Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, May 29, 1847, Image 4

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Ilr.,kv GOLDS! NEV GOODS! ' .
• )A.,_,.; 4 G. LOON/.13 4- CO. 7, Reed 7— H ouse , Eie, have jll3l. re mired
•'-i:•ti, . • . . I, "' • " - "q-•• an addi t ilia to their termer stock
aeods; vhitth makes thor Assortment vel'y ex
len ive, c.mprisi t y, a ' a ge. variety of rick and
rash °nab 0 JE wOtAty, consisting. of diamond,
nil , gar et, enierald, strict/rye, aquamarine and
amelle ,pins, diaromd, ruby nud- plain ri114 ,4 ;
gold ear r mcs,..glfarischains and key/, spectacles.
pencil ca es, braccir s, lockets, miniature setting,
thimbles, muds,B44,,SE•c. &c..
TalE,H o i c i.nd Silver Watches of The pat
tent lever dupto,, horizonial and common escape
ment. , rend ] mantle, German and Amencan
CsiODS.—Tal.le, desert, tes,sdirand
,one, !adios, butter and fruit knives,
, -
spectacle ~. ams, keys, tomcat cases, thimbles.
Plated,'M issals and Gcrntan Silver Ware.—
'Tea puts urns , pitchers, cups, tankards. bowls,
ta t o ., bet tut, candlesticks. snuffers and trays,
spoons id 'eCtP, ink stands, castors.
C1.1; 1 --.1 ,
• tr.—ltoger's and other celebrated
Mattes raz ro, knives and Scissors.
NtSCE LANEOUS..—Matheinatictl instru
mortB, telescopes, thermometers; pork,e't eompas
ae, sun disease., violin's, accordions, musicboxes,
OW; firall. steel pens, card cases, combs, poet- ct
looks, Tioaltet pistols, .coral, amber, gilt, steel,
wax and glass beads, bead and silk bags and pur
ses, elasti „ . ..giiircis, porabre writing , desks, work,'
paitlt, MI la; tobacco and shaving boxes, razor
strops, e °tiles, hair, tocseb, nail and shaving
hrthhes ad glasses, Glazier's diamonds., shot
belt's, nevder - flasks, percussion caps and pills,
cheSsine», dominoes, s -ear calf's, rillf Rod cloak
claspi, tvdeezers, cane, whalebone. violin and bass
viol strings, rouge, liowder, puffs, perilimermy,
court plater, tooth well' and powders, tooth picks,
teething rings, tan bells, scalin?, wax.,- motto
seals, vis dug cards, emery baskets, needles, bat
ttedor, and birds, spool stands . , with-numerous oth
er artieleS not tnmtioried, bbili useful and Ofila•
ineittat, 0-hick ti ill ill for "ready p4y," limn twen
ty flee to: fitty.per cell. lower - than formerijr..
N. ft. Watches. muoic boxes, jewelry repaired
in tit> best manner a rAI warranted.
. - .
,i d most kiii l iis of coorilry produce ta
•iticat, fur goods or work. Cull and see. I
i...,.. , hi15t prices paid in c - i for old Gold ` '
p, I - ." - • ' 4
. -
ken in p
nod Sik• '
It\ tn.. G. 111!..:9. smrrit's ...
1 , [suGAiti COATED] PILLS
A iti.: it,0 , ,,,,.,i,cm g r0,' 0, um, d rit..des, and their
1 - 1- ruprprity over all Otlima , for enure efficacy .41)11
1110.124 ititlle,g . b.o4 Wl4ll lee - them a pre emipence of funs
whieb'oseds 110 ftltdfig slllll , oce to pgrpe,tuate. Almost
wilier. 1 , .1 J they have etleolly worked their way, mid
ittuor,l, it NI It permanent hold ou the optitobatiOti of the
peopte n Lich no other medirsuu or oppesitom can relax.
Fur alum four yearn they h 'se triumphed over diimase,
mid hr du belay nuil clailllo.+ to 40,01 y no anstous bosom.
, T 1111:11 ft 4.1111111` It,
As a me. it d compound, lom neollst4ria to tho me-2 deli
cate & m
end ea the ere hardy, alio I avei *offered from
the eine . 30 r iinci l fr. piper 1,9 in the stomsell. still et
once. be 1ea,.1 ort , ti tho della fitful opeiatmil or there
the el'll 1. They h•n the rato mend of 'the most. care
fully sclr :ted pi ernatem., are .dway s safer, awl there call
' 'tic no da ger of t.,,;,., 111,:u improperly at any time.
A. g N .1' 41.1 1, 1 , 1 sqUlf‘ . l.l.t.
W: II ma ifost their eiCellenett to . I elletaug the body of
to toy pr •eti,o, of a laraong docabet, tieeitott; the ,lattot-
I• OTCI . IY 011111, thereby eumring tha, eoutioustma of
health, Th, roo•t eanaeol ehemltt In New kirk ha.,
Kit toi hi 1:r:11f/tate that 111010 Plll.l ale PURI:LI VLX.;
Li' ALP_ :. or
ATIT11;10•4 (PtVW taxar.ov. ,
?at prinelplo rec , nfl,i4ett by the inveitt..r of this'
It, 11) . 011/Citie 1, t:t.a eV ty p.rt or tho tinily,
le 11,4111 or , li,e,oe, in hroopht 'ander the led.-
tite alipes , tito me,, , , , .. Thu plaint
..tind rot,oet,l
forms thin only groalia oa whu::l a good tautly
i: canto reCO,lnnelnled. Op..r.ttillg aecording to
xtt?.rvtArr.x.EN 'JULES,: Pi romAcir,
the ,eretataa of ' the Livi:lt. SKIN, awl KlD
,,,s'd ItEGIJI, ATI: 'lir. ItotVI:I.S, thereby adopt:
ONLY NATURAL •liplcoit•L•teitt method or r 01,..
Inhr, 1.1r1: 111,1100 flItE, by w
ear cctaeg the ya
ors of the whale ay a eat.
pre",thfoo, giro etiery nartieulfir in thll - I,rier
,tt thole I fa ere 0 irt,,,•tly ICI' JillnigadCtl tie a
r preventine Fu-/aura outcry and ils,u.sse, which
t t of con.tipat.on of the bowel., neglected COMA.
taelo , ,rze., &c., and whielLtt in in the power of
t r ,l'llla do cot PALMA - Tr.. bot
' .
.riay.v 'custot
'4 tlice teeeof the I , Veltera Country, and to
isss.elu sl'
c 0. . ," of
do.•tnn •
'no If • in
this no
irig the
der mg
teJ hu
It is
r 'vans cl
;crow ot.
blight 81
AI 1.1. To,
Thew" ~,,,d :atolle, top Tralleled—Tlik.,, SCE MAN'S
FRIE:4 I . room: the eutopl .into liq di scli Clue Villa
arc 11 4 1 3' recomnicad9di are the IbitOU:ll2r,„4. IV
DAD moor),
cosilv,ENEss, 011STI: DC I lONB,
DYSfINTAILY. ' %V i'A li. Is: II IL V ES,
. 'WO Evls, t °EOM'S, '
Ell, Ot'S i•II01.1C, 1 INF LUENI6A,
JA U i N DIE E, . , 1.0%v SPOUTS, Arc. -
By' rolta.. hip. the Slilli,lo tillT.Ctit3.l• l Whie.:l accompany
every brttc of gelatines .. .ll3.o Iwrio.ingsitt cure will be ',f
leeted =Me At at' O r r: Ilihil..TAl.:.; to New York hate giv
en Co VIM the VI the ttriqiii taco eier leer, Mill" 2q kinds that
It.tre 4eri to,let.l . .aixt several EMINENT 1.11)::MCI I N:',
tivNeW York Awl elbea hctit i ti<i• tl,ein i 1 ta•ir practice.
r demand for Dr. Smiths Pill's Ledo,: every where
several unprincipled I‘)Cr.ll6 harp made Pills of
r ist miserable and ilaiiyi•ruusttlitf, and tolialut them
the genuine. have put on it 'coating of ttigar."—
. fore. Itr•ware, and rdwav•. look for,
/ wurr TEN 1,1117•111.1111.4.111.1 RE OF G.
• BEN J . ito ttrE U. •
hot toot oi-ot,cly it ,a, to i'onlliOrieli which is Ferr
'. - Mare than .1000..ertkffitates have been received
• principal office nail the people. nrc referred to
It's Ilertfld & Oezett c," l w het u they can read of the
ntportantturet. t 1
• give, lour want of room, but few , •
TILT.P4TI 3110fti RAILS.
From 11ev. bother Lee.
Smith's Pills aro fmrcly vegetable operate' well,
• ruduon 5. pica result. LIYIAI It LEI'.
• Editor 'Proo Wesleyan.
' From the R0v..1. Follett. "
1 wife has taketv Moffat c, Morrts.•ics, and many nth-
I licFill) has received 'mac benefit front Dr. Smith's
than all others. She beileves they in.ty he used by
es w ith perfect safety, without changing their can.
cut or diet, and it any liCa•Oil._ -.., i
401 IN KiaLVT , TI .
' IMy rtle Avenue, Uroultlyn.
• the, list varutst in Ne 01 York.
G. Iteoj. Sin' It Pills hose entirely cured mc,ol
ness in my h e a. ,and general wealthess of my tyttero.
1 ro k ily ltss them with the heat r•••ults. I would not
ion F
them. . If. SIASII, 09 r.'s. ilk st..
Front the F.J. of the Mach Riter mooned.
. Smith's Pills are free ho•n the ohjectious to :whirli
pills, am Rubio, and are the best medicine that I
• yet UPI): J. (at Er.NE:
I rem the P M. Toitawouda, N. V.
Smith's P.l!s are the best,l bat e c•er used, &c.
' ' SAC. KIIILi- 1t.., P. M.
