Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, April 10, 1847, Image 1

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y, one year, in advance, 81.50
se, two dollars ayear will invariably be
These terms. will be strictly adhered to
ements inserted at 50 cents per square
t.Msortion, and 25 cent's fur each sub. '
riting, of all varieties. such as Books
r , Ilandbills,Show Bills, Cards,Steam-
Blanks for Notes, Receipts. &c. exc.,
best style and on short notice. •
BY, A.
One (n
lb !led:
pu tho fir
aryilent i
J, Pri
pan nhlet.
cited in tl
Law—ollico o Uic Diamond, direct
f the Caart Hna e. Paje. Pa.
k•torn( v
I; bac k
. R SEN7W Co.' •
F d Drintestie Dry Gondsj
lade Bno,s, and Skin, &e.
. ,V, Flemrninc,n• Rlocl: ,ft State Street,
14alerq i
Counsdifer at Lt4--Ciir-^ in
• of Tammany Eli,.
and s'or
. i
t Luw. OITil up eta”.....
II bui Wing,' no di date Prothonotar) 'a
. luny LI
and (2011)4110re at Law,—Office on
eet, west side ,of the Public Squaie„l
A:' , nnt'}'s
4 11 C )Ist
Erie, P
111. A. I:ALIIRAMTH. W. 9. LANF.
Watches, Jewelry, Silver, German Sil
ed and Britannia .Ware, Cutlery, Mil-
F.incy Goods, N 0.7 !teed Honse, Erie
, P• I.IP in'
rer, Pla
ital . ) , an,
11 T T
and Zentil Dealers in Dry do td‘o l
, t
'art! lire, Crockery, Glas,‘ are, Iron,
Ilier; Oils. - Mc. c..rn re - to
43 I^ le
h al(
MC+ 1
-ro , intt
nd Stir eon, in(lice on SeventhlStreet,
ic'Methiodiat Church, Erie, Pa.
i n
i‘t L of I
11ITTF.fictrg0 N tz. CO.
Dry Goods, Groceries, Chian, Glass,
ens W" ye", No. 121,
Eric l
WA ,K 81. COOK,
n•ard in z, Contwission, and Produce
Red Ware !louse, cast
, o 1 1114:
I ---.
Daler= i
and (Au
lrvar F
hr id
ring of Tin, Cup )et and Sheet-bon
ner.of French and Pint) streets, Erie..
- •
"SE:s: NETT Sr, cutsTER,
der., wh9leo,lo. °ea retail dealers ie
loll.)w-cva,re'fte. State .4 niet, Erie, P
Inn I out
01IN U. I.3iiIRTON I .-. CO.
inti r h..liliinateri in Ortif..-.Q,..\!cdijin-a
6 , Procerie r 3, &c. No. fi r , Reed 11 . llt , e
~ : I 4 - 1.-
I t '
• -
and Item; i tlesioi t a tit 1 3 •, , .0......", .L••
c. No. I. It evil linth , e, Pale, Pa.
• Vrit!; I'
• I
11 . hnicsal
ecrit a,
C. M. TI PALS,‘ •
Dry Goode, 6'l l R:cites, .5.c. No. II I
de, Eric Pa. I
Dry lloods a od.l.iroceje> Chcaliaide
fleet, Etiv, Pa. .
fo ler in
Veal , r 4 ih
Fri': I II
bry Goods, iGroc'
Illock, Skate bLiErid
PP]ll . {q I
ass, ,N 6. li
or 4
1. V) NI I,A NB 0 .-- i '&7O - : ------1
g anti 'Comtuis..ion Nitirt-iiantF; i - 00
'tteci, F.i le, and n; tli - Stivel l „1 . ) ? a
droll r 5 in Groceri , s and Ilti.msion .
I or 'A t ' rti
a•un, al.
' '
lardware, pry t .o do, Groe
of the Diamond, MA one do ' '
e IlOttl4Erie, Pa.
Dealer in
earq -1,
the Ki
EAGLE 110 EL,.
... Brown, corner
.. • State strut an d
c f (pure, Erie. Pa. Easkern, Western,
herw:•tdee offi ce .
. ~
4pd Sui
do Ntesehant Tailors, on tlte Pill!lie .
, qhfiN doors West o State rticit, Erie,
r •
Throld. , ical, inellancoap Sunday
,!ssleal 4 School Book ; 3iiitionlry, etc. etc.
.nol Sir t,• ,i"
• a.
.kt.oropr ntl'Coituaol r atlaw, Prairie ,du C 1 ien,
. rho icet i in , tihe counties ott Criw ford,
I;i4nt'a id lowa, tV. IT. and' in Clayton county
a Terri•or , , , ,
i L
in l ii, Counse l
lictr a
i,ofipokito the Fill:lei
P dt'r lq
and 19
Ai torrarq
JOHN H. 4411.,
C,vintv al dillorOugh Sur i veyoe•
firn l, lM4l'Prereli st , Brief
tll'iti::3LEY ARBk
Aaler i TII lq (;cods, G rot:m.o
ware, ts rNo. 3, Perry
Erie, I r. '
lATAN ‘ l . v..t)itl esehamze fa Cowls, Wool, But
, , . teri Cheese, and all It ir ds 'of Country PrO-
L'uce. , ii
-. i IL CADWELI...
I , t . I
inee'6, 1 r3,16.,- , 1 .
11 ,0014! WOOL!!! WOOL!!! ' .
1111114 lidiseriber huvin,u rm. ch. rented for
..... an ,tir limited ourriber of 'years, the Woolen
li.r.t"ry tielongin,l to his • Father in Mal reek,
%boutthrile miles from trie,land two ile from
r .trilt . usTace,en,jmul fro the Bu alo road,
e• r , ,rili. tii mantifactur wool into clot on a rare;
4by the 6 rardlfor nt• ets er yard .
-, .Custer4,carding done for we_ is per pound,
,m short rri4e and, in the bet wirier. .
Cloth )ressingidone in the best manner for
i'liets •per yard all colors ex pt. green, blue & red,
it )
end drettso tor, 1.3 ets pe yard.
