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Capital SIOO,000 Surplus $150,000.
With the Largest Capital and Surplus in the County, a
Strong Directorate, Competent Officers and Every Mod
ern Facility, we solicit Accounts, Large or Small, and
Collections on the Most Liberal Terms Consistent with
. Sound Banking, and Invite YOU to inspect our NEW
3 Per Cent. Interest Paid on Time Deposits
E. W. M. Low, President. Myron I.
James M.Staver, Vice President.
. M.Low, fnme M. Staver,
orkn, r red Ikeler,
Louifl Orn.
M. E Ktackhouse.
S. (J. Crensv.
Clinton Herring,
T.ow. Vlop President.
Frank Ikeler, Cashier
Myron I. Low,
H. V.Hower.
1" rank Ikeler.
Cstahmshed 1837. Consolidated 1869
UBi.isuKD Every Tir"rsdy Mornino,
At Bloomsburg, the County Seat ot
Columbia County Pennsylvania.
GEO. E. ET.WELl., Editor.
GEO. C. ROAN, Foreman.
Terms: Inside the county $1.00 a year
la advance; fl.$oif not paid in advance.
Outside thecounty, 1 1.25 a year, strictly in
Ail communications build ticiddrcssed
THE COLUMBIAN, Bloomsl.urg, fa.
List Accomplishments ol Hit Regime, Which
He Views With Great Satisfaction.
On theve of his retirement from
office, President Roosevelt looks
with supreme satisfaction over the
accomplishments of his seven years
of administration. Tiie President
gives no post of honor to any one
achievement, but hs authorized
the publication of those which he
considers the most important, as
follows : '
The navy of the United States
;! ; been more than doubled. It
' i now done what no other simi-
: fleet of like size has ever done,
cimuavigated the globe, and is
. i far more efficient battle trim than
when it started out more than a
year ago.
The Panama Canal : No feat of
quite such far-reaching importance
has been to the credit of this coun
try in recent years.
The peace of Portsmouth was a
substantial achievement, as was al
so the part played by the United
States in the Algeciras conference.
The settlement of the anthracite
coal strike was a matter of great
moment to the American people
from the standpoint not only of in
dustrial, but of social reform and
The forest reserves of the country
have been trebled or quadrupled;
the forest service has been reorgan
ized and placed under the Depart
ment of Agriculture, and there
have been created a number of re
servations for preserving the wild
things of nature the birds and
beasts as well as the trees.
In the matter of legislation the
National Irrigation act, which is
resulting in the development of the
semi-arid states of the great plains
and the Rockies, is an achievement
second only in importance to the
creation of the homestead act itself.
The administration of the civil
Government of the Philippine Is
lands has been put upon a satisfac
tory basis.
Because of American interference
in Cuba, the island is now in a
thriving and prosperous coudition
and is on the road to a stable and
orderly independence.
The treaty with Santo Domingo
nas put me analrs of. the island on
a better basis than they ever have
been before.
The position of the United States
in recard to the T .atin-A mrionM
Republics is infinitely better than
ever before, as is also the case with
A law has teen passed improving
me aoministration or the army and
01 tne national uuard.
The law establishing the TVnnrt
ment of Commerce and Labor with
the Bureau of Corporations, enab
led this rnnntrv to tnVa th ;
really efficient step toward exercis
ing proper national supervision and
control over tne great corporations
The consular service of the Unit
ed States has been completely re
A .
iaw nas Deen enacted giving
vitality to the Interstate Commerce
Commission, and foi the first time
providing some kind of efficient
control by the National Govern
ment over the creat railroads.
A law has been passed providing
for federal meat inspection and in
spection of the Packine1 houses.
1 o
Also a pure food law both of them
of the utmost importance from the
sanitary stand-point.
In the matter of social and indus
trial reform, a law has been enact
ed creating a Juvenile Court for
the District of Columbia ; another
providing for the investigation of
the condition of women and child
workers of the United States ; an
employers' liability law for corpora
tions engaged in interstate com
merce, for tne Government itself
and for the District of Columbia,
where child labor has also be en
regulated by law.
The Alaskan boundary dispute
has been settled. The Pacific cable
has been laid.
The establishment of the army
and navy maneuvers has much in
creased the efficiency of the army
and doub'ed the efficiency of the
The movement has been started
for development of inland water
ways as part of the great movement
for the conservation of the natural
resources of the country.
A movement is under wav for
the betterment of the cenditions of
country life.
