Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, August 28, 1847, Image 4

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DR. 0. BENS.. t3.SIITH'S •
• • [Bl33.lift COATED] riLts
AR" the medicine for thil Vatted States, and, their
' superiority over all others for claire efficacy and
pleasantness isios Won for them a pre eminence of fans
1001 needs no foreiglintlnence to perpetunto. Almost
IheraidEi they have bilently worked their o•ey, sod
have gained 0 perosanest hula on the approbation of the
people which to other medicine ur
For ahout four years they have trlumphod over ,bseaee,
and brought joy and cla ktms to in toy at utisioui bosom.
Tiff PELTratl'lr r
Ai a medical compound, commends them to the meg deli -‘u
redo, and ma the more but dy, who hare buffered ft OM
the 'effuets of Impure proportion to the itotnach. will at
once be plea-cal trkh the delightful opor ltion of these
the:e Pills. They have the rare lest of the most care-
fully selected Ingredients, ere ulwzo,si safe, and there cull
be no danger of taking 'theut improperly 01 Any time.
- ' • , AL Ni YQ4IAE TAt +1
Will thhiirest their excellence to "lieving the body of,
mealy proeurtors of alarmin diicasta, keeping the bole
els gently open, thereby luting tho rontrmostice of
health. The most eminent c enlist lit New York 100,
given-Ida certificate that these t Gls me PURELY Vrd;
li/kT11110.7.931, OWN' 1
- -
The greet principjo recognized by the Int entor of 013
iovhluabie mcdiente is, that ev ty ptrt or the body,
whether in folitlth ordiccave,.tg brought uo.ter the dtian
coca orthe digestito o-g.t114. Thu pl.tits find r..t o.od
doctrine forms the only giound nol y blr;1 ft guild t:, hilly
medicine eau L^ rneomor..nded. O d m Ating :it:cording to
ithis osoct i or. nrc smiTs's
s'rileNt4Talunt s ron.t.c
Promote the -Perettous of the LI Vtilt. SiZIN, and lid
NEYS, and Fiiitil.A3l: TI I 1 nowt:L.:, then b , adnet,
iug the ONLY NATURAL nod can-d: tent method ui ren•
dating the LIFE BLOOII PURE, by cor ectlngotho
led bunion, attic whole nyatem.
L 1 is impassible to giva cv-ry to in this bri e f'
iteliee ' bet the.o Pin -
Ping are s trio-t secoannended as a
Mgansof proventing en math misery and do.o.ise.
' grow set of ootssismom of the negle,ted uddi
l iti i ht T agnil t ti f: te l. ;..A:: : , and 'wludi it to in tile IlftVer of
These Pills do nui,VA11.1.1.11 . 1 7 , Fut
"pa v
Most all tly-e;32=or the Weiterls C.I/IIII;•y, and in
. .
They stand - 111011 P. -,, uulltrallele,l—TllE :ACE ill IN'S
FRIEND. Among the complsims'ior 0 loch the,- VIPs 1
arc highly recoohneudad, Ma the ("Doss it g, iii
riYseErst,t,. scitovu L.I.
RAD APPS Par, • 1111 CCM ATIsM„
WORIN, , Dl , t; lig,
BILIOUS i'DOEIC, Ist . Lursz I,
fly folio wing the ftimillo n direetioils witielt rit, tnnp.tnV
'every hoe of genuine pats. aperuttinet.t corn o 111 Ito of
foaled."' Most of the ilus.vam..; 1m New-Vork !rise siv
e» these Pills the prole elms over mot , . C. ne 9.41.1 el.:1 het
hare been tested, and several EMIN EN f PHYSIC! %NS,
in New York and, elects here, use thron i i Oeir pia, tic.%
, -
The demand for Dr. Smith's Pills from; gsery ober , .
{treat, asyural unprincipled persons hay/. muds, Pills of
Ilse most miserable ono dangecons ratuf„ind to palm them
ofi for tile grooms, hose pot on A 'coating - orrugar: --
Therefore, beware, null niways look lint ,
lIEN.I. 04711'112. ~ -..
Oa the bottom orovrry 6 aatoooonoterfaait which i•
Morn than loth) cerfleittes , hate it
ut tlao puuripol °Mr° noat t al people urn referred to
.. Sutittaba Ileratd .t..llAzette,” wlatare. they ton rc.ud or the
Inapt important currs.
Ve gave, for at.atal of room. But fele
From Rev. lamb, r axe.
Dr. Salines rilta nre, purely vegetable, Aperato well,
and produce d gong re,ult: 1.0 ull R 1.1
T:diter 'Prue Wc,leynn,
From the itn.V. J. Kellett..
My wife Iris taken MotTsC,,. Morrhon'... , , end many oth
ers. but site has received more b^nelit front Dr.Sinith's
Pills than ell others. She believes they luny be to.tol by
reunites with perfect surety, .ithunt changing Choir 001
ploymeut or diet, and it any ern•on.
1,17 Mr rile Brooklyn.
Prowl hn filet toculi.t in Nov. , l nrk.
U. Benj. Fonitli'm Pill. bare entirely eureil Inn nt
ilizzines• in tray bead, and gemordl a enkne, ornly •y•ttit.
i My family u.o them with the boat ro-nlm. I would not
be without them. F. 11. N AZ. 4 11, !IQ rota . Ili at.
rroiti alto Ed. of tho Mack It la., Jommal.
Pr. Smith's Plll4 are free from the objection., to vvhiei
other pdis ore tiottle, and pre the hest medieim , that
114 re yet seen. .1. (.11. L k.NE.
From the I' M. Tonowanda, N.
Dr. Sin ittia Pill. ure the bent 1 ha.o ever osml, kr.
.lAI3, Kllll.- It, P. M.
?free nee. S William-, Pitlrhorgh
I have unral Dr. Smith'. PM, and huow they men amml
metlipino, S. 1V11,L1.131-t, lat Itapt.
From Rev. J. G. 1..
Dr. SlTllflen fill arc In grq it demand ol,
in thisrl,o
frosts their pluttaittness mid el keen.
L. RANICINS, Marlon N. V.
From It. Mime, the. Quaker.
Dr. Smith — lte•pacted friend—Thy Villa arc
very rapidly, and gna tiret rate eat,-lichenpl tee,
Pliknerwle. MOSES
Or. Smith — Your Olt are cell liked hero.
El). EATON .0 ) lir VI%
Dr. Smith—l ant mach pleated with your Ind. Vett.
Sugar Coaled Fills, tied We them in inc
The above arc [ay a fete extrardl -hot a o uneht to on
and hula whole at wspapur tvith n111111.4'1,...5. 'llli sr I'dd.
are now the most popular in thus comi t .rt ami the
In. at general eutteraction.
These PIS.. wid :duvet. core COI.IIS Id a mach ialire
pleasant way than any other reinc.l2.. Fur Oil, they re
Of dieing deceits In hON , boric ~ 1 111a0
1 . 1118 hare beCUMII very impala, throur, ,, ,,,ut the room.,
irultatora hale eoiught to palm oil ,111 1 I, ,th
"coating oraagor - to cuter up ti mot dalii;uroti, Lum.
Dr. Crumbether, of Wheeline,Vn.•,y,. that a nereon in
that place came heir 10bia1 104 Ifo from tile V.ll i.t.‘ th,
.counterfeit • . Co.Alerr l
Louisville, By. Inns .cited unit 10 unsp alter
their use.
Get the gohili,e , or v.! none, and , rti that G. BENJ.
81111 , 11 is written with a yen 0 ,, , i t each box.
NEW YoltK, st, eat.
BOSTON, `2. Water Sire. t.
ERIE, Certtr 3 Brother, No. g. R..erl now.,
& co. Cvl 001 ol "AI!
March G, 1847
ADIES cantind at tho corner F.tore, a nic.i
sortment or Gloves, s, (!oi.,ery,
IldkflL, Fancy Pam., Comb-, I Ileco ti ,_a,
Purses, Purse lA% is! and t: it: Ill:11ZS, uubinidc,v
materials, such as French Flo olsti!d, cld nod
ord, &c. Rte., all et:ly cheap, by
May 29. l t 7. NI ETC
New Woollciti Factory
DUN AN, .1 ‘vETT have jwt coin.
meneed bugine,s tnanul:.etto \Voik.
Goods, dressing Chilli t cat di LI V:1101,
InaCillnety is en:ikly ca , ttln nianu
lecture, and nimbi aces the nrento.—
The bUsines4 u ill ba
,coroln , trd by Mi. Jewt;t,
who has had 20 yews' eNi•ei it nee m i h n t' a i n
this country and England. T will menu
facture on shares, giving vne y ror too
and a quarter Ills. of moot, or for rt ady .Inky in
cash or country produce, and on ale row-nil:11,10
terms as any (viler establi:dinwilt. i t the county.
Thcir,tnanufactory is locate f nbout. 03)(; Wilt; n or li,
°film village, I ALEX. I)HNCAN.
1 ,1041-I.IIA .TEWET I'.
re 0, 18J7. 31111
North - Entu, Jun
W E offerfier cl a w f a e p kw pikes ALL WOOL Carpets,
' May 29, 1217.
c likEtpE. 4 . BAGS Et. Salelick. Amon:: which
we have 4s.)ine of the Wilton awl Vt netlan
that are‘stifierior to any is rn irket,eellin2 %cry
cheap at j METCALF' ..
May 29.}e 17. _ ,
A LARGO assortment, styles and gnalitii's
olLred as near manufacturers. prices Us 1 45
coadateat with a. ball conuniesion in ourselves,
at btIETC ALF'S.;
,May 29,017.
N©W Goods! New Goods!!
