Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, April 10, 1847, Image 4

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~......3 G. LOON 18' , 4. Li)). 7, Reed
, -- '.`' N 'ltt...„ House, E. "e. havejuSt received
--- - . l' --- :.. an additio to their former stook
of g' t • s, wlach makes their vsortment very ex
tensive, corinirisinz,n, large trarlety of rich and
fashionable JE It - . 11 y,eohai'autn g of diamond,'
ray, garnet,' e rtibt'atnethyst, aquanaarinei and
enamelled Pins diametral, ruby and plain rings;
gold tsar rings,
nerd chainsand kept, spectacles
pencil (lases, bcelbts, lockets.,.mlniature Setting
. thimbles, studs snaps, Etc. &c.
Timp.—,Cio d and Silver 'Watches of; the pat
tent le4r dopl x, horizontal and common escape
rdent. I Fiera mantle, German and American
clocks. J
mustard spocin
rpectaclei, chats
Plated,, Bel
Tea pots; urns
cake' baskets,
spoons, lat•r
CUTLERY -11.14hiaa mi.) 5,
!ODD.—Tn la desert, tea,salt and
ladles, linter and fruit knives,
ns, keys, pencil cases, thimbles.
Mit% itarl German Silver' Ware.
pitelWe, cups, tankards. bowls,
•arllesticks. snuffers and trays,
ink stands, castors.'
I —loger's and other cellibreve
knives and scissors.
NEOUS.—Matheniaticd instru
.B, thermometers, pocket comps--
violins, accord io 8, music boxes,
:I pens, card case combs, pocket
.isiols, coral, am er, gilt, steel,
cads, bead and silk bugs and pur
ls, pormble r writilig eesks, work,
.racco and shavirig boxer?, razor
hair, tomb, !lain and shaving
asses, Glazier's Alitimonds," shOt
lasks, percussion: caps and pillfr,
noes, s 'gar cases, purse and cloak
1., clne, whalebone, violin and bas
two i powder, puffi, perlhmermy,
.r . h,,usli and pawners, tooth picks,
tea bells, sealing wax, motto
ards, emery baskets; needles, bat
s, spool rranthr„ with numerous oth
il entioned,' OM useful and erna
e ill be Mt "ready pay," frotaiwe'n
oelccrit 'low& than formerly. -.
Lies.: MLIAie boxers,. jewelry repaired
n er a n 1 1 IV a Fr i tin t ed.
lust 'Mad of dountry pioree M-
I fur goods or work. Gall nd see.
. . .
prices pratd in cash for-old Gold
E l i
ments, teles 'op,
ses,l sun gins e-'
times, fifes.. e.-
books, pocke't. 1
wax and 1414;5 I
;•;l3os; elastic. /rim r
r aint, snorfAo,
— ,iltrops, elon es;
In -tribes itnl tr'
litelr,s, powd -,
chesmen, d
- elasps',4Weeo !
viol sisings,tr.
mitt plasteN t
melting lines
seals, vislini;
er artielei Mot.
mental, \ whi l eh 1
ty five t linV-I
- N:11., NV nie I
in tha bcar iht
Cash and in
, ken On Rapp er
The highest
and - ''ilv ; ei.
1, , . Tone IS, IS
T- 1 0 0 :
_EP thaleelahru
dzsouns j of the
dSove9t6 t it:. I
Oct. at, 41,0.
AIL'S Goanhie of Wild Cherry
rd remedy, for Comonnidinoi end other
Lungs. Also IVistar's ConHe iPurga
1, by Dr i „l'l Hall, Ascot, corner of State
!Erie, Pa. J- : 4-v
hex, 40
Canada Store.
(let. On,
GLASS. — Window Gus by the
received `andltor sale cheap nt the
'E. M. SNOW.
CASHI! I C 1.SII!! . ~
.e paid for 1 OUO btl9llels wtient,
Corn, 10,00 1o„Barley, and 600
if delivered sOo .' . .
10,000 'do
tmid!) Plait.,
WE are n w receivkg o r ~Winter stock of
. .1
DYEWOOD Z and Al is6ellaneoy articles, and
very respectfu ly invite the attention of our' cus
tomers and th public , o the quality, of our goods,
.and the piirs at w1.17:1 they arc offered. ,
' Physieim s vill film itinc:lJ, our stock many of
the new Chen icals'aml,cheipe preparations'ol tlie
Materia Irl'ca. Our. mAieineerttro fresh, and
ht..lleyed iti:b ptiri, , and lin be warranted for
what they re sold. • l - . '
, .
Earewrs to others wanting Paints , and Oils,
will find our stock comple:s, and We would ri",e-•
quest all who want pure P;iits and Oil cheap„ -
uscerain the quality and irice of our articles be
fore purcha'si lig elsewhere.
Clolhiert C3 l ll be flunished with most Of the ar
ticlesl used fin their line, at rensonuble rates. ,'
Our stock of the Popular Medicines of, the day,,
and of Pert'ut cry and pane.); and Mitiedlancous
articles, is; v ry large, and we would say to all,
customers Mu strangers, that we shall be happy,
to sea youj s low your our goods, give you.our
prices, andfd your orders.
J. U. BEATON & Co.
Erie. No V. 3 , !SM.-23 No. 5; Reed House,
Ist stock of every variety of Hurd
on, Steel,-,Nails : Dry (foods, anti
r inmorteasto this mike', jost re
bich shall' basolti at prices far be
ef Ore cfferral in this market
' 111 7 .N(tY CALM ELL.
ritier is it. 9.
A. IN D la g,
, ware, I
GrO j erier cv
.ceiviptl, anti %
Law ,/ ny ever
T.l. o, None''
the hest market price paid fOri
nurd..livered at the store of the fititl
'er 'or Frenc'a and Fif hrereets.
er 10. 1310
CIASI-I ant'
Fr.Ax S
ocaiber, cor
' Frie.ootol
T Y/Li..! pa
ashes, Wit , '
• cents p
12 1-2 e.:g per bushel for l'cotse as!
t nty nsitety 9; M'Kean corners.
1016. C. M. TIB4ALS.
AL: rs.—r pay Cash, and she
price for any quantity of Black Sal:
PK.can, or at my store in Eric.
, 1818. C. M. TIBBALS..
, hiv,thest
(Milked int,
000ber 2
a p.W'rerN'
nd IA!
sokt at ttatt- 1
ti es.'Cdll
'pops NEW GOODS !!
-king at dle Canada store a ne •
•ndid stock Or Dry Goods. Gtoeelic,
(194 Wurelze., &c.; which Will ti l e
low raw; 'cyan in these dhea,
and see, I E. Al. SNOW.
21,181 G. I 23
, r'
i i
MLLE uh cribeis haVitig 11 el)Oli assortment .1
1. Nes E gland 11l °
ar ,. o On, hand, from &Wary
ent quarr es, calculated fur 1 lead and Poot`t4los,
lUonurne its &c. which they offer to sell to any
one in 12 ii county, Pa. not living farther than
Elle, lest re i r t first 'rate stale, and delivered,t
the folio •in. rices: Small, for children, $t 4 0
pcY lboti Mild e size, ' for aecd people, $1 ti•LI pr
foot; Largt size $1 75 per ( . 091., NVe•tqink t
could h at object fur some pf the Erie epun.y
peapte t fo ward us„marble a few inscriptions as w hale
' recently e
1 n
inforited by the Erie &Ale a
ih rather ,a ragging way, that they were sticking
kt,o the Et 4 and Crawford enemy people „good.
, T 'ey brir cry lustily l of scling to the "Patina
tn es” a ft miri $l. 50 to $-1 per foot. Should any
of he p ogle of Eie cohnty be In Want'of anly
thi a In- l our line, they can forward their insert •
sib s,' or Foulke themselves, and they shall-hove a
fir t rate' artiele at 'the above prioea.
i ----," I - MR ANL SIKES &0.
i cs:fiel r,N.11 Sept, 13, 'lBl5. \ f . - • I ltt
1 1 - ; NEwri it li,' , ',L r ,
0 LIN,y, NINIF.ItLY & A. 11. 111 r(4IICOCK,
cl late 6f. ho firm of Hitchcock Ziumierly & Co.
has:.lo7k associated thinstly 2s in the Whole
eat a n t Retail Grocery bnainege, on State strelit,
, tieary opposite the Cagle rioter, in the room late
i ly atteupiek bi=l,Vm.ltinderneelit, under thesfyle
• ot,l. ZIM 4 11:11LY Sr. Co. wbeke will be found 'm
Liege and ;well' selected a:itoilment of all Rinds ?I"
We:t and
1 ,.,
ry NVCet Cndia Good pl::
§ Comain evo-
ry article u sually kept or,calliit for in a GroccfY
attire. A ong steel; may be found: ,- - "
Cofree f every price and quality.
(11d ait Yonne Ilyson Tea.;
. -
Spice, Indigo, Brown, i
, ..._
1 repperi Mum and Loaf
I Eu4ar, •
,---• • Chocol te, castile and rosin , so . sp, raisin"g, figs.
', -• Tobac oof every quality, cigars, 9116110rocer•
r• - •)
lea of all kinds, together with Iron, nails, win
dow glas , etc. etc, .
3.2.4-Co. tender their tl*ka for the Very general
, padronit,,,Jo octendetrtoihetn for the pa, st- s ix years,
• and hopttl they may by their, endeavors to please,
reeelvola• continuance of !favors in the shape of
,- old as *ell as new onstomers. They are proper
' ed to preset graie of all kinds, butter, ea.'s,
! dried ap les and poaches, Ftac,TlMOthy and 'do
: ler eced,for wbiehICASII will be paid at their
I -
' .
couritml. ,
Erivj'April 25,1816. -' ' , , -_ • , i 49
• /INS §. —Mottble• Harreli, :Single, do. rOW itig
: ‘...11 - P fees, ftevolirlriiitlx Shooter s, witlia - gen 7
, oral asierttionlof Gun fix i nee. ,
, I 1 ! r''', " •G. LOOM§ 84.C0. ,
14.'181G. No. T, Reed Abuse. /
tS . I
Mt. subs_lribers 'are now receiving the) Fall
and Winter supply of Goods, whickwill not
be surrsed by, ar y stock in this city ao qual.
