Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, June 19, 1847, Image 1

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sTamr, Enig, P.,.
BY A. P. D
year, in advance, 81 50,
dollars a year will invariOry be
terms will be strictly arZered to
One copy, one
Otherwise. tw
charged. These
in all Cases.
Advertisement;s inserted at 50 cents per separe
or the first Meier ion, and 25 cents for each sub
sequent insertio .
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Pamphlets, Hint bills, Show Bills, Cards,Steam
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cuted ih the best iitsle and on short notice. -
oods, Groceries, Hardware,
Lime, Iron, Nails Sr.c.-No. 121,
ie, Pa.
Dealer in Dr ‘ s
Queens Ware
Clicapside7, E
Count and Born
i ah Surveyor; office i n Ext
ch at , Erie.
1 301 ; ii .B. JOHNSON,
Has removed his 011125,t. to the Public Building
near Me Court °use, up stairs. in the room
occupied by the Sheriff and \directly over the
• Commissioner' Olfice.
Flew' attention ill be given to all busineim en
trusted to his ca e. . 50
- • - •
LO,' N. Y.
Lehigh and Erie Coal. Salt
generally. Particular atten
e of Produce and purchase of
Aji ND Dealers i 1
and Produc. l
tion paid i 9 the sa
No. ' 4 Cobu
E. Itr BL .
'n Squaie, South Wharf.
j U. Dawes.
Bufralo, N. Y
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,at Law ; Office No. 2
State at., opposi e the Eagle Hotel, Eric, Pa.
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street:,'over S
April 24,1947.
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onrner, of Seventh and, Pent
Has pertninently 1.
tegidente on the
1. ROS ;
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&c., :So. 1, Fje
Etle, pa,
and Domestic Dry Goode
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tail tlal4 buildi
01Nu up stairs in the 'ruin
g, ndrthoftlie-Prothunptan
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Sixth,street, west!
Erie 4 Pa. .
ails 11, LANE,
senors or' Lavk--Offiee on
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are house, east oldie Pub•
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d. 31
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Bondeil Blocki,Str
a, Groccrice, ,S.o. No. 111,
N ti, VINCENT.' , L.
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. f e st.,Erie, Pa
, -
edieines, Paints, Oils, Dye,
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e, Pa.
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and Southern Ste
ashionable Mere
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P. A
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lin the counties of Crawford,
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Erie, Pa.
tie, Groceries, Crockery, Herd
3, Perry Block, State etrett
ter, Cheese
change ter G'oods, Wool, But
and all kind? or Country Pro
4. 3
June 6, 1946
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November 21, 1
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Nov. 23 Mi.
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pay cash for good clean T lmo
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sale at
May 1, 1817.
I, C. M. =DAM.
3, 4 and 5.
rie, May 6, i
•' aeries of Sebool Books, 1,11
for Baikal No. WI French Silo
_ , ..
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- „. , I
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! fi 1,,
- 7 - I I ' • f' T, II E WORf.D lEV-4_t OVERNE,i) TCve MUCH'.
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e 1
Tramlated from the Frain" Americain for the Albany At
pt.., by W. G.ll. .
nnaiDejrz ZAII.B.IIETIV.
V'Ata 111.--THE VELEM°.
'the gathering into which Perico had intro
me presented a most singular epecta=
cle. Somelscore or more and women
of the lower class of people, were crowded
together talking, shouting and gesticulating.
A fetid corpse-like odor, mingled - with cigar
smoke, and the fumes of Xeres wine, and of
Chi; iiiirilo (a sort of brandy maN_Srom su- -
g. cane,) filled the room.
In the , corner of the apartment, Was a table
covered With provisions of every kind, \ and
cups, bottles and flagons: At a table nT
by were gathered some gamblers, who were
mingling with the clashing, of their brass
money, all the technicalities of the Monte,
and_ disputing,with, El warmth heightened by
the liquor, over piles of cuartellas and I elatoo
(Mexican 'coins of the smallest value.) Un
der the triple inspiration of the wine, the wo
men and the' game, the orgies, which I had
thus surprised' in its first stage, began rapid
ly to increase in fury and; excitement. But
that which struck me most; was precisely that
which seemed to occupy the assassins least.
A young chil l , who apparently had scarce at-'
tained•the age of seven years, woe 'extended
upon a table. Her pale face, covered with
flowers, withered by the almost insupportable
and stifling heat of the atmosphere, and livid
emaciated lips, evinced That life had departed I
frentlimr—aridy, dr 1 . .-ts -i : - 3 r - '*--- --- - -
nal s eep, Amid all this shouting, langhing,
and gambling, this noisy conversation, these
men'and women who acted like so many sav
ages, this little 'corpse had an appearanci
most strange and. mournful. The flowers'
and other decorations with which they - had
covered the corpse, so fax.from detracting
from its mournful repulsiveness, only served
I, render it still mdrehideous. Such was the
as um to which I had been led, through the
ingenle#ssolictude of Perico. .
