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BY A. p. OURLIN Si B. F. SLO, 'V,
'lt TER 111 S . 1 •
o'.rs copy, onikear, in adCance, SI 5
i (Atl i- Wise, twpdollars a year I:611 ihvariahl be
;!caned. 'chef' terms cc ill be tried) . adhere to
Ist/ cases. .
Adetirtietetnents (nset•ted at 50 cents per square
Ar the first insertion, and 25' cents for each s de
topical Insertion..
job PriatinT, of all varieties. ttrrreh as Book,.
r,,,iptilet I, t llandbi Ils, Show Hills, ( .7.rds,Stcain.
„, , ,,t, Bills, Blanks for Notes, Iteccip•s. ..C..c. e e . e.
',red in the best style and on short notice..
kttorar)s c Counsellors at Law, ()dice on Frond
;tree t. (der S Jackson 4. Co's. Store, Eric.
April 21. !S 17. -
,-- T ----
1, remittent') located in Erie. Ellie(.at hi
,I ridente u:1 [lid cow nen of St tenth and Peter I
Sltettt. ' i ll
I. Iti)g ; ENZWF.IG g.: CO.
)01(.11 ill Fdre irrn and I 'rum:stir: tiny Ctoo Is,
Rae' \hole I • lothin2, Dias and Shoes, &c.
dc), . No. - I, Flemming Bloc!., State ;Street.
Fate; Pa; ' t 1
,r I IIN. L. GALLATIN. . -
ktrneylad...f 'toot sePer at La w --Cfliete in sur
~J s ore sir Tumm:fily 11 11, Erie.
' .tAMES C. 2 tSIIALL, ' , l ‘
It•orm'Y it La t‘ - I dile. e.tip stairs in ev T i ll I v
„v i c miiiimild.", north at lee r•rot t
. a motar. •
4 like . 1.
, GALBRAivis &r. LAN{,
Ittune,..e and Cetitic.ellers at :4--("fli!te on
Sin li quiet, et e et' Side of the. Public :Nita •t;i i ,
frig, Pa. •
Cunt cITII,
.-W A. GALTIIIAIT I, Av . S L 0n....
6. 4,00/N/I.S & CO. ' , '
1„,,tat..1., \Vwcta s, lewelry, emitter trlertnan c- it
err. lil ell - old tilLtueerria Ware. Cett Ivry, 1 ii.
bare i of F !Icy Goods, N 0.7 !teed House. Erie
I` , ; .2
* t_ t
mLi,rA‘ms &,. \V.RIGIIT.
t,vh,A. , ,1 1 1. , and' Reilitil Dealers in Ili y ( ielotl,ll o
cm , Hardware, C'rocl.cry, 6.1. 7, 0 aro; lion,
'l,llls. Leather, ( lilet, ell:, etc, corner of St o l e
...out and the Public Sepia, opposite di' Eaule
- wan. Frit'. ra•
, 11 ' 1LLIAM RIBLE'P. •
• :Irinee Maher, I:plods:tnr and tholtoriker,
, !aleSlr, ei, Erie Pa ~.
. ~ s. DICKINSON, M. D. ‘ l l
::.).,, inn and Sutzcon, °like ore r-eventleiSitre-t,
i' al die Meitlintikt ( • I te Hi. Et iv, l'a: ,
S:\IITH )AClitif N & CO..
Ntalt'r , In III) I 10 , ,11., 0101•1•I'ift , , I . I)lnarC4l; ,ttt
414 Uticeits Wrirc, Nit, 121, illicapi.itle, E c
la - 1 e I
. r -
t I - WALKER Sr. Coo,l , :;__
;etwra I rei ee aiditi2, Conletti-tionol: and Poole,re
Thin liant; fled Ware.% Inn se, elas I or die Pine
it, ibbloe. Erie. e. .
lantirticlairces of Tin, Cop ter ::arad Stheetrh. n
;rear': cprner of,firencli and Fit: b streets.' Erie
. .
LESIPER, .N NErf & unEsTrat,
tan Volietters, A holcsaTe and sciail elcalees i
` , loritemi /In/luiru i •rearit ke, Stari,istro•cr, Erie, l'
1011 N IL-11UR,TON
•,'„ CO,
tVltelesa s leitind reitai I eleirakeer in Pi trc. , , :\ lcdicin s
Me tsaittlTs,tirecerice&c. NoF.S, Reed liou , re
, ,
Erie, lta. t.
C. M...; T Willi k.l,
tcaler in Dry (tends, 1.1 Ricci ic 4 „(rer. No. 111.
rheapsicle Erie Pa. r , ,
‘, t
' , tiers in Dry (Om's, Citocerres, tc.c,, No; I,
' Bunnell Block, State ste,Erie, Pa ' '
_._ ._.
CARTER & Bit(Yrimit.•
alers 'in hugs Alcilicines, Paints, t hl-t, 'pc,
s, Glass, &c., co.No.Recd I 11./11Y e, it 1 tt
Pa. • ;
, - - -.----4 ----- -------- -- _ -
~ B.:LON/LINSON k. Co.
7, 5 ardentA rotatitik-ion Merthani , ; II!
French Street. Erie, and at 6th Sin et Canal 1 ta
ya, also dealers in Cie ace! brie arid Prete ISioll'.
'ealer in llardee arc, Dry t ;mods, rirovel ies s f S.t.r .
',lst side of the Diamond, and one door sass ol
the Ea odo lintel, Erie, Pa.
'it Iltram 1.. hrown, erlrner or State street a ul
the Itintic sritrate, Et ie, Pa. Eastern, Weste ti
and Southern fq,l t ri , (dike. .„
. . ~, ,1 , 11 1(F. & ll.A i Mtii/TON.
