Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, May 22, 1847, Image 1

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T El R AI S t
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ihlierwise, two dollars a year Will invariably be /
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alit cases.
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(I,egens W , Lime, Iron, 'Nails &c. No. /21,
I_ Clua • psi , Te, Erie, Pa.
Count• and Boroukii Surveyor; ufliccin
Dalin2s. French /3t , Erie. .
llas removed his ()dice to the Publid Bnilding
near the Conn House, up stairs. in the 'room
occupied by the Sheriff and directly over\the
Commissioner's 011)ce.
Prompt attention will be given to all busine us en:
trusted to his care. , ' 50
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JIYA kO, N. Y.
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Buffalo, N. Y.
• '
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star , ,t„ oppo..ite the ''.a !f ie Hotel, Erie. Pa.
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and : - •;ory of Tammany Ault , Grin .,
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c,hinet. Malo_sr, Upholster and
tat, Stn e.,Ei le Pa '• • 1
---- S. f I N ISI. IN, 14.1.):
I'li:,,ician and scrne , con, 01 CO Oli :S . ClC1101:1,'Ilet t r .
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F o imdeis, utiO refa i
i I oll,m -wart. ke. State sirs
• .10iiN 11. BURTON k
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I Erie, Pi.
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P. - A. R. BRA(
lAi:tome:4- and Courvellur at law, Mai ric Chien,
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Grant and Iowa; Vs", T. and in Claytqn county,
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ware, els., No. 3, Perry .Block, State Ftrect
Erie, Pa: _ _ _
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ter, j ellee2-e, and kinds u
duce, H 11. C
June 6, IS 16.0 f
HARDWARE.—sttif Ilardva I
Trimmings can a1%637:.: Lc lind
the elleap store of
November 21, 1.16
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Nov. 28,181 G.-28 . No. 5, Reed House.,
riAfill FOll. TIMOTIIY SEED.—The nib
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thy Eced.i' ' B.TOMLINSON & CO.
TAILAFTE ON NEM YOltc,--61::,ht, Drafts
7 _l._/ On New Yo r k for western funds for rate by
May 1, Pil7. • C. M. TIIIIIALS.
. .
. - / .%-•
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_ .... j.._ . L . ....: , _.• ~
' '., ' , .
„! , -._ , _ -
~ , , ... •• , I .
•-- --- —..------
I .
, - _ . ' 44 THE WORLD IS GOV.ERNED TOO MITCH." , /"''' , 7 --- -
✓• • -4:./.•; _ ~•• .. • •-: - --, rd -_,\,_•—•
_ ....___
, _
. .
, ,
~ II
N 1.., 3 _
XVIII, - .., , . _ • _ „ , .
: SATURDAY, .MAY 22,' .1847. ' ' ,/,''' ;?'. ": • .
\', , .
~,:.-, ./.'-'-,/ . . I ' 6 ' 1 , . 1.
, .
Fredonia's eagles o'er the foe,.
Sereanaeddn trituniilt Ear along;
But a plant of pain' and woe
. Ito,se abyc his peen song!
-Far along the foe's array,
Valor 1411glat de6Pairi*
When thf pale sun turned away, •
Ilia teas dimmed thr l battle-alare!
1)11ic(; • at hiq
and Peach
I 49
ll —7-
. ' lt IP 131.1 that VI.; AblViatiPAl were Onell roots conatei)-
0 over the failcit Americans for the commits 'of their
siirsack- tied canteens.
Frotn Giulia:n*o Maiwine. ' ,
STOR* pl"ffni;,l-EITOLuTioN.
at La%
the Pv;
--0 flic e on
1,14; Srinare„
' . "Nun , . by yond' marble heaven,
In tile reverence Ora If:treed vow,
I here engage my words, '..—OrnEit.o.,
We left Preston 'tortured with the reflec-
I nerinne fill
M i
I.l9tise, Erie
t on that the news of Kate's peril had eorno
' Sktl. P a, a l tfa iiriPhilflfrighrtilttu! t ' isainiedry
an orderly apileared•at the Aorand requested
•or hero's "presencq at headyirters, where a
ouneil of otEeeri was' to hp immediately
held. •
Goods, G ro
'rtier of State
e the Ea 21 e
' Wondering what enterprise called themto-
gether, and fearful lest duty should prevent
his ohtui9ing th'e furlough which he intended
o ask, in Order that he might save Kate, or
t least die in the attempt, he walked moodily
o the tent- Of Marion: .here 10 found the
eading captains of the brigade already as
embled, late ag, was the him ; and beside'
hem, Col. Lee, who had just joined Marion
With his legion, suhsequently(socelahrated in
1 Sticet-No»
ects, Erie.
that partisan war. - \ •
!‘lbelieve Capt. Preston is the lust one ex 4
pected—l am glatfto see him sagely Daunted,"
said Marion, when our hero,•having bowed to
his brother officers, had. - astimed a seat, nand
as the airair on. which we have met is urgent;
we will prt coed at,,once to'husiness. Capt.
llorry, will you state the purpose of this. as
sembly, after that we will listen to you all, -
'beg4iii i lg with Capt. Preston, who is the
youniNst," , . .
I ilcili a in
, ct, Erie,
-Actlici nes
Reed 1 lin
c. No. 11 t,
&c., No. 1,
ils, Dye,
lowe, Erie-
Every eye, as he spalte, had been turned on
Marion; and ai hitherto we have given no des
cription of this . celebrated Personage, we will
emplorthekinterval in drawing his picture.
