Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, July 10, 1847, Image 1

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BY 4. P. DUR
lIN & B, F. SLOAN,
j, in advance. SI SO
• rg a year will invariably be
jg will be strictly adbercd to
One copy, one yea
Otherwise, two dol
charged: The/ ter I
aft cases. I
Advertisements ins
o'r the nrst inse6 ion;
nequent insertion.
Job Printing, of
Pamphlets, Handbill:
boat Bills, Blanks In
cuted in the best styl,,
rted at 50 cents per square
and 25 cents' for eacirsub-
1 varictkes,cat' as Books
l A Show Cards,Steam-
Notes, Rect., pcs, &c. axe
; and on ollort notice. "
Dealer ill Dry Goo
(tams Ware, Lit
Chcapside, ,Erie,
is Groceries, Flnidware,
Iron, Nai No. 121,
urx•eyor; ()tilde in Exchange
County ;:ind Borourah
linildings, French
r , y AT LAW,
td the Public Builtlit;‘-
up.staint. in the town
I L •rlif mid directly over the
Has removed hie 0111
near the Court firm
occupied by the Sh l
Commissioner's 011 ,
rusteif,to his care.
be given to nil businetts en
E. N. liU .BERT ic. Co. •
IiVFII , AI.O, N. Y. , ~
A NI) Dealcra in 1 WO and Eriitjeual. Salt
i - 1., and Produce g octant% Ptictilar ridden
! tioa...ilaid Nile sale f Produce 4d p ' urchtise or
-0.'.1 &.. 4 CoburnJ.>quaro, South WiLtf.
i E. N. 11U101 :11T, , . V. tRIGGS. C
lluffalo, N. V. ) ' . 49
Attorney and CounsMior No, f,„)
Slate st., opposite he Va. , le Ileiel, Erie, P.
Attorneys & Counsel ors at Law, Mice n French
street, over S Jaclison 4. Co.'S Store, Eric.
April 5.4, IS47. . : ~ 49
Iles perminentiy todateti in Eric, ()filet] •rit his
residence on the c wrier of Seventh aid Peach
Stream! - ~ 19 •
Dealers ih Foreigt and Domestic Dry 'Goods,
, \ Ready Made Crothino., rinos antl Shoes, &e.
fie., No. 1, Flethming Block, State Street,
- Erie, Ptt, .
Attorney at Law. Offich up stairs in the Tarn
• many hail building, north attic Protlionntar)'
Office. • I '
Attorneys and CoonFellors et I...atv--011iee on
htreet, tvesS. side of the Public Square„
Eric, Pe.
--- 1
G. LOWIIS tz, CO. —g
„Dealers in WateAt r te, Jewelry, Silver, G mime Sil
ver, Plated and Brit.tannia Ware, Cutlery, Mil-
,itarjsmul Fatly outls, N 0.7 Reed Goose, Erie
2 4 1
Wholesale and Ititail-Dectlers In Dry Gonris,(l = o
series, Ilardwa o t Crockery, Glassware, Iro ,
Nails, ther, Oils, etc. etc. coiner of State
thq nblie Squa, opposite the Ea ttic
1 Tav rn, Erie.; Pa.
Cabinet Alaber, ,lipboister and Undeitaker,
State Streei, Erie Pa
Physician an. Surgeon, alike nt. Seventh Street,
west (tithe iMethinlist Church, Erie, Pn,
General Forwardinz, Commission, and Produce
Alcrchants; Red IVare llousa, east of the Pub.
lie Br
Manufacturers of Tin, Cop ,t and Sheet-iron
ware corner of French anti streets, Erie.
Iron Founders, whole.4alt; and retail deal'ers in
Stoves, Hollow-ware Se. State street, Erie. Ps
tyliolesale and reta 1 n Drugs,Atcdic i
lOvit'Sto , Groceries, c.No . 4 'teed .1.110 1
Eiie, P.
Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries„S.l.
Cheapside, Eric Pa.
- -
Dealers hi Dry Goods, Groceries, & r e., No
Donnell Block, State st.,Erie,
')calecs in Orugs,"Nledicines, Paints, D
Ktifb, Glaes, No. 6 need
Pa. .
'orwardin". and Comitlission MereltaqtF; 10
Street,,Eric, and at Gth'Street Canal Ba
,son, also dealers in Groceries and Provisions.
calor in llardteare, Dry Goods, Greeeries,
ca -t side of the. Diamond, and one door ea.t of
the Earle Hotel Eric Pa.
EAGLE ito,TrA.b,
liiram L. l llrown, corner of State street and'
the Publicioware, Erie, Pa. Eastern, Western,
nd Sonthern Stage (ace,
ashionable Nlerehant, Tailors, on dm Public
quare,' a feu• doors west of State ttreet, Erie,
12aler in- Theological, MisCella-aortas, Sunday
9,94 Chssieal School Book; Stationary, etc. etc.
1' 1 1o; f 1 I, FrencliStreet, Erie, Pa.
P._ A. R. BRACE, .
tkolhey end Coasellor atlaw, Prairie du Chien,
W T. practices in the counties of Cran'ford,
Grant and lowa, W. T,and in Clayton county,
/own Territory.
T, ANTED in exchanfze for Goods, Wool, Bin
' ter, Cheese, and all kinds of' Country Pro-
Ice.• Fl. C;ADW ELL.
Jun'e G 3
ARDWARE.—heIf Hardware and House
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le cheap store of ' S. JACIPtOSI clo.
November 21. 1916.
scribers will pay cash for good clean - Tirno
y_secd. ' B. Tomj,,,lN SON lk CO.
sale at , C. M. TH3BAL,S.
MdILI 1,18 . 171 50
5 5 •• S' series 61* School teaks,
lt 4 and 5. for sale at No. 111, French St.
Erie, May 6, 1847.
