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    Roynl the food p**rc,
<*. and delicious.
Abaolutely Pare
I'HURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, IS9S. at the J'oat Ojllw at litoomstmry, l\i,
a' second clan* matter, March 1,
M. T. McHcnry, executor will
sell 011 the premises in Benton, on
Friday, November ir, 1898, at two
o'clock p. 111., a lot of land, contain
ing forty perches, on which is erect
ed a two-story dwelling house, barn
and other outbuildings.
John G. Freeze will sell at the
Court House in Bloomsbtirg 011
Thursday, Nov. 17, a farm situated
in the town of Bloomsburg and con
taining about ue ohundred and
thirty acres.
I). J. Tasker spent Sunday at Wilkesbarre.
W. V. Hose of York, had business in town
en Friday.
L Gross and family spent Sunday with
Danville friends.
O. M. Kckmun of Sunbury transacted
business in town on Friday.
The proprietor of this paper spent Satur
day and Sunday in Philadelphia
A. E. MeCollum of Scran ton, spent 'a few
days with friends in town this week.
Paul Eyerly has registered as a law
student at the office of Judge Herring.
Mrs. William Armstrong is visiting rela
tives at Kingston and Wilkesbarre this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Amos Kruin have returned
home alter a two weeks visit with relatives
in Philadelphia.
John F. lletler, of Lime Ridge, after ser
ving Uncle Sam for six months has been
mustered out, and arrived home.
David S. Cann of Phi.adelphia, was in
town on Saturday. He formerly resided
here, and was emplo>ed at the Elevator j
Clinton 11. Hagenbuch, a former resident j
of this town, spent the pa<<t week with friends
here. He is at present engaged as advertis- .
ing solicitor for the Lykens Register.
Legal advertisements cn page 7.
The first snow of the season fell 1
in the lower end of Luzerne County j
on Monday.
Doesn't it look just a little bit as !
though somebody has been pulling '
Willie's leg ?
Considering the short tune it has '
been organized, the Benton Band j
plays very well.
William A. Marr is elect ed Law !
Judge in Schuylkill County, and the 1
whole Democratic ticket is elected j
Samuel R. Bidleman and bride !
have arrived home, and have taken
up their residence on the corner of
Centre and Third streets.
Buckalew Bros, have the latest
improved horse clippers, and are
prepared to do clipping at reasona
ble rates, at their livery stable, rear
of Court House. 2t
As we predicted last week Swallow
was a bail third in the race for Gov
ernor. His vote in a great many
counties was away below the vote
given him for State Treasurer.
I have secured the sale of the finest
fine .of Confectionery in the world.
Are unsurpassed in richness and fla
vor. Always fresh, at
In quarters, halfs and pounds.
w. S.EISHTON, Ph. G.,
O-rtLsito P. 0 Pharmacist
Teleplione No 107%
Judge Metzgar is re-elected Judge
of Lycoming County by a large ma
William H. Snyder, Esq., has been
confined to the house the past week
by serious illness.
B. L. Eshleman moved his family
to Berwick on Wednesday, where he
is employed by the Jackson & Woodin
Manufacturing Co.
Good health is worth more than
anything else to you, and every
bottle of Hood's Sarsaparilla con
tains good health.
Market Street will have another
fine residence when Dr. Bruner's
house is completed. Contractor Jury
is pushing the work along rapidly.
The exterior of H. J. Clark & Son's
building corner of Main and Center
streets, is in the hands of painters.
It will be greatly improved in appear
ance when completed.
Rev. Joseph Mauie preached in the
Methodist Church last Sunday—
morning and evening. He is a mem
ber of the Society of Friends, and
resides at Philadelphia.
Albert McHenry, manager of the
Bloomsburg Store Company is in New
York this week buying new goods and
novelties for the holiday trade. Look
out for bargains on his return.
Tom Fairman, who has been the
popular and obliging clerk at the
Exchange Hotel for several years
past, has gone to Carbondale, where
he has accepted the clerkship at the
American House.
Miss Flora Derr died at the home
of her father, Hiram Derr, near
Grovania Friday afternoon. Her death
was caused by paralysis. She was
twenty-six yjars old." The funeral
took place on Monday.