The sUbsetiberf having een engaged in the
Business nearly all his life; and ham. , engaged
in old silerirmeed hand, Z. L.Hufl; ittletcrmin.
ed beat by any thing. in the Western
-4 1
kotroir 1
Mille i reekJune 1311916.
.111S90 I. I TION.A-The cio-partoPrahip hereto
-1-0 so4i, xihting underthel firm of ltdehatlcr Br,
Brow n', iis diSinlved on the 23d inst. by ' mutual
r ?
' ;J. S. !hewn will remain" in the store lo
isettlel 'e accounts °file late: fi rm. All who know
1 thereat )ca indebted will phsise to call aobn.
. I
Erie,, July 1, J
4; 1846. OHN S.' IMOW N. '
GCLOCEIIIILS.—Tea, coffee, Pepper
plea, Ginger, elov.s, ,Iluttnegs, Cassia,
It ice, Bk r oivit, Loaf and Cr shed Sugar, and .111e
lasses, far sale cheap_ nt the store of
QOM h.; I'HING a Mae ex
UU uticied for sale and re
about t. days. Those svh,
wet! to trait till we acedien;
Fem. 1e16:
, . ..,,,T,„:,y,:::„. • Ir- 'E' ,. . - -" I L - . • .
' ' .
-4- ,
. ~
- .
- .c •
• •
f, '• ,
, . •
. ~. •
tr , •
\.: \
. . 1 ,• .
• I
•• .
P , ti, t ( '
. 1 .
• ~ -
'. • - .
.. •
. ,
11 r ; :
-. :: E
.. ;i' - , . . . , •
-j, • i'',L1 , ..1.:.:. , ..5.ii - , - , ry
• '' , 1 \ I ~ S ' •
' • v.t..
I S.
, .
~. ,
.__ :r- 1 -1 . '-.;••-•;•••'-••••,
• .
1 ' 1 . -1 ' .. . ••••
•,•. . . .
... . .
r . .
• \''
t•' -' ~ . , i, , , - ,•• .. ',
. \
. • _. r .
r . ‘ , 1 -- • ' '
. r .
\ I ‘.
''- I - .'
• ,
• .
. • '
, j • .
I .•
-.- •
. •- •
• • '..
I •:-4 %
.. ,
7,J.: : • :::::
• •,..•.,
-..- ••..
• - -. 1
'... . -_-; :f - ,,, l - i ,
r., • _
. .
~,,1 . • . ,
, . .
•'--• . •
, .
. ,
. ,
.: ..
It .- I ,
•r '
~ ..
... .„,,
.........., ,1 .....,
..1 •••".•
• ...,
, •....t...
~ \.•,•1..,.....,,,f,
\ •,• , •
~__ • . ,
1 .
:,.., , ••
v.., ~........„...,_....,.............„
. •.. ~
.. •,. 4
• we', ...4 6.....\ .4. " , , 177
.. . ,
- „.„ ,- • . ,T-HE • W -
• All that love co' d wish to be;
• Yet I leave tip , earialone—
Brother—Sis: t! bless yoUr own.!
Mothet; thou t rucketlimy•lie,ol
Softly on its bra le bed; •- 1
' When the etUrin wes raging. high,
Sweetly sung love's
; et part-1 part from ipee. , •
t Who henceforth will sink to mo •
' When my headaches wr pain?
.I shall miss that early in ain. •
Mother! with till accent; mild,
• Idles; oht bless thy we in r child.
* I * '.* o' At this time; about et dozen of
these bullies h onged to !"the University.
They forni'ed club eompos,ed of themselves
and a few othe students, creatures whom they
found cenvett' nt as humble frieods. POrtira-,,
ry however to usual custormlaod to the great
annoyance of the peaceful' and literary men
of the College, the blillied_forced theinselves
into the'differeht clubs, exercising every spe
'Cies of domineering tyranny and destroying
every i prospect of 'comfort o mutual advan
tage: insocial intercourse. -I '
Thereaceritedi no means f changing this
state of affairs, but to wait quietly until these
literary ruffians chosethdraW of their
own accord. Many of the members kept their
rcoms; but even these did millescape the sneer
with which the
,watchful fiends would 'ques
tion why they no longer attended.' 'Nothing
but the dread of being pot u at 'tight - paces
i to Fe shot at hy a praet.ised in rkstnan, or pus
sibly in some cases, the horrc/r of being forced
in self-defence to shed blood, rendered this,-....a.r....vi5feta..--. stu.--..e........-.
challenge at the time of, whiCh I write, Wasa
mark that no one; eveept those known to be
destined to the church; ch 0.49 should rest up
on their Character in future i i ilfe.
Near the close of autt'nn! there entered a
(young OxoniaM.who 'seem (i)Peculiarly fitted ;
if such a thing might be, d' a.. the Ordeal ,
'of a continental college aCqu • e without
1 .rsonal difficulties.:xcept temperament'
highly nervous and an inNeesof the firlt or
der, he seemed i,n everyaspect a ktnediu'.—
Not an organ of the brain sWelled above its
proper level--every feature was,regular as a
model; and "each limb proportioned to five feet
ten. Good' looking, not handsome--agreea
ble, scuicelnterestinglantint,:but not jovial
—toy tempered, but Ito( pliable—fearless,
apparently, yet prudent—peaceable even to
caution, but nerves subserOent 7 -zsincere in
his piety without arshade of cant, be
no one knew how or, why, a noted man. He
Was knoWn to all, intimate with a rinmber,bot
sought the friendship of none; and 'discouraged
1 the ad i kmticiLs of' those who would hay. attach
ed theinselOs Co him by any boep closer than
that of social intercourse. It was useless to
to speak ill of him, for you met disbelief in
your auditors, and indifference - from himself
when the expressions were repeated. It was
equally uselesti to defend birn, for he deemed
•i 0 think ititinnecessary, and onlyithanked you
coldly in F , on' i I set phrtvie: His unaffected
good bunion, his self, reliance, slid above all,
hiS indiffetlence to every th'in'g (hat makes up
the eclat of college existeno, kept even the
bullies'at bay for so long
l e period that he bid
fair to live among us una ''noyed; and the mat
jority began to look upon himvith that:spa
, cies of respect wft is always forced 'from
common-place characterslwhen an end is ef
fected without the use of apparently adequate
cries, Via, No
, •
Paints, Oils, P
teed llytee, Elite
cries, &A.