QE rubseriber is now receimg his spring
stock ofFaneV Dry Gootk, Groceries, 1.1 rd -
Ware, Crocitery, lion; Nails Ste., which %, ill be
'rola at red Seed prices for ready pay. My old
eubstantinbfriends and -4eilei ally rue
requested 6) call and examine goody and prices,
they certainly will not go away disiatisficd ne I
will not be under sold by any west New York,
for ready' pay. SIIITH JACKSON. '
Nifty 6, 1Q4,7. sl
a-I_o - rs; Leghorn Hats, n good useuttment
may o found at
' April 20, WILLIAMS & WRIGHT'S.
'l . Ol - 1N GRAHAM, Proprietor. The
nit) subscriber would respectfully inform
- his friends and the traveling pul)liv, gen
,yithat he has leased for a term of years this
TiEV. and 'Commodious House, ruateci at the
Eighth - Sheet Canal Basin, 'th is loca t ion ren
denfthe "WESTERN " pre-eminently he most
coturshienti and -*desirable stopping piece fir all
either; _doing business or, craven ng_on .the Canal.
- -,There ii, lasi); attached to this establishment a
.large and Onvenient Stable for the use of; Bost
, qv and lathers baying horses.
WO pains or expense has been' spared in
up this house for the - convenience.. cOmfoit and
pleaardn'of atests, rind . the Proprietor Unite by
strict attention to business to merit:and receive a
share of public patronage,
Erie, Agri! 21, 18 11. 40
1 CHEAPSIDE, has jos
- A, received from,Ncw York
a nevi and elegant supply of books
embracing Theological, NI iscellancous, , Sundy
and Clas,ical School Books, Stationary, &c. B;.c,
which will •be sold cheaper for cash than ever be
lore u.icred in this market. Among lila stuck
inay be l'utinfl—
Anthon's classical Dic'Y,'s.3, Robinson's Greek,
arid English Dictionary, >l5; Webster's DAtion,
ary, S 3 50.
Antlion's Virgil, $2, Antlron's Horace, 81 73
do Homer, I 30, , do Ciecro, 125
Anthon's Ja,oks' Greek Reader; $2,
do do' do Lessons, I,'
do • do I,uten do •
do do 'do Prossody, I,
do do Sallust, -I,
Davic's Mathimvtlics, including Algebra, Le•
gender, knr,ly:aeal 'Geometry, Surveyin!..7, ,
avie's ari tlnuctie, • K
B rkba Grammer,
Ad tins' Flail's II i 3 History,
.Mather's Geology, Olney's Geography,
Mrs Li ocon's Botony, Morse's do
Cerrt,tocis's do , itchell's do
Barren's Geography of the I leavc us, with large
and splendid .1(14..; al,n, d i m Eleetic series 01
[l4 ad I III! Books.
'1 Andrew's an-I :•:_ztoddard's Latin Grammar,
do j do do • Reader,
Comstock's eitenic,dry and philosophy,
Sand,r, Reader., Bennett's Book beeping,
IValkser's Diction y, Colt's do.
Johnson's I Jo Air.or's Byron,
Pchrr's entrientarie's, G vo, 13,
Dick's works, libraly edition; also, cheep,
'Fife, cirk.Tof Chester
usli'sie.idonce at the court of I.ondon.
Fox's 1).10 1 / 4 \ tyrs, Jos'ephus' %%mks,
Clorm (211'3 Lives, cllios' do
Lady of :be>, tiror. Addison. do
oftnedicine, hr ydett' t s - do
llo,rp.,r's rued. Die'ry, Eberle's' Pritetice,
Gay's rued. •I'liritettenec, do Titer - anew ics,
Crudert's concord ince, Platonic Theology, •
ayland's elements of Moral Selectee,
'fire Se l hool and the School Master,
Dr Olm's travels in the east,
TlitirWurs Ilistoty of Greece, etc.
Guide to theyloptweie ,, ,
l'rulcla, Barns' Notes, ,
Fillet's works, New Spiritof the' Age,
Cludiner's works, , Bueits religious ancedwes
•;ttaleom's travels, , Gibbon's Rome, •
Ptideaux's connexion, Life of Heber,
Works.of Chat lotto Elizabeth, complete,
du Fre'dt Bremer, do
Nloshim's eclesiastical b Istory,
Ludier un Gabcions, Jar ves' church Ht.:tory,
Pie:mial I I j.story o; the Ameriez.ll lieVUI111101),
Lice nna Sermons of \V, bitticld;
Goldsulitit's Ert ! , lantl,
l'arley'..4 Universal History, •
To•retirer with many •odier v•dnable work'', too
tfinnerous to mention in -the limited spare of
nrlveHisentent; Call and see—no charges for
showint , book..
June 13,1151 G.
2.113 r, Dlr.
ri 111:TER ts. 111:01,1 , 1E11, are in receipt of a
V beautiful eollee, ion of Paintiwrs and En tfra•
ving-s, plain and colored, in oil and water. Per
sons ortasto cannot, fail of being pleased with thu •
selection. - It comprises views organic' , of the most
romantic and piettue.tque places in Europe mu
this country. Amon_them are t wmetil Pair-old ! ::
3 br,3 I-3 feet in rich - gilt fiances-Itheonc a view
of .. Troy and the Iluti-on from Mt. Ida; the other
\Vt,.hin , ,t.ton's Head Qum tete, near Newburtr, on
the Norili Ilivc,; alm. 1
1 ,
Viotv,s.of St.. (Attu 1,
La' e of Zink!' and -mrrountline country,
Lahr. of Zea l ; and sorimunding eountiy,
A _Amend Vie‘s of Urn-sels,
A Aformlitllit View, a hcantiMl piece:
' Forest anti %%tinter Scenes,
I I nut itt2 , . scenes, &e, also, a very fine and
Cuirect likeness otitucen Odefory, cnt , ravhd
on :4ml from Bully's painting, also of -
Ider two ride! children, Allice and Albeit,
in handsome gilt !laws; a beautiful
Mezzotint CO izrsving of —John,Andorsrin
my Joe," alo re and interesting pictute. '
• Also a collection of rare and licauttiUl Ph (14
and Flow, is, correctly andtelegantly colored, de- , .
•Ptoed fur instrtuttion :o learners fir as ot nainents
fur the centre table...
Per s ons desienint , to furnish themselves with
on'y thing in the above line will find the:e well
ntittit their attention. They will be sold lon cr
than they (tail be purchased at retail in ihe cities.
No. G. Reed Idolise.
Nov. 28, 1316. 23
Sys ,- ~,,2,
,i, , I '
...1---- SIGHT 1 - 0 BEI! 1,D.! IA
. , .vr; T 1 i E
MUCK CORds , TER 0PP0,.. in!: THE EA
', (H,P, HOTEL.
r FITS DAY OPENED. dikeet from the Ea. -
I tern cite and Nlanufactorits, a large, awl!
tt ell F. ;lee ICd MZ OVA of
I.l_Mr' allt - 370 a - 4 QUID CCIZO UM e_l63 e.
Comprising it great, variety <;I DreAt.and Fancy
6 00 d .; SJla‘els withoet number, Aleti'G and boy's:
supine; wear; I.inen and any quanaty of Dtnncs-,
i tic?; to he s-,ld 'clitup..r i!:att tv,r; it ittt an exten
-I,:ti,ke =lock of • . ,
All of which will be sold as cheili)ro the ebeilltrsf
by • _ Wfbil.A.AIS ....i. WRIGHT.
bYr‘r. \h,v 1 r 'I q 17 L • ' 5.2
111 Ilf r-,FSED Table toll Piano Forte Cover,
Flf!li.h an A:no,ican, rer,s•ile at tier "New
\n. 5, moirroN . 4 . co. •
Eric, :May - 22, 1117. 1,
CLIFORNIA PLAID, for 130y 7 s coats and
pa a li tie the nicest our, at Lhe
"Nen Store," No. 4, Cheap: 4(1a;
J ' MULI.TON & Co.
c.c, t —A tot of lir i
LA in plod condition. jtcit ree.eivcci liy.
Buturc),N; .F.z. co.
'abl to be better
AAP :\t1) 1 -?;\l'a 8 n v A p i t r
( e
. .•
r t
Politier and tl-eneral Porrcetant fyr safe by
.f. TT. 11 , r7R.TnN 4. (.6. g p ntq .• •
RON AND togs Or Suedes,
nriin+ll a trd 1/vllot - in - Iron, together with all sin
zr.s ofiiprint Steel, Oils day arrived ,at corWer
of WILLI A..)ls witritrr.,
r.jlllF: EXTENMON!—A conyig'nmeni
or !sow; CIIOLAGuGI7r., for cure of Paver
and Ague, 13dion Fever, cce., etc., 1111,1 Will be
Fold to dru2giste and dealers by the case of dozen,
of wholet.alc by ,
Jona U. J. it & Co. Attents.
