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    :The Politica of our Soldiers.
Sire totally disapprove of the course of some
w hig papers in claiming all the officers in the
Regular and Volunteer service as whips, and
arguing therefrom that their party must needs
.1)d in favor of the war. To our mind it proves
nothing, except it be that the' whig party is
extremely fonil of office, and will even'fight
,„ a "God abhored, unjust war" as they term
it, foi• the sake pf holding them.
.Besides, we•
cncrtv , they have claimed many distinguished
:?flicers as Whigs, who have Over acted with
them, hut dn the Contrary utterly despise and
corv ienui their l course. In regard, however,
to the politics of the rank ankfile, "the men
with knapsacks," who do the'•fighting, they
have not been so decided in their claim, hence
their accusation against them of being men
of "loose morals," tic. And it is well they
do not-claim them, as we are confident the re
turns of the votes of our volunteers now in
Mexico, will show at least ten to one for
Shunk. KnOwing this the Hollidaysburg
Standard is authorized to offer the following:
• $lOO reward for legal proof that there are
over sixteen whigs in the'Aperifin Highlan
ders, now in Mexico. •
$lOO for legal proof that there are over 16
whips in the Cambria Guards, now in Mex
$lOO for legal prop that there are,over 10
Whigs in the Monroe Guards,,now_in 11.1exico.
'lOO for legal proof that there are beer 10
whips in the Jefferson Guards, trilkw in_Mex
ice. ‘tr
$lOO for legal proof that, there is 1 whig in
Capt. Porter's company of Irish Greens, now •
in Mexico. •
$lOO for legal proof that there i d s
1 whig in
Captain Binder's German company, now in
Mexico. •
$lOO for legal proof that there are over 10
whigs in the Wyoming Artillerifts, now in
$lOO reward for legal proof that there are
Over 15 whigs in the Uniontown company now
in Mexico.
$lOO reward for legal proof that there are
over 15 whig,s in the Westmoreland Guards
now in Mexico.
$lOO for legal proof that there are over 10
whiga in the l i ßeading Artillerists, now in
$5 0 for legal - proof that there are over 150
whigi . in the two Regiments of Pennsylvania
Volunteers, now in Mexico:
And, finally, $lOOO for legal proof that
there is a single Whig in the American army,
who approves Of the attrocione sentiments ut
tered by the North Americanland its kindred
In addition ,to this, the Detroit Free Press,
says, that outof near 300 soldiers who have
gone to Mexico from Michigan, not 30 are
whigs. I
(17'The 11°611; Herald suggests that a
madpurse be ad up among the pious to engage
Christian mis 'ionaries to go among the rioters
an Sabbath breakers of Philadelphia, and
convert them from the evil of their ways.
• a — ridge ere displayed at half-mast from
pll the public .uildings and . hotels in the,,city
of IVey York, upon the announcement of the
&mil of Mr. WRIGHT,
ebration at Shit
days ago, of
two thousand
scendrints - of I
was the erect
pry. The pre
ing have beei
great labor ha
the several lin
all to bear for
had. '
IVE FAMILL—Therc was a cel
erhurne, Massachusetts, a few
`family whicl+ included nearly
)ersons. They were the•;de
!ehry Leland and the celebration
ion of a monument to his mem
iirations for this family meet
] for some time making, and
s been expended in collecting
ips of his children, amounting in
ty thousand persons, living and
l Oun ARMY.
LO the effeetiv
IThe Union says, with regard,
force of the army in Mexico:
y-rolls—that infallible test of
show that the forces in Mex
pr' General Scott and Major
r, in the month of July, will ex-
"That the p';
ico, under Ma
General Taylo
ceed 30,000."
"Young bac'
Miss Letckforl
noose" matrimo l
fectly, Ma'am,
ism certainly
l elors ought to be taxed; "said
, to a resolute evador of the
"I agree with you per
' was the reply, "for bachelor
eva luxury.
.—No'cliange from last week
mks become tr
other remedies,
tirely remove t
other parts of thl
LLS.—W hen these inflamed tu
nblesome, and (•ill not yield to
Merchant's Gar,2l 4 ng Oil will en
,em, as it *lto Hill callous from
l e animal.
See advertise
Inent in this paper. A pamphle
ay - be had GRATIS of the agent.
H. Hale, Mr.
On the 26th ult.l, , lty Elder
Wm. Ouviut, of 11I'Keen;Ito
NE Ifttnnenson t of .Fairview.
&rite of •
tire fever, Mr.
year of his ag •
On the 23d
land Co., N.
daughter of
of this place.
Friday la t, at the resi
• m Truesdell, Esq.; of conges-
A3lllB A . Daarka, in the 31st
`uguat ult., at' Piermont, Rock-
Y., Mies MARY HA Lack,
r. Joshua l: allot , formerly
ult.,, of Inflammat on on the
()sits, son o T. M. Austin,
.d 6 months..
lle, Crawford 0., on the morn
It., Pennell; Cochran. daughter
Cochran, aged 27 yearn.
I It., in Etkereek, Mies Caroline
th year of her age.
On the 31a
Brain, Cur L
aged 2 years a
In Connean , v
in; of the Tith
of Capt. Andrew
On the 2tet
Rhodes, in the
A CARD., --7
T s ICE unders l !
the gentle
h opend a T
side of the Pohl
Eric Bank , whe
happy to,waitg.
call in his lin.
once in :tonic or
otl cr F.nropean
all business wh
he confidently h.
ed tiorthy to rec.
ilia work shall
to hear it close
alnays in actor.
limed would respeCtfully inform
len of Eric and vicinity, that he
!LORING SHOP on the south
'c Square, a few doors east the
l c he will be asall-times ready and
!on'thoso who' a y favor him with
of bileincss. rom long experi
he princ ipals tops of London and
cities, and b strict attention to
chmay now a col:rusted to him,
pea that he s all be always deem
lice a share I public patronage.
c executed i such a manner as
•nd imparti • examina:ion, and
`ante with he prevailing rash
' 111 tiN GOLDEN.
1 Erie, Sept, 4,
N: B Cutting.
• — l - tash
rum will be
1.- , Flax Seed b,
Aug 27, 18171
dune on the
For Fl
paid foronel
e m e n n d at
Erie who proten th at they a
cheaper than an holly else.
The elites Tea
of New York, h ve sent to t
Burton & Co. t eir several
They ate fresh, raeranl and
4 xt:Ped in riehn as any Tea
Fold in Erie, an at prices
ease where they o not give
ey will be paid aek for the
put up in pound, alf and qua
lined with tin fo I. which lie 1
and preserves t eir strength
I 3. IL - B
Aug.3l. I
. Agents roi l i3sgood's Inc
Dalley's Pain stractor, ani
at wholesale prices,
Sept. 4, 1d47.
out Fall and W
all kinds of Syr'
make room for
Aug, 17,
SE •:.—Prei
t for goin'••
mar stock •
g sod Su4
• e new stoo
Taw New York Canton T 1
WE -are now opening ach
joist received from the Ca
ny, N. Y., among which may
Fins do '
No. 2 fragrant do
No. 3 very fine I do
Good HYSO?i, - •
Very fine do
Very tine do
Extra fine do
Fine do
No. 2 do
Finost do
Fragrant POWCHONG,
Very fine do
Extra lino do
I-10 WO.UA, or finest Black 3'
Ihortcst notice.
Ix Seed.
thousand bushels of
6, Reed House.
EAS. -
Ideal ►aid lately' a.
ro a great many in
e selling better Teas
This is st mistake.
eir agents, John H.
varie tea of Teac—, l
highly flavored, and
that has ever been
.. Lich less. In every
atisfact ion, the mon
. There Teas are
or pound paokages,
pa them from the air
and flavor.
