The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, June 24, 1909, Page 2, Image 2

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Weird 'Devil Bird' Crossed State
Line and Terrified Spring
Valley, New York
Ue.crlbed at Having An lmmens
Head, and a Small but Muscular
Cody Covered with Hair Arms
Equipped with Web-like Skin.
Spring VaUey, N. Y. An armed
poRses of fearless men searched hill
und dale and Invaded swamp lands
fearlessly In and around this village,
in hot pursuit of the weird Jersey
"Bombat," which has made Its lair
nearby. The alleged capture of the
"devil bird" at Atlantic City Is not
credited here. It wasn't the real
"devil bird" that fought fisherman
Dougherty, for the monster Is In "the
midst" here.
The creature appeared in the heart
of the swamp near the business sec
tion of Main street. Its uncanny cries
at first startled the villagers, and
when an exploring party, armed with
lanterns, entered the swamp the
gleaming eyes of the creature and Its
wild gyrations threw terror into the
liearts of the bravest, and the scout
ing party, led by Charlie Fisher, who
Keeps the bowling alleys, filed back
to the security of the village streets.
Throughout the night the cries of
the whatever-it-ls were heard coming
from various directions, but always
f;ora the neighborhood of the swamp.
Chief of Police "Tommy" Walker,
who Is the entire uniformed force,
was appealed to, but "guessed as how"
his business did not consist of run
ning down Bombats or Jersey Devils,
und he reckoned he'd better remain
on tlaln street and do his usual bit
On their way to school next day
children flocked together passing the
haunt of the Bombat. Women ex
pressed equal fear and men ventured
forth fearful of encountering the crea
ture. It was described as having an Im
mense head atop of a small but mus
cular body, covered with balr. Its
r.rms appeared to be equipped with a
eb-llke skin which answered the pur
e of -wings, giving the creature
ility to leap Immense distances,
r.i'.o the ' wings flapped lifting its
l. dy clear off the earth.
At night when the awful shrieking
i ud. at times mournful cries of the
Bombat carried Into every home of
the village, the negroes living on
Chicken Hill ran terrified Into the vil
lage and many flocked Into the Metho
dist church and prayed hysterically.
Sarah Allston, wife of Omega All
8 ton, a woodchopper, was more hyster
ical than the rest. She fled from the
church down Main street and fell
dead in front of the post office. Dr.
Smith declared she had died from
heart disease, but the villagers ex
claimed that the evil hand of the
Bombat had been raised against
Sarah, and that any one so Indicated
by the monster would meet the same
An hour later the fright of. the vil
lagers was Intensified when word was
brought in that the body of a dead
man was found on the railroad tracks.
The body has not yet been identified.
After a night of vigil, during which
the Bombat continued to howl and
Rhrlek and moan, the men of Spring
Valley met in Fisher's bowling alley,
'but not a ball rolled, not even a high
ball. Matters were too desperate,
Charley Fisher allowed, to permit any
sort of festivity.
"I tell you what we'll do," spoke up
"Tom Moore, throwing out his chest
"We'll form a hunting party, arm our-
raIvpci in th tfth anil evprv mnn
pledging himself to stand together,
we'll sally into the swamp to-morrow
and hunt down that pesky critter."
There were several present who de
clared as how it might be well to call
for outside assistance and not go on
tempting the devil, but when J. C.
Glbbs, Harold Sheldon, Ross Youmans,
Roswald Farrington, Walter Foley,
Shep Small and Dink Davis volunteer
ed to start the hunt, first thing next
morning, the others fell Into line.
During the remainder of the night
followed a scurrying throughout the
village for firearms, and cutlasses, and
it came to pass that bright and early
the band entered the swamp to hunt
the terrifying bombat to the death.
Spring Valley awaited with hushed
anxiety the result of the formdiable
dash of the brave men of the village
into the heart of the bombat's chosen
fastness. Their search was in vain.
Owner 8ue Express Company to Re
cover Damages for Loss.
