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The Heroc4. of the War.
The St. Charles Hotel, 'yysterday, presen
tc:d an unusual scene of attraction an I inter
, • Forty or fifty offibers of the army were
c,o , •tinually passing oriel repassing through
rotunda," and up 'our! down the marble
In. front of the hotel Were were trn
qr_is of packages of difFerent descripthois—
• baggage of the oTicers. II 'e you tvoul.i
2. a gat yco ore Mexican blanket that , )yas
airepped upon alt Old trunk, that Iron: its
le , ks had evidently been through the wars.—
'Fora, again, a bundle of twits, eseopetas,
:•:::::,09, BWOr,lB and•pistols—all of them tro. I
:;sites taken from the etietny. These were all
the property of our officers who hal fought
der:ng the wr They brought
t ..tat hOlne Cc of showing them
i•t their fainil in order that they
i.hi,,lld be pi 0 menienttait of
- lr:ril who ED worthily thaiutaittel the nation's
hr ol• in a foreign war. ' .
ilin the saloon we saw the gallant Gen:ral
uffils. ' lie is stouter ilia t when lac taw.
ti some two years since •at Gen. Taylor's
i -:' :p at qamargn,• he then. in his till tress ail l
ti it uniform, looked hke an elegant gentle
r .1.61, He had not a wrinkleun his brow, an!
le - countenance ever wine a 80111 C. ilia
1 , :Irt Was closely slotted, and his eyes were
li .:,•htd up `'with the brilliant fire of hope.—
And , et, how a short terin of service alters a
Mal! • Yesterday he looked like the hero of
many wars. llts brow was bquio.l with
.:..• lines of fatigue and sufeering, and his up
,•: lip was garnished with a"thiek inou , taeli ...
'A. ; complexion was bronze l, his arm, trout
a iate wound, hung in a shag; but his eyes
l'' la still brilliant with martial tire, Tuere
I eialreds who flocked artitai I hint J ittl son ht
t : Jaw his hand, rind all wet...! lec,, , ,iye I by
I:: n with the most cordial warmth:au I I vie n I
s.tipl. Those around looku I . up: l tilt. gal
i ..: at hero with feelings of respect's n t adtivira
:; at, and there, was nut one in that bra I -'
- .11 who went out without ii lying m I:,s' ,
.i. art !`that man is a true soller."
In A elio of the private parlors, Maj. Genehil
Quitman held a levee. lie was surroon led
marly officers, all of %%lon pail diiill the
iinost ospect and attentmn. The g.illant
a-1.1 heroic Quitman—the first American goy
:. -nor of the proud city of Alexieu—ieetne.l to
ha perfectly "at home." • With a form that
•ented ti; have been wrought in iad iron
tmuld,l heir slightly tinge I At ith grey;— a
Moustache like that of Eunte oh! Roman hot
(oer, and eyes that sparkled with a n i in awn an I
letermlnation, he seemed the t er,i personi,i•
, iattoti of a warrior. Congs atulatiun an I
compliment met hint qji emery tide, atol he re
rmii,mil the applause of those tvlei v. ere pt es
ent, with the air of one who com'imei tile
character orthe chieftain ,with that ‘,I the piil
ished gentleman. Amidst the galoxry that
Adorns the history of Missist ()pi. no mune
shines brighter than that of Quitman.
Our attention was next arresied . ky seeing
a man of towering height and g igatiric !raffle
with a chest like that of Goren:es and an eve
like that of Mars; ha-was, indeed, to use tile
language of Hamlet, made "to threaten an I
command." With a smile nisui his tioH, and
u sparkle of pleasure in his light blue e) es, he
mood the "observed of all 0b5..1 - veri."
‘vaa the gallant Cu!. flartmy— the
accomplished and heroic soldier : , in t h e aciny
—to whom has been so generally ih—noned
the chief glory of the great %iet , ry of Cc rru
Gordo. 1
These were the most prominent chlcf:a los
among a large arrayr
0. Aerm. , ::. re;;.-L t
that the crowded stale of colunine forbids
r. describing ythers who have borne a prom
inent part in the late glorious neb.eteinerit,
of our army. Many of them bore the mark
of the hard-fought battles in which the:, ‘a ere
engagedon terrible mutilations a
Wounds, which were painfully evulm t to the
beholder.l May the sacrifices they hare mu fe
to the national honor be long held gratetnl
reniembrance by their-citiiens; may they be
amply requited for their iiikforttinei by. the
priceless consciousness of having done their
duty most nobly and most
O. Delhi:
We had the pleasure o near : t I i
mg from the
lips of this gallant officer of our Clary, a dc
tail' of his misfortunes and sullbrag, a hilst
a prisoner in the hands ul the M exicans.—
Mr. Rodgers, it will be recollected, ails cap
tured whilst engaged on shore in exa ailing
the fortifications of the enemy at Vera Cruz
—was tried by a cis, il court. and entineituted to
be shot, but Gen. Lindero, then in cowman I
of that port, etattside the judgment. lie was
then sent a cloo prisoner to the City of .110ex
ico, whore he. Was treated a ith go. it rig. r
and harshness, being restiietv.Hn Ilis loot
and deiiri!ied of nearly all tlut comfort, an I
necessaries of life. After tho battle id Cerro
Gordo, Mr. Rodgers had an Inters, I'm a iih
Gen. Santa Anua. \Vali strong fending, n:
enmity towards all Mexicans, he L.:um en the
President's pali4e, but lie achlot%le.l h :.•:, triat
a hen "he saw Santa An: a, he am, tn.:ninon
rily impresied with feelings' of re•peri ainl
admiration fur the man. lin rece; yen from
the President assurances of kindly neat mein,
and many promiies, a limb awe nuk et- ke o t.
Finally, Mr. It. .vas released' on lanik, iiim
snatching a farnrable opportunity, e,vard
from the city in the disgto,e of nu Eogik,h
workman on his lway to the mannt.ictortes
near Puebla. Ti:li sustain this!
conrncter, .e
procured from a friend Scrnehinan the usu
al certificate or passport. a , d In nil ii
t 1
I..,\ Att.
false whiskers, tnimstaches am e( Ilse gar- 1
ments, escaped observation and ft
i e etimi.—
On his way to Puebla he overmai; some youtog I
ladies with whom he I I . hey , Wuhe V.C.1113.1141 e.I
in the City of Itilekieo, and t%ho being accom
panied by their fath,er, pl%c. Iwo great coo•
cern least they she expo:pith I beta, loin.
But, with the sagadity and kind-mnitrte-dness
of woman in every-Inn lan lin every age. they
perceived his condition and purpose, acre
cautious not tntreingnize him, and kept their
:secret until they thought. he had had time to
get to Puebla.
Mr. Rodgers says bis feelings, when he
saw the American sentinel at our outpost.
near Puebla; were indisci ibable. Ile felt as if
ho could hare hugged the rough soldier a iiii
kly.and delight. He aas received by Gm.
I Scott and the officers of the army with m uck
kindness, was appointed on the stall of Gen.