Rev. C. H. Brandt, for six years
pastor of the Reformed Church this
j town, left on Tuesday for Landisburg,
j Perry County, where he has accepted
j a call. The best wishes of all our
j people go with him.
| Now that the election is over, our
i merchants will settle down to busi-
S ness again and prepare their stock for
| the holiday trade, which bids fair to
be good this year. If you want the
j people to know what you handle use
the columns of the COLUMBIAN.
j Mrs. M. A. Blasser, who has been
conducting the boarding house on the
! corner of Market and Third Streets
j has sold all of her furniture and house
; hold goods and left town. The board- j
I ing house in the future will be con
j ducted by Mr. and Mrs. John Wolf.
The Christian Endeavor Societies
jof Montour and Columbia counties,
| will hold their eleventh convention
at Danville next Thursday, November
! 17* There will be three sessions—
j morning, afternoon and evening- for
I which interesting programs and able
j speakers have been provided.
j The Salvation Army is having its
own trouble in Wilkesbarre. They
have been notified by the Mayor not
to beat a drum on the streets, as it is !
a violation of a city ordinance. The j
Salvationists are very indignant over j
the matter and are going to make a !
test case of it.
The Democratic rally held in the
Opera House Monday evening was a
fitting close to a great campaign. The
house was crowded to the doors, and
the speeches couldn't have been bet
ter. The Bloomsburg and Benton
Bands enlivened the occasion with
several selections.
The twenty-ninth semi-annual insti
tute of the Fishingcreek township
Sunday School Association will be
held in the West Ridge School house
on Saturday afternoon and evening.
An excellent program has been pre
pared. An invitation is extended to
the public to be present.
For the first time in eight years
the goose bone is wide and nearly
white all over, indicating, according
to Ezekiel 3onzy,the most accurate
godfee breast bone reader in this
country, that the coming winter is
to be a "snorter." with snow com
ing early, growing deep and stay
ing late.
A woman 75 years old, living the
lile of a hermit in an old shanty near
Allentown, died last week. An ex
amination of her clothing showed in a
home-made bustle in an old dress was
found S6OO in greenbacks, and $44.22
in coin, five secret pocketsin her pet
ticoat and dresses. She Tarely had
any intercourse with her neighbors.
Selinsgrove defeated the Wyoming
Seminary foot ball team at the form
er place Saturday afternoon 36 to c.
This should encourage the Normal
boys. The up river aggregation
has been Bloomsbtirg's Jonahs for
a number of years, but we hope to
break the spell on Thanksgiving
day when the two elevens will line
up against each other on Normal
Athletic Field.
Postmaster O. B. Mellick, O. W.
Ent, and one or two others, enjoyed a
hunting expedition up the creek this
week. If they had hit everything
they shot at, game would have been
scarce for several seasons to come—
but they didn't, and there is still a
few quail left.
The past October will go down
into history as one during the house
keeper with comfort in his mind's eye
had to run his furnace, his refrigera
tor, his lawn mower, and his hose, be
sides keeping his umbrella, macken
tosh and gum shoes handy all at the
same time.
Dr. C. S. Van Horn returned on
Monday from a huut up near Shick
shinny. His string which was the
finest we have ever seen brought to
town by any individual hunter consist
ed of two pheasants, forty-three quail,
five rabbits, one wild turkey and two
wild ducks. Whether it was Doc's
good shooting or the over abundance
of game in the woods we are unable
to say, but he got 'em just the same.
Rev. and Mrs. D. N. Kirkby at
tended the consecration of an Episco
pal Chapel at Harrison, New York,
last week Tuesday. The handsome
structure was erected to the memory
of Mr. Kirkby's sister. The following
account is taken from the New York
"The handsome new Episcopal
Chapel in Harrison, erected through
the zeal of the Rev. W. W. Kirkby,
rector of Christ Church, Rye, and the
Episcopalians of Rye and Harrison,
was consecrated yesterday bv Bishop
Coleman, of Delaware. Among the
clergymen in attendance were the
Rev. C. Winter Bolton, of Pelham ;
the Rev. S. T. Graham, of Mount
Vernon; the Rev. A. F. Tenney, of
Pelham Manor; the Rev. F. F. Ger
man, of Mamaroneck ; the Rev. C.
E. Brugler, of Port Chester, and Arch
deacon Kirkby's sons, the Revs.
Henry M. and David Kirkby. The
vested choir of Chtist Church, Rye,
sang the anthem, and after the service
the visitors were entertained at dinners
given at the homes of W. H. Macy
and Mrs. Josiah Knapp Purdy. A
brass tablet erected in the nave con
tains the following inscription : "All
Saints' Church, Harrison, erected to
the glory of God and in loving mem-
I ory of Louise Kirkby, by her father,
the Rev. VV. W. Kirkby, D. D., and
his friends, Nov. r, 1898." Archdea
con Kirkby has been- successful in
building a number of chapels, among
them places of worship for the Esqui
maux in the Yukon gold regions.