; R.TON 4. Co.,
ro. 5 Reed House.
are Wholesale
lan Cholagugue, and
Can furnish dealers
[oratory to making
• to New York for
1. Goode, we will sell
• erPr GOO. at co do
.:' ow. ig„ • •
Company are the exchisive tvn'
Black Tea called :•HO WAIT
Kvery package (in addition ,
full weight, independent, of the
the stamp of neatness and eleo
therein are so thoroughly secu
air, thartheir quality and pow;
impaired in any climate. I
For sale at No. I Perry Bloc
Sept, 2,0347 • .1
First Arrival of Fall and
Town at the Jew .57ore,
Exchange, nearly opposit.
IlM!:S carries off the
now receiving hie Iremt,
icent stock of WINTER GO
most fashionable and best , as:
ever brought to this place": be ,
cry discription for Ladies C
Paramatta Cloth's, Plaid Ca
Bonnets, Silk Velvet!, Silks
and Plumes. and French Pion
'hams, Merinos, Silk stripe
Damask M orecns, Silk drulN
Buttons, Shawls ()revery &ge l
Biussels,Laces French need! ,
c. 4ke_
AlPo —Cloths, Cassimirs,
assortment, which will be sol
Sep', 4, I'B'B. Co nmerdi
SUGARS.—Loaf, Crushed,
lied, Porto Rico, Havana
gar, tor sale at No. I Perry B
At v.. 9.5. •
there can be too much of
the patience of the fondest pa
by the continued trinding of
And new for the remady.
decidedly the most useful at
now in use for the nursery.
of three months and upwards
eise and amuse themselves o
thedeast posbihility of being i
ly recmumnnded by our mos
eians - for invalid and other eh
tion upnn the system is such
ure to do away with•the necos
Many cates,could be eked w
the jumper but a short time
have asleep and withou
waked up laughing. Parent
toll r—ited to call an
Perry Block.
fo'i El a.
.he hixhest pri
'lax Seed.
at the Wefte
large bay hor
lame in the left fore foot, and
left hind foot. Ile owner is
property, pay charges, and to
Erie Aug.2B, 1847. •
French Gingham's, I do '
August, 26, 1847
every color, stripe, quali
4: Chcapside, 11) • .
Ir. 17. • 9 1 :§ROW
'Groceries can at all tine
Aug. 17.
MOLASSES at six per e.
had at any other store i
quality, now offered by
Aug. 27. BltOW
I.ak: PartnershiNA•veAffo
the undetsiened, in the
is this day dissolved by'intut
August 17,-!147
The notes and accounts of the Ipte firm of l'ttor
ton & CO. arc by mutual agr me t left 'with the
undersigned for collection, •ho a ill continue the
business at the old stand. w ere t ey will be hap
py to accommodate their old customers, and the
,public generally, with good on L more favorable
terms than they can-be had a any, they establish
ment in this city. 1311,0 ' N ..ii. WCAILTER..
Erie, August 17, 1E47.14
STR. AXED or Stolen fro
in Millereek towns
years old last spring, with
and_the right hind leg white
eive inforinalion where he c
liberally rewarded,
Millereek. Avgnst ;9, IR'
---- - -- Ifearlirtti
nt1131:1C At tention is inv'
Jr most fash ionable :stock
fared in this market cOmpr!
Brochea and Plain Dar
1 Orleans Muslins,ane%
Lawns and Balzarines,
• iTarleton Muslin of all
Barred and Striped Mu
Swiss and India Boot -
Crepes and Limes of al
SlLKS—Striped and Plaid
W bite gro de Swiss,
Black watered 4-Satin
Black and blue b'ack,
Black gro de Rhine for
Mantilla Laces, Pring
An endless variety -of ellim
colors and qr
SHAWLS—Of all prices.
froni the chms comp
and Cashmere,
GLOVES—Of all kinds, co
Hosiery, SOpondare, Gin
Drills, Cloths, Cassimeresi
Groceries .or all kinds, dtc.,
Chino that man', women•
which we sespeCtfully
customers and ol.barn• •
• .
I Oar
Fria, AtTqattl,
ru , nzt increarinl th.mand for IL- ISPLatte's Liver Pill,
21. since their introduction by us ac hts agents, has far
excro.l , -ilokir most sangnionespeetotions It In bow üb9lll
Leo years mace they %etc brought Wore tin pulite'. Dar
ing thus time hundreiik,of certiliestes Intro tern loaded on
testifying to their efficacy, nil stating th very greet re.
lief they had derived from the use of them. We lieke now
in ohr possession many con ideates front itroeeta
M hie per
sonsl7 who have used Dr M LANE S LR PILL with no
Moat happy results, whore every other harm il remedy had
been •used in vain. Also, quite a number of regular phy-,
melon , . °retied sickening, through the country; urn using
and redooitnetuliiivr there In their prurtit c.
It has been our sincere wish, that these Pills shokild he
fairly and fully tested by expkqience, end stand or rill by
the effects produced. That they have been no testis , .. still
titatlim result hie been la every respect Ckvoi little, or;
call thousands to wituess, who hate experienced Itit it
beneficial effects.
Dr. M L % NE'S LIVFE PILLS are not held forth or
recocnkunekled (like most of the popular lIIPIi ll itiestof the
day) us universal cure tills, but simply for LIVER con
PLAINTS', and those sytoptoins coutiocted with n Orem.
cell stole of that organ: J ' 4WD & (11.
DIRECTION.S.—,TitIee 2or 3 luting to be) every ocean t
or third night. ir they do not purge It ok.l times by next
morning. take one or t wowin.. A slight OU V. lit
to follow their use. The Liver pins may be tined is hkkii
purees is simply necessary. Asian antiikilious narcotise
they are inferior to none—and in doses oft or 3 they give
astoashingrOi4in SICK HEADACH—aIso in *light de
rangements of the stomach.
E A .
.ice lot °Mena,
ton Ten Cotnpa z
110150 per lb
63 "
75, "
1, 00 "
75 "
1 00 "
,50 "
176 ."
The,dentaud for thhse is truly surprising' Coun
try ii i crehants who berntoforecould hardly be induced to
pure age one de m. NOW bug str Mail the following
from New Castle, vial
NEtv CAS - Cut. Feb: 14, in 46.
Newt. J. ELM <l7 Ch.—Onutteincit —Please seed DM n
*lbw 'half gross of ii'Luno's Pills. The bolt gross 1 por
ehased a few months ago aro all sold—indeed, since my
customers have mica ..Dr. AI Lane's Pills," and found
them so efficacious, lean scarcely sell ally other, although
am stout for most of the PIT new before the public.
!respectfully yours. i) W. wATso i.
Pre pariAl for the Proprietor, and—ao!ti wbolo.nla and
retail by . .1, KID) h. CO.
No. 60 Wood at., Pittsburgh, Ye.
Purchaser. will plc Ise be pat imUlar and inquire
for ••1•n. 74 . 1.ANE'S LIVEIt P 11.1.8 ' there ore other
Pill., purporting to be ••Liver Pills," now before the
1' 00 b
25 "
5 "
$0 50 per lb
- 63 4 ‘
7.5 "
various prices "
°Firms prices "
150 ,"
175 "
1: 00 "
i irious prices "
Amedicine which ki perfeCtly safe, tunefully be given
to children, from tender whiney to ad vencril age,
lays under no restraint us to cold water, or any kind of
food. Purges nuttily: subduing fever,—destroys end ex
pels WO/111/1 with ativariable success—and Is rosily udtnin
'stared to children.
1 00 .1
era C r
ti a l
e n t
u n r, e T r i
o e
r a
Ito its contat.ning
wrapper) hears
nee, and o the Teas
lid from ight and
y will remain un-
That at povvevses these valuahle properties, is fearlessly
aivorted—still claiming the additional advantages of be
teg given iu *mail bulk, and requiring none of the
Arenehtug which Worm Tea and other auppmed Verim
fogey demand. During its brilliaut career, it has been
introduced Into many Inanities, where every other known
Will accessible Vermifugo ha* been tried without the least
suth_ess, where it hai promptly apolled Worms to an al
most Incredable amouut.