Prom Rev. S William , ' Pittsburgh
lava used Dr. Smith's Pill.. and know they are n good
eine, &c. ~,gi. WILLIAMS. lot Itspl.Ch.
Front Rev. J. G. L. Illskins.
•. Smith's Pills are in go it demand in this region
their pleasanilll,o mad efliemtv,
S'illN G. 1.. RASKIN'S. Marlon N.Y.
From 31 Damn, the Wither. '
• . Smith --Ite-pectnil Friend—Thy Pills era selling
rapidly, and gist' first rate sat isfactilm 'to this place,
.epalr, i MUSI 11AMW2G7 Mainmst. .
.Sua t tb-:—Yaue'pills n e e well liked hero.
! .
Smith—l a m mud' pleased withl your Ind. WV.
.r Coated Pills. nod use them in my family.
a above are [tidy n few ea-acts —hut we inicht,go nu
Rita w h a le n. w 'paper with Millar one& I here Pills
ow the most popoitr iu thi country. Mid give; the
:t general satisfaction.
b o on pots wi I always cure COLDS in a much more
• sent way than any other re. For this they are
1 P rillE DA N G ER, ~
rho in'
off fu
on ti
ni th
•nd ,
be wi
I f bring dc•crivpd :nowp pftrenl las Dottr Smith's
3 have become ircry populsr thro(2gliout tho country,
tams, hnvn roug„ l lC- ill paha out wp.ttilc,s mutt' with a
ttiing oroogar" to• cover up ft mO,t idangorous
r.erumbo , tker, of Wive Hoc, \fn. raye that n prrenn in
t playa CJllle new losing los life from the effects of the
oterfolt g.n Crostrti ' Pt 4,, Also, rs poolrooms in
isville, Ky. was ;seized with violent i,vottaiting niter
it use.
rot the 9,, t ui n e nr Art none, and see /that- G. P 1 N.).
rn Is 'trines with a pets tot thwiltattont of each box.„
NEw YORK. Pp tlienowich Stteet.
POSTON, 1 Warr; rarreat.
ram, Cari'er & Protitor, No. r,,
3. Cummins &Co. Coiner of SWAMI anilf7ilt
street...) _
flech 8, 1847
NEW AMTivriszNigNi . s.
• rt LOOM'S & tb.• ore re
, .i
N. 3 • ceiving irom N,. York a
• .3.7". ' largo octillion to their former
- etoch of 'GOODS makia. an
' ~. ....6±*+-4s'et osortment not usually found in
94 EYRI this section of country. Sclec
• ij ' tel with card and at prices rens
•'; onably low, they expect to tie
able to accommodate their pat
rons with nil articles round in
/similar estabtisbments at fair
Nov, 14, 11t16. • " • • 2
IriGOVElt SEED,.of a superior quality, for oalo
COTTON Yarn, canon warp, wick ins. batting
and waddins, at TIMM
October 21, f'tr.. 23
Serofuta or King's Evil, Rheunuttitm, Obstinate
Cutaneous Droptioni, Pimples or Pustules on 1 e
Faae, Blotches, Bites, Chronic Sore Eyes, nil
Warm or Teller, Scald !lead, Enlargement an i
' Pain of the Bones and Joints,lStubborn Ulcers,
Syphitic, e ymptonts, Sciatica Jos Lumbago, and I
Diseases rising fram an injildicions use of Offs- 1
f y
cury,,,lsc tes or Dropsy, Exposure or Imprudence
in Life. Also, Chronic ConelgutionalDisardcrs.
TH E . operatisu of this preparatioit is threefold. jt nets
as a tonic, strengthening the digestive powers and re
storing the appetite--ns an aperient, peculiarly 'hilted and
gentle in its, laxative effect, and os air antiseptic, purify
ing this fluids of the body, and neutralizing in the blood
the setive principle of disease. Tire army well Whet/.
Vested cures of Scrofula of the most malignant character,
have git en it a wide and desert: 4.d celebrity. But it is
Utit stone in Serofola nor in the Oa,' of diseases to tablet'
it belangs, that this peeparatioci has been found henedeiet.
It is a specific in many diseases of tins tritin, and may be
ailed - Mitered with favorable results in 'all; it also nitoWees
it controlling influence in billions complaints; and when
OA system has been debilitated either tilt the use of pow
ciful mineral medicines or other csuses,it will 'be found
an wiectient restorative. .
The followieg testimonial to the value of the Sorittpa
rilla,is from the Rey. bother Wright, aged ilfleurs, Con.
gregational Diluloter,•rottitling at Woburn.
Wooturt, M1F1.4., March 30,1016.
Jfrssrs. —Gentlenletv4.l , rnin what have exiled
raced, and from the inforttuttlou 1113V,0 recently ,recelyed
from a number of persons of nigh ruspectaltility.who have
Used your Sarsaparilla, 11,vR, ant the bust doubt hut that
It is moo esluithle medic - um. and that the nano:runs cer
ti6csu, Cu have reseised of its eine:icy tar 6. fully turttniu.,
ed by experience, and although its reputation and utility
arc smry extensive, and stand in nit aced of my humble et%
tort to inermiie them, I want all who arc of by dies
eir.o to bscome nequidated with the e r ell dud prefer or
your Yolnablo i medicine.
I am, gentlemen, ger tofully awl very rep ectfully yours,
Wit GB V.
. „
The t foHawing' is an extract from a letter teertYtd irons
Mrs. 11 even, with had been a ffl icted for neural years o_ith
Sertifttlou , IJlcets, rip-PePsix. &c., and recently whiten:
offetaion of the Throat nod Christ:
D'Att.sirsonno, Va., Dec.13111..1811".
Messrs. A,K. & D. Sands—ilefore I commenced wring
our Sarsaparilla, my sufferings were itimoct ',Aril escort'''.
xi in; my throat wits completely ulcerated, I had a ill end
ful'cough, and them sr ere fr9uently weeks together dun
I retold not speak above a whlter; nod besides, the Milani
mationtroin toy throat esteitilett to me heat, so that my
hearipfr'wns very much hoist:tired. After taking tho Sam.
saparilla a short tit:o,lllY health improved, and my throw
In now ti . ell; I on, an free front Cough and tight, esis. of the
chest on ever I was, and can , Ilie tr quite distinetle. My
throat b — rt been well about throe moths, the cure of which
ban been,eifected entirely by the use of your Sarsaparilla.
° Your friend, 1 [ 1.05'15.t It. tl EVA itl.
i NAVT6ONirI r.r. r, Ks'., Pert. iiils. I Pl 5.
Messrs, A. B. & D. Sands-I,lneing used your istarsrpa
HUM my family, and teitursiied its beneficial (aeon on
one of illy clatte:, 1 feel it 0 be n ditty I own Litt:mum
inanity to In4ke the caim 'white. About ti. o yearn ago my
little inn scan otter:Rod xi,. itly Seroftild or King's Evil,
which bloke out in right or eine places round the neck
n nil j 4,v, WlllOl fnrillylitiVrinl bin eyes, rendering him co
tirely id ind• Dun ag the , fur l ') car front the trine he i.s.l,
taken, hAll% :tanildr , ,f by cesirr..l ph vskiiiiiti, lint ,olitio.,
Iced i tr gist worse until I despaired of his ever getting well.
Daring soiof your Sarsaparrit liadvertired with certilientes
ofits cure .I conclmia,i to giii it a trial, :Ind an s ,nrdltigiy
sent to Cr Waned stud ;orient,d a IC u bathe , , find linty, at'.
ter ha Vin used nine bottles I have the erntip,a•jon of
*nybig he is well. The sores ire ern irsly he sled, pad hi ,
siehtmearly lIN goad iis evert seas; and I have no hesita
tion in saying that he wits Oitirely cured:by the use of
your K.trsaparilla. ' . ,ours truly,
. ,
For further particulars- 1 coneltriiy:i evidence
oritssuperiur value and efficacy, see jiainplilets,
which may be obtained oft a.ent s gralk.
Pi opined and sold by') A. B. 4. I). SA NiNk
Di ligLriste, 100 Fulton street, corner of
New York.
' .Solif also by J. 11. Damon 4. ro., Erie and
Meadville; S, Ilutchins , &YCo., Waterford; 1.,
i NV Hews, j r . PittFlineg; A:Aeynoldi, Ilufrdot I_ len
derson 4. Punderialit. Clere.and; and- by Drug
gists generally thibuuliont the United States.
Price SI per boitto. Six bottlA fur t 5.
It JThe public nee respectfully reittesteo to
reintin erlthat it is Sands , Sarhnparilht that has
been at d is constantly nchievinz such reinarh Able
cures q the most difficult class of 1115(r.71 , C0 10
which ihe hanian fraine•is Fulq, , rt; 111 , ‘refb . rc ask
for Sande' Sal•saparilla ) and t.alte nu other. ,
1 ,
'Oct, lii. 16161
• ---. STORE. ,
No. 9, REED Housu2Row . ,.(itm, PA',.:'
rp El E undersigned having ptie j e lased the.entire
1, stock of Conlectiodarles, together- % dth the
fixtures belonoing to the businnss in th e, store
formerlyoecupied by James Crisman, WOU i say
to his friends and the public fzen rally. that he haw
furnished him:4l2lf with an old and experienced
workman at the busiaess, amf is now nre'paied to
furnish to retailers, CANDY, at Buffalo prices,
Band warrant it'to be superior to any flutrilo candy
1 1 &re-red in this marketCthe retailer will become
fet nvinevil after selling a few pounds of my candy
' that it affords Odin miwe'profit than the eastern
e Indy. Our sticks and kisses will 1.13 40 . to the
pound. nod are finely flavored.
I am prepared to forn,isff lee Cream iu forms to
quit customers., Fancy dukes made to order,—
Fruit, Pound; Sponge., and Jeltey Cake, andlum •
hies always on .hand to supply families. Twill
furnish tea and e • to private families cheaper than
they can bake / tecto; and On the shortest notice.
