Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, October 23, 1847, Image 1

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. ... "THEWORLI_IS - GOVEIItriT.kH"TOO..MUCH. .- • ' ..:
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.Fr XVIII*. . ~. .
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. :
. . - SATURtIA
, OCTOBER -23, 1547.
~, . ~. . . ... . :
_ •
One copy, one year, in advance, . 81 50
yt i
Otherwise, two dollars a year will invarin dy be
charged. These tortng %%ill be strictly ad .red to
in all CUSCS. .
Advertisements in.aerted at 50 cents re.r square
or the first insertion, and 25 cents cur each sub
sequent insertion.
Job Printin , ., of all Varieties, such as 80010 ,
pamphlets, Bills, Cards,Stea`m
boat Bt Is, Blanks for Notes, Receipts. ti.e. exe
cuted in the best style a infon short notice.
[)tiler in Groceries, Pr4ision3, Candies, Fruit,
&c. No. 1, Terry Bloel,',,\State street, Eric, Pti,
Attorneys at Law. 011ie up Kai is in till! Tam
many flan ortlie Prothonotirr's
Office. • 9
•-- - - -
DealSr in Dry Goods, t.3,rocerirw, Hardware,
Uneens Ware, Lime, tton, NuiM &c. No. 121,
Cheapside, Erie, Pa. • -
County and Surveyor ; office in Exchange
Buildini , s, hst , Erie. 7-
Has ream ed his; Office to the. Public gond bi.
near the Court.,llou.e. op stairs, in the room
occupled b . ) the Sheriff aqd directly over the
Cononi ,, ionert- , 'Office. •
Prompt attrolion l will be yen to all businetts en
tf ['stud to its (..are.-
E. N. & Co.
iit'FFA-431 - 1F
ANi) maks-5 1 '11i Lehigh and Erie Coal. Salt
and' Pioduce 4enciailv...rartiettla - r atten
tion paid 'o Ili;Jule of Planet.' and purchasn'of
Dam:bandit e.
Nu. 3 4 l'olitirn FAitiare, South Whir.
APorney and N 11114.11.1 at Law ; Pirwe INn. 2
State- st.,orinoto t Int ro, z l(t }lntel., Erie, l'n.
Attorneys & Conn,ellois at Lan, t /IV ee on French
street, over S 1../..tek.qon Co's. Store, Edo
Ap7ll 21, 11.,'
Dealers in l''orta!!n antl Potne-tie I"ny Good:.
Ready \1 ado t r ?lo!liitt2', Eon s and Shoes, I.z.e.
fie., No. 1, 41emtning Dinek, :State Street,
Erie, l'a,
G.U.13.1t AITI IS 6:, LANE,
At orneys and Cotin-ellors at Liu% --Oiliee on
.ix th :A ) !vet, west ,,
lest side of th e Public Square
Erie, I a.
l• I. \I.IIII \iTII. W. A. CAI:MI.IITH. '
.--- —l
Dealers in Watlies, Jewelry, Siher, Germaii Sil
ver,, Plated and Brioannia Ware, Cutlery, Mil
' itary and Pan6y Goods, N 0.7 Reed House, Eric
Pa. IC 1 ,
Wholesale and !lentil Dealers in Dry (Jowls, nro
ceries, ifardn'a re. Crockery, Chrrare, Iron,
Nails, Lenthcr, etc. 40, tier Of Sulk,
street and the IP"la °PPUSI‘
Tavern, Erie; Pa. .-
1V14.1,1711 11 11.111 LET.
Cabinet 'Alalc6 - , Virholster and triplertaker
Otnte StreetjErie Pa
4. ,MCKINSON, M.l.
Physician and Surtzeon, office on Sofenth Street,
west of the Mettnntist Church, Pa.
WALKlill ai. COOK ',; '
i i
General Forwaidin , , Commi 4sion, n(1 Product
Merchants; lied Ware lite, cat of the Pub
lie PI itl , 7e. E ic.
----,,. •
IttiE PI K afSt EV,
of Tin', coppri and Sheet-Iron
arena and Firth streets, Erie.
ware corner
;•;EN N OPT , & L . , CHEST E 11 ,5
whole '* ale and retail dealers in
w-ware ke. state qtreet Frio, Pa
Iron Found er
Stoves, I'oll
rctaildealersi❑ Drmis,:\ letlicirws
l'roceries, 6:c. N 0.5, need l Iciuz,u
Wholesale and:
Dye Stutls ,
Erie, Pa.
31. TIBB:a,s,
Guo(l,, 10.,1 I
Deal* , r in nr,‘,,l
v Gpo, thoceric+, &c., NO. 1,
is, State sL.,Eric, _ _
Medilillll Pyc,
&c., No. 6 Aced House, Ellc-
Dealers in I)
13.t1t II 1310
- -C,']
Dealers in Jr
d Merchants; In,
Eriy, and al 0:k Street Can II Da
ilers in (-I roeerVes and Provision'.
ware, Dry riad, , , Groceries, Sze
he Diamond, 'and ma: door east. o
atcl, G ie, P.t.
Frendi z , t re
son, also Ile
Darr in Ilar
eagt .:de of
the Ea l :le I
!;roan, corner of Slate strovt: and
}care, Laie. Pa. EuAern,Wcstcin,
n staze office'.
_ .
LTTL kliAmii,ToN.
By Hiram
lhr Public
and S,otidv
INlerchaiit Tailors, on the Pu tic
etc door, ‘‘.e.A. ut state etreet„trie,
_ I_ • /
- - - -
eolo , ical, Nliqcellanentr, Siihday
lat School Book; Station ry, etc. ote.
o_neliStrea, Erie, Pa.
