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His some excuse for not
reading his home piper.
Then there are others
those who are so blind that
they won't see.
Death causes a situation for which
there are no precedents in
the State.
State Treasurer-elect, J. A. Sto
ber, died suddenly at his home
in Lancaster county on Mon
day. He was in apparently good
health when he retired Sunday
night, but his wife found him dead
in bed next morning.
He was elected at the November
election, and would have entered
upon his duties on May 2nd.
His death has caused a peculiar
situation. Not since the adoption
of the constitution in 1S73 has any
similar case occurred, and state of
ficials say there are no precedents
by which to be guided.
The question that has arisen is,
how shall the vacancy be filled?
Shall the Governor appoint, or does
the schedule for the constitutioual
amendments, adopted last Novem
ber, prevent an election of a State
Treasurer until 191 2?
The matter will be referred to
the Attorney General by the Gov
ernor for decision.
Concert at Normal School.
The date of the concert of the
Redpath Grand Quartette, in the
Normal Auditorium, has been
changed from January 21 to Tues
day evening,' January iS.
The quartette is composed of Mr.
Cecil James, Dr. Ion Jackson, Dr.
Carl Duft, and Mr. Frederick Mar
tin. Their supreme musical ability
makes possible the rendition of a
wealth of the great literature writ
ten by the master composers, which
must forever remain lost to all but
the fortunate few who live in or
near the great cities. However, it
is not to be implied that the pro
grams of the quartet will be limited
merely to the classics, for they will
sing the folk-songs of the South
land in tneir soft negro dialect and
syncopated rhythms; they will sing
the good old G. A. R. songs with
such a dash and thrill that you will
think you are again sitting around
the camp-fire with the old comrades
who have been dead a dozen years;
they will sing "Home, Sweet
Home," "Anuie Laurie," "Su
anee River" and the simple songs
you love so well, and will call uo
aut of th past a flood of child
hood's memories that will dim your
Myes; and then they will sing some
bit of exquisite, irresistible non
sense which will send you home
with a lighter, stronger heart-refreshed
for tomorrow's battle in
the work-a-day world.
There is more Catarrh in this sec
tion of the country than all other
diseases put together, and until the
last few years was supposed to be
incurable. For a great many years
doctors pronounced it a local dis
ease and prescribed local remedies,
and by constantly failing to cure
with local treatment, pronounced
it incurable. Science has proven
.atarrh to be a constitutional dis
ease and therefore requires consti
.utional treatment. Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the
nly constitutional cure on the
uarket. It is taken internally in
closes from 10 drops to a teaspoon--ul.
It acts dirtttly on the blood
nd mucous surfaces of the system.
They offer one hundred dollars for
my case it fails to cure. Send for
circulars and testimonials.
Address: F. J. CHENEY &
CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Talrt; Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
p7Sl 1
The statement of expenditures of
the county, just completed by Com
missioners' Clerk Smith shows a to
tal expenditure for 1909 of 5S,
014.60. Of this amount, $4,57521 was
tin total of the prison, penitentiary
and asylum bills, exclusive of, the
county jail bills, with the greater
part f the amount going to the
Danvi.h Hospital for the Insane
and the Eastern pt nitcutiary. The
Wcrnersville Asylum for the Crim
inal Insane and the Warren Hospi
tal for the Insane received a share
of it.
Elections held in the county dur
ing the last year cost $5.49421,
the largest amount in the county
history, while assessors were paid
The court house expenses, in
cluding the salaries of the Commis
sioners, their e'erk and janitor, as
well as all repairs, gas and electric
light and telephone bills, was $7,
192.78; the total expense ac the
jail for the year was $3,139.57 and
printing and stationery cost, Si,
224. iS. Blank books cost, $359.
65. For fighting forest fires there
was paid the sum of $145.88 and
$510 was paid for the burial of sol
diers and their headstones. Taxes
refunded amounted to $68.35.
The money expended was for the
maintenance of the court, amount
ed to $6,811.17 while Common
wealth costs approximated the fig
ure of $,020.47.
Road and bridge views for the
year and their inspections cost $S8.-
80, a small figure and there was
but one inquest held during the
year, which cost $35. Repairs to
county bridges necessitated the ex
penditure of $7,192.79.
. .