7 r , hittn)lile, Merchant Vailor 4 , on the Pllh,iii
`lll.lce, a foe - Aunts west of Stare etre, t, Elie
1 .
vil...ri.} T1it...11.) vie..l. Alikee la r',ivAilq. Stini
%id ( . 1 iv r ical .. , :lioni Hook; S a:ionary, etc. TC
No. 111,1:V11:n0 Strut, Erie, 'a. :
- — I
1 - '
. - I ) , jl. R. IlltiVY, ''. ---
t . . , ,r , liim• antic Zil irselloi in lan, hail:in du Chi vii,
%v.'l'. prat•qt-ev. - In tikocournies of Craii'fn rl
14,int and lona, W. 'round in C.l4.ytun eon&
Toga 'l'i.Ni oryl. , -
t'..orney and Counsellor iit, L. v , ;
, ',' t!': •_: e jilt , I'nsliv 11,i , t ,
- - -
?tal•ir in i)ry ficericsi, (*l]
nine, Nii.• 3,- Perry
Erie, Pa. ' r . •
HA), lot (i.oi
VI - , and all LindA
IL C !
33,0 G. 1z:6 9 '
IIA 10 r. l llltE. 1 ..7.- hen : I raid's.'
1 i Trinninnizs can 111%%ays he bac
. .. , e theap stint (if S. )A'' Ir.
Nsti-l'ilwr ..21,' l's M. -
1 "—: M I -
viv,..,the6.,..r i.., its,. re,ei,v,
raitern cities n la,:z., to to. L'..die,
1 ' 'l4 ES I (dull kind', composing
'Fiiitlt douldn stinted ‘', tilkin'gz-hoes,
liai•er Boots, .
Kid Ati , k ins, do Flip., SRO' :Alps, :''
India Ittildier Over 1-hoes. -
:Misses Slips and Buskin'''. -
I:Mitten's Siioes of all kinds. ! :
kleo ta I ir , ..t lot or Nlen's and 'Llov's CAP . ". ,
I .9a.ditie. horn 12 I 2 cents to .'.•.•'::.; 50. Allil
tbo.e Atli les el,alf be %01(1 at extrem , 1y low pr
oi. a... e belie...! SI a small piell,s and quick Fll f i e
(.1 1,41010p: 11. CALAVEL
Ner..D3. 181 G,
Fustic, Coc k i nc al,
, Cantwood,,l Anitatto. -
Ntetcood, Cream'Tnita ,
- Btaxil Wood, Itcd ,
• - Ite'd Sande;B, Blue Vitripl,
(.•.oppetas,, Alum, etc.'
Madder, 'for site by
j .101. BURTON sc
Nov. 28, ;84( 1 2 -1 No. 5, Reed bloc c.
16" ' IN Eta ' 18 1]
• 7 _
At the 'thick CurnekopPoike Ac Eagle iy( ea.
IR7 ILLIAAIS -W would i Coe
T , their customers and those that arc b yin
Goods, that they are now opening, di reel fro ntl
eastern cities, their FALL and WINTER toe
ahich in variety, extent and' cheapness, e.
teed any assortment in this city, pompriaiOg
the new styles of goods, purchased since Ihei vei
recentliedine in the eastern markets, whirl?
enable thcut to otter extra inducements to purpl
Otqatf 113116r 1
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y••• --' •„- ~„- [ , ~ ~
, : •:, ~:.:, I, , . : i - ,z , 1
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, ..,..: ' [ ''. s- '- 1 •.' I• . :- y • 1.,N, ,
~,, i ,_ 1 ( -
_ • •
, ' ~ •1 j '..:'-‘• 1
. ..
__, . _ ~ - - - ';'2•P- '..---,-,7,...:_f.„ _, ... ~ .. ~.
,i, , ' l'
~" ~ ~J 1 i• , . ,
. ' .
.tll.l ....,„..,
,I r i i, • :
: - •
~. '. ', o •• , . ....
„, • z . ' : ' ,l_ l ,:”.
',i - ..•
1 ) . . 1
~:... r ;
" i ..t
, 1, - ,:',.1 , •,,...- I_ . . - -,"
„. • i )• ,
~ .. \.
i_i____, _ „ c . • ', . ' vr•Jr:r; F-I—,-,., , r„.1 , ;. , .', ,, =‘! "•,.
~,,, . .. - ~ 1. . , 4; ,-
.. 41: s
.- - . -1 -.. 'l l '', • , , ,
. , .
_ . • i i_ 1 .. -,..,
" !, •
, •• ~ - ' • • I:
_ .
________. _ _ - . •
---------- _i_________l ' ___.. - ........— , ......_—.1- I ........,;.. . ~_, ,i, - '
Ah, why dost ihoulweep thou desolate one,l
• Host thou ne'er thought on the x. orrow
.1' filet coils round the heart, when...him - Went° gone,
• Leaves only despair for the morrow;
, Ala-i thou host not, thydboioni's deep wo
But wakes up thy tharneand regret, ..
' And Iciiio shall the te.Vilirtirt:fiy sorrow thus flow,
1 .: Ere a cold hearted *odd iOll forget.
Couldsr thoubtit
teure, \,.._,J
, .
And cull back thy iirtue again,
And be what thou wet hi !nippier years,
Then, then wei c•t by weeping not vain; '
But oh, aunt art weak—despair gathers round,
h Enshroudin! illy vision of blissl
And the chain of .in in which thon•iirr boun „ d,
.Will bind thee] to woes worse that *this. . •
e. ilt! look at the fir Ure—how dark, how drear—
How.deep the glonitt as you neat it,
Alas! what emir thou expect to meet there—
Oh coast Owi think umd yet hearit?
Flee, Ike thee away— way kleaven, e'n now,
Ib call 1410 .0 0:10 again; •
nd •may Heaven in pi y teac'i thee how
Ft tepeit of,thy and rthain.
Ilctt• sweet to behOld thee once mor l e a 4 thou wert,
Lrkeb llary. l nll eh•ans'd of thy—
peacertil and corm thy now iliriobtaing heart—
How treinpul'thy hos:orti within!
new's stretr i pess in vcittle rive never ran Lase—
There', j \owl tlehLth in the . heaft,
W h cannot he Iclt Ihre' a•ltc,
By those Wtio froin virtu, depart.
The war meanwhile went l on with increas
ed ferocity. The tide of 'blade, which _at
first ran in Marion's favor, had now turned,
and his,eneinies- were every where in the , as
cendant. The army 6f Greene was in North
Carolina, occupied in, watching , CiOnwallis.