,Marion, alt that time, was about forty-eight,
.y'ears .old;. small of statue, swarthy in visage,
aid having a, face crossed by many lines of
thotight, , Without being positively stern,in
a , spect, there was a hard' expression in, .his
countenance, which at first might - seem. to
augur a bosom equally bard; hurMarion was,
in reality, a man of a singular mild tempera-'
ment; and the usually passionless expressiOn
of his face arose rather from. the, firmness of
.bis s ehtiracter; and the responsibilities of his
; .
station, 'than from any lack of human sytnpn
thy.l .11is - eyes?Were dark, small, and- pier
cing; but at times they Iciindled with 'enthusi
asml This, indeed, was the only evidence
1 that a physingotnist could have found of geni
! us in Marion; but when those eyes flashed
\ indignantly at wrong, blind, indeed,. inust he
I,have been, who did not see the master-tpirit,
within. In attire, this' great partisan Ades
was simple and modest. Ills ,words general
ly were few; and, after the exertion he .made
iaoilcoming Preston, lie sank hack into !isi
lencg which he: mainteinet Anita the confer
ence was Waking' tip, only, as each officer
delivered his opinion, Mar on would cast on
him a momentary gliseeota if to read his soul
and then sink his head on his breast,thotight7
ful and abs Faded. • —',
i, - N
In few Nvp •
rl . (apt. Horny explained the
purpose for n'thiCh the . couecil bad been con
vened. A spy had just bogie in with l e int
telligence that
,the garrison of Georgetown
had been consi erabli reduced; oti • which Col:
Lee hid propo d that: an iattack. should Abe
made upon the Once; P . cethe-...conntry,•flx
pected 'some I) 141•0 dee also.•stroke, ,now
that his for . Marion s were united:~
The plan he-s ggeited wa ',- (fit a portion of
the brigade should drop dtl)sitil the Pedee by
night, and lie in ambush below thentk4n; that
on the succeeding ' night, ' oils 'Pirty, elieuld
enter the town on that defenceless side, and
taking it by surprise, open an' entrance for
their cornrideS, yl;ko, led II Lee 41)d Miritin
in per s on, well be ready,'at Ow signal toad:
I 0.
chant:; 1(19
et Caryl Ca
s,_ Wo9l,ButL
Country Pro
and !louse'
,very cheap ne
N.LN 4.- co.
BY C. L. IntlieLert.
Lightly, comrades, o'er the ground.,
Where repose the dead - and dying; -
Let nomiMid word or sound 4
Rise eh ve the IoW villa& sighing,.
Pale the mu her vigil keep;
Wit l i4e t ie night' 7 soft detv:is falling,
Or& the form that dreamless sleeps,
Dier hears more tit' reveille's calling.
Yesteranorn the hopes oVife
Upward sprang in many u ureast—
A 11, in do'sensangniu'd strife,
Eied witti 'the twilight in the west,
;Valor here (Lath fou,nd n name, %,
- Shame a glOom t_t_3 hide its sadness,
Ambition its rubric fame, l
Pluek'd amid the battle's madneis.
In hot and eager strife„ • ,
Fought the brave and noble-hearted;
Where the den th•bfows fell moarrife—
Where the death-shots thickest datred-=
Bravely fought they aide by aide -
, Venging deep their comrades falling, -'
Pt:hiring out life's ruddy tido,
For their spirits slowly pallingr.
Slowly, comrades, to his sleep, ' .
Bear on the libroalegs soldier's clay;
`: Make the opening wide and deep,
For such graves were earned to-day!
'Here immured in, roman's soil,
Lehg, shall par brave comrades slumber;
Life endured through hopeful toil,
Here counts i:e lust peaceful number,
BY CliA/11.1 2 .8 J. PETERSON'.'
the entrenchments on the landward side.
• Vie heart of Weston leaped into his. throat
as he heard this proo sal . "Perhaps Kate
may yer be saved," he said to himself. s'
Accordingly, when Horry ceosed, and Ma.
riot), 141 a nod, signified his desire for our he,
ro to speak, Preston's dyes kindled, and he
answered. ,
--"My vo i ce is for the Mink, whatever be
the odds. . The opportunity for a bold, a - red,
olute assault, is all I ask for. We will die to
a man, or, Succeed. 1 will undertake, if ne
cessary, to charge witivny company up to the
very muzzles of the battery which !defends
the town." - - •
.Lee turned to ll9rry and nodded approving
ly at these words.- g‘rt lad of - spirit," he
whispered apart. '"I have hearttof his daring
at Blakeley's.- • Ifaitthere been rnore'such at
Carriden, we noveri would have lost' that day."
Marion,' however, took ril -further notice of
Preston's fiery sp4ch than to turn to the'next
olicer at the table; but a very close observer
mightiliave detected a sudden gleam of the
general's eye; like a flash, gone in a moment.
THe opinions of the other ;officers were _in
the main loss favorably to Omen erprisethan
Preston's; and so many obstacle were , men . ,
tinned as necessary to 'overcome, that he was I ,
in torture lest the undertaking should be
abandoned. Even Leo seemed to Hesitate,
'Startled at the difficulties brought forward.—
Had military discipline permitted_it, Preston
would have broken in on.the conference; but
ho was forced to sitsilent, hearing, obstacle
after obstacle canvassed as unconqiierrible;
yet hislashin,q• eye; arid the agitation of his
countenage, told how difficult it was to re:
strain himself.