Square,: a
DealPr in Ti
and Cla-.4(
P. A. It. BRACT, v
Co u nsellor at law, C rairin du Chien,
'lces in thocounties or Claw tot d,
owa, W. T.and in Clayton county,
Attorney and
W, T. prat :
Grunt and
lona "leer
t , r,
) ti exch aiwe for GpoclA,
cuse,',lnd ail hinds of Coutr.ry Pip
• 11. CAI/WELL.
• Juno G,
Triputt .
the cheap :+l.,
1 :11.::. :' , hell tlaidixare and I I out=e
i t 's be bae *wry clicapilt
reof S. JAC g " 4 0. N ,g-co.
ICI, 1916., 27
it TIMOTHY I".:EED.- - The ,ub
Will pay cash for .00d clean 'l' imo
thy feed.
01" sehLt, Hooks, t, 2,
id 5, for sale at No. 111, French St.
6, ISt7. in
Oa State St 'tr.!. nearly opposite the Engle llefi.
4 - 1_ IMO. its 4. CO. ate now teceivinq fawn
k.. 1 -• New York and openiva at. (heir neA% sioru
an exu , n , ,Wc as..;cattnen: of Rich And Fashionahle
4EW ELM , (ernbrici n; the latest alyle of nod:
in market.) worrir.s, Clocks, Plated and &Mania
if tine Cutlery, meet Trimmings, Camp/rue
and Solar Lamps, lAoking Glasses, Gold Pens,
tooTther wi.h a general variety of Useful and
hainentar at tides. eidi and see what ;Wiwi!! see_
June 26, 1817. • G
Cash FQr Maxi . Seed. .
CASH will be paid for one thousand bushels of
Aug. 27,11817. No. 6, Reed Wage. .
3, 4 a
Erie, Ma,
.—Loaf, Crushed, Pulverized, Cl;7rt
rto Ride', Ulna, New Orleans Su
at No. I Perry Block.
v ' T. W. MOORE.
13 fled, I' ,
gar, lor sal.
Aug. :2&.
HA Vrial Cu far arranged and systemized-his
official duties, as to enable him to tic:vote - A
great portion of his time to his profession, will at•
terse to all 107al business entrusted to
lie nil! attend the Courts in the Counties of Erie,
Warren, Cran lord, Mei cer, Venange; Clarion and
Jelrersou, and the Supreme Court of this State;
and has moms: Mud arrangements by whit,' .he
will transact be.iness in the adjoining Counties
in New York and Ohio. ' All monies collected
will he 'emitted by Drafis on New York. or Phil
adelphia without any charge for Exchange. He
mill also take clairce of and prosecute Claims
against the United Stales, thaw and superintend
aPplientions liar Pen-dens, patents. tte
-01 the aldluy and intertty with Mitch all bu•
: siness coati led to Ili:: rate will he performed, it
would n ot he Moper in this. place to speak,_but
those having LegalDwain-Fs
to transact, or Cub
let:lions to make in thil= section of country, are re
speettblle referred to he lollowino• gentlemen:
SlEssas. WITA.IA Mg & WRI(:HT, -
310 S ES KOEII, 1.80. Erkio, Pa.
THOMAS iv.::Trit It ETT,
VINCENT. 11131R1 )1) & CO. . .
A.,D. & T. W. PVITIIIN, Esq' s. • . ~
HENRY E. S5lllll. ESi. _
CHARLES 11. S. WILLIAMS, Esq. Bon - M0...
P1111.11•1.10s0131Ett, I..:sq.
ZION. JOHN A. DIN, Albany, N. Y.
HENRY SHELDEN & 0, , ..,
Donn, C :sI
,31010,U8, N.Y. City.
o WM. 1,.. StAltcEY.
.. W.l MP:DILL. •
Will Z. S PE wA wr. / '.. , q.. Logus:port, Is.
GEORGE If. Mr WIToRTEft, / 0 ,,,,, eg0, iv, 3, ..
It. isituctoyA Y. Esq. S
HON. \\'MPA"! 'PERSON, :4.ll},litslty, O. '
IION. JOHN wENTI,ronTii t ch i cinio , 111.. .
COL. ,LAME , . . It. s'T;OWDEV, '
cor...rnirs 1 , It: r., , Philadelphia.
MIR -131. S. AVOLE Z.: CO.,'
J. &J. P. STEINER. • 3
LION. FR A NcIS It ::111...N1i-.,
~ N.ll ELDRED, tiln
HENRY 111 EttLER. E•..q. 1 •
HUN., WILLIA 11 W ILION: 3 , gh ,
GEN. 1.1..V1 G CLoVEIt. 3- •
GEoittif; THOMPSON, Esq. Wliceliss.7Va. . •
HON. It. 31c.C1.1.1,1.AND, Metro.., Mich.
. T Clereinntl O.
Dm . S, 1:\61,1;11N61,1;11 Alt l', S ,
110:s; LE WI CA -44:
II A IMES I: HAMMON:), 1:59„ }Dcroit, :Mic h. JORN M. REYNOLDS Esq.
Erie. \i.o. 8, N:7:
FrOlil the Citi of -1116C116.--
Arrival 01 Uremia and Cheap Groceries
At No. 1, 5 . 4.1 . 24' ilSloelc.
SINCE the 'Falail;la been taken oti* the im•
ports into this eountry, and i placed on that 01
Ale \ leo, it has enabled 1110,e who h ave p urc h ase d
Groceries in the Fast !hem cheap. W
wish all who want anytittn, in the Gtoecry line
to call and examine our 'move do assert,
e%ithout Nat- fit en it radiction. that we have the
tree lest uro,•,•riei‘ in this market, havin
all been purclia4ol from the fittest, importations.