.ord Rawdon, held Camden witlh a strong,
()rec. lathe other important posts Were,in
he hinds of the, British, MaritM, for the
first time disheartened, talked of retiring 'be-
hind the mmintains. Armed bodies Of To
ries, in the mean time traversed the :country,
plundering ht will, and 16"ngingovitlinut the
knit funn of u trtut, inose-or -- trietruttrontt
nate priso t hers they had found in arms;
Mr. Mowbray had long contemplated
ing in favor of his countryt again, and no
time seemed to him so proper lis,_the present,
when'all others were becoming disheartened.
Ills daughter he knew to be fn ,safety wi t ch
het...aunt; who had always maintained a strict
neutrality; so there was nothing to withhold
him longer from,his purpose. Ife had
cordingly 'secretly exerted ininFelf to raise a
troop antong the younemen of his. neighbor
hood, and his recruiting had \ been attended
with such success, that. their rising 9ni t y
waited the remova r l of a large body of armed
Tories, who had lately infested the vicinity:
On the first signal from Jiir.'Mowbray, they
were to rendezvous at the Hall.
Mowbray 'Halt was one of those'fine old
Mansions, a few• of which linger in South'
Ca l rolina, fast fading monuments of the de
pr4ting splendors of her old prrovincial . no
bility. ,The building stood "tit the head of
a large 'avenue of trees, and was a large
dot hie house, with an immense hull in the
cera-re:J. The ont,houses had suffered con-
sAerably since the war begaii, and
i niany of,
the fields tp.y barb and tineuli%lttedi but the
v mans Vin iQself was still in-tt 'reinarkably fine
state of preservation, and the architectural
boast of the' conntry.
bray stood. on the steps of his liouSerto 'wel
come Ole recruits, who, in obe , diente to his'
longexpected signal, were on that day to re the rendezvous. his feeelings, as
on stout yeoman after another rode tiP, vveret„
1:r I'n
tly.ket pf .exultation, dashed a little perhalps
with reiiret for` having ever despaired 'of his
"How fortuniite that Capt. Balk, yith his
up the river," said his lieu-
Sl:te st e
.oritie, has mower I p . tt) .. id his ,
tenant; who stood ' beaide him. le -shall
3 have time to discipline our men, and ally a
, great number to our rank. Our twen y tall
-o fellows; though brave enough, could scarcely'
1 moke head against his hundred troopers.-
-We have a good week before us." I '
"Very true; and we have assurance of near
ly thirty more, provided we display our' ban
ner. ! Three days of quiet is all I ask., , Then
I hope we shall be able to given good account
of ourselvef, even if Ball's toils- retUrn,"
said. Mr. Mowhray. . I
"rwe tut gone when he comes hod, my
de r sir, he will ivreak his vengeance I fear,
o our hoirtes,l' said the other with shmething
of a sigh. A •
"Lhope yoikrirtit' think of drawin g back,"
replied Mr. Mewbray. "In this cense,
S. Wool, I o
CFN I ill• 4
4 S 'S. l'l
moat be willing to sacrifice father and mothpr,
house and law* good repute, and all slim ho
' holds dear in the World. God help nal"
"I am withy l ou till death," said, thier lieu
tepant, thinkiok at that moment how much
I ,
mdse his superior had to lose than himself;
and aced by such heroic and self-sacrifi
4ing patiiotism.: ' 11
At thislostant a• horseman was seerr gsl-,
)0 ,
loping furiut down the avenue; air -as he
came onward, c waved his cap, as f desir
r_ . 1 ous to call their attention to Emmet ing la
a r ; l . the road which titi,hadleft! Mr: Mowbray
he looked in that direction, but a clump 'Of woe
s- i land shutout the highway from sight; 'h 1/4v
a ll ever, after a Moment's delay, the voiCeof one
!ry of the recru& Called his attention'to wr
seemed's:cloud of dust rising above the tr tit
tope. Almo r et the same instant a I number
Written for the'Vrie Observer
;From fir J Jm'e Hato ire
. .
[Ctmt inue'd.]
Aud - there zirinhi , in hot litisto.--11YAQN,
It w• as a fine clear morning when Mr. Mow-
, . •
;of Ifutips appeared at the herd q the , avenue.
The' rtpProadhing iborsentan lidW had iCae.4 . -
;64 the lavn. : /--
\ c,
1 "We tire betrayed," he cried, almost Ix
busted. f "Ball's tories are behind, and have
hind me 'for two - Miles.; To arms! to
.\ - •
'The time was too short to allow of barrd
cading-the 'house; but the ,great hall
speedily 'turned into a 'foriPiention. ' The
dyrs titeither end were closed, barred and
f urther ' defended by chairs and tabletabledplied
against tlieint while the entrances into the
parlor)Voe cloSed effectually' In the _some
Way. The great window at the head of the
stair-case, and the one the . Olief -' '
of the upperlall were . gUarded- by
force. These dispositions had seal
completed Wit o the 'Tories 4allo i
the lawn, oil 'which they dismoimied W.
loud shouts, and began intata'nt pre6arati,.
:i for
the attack, ',.,..... ' i / , I
When Mr. Mowbray's seanty troop was
mustered, it was found to centain buttem ex
clusive of himself for ne fly lialt - i}f the \ex
pecte& recrnits had n ot , e t had time' toll ar
rive. It was eviden that there had hecn
'treachery somewher among them; for none
but tllrse who ha enlisted knew of this ren
, dezvous; and th sudde» disappearance of
2 /.
the enemy two days before, it' was now aim
rent,iiad be n feint. * However, nothing
'rettlaine'd b' tto sell their' lives as dear! as
Mr. Mowbray walked around among his
,men, nd himself, saw that every, thing was
read . :He exhorted them, in, a few words,
to 40 theti duty manfully. His short lin
rangue was brought to a speedy conclusion,
by a louilcheer on the part of the assailants,"
and by a shoe er of bullets aimed at the - hall
window, as they advaric o the attack.-
"Fire cool y id waste no shot?' he said
sternly, Ihini Iflhandlin,g a musket.