As evidence of the surprising effects of Dr. Midine's
Worm Specific, we give the following:
Ou Saturday, Fehr uary 7th 1846, Mr. James Richard
son called at the Drug Store e 1 ..). Kidd. & Co. corucr of
Wood and Fourth streets, Pittsburgh, Pa. and made the
foltowing statement .91 child amine bad been very s :ck
for some ten days—we hail give . her purgative medicines
but tilled done her no good. One of our neighbors came
in andsmd it was worms that were destrob ing the child,
anti at the came time spoke of the woiiitertul effects she
had witnessed from using Dr. M Lane's Woci Speci fi c, in
that neighborhood. We procured a vial Ewe one teal
aponful, and 1114 child discharged forty-two orms. 1 then
give another ten.spoonfol, which brought forty six more,
making in all eighty.eight.worms. As a duty 1 owe to you
and the community at lurge, I freely make known thew
facts. My child is ,now Well. What is ino.t remarkable,
the Worm Specific expelled the Worms alive in about four
bourn afterl gave it to the child
Is!llVinter Goods in,
o. IVommereial
the Reed House.
im again. He is
'dolls andrmaaniii
-4 DS. proliabr y . the
.rted lot of Goods
F. miibl goods of ev
,ake and ,Dresses;
hmeres, &c. .. For
d l Satins Illibhoiw
1 )
ere; French Ging
n-d plaid Alpacas.
hair Fringes,Silk
ption, Thicad and
Wrought Collars,
te l ingq, a complete
very cpeap.
.1 Exchanze., Erie.
Messrs KIDD & Co.—Gentlemen : I gave th
M'Lune s Ye - Mange, which I bought from yo
day, to a ehiltFor team. The result was extra !
She passed oue bemired worms. It is truly u
roodiclue. MARY P
Pine Creek, Allegheny co. P 4. Feb !.:0,1817.
1; Kinn 0:Co., No. 60 Wood :Street, 1
now the sole Proprietors, or Dr. M'Lanc's
ted medicines. All orders must bo add
B:—Purcbasers will please I.t.i
far and enquire for Dr .31 . 1.,ine's IVornt
AG ttrter' & Brother, J.
Co., Erie; J: Marvin, Waterford; John;
Girard; John A. Tracy, Fairview; W. t!
end, Springfield; Hull Sc Vincent, Cr ,
Jamison & Campbell, Edenboro; B. C.
Co. Wellsburg; A. Tourtellott, Union
H. Haynes, North East.
.old by Dru,4gists and Nlerchimts
throu! , hout the United States. • •
Palverized. ' l Clari-
Pilaw Orleiti'is Su
. L,V. MOh i E.
parties allov l that
rood thilt,f', and
•nis'sevsref tried
tl e Paine ne.—
L .
, -
. .101p Et is
dl n in te uttm t he a
o g 1r i l c o,e
re'enabled to exec
on alone without
sjured. it is high
celebrate ' physi
ldran, as its opera.
fti in a great mans
:llin( medicine.—
en ! after liein< , in
heitittle innocen: 8
ari excep ion have
a d gutirdians are
. e amine for them
LIBERAL prices will be paid for
2000 Bushels Corn,
2000 do. Rye,
2000 . do. Oats, •
2000 do. Wheat,
delivere'd 'within two weeks. '
Aug. 7
n each for any
WILL he sold by order ort - he Orphan's Court,
by public vendee or out cry, at die Court
House in the Borough of Erie, on Saturday .the
4th Vey of September next, nt 10 o'clock, A. M.,
the following described piece or parcel of land,
siturte in the township of Millcreek, being part
of Reserve tract, l <numbcr seventy-six (76) con
taining about forty acres, be the same more or
less;late the property of David Valdwell,dec'el.
" JOHN G:CALDWELL, Bxecutor.
Aug.l3th, 1817. 3E13
he stable of the
otel.en Erie, on
: or 10 years old
a •boned on the
jested to prove
re 9
e IL
eived, lease of
lifdrnia Plaids,
Public Notice
S HEREBY GIVEN that the Stockholders of
'the Erie Bank, in the countyof Erie. intend to
make applieation to the next Legislature thr a re
newal of the charter, by the name and style of the
Erie Bank, in the county of Erie, to remain Inca
ted in the Borough of Elie, in the county of Erie,
with the same 'capital and pritHleges as itmow
hae. By order of the Board of Driectors.
-is of aim oat
r i price, at No
assortment of
found at No. 4
C. M' PA,11.11.1:N, Cashier
Erie Bank, July 28, 1317.
ea %an can be
re, and of equal
Int lei
,n Erl'
riiHE subscriber is the atithorizt.d A .2ent for the
WORKS, in Erie County. He will dispose of
them at New York prices.- He is also 4tuerit titr
Combo's Prenolooical Journal. Call and exam
ine these valuable publications at his Book
Store, on Stale street,-Erie, Pa.
Any. 5 1847. O. D.. SPAFPORD.
! ir: i ''CAR/1 4 ER.
re e.Tistbfr, between
ere ntile business,
rat nsent.
... C BROWN.
. e, t
C ANDY AND It AISINS.hy the Box or pound for sale at - No. !, Perry Block .
July 24. T. W. MOOII.II
CIG A ltS.—Puerio Principe, Trulauta, Spanish
and all other kinds.
July 17. T. W. MOOIIE.
rk RANGES LEMONS, at the cheap Gro
cery Storel. T: W. MOORE.
12,POUNDS of good to ff ee for one dollar, and
other things itt proportion at No. I Perry
~ 1 \ .
July 17. 18t7. - . ,
1 the
lip, tear
subscriber, !iv-
Bay Horse, four
in the forhead,
,y one who will
found shall be
Oa State Street, nearly opposite the Eagle MN:
Loomis CO. are now receiving from
• New York and openinrs at. their new more
an extensive assortment of Rich and Fashionable
JEWELRY, (embracing the latest style of work
in market,) watchis, Clocks, Plated and Crittattia
Ware, Fine Cutlery, Steel Trimmings, Camphene
and Solar Lamps, Looting Glasses, Gold Pens,
together with a general variety of Usetill and Or
namental articles. Call and see what you will See,
Jane 26,1947. i 6
;ar [Ye !
ted t io the largest and
of ..ftDIES SUM
et receiving, ever oft
!sing in part
rage s,J
and beautiful al ticle,
is, Nuali e,
Poult de Solo,
• C L O,C K 8 . . .---7-------
VIGHT DAY . and 30 hour Gothic, 0, 0. G.
.12.4 Pillar, Alarm and common, by the single ot
case, 'cry cheap for ready pay: I
0. LOOMIS & Co.
State st., nearly oppozite Eagle Hotel.
Jul 17, 1847. 4...
CI PECTACLES of gold, silver and Berman sil
o ver Frames, an extensive assortment of Con
cave and Convex. Also, the celebrated peril sal
and - parobolic Spectacles, superior to any in use.
• G. LOOMIS tt,Co
" "State st., nearly opprito Eagle Hotel.
July 17, 1847.
tripe ;Inuit de sol i
rode Naples,
!, Gimps, Buttons,
1.9 an Fringes; of 'all
T IGHT.—Girandoles, Oil and Camplten \ e
1-4 Lamps, Camphene suspending Lamps,
Horn's Patent., the best and vilest in - Aged The
public are assured these limps will not'explode,
for sale by . G. , LOOMIS 81-CO.,
State at., nearly opposite Eagle Tavern.
July 17,1847.
shades and quality
up to the finest silk
• \
Aora and sizes.
!hams, Prints, Ticks.
Vesting*, Shoos, tips,-
Etc. In short every.
r caild can want, to
to the attention of our
ACCORDF.ONS, with i the improved satire.,
: Bass Viol, Violin andPuitar strings, for sale
by - G. LOOMIg &C. 0.,
State ,
st., nearly opposite Elisio Hotel..
July. 17. I 517.' - ' ' a .