1 LOOMIS & Co. have roamed kit stork
• o(CLOCKS, Wesca Sewr.LeTJFAtfvit
oons,iste. etc., No. 5, Peopie Row, State street,
arly dpposite the Eagle H ote l , w.[
arly will
Pleased to have their ti lends call as usual.
S, A laroaddition to their stock in 'rade
ill be. Inade in a short time,
Eric,p a ID. 1.947, • -
have Ilse beatassortment that
will be in this market oral) kinds, including
swan's self imported-black and fancy 'Kid
!my and vat iega d Silks and China Liaen.
. ,
. • .. ...
~ .
... - ••
;•-; • . .
• • . 3 -• ', 1..= .. . • ::. ' ' :.: I .- -=.. .'.- ••• :" • . . .
.. ,
14- -•
- - .
. t
.• „ . -
. , •-•. • .
~ e • •• `...- i •'•. - -•••••• •', '
'" '-`:.' •-• :. ''' . I , -Z.,: . '„, .•:,„" • ••••,.. -•
, . -•". .. , - ~ , •4 , •
- A •
. • . . .
' -
" ' • . '' . 1:. ,
, ."!...(•- '...* ,•••:i-i ..,-,,:.,•..-;, •,:1...
.j - ~, •••,-, ; , . . ~. - . I I
• -
. .
. ,
_ -
. ~, `' • - '• ' • ' • -,.• • 4 .. ' ,-
. - .
. , .
' I . . . •- - , : .
Address of the Stat)
' o the prople of Pennsyli
PE.I.J.our CEriztyis--Th members of the
tate Central Committee' )1 the Damociatc
arty, appointed_by the late 4th of Ma rc \ ,h , con.
cotton,. deem it a duty,_ia the ftilfilmook \ ef
lie object of their appOint ment, to address
ou id,relation to the prey tit condition of the
m Coantry,,and to call yo i ir attention tothe
partanae of the_ approa hing eleetton. -
Never at any period sine the commence
ment of our history have the people at lafgc
and especially the • Detii.cratio, ptrty had
more cause to conis•ratulai. each other Upon
the progress of : freo princ,ples in improving
the condition and extending the happiness of.
man.- The people of these U. tatas,'arcall,
without respect to party or :sect, in the
and peaceful enloyment attic most enlar ged
eivil and religious rights ? , which are not orly
tecured by constitutional provisions, but by
hat which is mush stfonger, the, good sense'
Lind sound judgment 'a an enlightened '4 . 10
liberal community. It else gives us unfeign
dd pleasure to join in congratulations upon
the general prosperity which pervades all the
1 •
business and pecuniary relations of the pea;
ple. Not Withstanding the predictions of o'ur
leading' Federal opponents of the ruin• and
desolation which was to follow the election
of the Detnocratic candidate's in 1844, our
Prosperity has been onward ever since, and
at no period of our existence as a people',-have
all the departments of industry—agricultural )
mechanical, commercial and manufacturing, :
been in a more prosperous and healthy condi
tion, and labor more in demand Al fair rates
of compensation than at tile present_ time
It is when labor commands -its just reward
that an hottest and industrious community is
alwa3,-s the most hippy • ,
This•condition of things we hav6 reason to
ibelieve rests on a substantial,b i asis, and is the'
esult, in a great degree, of a sound and lib
eral syStem of policy founded upon just prin
iples of conimircial intercourse and reciptd=
city, in connexion with a constitutional sys
tem of finance nn the part of tho general goV
erTent, calculated 'to pievent exbessiva
sues of paper money, and to maintain a sound
currency. . ,
Our Federal friends, hoWever, would have
you believe that all our present prosperity re
sults from the scarcity of provisionsinEttrope,,
and the consequent high - *ices in this coun
try. That the scarcity in Europe of, bread
sttiffi has tended to raise prices , in this coun
try, we will - not deny. Every Man (Wm:Mi
nion sense be Waist. Put ev
ery person of intelligence and candoi is also,
hoUnd to admit, that the reduction of the du.; - ,
ties on onr flour and' grain in the Englith'
ports, with thtifi modification of our own . ttiriff
on their productions ] is tainulated to • enlarge
the trade between the two countries, and • in
crease the exports of our grain and , flour per
manently; and as this will increase the ability,
of our citizens to purchase and consume man
ufactures, it will add in the pinspetity of ev
ery branch of industry in the country. - : In-re
gard to the iron and coal interests; they:Will be
especially ben Plited 'by Ihe demand for lion to
make 'rant-oak to carry the . 'products ultigrj,,
culture to market and to - supply -the,wafitit of
an milarged internal as well ,as- external cum
ermine! in fact, Wo 'regard our - ,donleatiP tliAti - -
ufaCturcs, l as , eistahliehed that with
moderate,but certain duties 'properly, ,arrangt.
ad . they" can withstand the. competition orthe,
world; and in this - filinion We - pre confirmed
, by, the ludgMent of . prectiCiti ?flip . arta*
gaged. Anenlialing new', ge.
tabliabraenta under ther,piesclattariff; withottti
any teasotiablei hoPe'efitictirmxieiliatt-01ante.:
-, ,Ournpponents - iinstrOer';httitink been,,driyin,l
by the , experience of 'the ce . untri, 'from ' 4l
their old positions in regard to tank in the
• I
31101tElir .112 VANS.
'hat bird in beauty, flight, or song,
Can with the bard compare, .
Who sang 5g sweet, and inner' as strong,
-As ever child ofair? ' ."
His plume, his note, hie form; could MUMS,
Cdr whim or pleasure, change;
He wint not one, but all bwurns,
\Vali transmigation strange:—
The Bhichbird, , oraele of Spring,,
Whorl fluw'd his moral lay; t
The Su:allow, wheeling on the wing,
Capriciously atplay:
The littinmin4 bird, R -Om bloom to blooM,
, Inhalingimavenly holm;
. The Raven, in the tempests gloom;
The "Halcyon in the Cahn:
n "aida Kirk Allowy," the Owl,
At mci t telsiag time of night; •
Doon,! th earliest fowl
That earied to the I ght.
