The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, April 01, 1909, Image 1

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roz, 41.
A (), 7.7.
Open a bank Account Have a Check Cashed
Borrow Money, or Make an Investment
The Farmers National Bank
Capital, $60,000 Surplus $100,000
J. L. Moykr N. U. Funk C. M. Crkveuxo C. A. Klkim
W. L. White C. W. Run yon Dr. J. J. Brown M. Miluuskn
3 Per Cent. Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
Plans for the alterations to be
made in the Farmers National
Bank have been completed by
Architect John H. Brugler of
Danville. According to these places
the front will be of Indiana lime
stone and pressed brick, laid in
courses, one above the other, while
on both front and side, abundant
light will be obta:ned through
large plate glass windows, with
prism lights in the top.
The double entrance in the centre
of the front will open into the tiled
!obby which will occupy the great
er part of the entire building front.
To the right of the loboy will be
the cashier's public office, with his
private office in the rear, and still
futher back will be the president's
private office. To the left of the
lobby, as you enter, will be the
ladies'. room and in the rear of this
room are the private booths for safe
deposit use. A passageway leads
around the entire working space.
To the rear of the left of the
building as you enter will be the
directors' room, of good size and
handsomely furnished. Clothes
closets, toilets, telephone booths
and other conveniences will be in
stalled. The base of all the counters and
the various offices that face the
lobby will be of marble while large,
handsome pillars will support the
beamed ceiling and add to the gen
eral appearance. The finish will be
the -same as that of the present
woodwork golden oak.
The entrance to the upper floors
will be at the lower corner of the
ouilding where the jewelry store of
Mrs. Martin is now located. The
present entrance to the bank will
be removed and that opening
bricked up. It is not yet determined
when work will begin.
The Rev. John Conley Grimes,
of Riverside, after thirteen years'
faithful and aggressive work as pas
tor in the Central Pennsylvania con
ference of the Methodist Episcopal
church has withdrawn from that
body and was confirmed by the Rt.
Rev. James II Darlington, D. D.,
bishop of Harrisburg at his chapel
in the capitol city at noon Saturday,
March 27.
Mr. Grimes was accompanied by
his wife, who was also confirmed
at the same time. Both were pre
sented for confirmation by the Rev.
Edward Haughtou, rector of Christ
church, Danville, from whom dur
ing the last few weeks they had
been receiving instructions.
It is Mr. Grimes' iutentiou to
sturdy for orders. He hopes to be
made deacon m September and or
dained to the priesthood at the end
of the year s study and training.
Judge J. G. Galbraith died at
his home in Cheyenne, Wyoming,
on March 8th. aged 84 years He
was born in Danville, and educated
at the Danville Academy and Buck
nell. He was admitted to the bar,
and practiced law in Danville.
Back in the seventies he moved to
Montana, and in 1889 was appoint
ed a Judge when that state was ad
mitted into the Union.
One of his sons, Garry , was a
student at the Normal in 1872-3,
and was prepared to enter West
Point. As we recollect, he died a
few years later.
Judge Galbraith was well known
here, and will be remembered by
the older citizens.
Lota of married people might
study harmony without taking
music lessons.
Mrs. Martha Colley died at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. W. D.
Beckley, in Catawissa, last Friday,
very suddenly, aged nearly 83
years, bne Had been making her
home with her daughter, for some
time past, and was apparently in
her usual healtu, on the day of her
death, until noon, when she had an
attack of heart failure and became
unconscious and soon passed away.
one was the mother of our towns
man R. F. Colley, and of Dr. II.
G. Colley of Wilkes-Barre, and
Mrs. Beckley, and an aunt of Mrs.
W. H. Brooke. She is the third
one of the family who has passed
away during the past year, the
others being her brother, Richard
Stiles, of near Philadelphia, and
her sister, Mrs. Nancy Stucker
who resided in Iowa.
The funeral was held on Monday,
and the remains were taken to Ben
ton for burial.
Mrs. Mary E. Warden, died at
her home in Carthage, Missouri,
on Friday last, aged 78 years. She
was a daughter of the late John
Brugler of Frosty Valley, and a
sister of Peter Brugler deceased,
and of Mrs. Layton Runyon of
this town. Her husband was Rev.
E. M. Warden, and they resided
in Bloomsbrug for many years.