• itytu loantity. kni as to price, wfr are , sure
. • they aro as obeap.awany. rosonable pima could
Wish to t havethem; and•wq pledgo/6iirselves not
! •to be undersold by any eatablishment in thie city,
.or any -other place- west of New York, for ready ',I
• pay.. Please call and examine quality and prices
lur you:selves. Particulars next weeit.
• Nov 14,191 e. ' 26•
D !-We wilt fiay SASH for the
shove named aincruneof Harley, delivered at our
Store Within two weeks.
7,1616. •'• • •
-Lf,_,...SAN.D'S SARSAPAUILLA._' - -.
. ' OF •T,HE. , SYSTENL:VIZ;. - ;-,,z•
Serofata or. itittg's Foil, • Rheurnatisni, *ilittate
, CuttineonsEittplioni,"Pimpf4 or Pustuleion:the
Face, Illoteki ~ Biles, - Chronic Sore Eiet;lling
j ‘
• Worm or re It; Scald Head,,Enlargement and
Pain of the ones' and Joints, (Stubborn Ulcers;
,Sy?phitle Sy nplomi,,Sciaiica - os,Lltuatago; , and
Diseases arising from an injudicious use of eriler
•,eury,.lsciies or Dropsy; Exposure or Impiudence
in Life. Also. Chronic Constitutional Disorder t s.
THE operation of fbis preparation is threefold. It acts
as 14 tonic; strengthening the,digeotive power. and re
iforing theappetites-as un . aperient, peculiarly suited *ad
geolb , in its laxative effect, and as au antiseptic, purify,
log thel fluids of the Gaily, and neutratiOng In the blood
.the action principle of ,theate., The meosr well anthem.
limited curer of Scrofula of the Wrist Mallignaut character,
"Ve giYee it a wide and deserved Celebrity. Rut it it
not alone in Scrofula tor In the class of dioceses to which
it bel age. that thin preparation bra been found beneficial.
It Is 11 opeeiliclitrutany diseases of the shin, and may 1111
adminireierl with favorable results in all; it also exercises
a co:mentos influence in hititoti complaints; and . when
the system bas been debilitated either by this use of paw
-1 mild mineral medicines or other causes, it will be found
1 an excellent restorative. •
. Time following testinionial to the value of the Samna:
rins,ts from th'e Rev. Luther Wright, aged 70 year.; Cutts
fgregational Minister, residing at Woburn.
• WOaratr,•,.hlo.o3., March 20,1046.
Mewl. 8 rids —fientlentenr—Yrnal what I have raped'
enced, rind from the inforreation I bare recently received
frame number's'!" persona of high respectability whoa have
used •your Sarsaparilla, I have not the leastdot:6l but that
it is a Most valuable medicine, two that the ntattvrouseer.
t Moo tot y u hare recelied'of its efficacy art fully sostaiol
by er i
Mawr. amid although Its reputation and utility
are very e toasive, and stand in stn need of my humble ef
fort to ilrease them. I want ail who are a ffl icted by dis
ease to be 'Mlle acuainted with the efliary sod parer o
)(Mr vela , . lo med icine.' . `•'
I am; gentlemen, gel Wray and very respectfully %ou
LUTIIER. Wit Gil ,',
, ,
, ,
~.: The following is an extract from a letter received from
Mrr. Bevan,
Who had been ;afflicted for several yearn oii)i
Scrofula': 'fleets, Dyspepsia, 8:c„ and "recently. with an
a &ellen of the Whatoat and ChM: •
' Ilaaltantrala, Va., Dec. lith,-)81IL
Illesi' re. - A. tb B. & D. Sands—Before I commenced using
your flarsaparillsony aufferiugs wore almost post eapnts
si on toy throat was completely tilcelriited. I hall a dread
ful cougb;and there nerd frequently week, together that
I col salt speak above o whisper ; nut! besides, theinfletut
matim from my threat extended In °spliced, so that my,
hearM 2 wan very much itnpaired After taking the Sae
eapaOla a rhort tims. my health improvql. and my thimht
is now well: I nut as froe,frata cough and ticht..ess of the
chestee ever I Was, and Col hoar quite distinctly. , Aly
throat b s bsentvell about : three emulate, the career width
has been effected entirely Py, the use of your Sarsaparilla.
Your friend, . I,OI I ISA R. BEVAN, -
. .. I,lltsorsostvitte, Ky., Feb. 10., !NI
•Meers. A. B. & D. sandi—rfa Ong used your &mega
rilla in my family, and wit:met:it its beneficial effects on
one of my chil IrenV I Pet it to be a duty I owe the corn•
nom* to Make the case public. About two years ego my,
little son was attahked with S rofula or King's , Evil:
which broke out in't tight or min Places round the neck
anal) iw, which' finally affected bi eyes, rendering bbit en
titely blind. Dur:ug the Alit yeir from the time be aas
taken, h . was attended by several physicians, but contin
ued to get worr4 until I despaired of his ever getting well.
Having seen your Sarstiparill t advertised with certificates
of its cures. I concluded to give it diriel, nod accordingly
sent to Cineinuati and pocuretim few bottles, andnow, af
ter having Used bine bottles I ' have'the gratifica•ieti o r.
say tag be islwell. The sores aro entirely healed, and his
sight nearly as wind as ever it was: abd I hove no hesita
tion In saying that he was 'entirely: eared by,the we' of
yAur Sanapartlia. -Yours truly,
!- . E
For further particulars and condo
of itssuperior value and eflicacy, se
which int.y be phtnined oragents gra)
Prepared and sold by 4.. 8., .%
Drugiri ts, 100 Fulton slrcet, corner at
Noti'Y rk. \,
Sold lso by J. 11. Burton 4. Co..
51 . eadvillo; S. Ilutchiiis & Co., ,Ito
Wilcox, jr. Pitit , burg; A. Reynoltiq, r. fru
&ram 4- Punderson, Cleveland; an by
gistsgenerall, v throughout the United Stoll'
Price $1 lir:r bottle. Six bottles for S 5,
___ .... ..—.
I V ) " AT
Upham, .1 distinguished physlcisn of Now Y l 4 . city, i l t) 11 ;
ouly really successful renmle for that clan mug unknlis
tree-doe rorOlaint, tho PILES, evor offered In the Amer
ican MI
The pitlitie.nre respectfully reques.
remember that it is Santis' Sarsaparilla that
been and is constantNaeltimiing such reinark
cures of the moat difficult 'class or diSearei
rhieh the human frmne is subject;' therefore
for Sands' Sarsaparilla,s,and take Do other.
Oct. 16,4816,
!lurk this: it is nn INTRO:NAL I:EMI - my—not ndes
tetuul applicatien, mid will torn iiity ease of Pile!, bleed
ing or blind, Internal or Etternal. and probably ;he only
thing that ntli. There mistake about it It In a
positive care.--sevyi.l saes. ....ML - .nor. Ti IP IMO (Iron- ,
venient medicine to the, and ire; rotes the gencriil
health iii a reina;•krble manner. .
Each I! ot contains•twelve dimes, at 8} cents per do*e.—
It is ver mild id Wtoperatinit, and may be taken in cases .
of them at acute Inflammation without danger. All ex.
t+rnal applications are In CID highest degree disagreethlr;,
inconvenient and ulTensivel and from the very tinter.) of
the disease, temporary in their elm ts. ThisMeilicine at-
Heka the disease at its sourer% and TtEIIICAING TIIC
CAUSE, renders the cure CEItI'AIN AN] I.I:IOIA
NENT. 1 - .
rainplileta giving valuable information re peeing this
Medicine, may be obtained of Agents gratis.'
Dr. S. Uplum priaprietor, Wyatt & Keiclinm 141, Fni
tan et , N. Y . General Agents for the Soutiterh States. i.
Sold in Erie by .1. 11. Burton & Ca., lindiby draggiets
• t
generally hrougliout the .U.'S. ('lieu fit, I. ,
Oct. 17, ELUL' •.. . , . Gmt,i2
ds ~1 ~,,
.t. oi, 9, REED //.91/Lt9E, nOl9 l . ERIE, T P A. :
THI 4ndersigned halring purchased the entito
stock of Confectionaries, together with the
fixtures to thd businnss • in the stdie.
formerly occupied by James CrosSnum, wouhl shy
to his friends and the public, generally, that he 10s
furnished himself with nn old and experienqd
workman at the buil ness,land is now preftarcdito
furnish to retuders, CANDY; at Barrio pricirs,
and warrant it to be superior toany Buffalo can itl y
n Pored in this ,manta I; tile retailer m ill beetiino
convinced after selling a few pounds of my canlxly
that it affords hint more profit, than the eastdrrt
c Indy. ," Our sticks and kisses will iva 40 to khe
'pound, and are finely flavored. - .
I am prepared to furnish Ice Cream in forms;to
Isuit customers. Fancy Cakes made to order. - -r
Pratt, Pouryl,•Sponee, an ellc' Cake, and Juan-
tiles alway'S on Inuit! to . upply l ' families. I Will
furnish tea caltesgo privat families ehdaper thim
they eau [Ake teem: tuul on the shortest no:ice:l
"dos- - -1
Fresh tremens and Oran!;es, 11 nisiris,
Nuts ot - all- hinds; preserved ginger, mixed pick
les, sat dines; &c.. a Bond assortment.
Aa large assortment of toys. such as, do!ls.dres
sed ur imdressai, cats and dogs on bellows:. glass
41riz4 and birds, fancy boxes, heeds,. neck:aces,
head dresses, purses, hair brushes,rcdding comfit's,
besides a thousand other articles too numerous to
mention. Please call and examine yourselves.