Q ODA 81: , qt. No. 1 Pony Block.
lily 31: T e W. MOcitre
Eagle Titvelq.
The greatest Discovery of the Awe.
rzil id MS ii the that ;attempt to emotottoft\ .. Xi: nth,
jti tx 31.14fNE l'• with Powerfal 'eitto4ble Eft.
tracts in the form of nu i influent—to be eptif ~,, ci ,,,, fidi.
ly (or the removal of direnso. The utmost taut hail sue.
test It has tent with st.tuips it at once the it It.rEST
DiscovraYoF Titzl AGE. it Is constantly ffeetiop
curds of the of the utniolt impair tante. The nevi mere lu
lout urn CON VINCEIU-that must faithless arc Compelled
to behave to the power 364 virtue of Uri-, great remedy. •
, it i. universally ntimitietltn he THE MOST Wf:4:lra.
Fill, comniNATioN ICNOWN to the WORL D for else
I UMEMATE RELIEF of dised n and polo. \
It loiter fails while there remains sullileient life Iry rertore
a natural And litt.illby arlikin 10 illn oipinary v , ...,,.• of ti,,
body; and Nadirs the cirtalati nrf (held° ,d Ily this Mean,
a conbolliny parer is ganu.lurer the mat malty sant, forint iti
e fl i fS . E A
s S u t chi i. iii i ,
.wli tic, powertc ,r tlii
olb , e obl: c iV ni :l fi 0.1 tiny- ratter rem
y binntiori
it petrel
trate. toevery portion oft', Illyrian frowar every krona on
Muscle, vein. nerve and ligament is searched out and mad
. on ,ibt e of 1111111:y111g ask hon'ing tintluenee. - Hence i
ropes us readily a ith internal on eiternal tlitentef.
Nalitletelliel stincee are on r •eMil - where chili remain
has restored health to patients so urn,. the r fIIVO that, Ili
matt powerful nitereul remedies failed to pr w in ce an y e r'
r,..-t• gum‘ bur rreq,,,itytu, the eoe is IN F L A mA.
TION of Ito ISOWF.I.S—no patient ever need rib, mirth till
rlivensil where the M id tootle Ointment can be 'Attained
Tint nototterOU% Epideinte known ii+ the plyram EItY
SI PELAS coo alum's ba cured ha this remedy.
' For INFI.AMATOR Y ItIiF.UMATI:43I, this °lettuce
'iS 'he most eottlitleth actively ever ',rearm...el. 1
In' 9 ens,. out of 1111) ii trill afford, ehth e yokel,' .1,,
worst roses of NF.ILVOUs II EADACII E iii thirty minutes.
Fur Nervous Disease, GI ra rented v is of tetert•nse v I tie.
A (Petrone of the Spine Rheomotiron, Loneness. Ulcer
Cholera Merlins. Ague in the Face or Br east. Burns. S air
atoll Sore I lit ant, Uroechrtis, (9 " ,4 3'. Croap. Chills
Mud, Scroful ~ Solt Rheum. Frysipet Iv, Inflamed Eyes,
Fever Store. &c will ha Immediately relieved by the use
of this remedy.
1)11011:VG!! A CERTIFICATE."'
In reply to your WWI regard lathe results of I h
I:*periment• 1 Ilene wade with viler, velebruiet
Ointininii: I Cbli env Nit h plenhurr that I deem i
ft is note needy two fears since l commenced lining it
in my practice, and I live tented it la °wanes of Inflamma
tion lath !cecina' ganertl, of the moat in ia li gnnn , h in d
with univereul fUelrebr; even where ell internal remedies
feited, I These nu,t eetie.t a lilt tide.
I h,„, t r ,sod co t e,. ft Issilamatinn of the Brain, hills
suasion oft) e Lung., Its las Ilion of the Dtswelt, limus...
'tory Rheas altos. and'. IV Vr'sl reVall., WlOl p orfert 1
Lancets; al cases of ac ' Fever Canker II is, and
Dicereed ritrortt and Lungs wish tite SIICCC*P.
In she Epelleanic h..iiien at thn Putrid Drys; clan, IsA
which ..o malty caluabli• Ilia. were lost. I tetted it fr.f.'
queistly, and it sinter tailed of effeetang a speed) laud nee
taill Cure. . i
Incases of.P urns, Sp nins. Denim's. Frozen limbs. &c.
st nett lust a charm.
No Phytielan or F tinily will be a 'Joule day without
this Medinine, after Itkl iT w ee nequalinell with it power
to 4 ere. N. lit vtill AM, Pnysietnn and Surgeon.
Liles. N. Y. Jan. 10, 115 10.
ti- 7 4 )- - T'or further particulars and testintouials; ree pant
pilot left %volt each atoini,
free 25 and 50 cents , per bottle.
AIitNTS. Carter & Itruflier. wholes tie ri f led retail,
Et iet , D. N. & J L.,Welister, ,Coutteatit, Ohi..; It iley
Potter. We.4l. Sprinetiiehll W. ll.Towetend. r,4 prin.:field;
It. S. Jones & Cu. Gira t'V mI
d; John A. Tracy, Fairview.
Erie, August It IS 17 —lyl3.
itM4 Oil REcalv: INVALI IC
l v
BEST . ItIENI.P.I It" is cualidently ;Ito/.led th it
there: I , :I.VER %, as a tartheine winch given such uul
curie alit universal tattifactiett. no • -
- ' WIWI IT'S INTIM AN VI•:(;r:tA111.1.: ILLS.
They bate stood tho teverett tittle. by curing when
slI other remedies faded, and tette establithed it repute.
yew in d, fare of the etivime• tlatoders whlsh-have boon
,relsalpioitt-t them. I
lath hp borne in mind that Wright's 'eat: II Vegnitll/10
Pills are
' • No c.i . r } 7ll-PENNY RIESIEDY,
the offsprieg of the how, destine I to 'Oats aw with it,
asst ba forgotten, but a medicine of therll. g g lue. Its
reputation is net built elect no ond•ted cure. I en
der cireumttunces in which the f till, of lie int tgaiacon
bad quite as n;ue I tit do With it nt the 11[0;4 dy of the rein
etly itiolf. Wrjr,lit'h Lahti; Vegetable PO 14 lay a claim
to real worth, !rtitude Co the houett and willing testimo
ny of •
throughout the leug and breadth orate land.
It wan afters carnalstu..v ar Cie human co tstittition,
that (hate ccilehr.aed Pais were prepitted. Niature'•
t„,„„...,,,, i 5.... ~,„.- 4 ,,,d , -0.1 4Ncse it rnedielni was pre
pared from the herb- f the lailianov Walt should act with
6 1 4 A
those laws. Therefore, theta Pulls ef f ectually 1 •
viol ofDr
the other
ressed to
p-ciiic or
Burton &
nersv die;
'rom n &
Stills; J.
to expel the corrupt hum ore, hy opuoing tho a, tural out
lete of the sy,tom.
Each produce, by their variations. of tehm ernlre, pecu•
liar etfeclu upon tho hilnl3n bodYr The heat' eminedp.
Uliti the cold contracts the volume or the fluid
nut when chungce Luke place vuddenl), t t effects are, of
ten soriouvi 'Wright's Jethro Vegetible 'ills counteract
the 'evil influence or budder. ehaog,,, I; iniiifj hie the
11100 ii, end keeping the stonmeh nod' hOtvelii in .i natural
and heulthful condition. '
• roil I..EvEn. AND AG:-F. .
That Femur) of the West. Wriglit's Indian Veget. ble
Pills viand unrivalled. An itivtanee lt•ts never come to
our knowledge of these. Pith , hat tug been tekeo, unbent
effecting a complete chic. In (Mills and revels the liver
and bilary luecti )))) s loll) chiefly disordered, siiparmillureil
by great physic I debility - . %Vh m thesymptoms firth up
pear no iime should be lost laafore reiorting to) these
.Pills, A few doses will ;Ivo such inaniftot relief thet no
persuasion will he necessary to coati tie the use f them.