St Louis, Mo. William Orothe of
Wentsvllle, Mo., through his attorney,
Is trying to collect from an express
company the value of a donkey he
had bought and which ended its life
while being shipped from Illinois to
Missouri. The donkey was crated
and placed in the express company's
v irehouse here Tuesday .tight A
r"t Jet was burning nea rte animal
''ien the employees locked she ware
1 '?e. In the morning the light was
II .' n:id the donkey dead.
Orothe contends the donkey blew
out the gas while braying.
Paris has taken a new twist. For
a long time It has been urged that
the excessive amount of publicity
which has been given to the crimes
of the Paris Apaches has been re
sponsible for a great proportion of
the violence which has prevailed in
the capital lu recent years. M. Brl
and, minister of justice, has just
issued an order prohibiting the po
lice under penalty of severe punish
ment from supplying photographs of
noted criminals to the press. Nor
will M. Bertillon of the anthropome
tic department be allowed to give
photographs, neither will the news
paper reporters be permitted to
photograph the bodies of murdered
persons or the rooms In which crimes
have been committed. A former
chief of the detective department
smiles, and predicts that the new or
der will not last three months, for
there are times when the police find
it extremely difficult to dispense with
the aid of the press. But one thing
Is certain, the class known as
Apaches has the upper hand in Paris.
They are outlaws who play to the
gallery, and are as full of vanity and
conceit as of brutality. The Apache
adores the center of the stage, and
will commit any crime to figure as
a hero to his kind.
The pity of it is that the evils
which come from smoke are all pre
ventable. Smoke-consumers exUt
which have proved their worth. Due
care In running fires will do much.
No more fuel Is required under care
ful management to produce combus
tion which shall be practically
smokeless. Those statements have
been proved over and over again. It
is a matter of community supervi
sion, of laws rightly framed, and
fearlessly administered. Fortunate
ly inspection is by no means a diffi
cult matter. One city, for example,
handles that problem by means of a
chart holding six pictures of a chim
ney above a factory, the first of
which shows the chimney with no
smoke, the second with a light
smoke issuing, the other four show
ing greater and blacker volumes.
The first conditions are passable. The
last are dangerous. The Inspector
takes a photograph of Jny question
able chimney and compares it with
the standard pictures. The com
parison tells the story declares Hol
11s Godfrey, in Atlantic. The factory
is pronounced "passed," or the own
er is warned to immediately con
form to the regulations under penal
ty of the law.
These statistics published by the
County Council of London, are il
luminative and, in certain respects,
appalling. According to them, Lon
don comprises 7 4 .8 1 C acrs of land
and water. In the city proper live
4,795,789 human beings; In the sub
urbs around them another 3,000,000.
While it is probably the wealthiest
city in the world, its property being
Insured against tire for 1,040,057,
S46 pounds sterling, nevertheless
"one person In every thirty-three is
a pauper; twenty persons in every
hundred die in a workhouse or a
workhouse infirmary." The city an
nually distributes through its chari
ties 10,066,043 pounds sterling.
Over 150,000,000 yearly In charity
and yet one out of every thirty-three
a pauper! Where else can be seen
such extremes of poverty and suf
fering, wealth and ostentatious ex
travagance! REST SOKT OF
The New bngland fishermen de
vised, in the very beginning of their
Industry, asyBtern of co-operation
which lasts until this day. Mr. An
drew Carnegie describes it in a few
words in the very valuable paper on
Labor which introduces his book on
Social Problems." He says: "I
never see a fishing fleet sail without
hailing it as the finest illustration of
the perfect relationship which is one
day to prevail between capital and
labor generally. Every man in the
ship, from the captain down, is a
partner, paid by sharing in the profits
of the catch according to the value
of his labor."
Barcelona has, perhaps, one of
the best and most complete electric
street car services In Europe, some
166 miles of line being worked by
the different companies within the
boundaries of the city and suburbs;
none of these concerns, however, are
British enterprises, the whole sys
tem being controlled by German and
Belgian syndicates.
