low.
Oct. In ALLYN 4. COIT. ,
POPULA :1. GOOD . I.lti VV . YA1.,14 6001)s.,
JUST RE(TrvEn T 1 LI MOST EXTD.:- l A rt E nl/w Ill o i rc. l ' IL 'I; f a
rt: .1 P ;;If il,
. 1 4 1111 : .1 1 1)L r
rt rg, :l ll :lt :19%0rl S.-
'SIVE ASSORTMENT OF , _ j mew ot Fall and 0/ ifiterAiu ,1, 7 %% hid, have '
LA I )IES I)itKSS “OODS! 1 beenreiecleil atli erect t..,re. _lt i i s Ili v or t:,•ter
Eolrered tills
ILA par ,
I SU pieer4s Cashmeres nn•
sowed color.
73 do French, scotch
3U ,10 Alllacc U., uC t V
ail CitillOitei.t VI • i
\ 4O do Dress r.)ilks of
n proved pa.t
20 do SWIS6 add
20 do .I...tee and embr
I • le Ong,
'5) 41.) jac4.lllll.Catobi
.50 do Silk Flinges,
.15 d I I )'ids It
20 Bies,4 Buttons,
.200 pieces 'Alan &
ISO bilAvtlg, of all styles
to 3i5,
200 p.rit ladies' and ie
_ • Clove., as
-200 d,) Ladies', emu!
100 do bl.u.k and wtri
FOR. Gi;.N
Clntbs pw every shadehuv i i
do 11 V. - of all Icind - 4. 4 -
BAIT' 4...a-tonere, Alarstr
ST. )05,....—A
, Sci iv ion. In short,
ellemmes,,r and dui Mill
e d lu dm., market. r.
CAPS. —.400 \ len an r 3
Slit ;ES.— :AM pairs
• 1 . :11ps and walking
Indies and .vtis,
Ii,E.IIE3.—A gcn
veiipt iUll
SU i LH` 1-I :
Ten thou-and dullats' Attelt, comnrising. every
thin , ' in tip. line—Joine s, [louse and Ship Car
yetititra, Conyers, Shot makers, Cabinetmakers,
Saddiets and Smiths' . 1 .uls, of every description.
;:z;:tddlety Hardware, Isrl , e assortment of all
I.los. i;orria. , e. trimminv (Wall kinds.
xld ,A ms, t.prings, VitiC9, smiths' bel
lows', brass and proeelain ItettleS, shovels, spades,
crowbars, mint boxes. its II ` O 4, cut, tit:Attar and pit
fIiAVA, and Lain of all izes.
e i
ti, I . Nti:-; \V A 11.V.,--7 copplete a ss•nrt ment.
Cit.( LIMN 3 will find o ) r
(Ad store tutfcly anchor .
rd 'at the o!d stAnd, in ,tzpote.b.dlotet, with 100 tons
it ell assorted I Ito N, st i l cci and nail,' the cheap
,St to the, ittat' I
P. he question is often asked why e s onds
eannot he 4 low ioy they
cart. Our stook coatc peas tomozht nl ituportinz
houses at the -,true ti, rte and same pricer th at
soul • ol the I•tr2est hotises in 'Buffalo booollt
Anil Ovil , re nUr %VW I that our ~O OdS shall lie
soltl aR low as ut Baird° or toy place nest of It
fin r 111EINRY C. , ADWELL.
1.: 1 1,. Sept 25, 1917. • ID
Dr. P. Hall's
• Re'
Nam speedy Mit
This tredivine has
people with tt.ll:kiitipz s
•a-PS, 11101 all 111Q•C
1111)111H) e , %11) / /1(1:11S pi()
un i I Nita, it hi
ita timely ti3o,
°idle throat
bin laity
iintits, and in si.verai
in have treni r. rnplet
lii - Croup mind tViiniipi,
etuttifly m mn resalul wit
Itemeolv tm it certain
and ee‘ .. eral (oilers tit a
'northern e 4.