"NI P.TC! NT .1."F4
More I,New Goods ! ,
- (17 - ' THE LAS' I AND CHEAPEST. .21)
XTO \V °riling, trot:l'lbn lait of our ti•)King pur :
1. 1 1 chll ~ o velylgelmial and extensive asPorY.
ownt of F :ley owl staple DRY GOODS, %dal
a good st ed: of DRY. GROCER 11;::;, to which
we have 'dried a large sleek of CROCKERY,
eorninisi fr fen itining Selig of Chino; witit'all the
cheaper 1 ute:4. The attention of dealer 4 IA ea
jiecially invited to thil branch of our trade. '
~ The Londe have all been pureliased,cheap, and
,kill he e.olit cheap. For further evitkilee please
.call iti.:„ .l , 1 MET IP
J. D. CLARK., in ebarge tor V. Mr.'reAts, re
sueetfully soli cits the patronag6 of his old friends
'and "ct.stomere alt `'tofu No. I, Reed HoWse. , ''
May 29, 1817:
I - 10R persons desirous of Insuring in the above
1 company,. the subscriber iyillo'reeeive and'
- forward the necessary surveys aof:ptoperty 4 land"
procure for them free of postage,such polleiaa as
may be datirctl, , . ,
The above m1111343+ is entirely f:crporisible,,iind
insures upOnu:y liberal and . advantag!ouS temc.•
Any informs n that may be 4840 fri relation
to said cum y enn lie bad by calling tipori the
im l )
subscriber at the oillice of Graham Thompson. '
-- SoN 1
ItiVIANI..' -
Erip,June 121947. ` ' - . 4 - ''- ( 44; '
. ,
j HAVE just ,r thlirmornine'd new imp
-1--ptrotpt rovitt - utitip&GhlMPlN,
of pript.i
~ 4.e., which,llolo heop , foe l eieh
by. „ C:10. TIBE!ALS:
Mer,-,1 ; • 18•17:" : _, . , 40.
Erie, ' , .Tav 1417.
itinu I'2
d Marndefi'SF4l64 S gm vs- Hair. Gt aiNS ie
r i l a a id e i
just ' receilvd at N 4.
Erie, May 22, 1817.
' •' ' I Cz' a; : 4$ 'Y 'At e ,_,. :
• - , - ,:p—,J r --,,,, ~,?, P, -7., si
„:„...a.uil ie . g wit••,l,
\ 77 e l k ' <,-• ', : ~
A - ~...
• ~.
" '
- -- .1. - •• ; c
..--........., Oicrr" - - 1 -! _-=. :•". • ,
.-:TP, 7, • • - ! .
" 7 - * '('
4 . 1* to / ‘ - ‘•-'N'-' ' !! '
1 ' .
pri E 0 (MAT ENtLIBI. - 1 RENIEDY! tor COLDS, couGns; 4sril i t
Cough, AFtlinmorply form .of PULMONA RV CONS
the, HUNGARIAN BALSAM OF IFE, diseovered t
London, Enoland,, tested for unv, , ardl of !seven )tars in (
on the Continent olEtirope, and intro need idto the Unite
immediate superintentle.nto of the inventor. '
The astonishing success of thd - liun ,, ,trian Balitlin, in
form or co:Ns tEN pTioN, %%arrant , : P. Americus Agee
treahnent the WORS'i' POSSIBLE q.A.SES; t,hatlean be
omit ity enser, that seek: retiefi a vain from any of the no'
the day, and have been ,triv. , o' up by the mozst di•ifili•ruki!
CON VI it.NIED AND INCURABLE' ' The Haar;:tlan
and will cure, the MOST DESPEII. AVE OF CASES:
trim), but a stanclaid En,..disli Medi - ktile of known and es t
Every family in the United Stites should be supplied w
4arian Balsam uLire,'not onti , to e!ounteraet Ime coasts
of the climate, hut to be usedlas a pri6ntive medicine in
Cough,, Spitting of %1011, Pliin in tin Side and Chest, I
noes of the Lun,4, Brobehitis, Millet !iv of Breathing, II
Sweats,' Emaciation and 'Ci'eneraliD‘ l r bitity, Asthma, Id
c °ugh, and Croup. , 1
, In cure of :tonal disease of the Itufv, or seated Con&
Sold by McDonald St t-ltnith, solo :gent for the Unite
Italian Ware.hous6; lt.c . gunt-st. London, in Bu.ttes an ,
hospitals, &e. , I
lle, Special apprilatavnt:—DANrtl) F. 1 AD1,1•11 7 ., 119
Nl'ase., sole Agent for the United StAtes and British Am ,
'American pike, $1 per bottle, tvitb full directions lin
Pamphlets, cant:tinily , a a , s of r e nglish and Amer;
olier evidence, showing the t nequalled merits of thia Gr i
dy. may be obtained of the Agents, gratis.
None genuine, without the writMasionature of the A.
a gold and bronze label, to connterthit Which is throery.
AGENTS.—+S. TousLy. Syracuae,,N. Y. General, A.t
and the western States.
From the Baptist Ctergyinma, at Calanae, Orieeg
' "r do het eby must eheerildly eel tify that I have used.
garian Balsam in my family t.itil grnat sueces , . My lit'
seventh, year was, in the month of oe , ober, 1814. attac h
her rivht side, and notwithstanding xt C USIA all dili‘renti
continued to grow wdrsc, art I after li ohtuinind the coon.
thinutht the It iollt Lobe tit hex Ltings'ito -, tr , rionsly ativo t
was exceedingly doulrful. i %ea% induced to or, k n one I
;opt before tine third of it wa.t tal,en, ill'e little , tifferor re:
' her elteepfulne , t4 it - tumult. and before too bettlett were 1
-------- . ---,-- ---- -T
, MIIE subscribers having a good ri , sratplent 'of
1 NeW Enoland marble on band, from cliff a'
rut quarries, catculited for Head and Foot tablei ,
Monuthe»ts, &c. , which they of to-sell la an;
one in f.i ic cotuty, ea. !tilt living farlher than
Erie, lettered in ,fir.t rate vale, and delivered, a:
the followine prices: Small, lor r hildren,:. , '.l 50
t 'per lbw; Middle! siz: - .., for aged _people, SI 0' per
(not; Larzest , site siii 75 per fril. - We think I'
would be nu object fit some of the 'Crie_connty,
people to ferwata ~, u ri4 iftleriptiolis as we have
recently been inligno.) by the Erie rharbli• dealers
ro rather 1 bragging way, that they )VeTe Sticking
it to the Erie and Crawford connty people ,good.
They brag very lustily of sdlinlit9 the , itn , fina-
Inelites" a fr
t om :! , 32 .10 0 S-I'l , per foot. Shonld any
of the • people of h:ri counly he in want of fon;
;thing in our line, toe' can fore ard,dieir inserip
diorn. , , oreonte thernsOvt;s, and the3c,shail have a
( first rate article at the above prices.l
- : 11l Et, X\ I SIN.E`3 & CO.
Westfield, N. Y. Sipt. IS, 1815. 17n
BLACK SALTS.— I will fray Ctolt, and 'die
highest Tin ire for ally tomillity of I3l,nrk Sults
,Idelivi t cd at Nl'Kean, or at ray store ill Elie.
October 21, 18111. C...\1. TIMIA I c 4
..,,,,. ,_
COIY.AI4N'S 111 , INVr, PC.)WDff.,ItS,
Aoint'PAlN emu?: Ftlit. 111:A ., t. AND
•COUGH IN 1-10IISM.'=%—A lortg . filmiliari
ty with horses-and personal treatment 01 el i N
cztes to which they arc subl‘ct have nt lorwth
resulted in the discovery orthi. excee4inaly val
uable retocaly Ihrthe /feavrf and Cough - il. dis
ease which plain:es molc misery ell& death
amou these noble utility:tit+ thin any other ito
w c
Itialt they are eNpo,fl. .i have no hesitant On
saying that my Vomit r will effectually and (nor
oatetiy entineuir event sr/1111'16m and eesl;4 , of tbi4
painful and llanoerotts dis,lßO if If i von in any
reasonable length ot•titne after it has bran con
tracted. When y-itt tli,covei Fyiyip'(on.i o:'Colizil
tir 11 , tn.,... in your hotse. tesort to ILO: Poi: der
without clelay.ll , e it pet sa‘leritivly, nail aautal to
' t'tc hints at•comi) ikiyi a , z !-0 dt.ceAonA lor the
treatment of the aoim c' , ., a id in nine case., tAtt of
ten you a ill fiat] that it ctires.,
II tioy desirous of seein4 cots illeates of cures,
cif them cal/ oil the anent. ' Price 59 rents per but
t tie. Alantillicmci'd i.e A. D. Coletnurt, New Yurh
CARTI;:a &Illt.f)T . 111:" 0. ,, cit, , i 'Erie Pa .
! Alarith - t2.7, 18-17. I - 45
t__________ • ---- --
I rrvao pat tocridti p ltert:t. j Col 0 ex is.i og tint xceti
1 . • the walersi4iie.l, in the p. ..(.:Lte,.! .11 Llir,llo.,
1 beau disolyed by initial vensent, Ad, persinis
indebted to its urn regnested to cOll at the Min
i and settle their rt . Fpl CO ye aCCO,lllll.ti, 00 or In 1 . 0 I
I the first of February next; Those who tingle
this notice' may incur cosi,.
• " er RAH AM.
Erie, Jan. 1:1, 1317.
The Boots and papere of the late lb in G
BR Arru •GItA 14 A are by mutual agree- c
'relent left with Ine% for the tno pose of eltiOn!!. up tt
;helm:inn:9g of tin rot.e , rn and collecting all &ins,
which lam obb l ed do ' Sp' eddy a.,
1 have as , ndi ed with ine' in busineAc
LANE and ATM. A. G AITIL Lags. and
co.itinue dvelike: lately occupied ortialln itlt & '
aim tn, - ander the: Ili tn' of ALBRA ITIII-3
LANE, whero elI bueinee in tho Hun of [he pro.
lession, will , be attended to • with'promptoe , s and
dt.op.itch. JOHN GALBRAITH:
Erie. Pehi:nery 3,-1817. , :39
-- —;—,-_-.
sri•Am. ENIIINf?,,S.