Fein met ell ch that first disdharge, and,
mad with tae tityl shame, the assailants'
strove churl; up the pilasters'. of the Wall
door; but they were beaten therice',by the
butts of the defenders' muskets. lThe men,
however, , who achiev a this* ) ; were severely
wounded by the rifle 'of ,the Tories, who,
keeping watch, aimed wherever a head, ap
peared. An effort was now made to break in
the hairdoor. Am axe was brought, and,
aftbr several blows, one of the heavy pan
els gave way. Ilut"the moment the wood fell*
crashing in,'a volley, poured throUgh the ap
erature drop© back , tlie , ar;sailantsg who; thus
rot t 0 .L.....,......................4..__......---- ...- - . t.. -•• , i
houses, as if to hold a consultation. i 1
The little garrison was no* mos ered.=
One tit its members li ad been shot dead at the i
gredtha,ll window, and several:were Wounded.
The hi its were ha daged as weft' as possible,
r stock of a nunition was distributed
- •
Imoree trolly. i Th ir slight successes had in
spiritecf the Men; tI ey began now to talk Of
foiling the enemy ] ; end when notice I.vs+
again given of hia'approach, they repaired to
their posts with alacrity and exultation,
The tories now seemed to have resolved on
trying a Combined atiOelt on all parts of the
house. i O n e part , advanced toward the bil
door in front-L-anot er, made the circuit f
the mansion to as • the one in the rear—and
a third remaine t one angle, ,as if 'content
platinerin assault on the ide, When the • rest
sliould b fullY: engaged Mr.. Mowbray's
heart flWarned him oft 'stit when lie
Saw the-C preparations.
"They are;breaking into the parlo rs!'' e -
claimed ono,Of the men; rushing up the stair
ease, at,,,the very ,instant, that , a new Volley
wnti discharged pn , tito house f ront tiie assail-
Mr. Mowbray listened, anjheard the dull
crash - of an axe, gllowed by the breaking of
glass. The parlor shutters had merely been
barred, and the parlors once gained, it was
' only necessary,to break down the doors lead
ing to the entry, which were comparatively
.weak and slightly barricaded. To desert the
hall up stairs, would be to seduce tho tones
in front and rear from their cover, and throw
'open an eintrance to them by tie Way they
had first' essiged. It became necessary,
therefore, to divide his already small force,
and, leaving a few to maintain the old po
sitions, cdefend the threatened doorwith two
or three trusty arms:
"We must sell our lives dearly'," he 'said,
is he took his station behind the door, post
ing a man on each side. 1
, .
The enemy was now heard leaping intothe
parlor, and simultaneously a gek4ral attack ,
began on all sides, the bullets rattled against
the wall; shouts and cries of encouragement,
rose on both sides. From the quick firing
'overhead, Mr. Mowbray kneW that his men
in that quarter were actively engaged. The
axe was now heard against the parlor door
befo're him, and the frail wired quivered ender
every blow. Another blow and the pahnel
gave way. ' Instantly the musket of Mr.
Mowbray was aimed throngh the aperature
at the' man who Wieldcd the axe, who fell
dead at the expiosion. But another promptly
seiild the instrument, and, posting himself
witli more caution nt the side of the opening,
dealt such vigorous strokes, that the door
spe6dily fa in. ' As the planks crashed to
th 6 fl6r, there was a general rush un the
I part ;Id' the,Tories in the, parlor trard the,
_. I . ! .
`"*eet them bravely!" shouted Mr. Mow.
bray.' "Strike home, and w 4, dtivo thefit
H 1 fired a pistol as he spoke, at the Init.=
!neat ssailant, but the Tory knocked up the
. 1
we i tip,n, and thobalt lodged in the ceiling.
'altnrraht ..werave them now!" —shouted:
this Man, who w ' their leader. Revenge .
ftiurreorrrradea. n ' '
“Stand fast,”. cried Mr. Mowbray, the lion
of his nature arroosed.
For a few seconds the melee Was torific.—
Sow that the foe had , effected an entrance,
the defence of the otilerpoioni was no longer
S ATI . / R113.:7,
. • .
necessary, and the folio vets kt :-.Air' f ',4lo, • .
bray crowded to his asiis . 4,1• ~ Ili iit,c: - .3 ,-:
Cr hand, the Tniies-00,•''.!' •filtn pai-10,iik.
thence struggletilitki IT.- ,iq•:•iiiii:(thY l
hall. quell by inch th •
,-• ',tiii4oit
with overpOw/ting ~tioo.. ~
' :-
.!i lt i tch' , b
inch, with dysperate Emi.:o i
1.! , ':i'C Opß#l l
the Whigs' gave- grthili,' .•••• '.' * - citisti - ', s n i t
swods, tile explosion of 0: ii Aiielskin.ltiof
either *y; were mingled :ill wild . -Olorder
with liO n oaths and shrieks -- .0.th0 wytinded
an dying. Swaying to i and, Trii, noitV; °ne
--/- -
Orty, now the other giving,krnd, th —Com
/hat 44ed with increasing .. .oly,, IS
,:_ii 4 ) l .'
hers et last prevailed. 'AVI4I mos,t,
followers[ had •fallen, Mr.,..ftto4b'ray, however,.
still remained, wounded Yet'4ct, st.tuggditig
like It nob o stag at bay.' : • 1!, si,o ~ .
"Stael der and we give qths•terl" shouted
tholory leader, who, througOtt the conflict,
had seemed dctsyons rathei bf taking him
pri• ..t. 1 ,•• .....
soner thanislaying i hitn. -.; 1 • '
Mr.•Alavbray .thought of his child, and
faltered: but 'remembering'4 t the enemy
never showed clemency, he sit' , striking. 'at'
his adversary " Never, io'helptile God!" '
'But that M 46,tit of indeeHon sealed his '
fate. .7.'11e to `, ender matfett Opt to his fol
lowers, .two of 'horn rushed.' n tin the old
dian;a id, as hev \, mk : e, his sikujl wag knock
ed from his hand, lid" lihusell.pvertrOwn and
bound •
• ~
Two.daya after, he Wai H
, 1 triumph in
- - -to! ran!! st--- .
the streets of,peorgeten.ii t i rihi4was it con
cealed from hitti that hisilit'e h 4 been
only'that ha' might expi4te it'll' -rebellion on
the scaffold!'