A gene 1 silen s ce followed our entrance in
' tia,the room. A man lat once recognized as
the master of th house, and as , the father of
the dead infant, ros to receive us. So; far
from seeming overburdc ed with grief, on the
contrary he appeared radiart with content
ment, and it was even with 'at air of pride
that he pointed' to the number of ; guests as
sembled to cerebrate with him the death of his
daughter , regardipg it ns a favor from heav
en that God had designel to re-call to him
self an infant, before it rnd attained the age
orreason. He assured tie that we were wel
come to his house, and that for his he should
ever regard uelis friends. Thankg to the lo
quacity of Peri O, I was rendered the centre
of attraction, a d a most difficult part I had
to,uatain, P o declared to all those who
desired to knoW, that it was impossible to kill
a man with a happier grace than I had shown. ,
in order the better to sustain my new char
acter, I hastened to thrust my gloves into my
pockets, and to at sumo an air of swaggering
bravado, persuaded that it was always pru
dent to "howl with the wolves.'? -
"What do you think of the lodging that j
have fOund for you," asked Peripo of me, rub
his hands, "is it note much better than
the one I promised? Besides, you Will have
an 'opportunity of participating in a velorio.
It is a resource, on the night of sorrow, for
amusement and relief. Thanks to me, also,
you have, acquired by this a claim to the eter.
nal care of the father, whose :infant having
died before the age of seven is now in heaven."
.• And Perko, doubtless eager to secure for
himself a share in this tribute of gratitude;
seized without any ceremony upon an enor
mous jar of Chfngtiirito, and emptied it at a
single draught. ,It wee the first time that I
was aware of so barbarous a custom, as thie,,
which required the father of a family, to re
strain his tears and dissimilate his , grie(un
der a smiling outside, and to present the hon
ors of his house to every vagabond, who on
the direction of a watchman, came to gorge
himself with viands and wines in the presence
of,the corpse of his daughter, and to partake
of those !impales, which frequently the ilea
day gave up a whole family to misery. •
Ity the time that the orgies s ere fully re.
mewed,' I had recovered sufficle tof miself 7
possession, to; cast my eyes around me. I
perceived in the midst of a 'group of those
meddling women who make it, their duty nev
er to miss one of these evenings of the dead,
a mouth Whialr endeavor
a pale countenance,
ed to smile r notwithstanding the eyes were
ffiled with tears, and in that victim of 'this
gross eupenstition, / WadilY 'recognized tho
mother, whom !the angel .in heaven, did 'not
compensate flee Angel slo lost front,
earth. Anton the gossips Whit were C row d-
log around her; were those who added tot the
most awkward importunities to the . affliction
Wriiten for the Erie Oi eor
321111.0 ql) rr
flow repose the fallen bray,
teep ie peace the heroes now.=
721st they', in their ronuntainlgravle,
',)figllol4 Cerro Gordea brov4
A.ilobler; g rave wee never made,
A 6raveT band was nov i er laid
To take their list—their long retiose.
Amid . the groans of liying foe*:
Soldiers! FOO that no base foe
Trend indignant where they rest,
And ye winds; oh, gently blow
Wheel you sweep across thnir breast,
Oh, breathe your sweetest incense there,
And ii3t the night-cloud'ef f dewy tear - E
In [malty drops, at silent eve
Enrich! the heroes' hall,iw'd grove.
Long shall fall a nation's tear
To their memory, lo twat [
Best in lonely slumbe 'there,
On the mountain's clouded brow;
And long shall wo in silence dwell
*ith sadness on the brave who fell,' i
And long tho hard, in stirring verse:
Their valor and their deeds rehears..
of the poor woman. Some recounted the va
rious phrases df the malady , and ; the suffer
ings of the young deceased, while'others enu
merated the s variotis infallible remedies they
would hivettpplied, had they been consulted
in time; such as the Plaster of St. 'Nicholas,
the steam from a plant gathered through a
piece of the frock of a •Domillican; and the
poor mother believing them- all, turned to
hide her tears, fully convinced that these rem
edies would have had the effect to save her
child. The Xeres wine; and the cigarettes
- were passed around duiring these ccnsullationi,
which over, they roposed and went through
with all the innocent games in vogue in
Spanish America. Then some of the chil
dren,overcome with fatigue, sought repose
in Aho corners of the room, as if they envied
the sleep of her whose pale face under the
Withered flowers, appeared as if protesting
ligeinst this odious profanation of the dead.
Retiring behind the heavy embrasure of
one of the windOws which looked out upon
the street, I folrowed7ith anxious eyes and
with much, imjuitude the movements of Peri
co. It appeared to me Oita he had imposek
thia protection upon I me far the l lpurpose of
'some. trap. Illy physiognom y I st have be
trayed; ray thoughts , for, the lope o approached
me and said , in a sort i,feonsolat ry manner--
"Look you, senor cavalier, i ' is in killing a
man is :with Imany`other ings.--the first
step shocks tll3. And, besi es, yOur- sereno
''inlay be after ail like my Englishmati,.who at
present carries-himself better than -eVer.—
,These heretics have such lasting liVes! Ah,
Senor Cavalier," sighed Pelle°, I "I have
'ever regretted that Il had not been a heretic."
