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Ooen a tfank Account Have a Check Cashed
Borrow Money, or Make an Investment
The Farmers National Bank
Capital, 860.000 Surplus $100,000
t Mnvuo N. U. Funk C. M. Creveling C. A. Kleim
or T Whitk C. W. Runyon
VV , , .
3 Per Cent. Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
The Corporation has determined to
raise a fund to build a hand
some and well equipped
The Corporation of the Joseph
Ratti Hospital at its meetiug on
Monday took a step which will
mean much, not only to Blooms
burg, but to the whole neighboring
The decision was made to raise a
fund of twenty thousand dollars to
which an additional ten thousand
will undoubtedly be added by the
Slate, to erect a new building ad-
ininincr the nresent structure. The
old building will be used for ad
ministrative purposes, and for op
erating. The building will be of brick
with Indiana limestone trimmings,
three stories above the basement
which will be almost entirely above
giouud. Provision is made for four
public wards, two each for male and
female patients; one for male medi
cal and one for surgical and same
for female patients. Three wards
will accommodate twenty patients
and under extraordinary circum
stances may be increased to thirty
There will be fourteen rooms for
private patients which are intended
for one patient in each, but the
rooms will be sufficiently large to
accommodate two if necessity re
quires. The new building is also
provided with an emergency room,
directors' room, staff consulting
room, waiting room, diet kitchens,
loilet rooms, and all other requisites
lor a first class modern hospital.
The kitchen, general dining room,
boilers, etc., will be located in the
basement. The new building is to
be connected on the first and second
floors to the present building with a
wide corridor, with easy access lo
the operating room which will re
main where it is at present located.
An election of officers was held
at the meeting on Monday at
which the following gentlemen
were reelected: A. Z. Schoch,
president; L. N. Moyer, vice presi
dent; F. G. Yorks, treasurer, and
John G. Harman, secretary.
Mr. Schoch will appoint a com
mittee soon for the purpose of can
vassing, and furthering of the build
ing project.
The hearing of the West Berwick
license case took place last Satur
day. Chief of Police Laub, of
West Berwick, represented by Hon.
Grant Herring and Clyde C. Yet
ter, charged M. J. Harris with vio
lation of the liquor laws, and keep
ingja disorderly place which dis
turbed the peace of the community.
The defense, represented by John
G. Harman and J. L. Evans, claim
ed the charges were brought
through personal spite. The hear
ing continued throughout the day.
The decision resulted in favor of
the defendant, the Associate Judges
voting against Judge Evans.
Miss Emma Turner, of Danville,
was so frightfully burned last Fri
day night, when her clothing was
ignited by burning oil from a lamp,
that she died only a few minutes
after being brought to the Joseph
Ratti Hospital. Her clothing was
almost entirely burued, and her
flesh was charred in many places.
Dr. J. J. Brown M. Milleiskn
Democratic Committmen Name Candi
dates for Directors of Bloom
Poor District.
The Democratic committeemen
of the district embraced in Bloom
Poor Distrht met in the Court
House last Saturday afternoon, in
pursuance of a call issued by Coun
ty Chairman J. II . Mercer. The
purpose of the meeting was to name
candidates for the office of Director
of Bloom Poor District.
Those present were Tames II.
Mercer, Otto Kemper, E. M. Sav
idge and Clark Miller, of Blooms
burg; Bartley Albertson and W. B.
Lawton. of Greenwood township;
Alvin Ikeler, of Millville; Harry
Dietterick and Frank Ilippensteel,
of Scott township; and A. B. Van-
s'.ckle and I. P. Hartman, of bu
garloaf township.
The candidates for the office were
Frauk Drake and William Kashner,
of Bloomsburg, Mr. Drake being a
member of the present board and
seeking a renomination; C. W.
Hess and Jesse Fritz, of Sugarloaf
township, and A. S. Ikeler, of Mill
ville. It seemed to be conceded that C.
W. Hess would be one ot the nom
inees inasmuch as Sugarloaf town
ship had no representation on the
board for years.