111 1 s - eaphcir l i mn/04001Y ,repaired to 'Major
Lindsay%s cluortert•-., I,vliereie b
' remained for
nearly an lamir. Wilda-let .alyne, 4,j0,r,
_l \
Lindsay exclaimed: _
"Ally it/a/rivulet' was true, tlier l w he '
been eauilit with arms in his hawk. So
all goes 'well. That pniud beauty is
mine, for she will marry me to save her':
er's life."
iir•o'cit gond world! . ,
—Kno ~ vii°rani flirworter—FriscilL.Cn: '
'rho news of so impoitant an event as
capture of Mr. Mowbray was : .not, long
traveling torMrsi'lllukeleY's. Ono moth
Ea she and her neico sate at • work taget i l
the butler rushed into the room bekrq
0 )11:4(1(.1.0)1e agitation.' We hive already
!tile] to' hi l s i pomposity and elfiectation
high bob di dine phrases, another foible, til
sire to p a y an important part sOrnetil
"I've jus. - hi o rd such neWfq!issuS:l3l
ley," he exc o mit ath i essly,' wiping
perspiration fry - I-ICC.' "It's Compl
admonished me. Ise run all de way
the head of de abenue, where I heard 'i t
Jim genon, who listed wid de Dritlsitinr
now gaitig homeon a furbelow; a berry
ipectable -person he Is for a Tory and "s 0
thou White' man. In his new maim
1 loOks almost like 'an ogicer, I insure yon
Here the old 'nun paUsed, overc .
rapidity of his utterance. Both Mrs. 1111
-and her nelce understood his pecitliari ties too.
well to interrupt Hint, but : they lodkesi tip
t .
smiling. ; '
"Suck news!" he began. "I tope young
tnistts wont faint) Be sure, such things
must recur; but to think it should happen to
Alr. Mowbray—Lor' save us,."
I Kate at the mention of her father's name
turned deadly pale, and j ,could no lot ger en
dure the speaker's prolixity.
, 1 ,
i "Witat is the matter with lny Lan r!*'.sne
gasped,' ;''ls he deader ' ,
'Oh, no missus—only taken by did Tories.
But dey bay he is to be hung." - t ,
''he sight of Kate's ghastly face stlTp'ed
thoificiSs announcement—but it was toe
lat ; with a shriek she fell to the flair. At
cl .
thi spectacle, the old slave, struck with' ro.:
mo se, cried, wringingltis hands, '
Irl have killed her. Oh,. Lorl—oli f i Icon!
will she ever survive againl" ' ',-.
' You have only m'ade. her swoon by Yiur
ha ty announcement of thfirterrible tie% ar
said Mrs. Blakeley, sternly, l i'llinii had s nd
her maid." 1
ft was long before Kate was restored to
scionsnesA. Meantime, /ilirs. Blake
ned from old Jacob elk he had to imp
her' brother's ultimate fate 'she' cc
cely entertain a d übt. She well 110 1
character of tliat s bitter warfar I The
of Lord Rawdon, the then 7s ip r erior
of the royal army iir South Carolina,
been repented, that all who had o
ied the protection, 'yet sithsvpientlY b
) ured in arms against the King, shoali
i warily executed. The ,sentenc.e of
) vbray, according
,to old Jacob's . rel.
s always iisued.' Mrs. Biakeley 1
scarceley less shocked titan her neice,
her 'fortitude was required to sustain I'
and she struggled to appear coroposed i
"Let us go to Cul. Watson at once,
almost the first words of Kate cm rec
her "Sorely, he will not re
lief was but lately your guest—how
then deny yotit prayer." ,
• "Alas! my child," replica her au t, vith
tears in her : eyes, "war conicrts,_ men into'
fiends, and dries up all the hiudlien feelings
of the soul; but especially in a civil .ca like
this, no such thing as friendship is acknowl
edged. Have yatlf ut o iren the fate oiG brief
Marion, the neigh of the general y uth
ful, beautiful, unoffending—the Arid of that
old man's heart? He was taken in a kir ish'
end, ansucm as recognized, tad to ma e early
for death. His prayers for a respit
paper to write to his uncle...for time, to
hi;reuce with. God— were all alike . d
h' " She shuddered as she' continu
loyhey . made him kt4el o 4 the highwa
then basely murderecthim.' .
"But they will not, they cannot , muril ,
father thus. The men who 'did, that
deed were Tory Outcasts: Col; yiratiO
a kind heart; he will spare my father's'
AY 811847.
0o 111 LT Cli . 7
- ~
: And Kate, , ,A ciripini her ands,.addreseed her
aunt: supplicatingly, . s if on the words slie
Orighi SpOrtit i &A g er :Parent's ,existenc e . :1 '
:'-' Mrs. Blakeley . :could not reply tur:sourre
time, tpr weeping." Twice she,. essayed. 40
speak;! twice , mars Choked her utterance: ' At
last, she 'shook' her, nead mournfully.. :_. ' '
- .; . "B,try,tibt so -t; you do _ not " mean it, cried
Istii cageciy. :
P.Alas I,' Was: i my sila .
ling," sobired‘ bars.
Blakeley, 'clasping'4a e in . her, firms, "I
would as willingly !wpe as, you; htit there is
rid , hope & Viirris' net , eolicitation; inflitoneo,
Komi les, erre ry th trig .. exerted „to, saye ( , o1 ; .
Id - ayre; but, to - no outpost) „rthey'r aro inex
(frill)! : Did not the generalsay, in -refusing ,
a carto n, that if ho were his own brotlidt., he
could go no more."' I ,
,j, At these words, tho . full truth of her:lath-.
cr's sit atinn seemed fur the drat
. time t o
iiirealo Knee,twho had hitherto hoped that
aid fr l r a some 'quartcr, her ' owl prayers, or
other prier= might save his Ii e., iDuririg
the Alm Mrs.: Blakeloy was spec ing the un
fortune o girl, gazed w ith stony eyes upon her
every f attire rigid, herzrms motionless and
set, ha ging by her sige, anther head slight :
ly attire iced, with half parted lips, listening
eagerly Even whentho speaker ceaged, on,
by a va tie smse of what she said, seemed td
rest on &ate, and she nanny,: I vacantly.
"No hop l e: none, did yap say!"
Mrs. "Hakelily shook hey head inlarnfolly;
Her own heart .was Swelled to burating;.that
Stony loak,jthozie rapid lips, made her trinVale
for the reason of her neice.