' • •
De was tim'W:ren anidithe grOve,
When in his -homely *cirri -
At Barineeltipro the bird ofJove;
With thunder in his train:—
TitoWoodlark, in his mournful hour.,
Tile Goldfinch in his mirth;
lit of his po -Ors,
uid earth:--
The Thrush, 4 eper!dth
Enraptinini2 heaien
The Swan, in itinljesty •
Contearplativ and st
But roused—no Faleun
Could, like his satire
nd grace,
in the
The L 1
innct, simplicity;
! •
In tenderness, the Dove;
Dm more than AU besidt, was ho
The Nightnigale, in,
Oh! hetl he never-stoop'd to s)lamP,
Nor !cut a charm to vice, - .
How ktl d ,devotion lord to name
s r
TI t Bird of Paradise!
6 1 .: . .
Peac Ito the dead! In Scotia's choir
Of tiinstrel's, ;treat. and small,
He skan.z from - his spontaneous fire,
The:Pittenix of them all:
------- _ .....--
Unite& Statei; a - high: proteetive 'tariff, and
their opposition to the Independent or Uoristh
tutienal Treiniury, new seek to 'find Canso of
opposition to the ttentociatin &drill the war
With Mekico. in regard ' -the bank they
told'the people that it was 'iridisP‘ailire to
their Prosperity, and that the :country cotild
l'net exist virithotit it. - "They even excited their
partisans to niadness and encouraged - a reVo
lutionary-apirit amongst the
,people by'de
nouncing Cieneral JaCkSon as a ty,rtnif and an
usurper, for his opposition to altimeter batik
which sought to - place Itielf ahem the coniti
tuteeauthorities of the nation, and to control
the - government. A distinguished, 'Member
of the party on this oec,asion address
ed the populace of Baltiratire,'on Sundayiand
by way of encouraging and justifying, their
conduct, declared ((that in roVolutiOnary Ones
there were no Sabbaths." New the seine
partizans say 'that a Bank of the - United
States anobsaltite idea." .
• Before the modification of the tariff. of 1842
they declared that if the.act of 1846 became a
law, that nearly all the furnaces, forges and
manufactories of the country would have to
stop; that men• Would have tb be turned out 'of
employment -to starve;-and that the produc
tions of the farmers would rot on-his handsfor
want of a home-market.'
How these predictions have beeri ver7ficd
let' the-present condition of the dountry an
swer. They made Abe like pre , idtions in re
gard to the operations of the onstitutional
Treasury; yet it has been in op ration gout
year, and the country has no .er enjoyed'a
higher degree ofprusperity.,
Their opposition to the' Dein. crtic piny
on account' of the Mexican Wa is entirey'
consistent ' with their former induct and
. In speaking of our opponents
pelted to call them by their. pry
Federalists—not 'in derison 'or
vie are corn
per name of
but because it is impossible to deeignatEj thew
by, all the names they have, at various times,
'assumed to'suit the emergency in l ‘iihieis Ahoy
wereplaced,and to avoid the gulitrid odium
of their political i offences.
There is no fact which goeslerther
tallish guilt than that of the accused
ing his name sethat he may not be kno
Central Cam,
This`the Federalists have done Over ant
Itimin until any of them litivf3 petst
triemselves t mt they are not Feftralist
• 1
good honest 'Democratic Whige 4
is, how ver, a fatal self-delusion, and a
me l ro halluci atien of the mind.', Ti have
'no just clai to the name. There wor men
in &It day ,‘ 1 ho took sides With; Oho epemy
1 , • ,
against the Whig's of the Revolution. ,ilst as
the'l 1 tedei•Sialf the Present opposition rparty'
, 1,
take sides • t he Oonstitute ; au
, 1
Inot•ities of
The Who,. were the advdCates
of tiro rigfiis ti 4 / ,t i.,..... ty, and Werewill
inglto sacrifice evory tbing'bu N t 'honor in 're
sisting the, , tyianny 'mid -6pprlitsiort •oi't the
liinb• and Parl l 'itment of Great BThairi,i ad
IT' I \
for the pro.ahl4ment of a free and •inde end
grit governs ie' . I. '
then their sentiment . a 4kl:c;,„-,a. ? \
as the test by Inch to determine' what' con
stitutes a Whi , what just claim can thelFed
eralists make to the name? May we not ap
peal tthe fath ra of Democracy Wha are yet
amon st us top ove that fiom tite establish-
meat t?f the co stitutioh•to the present day,
the !eluding Federalists, in all the r difliculties
we hate had with - foreign. powers, took ltides I
against the Demberats and justified the,epe
-mies.4theirr country, Inst as they are now
,justifyink the Mexicans, and condemning Mr.
Polk aid the DemocratiC party: '
When, Great Britain was insulting oar IN,
jmpressiog our seamen, naturalized and na
tive, ctrl seizing . nnd, condemning oulthips
and tnerchandize under various false pr6tencea
prior to the declaration of the war of 1812,
Mr. Jefferson was anxious to brink then to a
, sense of justice without resorting to wrt by
the adoption of peaceful measures. It 1-
for this purpose the embargo and
course laws were - adopted. These laws
denouriced by the Federalists from ono e
the Union to the 'other -as tindonstitut
and oppressive; and such was the feel
tunonist" the New England portion the'
that the laws could not be executed, ttrt
was their objet defeated. _'
LThey then denonnced -Mrs' Jeerson,
the whole Democratic party asp sillani
i t
and said they' could not be kicked into a
. At length, when. Mr. Madison, who had . ,
succeeded Mr. Jefferson, recommended war as
the only alternative left to preserve thetights
and honor of the nation, the Fedeml , tune ‘vas
changed. The Democrats were,jhendenounc.
ed for making war without. reparation, and by
many the war woe declared. 113: wii4ed
unjust, - as the leading Corwin Federalists now
denounce; the Mexican war. -
• Many of the New England'orators ,declarl ]
ed it ounbecoming e wo
motel and religions .
pie to rejoice at out victories,!' and time - was the war continued, 'and the
arm of the nation iri a Alegee pem)4o 1 1, the
Machinations of Federalie th, until it ended in
tne-,unparalleled victory of . the Bth of Januiry
1816, pt New Orleans, *chic* undeltho aus.l
Pices of Andrew .Jackson: : •The results of
this .wargave -almost- a death`hlow to Feder.
auseri, end-then it was that they , :began'tolle;
ny,their ancient name, and to seek for. othora
more popular, •in order to deoeivo the .peopke
and screen themselvee.frona the odiunioft heir
tyaitorotts ctortduct._ j.).