Wright's Indian Vegettblu Pd . will be found vary supe
nor. In this disease, the (node juice is weak mid defi
cient ie quality. Cmasequently, the digestion it tenter
feet and the health impaired. These Ills remove the
bile (tout the stomach, restore its tone, and improve the
Wright's India , ' Vegetable Pills are equally well-adapted
fe the tenotral of this cemplamt. At they, operate open
the one general and untrolo principle, of clean tug the
stomach and bowel., ph:lqm , the hluotl, nod ri - 14iir up'
the •ecretinits, they remove the t AIFIS; of ,auw cu, don
nfoll then disorders.
' If would be difficult preei.ely tcs,tell to which of the
two ore no Wrieltt s I iflian Vegetable Pills are been .the'l
protest ble,sile. But It is very certain t ant tla one, P.M
1)... 0 given lie and spoilt, hod al gaol collides ion, to
Itutidretts of femaleA, who woala, without them, have been
:it their graves. A box of Wright's when VegeMble
Pills is au ifiestiutulde hiodical companion at certain ae
1111CIIE, GIDDINESS,. ale. • ,
The presence of pain la nuy part. indicates
i •Airrujit
state of the Wool, which wilorods otriYtug en rect. A
foe• doses of Wright's Indite V.•gctahle Pills taken en'
goin,.,•• to bell will ho certain to give relief, if the thing ho,
.at all•ro.Hdde
- It is Welt known that the South and Wen. suffer Inure
from hillouxill t Orolere than r, oat nil etiterY . conillietra.—
Temp partly owing to the climate, but chiefly to 'the
Inman el*Southern and Wcetein life. ;The lencitiona nu—
coat:taut-kw liver eompluilax are of the moo weetelthif
de...amnion. llsibit um! dr utikeimeas is,frequently brought!
Imlay liver complaint. A patient suffering from ;hie flit- !
cane, tilimilil not be mocked with preteuded cures; yet
there ere very few utielicthestliet are north a ati . n well/ the
removal of title emnplatii:. Calomel hue hithorto beeiii
the chief reltange, but the remedy hue Proved melt* woriiiii'
than the ilithexin Whet then shell. be tlonel We any,
give Wright'xlnilien N'ezetable 1111 x n trial. If they di
lint i your expectktion4, we lira wining to bear BP
the opprobrium of file. And ix omy to 11l }
i l t I. VIII E AI . i .
There ix no risk run—no money theonm away—you arm
certain of benefit. i . •
I.When you have fottin, that Vi right's Indian Veret thli
Pills ere a "IPet le' the lifcrt nie.licine you ever li o rd of
sad' 1, them noq't run after every upstart Itewedyi
w Mutt attempt, to blotto,' fisstf nut 'nemrimy, Above al
of tvrint's Indian Vegetable Pills. Previmill to the hi l t
tro , :uei ion or this methane, Wien Pills were never heard
of. Now whet hints of them' And after ull, what are
thee, but miserable imperious of the original medicine}
no more like it. than chalk i+ Itho cheese:l.—Dna titan ail
vertices, •qmprovoil" ndian Vegetable Pia This wool
boa capital juke, if it wer....leos serious ficWare of al
There, is no so fety otso where. The country Is swarm:
in.! with counterfeiters, otb of money and of medieine.---;
B ut w uj e i, is the werhil 1,., Ilu I tlio.couutcrfeiter ore med.
iesne hut hide bettor than a robber, M u d a intirderer!—:
Huy oldie rottuitr Agents vele wo se.g again.
0. D. SP I Pl'iNtD, Erie.
Outsold Ilutchfus & Co., Waterford. l . l
Jo:1n 'McClure. Sen. Gourd. . I ,
J. D. S geranco, Colon.
May & Potter, West Sprincnold. I ,
W. H. Townsend, Springfield. ' ''
D. C. town & Co., Waltsbmg. ; _
" North Cast.
John Moment. Fulrvisiv. .1
Wall A FEN Ott TILE Tau LAREL OF KACllllO7ti Veet et.lW
genuine, and to counter/ot /AU is f OIGERV. , •
Office,. devoted oselulively to !beside of Irrights In 'hid
VegrtMle Pill , wholesalo and retnil t hUt H u e pt, r eeK
Phlindelphia,VSGreenwiels Stseet,lNew,Ynrk; and IDS
Tremont Street, BmtoT.
Erie. July 01. 1817. • 10
N. 1, Perry
S I:Ew A it t' , ,s ee l
T. W.
Just the thing
tore," No. 4, Chen
Erie May 2t: 1617
July t 7
PDINE APPLES.!-- A fresh lot of Pine Apples,
just received and fur sato at No. 1 Perry
Block. 74. W. MOORE.
Joly •3, 1947. , a 7
GUAYAB A .lell. , Sardines, Pickled Oysters,
July 17. T.IVj 'MOO;
I -- ROC EltllB.—irbe subscribers have' just re;
c.siesd'a rash supply:nf 001111 ill•
log of •Tiar '
oFse Sugars; pines; eta, quo:i
wh!c will bo, sold a t their usual low prieee. 1
obrated rup, lur table uee.
you read Int; at the "New r
.ide MORTON & Co.
.. T .
fly Vir. A; - ; Al NI, Professor of Din.
eases ofWOMeri. Third edition; 18mo. pp. 250;
inlet) I.
1 ,
25,000 Copies - add in tierce m'ontiis.
The 'great demand of thili most important work
(or whiCh thotisanda are 'kid) has compelled the
issue ofanother edition. It iaintendedespcciallv 11
for the !untried, as it disclose's important secrets 1 ,
tyltielt should ha knownstci them paricularly.—
fere eery female can discover :he causes, symp- , 1
t inn, uhd the most e ffi cient remedies and mast
c rtain tondo of cure, in every complaint to which 11
h a- sex i 4 subject.
Itlarriud Females would her) learn the art I' l
t I, .relay they would retain youth; beaittY, 1,
irr;or, ti,,telicity orbody and buoyancy of spirits
to n tits:iced age, instead of being! afflicted, a ,,,, i
h undreds and thousands, into whose hands this l'
book has not fallen. This work is designed to
ein the hands of every wife and mother who has 1
. regard for her own health and welfare, as well
i e s a rrl t h l l y iaet p r : e o f% :• ei c e. d ar th a mu b ns b a l s e snsin; containedg r
to tl ' tionu its,s a n d i) a s
, ge a s s i the a h? al
in- .
umerable letters received by 'the author will at-.
of course
l n nio a si
bi l °e 7l v eiilorei"Y'
1 ,blitiuaiiievari4sl3.„treitedof
s 117 of a naiire - strictly ' intended for the
narrictl, or those cOntemplatingsAprriage; neith
r is ithieTsary, since it 14 every one's duly to
ne6me po*ssed of knowledge whereby the suf.
erillZS tiri:lfdeli a wife, a mother, Dr u sister may
~ .., \ •
to Fttpject. can to obviated.
_ p ostage.
to :be sere by Mail free of postage.
li Over te„4 thotisand \ copies have been aent by Mail
, within thr'ee months, with perfect safety and iter
tuitity. lii no instduce has a remittt nee failed to
'reach the publisher, or the book those to ti mni it
1 ha - s been directed.
On the receipt of, One\Mar, the "Married
Woman's Private Medical &companion" n ill be
( sent free of postage to any pa t . of the United
i lStates. All letters must be addle ed (post paid)
,to Dr. A, M..Muuriceau, Box 122 , New York
City, Publishing Office in Librar street, New
York. •
l'l :Lir' For safe in Erie by 0, D. SPA • FORD,
Bookseller, 'Alta street.
Nst. .
July 44 1847 - . 3mlo
Insurance Company, . \
A RE now doing business on the mural plan,
,t 1 git ing the assured a participation in the
profi:s of the company, without liauili:y beyodd
the premium paid.
Bisks upon the Lakes and Creel insured on
the most favorable terms. Lasso; will-be liber
idly and promptly adjusted.