Second Class Mail's Cost.
Particular attention is devoted to
second class mail matter in the an
nual report of the Third Assistant
Postmaster General, made public
on Tuesday. Fostmaster General
Hitchcock in his annual report al
ready recommended an increase in
the charge for transporting through
the mails weekly and monthly mag
azines. Mr. Travers in the report
"The cost of handling second
class matter per pound having been
estimated, by your special commit
tee, which has recently rendered
its report, to be slightly over 9 cents
per pound, based upon the special
weighing ot the mails in 1907, the
cost of handling the above items ot
second class matter is approximate
ly $64,000,000 in excess of the rev
enue at 1 cent a pound ($7,232,
331.82) derived therefrom."
A detailed report is made of the
issuanee of postage stamps, stamp
ed envelopes, newspaper wrappers,
aud postal cards. In every instance
the statements show a large in
crease, due to the country's pros
perity. Memory by Smell.
The sense of smell, though almost
a lost sense with modern man, as Is
well known, sometimes brings back to
memory the strongest visions,
thoughts and impressions of the past.
Tip met a Scotch terrier, an old
friend, he had not seen for a year. She
deliberately nosed and deliberated In
a most human way for a space ol
twelve or fifteen seconds, then mem
ory and recognition came with a rush
In a wild tide of gamboling, groveling
barking delight
The Egyptian Locust.
Great success has attended the ef
forts of the troops and coast guards
In Egypt to combat the locust plague
by destroying the young Insects with
out wines
Bv virtue nf nn nltnc writ ( Pipri Fa.
cias issued out of the Court of Common
fleas of Columbia County, Pennsylvania,
and to me directed, there will be sold at
public sale nt the Court House in the
Sheriff's Offirp in Vit Town rf Rlnnms.
burg, county find Rtate aforesaid, on
at 10 o'clock, a. m , the following
described real estate:
All that meSKlincrf nierp rtnrnol an A
tract of land, situate in the Borough of
Berwick, county of Columbia, state of
Pennsylvania, bounded and described ns
follows, to wit:
Beginning on the northerly side of
Seventh Street and lot of Mary Knecht.
thence along said lot northwardly one
hundred and eighty-one and one-half
feet to Eighth Street, theuce along said
Street enstwardlv fnrtv.nina inil -,.. i.if
feet to corner of lot of Dora A. Ashton,
tnence by said lot southwardly one hun.
dred and eighty-one and one-half feet to
a corner upon Seventh Street aforesaid,
thence westwardly along said street forty-nine
and one-half feet to a corner the
place of beginning. '
Whereon is erected a
Seized, taken in execution ut the suit
of the Harrisburg Savings and Loan As
sociation vs. Catharine Nugent and Clem
W. Nugent, and to be sold as the proper
tv of Catharine Nugent and Clem W.
. - . Sheriff.
Wuliam Chrisnian, Attorney. Jan. 13.4L
For Three Years
"Dr. Miles' Restorative Nerv
ine cured me of a period of
nervous prostration of over three
years duration, and the Anti
Tain Pills arc as necessary to
us as the roof of our house.
They have been household rem
edies with us for many years."
1214 Catherine St.,
Philadelphia, Pcnna.
Much sickness is due to nerv
ous troubles. Headache, diz
ziness, epilepsy and insanity arc
nervous troubles. Then there
is a large class of disorders
which arise from a weakness of
the nerves of an organ or part,
as weak lungs, heart, stomach,
kidney, bladder, eyes, etc.
Dyspepsia and indigestion are
usually the result of nervous
Restorative Nervine
soothes the irritated nerves, and
assists the nerve cells to gener
ate nerve force.
Dr. MMt' Nervine It sold by all drug
gists. If the first bottle falls to benefit,
your druggist will return your money.
MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind.
The annual mpptinir of the momliprs
of the Columbia County Agricultural,
Horticultural and Mechanical Af.tociii-
tion wll( be held In the Court House in
Blooninbiirg. on Saturday, January 15.
liilO, at two o'clock p. 111., tor the elec
tion of oflleers for the ensiiliiif vpnr.
and to vote on an amendment to the
matter of time of opening the polls for
election. The election board will sit to
receive votes from 12 noon to 2 p. 111.
on wild day.
