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Wear Evans' Shoes and Oxfords
You get style, you get comfort,
you get both.
are most popular.
WOMEN'S - Sl.OOto S3. BO
82. OO to
The Progressive Shoe Store
Exclusive Sales Agency
t-inm-ra at lh rout Op'cf, ltixnfrg, Pa.
nfconlela matter, March 1.1H88.
More Revenue for Orphanage.
Move lo Increase Per Capita Tax to One
Cent a Week.
Increased revenue for the Or
phans' home nearSunhury and the
other similar institutions in the
State will be one of the principal
subjects to be brought up when
representatives of 1160 lodges of
the independent Order of Odd
Fellows in this State will gather at
Harrisburg next Sunda, at the
sixty-eighth annual session of the
Crand lodge of Pennsylvania, for
a five days' busiuess meeting.
It is expected that, including the
1200 delegates, there will be 7500
members on hand.
Especially will the session be of
importance from a legislative point
of view, since the ten year limit in
which period the constitution could
not be changed, will expire next
year, and preliminary legislation in
this direction will be started.
An effort will be made on behalf
of the four, homes of the order to
'bring the members to a realization
of the needs of these institutions.
It is understood that an increase in
the tax lew will be suggested.
At present, the tax per member
s 25 cents per year, ana mis neis
it nnn for the inaintainance of the
several homes. One proposition
will call for a tax of 1 cent a week
which will yield about $75,000
Gallery of Life Pictures.
The Gallerv of Life Pictures,
will be presented in the Columbia
Theatre, May 20th, by bt. Mar
garet's Guild, assisted by Mr.
Raich G. Phillips.
The entertainment consists ol
reproductions of well known pic
tures down to the minutest detail,
with all home talent participating.
Young people of town will pose as
the subjects, eacti person Deing
chosen for the part because of simi
larity of feature and figure. Their
apparel will carry out the idea of
the artist, and they will be placed
within a large frame, upon which
the only light visible on the stage
will be thrown.
Some of the subjects which will
be represented include Gertrude
Wickersham's "Blow," "Little
Boy," "Mistress Mary," "Little
Bo Peep" 'Sunbonnet Babies,"
and "Maypole Dance," "Soldier's
Farewell, "The Old Story," The
Harp," "Baroness Von Ritz."
"The Elopement," Charlotte
Corday's "The Batl" as well as
several posters.
Elwell's Orchestra will furnish
Cellar Dropped Out.
When Gomer Nicholson of
Scranton. had a ton of coal placed
in his cellar the other day he natu
rally thought that it would remain
there until it was removed in the
natural course of events, pailful
after pailful. He was badly mis
taken, however, for it returned
whence it came, just when or how
nobody seems to exactly know.
About supper time Friday evening
John Garrison, who boarisinthe
Nicholson home went into the cel
lar for a scuttleful of coal, but
much to his surprise cruld not find
the fuel. Securing a light he com
menced a search, only to discover
that over half of the cellar, to be
exact, a space about 11 feet square,
had dropped into the mines. With
It had gone the ton of coal. Aban
doned workiues of the old Fair-
lawu breaker are blamed for the
IK m
The Hoard of Health held a meet
ing on Saturday evening, and was
organized as follows: John E. Wei
liver, president; A. F. McCollum,
vice president; Dr. J. h. Shuman,
secretary; Dr. C. F. Altmiller,
A number of nuisances were re
ported and action upon the abate
ment of the same taken.
An inspection of the local dairies
will be made in the near future.
Every Woman Will Be Interested.
There has recently been discovered nn
aromatic, pleasant herb cure for worn
nn's ills, called Mother Gray's AUSTRA
LIAN-LEAF. It is the only curtain rceu
lator. Cures female weaknesses and
Backache, Kidney, Bladder and Urinary
troubles. At the DruRjists or by nail
So cts. Sample FREIC, A lderss, The
Mother Grav Co., Le Roy, N. Y.
Talked Too Much.
It is said that "talk is cheap,''
but in the case of John McCarty it
came high. He was convicted in
court last week for burglary and
jail-breaking, .and was sentenced to
three years in the penitentiary 011
the former, sentence being suspend
ed on the latter.