The contest narrowed down be
tween Kashner ard Drake. The
meeting was called to order by
County Chairman James H. Mercer
who was made President of the
meeting, and Harry Dietterick was
chosen Secretary.
There being two candidates to
be nominated, each committeeman
could vote for two. A ballot was
taken, and the result was 8 for
Hess, 6 for Kashner, 4 for Drake,
2 for Fritz, and 1 for Ikeler. Hess
aud Kashner were declared the
Expansion and improvement al
ways seem to be the policy of the
Magee Carpet Company. Nearly
every year has seen additions made
to this already large and well
equipped plant, and more are now
under way.
A two-story brick addition, i8x
80 feet, is being placed on the tap
estry weave room, and work has
been started on a two-story brick
addition over the dye house of
the spinning mill, with each floor
18x50 feet, to be used as a picking
house. Work on these additions
will be rapidly rushed.
The electrification of the entire
plant is being pushed forward. Al
ready four hundred horsepower is
being produced, and eight more
motors aggregating 200 h. p. are
expected within the next week.
Tames Magee will be an inde
pendent candidate for President of
the Town Council.
Mr. Magee has been a member
of the Council for a number of
years, and is thoroughly familiar
with the town affairs. There has
never been a more active aud ag
gressive member than he has been.
He has always been elected by a
very large vote, and if there are any
other aspirants for the Mayor's
chair, he will no doubt give them a
lively hustle.
The Friendship Fire Co. will
hold their forty-third annual dance
in the Midway, on February 22nd.
The New Year.
The vcar about to close, following the serious financial de
pression of 1007-8 has been a
eral business has wonderfully improved so that the coming NEW
YEAR promises great prosperity, and consequently a consider
able accumulation of money to deposit in a sound bank. The
record of this Bank has been one ot unbroken success, and never
before has it been so well prepared to meet and satisfy the needs
of its patrons. If you are not already a patron of this bank, we
cordially invite you to start in with the NEW YEAR, assuring
you that a trial will prove mutually pleasant and profitable.
0e Q0foent06urg
WM. II. HIDLAY, Cashier.
School of Agriculture
Sessions Being Held in the Court
House, Where Interesting Work
is Done.
The Movable School of Agricul
ture opened its first session in the
Court Honse on Monday afternoon,
with A. P. Young of Millville pre
siding, and Charles Girton, of
Buckhorn, as secretary. A. L.
Martin Deputy Secretary of Agri
culture, and Director of the Mov
able Schools of Agriculture, the
first speaker, outlined the program
to be carried out, aud discussed
dairy farming.
Prof. II. E. VanNorman, in
charge of dairy at State College,
was the next speaker. His subject,
was, "What is the Profit in Dairy
ing?" Prof. C. W. Larson, of State
College, gave an address on "Farm
Buttermaking." and was followed
by Dr. M. E. Conrad, of West
Grove, Pa., who talked interest
ingly on the questiou, "Why the
farmers cannot purchase good
cows," stating the reason was that
the cattle were worth more money
elsewhere. He then answered a
number of practical questions.
Tuesday's session.
The morning session was opened
by a talk by Dr. A L- Martin on
"How to Raise Red Clover."
He was followed by Professor
C. W. Larson, of State College,
who discussed butter making and
butter scoring.
Professor II. E. VanNorman
then talked on "The Proper Feed
ing of Dairy Cows."
In the afternoon eighty-six farm
ers journeyed to Grovauia and paid
a visit to the stock farm of T. E.
Hyde. Here Professor Van Nor
man used cows to demonstrate the
method of scoring them as to their
good or bad points. He gave the
farmers an opportunity of scoring,
and learning how to recognize a
good animal. For two honrs his
hearers stood in the cold, with no
lack of interest, and were enthusi
astic in the work.