Pillow and 'accompanied the army through all
the hard fought battles a hieh led to the cap
ture of the city. Ile iq mentioned in the de--
' patches of Gen's. Scott and Pillow in high
terms of praise, for his gallantry ;And cool
• Mr. Rodgers is quite a young. man, of re
, markably amiable and pleasing countenance,
and easy, off-hand manners: he leas as tithe
drawing-room rather than the prison, the soi
ree rather than the battle-field, had been the
• scene of his exploi a for mouths past. But,
to the close observer, there is a dare-devil ex
pression about the eye, and a learle4s ~ellp
ossesion in the general expre,simi of the
face, which denote his true character n 4 man
of daring courage and enterprise.—X. 0.
A VETERAN DE:tiocßATi.--tiatlitiniel Hon
loon. Esq., of Unity N. 11., now in his eigh
ty-third year, infortns the editors of the New.
port Argus that he has voted at every pre,i,
ilential election since the organization of our
government, his first vote being given for
(leorgo Washington and his lust for Jame.
K, Polk. The Argus adds that lie is indeed
t•an old soldier in the democratic cause, but
not too old, we trust, to be of further service
to his country."
STRAW:RS OM TUB PA CI FIC .-T wo frairret
mongers have been contracted for by ay em.
iment therOantila house in New York, %%Melt
are to run on the Pacific con.t from Callao to
''' the mouth of the Oregon.. They are to cart'y
the S. and Oregon mail, and will rv, 1.1
. conne Sou with .tteamers on the Atlantic aide
uttot , e terminus 14 Chpgree.
Later from the Rio Grande
RICHMOND, Dee. '7. 181 - 7 - i.
The schooner Win. Hazard, from - I.lraza
Santiago, arrived at the Sutith-east pass on
the afternoon of the 25th, an I came tip to the
City of New
,Orleans un Sunday the 23111.--- . -
She left Brazos on the 20,1 t, RIO brituri news
to that date by the -correspondent of the
Picayune, J. E. Durivagr; l q. , who came
passenger. .
of the 21 ant- 31 clramyms wa
dilla(c!ie.l tiller dr , gu-rrilas 'that anacke
Kvo Id II (nt, the ISt iriAt. but ccmi.l not
find them. UnlerAno I that. the Vorrill".•
loss VI4Y MIIVIICe Martinez, ime
of the it nufe.l rot Mer, was 1011ei, with six men
an I a numbar wunmitg.l.
t11.1 . 1,r• Lane ha I Ji;,patche I forces after the
la.liust., hut they aniiwo I too, late. The In
dian: left the pret Jay, takriu .1,510 col
lie, utufes an I horse., dt 7 i'vett fruin
ta.lelole.4. CA ot A lam-, we sent after
them, hot mat not retortle.l to Euealottzla at
1.11,.! 111 A accomil
I,:t.tit. 1) I , eoherry of the l'ex t.
shot one of n2it in the thi,rh. for itottio
oils co:titter, umrprok:hly in rtully voultlQ)
Gen. Taylor broke nub encitm;yn.^ltt at
%Yahoo S,,rtogs Heir Ar r ottprey.ou the to
8,11. all I with his: stall; an I Vetter
al \Vont ut i retoroe.lllontewar i; 'When
near Atari in tlw, , itt.A Van Allen (11l N. York - ,
hearer of ileryalclw; to (;
Ttw only to ,ortant .Ikpatch uas a c•);)), , of
the corre,do4 1 , 11:w between the \Var 11. , -
partto •nt au I (let. whil.ll the
titer 1.0.' run.. I the latlor to doiwit I I . .o•
tam , o upon t!i r, , ,00rc of ill coun
try, as Ito tooro wool I, be for war I with
the trogys from the lihne I Sates.
It wan tit collect contribution , :
front the iithatotatit-i'to ativ or to ob
c.. )ro paylog for it. B tweet
Al mn• ira-; all 1 11 , 1111e . rt . y 1it...111y all the fa II -
.P.llll-; illl.l wire .1( A rove
Lieut. Col; ‘Vebb of the .16t II regiment. In
the 16th (ktuber, hat hug rceet‘e,l ititel.igettee
that a party of goerrMlis t%;ts (.0c wipe I !war
despicehe I M:ij. Worrell with 50
timm)tvi 111 0 1: c 1 1. 1 , % I II n g"i1"•
t.lj 1r un I hi , puny ma is %ray
lron~ll.t 1e cliapparyl nil I bonne • 1 .yon Ole
fllOrr11):1•4 camp they were do:cu, ere I.
rol)!)-N tle 1, pursme.l by oar party, t!'w
latter tiriter tipoit them, killed two all I woun
ded several inure. The g Terri Ilas were cont.
pelted to abandon about 38 lior-ei and all
their erpiipntents, wined Norvt‘it - ,: party cap
ture I. (
Gen. l'dylor was TC;Vt.i!.f..Zi ;II Corrairo with
a "touyanl v. ashvaitel ttput) by the
of the .I„trrl-urt. IL. arrive 14 . t Mier on the
3.2,:h. jo'xt. :Um, in: he left if, the ,:ewrier
Moj..Brim it, cconOnnie I liv Goo. Woo', ar
rie..l ut'Catunrgo 1.41-. :he ufferuo•lo, no I re
ceti•ed a salute of itriillery from Capt. Huntscumpnuy,
cumpauv, and was'vkited by C.ll. F/11.* and
lIN (ifficers: ilk regiment below stationed
there, an pitchel hit !cut , : on ,shore. where
he would remlios till the 22!, awl their leave
for 13razoi to r C •ive ilk. an-wer to IIK appld
cAtiou lur perms-ti ut to leave.
• The health u►
imo.e.l— , ,erry tale yellow lever.
It i , sat 1 tlt.e G IRe•rnln^nt 14 to 11 , ) to 1 . 011
arnn•. att , l to re rtire Vie N ati.otal G- tar Ito
p...ri..rut it. :er% ices „ •
A tleetet: ha.. Ilipo i:s. t ed leritv.; the pt.,-
Irla ry v:ectintp. t r ht. .tit' l the 31 t . The
e. on the 6 h. 011) , cionSt , y, and the la,t
the - t 1 ll t -, , ,lttr. tit .to tt .
r:0.11 • . k i,. ..., re. 11.
‘VAsatm.•rox, nor. 9, 1817
'Ple , re ens u u.ut eNellrlll , 4ll ill the
to,lity aluult three ucluelt.
Mr. ‘V,llker; ..s he Was g4/111g (1 , 1W1) 01( 1 !
stair-. \v,t; a t-erte I to 2 , t auger I y a
geut meeting !,i(e. wet Int i tie out been
caug:lit wuill I have lieen perhaps hitle.t by
un the tearltle lle Was' lifte I
in a t•tate of iii-ele•iainty into ,11 the
r. 09111-, alt I we heal ui I itt-tamtly ~nnnuuue I.
Every frm, \vas nue 11',nr s.nie: tune in no
I antis!' OA* r."
ten minute-, tutu I boa lie
%%CLIC, uu 1 must be carefully
Tht.g. attri:ntto Ito exhan-tion,
brought on bv hi.. tthrettniting• -- For
the two he ha, not trie•il
at lionie. 'F, .ga1z4.41 in prepatitn , hi,. reports
Cimgrres,, he ha , frill . a t lip 1110 en
tire Nature %%a , at la-t
an I :111et the tran , tni , ,ion com o lete.l
It eport to ,Counr're:,s to•day. hi- over-taxv
pttwt , rs mit - 4! way, an I ill , minas
tkailt. attrihMe
a-Ilo.n.ther to elOrt•no ion. an I f3v,ir n t is nott
4elinimc..,s, if he tvl I permit lion-elf to take
repo,e. ' OLIVER.