'or ca4t. of
aw ; C'lJko No. 2
Hotel, Erie. Pa. •
'; iiiriZe in Exchange
I Nti."4 7- 7
o;Croclo,ty, Hard
:tick,. State strce
means. .' ' 1
' i .
A crisis was, hoWeverilmpkreeptibly, but
steady approaching. h Was i remarked that
Burnever went out to , itness ti ditel.--
When any ,one was killed o severely wound
ed in an afrair,-,-his bitter expressions of regret
that a recoficiiist fon had not been erected, caus
ed others to le and give him alook of wap
ing. Once 'when he attempted to prevent a
meeting, !tech decided intlaMtions were given
that his own courage Would be tested if he in-,, ,
lettered further; that nothing but a practised'
self-control could have :enabled him to pre.,
serve his temper. MI this was: noticed by
the bully club,, and it was, determined that.
Burke should fight. or leave:.. i •
• • •
From an instinctive feeling tbat the Briton
wits no trifler, they nominated their bitldest
and best shot for the ptirpose; and a series of
insults that- would-have tried the patience of
a slaved was commenced—at first slight and
indirect; they werir\ passed over as unintert-,
timid or inadvertent; ;es they became more.
indeli pate, keen . aatire:or repartee , paid the
back With ustiry. Real insult was met bir o
firmook and a bold reproof.- One eveni ,
upon receiving a slight but contemptup s
itush,•he turned on his insoitera glowing ey ,
and said In &distinct whisper, limy code per
mits me to.dofend with, death if ittaelted« I, -
The club.were 'puzzled. Burke would nilt
send a challengeifiut no q. , doubted hiacourt
age; and as yet his ass. tions were tuba,
hen- It Was'
, fintal,r -mined to feign z; of. ;
fence, and compel . 'tp, accept or refutketa
,challenge in'ifor ~
,His firni ,charactelfailed
re in this line wir be
dy fns inspection , in
midi to buy will do
Brother! speak in whispers
'Tie my last—my lust good night!
Never more our steps will stray 1 I
Through the garden's Beetled win
By the homestead nr the be a- -
I Neath the shady che'tout
By the Meadow's windingtltrnain,
Glitterine in the sunset bealn.
4enile Brother! smil+nd bless—
'Tie last—my las 'eares‘.
: f
Sister! whit; thine ey is of blue,
1 - ither come and wcip'"Adieur"
.1. /
et. thine arm nroun! roe twine,
l i et thy - cheek repos•'on`inifllk _
loyilile I. gaze into th lace, \
Curled in this dciar •mbrace.
Vhou.hast ever proved to me
Written for the Erieireerver.
him not on so se,yere a trial. Wren your prin
cipal," said he to' the second , who •delivered
the paper, "that I fight no cold-blooded, duels,
and least ?f, all with* , noted bully; and tell
him further, thati shall arm myself, and if he
values his person it will be safer nut to Mo.;
lest me- 1 " . • •
. ,
It was presumed the Oxonian, would now
leave;•te was ndt educating for the priestbssixi,,
and had violated a Custom of the institution,
which compelled 'all otheis to answer a regy
)ar cartel.- .It could not be overlooked; and
the Briton was cut by - every e7.e, except those
whose - religious character compelled them to
appear openly on the side of peace. The sal
, utaticum oCtbis body he ackbewleflged,cour
teously, but sought not' their support in his
humiliatiq position. Never was a determin
ed spirit put to a !severer irial; il,very species,
of insult short of actual violence was heaped
upon him. Shunned even by those w' holelt'
and knew:him worthy, he met ttie shock'un-' ,
supported by, a single student of "the,twelve
hundred .whose footsteps daily awoke.• the
echos of =the endless galleries... Custom is
law and he had violated customs He wan not
, however overlooked' orforgotten,in the mass
of phYSical and mental vigor' congregated' in
those fanied halls. We watchedgith,a sin
, gular degree of hiterest ; the, denoue ent ofthis
singular: character. His gloomy brow, his,
pale cheek, his thoughtful :aapect, and the oc-'
caaional fierce flashing of his blue eye, all told
of passion struggling with the restraints of
reason and principle. , . . .
,_‘ 4 Biaii)er, said a youn i gi man whose gallant
bearing'had earned 'for his the soubriquet of
Count, and who, bad fought as often as any
One rook the trouble to ask him . ; "Diable! there
is madness enough' in that thunder-cloud brow
to annihilate theevhole club; a little French
philosophy rtnay make the bull dog show his
teeth; II trjr. him and strnhißecond." _ The
Count appioached`the 'hail windowi against
the side of Which Burke had been leaning fo
an hour, looking through the panes Of gins •
at vacancy, With all the energy of an exasper
aced spirit. ' ; With [infinite *Cate French
man Fitood - fer some,lainute near to the pro
scribed student, then withobyttempting com
mons topics began at oncalira Iry voice,. "
have come , to persUade you into my views i
I can; you are open to reit onr The-Eng,
lishman nodded. "Will !you take m'y ,ar ,
then, and let us wail( in the grounds." : •
"You will compromise yeurself by a4socia
tion with me just now; I have nO wish to ,in
volve you with this hellish, club:" f ! 1
"The club, pooh said • - Count , with •
tiolkihg Mogi), "they are' ittle better .tha
"i f . yo u fear them not," s
am ivith you, and in.good so,
a friend."
"such would I be, and itl l
the beerTswilllng brutes , d
may. But teFt nie; I pray' y
possiAe hope I may yet ata
"A month since I wont.
decidedly, no; 'lately, I 'be)
AN ., hather to inflict summary
band of inenao fiend-like in
tyrrany; would not rather
1 .
of praise—a case may form
general rules."