In oar etuek may be rffin.d the f,olloiving:
Imperial, Gunpowder, and Young Hyson
Teas; Jaya, Rio, Laguira i and St. Domin
go Cofees;..Loaf, Paved:44 Porto Rico,
and X. O. ...14w , , , are; Pepper,-Spice, Gin
ger, C'inamon,
a Xutmcoyarictf.iiss,---ininit,
Perled barley ?
a Mt 3,
Illmonds, Filberts,
etc.; Fruits—Apples, Raisins,.Eng sh Curd':
rants, and Figs; ..*.gpermand Tallow candles;
Summer and Winter strained Lamp Oil, a
superior article, .••:(111.1!! oil, Fancy having,
Variegated . and r soap. Dili y salt,
IV hitt: Fish, .11ckerel, Alackina Trout,
and Herring;
ttobullz , eNtra. Fine cut chewing,. l anish
Smalsin , and Cavendish Tobaco, Pipeti;
Ite ,, alta. Principe, Trabuca, Lenora and emit-
mon Cigars.
Colewd a nd 1,1.. in Grass and Manilla Mats.—
Besides a ho , t of other articles to supply the
wants of all. A fresh supply' of Clroeertes re
ceived semi-monthly. • Call and examine goods
and prices at No. 1, Perry Bloch;
-•T. W. MOORE.
Elio, June 12. 1817
"Not thr a l)nv but f o r
Vs: non given abundant evidence of its heal ,
log po,n ei s o . and proved itse;r the most extra ,
ordinary and wonderful medicinu in the world.—
In , her: space of two years,. it has acquired a
reputation 14r curing disea-i an releeving pain
tar _seater any medicine ever discovered.—
It-'ivonderlid eases have Is•rinislied the Medical
Faculty. oho now tiniveisfilly concede its great
lue. 'I hey speak LA it in the highest terms and
Ir i.: m ale:nu:al by none—On the' contrary, its
'praise is elliVer?lti. The ni ewes arc so nit.
ca.rous that it ,%tad)Also %plumes to recount them
--awl it • a ft:it.d tact, anj is not disputed, that
as a pain extricto/it has no equal. For the many
astonishing cures, see the pamphlet to he had of
, 4 lit. It/you su.ler with either of the dis
ease, for w illy!' it is tecoinutenled, resort at once
to use an Ibe enred. Fur the following dis
eases it is • n infallible remedy:
AfTectinus, Wien
nvitistri, Paralysis 89( - 1 all nu
'oll4 aff..eNcons, Salt Rheum, Croup or
I ices, Ague in the Breast and Face, liVeak
s of the j lilit., colds, tooth ache, sore throat and
Utthisy, ulcerated sores, indolent uleers.burns
frosted feet, corns, bunyons, fresh wounds
swellings and bruises, scrofu
lous affection's, nuts-
quit° bitesand
lr This tcrliind by all the respacta
ble Merchants a - nd Dru...ists throughout the
country, and by the Proprietors at Sing Sine,
N . - - GEO. E. ST A.NTON.
For •ate by J. 11. Burton Co,& Erie, B. C.Towo North
t7;,000t, Volt-vie% , ta. L. Jones & Co, Glint".
' Oct, 9. Ibl7. . t tim9.l '
Rik and Ilia lthig. \Tithe Fish an,
Matlina.e. Tiout, this day received and
ctor sale at No. 1, Perry illoek. by W
T . •111001tE..
25, 1817. . 19
rIASTIiii.I.6, stoves, 'stove ipe, copper furni
ture,l.-1 airnighz sheet iron loves,ara now soli
km, rapidly by the sub•seriber at less than'ever,
acid our desi , rn is no pricits at Bpfralo Or dee
where, foi• cast/.
i ~. •-
Erie, Sept..2s, 1817.
KITS Nu. 1 Mockergl,
ju,t meek ed and I
Erie, sept. 25, I`e7.
_ --
RAUS ‘vanud in exchange fur tin ware by
"8"111 LEST ER, SEI:I4E4T 3*, CtIKSTER.
Full. 25, 1517.
rfTOIIN CI Lt. A LINN], Proprietor. The
t.) stth , ciiher would respectfully Inform
...I . Lijk . his friends and the gen.'
vr.dty, that he has leacd for a term of years this
row and commoilinti3 ,Rouse, situated at the
Eightit Street Canal Basin:' This location tell - .
dcrs the "WEAT ERN " pte-eminently.the most ,
convenient and de‘irahlc stopping, place for all
either doing itsiness!or travelmg' on' the Canal;
Th er e is, also, atotolictl to this - establishment a
large and convenient ir table for the use of Boat
men and others Navin , horses.. i, . •-• ' •
No pains or expcns .has been, spared in fitting
tip this house for 11l convenience, comfort and
pleasure, of guests, a d the Proprietor, treats by
strict attention to bus neSS to writ nail I.m:iv° ii
. e
share of public patronage. .
Erie, A pril,2l, 047, • -' 47
The muffled winds are sighing
O'er , ,Auttinfiee opening grave,
And irlthered tloiiers are lying
Lijte hopes which Childhood gave.
Each leafy erowula stolen,
That hung the fountalbs o'er, '
Whose besorni, sudden stvollee,•
Their grief in rivdrs pour. •
No Fylvan song of gladness
, The birds are here to woke;
The wind's low tones of s aduesa
Alone the silence Week:
And thus Is Nature weeping
Forbeautles torn away,
Like Age, his vigils keeping.
Arer Manhood io decay. -
Bi3t soon the storm.' will vanish' -*
And vernal bloom appear, • ,
And Natu o thou will bambh .
gloinny cloud of fear.
Mid soon both ago and borrow
Asidit the,soul will fling— .
Its long, cOnetml morrow
•Will be eternal . spring,
;Western Literary Messenger
"See, se(sister,,here is William Jones,"
said a little girl of ten years, with sparkling
black.eyes that. were contintuilly laughing„
and a face as round and blooming as a peach,
and dimples roguishly peeping out: fancying
they were hid, like their peerless little mis
tress herself, when playing 'hide and go seek,'
looking front the' parlor window.