"To have a lasting ; I.
I ,"No, but in o rder that I might make an
~ 1
aniuration. Unfortunately my reputation as
e good christian is too well established."
'Brit the'caysOter that you sought to kill,"
said II to Perico" my thoughts naturally-re
verting to the elanoholy young Man, whom
I had seen knee ing .hefere the morgue—mdo
you th l ink that still lives." -,
Perico shook
haps h L s foolish
and hi misstrcsi
for me t I am not
victims at a time]
"These eentim.
s , id I.
Perico was wil l
ble impression w i
upon me. .
"Certainly," said Ile; "I will not for the
sake of a'few dollars thus risk my son!. But
apropos of dollars, Senor Cavalier " comfit
luck, and yoUr purse is still perhaps pretty
welt furnished; in case I should break the
bunk of the monte, IPromise to give you half
of my winnings."
I did not think it, prudent to meet this de
mand of Perico's with a refusal. If he par
ticipated in the game of monte still going on
I would be relieved fcir some time from a com
panion,' who had ‘beeeme very impoittine, and
I therefore slipped a fpw dollars into the braid
of Perico. Just at this moment R bell sound
ed, when one of the crowd raised himself; and
exclaimed in a solemn tone,
"It is the hour of I the suffering souls.;-let
us pray." -
The gamblers ceased, husiness or amuse;
ment: of evertkind was.suspended, and all in
,the room were, on their knees. The prayer
.waii commenced in a loud tone, interrupted at
intervaisby the responses, and for the first
time they appeared to recollect the cause of
their gathering.
Those whO Fan'
withtheir eyes dead
these almost naked w
a corpse decked ivith
this kneeling crowd,
mospheie, where a
corpse was mingled /
liquor, wilt be able/ t.
strange and horrible
forced to assist.
The prayer finished;, the revelling com
menced anew, but with less ardor. -There is
always in these nocturnal meetings a moment
of weariness, when the love of pleasure is
struggling with a desire to sleep; but this
passed tit.; the revel became more noisy, and
assumed an aspect eVen of a kind of delirium
and frenzy, -it was the hour of the orgic the
the moment had arrived. -
Thad resumed my post in the embrasure of
the window, and in order to escape a denire
to sleep, produced by the mephitis air of the
room; I had half, opened the window. Look
ing forth, I , sought to read in the stars the
hour, and I strove also to bring to my recol
lection a chie through the labyrinth of streets
I hed traversed; but it was in vain; I could
recal nothing in the city of Mexico like this
canal with its implant waters, find these
sombre streets. VIVAS completely lost.,
Should remain, longer in the midst of these
hideous brgiest< 'Should I risk the perils of an
attemptto easel:tr., and a journey through the
streets of tbis remote and solitary fauboure
While I was considering these,questions-..
equally embarrassing—without power to re,
solve them, a 110181) of footsteps land - a confus
ed murmuring arose, to increase my perplex
ity. 'I got behind one of the inside shutters,
in such a position as to be able to see, with- .
out being seen. Some half dozen men soon
appeared from one of the streets, which open
ed opposite the house in which I found myself.
The man who marched at their head MUM drea
sed in an a,clavina, (a / ioit of surtout, orshort
cloak,) which disclorled the scabbard or a
sword; the ethers carried ht theirhands their
naked' blades. From their thnid_manner t • a
European, lusfarrived, would have taken them
for realefactars, brit n;fy experience did not
lead e me into any such miStahe.. ;wake ilcine
had s Countenance so frighteried,oo I readily
recognized 'the night patrol, Comprising a re=
glilor, an alealde, and four telackrep.
pis headwm“To-morrow per
assion may cost him his life,
will not survive him.- As
willing thus to' strike two
anilso I have renounced this
nts- do you honor, Pericos"
ling to profit• by the favora
'deb, his reply had produced
agine those revellers,
'ned from intoxication,
i ‘
Omen, gathered around
flowers; and rising from
he steam of a dense at
.utrid miasml from the
ith the fumes of the
form some idea of the
scene in, which- -I was
rote a brolP'
ame time aleal
er these mille
ake of in +i
e senor peiVc
trot in these qt
hates, -1
e would harU
}hose pistols t
if the bantti w
;non courog
~k 1 the man in I )
13 of those mai
kl and tavern-ke
;awn; daring th
them at night.
l aa
pinking of in sc
rters, where jtiati
A o himself hail k
ken c a re t ri
h thO refuse to
16, of all of them
,epos} it becaMse thi
and these final
I rrying
'. factors are not in'
el their arms e 24
e award to pros
e to their cost s "
ttleOde, !‘but w ,
t :,
ex osed , to assay
1 a home?'
oso mad ones
!d vino of the m
, an elist, ,'the
, 9
• . ' I
ht it beV' sell(
/ _ 1
whom we a
, ight exper,ien l
rs," said the 1
that ,they ar
ht, they rem&
t there ere
ill stop," rep
said tly the
anger peep
bat hour
"F.or o'clock,"
raisin ! his eye,e to
led, ho :coil
eople vibe
rtutia. • And
•lont►nued th
ich bordere4l
them stumb
At the eamt
and awed el
that tel
pet wh
one of
self upl
the nig!