TION. It may be that the tendency to
live out of doors and enjoy the fresh
air may bring back to us something
of that delight in the external world
which characterized the writers of
some of .'ie books of the old Testa
It frequently happens nowadays
that the prodigal son returns to his
home for the express purpose of In
viting the old man out to a first
class square meal.
Few authors have had a success
equal to that of Captain Mahan,
whose discussion of the sea power
has changed the policy of all the
strongest nations of the world.
Maud Drake Out with a New Warn
ing of sn Impendlng'Cataclytm
In This Country.
Boulder Creek, Col. Maud Lord
Drake, who has spiritualistic tenden
cies and calls herself a human seis
mograph, predicts that a disaster of
dire proportions Is imminent some
where on this continent She declares
that she foretold the Galveston tidal
wave and the San Francisco earth
quake, and warned the inhabitants of
both these cities weeks beforehand
that destruction was upon them. She
also lays claim to a forewarning of the
Slocum disaster, the Colllngwood,
Ohio, school lire, and the recent series
of earthquakes in foreign lands. She
said a few days ago:
"These disturbances confuse and
distress me beforehand in proportion
to their destructiveness and nearness.
On Jan. 23 I was greatly affected all
day, could with difficulty keep my
feet, everything turning in confusion;
then enmo a hurrying of spirits, hith
er and thither, with all kinds of cloth
ing for men, Women, and children. At
that time I told of great earthquakes
to come, and on that very day, in the
Province of Turkestan, In Western
Persia, sixty villages and more than
6,000 people were destroyed. Then
came the eruption of the Collma vol
cano in Mexico, and a month later the
destruction of Messina.
"but the worst is to come. For
many months, at various times, I have
been, and I am now, in the shadow
of something even more appalling and
destructive of human life. I cannot
penetrate the gloom as yet, but It
seems that it must be in this country,
and that I must be in it in addition
to the cataclysm Impending in this
country there is to be another merci
less disaster in Europe; not right
soon, perhaps, but still not very far
"But If, as In other cases, I should
get the light in time to warn the local
ities to be affected, what good would
It do? People will not heed until too
lafe. They paid no attention In Gal
veston or San Francisco, nor was any
heed given when, in 1883, I foretold
from the platform of the coming dis
aster In the Island of Krakaton, where
25,000 lives were lost"
Royalty's Greatest Business Man-
Leopold of the Belgians.
Nine-Footer Puts Up s Battle That
Lasts for Five Hours.
Tacoma, Wash. Going out for rock
cod and putting In a whole afternoon
battling with a giant mud shark was
the experience of Lewis Jervis and C.
de Allen off the Puget Sound Flour
Mil' The shark repeatedly jerked
two 40-pound sinkers, two buoys and
the rowboat containing the two men
about, and was only conquered after
a struggle that began at 1 o'clock and
was finished at 6 o'clock. The fish
was docked at the Fobs Boat Com
pany's float at 8 o'clock and is now
on exhlr-'tlon.
It all came about by a silver salmon
grabbing a piece of meat containing
a hook and the shark grabbing the
salmon, which at the time of his seiz
ure contained both toe meat and
The shark ie about 9 feet long' and
weighs about 800 pounds. These
sharks are quite plentiful In the bay,
though few as large as this one are
ever seen.
"Man With the Golden Nose" Dead.
Lexington, Ky. Patrick Lamphear,'
one of the most widely known Bour
bon whiskey exporters in America,
died here from pneumonia. He was
born in Ireland sixty-five years ago.
His skill in determining the quality
of whiskey by its aroma had gained
a large salary for him and had won
for him the sobriquet of "the man
with the golden nose."