A sumptuous room h
. was this parlor; ric
its furniture, gorgeous its carpet and hang
ings, and superb the gems of art adorning its
polished, walls; and its little occupants, ac-
cuStomed as they Were to the splendor of this
beautiful home scarcely dreamed that others
there were, less favored than themselves, or
wi thin and without, homesless cheerful than
their own.
Clara was two years older than her sister
Susan,: and possessed her vivacity wholly .
without her boisterousness. Her' blue eye
was 'ever radiant, her pretty mouth wreathed
in smiles, and her quiet laugh quite as joy-'
cuts and happy. It might be difficult to say
which enjoys the sunshine triOstiN s t leaping
cascade or the quiet stream.
"Does'nt he look stupid?" said the Young-
est of the! sisters. 1. "1 Should like to give him
a real pitich, should'nt you, just to hear him
•cry out?"(
. ,
"Old Specie is saving you the trouble," re-,
turned Clara.
Old Specie was Doodler than. madam goose
itWttlA.‘l7-nicnratir ottu-'utest ieututtieu times
without number, that she bad no sort of claim
to the short grass growing on the green, nev
ertheless, she cropped it every chance she
could get; and persisted in treating all who
puesed that way as trespassers, hence now
t • -
the attack little upon the boy, and the t girls'
merriment who witnessed it from thewindow.
Susan's loud laugh must have readied the
unfortunate object of their, nnthinling re
'marks, for he quickly looked up to were they
stood. his eyesinstantly fell to the ground
agaim the blood r.4slled deep into liisale face
and hle hurried ollas fast as his fet could
carry him, and was soon lost to theid sight.
%The bright face of Clara became instantly
sad did She said thoughtfully,
"i'erqaps he isn't so foolish, after 01, JS
they ihildt him to be. If he is, why woultVe
turn red when be heard us laugh? If hof . a
fool," she cont'nued, still having the lad' -
teted looks in her hunt q ey., "he must ve
the :s - ame feelings thaqother boys have he
would not have looked 6 ; 1 ,, and hurried so:
fast., lam vez l y sorry we laughed so im,
Susan." I ,
, The happy f titer of the two littl sters •
entered the ro m, but they were 100 from the window an his presence was ticed..,
The regrets Ot his oldest daughte nd the
very sorrowfu l tone of her voice ed him
to listen. , .
, 001 1plicd Su
"Every "Every bod , calls him a
son, "and I a sure what, eve body says
must be true:' . /her says so
"Yes, I kn , w everybody n
he doesn't think so, for he af ,
-J•he does'nt.fay he is hn idttict"loirkrna with
by the whole hdir tof h _ a is n : o /
wa g ste his g t o int
n v o i convinced h , a: N.
n fa u t i Y , _
;, a
,1 1 m
.. ,
e a g n u d a k l l n y o‘ e v ° s n
upon one who could not P ri `:" - '
The father could tiara s- from catC.h
!mart for her kind
ing his little daughter t,
c h e e p encohno
, ie
chiir, tittentifin. Clara
t r
1 d
for she felt ccr
d t e n drawseeingw
l i a )i r tt a ; ::
t h a e i
, ni Da h ind e '
n d d l
feell i y ea .
n r d 5
your heart
much credit,-whi
little t giddy," and he
though your hear
on her forehead.—
parted the brigh..o
she will better
'!When Susan (.6 no doubt will endorse
understand Yo
i . ,
, you' not my child"' l
all y9 ti !' av C i ie:cup - led hand affection-
ePa he p lacev of his pion - goat' dMigh
laity upon , u in the face notAriaie-
I "1 1 . .
ter, Who lo
8...._p_.' - .
well ,4 reSurtied the father, "yeti
'" -M Y c ' i - an . age•lo tbink anA'ie',= '
, . . . . •
have now r - Yotirselves. ' The world i's' .
flee ' B CT ike ailockef ; sheep, i'd ' too
abli,4l lender, Whciei-cii 4e may be 7.,•,.
a Pt• t° and tliat Oneto-morrOW--whe_
this 3 !' ugh to p,iit,' hinisolf in advance , , ,
n ' a , Y . the werld'S opinions antii you
l ' l ' . P weighedtheM, - and yeur reasOn,
• hini e tell you they'are,right: It is
. ~
and thinking - admiesioii thiVetilla,
itha tiVB just remarked, in idiot, and
:th a foot;—it has Made him what he
1 1 rated being shunning every one,'
l, orld does apt shun hirn v it has no
. with - him, but, pityingly point* him
pat up •for family
for eale at No. 1,
„out as but one degree remored*onr the bes
tial level. That you may, the better
stand me, I yill relate ;to yoty, it story which
has the advantage of having come under my
ow l n t ° ‘t b •a s t e tt r e v d ut b i t o tt n tlii ' s to draw Clara and Susan
around. their father ; for notwithstanding the
levity of their natures they, held- him in su
preme love and' reverence, and listeno .at
tentively, and even delighted to all lie thought
proper to say to them.
. , ,-
' There . liqd•many miles from here, a Weal
-thy family whom I shall call Stedman. Of
four t i a
children they were ( all reMarkably ,in el
ligent save the youngest; (a boy,) who, al S!
was of that unfortunate class,o "eyesore' to
his family pride—a thorn "in the , side of As
family's ambition." ,, -
It has been told of him, that in infancy he
gave as many tokens of intellfgeneo . aS any
child of his monthS=.-was susceptible to that
language known only to the mothers; and
would prattle in return, would play with his
feet, and would gaze for hours al, the strange
pheno•netfon, his tiny hands; would cry out
with pain if a pin pricked -hiin;.' still; as he
_grew, older, his mind refused to advance,
strengthen end' expand with years." ' This
may be accounted for perhaps, as he grew
weak and imbecile inbody. . Disease seemed
to have laid its relentless hand uPon his phys
ical and mental facultieS at the 'Same time:
and though his life was despaired.of, he liv
ed, but it was a life almost without the ener
a and consciousness of life with him, so
fully does the mind sympa rise with the body.
