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First Expedition Arrives After
j Taking a Spanisb Island
While Enronte.
New York, July s.—Amor, July 4.
Messages from Manila received her#
announced the safe arrival there on
Thursday last, June 30, of the cruiser
Charleston, with the transports City of
Pekln, City of Sydney and Australia
•with troops.
The Charleston en route captured
Guajan, one of the Ladrones. Seven
guns were fired at the fort there, but
the Are was not returned.
The governor, thinking the Charleston
was firing a salute, sent a boat out to
the cruiser and thanked the captain ef
fusively for the honor paid him. The
governor's representative was detained
on board a prisoner and boasts were sent
aahore to capture the governor and
his officials, all of whom were taken
on the Charleston to Manila. An Amer
ican was left In charge at Guajan.
First Expedition Roaches Manila.
Cavlte, July 1, via Hong Kong, July
s.—The cruiser Charleston, with the
transports City of Pekln. Australia and
City of Sydney arrived here yesterday.
At Honolulu the Charleston received
sealed orders from Washington to pro
ceed to Guajan, the largest of the La
drone Islands, and capture it, or sink
or capture any Spanish gunboats there
and afterward to reduce the forts.
The Charleston arrived at Guajan
June 20 and was boarded by Spanish
officials of the Ladrone Islands, who
professed entire Ignorance of war ex
isting between Spain and the United
Governor Marina surrendered and he
and his staff were made prisoners and
taken aboard the Charleston.
The American flag was left flying
over the capltol.
The American troops arrived here In
a very healthy condition.
The troops began landing immediate
ly. Cavlte arsenal had been put In or
der for their accommodation.
The French admiral has arrived on
the cruiser Bayard. The British crui
sers Iphegenia and Pigmy have arriv
ed. The Bonaventura left yesterday
•for Wei Hai Wei. Others are expected
Another Spanish gunboat, the Leyte,
was captured in Manila bay on Wed
Dewey's Official Rcpoit.
Washington, July s.—Secretary*Long
received from Admiral Dewey the fol
lowing official report of the arrival of
the first expedition:
Cavlte, July 1, via Hong Kong, July 3.
Three transports and Charleston ar
rived yesterday. Captured Guam, La
drone islands, June 21; no resistance.
Brought the Spanish officials and the
garrison of six officers and fifty-four
men to Manila. On June 29 the Span
ish gun vessel Leyte came out of a riv
er near Manila and surrendered to me,
having exhausted ammunition and food
repelling attacks by Insurgents. Had
on board fifty-two officers and ninety
four men, naval and military.
Fatiy Riacliei St. Michael In Open Boats
With News ot the Winter lp Gold Region,
Vancouver, B. C., July B.—Advices re
ceived here from the port of St. Mich
ael. on Norton Sound, say that the Ice
left the harbor of St. Michael on June
16. The tug New England was the first
steamer to arrive there. At Dutch
harbor there are a great many river
boats being built for the Yukon trade.
The Yukon river opened at Dawson on
May 8.
A party of eighteen men left Dawson
City on June 1 in small open boats and
reached St. Michael on June 15, a dis
tance of 1,800 miles, in fourteen days
and slxte&i hours. The Yukon is eight
fet higher than ever known.
It is reported that there are 16,000
claims recorded, and only about 200 are
on a paying baßis. It is estimated that
from 310.000,000 to $40,000,000 will come
out of the country this spring. A good
part of this will be composed of last
year's output. Outcomlng miners sav
that new miners will have to go to en
tirely new grounds for diggings.
Wation Will .Set Sail a* Soon aa His Fleet
Can Re Fitted Ont.
Washington, July s.—After the ad
journment ot the war hoard's confer
ence at the White House Secretary
Lone e ii I
"There will be no change in the pres
ent plans of the navy. Commodore
Watson's fleet will sail for the Spanish
coast as soon as it Is fitted out. and the
fleet before Santiago will be given plen
ty of wor kto do."
The News la Madrid.