• that rule ;of moral',
ivhich would - stand to the'
punishment, iiltlinted, too,
by established laws erthe
of Mrichiuiolli would iteclit
la} in giving ibe 6iong-dó
equal to your own.", -
"It may apf,ear strange," said, the *he ;
"yet my principle's approdc ; nearer_ to th .SI
of the wily Italian than do yours. I.hold ii
right to punish by laws wh ch guard" the -I -
nocen from all risk; but,th se laws det t prec , to
the cello as they do the sti r ett9, becanse 1 s•
'tice should ever be f unmixed ! with 'Passl.n,
and uninfluenced by personal rancour
"Call the ',case an exceptio to Ale. ru e
have yoti.not bord for month's the', km ts,
worsean, injuries, of this bad of ruffians
been marked, deserted and scorned—your • s•
iodations broken, and your days rende d
lonely and bitter? Can justicei meeted out bj
a man whohas natiently Vitae a l this, 41
mixed with passion or be in fame ifi r. n
purl"' -i
"Nay, but see you not that ft is # the thi:ll,
t.,selfi Which sustains these- silmel ruffian:—
were it--considered.dishonoraqe ehd mur , er
onus to take the life'or anotheriin Single c. ni
sat, men Would be ltritineCfir r -liffer ni
an hist - 114%r which to. satisfe l 9tion could bi
given\other than an:apology-4k .i. 'he .p
pared justice of an'oftered satisfaction, .id
led honorable, which restrains g9neral ~ • ,
ion froil:punisbing tpe insulter.'
"I marvel, mot ami ) " said the French
"that while Europe is the
. theatr ' of rev , ln
tionary madness,land her soil a battle-field II
insane soldiery, yOu can reason so calml '
the force of gendal opinion and the evil
; private rencnntre, The time may conie
after*sies, when;tnen will be restrained' be
'wholesoma tone M the mass; hut . it is no,
'_nor is it likely td be fora century. Le
..such abstractions, I beseech . you, One
just indignation and its tipproOriate actio
"Oppression," said 'Burke, "mays' dri
man utd, and indeed I scaiteknow,Vvf) ,
, i)
my brain maintains its alanc. I sha
confess, That while con inced of the go ,
impro " t%ty f)f the. practice , . I ; have all •
my feel ga to overrule My judgment., • I
'not leave vVith this mark upOnl ,Mck-r- '
boar no logger -.. thin chit) must; 4- , m e
by man." I • 1 .
. ,
,‘When shall I havrthe 'honor," sail,.
Count., "are you a shut?"
‘fro-morrow • moming.....eighteen in.
ago I was certain aa'eight or ten."
"Then theWholef set. doomed. • u
wing us both i for I'll#nieb, wha
leave undone. tight_ pees; yolk, eight
if.they willngree. : Your eye will "on, ,
auyof Ahem, and thi closer the *Ater..
R I$ 00 R.N r. .T' 0 0 UV, C. II
171,',1D'A.Y . , A:P4,0 4 'JO, 18 7.
' A hundred or _more students Might hive
been seen leaving the Velversity in Parrp,..
next mOrning,. and proceeding to' open
space, beyond a groire belongingjo the Insti
tution. The parties were already' oil the
grOu' d, aiid only wafted the Owls!' ten •min
u e ter the time appointed, for any who
might have he'en in time - to witness the
scene. ,
, ~ •
, .. .
Burke wure lhe appearance of a ,man pro-,
foundly satisfied with himself.. Ile waited,
in carelesiattioide, the result of an earnest
conversation between the sconds, relattve to
the propriety of putting up the principals at
a distance of less' Mien 4wenty feet; . and
though he seemed desirousto preserve the
gravity_ proper to so critics an affair, a smile
would fin, across his features and brighten hilt
full eye, despite his effort 'te proven ' IL—
I - Ind he just left thel chamber of her he loved,
a successful wooer, his bici. could mo hive
expatided more joyously.' I t woe impossible
to witness such genuine csurage without a.
miratlen yet a feeling of regret came over
me, eat felt he must have Conquered his own
scruples IbY a decided act.,:of the will.i The
flimsy excuse that he was contending s l iainst,
, would not in future time, - satisfy
A conscience, sustained by'the judgments of
'a' brain ;so accurately balanced. For the
present the unobtrusive .monitor was silent
and the Briton felt happy fit his freedom fron t
perplexity of iriind, and in his own buoyani,
and uudaunted courage. I. , •
The polite pertinacity `of the Frenchma
conquered, and the distance was measured
full six pces. As they placed•the principa s
I turned to 'observe the :Gerrnan. t Me w s
calm but' had lost tn7.lt_of his audacity, - rt d
appeared unable to updq(stand how- one' w o
had borne se much, could rush on almost ee -
tain death` with entire non-cbalence. Vn -
hie to read the deeper Character of his!arlta -
onist, the burly ruffian wits :altogether in
surPrise. I'.- So deep was the silence into whir I
the"Conv rsational hum of the witnesses. ha.
subsided,' thatl heard distineily theloW•whi:-
per, of 4utite,, as •he received hie"- weapo
"Count, rll hit him between the brows." A I
the fiei•eP energy of his nervous temperamp t
seemed to be concentrated it) tit% •glance f
the Englishman, as the fatal numberti we
counted. I The bully was firm, but not qUitio
himself. „A moment, and the, latter' spran
into 01 air, and measured' his , length -,9 '
the gran . 1 A.stretim orblood slowly Itrickled i
down th white neck of the Englishman, bit
he stop
. : erect, -' , ""l.l 43. CTlrrir - nmv 66 7 ll *
again—he was hit betivePa the brows! . s • . l'
scratch of the rnaitti,A, muscle ' "
sa : hi
Lying 'Ulu: g mne hanutte
chief oflthe Codnt . over e lid appli“l
to the bleeding surfa The , body was le t
to the rdeoribers of t e club—the , pistols d -
livered the bowing valet, and the young'
inen quietly proceeded to the college along
With the spectators..
id the
, other, 44
,oth I much nee.
h I will . be, le
igest it as the
is there not as sec
I Burke was himself again. Ile manifested
no anger at the previous desertion and cold-
nese of the collegians-410 had violated a rale;
ho knew this, and bore the inconrcniente l i-- 1.