0 W
a tone
o are ymir
of voice
Commaeding. .
" What is thit t , ?
in a torie not less a roga,
sleep i the streets erthi
subject to question t t !?
"Pe pie sleep in t sir
possibl ," stammer.d the
timidated. , ' 1
TNindivideal, sprpr scd in the m ost ost tla,
grant ct of vagab • ndeg , here heard a shrill
'side the Alcalde , ! he
ran in o th e nearest tree. To my great sur
prise,, he celadores inittead of following,lde
parted Hide people w feired a t rap, iunuther
direct'qn. At the ame time, ali nd Was
iplace on my ghoul , er; I turned arJund, eild
Peric and the lies ? !to Whom belie intreulti
tied me, were boler met
46 / heard a whiatia which sound
sign" from my ccriniado. Navaja, tic
some expedition," Isaidi Perico, app
the windoviihile 0 . frgst f with all
tier o a actillioal ' t' d the
we e ohonor
whic his trembling and caused to r
Thei with the' sime ahundant polite
culla to mop in a ttake of intexica
l r
said:' F
" hey speak •trel l y) Senor Cava!'
you re not accuste el to the soviet
pool le' like os; you eeither play' lii
and)yet in' certain. cases of oonekiel
game and the drink, are great retie'
at e, I have-expended in regaling m:
all have and more besides, and yet i
tent? ' although I pdssess not aMr
word; and now if are willing, I
with you for the hoily of my child.
stake" continued be with a confider
" which is more vaieable than any. o
cause I can still hire, it out et a good
some amateur of the vclorio."
"Play 'for the body of your chil
claimed. 4 . '
'And why-trot? it is done every di
not every body who is so fortunate a'
an angel in . Heaven; while the hei
dear child gives good•hick here,belo
"I got as soon as I could , of 1,1 1
tunities of 'a fatherlso tender, and to
eyes towards the street, but the aid
canal tvere again silent atel deserted.
not convince myseif however, that i
quility and silence was not only
merely, far some tague wises and 1
ings were heard each moment from the streets
in the neighborhood of the canal. • Presently
I thought I heard some stealthy steps ?t1 the
gravel walk: Wili my body resting outside
of the balcony, an , my ears attentifle,i wai
ted for the momen when this deep silence
was to he disturbed y some cries of anguish.
A renewed noise in ,the i eim recalled my at,,-
tention to that direction. The orgre had at,
this moment attained its height. ' The Zara
gate, surrounded 'by a menacing trrqup ' of)
gamblers whom hie continued good luck had'
rendered enspicions 'of his honest , of play,
so9glit, but in vain, to preserve his olive cloak
from being torn to fragments by the' furious
hands of his antagonists. The I most oppro
brious epithets were also showered upon kim
from all sides;
"' I am a man of honor, Fried Pc
your disconrteous manners have_to)
ters one of the most beautiful elm
possessed." , „
"Audacious thief,".ctied one efthe gruniii
h3rs, lathy stook had as many holes as thy con
science." . ' ; ,I, '
0 At some other place," replied Perkin, who
o rnts prudently .manceuvering towards the
door, 0 yoo shall account to me for this dauble
injury... Senor Cavalier," cantinued he, obe
my security, ' as I have been yours, he half of
my winnings belong to you; titl, is an honest
winging,' and at that these men have Said is
an atrocious calumny."
I cursed agaln my intimacy v th Perico,
when a strange event occurred, which gave a
'happy diversion to the scene,-in which I was
threatened to be made an actor. • it' man came
rushing precipitately from ono •of the most
distant corneri" , of the aPartiOnt, a d close
upon his heels-another With a diatitan nife in
his hand, followrid by it women with erliair
dishevelled sud streaming mei vhe' enilY4
'.will you suffer, me to '4' - ' 01 !" ','
S j
i or twommed pitoously.the iodlindua),..l,
1 mr i l i e ,4 4 % iiii nobody give me a inife'l\' '''*:-.
Ir, JU
t t ee
a te s a a
• per, eilui
day fop
.nding us
ice never
:barge of
mg with
up," said
, appear
pse eritn-
I the habit
l osed, as
tect way
i ien they
hom no
n, "but
on who
d one of
her responi
vindow win
t "I envy tl
o gaily the
rch along
anal, Ali
er somethh
ht, a man_ral
fore the go
ed, and
re 1 was
tealife. of
night in
the cela-
he para
at once,
lg in the
sed him-
• nsta
rdian of
cal4le, ip
to make
(led ' the al'
1 e sought
t. Cann
city; with
the man,
of a man
' • ut belt's-
sr oh is
bly in-
Icalde, ci
4 like a
i i nr off on
1 oaching
the ma) -1..
I .