At length all, had delivered theie opinions
except Marion. lie glanced around the board
before he ,spoke, and his wordy Ifelt on a
breathless auditory. With Prestqn the ex
citement was intense to hear the general's de
r •. no: I ity fin h d, e :: : sa a i n d d A t l i t l i a r t io , n elx€ ! e tth pt atelr . I L ri e t e h , e
a m -
~Captains Harry and Preston, .1 am almost
n a l
, l aii o t
ct n e :e rr .( ahi
o l n
u d ov o f
I n
es o ru t ,6 g icn o e
se qi n i b t su e i s e e ; ;f tn a igi r i
nt a ki s i_
ei t '
Il e a
fft s e e orrpi t ir t si v s o ac
fair chance—and . bravery can do the rest.:::.'
Besides, gentlemen ! " said he solerrinly,, "you
know it was in 'an ; aitempt ou be'pr ge to w n
that my nephew last his life; and 'you all
know, too, that I have,sworn to avehge him.
I have not forgotten may void. BereCiod,
I:siallbe i velgeibeforeto-norro l nilhtis
Ist.,Tijl6rynightapartof creeps
shall set forth." l With these wench he rose
and dismissed the council. .
pride. -- -......,,, .......1.--., 2- - ---- .. - --.- -,-...1--_,-- .
to strung all to a pitch of Indignation little
short of fr f enzy. The watchward,l''The Oath
of Mario lir' was adopted by gederal consent,
and psssed from lip to lip. •
Prestob, it may well be supposed, ryas even:
more excited than his commander. Ilis only
fear now was that his succor would arrive ton !
late. Agitated by this thought,he tossed to
'and fro on his couch, vainly seeking slumber. 1
Many a muttered imprecation left his lips on
thvillain who had destroyed his happiness
ancNiat of Kate. Prequently lie half breath
ed aloud the wish that his enemy was before
him; man to man, with none to interfere he
twcen him and his revenge. . , _
I These thoughts mingled-with his dreams,
when, exhausted by his agitation, he sunk
finally into a troubled and feverish slumber.—
Stiange figures hovered around his bed, and
'haunted his morbid fancies. lie imagined
himself bound hand and foot, while his enemy'
came to exult over him, leading Kate by the.
hand, now a'dejected, broken-heated creature
I whom to look at made tears start to the eyes.
Then again she was seen, clothed in -bridal
white, extended, like a human sacrifice, upon
an altar; while Major Lindsay, converted- in
toi a hideous priest of Moloch, stood ready to
I\plunge the knife into her bosom. A third
time he saw her, standing before a clergy.
man, while the marriage ceremony was per
formed between her and Major Lindsay; be
thrilled with ecstacy to find he wet not too
late, and , rushing forward to save her, the
bridegroom was suddenly transformed into a'
grinning fiend, and she into a pale, 'cold
corpse. Shivering with horror he awoke,
and started from his lick nor .was it OM he
had passed his hand across his broW 110 the
ghastly vision faded entirelY:-•, , , 1 '
But his waitini thoughts wee scarcely
lass harrowing than his dreams.: Sluwly the
recollection ' of Kate's sacrifice, and his .^own
unhappiness carne back to hint. 1 , 'N.,
* .6‘To learn that I am loved, yet iierhaps too
Jate," lie murmured, "Why wail so proud
when we last met;" L I f
The sound of the reveille, - howeyer, stn
tootle(' him to lily duty. On einerging from
hia marquee he saw that the camp, was al=
ready in motion. The dragoons wero rub
bing their horses; the legion ‘.#_,_ polishing
their arin4; 'officers were superintenißug •the
mustering their several corps; and the whole
scene was alivi.; with bustlo • tknd noise—tlie
neighing of steeds, and 'the voices of men
mitigling l indiscriminately.
,Almostthe first
person Preston met was Seijeant s l!jacdonaid,
dragging'along the' old butler., i, - kl, ,
om e you quite tikfor t iluty, serjeantr said',
Preston. "That was a bad e2truptde . you set
the men last night."
- -.TIle feYge.aut;‘ looked, soule!4t• ith,sslied,.'
and'he %Assaulted, out. 45,_ apPirY,., . ,
~ "Why jou i i
ee.uspiajo, we ad no wrk PA
our hands; And the !Jsmaica • was uncommon
104:41 4 . • Besides ,we wished to do honer AO '
this gentlennim-Mr. , Snow, I believe."', ,
"Not Mr. Snow," - said'eld Jaiatr,' diem/ lug
himself up wiPlilikeityp "kq4',Jiiet),4 Blake- -
ley, .sarri.4oassa giti me Vo_ownitstoo,-.. Ads- , '
is cap'n.trestonkuow_datwelLenaugliV , eu‘V
be Imwed,jbut with a -fa t ittliariquileoo::aur:
,!":,. ~ '''.'-',; -:,' •;' '‘:,.s '-'7 .- ',
"I ten - looker -y-ou- svelli:JtitAt! 40114
"Iqui I fear you do not find our- quarters as
comfortable as those qt Mrs, Blakeley's.
We set out in less than ;in hour, on it secret
expedition, and p - erliaps - 4rott had I better re
turn home:"
"Please God, no, ma's . sa,l interrupted the
ohlinan emphatically. 1 ,44.1 f volunteer sooner.
Dls affuirl inspect, hab - something to do wid
'sweet missus Kate; and old Jecol,2 . 3yll—riebber
desert her while he can fight.".
"But he does not even know how to wield
'sebre,'? said Preston, turniiti, , :to his ser
"Lord! rye had him at the broadsword ex_
ereisaihesetwo hours,"- replied' Macdonald,
asida to Preston. "Pe's Wonderfully . quick,
consideriii Ite)s a nigger; And he strikes, too,
liko a edge-hamtner.,. Besitles,,lte's red hot
with con !re just'now—ti reg'lar black lob
ster lopoiled .