Except t at he cherished the Count as a frie i tl, I
and was less mirthful in ordinary intercourse,'
no difference of manner or- feeling was, per=
I•' - . L
ceptible. , I
Thelack patch had not been removed from
;the. Oxo ian's neck for a day, ere he recei v 1
1 an invitation for a second meeting. The 6d- •
terest Was intense, and the concourse of fel-1
lows large. The Englishman looklooked
mingle with scorn—the , bully: hatred min
glad with apprehension. -The polite Gotha
with m ich show of courtesyi proposed again
; the terr We sir paces. It could net be ob
i jetted p. ' d , ton, will bit between the brows," said the Rhinelander, evide ' n'tly in
tending to 'be heard. Tlio Frenchman smiled
at the Jiiho rtive :effort -to create alarm. 1A
• I • • ' r''''
mocking sneer lingered for a' moment roulid
the mouth of lA4 friend. It wai only in the
moment of action, that all the nervous energy.
-of Bl:7;l(6concientretell itself. in his 'look—it
'1 had its effect -- his \ Mitagonist grasped the
I weapofi with teopucliforce, lathe instant Of
d l its discharge ; and the bullet perforated the
I Unveil instead or tile btain of the E iglisli-
- i man. , 11 turned to, observe the 'tired— f the,
fe r ;
latter 't elicit; there'was a body lying on its
i- ! back on the award — and the flesh was torn he-
[ O l tween the brows! . '' ... . 1 '
i 1 . t
I f'Ho3v are youwith the small sivord," said
i• the aunt, a few mornings after, breaking in
1-1 upon the studies of his friend: ,"I hiiVe made,l,
gan engagement' for Thursday, and have here
iathe rrdasure; it fits my rapier to' the tenth'of
an blab."' ' •
dti. , 7 4 "I have not neglected* practice at this day
3se necessary to one's safety, and consider&
. skillful: but have our terrible club•confessed
3, their fear of fire-arms; forl presume you did
/- not propose a change?" - ` .
,r . "By no meanst Rouke did me the favor t o I'
of call and , ask whether you used the sword; da
d aims to acccimmxiate, I had the pleasure to
in inform him that• if you did not it Would gist
a ify ine,tolakeyour place, and he 'you'd please
et to consider us ohe in thesdhiffair ." ' I
of '"ln truth," said Burke;"4refe the sword;
e to say nothing;of my own greater safety, it
!:, Will enable me to wound, Without destroying a
My adversery."',.. - 1 - I . : ..• - .
, ,- .
er, ."Nay but listen," said the Frenehtean ea;
t „, gerly, "some menthe before you came among
? a ; us, a Young ,man from the sweet south of
0 France i .entore.lthere; be Was beautiful as a
i i .. girt and gad•asti angel.. is slender boyish
i n frame, and the trusting mi dress of, his blue
an 'lye, which seemed to spirt foie protectiOn,
ihoul&have preserved him from the fool fiend
tie himself; but this ' Club. of helteho'untls scented
him, aid murdered the boy iii .cold WA for
ha sport ', I Wei away at the time,or they
have, trampled over mW O
y to re,a* him.
as And who, 'think you,',,wa their instrument?
fill This man whola to inset nnof nisi* Thurs- .
dx day. Aie,t thls,Grinirb
..(1 ".:teittired The' 064,
'v balred•ficii witit'lflitedin WOUnds;and then
etabbed hiukto theheurt, : j!Twas done itcieu 7
... . ~
have answer°
in to questio
punishment on
their rnischievou
le an net •worth
an -exception o
Ohio be nigh
vay - of &sem
a fair field, ay
uello? A diacip . ,
e' that the ; err;
ra chance Of life
tlfically: be 'said:
cent, t'irou feel .
vengeanci9n the
Platei and pray y
' qt dons indee
him 'what he 6its
baye gone too far
By the food ot . the Juno
wining tointilet heaven's
assassin, I must take your
u to stand byiny,side."
stem but ,justice to mete
measured to others, and
to recede."
:It is
.. scarce pos.
malignantl3 exul
'lid glance MI on
every min of the
sours in this spec
hardly, possible
tend with success
its firm muscle at
Confident io h
German begin . th
ence, which. the
ease of fence, the
derethat the mate
It;as a sight lb,
watchful eye,
• ible to conceive ar look more'
ing than that of Grimm, as
his antagonist.} inddeed to
lass, and all were connois
el; of encounter, it appeared
r the Englishman o con
against that tall frame with,
d long arm.
- physical advantage's, the
e play 'with a lazy indiffer-
Briton met with a gracef6
soon convinced the bystan
h.was by no d means 'Manual.
an amateur to observe the
fair' lie -
... uye, feint, •the guard, the mo
t -
merttary clashing' rattle; anu the dead silence ,
as, each waited on the movement of the other.
Grimm rePeatedly tried his long arm in the
atteck, but At skill thatforced Our admiration
s ln
ai often foiled hi . 'A feint of his adiersiry
at length h °lig t theiGerman's sword to his
tight,! ut i stead of meeting it, quick as
thought, Ifurke's*esPon touchedthe unguar
ded left'ann, an the i threw oir, the next in
stant; the paint f hie antagonist. The 4lrip-
ping blued warn
vary to clap the
left him at.tlie
made an attack,
his powerWerat
the blades i 'rig
Ways a eon * tier.
a resistant , the
temper; a Semi
of Burka!s rend,
hand exposed, a
felt the smart
have been safer
the issue of a g !
his queen. , ; .Th!