NATE_ t arq l o4r . in epared to 'ln Ike or repal,
' V s . i". agwee, will to sati •l those, wi
have dotili:sitw to our abil(,y tir, turn ou( sly II
WO(k, we invite tlwir iniipeet ion of one %side!, i 1
have recently built anti } nit in operation at on, (
_Volindi . ‘
LE y.
STER,' 517.7. , 1N :TT Sr.' ell E",TER.
N. B.— A second hood
cr. toLtothcr with bcilunr,
sato at a Imo gain.
Eric. Niar - ch':?o. IAI7.
TT 1.... 110111 d not tame thi
our slow: is eceivel
will please cab and see a
Ow they want. Among
Cloth that can be fount
tneres to'correspond, at p
tatiaa ams atm hey will a'
Caps, Gloves, Hosiery;
4.c. Zl.c , at„,
May -2a,1817 '
/. Ikj ()TES OF AXI
'ti pain!! 'an account I
nrientVat Van Dvatnat s LI
for sato at Spaffords'sl
Erie, May 9, 1817.
LAMES' ernvats :int!
nrul someillinap w,
hiat •Ribbons, pat, cope . ed
Wool ! \Vic) e l
THE hig,hdat pried P.
Comnyreial Exehri
FOP, 4 May, 21,
y WILL pay S cents.l
L'aub'es, and 12 1.2 Cis
es delivered - at ray 'aslicr
grle, Oct. 21, 111113.,
t-'j!-,2rlrs . t . Irk
to deliver I.lAri .
4 a
A XES.—Winera
"l J 4 Ine ilSz~tl `
ot ,
• '''' " 41: i`014i.ii1.461i.&
Pehmarll43. ll9,
TOOT. Itrapaof or vWild CIWTY,
Lit the,OthbuktiedirtArey ; Conaumptiqp , 4n 4 .othesi
dinOity 50411,44k4,9,04..rari1it-,
Oyu &W eagle
y MN". itsoilimta Orr'
01 .1.4 X rip i PPP 4,, • , •
t • 3
t 1)1015EN' WARE. 3.l4aphecA4te,),
VVI 'mop bUtter,Pri n Ls. lad Ititilec•l'
July 1 ' T, W. AlnOitE.
Iron I
l'or '
rit44l; ha
asr eat lb to
adv •rti,vmen
they have bee
ger in New
in Broadway,
and like hitu;l
toriet . y, they
atrontion of t
( . .inids• and of
•Voidt ,
Caelty cheap
at 'IOO Ficne
E,-th .
racinv la; - e paw
ur a mall Found' v, for
Gentlemen- infer that n
I,ly Inr Latliiia, They •
WI assortment of good,
others the best French
n the place, and cassi-
ices tw near the impor•
Also stimmerhitits,
itivata, - Collars, (Mks.,
by L. W,•Miller,
the. - uniiiou: co•lrme.
md. jult tecpive4
n tinels.eir•eiion
log(ii her with F omepice
t the coner the
liffo'i ';‘l,'ocil - at No. 1,
'AI OS. 1':1" li:OC 11.
6 iiiiiiliel, Toe, good Geld
ie biiiihel'foi ho*e !iisfi•
- ,el\l'lc.eadi corricra. , ,
C. M. T1bP . 4.1.t . •
.......".z;............—..._ ..
, q a.Ppy'pMwryi 601p k tis
t ;vli4t wè, jigv„o, o . ll . l )aliCL
tO'd 9sl3t Stela Agee 12y
;considered completely restefOtl'aild to the''e
'any - hesitation 1 attribute tht' mfti'
J:tatitiory, 18 ' 15. :Pester "or the
Tosti,..wouy, [roils, Ito
isini—Sometirne last January.:l was taken
with a distressing, cough, which in ' the,tours
of the mugs, with-Much sereneti of ,
Muclijoioness of the incest.. .Xller being eon , '
) (old gettitig no : Pardhe, forrnerly Ii
irceemmemled me to set a bottle of Dr. Buchanl
oliiNivinst , that lie had,beee similarly afllieted,
(eine balfbeen speedily and.entirely.eured.
wer,usin;“ , it a shoit tithe the result was as
ell. retina 001pin:fit I received from the 11: 1
odd name it bears among my- , friends he h i
amid aminilticeil to believe it to
'now in die for 0049 iliseases, and as such ice
!' - - . .'. * Iteintsrtnbto cnre r ctifis Dm,
-To S. To,Usar. "i- . eiro'l /..;
ISir -,—Wetare entirely -oat of the Iltm2nriat,
left with tts,-in our Immediate vicinity, and in
'say With astenishi tit!, success. A few days si
•town called at our store who had been far mot
;tra3aing conizli. and wanted a bottle thin! B I
little use Ihr hint to take it or aav thing else
' battle, however, and afterwards had unothm
t v,ltrY Much improved in appealance, And
istren,rdt --but had it net been for the invalual
have died. We want s true, more ache mod
. •
Yours r l espeetfully, , '
I[Front Esq. Ir. E. Fis4, Canastefa, X Y., d. I
I •To S. TousEr, , Attend, &t..--sAitt Ilitvinli
I lß i t a n
s i e n er t i n j Wat ti n l i e l i y i 4i:l i t it t ) h , e fr v ie e l - cv ds h_e m s .i t o t i , l tn i •
I :lrini to become an ( Agei l it for the soe:pl the
a r e - a e number of bottlt. and have in I almo-i
Itt; d succeeded beyond all expectation, io sort;
Jlic - ,en by PhYsieians orre-peembility 1. 1 11.0 N(
e i their bases hopeless, Kral must cheerfully re
lief hit! , with long complaints, assuring them 1.1
ISpeedy relief.' (Signed)
, . ' Vlore Proof
I Estotlisfiing• (ti r e rOicary of the, flint
i [;'tom DoaCCUI f..ClVje., oi tit it:a, dated
t I . elteerlittivv:ive , my name in favor cif.t)r, I
ILife. ' Dist: - Ap - fill, my %Life was' quack edwitl
, i
a F'Vvor9 a yes l'It(0 ,- rYIST :L` qlf4 I.: PA IN 14 ;FM _
(areal. 14, the in this immion,d called on ,
!medicine, and they reeommendeAtitis Bolt!an
the time we had used about one half of it, rrt.,
• ,
I dler using the remainder, her,' health was-co
lame 1 have rgeommended the Balsam to my ft
iit with like success. • (Signed)
, - ~. pencon of the'
. L ' ~77.PIrtarther Evilly ,
[From the P. M. at 'Berlin-2mm Flats, Ots l e.
I ant 11.2/li 11 tinder the necessity' ot orderin ,
Inky with still taint i maks the medicine and is i
lin thi: section, , I heard of a friend 50 miles
lin a CONF,IIIMED ( . ON VIA PTION. I sent him
two weeks sin.ce, and today I heard from hit
'him like a charm. 1 l (Signed)
The Messrs. Met all, of Gerieseo, N: y
'physician) in ordering a new tnnTly of dal.
'lt:nu CASl.l , s'our ete=tomer-eromplam of reeei.
S. TotigArx, Syraeuze, N. V. General
Western Stites. Sold in Erie by 'f.:AliTEll.t.
ernedy for Colds.;
NIPTION, is the;
ly Dr. pothan oft
teat Britain pild '
State:, under the
the C.ttre 'of every i
t in soliciting fov.
found in the coin
ninon remedies or;
red Physicians as:
lalsain hos etire'd,,
t is no wick nos•
nptive tehdeneie
di eases or Colds,
ritanon and sore.
elic Fevcir, Nish)
6tption, it i s the
e.tB,es, for shi4w,
Court Ft piston,
riean Provtneeg.
the resturviiYor al
on cortificateA and,
' at Englioh Retoo
• ieriennA2ent, on
ent ror Newl York
I. eorettly. i
r. ,Buelrati' . e, fiii - n•i i i
,Ile.Ltirl, niiW in her,l
led with a p. in ito
e to. Ntni)ve it, AEI'
el of Dr. D 7--, who ,
ti that her recovery',
ottle of the lialsarn i'
itmeil her plays and',
i l s'tll her heac,h . wel
mcF...-4The Tin, - Copper and Sheet Iron
Mannfaett ritid busines.s will be curried. tin
old smodlof Ashley &Kelsey, where a con
supply olsalrarilOgs Munitlltetored by him
ate kept for sate ut whelesule And retail. phi
.er and Brass . ,‘Vate take .1 in payment for
Ware. - = iOF.-.:EPIT , l KELSEY, Jr. 7
I '—'"---- -1
' fi ternored hl:imigh, blind and door Shop to
'tile, [Mit een it hand Bth tttreett;,' w here he
teep constantly on bona or malne to order all
les in his line on the shortasunntiee. Those
irttr ito obtain firfi rate work at low pricez
Id do well to ! , iyo•hiin a rail limbre put cliffs
11E15110re. till zitit , dolie at. all:ltirnes. Glass
'utiy , kept euntantly on hand ; _
ay 10, 18 IG.I. r
1 1 • .. _ __- _.
S. ~MYTH • ;i
t..• , it nits nrs7 RECEIVED
IN err 1 OTX, per POnlrny'S EXPreNe, int Sprinz,
ions; and is now ready to execute all orders
'IATS in thoiatest Pasion, and of u hcarr
,ity ;Ilan can'lie purchased here or cis.cwinne.
M arch 16,
..ti . , , ar.onor. KfiLLOG“.
caws, though 'FCrikt time an hue!.