F Lit , s . --.T hese , all.Cn 1-; Woo 1-sticivrA
tat , ‘i-ry nittileriffis an a 1m0 . % hvre. They
'vein It rile , / a• a e•.r,v,
hro.g .„ ' f orst 1111. \l'itri 1, h t v.eler a 1re:•!1 Y.lll
- %%1111 a th:li2.lzia. Kiem, of (24.6 )7a nv (2,
lin , a). , a,- I a 1r.% el imzeni
i•ti, t M.ll c a t imght
II) he ea;•e: lid I. 11,- pat:. a alum hoe,' i
ea ch host, \VV:1)), , III 111 in pair
Intl-cr., th. r. 1,.1,;s Li, danker
they! pal, , flolriv to Itv•I ?
8.111 , 3 la s!erp 34,70 tch(Yr vii•e! ,
DIVIDUA I. 111•Ato!:sw.—•Prik ate \Viilinm
dui ing •vive ~ f
iay 'war viicilly'N brrn-l%turit—
rn cHer lbw to go of it , e(•11W,1 ell
titeiy lio 1114 b.,:oin filen Inn I emn
patitint, ..I,•rry t nr,llll. I , lClHH:'ilir.. (.. f i St
‘l , lWitt CrlHI - 1 HIHM • j do t s W!1-" ,
tilTztlog, brought ILW.i Ow rein:tic's of
Ili. I.
The wo i n .lo k.f ,itir ir,irri-.01. wa nro hap
py iii lelir.t, iire-ull iii.iii: l - ~f, " , nn I ‘t ill he iii
their fi•et agi.iii in it ,iiiiii iiiiii,•. Is:one of
thew iiro timi-fifere.l in Ilan., VI% iiii.l f 01.,: will
he .iiihj-ei 11111'1) 0 ,1t1 I imi , , ”r ',main 6-i o plt.s.
G.•to. 1,1110 n'-tiirti ql IA tit) his- cmitintuul to
11l .., city last P‘eittzgr. lle, Iln, lweii highly
,11Cet . ..,1%i1. l'qrb. l .4, / . 7// Lr OrrTeir nt.
PartrrrGoi.w o —i-one J itin i•iis;•• in, in ll
!intik lan hway tt it It the %t if, , iiJ a iiiiro
it'ator. ,The specitrator heard of thel higit 1% e
at. Natchez, an I fear lag that I),t‘i•i n m , o i t i.l
rtin short of triiiiwv, he :.•LiAt hini ii ii:t.)o twat , il
a letter, and teLl 111111 iilll. "ii hi) oat
down cast with' 11w w,,,,, an , i lt .',l g ,,,, g ,'„,, i
tenth his e)es, awl thrash hint I.Vi, Ilia an inch
of his life:: It if. t•iipp.-ed that the happy
pair. "slope 41:: as they have .not boe,, t.inee
heard of by their Illinois friiin'ils. l I ,
Tin: PUBLIC DEBT.—Nu du:An there an.
errollet:llS Ophliffirli II ['NMI.' in relation to the
;11111111M Of 111 pllblie debt. ' Tile Wii , hing.lllll
Unilnl, of a recent date, statee;\'tlie 'tont
arnotint due tin the 1:4 of No‘etnherl t \ at Et, 15,-
122,523 113. Of iii. sum iienriy i Chlliteen
million.: were di:c u hen thelire,.en t l a s linini ,
trap i,:ii came iut ii p. ever. . The wa :11:1:' con
tinued alrimsd a year and half, an 1 the i.:..:1-
11itures for its : n....ecut ion, thus fdr,iia ye been
ahnut 818,000.000 jar annum. • rid.: i 4
{rife less than what Mr. WEns;rEal stated it'
tube. li, salt/ it cost half a million dollars_
r:er day! Butt we can not e,timale ,Peorn.eilv
the cu-i of the uar until it :diall e . o-le, and all
the %anon:: it: in. if expense in th... city of
indeflin:ty, pension li.ts, etc., pre lu .ted tip.'
. .
A NJ ittascitots CASIt.—We litivtqual he: ril
of the ?sodden death of Dr. ‘VirilWriglit, a
medical getltlematt residing in Cm-hy at. It
appears iltfit sotne days tigo n rattle s i ntil,e wn+
given to Ihe doctor, and last evening about 7
o'clock he w a ,: €.li . ow i lig it to a frierilt while in
the act of returning the repti'e to i a don, i t
struck OK font's into the doctor's flagr, %%bleb
coninieueell imeiliug haniediniely. ,Aleiliral
aid ons called and the linger timpotatod, hot
so rapid wis the I,r ..rti?: , s of the pc•iiii.t out
bel ire 172 ..'eli ck tlearli hail done its work.
Pr. Wattiwriolit requested that the limit
bliould be taken ad; but it was toudate lobe of
any a ‘ ail.--N. F Cora. ad Er. <
a Govornod too lauch.6.
"' i rho World
tilattudiiy Illorntitig; D. crintors. IS.
o?'Tuos. Etaaso:v ib 8 dolt an:
agent to- prospre sub,crihers for this p
Tr" 4re have no litter Coogressiip ,
is con ttine.l nt nor Washing ion lette
ho ly on :Floor:illy having iljt;orne.l
Moiday lii"st to enable the Speaker to
the corinnittees.
0:7- Did any b.dy ever,see worse rifads?—
If nye, we. shoill I like to k.tew whrit TO
where, for certainly we never ail. Ilirst we
he I a erfect ileloge of rain, snow and l sleet,
mi.l the i n it' froze, c in:eq•iimitly the oads ate
riliwist iittpassabl.. att,l the mails sotto tWCo
ty-foor hotir.i boll arl
eLepti?thanks are due to Messrl
it %sit, of the Reed House, and paowN
Eigle, for kindly forn'shing.ns at a h
on Frid r ay night, a diipy of theillanlt l
Express containing the Mes-mge,
their instrumentality we were enabled, '
section with the_Gtzette, to lay it bef
'readers on Saturday noun.
The Presidency
We tti—lny a C. MI! Ilmicaf irti over
lie gwit ure "Democrat" urging til
of the lion. JASI:iS BUC:IANANt na the, /)(41/1)-
untie eattlidute•for the presidency in. 1818.—
Our own views on this question are t• 1 ill un
ction:gild, but - as the "O!ssers : `er" professes to
he the Organ of the party in this con i nty, its
Mum s sire ever open to imr friend l s to ex
press I seir views on this as ‘veli a. every other
qoestio'n affecting , he interests of the party:
We, therefore, as the time ii a prMwhinly,
when it will beconie necossa'ry tot l elsfet dele•
qates to the 4th of Mitch c•mventlio , incite
a . freediscossion . of the 'merits of \ tit l e difli'r
ent favorites fur that titation. .
We nre in leb e.i in Presi•lent
I• •
Mr. lir eretary Buchanannn.l the Hot,. 11 rri
Thu 'son, tor early copies vF the Me. , tsage.