It was soon gossipped abroa that this child,
John, tas an idiot. Some pitied while 'oth
ers rejoiced; for they gladly welcanied any -1,
thing, that might huMble the' hatighty pride
of the Stedmans.
"It is just good enough for theta," crOake&
nn old crone of the village. 1 .1t . ' Will teach
them for the future; - not to feel themielves bet
than their neighbors. I am 0.4 if we
must be plagued with a fool in the village, it
belongs to that family." ' ' - '„
"It'will teach them not to set "thelichildren
up as better than other people's children," said
another, whose son , had been presumptuous
enough to raie his eyes to,the accomplished
MiSs - Sophia Stedman, and . mud enough to
send her a knot of forget-tne-nota.. This
daring on the part of the -rustic, - swain, pro-,
duced not the sensation it was intended: The
young lady was only incensed beyond' rims-.
are, and the - beautiful beseeching. flowers
were-thrown into the kennel. . :•-• :- *- ' '
- 6. V..., o re hi p, car! 'A..... It ; ..... -A........, •sukvs,
"and they most send that upstart, Frank, to the
city to det, him a wife—there was not one-rich
enough for him here; I suppose. Much hap
piness may she bring himr•
As may be supposed, the knowledge of
their shame going abroad, -was not without
its effect on the family pride of the Stedmans
and though they ' professed utter- indifference
for the opinions of their neighbors, who were
all a long way below them in the scale of
worldly weath, yet every word, every look of
disrespect, now stung them to , the core and
was laid . up against this sickly unoffending
child.' , Twill not say they wished him dead,
if suet an event had chanced it undoubtedly
would have caused them but little sorrow.—:
But he lived, and after many years was ,con-'
"But was he still foolish, father?" asked
Clara, who had taketi more than ordinary in
terest in the little idiot_ boy, and could not re
frain from the inquiry.. The father smiled
approvingly and resumed—
The derolopement of his intellect teas
tle attended to. Family pride would not al
low of his being sent to school in-the village;
he could be taught niithing, and their disgrace
would only barnacle the more public thereby.
As to a private tutor, that 'was not. to be
thought of for a moment, though his brothers
and sisters were so provided for; and thus the
good that mig lit have been done, and the little
seeds that might have taken root and grown
to bear fruit, with pioper culture, were never
sown; nndshis mind. was !eke . hbrren - waste,
with nothing to feed upon but the fancies, of
its feeble, untutored self. tlo was never al-
lowed to leave the house for the same reason
that he was not sent to schdoF; but,when the
older Stedmans Were front humei and,'the
younger ones out ona party f •plkisure, old
Jeannette would open his prison door and let ,
him into the street. The sight of the idiot
boy was quite a treat to the gaping urchins
of the village, who never allowed an,opportu
nity to pass, i l Oteit they cottld indulge their
curiosity, and gaze and wonder at What they
could not compreltend--4he idiot boy. lie
was madeto feel, however, 'that he was un
like every other human being; a thing, nark
ed; shtinned, neglected; if not despised,, he
knew enough for that; poor child, and he,
came still. more singillar in his appearance--,
I•wiltpase 'over ten years of the history "Of'
he Stedmans. The.odest son Was . ifra'iTie—a,
as I have said befdie; s.pfna was atilt oa the
svnriy Fide of Unity untaarr)e'd;'for'ai yet
she had with 'tie • ligiblo ;offer; - and 'it
might reasonably` be' iitipiiosell'i'sho•
would; The second so had passed the wi n =
teent-the d now it ivtiS
Had rettireed'honie,''hav , ng in his 'coniliani
hinj. Linda), an'early fr and of his father; end
Caroline, his eharmin i . :daughter. BL:side;
,these, herwas followed is two or three bigh
blooded young men of Fashion,' all of. Whom
were to. spend th&tfeaiop at the Sfedmaiiev,`,l
Now Maj. Lindal. ryas a tnilliezisrle;'Apti
his, only child Caroline, course
. an heiress,
whom each 'of tbe gay' ydang aied otl#o*fe4
a decided yearning for._ Louis Stedalttli wus
one of h'er devOted adioirers; and
" Ihwas
said of alt who paid their court, he stood vuosi,
in favor with the young lady. • Be this as' it
may, the Stechnnatas thou
, 1 „ • .