Any orderelii-ni.the country for`candf relit be
promptly attended to. L. •
W..KEFita. 7
, Erie. A ngust 1, 1819 -
MVAUGHN, No 9, Fleming Block, Stale
• Street. .1 his establishment has - acquired
notoriety by selling all kinds of clo:hinges chew
as they can her purchased in New York city.
'Call and see. A suit of clothes can he livid at
this estahlishment-inpNE DAY'S' notice, i the
latest style and mosfapproved fashion.
Just received 'a 'general assortment 'of ,lothini,
and cloth, suitable for the season and or sale et
prices reduced to the pecuniary mean. oral,. For
instance good 'article of cloth, all ,Wool, at 50 cis
per yard and: wary thing :else ii proportion.--
Outline also dont to order at red(iced prices. All
order's from tlie,cOuniry promptly attended to:
The child can buy as cheap 1.1/ete as the best judge.
Costomers . getierallvcan pend on having their
work done right, and nc/istake.
Erie, Dec. '2O, 1945. 15
ST! 'LATER. ' • -
JUST received, l ,per last arrival. at the brick cor
, ner opposite* Eagle . Hotel, a. further as
sortment. or „Frerich, cashtneto and Brocha
Shawls, that pre tich arid cheap, Also a cosi
Moro ot.thes6 silk warp, Alapacas, plaid mouth
ing Gi n a; Ems, Castilian Robert, black silk fring
ed Cash' ere, and heavy Satin Shawls, together
with a ull assortment of si)k, awned Binges;'
• , - - 'MI:LIMOS & WRIGHT. '
ou. "moat will be found—
-2006 lbs. White Lead, pure; ' -.
. . 1300 Red Led, I ,
._ , gar Litharage, - . ' 100 I . ' • '. .
\ ,'' Ll5O • Sogar•Lead,, ~.
- W 6 Spanish Whiting, . .
• 1 i 500 •Venition Red, ,
r - • ) 500 ;renchll'ellow;
' Y
100 renah.Gieep t .
18 eases Chrome yellow end green,
C- • '• s 5 do - • American Vermillion,
I - '1,2 bble refined•LampblaCk,• - •
2°o gallons Spichas Turpentine, •
- •i 200 do' Linseed Oil, , ' .1
I '6o. .410 >Copal Varnish, - - '
'llOO-o,aintßrushes,frim No (to 000000,
i s
l • • '' ' 1 "" ',' - 611, uses window glue, -
51100 tif putty." :' .' ' ... . .
' :1 7 eruiteWlehr g to purchase an of the' above
articles' tireirititei'tto give US a Ulf.'' Every irti
cle hi Wariented good;'and its to
C ,prieeir they phial
be as to, a* any., reasonable Or hilliest ririnWrill
' r e gs , ' :ay, '28,1;516. ' No 6, Reed House
, ':1 ',l'i '• := ..1 i•
A , MONG ,
I I.
Tag MOST. CELEBRATED and INVALUABLE - remedy for' Colds.,
Coughs,-Astlitni. or any form of PULMPNARYCONSU MPTION, is the;
the HUNGARIAN' -.BALSAM . OF. LWE,,cliscovered hy_ Dr. Buchan of
London, Engl-and,•tested for upwards of seven years in Great panda and
on the Continent ofEurepe, and'introduced into the United States under the
immediate superintendence of the ioveritor. I' - .1.: • , .
The as i onishing'suceess of the Hungarian' Balsam, in the cure of every
form et' NSUNPTION, warrants the American Agent in soli4iting for
treat men the WORST POSSIBLE CASES, that can be found its Ithe corn
munity —oases that seek relief in vain from any of the commoO, rentedies it,il
the day, and have been - Oren up by the tuost distingitished Physicians as
CONFIRMED 'ND L'OOCU RA LE. - The Hungarian Balsam li 6 s,eured,l
and m willcure, di MOS DESP :RATE OF CASES. his nottPaelt nos I
from, but a sten and Er dish M .dielire of known and established eifieacy.l
-Every family i the U iitect Stn 'es should be supplied with Buchan's Hun"'
gitrian Balsam Of Life , of only i to counteract the consumptitie tendencies
of the climate, but to ho used Ofi a tprieentive medicine rn . all ease,. ill Colds.
"Coughs, Spittin'g orßk d, Pain ip the Side and Chest, Irritatrorin er t sore
n e ts of d m j,ungs, Bro elude, Dilliefilty of Breathing, Hectic Fever, Nigh'
;Streato, Eniaointioa an General 4 Debrlity, Asthma, .Influenza, Whooping,
' Cough, and Croup.• ' ,
i l _,
' is "cafe of actual dis ate of the lun;gs, or seated Consumption, lit is .the
ONLY SOURCE WI OPE. • • '-. . ' 1 I - I
Sold by McDonald St' with, solo Agent fottll United Kingd,
Italian Ware-house, R gent-tt: Loden, - in Bts. ha and Cases,
hospitals, Ste. - ' a -
- .
By Special -7,9pointom t—DAVID P. BruDLEE, 119 - Cottit-st t , Basta n,'l
Mass., sole Agent fur the United States and British American Provinces,'
'American price, 81 per bottle, with full' directions for the restdratipn or
health. . ' '. ' I
/ Pamphlet's, containin 7, amass of-English and American certificates and
:,Lelicr evidence" showing, the unermalle4,ntevits\ ofthis Great English,Reme•
' I
tly. may be obtained of ho Agents, gratis. • I
None g nine! witho it the written signatnrd, of the A4terican A
, L gold arid unze label, to counterfeit Which is forgery.
AGENT .:4-S. Too F 4. Syracuse, N. Y. General Agent for
I . i
and the wesietn States. 1.. . . ,
' I '
, - tj •
- - I triIFISEAtis.„EI
. ' "I Fro h Bopt" . st Clergyei sit at •Coloose, Oswego, Comaty.
' "I do hertfq most cheerfully certify that I hive used Dr. 13uch
Titian Balsam in my faiuily With great success. ' My little girl, n.
sevyth, year, was,.in t c month of October,-1814. attacked with
hei ight side; and not ithstanding wo used all diligent to reinti
continued to grow wor.e, anl after obtaining the tunas of Dr.;
thought the Right Lob of her Lungs so seriously affrtteri at her
was exceedingly doub:111: I- was induced toobmain one beta I
aril before one tliird ofi was talrei3,4he little sufferer resumed het
her cheerfulness return d, and before two bottles Were used her
lye evidence
i is.
'rio. and
ord; L.
; Hen-
I+ Drug
• to
• ?le
•e to
mil!: increasing 'popular ly of Fr. D. BENJ. MOTIFS
ED alms, has induced Atwater of persouslo make
something they cell rii.Le . lid coat them with sugar, in
order to sell them for the ! aniline while theyirhstiot pos. ,
sees a particle of the good cos, nor even assinglate In ap.l
pears ea to the origholl.Dr Smith's Pills. In short, tlitlll
aro at Intended FRAUD n un the commuoitv. '' A minis.
ter w 10 at first had aq It tureen in' an Milk:glen Sugar
Coate I Pill, manufactured in A bnoy. N. V.,-lies given
them up. as he says on' c. unit of the miticarable diehon
eat parties co4orned 106 , attract 'fling them. That par
ty is DOW bulubtriolooly to Waling reports calculated to
injure Dr. Smith and to litre t the reputation of his veins
hie pills; hut rather Rin, notice them in public; Dr. Smith
is about to, institute teini proceedings a•ainst.thent for
their slandere, as be has in another ease muting a *huger
party,,in which IM reentered heavy damages. ' heie Mis
erable imitutnrshave to resort to' th a most at °unmade
Means to palm off their cohitterfeit pill; ne tto public
know that Dr. Eirriltteir arej the original and genu 4e, Stiv...
end iM.tatwrit Bove mutate public t otienio will li Ilfe has
hero endatigeroirby the use of the cotinterfeits. It is Dr.
SnatrA's Pillsting aro doing SO much good 14 therountry—
as the following show.
',-, rim and recommend Dr.. Smith's Pais then alt cameo.
•• 'I his is to certify th it I Imo ussd the Sumer)sled Pilll
nufactured by G Benjamin • Smith. of New Yrirli, far
ne lime, and believe them to be a Food medicine; (and
a ~ from inquiry in that city, lam persuaded that ho is
ib Inventor, and therefore is end led redo; ben
efit-if the invention. -,• S. W111,1,1A aiS;
Psstur of let Baptist Church, t ittehurgh. l '
Front lho Irmo Ilen''s ridden 41.4.)
'.VCltro nssevr• ~,,, 4. 0.. r
Rev. St.. Villinms Pnionr of theist Church, lilts o .
burgh, in relator) to Di. Smith's Pills L IVecnn ourselves
bear tettiinon I
yto the excellence of these ills, one taus
having used them and esperieueedtireat relief frorn them
The above Is the boil paper t
-ta ri time State of Delaware..
-irgorre 'DIAN VEciffrArtv: PILLS,'
Coated,' are cartel:ll doing much in the whole county,
i l rind are.highly esteem. , i" one half-- is. true that people
write anti say about them. 'I hey mese easy in their op.
(Stat e
that all.bito theta . , The editor of tho ;Northern
IState Jon ronl...(ene of the largest oud heat p:pers iu the
State of N. V) antes of follows:
Iratcrtown, May 31, ISIS.
Dr. G. Bun! Smith—Dear Sir; I a :is laid up with a had
cold some time shire my return from N. V ~ and during
'toy MIMI! 1 pmda trial of-year pills, and I must say it
thuntl tl em excellent. They Ilra 11111 best medicine (or the
purposes they are intended, dint I hNo sera. !seldom
take pills hot I found' yours entirely free front thoplijec..
thins to which other p he li dile! I hope they
Untie to he a tnurre of profit to von, as I doubt runt they
will he amens of relief to the ionoted . go seoe.