• Preston snit ed. fie saw that the whole
matter had been \ arranged between- the two
confederates. • \
"Well, sine; you \ re bound on trying a
short compaign with he said, "I shkli
ha 6 no objection. Only . \it you are killed,'
what am I to say to your Mitress?"
Old Itto6b looked abashed at the-hare sups
position, but lie quiclly rallied.
"Nebber far dat," he replied, „tinning.
"No, indeed," replied Macdoli,ald," it
would take a saw-14111 •to tut throug your
"My skull Is not so - tick as you tit ,
Massa Macdonald,"-replied old Jacob, tart!)
turning on the sergeant, "I hubyou know dat,
sar." -
"Well," said Preston*, laughing, (Md. time
is to be lost. "Get ready at Once to start."
The sergeant_ accordingly dragged ow the
volunteer, saying, i good humoredly,
• "Keep close to me tylien we , charge, and
put all your innsde:into ev ery blow you make.
You're one excellent quality, let me tell you,
without flattery—you hate those English dam
"Sartain, par," said old Jacob, cooking a
full stop until he 'delivered 'himself of his .
'speech. , "Dey are gOod itioking offisur
enough; but, ear, deg tink Jucob Blnkeley uo
more dan a hose.. Ps Jacob here, and Jacob
dare—and de best of Militia wine at dat.-
4)ey tinlenobot6 gemman but darsylves. I'se
show 'em dar mistake. Lot' Ninighty, '
I extinguish:dem."
"Wo the Britieli t•eldiery, -
'rim'. little liretulAm
On them Midi light ut midnight,
A etrange tool euddim
moincof th, t
( monscut nuol - 1 , 4,1' 7 ,. - ")-7
---- It - was - evenntg. in a -nrr r , r ,-- mk,”. e i rmovm”,- 1
apartment, elegantly wains Coted, and tilled
with rich furniture, an innumerable number .
of lights were blazini, as if the room was
shortlyiito -witness a festival. Pipose.l about
on 140 exquisitely liwinered Chinese stands,
were v4,ses filled.with lloWers; most of them
white.;; A rich Prolyer-book lay open on a t.:t
ble at the head of the room, At the side ; m,
' place liad been fitted up for the orchestra.—
ThesOwere the preparations for the bridal of
our hoioine—strange mockery!
At 110,gth the company began to gather.—
Atnotig numerous Officers end other gui.tsts
came Col. Cambell;the commandos of th - e post,
littledreaming of the tragedy in which/un
wittingly he was playing so prominent a 'part.
He was followed by Mr. Mawbray, accompa
nied by the groom.' ' Major,Lindsay was dres- ,
set in uniform, but lio wore a white favor on
his breast, and his sword-knot was of stiowy
ribbon. He walked with a firm, 'proud step,
and looked around smiling. lie knew that
there was scarcely a brother otlicer that
did not envy him the pm.scssion of lii:i bride;
and dip consciousness of this increased The
exuberance of his spirits. The prize he !tad
so long struggled fur was now. about to be
_and - all regret at his conduct haylong,
since vanished. Gratified triumph w‘s w it,
ten on ever)! feature of his fuse. .O .
doivbray was attired ni
tirod with b
eleg4nce, though the guests remarked la
'his dress was almost too sad fur awed i ig,
It Ogliti indeed, with almost equal proPri ty
havti;heeit worn at a funeral. .li'lle dresN in
fitc6vis nor bad type of Mr. Mowbray's feel
ingfii and, perhaps had been chosen on t la+
acctiiint. The truth was, that in,socrc ho
cot 4 not reconcile himself to thia uulonH
Thdugh Kate IterselVe'eping on hi; hosoM,
hadi declared she was ready to 'm rry illOo!
'Lindsay, and' though Mrs. .1)141iP ey• ,hersel
decqlved, liadlassured 14 that-Ii tees agitr
ioti,iartisi) only from the usual c yness if
mtifiii he could not cxpel from his mart an ltn•
: i
ease fear, lestKa . te had consented to this niar
) '
f ine only ' save his lire.' Why e,so vas
she. so palelNWlty 'were her' spirit - so high
in coMpany, - wUe she bore traces, t'i l lie'
thought, of tears in ei.,ret:l. Only tlidt morn
ing he nd caught her ‘4gpingi; and Magi he
pro sod to know the cause, Ice deciaredl t she
was merely nervous --iiii osser which firs. t .,,
Blakeley corroborated. T o purchas ife with
i k,
her unhappiness, was hot he could 11e ,, t
sent to; and'lg for ler, the aged patriot.• r.. ,
haps, would' have,seorned to. purchaser i on
any terms, i.. '
As wo.have said, therefore, , a sppret tre-
sentiment,filed - :-Mr. Mowbray'a;,heart % '', , t
sadness,; Something sepioetl to' ' wloiititet to
, , ,
him , was not yet too - late to drawback, ,
He seemed,' indeed, like one going to a scat- ,
fold; rather ';hag lite:the Nitwit 0 . ,a liFid.