'e nit before loond it convenient or
intr date intO the pert:: a tioncral
t. elm:. rather ol a mode,t. In. n,
n sitonted route.% hat like the dtran
ork, ‘vi' gre open a day" goilire box
to wait 1411 the emwd should bid by;
lhaving iittraeted a little public no
tre pOriated to get itui:vti and Inure
and would riispect folly Invite the
,he public tri, ii: choice perection'ol
Lt, ititersr Ned ; with a few staple. Di y
ter not' ris, tecnived from Nen
nati, ttr.c., whit It they design to sell
for ready pay: Please call and see
I t.trcct, pelt (loot to 11. 0. flint:ll,
.0 i at Si - , .r..'eet Canal Rain.
P. T 'ItILINbON, & Co.
' i omT rst,o
11 E sub*.
-1 1 - itur
• Stree
110:01 irty by,
a.. hey can
ra I and see.
lat , st style a
I 4 iiN, No 2 -Fleniinff, Block, State
.`. I.:hiA estahlisinnent has acquired
i s
all kinds of clothing a , cheep
'e nurellashl in New Yot k eity,--,-
A sniror clothe , . can he made at
meet in ONE P.Y"'S notice, in the
td most! atwoved 1 aAtiott. '
ed a gokral asso tnknt of( lothing
table kr the seas a and for- sale at
Id to tlk pecuniarV means an% For
,iod article of clOtlil all %%001, at 150 CIS
every thin?, illFe in proportion.—
, done to order at rCduced pdees. All
be cottony Olothrly sttk tided to. --
sear reccit.'
IV cloth, su
ine i tanee zze
yard am
Cettino LIRA
r rie ehilii
C.;‘ sto l mers
e, - (1!: done r
S:rie, Dee.
`IV-111; Lb
crud do
n buy as oh.
nerully ear
slit, and no
UP he l
, 13ozall mid '7.,‘
f 7
\ pril, 2S
ilii - iicl7: )ME .
' ' , P r i" k 7 l, .1 • -
.110 -IN r e v Jew Stoll Ahead !I !
1 ,
UST received ut the ..'sit le ljew Store, No. I,
Flemin. 7 4l3loak; State streil, a new and eplun
di I assormumt of x
, . 0 ~ ~ ',.,
\I. hich, hay Me: been bormm, atiextreeretyme priers
al d tlit enh,...cribers havimi, Cat:wintered neither
' mils by or land," in their to Phila.
di Inhia and i\ew York Markets, eau
.and will be
so d as chea —not to say a litOe chenper—than at
n y other ..(etc,.or G,e utile Sore between New
I' rk and l'Sundown." .Onr keel: conehsta in
pit of .
SILKS el 1
all kinds, der iptions and colors,
''r m plain duck 10 the mos fashionable plaid,
.t yeti or Ttered. , 1
e '
(ANGLIA MS, French, F l rli3h, Scotch and
A nericano crying in 'glee i tad suality to ftlii
Cl aloiners. , I
at mice; tht
, M. DI - ...... LI
p, tvarde. ' I
*lades and j
c; to hand,
d lliento pal
Fraud* V
a beautiful
Also', ernbrc
.% a 4..0111116
mil tailors:
',S.(• • 1
, Sint, Oftslimd c, Barrette, etc., etc,
t, caonet 101 l to- I Icaie. ' ' . •
‘lNfliz, of all 4 talitic, from '2O ots.
r RIBBONS , of 011 colOrsi qual4lcs,
prices. .
that cannot, fall to fit thu most deli •
itt prices in ace( Milne° , tvith,the Most
t • '
Macs: -
l i -
orked Linen cilmbric:liandkorchiefs,
Aide, awl verY cheap Mr the quality,
idered di do , together ltith 'many
ist too Ounieron to nicnAolf, but which 0
pleastiro' ; in, Atoning to CIISIOIlleig•
lAlso—a!, spWodid stock of
(1: 1 1''11:TADE CLOTHING, • s".-
I r, viii,j, s ' Vesta, and L'oats, of all .ttii-;
talities; and Boots and Shoes, of ail
di and see, and'don't forget the place,
' 4 , 1- O'i Met; Statct:Strecti:".. -.•'--; ,„,.
1 rgAAC:II.OSE,ZIZ,W t1 . C.4 -4 , c (XI;
_ll „9,i)§0 ! :.. i . .... - -• ' '-, ' • ." .. ! ° "- 1
' ',s 6z. -- 10 -- i - NET C ritiMVlNdS. 1 ,
o this dayjainett,'atidrolfar'fbi•-stiea
'steak:tit' onnots, Ladies and Mtioi6a
•eitfaibelo the market,. noinit.serhich
111-°llo4tiiiorsßlFlWltOlirVac-e-', 4041
, 11 ,_irkit 1ti0...e, , ReM 1 4 8 4 41 1v* C 4 i 'Oli 64 4
1- 11 A good 'assortment of trinamioga,
e real Prench -flowcretha4 a.rol3eAtut-i
191 , '- - 4 -'1 • r ifrk ( C)%l4o.) 1
hds 1:a
0, 1, Fit,
• E 4, hii
zee, at pri
a a arra o 1
taught, t
scme oftit
ful, Also Ribil
Itr. _ •
!) ..iti t ot Y ,
e t- t? --- t, I, imaw*. .. t . L ,. ris a sxu e lis% ,... ll vl '9 own's - 771.1;i ii
rtoteuti epto eu s t a nk ly, er k„lt e tut ; tkit t - l ite fltfl
f iorktillitultorxhqp ,Weare A rfefts,All.l 1.-.,,,4( I •
,•:Statr.l4. o 4ol tu p l aesi g e Ea g le Hotel. ;
July 10; 15,4 T.
1 1‘ i , . i 1 .8
, .
_ _ _
Fore aiding and
ut thad'r ware-hen
and will be. read
oldie pregent yt - q
Mara laiamlisas tan,
vet', lo'Eric t as tl
qiongible'lines, a ,
of 'Sta i a'fara Bonn: a
nine theta lieu
sp tdti trunantia.e
llce i a c ar r. The:,
tar zonal' tip and '
Canadian p9ris
e nee— a
CASIT •divane
,and s‘deAprptivi
constantly on km'
small ;plant ti
Iron, ;Nails, Etuv
Erin, Nlttrell
AT f Oft NEV j
eomSlh to
I_lh NANG q , )
ofilcial dot
Lo eat; pt . ioa
tene to - till legal
Ho d th attetid t
Warren, Cra win!
JulYertion, and t
ain'tl has protbss
wilt trans ict bu
in New York a
NVi! I be remitted
atlelphia wilhou
will also take
agaitpit the Unit
applications ror
(Alan! übili , y
siness coati led
would not be p
havin! ,
leetions to inak.
spec. Inn rerei r
itoN: JAMES Tn
GEN. Cll.l U L1:23
3fEss.v.s.. W
ea.. the beet judgc•.
1 (1 on having their
- - .
pc, Embro
hills, do., Sommer
wed Worsted, that
A. D. Sr T. W. l'A
HENRY :3111T
CHARLES li. S.'.
a -
JAMES 311.1:T
110 N. JOHN A. D'
110 N. I IMES Itch
;S• rtIG FIT'S
r fIonCILT
B. DROCK% .4y;
boy. WM. PAT'I
HENRY 11011. S.
.1. & J. P. STEIN
itcYrtY Mra
IMO. tt.htcClV,
.W..1.1 - 001tDOV.
110 N. LEWIA C !
JOHNCH tlt I',CS (1 1141
lieltEl'N •
Niny 8,
rii i ,ol/11. At
rte lowest
,SilLap(l, C
cheap af OH) C
Erie, Feb.. 27
. Feb. :274:124
riliCirilS; 7 : 6
abdvo - Vost; c i it
—181 t
Otilyi 0,
~ I ptof gob
kkileuitore,iii !.
' 'PO ''3711t4
, , •'. _
_.....,.„.. ,
P O , I
a large ,a
ifttWitp beibt
ofr, P : Wet
r .lit
d IC
E y 1?
tet of this Mediefue, - vrit out
aptist'Ulatrcli, in Celeeee":.'„
icren,ll..Y. /Ude O r , 1845.
'ith a violent cold, attended
ola few days: brought on a
he cheat, Rain in the side and
fined to my Itcfffor sonau days
Iteputy Sheriff of this county,
's Hungarian Balsam of Lifeli
, the' use of that
immediately gOt a bottle, and
ha predicted—! got 'en tirely -
Isativ and from the universal
,are used it for 'diseases of the
he one of the best medicines
trunend It to the pithisc.l
W. W. S WWI.. '
crone Couglf. - -
saves, \. Y. plug. 6, IS 14,
lialsatin,,havi?g sold all you
jastite to the medicine must
ce a young gentleman 'of this
this alllie:e.%l with a very dis•
We' told 'limit was of
HE MUST DIE. lie toot a
,-Yesterday he called itgaln
aid ho was rapidly gaining
It Hungarian Balsam lie Must
eine dlrectlY.'• - •
led COIi,STOT.8 ' Nov. 7,, Itiltlf
med Dr. IluelMn's tlungariJn
'en; for lung' effinelainei; and
-0 success; I Wtfl' iprluc;'d last
.ince which I have sold
t every in.tanee learned that it
cases where t'to patient hind
•tirtittmed it to all who are 81/1 1
'at in mostcases they till find
, •
karfan 11.rtsthtt
Ttcn, Pcbruari-1, 18151
•liel)an's Hungarian Bal&am, of
a itiokot cotiOj o attOhded with
to l l:, 'so bad l 'a4 depi:i'vesine
VCo. tor
I purchased bottle, mad by
wire Ireton to get better;And
plettdilestoretl. -',Sipco that
ends, many of whom haie Used
`first taptiit Church id Utica:
ti C uN. Y. dated Jan; 1845.1.
a new eapply of the Balsam.—
proving. It is doing wonders
iron here who was considered
two bottles of the Balsam allow
s, and the Balsam is awing on
(one of whom is a practising
Balsam, says that •Iu sums SE
to *rent hrnefit from its use
.ALl'ent for Now York and the
Acura Ea, No. 6 Reed flutist:.