)rs of 1
run Mrer.
i ness 'pe
top, he-
F /1
Irr, that
of, poor
for drink,
lice, the
. Look
iy friends
If am eon
lo in the
will Play
It is a
tial l air,
her, be=
i price to
dI" I ,
l ex-
y. It is
': to have
y of the
e impor
med my
of the
I could
Ills tram.
ieo,g and
n" to tat
ks that I
IMP , , r ,
' 4 4ave lint to me; let me open the 11.4 i•
of this swindler a I llay lion 'I" shouted
outraged husband, i
The women; thrhugh an- esp . * doe,
doubtless, all joined • in .the most lemon 1
cries, and threw themselves between, the
adveraiirieS, when one of the friends of th •
fendeV,,pliCed stealthily in his hands a
ilmite. Vith this .he turned liitrepitil
meet the encounter of his rival, The
Of the women wereradeubled and it wa
deed a most infernal confusion} .The two
'Mies, now furious, were making the 4t
exertions to separate the croWd gather
tween them. Blood had begun to flaw, %
in the struggle among tlke ' 0,11, tho
which supported the dead C ild which,
Overturned : , The body fell to the ground
U dull sound, and the fiowei with whi
was coveredocere seatteredu ound. A I
Oircle operieclaround the.corp e thus prof
....whertis piercing cry rose a eve all th
'mit, and the deirOlate moth r threw he,
upon the remains of her child, with an a
ing and overwhelinning 41311'4
I had se,en to much. I turn
balcony, and cast a look upo.
make myself certain that an 4
possible) but on this side al}
was closed,- to me. A man
one of the'streets which ope
Some other,men were follows.
him, brandishing their, arms.
in whom Perico had recogn
had 'doubtless gathered' a ben t,
see Without power to Succor
of those nocturnal murders
glory of these lepcivs.• l The
pursued, soon reached the par
and backed himself against i
him distinctly cry, '
gt Book, : you cowardly ras
bring five to oner,
"Courage, nittchadps," cr ed one v
peered to be the chief of the and,' L i 4 tt
five dollars gained.' , ' ~ '•
That which followed, it is scarcely , i
'sary to describe. The tine ual strugg
which they were engaged la .ted- but al
moments, and presently a sli ut of here
announced to me that it had t rininated t
advantage; f the assassins. However, the
fortunate man, so cowardlyattacked,
breath, crawled upon th bridge, w
.sword, he gain defied
waving his broken
i a
five assailants, hui; it was a ding 'effort.
.gain Was he surrounded by hese wretches,
and again he ; fell under their blows. By the
glimmerings tight of the lam , Which bu ned
before the , 4 Spirits in Purgat o ry," I saw t JeAm
five men raise a bloody body ind launch i in
limn a mornentinsturol - - A sk.uticl Grier; the
assassins he'd disappeared and that so rapidly,
that I asked myselfif i was riot the - wor c of
a bad dream, but. the .ealify Itt which I , vfrs,
i .
did not allow trio to ren sin inl n stnell'an Orror
1 1 1
very Icing. A new in ident ' occurred ulstr,
proving to me that I was wide awake.] . A
man on horseback left hS house, to which I
had been conducted, through o fatale c haff
of cirMunstances, and in the n I recogniaei
Perico l -.., and in the hore, the noble amine
that I had procured wit h f5Olll ch trouble iron
the hacienda de la - Norio. •
"Halloo," cried I, "this is
far—you are stealin my lion
"Senor cavalier," replied I
greategt possible san froid,•"
way Oft tif evidenesi wkich
prove •erytroubleboMe to yow,
ero, an
was the fore
d the horse vi
altop. With.
'van give'
ut tukii
in the room,
Zeragate. It
r his distant n
vas tool
:igliing a
fs, which' soon Iceas&
all hazards into one of
ordered on the anal. I
ime in this 111 yrinta
rlelglihorhool- which I
st breaking wl en.l foul
cows of r.4e r ight had
and I t'esolv to mal
r avowal of th mischar
ening before.
E, there;
11 my steps to'
(criminal con
had not yet a
iaused me to ft
was simn asleep on II
sed dreams, were r
witiel I had been a witness,
heard a dull,dteavy noise 4rou
meat, when all. vas suddenly
opened my eyes and believe
the inflame of .the nightmar
pressed me. 4-)laricl-bsrrJw
Wood/ Sloth was at u r S• feet,
gested itself imau instant.
Von, 1. had been receipt i z6d, an
with a , refinement truly harb
conflren t me }Pitl3 the in wi
been l , the cause. I retired to
of the vestibule, for the sigh
cloth was in;upportalils to mS
tle, however, I hemline reass
courage, I wont and raised 4
nepal cloth. I was at no los
the stctim. , His beautiful a
forehad, marked by a long, -a
had hem) too strongly imprint
l acay4. The bits of marsh 1,
slim which- adhered to his fai
recollection the spot whew
beefi l l i rmmitted„. He was [ Se
who ..I had seen die so valial
I heir would be so tenderly
the s oth fall upon his noble h
tardy th
I .