. Directly the bride "entered, r ittended:4 l ll4,t
airriti'und . thelaugliter of ork,Otthe - otil ere:
Kate was dressed iii simple ivigte, without a l
t.lStee,,,,Orritatrient,:atteiy'p:elitiott-rof -,a614?
il i t4 * (i ii . c9 J l. O tacct i.,04 11 : 09.keiValMelt.!
like sninefivirc.Y±ltlit. Ole Was ''.wo4o o 6 l i 1
bitiititid - ',E`eii lei'!lletiiikii jiFiliii - iipiiid
AKA 4*.conne, Hat some- .of“, ttia,- fal c aleed
,-, ._
fttenentliett4yibuditer i edliidtoeitrta '',an'
- site appiooll94, ; .,,c,o l ) l 4 , i,netilintireti ' desiiiii .
the :rfreCifof her. 4UCli3arißefigti ' M :MO) the,
grace of .every movetnent. Yet she looked
rather like a nun about to take the veil thin'
like a bride. Her smiles were no longer at
her4command—for the near approach of her
doom had completely - .prostrated her. She
seemed now what she was—a victim wreath
ed for the sacrifice. _
She had at in her room all that afternoon,
in a sort of stupor, her •flogers convulsively
clasping and unclasping each other, and her
eyes bent on the floor listlessly. (-The going
out and coming in of her attendants attraeLed
no attention'. But she had not shed a tear.
the fountains' or her eyes seemed scorched
rip.: When the time came to attire her 'fur
the ceremony, they bad to rouse her; and the
vacant gaze of inquiry she turned on the ser
vent, 'made the slave, foi a moment, think her
insane. • But when her aunt came in to 'au
perkntend, her toilet, she seemed to revive,
and with an effort rose from her chair, and wel
comed her with a smile—blt ono like . a sun
beam on a wintry day, cold and shuddering to
look:upon. From this moment, Imwever, she
was rake like erself, though dt times the
muscles of her Routh would
,twich convil
sively4. At oth r trines she would turn iiiiy
her head, acrd expression of heart-hreaking
we would thenqshoot aorosS her countenance;
but, on meeting her aunt's eye once mode,. I -
Sho would eltay again to Idle, '?•-
: A few inelnents before die, cereritouY w4:s
to begin, they left her alone for a moment.--
She was standing% before the mirror, and her
eyes fell on the redaction of her form.
\"The sacrifice will soon be complete," sho
sat bitterly. "God forgive me—yet surely
I ain\oing right. Oh that I could but weep,
but the c is a load here," l anti See pressed
both hauls upon her breast' ? "that keeps' die
tears. It I like burning tire." • -
• , Who woul have ' believed that this' ghost:
ly face was th once radiant one of Kate
.• I
Mowbray? • \.
lier father ntond ear the dooras she e l nf .
tered. Ile was strut with the dry stony
pression of her face, an started 'forward 'tip
her side: He spoke in a • Viiisper, Lid wit)4
'startling earnestness. • I
adjure You; rtly daughtetq he said, "tell
me—ware volt willing to goon With this •Ita t t.
ter? Say but a *Ord and it' shall be brok
011 •:"
_ Kate lifted her eyes to hid with a s O den
movement, and tlie glance they gave wall
of numerable iov It was such; if we . 0.,y
say so without prt4umption, as a martyrlzel
might have'ttirited to.heaven from the 'stake.
It thrillbd every nerve 'in thWt: father's franie.
That same sad, sweet smile, too, was on tier
tinder in tlietrave. -
Ms (lenbtf were only lffreselrod, but lie
could say no tirtro, aid together , they ad
vanced to the temporary altar where the
bridegroom and priest stiiml awaiting them.
Kate felt a cheking in. her ,throat, as her
eyes first fell on Major Lindsay, and it seem
' eti to her for att.instant, as if her laiees'were
failing her. But she remembered' that her
father'Reyes were•bent anx i ously on lier:tufsl
from that motneut there t liS no longer any
falterin i g on, her part. • ,_ I'
The buzz which attemhd her entrance had
now subsided, and a deep , ,hush fel) on the
room. Evctry ear was•strained to catch the
first sound of the minister's voice. A watch
might have been heard to tick.
"Denrly beloved," began the minister,' in
the time hallowed OM of the - I' pit.eopal
chpreh, "we are gathered together here in
the sight of God--.." Ir
Ile had proceeded tht's far, when Emelt a
sudden and startlifig bu st of tumult arose
from the distant street,- hat be - raised ,his eyes
with a look of alarm, • from his book. It iivan
Ilke the confused ringing of 'bolls, half
drowned in the shouts ;of people. All at
once the town. bell itsel , close at hand, took
op theliprottr, and its it n tongue was beard
clanging hurriedly and fiercely on the ,night.
The male part of 1110 . 1
t 'their feet.
"Hark!" said Ci
the town oit lire'?"
"There it ioe4 louder'
eda second; "it must be
' t ' The women now lent theirshrieks to; the
) tumult. The officers, with theiti hands Obi
ther swords, rushed toward the - door. , The
4 divine had dropped his.Pgiyer:book, nd his'l
'r looks were full of inquirk and astontalniTt.
if Kate, %vial a quick look of alatni, Aran
" bank to her father's sidl. , All was . wonder
, , 1
1 ter or, and dism4Y.
~ 1
( , The uproar withoot increased. LoJderatul
' ti t
eertlie: n la i n i n-l i ce t;.fii
rang: steels
ncr v t
e( l ls‘e i dit
re aard
sliouts, mingled with the report of fire-arms,
Icame to the ear. Then drums were heard
bentintrhastil - y-to-arms, and 'at this ,signal
every military man present rushed out into
th'e 14r. .e.
\‘ k•-•
'llet not tdarmod," said the bridtr
-- Ho. to Rii.4., "It is only a false 'alari
t .4 .._ .