ER, si; K .
qtA Yrs.-.-w ill continue the
commission business as usual,
e on the Public Dock, Erie, Pri.
on the laming of Navigation
1r to contract for the shipment o
the eastern cities, or otlier pl
l ey ore 'connected with zootA re
nt having somt3 of the fire* ilasS
ul ProjtCllers on the lakes nn
•e, ilieri , Vensttrim! thesa h• and
on of. all 'propel entrm,ed to
will attend to the torn urding
loom the lakes of to any of tire
m Lake Ontario and the Rivet
-.0 south by the Elie Extension
s made on all kintia .IPmdilee,
y riztended to. They will keep
d •liiTtitnlnnits C;oa I, in larg6or
to snit pureku.els.
Plaster in- bids, or - bulk, FislO
ann Cu6tingsot every descrip.,
• John 0
Molt, P
N. k
W. Ati
• Otis, C
• E. II:
be, " -
(Amon ...S. CO. "
H introd co. "
:liner 4. Co. Buffalo.
;11trpin, Albany,
nteith 4 , Co. "
& Co. BoEton, .
W, Holt & Co. N. V. ci,tv,
lien, (4 - r,riensbur . , _ , , N. V. 7 ,
prowne,Toronto C. W.
. Kin..., St. Ctitherim;rr, "
I, Jill VtB & Co. O.
Dotrolt, Ruch.--
ry I),.le„Clii;a ,, o,
18-17 „ ,
....1 Air Wit A 11. LON,
ND COUNI.O:1.1.01t AT LAW, !
I O. LACII t'tiE, Eior, 1..1.
lir :man o.ed and sy4remized hi.
ins, as to enable hi in to devote a
iis time toil's pt ore.4sion, Will Lit'
11:flI1P9:7 elltr4l6.P'll 16,111 g carf.--
e Courts in'the Counties of Erie, ,
, -d, Mercer,'Venan3o, Clarion and
.10 Supteme Court of Oda Slater
'lntl arran , ventents by, which he
;loess in. the, adjoi aing Counties'
id Ohio. All monies concoct!
by Drafts on New York or Phil
any ehargeifor Exchange. "lie
barge of-and prosecute Chums
led Nta tun, d: a(V 1111(1 superintend
lonsions,,patouts, rte. ..
and' illieilly i‘'ith %I hid] all hu
to his One will he •perfortned it.
• oiler in this place to speak, hitt
-^al Business to transact, or Col
, in this section Of country, are re•
.il to the tolluwino gentlemen: '
iO)D.SON, -
I. REED, . .
'lErie,ll , ni'
'IV Si F, 1t It ETT, .
".111MIWD '..t. Co. '
'CHIN, Esg's. :
'I. . , • I
l 11.1.IASIKESq... nu/Tato.
r -
lit, 1.9 Q. •
:EltS, ESq. , .•
•A ft DNEII., Jim:llo.ler, N. Y.
Xp Albany, N. 11".
I N & en,,
1 .
• Ilt. & WHIT tHER, ' N.Y, City.
MOO, . ,
AND, " • . ' ' , '
i lIAN AN, , . o'
WET, Washington
. ~
LT. E , (l- LoguneportLia. , ,
'MUTED, (0,,, , ,T N. eig0,i'11. Ir:
EItPON,, O. : •• 1
"r woltaii, 1 Chicago, 111. '
: /LEK& Co e• - ,
r " , ' - Piailndi.lphisti*
F & Co., S
M.,. - •
a.:4llWilil :- - I .' . - ;
I t'...l;u:'; , •II Olatniri. ',' '
I ED, ' . . j_..", •,,, • . .;., I
IR; Esq. 4 L . ' 4
VILILINS.II 'ti i 'l. - '
. 0 .17 1 %1C, • IS i.• t . • .. 4 g•r•
skrs. EsQ, ly‘if , 1 oe., v.• ,
~ r. ,
I;iIND, MOiliPq!, h 1 ,0; ' .',' -1
'' .143pi , lit . 4,'"; ,1,-. . 1:
i OLT, , , • , 1 ,
, "MONO, Essa• r. c t l 4 l . 9 4 l Fb*, • i
LDS, Egg,
, 1847. - ' . -, ' , " ' ' '"511
SALT'--,Ahvnys on hand; . a
rteea and brktif!" buscquality,,by
••" I "TOMIANSON.Ez Co,;
coMFPidired L t
In mode, very;
1.'17: 91
arid.lleoro ccci . 810 and Buikino,
'I • • EXC H INGC t
rotitmeres and-attinetts et'every
jebiei, are e irered, et n fraction
ti" "' • 'ipw's-roitu;„ -
;-• - :
,:.' 8 . :',. A f 10'4el.":,E,iiiki line Oit : iiltlie'r:
1 6 . 41, 1.6410r1tC5 :tliiii:ixt:cis
w Yr. If !•'t 'i, ,, . • •• g WeAT-OAF:I,f
) Di eDnktia." -- 400D 4 1
:1111e . Corner r hS;::11:::::: u. s ' ei
i ; .sorijne4t rDresg;oob4tit - AtYles,
al: iiicliW*o l3 4i 4peldddlrck64P:
iiiltirtiltimlne coi YoliMlvonlit .
7!. '''' , ... . METCALFIV i
tliq i' - ' 6 tiOci4 :(14'.kind q
' 7 - c 7 ) a Tr.
•i MlSlt'CONe,teetv
' 'Ai U N 1" t 3 LIN'IMENT,''`
Incluse delvers...illy selitiewlectgred to be the INFALLIRL',,
REMEDY for ,ftelleouisetism, Spam 1116eetions. Cunt/eve
Lions At shell, luscles,ttore • I'trAt end, Qulnby , , Issue, 01
Utters, Tains in the Back 'a: ;I gil
Chest; - Ae i; they Wefts
end 'Fuca, Tonth•MC, sp . ,- O
ens, rtlibos. 8 It Ithouu ,
Ilurna., Croup. I?:tobte‘ , l Few' 4444.1 all Nerv0u.5,14134,444e5.
The TRIUSIMANI'I . 3Ue 4,:SS which bas ottetideirl th"
application Or. :hie tewst W 4 IN I t :F:14.1 IUL 1 UL MEDICINE i
curing the most severe, cases of the ellftereut Disease
above eleeneel—nela the, Ill,qll ENCO3I,UNIB that bar
been bestowed d upon It , wherever - it 1e.,.. hene,i, ietrocluee , ,
gi t vea me tits sir.% to call nu the At '''' ielta to resort a,'l
once to the ONLY 1:17.1.1EDY TiLyr CAN Bre HEW:
1 ON.
f • I
L.,;) - -rii following ee,rtilicatn or i sca ld ed child Is a mu -
tleteet giiftranteo or the coutHeuce fleet may ho placed i I
Ilona's. Linleuent
' , ' ColU'obbly Mee, Columbia co. Nov. la, IHIIS.
• Mr: C. .E.Statiton,—S:r -*YOU Wiii ollow rug to lieu - to •
thnony to the! healing mope. tiee of your prqmotiM
hissed !Innen Liniment. The fellow ing ease Canty um] r
my themmlinte ob.w.ation, 11011 1 dots it Car the bone t
of those ntliti may meet wit!t, a accident. Ti
child oft neighbor of mine was 3evervly be:ailed
gre.ite.,t ugouy; your I.4lmb:et win ar plied an l i
lief was givrn Instantly, and a few application entire!
recovered. I think it invnlimillra,. a speedy remedy, a,
advi,e e‘ery family to keep it in the !mesa. 'This ease 3
131i0 lutooo t 0 31ca.rd.W.'ee. Ur. Otorrs of Molten.
Yours, JI0:4:1'11 WILD.
ru—A,bevere sprain entirely cured with one bottle I'
the Liniment.
•7' i -'COATED i PILLS.
D aybc ured with Waked mitt Cls in every disease ; re. -
1 , thi ng p gentle -
ith astonishing illicitness paine and dizziner•' :41
, Xfje !Falk, "WW I P 41815. I ll'end, pains told wedkocas of Ilho bre air. side, t ,:t o bm , t r - i
Dear Sir: -Ir effords me plea ore to comply aid, yo r ull hiuds of indamation of the e,t , r„,,
requestdind add my testimony tithe excellency,of Hun a the litlntaft tititly,,. foul tiretib, coated tee,"„b i a g ut It
Liniment in. au (mover,' nil b. own) for ibo 4Ur J it. Imbitted costiveness- cod in all eaten es,„. - 3 e. et" -
e th e steep
"pitons, brluses, &c. !Last ~tauter I rpr.ritimr my' our e abh sled hovels are loadedwith hunwrs; which a
bi,illY, end a ti, sometime confimt to the house. The I n doetive of ,i•esse. Esch box contains 30 eir.1.7.,,,717:7- .."