Veers truly, 1. GREEN.'
, • Tonawanda, To ~Elept.lPi. 1811, '
i Dr. G. BA Smith—Dear Sir. Your ngent left with me a
Int of your Silent Control Pills, null 1 have but a boxes,
left. Cvery box I have sold hos given entire sntisfortion.
I have token iht.ut tayself and comlde r them the best pills
I Intv . O ever Used, nad I am not afraid to recommend them
to the public._ I oi.h a further supply nt once.
1. 'Yours respectfully, ' JACOIII(II3LER, P. M.'
. ,
• I.7lrigtntl .1,14 i., Jnne 21,11'46: /
Dr. Smith—Dear Sir: I hm cant out of your .• Indira
Vegetehle,Sugar Coated Pills," eti I find them 61114 so
fast that I think you bail better rent mo two *inns Mine
dint Op n' They give such general satisfaction' 1410 ,
people come of least twenty miles for them. and as I is"
generally known that lam agent for them, 3 woo be
sorry to getout. i bun respeelfhliY, ,
i - BAWL moo,nr. co.
. , ~ .._. . .
" • nt:wAitr,!r! .i. • •
If G. BC.X'J. smtrii, b Out witirrytqVh a 'MN on
the •VIZITSOIt of the box, air .•Sugar Con 4" Pills air
CouNiktairriT. ' ~, -, .
PriufFiaT9lficel79Gretniaich .treet afgebrlA block'
N.Y. 14ieti,:15 cents a box.
1 Dealers turtiithed at the Pb'. Y. Co lege of health. 179
Greenwich kirnet, New ' rk. ifd sold he Carter and
Brother, and J.ll. Bo ).,Lrie. A. 3. Farrah & Ca.
• Fairview, L i r. Jones 4.. CO. yford. J.nnek Leitch, Lock
port. J. W:. Clot o. jr. Elk reek. Parson Clark, Albion,
A. Lick, Washington, Marx n & Judson, Waterford; C.
W. (tattoo 11:. Co. Illnadvijkl, J. if. 114nes. North Coq,
Norton & littsk ins, Arum, A Thirtolll.ln.'lJUlOU, D.
31 littlish Columbus.
Dec. 21, 1'
i 3. . T ~• . i , 61018
TSoo :1 mild of Erie end vicinity — fiquired to be
remoulernt - the tract of land which a ff ords tee pro
tection of 'hi 'tether, which •ne formerly coaneepul with
t'ie main lan , w'ne theaothe Pnulunuln," but, now that e
cchannell )
4 produced a aeparutioa. it ham became an
"lihtud" and Is •Vory improperly t eal! a' ••Petlineula."—
Amon other minnommos eouk Ma stove 'sneered for enle
in til market under the molar unme
,of. iiVankre No%
tio "Ivhret) is no more liito the genuine iWankee Notion"
t .n au telind It Min a Pouinsol.t. The Genuine' Store has
r. extra flue by which the smoke nod heater° taken away
/Mel the (who otappliedl)4 at the pleasure of the Cook,
wink, the counterfeit or spurious kinds, whether they are
represented to be ..tianicee,hintions. er"Genessee Form
ere," hove no meane of diyertlng the hell from the oved,
which retitle, r them very unnecesimrtly and uncomforta
bly hot and subjects those who arc within their' influence
to headaches and vapor. baths which are-very-liable to
produce a consumption ,of the lungs' es well Ws of fuel.—
We here the =halve to make and eill'thei Genuine
"YanteeNntinn."• •Store in • the Count y of Erie: Pa, will
"Spaulthegbi Patent elevated-Oren,' and a curiously eon:
tritca dompo ,to which we invite the attention of the
Public. p,n the top of the oven are two holes which afford
two ail vintages—that pf cooking in two ex'ravre3cly and
that of ciranteg the soot froha it sr/Client the labor and
dirt which ore occasioned by "taking do wn.the 31090
These who desire to see pm to operation con catkin the
follow tog persons in this borough, and enquire bow they
like them: Charles Lynch, H. Cothcarl;William A Gal
braith, 3: Ayres, Sohn Hermit. H. Coar.rlght, or any one
else who her one: .They-are heavy and datable sod we
will warrant them to suit if, property, used, Remember
noether persons hive the genn rte anikle for iota. but .
Eris; Sept. V11..1816. - • . :
H 'A ft D W Aqt, E
FltOM past experience we! ilinrc E.
fed td
believe that dealing a I ttle in the Herd-
Ware line has given our cum er4 that !misfile;
lion that wo aro out again -Wit 'a Itirge addition
to our former sunk; and are bound to sell as cheap
as the cheapest. , In our stock can, be• found' MK
Cross-cut; Hand andlCompasi .Saws; Hand ruid.
Chopping Ates ; Trace Chains; • Brasi and iron
Candle Sticks and fixings,. Shovel and Tongs;
Spades; Shovels 'and• M. Forks; 'Coffee Mills,
Hammers; all kinds of House and Door. Trim.
mints; Curry Combs; Knives and Faiths, Shoe
Thread and Shoe Makers lins;Percussion Caps;
Ropes, Pocket, Knives; 4,v, „ , - , , . ,
, Also all sizes pf Iron a d Steel, eastern and
wes:r Nails; Anvils, Vice& and Harrirriers; to
geth t with a little of most every thing usually
call for in the Hani r waire liner 'for further par
t Oculars enquiret the brick corner, opposite the
[ Eerie. . • i '•. ', t'4 , , ~, , ;
1 Oct. 17, I :IØ. , WILLIAMS &WRIGHT.
I-1 AWLS! StIAWLS!!=;Who-wantsta Shawl
of any pri, c e , or patted'? ':ColVat the cheap
store of - .".iieliSoll&
' November 21, Islo.. . . 27
BROWN'tindillerichedAhietl4Evem Tick;
Cotton Pl4tinel; . Cotton - Yon, Cation 'Bit.
tine, Waddings,etc. ere.
• I P: ARROCKLV,'" -
Nov. If, No. 3, Perry Illouk.
1 CAUTION', ' -
considered completely rstored. and to the, effect er this medicine, without
an hesitation, I attribute the cure. I ,_ 1.)41 7 11 . ) Ivi'cFlilll4l'lD.:
January, 1845. 1- "' 'Pastor of the Baptist Church in ColooSe".
'Testimony bent Boallsestor. ,
, • • Recuesvon, 1,1.. Y, June 5, 1845. ,:
Bm... 7 —Sometime lastJanuary.l as w taken wi th a iolent eol'd," attended
wit 4 d distressing extegh, which in the course or afe days 'Wrought on' a
( much
of the lunge, with much soreness of the ches , pain in • the side and
Intuch soreness of tlie!breast. , Alter being confined to ny lied for some days
akd getting ncitetteri, Mr. Pardke, formerly Deputy burin' or this conty,
retort:intended Silo to et a bottle of Dr. Buchan's hlun orlon Balsam ofLifo,
observing that he hat been similarly afflicted, and by the use of th at mrdi
-1 Iv
had been epeedi
,y and entirely cured. I immediately ge a bottle, and
!aftdr using it a Ann t time the retmlt Was as 'ht I predicted— got entirely
livill. 'From the bengt I rectilwAl Train the Balsam and from the universal
')good name it bears _Muting ioy friends , who hacq used it fur i iscases of tho
lungs and chest,l am induced to believe It to brone of the b .st, inedieincri
now in use for those disease; and as such retiointnend it to public..
. .
. . .. ..
. . _
' - livroarknioe cure otn Dainges:•Ous Coer . ;b,. ..
1 To S. Z./OBEY. CATO 4 eorinnes, N. Y. Aug. 6, IS it
Sir—We are entirely mu of the Hungarian Balsam, bovin. - sold all you
'left with us, in our immediate vicinity, and in justice to the:Medicine must
!say with astonishing success. A low days since a young gentleman - of this
itown called ai'our -store who had been for mentlis atilimea with a very, dis•
tressingcOugh. and wanted a bottle nithe Balsam. We told . - liiiniit,was of
little vs° for hint to take it or any thing also—HE MUST DIE. He 'pots a
bottle, however, and afterwards hatl. another. Yestet day' he 'palled twain
very 'much' improved in appearance, • d said ho was rap dly 'gaining
Strength- but had k not been fertle' viva 'mile llitagarian Ba s.ttn he must
have died. We wants tnu more' of the n dicine\ilirectly. ' '
' Yours respectflilly, • INGHAM, & HAVENS.
(From Esq. W. E. Fisk, Cenestolli,..N.y., dated , cANA.T.A,Nov.I. 18161
-To S. Toosre, Agent, &e.—Sir: 'lav ing use Dr' Buultan'a Hungarian
Balsam in my family with - the verv_best FliCedS for ling' coMplaints, and
having - seen tt used by my friends• with like nee ss,-I was induced last
spring to becomtion Agent for,the stile of the 4,111 m, ince which I have sold
a great number Ofibottics. and have in almost c .eiy,instance'learned that it
had sueveeded bt•yond all expecte' ion, I n some c ses where the patient had
been by Physicians of respectability PRONO 'OED_INCUR ABI4E, and
i i
'their cases hopeless, 4n4 I most cifeerfully me ,weed it to all who are suf.
tiering a ith lung complaiets, asimi ing them ilidnn most eases they -nIII find
Ispeedy relief.' l(Signyd) - . 'WILLIAM E. FISK.
More Proof. 1 . .