'CHI"; A1E.)14
IN El: IF: ir‘ LA'
..v o I, 1/,, 22 , , i , a' Buttiiii
taili Sired?. and his in
AoF.I - 1-4 —A. It-y
In; - rtorv,!, Virievn
rrney !211-, rail %/IOW; ii
tl.l t: Op CO
1. 1 117'.11'10 l'Aer
p, :own ,•un
and , iema
I cc: Non. , ot tit r
Li/Polll.l.‘ii .
W.'. the t
P. Milli; 0 0 , 1:1:1 Heal
etOly it,-Lowe eine
woi th l it.: I ecornmond
.10 1 1 n Calalliraiin, J F.
I I a.v., Wil- 1
J;,-. Dunlap, Jolua
1).0, id Baldwin, T.
F. J. Owen, Joan
- , Oct 9. IS 17.
rl - 10.1!ssE-L—, A Lf
hari's Trtis•cs, . ) 1 1.1
J ,, lv 17, 1417
It ;lig)
ti• color, etttp
1 Chearo le, by
Ano 17
cf i1,v,,1: V Alt 11 4
ralt and mug lid
boiler an i II tn. i.niccf
for i.ale by
;iota Nt.
Tilly 17. 1317 .
".. Mfr I
ti fin'Nvt% Yolk per 1 3
Fashions, and is 1101%
lin 11 Al'S in the late
quality than can be p'
A larch 16, Nl6.
lit-reby 47.iyen
io the oext
Ilse him paimion of
PArt%tEni and NI ven. l
t,il °font, 11111.4i:A tL
liege of increasing
ttioa , and dollarst 6s i
county ) Erie, •Stitio ofi
Erie, Jtiiy 17, 18
H tkowtt)
P. Ai btwli
/TIRE undeisigmedl
1 the genilenv 0 01
has °prod a TAIL
t•id.t he Public Sq
Elie Bank, n hereho
hippy to wail 'won if
a call in his' line of h
once ill or the in
oil er European tidy
all busine..fs which'
he confided:ly hopes
ed worthy to receive
H %yolk shall be
to bear a close and
elwuys in accorden
Eric, Sept, 4, 181
N. B Cutlin ,, do
.I. l l,Manntiteturin
at th;l3 old stand of A,l
stunt supply of all of
will be kept fot sale
Copper and Brass
Tin ‘Varo.
Pr;o July 4, 181
UM' removed hi.
11State, between
will keep constant!
articles in his line
mishing tp aftlin
would do i well to
hia elsewhere. , GI
and Puny kepteono
May 10, 1846.
C OAC,F L I and Fa
IBruanea, lul bil l
Nov. 20.
thy, convinisinu, in
Muslin de Laing, as
id Germ:m6l'loms,
ly du-viii liuti,
is 1313291 and most
ideted and Tar
ice crld bed Nineline,
40i led 42.10,4,
iJ Gimp culd4,
coidA and
chub linperial.cd2irius,
varying in price ilocn
demon's French Kid
wen's and children's
Vurst: d Lisle thread
e Will; mins
Silk, Satin,
ti tize moult of cry do , -
)ter stock lot riche eq,
qty has never been equal
.W.l cap% of DA inds
ins and chit Ireris` - (3 oilers
firs. 200 Nits 12entlu
ie.4' Huhber overshoes,
rrzeit Umbrellas for wet
rul variety of every dc-
clebrated . . Cough
etfectu It cure for Coughs,
''oup and IVhoop'ar, Coukti.
icen u.ed• by hundreds ui
ittetiiing the uhnve
pAinfni and annnyittrptd.
loved by cold. In ,1:41)-
provcii - to be 1 , 121/1y use
eer.aio remedy. In 'all
Find it iv an
i. , eg of oh-ti nate Volt.
t3en pence ly cured in 4ti
°stances tionidevoitie and
fun five to ten yea is Stand
(4y cured in 1..*1
Ciill , ll its II •C been
it , ed inure Creel.
iceventive of consumption
e most blial diseases iu
II XI al bla Starr
fonirr Of S(af,. aft
r 1.111.24 611t!illli 1114: Cidl , l.
.1111;4, 155 doh 64. UAL.
W;ite t 6.r• , ; .10 . 11) A.
-; I.
In $1 per ISottle.
ti;:sri.,;:c r•P:irs .•:( I, u..zs ~,
b • Ile It 1- , he xi orin . -- Or.