jureil port v.'s' , tery' isrudi saiFteii, and the pain int ed.i -e, m a ted Under oath purely,. segetubls. and sell fur 13 t ; ~
after Irving a Variety of ,„.0...!,..„ I "'ad.. an oppliesto It -•' nil na 3 heieran ordinary dose. Aloe, I mi
of y oar Liniment, and (vted trom its ti-e speedy re'i f. HERRICK'S SCIATIC LINIMENT, 'nu
Speaking from my own e::lle,rf. nee, I can un like r• , :
imminent! it .1 4 3 n Valuable. meditoinl ill thtnen like tile 01 e
__," INFALLIBLE ItttlEDY . ;.
ii, which I testa 1 ILI roulette% Nioner.&e. ! :Eve- ltheninulisM, Spraille. Ettrines, Cuetrneted C o q. --„,
JOHN G. SWitIER, 4-I Walt +Wt., Si,ro Throat, (limey, Croup, Stiff "Joibts, Shrunk ti n'
rirTlin following leiter allre,eilte the Editors ,f ewe Agocan the breast and face. Toothacbe,From p,,,,
Christian 1,.-
the Ad com m il ae. fr. e new. Theininioas Chi r , Du cases of the Spine,. Perished Limb., and w h ~,,,, as t ~
of the Methoilii,t Episcopal Cluirch -is on , . 01' the bet ex terittl aPPlicidiall l a jimllrtre'l•' The , rapidity sic,
recommendations this celebratercinekly eon hovel. -!! %Oiled th , WoNOERMORKING MEDICINE Caren t, .
siov„ fri,d.,!, j-io, "25, rem r ! e!nrat cite , . of the shove dis4ases has ihtiatted lilt -
ekntlemen:—llaving: used llunt'• Liniment in my fine i- O OND Ell AND ADMIRATION of the world' That 1 4 !!..
ly, and !teeing teen Ito ethet'i'Lai tont , : of tits iteiv blur e, oily :wait thetn•elv-e of the use of this b easing Intl m,
I h ive no I,,,ltailey I (e Ii i'_ mg to its m6rit,,, .4,, elle I icy, the Dctetor has put the price at 25 cents.' Lulls!" .!
tier agent in Cite:4E347mA. for a hich it is recommeode',l•l v lb' has the Doe Cs. name bloanv" ku the glen, and sni,r„),
Its inventor: tool I th in
t' 11 0 ill te , eA: & s aw. public, atm, J eq to I , eta of a diseased Seim ' accompanied with feh 6 , i , '
lie un,lf y •.031,1, ;:ri, 1 ,1 I • ) "dr t o.,hilic if 4 i s n [lien isLIUS ii reetions. Lir.e.i,c.geoerai 4:r bility, T,t
ended .), pee . t ,, , : -
.through tint itteiltuin ioutdi`xeellent Jmienat. I ant - per. and Wesknes4 iii the stomach and botre I, intending teen
,-J ;-
ane - de . ..1 flitittnuelcsuff !rind ii, cub! tie Volleyed, iiid mat„, y . aide, loss of appetite, tremb mg of the limbs. pal r%,
oballunte cases cured, If kalif!, es were titiown ; sad len 4.. lien of the heartaitlidici, A ea nd Fever, and all t "-'
not but hope that its urnAdvrleonie gee er4llin the COI i• loos d ireaies are quickly cur d' by the use of
thonny. Iterpecifitth'. 1 AIERRICK'S VEG TABLE TONIC
.1 III()i)t).Aus ct,Att K. .. - BITT RS. , >.:.
This Liniment is soldy at '25 and 50 cent , per bottle. ,ty ,
I c : . i . it oli in bOxes accOmpaniet wllli directions, aid sellfo i-,.,
all the Principal Druggistv nail 31!•rchants ehroughnot t le
country._ • • 1 -"CIS Eech box w il l make half a- galldn . In the sae,t,
manner can i,,Coudlis, Colds Asthma, oilireuiob du, -"
111. t;turte Agen 1.4 fi,t• Nne York.
. , 11' , ADLEY , Pll EL' r, & Co. 111. Wutor Street, Client, I.lll.oopingCougliCroup,lntlamation of the LIN, tor si
!RUSHTON & t'o. 110 Broadway, . . and recent cases 14 the Consutoption be 'greatly herer io r ,
A. 11. & li. SANDS, corner Fulton nod William, unit quickly cured by • i , '. -
JOHNSON. KIDD &Co Pittebuigh wholesale Sect is , LLOZBINGES., ' • - - ! !
. , ,
for Western Petinsylv ania. . ..-
Pr;ce '25 els. Two of these .Logenges or e a. plt m A
Order., addressedto me rat Sims. 91n.,.. 1 , N.T., Will he t
tended to. GEORGE. E. STANTON. eon tie. TIIE TdII.ISIPHANT SUCCESS which' e try 2... 4
where attend: , the us. or Verridk'm Worm Dritroy ; ..4
. ! i Ploprietor •
, U. LeZenges In the destr . o tion nil expulsion of a - in - in is trout_ - '''''
- a
For side by J. 11. Burton &Co, Erie, wc.Tow ii No th 0,,,i.„,,,,,,, ayatem ha, plamt them flat On 0, Make,.
Eli Cu. .
j. CIL"
i"V i '4•
" O ". 44
( , 2, Wi l - . -of r;theilies. They at pleAsant to Wt.-Children t eir ~,A
lob. 11. DII7. I s . I
Nii. C. j R. P. DU ',BERT Price 25 cis., with full Bret ioni.' Those -Offering fr e e :12
rrita4 anti Si rakirens i , berbreatt. sides and beckons 1
vt he,, o , ,fic m . Litrobxenine... alltfentlia friend in the 'nee ' ! .l
• :14
i I • ENING 'PLASTER._ . 11
ISpread on fine Kla lc:atter, will rear from eine to ve
muittly, Price only IR ets , and are taking the place a !-J
all other p 1..: ter,, !ma, are considered the BEST Am .! . .4
Have just received their All Slot* of
A N ould r espk(itillY invi , e the u.ter'ition
purchasers, to tlceir 1,1111,04 14 , :ortlitent
1. - .71:1:.NGH, INDIA, ITALIAN, O'ER AIA '
ENGLISH and AMERICAN Gt )01.,t5, comp i
ein -
tLyiertment or the newt and rootl
ienahle t.0)1 . 4.s in th!• market. 'l'llc n
dtwernents will he 4.lfreled for ;he lolloeln r
eons, viz: i
enFtomets can nlu ;Lys find at cur stere' t
1:1;c-A anti mo,t dcsirabl styl,4of goads:
The} intepd strictly -uilikere princi
of cllin~ tit thy . ;1 \\* EST .1‘1.11.11(1
THIRD. • ,
They are taking crust all kinds or produce, 1.);
which they pay the hi , , , ,lte,t market.,valne.
'Ow lidlowing ate among the, most deshabh
styles ot 3notls offered, iiz: '
Extra I.ihh Puri'. Pt intcd Lan ns, Barags,L n•
en Lustre.., a new and In an,ifill article for drers l •s;
(2:dim . ..ones plaids, French, EngliAi iknd American
\tans de Lain , s, Plain, I'lga/id and printed 1::•,:is 1 1,55
Mu-lin, , Striped and Barred NI us•lins,, Sal. in
sniped Ciinohams, French, Scotch arid Ametic tr,
Gingham's, &e.
Bich silk ShaW
1., Chamaeleon and heron si
Gossamer, Berage, Plain und Flialfr,,adered M, to
de Lain, &c.
Straw Goods, Coilipof6irt?' ! - Inbily neW 0 1,,,: ' les.
A Ist; French artitic•nik , , bealtioil Bonnet . 4::1
cap Ribbons, Silk, Gin , l , .,iii. a id cotter Para- , Ls
Vancy -ilk buttons, bill slimes, s•cel triminii rs
Pur.o Twist, combs. Olui (A.. and :M. i,ts, howl ry
and IMtiffregis or other articles too numeron, ti
mention. We attain incise ail to come and re:
amine our goads and miens. •
Ei ie. May 29, 1817. • .
. 1 'N
.1. ..
, .
•- - 4 ' •
1 - 7,1 ': ,1 FA", St4trti3 73j to, itny port 011 till
31101tig.t, , tjoin the ota.asoF of it s t.ti;ottott to t-71.0. I.
--- • •- • •••—•--- •••• • •
. Tiwiztrfitiirr, A.- I). PA * 11 • 111 , 71, Car, 11. Whit' kc,
Will tun during the %casco) as foliusYs:
- LEAVES 131,71 , FAL0. ' Lr.AVrg cuicAcn. i.
1V ,. .111--,ta, ...Idly 2( Vl - c•In.A.Y, 41'
s Tburstioy, Aug 3 Thurrd , .} - All
Frt , l.ty t ' •• 2) l'rid 3Y,
Stliurilay, Solo S S.ovo,Ry
Itentlav t , to Mood ty
, .
Tueslar, • 0,4 5 Tiles.] r'iy 141 1 19.,1 . ..37 , ...i. - .;... ti ,: ; -,u aG. LOpmis 4, (,'O.,!el-A
-I,Veelite.i-d-qi 7. .4 v .2.0 Weilam,lay 4 tr: - `reNt‘_.••7::::? Eagle lle'el, have just received !il ,
Thor, , llay, • Nov 4 Tlitir.Jay
Frient.. , '• 19 ' -
• . I V'''' l l t--t- ..... an - addition to thei I rmtr stock
t de which inl4' - es their assort nt verr'et - '
The A. IX rotchita In of the birgest elle. of Sten err , . °: tn' • ' " •di an d .1
built with a rolid ttinbor Malmo. 15 iIICkI., th ick. 11,1. pr levire, comprising, a lattge. variety fit
the plan of the Atlantic: frit:ares, - li bleb cretenti. th e lia- llts - litotiltbie 4EIVELEIA !consisting of diatesai* , „I)
batty or ritilting hy 'et ri h i on• rorhs, tiliels in like pt. por
tion etrnnely built throughout; no ',ulna
hav- ruby g.'iract, emerald, an ' aethyst, uquamarinefad ,Zi
jug linen r p ur o t t t,-, in .,k„ i,„,, 0 0 Etre h gem w et - ,„ t h e codti ' leAlud pips v diarnondi ruby. and plaindinge; -1
1.0... A ter model L. , superior to a ny on rho we iota Bald cavring• - t, gu'ard chalins and keys, speetatted. • 1
w.ders. She has atcontlianlntiodt fur LOU cabin and WOO pencil eases,„htacelcts, loitkets,iiiiniatur,c.setuag, •
e '.
steerage pat“eng,ers. .
thitiil4.2., studs, Snaps, Sie. ike.'