' 1
airiting to Kan.-, .L .—.,... ./.ri, ~
a drunken miltipy.' `I will soon be back; - , iina
'‘litli these watrils he ep!ang ' after his ciani
•llN*(c`iiii:einalesi.reri:ltolyleft a ' lene,ex'eept . ifig.
the minister acrd . Str.`l4l4bri.,ty , ::` bit t4e,in
- 1 L .1 • 1.•-•fc - • ; '' - • ' 1 I ' it
malt ; wax, ,i \ flimiptisly no trilling. onelr, !Ille•
shets seemed tapproael), and giew louder;
a Vushing sottlid,'li'§ - f an advancitig: C'ro‘titl,
: %)114 liellycl;',tliioca/Ale n.. , e 7 tirtns - Wil"eliiii,a,
ecijltint!ili,, AO fteCttlea, c . set% :la, lii!)(l,etteit
tTnimeiit ; Antl , still.lotOeti` atul. nntAiu . rrieilly,_
'tile call to:arliiii*aEibbite!N4hite liereet .the''
kalarm - bett'Aiil: l 4,l,44,iti,iiijiii:.P . lP ' l'F : lii* . :
! - i p . fid ; iier,i4e4lo.",:s.,4 bio c i,iifjejc:ioig4ipasit- ;
ed serous We. winilovfilrem
the '-i do •Arll. nt'on,•J-O e T. tH
Bit;itittterietisf tertek Were•liestdlneelting:l
31r, hipAthrei intnielrgaq`qiie'V iiiinOUnd'
burrying top the lentienlunt , ,, Anur,, •. Lt.
iiiiii the 12014 1 14 4 1 t'ottn,as without ' 440ut00l
" , -,t i. : .-: - . . . -,-, : -.!.. - re.. - --• , :L...:•;...5....•:..1
more distinctness, and gime louder. fie look•
ed out.
, qt. Is Marion and his men,T lie cried cx,
tingly. 4 .llark! here they mime 1-
. Witlt a wild cry at these words of pron sed
tieliverancC, Ktfie sprung to her fatlier i i;side
and looked oat. At the-lowerFnd of the vil- ;
lage .one
. or two houses were in-flumes, and
their bright glare lit up the otherwise black
prospect. Close at hand, and retreating -to
ward her ih disorder, was a company of the
royal soldiers, fl whom she saw the lar
gest portion of to to iifficerslutely assembled
that apartment. She oould distingUish Co
Campbell and Major Lindsay amonf , others,
'sword in hand, endeavoring t . vally the men.
But further down the street was a spectacle
that filled her bosom with ..the Wildest snd
moat tumultuous Joy. per? .the ,way was
blocked up, front side to side; by b presl4 of
assailants, who wore theuoifaiii of Marion's
-brigade, and , who were advancing with loud
shouts, charging continually on the-retreat
ing foe, whom they drove before theM aw
trot* drive frightened sheep, As the battle
drew 4.arer, she could distinguish the rover.
1 al war cries.
"I.lti zza for narion--..Rehtember his 'lll—
Oil the dogs r,
. . .
. These were the shouts of the assailant to
which the royal officers replied, ,
"Stand fast for Ohl England, Down with
rebels.. Stand Nair' • ' • '
For a moment the retreating fugitives ral
lied, and made a stand, Thi's was altimst op
posite the witulutv , whore Kate remaiued with
her father, in spite of the danger, eliaiifed, as
if by fithination, to the spot. A 4inforeetnent
of soldiers, at the same instant, came running
down the street, and their companions parting
right and left to make way fo(theiu, 'they
gained the front and threw in a withering vol
ley On the toe. These, not expecting o uch a
sudden theCk, fell er. into some disord '
,I N .
o 1 I - ) •
%w charge on the rascals," cried a voice,
and Cut. Campbell sprung tq the vin, waving
his aworq. "Give them thq ;haynnets,'- lads,.
unitT l t i l e it is ti s e t l io i o is f t o ll i e rs 4nbat hit t l ig I l ethb ' li ; ri l g I l in
1111.1 -j eatef t
itt i l i att: e :ll:ili b liiiie ; ,eye l tr a rb,
fl n tarvui c aecal e eisio . 6tigialpentita T i‘rtilgriz i : i eeelK e dr;:i,t e itni sf :el:s,
j a iidtel i ttu l ,: a aignoe ti 7(fu t iA; s ui f flofit i o iciti, i iisi i ii .- isa i rait d :iiihilrpt e e)c, i u:a g stetrei t d: t i
t s ,iii..nieli t ieed i l f
within her, when suddcLnly the traMp of-hors
-=, - .
[ 1 distant fire played redly edit. Need we say
It•was that of Preston?' His, uplifted sabre
)f shed in the wlid slam like a•blood-red,me
, tees, .
_ A .
Ti 4 t Ap T cll. of Ate m
and willfrenr:y into the assaitano,,so lately
about to ihrn. st ,
"The oath , kof :11arionl - exclaimed a stal
wart figure at\Preston'S side, as he smote a
royal gienadia \to the earth With a single
The cry was eg,ht up by the crowd:—
lThe oath of Marion' the oath oe Marion: -
rung front a hundred voices: and the as:.ail
ants, with that cry, rusite)l on the royal troops
like an avalanche rushes fr nit the sky. llut,
foremost of all rode Preston . a d his serjednt;
while their terrbr-struck etiemies \ aroUnd them
went down, with every sweep ol\their good
swords, like grain on a harveKt-fieht, \ : „
The royal trqops broke in every direction,
The officers, Seeing resistance was va'n be
fore so headlong a charge, turned also to ek
safety in flight. • Col, Campbell,. howev4
seemed tlispeed to stand his gromfd, but .I‘lae•\
&m all riding his Powerful steed against; liiiii
hurt; him down, and thd next instant tho com
mandant, to save his life, yieltka himself n
prisoner,. l lt was at this nioment that 'Major
liindsaY &+V, for the first time, the face .el*
Preston. With an oath, hiised hetkeen 'ifs
teeth, ho snatched a fire-lock from a dead sill=
dier beside him, and pointed it at our hero,
' who, not perceiving him, would infallibly Inivla.