approved of it but did tierything in their Pow- as if Urging the nece s sity tieing so mething;
,or to for Ward the matter. • Mrs. * Stedman's still neltber.moved or seetnedinclined - to take
prat of the dear: hay, when ,she could get the rieklimself. , . '.. _ , -, _ ••• -
Caroline to listen, wasamtiring, and her tit- . - Seeing she could exp e ct nothing from those
tentfons to theyoung, lady herself, appproaCh-, who had sworn a scere'of times, to lay down
Cd Sycophancy. ' ' - . their lives to serve' her, a Scornful smile •
Mr. Stedman gave himself up - exelusiVely wreathed her, lip, and most cutting was ,it to
to the amusement of hie friend, the Meicr;' those gallant gentlemen on shore, - for they felt
and to allow Louis a better opportunit to it was deserved, and she began to look abotit
make advancesto Caroline, the married son her to see how she could best save herself.—
ea much as possible to draw 'othe The smile quickly fl ed from her face and a
city beaux, and even Sophia, displayed ola 'shadow gathered over it, for then for_ the Brat
greater extent the suavity of her nature ,. nil time, she became aware that thedroa contain
to oblige Louis, put On some of her most be- ed no oars, nor,anythinghy which . it could bee •
wltOhhie , lifts. Same said she would glidly guided tethe land. ,At a glance she: s..vv the
aecept an Offer' of otairlage - 'froin the,.least. full 'extent,of hot danger, Thil current-was
promising of,them all, but'l Will net say she - slowly, hot none the'ies surely :crirtiying her'
affected them, any farther than her brother' toads the 011 s; and uniess as ista ee eo ill
good required. ' • ;' I I' • . i l'' , ', reach i lher sheltauSt ineOtably,b 'alas ed o Of)
- Thus the Stedmahs'were enjoying them the rock ire cv.l' Her Gheel nii ht well
selves, if We except John, and know notVh'' blanch w tit ear. Her emirr ; de, ger Was
I Should except him, for fie was not of th
n rn Well tun orat d by ull on shit epiat i nd 1;14'
Ever since he was old enough he' had bee Stedman full determined , to'• O iAimeth ng
cietit . tii the field to labor with the-men on the worthy a gentleman and the great love - he en
farm; and now more than ever, he Was kept tertained - for the unfortunate girl, feeling her
closely at his work. If he entered the lieu's"? loss to be irreparable, started to call the men
it must he by the 'back deer, and as for his who were at work upon his father's farm . at
meals,' he must take them with the men_in no great distance from them to her assistance
the kitchen. The Stedmans . trod the' Oft, little, thinking before he could return, /she
1 carpet of ease, and fed on choice bits in he l would be beyond mortal aid. _
parlor—he, like the Muzzled ox, trod out 411 e Sophia Stedman gave herself up wholly to
.corn to feed on the h usks in the kitchen -
rescuehor fears, and wringing her hands, urged the
Again, I say, he was of one of them. gentlemen to try, some means to her,
One fine afternoon, , some days subsequ pt but they seemed dumb and rivetted to the spot.
"to the arrival of their guests, the Stedrn ins, Every moment, the poor girl's situation be
proposed an excursion ow horieback. "he came' more critical. A short distance on and
'party made a spirited appearance Whet; t mey `the waters began to break in ;their downward
Were all mounted. Sophia looked her v .ry 'course 'over the falls. It 'wet a fearful ino
beat, and savor her licirSe admirably. Carol oe i nient. The boat swept (steadily on, and si
looked the fair rival of Aurora, and mans ed lently she commended her soul to God. Hark!
her horse with exquisite skill. Her chtl kg A deep plunge'breaks the awful silence, but
glowed with the warm, , rosy blood of hea th, nothing conk' be seen but the ruffle of the dis
her eyes sparkled with, excitement, and ier I turd and parted_ waters. A 'moment after
I sweet, merry laugh tang out with its accts- • the head of a man appeared above its surface.
tomed glee. Whe n she chid the restiive I. •A • murmur of -approbation greeted him from
movements of her horse, the mellow term iir w
i ' the shore, and the
_despairing girl held outlier
ali ears and all eyes towards her, though 11 ies 1 arms to him as lief only hope of life. 'lle
Sophia's' eyes had something of displeasur: in ; heard the applause, lie saw the confolemiLinove - -
them. ' Wheiher what to others is so ful of : mein, of the girl, and hope beaming anew in
harmony, was turned to discord by the ph . si-''tier 'sweet faceoind manfully he threw himself
cal derangement of the organ qfsithd, or n-1 through the water. '
vy—that bane of • horrian happiness', tunieg "Ali,” shrieked Sophia Stedman; "Hecan
every sweet, to acid—or not, I will not vet nit; not 'reach her in time! see!' time boat is
to say. l , 1 scareely twice its length fronythe falls! God
'John was in the field %then the catalcgde •.protect'ller." .
swept by upon the r;ad.• Ho dropped he I It was even so. That boat began to move
heavy spade -with vliiili he was willing p i with greater velocity through the water, us if
the damp earth, and gazed after them. I prepkringitself ler a final leap,. and the man,
"They're having a gleet time on't," ebse v- , had not gained it. by many yards; and even
ed one of the laborers.t , ! .1,„., 1,11„.,,,,„„,,i .._....,
k - - -- TffOlf - prooaoie ne2couta ndt stay its' course
another,with an Oath. ! !against such a current. He seemed to be
"Yes," said a third, "rbotjuit, you put th in aware of it, and shouted, '
are gals in the kitcheni and them fetters lure "Leap, leap! or you are lost."
a ditcher' and then se, what they'll be go d True toOris request, she sprang from the
for. They couldn't heldla candle to
John, ' boat which shot forward rward and almost instantly disappeared. When the senseles girl rip
"l-should like to'se'e 'em brought to it "i
neared to view, the man's arm encircled her
pursued he who first spoke. 1 should lil e , waist, and at the same time he secured a rich
to see Master Louis obliged to soil his.whi e I e - Throidered scarf that had become loosened
hands in this *ere mirei right 41; alMuldn t from her neck, and Was floating upon the -
you, John?" -
I , 11
: ter,lrild then conveyed her safely to the shy
John heard every woad that had been - Sal ,lA'd mi the congratulations of her compani
but ho made no 4.13r,t "No," he thbugh I
I she opened _her eyes, but her deliverer
"it would give me no pleasure tot see hint h.- gone.
bar as I have to dot nd t that .it would har i Maj. Lindal received his daughter with
him; no I care not for t he toil; hut it is—it i: i much feeling, but 'ho 'one could tell film who
that lam thought so mu 'ph beneath them; the iit was that had so generously risked his own
lam neglected by brothers, en! I d by m 1 life to save his child. Sophia knew ;Try well
sister, a stranger in lily father's house! lit was herdlint brother, but she chose to keep'
Wherein do i differ so i much' fr+ thein? the secret to herself.