The evening session was an in
teresting one, at which Dr. Martin
discussed "How can we grow more
corn in Columbia County?"; Pro
fessor Van Norman talked on dairy
problems, Dr. Courad spoke on the
essential features of handling milk,
emphasizing cleanliness and refrig
Dr. A. L. Martin opened the
morning session with an int nesting
talk on potato growing.
He was followed by Dr. Conrad,
who tested milk which had been
brought to him by the farmers, and
explained the Babcock tester.
In the afternoon Dr. Conrad
talked on dairy topics, and answer
ed questions.
Last eveniug a very able address
on "Domestic Economy" was de
livered by Miss Sara C. Lovejoy,
Dean of the Woman's Department
of State College. A large audience
listened to her.
today's program.
The work of the school is being
conliuued today, with addresses
and discussions. Tonight there
will be a Round Table Conference.
The conference will be opened by
Dr. D. J. Waller, principal of the
Bloomsburg State Normal School,
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reasonably prosperous one. Gen
Qtartonaf ffanft
A. Z. SCHOCH. President,
The following corporations held
their annual elections this week,
with the results as rtated:
ROAD. Directors: II. T. Dechert, W. P.
Gest, C. James, C. G. Appleman,
P. W Buck, L. E. Waller, Samuel
Wigfall, W. C. Snyder and II. J.
Conner. At a meeting subsequent
ly held the Board organized by
electing as president, Samuel Wig
fall; vice president, II. T. Dechert;
secretary and treasurer, II. J. Con
ner, and superintendent, W. C.
Directors: E. W. M. Low, F.
G. Yorks, Louis Gross, M. E.
Stackhouse, J. M. Staver, Fred Ik
eler, S. C. Creasy, Clinton Her
ring, Myron I. Low, II. V. IIow
er, Frank Ikeler, George L. Low
and A. W. Duy. The following
officers were subsequently elected:
E. W. M. Low, president, M. I.
Low aud James M. Staver, vice
presidents, and Frank Ikeler, cash
Directors: C. M. Creveling, Dr.
J. J. Brown. C. A. Kleim, J. L.
Moyer, N. U. Funk, W. L- White,
M. Milleisen and C. W. Runyon.
Organization will be effected to
Directors: A. Z. Schoch. H. B.
Clark. Paul E. Wirt, Samuel Wig
fall, II. J. Conner. F. G. Yorks, J.
Iv Shuman. R. J. Ruhl. C. A. Cas
well, W. M. Longenberger, Jchn
G. Harman. W. H. Hidlayand M.
J Hess. At a meeting subsequently
held A. Z. Schoch was elected pres
ident; PaulE. Wirt, vice president;
William H. Hidlay. cashier; C. H.
Kline, teller; A. H. Stroh and J.
R. Terwilliger. bookkeepers; Ar
thur Walter, stenographer.
Directors: John Eves, Ellis Eves,
O. W. Cherington, J. C. Brown,
G. D. Harter, A. C. Creasy and
H. V. White. Subsequently the
board organized by electing H. V.
White, president; M. Powell, sec
retary, and A. B. White, treasurer.
A dividend of 6 per cent, was
declared on preferred stock, and an
amount equal to 20 per cent, of the
capital stock was placed in the
sinking fund.
Directors: A. W. Spear. J. H.
Aikman, II. C. Barton, C. H. Dil-
dine, R. Turrell, B. F. Battin, W.
L. Cole, W. S. Ross, A. D. Gard
ner, Adam Stock, J. C. Morse, H.
II. Brown. The directors organ
ized by the election of the follow
ing: President, A. W. Spear; vice
president, II C. Barton; sacretary,
II. H. Brown, executive commit
tee, J. H. Aikman and C. H. Dil-
diue; auditor, A. C Creasy.
The fire alarm sounded on Sat
urday night at 9.30, but before any
of the firemeu arrived the signal
that the fire was out was given. A
coal oil stove was upset in the of
fice of the Midway, and made a
blaze aud much smoke for a few
moments, but it was thrown out
the window without doing much
damage. A dance was in progress
at the time, but it was delayed on
ly about ten minutes.
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