Ertobliern,,, ,, Om fCAcejer of Ole Ilitimirian Balsam of life. )
I '-(From Deacni Lewis; of Utie.t, dB!Cd OTICAI February 4, 1845.1
i cheeitlly given name in favor or I - Sr. Buchan's Hungarian, Balsam of,
t •
,Lite, Last Aprilony-a lie was attacked with d violent cough, attended with
'i t severe, and most 'Disrit Es.sites PAIN IN TOE stpu, Solari as to depth.° her
" . (Wrest While in this Situation, i called on Messrs. 'arner 4. Co. for some
: i •,
medicine, and they, recommended this Balsam. - 1 purch,i,ad a bottle, and by
the time we had uSed.ubtnit on,e half-of i t, my, wife begat) to get 'bolter, and
1 after using the remainder, her healli-Was cninpietely Restored. Since that
I t ime I have recommended the Baleen) to my friends , many of whomhave used
it ivith like auceeSs. -\--(z..'igned)t , ' JOHN LEWIS, '
I Deacon oftihn First Baptist Church in Mica.
• FrFrorther Itvidiegeell
(From th e P. 14, at I3tirlington -Flats, , " Otsego Co. N„ Y. dated Jan. 11315.)
I am again nod r the necessity of °Merle:: it neW supply of thaßalsant,--
Vl'y wife still corn lines the medicine tied is improving., It is doing wond,,T,
in this section, libelled of it friend 50'iniles from here who was considered
in VI,CONTIRMEO CONBUNIPTION. I Sent liiin Lao bottles oi' the Balsam about
two weeks since, and I heard from hint, and the Balsam is actin!: on
him like a charm. . (Signet') ' A. E. ARNOLD.
,'The Messrs. Metcalf,' of Geneseo, N. Y. -
,(one of whom iti a prrctisin.,
physician) in ordering a nets supply of 0 1 ! Balsam, says that 'ln some S E !
year CASES our customers comphid of i Cooking greSt brwfil from its Os t ..”
S. TOUSEY, Syracuse, N. Y. - OcneraL - Agent for Niw York and t h e
Nestern States. Sold in Erie by CAETEit & BRUTIII.R, N 0.6 Reed [louse.
in, at the
'or ships,
gent, on
CW York
It's Hun
ow in her
a r pain in
ye it, she
ll—, oho
r recovery
o Bals.un
lplays a
iettl.h we
l' ir ,
Writ • I llead,dry 150 lbs. Paris ,reen.
and i oil, ' 74' ", Sti,gar terul ;
300 " Red cad, • 2000 "; Swan. Whiting
200 " Lithurge, ' ) 73 " Ginn Copal,
i i,
300 " Bost. Rochelle 100 galls
, Turpentine,
Ot• ire, ' 60-lbs. chrome greet)
600 : " Eng. i 'en.-Red - • • and yellUW,
Eddyre retiqd Lampblack Linseed Oil, raw'
and boiled, Copal and. Bhellack 'Varnish, Indran
Red, ettA etc: 1 • J: D. BURTON tS. - Co.
Nov. 28, l - 6.-28 No 6, Reed Douse. ,
INNOTICE.—,The Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron
ManufacA.ring business will' be carried on
at the 'old' stan'd of Ashley Si Kelsey, where a con
stant supply of all larticles manufactured 4 him
will be kept or side at Wbeleaule arid'retail. Old
Copper and 13thes Ware taltea in pnvment for
Erie, 4uly 8, 1844. • 7
3400 tbs
t .
11 1 L. WARREN,
Erts moved , hissash, blind and door Shop to
Smate, bet Ween 7t hand Bth streets, where he
will keep' onStaittly on liana or make to order all
infidels an his lino on the shortest notice. Those
wishinz lo obtain.first rate
. work at IoW prices
would do yell to Ltive-him a call hefOre purchas
Ina chiewttere; • alazingdone at all titucs.. Glass
liar' Putty kept constantly on hand .
- Aw",, luta_ ' 51
S. SMYTH ''- ' --
, 4
, IIAS 3CTIST - it-rc:ray - it- - xy "- --
from Net i , ' York per Pontroy's Exc. ess. int. Spline
Fashion e, and is now ready to c.,cetitn alyordeis
for HATS in the latest Fusion, and o ''a a\ boat r
quality than can be purchased here or ac here.
March 16, 19.16. I • , 5
' 1
HATS. HAT S H/V — S . ii! --------
. • The subscriber is repared to furnish
his old. ens:Omen; (and' as many new
ones as possible) with I / 1 sof the . Spri NY style,
as cheap as the cheapest Cull tin lex 'mine qual
ity and prices fur yoti civcs.
I'rretical Hatter.
Erie March 2', 1816.
, If 45
G .
V ‘ a L. ll )
apd. 4 p t.Hv
. r
rinre " fo i r A l ' i'e
how I; 3 ,1 'plaint, Cholera ,I\l'orbus and Dysentery
,IF r sale by 1 1 0. 1). SPAT i
lyt ly IS, IBM: .. , •
7 1 ,011ILINSON, - ' GEOpIUE KtiLLOUG.
THE hubseribers, though , „emir tithe in i111.91=
nese, have not before Mond it convenient or
acreenble to, introduce into tho pipet Ei a general
adyertibment. Beim! rather of a modest iwn,
they s havibeen situated somewhat °like the stran
ger in New York, who grit oport a dry goods box
in BrOadway, to wait till the etowd slthuld _lit by; 1
and like him, having attracted a little public no
toriet, they are, prepared to , get down end move'
quietly along , and would respectfully invite the„
attention orthel public to a choice sle lion cit
GROCERIES, intersperied with is few stale pry
Goode and otheti notionstit teceived fro New
York, Cincinnati, &c., which they design M sell
pretty cheap forkeutly pay. • Please call od see
at 109 Frrinch street, next door to - It 0. 1 ulliert,
Esq's Once, tnl at S i Ith s'..-eer Canal ipl. n.` , "
' P Co.
Erie Ape.,l, 18* ' • . 1
1.11 - I'6BURGI - 1 Rock ingliuifllNVare. 1
tiful artitdo,.and good asEortiiient joB,l
ed - and for sole by
Anew!. I, 1816
I - 1 Al"
I' EttS MAT Ettl A ,
Logwood, Sanford's best, Glyn
Verdirie, l oil Vitriol, etc. foreale, 1)3,1
- Nov - . 28, 1816.-28 J. H, tUR'I,ON •
VANILLA Cream; lemon harido. dro
hound bar, do. medicated, Peppermi
peppermint, rose, - wintergreen, sweat
worm lozengerti; sugar piuMbs, snpooth
almoud candy, etc. for cede -r '
M. w.
A:oz. 1, 1846. -
A SPLENDIDartieIo for sale at No.
can Block. • MATHIAS MA
July 4ih 18 t 6 • -
It ANTED, at the corner store; NI
ley, OM; Rye," Corn, TimethY t
ed, for which Part cash wilt be paid. utli
market prices..llu!..BKirr (s. MET
zePt• 19,18-16. ' I
ARTk:R.- nito-rntrt ha l o just t
their fall stock of Window Glass 4
me and complete—varying in size, fro
6x30 1 and will be cut to any size or allt
dovithout extra change. Putty alwayal
Nov. 28,1846.
MEDICINES ANDi noit t c;
4,), s.!AFForti?, resTiectfully , o
111 • meepatitic rh3:sicione and the
s Stele, ttuit he has pat received direct
ork, a goaduesortment of ilenucepat
eines in tinctures, bilutiens and triturati
pocket eases of medicines. physician's
ly medicine chests,reflned i sugar; m
globulas,lte., as well as - hooks; ~pamphi
standardAvOrks.on Ake eystem. - ' p
rie, /lay 23,118.0.
BOOT4' aubscrilm''
Jug; - teceives large; supply of SOOrl
SHOES, °face!) , S'ariety ; and qualitr w'
be void vaky ROSEN S
• .OeL2l, 1946.-23. Ftemin
AUtEisA WA ME by -, the
IYE" t r°i.l l TOIVILiNS . '( s 1 1
'iSp;il"lo,* ,1, ; -•.
tiritiß AIVA 8]:121'-Alvays 'ton
tho lowest prices and of tbo,beatqin
Aug. , ter NOVYMINSON,
; ' WALKER 8, COOK. ,
DOC E AMER CIIA Yrs.—Will continue thn
Pot tl arding. and commission business as 11 dal,
at their wale house on the Pnblic Dock, F ri , Pa.
anti will be ready on the opening of Nay:gation
001,110 Presenrvcar to cont act for the shfpluent o
Mer‘handise i r roni the Ids ern cities, 1 Other pla
etS, t 0 Erie, as they are c nneeted ith tiood re
Apoosiltle lines, and hating. sotne the fi rs. class
ot!Steain Boatt and. Pi openers! n the lakes run
ning to their hous'e, therl,by en uring the safe and
sri r .'edy trom , missien of all ifopert) entrusted to
their care. They iti ill atte d to the fors aiding
or !rood, up and down iti lakes Or to any of ilie
Rtinndian portsir s on Lak / e Ontario and ,the ft.i4r
i. LAIWTCIIeO.--111k0 Oath by the Erie /Extension
, •
• cASII ailvanp. made oil all it inns i I Prnduce
and axles prom . y.a , teniletkAo. They willlecp
Lous•antly on and Bilumileue final, in large or
li t
sinall quant'lles, to suit purchasers..
' ALSO alt, Plaster to Mile, or . bulk, Fish
iren,lNur a, stoves and Castings in every desciip-
R .F E.R ENCEB. : '
C. M. Tibhals, Ei ie
John C. Beebe, "
Smith Jackson .S.,Co. _
Johitson,lliestod ,S-em"
Holt, Palmer $• Co, Buffalo.
O. :I. CHutlTll , - :1111/111./ . 7,. -
W. Monteith Q. Co. "
Otis, Clapp & Co. Boston, •
Georee W. Holt & Co.- N. Y. city,
Ogdensburg, N. Y.
JamOS Biowne,Toronto
= ' Wtw: D. ltiotr, St, C,ntlierines, "
Stoodart, Jarves & Co. Cleieltioil,
I Albert Ives, Detroit, Mich.,' ‘i
, Newberry, Doled, Cbizatzo,llllinois.