Pre Lernona and Drangfs, rims,, raisins,
Nati yr all e.,erved :Anger, mixed pitic
-1123, saidinci, a 2(1(0 aasortinent.
Aa iarE asset tment of toys, such as, doas, dres
sed or ynd'ees'scd, cats'and dogs on bellows,' glass
dogs ilnd birds, tansy boxes, beede, neck:'aceg,
head dresses, purses, hair brtishes, ridding combs,
besides a than-and' other articles too• numerous to
mention, Please call and wiamine rte yourselve:
Any orders rrem the country for candy Witt be
promptly attended to.
Erie. Ane❑=t. I, 15'471i
IV/1 VAUGHN, No 2 Flemina Block, -State
Street.- This,establirotment has at:refired
no•oriety by selling all kinds of do:bine...a , . cheap
tc, they can be purchased in New Ydrit city.--
Call and see. , A suit of clothes. tan he' macle at
this establishment in ONE DAY'S; riotice, in the
latest style and most approved fashion.
Ju-t received a general assortment of Clothing
and cloth, suitable for the season and for sale at
prides're.tuced to t 4 pecuniary means,of all. For
inAtancr. a aocrl amid, e of cloth, all wool, at 50 cts
per ya r, rd and every_) fling else. in proportion.--
Cutiitt also tikne to - order at reduced prices. All
Order's from the country promptly attended to.---
The chitErcan buy as cheap here us the bea t judge.
•Custotners generally can depend on having their
- wd}ir done right, and no mistake:
Erie, Dec. 20, 045. • • I
A MONG on- stock will be found -1
2000 lbs Lite Lead, pure,l
300 Red Led,
200 Litharare,
50 Say Lend, •
1000 Spahlh Whiting,
500 Vertition Red, '
500 French Yellow l ,,
100 French. Green,
IS cases Chrome yellow 'and green,
.5 do American Vermillion,
2 I.bla refined Lampblack,
rilgrtllons Spirits Turpentine,
vs) •do LinFecd Oil,
.50 do C, pal Varnish, •
200 Paintfruabes,fromN I to 000000,
boces window
200 lbs of putty.
i ..
Persons wishing , o purchase any of the above
articles are invited to ”isreOls a call. Every arti•
cie is warranted gee d, and as to prices they sh 11
be as low as any reasonable or honest !lean will
aslt.C MITER s..t. BROT 11 ER.
Erie, Nov. 28,1846. . No 6., Reed llensn
CIA RTER Sr , BILOTEIER; mein receipt of a
IL./ beautiful collection of Paintings and Emna.-
vings, plain and colored, in oil and wilier. Per
sons of taste cannot fail alining pleased with the
gelection. It comprises views of some of the most
romantic end picturesque_ places in , Europe and
this country. A rnonz them are two Oil Paintings
3 by,,3 I-2 feet in rich gilt frames—the,one a view
of 'lrrny and the lindson from Mt. Ida, tho other
-Washington's Head Quarters, near Newburg, on
the North River; also.
Views of Sr. Marl,
Lake of Zurich and surrounding country,
Lake_of heng and surrounding country,
' A general View of Brussels, ,
A Noonll g ht View, obeautiful piece,
Forest and Winter Scenes,
Bunting scenes, &c. also, a very fine, and
• Correct likeness ofQtreco Qietory, engraved
on steel from Sully's painting. also.,!'
Iler.two elder children, Mkt: and Albert,
in handsomogilt frames; a beautiful
Mezzotint engraving of "John Anderson
my Joe,' a rare and interesting picture.
Also a collection of rue 1'1)4 beautiful Birds
and Flowers, correctly and elegbid. colored, de
signed for instruction to learners or s ornaments
for the centre table.
Persons designing to furnish themselves with
any shin. , •in the above floe will find these well
worthah - eir attention. They will :be sold lower
thunitlby can le purchased at retail in tho cities.
No. 6. Reed House.
.!Z'ov. 25, 15W. 29
Coughs, Asthma. or any form of PULMONARY CONSUMPTION, Wthe
the HUNGARIAN BALSAM 01? LIFE, discovered by Dr. Buchan of
London, England, tested for utlwalds of seven years in Great Britain and
on the Continent of Europe, and introduced into the United Stateb under the
immediate superintendence of the inventor.
The uStnnishing emceess at the Hungarian Balsant,J in the cure of every
Slum of CONSUNPTION, warrants the American Agent in soliciting for
trea•ment the WORST POSSIBLE CASES, that can be found i mthe cum ,
triunity—cases, that. seek telief in vain Jinni any of the common remedies on
the end have been given up by the most distinguished Physicians asi
CONFIRMED AND INCURABLE. The ilunariun Balsam has cared,,
arnkvill cure, the MOST DESPERATE OP CASES.' It is no quack nos.,
trum, but a standard English Meeicine of known and established efficacy.
,Evet y family in the United States shook/be supplied with Bnchan's HA
ztarian Baleen; la life , not only. to counteract the consumptive tendenciep
of the climate, let to be used as a prcrentire - mrdiehte in ,uII cases of Colds,l
Coughs, Spitting of Bleed, Pain in the Side and Chest, Irritation and sore)
ness of the Lungs, Bronchitis, Damnify of Breathing,
Iletnic Fever, Niels
Sweats, Emaciation and GenerallDebitity, Asthma, Influenza, Whooping
Cough, and Croup. -
'ln case of actual disease of the lungs, or stated Consumxion, it is the
Soltlity yonald & Smith, solo Agent for the JJnited Kingdom, at the
Ttatinn NVar -house, Regent-et. London, in Bottles and Cases, for ships,
ml S~rrcinl ,tupoininreirt—DAVlD F. BR Acr.F.g, !Id Court -Ft., Boston,
Alarm, sole A merit for the United States and BIWA) Amerivart Provinces.
American price, $1 per bottle, with foil directions for the les:oration of
Pamphlets, con•ninin ,, n mays of English and American certificates and
other vidknice, ahoy in ; ! timtmeiMalicd inerite of this Client English Reme
dy. may he. elvnioed of Agents, gratis.
.Nono zoisoinc, without the u i it:en , igoaltiro or the American Anent on
a' , r;i1;;I lintOt unze toibel, to countei t-it. which is lorgoy.
fAC;L:, i :::.—S. l'oesny. :, , ,yl;teuse, N, V. General 212eriffor New York
aid tho v.cstein Stute:s.,l
. t7cr RE AIOI.JEI .
Front Me Baptist Chr ;Lou, ,in at Coloose Ostorgd County. ..
'I do lic,by most eheercully certify that I have used Dr. But:nail's Hun
gar ian Bahian' in my family with great t.uccess. My little girl, now in her
~seventh, Viear was, in the 'merit of Octolier. 1814. attacked with a pain in'
.ther ri , .. ht aide, and notwithstanding we need all diligence to remove it, elto
.continued to grow worse, tm - I after ehtaining the connsel of Dr. B—, who
thought the blight Lobe nt her Lungs so seriously elf eted that her recovers
was exceedingly d.alb,ful. I was induced to ob•ain one bottle oh the Balsam
an t iodine one I hit dof vt as, the little sufferer resumed her plays a
I her clil•sit fulness I eturned, and berme two betties were used her health we
up. r w:t
pniml ,l
V.. 1) 1'11.1,5, hum htducrd
•Ann,th'ni¢ they 4.• riu,
'ortit•r to be:l t:,rm for th 6
i,,,,.. ti ', it -1 0 1.• of the r:00 how, oar Pftli assim ilate lit tip
!se...trance to the original. or, Snitrie,,,,, rill' 'II, Anal, t h e
are nutotrnot,l I' lid-VD upon thekennuititint, A mint , —
ter who itt first had on interet% in an imit a tion Suiti,
Coated Pill, inarturattu ,1 in A briny, N. Se,, has !mien
them up. 05 lie rays MI c ccol/01 fit 1/01 misearahlri'ditholl
eat parties cool:mted in nalinfai luring them. That par
ty in now Industriously giuguilldiqz reports calculated to
injure Dr. Smith and to elliket the reputation of his veina
1.1;, pine ; lint rat! the I notice them in public, 11r. Smith
it ithont to inoto o le - al prfoon.l!ngs a octal these far
their id:001.-rt, ii, it 1,0, 10 11110111cr i 10.0 against a similar
pail a,.10 %bleb lie fill 0%.11,10110..11ty Atitamg”.• Thepa mis.
erable iraitators hare 10 (o , lort 10 OM most rtheininulde
means In pnlni 01l their counterfeit 'till; 'as the public
knot% that Dr. Smith's arelthe .01.:1001 and gentilike. See
-0101111.4•1111.4, 1011:0 editor 10 10111110 . once 1112:41401 life ling
been endangered by the dte of the cloodei frit, ,it is pr.
Sinillini',ll, that urethan); ao laugh goad in the'ciatittry.‘'—
as the following ihow.
rt , e an , 1 rccnathiraul Dr. Sf r nith', I.llk than all nthera
'I lA. In certify th it }have lined thn6iiriiren.ited Frith,
main fart 6 red It v - Smith, of Mow tot It. fitr
some titan, nix) hr lima them to he a rand tilediciii.:!tittitl
alma, frien inquiry in that city, I on perouni ed flint ho ie
the original inveidor,llll. Ina In el.. hani
lefitn of tha love:molt. S WILLMMS,
t 1 nn aticutimt of our renders to tho oriti6r.lto of
It nos ril‘i or of the Tat l'inom Church, Vne
burgh, ut rolat on to Dr. Stoltleb rills We can ourselrea
bear tegtintooy In Thu excolkilee of Ilteso t illy, oue nY ur
having n-cil them nod e‘petieneed great relief from iliont.