As Sheriff Eut was putting the
hand-cuffs on him to return to the
jail, McCarthy made a threat that
he would get even with the sheriff
when he was released. This com
ing to the ears of Judge Evans,
McCarthy was ordered back before
the court on Saturday, and another
year was added to the sentence.
It will now be four years before he
will begin to "get even" with the
The fine property of Col. John
G. Freeze, on the corner of Third
and Center streets, is for sale. It
has a lroutage on Third street of
92 feet, and on Center street
about 212 feet. The residence con
tains all modern improvements.
Located in the heart of the town,
only a short distance from the
businese houses, court house, post
office, churches, trolley line, &c,
this is a very valuable property
either as a home or as a lot for
building purposes. Center street
is sure to be an important busiuess
street before long.
For terms and conditions consult
Col. Freeze. tf.
Rev. J. W. Diggles and H. Bruce
Clark represented St. Paul's Church
at the annual convention of the
Episcopal Church for the diocese of
Harrisburg, held at Shamokin on
Tuesday and Wednesday. Mr.
Diggles was elected a member of
the Standing Committee of the Di
ocese. The public school teachers of
Danville have refused to march in
the parade with their pupils at the
dedication of the Soldiers' Monu
ment. The reason for this action
is not given. The school board is
quite indignant.
Miners Rescued.
Imprisoned by a fall of top reck
for 36 hours, Thomas Buscavago
and John Master, mine employes
at the Morea colliery at Pottsville,
were rescued uninjured late last
Saturday night by a big force of
workmen who had been engaged in
the dangerous task of saving them.
The men were imprisoned for ten
hours before their condition became
known and shortly after the work
of digging them out began tapping
was heard from the inside indica
ting that at least one of them was
They saved themselves frora be
ing crushed to death by improvised
props made out of their picks and
Ask lor Allen's Foot-Ease.
A powder for swollen, tired, hot. smart
ing feet Sample sent FREE. Also
Free Sample of.the Foot-Kask Sanitary
Corn-Pad, a new invention. Address,
Allen S. Olmsted, Le Roy. N. Y.
Eoyles Get the Limit.
Hearing Doom Pronounced Man and Woman
Collapsed ana voro Rendered Helpless
James Boyle was sentenced at
Mercer, on Monday to life impris
onment in the Western penitentiary
at Pittsburg for the kidnapping ol
"Billy Whitla. Mrs. Boyle receiv
ed a sentence of twenty-five years,
with a fine of 5s, 000 and the costs
of prosecution.
Boyle's counsel stated that in re
cent periods the extreme penalty
for kidnapping in this state was
ten years and in view of tne tact
that the boy had been trer ted with
everv consideration and mat an
care had been taken not to inflict
unnecessary mental anguish upon
the parents he felt leniency might
be asked for with propriety.
Both Boyle and his wife collapsed
completely upon hearing their sent
ences pronounced. When they
were started back to the jail from
the courtroom Boyle managed to
walk with assistance down the
stairs, but upon reaching the front
door he became limp and unable to
He was lifted into the old-fashioned
omnibus, and when placed
upon the seat he was left for a
moment unsupported and fell near
ly out of it before he was caught.
He was utterly unable to support
himself and had to be held all the
way to .the jail and carried to his
Mrs. Boyle was in even worse
condition. She was unable to walk
down the steps from the court
house to the street and was carried
by the sheriff und Chief of Police
Livermore down three flights of
stairs to the street. She was lifted
into the omnibus and when the jail
was reached she was again lifted
out by these officers and carried to
her cell where she wept bitterly
After Judge Miller, of counsel
for the Boyles, had completed his
plea for leniency in behalf of his
clients, Judge Williams, the pre
siding judge, told Boyle to stand
up and asked him if he had any
thing to say. Boyle merely, said:
"I have not," and shook his
head. Judge Williams then ad
dressed the prisoner and told him
of the heinousness of the crime of
which had he been convicted. The
court said:
"Mr. Boyle, the crime of child
stealing in ancient times was pun
ishable by death. In Pennsylvania
the law is more lenient."
