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    OL. 33
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Robert R. Little, Esq,, the Demo
cratic nominee for President Judge
of the 26th Judicial district, is the
only son of Ephraim H. Little, Esq.,
one of the oldest members of the
Columbia County Bar. He was born
in Berwick on May 30, 1852, and is,
therefore, 46 years of age—just in
the prime of life. He graduated at
the Normal School, in 'he class of
1871, and then spent a year at the
University of Rochester and Hamil
ton College. He gave up his College
course, and after pursuing the pre
scribed course of study in the office
of his father, he was admitted to the
Bar on September 4th, 1874. ' At
that time there was no standing com- J
mittee to examine law students, and
the Court appointed a committee at
each term of Court when there were
applicants for admission to the Bar.
Mr. Little's committee consisted of
M. E. Jackson, Robert F. Clark, and
Col. Samuel Knorr, all of them among '
the leaders of the Bar at that time,
and now all dead. In a searching ex
amination, lasting several hours, Mr.
Little did not answer a single question
incorrectly, and was complimented
by the examiners upon the excellence
of his preparation. He immediately
formed a partnership with his father,
under the firm name of E. H. & R.
R. Little, and from that time to the
present has devoted his attention ex
clusively to the practice of law. E.
H. Little retired from practice several
years ago, and Robert has continued
the business alone since that time.
In 1876 he was elected District At
torney, and re-elected in 1879, dis
charging the duties of his office faith
fully and to the satisfaction of the
Court and the public. He has en
joyed the confidence and respect of
the people, and is now serving his
third term as a Director of Bloom
School District. He is also a trustee
of the Normal School and an officer
of the Baptist Church, and has been
the counsel of the First National
Bank for some years past.
As an attorney Mr. Little is not
what is known as a " brilliant " law
yer. He has never attempted to in
fluence the Court, nor to turn the
Mlhlon Dieterich Loses His Life by Falling
From the Hay Mow of Hartzell's Barn.
The almost lifeless body of Mah
lon Dieterick was found on Friday
morning of last week lying at the
bottom of the ladder leading to the
hay mow in the City Hotel barn.
A physician was hastily summoned,
but he was beyond medical aid, and
died in a few minutes thereafter.
He had gone to the barn to sleep,
and it is supposed he fell through
to the floor while in a bewildered
He was aged about thirty-five
years and worked at the butchering
business. He has been living in
town for upwards of eight years,
but so far as known he had no rela
tives here, but has a sister residing
at Norristown.
'Squire Jacoby was notified, but
on learning the facts, decided that
an inquest was not necessary.
The remains were taken to Ham
burg on Saturday for interment.
Fair next week.
fPic Qtilnm
heads of a jury by oratorical pyro
technics. He has never depended
upon his wits to help him through
with a trial in Court. His success
has been the result of hard study,
careful preparation and industrious
application. His arguments are plain
and logical, and based on law
and common sense, rather than
rhetorical periods. He is pos
sessed of a well balanced tempera
ment, sound judgment, self-control,
is neither impetuous nor quick tem
pered, all of which are character
istics that enter into the makeup of a
safe Judge.
Some Republican newspapers have
been giving this district some advice
about a " non-partisan" Judiciary,
and on this ground are urging the
election of Mr. Scarlet, the Republi
can nominee. We fully agree with
the proposition that when a man is
elected to the Bench he ought not to
be a partisan ; he should keep him
self entirely free from the entangle
ments of politics and should adminis
ter even-handed justice to all alike.
But we cannot agree that a non-par
tisan judiciary calls for the election
of a Republican Judge in a strong
Democratic district. In Philadelphia,
where the papers have the most to
say about a non-partisan judiciary,
there are fifteen Judges. A fair dis
tribution, according to the vote of the
two parties, would give the Democrats
at least five of these, instead of two.
There is one Democrat out of seven
Judges on the Supreme Bench of this
State, and that by the operation of
the Constitution, and not by the
grace of the Republican party. In
, the Superior Court of seven Judges
J there is also one Democrat, and the
Republicans will turn hitn out this
Fall, if they have their way about it.
That's the sincerity there is in this
talk about a "non-partisan" judiciary.
This is a Democratic district.
Robert R. Little is a Democrat, al
ways has been, and is the regular
Democratic nominee, duly nominated
by the regular and proper tribunal.