.rnly" 1)10,i II client tit l e .rld , s,
are on Ihe m rapper and (li
ly. ?
11 1 10 f ,VT. —Thi 4 -is fp
A , lr !, have , tt , , , tl Ili
.41y, aft , l haVe { 'will i in
: ic . intis medicine, and tritely
P i acv, Tho 1111,144‘.,
m 1 ICine, 1 h jr
1 1 1 1 11tthe4.- .1: R. riot:lmin,
trim Chlile, etile
Nl -- . %Val refi.,
I ml aaoinnent I Inlv.,
Thomp•on's and Mono Ion•, by
ulll , l l• ()I i.1111.,,1
4., quality ai price, at No.
Silver table, dessert, tea.
porous, tongs, ladles folks.
, conq tin tly on tiaoil nog
G, co.,
ly opposite Eaglti
hdr( , v's Exe , e , :;.titt. spring
ready to eAcentu all oideis
,st Fasioni and of a bettur
kill:based here or else.nhere.l
c Notice.
an applieat idn,w ill bo made
aline of Pennsylyania,, for
Bank to be called "Tut , .
rtes' BANa," with a Capi
tuAand dollars, and the pr iv•
the same to two hundred
id bank to h located in Erie,
Pennsyh:an a.
C. M. 'ribbon.
Samuel Huy,,
John C. Iteebn.
nos W. Sterrett,
Carson Graham,
.lam, s
Guy I.oomis,
Alfred Klak, l
M. W Cliug\ey,
I , Jame* Hughes.
'CARD S i ^—
•wcitild respectfully inform
k Erie and vicinity ; that he
RING SHOP on the south
flare, a few doors east cf the
will he at all times ready and '
c oo who may favor him wifrh
asiness. From long capers- •
t incipal shops of London and
ts, and by-strict attention to
ty now be entrusted to him,
(but he shall be always deem
a.Nhure of public patronage.
eeuted in such a manner as
Impattial•examina ion, and
e with the prevailing faslt-
0 nn the ehnrtest notic'
Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron
busineNs will be carried on
Jelllcy WKelsey, where a con
iLtielea manufactured by him
• t whelcsale and retail. Old
liWare take.) in payment for
sash, blind and door Shop to
't hand Bth streets, where he
on hand or make to -- order all
irt the shortest notice. Thorp
first - rate work at tow prices
ve•him a call hefore pinches
-1 zinedone at all times. Glass
minify on hand
'Miura Varnish, and Vuraiah
eby ' •
illiaTON & pm KENS,
minoAtut to will the reputation i t tr,,,p l e r iimiimz to
ptireluvets the riche 7 t, yle,4
cheapest Cloud. of any establishment in L IP place,
They ~until re,pectfolly i•oviin the imIllo; t. , ,t call.
and examine their. .stnek; among which may be
Intrul thn must beantilid usoriatient of I..tne:i
GUODS, ever havaaltt to this m irked;
coin;.ri-hig extra ricif %lulu It tiregon
and Cahn. nia Plaid.; Silk
Satin siriped Alpaca--; t •tislintete-; !Jilin • anid
rep. \I-deLenties; rent:), Eu
, ,
email alto setne'l ViingSatin•, Se. , 'is.ct Also u
Si IA %NILS— BlUldlit ' .I)arod.k. Silk, Embroidered
Tuthtin, Printed Caslatiete, - Nloliair.
111. do Latinos, tVonloti, I'laid. and an Lamma
endless variety oirther st) res. Ttiey will be mild
astonishinuly cheap. _
CLOAKINCtp . .-^A lteattliful lot 'or Gala Plaids,
Thibei Cloths mid Alpacas; A 1,0 a _•n-at ratir
ty of Trinutiinos, complisint: Ali/walla, Cloak
and Dress Frinoe4, Ui np,, Silk and Mohair
Laces; &e. 4.c.
111,S1 I—Table and S and Coors, rink Naldonsa
White Dam Doylies, I,rapory Muslims.