( rived, ai
tigue a
rgot cv
e bench
short episode terminates
Fifteen days bad Ova,
ecl to me of my nocturne
invincible horror of at
oth when I recoived - a 4
e an Unknown (to me)
1- j'y odd years, and to me
ihralcatdp, n 1 penred at
ly ai l
"Senor Cavalier," said this man, "I am the
f4rolero that your honor half killed, and as
this accident rendered me incapai4e a labor
for fifteen' days,'you will not think it its if I
ask of you . an indemnity therefor."
"Certainly not," said Csufficiently satisfied
to see that I had not to reproach myself with
+Ong caused the mania death—. 'What do
yim.k ish i •
'Fire hundred dcihrs, sennr."'
confess that thiS exhorbitaut (demand
ohanged immediately my satisfaction to rage,
and I could not refrain from uNhing•that I had
really. sent him to the devAl However, the
alculde having advised an 4greeipent, I was
fortunate enough to be let olifor one-fifth the
sum demanded by the furolcrq; although
my studies among the •leperos had cost me
dear, the experience which I had pined had
its value, and after all I had nothing to regret,
not even the dollars which had been extorted
from, me. by my most ingei l lious friend ferico.
kt i .ude,
ed to . .vards
A the streel
escape was
ilio, the pas:
approached I
Jed on theca
i'l . ig• quickly ;
This Na.
uzed fa comi
id, and I wa
the victim,
'Tian whorl)
poi of the'9
i . ' I 0414
The difficulties which our polieinerr often
meet in the prosecution of their duty abroad,
and the way in / which' they get over some of
them, is hindsomely illustrated in the follow
ing account of the arrest of a Cleveland mer
chant, as chronicled in the Umtata( I . leralcl:
"Gov. Bebb issued-the klocumbnt,' and the
ofli knowing that his duty, if\'well done,'
show d be 'done quickly,' spared his prisoner
all 'leaves taking, put him through, town in
his shirt sleeves. I
"Half a huntlerd lawyers-'•
. (lei
_ .....,,,erti Lawyers, luiweveri are not.
so'easqy eluded, and the l l prisoner .by dint - Of
irripaksioned gesturosaii i i lotul rie l s of 'ha
[ 1
beets e rpus'—'a lawyel,-.4 lawyer,'[ made
krown his Preli l cament, , Ott l e' l
, t 4 the 'limhsl
-.......whe physicallY at least is the Hercules of
1 the bar sdol!I heard of the mishap Of iiS cilenti , l .
1 °nil moenting the, first horse 'start i d Lin hot;
hitute r the dock. I'waS all in train.: I Capt.
Bohlen had rung his
I cgoialtead' bell, find the,
'States preniptlf rou deo: tlitheaeon, l hnund l
down. . I I J :
. , .
. 'i`To the judge went the lawyer, 64earing
ve ngeance. A writ of habeas co,rpus is
sued, l and the sheriiTt4der the lead of counsel' *- c i "
started for the piers. ¶I The States in ler hur
ry[ I
had not finished 'weoding' at the dock, and
she lay a half mile ini' the Lake, taking wood
frpra u scow..
I 'A:small boat was chartered and the sheriff
polled into the lake. I 'Give me the Dais, I'm
1 • . ~ 11 ,
strongest,' and his.diat apd coat' face
.1 [.
glowmg in the sun, 'cud his loatlis dripping
with 'Sweat, this disciple of Blackstone gave .
a !long pulland strong •pull' in Idef i ence of lib- '
env _and flirt invi01n.b,;14.,...C...1,,, 1.,1.._,_, -,..-....--...,
"Only ten rods ,potylJay bets the gripe
of the .s.heriTT and the , atates,' and With writ
in harid'he ',stood ready to • exeim 0 lie, coin
, Inland 'of. lie. court. The lawy r tre, i mble&
with excitement and hard work., 'Nov . haif
him`, Mr. Sheriff.' No response / si;nll Up ljtimp l
edour'legalHercules. 'Let me hail (him,' sai
he and deaWing up his ( salfwart., ratite to fifl
heigh, and raising hil ann,of might, with
loud voice cried, 'Capt . Ilelden—..api. Beide
ctis, Leo
4 his
—Capt. Bede, in t
of the State of 01
. .
puffed and started)— G—d,d-m.n i 'inn ' Capt o
Belden,"a rid the Ajax of the p'rocossfon sunk
in the aI ri+s of the sheriff.- ' The boat moved
on, and etween cash 'cough' of massive
' entite, our friend of the tuo shaking; his fist
at Captain 11.'s Well4i.l_ figure on the whful
gasped out in broken
,accents, 'Gast]
you're,a d—Kl 'old rip."' 1.