Big corporations and labor unions
ave been broueht impartially be
fore the courts, and the most pow
erful wrotiedoers in the land have
been brought to justice and been
punished by fine and imprisonment.
Many successful suits, civil and
criminal, have been undertaken by
the Gove'rnment.
Two Impjrtant Measures
"Wri the 1 1 Kind You Have Always Bought
From out Regular Correspondent.
Washington, I). C, Mar. i, 1909.
On the evening preceeding the
twenty second of February Wash
ington's birthday, Congress ad
journed until the twenty third in
stant and went bv steamers, special
and regular trains and automobiles 1 been putn'n
to Old Point Comfort ta witness 1 and flavore
passed allowing a sr.lary of $75,000
out omiiing me 000 ior iravi
ing expenses.
Fish Laws in Legislature.
Have Been Intro-
There are at present t ivo bill V.
fore the house at Harrisburg. Fish
Commissioner Meehan is the father
of one and the other is backed by
tne state sportsman s association,
representing ao.coo fisherman
throughout the State. Although
the Meehan bill went in some time
go the bill backed bv the snorts-
men was read in place Wednesday.
1 ne association holds that the de
partment exercises arbit rarv nnivpr
and the bill presented is calculated
to cnange the existing order of
things The bill is designed to
give full protection to fish and ot
the same time put a stop to the ob
noxious practice of arresting and
fining people who have violated no
law of this State. Back of this bill
are 40,000 members of the Pennsyl
vania State Sportsmen's association
and its alleged obi ect is to niiiprtw
abuses and wrongs.
The bill states the methods
shall not use, prescribes penalties
for what you mav be sunnoserl to
intend to do. It provides, further
more, that men who are justly con
victed, out who do not have the
cash in their pockets tn nav tVi
penalty, may enter into recogni
zance to pay within a certain time,
and not eo to tail, as unrW h
present law they must.: and that
men who are uniustlv mnviYtH
shall have the ri?ht to pntsr ta;i
pending an appeal, that is rleniori
them under the present law.
Pension Bill Makes Progress.
Senator Blewitt in the senate has
induced the appropriations commit
tee to report favorably the soldiers'
pension bill, the same that was in
troduced in the house bv Mr. Pv.
burn of Philadelphia. It was ex-
piainea that it is merely to get it a
place on the calendar and to have
it printed. Arrangements are be
ing made to have hearings on the
bill at which veterans from all
parts of the State will be heard.
It carries an appropriation of $2,
700,000 and provides for $6 a
month pensions.
the naval pageant of the incoming
fleet which by arrangement com
pleted its round the world cruise 011
this national holiday. Your corres
pondent accompanied a larire mrtv
composed mostly of the members
of the House of Representatives
and arriving at Hampton Roads
"arly 0:1 the morning of the twenty
second, we lauded for an hour at
Chamberlain's Hotel and after
breakfast again boarded the ex
cursion steamer and sailed down
thelharbor some fifteen miles fol
lowing the President's boat the
Mayflower which soon drormerl mi
choras the "Connecticut", the fW
ship hove in sight passing the
President's yacht with boom of
cannon followed bv twentv four
powerful iron clad.t each of which
fired salutes as thtv passed the
President's yacht. The spectacle
wa3 quite imnr.ssive to those mix.
nizant of the creat nioiiev cost of
these immense modern leviathans
aud of the great expense of keep
ing them afloat. To those who
looked on without a tax paver's
conscience the procession of slowly
moving shins at a distance of six
hundred feet apart" one looking
very much like the other in the
mist and rain became a little mono
tonous. Sixteen of the vessels were
painted white and had anvthina
but a war worn aud stormbeaten
appearance. Seven of them that
had not been around the world hut
had only gone out in the Atlantic
to meet and escort these vessels
home were of a dark erev color
- o J
At a in ven sicnial tl. liin oil
dropped anchor in the deep waters
01 nanipton Koads 111 front of
Chamberlain's Hotel and of the
village ol Old Point Comfort At
this moment two score of steam
vessels excursion boats tun-? ntut
others opened the throttles of their
whistles and for Mfteen minnt,.
there was such a din as only a
chorus of fog horns can make. As
night came on and darkness inter
vened the ships were outlined by
hundreds of elect ic jets while
searchlights played iu every direc
tion lighting sea aud laud and sky
aud demonstrating how difficult
they could make it for a torpedo
boat or other Uurking enemy to ap
proach without detection.