Mr. Warden was lor a time the
owner and editor of the Republican.
Mrs. Warden's death was caused
by paralysis. She is snrvived by
one son, Halford, of Rochester, N.
George R. Hess, one of the best
known men in the upper section of
the county, died at his home in
Benton township, last Friday at 1
o'clock aged 79 years. He is sur
vived by his two sons, H. W. Hess,
of Benton township; Dr. O. B.
Hess, of Seattle, Washington, and
one daughter, residing at home.
The funeral services were held at
the church at Waller Monday morn
ing at 10:30 o'clock, and the inter
ment was made in the cemetery ad
joining. . Mr. Hess had been ill for about
two years. He was an uncle of
Mrs. J. D Jones of town. Those
who attended the funeral from here
were Mrs. J. D. Jones, Mr. and
Mrs. H. C Jones, and II. R. Jones.
A fair sized audience was greatly
pleased with the entertainment
given by the Lafayette College
Glee and Mandolin Clubs in the
Normal Auditorium last Tuesday
night. The work of the clubs was
excellent throughout, and the
pianist, C. E. Straub is a perform
er of unusual ability. If any criti
cism is to be made it is that he
played the accompaniments for the
singing too loud, probably not
realizing the great power of the
grand piano with the lid up.
The quartette was fine, and was
recalled several times. The bass
solo by Mr. Spengler was among
the best numbers on the program.
At the singing of "Alma Mater"
by the combined clubs, all the
Lafayette men in the audience
stood up.
A reception was given to the
clubs and Lafayette Alumni in the
gymnasium after the concert, by
the Christian Associations of the
To day is April first, and many
families are moving. It is a bright,
beautiful day, though the air is
still cool.
J in . ...... ... - , in,!
On tliS tWacter of llie directorate of a
Bank and IV management rejts public
confidence necessary to its success.
Dotal: The directors of this Bank are
forever devoted to its interests.
The following deeds have recent
ly been entered on record by Re
corder of Deeds Frank vV. Miller:
Sarah A. Raselv to Mav K. Yeae-
er for a lot of ground situate on
Rasely street, West uerwiCK.
C. J. Widger to Peter S. Ford
for two tracts of land situate in
Franklin township, containing 25
acres and 116 perches.
Joseph T. Reeder and wife to
Peter Ford for 3 acres and 44
perches of land situate in Franklin
Rosemont Cemetery Company to
Alfred Girton for a lot of ground
in said cemetery.
W. W. Heffner to Laura A.
Heffner for lot No. 6 in Block 18
in the borough ot Centralia.
C. C. Peacock, Trustee, to B. P.
O. E. No. .436, lot of ground and
building in Bloomsburg situate at
the corner of Market and Main
John Mawhenny to C. W. Mil
ler for a lot of ground situate in
Bloomsburg on the south side of
East Fifth street.
C. W. Miller to Edward Baker
for two lots of ground situate in
Bloomsburg on the south side of
Eighth street.
Edward Baker to Josiah Heacock
for two lots of ground situate on
the southerly side of West Eighth
street, Bloomsburg.
J. P. Welsh and wife to C. W.
Miller for two lots Nos. 14 and 15
in Block 8 in the plot of Blooms
burg Land Improvement Co.
C. W. Miller and wife to Josiah
Heacock for a lot of ground on the
north side of Fifth street, being lots.
No. 14 in Block 8 as laid out by
the Bloomsburg Land Improve
ment Co. .
Thos. M. Meusch to Edna C
Mensch tor 109 acres of land situ
ate in Franklin township.
E. W. Shaffer and wife to W. H.
Werkheiser for lot No. 3 in Block 7
in plot of land laid out by Inter
Burbau Realty Co. and known as
Glen Heights.
Maria Rush et al to E. J. Werk
heiser for lot of ground in Glen
Maria Rush to W. H. Werkheis
er for lots 21 and 22 in Block 7 of
Gleu Heights.
J. F. Lemon and wife to Clifton
Swartz for two acres of land situ
ate in Pine township.
Samuel Knecht and wife to John
E. Creasy for 16 acres of laud sit
uate in Mifflin township.
Augustus M. Hess to Edith M.
Hess for a loc of ground situate in
the village of Almedia.
E. S. Ranp, attorney-in-fact, to
Harmau Billig for a lot of ground
situate on Shuman street in the
borough of Catawissa.