The ahoy° in the ((Oct pnpor in the'Sinte s ot Delaware..
The "IlittMOVna INDIO; VEGETAI , LT: (StigarV
Co.ctell,jarr certainly fining. intleh in the . ., remit S.
1\111(1 ekterturtl, If one.-halt is true that people.
mite (11111 ter about them. "a hey are eo. easy to their opj
cratiou that till lilts, th..nt. The e•lttor al the
Siiiie Otte of the largezt and hest p4pent in ilia
State of N. Y.) is rites of toilets st
Watertown, Hap al, )816.
De. G. Bcuj Smith—Dent Si:: 1 wus Intl up with a bad
eat Ramo time .tarn toy return from N. , and during
my itines r made trial or )(rut . pine, :out I most soy it
guyed them exeettent. They are the hest tneqtettte far the
purposes they arr. rilleuile4l. th it I 11JVi "Moil, I t.eldolll
tatoe pills hilt I found vourft rittirely free from the "Nee.
itnn..oo Whitit tither p 1 hope they wlll c unt
tinue to be a sour,, , ' prufit to '1 nu, as I doubt nut they
u all be a means of relief to the 4111,ted • n a large Fent,•.
Yours truly,' J. Ult EEN.
Dr. D. 11 ,, nj. Smth.— Dr tr Sir Your :wen: tuit with tut. A
Int of Naar SII2Ar d Ptllr, and 1 have hut u C, w Saxon
t e tt. Fiery hex I barn aO4 has ;riven entire ,to.nt , •tion.
hate tnkeit than iap.4lll and r th'ent the he.l pills
I h.ttc rver tired, aid I um not air tol to re / commend (Senn
to the public. Iv. a further supph at Porn.
Yours rcrpcctfully, JACOB P. 31.
Al': W.' KEITH
Dr. grolth Sir I ant not of your ' Indi in
Vegotebto eilated Pi 11.." an I find thorn telling an
fist that I think you burl butt or rood urn two cross imme
diately. .TIWy such eeniirnl satirtiction that the
people sauna at In lit twenty miles for di • amid its it is
generiills lolown that I am noel for mkt woalti be
.sorry to get out. Icrors re.woci
5.1.111, 5100 It E & Co.
ICH. flr'CJ. SMITH, be not NVIttl : TgN W;th . 11 1 , 1 , V on
the nosto , l of the 1„,,,x,
."Sugur. Coated" rale are
Inclimi Office I 7:; Greenwich Street, la/ gn, prick block
N.Y. Price 'Li cent, a box.
Dealers tarot-hod at the N. V. Cot lei ti or Ilcalth,l79
Greenwich tztreci, New York. And rnld by Cat for an
ltrothcr, and J. 11, Surto,' & Co. Erin. A. J. Varttil% & CO.
FOrrViOW. L. S.Journ & CO. Girard. Limes Leach, Lock
port. J. W. 111'Citiiii Jr. I:1k Crock, Plinron Ckirlc,
A- 1.11:k. \Y3•hntxton, Marvin & Jiulgen. Waterforrl:C.
W. Itorain & Co. ,Monlvillo, J. It. 11,,s•nea, North Fia•t,
Norton &- Wattrliurg, A Tout tellott. Union, D.
Zinc. 11, DAL 6itt li
. rood people of Eric and vieillity retioircif to be
'reminded Iho t the tract of land winch aflords the pro;
troika, of ibis harbor, wilds . on formerly connectnd tvltli
the inainland,rv,is thett"the P.:utopian," but now that a
channel ban produced a separation. it luta become an
"Island - and in very improperly ;call a "Peninsula,"—
Among oilier mis Ileoll errs, It cooking stove is i dT o rod for sale
in this iiiiirltiCyonder the popular union of "71ankee No
tion " winch ...Lori more like the gebuine ' , Yankee Notion"
Ilan no trlonil is like a I eninsida. The. (Wahine :novellas
al extra the, by which the :Finlike and heat ;we taken away
tynOt the oven or applied I, it at 111 Pi'llif`lls (We of the Cook,
white thin cobbler:tot or spnrioits kinds, whether they are
rearosetiteil to be "Vuolten Notions" or ''t..ilis•ro Penn
era," have no means or - diverting the he it fro. the oven,
which render s Oros very unnecessarily and joecinaforto
hly tint and subjoets those who arelvi:tati the r. inii.,d,, o
to headaches :toil vapor 'baths:which are cc 3 liable to
produce ft contumpi ion of the lungs as writ ; S of fuel.—
We hate the tretir.the right to make end sell Ito Genuine
"Yemtlee Notion... Store in the Comity of Eri Pa , wiht
"Spaulding's l'swelit elevated Oven;' and etc 4norly eon.
*rived dampri I, to which we invite the mien Jon of the
Public. 9a the top of tbooven are too holes hick afford
duo 11 , 11;111INO:.1 th.,t of conking in in in ,t' s vessel 4 and
that or cleaning She soot fro,' it without th Writ; and
sites y.liteli ore occasioned by "taking down t its stove ..--
%plow who dessi e to hell them in operation eJ t CM on the
In;lo , in.,/ por'son ;in this I ormigh, and eosin c bow they
l b
like them. Ch mfrs Lynch. 11. Cathcart, Wi him A Gal.
1 braid , . 4. .t re., John Morn, Al. 4'mo-right, or any ono
chit Wito busl ono. - They tire hea4Y and due i le HMI we
1 1
will warrant thrill to slot if proparlv used. Remember
coulter per, ins have the gene ne aritete for le, but
Erie. Sept'. 4 Ni, lata. la
TI:1 E, subscribers having a good a. ortruent o
INew England marble - on - hand, om differ '
that quarries, calculated for Head and ; , hot tables,
Monuments, &c. which they offer t, sell to anY
onein Erie county, Pa. not living tiller than
Erie, lettered in first rate stale, and telivered, :ft
the following Priees; Small, for chili ' n, $1 5,0
per foot; Middle size, for aged people, $1 62 per
foot; Largest; size SI. 75 per foot. NV 0 think it
would be an abject. for some of the tie county
people to forward UB a few inseriptiOns4s we have
recently been informed by the Erie marble dealeis
in rather v. bragging Tway, that they were sticking
it to the Erie and Crawford county people gooiL
'nig brag very lustily of selling to the "Pennit•
mites" at from s '2 MO to, $4 per foot. Should any
,of the people of Eric county bo in want of ally
thi l rug in our line, they can forward their inscrip
tions, or come themselves, and they shall halm.
Grit rate article at the above prices. t _
um MA SIKES E4C03...
tirestfleld, N . Y .Sept. 13, 1845.
I • 171
SRAWLS: 811 A WLS!!—Who wants Shl
of any price or' pattern? Sail tho oboe
award • S. JACKSON & co. ,
' Novembeilt. /346. ' • 7
BLACK SAL.TB.—I will 014 . Cath, andiho
highest price for any quantity of Black Saki
delivered at M'Keun, or at my Mora in Erie.
Octohcnil, 1816. C. M. T I IMALS.
rnt• of Dr. li. 11 NJ SMITiI•S
number pristine to mike
• oifil cont thl.llll u Alt !woe, In
Fnnn no while they Ito not pot-
Paitur of ht.lptist Church, 1 ittaburgh
Prom the Mu.. aiicken (Pet.)
Tonawanda, Pa , Si)t , IA, iH IG
Ituntingt)h, Ind,, J 11,, 21, 1°•If
, 7 --
ly res ored. and to the effect of this in
'ibute the cure. DAYID M,
Pastor of the Baptist ,Chure
' Testimony from Moeheelei t _
[ I • , ItoCitestert, Pi. Y.
act January. I was taken with a! violer
ugl:4 which in, the course of a few day
, with much soreness of the chest, pail
brehst. Afler being confined to my I't
r, Mr. Pardko, formerly 'Deputy Sheri I
get a bottle of Dr. Bue Ws Hougaria 1
ileen siniilaily Ali d, and 1.1 . i the
i f
:If and entirely cure 1 itnmediatel
•ort time the result was as he pretlictc
netit 1 received Porn the Balsam.; end f
I 111 0114 my friends who have tided it
na nduced to believe it to he one of th
iliseascs, and a c s
A su: ro b 4 re u e.
o o
R in
s ir
D ie!:
N it l: t v
a kuble cure of a Dangerons Con
keliont of the Hungarian Balsam, ha
inimediate vicinity, and' in justice to t
it success. A few days since a yotin .
itore who bad been for months elfilie , e.,
Li wanted a bottle of the Balsam.; We
take it or any thing else HE MUS"I
ri &let wards had atititer. Yesterda
k i
vcd •in- appearance, nd said he we
t not been' tor the i nye ,table llimmtri .
a nt s c ene more of the medicine (lit ecli.
furs respectfidly; ISCHIA
.Pis!;, Catiasto/4, ..V. Y., dated OsNA9T
gent, Eve,--Sir: 'laving used D r . Bo
iy tvid, tNs very best suecegs for Inn ,
.'.d by my crie,ols with like sne,e.ess, I
tin Agent for the sale of the same,'Tinee
hotfles. and have in almost every in-t
end all expectrc ion, in some eases crime
sof respectability PROM /UNCED Ii
'. 1 .4, and I. most cheerfully reeommeed it'
linplair'ts,usrairing them that in most I
(soored) I W 11.