Congress has returned from its
excursion aud is probably no wcrse
off from irregular meals aud a
sleepless night than from the ordi
nary dissipations of Washington
life continuously indulged in by
members and senators and their
family entourages. The House has
voted against increasing the Presi
dent's salary from fifty to one thou
sand dollars but has compromised
on $75, coo. Two weeks'ago it was
thought almost beyond doubt that
the President elect Tafc would re
ceive the increase to lon nnnhnt
the bill having failed in the House
there can now be no n-m rv sal
ary during Mr Taft's administra
tion for it would be unconstitution
al for him to sign a bill increasing
his pay. Mr. Clark of Missouri
was active in opposing the increase
to $100,000. He stated that the in
come of the President including
perquisites was now $291,000 a
year and that these figures were
made from data for the appropria
tions Committee. He contended
that it was a mistake to suppose
that the only compensation the
President received was $50,000 a
year when in fact his salary and
perquisites amounted to $291,000
and that a careful ex amination
would show that the President of
the United States lives as well as
any potentate in Europe and has
money to spend tor luxuries and
traveling expenses.
Attorney General Bonaparte, Dr
Vitpv and President Woosevelt
have again shown themselves to be
.1 1 J ,
HUiiioriiauvc nnu goou jiuiges ui
whiskev and the wholesale manu
facturers and dealers who have
ir forth a diluted colored
ored imitation will now be
compelled to call it by its proper
name, "imitation whiskey". This
is as it should be. Among the
manv irood thintrs to the credit o
the present administration there is
nothing better than its contention
for pure food, pure drink and pure
medicine. It is really refreshing to
see whiskey and whikey dealers
given a black eye. The more the
pure food and drug act is opposed
the stronger becomes the position
of the President, the Attorney
General and Dr. iley.
New Use for the Maine.
Civil Engineer Would Make an Isle ot Sunk
en Warship,
Foremost among the Americans
who do not agree with ex-Governor
Magoon s scheme for raising the
oattie-snip Maine trom her bed in
the harbor of Havana is Orosco C
Woolson, a civil engineer of New
York city, who says tne wreck
should be transformed into an is
land park and at half the cost of
taking it out to sea.
In a talk with a reporter the oth
er day Mr. Wilson said :
"The wreck of the Maine, which
lies in thirty-six feet of water,
could be made into an island
thousand feet in diameter at a com
paratively small cost which would
serve as a memento of the sixty
uiree sailors whose remains were
never recovered and which are be-
ieved to be in the wreck. The sug
gestion made to Governor Magoon
to raise the Maine and tow it out
to sea comes from those persons
who do not realize what the wreck
means to all loyal American citi
zens. The island, properly deco
rated with roses and palm trees.
could be arranged so that peonle
could promenade there ahd rest on
the settees while thev meditated
over the fact of the gallant sailors
entombed below.
"Ifthe wreck was raised it is
safe to say that the remains of the
men would be left below without
a grave unless they were fastened
u the iron or wood work of the
There is plenty of soace in the
harbor of Havana for all maritime
traffic, aud the dredging round th
wrecic to torm the island would be
of great advantage to the commer
cial value of the harbor. I know
the harbor well, and it is not at all
necessary to raise he wreck of the
Maine, and no loyal Cuban, I be-
leve, would wish to see it done. It
looks like sacrilege to me to dis
turb the few boues that the sharks
have left of the sailors who went
down wi:h the Maine. There is no
question of the cause of her found
ering ; that was settled years atro
by able experts who were too intel
ligent to give an unjust verdict
even if our country was at war
with Spain."
Mr- Woolson has written a letter
to Congressman R. Wayue Parker
ot New Jersey, pointin? out his oh-
jecticn to the raisiug of the wreck
of the battleship, and states that
neither President Roosevelt nor
Governor Magoon has taken into
account the sentiment of the Amer
ican people with regard to the
Maine. He asks the coneressman
to do all he can toward having the
wrecit in xiav ina turned into a per
petual monument for those of the
crew who were lost, and he said
that he intended to bring the ques
tion before the Newark board of
trade at its next meeting in order
to get the support of that influential
v r
commeiciai Dooy. svew 10m Times
Mr. Gilletee of Massachusetts
took the opposite view supportin
tee amendment to increase the
President s salary to one hundred
thousand dollars. He informed the
House that it cast President Uoose
velt fifty thousand a year to live at
me wmte Mouse in his ideal hns
pitable way. The bill however was
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