Hurt by a Runaway Horse.
George Ivey, son of dairyman
I Richard Ivey was seriously hurt Fri
| day afternoon, while trying to stop a
j runaway horse belonging to H. E.
Heacock, which was hitched to the
| Steam Laundry Wagon. The animal
| had been left standing on Center
I Street untied, and became frightened
j at some paper flying about and start
ed up the street on a dead run.
Young Ivey, was just passing Alexan
der Bros.' tobacco store as the horse
came dashing around the corner of
Main and Center. He rushed out
and made a grab for the bridal, but
missed it and got hold of the breast
| strap. He could not keep his feet and
fell being dragged a considerable dis
tance. He was picked up in an uncon
scious condition, and taken into Dr.
I. W. Willits' office in the Exchange
block. An examination showed an ugly
wound on one side of his head made
no doubt by the horse's foot, and a
severe bruise on his right leg. After
the wounds were dressed, he was
placed in a conveyance and taken to
his home over near the Red Mill.
It was several hours before he regain
ed consciousness. From last accounts
he is getting along as well as can be
The home of JMr. and Mrs. J. L.
Moyer was the scene of a most delight
ful social affair Monday evening, the
event being a party, given by their
daughter, Miss Mira, in honor of Miss
Cleveland, of Erie, Pa., who has been
vis'ting her for several days.
Card playing which is always in
dulged in on such occasions, made
merry the early part of the evening,
and later dancing occupied the time.
Refreshments were served at eleven
o'clock. Among those present were
the Misses Edith Reber, Claire Whit
moyer, Vida Miller, Edith Miller, Joe
Barkley, Jennie Barkley, Annie Maize,
Edith Maize, Lillian Sloan, Amy
Ritter, Lois Sloan, and Messrs. Fred
Kelley, Frank Wilson, Frank Pursel,
Paul Jones, Joe Townsend, William
Quick, Ben Carpenter, and Mr. and
Mrs. W. S. Rishton.
The following letters are held at
the Bloomsburg, Pa., postoffice, and
will be sent to the dead letter office
Nov. 22, 1898:
Courter, Mrs. Lizzie G. Pry, Mrs. S. J.
Deterlok, Miss Mary Lutz, Mr. Alley
Rockwell, Mr. c. 8.
Persons calling for the above
letters will please say that they were
advertised Nov. 8, 1898.
Tabic of Votes Cast on Tuesday. Nov. Bth.
Governor. Ist. 2d. 3d. 4th. Total
Stone, K ICB 130 187 lto f>Bl
Jenkß, I) 118 nit! 183 Sol 628
swallow, 1* 48 54 00 43 205
Lieut. Governor. 120 151 105 115 581
Sowden, D 115 130 181 199 634
NICIIOIS, P 28 20 34 30 118
Sect/. Int. Affairs.
Latta, 11 119 H9 Kit lt9 581
DuLacey, D 114 127 115 191 onr
Dickson, P 29 20 30 2!) 120
Judge of Superior Court.
Porter, R let 154 201 123 000
Porter, R 110 153 2co 122 501
Trlckett.D 140 118 100 2111 702
Bower, D 115 122 178 180 Otll
Vall.P 20 23 28 23 103
Huston, P.-0 2 12 1 15
Congress A t Ijtrrge.
Grow, R. 12-2 103 2CI 125 011
Davenport, R 114 158 107 118 687
lains, D 114 128 180 192 010
Weiler.D 118 124 117 189 006
Garber, P 24 22 23 21 90
sharpless, P.... 21 10 24 07
Johnson,Peo 1 2 18
ilemher of Congress.
Woodln, It 112 if# 217 141 036
Polk, D 140 13-1 192 191 608
Caldwell, P 16 14 18 18 06
Seiuitor. 05 150 157 114 510
Cochran, D 130 122 227 105 68u
Cuminlngs, P 30 34 40 32 180
M'KUllp.R 103 178 251 170 762
Goldsworl by, It 114 123 130 172 548
Chrtsman, D 101 115 194 170 580
creasy, D ot 185 lia 118 506
Eves. P. 10 25 22 21 87
Elsenhower, P 28 25 80 31 120
President Judge.
Scarlet. It 125 150 212 137 021
Little, D 1211 148 109 195 671
Uawley, P 10 17 24 24 84
County Surveyor.