W. H. and W. A. Gable, ad
ministrators of Henry Gable, de
ceased, to James M. Leiby for 107
acres of laud situate in Locust
Matilda Alice Knittle to Peter
Kraskesk and wife for 29 acres
and 96 perches of land situate in
Cleveland township. '
Citizens Land Association to Sa
villa Hess for a lot of ground on
Fairview avenue, Bloomsburg.
Simon P. Snyder to Kimber W.
Raup for a lot of ground situate in
H. M. Hartzel and wife to Levi
H. Miller for 4 acres and 67 perch
es of land situate in Mifflin town
ship. Ella Ruch and husband to C. A.
Fnstermacher tor lot of ETOUnd
I situate on. Thirteenth street, Ber-
-H.iftiion. wr-rTTi
Superintendent Evans has com
pleted all the arrangements for the
exammatiou of pupils of the sev
enth and eighth grades in the pub
lic schools.
Examinations will be held as
April 3 Benton township at
Benton; Franklin at Clayton;
Greenwood at Centre; Hemlock at
Buckhorn; Jackson at Chestnut
Grove; Madison at Jerseytown;
Main at Mainville; Orangeville at
Orangeville; Pine at Centre; Scott
at Espy; Sugarloaf atGuava; Briar
Creek at North Berwick.
Saturday, April 10. Catawissa
township and Montour at Tank
school; Centre at Grange hall; Mif
flin at Mifflinville; Mt. Pleasant at
Saturday, April 17. Beaver at
Beaver Valley; Cleveland at Centre;
Fishing Creek and Stillwater at
Stillwater; Orangeville at Orange
ville; Roaring Creek at Culp.
Saturday, May 1, Benton bor
ough, "Millville.
Friday, May 30. Conyngham
at Aristea.
With the following exceptions,
the examinations will be in charge
of the respective district presidents:
Hazel Rowe at .Centre; Gertrude
Hartman at Greenwood and June
White at Orange.
All eighth grade pupils who pass
the exaninations will participate in
the commencement exercises to be
held in each township and will re
ceive diplomas as in the schools of
the towns and cities.
Examinations of the pupils of the
3rd and 6th grades were held last
On the invitation of the commit
tee of the Presbyterian Church,
having in charge the selection of a
pastor, Rev. Dr. Dixon, of Hopa
well, N. J. officiated last Sunday,
preaching very able sermons both
morning and evening.
On Monday evening a congrega
tional meeting was held for the
election of a pastor, and Dr. Dixon
was unantmously chosen. This
action will have to be confirmed by
the Presbytery which will meet in
Mt. Carmel on April 19th. Prof.
W. B. Sutliff, F. P. Pursel and
Frank Ikeler were appointed a com
mittee to present the matter to the
Michael Brobst, agent, to John
Allier and Austin Cherington for a
tract of land situate in Roaring
Creek township.
John Oliver and wife to E. A.
Adams and Wheeler E. Adams for
137 acres of land situate in Roaring
Creek and Locust townships.
Wheeler E. Adams and wife to
Gordon T. Adams for 137 acres of
land situate in Roaring Creek and
Locust townships.
S. D. Hess and wife to John L.
Kline for a tract of land situate iu
Locust township, known as the
John Earhart tract, and containing
400 acres.
John L. Kline and wife to Edwin
A. Adams for 400 acres of land
situate in Locust township.
Mary Leiby to Ephriain Leiby
for an unseated tract of land situ
ate in Conyngham township.
E. U. Leiby and wife to Charles
Leiby for a tract of unseated land
situate in Conyngham township.
Bring Her With Youl
WOMEN know better than men what is good qua
lity in Cloth. They know a pure wool fabric
when they see it, and they have good taste too
in the selection of fabric, design and color. That is why
we like you to Bring Her With You when you want
to buy a new suit or overcoat. Ask for the International
genuine all wool line, and put the question of worth to
her. International quality can stand the severest test,
aye-the test even of a bargain-hunting lady.
Alarge and choice se
lection of woolens to
choose Jfrom. You can
have any style cuff
on the sleeve, any
style pocket in the
coat, and any style
trouser you may want
Prices range from
$12.00 for a Business
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Dress Suit.
Every piece of cloth
used guaranteed all
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