Fire risks on merchandiie, buildings and other
property, in town or country, fur a limited term or
pormanemly., t.
fo•eph H. Seal, Jaine 4 C. Hand,
-Edmond A, Sunder, _ Themiltilus Pen din '
John C. Davis, - .H. Jones Brooke,
BALI:. Burton, John Garret', , , •
John B. Pintose, Hugh Craig.,
Stroud Edwards, Georn•c Serrell
, .
Homy Lawrence. David B. Stac..y,
Edward Darlington, . Charles Kelley,
Isaac IL Davis, J. G. Johnson,
William Fotwe William flay,
John S. Ni::vvlin, Dr, S. Thomas,
Dr. R. M. ;H l uston, John [
ichnid S. Newbold, Seey. Wm. Martin, Pre:M.
l!_:3' . .Appliestion can be made to
J. IC ELLOGG, Agent Erie.
Erie, Anznst 7, 1817.
cod assortment ofTritiWs,
Marsh's, Tiernan's, Thompson's and Rhine
hurt's Trusses, . siorted sizes for ask low by
July 17. 1 5 417. , 9
ON. of' Dr. Sherwond's Vibratinz Eleetro,
F Maenetic Machines, an ilivaln4blo instru•
meat in the trva:ment of rheumatic, spinal 'a n d' nervons di.reavas, for sale by Caller 4.'Brother,
No. G, Reed House. l,
July, 17, 1817. •
OMBS.—Side, dressing, curl and back combs,
carved and plain. Shell, , ivory , Buffalo find
'common born, the very latest styles, in great I va
riety, by Carter it Brother, No. 6, Iteod House;
July 17, 1817. I 6
PER.—Mourniaz and note Fiper, plain!
r fancy nrul gill; fine Englidt and A tnerieatr
white and blue ruled and plain letter riaper• Chrd
and letter envelopes, a beautiful assort ent,!for
- sale by Carter Brother, No. C, Reed ouse.! •
July 17, 1817. • • ! 9
Spring of 1847.] BY (Spring of 1847.
Rail I P Road !
/ 1 1 received - at the Jew Store, No. I Cominer
dal Exchan•te, earner ofFreneh and Fifth sts.
Moses, after encountering all sorts of perils, by
sca l and land, is here with his new and fashionable
Goods, purchased in New York and Philadelphia
-ukthe lowest cash prices, end embracin , the , rent.
,eit satiety of Fancy and Staple Dry Goods ever
hfinight to this place.. A few of them will be no
SlLKS—Striped Potilt de aoir.
Plaid Grenadine,
Do. Foulard,
Heavy wat'rd ¢ sttipecl black Et. blt.c hilt
' White, watered,
White and black Slitin,
Plain b!nck (Wan'
Colored Florenees,l
'French Gingham, a new 'aid! beautiful article,
' Muslin Robes, plain and embroidered,
French embroidered Robes for children,
Vary pretty M. do Leine. for tts, per yard.
-French worked Linen cambric I3dkfs, -
Em s broidered and 'ootdered do. do.
P.totble single French needle-worked Collars
and Capes,
Embroidered mu din Shawls,
Silk, Cashmere and Barrage do.
French Barrage Scarf's,
English thre.t . il Laces, Swiss and cambric Edg
Black,,white and colored French Kid - Gloves,
Si'k and mohair gloves and mitts,
Ombra striped Bonnet Melds,
Fi blued do. do.
COrinthian Cord, Lace Buttons,
Silk Bonnet Wire, Rtc. 4-c. •
11.....7•Mind the name and number.
No. 1, Commerehil Exchapze,
April 24. 4. ,; • , French st.
/11 ttiLEN APPLES.—Newton Pippinsand sev-
V.7‘ oral other kind of apples for sale at No. 1
Perry Block. T, \V.. MOORE.
July 3, 1817.
5000 MILS. New Orlean s, Loaf Pnlyuriz
cd, Crushed and Musuovrado Sugar,
cheap for each, one door north of the AIL , Window,
Jnne 1 12, 1917. , r 4
"IiFRUIT.—You can End it No 6. Poor
People's Itot4 Oranges, Sultana' Raisins,
Lemons, Figs, Prunes, Box [ Raisin..., currant's
and Citrons. cheap for earth by
June 26. W F. ER. EC HT.
YE STUFFS,—Madder, Loi Wood, Punic,
Nis Wood, Cam Wood, Alum, Copperns,
glue Vitriol, Cream Tartar, Indigo, au., fur, sale
cheap for the ready, by •,
June 26. W.
J.ETAI long expected wonder of tha chge, t
celebrated and superior "FULTON' STOVE')
i s now ready fur sale at our Store or- Foundry:—
Persons who have any disposition to see it, aroin
vited to eel! and do so, whether they Wish to is ,
chase or not. „ -
Aug. 14, 1847.
,N. 13. Old Stoves taken in payment Biter
throw 'heti:* away than not to get ono of (hes fat 1
inventions. ;1, . I -' I !
rernii by Toper, a few al, Nini York psl
- just received and *ir sale by " • .*k
F.ifo Anson 21, 1817, 4114
I F you wish to buy cheap, you will pleasecall at
TUN DERNEC FIT'S So. C, Poor People's now,
where yon can lira ilia following articles, which
are. sem rented good: —Colree, Smear, Tea, Moles.
ats:Vohace of all kind-r,'ltice:Piper, Spice; ( Ml'
ni incind,Cloe l ., NM tne.s, II inger, Starch, Chocch
late, Cocoa, Miust , ord by the pound or box, PiPper
SMUT, Lemon gyrup, Oliver Oil, Lamp Oil Vine
gar, Fire Craelttrq, Caatite Soap of all Itinds, Sha
ving Bruslum, Powder, Shot, Lead, Percussion
Cops and PAIR, Can lie With., Twine, Matches,
Stove Blacking, .hoe Brultwo and Meek roe% Chalk
Tar and Rotria,' Matohoy and Scotch Jona, vol
'Om 13,-jrnAtone . , Salts Glorthe : Salts, i',ul
craw., Bed Cords, Pope, Fi , li and (talk Line,,,
flerrili , r, Pa.ent P,ti.k. Tubs,, NV Wow Wagons,
%Vas!) Board+, Wire Sivew, Alrnr.W., NTadeirl
Nato, Prihero; Carry Lentb3 and tiers," Car'd,r, : Li Vs and Cntnl,.s, Snl•pe:4, Dairy -al , .
"in bae , s, t'hooms, Corn 'NV hi,-pi and Hear th
Ilruone., ‘Vitirewaitr Brushes, and other aTtir es!
tou a uorer ous to tomtion. Please coil and' see for
ye ur:-cives, Erie, June 19, 19 IT.
- ---
TiS 7-7 .—Graierld3l;llllalllats:just re
ccieell and for zale cheap at
,Nn. 1 Perry Mock', by ' • T. W. MOORE.
Jurie 13. 1517
celebrated Depurativett. For Aale by
•• i - 1 -7
, Tonle %fixture, India Chelagogue
111,ixim'* A yue Pills autnime,
;:runit Vermiruze, Peruvian Bark, ,
For eale vvliolaxarentia retail by
rale. June 19, ISI7. 3
A noatto, *.!,.hair Vitriol, - • ' .
Alin!, - Indi Lo,,
(. 4 44:1)1:1-aq, • Blue Vi:iiul, i
Cream, Tartar, Ceti 13ear,
Argots, • Coe!iineal,
Spirits of Tin, Liquiel-Blue, or (Amalie for
Logwoud, ' - Nte Wood, (• , reen
Camwood, Madder, ' 1
Fus•iet:, Bed S.inntictis.
For sale Neiy cheap ut N."ti. - 6, Reed ilt,tp)e, ,2,.
Juno 19. IR IL • 5
- PAINTS, ()ILS . , - - . '.4c..51
A MONO our sinek u•tllbc fonitd
100 key pure While Lead, Duffsl9
and Fittsburgh manufacture.