The judge then described the
different acts passed by the legisla
ture on kidnapping, bringing it
down to the present time. He
said: "You took good care of him
because he was your prize package.
You had to treat him well to get
what was demanded.
"Since your arrest we have in
vestigated your record. We find
you have been convicted in Mercer
county court previously to your ar
rest for kidnapping. You have
been charged with larceny, receiv
ing stolen goods, assault and bat
tery and escape from jail and many
other shady transactions. All
these have had their influence with
this court in making us come to
the decision we have reached, that
your punishment shall be the maxi
mum sentence, imprisonment for
When Mrs. Boyle was asked if
she knew any reason why sentence
should not be pronounced she an
swered only: "No, only I didn't
do it and I consider the evidence
very flimsy."
Mrs. Boyle was pale but without
a tremor.
"I think you have had a fair
trial," replied Judge Williams. "I
do not see how the jury could have
returue.1 any other verdict. I be
lieve the evidence clearly shows
you planned the kidnapping with
James Boyle."
After sentence was passed, Mrs
Boyle asked: "May I speak ?" She
had collected herself by this time
and meant to say something worth
while. But there was no answer
und she sat down.
Later Boyle made a statemeut
implicating a brother of Mrs.
Whitla's as the instigator of the
crime, but no st-ck was taken in it.
Army of Tramps.
It is estimated that there is an
army of at least 500,000 tramps in
the United States. The recent in
dustrial depression added large ac
cessions, Reports from railroad
agents throughout the country
show that never in history was so
large number of tramps met with.
A large portion are youths ranging
from sixteeu to twenty-one years
of age. Beginning with a yearn
iug for adventure, about one-half
quit the nomadic life and return
home or settle down, while the. re
maining half become genuine ho
boes and tend from vagrancy to
crime. The tramp question has
been an unsolved one for fifty years
in America.
Nine Lives Lost.
Pleasure Parly at Wilkes-Barre Endi In
Nine persons boating on the Sus
quehanna river at Port Griffith,
near Wilkcs-Barre, Sunday after
noon, were drowned by the boat
upsetting. They are: William An
drews, Port Griffith; Theodore and
Thomas Andrews, Frank Maria
nosky. Adam Strukus, Frank Ga-
nofsky, Mrs. Frank Ganofsky and
their two small boys, John and Mi
chael, nil of Providence, near Scran
ton. They had been visiting WiJ-
Ham Andrews and were all brothers
and cousins.
After dinner Andrews suggested
a boat ride. They went out, over
crowding a small row boat. As
soon as it got m the swift current
it shipped water and upset, and all
were carried away by the swift cur
rent and drowned. No bodies have
been recovered.
William Andres had received
some rent money from one of the
visitors and when drowned had
about $200 in his pocket.
The tragedy was witnessed by a
small Polish boy. He said that
the man who was rowing seemed to
dip his oars too deep. This caused
the boat to heave to one side and
overturn. The occupants were all
thrown out of the boat. One of
them succeeded in grasping the
edge of the boat, but seemed to lose
his hold on account of the strong
current. Two of the men made
desperate attempts to swim to the
shore and were within fifty feet of
the bank when they, too, sank be
neath the surface. The woman
and two children disappeared im
There were no other boats on the
river at this point and no one near
by to render assistance. The cries
of the drowning were heard and
many people were attracted to the
scene within a few minutes but
were too late to make any attempt
at rescue.
The State police from West Wy
oming, a mile away, were out in a
naphtha launch dragging for the
bodies within a half hour after the
accident occurred.
The river was high and the cur
rent was unusually swift, which
supports the theory that the bodies
have been carried down the stream.
The fine residence prop
erty of the late Judge El
well is for sale.
Location :
West Third Street between
Jefferson and AVest Streets.
Description :
Two story and attic, brick
and frame. 13 rooms. Lot
about GO by 212 feet.
large garden, abundance of
fruit trees.
The house has a Steam
Heating Plant, Bath Room,
Stationary Range and Wash
Tubs; Water, Electric Light,
and G as.
Will be sold on easy
terms. Apply to
Blooinsburg, Pa.