'folded arnisTanill
caution: touch j
came a stream .
i+d the bully that it was n ces.
ontist befoie loss of 'etre gth
erttit4 the challenged ., , he
titowlich all his skill and all
t rown; the Briton parried and
nceasingly. Heretofore Hi
l.; nnd, amused to so obstinate
i German lost a portion IA his
1 thrust, Which a aide spring
red harmlesi, left •his own
d thertupper joint of his thuMb
i'f a wound: It would , now
for Grirrirneo stake his life on
me of chess after the loss of
o' Count glared at him,...with'
set teeth. It was but an e2f-
Olowed touch,.and with each
C , blood—then the sword arm
fell helpless-,.-the Briton Seemed to ; hesitate:
iIA thrust for Lfingtiedoc," shouted , he Count,
"retnentber. thel blue eyed boy;" and true to
his:feelingii and his frieriskthesword L of Burke
entered the' left breast of the bully. 'A look
of satisfaction rested on the faces of the e pees
taturstier_thev. iul..not.foreorizip _tha : tiotnhery
cif that helpless child.. , - '
The leaders f the club were gont4 - but !t.
Et ill Otte i nell old and pirogant 's pita; ' wbg
1 saa ~ i... ;
they read in thb grave sternness With which
they were met their fellow collegians, that
nothing less th n the total annihilation of the
boy, and thexpulsi b on of its members from
th institution, would satisfy. the
-large mass
of he students. To be drove away with scorn
fu hootings , and derision, was itrt, to be
th ught of while their ground could lie !main
ta ned ./ With tle 'sword and pistol: They
edged, perhap correctly, that if ith broth'.
ers-in-nrms; mil the friends were now called,
could be in any ran ner disposed 'of, the, might
i r
yet intimidate he large body of stud nts' and
r e gain the ir former position. In theope that
I t ilurke would refuse a challenge to ',al manner
so unusual, it was determined JO invite a
combat with s word, on horseback. 1 If la ac
cepted, they st II hoped the invtilneral/Brit - -
on, whose deadly eye and ivactised; hand had
proved so disastrous to their associifes, would
find,himself More than matched / lay a south
ern Russ, who had united liiiriself with the
club, hecal — i - seizf their a his own-nn
tameable '6haracter. , , II Connt. 'stood
alone- the club. had go .ir poi nt—to
meet a CossalE7 on he the manner
was unusual, he i'n9t / ation scarce reaso'nble.
Si the Count hought, but he would corn mu 7
nicate with hs iyi'end. i
"Have the y fifrgotten;" said Bur:4, "tLi
Hnglish gent men follow •the holid? that
i i
thiford stud?' tit ride staeple chases. I want
Ot:tight to select a Isteed - and regain my
sent;andm ear Count, if you do me
the favor of king a daily ride, I may give
ydu seine spe linens of English leaps. „Have
you ever he rd of kbeping the saddle ten
with a silver penny :T l emcen boot and stir
• "We have heard of such feats, as of Hag
fish bows thr4. men of Other'nations.could not
tiendand cloth yard shafts.almost ns destrue-,
tive as, modern musketry:
~ Franco and Brit).-
tan have met!fiften and may well respect the
proviess of each other...,"
"And will 'doubtless meet again ere the
tvorld be ir years older. Should fatten° 1
Will.that I lead a hattallion, I pray her to 1
grant me an enemy gallant as -Yourself, with
'whom to play the stirring game." • • •
"Inecond your wish," said the 'Count, 'fend
in truth, I fear not theriwill be work enOugia
tor both ere long. In mean while I rejoice you
can meet this wild COssaek'on more thap equal I
terms. I would not that you were cut off,
before we tilt with squ drone ip a heady 1
,light."l -
I ii .
. had they tever met bu on horse back, the
* Ross and 1113ritOn' bad been. friends., I ,llt
•v.raii impossible not' to rani re the native grace
of the one,las he curbed the springy, vaulting
-of iTillich, 'he seemed a part,' and - the
.practised manage •Otthe other; Who seethed
to infuse his own intelligence into the ani
mal he bestrode. They -watched -each oth
er with deep interest; not uplifted with' re
speet; and the strong - attraction of eimiler .
liking - *mild have'dritii . n them together; but
for, the deadly,feuti, which had forced! both
froth classics and 'calculations to a (Mulled
Vititithe.• :- } , '-•!" • .
.... - • •', , '
s There were noriles to govern a' meeting
.brsii unpretadeated. a 'characters 'lions for
slibectators and MOM fni combatants Oda their
:Worst 'on edch.otbet, was the
liTtai...: For'
1 title purpose a callOwlield of half "6 , ' s core, of
la :ci'as wan; .obiained,- round which Onlltliclap.
condition cannot be esti' - at / ed,. is, the prolific
'mother of spectra! alto° saves. ' Whomsoev
er; we have injured, hpwrer,wealt and despi
cable while living/be Ames formidable by
death: I have noticed in our tlfr'ifty., money
lovini,communyy, that there is aivery com
mon notion th Nile disposal of an estate, c.r..m
trary to the
_ncitl ss n wishes of the,testator; is
the tuost p tent spellof rillotheriifor railing
a Yankeighost, Among the 'many 'tke;
dote) , (hich corroborate this otiipion, I "rink
content 4self with citing one, the scene of
ivldch happens to be in an adjoining town.
/ Some years ugo an elderly 'Vomit, famil
' lady known as "Aunt Morse," died, letiving a
etandsome little property. No will wa&found,
:although it *vas understood before her tre.l
cease, that such a document was in•tlit hands
of Squire. S., ono of her neighboro Orie
cold winter evening, some weeks- after her
departure; Squire S.. sat in his parlr4 i looking
over' his papers, when heving some one
cough in a fumilia way, 'le looked lup, and
saw befOre him a I itle ,crooked 'old vUman,
in an oil-tint color woolen , frock, - blue and
while tow and line apron, uni' stripe 4 blan.
het, leaning her sh rp• pinch/I-face' on - one
hand, while the of Cr support a short, bled;
tobacco pipe, at whch she we puffing in the
mostvehement anti spiteol tit rinr conceiva
The Squire, was a man of a me rterVe; but
his first thought; was to atten pt , an' escape,,
from whith he' wasdeterred only by the con
sideration that•any effort to that eflbet wouhl
necessarily bring„lnin nearer tO his' unwel
come visitor.