. . . , .
But their, oppoeitign-to Datml.erttiip, n 144010
measeiaa, with a 'few horiorabha
.exeepats ?:
cOininut4 tie enure s rte Matter : Oat s Imam
they. -
„During th'a, administration Ge,aoal,44cle•
ago a ,tipi,ty_waa."cartalmiai) 1r5:440 1 , :.
*bid) cop feipme4, to 4 otr.l
fqr sPoihttiot* °/11 , °- 1 4
pommorcel4, t48t.,,1110,1012 t ,<Y0f sQlne , Oftuae l
Arta the treaty-, was eopelodedi. 411 r're: l /0 1
Chamber of Deputies-refused to make thane,
~.T.HE•WOR . I.D ei G 'Di C .
t.,:l:zitt;lT- t0,'.1.01,,.
_ .
eeisarY iiiipropriationete", carry It into effect.
iliiyte'•p:ay what the treaty stip:We:Ea should
be paid, and the &Ili:CO : our governMent for
one of the instaltrieutia • Was dishenordd. Thii
. - -, • ~
, •
was an act. of bad-faith on the partof France,
'to which the . administration was' deterbilded
not te!stibmit, 'evert .at
,the risk of War: and
;O n. Jackson suggested that if
. tho treaty was
net carried into effectin good faith, we would
hive a.right. to make - reprisals. how did the
Sclera! party behave on (his occasion?"--.
fitteir newspapers were filed with denuncia
lionefrom one end of the Union to the other,,
against the adminiitritlon for its rash and un
called for recommendations which would, as
14, : saidi involve llte• country in a war.
Mr. 'Livingiton; who was then inrFrancs
sour Minister, urging home Upon the French
over u meut the necessity of the execution of
qit treaty to preserve the amicable 'relations
the 'two goVernmetita„ said the gre.ltest oh
icle he foubdin the ,way of effecting the oh
st was the .Federal press, particularly:the
tional Intelligencer, at Washir e n, which
Irequested the geeretary Of St ' to strike
Ir a ni the -papers seni to the legation, oh tie
int of its anti-AMerlian character, which
tvos done.. ilt ‘vill,alatt'be recollected that du
ring this di'fFiculth it as onticipated, from
received just at the close of the session
ofongreas in -the 'lyear' 1-05, that, Prance
might take - advanta4of the.ithen unprepared
cOnditiOn-of the e.r.ti,
/ t . 1 .. 7 and make a sudden
tre 1
'oration of war., ,It was.therefero`propes
ad tcr!placein appropriation of threeMillionS
of ollaiO•ot the:dis seise! of the President to
meet the contingent . The proposition was
at •cce acceded to ky a Democratic House of
ReJresentativesy and the appropriation was
granted, by an ove vhelming vote of that
body. But how wa it treated by a Federal
Se ate? Rejected ntrrnter in the most un
par iamentary and indignant manner. One
oft e leading and t4St distinguished mem
bers of that body, and the head and front of
of Federalism, deelaringthat ho would not
vot for it, "if (ke,ao,7nl) Were, at i rthe teats
of .kbe capitol batteemg_ie dote/44 '
,Tlte appropriation . ;_sras boat by 4 disagree
men betweem the t.,wo Houses.i
, Nothing
daunted, however, hy,t le anti-American con
duct f 3 the Serunci, qo teral Ja(dison adheyed
resol tely to his purpo e.' until he compelled
Loni .Phillippe to mak a virtue, of necessity
by pa ing `the indererity. Now weknow
that. kt i .cpponents, ho call. themselves ~
'Whig , insist that they re not the Old IFeiler
al pi:vv. This, howeye ,as we have before
said, 4 a mere eV i asien, t avoid the odium of
their former ileelle., l ;lli \ e know , there have
been iidividnal ciii4h40..1:.113..1*5.,;,.. z i ..1.7,,i
fists have come iiitcrthe Detneeratic ranks, and
- scimo wlho were l4noera43 have . gpiie into the
ranks of Federalism. . S ch c lanes will no
doubt b constantly ,occu ring; but the, great
i body of the parties are (—sell sally the same,'
and the r principles identical. ilfas not Phil-
1 i 1 -' • I
adelphi been always a Fodora tity—and is it
not now a ‘Vhig city?
• Werci lot Lancaster l ,
kfid Ad ms counties always F leral Tounties l
—and . re they net no v Whi L
\V counties?—
ero n
,t Alassactinse is and Rhode Island
`alAvayS Federal States—and ar they not now
Whig . I
Do not these facts sh ow \ conclusively that
modern ii , higgery 1 13.ohl 1 rectei - ,wlfsm Again,
look at iold )34l s,nd old Northampton coon-1
ties, - in his Stag, ` Were they not strongly,'
'Whig 'mantles in i76—:Democratie. in 1799;1
- I '
for Jeff rson against
,Ada N msDemocratic in
the war of 181 p —and aMleynot Democrat
ic still? And again, look at the States Of,
Fermsy,vania and yirginia=tvere . they :sot
Democratic in 'the days oflefrersoe, Madison,
and Jac tson, and rire they not still; , Democrat- I
le? Dki l' not these
,few facts sl/Hy'clearly that essentially the same at this time''
were in the . early days of the Repub-1
' this 'fact, hoWeverove have further
2 1 growing put,',of the relations, of the
tithe present war. The Delictrats•l
that the unjust conduct of the Alexi- I
Wards our citizens; and their repeated-1
ions 'upon our National rights, and es;-,1
assassination of Mir officers and
1 upon our own sod, prior to the battles
th and 9th of May, fully justify the
I the
.present adminis.tration in the
ion -of the- war until an honorable
hall be, ohtained, and' some guaranty
fit it will beeobserved. . -.. .