1600 lbs Spanish Whiting,
600 Vcriitiunfti , d,
500 • Ffeneh and Yell.4e;
100 French amen, übeaut. ankle:
300 Had Led, °
200 Litharnee, . . -
200 papers refined Lampblack,
20 boxes Chrome yvtlow and
100 Lptlons 'rterpetitilw, ,
100 do Lin.zeed Oil,
50 do C , pulVnrnish, coach - arkd
Furnin re.
20 (lciz Paint Patishes, nis.sorted ttizeg.
.T 1 k g. received and ( r e nl.r on-tiepoinnimlatinu:
,tit. No 6, Reed
CALITL'It &11120T11E:1:
8 17 .1N'3 lien=e 1 owlet the LAW of 1816 to•etnil
Vinous and Spithoos Liquors, °Ter a uood
asso,tiot at of
.\- - Faze'l,
Sicila,, fl
And Current a toes
. LSO—
Holland Gin
And Alcohol. -• ,
~ 4.\ tltc sarr!,l quad ies
i\in rket at*. 6,
Pare Port.Maeira,
Brandy, •
1.14.nait: 1 4 Sph i a, .
/ no. sale at ~AS low rivtla as
havel,cvei twO tyffered thi
Reed House:
`Etie, Julie 15, 1847. -
Q111 1 E1:1011: French an.l AincriCan ruled and
I .l.tia Letter P,t'per,
.11ayuard and Noyt F MAIN Ink
Kerns Carmine and Red Ink, '
Wur-rs, Common, Note, Traniparent and Motto,, \ ,
Sealing Wax, • '
POIIIICc, Black - Sand, Rubber , etc c , e. etc. 1
Fur sale by ' J. H. BUltliOrc & o.
Eric; Jam, 19th, :Sl7 ,
From the City of Mexico. ,
Arrival of Freida final Cli.ap.Grocvrito
At No. 1, Perry flock
SINCE the-Tat Mitts been taken olT,alte ins
porta into this yountry, and plach on that of
Mexico, it ha , . cuabled those who Ital,e purchased
Groceries in I ill, to• Sell them elle+ IWe
wiz.h all Who want any:lying in the Circieety liar
to call and ex'amine our.toek, for we da assert,
without fear of contradiction, that we hero the
lreshesi lot of GrocerieS in this mail:et, latent..
all been purchased from the latest importatiOni•
In oar quck may be, found the followip : '
Gunpowder, and Young HOG%
Teas; Java, Rio, Laguira and 81. Pomin
go\Coffees; Loaf, Pulverised, POO I
and N. 0. ,Sug . ara; Pepper, Spice, Gin-
ger, gni; mon, ..IViitinegs Mace, Cloves, Rice,
Pearled Gatti, Candies . , Pecan, Thizil,
.lladJii-a and Pea nuts-; Aintonds;
C ; - FruitO—dpplee, Raisins. Blies!' Our
rants, and Figs; Sperm and Tallow .eandles; - 1
Summer and Winter strained Lantp Oil; al
superior article, Salad oil, Fancy Shaving,
Variegated and Bar soap. hairy salt,
White Fish, Mckerel, .Mackinac
and Herring; I I
eura Pine cut awn int!, Spani-At
Smoking and Cavendish Tobaco, Pipes; I '
Regalia, Principe, Trabuca, Lenora and em'a•;
mon Civare.
Colored and Ilan Grass and' Manilla Mats.—
Besides a host of other articles to supply it'ao
wants of all. A freak supply of Grace( inv re
ceived semi-monthly.' Cull and examine ooeis
and price,s at No. 1, Perry alooit
Erie Jtme 12, iS 17,
.1"0. 6 Puor Peoples Raw:
RINDERNECHT has Just iedeived a
• large and tell seketed as,onmeut or wct
dry and Family Groi.7erieF; Dye Stuffs, Nails aid
G Mile!) he will'selloheapertorcashthacam
other establishment lin town. Please call and
ern, - June-12, ISI7.
Jt' It Lt.:PA V 11,1525 bugs tiro, CORE, SE, On
rnirvzo and Jav t i Coffee, one door north of the
Big Window, Stitte gtreet, Gy
June 13. 1817
I) LILPFALO LEAD.—An invoice of
this superior ailitle.'intf'reccived. Also,
Pittsbing,ll Lead ; (Fohnestuck make,) thy
and in oil, al way:, on hand and warranted.
Jilue 12. A IJ. IL Blill:1*()N
tt,eliests 1!ri261) Teas, just receiVrd and ter lV, sale by the vilest or Jess city/wily; by
I June 16. F. I :TER NE.Cill T.
1 - 1 iN
GAL. kLASSES, just recciled and
for Yale chCap as the cheapest, one door
north cdthe 13ig Winiloty , by -
;June It 3. W . F. 111NliERNEC1IT,
4.40 GALS., OhioStonu Waco, for sa!o one dour noitli of tho Big Window.
Pit °VISION S.— ur, Pork, Hauls, Shon;d
ere, dried Apples, dried Peaches, Corn Meal
Codfish, White Mehl Mackerel, Potatoes-add ev.
erythi_ng in Ih• Prolisien Line, eonstintly on i
hand and for rate by
riA RITE: 4. BROTHER have •just reecl
N.—/ their summer stock.olWindow Glas.,, w
is large and complete, varying in•size from Ix
I 5x:10; and - will be 'mesa any sike or shape d
d;►vithaut erira charge. Putty always on ti
rvrt'oirsiinlicthEi-a-c4.tes,. •
indebted U
arete d
,r t o e : q t t l . l e e
to make inuttedife payment; as this is the se
mines' I hope there will tie no longer delay.
tend to this and save costs.
Eriei July- 3), 1817.:
PIS Kid? Gluvos..-_—A beautiful assorun
Wbito auclColbred, selling cheat, at No
Cheapside; by , ' • MORTON tir:C
" Attie, May O. 147- r .
1 5 Tot Are e l rite nri a n r ill u u l f e a l c i 1 5 d ras a 11 ,1 n!l h u u . l
atl shades nod colors, just opeoed by
April 23. WiI..LIAMS WP.IGTri
1498 L 13 -
first rate, Cod fi sh; Os% a
bble Machete% for cake by
June -26, W. F. RINDZIeitCI.I
THE Ham+ nifivolot nigEncuri
THE svettcHn
At ittvaltiable renter!, for Horsey; Cattle and -
txter domestic animals, injhc ettre•-of the
folloWing di,eusir::- - 1
Fresh Wounds,: .: .J' fill.s, 5.11,01, 1 .
Get of all I. 1a1,0,, Strain a, I, , entefte a l ; .
Spreip. Ilrti;ss, Sour ("saris, I
Cracked Heels, •I'olittd , red Fel,
Bin z1,071r. Win .Igolts, Scratch/sot G teas:, • •
Poll Evil. Colitts, - Afange,
Spavins, Sweeney; - . Horn Distnnper. . '
It ii also al Universal Family Embrocatiois frit
disbigies ut Duman I. resit, stleh as . ; -. '. Extbrnal Poistetti, -
Bites o . .l,l.rd:di's, : Painful Sams, ...Use- .
Fag. Bats, lions,
Boils, . .
Conks, lEbilletrs, i •
/3a/nO, O oil Sort, ChM/sins. • - ". .
Gramm; , I C/iiipPid,Ho'nds,
Cu»trad of the .Mlins-les, Smelling*, Wavada,
In al. ni 3,1 , f like Joints, !Caked Brea,kla.
.Mr.lttllA :41 . 6 GARULIVG 011..-11 I . 3\WOillly of
special remark, -that besides this great anti e.-tra
ordiretry powers in the cure of diseases Of the
horse in w' deli its vir tleS first attracted the linen
lion of the farrier and fai nter , and the wonder of
the public generally. it has been succesidnlly em-
ployed in great variety of the maladies which
raun the human race; and i", has "roved '.by the
wonderlitt-ptirt a it has performed on the lower arr ,
limits, that it, is'endowed with curative proptoriee
not found inOther horse oibc/ivhich has establish- i
ed its claimso.o general confidence.