He is honest and capable, and is en
titled to the support of every Demo
Democratic Meeting In Opera Houae on
Friday Night.
Candidates Geo. A. Jenks and W.
H. Sowden will speak in the Blooms
bvrg Opera House on Friday night,
October 7th (not Saturday, as an
nounced last week, as the date has
been changed). Other candidates
and speakers are expected to be pres
ent. The ladies are invited. This
is the first rally in the campaign.
Let us give our standardbearers a
royal welcome.
Judge Herring-
During the term of court just end
ed Judge Grant Herring performed
the duties of his office with marked
ability. He dispatched business rap
idly, and his charges were brief but
comprehensive and to the point. He
will preside at next December term,
and on the first Monday in January
will return to the bar, where he is one
of the acknowledged leaders in the
I district.
Regular September Term.
In the case of F. Glassmyer vs.
Lloyd Earnest, assault and battery,
the jury found the defendant guilty
in the manner and form as indicted,
and the Court sentenced him to pay
a fine of $15.00 and costs of prose
Michael Daily plead guilty to the
charge of fornication and bastardy,
Maize John, prosecutrix, and was
sentenced to pay costs of prosecu
tion, a fine of S2O and an additional
sum of $25 to Maize John for lying
in expenses, and the sum ot $1 per
week for the support of the child un
til it arrives at the age of 7 years.
Martin Csstello and Edward Mor
risey plead guilty to assault and bat
Lloyd Berninger plead not guilty
to the charge of disturbing a public
meeting. Jury called and sworn to
try said case.
Calvin Young vs. Boyd Richie.
Charge, malicious mischief. Not a
true bill and county to pay costs.
Wm. Pifer vs. James G. Pifer.
Charge, assault and battery. Not a
true bill, and the proseeutor, Wm.
Pifer, to pay costs.
Commonwealth vs. Wm. Mensch,
assault and battery. True bill.
Jos. Lidaicoat vs. David Dyke and
Sara J. Dyke. Assault and battery.
Verdict of guilty, and defendants
were sentenced each to pay a fine of
SIOO and costs of prosecution.
Jas. Laughlin vs. Chas Hicks, car
rying concealed weapons Defend
ant plead guilty and was sentenced
to pay costs of prosecution aud a fine
of sl.
Martin Costello and Edward Mor
risey, who plead guilty to assault and
battery, were sentenced each to pay
costs of prosecution and a fine of sl.
Louisa Dixon vs. Mary Hileman.
Charge, indecent exposure. Nolle
pros allowed.
Millie Mourey vs. Daniel Mourey,
surety of the peace. Nolle pros, al
lowed upon payment ot costs.
Katie Goho vs. Clinton Harder,
fornication and bastardy. Nolle pros,
allowed upon payment of costs.
The jury brought in a verdict of
not guilty in the case against Lloyd
Berninger. County to pay the cost s.
Adjourned to 9a. m. Wednesday,
September 28th.
Emma Metherell vs. Thomas Meth
erell. Divorce. W. H. Magill ap
pointed commissioner to take t'esti -
Sara Rice vs. James Brennan.
Fornication and bastardy. Not a
true bill and the prosecutor to pay
the costs.
F. W. Boone vs. James McAnally.
Arson. True bill.
Mina Sweppenhiser vs. Thos. Aten.
Fornication and bastardy. Case tried
and verdict of guilty rendered.
Joana Shuman vs. F. L. Shuman.
Assault and battery. Not a true bill
and the prosecutor to pay the costs.
The assault and battery case of
Frank Volenski vs. Mrs. B. Kwaleski,
of Midvalley, taken up. The defend
ant, having no counsel, the Court ap
pointed R. R. John and W. A. Evert,
Esqs, to look after her side of the
case. As neither of the parties to
the suit could talk English, John
Lasco was sworn as interpreter. Jury
returned verdict of guilty.
Nicholas Bles and Julius Weber
sworn in-as citizens of the United
Mrs. Bernard Kwaleski found guilty
of assault and battery and was sent
enced to pay a fine of SIOO and costs
of prosecution within 30 days or
Bench warrant to issue.
The arson case against James Mc-
Anally was called. Defendant plead
not guilty.
The Sheriff acknowledged several
deeds in open court.