The A.l). Pateh in and United States will tail as u, ver- . ,
tined andiunler no cOl.iderat:oll .. .Vill go into the ten Aga- l' l ICI E.—Gobi and Sitter Watches of the pit. ,„_i
tion. - -.. tent lever', duplik, horizontal,and common escspe-
The public will please, remember that they e wer. !Ito Meat. French' mantle, Permian and Ametina .-!?'
only ovpmition boats to the full of 18 Ili. t • itit.X:k a. . 1 .
•. 11 . w in T A I 'l . ' l ' , " • '' e °' ' •
. r • ILWEIZ 600Ds.—TaL.le, :ieseri, teii,ealt pad •-
( .1. :141 fills & Co. nun e• . t
' l6 " NrS ') co li, Er e. mustard spoons, hones, !miter and 'fruit knii•es, -1 ;
9 , spectaeles L chains, keys; pencil cases; thimbles., . ':•,
j, Rated, .15V/woad and iGernltin Silver Ware.— 1-.. -- '
I s Teapots, urns, pitchersi cups, tankardi. Welt •::•,!'
cake baskets', eandleAitlits.- /snuffers and trap, ''-'"'
9)001)5, fn-eels, ink stands, cstols. I ! * '
,10 CUTLERY.—Rogeeti and other ' celebratei •s.
Al akers:razmis, knives tuldseissors.:. ~ • , , .
39 NI ISC ELLANEOUS.4-I.lathetnatieel instrtt• •f•
meate,.teleseopes, therinamqers, pocket comptos•
see, sun !lades ' , violins, accordions, mutlicboia • •
flatten, fife, steel pens, card cases, combs, pocket
'ir 'oohs, pocket, pistols, coral, amber, gilt, steel,'
1 'wax and , elasls beads, bead and silk bags and e ..
i;, see, elastic guards, portable writing elealts,wori , 1
paint, 'sniiff, tobacco and . shaving boxes, - razt ~•,,
to strops, clothes, hair, tooth, halt and sharing
~ .Y brushes and .glassbs, Glazier's diapionds, Aug ".,
ir heirs, powder flasks, percussiott cap* and PiDe E.l'
0 "' chessmen, domi9cies,segarases,:purre and clp
, a claips;tweelers, cane, what bone; villin and bits I
I s° viol st i vings, rouge, ribwde , louffs, -- perfinnerin,;.l ; 3
h, 2 , , court plaster, tooth wash and pow4ers, tooth pitks, r]
'fl 'teething rio t s, tea bells, milk. wax, niotiCA;
1 seals;Nisiting cal ds r emery liasketi,needles, ll- •
L". Hider, ankbirds, spool stands, with numerous lit!`',;
rer articles not meittioned, both useful and oirtz-,V.
`mental, which Will be for-"readypay,'',frota pica-
3 ,3 . ty-tive to Ilk( per cent lower than forinerly. - '',
td - N. B. Watches, music boxes, jewelry repa ridl:
in the hest inanner andwarranted; 'A , , i,.'
, Cash 'and most kind 'of country produced:ll
-; ken in pay - end/11 for goods or work. i Call and tee- g
4 , -
The biggest prices paid in e4lth for old Gmar,
i, and, Silver. - -
July ill, i 847. •
IT I 1 , ,N A , ISfarolimi, Orleans and Scotch PI i .
, V also Lin,seys, and Wot;stetitiorys of all k n
for aalV very Jopt, ' t;AvAvia.t.
imiISTER z....,pertn Oil, iIL pure article, for a
VV i at • B. TOMLINSON Sz Co'
Erin, Itb. 13, ISM ' i .
- I',
I I,'FAir
riIHE 'undersigned beg leave . to inform tliei
..1•' friends and the public: -generally, that he,
have cominetteedthe. above business alethe el
14tand of Joint (..4ruhato, on State sttect, two d or
dorth di the Eagle Ilmel, vi here they are tea yt.
rect;lve and dispose of all kinds of Gooda that na.
he Onsio . ined . to them, tither by Public Am , '
or Private Sale. They hope th - at by strict rq.
t lo
Lion to all business entrusted thetn, Ito ga'n
share of the public patronage. They. will al;
keep on hand a choice stock or ready made el th
in ', suitaLle to the seasons, if hich they will Isr
cheap as the ,chearst :
__b i. ' 1
:Olt AtIAM4- THORNTOf '.
Eriq,...April 3,.1347. I • ' 6
..1, -- t : - 't),; 1 YAT I EII
T .
eN;cliainie.o r Giiirds. ni - iy•,qUants,',of o(
li i.x.L
FIENTLOc ' pr,4). GI lipA ADS, 6,8, Id ar
12 roc es wide, 1$ 0(1.10
' • !-If., 1L0(35. JC/14E, 1.11, by I.'N and 2 1 21
11; 1.5,16,4.3 do 1,0 filqt 1ii6.4.' f . 1 1
11 ENILC/CIR ttiDDINI,j;2 by o and 3b• :.
10, 14, ' aad 10 ,feet lorriz,. for - Which the, hi• he
inaritei. price mill be paid„ when .delivered at h
Luiriberiardlat tile, foot of. Eicrich smi- ':-.
. f
„•, - , ,
Erie, i,,tarolil
W ,
WITH the br4 and cheapesi Stoek 'Of' to
V r, - ,iohatild LhVOIgt3IIIIIESS 000DS 01
offered in this market, inisistin. , , , , , in part
50 patterns Dregs SillikOf AI kmlers, embre,eir
Colored and - Mitt and stiiii - pd.roillt ; de - Sfoi,
, 'lre de Ithine, i: , .1: 'l . r, ,: , ~ .. • --, \ -
-,-cs, ) dci 5wi5i,..,,.., 1- • i .;!.,.
.., ~
. Si,„ is uf,ell cetera' • I
AW , , Of all kindly euell,as Silk,_ Crap
.4arrggei Thitko.,Mou'h•do,Latiny Broe ha, 0,0.,-
Lawns, Belzarinee and Ilairagee, 1.. „ h' - •r.
Alovp#4o.:Mitta of all kituiv-Silki Kid,' is!
Cotton. .t ~ ' . • ..... r-, - :-,1 -,- •': *-r- :', '.
C44 O T ti , Si.O.esei trier, T weeds, iilenteel:y oai
erd . Siitin.ezts.
---Irt-shott•ceocoTri eitrAtmllyt"Orhie - g - in il
Dry Goods.tie6titt4littir eatirl in the ma
ke, , - AV:o , .l l lo)glir,, , ii.nuct.4 , pticeP.. - : Su Se
:sey,hidiegi - mticm.siiii, you a , hand:APO, U Ant
loywirgas,frtm,l2s ,;,o,Jaleihat iiill, vie wil
'Ag i f 4 ' l r40 4 ,.. 4 3 4 110. , ir,,V, lekse pall Ated:geo
.for - :pp
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Antot I, 1816
Standard Fam ily Medicines!!
1111.11.117.—Th0 high encomiums of praiie m g'
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letter in Amwer iv given h How.
. U. S. Patent Otpce. Jan. 16, 1646. , 4 '
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Dr. florrieb—Dear - Sir —Your letter of the Ste init. ha'
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Principal Depot 53 State street, Albany, what% all or 't
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AGF.NTQ. —.I 11. Barton & Co.:John Cummins &O ....1
' Erne, Goillurd • EValle., Girard: ind J. If Haynes, North 0
'Etit.t - reb....0, 1847.—1y1e:
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n ' NEW Ai\ p, CHEAP., GROCERIES !! :
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' sale andltt r tail Grocery buiineFs, ow State street, 'I.
nearly opposite the Nagle II o tel, in the room late. ',':
fiti ly acetlple.l by.Wm.ltindernecht, under thetcyl!
~ i ;, 1 nr.J.-zpom FAUX & Co. where will be bund,a ii
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,o ry article usu ally leapt or called for in a Gromi ,i
c• store. Ainoni stock may Ife founil: -
Coffee: Of everyprice and qualit.
‘3 Old and Your , ITysori Teas; '- j
. Pepper, Spice, Ind i2o; Drown, Lump andl.m
t i3ugar. , , I . -
Choeolme, ea s. tile an& rosin soap, raisina, f.„.T. ,
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I Frio; April 2.11515. !" •
NEW ,(3000S!Nllw Gqms•
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Islit,tee,gs; - , , - Sage,
2 ...Mace, ' :--
f ' , Bitter Almonds,
- Claims. _-: • . pumntor ::wore, • Cfr
Ground Cinnamon, Sweet Majoram, 1
, " • Pepper, black, - 'tinilltt_Bcaos,
Cayenne do- itron, '' ,
„. Superior Mwtard, . - Atrac. Vanilla,
,Pure Jamaica Ging& l " Lemon, -
Root, - A' ' . " : Bitter ' Almonds ;
Gretuf i
do - _.- Orange neon' Wa s ter,
Coriander Seeds,l., J e caliitt'a Rose. do , -.
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S Bermuda Arrow Root, Oatmeal, 1 t i - ,
&prior white Tapioca, Coopeetkpinotais, . ••
Peal Rurley,
Rico Flour,
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