is but
parties I
as they'
lic? 0
cans, to
aggress ) i
of the
course I
peace sl
given t
ul of
It is, indeed, a matter of history 'that we
had just] cane° cif, war with them tong since,
hut, int wing - our own strenittlt and- their
wealrue s, we forbore, and:Jice endored more
wrongs t their bands thlin would 'have - been
-tolerate by us from Great Britain, France, or
any oth r, nation ion , t lie face - of the globe: -tit
length,- mboldelted by our for'oettranne, and
mistakinOettr magnanimity for- weakness or
cowardi e, -Mexico declared and commenced
the war tererilf, Now the Federal party, es
pecially ,he letiderS, leber in .their papers and
in their,speeches to, prove that this is. an un
iust and wicked-Wer, for which the, emeerats
are elenojespousible-=just as they did during
the war of 1812 3 : With . Great Britain, and as
they indicated their course 1835, in our threat
ened. diiiicUlties Nith'France. 1
.. ..- , ,„ .. •.-
. . lithe 96a
stopposition the,toPenincratip
party is' really . a Whig oppealtion,.the„word
must haveltgrne meaning very.-4.llfferentjtrOa
wiiat it had Sin - the days of ,the f!,evcdotion:
n those ; days the ritiligs,,ftelc P 1 74,1. with i their
country, aqd the Tories with thelenenly,, It
,!t*erlasvhoWler, , that Our., ,oppOoT4,3,,tavv, ,
' fOund out th at] I( they cannot alter, th ings; they,
can change : 1111 , Mc 1 4. --- :': ' :- ' - 1 •-, - ~ 1 , -,': z
..- ;Ate regret cite exiateneeef 09:.'warlel,?tii 1 4
Causes ,which,:brOught it sin ;- .hut,wo - tleera ir,...
the duty ,Of i eviry.good citizen to isustoi c ti :the
'ominiotnitigatAotyigerensprosecuth ‘ inuntii
y t
ti*Frletnrelea.iclfill.ce 4 - d OPC ) !! i ! lktc?:---Tiacq
piitce ; on - =faireel batiorol6",te mii; : ~ "00
ItifetticaueCoattnencedAti liii4 the r jmicl thole
in:our owsi:Ociuritry.who take sittitilheio
. . ~.. . ~.
by denounCing the 'conetititted a orltieS o 1
the country and placing our own government
in the wrong, aro renp,onsthin
nue: „ „ ,
If the .
Federal pres s, and esi
onal I n telligeneer, paused so
to Liviogeton, in tra4i
oup Alifrerenees with that gov
must,be the etregt of thevatute
others of like 6tamp, ,pow t
p#9pl ntueli leas , intelligent
the Free'ch, on the qttestion oil
a :question worthy
of the arithmeticians of our
'Rena we wilt drop the itub,ie
ent; simply remarking that tye
are many doo4 and patrioticf i n
of our opponent 4, who do not
course of their , leaders, and wl
rendei:themiehes subject to -o1
their adherence to a party dr
To such we say, in all kindn
ity,. examine , your ' .
yourselves acting with those ,
ins their countiy, come over to
is psrty. It is the party of th
whtiteyer may be, its errors,
found taking aides in tine
common enemy.
It was oni,intention.When
this address to call your atten i
ly try the affairs of our own Ste
the • piesent condition of the I
with its
, condition a few years a
however, extended ,
mit remark.
matters 'connected with the
menf, beyond what we intend
therefore weary your patience a
going at length into the admit&
fairs in our own State. We s
for the subject of another addre
The State iMprOVeM441 m
4 a
and will, from the most aut
I te
we have been able to:obtain, el.
million pf dollars to the ,treasu
present fiscal year, after the p
expimses, unless - some, unfore
'should occur. We know oti no
that are being perpetrated on t
Commonwealth. We Ihelieve
frilly collected and applied tit th
Ilhe accounting department ha
onsly engaged in settling - old - ,
enforcing_ the payment of arr
which a very considerable su
the last year or two, been re 41 1 .,,
terest on the 'public debt, we b
pUnctually pahron the ist of . •
the same sound policy itAcl l ec
;he administration of
Floil_during - tlio prood
dt continue to bapaid
of only so; but t i e fe.
short bona-a resike.
established, to - o;4a
pUI4 debt, annually
Akrition. ,
tiPeetiin t
Lac proleal
tion, it ;Wi
Come. N
in ll' yery
fnrid cnk t
tion oflto
inc;reas d
The 'di
aeu'lized tll
friends. '
t inistration of Got. S
i eexpectatinnso~ his
le js honest and cap
fes and in tlici'r
his pincin
To his-firs
the preven
the, last se
the ascen
and well b:
his re,:ele.
mess we are . gretl , l
inn'of many bad me
sinn' when the Feder!