Window and tr all Poper ; boys and urns Cap,
urul Bums, Si it/l+, &e. Also ,pieo
dill itt -i l wen t of
FUR !--Aniontt, olliadi are entail - m C o ney
Manch do Put lint d, Gene: do. Imitaii , .o
Lust!' d Lynx. ftral Lynx du., luryio. o in puce
from 50 (79: each to :312.
(be : 9. 1617.
insurance (Onii)any,
_ (or rulLAm:frall 7 ) ' I
Ai nit t;al
gi% as-and a l.attkiuotitf'in
proti s (tithe company, uittcnr. bey ond
the premium paid.
Risks mum the lakes and Canal in , nt d on
tie mo-t IttvolabL., teens. Li,suso ill be
ally anti !nut t y:Ey aejusted.
Fire risks on Inert I: and i 2", Intildinlz, Ny..l taker
property, in town or comnry, for limited tents or _
Jo.eph,ll. Seal, .11 t Ines C. Ti and,
Edmond A. Sander, , Tscophilm: l'ail'ilinr;,
John C. Davis, 1.1. Jones lirtrulNe,
Robert Parton, John Carrett, .
John la Pin oce, 11a , rh Crai .., -
Smonel Fdwards2 cicorge Serrell, -
Denly Lawrence, David B. Si-mr-y,
I'd ward Darlington, . Charles Keil, y, „
Isaac 11. Davia, ': 3. 11. John-on,
William Vidwell, , 'William I lay, - ‘.
John S. Nee.lin, - ' Dr. S. "I'llo;11 t q,
Dr. R. M. II usinn, ,Jo'pr fierier, Jr.
Stms:cc Nlcllvaine ' --
II ichard S. Newbold, See•y. IsVm.Nlartin, l'lctel
i'-.7'4..pplic.itipn ta't he mark to
J. K ELLWIICI, Aleut. Eric.
- Erie, A timtist 7, 1817. . lilt
- •
MEI Eiie Co ,oiy 111-o.anetlr7oropan•
tonti;4ll9, to its , ore7l'_".lil)Al !O=A and d
lA' fire, -01) uooOs
all flencriloirmm. ( Wive on Ow
Public. :Square, between t Ii attd 7111-tryi.“:
Wrq„. rutty,, • J. WiiliamF, •
J. CV Spencer, Gcor ,, e Wen,
Thoma 9 \\'llli4, J. I is -on
Sanfiti4, 11,j 4 , 1
C. M.l ltdrel9 , Jolla A. Tracy,
\V. 11. 'Townsend. 1 1 101 t n ktusst
Henry l'adtt ell.
G f l.lii S PO it. P. President, .
.T. s.4rr, Nr . Trr.a.ilrer.
Gr•nr~h• olden, S,rr'tary.
:111nP. 3, lBfi. 1 vl
N‘' ANTED! ,
N exchan;ze for ti rany'rinolif V of Good
111.:‘11_.(0:1( FEN(i ROA and
12 hick,: %%ide, 11 and 16 1641 low , .
fI ‘H.I 1 21 i JuIGE, l 1.2 - by I'.l,lltld 41-thy
11% 15, 16,18 :Intl 21) fey ,
lIE LI1C1( S )111)6r1. ti by 5 and Sby 4 ;
IC' 11 and 16 6,1, ill! I
11146 lee 11 1% 11l ed at hi
d u 1 the 10,,t nl lien-'re, I.
\VM• 1 . 11U1.:-;(3.\ IL.
11,rr% 11 1A !7
SO tY L7!) — Wookn widinttoo,
i"..r i.f the t i /ea p
• r ?). 11 4 1 . . r
Si!g g ..l] L! ,
‘i•r all eg( NI• 1;1;101, itg I'o •
I.IA Pr. g . og , ). t•X. A Isio. tlii•ci•li 1,14.1'l prl it:
rind pat .101 :4; &11% 111 11•,.
(1. 1,1 /I \ 11, Cr,
I Stale Eri.2,112
3tlir 17 I_B 179 04
fill I c 4,1 •111, Old 1 , ,t41
SO•ll I,LISIN Ili ; 11,111 S.
endli Ss %alit` 3 slit, Tido!
ur icici, at , I ,
G. 1,( 1 "; \ll
_ Stith , pit., Di:ails rilitmi-tlti 110i-ei
.Tuiy 17, 1,-17.
rneerteri can ate I tun he I. 11 , 1,1 tt. , No.