fallen, but that . "his name uttered in a shriek
by Kate 'arrested his ear; and turning he be
held his enemy, who was ahnosein a_ line
with the wiedOw whence the warning had
i .
been heard. The lightning that-riv s the oak
is not quicker than was the blow ofreston's,
sabre. Dew i n, right on the head of, his wirers
sary, descended the heavy steel crashing
-through the skull as if' it had been only so
much brown paper:, and with,that blow, the
soul of the villain , and• assassin went to his
long tic entint. l -, •
kate 'saw .no More. She , e,arce i ty indeed
saithat. The only kneW that her -lover hal
been warned in time, and had esgaped; for her
father now drew her forcibly' in,land shut the
perilous ea , sement, arinied which the pistol
balls were -attli fig I ikelfail. Then Shia swoon- ,
ed• away._ "t' " 1 , ' , ~ .
' The rest of that night is ntattler of hi T tery.
The town was, for iv while. = Ntholly in the
bands of the assailant's, and the i ictory would
have been complete• but for sometniapprehen
sion in the hour ta l l which the different detach-1
ments were to' attack, which eletbled it part of
'the fmenty to pain their g4riso t, where they
wero too strongif
,entretiOied Ae;be taken'
'1 - -
without- . rtillery."lhe aSsivilats aceerding.-'
7v-retire after having eapt'ttretlilfp*T;n and
:made : Co . Canipbell priseurr. 7 r , _ , ,
~.....- Preston had heard Kate* voice. aiiil,2leuy i -'
ing-bis lieutenant, to pur i st* -the, ,Ingitivei,
sought her out 'immediately: -His weir:. the
eyes late first 4)034 'on When oho recovered
train her: sween.,-,' !ter,'Oad - *uprise," or hii(l
own joy tip( find her atilii*OWnwitent,hail
feared dick arrival was too late; w must; PI•Y,O
l a
'td-the iinaOhntionaof the raider: ' At "Os one
of these .cetreihin s titin . liftigrucige I 'l.4O'feeble
to portray. -
When, toward ,dayineak; Ma ieit iaye'or
dere far • the tiara to be .av i ecu eli t 'Kitte sir
lite fainting "nd : heart-brokiett, torflt ho`t place'
on horse''-bitch b'e'is . ,6n her fittliai . and re..,-ton,
. , -
a . nikrzt a? tu3'y-lt?okitig= and htlipy .a.stner.---
IcoMpany spritig to
ampboll, "oanitt bo
11,1n(11atider," fxclaim
an insurrection."
," hr shouted. in a voice
A Spectator could seaicely have
her the p drixpirig' lily of
before. •
Mr. /1 owbray, ,on iltearlog ti
which his daughter would have tm
betrayed-% th 6 dc(ii.est emoti
waa a gentle reproach in his eye,
which Kate answered by a glance
able love.
Though Preston learned that 01
claimed his assistance without t
of Kate 'he was consoled by her assure/Ks
that she loved iiitn as
t well as if she hailher
roll despatched- the r ' messenger, a few
weeks she became the \ :*ife of our here. StriS
Would hare pleadedf(ir delay, but der father
aid he was uncertain!how tong his. Ifa might
he continued, and !Wt bo wished Vo sewher,
have a protector before he died, so Kate yistri;_ .
ed to his wiiltes. . r (
Macdonald did not; like Ms master, live!*
;see the war citictudedi lie fell shortly after
Ilthe attack on Georgetown, leaving behind
I .ltiva . the reputation, of ontrof the most gallant
soldiers of the time... ..
As for old Jacob, he survived to dandle Ott
chitiften of KatClind Preston on his ktee-...
lie had not only taken part in the fight:: eS
Georgetown,"but quite distinguished himself,
having slain an English ' soldier n singht
combat, On this feat he was_ accu tomes] tiii
dilate with much self-complacency. He at:
tVrivs wound up his story with thes wordi, :
i•Ile tried to run me through wit his bey*
onet, but it %pp: no' uSe,, you see. the gar..
vont had lamed me hit; beet-bend I stroke;
and I brought it areund jist so," ! s uiting the
action to the word, "%MI flat ' -lie fell - dead
..; ,
atid,suspOnler'ed •hi,i briatit." • .
1 _ •
WILL or A Si ;trips 11.1*...4.-4tre learn
from the Slarlhoro (Md.) Gazette that Prince
George's County Court was engaged for titre's
days in the trial of u case brought by the heir's
of the late John Townsend against the Will i
of the Testator. The Jury, after being emt 2
fined fur nearly two days, were dismissed,'be-'
in unable to agree i upon' a verdict. Tho4'
, •
Cluzette. says ' .. • ' I
' (iln 004 Will the testator has litre tied a
bei / ll
Ilk 04% - e:4—about ,Ifilly;',in number=--and de.
wised to them all his latids and other property
-,and made '"provision that,, in the event or
any obstacle in the' law to• defect this object, -
thonegrOc, should become
s tile slaves of 14s
nephew, Jeremiah Tewns•essd, who should nay
copt from them one cent per yea" for hire,
A large number of witnesses , were 'emulated ..:iieri:
t'e prove that the testator labored 'under tieltk,-7, - -: - 7:: 1 :.
sions in regard to' the subject of
.11.eligi4"- ;
sue!, as supposing he
,'had held converse teidit. - .-41: - .