Does not the seine WO run in my veins? : His precious burthen safe on shore, John
Is not my skin as wll4—only it is bronze ; Stedman made a precipitate retreat; and gain
exposure to the Still Is not my' back as .: lag the.cover of .a clump-of trees that stood
9raig,lit? But then',-4t then it is my mind ; near the wl,ter, he sat himself down in dry his
at's warped' Yes, in My repir ings I had 1 (let lie; in the 'sun What were, the them ghtS
forgotten, lam a fir!! True, trite, strange, I .cif that poor boy when seated theref r - he
should forget it when every one is sure to tell swas a boy i 1 the weakness of an _lntim
me so; I ern a fool! and worst of all, lam so' Mitid, unsch oled i all things save the eek
,Inuch the fool that it cannot See iny folly:L-,1 lessons of th Ilea t, not e ' 'n twenty ; ears'
Woe is me! for I must be an idiot, thoughl `of isolated li e;' He had sawed thf life t of a
see it not! Has not) every , body told me so Inninin being he mad been brought' nigh 'unto
ever since I was a child? Well, it is most a being possessed of that divinity, the perfect I
kindly ordered: the fool toils 'on e , foolishly mind—he had folded a Mir i am form to his
dreaming he is wise, and . in that bias much heart, and that a lovely tvomap. - Necessity
to enjoy; while the wise man kno.vs himself; compelled her to accept the o ff ices of a fool he
tube a fool, and the Iknowledge proves the thought, or she would have spurned them; but
source of mnny.sorrows. Come, come, there when pressing her to his bosom, the'thrill of,
isn't 'so much - difference after ril. What pleasure that wrapt his madened senses.—
though 'I am a fool—content me"' and with Was it an emanation of mind? To touch a
thoughts like these, he resumed his work try- being endowed with:reasori,Was it always fol
ing to believe, though but half coi vinced of owed by 'such a pleasing sensation? 011! to
his fullyi_ , - e allowed always to drink at the fountain of
Meanwhile the cavalcade had l assed by, :uch'knoWledge.
and a short way on, they alighted at,a deep But' the 'spelt was now broken--he was
stream, (turning- a mill near at lm ily which g gain alone. He was no , longer needed— 1
they were to cross in 'a small beat. „. ' ' - ' I I othing human now required his assistance---
"Is it possible 2 you inteml crowding mall I e was but a blankia waste of 'life! Neve!
into that nut-shell, Miss Stedman!" i n quired tell this moment did be feel what it Wacito be
one of , the city gentlemen, in evict .i. nt horror fool. That night he returned not to his lath
of the diminutive size of the' boat th i was to .r's house.
convey them ,to the opposite shore. f`l Time windoWs' of Major f.indal'„ house Were,
'wouldn't - trost my, dug in it, unless his lifeya:sl
brilliantly lighted and in his halls were grith
wellinsured, I wouldn't pon honor." l ., -. i e e d "fair women arid brave men".:.-fair mall
"Titer thou thioltest_more of thy dog's lif l / 4 .t mt. adorni their' Sex, the :Wome l it—brave in
than of thy own," said Ciroline, gaily, "for 'a I - words at last, the - uien—for they it ere
thou shalt assuredly risk thysolf,,, though not oar of them late givers, and their voices had
thy dog, or no king,er wear ribbons, of Mine; , b ert loud in the halls.of.the nation. '
.aiTil I will Calithee 'coward."
.... Caroline Linda!, the star of tilt evening,'
"I trust I may have 'an opPnituniti• to Jeon
vines. Mlss Pedal I am,far from being a dew.. f , ~ - , , - ~
,4 e tier .eyes nere, often, upturn ed wi t h a I
-, o - •
ard, replied ,the disconcerted_ bedu. ,
,; odly share of affeetion beaming in them—
"Ypii, have it howl" cried" thegay, girl, anti his too, shone with a tire that eat at deft- 1
banteringly. AiCome, . Sir. Leande, folle* atiett the cententional - Water of unsocial re- 1
fete."-j '-• ' . - ., ' -•:' r 1 . . at - aiiit,
,tied Were brimful'. happiness. Mr.
With 'the last word she bounded into:stile % )(iron 'was'a member:of 'the Semite from'
i , il 1.
beat witiehno sooner felt the 'weight entr tst.: on ; of our Western' States; and it was whil
ed to it than it 'became dislodged frO'iii the , . ,
pe ed that he Was a self made Ma'n; that be"
• ,
shore and shot into the stream. Exelpriationa, 11 ,4 from- the greatest ohscurity, to 'ifs pres-,•
of .surprise and horror, ran trin, mond ,tg ent high-and enviable : position wholly by his
Mouth, but Caroline. bad often plied thejoar 0 * ' eXertiOnand was an_ other among the
alone on the little-lake near herfatherls c t un.: tea •
li brilliant ex >:m pies se' befor'e the_ oaths
try liouse, - and' felt 'fie; (darn!, \ and ;when . she gf ur fostering countri,WorthY of their high
*ea w. the anxiety of hercompnemns, - e only, est emulation.
. .
,langlied'and celled en-hitn she ad naped Le- - .here' now Is the Idiot boy? Where the
;ander, to swim to her regain.: .i But - e either reward °this tbila s his iltruggles, his devotion?
' lacked the courage to dose, or couldnll
t, swim,- 'Wlerenow the ohieet that fi rst fanned into
and en:did they alliind- looked - at each other quick &Me - the- latent fires in his bosorn•
. i
ht se, and not only
arid awoke him to a,svne of.what he wasosi3"
what he might be! I:tiilShelitizard it.thdogriti -
On him? That she rtiinemliered"tbegeneions:
act that saved herfrotn soterrible",a,fates„ritit i
true;'.and then did she invoke:blessings oaths
head of heilunknown deliyerer; but ifie felt
nothing 'like Idve for,one she hadriev i er Seen,
That sentiment started into'being,' 614 y when
called for by the.noble and handsome Waldron; •
and now as she tearrod open hitiatm;anq glid
ed through the crowded apartinents,,4 'Turf
wurof admiration followed the, 41466060
Senatoi that had,so ?fair a ptirtner. -
"Leilus seek the garden' lover IWaldron
WhNiered, r4rid they went out iipotrthij:hla*t.