4 )
L m
We can't understand why a man
a full grown male person should
object to women suffrage If the wo
man wants it, exclaims the Uawllns
(Wyo.) Republican. Wo are of the
opinion that wtn-.ofl Is rtitl'Je.l to
Just about anything her heart de
sires. If she wants to vo'.e far mer
cy's sake give her the ballot. If sl.e
A'ants to run for o.Uce t'.ie spiM ta.ois
should stand back and give her plen
ty of elbow room, and if npi'r.-iry to
her success In contests of this char
acter let her costume be such as to
interfere as little as possible with
her progress. We are for woman
first and other things afterward. She
Is half the population numerically
and seven-fifths o.' It Intrinsically. In
other words, she Is tlio whole bloom
ing works, plus.
If she is happy the rest of us guys
ought to be tickled to death. There
fore we say franchise her If it will
please her, if it will make her smllo.
If It will give us common male mor
tals a glimpse Into heaven through
her sweetly curved Hps; in the name
of all that is good and holy franchise
her. Give her the ballot If It will
! Improve her already lovely disposi
tion. Give it to her, and give it to
her quick. This world is too com
monplace and life too dull an 1 nhort
to deny woman anything that mlsiit
possibly enhance her many GoJ giv
en graces.
A Dt'TY.
In many ways the people of the
country would be benefited by induc
ing men who have a practical experi
ence in the management of great in
dustrial, financial and commercial
enterprises to become can. ,1. hues l.n
public office, declares Amen an in
dustries. They know economic ques
tions better than do the politU lans.
'lheir trade connections give tlie:n a
larger concern In such issues, uiu
furnish them with a greater induce
ment for studying them thoroughly.
Moreover, business meu in oilice ure
less likely than are the nomlnics of
the politicians to be stampeued I)
demagogues, or to Lo frightened by
the crack of the boss' whip. Tl.oj
would be far less likely to' be in
fluenced by the wiles of the booJler.
More than the average man they
are conservative. The personal stake
which they have In the stability of
Industry am finance has compelled
them to get some acquaintance with
the various political panaceas which
agitators, from time to time, have
urged, and with the different nos
trums which Ignorant, timid or care
less legislatures have, at one time
und another, enacted.
Not for a moment should be depre
cated the modern tendency to protect
so far as possible the memories of
men of genius who have given of
their best to the world. The world
will not forgive those who needlesslj
toll the names of Its benefactors. It
Is hateful to impute the lower mo
tives, and to exploit the mistakes
and failures of those whoso ill deeds
would never have been bruited had
it not been for their nobler accom
plishments. But this generous mood,
this sympathy with human fralllty,
this acknowledgment of the law of
evolution in the realm of ethics and
conduct should not be carried to the
point of erecting vices into virtues,
of not merely excusing, but prefer
ring, and even honoring those ac
tions which simply demonstrate a
lack of moral self-control.
In a recent book on "The Evolu
tion of Dress," Mr. W. M. Webb
shows that many details of modem
dress, generally regarded as products
of caprice or accident, or of the In
vention of tailors and milliners, are
traceable to prlmitve forms, and that
fashion in costume is the result of
a process of evolution in which early
ideas continually crop out. The
earliest form of dress seems to have
been the shawl, or wrapper, and
fringes date back to the first loom.
The hatband Is traced to the original
fastening of the first cloth headdress.
Puttees are as old as Mycenae. A
mystery yet unexplained is the sew
ing of the buttons on the right-hand
side of a man's coat and the left
hand side of a woman's.
Lord Northcliffe declares that
"there are no first-class writers to
day in England cr America. Genius
is dead." If Alfred Harmsworth
says so, why so it is. But It will be
terrible news to Rudyard Klppllng,
Richard Harding Davis, Laura Jean
Llbbey, Winston Churchill and other
stars which have heretofore blazed
In our literary skies, but which must
now go out in darkness.
it is a mistake to suppose that
quiet In the natural world is the re
sult of one force working in one di
rection. Stillness in the outer world
is alwayB the result of at least two
contending forces perfectly balanced
against each other.
Underfeeding In London has be
come a fad. There has long been a
popular Impression with regard to
the English metropolis that it was a
settled misfortune.
Russia Is still sending her thou
sands monthly to exile in Siberia.
The reform that was promised baa
not come to pass.
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