More rroof. '
EslaPli.4tinfc the - iDicacy of Mt Eats
[Prom Deaccin Lewis, of Mica, ( ated Hric,s, Fehrt
V I cheerfully give my name in favor nt' Dr. Buchan's Him
IDili% Last:April, my wife was attacked with a violent e,
4 sefere and MOSI, DISTIMI , IN S. VAIN IN VIE SIDS., so hat
jof rest. . While inl this situation,ll called on - Messrs. \Va
;medicine, and they recommended this Balsam. I purcha
ithe time we had used about one half or it, my wife beta
;after using the reinainder, FA , ' health was completely It
time I haVe recommended thel3alsain to my friends, many
lit with like success_. , (zigned)
1 Deacon of the First Baptist
. . . •- .Ter'y Further Evidenct.Zl
[Prom the P. M. at Ilttrlio2teni Flats, Otsego C 9. N. Y
I um twain under the necess4 of ordering a new stpi
's!y wife still contltittes the medicine and is improving.
lin this' section, 1 heard of a friend .rro miles ll mu here w i
Jn a CoNrattai:D ..oNstintr•TioNt.,, I s ent him two hottlesA
ti two weeks since, nd 1 hard ;from him, and' the r
'him like a charm- '' I (Signed) '..
J The Messrs. Metcalf, of GeneseO; N. •Y. (tifteol wl
!physician) in oriii:ving a new simply of the Balsam, sa'
,c F: ay: CA ti E. 4 our tz.rmrier, complain of receiving, krent
S. 'Vali - SEX', Syraedse, N. Y. General Agent for
l iNestern States. Sold in Erie by CARTEIL Sr. BlIOTil eft, D.'
i- • 1
considered complete
any hesitation, L nu'
January, 1845.
- Sin.—Sometime I
with a distressing c,
'blectlin.. of the tuna'
much Aoreneas th •
sand getting no tett.
recommended me t.
' observing that het);
eine had been epee
r after using it ,a at
!well. Prom the be
'good name it. hears
!lungs and chest, t a!
'non• in use for tipa
Sir—We are ent I
left with us, in our
'may with aslon 'shin r
town called at out' ti
messing couch. anti
(little nee fop•hitn to
;bottle, however, at
very mug) improv
strenwh —lout had
have died. We
(From Esq. 11 . . El
ro S. Toustni.
Idirdsam in my burl,
having seen it um',
spring to become of
4,ireat number or
had - Succeeded bey
been by Physician
,their cases hopeless
Ilering with lung ci
speedy relief.,
2100 lbs,White Lett(l,tlry 130 lbs. Paris Green
[main oil, 74 " Sionir Lend,
300 " Red Leal, 9.000 "- Swith.Whiti4g
'2OO " Littfurge, 73 " 'Gum Coi)a,
300 " Post. Rochelleloo ' T,orpentine,
Go lbs, lit' ome I, recn
GO - 0 " Red • . end yell'ow ,
Eday'a relined Lampblack, Linseed bi r l, raw
and boiled, Cupal and Shell:lel; VarniA, lndihn
Red, etc. etc. ' J. 11. BURTON S r Co.
No 5, nerd Hon Ne.
NolleF..—T . tte I la, ,F.,—
. .
~ , „
Copper and .-:•.lt et Iron
- Ilianufaen.ring business will be carried on
at the old stand of Ashley & Kelsey,, %%here a con
stant supply of all articles manufactured h'y hiro
will he kept for sale at wholesale and 't et ail, Old
Copper and Blass Ware taken in pavin6nt for
Erie, July 6, 1844. .1 ' 7
Nov. '2S, 1810.-2 S
. , • L. WARREN,
LT AS removed his sash, blind and door
11State, between 7t hand Bth streets, 5%
will keep constantly on hand or make to t i
articles in his liiie on the shortest notice,
..LA;o'o• tn 'obtain first rate work of let
would do well to givo•liitq l o.eall before I !
:•it! elsewhere., Glazinadonc at all tinier
and .1 . '4, 1 ty kept constantly on hand,
Ma Itt 1846.
S. SMY'fl - 1 -IfNi
t.; . VD HAS JUST RECEIVED !I•.'"br*;-
from New York Per PontroksExrressAnt. Sprin r...
Fashions, and is now ready to c.ccttte all orders
for 11 tTS in the latest Ftisioir, and of a beau
rinalit: than can be purchased here or elsewhere.
ikla ch 16; - 1946.
' ''' • The subscriber is prepared t 6 fnini:di
' his okt. eos:om9s (and as many new
•otws is possible) with Ila:ts of the .sprio g style,
as elwa pas the cheapest. :Call and examine rpal•
i!y and prices for yourselves.
a i d prices
PrrctiCal Hatter.
tf 45
Nlnrch 28, 1810
B. T3INSON, '0 .1.01141 KBLEOOO.
T i n E eni, tr i b l : v e er ib n e o r t b
e ti l l b ° r ll Z il lou s nd ul i e t-e ti n n e ven in i e' l el l i t " o i r
a tzreeable to introduce into the-pupcjis n general
arlvrirtkement. Being rather or a modest tu:r.,
they have been situated somewhat like the strun
rcr in New York, who'srat upon a dry goods bo
"in liiroadway, to wait till the't towd should gt. ;
aura like him, having attract4la little public-no
toriety, they are prepared to 4et down and move
quitftiv atom!, and would reripectfully invite the
attrition of public to a choice selection of
GROCERIES, interspersed with a few staple Dry
Go ds and other, notions, just received from New
Ye k, Cincinnati, fk., which they design to sell
pro tv cheap for ready pay. Please call and.see
at fig Ptenelt street, next door to R. 0. ittlbert,
' Est 'rr ctlire, rn - I at fii r. - ect Canal B , sin.
IT 'T -. 'MLINSO— & Co.
li.rie Ana. 1, 1814. • I 1 ih
31ITT:SBU lt t ,GH llteltinghatoW
, tilul article, good isrortmd
e nd for rale tly. - ' (
Mutest 1,181 G. ' II
---- ----
I,ATTERS 11 . 1,11;TERIALS. - -757fts. Byrne
Logwood, &omitting • best, Gum Shellac'
V raigrie, Oil Vitriol, cte. foreale by
. I_.[
Nov.i/5,1816.--2.8 f . J. li, BURTON Sr. Co.
I - (INDY.
1N LLkCream ; lel°nb rrd dr
opq, h i .
hound bar, do . medicated, pep pe rmint dros;
r)pperminf, rose, willtdrgreen, sassafras, and
v ortn Inzengors; sugar plumbs, smooth almonds,
:a mond candy, etc: etc, for sale by
rIARTEit BROMER have Jost ,received
‘..-/ their fall stock oi Window Glass, which is
arlze atcd completel—‘larying in sjzo (rem 7x9 to
5x30, and will be cutCtb any sizr shape desir
d;witbout extra charzie. Putty always on hand.
Nov. 28,1816. ' 28.
-OD. SPAPFORT) re'speciCully inroads lin
s inmpathie Physicians and the friends oltbe
system, that he has juit received direct from I‘4;w
York, a _Nod assortment or Hommopaihic M rdi •
clues in tinctures, 6(k:ions andtriturations. ;leo,
pocket cases bimeditines• '
physician's and Canni
ly medicine chests, relined sugar of millt."pure
globules '
etc.; us'well 'art books; pamphlets and
standard writ ks on themsteux
Erie, May 23, iBl
- - _
UEENSWA ILE by the Crate—Birmingham ,
lor, ware—for sale
Apriti )9.'1816.
b 4
; N ! Co.
. .
. .
1: tho lowest prices rind of the be t
"Ang. 181 a. !ct , TOMLIN i
VT [UNA, Carolina, Orleans and Scotch Plaids
V also Linseys, and Goods of all kinds
for sale very low at ' COWELL'S.
- 1411STAAD SEEDS—A superior quality cf
-LW. Yellow Mustard seed for sale•bv
February. 13, 184 T.
ANNER'S OIL by the bhl. - Atrid at retail; 'Re
l. fined Lampblack, scrub; Scouring and 'sate
Brushes, far sale by '
Dec. 5, 18.16.
fIASH and the highest' make' price paid for
V:1 Max Seat Wavered atilt* etore dram 80.
ecaiber, corner' of French and Fifihetreets. — '
Et lc, October 10; l 81&.
- - - - .
I 8,16 -- - t!r•Lioci4l
• ..l e tcla... e
1 ,
1 - 1, 6110;1 IiDiNG COM k PRO-
C Ell en A mrs. \\'ill Conti Hite the
Forward/nu and etunnsiFsio business as 11. - =ual,
at,their NN are-house on the PII .116(... Dock, Erie.„Pa,
and 'will he ready on she opr tin_ of Navig,afion
of the present cal to contra t for the shipment
Merchandise h onr.the caster cities, or other pia.
ccs, to Elie, as they 4re cool wed with tzond re
sponsible lines, and liziyina oilhe firs' class
of STeam Boars titid pi otiene a on th° lakes run-,
itingho their houhe, thereby itsurinc , the salt fand
,twatly tratnnnis.don of all I ropert) nlrtwea to
, their stro. They attik the forwarding.,
.of tzooth, up arid dem II the 1 ht. or I any of the,
oanadian ports 'en Lake (I static , en Hit
Ss. Lawler-LT-I;lEOt:ot i th b this Eri Extenaioa
CASII advaUces eon kinds ( Produce'
and isalea prom ptly a•teuded tO.` They is ill keep
constantly nn hand BitMnit (Ms Coal, in large or
small (loam icie:3, to nut por , ll4 , :ers.
ALSO—Suit, Master in labia, or hulk, Fi , ll
Iron, Nails, f_tror.ta and cast n4s of every &scrip ;
tion. .
hop to
s here he
rder all
V prices
' 11 1.. FEWE
C. M. TibbalF,
' ' John C. Beche,
- Smith Jackson 4..
Johnson, H in - I,od
Holt, Palmer ,S. C
,0; N. Chapin,
W. Momeith 4 , t . 9.
Otis', Clapp & Co. Pos!on,
1- - -,. Ceorv:e W. Holt Co. N. Y. city,
E. L. Allen, ishdr , r, N.Y.
James Ilrowne,•T roam ! C. IV.