'whic communicated, 10t11 a periseriatciry,
an t ien to the gravelled walks itctioW,:,
It ves a 'lovely . tight. - 1 The moon re fed
uprin tree and plant pale and melloWllght
—tlitt gentle breeze dame laden with the aWeet
scent of firers; al ci 'd music, discoursed front ,
hnzlpland flute ravis , the ear, .and enriched
the hour. Altogether'lt was it time_ when
passion grows likethings of-lifebeart yields
to heart—and drawing Caroline 'away from -
the crowd to a mere retlied,part ofthet garde*/
he earnestly besUught her to lend
ear to his petition, and name the day that
Would make his happiness complete, -'
"1 have -your. father's consent," hi said.
"My father has'spoken of vow in the high
t est ternis," she replied; "and indeed sirilek
me be candid with you." ' -
"Pray be , so."__
._ i . .. . - 1
"Ilia daughter is he
\ happy:to acWooivledge
has done you, u justice in all &Iles said in
your praise, and hei heart; too,, so eloquently
pleads for you, I ma d,
i -more than half convinced
she ought to yield..
"Delightful!" 1" -- . • '
"list I have fears (or you, Charles." ....
r'Loge casieth. - out fear, it- is suitt—l have
no fears.l 1 1
1 "None-v- 1 -
: "Nonelj - - y
.4; , .
: "You can know but sittie of what makes Kr
the sum of waywardness, my father has told
' -
you la m blessed withal. It iS'scarce' a month
ince jlou saw me first." •
‘•lt seems scarce amonth, indeed, so Swift
/y has glided the pleasant hoursin your socie-,--
'ty. We liad niet before,' "
"Before,idid you sayV'
"And at a time when love growwith rh 11 43-d
is power. It
, is net—you look adain t
it stands before you,lradiet4 with hope, Cull
I .
grown—a .perfect statue—at a,time when the
: noble ,instincts of thy nature, slowed itteMi
'Selves .eyes, andctilled thee - one,:
111..neuut_tii'ai n AC- rl hFt Ate #l4)
embroidered searrfroni his bOiom. •
"The Scarf I lost—" '
"In a Perilous alventbre on the river,rini)
said; i oterruptinglier.
, "How came you by it, chariest( Wan it
yot i z who..-"
"It,was - I, and 'twas not 1,," said Waldron,
smiling nt the elegant language. of the-girl's
countenance. lr
“Will you explain - this riddle, ,Mr. Wit=
1 ~
'You, with yoin.lather, were ispeinling the
summer at the Stedman's—but I need not ett•-
ter into detail. A : poor fool, w,tis toiling \ by
the way side—at. least they called [lima mitliot
! —and saw you pass. Hews a member of .
that family you came to visiti,but still an idi-! -
of adjudged by all; but he Inn" eyes; and un t '
bidden they followed -and pondered , upon thy
sweet Nee; ears, and unchid they dradk_the
rich, tones of thy voice, as!' yOu swept by 'tin- "
con:ecious of the theft. It was the waking of
n dream feebly conceived'and born in the bcsam •
of a fool. Such a vision,bursts upon us but
i, once in our li fe time; and to him, to his un- /
tutOred' tancy, - t was a, rei•elation Of beauty:
.1 1
surpassing thought; Scari.elyjcnowinw what
,i , c
he di , d,Oildropped his spade and followd, urged
by impUlses undefined and less understood.- , -.
Ile arrived in-time to be of t'?illing service to •
'you ; but let that pass. Thb eventrfof that '
'day lieb&me father of desires illimitable; the -
soil from which sprang a.tree of ambition, . '
whose branches filled the universe, fa' r t
i) 1 '
for thee; the rock on . which he builuit,_ , -'
temple, time has not iliattered 7 -loveV4 i , , N '
Ati his
robed, and Stedman, that name - Wh** 1 -- - .1 "
reproached him with his former igutirWAO
name that called him `tilliot," was cban;e4,_„„ 4 ,4:',
the power of the legislature, arid %NtaliyatkiiiittV
all that now remains of his presumptions love."'
Dost fear to trust! thy happiness to me nown:fA-
"No, take me Charle," -was her Crank:re-
ply. *
"And tl~at acLuty children;' said Mrsl Wai•
droll, entering the rootm,"has proved - thelkap
piest of my life;' and from the tone it ,was ut-t
tered and the look she gave her husband, it
was impossible' that Clara and lgusan could'
be mistaken; their father bad been telling
his own story.
"Therefore, tpY children;' resumed Mr.
Waldron., "learn not to be deceived byPpear , '
- anees, and When you see a being lik e that
poor unfortunate who but now passed the.whi
dew, remember that the mind isthere—Lthe
mood is but hid in the heaps of sand that lair.
rouded it. Seek to bring it forth when occasion*
requires; and forget nut that he owes much of
his present condition to the circumstances of
life which intliience,all mare or 14ss; believing•
thatmind feebly burning, like a light liitterine! -
in its socket, may be rekindled in a wholc..=l / ,
some atmosphere--.-since thy father VVai • all
Idiot Boy."—Boston Olive Brand,. I • '
"Got% patter to oparer . . •
44 1'06 sir; lit7re ' s one. Of DOC Wouict
ynit'liketo eobseribe r }eir i atdtake t regur
woutib—but T am too poor."
That man had just 'returned from the Cir-;
ens; cost 30 mintss lost time from his -farm,
23 cents;judging from the smell, at,
least 25'cent - s—making a dollar - and a hal( tics
tually throwp away, and then begging-for 0,
newspaper, alleging that lie was too -poor to
pay for it!
That'a what we call "Fatting tit the apilet
and wasting at the bung-hulei
, , .
\ ,
I- , ,
1 :38 t,