''No hope!" whispered KAte, in those thtli
ling tone's, that are more eld.inont than all
thaocents of despair. "Oh jitst Heaven!"
she exclaitned, suddenly elevating Iler voice:
and' she raised tier !ioutstretChed hands on
high, "wilt_thoiksee this foul injustice?" - ,
But here the ditch of horror to which the
unfortunate girllhad been wound tip, 'proved.
too Much for alframo already weakened by
Ih-deeding agitatiOn, and she suddenly fell
back - ; rigd nal paial;zed, itrannther fainting
tit:- "! , I•• , I • I
.%, .. t
All thAltlay, tufo part of the night, nits.
Blakelliotched oVer her neice. • Towards
tnidniglOthe snit
Wiewakening in
gard, she seemed of
finer self; but sl
thottgli_in !fie gull
filled unconscious'
uig 1
i her
t i '
ttlf - 1
i oft
0 de-
'been real the :lam
-1 But though Mrs
0110. pardon, Ft)
do every thing tha
‘Vatson to s
at least to grant a
could be heard fro
the hours of the
alike by 'exhaustif
ro in
d is
into slumb2r, in 1
She also pernled
L indsey, 'l2lesdcf
though Mrs. Ifia
pretensions to t
thought this no. t
These epistles bettig indite() and oonfided to
the; pond of a trusty servqnt with orders to
spare neither whip nor spur until he readied 1
Col.; Watson's quarters, Mrs. Blakeley, to-
Wards morning, sought her couch, almost as 1
'much exhausted, both physically and mental:
ly; as her unfortonate neice.
The morning broke in that once happy
1 mansion, as on a house of death. 'he stint
. ters were half closed, as if to txc tie the
light, and the E. ervants stole noiselessl to ands
fro, speaking in whispei.s scarcely above
I their breath. The Morning meal 'we, ained
almost untoched, Kate coup eat nit ling;! ,
and often' set down her teacup, while he eyes,
filled with tears. Mrs. Blakeley, spqo of alt i,
her self-control, was nervous and tre ibling.
The old butler, rho •remained in th 4aorn,'
often turned his back, and brushed the honpst,
tears frim his eyes: for, though unw• lling to
betray his emotion, he was'unabie to prevent
it. • Even Mrs., Blakeley's IVA gray-houn
seemed to know and participate itt th grief
for instead of ruShing up to his mistsess boisf
terously, whep she came down.stairs, as had
been his wont, he walked ° slowly Stitt sally
toward her, looking up appealingly iltt)
face; as if assuring her of his Sympathy t h--
The same dull pantomine' was gone ihrosigh
with when Kate entered, and made ;her Bit
Mrs..lllakeley had informed bel neice of
% , hat she had-done and saiti r that nothing now
r mained butAca wait 'an answerto her let/
to J. KAte, hon'ever, begged that she migh t
ha allo,wed to go to Col. Wateoa's headlua-
, ,
t. , .rs, to 'see' her father: and though Mrs.
i aheley stove,to dissuade her from this pur
pose, believing that the interview would only
harrow up unimeessqrtly the fee:ings of both,
filial love preValled, and Kate extorted a lin
-1 . ring consentAtt they'should set ft rtfi is
soon as thelienicy, landierrng carriage could
,be prepared; '
) . .
' It was during this delay that the galtoping
of a hoarse arrested htr car, and folajoit Lind
say tette seat tab alight on the lawn.uring
r li
the moment . hat elapsed before his riot tionce',-:
ment, Kato hadtinie to.indidge in ti thousand
speculationp. : I!ope,' whisperad to her that
Major Lindsay had Pramtred We pa 'darn , of her
father. qrielso come to _announce a reprieve._',
, Breathless anditreinying, sh 9 did net. wait
for his entrCnetatim l hurrted to the door of the
parlor. Ml* lakeley was, almost, ) equally'
agitated. ' 46,r fi rs impulse was, that Major
Lindsay had re eived her note, and,harried at
onc.e,to their air; but a moment's reflection
satisfied her t at time enough fortis.
.h, had
not elapadd. he concluded, then,, that •he
had hastened,' n hits own siOstion, 'ti com
fort them; and she advanced to meek pirli is
eagerly efiKah3. I • , 1
'Major Taindsay . idet them at the'ddoec tie.
started back at 14 sight of Kate ' s ti fade,
•I•foi never • could' he t,have believed it possible
. , •
'r my
I '
;rer sank, into a slumber,—;
e morning, wart and hag
ily the shadow of her for
• had gaine4 composure
ming lip,-and the eye that
with teat's, might have
orabreaking heart. •
)31Aely did notallow her-
• __,„,
liro - iiectatiaii of On
I , nevertheless resiplyed to
could be dune t(i induCo
:ye Mr. Mciwbray's life, la
resipite• until beadquart
I n. Aecoidinaly sdui sp nt;
l 'ghtt'grter
I , n ari}d narcotiee, had stink
citiu to
hasty epistle to lgtijor
log hisinterposition; for
oy was we'll aware of his
i s hand of her noice,_ sh 6
e for morbid delicacy.—
that human agort?" could' be :'its forcil►t .
pitted on ;.the,, i c.ohnteikauce;: hut,reelvering
himself, NlNudyanced eagerly,, and 'clasping
the hand of each lady in his own, looked kiln'
m►e to the:other:With 'a smile} not gay, yet en-
"roit•hrin : g its gnint news v l l. know,'; said
Kate, Writing 4leadly pale, and,theq flushing
t( the forehead, •; • - •• ' I• • •
—"I hop'efio,".:caid he, with marked einplm
, •
sis. '.'God, .'