Wm. I) ; Kin„ .. i. Catherines; "
Scandal t, Janes. Co. Cleveland, 0:
'Albert Iveg, D6tr 4, Mich.
.7.‘,:ewbe Ary 4- Dot i Chi ca ~ i ci , 111inoi 8.
Erie. March' 1.1. 184 ( ,
ASPLENDID as,ortire
revel vinz i comprisin;
and quattties , Lettnimid4N,
glasses, JVll“Alasses, cam
Preserve dii.her, Damp`, S
sale cheaper than ei:er heti)
her, at Cad wells, ohe door
CM • Sept. 19, 1816.
WOULD most respectittilly intim n'this oh] c os.
tornets and the /Abbe generally, that he has
agility resumed business i rt : this city, in the shop
he Eformerly occupied. between the Reed [louse
and the Eagle Tavern, up stairs. Ile lenders his
sincere thanks to the citizens or Eric for past
vat s .% and would say to them that no labor or pains
shall be sparedro s .it then' in any article of wear- .
ing apparel they 'may see {it to tireor him with.
Prom theami» . ccedented s - recess he has met with
heretofore he deems Comm nts unnecessary, mere
ly adding that no tailori tg done in these parts
shall he superior, if equal, to that done at his el
tabliAmen Buitalo not ex •epted.
N. E. T he [?aria eaVIIiOI s are received monthly,
articular attention paid to naval and military
clothing. Cutting for of ters to make up will be
done as um&
~ Etie Sept. 1,2; 181. 17
Fe.— &berm
nt jtint rceeiv
C A T and po , ium Sic
Also, all kinds of sh
Pee. 5,181 .
►7 tore, Fin
Tea and Co
case, vciz c
("1_01..1) PENsT—
Pepeils, the latest,
kinds at rednectl prices,'
Cuppeias, f I
'Cream Tartai;
Spirits of Tin,:
' Cam% 'owl,-
Fusli I:, Is
For,sui" very 'Cheap
Decerit er 5, 1816:
CSq. EL hasp_
• ciSy, at the, co!
streets, For the inirposo
of his own manutitetor
thaw it was ever !onrc
be a first Tato article.
on hand, a
t quality, by
lON & Co.
' lie alsT keeps cons
White Lend, dry or it
Chrome Green, Citron'
million, Pose Pinlc, L d
scription of Paints, all
for cash.
A general assort=
Tea,Sugar, Coffee, *i
which are of the best , 1
ing to buy Oil, og
do welko call at the ci
streets at thi3 Oil and
and and examine qn.
chasing elsewhere, as
will make lifer their i
a call.
Erie, June 6, 184 ; .
Cotton Fianna
Nov. td, 1946.
m of Glas= Nl.rate just
Tumblers of all sizes
'itebers, Salvers; nine
It!stieks, eellery vase,
13;.4, (tic. etc. e:e.,
c&red inf,thig, mar
ak of the Eazic Tay-
I l' E D .
ns ir;imedinttly
pping furs, by
flared Bask
tffers and
cc Pots, nc
Uanttiertocks, eas
raya—alse Brlttattnia
patterns, at
LOnMIS & Co',B,
Nov. 14, 1
AY and
[Alarm and c
eat) for read
hour Gothic, 0. 0. G.
Inmop, by the single or
pay; L
LOO l 5 tc Co.
-No. 7 Reed Hoose.
-y 's Extension Pens and
mproveineni out, other
IMIS Et l Co!
.-• UCC(I .11011 e-
G. I 0
Nov. it
1 a Vitri 1,,
digti, 1
' ,hie 'V' f il.),i,'
[ad ilea , . I
f ochtine I t ,r, .
igind We,' or ellen - tie fob
'le Wo 1.1, , ' (green,
1 ladder - I'
I act fiattildrs, - 1
-, t No. 6, Reed floase;by
I 29
'L': OIL!!! •
in opened his store in this
ner of Freneh and rich
if selling LINSEED OIL
cheaper by' 10 Per coot.
heie before; warranted to
antly on hand Turpcntino
oit; by the kog or pound;
e Yellow, American Ver
harage, in short, eery do
lof which will bo sold cheap
I -
it of GROCERIES,such as
All Nuts, Raisins, &c.
lt rro rs e ° e n ri s e l s V will
I. rner of FrenChlood Fourth i
rocery Store of C. Seigel
lity and prices before pur
the cart assure them that ht
wrest to do EO. Give him
hed Shootings, Bad Tick,
otton Yarn, Cotton Bat
in Coloose".
• e -- - 7 .. -- F 4 .41 -4 1 - 41111414 R---
- :g'r - ttri"<l:-k;74 -4 3tT 1 01,
-- © "ei,-.i.:Fiw
-We ';`?...z .- ''''; 4 .,.
eVike,‘,'v4.- 1 . .- .---- ‘-'•4••• fp
---Q“ _--7. ,-..t ~
11; 1 3. 4 ~.... -$.
~...,.. . 4 r
#l . - . ...- t
:; ? .y 1
i t .;, 1 ,,.k.' '• . , t 4; •.* IA
".o.,i(;k * A e
kNIP - li'
60t. Yle)
li .,': I .' , ' ;IV
p , I
~ . ,
,r „ : „,,.
~,A . , ..., -4 ... .
, - i‘4 .
June 5, 1915.
t colt}," attended
li brOught• on a
in in the side and
'ed for wine days
Tor this' co'nnty,
i Balsam of Life,
se of that nu di
got a bottle, and
—I got entirely
onr the universal
.r diseases of the
• best. medichirs
"the public.
Is. -1 ,
: . Aus.T. Gj /814,
'lag sold ,011 yonl
le medic he roust
,of this
with a very dis
old blur it was of
DIE. lie took a
• he enlh•d attain
n Balsam ire mug ,
Dlt. C. 'II/. V. 41
Thor GAT? vr A... ,
I.lthontriptio :11 'slur... , :Phis km.% I. T . i iiii l' ai l ate , t i‘.tiow
beaug itittoduced into Eurnoo. l tlto East and AVe•t males.,
Poeth America tuttl'all . titer {arts of the Platte, whelp
diseaseectst. lit nu} , form 'l'llo Doted :Rates and thin
CatinduS base for the past three Veers taiverely tester,.
then iiilles whirl. thn proprietor, upon the /taro/Italica . t .
this 101.1 w -use Iteolt ilcll pot to §:IV it ed; in . ( Co
during thls Ilk EAT VI:Ca:T.1111Y. ICI:4lI:11Y the rims'
Atartlmg prom 1.4, were 11l ille an the part of the medicine
—so novel was the 111000 4 —the principte'-upon w Inch'
'the cures were to he elrocted that pimple three up
their hands and cried, what nexfl Even credulity. startled
o all surprise, turd the so called rq..iii tart" made them
sel yrs merry over the "nevi humbug." But mark the re-
SUrt —o.l,(lntee t oari r loive passed avioy-10/.31.11c,0pt0i00,
tlthei,ive of million,. and more of 0100,6,.11r g 11`diVIdunk,
have stumped this JtEM EDE 00 nto-t singular. wonder
ful ;floooprohoo , ivo owl ioir.‘oulous;_orotk.o pow et ever
province(. Tilt: 0...4:t3111 , . IT Dt-,Y:A51.: which tho Irroprie:
tor of tliiA medicine had the presumption to aly i•Xliilelir
and that ail viirtinto lii.eni.e. Were Istrtsa4con.lary, has now
millions of lieliociers, they mart b, title fur they hare
Is itileoseil the ether: , C this restraative. ' it has coatitterell
ALL tli•ea‘es by simply cooqueting the ONE. The ''Old
Schen," now open their lyre; their old dogmas, litre the
of mute mist. sly before the light of truth. and eop t mni.
sets now .cells a road to 1..011111 Ifs own IN Ily. ,ioNthad of
do mg its eyes and being fed. The troth of the priori ,
plc upon which this article cures is estahlislic.l. nod - the
s it,,tru s se t it is again mildly, most empliatimills , iiillia iliii.l
- It rertetated Thi; medicine will (bite frol tht hdy er
ery disease frldell has a name -every dims yayi:ysi ~, I x she
:pc/cm which thin el-tot. (f b ue r II muscle rental I thi4 haq '
tti,e nil I rest ey to
il mimes a perf.rt stale ibe old Calomel. 1,1 1 ,..1.
state a
sy sixth is oh ait to fail. 'Elie proorki
ly pre-eat toz itPelv of the l'l' 111 of ()pit .Tur.or s r, is It
prop out of the uhf ~.vrociorots,voi will shoo iiiliii,h, to
the grown!. a 1111:11c , t ;0.105 if IrllolllllCe nail dr ee plioa,
tot st trs, resort at hoer. to this no - Al.-me. It (1 It
strictly VEGr r ,u 1.17 It LtIEVY, the prod,. 1 of nor on. it boil
--,. eoolloonol 0f to'cot v too ilitletelit lii tt il.ll ii. 111,5 —.
Cal It root fin? IP , part.' ult‘r port or it : , ...y-i pot to ar l 14,011
.1111 (111. ill I I.ili i+ silii. ays pro, toed—lts . fro I opoo the
whole Ft/it iii i" . lilint,ili,tile Iy iipparent Te.tlitrons or I to ,
iii;;to-t I hal .11 ler i• elatlV e- using 11l the 111,11101,r, full
of form' :out you will ala aye i.ri 110 tilr , ;(ilai Cs nod dati. ,
Not fi p ~mists or fil-e evolent - t• i- tilferetl, on the Ilan of .
thiN Coca i. CCittTivrl• The shirt e.areiul petti-al of the
et putithlk tis de-red. It tet,,e,+. the .' hat am ter of all the'
secondary complaiors which .pres ail. and lii 111411 11111,0
' been cared 1.1 - this niticle Ea idence of cures: ill 'Mlle or
the rt - tolt. dreadful ,tres - of litheering I. i i t htili i i iit , it ii i i, i i i t
bat been the fortune of any predictor fp cold t5-rcb, i.
fond -1. !nil li hie!, li.V. rbeen- Fell 10' illii. 11 UM/red, ill
c,ory large ~ t% of oar I.ll.ton'as,,l the (Joanna. bin oto
[ Battik this ankle tin' the.rl.v.;s' ltd s o d 0 M,...y . 110 1, tter ,
o the p F-051101i Of the roprOotor tetll 111(10.