Petition of citizens for the erection
of monument by County Commission
ers at County Seat. Grand Jury re
commended the erection of said
monument, limit of cost of same $5,-
In re petition for a county bridge
over Pine Creek in Fishingcreek, the
submission of report of viewers in favor
of said bridge is continued to De-em
ber Term.
We have examined the public build
ings and find the jail and bui'dings
belonging thereto in good condition.
We recommend that the Commission
; ers have the fence and wall on the
East side of the Court House repair
ed, that a new small steam radiator
■ be put in the Treasurer's office and
1 the long large one removed. Also
: that the wooden post on the west side
of Court room be set back one and one
Takes place next week, and, as usual, will, no doubt,
be the event of the year. Our Going Out of Business
Sale can be attended while you are here. You'll make
enough on your Clothes, Shoes and Hats, to pay for all
your pleasure for yourself and family. No such low
prices were ever heard of for such fine quality goods.
®530,000 Worth of it to Select From,®
Suits and Overcoats of $15.00 quality, G. O. of B. Price, $ll.OO
12i oo " 9.00
44 11.00 4 44 8.00
" 10.00 " " " 44 7.50
.< 9.00 " " " " 7.00
" 7.50 " " " " 5.75
" 6.50 " 4.50
Boys' Suits, Overcoats & Reefers, $5.00 " " " 3.75
4.00 " " 44 3.00
3.00 " " " 2.25
" " " 2.50 " 44 " 1.75
Hundreds of pairs of Fine Shoes, for men, boys,
misses and children, must be sold out completely. W.
L. Douglas Shoes. Strong, serviceable, stylish. $4.00
quality, $3.00; $3.00 quality, $2.50; $2.50 quality, SI.OO.
Women's 3 and 4 shoes. Fine Shoes (small sizes), 98c.
Children's Toques. Fall styles. 50c. kind 39c.; 39c. kind, 25c.
Children's Tarns, 50c. kind 39c.; 25c. kind 19c.
Men's Wool Merino Hose, 12* c. pair.
Boys' Waists, in wool or wool-mixed, cheaper than mothers can
make them. Splendid wool ones, 50c. and 75c.
MEN'S UNDERWEAR.—FIeece Lined, Natural Wool, Camel's Hair, including the cele
brated "Luzerne" Hygiene. Shirts, 34 to 48; drawers, 30 to 46.
$1.75 quality, Going Out of Business Price,sl.2s SI.OO quality, Going Out of Business Price, .75
1.50 44 44 44 " " 1.15 75 " 44 44 " 44 .59
1.25 44 41 " " 44 .89 50 " 44 " " " .39
Tlx© TXTlxit© T'rorxt,
Nearly Opposite Court House. Two Doors Below Postoffice.
half or two feet. All other parts of
Court House in fair condition.
WM. KRAMER, Foreman.
James McAnally who was tried on
the charge of setting Boone's barn on
fire was found not guilty by the jury.
Wm. Mensch plead guilty to the
charge of assault and battery. Court
suspends sentence and defendant was
Wm. Bennett, the old manVho was
charged by little Catharine Carter
with sssault and battery with intent,
etc., plead guilty of assault and bat
tery, and was sentenced to pay a fine
of sl, costs of prosecution within ten
days or Bench warrant to issue.
J. B. Richie and Lorenda Richie vs.
J. W. Young. Petition to strike off
name of Lorenda Richie granted.
In the matter of the disbarment of
W. L. Eyerly as a member of the Bar
Rule made absolute and said Eyeriy
is disbarred.
Thos. Aten found guilty of fornica
tion and bastardy was given the usual
Order of sale granted in estate of
Geo. Russel deceased.
Joana Shuman and Wm. M. Pifer
who were prosecutors in assault and
battery cases wherein defendants were
tound not guilty, were sentenced to
pay the costs.
James Brennan who was acquitted
of the charge of fornication and bast
ardy brought by Sara Rice was sent
enced to pay the costs.
Petition of C. W. Mensinger, guar
dian of Minnie Mensinger and Myron
Folk, order to pay funeral expenses
Court adjourned till Monday at 9
a. m.
Second week's Court convened
Monday morning at ten o'clock, with
all the Judges on the Bench.
Estate of J. B. Gordner, deceased.