"Aunt 1111orse," lie s; ,
at length, "for
.the Lord's sake, get right batik into the bury
ing ground! What on 'earth are you here
pointed morning a thouiend students ranged
themsel yep. . _
I ca l e noi dekribe the rushing onsets of the
Russ` 'aft he came doWn, dealing of • passing
blow, thapririg on the sword of his f edversorr
like a file cutting into-steel, or wheeling the
animal ere' he had fairly'passed, like rriachin
ery.on a pivot, be made a sweeping stroke,
as a bilund4 the noble creature carried him
beyond reach. The bloodhay of , the Eng
lishman . was ever Ails by side, or head to head
with the; 41f-tamed,black of. the Okmine..
At one of these outlets, Burke 'started an ea
ay gallop, and,turning his adversary's left
wheeled suddenly, but not more promptly tha
the Cossack,- arki with their fore feet in the
air, the high mettled' eminent ; were brought
*est to breast, their armed' "hoofs tearing
away'skiiitind flesh from'their bioad chests.
Uttering !a shrill neigh, the mad brutes bi
fiercely at each other, and the swords of th •
scarce less madened riders, flink a dead!
accomptMyment. The• Russ was. the, au
eerier horseman, but ho had not learned the .
use of his 'weapons in the schools of the West.
Ho veered; he backed, he ;vaulted forward,
more like a centaur that a son of Adam: but
he met the. prep Ara I guki or the Brit-
On, whose horsemanship will fully equal ,to
position' of defeece. Between spirits wound
up to the .highest pitch of-Ataitement,
hand to hand conflict could not last. A semi- ,
ir . ,cula'r vault of the Cossack brought them side
t,yside and face to face, and at the sane in
stant that his sword descended on the should
er of the Bilen, a thrust 'of the latter passed
beneath his4aised arm through and through'
hie chest. A ,
' -The obnoxious club was dissolve] nud its
remaining nieinhers. hooted from they Institu
tion. Ther>had sown the seed of insult- and
oppression, and rea-ped a fall harvest of indig
nation and contempt. .
Fora time they stood up against the .tor
'rent,iof general hatred, and tried again the
etTort :of iritiniidatiom, while their dab - prom;
foe m as confined
9 o his couch, and the French
man dare 'not ris his own life, now so .ne-•
cessarr to his friend, But theiewhallenges
Were returned , unread, and , the messenger
spat upon. Not a Bully Wes to be found,
wheirßurke, amid a_erowd of congratulating
students, with the 'tender , a .sistance Of/ the
Count-=himself pale from anx Mis watelfing
.—first ,mounted the saddle to r - tiovate his kle
bilitatea frame.
EMI o '
e i:u . lt or remorse for injuries
, T
those whose forgiveness can:
The appariti?n took her pipe deliberate!y i '
from her mouth; and informed him that Eh ,
Came to see justice done hef will; and that
nobody need think of cheating her,; dead o
alive. Concluding her remark with fl. Ishii]
emphasis„-she replaCed her pipe, and . putre.
11, ; ,
away with renewed -, igor. The Squire ha.
reasons for retaini the document at issue
which he, hail suPpob w conclusive, but h ,
had, not reckoned on thd' interference of the
testator, in the matter. Aunt Moree,'Aviten
livinghad always :been regarded as a very
s row ofia woman; and lie now began to sus-,
peat that! her recenr change, of condition had
imProve4her, like Sheridan's Ghost,. ""the
tsc sr
wrong wil t, " lit.-saw nothing better be
done under the circumstances, than to pro -
hey to ape the matter'set - right than very ere-
ning. , . ...-
1 The ghos nodded her head appraingly,
Ir 4, .kilaciiing t he
, ashes out of her, pipe
against; the chimney, proceed to till it anew!
with a handful Of tobacco fro .her side pock
I l i,
et. "And note , quire ," ah said, "if you'll
jut light my pipe for me, " II be a going."
The Squire wale, as has b n intimated, no
coward; he had ben of du, g the war, in a
Merrimack privateer, arid ha eon sharp work
off Fayal, but, as he said afte ward4"lt was
no touch to l ighting Atria M se ' s pipe." No
slave i of a pipe bearer ever h ndled the chi
boquyno the grand Turk i with more care and
rover ea, than the Squire manifested .on
this occasion. Aunt Morse drew two or
three long preliminary Whiffs, to see that all.
was right, pulled.her bianker.,,o.ver her head
and-slowly hobbled out, of.' the tho3r, I The
Squire being true to his promisey ara &ever{ I°
again disturbed, to ;right: . irt co'holusion,
to sty, that thsre were et a auspicioni at
the ime,4ha't the ghost was' &reality of flesh
and blood -J -In shOrt, oneof thelivingbalia of
Aunt Miirse, - a•nd not the Old lady herisiff.
If7dllier's -95upernaturalisin of Nei, tag
, We make the tenoning extract from the
speech of Mu. 1-bccreesis in the f.T.- S. - Sett;'
ate on the Mexican war.'.— .' ;- ,
"As to the causes of this war,l shall not
,enter into theint its justice or i ts injustice, - in
my opinion, }rave but little tode with its phis.
ecution, wilethe aim on alt `sides is toPikiet
cute it for tbe sake of it . ' speedy termination;
One thing, however, Imy in justid e remark, ,
1:1 \
that, unless refuted, the assignment of tau.
see 'made by the President • im, hies 'aliening
message must Secure to us Lilo verdict tit pos.
terity. -_„Bin, be this as it may, one thing is
.certain, we are engageifirt. war
, with 84 ob
stinate enemy, and, during its c ontinuance I •
feel :bound by,the highest sense of how'
contribute, by every means, in my poster, to
[ the succ e ss oil v iny. 'country's arms, and the
.humiliation, arid Overthrow,of the' enemy. I
sfop not to twit the'approval of casuists, when
iiy heart bids'me to know Only my_ own cum.