N Alt
An_. 17.
t?,-; );. ICo lee !..r o th4l,lr. and
other things ii loi)ortiou al .\ . 9. 1 i'ti y
.I.llv 17. It 17
Public Notice
HEREBY (;I that the holders of
'the Erie Batik, in the county of to
make appliva.iiin to rite itc:i Leziviattile for a se
lie charter, by the name awl iet le of the
Die Bank. ti n ' eminly ;( ue.,iu Inca
tell ui the Peiroo2lt ie, in the cuilti:e of Elie.
with the same capital aoilTri et [li t res a. if now
Ira& By.orileri - ifthelliard ilriec.ol's
C\Al'• 1' Cashier
Flit , Rink. JIIIV ti
_ _
VV - 110 are pertuttnentli lot:tat...l in Elie, Penn. ° ,
where :Al Stireierd arid Alr•el arrival opera-II
tionAin diet:choice rd . Deuti -try, will he done %vv.
all that ease, nea:ness and duralniry which
experience and , exttitsive opportunity, tolfetlit•r”:
Wiih a thoroa2li frnolrlerl,t,..e of ail the late int
provetnent2 of the L'al.imore Petal Collel:e alone
can _ire.
DN. Elliott or Ileac will visit The
natned'placeq once in sit or weeks, viz.
Conneaut', Ohio, Sprinrlield, Girard, Loelspott,
Faiiviety, NVlver ford, - %Van...bur: 4 h and North
East, Erie county, Warren rind Cultruilms, War
ren &unity, Pa. Ladies and zentletnen livinz in
or near either of the abeve named tt hit
need the services ore Dentist, it an be waited uprin
at 'heir red ‘nce, by addressing. tia at Erie.
Particular atteutiono flf be paid , to the health of
the Gums, 34 well its
to res•o,itt2 and preservine.
the. Teeth. Pivot Teeth will hi. inserted after
the latest intprovementN, also, Plate
T eeth, tram
one to an emit e -get.
Office and residence on EiOtt. -strcet between
Fro ieh and State a recut.
Sept. IQ, ISI7. ly 1.9
New Goods! 11 w Goods!
w areE w i r , e F er z i s a l n o I I our t: , t . t s t , ; , l li o , t , ' .e .l 7 l , , tl l ' i t e. ,,\N , :D i
l .
,vid with any in the place in extent, style and
qualify, We forbear to enumerate styles and
qualities havinz none of the ~, p irit of the bra
dodo, and prismne that if we were to advert ice
1000 piece , . splendid silks, 10,0110 piecesAlpaccas,
100 cas.; French ‘lerino4, rich cashmeres, Para
metla cloth, Mohair Loq les, Orienal, Callbenia.
Montero) , and Otezoo Plaids, : , ;:e. &c. our trade
would not thereby be inereas , ed in a rain is and
intellizebt community. 'l% - c haventtlY to say nn
this point that we have a full and complete a , so t•
meet of such goods in our bralch of the trade as' e
market requires. and ,we o'fer them with our stet if.
ing pledp to sell at the cheapest' rates they can .ho
hought in the borough for cash. plea-e call and
let U 4 tallt over this mater a lisle ti-t'
NI':.TCALM No. 1 ; 1 . 1.7,cd I..lou=e.
Serit. 23, 1817. i 10
O REGON PLAITS.---A . few pieces of the above rich article on hand, and sellina cheep
at the new ett,te. ALLY N.t. COIT.
Oct. i G. 01
Cash for Barley.
TriE•rubrmriber having rented the einem-Ai
ous wareho u se of P. Arlmekle, li:sq. at the
Bth Street Cunul Brain, is now ready to receive
and pay calif. for '15,000 bushels at- maid clean
Barley. ALFRED ' KING.
Trip, Sept. FA, 1817. t
IRON STEEL AND NAILS.— A tall essay:-
anent ni' Swedes Iron ansl Ras 4711 Nails, cheap
as can be sold by WILL LCMS & WRIGHT.
flat. 20
Standnrd ledicines!!
r EAV4)itI'I9EIItiENIEDY 411?