Grimtb. It 120 157 175 123 575
Trescott, D 122 126 185 19 1 623
Are Youths
Easily Tired?
IJust remember that all your ♦
strength must come fi-om your J
food. Did you evor think of t
that P |
Perhaps your muscles need Z
♦ more strength, or your nerves; ♦
I or perhaps your stomach is Z
I weak and cannot digest what |
• you eat.
If you need more strength Z
[ then take i
of Cod-lilver Oil with Hypo- f
I phosphites. The oil is the most J
easily changed of all foods into |
; strength ; and the hypophoe- |
fphites are the best g
tonics for the nerves, g
SION is the easiest g
and quickest cure for g
weakthroats, for g
coughs of every kind, g
and for all oases of de- •
bility, weak nerves, g
and loss of flesh. g
50c. and $1.00; all druggists, ♦
SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, New York. ?
$l5O Reward.
A reward of srso will be paid for
the atrest and conviction of the person
or persons who set fire to the barn of
E. W. Kline in Orange township on
the night of Tuesday Nov. Ist. 1898.
For Sale.
Full blooded registered Jersey bull
4 yrs. old, perfectly gentle and a No.
one bull. Also Jersey heifers, fat
cattle and feeders, bulls, heifers and
steers. Several cows coming fresh,
between this and the Ist of May will
be sold cheap. 2t.
E. J. OHL,
A large and beautiful line of lamps
at Mercer's Drug and Book Store.
Parlor lamps, banquet lamps, hall
lamps, in fact, all kinds of the cele
brated Miller lamps at Jas. H.Mercer's.
Mercer has the largest line of Hymn
Books ever shown in Bloomsburg.
If you want lithographed bonds
certificates of stock, checks, drafts
diplomas, or any thing in that line
the COLUMBIAN office can furnish
them. See samples.
Mercer's line of Bibles and Hymn
Books is complete. Call in and
inspect his stock. Opposite Episcopal
We have received the 'latest sample
book of society address cards and are
prepared to supply cards with beauti
ful designs and in great variety to
Masons ot all degrees, Odd Fellows,
Knights of Malta, Knights of the Gol
den Eagle, Junior O. U. A. M.,
G. A. R„ Union Veteran League,
Sons of Veterans, Royal Arcanum,
P. O. S. of A. Also cards for Fire
mtn, Christian Endeavors and many
other organizations. Call and see
samples. tf.
WHERE for "The Story ot the l'blllpplncs"
by Murat Halstead. commissioned by thn Gov
ernment as official Historian to the War Depart
ment. The book was written In army camps at
San Francisco, on the I'nclllc with General Mer-
the hospitals at Honolulu,ln Hong Kong,
In the American Wenchea at Manila, In the In
surgent camps with AgulnaMo, on the deck of
theOlympla with Dewey, and the roar ot battlo
at the tall of Manila. Bonanza for agents. Brlm
full of original pictures taken by government
photographers on the spot. Largo bonk. Low
prices. Big profits. Freight paid Credit given
Drop all trashy unofficial war hooks. Outfit
free. Address, F. T Barber, Sec'y., star Insur
ance Bldg., Chicago. 10-s - 6t.
HOOD'S PILLS cure Liver Ills, Bil
iousness, Indigestion, Headache.
Kaay to take, easy to operate. 25c.
Vou will find a large and varied as
t : sortment of all
: ish and service
able dresses on this dress goods stock
of ours.
52 inch all wool Venetians SI.OO yd.
38 " " " Vecuna Suitings 50c
52 " all wool Tailor Suitings 650 yd
Our lines of ladies and childrens
: UNDERWEAR. I com P' ete than
: : now.
Ladies fleecy lined vests 25c.
Ladies Combination Suits SI.OO.
Ladies Combination Suits 50c.
Childrens vests and pants 21c.
This weather is a reminder of good
-5 BLANKETS. : ab,e klncl - A 1)
: : wool ones and
: .' the finer grades
that are soft and warm.
AH wool blankets $5.00 pair.
Those real fine ones SIO.OO pair.
California blankets $8.50 pair.
You will find our collection of
: very com
• FUR : plete in all
. COLLARETTES. ; the leading
of the season.
Electric Coney Tab Collarette $4.90.
Black Astrachan " 3.7 5.
Electric Sea' and Electric Coney,
Tail and Head trimmed long tab
frctit SIO.OO.
Should you desire to see a large
: : and handsome
i BLACK i line and for
| DRESS GOODS ! little money
{ i for high qual
ity. Come and see our lines. All
kinds, all prices.