: 1
ant. - We ladie d ve , t i
ar t
• ing of the C mon%
tioa, and the re .tr
cd and energer in .-1
active, uni
Our candidate for Canal Co
admitted on all hands to be a
tionableand excellent man, • wel
the situation, and•Will' add st
Party. •
The accounts we hat -0 of -o l
front, allpares of the Commonwe'
ly flattering to' our success.
however, suffer this to make us
We have a vigilant opposition to
ever ready to avail itself of our
errors Or negligence, It there
every dembcrat to be at his Ems
form his duty to.himself, to the
didates of the party,•to his S
country. - • L. •REII / Y 7
• ISAAC G. lirKtstme,
Qh how gloriousto malte ever]
ant-4o throw sunshine upon ev
Sweeten life by smiles, kind woi
shine. Make joy to spring in yi
love glow on every face. 'lnsst
iog angry feelings to the boy
dirt on' you, 'say to him, with t
little fellow.' be careful," and pa;
peed on it, the little fellow Will
you again. 'To the man' who pu
fist in your face, say,'"Atydear s
respect for 'yotirielf," 'and' lit xVil
Mind in a Moment; Di) you'evc
a'rperien deWn it the heel?
and point him teen acre Of aunt!
on the.far hills. - Has' poverty b
friends to the bluest Open ynn
your purse. A large purse andh
will , sweep the cloud from his fac
life, we repeat: There are surto
and-disappointments enoult in al
ivithout your adding to, th tn'e
is a loud, call for.imiles, tore, itiM
!words, and . cheerfet looks,
you have nothing else; these
enow,.and,adil 1F )nrge..epount, to
i t opnn comfort 141 human. happii
yAss 1T Itourin,-74 y I•4 4 ime
who works_kborsu during thoJ
can prUmelnits , conatart by them'
iciw plo Jaded tetallist , the
tearer upurilvbich-po.fir:Ora qt t 1
c.lsid, vatetijt it.:infuett,•ll:me
e t a Ot . 11440tviifj
it, and before the etie gaiti4tit
let_tlieFe per k.% which .are Meet
smeared over, with the liquor.;
1 ;
. ,
' I F -1 1'1111 .
r 1 . ,
,:.,,:.- .- -, . I,' - ....`'..l. ' , ~,*:- ..- • - .. K- ,- ;•
...........---. .._
•' .
; -:-: TENNESE'E GALLAN/ V ItY : •
, .
' - coif. the departur e of the, first Tennesseeiv 7
giinent "fireltleiee, the. young ladies of the
senor class Of the-Nashville-. Female, 11.eade
my; presented to the regiment • a flag; which
their fair hands' had
,embroidered. . The gal-
lent:lTennesioeaes swine never to diShenor
it, , end:nebly . did , they Ite4p their pledge:,
They returned with rinks thinned by. disease
andhattle,:hirt witkuustainedhonof; and ha v e
returne i dlt flag, ,covered - itli' glary; to the
hands itlt ',t;
,i*a"%:e.,t." Masi ! 07.1 r E. rogul
i t
Was aptie, nted Ify her 'etassmateS to receive the
banner; nd we , find-in onelof rain. T ennessee
..esehattgeti, the name of Which has ' e l f icapekpg,
the following sineP; W ritten - by one' Of the: vel
unteersi. -
--- We've borne the noble gift afar, , . ,
- And proudly taw we steed,
Ben eatif.lts fol4e; an many 'a field, , '
Where bleed like vi , ate'' flowed; .' .
And dyinxeyes have oft been turned
To where it fliated past, ,
When gallant fermi upon the cull!.
Like leaves, tiere riding last. . • ,'"
lof its continu-
, cOiatly . the Na
much difficulty
• , in adjusting
• rnment; _ what
reS.l,,and all
t telltexicaus, a
,a, a bah! than
r'peaee. : 1
'.. f,the - attentin
Fed*l . ppo
t far the res 7,
. now tiett, there
n in the-i•anks
ctpprewe of the
o ought not to"
le remarks by,
tt is habitually
ss And sincer
nd it you find
ho aro oppos.'
the bernocrat
never be
mt. with :the
We bring it back, unstained and pure;
And glory still will be
With that bright banner, While the tale
p told of Montereyi , / •
And gentle eyes t, will drop a tear,
jo alt who proudly _
Yielding their heart's blood for tbe pledge
Of those they loved so wet!.
C commenced
ion particular
le, and contrast
I ommonwealth
true or forcibly beantiful 'moral picture could
scarcely be delineated by the pen, than,
which we find recently introduced into 'tut ar-
tiple in a London paper, upon the character
of a good man bearing , up cheerfully Under
the misfortunes of life. "There is no spec- •
taele," slip this writer, "upon which God de-
lights So much tolook as upon that of a : gpod
men struggling under the weight. of misfor
tune- Atm power of fortitndo, tint evidencei
or afiran faith, the Clicistinn• resignOtion of a
chastened s pirit unfold their beauties to the
omniscient mind of iiim,tii whom all things
good are pleasing—the wisdom of his creation
is vindicated; and the Cre4or then,. if at any
time,' has caub - c• to ptonourre it "eery good."
To men, top, is this an adlnirable spectacle:
to sec the Man borne doWn heavily by the
pressure of Ihiszoes, struggling. cheerfully
with fate; and aWT, ea wave after wave of mis
fortune rolls" civer his:devoted head, yet once
more breat h s up R 'prayer of gratitnde and
praise, is in itself 511 0 iplilbi i IV', so flottering
to human nature, thot the iwise, niith nne
voice, have given, to the spirit, lly whose.