A :Knock Dawn Argument.
r vt to the ‘vallin all their firk7l-
111111111:A. right to the teritory be
the Nueees and the Itsts Gra' i nde, the
invariably assert that th'e territory is
orth sighting lor—it b e i ng encl..
not VI
fit ,r
re-pi '
it ,
co!tivatinn. This last wea
Ittravver,• Ur aban.loned.
lent of tha Pltilarlelphin.Letf,xer.sttys
_ T en. Taylor has recently pail $20.000
for a Mexican grant of eleven leagues (ahntit
.1000 cres) bet s evil the Not c:•,; an Ithe
Grath.e. Gen. Taylor, besides being n
neal ltghter, is a practical planter. knoteB
the,‘ aloe or hurl he ha , nnrcha-0.
(.54.1,'.:,ga1d far Tru4/
A...: ty as to be soppo-td, t he Gaz..tte squirms
most laughably of our exposure of the Way
Mr. (Islay "ahnurt i lulizes
° truth" in
speech. This is tot to be won lered
ut—tuutt print is devoted to the great .‘ern
boul)tneni" tut ly. anl soul, an I tiny thing,
tending in 'the least to intuit: late his last
great etioitotnears to fheiu, nu, like
rault infidelity. It cnonot b. helpel, howev.:
er—Mr. Clay did put forth a faisctood in Its
seditq, that, while Mr. Slidell %%us wen hug
his wit_ to Mextco'Cleti. Tay for was ordered
to the east bank of the Rio Curande,-al ' IJ no
special ulea hair e to make it oiltertvt;e.
Gazette can array it in the toil.ler garb of "a
slight fliscrepency in point of histuzy," if
tt chooses, hut the people can see that it is
not a very "slight," but a deliberately put
forth, falSehood. If Mr. Clay did not intend
' -
to deceit e, not state facts as they existed?
The; there would] babe been no occasion for ex . -
. planation Or equivocation, an I he wofill have
saved hi fri •nuls a world of trouble. But
I woul I not do—a case could not be made
out against the Administration, if facts and
duties haul been given as they actually • were,
and as he, standing at the head of a powerful
and iatelitgent party, roust and did know diem
ext-t What initiation, then, is there for his
'altern;.l to e his CO lilt rymeni None pt
all. That Mr. Clay trusted that. his great
10111 W would be able to carry the deception
through, 'and silence all oluj.ction, we have
abut :ant reason to believe. ~%nd in this we
are not alone. Neither is it coafined to the
presses of the party which the Gazette de
lights to style "I.4.lcofoco:' Many whig pa
pers, with conscience leSs toti:4.ll ant cheeks
less brazen than the Gazette, nave been corn
pelted to aeanowledge that Mr. Clay has' - not
alded to Ins lam, as a man of truth by this
:erroneous statement.
The tlazet t wattle about it "Peace
C o mmk.douer" and "Ite i.lent M inkier." has
n o thing to do nithdheissue. That subject
has been diScussed over an I over, an 1 HA a
matter of course, whigery has exhanAel its
gennity toexentpute Mexico from blame for 're
fusiog recei%e Mr. Slidell. Thegrieslinnis
lid Mr. Clay tell the truth when he said in
Iris Lexington speech, that "altilsrMr.
aus bending his any to Mexico with
his dip i butnitie credentials, Gen. Taylor was
ordered to Irons fort hiC t eatenon aril to plant
theta, In a warlike :at firlr, opposite to Min
, ,ten the east bi of the ILo Bravo,
vely dispio territory, the adjosi
a deli was to c the object of Mr.
We say that he did not,
,n.ool we refer to the niiicial papers.
low that when Mr. Slidell was "bend
way" to Mexico, our aqua lon, to save
s Mexican' honor, Wat. bent tog way
Crwc,d hat nothing like tnenacetuight
v. Wit
'tient (It
Slt.l( 11 .
art i for
They 13
that government, from oegin iatlng—
• Slidell sus rejected before he arriv
-lexi6d, and was apprised of this by Mr.
hout he met ut Puebla; an I even his
inset was regarded as additional in
hat he readied Mexico, December 6,
told wtt officially rejected December PI
\ nearly s'
, mOnth before Gen. Taylor, on Jan.
13, 18-1 was ordered to twitch to the Rio
t vt•lt., andlience Mr. Clay's statement is
not "Ti •
huge ttul entbosinstic war mectingl
wits belut Pittsburgh on die 4th, Col. Tnos.
lismtur r h
presiding. Among te Vice Pre•-
i kilts, %le notice the naßleB of the Hon. Ar
nold P.t/tner, and Gen. Clover. The meeting
was addressed by Col. McCandless, Judge
Shales itistl others, and -the 'resolutions ,Int ro
()need by Mr. Harper, of the Post, were of the
right stamp, and reeeived a hearty'and en
.sponge front the crowd assent
%V. Gray, Editor of the Cleavelond
ler, projited fur a' libel upon the
er of at city, Ills been acivittei.
pre% c ut
teat 3111
e I in :11 1
a ppuint i i
CCr ,l
141:1131D3NT14 . M.1 31 A 311
This important document was laid before
our readers on.tiaturday last, and has doubt
less ere tine:received an attentive penis
Althonglt vOlmoiroine in length, it is a i state
paper of great clearness, an I by far the,tnus4
able document that the present Executive has
given to the nation, and We do not !plow but
we may say that it is equal to any which has
heretofore' ematmted _from the sante
ment of the Government.
d than
th it
er till
The leading feature of the, Message is the
war with- Mexico, and on this subj.ct the
President is clear' and explicit. We think
after reading ft;'our friends, the federalists,
will have no excuse for asking the objects for
which the war is prosecuted as they are plainly
stated and firmly insisted on, his positions
will be \ read with lunch interest by all whit 11c
knowledge the justness of the war, owl con
tend for its prosecution tint] we have obtain
ed an honorable petice, together with in lent-
Mu fur the past, and ttecuritydar-the
and they also cannot fail to prove signal refit
tationsito the calumnies and falsehoods of the
Cliays, the corwins, 'the Websters, the Gree
ley's, and tlfeir train of Meli:an sympathisers,
who have cdtitin tally gtigmatizei it ass cruel,
barbarous, ,unjost an I Go dahhored war, wa
led fur cottquest by ihe slave power of the
South against an mmlE:milk and much aris
e.] neighboring republiC. •
Thu President still maintains his position,
an 1 ‘‘e. think .soccessfulty too, Ut it the war
was forced upon us by Mexico herself. In•
deed, we see 110 ut her p r4itioa to be taken;"un-_
less, like Mr. Clay, we assert that Congress
- altnost tmanimously legislated a lie. no al.?
maintains that in all the acts of legislation by
,Congress in regard to the war; the future ac
quisition of territory as in lem tiny 11114,6 1 mi
kept steadily in view, aml justly says thdt Any
peace that-does not provide for arch
I ion will be disgraceful alike to the govern
ment and the people. lie canhot therefore
consent to with ;raw oar army from the con
quests already :Leine% e,l either to the east bank
of the Rio Grande, as has.been contended for
by those who
,Ma s isi ter the war unjust, nor to
withdraw it to an established line and then
endeavor to maintain that line, as has been
proposed by Mr.., Calhoun and his friends.—
We have neither time nor room to give a sy
nopsis of the able slid conclusive arguments
presented in the Me-sage against the adop-
Con of this defensive line policy Of Mr. Cal
houn and his followers. - They are, we think.
conclustve. and if any of our readers have not
pernsed them with attention, we now ask them
'to do so. same remark is eqoally appli
cable to the Presi expoAtion • f the sound
policy ..flevyittg m litary contributions on the
enemy's country for the support of the war.