"God grant :it, indeed," . faltered h!tie,
Blakeloy f fn• reply, tho hlpod going bock eeld
lyon her heartlitt these equivocal words.
pite; howev,e'r, aia: not notice this; hope
1)1014(114er eyes, willingly,and alio eagerly
'answered, • • -• • -' 1,
•- , i'l knetv you would bring us words of)
cheer. •,lle is frec—he is on his way hither: ,l
)he will, be hero soon. Is it not sol'and ,hq
loolled,bettutifully, in earnest, as she lifted her
,eyes ebierly•te Itlaibr Lindsay's ,faci.,. 'that
he !towed inwardly no Obstacle should prevent..
hint from winning,so' l chtrillin'ge . kricie, II
1 exactlt that;'' The r ‘ f t plied,. with some
eiitntion.., ' 6 lr. 11owb - rity is. not free yet—
nil hope, na ,-I nifty prntnise, that lie is in
o dangerthat is itepridetl,” ho stolpped,elin
, • _
barmaid. , , looked searchingly at the
speaker,- yet her heart would not • aliow her to,
entertain the suspicion that had Hashed
across her, and she 'discarded it indignantly.
Kate !furled , suddenly from heir pideacie of
hope, trembled and clupg speechlessly to her
aunt's arm.
Majw Lindsay's mbar rassment cositinueid.
1 1 ,
He, looked imiToringly at MN. MakSly, a's if
he half expec ed her to come to his aid. But
Mrs Blakali teats as agitated as Kate. She
struggled to übduc.hcr csnotion,k ( saYing ea
tOrl • . , t
"Do not to turo us by stisinnss, I Implore :
you, Major L ndsay.` Tf anything is 'expect
ed of us, fear-not to tell us at once, we, will
strip ourselve . .i . to the taternaost fartifibg, ifes, ,
It r eavy.fine . ean save my brother's life. , , , \ .
Major Lindsay, thus thrown on his own rd
sources, hesitated and stammered, but foiled,
,Words lit length to bay; , ..
"Do not be alarmed,
.ladies. I repeat it,
there is nothing to But I conic rather
as an ambassabor, than as a herald of,_joy * .6.
In other. words, I have certain matters to men.
iitM, which are preliminary, I regret to say, to
the pardon of Mr.. Mowbray. My mb glee!
too, lis exclusively to Miss Mowbray,' and I
fear can be delivered to her alone." 80l ,
, , ....,^vecilTivivipineg.-
4 'l v:111 leave you with this der . girl rti
once," said . 131alf'eley iniprinting a kiss;
an Kate br t . ' "I 'need not scarcely say
how dee I' . e h'ici bved i agitated, and beg,
ydu to spare' ran Much as 'possible." , .
,' •
"I will to it," said Major Lindsa,l, earne•=t i
ly, his- eyes 'coinpassionnebi benton Kate;
and grs. 131akeley; n'otwithatandio her sui
picions,-could not doubt his sincerity.
' Kate trembled 'with a strong . foreboding
feeling; as she saw the door close on het:aunt :
and yet what was there of alarni In this ap
proaching Interview? ' Were not the worts
and looks of Major Lind- kind and encour,
fining? Yet still Ka trembled
nibled to find hur
-1 self/alone wi h him., ,
.Wher the gremer m.dsds IS Gerd, . ,
The des Sr is Scarce felt. - -litlo l.r.t.n.
he apartment l in .which Major Lindsay
(Mind himself, was one with which the had
been familiar on his preceding visit, to the
mansion; but, fora Minute after Mrs. Blake , -
ley's, exit, he gazed arouWiitn, ai if examin-j
ing for the first time, the architeFture andfur-, 1
Mune of -*he room. It was an apartment!
too, well worth his Scrutiny. Pew, even of
the gentry of that proud state, ttold 'boast a
dwelling like that of Mrs. Dia eley.. The j
walls of the Oiler were wainschtted i to the 1
citing zitlilirichly co rved.cornices; and over 1
he inantlepl'ece, encircled by a wreath of ro- 1
: , es carved in the wood, were the arms of the'
I I .
family. i ''.l' . ll,e furniture was of mahogany, and
consisted of massive tables and chairs; with 1
elaborately carvedfeet. 'A couple of fi4 par-1
traits adorned the walls, on
of the!
deceased Mr. iihtkeley, the other a likeness of
1M r. jltlowbrey'. * . .ji
1 Major Lindsay' cast his eyes from the cor- I
nice t 9 the floor, and from the matitlepiece to
the mrtraits, and at length stealthily turned j
( their in the.dirrction of Kitle, who sat on tlicl
so a ? her color rapidly changing, equittly con,
stained and embarrassed. That a you ig and !
almost inexperienced girl should wtint ' erfect
self ; ;Msjession, was less singular, hoWever,
than hat a practiced,man of the world, like I
Major. ,Lindsey, should be without it., i But
the truth l i
was, that-he scarcely knew how to)
ihtroduce his errand to Kate.
' - Whet lie; eyes, jhowever,met those of the 1
fair girl,c
there wa i an expression, of Surpri..-
au& inqt iry at his silence, notto s be misunde '-
stotidi'and he thought itl , best to refer at °tic.
to the p rpose of the
intclrvieW. 1 I :
i • ' ' '
- 'ilt pa ns me i esceedinglyr fou cannot inia
gine hot' macb,' my' dealt Miss Nlewbrayr" 'lie
began, 'to come here Itholit the uncondi
tional pardon of your father.' Brit there are '
'two circUnistances which prevented' twe'frem ,
succeeding to the extent of .. ny . wishes, anti
bas having the honor and pl i sasureof bring.
i g you ,such welcome' news. I In the first'
p ace; Mr.' Mowbray is not r iti you suppcisei a
prisoner to Col. l tVatscin—that officer being
on his nalarcli to join Lord Rao:dna at Crunden?
but On the contrary, is In the hands of Lieut.
COI. Carrrpbelq who now bolds tle potit'off
Georgetown, and who,. besides jbeng,a gen.(
tleman of Inexorable nature, is personally un
acquainted wit your Wier. -, Ntin, ~ had it
been tfol. Watson to whom 'Mr.' Mowbray
I .
had been surrendered, indulge the hope that,
4iitrieuit a the task would have been, his in=
, MHO" with
and Mrs: Blakeley, to
say nothing of 'mi own solicitations, would
baize procured the release of hour parent.-.-
•1 • :
NUIIII3I - 4.... 51'
Butt With Col, Campbell - the c.•e is dine diet ''
He ins ncit:Cialp , 4.stranger to•y , u - s alt, but tale
-aearly •s.tfeatire. stranger to yself.7 Theta
does not exitt hetweenna those term4oflinti.'
macy that, in the'eltse or Col.Aratson, Would
have jut ifitd me in askinifor,the releasetV
. .
lour fait er as a•Personal fevers , ' 1. - `•-
Here Major LI nsaY stopper 4 as ir - especting
Kate ice answer; bet she onlyhowed. - It wit
evident, rilso, frotnlier leek of continued:slur=
prise, that she could net yet:make eit! the -_,,
sitealter s ,UiPurpliee. .