power the sufferer is supported, the .rnagnifi
,cent name of philosophy. I it. is th e union of
all that is good oil who nod ;linos Upon earth,
C4REOFC SENTIm3N 4 .--4The sentiments
Which follow are worthy to be placed in every
house c and engraved on everiliega t i
Nothing is more certain, ; yet feW• thing's
less thought of; than the mulations of gover
ty. Ofthis, education is. th'e great cause: ' i
will - venture 'to . say that 'Vont h eliented With
.. -
the expectation's of picsidth4ng great Wealth
or suffood Oven to suppose they are to later - -
it_tt, — mbibe exactly' those principles; - .notions ;
undo inions, 'which preitent them fratn.4o
- it ' Oil the contrary, the hardihood s.`f
povsity, and those enterprislicg and scheming
habits,Whicti are acquiring itiintintttrions 3n-:
digence, will inevitittiy 1p.341 tV ‘lteliiiti trid
probably to poWer. i will . assert, W l ith pin
specti‘e ,certainty, that tho, children of. those
youth whom I now see siVolling with , Canse
quential inflations of the pride Of,.%veeltln wi l l
in thOr daybefinlod itt : the haunt s of wretCli
edness, white the:offspring Of '144 `.n indus
trious, smutty-faced apprentice boy will he
\ blazing in all the tinselled . trappings of for
tiine. - . -
R. 0. We have
in_refaticin to
neral , govern
d, ane will not
this timi, by
- tration o af-
Lail reservelthis
le doing well,
c imformation
• ar at least l one
y doting 'the
,iririent of fall
-cen casualty
I yaste or fr
e funiti o
bey are f,
it proper
becni ass
ha's, wi
ed. • The
6 ugust,_en
I be
!, r aintirs
t adminia
ifor all ti
I assured
' I
; table Eltl ;
flguish l t;
ionls law u l
l oet langui
We, sound
indebted f
sures durin
e piospetit •
ealtir Oman •
ge you. to b
is support.
imissioner is
ost unexcep
quulifi•d for
ti our
r prospects,
lith, are lagh
e must not,
oritend with,
re behooves
, and to per- t
ell tried can-'
4te,lantif his
‘ll'. •
Ha‘ve the courage to , discharge a ddbt white
you have the money in your pocket:
Have the coiling° to do without that which
you do not need hoWever,elnich . Your eyes may
covet it; "
liave courage to speak your mind, %imit
is necessary you should do') so, and to hold
you tongue when it is prudent ycid slMuld do
Have courage to speak to a friend in a "see!.
(Iy7 coat, even though phi are in company
'with a rich one and richly attired.
Have' courage to own you are 'poor,' ant
diiarmpovertrof its sharpest sting -
Have dourage to make a will, and a jitst.
thing pretia'-:
ds, and sun
.dr, path, and
•a 4 of-show
who sweeps
.. en.
pot trouble
s his dotible
hit;, , emoro
I change his
r meetwith
eze his hand
ine, resting
Have Oaurage to to}l - ,a man , why you will
of lend him'yoor moucy. ' -
Novo our to. "C'tit i ' the most agreeable tte.7
aintance you have; when you are detainee&
hat he lacks principle. sc.k friend should hear
vith a frrend's rmities," but not. with his
ices.• a— - • -
Parc the courage to show your respect for
tifi e styo it whatarcrguise it appears; and
our contempt fur disltolie*ty and duplicity;
y whomsoever exhibited,
1_ hiait and
iglit dollars
~; Swetten
vs and. paihs
int. 'r,ilsve,
neas t sweet
• nate the to wear yolr old Clothes
iitil yOu'etinpny for new piles. •
p' .
rive courage - to obei . yoUr illaker, at the
laic of being ridiculed, by man:
paycourage to take a good paper and to
pay for it annually itiadvance.
Hallo boyi Does year fattier tad the pit:
peral sie-ee—but I does. The news
boy leaves one Xr‘Joifes' steps, and:l
'pikes it -, just es eesy: and dad he road s
he doese ,-Hnilosen't do anything else-Main
hoidoserit.2 7 :2;Ex.' piper. - .
We are tarry to say 05.1,1,110 1 / 4 1 are Jtfat• of
Ike name ~nort left in these,diggins.
iyok C.o,n Va.-
tip stock.of.
ess;,‘ - -
eiul, man"
of Ton Out,
of 030 rots.
teasing' of
.k 1s ot*alntit
tkit 'C.0414:
; it,.
Itibilge be
Y it.
Iltisio.-44ckis theOfeg of er i . ehr* ;1.
-1 11?1 ho id half-iptitet . Anil bait
akter '
-NUN like b lee t=the more' lirias duty
edn'teln; the you eats Ilesr them. tit-
Mei Are the retire Modest irta re
tiring they appear, the better you love them.
L . TAst, ha! vyrkfcii' li - deliii
0p1,014,y to . hie "Illtahitto
iries. A posticitl.estbLitit
• _
ton ( • lrt.) - TY:es_ ,rr' r'sB:l tte s il
. F.eil • them; bite i iIT a more pra
liar style.. Lie sayet• ,
Great tVeiterrt - waste of hottnie . hal;
- • Flat ad a. patcah,e, ric hl a' item
Where ati fi re till tte 4g , aetoktK
And 'skew's tire as iIIF aelearo:
0 lonesoidt'; ' 1 '11•41f, gio ?,V- - 144te ! :.....
Where buillne4 and s akestpreifaill .
,"the Ars: witlildlenall in kin,kfaae. ,-,
st l
'l'fie last iri; dreadful, soundirt4l - 0.
I'd rather live n eriMef's 'tn*.. - - : . 4
And he it Yanheedohdleh'e l t.. ,, r rt ',•-,
Titniiwhere they never ie4 44114: ,
Alit} shake to tle,ith whit Tever,..,i'art
„ . 7- _. .. ~• --..
FEW rwrre 1-0 . 41. - E.icr AWAY fx.Are,P - riatei. '
Rise early in the rnorninp., l ,,aii
during the day, attending t) yo .
ness i , I:nd not worrying ;yourself
nolghber's Concerns: 1 • 1 .
Qive oncouragem'ent to' i l tiFirdd
In all cases give preference . o lisn
factures,over foreign. '
4 - -
stead of following the 'fTali
pt ,. frs, cultivate a' Ipfrit of alkk
de ide for yource'yveshow i you
nndlioots shall be made.
heels out of the streets, unless
yquito transact that which yda
your stores, slioysi or dwellings:
By all means keep away froni
gat l fibling houses, land, above al,
detes i tlble and despisable leaferl
I • It
rdoarp-manufcctory—,•the I t hEititt . l i, : - .