, man , blesses flowe rs! round the;cradle, the
tomb, The Persian ii
hi their perfume, and
i gays; while the p
claps his hands with
abundant blossoms...lh
of the prairies. 'lli
undoes tipped his ai r ,
orange buds are the 1-
nation of
Grecian filial., and the
before the Christian 1
appropriate uses: Fi
brow of the youtlifiil
themselves a lovely ty l
should twine round tl
petuafly renewed heat
Ding a Ltd
erico, witl
am takin l
:ould other
me be the.
urged dep
g leave o
I to_ the lie
te-1 cou I
d the clatt
Le tlarkfit
.ot. a
tliout disc
I va 8.
knew, and
d where I
taught. me
e 8 formal'
I ce J had ca
°My rOSOI i
In I entered, the
I I. waited him
d want of sleep
and I
In my cOnfu?
Ithe , stenos of
Filen thou. l Titt I
me for 1mo
" Nett main. I
Was still under
which hod. op.'
covered with- a
thoUght sug-
I n . my ginct
roue, I
,fl lit 'to
os'a dotal ' had
i •
he citrate Part
of the body
Little i by lit
' red, mid taking
of this N
lin recognizing,
in pale face, his
d delicate scar,
upon my me
cods and green
e recalled to my
this crime had.
rtainly the man•
tly, and whom
ameuted. I let
• Tll-,
1 toly
,e le-
resurrection. 'They rest on Old aft ar,
for their fragrance anil their beauty tiscet~d,in
perpetual worship before the Most
A BITE.--A silly
recent pit
tic airs before a sens i i
chaiiced to be his mi l l
menced by looking fy
express i on of wortderl
then wr g,gled hirtiOlf
side, he ispingly
pray what is it?" liPer i l
disornOiing, biti
whsper i ed : about :the
comb %vim soon num!
DID YOD SiA Soptor- 7 We clip ttie
in- good thirig from the 9Y. 0. Dc a;
"Waiter," said a diner-out, in a down-town
restatirit yesterclay4 44 Waiter, bring me a
plate of soup,- "
oSay sonpaglin, s ranger," said a tall Ten
nessee returned Vollinteer, who happened to
sit opposite to him, "and givizoi a Cerro
Gordo whipping, I will; I told the General
when I left him at,Jalapa,- that whcin I came
to the Statei, I'd lick the first aitut I'd hear
aayin''soup," •
The Dvlta ails, it'll it was Iwitir great
difficulty the TenneS'seesn could -be satisfied:
I lereafter, gratitude
i snd admiration'will alike
compel us to dispeseof oar wuip ;id silence r
A: newly invented wire boggy is pttraeting
much attention in Cincinnati. I TheUSigtial"
say*that it looks inl4e :distance' like a cob
'wel4 in`
this lonit
itod'ibere re
classes• of th e
.rder to appear
lektide , A man
l ot less OnitpoWn
he bar with me:,
l e name qt" the peoplJ
o'—[here !the *States'
he universal heart of
They are 'wreathed
4 l iarilage altar; 41.1 d the
the far East delights
l i writeg iris hire in nuSe
ehild of the far West
glee as he,gathers the
1 e liluminated`Spipture
Cupid of the nntient
'rows with 'flowers, and
i'ridal crown With us, a
Floaters garltided the
hang in votive wreaths
shrine.. Ali these are
lowers should deck the
1 bride, for they are in
i l pe of marriage, They
lie tomb; for their per
ty is a syndic,' of their
bxedrnb attempteclon a
l y-off some ?fillip fantas
lible 1 ‘
young tally, who
Ater at a l lt corn-
I 1
t ill
,he l i fa c e
i witlt ai
ful Softitesaio eyes' i
F into vatlottst toritler at-
Itk hands to his
9lf it is not love I feel,
haps, r " re lied the youniT,
ep Tu." .rt 4 story got
ball oom and the cox
; among the missing.
Ale e atk•
T folio%
the Journal
"was n
cene in the Wilderness..
ing is most beautiful and heart
is an eiiract from a - sketch itip
f Commerce, entitled "A Forest
arly nadiilaht of Saturday night
'ger came to ---, request-.
that n messe
iog him to g
dire, miles
ter, glrl
be d iug. l
1. to the cabin of a' settler seine
own the river, and seohis daugh-.
fourteen, who . was supposed So
el. awoke ine and asked the
him, and I consented, taking
small package of medicinet
Fs carried in the forest.: But 1
'that there was no need of these,
to a
r compan
with, too th
whir r I alw
lean cl soon
for Ii r disco
e was past cure. -
heuee,; - \ o -
~' le - -descended to tia
liver, and is epped into a cant"
eddy, and seizing a pole, flatten-
f the
I .._
ed a 11
lay ►n at'
l ore ear
maY..„ it
for tt paddle, Cul. -.L.. pushed
.sel out into the current, mid we
own.' I have described so 'pony
Ithat I fu beet giving r ;you this.—
nine the scene if you choose,
I e liottoxn, and he used now his
the s
shot s
as I
ll'ayllie t
and ;not
.'- i
7. F
t s d
• 1
er alone i
hera tl a
4 0 Or
1 Shot,
I , t
eci , rp
llt'l l 4s
s to, be
.• el reach
than half an
The \ scene
.fdrgitt i en: :.