' 'a••••AV. The btg lt rudonsinin• or Mitre ellly
Where be.b.“ nd tll , Oll these iirocr‘c,lly popular in”dn.„,.
I. rfer 4 .,,,,, -r I&I,PC 1 11,11.1Y. UM)
of the 1111 r heal prof,ninn in esery ttc tinn of t..e tibted
n, y 1 nutitin• 11,n. to ill,
a ka
of Inn Corrtnertnra Dio.a4e. A tnal* of A inenrati an d
Ca , “ tboti,t..xqm..tky In to 111 e Doctor"'
1.'71 to e.S by Ilun.n pt n1.1 7 )111,41( renttnites er U,r cnrethra,
ca, trom mcnt niche ftcultc, and thr mall popular'
r - ennnlir• pi Il,r dnie bad be. .tr lea to tom. .
31. it. be 11.. ed a ilh Marked suer c-s in every arr -ft.
-.I cootie aiid lio-ittte fintgeThe, hey taro
with aidorii•triag giro Lire, pittrie arid of a,.
head. panw Soil we or the hrs. nut,
all !trail. of ferers 1141 an 'thin or the ihlrereni
1 , 411111.1.311 lunly. relll tnlieUe 1,11101410,d.
mid in e.i.e. Inhere
11 , 11, uonl board., ere to riled With /rumors. which are to pro
dritrite or iti.e h box eon( iiiiP lIIY I I 1., sir wee.
r illeier„o.ltll 1111 rel,,re, nod tell for 25 centre—
't .vii rod war% 0f...
For rou-nin It IPA!, Sprain., Ito itio.ea. emit, erred
Sore 'Florio:0. QatiozY Stiff Jima+. Shrunk Sta.
A ; :ose n, the 1 , 6 e, I and 141.1•,T111,a1:11•11e rtnieti Feet,
thesolif the Spine. Peri•heil 11.1 nob•. and where‘rr at
oklerit applie •tion to uuhratr 1. l'he rapidity *nu
is hire t:t ‘VONDI:It. MEDICINE Currptbs
•f I`S i 111. ~ b ove di-rases Ile! attracted Tilt
NVO \ too AND ADMIIt kTioN of the world' That ati
„, . 4 ,1' the ire of thim ii e•sin if to humat
.ty, the Doctor Iles put lII , ' price at '25 retitle. Each
tie ha. the Poet iinine in the gl.a•F, and envelop:
eil nen rut of II oo mo o ed Spine, areninrensied with full dl.
rretion.. Pe'er nerd debility. attended with pul l.
and a e4knesa in the atm-nut:li and bowl*, extendiw to the
"1""•1", of "I , P"ti ,, . trembling of the limb.. paltta:
minim or_ eke hrai t. fa:Oil:coo, A¢uo a r.d Fever, and all Bd.
,111110 lII.e 11 , er are owetolio Hired De the WI. rIT
hottt ., in t•cii” nernott,in•••t x ith directions, anrhzell toy
.2:0 ti I. 04 h I••x hdlCa gallon. in the t ath,
0111‘1111, ran - Cent ha, Cohtt• Af.thsits. nytre...inh of the
rhe•t. Whooping t'nun h Crnnp, Lntlatnat•nn of the Lun t
nod recent ea,- of the Lettetnitytton he greatly helped
:nt gni, hit cnieol by
Pr:ce '25 rt.. Too of these 10/rocon are o potitite
c:ontte.• TilE Tt iilmtp;ANT succrss nttirh *very
Is hero .tlt od. ItW of Hen Dcltroyirl
Lozeoro , t.: ibe 4:to :lon nod expteodott of worm* !rota
vio hum ? t, ha. placed them first on the cltatorloo
id re, ((las r TOrnr f• pie oc,tit to take. ChildreO lone
Ow.; :totl thrtt a. to . o.tolainh the beholder.