The important bearing of this measure upon
the attainment of just terms of peace,
obvious.. The accimitt given in the mes
sage, of the measure:: adopted in purAnauce of
this policy, tviit be read, we doubt not, with
general interest told approbation. In ca,e
the prosecution of the war in this manner
r.hall still fail to secure l a peace, it tall be
seen that the government' isely contemplates
the possibility of extending the ilUi,marage
ment and protection of our armies to the
driest is of h.enie io Mexico tt ho may seek m
'laoublish and maintain adrqe republican gov
ernment of titer own choice, able and willing
to make peace with us upon jest and satisfae-
of the
!te hour
t Daily
ielv tin-
it re. ort
A c )r-
Although the,messnge is long, we trust ev
ery one will read it—nothing less tlvn n thor
ough perusal of it from first to last will ena
ble the petiple! to see the high and command
ing position the Executive occupies in regard
to all the great rinestimis befure the country.
Ile exhibits faithfully tlMexpiinding strength,
resources and destiny of this great republic.
California and New:Mexico, both neees-ai-y to
enable Anglo-American enterprise and ener
gy' to achieve its future triumph , , mai v be
considered as umpired; and as-utirances this
paper warrant, are, that no treaty, not if - to%
ding for these provinces 19, remain in the Un
ion, will receive the executive sanction. 'l'o
occupy this new free soil, thousand's of end
grants from the old world nre crowding our
shores, transfering their hearts as well as their
allegiance; and under our , federative system
of stares, secure of their rights and liberties.
The capacity to defend this count ryfrom ag
giession, is demonstrated in the brilliant and
imparalleled . victories of our armies—showing
tit all who would be aggressors, that besides
o l ur peaceful couiquests, we can become, at a
Moment's warning, a great military Whin.—
11 -
1 we turn to the ifnig. pursuits of life, the
!, ! trit:ssagetillOWS that, under complete interim!
tranquility, our veld industrial interest s—ag
ricult u re, commerce, rimnufactures—are un
checked by war, and are in unexaindled pros!:
miry, and our national credit unshaken, In
word, nor national prosperity is wide-sdlead,
universal. Such is the animal expose of the
executive of the,nathin. We cannot doubt
but that its high American griumil_ will be re
sponded to by the united voire.ol the people.
We have hell;re Its a prospectus for a new
volume of this truly excellent 'atom-, to com
mence on tb'e first of Jaitnart. This paper is
one of the few ci'y eek!ies that we can cot.=
Jially recomumni to our reader?. Its chaste
and beautiful selection , , and its brilliant and
sparkling editorials, nr , of a tharacier high
aboke V.ltat is weekly palmed ()win the cheap
pnbheations of our eastern cities. to vitiate
the t: sie und weaken the morals 'of the young
into whose hands loos, of such reading falls.
AM) when we say that it is edited by those
NCstors of the polite literatnre of the coun
try, Messrs. Morris & %VOW,. we presume it
will be sufficient rCcomittendation. We say
then to our friends, if any of you Want an ex
-cellent ftutily weekly from'New York, semi
fur the (bale Jourht;l, Price, $3 per year.
Gen. Taylor at Now Orleans.
Gen. Taylor and suite arrived at New Or-.
lening on the 30th. He had a grand reeetition.
The entire military Torce of the eiry and a
rinmher - of the societies torne.l our to %veleorne
•he old Hero. At the time of rezePlion t
many of the distinguished officers and heroes
of the Mexican war were nreAent rind j tined
the citizens in paying their respec's to the old
07'As the season of gifts is rippronchng,
when siyeathsarts and wi‘es, huts and lases.
are seeking the beautiful or useful as pres
ent, we would
,stigtrest. that our friends
SPAFFunn has a beautiful wisiirt meet of Books
f Chri.tmas and New Year. Almost any
fancy or taste, we arc . confiklent, can be accom
modated in Lie Eeleetion,
The Ilome Jwurnal.
Prom Washington.
Carre.Tondiire of the Erie Obserrer.
WA:=IIINGTOS, DEC. 9, 1817.
Gentlemen—The Whigs on Mom!Ay elect
el their Spealter, Mr. Winthom, of Masia
chusetts, no the third ballot. lie is a gent'e
'itatt Gf utiility, but tho embody neat th
* genuine. priiiiiples the Fetlerbl party o
New England. here were 220 member
present. All were on the spot Ilea could b
brought tli t ) . .re-4iedt an lame were on th
floor, evil] .it)g the' anxiety of the Whigs I )
succeed in \fccitririz the o dicers an! pat ronage
of the House: With what liberality they will
exercise their rower time alone will sliow• but
miestitei if.' they Will follow the exiiinnlo of
the last Confirm's, during which ninny Whigs
in snhordinale stations -were retnitied. On ,
Tuesday they . elected Thos. J..Cartmliell,
Tennessee, Cl \ erlt—.lols turning out of office
onP of the best offiers tiny 11:ilise ever het 1.
Mr. A lams vote! fir Preach—so also did Mr..,
Levin.' Yesterday in the 1101,:te the ddwing
of seats anl the election of sergeant-at-arms,
postmaster anl loork , :•eper iiccupielthegreat
er the session. Mr. N. Sarrent,
the,rOliver 011 school" of the UniteJ States
was elected to the office of seargent
nt arms, Mr. -R. Ml-tier doorkeeper, and
Mr. Johnson postaia-ter. Yon will he fn at i-.
tie 1 to Itearit that ri movement Was made in the
llon-e to-day. by Mr. troadhen I of your state
t 5 repeal the posing)) n 1 newspiroeri iin ler
thirty miles. 'rile' II lose Ijoiruel
until Monday to etiahle the Soca!ter to
point the standiriz:cornmltter,.
Ton et ill fin I the I‘l o ,: s a'k e
bold an I statesmanlike paper—clear in its re-
cointnemlat kin; a tatirm in Its positions. The
Fremont trial still progres...e,. but has omlived
its. interest. Freilnat will he trtnpaotly ac
gOitte I rot) -Gen. learny•wlll 0, lv have hi.,
ronble f his pail`',_. I will pn pii-e to write
occa 7 , ionallv; that ! i r, whenever nv other dit
tie[s will permit, hot the telegriA has so much
interfere.l withthe i l l utility of let t ters written
from this place thtl tokoll not eel boomd to
be very prompt Ike 01.1 voterat . I!on. J. Q.
Adatort, kinks ank_oell.•lit ex
hibits the marks oft' -- His voice
has greatly (tiled.
The weather is
cein I make this r,
I!is grunt uge
ieanti fill herr. I ani huh,.
'murk becaose I learn Iliul
e Jv very severely f. e t in.
n !lame. yeen , z.Rze.