N''' Heri- yeti buy 'an - article Of ;cl 'think; study
In 'mendable eynotny; at theleme-time get
ed a rticl4and .when • made, talio: particu
1. l care of it, and *eat; 4t (4titii r - 4 1 ta 1 c4l' of
g 1 :1
1, change of: faChion,, . Faslitatii
.:a great
rant, and..r4en aVe , ,,foole to be. alay•Cs tO it.
flty ht hom&of nights, irnprtd ouraelvs
edding, wrliing, or insi itic(.iv 4qaycfsa
-1 arid 'retire td I Your • beds ltt att coSilY _lti)nr..
'e kind to yourl relations, iohliging to.your
Ids, and charitable to alli L dnd rzerer per
rthir bin wily the prince i-s id itin 'pp tfr ft:
I •
~ .
'lll the I'M
3cpxAn Sin TE3IENT.:- 7e
lit, stdtettlent lin one of -p7
'log that many of tht Ito!
Its of tts t arninOkn in Aiekiir
-0 on Piilidayi
he 4ttle of Paid Alta tlis \
\ , l
the Bth day of May. ' •
`'.6 Anteri . oni Artity arriYed arid t(0 ixlk - .
Ain frdtlt of-Monterey sit) inglayi - thil
day of Seetember=ihe ba e tenttiihne,-
e nest nlorning.
6 Battle of Del Ishikei Nek feii66;'o,ll2
it on Stisimr, the dith dny f tignari t s
e battle of nUent} Vista - ho l ointehttd tiif
sr, - thh 41st day orebistiifr. J, - . .
hnirendel•rif the oily and ' j
Vas andel to Gen., Scott 6i:p17244ti the
\ I,
air of Oar6hi .
battle of SaErinfetittr, !Chillatillni, *is
On StiNdAtr, - the Bth day Ot Marc* \
bdttle of Cerro GoH eoiiniterfetd'On
, the -17th day of Aril. . 1 ' I I'.
.--r-..,... .• ; .1
lOW WII4t, YOU 11AVi Prt ‘'
fow• 1
pl r..
ed tl,
nio g
Th el
- has been a great deal of flisOitittoit
hose who `
re philolOglste,in4 ididn4
' o , are. hot,! eboOt fres beiegi r ' . 'Anti oui
nd Chandler, of 1116 . tiiiiltdl"'Statep
to whom;. and to the mealeijr, of iiii
dg . ' Rolla, alltOn iiir do, haii fought
tout haute on th. Aeld 4 i fctr4.43 . t.
- btilli" and so forth, ' etietifilit 4s,
and he Must tellp if 14 Ilitiathit iiin .
ton Chionotype, 1011. the '64% itt the
which gcoit f)l3ificil AY lifiAlegi
bal Is . I, a Mt-L'a ' alpabi hlti''',
r, I say, 'is my ch'clten hialilhge
. .
"No,, silri the peek is ; " I :I. 1
many a
to the 80,
follo*ln I
what 0'0!
'S nitJ,
ill'atZitlei the bbln; }le' is• 40d
'But r
tough'." I
bitqlTt t 1;
ili you have it done; th
ill I have it &he? W
e is <Mink, sir.'
u sai,l,.hci was broilitii , nOse/Aft
P, but he b
Ir. Waiter, (i•igiSitjg 464 1 1. 1 ,0 1 4/t,
) may I irsk, )ti your igh .Entm ,
ty, is an chiacx s.uma '
‘l'lltit y
“grs he
) , 'Oereilt/
"Yes' !!
,That vt,
- - ,
liar should receive h etlaLsr ti.
rip;, Ntith as little delay , a
i d ..
reuiustanes:-"Thila , tip ici Rut,:
. ,
~ . '•idre: .
t i n
l uet !sa t t b h e et. p t l o i.
erm . 4 l r s es ,u beti T. ,
ttre more solid than th:qip Okat;ifu,
• .ititl pi-esiets a. ftithesitrit iipt:=
rifle nia'y tipriveustifthftir, , Vittlp
rpfuge fix.ro_ 'all iielssittldis;::td ti
t be nioderiite in" priisitiity; anti
Idlsp"Orttged;ip idt,e'red yi She ,is
of delight to goOd • inert ruld.forOp
icked to pay ire boiiisg.: 1 ‘6'
under the
Win'. I
- Love V
and never
procure u!
flittering. ]
Iskable ,; a
alone i s
trachea ii
not kp be
the seurc:
even the i
6 Rtatt
on horse],
13oston t 01
was Stare
sported al
heard 'of Fi
tempers, 1, 1
rhit. Oti/
'RD TR.At'k-,;-.A lady wasseettrielini
k, thrdUgh one of the etreetif ,cit,
e afternoon list *eel!.,ll,ll,,fetn. a1e3...
s aye stayed at in eititl; hut itAk
it rittiablesly hard, btitaulte OS
, air of nrCi, Clean sn'oftyl,, hp , Orii.
v ia- 6 ' of straps. :We t:: , iutse
feed irt, - ruffied ' colt 4,. 'hailed
4, -
Ttne eilkeforear—„
feria. . : . , --'
ft roan, tharthaying. 'gat his, 6
for .4 phybiailii' 1i.r40, after in . ,
Nrcundfr eq
sief his; servant to' rii
possible, a d to 0t NM 4 certait)
!CIN ,F i VlO 24,'a, Ptqien!,.`l
der sti :greistl i ,' ' : - - .
icTes," tiiref thhteptyi 'I( the,
'rail, aser4.afiedthe cat tiAl lie - •,
he get: bazig i .
Thc, world !lever chooses to a
In ptaOrtuts circunistaneni. It i
which mankind dare not aesaif:!
- •
i r to' Iffy
a II icl-F
' be -diligent
awn but
nbsnit -.four
n'dilstri'i and
cirM' of
dick* .14n4
osiOss catia
cartrOt do jt;
tinking and
Owl? that
making and
fitad i tit, i d)
at ihipbttnnt
0 httb tither! -
ight dit
71 *iklit it
go,.r ? 6014
as rad as
the dais=
lid ter donsi
ack mad
a fortrese