Eric: I\ larch 14, 1646 •
ERIE, PA: .l
I.IOI:r.SE, situa•
ted upon Ow corner
'reach and Phil) sts ,
imtly known as the
,brett leased by tly.
.eriber for n term of
re and refitted in a
le not surp.m i ed by any
lie, house- Id the city
aoll, is the moq.cen
tral and Convenient fig all litHiness purposes, and
bus connection with the diff,irent lines of ',sta
ges Ounning to and from the! place for the ac
cbtuniodation of the traveling
Boarders; with or wltyoutlroonts, ttecomotln
tett, by the weet., , nonth or year on the
re - Nwuriabte terms , . t T
The , pr.oprietor, from a lotig' l residenc t Erie,
nod n, rensotiably extended acquain ice upon
water and.on'shore, flutters hinteelf with the
expectation of reccit inF a due rhare of public
patronage; and front bps -eirirts to please, welt
conscious . that not one of his guests shall ever
have Ole occasion to turn thelit r baelts 'on the
Ametieun Flag, , A. G. HILTON.
Erie, April 4, 18113. - , • ' 1117
SPLENDID aisortment of Mass Wate just
receiving, comprising rniublers of all sues
and qnaljt ies, Lemonades, Pitchers, Salvers, wine
glasses, 7elly'Glassei, candlesticks, cellerrvares,
.Preserve dishes, L.arups, Salts, etc. etc. etc., for
sale cheaper than evcr before offered in - this mar
ket, aeGadtvelle, one floor east; of the Eagle Tat , .
ern. :Sept, ID, 18.16. , • -'l3
1 1 be ix).
WOULD' most respectfully informbis - old cul
l' V hinters and the public generally, thatdie has
again resumed business in . this city, in the chap
he /formerly 'occupied, between the steed House
and the 'E•igle Tavern', up stairs. He+eridcrs his
sincere thanks to the citizens of Erie for past fa
vors, and would say to 11Cin that no labor or pains
shall be spared to suit than in any articliof wear
ing apparel they may see fit to favor him with.
,From tho unprecedented suceessdie has met 'witb
heretofore lie OC[l
19 comments unnecessary, eere
ly adding that no tailoring done in these parts
shall be superior, ifismial,' to that done sib s es
tablislnen, Buffalo not.czccpted; •
ICi. B. The Paris fashions are received monthly,
particular attention paid to naval and military
clothing. Cutting for others'to make up will be
done as usual, . .
Elie Sept. 19..
, 1816. ' 17
lExtr,a — c,
Or. drops;
l'a, and
' !I
• .6ES.
d Fla
ht, ',lull
( ALF.
IS 11,
The "Sleepy Horbughr Atbake. • •
E. are oa ntng a new stook of Goods that
, lave be s purcliased einco prices have so
Lireatl) ,lee red in our eastern cities, in prospect
of then Tariff, and wo offer' them cheap, peg.
iivelyciy.. 'Purchasers residing near wit! easily
be convinced of this feet, and to, those tiesiding at
adislinde, we would say whatever prejuiticesthere
may be existing to Erie prices,Shall be remised
by col ling• at Store No. 1, ißeejiouse., We wish
Al/Wiwi) , understood, that we till sell, Goods
cheaPer than they dan bi 'ohtni Mkt' lit litudalo,
Westfield or Conneaut..• Remember the place,
lt,U'No. 1, Reed House. Erie. Pa...rl - 11 '. ~„
11111.13ERT Sr. METCALF.
Sept. 17. 1346.
which is
ng7xo to
lon hand.
ms HO•
CJs of the
Om New
it: Medi
!. do Viso ,,lmi.fumi
l k ; pure
jets UM
LAMES DRESS GuODS.-:,200 >plects nice
Dfess Goods, Inalnding all the vaetetiee twit,
ed to the seeteorel mons which fire the Claremont
Poplin, Ombro ,
striped Coburge, plaid - do,rich
Cassimeres andideLaines,..-omhee eg'd an reps.
silks,.c.Justopened and atihred very cheap
te‘ hAve
GENTLENIEN Can pad a good assortment 03
Hata and cap*, algoOloves; hosiery; Cravats
collars, handkerchiefs : Sze, vary cheap at; - •
Sept, - ;19. • F.UI:4I.ERT ,4r METCALF.,.
0. AfiflY ARDS Cloths, Plain Striped,
&W,1.1 ue d 'Barred Ceitsiriseres, &ninon',
arid weedi`new priharid and ready to exchange
- Cor.Wool'ondollv,44. Wankel* gad
be aielefae
t t ired, it , order., Cl' •
:May, Ci s , L 9 JO. ",
!¢ , i , Co
Ihand, a
l& co.
~..ountriptic ......."..._ chi. - —.Dal . _ ~cest is /now
being introduced I , to F.Urope. the EnPr VIP/ Writ Illenro,
sllnln ADMICII ais •all•,• titer parts of 'the Globe, where
s disease exists in any forte. The Uti.ted States and the
Colonies have for the - past three-years ieverely, tested
the virtues Which the proprietor, open the introduction of
Mkt medicine hesitated not to say it prisreysed. In i tro
tted:trig ibili OREAT VEGETABLE REMEDY the trie.t.
Further , promises iffere 111.1(1t on the part of the medicine
—so novel was the theory—thy principle-upon a hieli
the ewes were to( be ' effected that people Ewe a up
their bandanna cried, *brit Dena E% en credulit y.•tcrtleil
with sUrjbian. nod the so called "Faculty" made them
selves tomb-lit erllie 'mew buintme." trot mark the re
sult—the three ye rs have passed away—P*olle opinion,
the voice of millions and more of observing inidistilual.,
lave rt,inmed Ob i REMEDY the mot singular wooded
rut incomprehensiVe and miraculouveeratise power en cr
woducf•d. TUE ONE trrigs•ill‘gsne which the proprie
or ofttlis medicine bad the prerumption to cev existed,
and 641 1 4 start)* 4•ifOUlkni were het secnailitry. has now
millions of believers, they must belie% r, err they hire
witnessed the eirdict f this restorati lie. It has conquered
ALL disea•es by simply croqueting the os C. The "Old
hoo:" now open their eye.; their old itonins,, like pa r .,
mowing mist. Ay before the lialit of truth. and common'
sense now shells 4 told to he,l'h its ow n way. iodic - ,rl of
clostutt its ruts unit belittled. Thq truth •of,the intact. /
pte upon which (his article cur •s is c•r,bli l hed. t h e I
tatement is again Mildly mmt emphatically, !nog 1:14:1: i
dIIIIIV'teIIOrnIPIP / ,T/ILI t4diefoC will &fee freon the I,,•ass ee
ry disease trhfeh bras d, rattle- retry di - largess:Croft n , f th,'
velem which can exist ' If b tie dud "wide remat 1 air rnpl
fci ,e trill restore tout, perfect sfote •be old.eabotiel. bleed
ne dud bloter in,ysy stein is about to fait The prc7f dai.
y presenting itaely of the truth of Oun 'nitro . is
Pre:Pout of the old structure which will .senn?toble t
the 'ground., lishanetesr mars of ignorance and eteptioili
INYARIUnt r , dint nt once to this ineirwin . ,'t it a'
'tautly ViatirraaLgit MIE cit. the product Of mle nun roll
--4 I COMI)OUIIII ,of twenty two IIifrItZOIII/lllnre,trrios.- ;
'act root has Its Particular pert of the ilatem to act upon
and this amen is Dial,* procured— is effect upint the
whole system is iniewiliatrly apperen Testimony of,l he
14 , hr:di Matronly:t is dolly c mina to the preps , tor. full
of truth, and yo:ii Will always see /fames, places and if. to ,
'ot a Particle gri false' ciridture fir tittered on the per t o('
this EirtrAT (31.:SATiVg• The piost der 'el Peru-al or tho
stomphletis desik d. It et s the vitatimeter of all the
nem - out:try comp aints which pp e% ail. And which into
hem) cured by til s amid Et idence of cures:in some of
theinost &cadre CAI .C 6 r ih, r etit, F ,o.l), 'tilt* tylii,l,l4{
its been the for one r any medicine to cope a jib, is
ouud—cmies whichh avebeen left to die. ~ H undreds in
et my large eity ;'your Union and the Canada. ha c to
(Multi thisarticlryi or their lives -rind so do they, as letter.
t i
u the p 1.5C.ti0 l'pf tint (proprietor adl situ .
This GIIRA 111$0I' lIVE n &CUM Dearer, in every stacel
GRAVEL, so all kinds of difficulty in the rinary organs:
Complain or Or Rintieyp, Weakite•s of the veli; re
male irr celerities tinmediatelycherltd. nit a healthy
ton g' en ld thelsy stem., Let eVety rem dent nice te
sort this Ifni? stie.fieloe, end tide ve other. Dior-I,d
Lit r, ludigestion, Iltilieu6 complaitils„Dsrprosia instant
It relieved; tpieuaantisin,„Eannt, Sr, prolueed by inaction
' ,f the bland.iwiliwlwayCfind relief, Ilegs, Caich, rice
conatunotino, uule• It the patients Rllfi their me.!ical advt..
saga were d etuvad; has been cured by 'lliii medicine:
Scrofula and all Et uptive .11,C.11 , e5; I . IICS, rey.ipei.l., Ili
almatiort of. tl.e.' oyes. Pulobation of the lb art, Sick -
Go.olaelte. intittlice
. Fever and .ipte— the O
,lole Cata
logue [night 4r nrimed—trA Oh Ttiturtm. boyfio other.
but o),,in 30 rua., 10.111.80 t 62; 12 oz. bottler. at St eneh
I.lleca tkut that pan ore rot impoed orPle. 1:1 al-% tottle
,lina the Words. t•Vnualot's Vegetable•Luth6titrli4ie Max
turd:" bt urn 'low ,the glasa—the a ritten alguature of
, (LC. V uglin", on the directin a. and G. C. VEll7lllo.