ENI 41.13 D.
your winter ha
of the L“eofttet
it "curiosity"
eact upon sot
opine, will lot)
pound of the st
the most t-hallo
remarke,l that
tor of the Ada '
to b.• will,.
stteh n letter
W - find thi
9th. the week
Wynkoop up
shonl,l have ri
length of the
itorial. It
tt hit■ery shoal/
01 .;
this te,‘ mita
fort" conr,e,
7'hut feu, or Go. wyri-
II •
p in
in the laQt'll'unt-
nu , .
n tits Colllllye is realty
its way. It mny Laic an
i i inds, hut the makiritv, we
on it ta3 nothing but a corn%
tand ni-t ',king of
irti.ttns. We.;l hn. it'lieen
ye.iplicant" it lei %wished fil
tration, hut who. from pre-
a. , stteiatittitt.,might h sti pptts
tit Vi favor, Mould write jitt4
it t rtler t., obtain its regard:—L•
I t b l i ove in the Casette ()Olt
fter• the scorchinw letter of Col
teatell in the Obsl , rver. :Wt.
/ I
, plted t(, it last week, but the
ner g,e,t Its tio room for ed
mlt i trange. hurt ever, that
111 Otterriot to destroy thr-frmce.
mylaga it' ,. st their "ai.i and cotn
ity tol i cribing lIIM orthy motives
ibc . , itise if it ,IM r,,.. ,1„.....
ivlng l ely. It is a favorite game
Ak lib, politicians to attempt to
I f'l
oral i i nflnenc who dia.
.'r tiolicy byltoputing to them
troles• Indeed, We might say
it is a noturtri Pf : opensi l iy, for they resort to
it with the 4mci I l reer:ti as the child to its
mother's local. 1 Cot. Wynkoop has dared to ,
tell the truth, ani l his fair name must he blast-
ed by the breath of party, to break - the force
of his tin vretriel revetlationr. But in Ilk
case the hil pfeis is !estopped from oitjoe
tions to him 'as is !witn'ess. In the famous
controv - ersy bluweetr. Oen : . Pillow and Col'.
Ilasitell, in, rt.:lath - 41 lo ` the scenes at Cerro
di,rlo. Col. vynknip wa s vouched by the
Nvitig presS aslstil4tantiMing` the statements
of Col. llaskel). liliiw can they note attempt
11... t
n • oul.1 n o t be
with • federal
debtroy the no
base personal i!
testimony! His p kill end ‘al- [
have given him a title to the
ie country, which no partisan
ill hlin.uf. His pat rioti-rn haw
1 in (brilliantachievements in
l eryck , , which no sneers of all
caticlott d. Thny may availl
It they dare not deny the truth
)s, that Mexican journals have
ilcts, from the whig papc:rs in
1 con%eying grateful assurance
party" in the United Status
th Mexico. Whig though he
not view without indignation
ncy, of such a policy, ininspir
-esilduce an I in postpuning a
Pie tn o countries. With the
ii.s Maids,a lie could not Ant-164
1 'rino. don elopments, and patri
-I[[ called on him to speak the
[ his countrymen against the
m•s i chief in our own border , .
..on, l let the whigs malw , the
~ , t th i l ein prove Col. IVynkoap's
false in trot, and they uniy,
to discredit
or on the tiel.l'
coufidehce of IS
assaults can n
tic c,tont rv's
pad isan press I
his ?trotfves—bri
of his sl Memel
iiiiblished ext r l
this country. a.
that an "entire
yitii ai hi es w
.Nlas, he cola'
the direct teridi
iiig 111exicati
Lead' belt‘ Ceti ;
documents iii Ii
(yea to the gin'
oii,in an,l lio:n
truth, and nun
fatal source of
If this be trea
most of IA)
statement to ba
impeach hi< irolives.
miih some file
he staals not %limn in his %yarning appeals.
antiphon, Cur is, Lane, Rei.l, elf whiffs, have
itolt i en trimmti.% l rigued to the stvat effect.
cleft.; Sc6tt hit , sell: felt calle.l upon to correct
the fal:%e imprci sitM produce,) on the Mexican
Win) by the f 4. tints course of the opponents
of the war am4ngs i t ourselt es. Are all these
izallant sofilielL tO be charge.' with impure,
i;ellish motivd? Let the Gazette answer.
1 - if. —
,o - 7 - .A..ewantTe paper very truly re t ina+s
:. .. .c.
that a' g,eutiiimiLivit Yankee is A.Yer title loss
for buSiness. file can pe.ldle, or mem' boots
' 7 —drive coachpr Wuit'upon table—L.foctor hor
ses, or - his felliev tnortals—shoe a horse, and
mend watcht3—teach school, or delivto ly
ceum lectures . 3 In 'a.wortl, he has a wonder.
fulpower of a' option' to oily nntl every condi
lion, to env tili I every occupation.
• irj'AltiviC,A;aoutiti bits published a pant-
Oilyt nitlf th : tido of , l'ettee With Mexico..'
itt is like mr i Fluy i 's.ripeech. Iluth Mr Clay
and Mr. Q. at . it superannuated, it is very evi
dent, and in their age of self-complacency
have forgotten their love of country.
I- • - --•--
IV. Middleton, Esq. has retired from
the editorial department of the Lancaster Tri
bane, and is succeeded by Gen. W. Hammers
ly, Esq., at present Clerk of the Pennsylvania
REPOIr 0.7 "111. 3:3:13 r. 137 OF WAX.
We have, in the Wafhingtou Maui' of the
Qtli, the report of the Secretary of War, Mr,
MAncif. It is a doctinvtit of great leng h, al-
mo s t 'is long as the•Nless.age, whicit fvill pre-
rent our 01:inf.:ally him inure than a synnp.l
sis of , it. bike 'lie tne,:sage 'it i 4 tict l ,ole3
linTilY 10 tqo ' sAlexi? ll ''Wkr. , Ik ,\r. noniiitces
~, , i-I , . I l l
with a biiet, yet tut is perspicai,vB ex d osition
Of thei ' peisture of our lifiliirs in Mexico at the
beginning of the present c tot:might, after the
capture of ‘Monterey: it reci'tes the org,inizn
t ion of the ex,.o lition de.iti t te I II; more first
upon Vera Cruz," an I thence opon the city of
Mexico.l Lea% ing the force designed for thi4
great etiierprise at their place of ion lezvoni,
nti the islan I of LobitA, theinarral„ive . return'
to de-cribe an I duly si tniilizi• the interinerli.i
ate movements of o , etieral l'aylli 's c.ilititin,l
which restate I in the memorable battle uf 11i
eta Vista.: Retur.ting then to the to tin' hove
of military operatioits - against ti n heart of the
eopiny's country, the report follows, .tep by
step, the triumphant 'Hi irc't of t'l > g til.vit ar
my miler General Sc ot, from its place id`'
einbarcal ion tip the National I'lll,lo til, ;Skid
co.. The co! h exp.) lit Mai against do -
Minton, Saute Pe, ati I Calif trot t, are next
"11.1 . 11111Hrily described in diet'. doe. or ler, their
important hearing upon the results of the War
_depleted, mid the signal lichievemetits n hid'
'nitrite I their s tccessful progres's j I,lly e or-,
trays I tin I approcitte I. With these events,'
au I wtth a h o Pie . ,ir tinr.a.nn ' iv: Ile lino
of operatiritt: from Vert (.1, , 1.; t• i the Oily of
M.extc . o, the military 'lariat ve of the report c in
cludes. Toe est int to; no I pro,m...- I orgnm
zatiou of
. lie a I Mimi al I Imo for it lu.
war: the :I[4:3ervi , ion of onr_ In lido poi:,, it
self an extett-ire an I c miplicate I sy,Cein;
the :tfrairs an I operations of all the It 'irezrai
attactw I to th ) geaera I statr of tlin.artni,, it i I
of course on ler tk rogolation of th.>. War
De,tartinent; th..i-est tia isl o nm• au,' nlAm , e _
nailed of our lotig lint of itOlititry post : from
the :\lis-i—ippi, an! the snperinten fence la
the n.eneral ,-ysteat iif 1 trtaticati , o):4 along o it
intuit I Iron! ter on the hikes an! on Ilva "sea
coast —At „
these ito amain._ 01)jeca, forming
part i'll the latt-ine4; of the War I) .part went,
are enumerated yol• disc, isie I.