Tito Go i:A . r . 11 EDI, I:sr I.t illtr lite ldr,oe•r, "l es ery slice:i l-:1:1.• ,
I t a-1., a i i.l all 1,11111 1 of if illlii.lill C )11 IV!, I:rillary orento.:
rootpLitut.,if the IZi.ltle)o, IV 0.d.0.--, .If the to. k; I e•
to ifs in et. till illy. iilll , ledialrly i Ili ilie'cl. :krill in Ili alt 11)
1(111 Cot ell Iti I 110 , y.tete. flit ,e , , et, l'ettLile :a ours le
sort to tilt., $ tie turd/eine rid use ilo o boe' ll:stns.,:
Liver, liiili t ti , •liiiii, liilltiiitii viallliilailliii, 14v.liCrilni ili t illlll 1.
! I, i •i•Vi.fli Ulli•tififilliPaii. Gent, Si ,I.roducet sly illautiiili '
.if the 0.....1, scull alw :Q.- fact mill I' 1. - oog , , Couch, .•I r.o
1.03i.i.11/11 11100, liiilei., tio , p,,tieot• iillil ilia ir ri.M.eal ails i.
r.+ V. 1., i l ce i'l 1,1 ha-, 1 14.111 . tilfl,l ,i,. link r,,,,ii,me: ,
1=i, , 1f0121 and art Eruptive .11-e-se•: 1 . 1 1 eS! ErY`'l" l ' s . lii
aaritatnars or the pi,r, Pah/if:11,11 ii f the lioorrq sir',
'lle 10.1,110, Jail:01o, Eci, cr and ii i. 7 ”, i r
the y• hole eqta-
11.,'•110 illinbr he iliiiii . i.ll- serr,illl• It i :I l'IlY. ln.lll, 1 (1,,,,,
Put ul , . 1 :' ,ll .-/.. Willis 11,5'1,'1 . .: 11l iseirit !i
s. at l t'll i. i ,
Ikea, ef at th , ie y i ll ..,, e not ship... , ( I ' i., „ y ..„,,•,, ~,,,,,,-
has the,words, ••Vantiti'i , Vecet able 'fat ontr:p:ie Mix-,
hire:" hlramt oven the glass—the 11 1 111(11 son.aor, of
, Ii C. V7rStrzliti" nil Oil 44,010 C. pod 0. C. I.'nu-An;
'Donato, stalopmEnpon'thd emir. I None 1111101 are ;ertunie
Prep:tied I•v Dr G. I', Villl3.lllN. nod 1411 11l timer prin .
i 'Pe! ALreiry 1:107 '„tta u stiorl, Ilnlrdo, lot 'o logootte 0.1
rotl/1, to oho.o :M.-worm. li, all, II• loc.! eoate 1. , q , ' r ,,,, ,r.
I(,11 es dec.. rui eI e ',W.", ,1., 11:ah • ,(' Ito, meite l i', nl
V. 1.•1•.it Neti Vorl City. lt'. Nassau •I . /I.
71.1.4,, Soletn. 74.i55.. , 2, , ..137.•—, 51. •rb inn % I'. t;',...-0.
1, Coti , incati. Dinc...i: 11. Iltre, r.61: 1 .1 sc. teciii..l„ .I,air froth
o‘ . !loll: Si. 1,11,,,,- 710, J. 11"a;11,er,—Cener f ri'culot.,.—
At lietall by ic-i...1 11 t able DH , ;tri.'l.• throOghop.t IP» Color,
s 1.0 orti,. El ll the riper+, I . I
. ! Apr:o;in thr , tilt ; C..ct'er ..k, Brother. John 11. Porton
.1c Co.; M. ads ills; J. 11.11.11t0n & C Watt Jacob
t sliorg.col,
, trit,toch; figura, L. :4. Jones Jr, Co.; North East, 11. C.
TA Mai. 7, 1316]
than's llunzuriart
I was induced last
Which I havC sold
nee learned that it
c the patient had
n all who are sni
pes they Will find
,IAN E. FISK... -1,
o ne of life.
ary 4, 1845.1
garian Meant of
Sigh, oftended with
as to deprive her
ner 4- Co. for some
ed - a bottle, and by
to get better, and
6itored. Since that
Of_whom have nited
Church in Utica.
elated Jan. 1845.1
tly of the Bal am.—
ii is don wond,rs
fic) was considered
f the Balsam about
dentin is actin!! 'on
lorn as a 'practising'
s that 'ln some 8 4
PH jil front its u 5;..."
`ow York and th e
o:ti 'teed House
. Julyll '
For the panimicnt rkporat of 1711 411C 1 7 diniatts as to'ke
(tuft r:se in nit Impure Blood, Intpaired Ihaegl ion ,
.11.1.14,2 of lb , Li , tr t ahleAs
of the N , crous s! e,7 1 it i!scedcriil 110. 1 .)it
Dr. ,v4,„Lf s Wtl I ('lorry fitter' tact
L) illy, •ti'....t.tTy II ollOot .•,u,lu n ,• ••Zror .
in,bl l'., cur 0..1 p UlOOl 111 - 1116111,11 f. vipl
nerd o r omoo. two, oljo: wly r r, aof
the eno•I exeellent ni ,/"1 . 14‘1 , . ./O:I.F In
ill :di sit tive,lnf Will,. ipOilrl
up rill: , t ,h,"...,/t Intl. l l I unittltnr. .a:1 oil •
other+ ui Cor it , t/of r III:W. 10 ..1 It U P "L i ''
1, I.:ill los• re.nle/e.! it •rtt.ils 1)1.1,511f I.t r
Illedit 1,e,. OVille (lay. LI Dr.1.".,,..,tutnt.t1 , 1
itttnn, it to tai 6.11,1 ill jt eat p'hroy Itnd
xtreny tit, nit'! ;n inc mac S Ii) It. 110.111 nitb N,r Wihl ,
('hurry, a t9(tie tho' der. '111,11,f,p,
I , the Ohly/0110 I ter thole rani I. ant tonntltql I
it i• 0)(1110 to MAIO al' 'o f Ir
0%1 ri;:id chonne , 1 , -i•, eApor,ill,Clit
ion, or 4 ,1,i r,
m ind bo trial. tr. ho 'Ore Oro!
CE S . '
El iv,
T eo' , )
relnl 0.11 for thetite.ea-es riaitaea lied all o.e. 'I hey'
Idi/ife Of.• lateol. i.etieHte ri, , it if ..ieiaelioh, prom , , e• a
fir:dilly at thin el Ow Lie. r Ma I.4l4tßial it, :trot , 1,,,,,,:' pal
the verse., .111,1 at I,llt, Al: a.,;:, Itj.,,li:l'i.intl sic 1 I r the
'I% lair :.y Hi. lir :I I ~1•. 1 1-. "I d. , ; ~,,i, nip, art 1 , 4 f ,
10411;,,,,Ior, or 1,/.1, oil.itrit,,lin , l'iryl i fora t1,,t1
0 Itll reim,i I.abl"nre•r , , 1,1'1,11111., Is' {'1,1.41 li , . , rem.
vile 'for !lead ii i t •, Viand-envy, laic,. ofiit ',petite. , t ml
It,lll, .11 proktranott td tile, system./ At the - torte lola,. it
maid Ito 'lived, that tilde- at e to l'ai r ttitAellt nor It a
il it
cros in, IllI.,,o)101.10. I'll
41, frMR 11 , they 6ase !lie dee'T
Wed effect, ard. by a slteiitly reip`lar and t1.,..t telluctice.
Taken daily, lo eiteies 1 . 1, - ,,1111 . I, tbr•yi ti 01 tin found to
onerale in I tat Itollt' . 1011141111 i A 1 41 , 01/11.1.11, in
fief, their hitilit et e cti m o irti d a ei i i.
The iolloa toe rriuleitte , , ni 1 o.ltr IiTIIIIV toilet , hit eh
hal e,beea revei rd from the IRO. rtive4iiiiiite seniors for
toot •ati•faettir.e ,roof for the . aloe and IIIIIC:ley of this
highly 'popular medirtne. 1 .
m F.
M. . Tlinll7:TON in. , 1 . I'
D ear Fir.—;l ion I. to ce'rtif2,' lint my ilioghter has Been
troubled M. WI I \ .pep.itt for` a 111111113 r icif year;, ottendell
vi nit n count rue hciell eche am, other ilattreibitig symptoms
it hieli ncromp In i lets a 1.,. 0.. e. Silo-Coated Roston to
ae all her-elf of . tl - te jus Is criettrined ploy-joint. of flint
rite', all to tin porno,. ity the >sanitation ~r ~ r,,,,,,,t, I .
wa s indllefl.l to p are Ink° a thlttle of pr. ‘ViimEs t.,iir•npa
rel In nut Wild Elterry-alitters. 'Be rofT lAini: c"" "'lc
she has i el tee cal entirely of ?lie 'headache:, nod after taeting
(It 0 Cr three battle-, the other oyinptetriii filth clv ilt-itt ,
prarcil. N, E. Ili InEoz.,
. Non I'll I'A'RHAVR:4,II..IIIg Plain, July 2', fe.lii
'Dear Sir,-3Cv daughter Imii been for, more thou Iwo
yel11,11111it•tet1 with a confirmed Dy• and 1.1, or Cont
plaint. them her n ith a , ore ere and coin -atilt headache.