45 inch Pacquin Serge (new) SI.OO.
42 u all wool crepon SI.OO yd.
50 " all wool Serge $.50 yd.
"Do you take the "Daily" or County Weekly
"Papers" if so, whose advertisement do vou
read first?"
"HARTMANS" The ladles say, have the Coats, Capes A
Collarettes from 2.95 to 30.00.
"HARTMANS" have just in, Ladies JACKET SUITS.
"HARTMANS" sell dress patterns (no two alike) with thou
sands of yards by the piece to cut from.
''HARTMANS" childrens coats are warm and cheap.
'"HARTMANS" bargains in 10 yds. calico for 29c.; 10 yds.
calico for 39c. ; 10 yds muslin for 35c. will only run to Decem
ber first, after that Holiday goods.
"HARTMANS" blankets run from 45c. to 6.50 ner pair, in
cotton, in i wool, in all wool.
"HARTMANS" Dress Skirts are full size in black figured,
in plain black, in fancv striped and figured.
For the person telling us when Good Carpets were
sold cheaper.
Saturday, October ist, a carboy of dye stuff broke in a rail
road car, containing over 10,000 yards of Carpet. Some pieces
were soaked at the ends. Some were dirtied and mussed while
being thrown from the car, and others merely had their wrappers
splashed. Goods could not be shipped to western dealers. We
stepped in, made an offer of 70c. on the dollar, and got the goods.
We are going to sell them quick, and if you know a good thing,
you'll take them quick. In some cases you cannot tell the dam
age. But it's enough to save you dollars.
Commencing Nov. sth, we will have the goods
for sale in our Carpet Department. Bring
the measure of your room with you.
Note these prices :
Best Brussels, sold everywhere for 90c., now 65c.
Good Brussels, sold everywhere for 75c., now 55c.
Best all-wool Ingrain, price everywhere, 75c., now 55c.
Best wool filling Ingrain, price everywhere, 65c., now 45c.
Heavy part cotton filling, price everywhere, 50c., now 35c.
Heavy Ingrains, price everywhere, 30c., now 22c.
Good Ingrain, for chambers, price everywhere, 25c., now 15c.
Lots of Cheap Lining to go with These.
All-wool Art Squares, 9 yards, everywhere $7 50, our price
$5 50. r '
Wool filling Art Squares, 9 yprds, everywhere $6 75 our
price, $4 50.
Part wool filled Squares, 9 yards, everywhere $5 50 our
price, $3 50.
Heavy, serviceable Art Squares, 9 yards, everywhere $4 50.
our price, $2 75.
We have these goods also in and 12 yards, at correspond
ing prices.
One thousand all-wool pieces, yards long, 23c. One
thousand part cotton pieces, 1J yards long, 15c. Five hundred
pieces Brussels Carpet, from 1 to 3 yards long, 40c. the yard
Smyrna and other Rugs, 20 per cent, off regular price. Terms!.
spot cash. We will take corn, oats, flour, buckwheat, eggs hams
bacon and other produce, in exchange, at market prices. '
The Leader Department Store
Some of the best values in
: : In the newest
; COATS ; styles are here
: AND CAPES, j f or your selec
moderate prices.
Black Kersey Jacket, all Satin
lined, strap seams, at $11.50.
27 in. Salts Plush Cape, full sweep,
Serge lined, Thibet Edge Collar and
Front, $6.50.
A new line of Linens are here
j ""ENS. ! P "?„'n„
: ■ Patterns.
72 inch Bleached Damask, SI.OO.
72 inch Bleached Double Damask,
68 inch Cream Damask, 50c. yd.
Heavy Toweling, 10c. yd.
Napkins, at all prices.
Lunch Cloths.
You know the fit of a dress de
: pends on good
I DRESS : linings. This
: LININGS. : Stock ,°- ff S
: : you reliable
1 kinds.
36 inch Good Silesia, yd.
36 inch Percal Silk, yard.
Elastique, 25c. a yard
36 inch Lining Silks, 48c a yard.
We call special attention to these
VENI',I IANS.; j a ] S- Right
j '• in all ways.
52 inch all wool Venetians, SI.OO
a yard.
50 inch all wool Broadcloths, 85c.
a yard.
If you need Silks of any descrip
I SILKS. I dreSße * waisls
: or trimmings
:•••• : see this stock.
27 inch Black Satin Duchess 96c yd
20 " " 80c jrd.
27 inch Black Taffeta 90c yd.