~ _l'arain‘.;
from the past to the f ittire—from - wit it ha%
lie,-n tlo_ne to that which retn ti is robe tieconi:
pli,ll/(l—the report surveys the 'arious in i les
of conducting the war n Itieli,„present them
selve-; to the gityerienent, rest en.tien.l,, the
plain if active operatic:, , innie enemy's coots
try, a
c rd stints up the strong points if the ar
gutnettt in its favor with remarkable brevity,
yet with great completeue,ss and force. -
4 1 7 this' Freport tie learn- that the whole
military force at' preseot etit,tloNe.l maunders
43.530; of I IW,t. there it..,. :21,:it/D rPglliflrs all I
2,2.02, a olonteers. Of this force! there tire
willi uteri. Scott, at "Patapico, en 'route, an I
on tlie line from Vera Cruz to heal Ttarters
at the city of Mexico, , 33.047; with Gen.
Titylor, 6.737; in St ittla i re, ' i oit tlit.! (;),{egos
ani Stuns r e illlite. ,1 0 iniC l lll littt . 1 ., ' ,-- '
• rit\ory 31330 i and it{ lilt' until' toil en 'w i ll”.
al l ti e r I n't4—intal ? 14 1 ‘ iven ib L oi. -. 4' 1 3\53 ;.
The ached strong: i i , it appears. i, 11)11:: . 11 tc. , ss
than this ammilit, bit the wint'itSr not to ar-
tine rervtee catin..l be , proci.olv ascertained
The Secretary a i.e.; ;lie pre-eii :ir•
ganizlitimi be anu .lete Iby enliauuau. Au
enii - stinetit lif 7,951 is liect.,sar:•• to coin,;!ele
the regular conliklett' ;hat
to serve during the tzar. There appears to
be now in the service a numerical force of 23
regiment:, G battalion:, Ito 133 comp.' tiie. not
organized into regiments or battalion , . The
most. 'input:tot, action recomition led is the
immediate organization often addition:l!
meuts of regulars, to serve dori6 the
• war, -
and he also asks authority to ticept, in case
of exigency, the ser3ice , of a r tforiteer I.trce
of no le •.; tit 1:1 3 ).033. Tie .crotar: states
he hit: no ntlati: uI itsc..riaitung the am twit
of revenue I hot CAI - be collt-c'el in Mexico.
'the totfi'd amount, Ito we% er, alrea ly coldected
in Nlex . e, p trds ittn t-tte's to 31,510 413.
Of stint there ha: been W i lli le I ouer Io
the Commissitry DJ" torn 'ln 8113,723 33.
beating a boluece of 682,088 1-1., in the
hands 111 the e iltect tit! agent 4,„ furilti;r
recoil - uncoils -the lottitent,of the ex en-e, of
States for organizing, transpor- irk ;111.1 so).-
,itling volunteers—the formation of a retire!
list—a!? apdroprinii )0 fur, repair, of the
public ilefetice: along the :eabor I on I north
ern line—an appropriation for the payment of
additional clerk: entidn'ye-1 by the de,tortinent
to forni:ll itilb.liarge I soldier: with seri;) an 1
certificates of location—it ension- tor the
widows and children of those dying ; by dis
ea-e while in service, (no Stle ., ll/10%1 , 193111ntv
exists by lim)—such n modification—of the
pension IttXv as to place the . idow: an d chil
dren ~r officers an lotl.lierst of the regtilar or,
my on the :ame fooling with those of volun
teers with regard to pension. On the wh tlo
it is u highly interesting mid able report, and
wili'be rea I with soll-friCt in 1 he nll classes,
A at Pa 1 t.d..ttptiti
A large and enthusiastic, meeting of the
Rico Is of the lion. GL:o. ! M. DA Lt.‘s, f , r the
Presidchcy,c.ime oW n Philadelphia liii,t week.
Much enttio”iii- in an 1 feeling it, favor of the
tliAingnish , .l in lijMnal named, ty,ts,exhibit,T
ed, an I n determination to abide bY the decis
ion of a natitntal contention • exOre s sed,—
Ailiong oilier things they resolvelthat detnoc.
racy is the guar-ling of t'qpial right-; that the
constitution is as faultless as frtitnau wisdom , _
can make it; that th e tariff of
roost in the great reforms achieycil by tho de
mocracy, and was sated by the casting vote
of Mr. Dallas; that the constitutional treasu
ry gives solidity to the carrtimcy; that Il l ie war
is just, nut twist only in honorable hearer
that the people,of theD l nitel rtates hlaye sof:—
ered fileng MO tnn l intAt under IL, irres-I,
poosibfe tyranny and dcnioralizing, influences '
of incorp orated comb . nat init., whose chart et•t;L I
are construed into partial grants of sovereign
powers, and are held to test irreclaimable
rights; that Pennsylvania, in DM . lust October
election, has not only inure than sustained her
well established repute ion fur faithful adhe
rence to democratic principles, but has proved
her !Main the abiding confidence of the ;na
tion; and that, as Mr. Dallas has\proved him
self I ttforthy of_ the trust ..of our 4 party in its
darkest hour, li,t name be prebented for the
07The New York Express unierstattds
that the seamstress of that city urn, about
starting a paper, by joi nt subeription, fur the
purpose of nthwaling their interests.
A State Te - ngieratice -Convention w ill be
held at Harrisburg, on thel9th of January,
—As the timt. for .selt‘ti.,
4111 of March e,mteG:,.,-
,j, It well thit all 110 1 ,.
those flatten., s!ko•ditl.
or that the
log dell gate 3 ti) tit
will iotto be ut hat
who have u'vetee it
liange 'views ill or.
repre:•ent awl ,
1 ain rejoiced, to
Democratic papers
"mast liea:1" the
for_the Pre:liency,
deckiim of a Nati(
That Mr. U
1:; clij4,
r ata
positilon 111 the min
there is nii doubt.
lie min, ha_ , , iti the
11 .
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.),, .4.-oo,i-teit
lover t; ht. ComiZr
deny. A.; a %it:
t. a „ l ennint in Ow
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c4biocq, he ecr
t, re, :l n I n irie , iiher i f vr ! l
nin:u(e to I that
8 Irate or C ill ry ea I itt
t„ .41;k•ir h‘til to hia fr.
a s oi l ] ' tor,
•Imericall feo;in,
to iZens
m,yii 'he.' on H.
ictul a r , ,uniellt- At (re
(I)l ,, it s e
g ut :fit t ,e%ert , t
%et they tt•rrt• :11
is Term-, Ili., a I%el
•=aries e er a , uic6t mit !