"In the second place," centilitre() Major,
, Lindsay,("there is tiothing in this case tq'tlisa '
tingpish it front others—nethi g,-I matt to
justify Col. Campbell in his ow . eyes to par. .
droning your parent, when tip many pate
i s, all •
so taken:with anus in their hands, are ea s edu- •
ted. Lerd Rawdon's orders are expliditir-a -
Everfm:an who, having one; signed the pr.
tection r it afte war d captured figh A
tirrga nsi ~
the kingVds toe punished With death. This ..\._
. 14.1 5 ,
command hi. erto has &ten rightly enforced:
, ,
Nor is in 31i• Mowbray's colt', as II bee
there , • 1
fore said, any Ling to take hilan out , ._Of the
general rule: On the contraryos Cel. gam&
ibell as tern is , eyery reason why ha. ,_
sh4idd ed against even More rigidly
than ,oters. Yeti! - father ik. riefi,. and hat
great per'ottal inilnetice; and hls pardon Would
lead the gentry generallY to suppo t se thatth - el
could revolt with impunity. -Tre, suffer the:
Leaders Or escape-114.-3c l were the words of
my superior-,yet punish their deluded fellow ,
I ers, is neither justice nor good policy. 'These
'consideMtiuns induced ;Col. Campbell, to
Wheat Ila hastened at encd, is" an interessori
d ir
keitig fortunately iisGe6rgettrwi, to Juts
mi stir; though l helindly•Condeseended to ext. ,
plain the reasons, as I have recapitulated to
you." I .." • ...; '. -1- f•
• Kate clasped her hatids at these ,Stordspand.
became pale as a corpse. i r . '• I
"Then he• is to die!" she gasp ed . - J "It is '
thus yelp Would breah,the news to, ,me.'l
• ..ay, not se, as I hope in Le aven!" cried
Major Lindsay, springing forward to enpport
the fainting girl. "Your father's life may
yet be' Saved. Col. Campbell
_assured ; ,tne
i , . •I •
how." '
haters eyes were eagerly turgid to thnipeah- •
or at these wards, though by n motion of \'
hand, she vrayed•off his assistance. / I
"The Colonel Said," continued Major Linda 1
say, seeing she waited i . 91", him to speak, "that :
It was truly necessary to . give it proper
1 p1edge,....,
to the royal government f.t. his iture neu'
tratitY o Snd MT. Mokvbray night' yet Int sated, •
,t#,----niiirseti tinatetiartne -j etnirritter of-id, -
doubt.l,'eo tiiiliss itlowbrayi".to said, "and -
tell her, that with her it rests to prei'erve her
father't life: I have heard of your•tuit In: ,
that qtiarter; obtain her consent to. d speedy ,
• • .. , ,
inert-lege; and them o U.) ; the tether-in T law or, .
one of :Isis majesty's) rnOst. faithful Subjects, 1
On grant that life width - I mnst deny to' si
I . , 1 - •
rebel In arms:- These Were his words • •And .
now, dear Miss Mowbray,. think.not i I
"to take,aovatitage of ybu," said AlajorLinds ;
say, speaking rapidly and eirgetlY.,, as he sttif
her avert - Irer . tate,i "Odd knows i nothing - is ,
further front my thotights. But is it the we .
nets of lose to be 4.liish, and when the w a y
(by 'Which laniillit On My suit was thu g s point= :
ed out to me, I had not the strength to resist:
Besi es, I line* I never should forgive Myself
r - refused to come, altd your fater'lost his -
life in' consequence.- My very . lo be for *ouo
by making nie anxious tos.,Ws life, woitid have '
forced me hither, even tf Ilmew befoiehand '
thlt you would spurn titre' • ,
I •:" ,
Surprise and indignation chitsakeach citedr .
through kite's mind kt bearing itter wort's.,
The embarrassment of Major Lindsay Iris'
now explained, fur well might he hesitate to
avow his basenOs in making her father's Iltd -
the price-of her hand:. t Kate 'Wilt final); per- '
suaded that lie Might have sated her parent if
he would; andlier bosont heaied with indig- '
neat feelings: But. had) she, known"iall; had
she known that Major I?ind p .4* him Self had . ,
jrienned her father's -capture, and instigated.'
his superior to dictate the I only terms of par
don-=howwould she have turned ftom , him
with horror and loathing inexpresslblel
.Kate s first impulse rise rind 'envoi'
the room. ‘ But she' remeinbered - hew corn- n
pletely site was tit bet auditor's power, and •
her feelings suffered 'a rividsion. tie burst , ,
itiio tears, "I see I pain Tom" saiitirpe Ma
jor, in affected sorrow: "Nity—tlidn \ 1 rri)l
have yoor presence. Heaven bless You!" and
Ile rose sadly and prepared to ga: - k
Kate ree l s ' staggered at these words.•.. Could ~,
one who thus spoke, i liaiiereadkapted as base.
ly as she but now strpposedd, , --b- "tre s iemild not "I
believe it,, Yet she still turned:lolth repsg
:lance from the idea of a union with Major
Lindsay: ,illeantimo, that individnal had ad
'vanced seterat 'tens teivard the elder, while.
Kate continued subbing `violently oil,i i t!te sofa.
Her heart teas torn with conflicting emotions.
If she suffered her visitor to depart, herlath:,
Fr' tvoild be on her hands. l'lllte Ma
had turned the lock; the was na
lodger torietitor, delay: .Springing wildly
trent trey seat, she rushed forwatd - and laid het
hand on his ann.. -
i'' / 1 1 , '
"Stay!" she gasped, i"Do-with; me as yott s
*ill? , ....
~ ~ „
A gkear i olt triunipli shot across m a jo r j Lind.
say'S face.' -, i
"You know,not how yell transport tne," he
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