I O.te. A. YOST, Sec.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned. npKin'ted by thu Court of
Common IMww ol Columbia County,
viewers to nsess damages and benefit
upon the properties afleeted by the
grading or change of gradu of North
Iron Street Kxteiifion, in the Town of
Bloomsbiirg, Ph., will meet to discharge
the duties of their apHintment upon
said Iron Street Extension, at or near
the property of Dennis Donovan, oti
the HOth day of January, A. D. 1910. at
ten o'clock in the forenoon, at which
time all per-ons interested may attend
and be heard, if they think proper.
It. O. BRTOOS, )
l-6-3t. J.S.JOHN. )
By virtue of a writ of Levari Facias
issued out of the Court of Common
Pleas of Columbia County, Pennsylva
nia, and tome directed, there will be
sold at public sale at the Sheriffs Of
fice in the Court House at Hlooms
burg, county and tstate aforesaid, on
at ten o'clock a. m., the following
described real estate, to wit: '
All that certain lot, piece or parcel of
land situate in the Borough of Berwick.
Columbia Cou jty and State of Penn
sylvania, bounded and described as
follows, to wit:
Beginning at a point on the easterly
side of Oak htreet one hundred and
ninety-eight feet and nine inches south
of Ninth street; thence easterly and
parallel with Ninth street two hundred
and twenty-two and one-half feet to
Urantstreet; thence by said Grantstreet
south twenty-five degrees forty-live
minutes East two hundred feet to cor
ner of land of Jackson and Crispin;
thence by said land in a northwesterly
direction two hundred and twenty-two
and one-half feet to Ouk street; thence
by said Oak street north twenty-five
degrees forty-live minutes west two
hundred feet to the place ot beginning.
Whereon is erected a
intended for the manufacture of beer,
Seized, taken into execution at the
suit of B. F. Hales, assignee of Henry
Fenchtwauger vs. Berwick Brewing
Company, and to be sold ns the prop,
erty of the Berwick Brewing Compauy.
James L. Evans, Attorney. 12-a0-4t
Jintate of Jacob F. Rink, Deceuita.
The undersigned auditor appointed
by the Orphans' Court of Columbia
County to make distribution of the funds
in the hands of the executor as shown
by his account confirmed at December
term 1009, will sit at the oflice of W. C.
Johnston. Esq., in the Town of Blooms
burg, Pa.. 0.1 Friday, January 14th.
njlo at ten o'clock in the forenoon, to
perform the duties of his appointment,
when and where all persons having
claims against said estate must appear
and prove the same or be f jrever debar
red from any share of said fund.
u-3-4t. Auditor.
Estate of Charles Freeze, late of Blooms
burg, Pa., deceased.
Letters of administration on the estate
gf Charles Freeze, deceased, having
been grauted to the undersigned admin
istratrix, all persons indebted to said
estate are requested to make payment,
and those having claims or demands will
make known the same without deluy to
J. G. Habman, Administratrix,
u-J3 6t Attorney. Bloomsburg Pa.
By virtue of sundry writs of Fi. Fa,
issued out of the Court of Common Pleas
of Columbia County, Pa.; and to me di
rected, there rill be sold nt public sale
nt tlie Sheriff's Office in the Court House
at Bloomsburg. county and state afore
said, on
SATURDAY, JAN'Y 15. 191,
at 10 o'clock &. m., the following de
scribed real estate :
All that certain messuage, tenement
and lot of ground situate in the Borough
of Catawiss.1, Columbia County, Penn
sylvania, bound and described as fol
laws, to wit :
Beginning at a point at the intersec
tion of Pine and Second streets in said
Borough thence along the west side of
Second street twenty-five feet frc.m the
center line thereof, north twenty eight
degrees and thirty minutes east one
hundred and six feet and eight inches to
the line of Peter B. Ervin, thence by
said Peter B. Ervin north sixty-one ile
grcrs and twenty minutes west one
hundred and thirty-one feet and eight
inches to the line of Isaac Secsholtz,
thence by said Isaac Seesholu south
twenty eight degrees and twenty min
utes west one hundred and six leet and
eight inches to the north side of Pine
street, thence along tlie north side of
said Pine street twenty five feet from
the center line thereof, south sixty-one
degrees and twenty minutes east one
hundred and thirty-one feet and eight
inches to the place of beginning, con
taining 32 loo acres of land. Whereon
are erected a
used as a Shoe Factory.
and a two story
used as a store. Also, including all the
machinery in said shoe factory building
owned by and belonging to said defend
ants, including boiler, engine, shafting,
belting, piping, lathes, sewing machines
and all other machinery therein.