;lent Ncitit,,nt 1 1 1 . 111r.ti :
I he SII raker so olt_eartl7.
to, ri•fate shzt urn
ife,te.l in ptili!.c tip
le. As a weludero
rc; nnl corrcipo,e,z
c;,biart~ hi= o';ici ~I
a c va.)ariion wire i!:Y
d 17re4leCezitIr, Finc,t
crotlient . a cillzeo,
rnet l'edrYtc,
!ation of I
11.1Vi:1 , 4 . 11 priv.ite c
11 it pre-ulna I blit
.rlltrl I cnl mil s Minn
\v ut I 11,tve f!.:Aer per
Jnm B le'1•111'11:1.
to be fere I It tiT3t,:!-.!
Then, I :• , : tV, i
I)..tri:wraey t
;11 ,1 rt,pon-ittle st
Fitch .a .inati in 1 1 ):it !az
.0i0..? To hest mt .
Il taken to hi- Birk , c“ 1:
he givrs tat. d lri )
ze, anl the v , xLI
ant to thee.'
r in a measure v.lllll1 - - t
n II t I Mr. .111ctir'z
of ;hi., Mailed it wz,
teta/with lii fort i rter
th,tt spirit or coiryro:r.
t svetions of thetniu"o-.
ve 1)
ty letter, wherein
At , uri co•npr.,m
-Liver•;. In rt , .
nail bi•g. leave todi
t,f my I u::uC ii frit
i:. hex' tilIV t I cie r
Jot 4a, v bveri oons:
per n .t.uL -tri:
between the
c.nt tit ry, ho,
tipun us by the father.
. 13„ at ()nee saw. the 1 . 1
is-uv imm date 1' et•
4 pnyof
fore the pe,,,,th?. iu
fee i tuA: , ert e eiliy
norllwra Dem.
roes dobite-, put)licano-3
hip imiortrinate
It tins t 64ittoiitly
' 6. , rn Whig:4, ;1411 a
CI alB~ in the will
nerssions were alwnl4l!
:utlt. Is u• foi•gotten
chat wasionco
eiritory-L-11 , nt 1 retpr , x
eetirn i of country, to
thiillo, tit.
gan and,
icing ~'ilt tge -an I fert.:!
t.. 1 .1ngt...1 11 , the ,taie
;•11.verv. that It,' c!
rif)rth to the
he.•,e NT:e thzit
;111,1 nim populous
rice free. ,tatc6 uff
..11!iuut4 , ,,, Mlc.:
their iniilioa, or t
i pyttiott caries; it
1 tields,:—at unv4i.ol,
i g ilia ' W.I-. ce,le I ,
:Ler 10 general z,.r.
C jave:Lel iir;o far
t•ratat.nt an] Lain
:triton 1
ticiplisil tir i.e . .% ter
rit is to be i•xi cc: C hit
yin rtaritif IT - 1,1)4/r col-
They , A null be tultiortily
IleJeraCs,' if then,'
he pato} in n
In regard to 16
Hurry Iron, Alrxit
the Southern,tii;
4.litliousi t ig.its.
inetioer:. of tinr c
an.l )ou 'nay re , t
%%Admit' a i•lrciggl
ter by the North.
par lion of it, bec
itb,iir.l i
I. fitly I-et forth
and is tell 1in0.%
the Union.
Asf rthefrurnlr,orn❑
tino sli% territ .ry, it e
and idle to I.‘e;ieve it,ta
it Bir.t'itt lore;
4') eNery relleetbrig mail a
, L ' ,
ibt.rty , . Das ever been. ;11
&air r rd. No hi o;r, w ill
The cour-e of
will c atboletob.
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itnnee: the ,Int,es
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G. aboilt i hy a ,p(mtaaexl
; 4 1:tter
throzi7liivit till ‘l
distant when the i
swath, fr
in anni,:ni, bran.
h im of na !tor n in virtues
ere is !kilt• ihrlin in_ til!
a ;he no-thern slavehoW ,
it the I•tre-ett 4 ; titw , , (it n'A'
tr foturC day) t‘aAt=.l
slavery "fro.,n their ,131.1
n fur the clamor of tb,AS
r. Thicha'llari' <t :sii; ha
growth of that yr!
min I but tnat inns
tlig route:. w.)-11 I
at ,t , tite not try I .
out the rile
hat tt it it b..c
°lit wilts's: A. Di
letter, —let t the mat,
ttitioll i.dttee I it, k%
ry tli
1411111.01CSied, lan)
suffice to But a, f.ft
sa‘ery i t most of
er re,t where the coast_
th the states where Otte
Ir. take their a vu c Koe
quarter of a \ elitury
ale for 6:q inStl;:titiolic f :,
the soutliben states. Est
to the voila.
Pellll-11vania, f
ozn 'her certyral
titt I :Ira IVlnipire to aetre: t t
,'re:4, het %%reit the exteer:i f
'win , : as it %%ere, i
the conflicting int
north ;.tit.l e term!
oral an] a7riepltur
her long adherence
anal, althoUgh o ne
er hi I a teat
certainly presents
st,leratiori to tli."
Then whom a ,
ao distinguishei a.
pennsylt ania specl
nomination of her
denet —not liotveyt:
itation, f•o. there ar
goo,i patriots, and
clams are not to be
the "Ket stone of
that ciimpromising
it ever , manifested
stiitt h—her
• lo 1110 D0111 , 1:raltC
, f the oil thirteen, ha. no , "
ial 01 t lidttct in the fie;J:j
of nu ordriir
Dcal 1) rtl LA 11`31
h-r e
James „Buchanan?.
ns triet one voice. fur 1.:"
a ' vorile sort 6.r the r t e,t
r with a spirit of disorgui
other dis;iigitislied tut,
sound Democrats, ‘¢c..4
A:et-looked; but as becoFti
he Federal, arch," and:
yet flan and patrioticqirl
y her citizens.
'eeiN el thei'first number ct
trot," edited and publiebri
r, .fdrtnerly of the Grad
-port, Illinois. The Do.
ble lOoking raper, of Ift
tics, and will unduateil:l
unpurt front -the onbougil
icy. Indeed we hopeee'
it It better -succef•sia 10
'le did in his old one.
07' We have rl
the -Pe:frit-Dentj
by S. 1). Carpent
Free Pre's, at Fre
erat is a respect
right stamp ill pal'
receive a cordial s
“Sucker — Dealuer, ,
'tenter will' meet l %
new location Oak
H" tn'be the title of a cr, , I
ton, - devote . to
and GT, Calhoun; andtbeH
South Carolina,,in
rider the tranalieunent
the Wasliingto ,
belch 't - ortli tire and smokC
its generaland demcicrer
its lunl, guns and exvirels.l
paper at Washiti
interests general!)
iinivereat nation 0
War. k to be
Gen. Doff Green,.
Telegraph, anll is t
againA the North
in partitalar, from
Stand. from under.
,de!e gate , tri,„
flatly of the leaf.;;
tigh‘mt :the coim:
if Lotr,i
of c,,uo•et
,uaceu:i,~~. .I
ht' oco?It: at it.i.tir4
hi; c , 7 „ , s a
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