'of ITt ry an
in the caul
the iotta '
iii'paddic, to guide the 1344. in
itrange child," said the Colonel;
s a ;strange wan. ,T 1 live
on the batik of the river.` They
,years age, and no one knows
- byl He has money, and is a
ie child has been wasting away
st. I have seen heroften, anti
ifted with a marvellous intellect.
soenetitnes as, if inspired; and
lie only hope of her, father 2/
oi ler
NV he
for a
dthe hut of the settler in less
bon l r [ and entered it reverently.
was one that cannot easily be
here were bollts au evidences
taste lying ian the rude table
I. A guitar lay on a, ben' clt rtetiF i
Zridow, qnd the . bed l i urniture, au
ing girl lay, was tt soh as the
- I, i dying queen. I was, o [wil l
ler having heard of these pet
kilo [ wine, it to be no: uneorra
II lc
he d,
startle s~
befo e,
thing. f
nati ns,
v,as e%i
1 bi l e 1,
blac • h
T or,
p 119
I but
r mi
I '
I nd d
authropes "to go into the wo l
was conteut to ask no ex . 1
especially tls the death h.
near. --
i'air child, with masSes of I
l 'inii over her pillow. Her
1 piercing, .and 'as•it met ',m
igl i
4.1 j., but smiled and looked
NI 8
like a few words to ',her fat
o her atk.ed her if - Itlfe knew
rur_ 1 - 4 , 11 PP_ , "
nof 2.Loitan. xo maY 'magi
t3r startled me, and walla ft
iintpert I turnel from tier;
ed„ and site stioke in that I 'm.
lodious - voice t . :
ant i ` cold; lie down beside me '
an ay dealt* hia•dyingr
id her emaciated arms, around
lured mart dreamy, voice,
that 1
i m
or, i
ild n
twin ,
d l rnu
rattle '
i f I
e r
em t
1 " Said the GM In In, , iff cloth
1 1, p thee?"
er, 'for my soul is strong."
I n the thither 'shore?"
ath [ er,. 'and its banks are g
1 veplure,"
thou the voices of Its inh
see it,
Ifather; as the voices of
- ,
ironi afar in the still and. 1191
they callnte. Her voice
heard it theni" • 1
spelik. to thee!"
eth in tones most Iheavenl
ear th
- inie; l
,oth she
But a cold, 4ialiti 4
d!--,futber, theie's
II be lon*, lonely, I , '
am col
;4z. t
Is i
Is death
it inter the night, and skoot Ipno
at the ruching sit er.—
he settler arrio3 sopti aro , and
lier'sitxcellent tz.dy and dam Mor s ,
And -
and x.
vile of
he Cute
'0 !at t
%1L: voLuNTBE.'4.--,'60
l ßate)
ma, w
neat. I e untereditbout: tooking fur
, r: l a i relates lit to a r ppyfor l
he ll:
em- .
dote of an Aiabarort voltinteel
•I I
way . to Vera 0.11 z( I. I
inoteer_ front the pine laa4s ar
ething d6 i ," when it ocAtriel.l if'! hint
e ntiuh ;.as he expressed it, ;ft ke t►r
wash." H i e was a tall lank fellowswith
key he d of grassy dried hair hattging
rag nue
on hi
e tall
A eh
ilders, With a deliberation cot.-
, • •
n i le sea vpyage, he cominenc
e it, rpentine soap of th. 4 ship in :
d slain WWI minunendable yds.:-
kad cause to take *treat deal' of
11/served to himself, `tili 4 t he h a 4
1 rillt's mud on hini.7
ob erred, that all tiiS while the
owing further into, the sea, and
lie ; , ' , Alabituta rose' hid Soaped
Alississimij water in: the wash=
.. me exhausted, entitle titre iv' his
be vessel's side , to replenish his
• sh he made was at his hair; the
' the soap, and the saline of the
I ly formed a chemical comhina
>ilk qualities' of the Soap disap
•ft somethink in its stead resent,
`we or three" rakes of Ithe Satjarit
Fair, elevated it 'upright about
it's head, stifY,3s the quills of
i, • "There's anotheritriciiplay
id the unwashed in 4 .rage r his
still fiercer, .At this_ mement
pa l ed across his face, and ho coat
rig as it nauseated- le the last
.11,y and determinedly_he went
Ai, out it !'bowie" fount .fifteen
4ifid 'delivered hiraself thus;--
ntr.thar Louisianiae hipi OW
in Mei now if any one dar, let
the one that put ruin its this'hike
Ills shot
sistaiit with a
ed rubbing tl
to It hair, ar
men;e. ne
pains l , for he
an l e i re of ba
1' must be
nes el nil p
by t l he.tiMe
him l elf, the
roo , hadl be'
buc et oror
1 4.
hn brat (
tur mine
U .
%rater, in i stan
tiot and the
pea ed, and 1
Wm* tar.' .'
tin. ugh the
the Alabarni
tho poreup ,
Otf n me,'T s
ha' growin,
Ake . water dr
Me cell spin
degree.. •C
to hie Wet:,
inchen long,
PSOme of th
tricks enuff
hini fotch ou
wife!. 1" • [
z V
se r
1,13 s
lie f