tiy in the contest; and , I fervently` trust that
'God may forever -ern miler eagle ben4r. wit h
victory, witeriever and tvlierev r !terse is may
unfurl itin battle, be Bath the'. fetid y It iof
hea,oo., Never may its, glori as fold dim.
mod' and discolored with the blood of i ts sol
diersh /d
trail in t e ust. - I,,i_shoulso dept 're an
Indult or an aggressive war 'as nitwit 4t r s any
man" I [would leave no, prdper means Untried
fur ail accornotlation; to'secure peace,lwould
yiel[ everything but honor; but whilgt war
taste pivould.straln every sinew, eietrt ey.
i i
ery, [ orFe of the nation to irupresa the enemy •
and, het' world with the terror of our at•ms... --
Sir,.ehuriter ' h-up of conscience• casts may
cppr vql it or n ot—l am well essurreiA
. thitt .
this ounce it is my du tY, to i , stloptsnd pursue.
I would not, whilst the goomy..;Clould OP war'
hung Over the land,, say to the ensnyt—GGo
.ori! - Yliat [are night—wo. are mend . The
Goa cfjustice is on [your Side, and his aveng
ing hand.wifl yet deliver to your toils our
soldi rshotind hand [ and i foot, so that' ycnt,may
flesh yok cords in their bosoms!" Sir, I
own b rats„
e ,- -. . us, .... ~,--.., i , TiVtlei 110%
,te n l o rt t uss ic r : t t h o e
l e i
o t u r : o .o w f.
"Ma ch s 1 w. your aims —y ou are en
gage in sill] unjust and unholy w arn' No I
Woul not paralyse their tarot:germs and val.
is , into the ear f the- dying soldier that
in [no bright- , TA angels Waited above
moke of the b' ttle...that he must never
for paradise}" No! but I would say to
oldier:."a . dva ce your standard! Wave
ri!lii air! ,Le its flashin g e - folds make
e;iwlten'the b the 'is over, I,et :the Veit,.
,surroun it or let' our. lifeless
piled in p •ra ids on t gory'fieliP
rd in this sp* 4, or dream no more of
I •
mud Wife' i ti, or.themothees blessing
tie p •er,!" ,or I must 'Confess ! , Ido
:omprehend ti forecast wench, prtiPosee
eituirciwal of ur Orrnies, or the prudence
:11. declares in dv'enee that !we must at.
u Mexican ' - 't iliiery to the Union.", j
11 no
,senator' motives—l question no
to 'a patriotic —I speak only to what i
il 1,
ei i 'e to be an e ror of policy, when I say ,
i i my view, qte adoptioW4 any such
osition arnhunts, in eppearenee at least,
, [ ,,
Ibrnission; an that whilst' on the, ono
I they are emi etly cali.dlated to encour. '
te arrogance pelage, citon the other
will find no '' snse in the Isaantri of the -
ediStaies. Orr people will 'indignantly'
4 . 3 lieir Bawl n to any such policy. The
')efing fires of i the I llation lill be roused
la bare thought of humb ing the j °Ltd
art] of the United States before ba ad.
exico. Nor, sir. can I palicip n that .
at ty, which i have heard fnvo ed in be,
te l
f *tic° as , a (sister republic. In the
lacer, the wrongs - She bee done us, and
'in ens resident within' heti borders, show
ry eisterlY sr *ion on ter part; taut in
x I muel l ci s.ti my want of sympst
, ti
ere any peOl ere ann l rcliy rules in
for hi
the sj
it iii
of rr 1
Hilt 1
F con
s P
the .
at tj
an l 4
ay m
no 1,
the +n
tltv •
tbc..(Tae of liberl
upop eliublicin
sYinp thiV• shall fo
rule ,r rind bloodsbeH
willit i b properly
I - 1
, ,
Y l ouqg damsel go
mother eharg6d he
4ectful distance.
..,&.se with you if
keep their hands 'o
and some young •
pretty mouths, and
Weet woes. She
one. gallant, who' to
rock candy, and a
ample proof that au
itx the delightful pel
HO put his arm aro
' detain her for that, pi
his advance and aria
thin began to sue he
ki sing her on one oh
ki t s mess much as y
map= says you mi
Recluse Cats s: ;rlr.- 1
*lon 'Published in th e Argni
beim, -IGth inst., u 4, leoHi
was visited by a must awi'ui
night previous, , Twe building
cd by firg.and six persens rfist
a motheF and five ehihlren, 1 1
an interesting youngiady, wa
ed {hat no probability. existed
The sufferers were the wife
Ilezekiatt A. Holdrige. ,
Aim/4'ooler regulatioits st
houses in M ine, are the folio
""No snap ng apple seeds
4 0 ,:slck kiss g the tabs ip 1.1
'NUMBER, 4771
A Patriotie Speech.
i Ter hist
rimc nt.
• inaubor,
hen, and
dtiKed for
.ry. id' a libel
When humats, ,
ination, mis.
not 11.11 than,
f, •
dexcharge taper tells of a.
ng to a - pa I y, when her
.!, to keep the beaux 'at.a re,.
dYou may let'' them con
.ou please, ut make then')
r.' Miss went to the party,
len were th'efe with very
red lips out4Which came
was highl'-deligted with
d her she w,as
l as sweet as
peareil"disposed to givo
IL was hie opiniolyby sip.
F r tar from her poutinglips.
ind her nck, in order to
irpose, wheii she rephlsed
Id, filiandaloff, aid" He
imbly for the privilege of
t.eek.l "O; yea', you may
rim pl see,l l said ahe "but
at k4i3p year handa.a."
a caaluni:
ed iorth lfi
I , that vi
t Mo
a lamky o , a
l e weredes roy,
be eistkehild.
&s haft Vern
f, her recovery.
Athildree of
I ciiiuitit IChpot:
inAgt '
l e eptry? •