During this time she was cousin. tie attended ley the .„6:,
,4,.111.1 nod intoliittotit ph) i.tclato., toil is Wit little Or n 0 tr.
11,4, until we found the disease wan cop illy taisinz AC
form of Gourd consumption. A i l' his time, I &qr.-.
mined tohltie recntirt.o to Dr, Woo, S ..intf,iparilla nod
Wild Cherry Bitters, a , pre parpl ley you, and it 0,, tine
the tincrrei.t pie ii.ure'to t.t.ite, (lint enter' he use of a few
bottles, my daughter was happily •reetored to perfect
health. I have the ttißbe.t confident, in thi,,tiedicine,
lima shulll,clecerfoliy recommend it to my frieinV.
Very truly )ours, 1 A N.i 4 F;J, WHITE.
. The citredescriheel in the mimic certificate 6t- Mr. White
is ley no motions n siiiitittar min. There are latrulreds oho
ha% re leer, curet from the most acute or lour continued
iligenße, by the tii.c. of-thin exeellent and highly popular
remedy. The proprietor recritniminillit to the public with
the utinoia confident,. for' In all cases where it lies had a
tide trtiff., it ler, succeeded hercunel th expectation., of the
patiMit or, coin kis oh ie. The care ii4ith hhich it is pre=
pared and tho itartia
aecore, nod h ire t•ret
ran PS. pr , •judg
ntedirinr,tt troaldnof
quoude, rut a 1111
eelebrlty of it• -, prim
conanrod it to the p 4
Prepertit by E. Tr
Intl ,v Wyatt &. tr
ton Co,, Erie; an 1 I
the U.s. Price $l,l
tr•tr. 15t1. •
Pi EC VS A, l laivirla C a t m} eta and .o4 ! just receirlql and
f for .ole by
' I
••••cpt,' ' •
VOW is the! time to buy pAtIP)..:TIN( 3 4._
Carpeting; in the best quality anew
styles enustlte sold to mai:et - own for st6elt ,
in the Spring. at the " JEW STORE.
Erie, V0).727,1817. . 1 ' 41
CCASHMERES, Alpacas, sllhq and all other
Dress Goods, at t heaper rates than at any
other store in town, at the ' JEW STOItE,
Feb. :x7, 1617. entnmercial Endo nete._
FrtilltllLY, .I.;lain Tut , enthreadered de Lane,
1. Silknd Cast-liner Shatels;a. la mode, very
cheap at tb CONINILIICI AL tiaCtIANGE.
N b,
Erie, Fe i 27, 1647.' 41
41 T.AI)IEKid 'rind MeroccoSlis and Meth Crs;
cheat' , at tho - ' EXOLIANGE
Feb. 27, 1617,
gatc ineccg of every
offere,tl at a fraction
- FrcnO St. I
WINTER Sperm Oil, a pure 'article, for sate
et , B.TomuNSON Er.
Erie, Feb. 13, 1517. - • • 39
fOOE, ES i;ed
corks alwaysonthand-11,olosses at 37 1.3
cont per gallon, egood.;lutnater article.
October 24, 1846. / C. M. T188A1...
"lb oWdE or kitursitibeil exeluinge fair
,L ~ r orela or on aCeouOrc by - C. M. TIBBALS.
October " 24, . 1846. 1, , s 23
above cost, at thci
Feb. 27, 18 16.
No, Perry
,ic e Acellence of Its4naterialp, A hould
well for 11, n cli r4ter wiiii-ii it no-,
gre iitiAllyent , ting. agair Ft aiii. f ri. e d
I: be in r died iri , COOft ed 00 Ihi. , . .7))0
IS rrirforini•if: and Alio tiehnooli,in cif
nipai ronstitoents, slionittt once re
„bliv. filv,,r. , I , I
Otlll.oll, .Ir. li
obi wo* ,
huni,,lNl,Tii ton SI•N. 'l'
by Arn , ;:niF t, gintoraify
imp) Wales.
- II I , 1
r,IOIYONOOO — Dq- - Cottnn Yarn from No
to 20, Cnndlo Wick, and Batting, f_o_ c rs i a u lo
NO: 3 Perry Bleck ittßuci
,Au g . 13, IS 18.
.... iiltitlill /
rafe.'ssiOn iii every sectio n of t he Vatted
b !or.eseions, entitles them in the ..,, t „,,,,
is ( f t Disease. A mare of American and
1,1131 is in the Doctor's posseallion acmes
.se trerminent remedies after the COlDliiii•
the l Medical faculty, end the must popular
lay l had been DIM in 'Din. .
ft •uarli.c.l success in every disease te.
le arid positive — purgative, Tb e y cue
d 4:
ii i
slickness pains and dizziness of the
o a kness of the breast, sides and bout is
I . J, influmAtion of the different organs' in ,
, , fl u i breath, coated tongue, billiaus chol.-
i ivy leo. and' ill cases where the Atom
, are loaded w humors, which are so pro
reit Each boa font:sins 311 Pills, are we,.
'h turely vegetable, and sell for 9.5 cents—
• o rttioury dote. Al
, nt.i Sprains, Bruises, Contracted Cords,
utaay, Croup, Stiff Joiner, 'Shrunk Sin
t e l t and face,:Tetothache r Frozen Feet,
Spine, Perished Limbs. and wherever an
attim in indicated. 71 - 41 rapidity watt!'
Ott abase .11..rapea. NO attracted 'ME
n . DMIRATION of the w-orld• That alt.
set's': .s of the use ukhie blessing to home.),
it d.s phi the price at 2.'csnts. Each line.
, t'sl nanie blown p the class, and , eivelog
df.eared'Spiue,dccompasited with full dl
,...i'te, pretalral debility. attiuded 'with pains
in t;he stomach and,brotels,resteudiug to the
',petite,. trembling of ihh limhte•palpins:
trt; Jaidolice, Agile and F ser, and all Bit.
to quickly erred by 9,1 e u e of •
r accompanied v. itivdire lions, and,iell far
~ , A,J I. at Toltec Italia pant a. I n the same
. .. .
of tWe
or th. Cottiucre
Cum( liau te.tim
r.PrlOrrActi by lb
rd trelommet of
feilictltef (,f the
1)R. lIERR
514 be used wi
go7ring a ore
with :woni,bin
11010, pails. alit
ill k,a, of jet,
the luttene tol,
ic,1177177thal cos I
itcll'utl bowel, 7
71011\ C of 711. e
r.titiecl tinder ea,
Ilnll 3 'wing .
For ItbremSt.
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1 NEW FIR.:t
Mi l : firm of Hitchcoel4,Zimmerly &C
i associated themselyes in the ‘NYvai
' efail Grocery hosine..s,oirSt.ate etre.
y,.,lie the Fipzift Hotel, in the room iat
rf by-Wm,Rindernecilt, under the sty
Mi....i.iLY & Co. where mill he foun -
~,111 -elee'ed a...ortment of all kinds
liy i Witt India Goods. comprising es
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11, ill be paid for 10,0
10d i do Corn, 10,000 d,l ;' bur, if soe'
V 10,i,
1. ).c. 10, 1816
rci, now tCccivirz o Winter stoc - of
;e)DS and Miscellancous articles, and
Ie et rtiffY , invite the attention of our ems
n.l the 11111111 c to the qual‘tv of our g ods,
orices at whi:ll they 4;e,ffered.
'ions will find ameng our stock ma y o
Chemicals and choice preparations fthr
Medica. Our M tiedi inert are fresh ant
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is and others wan4g Paints 'and- S
I • our stock cotnpfetl, l and We woul r
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1 he quality and }tree of our articl s'
•h ir, ttsin elsewhere.
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Iscd in their line, at t.✓ asonublc rates.
stock of the Prier Ife/ficines of the
Perfumery and Fane: and • Miscolla
.=,is very large and sve would say t
I ers and strangers, t sat we shall be i
, you, show your ott goods, gfve ye
and your orders.
' • Ir,v. 2g; 151,6.4-9.6 INa. 3,.ll.tedid
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T. r\V IgT.l IL's Genuinn Italsinnnr Wild
e Celebrated remedy CO Consumption an ,
1s tbe Lunge.. Alta - Wistur's Gentle
It. Ear tale 11.1 Dr. Agent, corner
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;Merin es,
11.,T, pay S tents pli• bushel for oi
teq i i and 12 1-2 cts per btohel fork ilt:
irch-t1 at my rt.:beryl or \l'Kean co n ,
o, Oet. 31 , it' 1" c At 'ring
GRANGE & ririti
Vziwylicl 'vas, No. IG, ;spruceltie
\would respectfully announce to the
ey have commenced the man fa
and will, keep constantly on hanii
fOlowinzedesctiptilm, viz:
1..9 1 1 and Book ui table for hand fi.nd
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:•!,. ,
ppc.rp(ate, Gaul: Note, Musk, X l yiN
4ruplik, and Indelible, for elierawa4
1k 'or CottOti ”nods. ' , - I
, .
tors of all hinds will he prepared a
d equal in all respect , to the best in
o, Gold Size,,Gold and , Silver inks.l
LF,GRANGE, who has had many y
nee in the largest and rnost.celebratc
odes of Paris, viz: Messrs: Lemercier
Godot Nl t atiroi, No. 55, Paris, will
nal attention to the business.l
13 1 All ordhs riddressed to the sub
beelpunctual l y attended to r tind
iit ho dmi e, press and work for wli
Intended. .
LEG RANGE §:. R Alir
No. IG, Spruce )t._ ei
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to s ,
20, 1617
I Sl3F.S.—Those liming good' As*
I wa t t° deliver them at our ailieryj
Ind tinic working ottwhat we have'
prilStli 1847. 'S. JACKSOr
XES.—Waters & Co's Cast,
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7. Reed Hous
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Ifi, C0. 3:4
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