,.-- ---- - t i
hnv tited several bottles of
thereby from my catarrh of the head.
use It a short time longer i win oe
ilfeK Congressman
WBim Mcckison
taWf Praise
! Pe-ru-na j
iSf' --rS His ' !
mil Relief 5
thirty yearn' standing. "David mecktson.
Mr. Jacob L. Davis, Galena, Stone county, Mo., writes : "I have been In bat
health for thirty-seven yearn, and after taking twelve bottles of your Peruna 3
am cured." Mr. C. N. Peterson, 132 South Main St., Council Bluffs, Iowa, writes:
"I cannot tell you how much good Peruna has done me. Constant confinement
In my store began to tell on my health, and I felt that I was gradually breaking
down. I tried several remedies, but obtained no permanent relief until I took Pe
runa. I felt better Immediately, and five bottles restored me to complete health."
Mr. D. C. Prosser, Bravo, Allegan Co., Mich., writes: "Two years I
was badly aflllcted with catarrh of the stomach. I had had a run of typhoid
fever, was very depleted. I could find nothing I could eat without causing dis
tress and sour stomach. Finally 1 came to the conclusion that I had catarrh eff
the stomach and seeing Peruna advertised, began to take It. It helped me soon,
and after taking three or four bottles I was entirely oured of stomach troakftfc
ad can now eat anything."
Provisions of New Fish Law.
Arrests Can Bi Made Only When the Law is
Actually Violated The Open Seasons.
Governor Stuart has signed the
new fish bill, which does away with
some of the exactions of the old
law, depriving the fish wardens of
much of their arbitrary power.
They are no longer "permitted to
arrest persons merely for "fishing"
in any manner whatsoe'er, unless
there is an actual calch of fish con
trary to law. Furthermore, all ac
cused persons shall have the right
of appeal to court from the decis
ion of a jusiice of the peace or al
derman, and the requirement that a
person can fish with only one rod
is withdrawn, except as to trout.
The new codification of the game
laws of the State also was signed.
The main feature of the bill fol
lows: Game fish include all spe
cies of the trout and salmon fami
lies, and bass. Bait fish include
minnows and all forms of kill fishes
and stone catfish. All others are
classified as food fish.
It shall be unlawful to use any
means of taking fish except the fol
lowing: For game fish Rods and lines,
or hand line, and for pickerel and
yellow perch also with tip-up, and
for suckers through the ice with
pole and burr hook.
For bait fish In any manner at
W. L. Douglas
Packard Shoes
are worn by more men
than any other shoes
Come in and let us
Fit You With a Pair
Corner Main and Iron Sts.,
r From :
Peruna and I feel greatly benefited 1
I feel encouraged to believe that It
wuiiy moie 10 emulate gus
any time, except by use of poisoi
or explosives.
For food fish With rods art
lines and hand line at any time o
the year, outline or set line, dij
net, eel pot or fyke net withotr.
wings, a seine or a fish basket. Ii
streams not inhabited by trout, eels,
carp, suckers and mullets n ay b
taken by the gig or spear durim
July, August, September and Oc
Trout are in season from Apri
15th to August 1st; salmon am.
pike and perch from June 15th t
January 1st; and other game fisl
from June 15th to December 1st.
Eagles Mere Sold.
Eaglestnere, Sullivan Co., ownec
by the Eaglesmere Land Company,
has been purchased by a syndicate
composed of Edward Bailey,
George V. Reily and J. Horact
McFarland, of Harrisburg, Captain
E. S. Chase, of Eaglesmere, and
Representative Edgar R. Kiess, of
Hughesville, proprietor of the For
est Iun, Eaglesmere. The price is
said to be in the neighborhood oi
Souvenir Post Cards are printed
at this office. Half tones supplied.
Our Pianos
are the leaders. Our lines in
clude the following makes :
Chas. M. Stieff,
Henry F. Miller,
Brewer & Pryor, Kohler &
Campbell, and Radel.
IN ORGANS we handle the
Estey, Miller.H. .Lehr & Co.
This Store has the agency for
Helby, 1900, Queen, Key
stone, Majestic.
Music Rooms No. 105 West Main
Street, fielow Market.