Seized, taken into execution at the
suits of Wm. M.Vastine. Jere B, Nussand
Outlier tyer vs. llliam r . Cramer ana
W. F. Cramer Shoe Co., terre tenant;
and C. K. Kreisher acd L, C. Mensch
vs. W. F. Cramer Shoe Co., and to be
sold as the property of William F. Cra
mer, W. F. Cramer Shoe Co., terre ten
ant, and the W. F. Cramer Shoe Co.
Kreisher and Mensch, Attorneys.
Notice is hereby given to all legatees
and other persons interested in the es
tates of the respective decedents and
minors, that the following administra
tors, executors and guardian's accounts
have been filed in the office of the Reg
ister of Wills of Columbia County, and
will lie presented for confirmation and
allowance in the Orphans' Court to be
held at Bloomsburg, fa., on Monday,
February 7th, A. D.. 1010, at two
o'clock, P. M., of said day.
No. 1. First and final account of W.
M. Vastine. administrator of the estate
of Davis Runyan, deceased, late of Mon
tour township.
No. a. First and final account of W.
M. Vastine, administrator of the estate
of Pauline Runyan. deceased, late of
Contour township.
No. 3. First arid final account of Em
ma Eveland, administratrix of the estate
of Daniel Eveland, late of Locust town
ship. No. 4. First and final account of
Mcses Savage and Orville Savage, exec
utors of the estate of Mary McAuliff,
deceased, late of the boro. of Benton.
No. s. First and final account of
John E. Miller, administrator of the es
tate of Catherine Miller, deceased, late
of the township of Jackson.
No. 6. First and final account of Alli
son Derr and Hamford Fisher, execu
tors of the estate of G. W. Fisher, de
ceased, late of Main township.
No. 7. Fir-1 and partial account of
Elizabeth Snyder, executrix of the es
tate of Wil'.iam R. Shannon deceased,
late of Berwick, Pa.
No. 8. First and partial account of
Wilson G Kreamer, administrator of the
estate ot Harm an A. Kramer, deceased,
late of the boro, of West Berwick, Pa.
No. 0. First and fiual account of Su
san Kuhn, administratrix of the estate of
Elizabeth R. Kuhn,, deceased, late of
Bloomsburg, Pa.
No. 10. First and final account of
William H. Sarley, executor of the es
tate of Mary A. Sarley, deceased, late of
the borough of Berwick. Pa.
No. 11. First and final account ot
William Chrisman. administrator of the
estate of Rachel Carey, deceased, late of
Madison township.
No. 13. First and final account of Si
las Hufnagle, guardian of the person
and estate of Bertha Gearhart, a minor
child of Lettie Gearhart. deceased.
No. 13. First account of H. W. ShafJ
fer, guardian of Helen Lucele Shaffer, a
minor child of Mary Shaffer, deceased,
late of Greenwood township.
No. 14. First and final account of
William L. Cotner, executor of the es
tate of Daniel Cotner, deceased, late of
Montour township.
No. 15. First and final account of
William Berninger and Arthur Bernin
ger, executors of the estate of Josi..h
Berninger, deceased, late of Locust
No. i6. Second and final account of
Charles C. Evans, execu'or of the es
tate ofjohn Hunt, deceased, late ot Ber
wick, Pa.
No, 17. First and final account of the
Berwick Savings and Trust Co., execu
tors of the estate of L. J. Townsend, de
ceased, late of Berwick, Pa.
Bloomsburg, Pa., January 8th, kjio.
Estate of John Rrlchard, lato ofllemlock Tmcn
thtp, Dfoeai.
Notice is hereby given that letters tes
tamentary on the above estate have been
srrunteil to the undersigned, and all per
sons indebted to said estate are request
ed to make payment, and thus j having
claims or demands will make known the
same without delay to
Executrix, Bloomsburg, Pa. R D4
N. U. Funk, Attorney. 12-9- 6t.
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