Ruffalo,6l 'aped 'Num the cork. tionoother are genuine
pal td Pr I'y Dr G. t'. VAUGHN. and Fold at the grill
t (c
tAra Age cy"..207 Ma a rirtt, Haffaka. at m boleFale and
' feta I, to. ‘ 1.0111 fill comm 'TAW come preq pool
efled ere irsinay h, Ms rale
.1 Ihis nadie re. at
%b. •. ale Itod rethd. New York lily, flff Noienu it., 11.
1.1.1ke,: elem. 9.95 Eirix it. 'I h
Clue float ,Ohio,J. If. Dirge, on 34 it. second door from
AVal MY, t. Louie, Mn. J. ‘V*llier.—Griirral Agiets
fan .y reipretehle DruggiitiOiroughout,the Unlor.
is a , lerl.rd in the p.pyr..
A •nts n this ciwt : Cirter & Broth!, Porton
& C .; 5 11•1% illo; 3. 11. !Sutton & Cef.t Watteltt:.
I on; toc ; Cirard, L. S. innos & Co.; North rnet, 13. c
Jul • I , 1E46% , . I ‘ `.,
Fr the Iveralanent ° e;nocal ofitil s4h a seas, s as role tai'
1 i. , e if an It
sodau, e 1:1.,11. hay - flirter' I , '. ~4i, S. !I ,!,I! , a
Unto Liter sw& mss ach. Wetikbe cf Me Serrou zw:t fel
and a disordered 11,1'41 of C.settul.., ;14. :el 4r11.1
Dr. Wood . S.trtv t lila and Wtht (..;, , rr. , ii ,. t , .. ,,, rt. , 1: r,
already, by their sub.. anti al eNt the itee, atm 0 tit gy r e f
public favor and plat . In .ire, which puts thein,l,rytool t •
need of] rocouttueualn too. lacing l'Attltcul4 prri,..tcd f
.....-...-...............4 1 .....*-se•.‘-e•---- , :.-41.13.- .
by all la need of a tuute..apartant orlutterative rented
Runup rills takes a high tank among Pit) slciftne ar i l till
other's in the tot of curet i‘ e sprint, anti it it tliiii fa: t
which hot. rendered it to 111.,,t,,,11y popular i•st r .01 oth
er Metric., of the day, In Dr. W0, ) ,1',. •tand a rd pr'op tr
Wiwi. it is v•orrantt a tot. found to gle:alluri•_a and
strength, atol gaining Medi by Ili minim is ,ii i 0,,, Ivo,'
Cherry. a ttilliC of the /fret order,' ' Thilhappv continuation
Is the oafs one PS et. nun's of these urtwela .' and fr, - .“ 1 ,,1, al
as It ill Olt the best paalical principle*. and at it virtues
text 000314: a tight chentieal arol4Pli, fiXilerillient 11.,is
shotint its II:testi:II jloa rr tilitl efric it si,
This preparation a ill hr found no trinl, to tip n sure in.!
t pen 'y nonce) for thr disr-,,,, roomer ited nhot e._ They
lair& the Idol% Serer., regular ingestion, pinata e a
healthy action of the mitt Stetnal It, lan: tilt oat' i u
the nervel, and at once treurtor 111,11 t'. untl v , ifor it, tb'
whole sy, , tern. In a I mess .of ,issroedenezi,-rrt,i,g t\uat
iuftige . tion or acrrOti. 'irrpatio , they hale been p , ed
la ttli remarkable racerrN; nor urn the!. It-.. , um fu flu, .01'etn
eel,' for Iliad elite, Flatitlenei.Lo, - ar ep t ,el.o eui! a
general plus' ration of The system. At the ',IMP nine, it
Mast be tinted, that tiny ire n. aloe stulent nor nt , nll
dangerous ha (Iwo operatien, terurtrg na the t'o the de
tireJ effect, awl, by a meaty regular ru-I e ass infltience.
Taka.” flatly, in duintet Pretcribrd thry .01 he found to
operate In tint gentle! , and talutary mutter, *hich it, la
tint, lit , •ir high‘tt n.cotnuteuttation.,
The law:flog certificates; among many Others tubelt
hate been receivettfrom hit mutt reepect..lite t'outcc. for
iiigli gatlsfactory proof of the value and Otnesey of it is
popelsr utediciue. '
sltinwt 11.*Jutle lE'
Mr. E. Trioatteiei.lst.
Dear Sir.—)liiis is to certify that my slat:Otter lin, Leen
troubled with yspepsta for n numb rof 3 ears. attettled
with a cons; tut heatliche sad other datressitte .yinidooor
a hints nectinirtny this - disease. She ri.ited Ensten to
avail herself of the jut 4y celebrated physicians of llist
city, all to no pilirtitme. the ttiliettattern ni a ea 10011, I
was induced to purchase a bottle of Or. WttniEs Sarsailn•
rifle and Wild Cherrytßitters. Before (show one lotttle
she was relieved entirely of the betinnite, nut arte, inking
tllO or three bottle., the other spew - thus entirely
peered. N. It. MIMS.
NORTIT EAtattAttN, Long Plain,July 24, 1t446.
Dear Sir,—My daughter has been for more' than two
years afflicted with ocanfrmed Dy,spepria and Liver Com
plAlia, together with u
101itiqut bend:mite.—
ing time sho woo con.tit tly attended by the most
skillful idol intekigent ph)steinos, but ji,itht little or no re.
lief, until we found the di‘ease wairrap dly t tklne the
form of e •pfirmed consumption. A t thi. li mn . I d,.t r . •
mined to have recourse to Dr. Wood's ttarsopurille nod
Wild Cherry Bitters, prepared by you, Hutt it gives'me
the sincerest. ple.ts4re to tt.,te, that afteCtho use ofa few.
bottles, to daughter woo happtiyare;tored to perfect
health. •I have the "highest confidence lo this medicine;
and 'shall cheerfully tecommend it to my friends._
Very truly yours, ANSEL WHITE.
The curodescrihed in the above cecteticate of Alt White
is by no mearito a singular nue. TheVe are hundreds who
have been cured from the most twine , or long eontiiitted
diocese, by the use of this excellent and highly popular
t - enmity. The broprietor recommends it Inthe public with
the utmost confidence, for in all care a herr it hail a
fair trial, it has Fuccocilrd heiound the roper telenooof
patient or even his own. The core with a hieh it lc pre
pared multhe intrinsic eorellence of its material., should
secure, and have seemed fur it, ni character Web it de
serves. Thn prrjudire usually existing egeirrt wheel iced
medicines, would not be merited if hestnarid on this. The
wonderful cures it hes pnrformrd. end the acknowledged
celebrity of its principal constituent., shohlil et once re
Commend it to the public favor., ,
Prepered by E. Thrirnton,..l.—rold wholecate nett rt. i
O b it by Wyattle Ketchum, WI, Fulton St.Ni Yd J. our.
tpn &Co . Erie. nod by drugggists generally Iheouphoui
thoU. S. Pries el, largo bottles.
Ool:24.1841. rm 32
fw-Al PIECES Alapacas, Camlets and I\lcroes
ePi , just received and for fele by
• H. CA Durk.
Sept. 10,184G.' 1:
N . theOW is the :time to buy (3A VETING ) .—
i t
Car ming of the best quality awl latest
s".yles mu t be sold to make room for a new stock
in the Sp ine, „ the JEW STORE.'
, Eric., Feb. 27, 3817. ' . --i -' 91
CASUMERES, Alpacas, silks and all oth r
Dress Goods, ;A thouper rates than at an
1 1
other store in town, as the JEW S' 'ORE.
Feb: 'A -1817. Commercial Esc :moo. •
rirlHlßl3Ert', Plain and embroidered a Lane,
1 Silt and 018111 : E we Shawls, ala mode, very
Erte,Teb. 27, 1647. ;., ' ' . • 41
Kid and Morocco Slips and :c=hins,
Lcheat , at the I ' WWII/INGE.
,Feb.,27;.1817.. 41
ni , ,e'very
© "---'— fraction
' ffbElE„ "
- ;Preach S.
Caasitaercia and Si
V quality anticolor, • rrti offei
atitive east, at dui ' Jr
IXTINTER §pertn Oil, tc:pore dit ele,:ibr sale
,Erie, Feb. 13, 1047.1 1 I A .39
niROCERIES.—A good atoort man* ofdry gra',
‘JI - conics always on hand —Motaasea at '37 4-2 -
centa posigallon;ugood stammer article.; 1••
• Octoliefiti, 1846. • C. M. TIPMAL , .
116011tODli,CE a all kinds taken' in eitilia go for
•.IL --- goods or on' dicounis by C. M. TIBLIALS.'
CictoberfB4.lB46. • 23
rtcYrTONICOODSCoiton 'Yarn frorn.Nii. 5
tolO,Crirldlo Wiok, and Battinr.. i foy,aale ay .
No. 3 Perry Bleck .; 'AItI3I.IOICL.M.
Aug. 13, 144.