F. B. Kitchen and J. L. Evans ap
pointed appraisers to set aside prop
erty selected by the widow.
Headly Suit vs. Mary De Haven
Suit. Subpoena in divorce awarded.
J. G. Hempstead sworn in as a
citizeiuof the United States.
J. C. Smith & Wallace Co. vs.
Crisman Bros. Petition to strike off
appeal. Rule granted returnable to
next term.
In estate of Silas W. McHenry.
W. H. Magill appointed auditor to
marshal assets, etc.
Harris Exrs. vs. J. H. Creasy.
Petition for rule to satisfy, etc. Ser
vice accepted.
John B. Case's Admx. vs. Charies
Walker et al. Petition to strike off
judgment. Rule granted.
The case of Albert Klinetob vs.
Thomas Klinetob et al. Replevin.
In the case of Albert Klinetob vs.
Thos. Klinetob et al. the jury tound
that a number of the articles in quest
ion belonged to the plaintiff,and a num
ber to Anna Klinetob, the defendant,
nanung the same.
The trespass case of John L Klees
against the Lehigh Valley R. R. Co.
was taken up, and later the jury were
taken to Girardville to the scene of
The trespass case of John L.
Klees vs. the Lehigh Valley Rail
road Co., was settled, after the jury
had made a journey to Girardville
to view the premises, by allowing
the plaintift SI6BO and costs.
In re lunacy of Isaac Boone, the
commission find him a lunatic, aud
the Court appointed Isaac K. Dil
dine Committee.
A. Z. Schoch appointed Guardian
of Fred Schuyler.
Estate of Mrs. Matilda Menden
hall. Petition in partition. In
quest awarded.
John Larkin, Geo. Carter and
Fred W. Busch sworn in as citizens
of the United States.
The management of the Opera
House, announces a special engage
ment of the popular Irish—American
Comedian, Harry C. Gibson,for Satur
day evening, October Bth, in his own
creation "A JollyJ Irishman." It's
funny, very funny, sparkling and
bright music, beautiful costumes, new
and novel specialties, new songs, new
dances and funny comedians. Tick
ets for sale at Bidleman's book store.
Don't forget that Saturday is the
last day to pay your county tax.
All voters must pay their tax, or they
cap" ot vote at the coming election.
NO. 40
The Democratic Ratty will be Held on Friday
October 7—Benton and Bloomsburg.
The Democratic Campaign for Col
umbia County will be formally opened
next Friday by a big old fashioned
rally at Benton in the afternoon and
at Bloomsburg in the evening.
Speeches will be made by Hon. Geo.
A. Jenks, candidate for Governor,
Hon. Wm. H. Sowden, candidate for
Lieut. Governor, and others of state
, and national reputation.
Remember the time has been
changed from Saturday to Friday.
Special trains and rates.
Secretary. Chairman.
Dickinson 6, Normal 0-
While the Normal foot ball eleven
were torced to yield to the superior
work of Dickinson College Saturday
afternoon last, by a score of 6 to o, yet
it must be admitted that they played
good ball. The visitors scored the
only touchdown of the game, after six
teen minutes of play in the first halt.
In the last half the Normal goal was
never in danger, the pigskin befcig
kept in about the middle of the field.
The result was a great disappoint
ment to the Dickinson coach who ac
companied the team here. He had
fully expected, and counted on the
score being at least 20 to o, but he
admitted before the game was over
that his team had no cinch. For the
Normal the work of Smethers and
Burns is deserving of special mention,
while Hockenburg and Houston dis
tinguished themselves for the visitors.
The line up:
Normal. Position. Dickinson.
Snyder right end K rubor
Hayes left end Jenlclnson
Opllnger rtghttackle Ilecktnsn
Morton lett tackle. Blndenburg
smethers right halt-back Smith
McQutry. left half-back Shaffer
Johnston centre. Dlehl
Aldlnger quarter-back Houston
Burns full-back Hockenourg
Laubach right guard Docker
Bray left guard Bonner
Time of halves—2o and 15 minutes. Ketorae
and umpire-Fred oodcliarles, of Milton, Lino
man—J. G. Cope, of Bloomsburg, Toucb down,
1. Goal from touoh down, 1.
A fresh coat of paint has greatly im
proved the appearance of the, Ex
change Block.