6 0d in • rSOli- that it_was_ the llalv-aancti- -
in Which: he declared I lie had held arguments ~,_
and c'`utiversations fat* to fare with Gint...m- ''' :.k.,
ceivel COMMaII:IS froiit pis maker;
which connnands
.was to liberate Hrs : 11:1,.ye4 ,'',\ .--7
on penalty of being pul i nished hereafter. , i 1 :14.'- - -,_: ''7 .1 .:.
the other part it was Sbowu that Mr, Toirini. , - -- ,';! ; :r•ie .: ,
end ., shrewd at a bargain, and ghoul re:WO - -
al en all subjects but Religion: .that Ile witata -
charitable man and a gOod neighbor, refusing
to go to lani on any subject, preferrisgtiallui
up'claints rather tb4n do so-4-that belieds - A ~...c ,
grett) repogna Hee to lies tling disputes of i 'Lliitit, , .`*.t,
day, &,e., by law, and w9ulJ, after ionss4ing t '''t . i!
his 'talking mind,' (us tte sometimes -e,alied , f'4', - :,
Cod,) giye itp parts L.t: claim ari
s d ••plegiinAN
Jana." • _ - 1 - ' -, „.e• ' -:.-_-;,,1
.AsmercA Asia itti:t.:.l.sio.•=-Tliree ttaseettiat . .. - ,',2< .
miles and more are,beteen na and the city whiett,
beat's the name of Wa - shirmt on. - Tiareeetitok4arit - --; . ..-14
mites —ai - olyet-the lie4rth or men, of public pees --',. , „,:4
'l7 heard the %nice (4 )l ealatuity ‘ lintlaasiele4 : ',',-;
it wen thence. It is gi l l eviotil too that webssie le .-i'; ••
\ I
be ' gin:: fortrt the code of the earth. Ili* a bite ..•':'
ter,..dr' ttgltt that comer our of the cup of clue •Ity. ~. Z_„ 4
rietint• .n in offered to us try friends. Iftlaem fir st- -,34E
nation tO , whieb arc coUld look et nattaslied for l a 'tieti.:::„, - .4
aid, it la f kiter , ries. T he name - sounds case2lierli,'
i 'Pour ears. There lie the banes - of our itiarlietit;;;a
and theic then r fish sped ! ) and the Irish ette beftre L . , : „s '
have hewn . a 'tea fof i Giviliza ion its the tireOse?.:i . . i .,
the sun: And the nada* adopted by, the Aseedi; ----`7:--;
-19iis --to assis: kis in= Nti deadly strtigstle;l44o; ''..';.:
untary, so genernu., vi i kiliiitt 111 - wish or iirc#ntdei r „ ,, ..
still mere reeuneilvs use ilg ree,..iye their ivittsiteal, ''-'. - --J:
assistance. • „I , \ , ,-_,‘:•;:
Cut, citimens-oi Nraerica,' :non_ltita -- t - w . itt• l' aiiilir -- that !.::‘,
, :„.......
nett conaent to lock iagt.n , tbis ‘ iti gm elms, frottee!`:-...„1
a built A laan'tndut; repaid in , is ierterie 4tteni;,.,.
or to' be entailed tor '`olir pesterity.' A loali thas , ; . ` i l ill 4
will be requited to yintAvitb tirterest, lon, •cter bY year,;l :::;4::'t
•'), \,4\
St) lon as Ireland ha; a people. 1) , nal !tilinkl: ,, :e . , , : : -7:
thisione onvaciou.. It is the 'unce4troliAte 1.;• 7 7'
dit tate of a spirit that; w ill
s ivy beilitvsil*4:4 - '-;'-i :
Lid, tia . .ion! la ;Le ...I;iy ..ifyour ti4al; in th(W4l4, _:
ncyottr calamity, I rcidLiel %%lit he no4rer,lo y9!l,
you;ntay di \ern sr a . < Itril!.. for i , the hog of reitioit, .-;•_,
itetnenics.r.L-- itutt;tl Ll,,l.tion, Olardi .Nl. : i ..„':',=-.
• ; ;,'..
:, -, , ,: :.,f.
• . A new St a;ii• 11l \ 'irer ca',,leil tie Are Oris fir! -,,'.:--;',.
been cortata‘nceti at Vert erne. by the editor of dip:
Et intiikiatl,tr. 1" itii langtTge it ,yrould appeet - yi;
that the NI c‘ii.:lll.4 nrs pleased with the Anierleti*--, - c: 11 .
1 .
d.averiturs, as the I.ico Iris style" them tour ozei, --- 7 ,- i . , - T ,,5
e.t.a Or - f." 'll.a . tariff adopted iry Gel4 - Wiiirtte 14„.,%i ir ;'. !
prlbliil ) iril in t his paper, and - tlicetlitor spealtiaeatr: - •,ipz,
iSl:tet 'tily of 0;c e.)4et , pit:stell by hhitt lii, stbal;=•' :l: -.'
„ I A
t. ishintz the mon vo.tes any tnaus irepet3l44
t : tleNiliari geverkiinen. IL-also ieFomateafilt that ..;„:,,
the nen. gO i verninent I f:multi adopt a better eoursti, ' - ,:4 .
: A , i; %:• ; A '‘-
. d tl at ti a
1 .. it est.ot ts a .11 g . t h e truport -utitA,, ett t ,.. ,.,. . i.,
1 principal "necessities" at Icatt, i shoubl be rculraiac -, i,.; : i
jerl !lir a rea-
~:,. taazitbil At iiliout ill inapoSltiOlOr
. : 1
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