. , - pR. HR RICK'S
Standaid Family Medina -
ttme s lt
tr,viii Et FAV fIITE REM Env or ...."*
..w IDA.V.—T • high ~ , c whiums f ' 'IZ
lik Att
whore bettenced opo hop. de. e r sey . : .. - "l'e Itny
by citizen. or the [high .t rev,. ~ t, d „T . D . ; "irtrullt.. l i.,
of the atellical peore.•ion Jo awry I„ i ,.. " tof meies,.„
States end Britoodi l'as.pomoo,, cutups a lt ,,, , C , St‘e t..,,
of the Conqueror of lona, A la., of A 4 a t iltt
Cana lion tesiimu 4 . ) es in dos D0,10 0 ' .. ti0,..„.t a ';',7,- 1 .4
performed by the e ft, chn t e su i ~,,,,,,,,i,,, alley , h -- 'lt 'en
cil toe It 1110111 of 1 C eirillettl f oeslty..,,t b.' - ' 4 . (14 .1-
/ .
renovate. of th e dio had kw , tr•ed in Iso l a. ' --' %' ..P.4114. ,
M.ybe u ,.1 anti maroyem .u.ono. Inzerberg 4..,, ,
I, l o, ring a gentle aml iyomtne 'Meiotic. Th„l -,'`''
ler itli astonish mai quiettnee• t he
.cla wes ' ..
heart. pain. mot so,c.ok top. 0 r the
eti, p ro f . 5i e,,_
all knoole of fetter t od o M o t o , o 5. , ~ „ 1".., "
the human body. foul ticalto. ) rove I ton i u .. l : 4 ,trtatos o
te a holotoalcostillettess sudin all ca. t . 4 k ee . 11 , ...
ac h and bends niC load'ed,uith ho •icrs,ll,,h a , "la
.1 liCti'l ft of illi.C.l , e• Enyti box clini s i ns J o i ~. :•bir.
rented u oohs, oath to fly s ere t ado, snd r e m fc, dr::
e :
t : .
9. 41161 3 L. hie no Ur, mars ! oe. !A1....!,
,4 x ,
, ...
. _ . INFALLIBLE RE3lf,by
For 101r1.1341,..ctu. flrailtb. Bradt', T..ltse t f (. 4 ,. 1.
Solo Throol e Ablol;.2•Y
l iCrott ~ ,! -:".71 , , ,t e.„. 1 ., ..4. 1 . a k i t ,....' I
essa Ap.o 0 the are,. f torsi• r • .o• or i ~,,,t . , r ,
0i,,,.<..,t the Opine. Perk ted I.ttoh•, , ozd ~,h , ,,,, •
extern slap p Imatinto .13 ondn'so. T,te r.y o m, l' a '.'
so pre Litt a WONDER WOll lil • Cl ,F.Dtcri E c.,,z:
.1 cut of the :those :tor re! Cl. 1.11. 1 ..4 li i ,
W ND,' It AND.ATIIIIRATIO. orthe. - sothl' r ut al
1 ,„ 1 , 00 , 16 ,,,,,ei v 001 the [ tu,e , ,, .. 1. 1 1,,,,,k,, ~,,...
tI icy, the the tor Las pot the price at `...i.00t s E .k .y 1.4,
ile has t;.ta !amt.'s. I..trlle Itioss 11 it. the ;Dn. ~i ~,,,,,
oil in asEut of a eliseosed kit.ibe.accomlA,,,t iiii
, I ( ' .
reel . ..nes. Litenise cenerolitebtlits :Mewl Ilit% r .,,.,
•nol weakliest, I'S the stomach and /meets. este al to` t ;
•nler. los. of aptlente. !et tabling of the haN s . 1 , , i,,
lion ror' the heart. 121111(11o.. Ague:tool FewerJand 41,4
tooy in,' ri•0.1111.0'1 1 11/1. kit 1 Ilifli lt, the O t t o f i
Put up iu boxes 'ae..onv,,ult.l Is tilt , hiections, ar i ,..u . ,
'Seta E tett box n -II make i•an - a r.,11,,u. le tie ..‘,
umnieer can Tlingit... Colrls A sttana, -.. opprent .i do .a .,
a te •i : Wio.npioe Ct ur I. Ciup, 14.1111041400 ftt.i Ls:.
and recent I ascs of the t't outcropped be re stly kotp,
t Idol our, loto• rove.! bt ~ ,i -
•I'r' t@3 r le. Ton of Corm Leornees a - re a! ' o aost•....
e to e. Tun 'Pi I rNIPPANT sUCCESS. ',bleb et,.
•thc e., attend. She one of Derrosit's Worm Coconino ;
Lozenge. et the dot, uottott nod expulsion of ' , Mete I. n
th o't lane so •3.sTslll. Las placed thentfir.t on the ( que er ;
orre,tornloa. 1 . 1... V sere pleb, .1.4 1? intr. • Chlidrru f-
them, end then. I root is inch as tokastonish the bett.l,t o
,Prso e 1..-z. CI b .1s tilt full direct...l.s I , 'I hose stiffener f et ,
I-1.nin....”.1 e I ..1. itc•.. 1.1 the Incl.'. sate. an 1 ' L u i „,
' .., Witettonsle.m...l, 1 tango. etr...el find a friend wit,. a 0.
111ERItIels.'4 , GAl.B.‘lum STRENGTH I
1:NIING l'l. Slllt.
Sioread on, fro. Kid lesrher, so I near 'roll ere to sr
1.1 1111: 1:1. s :..llyiCS ,rul.fettiibg - e t ..,,
11l 0:rt1.,t,..nV.,,,.n:i.!,rrit1eti7,,,1
• s . . -- .
j`/' , . : TO THE 1.1.711El ( '. '
1 5 St, mach hat any been rani. it) tome N a York ctiom
that they atoor• Mot the prii . itrce to oo•A e led Ind •!I Cf.t.teil t• EL and one ell it preen . 1 if sad sdlert ._.
fit it 1... 1.., a lottor tot (roe ridoloor. t. 1 ,
'.r.. • the 1 10 , o
'ring this pr ootteo of .lei diem It. lore t• r. pod! r math,
o f . em to: ju twee ii; the cate.i n I wilt r . .....t. 4. of tt.. t _.
roteltt loocer to extol. rkti, newt I. ho. armee toil.
Berke, the Couttnoormtner of - Patents at Vo - a..litniteu • tor
tiller ill 011 s 11 00 to g loon I filo.
IL U. S . Paltel OE. e J o .. If, 15.;6.
iDr. Derrick—Dear Btr—Yeur,le ter of rte - ;(.` Las
*teen Jet . 1.0,1. in Jr," 1/1110 :‘1....11. 1 - q1 : 111•11.0,101 at.
li dell . , 11, bee 1, Crat.led cut!
1 . 0 pail rni..l 4 wilit 30141.1
i t ", t o , t ,for t o m s too thlt co- r. cer•l 1• s. eh a pter.t (41:
fund to t`... ugh e. R t . ! ..1 I lent".
• •• 1 I ifIIUNI, Pt PEE.
t . -- , , I— Plosniplldets ono tr pm 1211110 r ellfT3l t 01(1.1V.,,,
1111 MEd:l i:I1 • rnny Le-hurl of not 1 1 the .1 g.rt-
' Pr f it,. ip OPerol 53St Ate strtet. Albar,„ lEtra in r
,r. want LI ,I :e ,11
rr-- r t.' -
''AGf 7% 11' 4 --.1 H. lu. v , ri & Co Jo' +i ('in i r• 7. , I r
rri.:liuitkiii &1a 411 r, 41,i.:a0• ~n .J,ll 11...),..,%. ,
I: tbl. Ftl,
,t , 1,1: --,Ii
'l' V. 111 . f rr+
N I r t' \Ylt 1111: ANir
lottur.t , t
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Tered in this mark , ', assn; m.,6,
terns French belancs.
;1' do rashh.ercs, •
", Casrilions,
,1 1 ' [rep Delany..
. French 'Robes,
'do Ombrce itolienno,
lie- A:a,i)ociovr 1 ' ..
nis of %oriel's styles, I . -
Cr. vacs, assorted,
Polka Correll, e . ; .
:",ilk for Mantillas, . •
Velvets and B.:tins for Bennett!,
and Lace,
land Cotton Ribbin,
as,-ortment of Ribbons,
and black silk 'Prin'res,
ik and Worsted (=loves, 4 _
', hmere, Wofsied and Cotton Hose,
ett and',lsoiss Muslins
d Tassels, and an enjitss otiet7 ei
in tho Dry Goods trade. • ciret N 5
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50 phti,
40 d'
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10 d:
'5O pie.'
54) Sha
8 do!,
30 dol
• Coloret
A rich
• Kid, Si
• Silk,
Cord al
every thing
'get the pla
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EAT, • - ..Z RIVAL.'
'yell assorted I,4wedea, 'Russia, Eireji=
nd Annsiican Iron,
pring, Cast, Blister cm 4 Gernarf Red
astern and soutlierei
oat Spikes, I
100 Tons
• 20 •
200ke x
60 -
. .
10 ". 01aipeners' Finishing Nail',
3000 point 'sa.,solled Challis, -. .
100 pair race Chains •
SO dozen Shovels, Sp ade and Barn Forks,
2000 pairs trap and hook Hinges k
30 setts t inz Spring s ,
t .
20 ," • xle Arms,
50 " round Wagon and Boo'' , 81 " e "`
SMitli t a.A. vita: Vices.BellOws and lionierli
Milli Oro- ut, Tennoamood.ri, an d Euz Saw*
Hay and ZArtim Kni: l itest - • ,
Brass Fire Setts- an Candlesticks,-
Solo t .., Weights,ad Balances,
Sleigh, H use, Dinner, ( t ow arl Shup B e
' Axes of el,* deseriptio • .
Brass and Porcelain' Keles ,r •
Whitewa:l), shoe, horse ran d 8r041,e,,.
Ship , t to se Carpenters* and 4oiners' TO. i
Coopers' 1- oola complete, .
Shoentalte a' do. aril Trimmings,
Tea Serve a °fall sizes, I
A lar, • stock of Saddlery:, Manes; Ili
rinse Tat mines of , every deserilitien; is
Ten Tho sand dollars worth of Il' l
ufiieli stra 1 be sort at prices that w ill suit
I. v. '280516,, ,
Ede, IS ,
filed p
ash. C
ED—by D. Tomlinson 4 CL i.
_,,,1 0
nub Street, any nrilutter.,l•47l
dee r toe. in exchange t;)r (=No:no Q.,,
eh paid for Grain - of all kinds. 4% .',
mill 16, - I , 3.titi. . .
. .. .
7 crl
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