' Beware sit' the i:eunterfeit article, and be sure -
the name Of the gOt.r. PROPRIETOR; G. W.l Prier
chant, Lockport, is blown in the botile.• '
-a it. - . -- PFer testimonials, synopsis of diseases, anal
mimic of tier • see parneldet wirichetcompa- '
tiles racinh 1 " t..
Sold by urton & C o. 1 • rie; S. S.-& ff.,
Fassett. ~ Ohio; and D. N. 'Webster,
Conner - I • ' It• 50
voun IIIIIi,t) 011,S. . .
;RcliANT,'s imPßovEri.,
_ _POUND f IXII) 1'
L :
For Aenzorink Diseases of the Blo4d,
• i
-I r6ing //yin an abuse n/ .tier-1 1, arcs died joiate.
"IV,' • Ferer SINieJ.OI,II I / 3 atil ad icrei
Chronic and coustautio) caMs of all Linda.
. ass such as' Scald head, Salt Rheum.
s"Frajliiaor liing'sEe# &cos 12i , 10 lro-m a d other awls.,
dory SyphiSse.r reveriat. es [arid 1 from an vapor
Ulceration ald 01 . rosins o 1 stater/the
the Throat. . oat. Cheeks tilubßa 1 Costioenus. 111 a;
' Lila, Liars,. a', d other parts ( 4 7Srouie errors tide .I.i er
-At the body.! • 1 1 Dings al Chest, ,
a l
natls,or paha ei on llae fate Pal. i a the. munch and alter
Piltentn patties, nd other er. Night Bar:a s, dc. ale. I,
' :Visa's of the s in. ' It ta latewis• mud, reconnpfn
i/ales. Scurrey, ,ad rather &o• clejt a., a Clic:Asian Sync
a bulk affecfion , ' dreditine, . ad in Otero de
White, ,lacchanya, Pains in the. I ilt , y. i
Tills Tea li. a y is prepared from the chotcest Sc
'me l d mat ri' Is. the active properties of which ai
err:Acted I y n improved process, without heat
on account of which it is preferred by Ply ectan
as being n or. uniform and active than any tithe
now hvfor t . public. , , -
ti A- full a f ro tn... of the remarkable elTkaeyot ilii `
remedy ; leedy, i a 'ariety Cl cuss of the most aggra.
flitted matre, say be seen by: calling on the pro
Prie:on or us a gents.
i As,irms' ... d medicines are counterfeiter'',
sear. 'and call fur "Merchant's b'areapatilla," an
see th'tit these ords are blown on thealass "Fonts
the Laborator of Geo. W. *Merchant, C hemist,
Lock Mir!, N. Y. k : .:
rAltnost very pedlar in the 'Critintry is near
'putting up ant imposing on the public, art article'
tliey call sores 'milk. Theiefore, anwsncll •
1 bold by 3. IL Burton Sr. co. Erie; S. S. .S• li.
Fassett, A slit • hula, Ohio; D, N. Webster, Can
nesutiltio. . , ° 1y,50
the Eylll.
Celts. such os f
Bladder, .1\
Prosfroiz Cl
Kidnu,s, um.
Loins, -
- Tbi4 valuab
Geo. W. Mere
port, N. Y.
Full and am
atnompanv cea
Sold by S. I
Fassett, el sat;
nennt, Olikh.
TO. Rl':
black, it u ill n
thp. skin, na hu
It Has also b•
• rlewnre'nfAh l
the gunnine,ii
rixernist, Lock 1
be seen at the 1
,PriLe 50 cc/IL?:
cold by J. I
rassett, As!it
Corineoo, Ohl'
71, ,
"Pw61.1:1 of Teri
exchange for wl
V , ininistrat
sci iber on .the
of Venango
indeVed to 5.1:1''
Famc intmediat,
ticated for Sett
) 1 üblic. Notice, 1 1
hqeby given that an npOlication mad,
.. ~
- to the ilex% Legislature of.l l cnnsyltrania, foi
the ipeotpdratico• of a Batth, to be called I"Tni i
PARretts and - MECHANICS' 114nx," frith a ICartii,
tat ofont , hundred thousand dollars, end the prws
`llogd of increasing the sumo to 'two htinrtred
' thOusa rid dollars. Said bent: to be located let Erin;
county Erie, State orPeansylvanio. : j -
Elle ; July 12; ISM
I. Calwell. IC. M. T i 1.140;
A, J. IL Wilhntn.; ' Samuel (Isis,
3. It, Fullerton, • /Ant C. florto, , .11-
WOW' Chester, 'I hos %V. Sterrett;
Sinith Jeck.oir, ' , Carson crahnuhl '
Janie'. C. hlArshalh. James Willism4 .
MB. Vincent, . . Guy I,,xinrit, .
Wm, S. Lane; , Alfred. glue. ,
11. L. Brown, M. V. 4
P. Athualths. : ' James 11‘410141
4 to
T OOKING Ghsssci loOdp.v. gla 'pfs Er
11..larze ussuriment of the Sbove artiOsa 61 . I
iota very ton by G. LOOUI
Sails st., tread) , opposite Eagle Hater.
July; )1, )811. f
Gg. —1)o tsbro' GaiTeii, -- ing -- 173 - 4 - Wijr).g.
Pieces, Bei - ob . /lee six Shooters, With a gen
er at as.dorttnAht of Gun thins.% .
G.LOONW &I en.
Julir 17, /817,
SW Alt E.—Silver tape, dessert, trap
salt and naustud spoons, tongs. ladle/00'a,
butter and Trutt knives, constantly on hand V'
for sale b)! I • G, LOOM IS ken.
lenity opposito Eagle Hetet':
S. A.CK.S4).!
i nt,
and sled, Ik a - rid - 694a bags
beads; pour silk,' Paris'
/weber, brateetr,'PenAti4l4k.
as andleaa variety of *ayliralici
fancy "tmel,et i rst
• G. 1..01201$ k. Crev. l 4
State et., nearly opposite Eisen Hot
1,x1547. • "
~ el.,
. 41 2
g 9
of the Urinary °roans Cured- b
ci. or nuctiu, ovs` cost, and cc
break: and acitto diseases; of diet
I also:, chronic
Gon i orrhan
nil, . ' Girds; While!, '
\ 1 Slriciureo,. i
I' \_, Diabetes, 4-c.
e medicine is prepared only by
haat, Operative chemist &c.lLook
le instrnejons, testimoniale, Ste.
1, 1 ,,,,,t e. . \ •
11. Burton & co. Erie; S. S. l & H.
I tmla Ohio: b. N. Webste- r , Con
\ ! Ivso
All DilE,u warranted article for
in hair a beautiful\ brown or Pt
A weer off, soil the , tinent or color
dre Is can testify.' \• 1
en used surees-;ftilly nr,
\ eolorin,,,
. eonnterfi it. and be sure yon .tre
. pared only by Geo. W;Merb3 . lw4
.ors, N. 1 1% -- • Samples of IlairrrOy•
tore of the proprietorer his agetthr.
-t.. \
Aliti ton & 'co; Erie; S. S. I& ll'
bu:a, Olio; and D. N. Webster
• lys(
rooLf Airoot.!F
61 .i• rIREW.STEEt. keep cart
hand ut the Erie Woollen Facto
, Plain and Fancy Casairnertis an
n colors and qualities yhich the.
. gr. delivgry, on tistomary an.
• terms. Thvy also pay cash Co
'''' «-tory:„Tone 16, 1811. 6
hereby given that letters of Arf
on lovii been granted to the sub.
estire of John Ph,lips deed:let .‘
nwn,kildp; all persona, thCreTore
r ' - esnite are requested to IreOto tb
ly; andithose I}eving ns of
will present them Welly :I. then
extent. •