V/ it I' 25 fu:l time lams , Tinfee Aufferiott from
p elll4 .kIIILNIe,IIOII`.I the lice t.t, tildes and Irtntkotho
!I 1,1114 'Co etc. oil 'lna it to thew.° o f
Sprend on rni , le 111,:r, v,lll Nsrnr from, one to tit
:1101111-: Pr II I' 1111:h I nre t &tog the ptoco o f
Cil ter•. awl arc r`rat.aderNl the DESI AND
II t ,5f lit NOW IN
So nno•lt'h , .l.K . 1, , ,,, ~,,,t 1,,, ~, ne Neo Yort taller, -
that ili. v`ulo,o• '...•1 ',/ I: itr.repve In ell t!, Nal te. ,: a t•tt
lila ('0•tt. , 41 I t I.:tool ot,t , hien tiretcroluiz nut tt , herttzing
ihat Io• 1.n..‘ patent fur ,o 411 g. 10,11.‘ ef the I ort,, ti.
bring 'hi. pr "-11, I• of elerel , tiot, It, tore t. le tinhlle.tumilril
rti cur he 11l ' ge• in II , C C,,....0 I% ~e llp r a i - ,,,1..a, am,.. knit
602(4 1,,,,,,er to v 01 . ,. Pt. horn, II 1, ~ vrr,lrri, 1,, 347
11 , r ho, ti,e , t • ontuto•swny of Palrot - at Wa l shttig ton, afloat
r l
I. ts •r is, all,aer irigl,i il 1 Blow
~ I. S S. ,11-1 , 1 OtTi. a .L.n. IG, IS , IG,
r. 11l rn, 1, —I), tr - Str - Your Ir tier of the :;,11,1,,,,,i,t;
/welt Cu ( 0111.1.. to' er It, sour "''Torre *lt • 'het it,
p ,1r,1.• 1,, If•t, tral..o u ,l for n 611 • ~70t d s.llll aticut.l
I. ill.- to ikft.. - 111 i ma iluit no r, rued ~leech a rump call LP
r ,, a ,,, 1 ii , 0 ,, ~ir,"ii.
' I Iterprelli,ll, veir•.
S.DMI ' SIIIII.I it ti 1:
.!!'7 -,,- 5 1 .1.1 , 10 , 1 , ti. Ic r: a more pester,/ "dr...0101W, if
the MC NI in, - II:, 10 , 1.51 of ant ..t the Agetit+.
Pt sot .1,1 Depot 51State htrect, Albany, 'it, here all or
tier- non-I h,•., 101ei,,,,11.
AG IA I'S —3 11. Elm ton & Cummine Cm,
1:i & nn.l J. II
Er .Tiirs, - a rt h
.•t rel. -k4i.
. . 1817.] 04) s
BY S .
~ a .„
Rail.F.! 7 F - Pg
-1.*7----17‘• RE7 cis
_l - 7, Road!
_CI 3,1( h . s.. kis now r. CVIVed hi! , F.
and %VI N 4,1 Dry (..3o:
I , , fa•viri!'ocs, rror
1..0 mi:k, the I . OIIUWI
td 77i• .1 t :tr . It. nntl Amedr n,
ghtd • hit, k. h.uleh, ‘ , 01(1 and
' 111 W d t,n 1110.1, hltie, plain, plaid
and foe s, il'up, Mack, cudt-t end
1.111,.1,44 tllll,,
ti sh , 111 nod hi ick
cut 111 , & 1111 ?WC , ' and Cl/114,11 ratite rloths, lin-
-en e, ~I. 1,11,•, li. i. ii t.1,1:10 le I andketchicrs, fur
, i uro :end c,irl',,s t : (li,iii y, /1.a11,-n Lite. h'lik
a. d -Lon. ~ I'd la, 1.:.2. I, nod co'orcd cambric,
h ~ ,,, n an I Meat hod sh,•thms and sbn , intn,
h d ,“•'. in. , .11 , 11 a) clan L, led, xi 'ii a and grcca
%,,,,d,,, , i1,, n ta I: plarld' 1111-,.t: • I rnis.on,, ,LadeL
..'re-n in'nl ,11-ah mnrecn:..ilk and tabby rebel,
Wad!, .odl old.( il, .111:!ardl n n r .: ill ~,,z e; sa t in
u••' inz , I 01.01 f • T.sli.lai. Wat Is and color., chlqs
p,d.., 11. no , od.-hanelona. roi L ree and spitqs-
11” Id Il.ral'.<l Chi. la Jill:. tashnicre, wiirsted and"
c,.ti.i In -i •iy, all color., _lures of all kinds,
- in tt., n., 11.,1, Fill:, picnic and cotton dri.b3
lidmlld rt:dc.., 'Ail--•...lace Irt its, barra•
, •i s- • d and plaid call-ton and swi.- IT;
am , and (-hand): ays, sw i5 ,, 5, plain do ted. ,laid,
' ti'.ittred, hook silk b ra ids, Lat
and cap th,xom , Italia:l and Frem h rr. pr , sew-?
lon -e t‘t ist, skeurt, !mi11i... , and tidy ;
eo .on, slipetirlers;
,quail y, tapes,
1) , ,1.b,n , and c ord. tombs ; but ons, nee.!
dl. s, hooks arid eyes, paste NI ril and a tfnert
al n 55 ,r ihent al hoots and shoes, h ird.wore,
c10d...1y, iron. nitils. :NC:, all of the abote wul
be sold as - unto .p as any nett . ; or Jew btote:2—
CI; el y.
lr will elpterveti , hat am mereiiat.t
plaeerale anti I now s.iyt that will
tint be ureic by any, yowl!! or old, ror read!
pay. ( Jallaad s.!e Ir it Cie above are ihete, , at my
itld , aanti up apeapside, here fur sale trial
be beat.
Frit.. Sept 23, 1817,
ATE ate now able to itrec our euElomers titit
V , tiz. , Jo ,
bid] o.dy 1,-iittires to be examined to t onvince
fet•ry bet'y of ilc c'ennotny, u ility, cornea:et - AP,
dut.tbili•y I ttvi b , anty. 5t..1.1 at a uni•
forin price. and wafranteti to suit even
~a maiden
lady, as nstlesQini all the altnyl gnalitiesl -
Erie. 25 18,17.
The Question Settled !
YV time absorbed the Lp: 1 11 4 .1 1 i Colt'fls t hate en „f.
lb r77i' nl
to the i; use of oo much" dark weather, it 1t Ttr
evntly beendi-enve'terl that it is the effect of tau%
in piles or (itoda oh paper) as h a ve butt
htsrahlertforth by all the public: newspapets of the
place, since' the return of a few of our merchants
Worn New York, Boston and Philadelphia. Be
lieving this to be the vase, and know int , that the
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tal darkness, we have until now, deterred any no
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:wives while-cartyina oirthe precious pareels f ihat.
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Come on then, and avail yourselves of 'the or
portunity thus olered of enriching you and retro
ing light to the community.
1847, !I;
Frie:Octnbrr 9,
D En White and
Diaper,, To
cloak Plaids, isrler
store 4f
Oct. rG
Yellow Flannelq, all qualitic. , ,
Vrosied Slieetines - and Shirt
reelliwzg, jest reikircd;
1 nos and Thibe-4, at 60 new
. . .
-To Blacksmiths.
BEi-LOWS, A ivils, Vices and liammerh
S . Pring Steel. Cast ao., 1..n. , 1t•-•h, Blister
m nd;
Aerican' mtecl; al,o, Nail Boas, Band. Bar 0 6
-Hoop II oil, wi - uth 61) be had . n trims to eut. 1 -I '
our old corn. 0f.p4 , i:0 rho Eaele. • j
0ct....0. WILLIAMS & WRIGHT.
. - -
LE ATI! EIL --'5OO skies best Eastern Leatbcr,
just received 'from the ommaltm•mert4.
Ot t. q 1 ' WI LLIA 1/..: 4% , WRIGHT
__—______—:-..—• ----Y------t---J
IN F.xehanze for: Cooas—.2.o pieces Domestic
Flaunt I; 500 IS. ‘VOOII . II Sock 1' 145 '
i Woolen Yarn. W. C. & It. P. HULBERT.
- Ow.. 9. 1817.
A Ftl Cloth, tilazed am' he'eti
(~,arg. a tr• od rssor ment.
Oct. 30 %S 17. G_ Eh. :sELDP:N SSO
l'apar lino
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