Madrid, July s.—Up to late last eve
ning the officials were consoling them
selves with such news as (the following:
An official dispatch from Santiago de
| Cuba says:
"Admiral Cervera's fleet sustained
for an hour the Are of the American
fleet. .It then disappeared westward,
followed by the American squadron.
We lost two torpedo boat destroyers."
A later official dispatch from Santi
ago de Cuba says:
"Admiral Cervera's squadron made
a sortie from Santiago, traversing the
channel without Incident. But a heavy
cannonade was heard outside the har
bor and It Is supposed a naval battle
was proceeding.
Wonld Exchange Cervera tor Hobson.
Washington, July 6.—The release of
Hobson and the other heroes of the
Merrlmac incident Is llltely to be anoth
er result of the events transpiring yes
terday. It may now come about either
by the surrender of the oKy, whloh
would Include the surrender of Keb
r son and other American prisoners, or
else by the exchange of Hobson fsr
Admiral Cervera sr asms other Ugh
ranking .ofßofcaL
Heavy rains have caused a serious
property loss at Vancouver, B. C.
The official plurality of Geer, Re
publican, for governor of Gregon is
10 574-
American homoeopathic eye, throat
and ear specialists/are in convention
at Chicago, 111.
Southern Methodists at Macon,
Ga., will prosecute church agents of
the Church Book Concern.
By a premature blast, Thomas
Hahn, of Bethlehem, had an eye des
troyed and was otherwise terribly in
For cutting rates on contracts to
make overalls and shoes at San Fran
cisco, Cai., Chun Ying was killed by
a Chinese highbinder.
For assaulting his little daughter,
Samuel E. Lindsey, of St. Louis, shot
and killed Herbert G. Everingham,
his brother-ii-' w.
A shipment of $lOOO in silver from
the sub-treasury in St. Louis, Mo., to
Silver City, N. M., was lost or stolen
by expressmen. to property in Chicago,
worth $1,000,000 have been filed in
that city by William H. Coxe under
a deed from Indian settlers.
Newspaper reports in London re
vive the story that the Princess Vic
toria of Wales is to wed John Baring,
the present Baron Revelstoke.
Miss Olive F. Sampson, daughter
of Admiral Sampson, and Henry Har
rison Scott are to be married at San
Francisco, in November next.
The suit of George Harding, vs.
the American Glucose manufacturing
company, to annul the sale to the
trust, was dismissed at Peoria, 111.
Bigamist William Runcieman, who
posed as an English baronet and had
married women in England and
America, has been sentenced to five
years by a Xondon court.
The warring brewers and retail
liquor dealers of Lancaster have
reached an agreement by which the
latter pay twenty cents extra a barrel
for beer as part of the war tax.
Ex President of the American Pro
tective Tariff League, Cornelius N.
Bliss, will be presented with a sou-"
venir album by the League members,
at Washington, D. C., on June 30th.
At Beloit (Wis.,) commencement
President Eaton announced that the
effort to obtain $200,000 increased
endowment had been successful, in
c'uding $50,000 given by D. K.
Pearsons, of Chicago. ,
Stone's Hypocritical Address.
Quay's nominee for Governor had
a speech prepared for the convention
after his nomination, but he was not
given a chance to speak his piece.
The servants of the boss who com
posed the convention had obeyed or
ders in nominating his man, but what
the nominee's views might be on pub
lic questions was of no interest to
them whatever. Probably they be
lieved that he had no views except
such as his master allowed him to
Candidate Stone having missed the
opportunity of tiring off his speech at
a convention that didn't want to hear
it, sent it out nevertheless, as if it had
been regularly delivered. Its most
notable feature is its effort to connect
his machine candidacy with the war,
and to give an appearance of patriot
ism to Quay's rotten politics.
A single passage will be sufficient
to show the hypocritical character ot
the address :
"We are fighting the battles of Al
mighty God. Already grief sits about
the hearthstone ard tears are shed in
our State for the first of the fallen in
this war. ** • We of Allegheny
will not soon forget the Maine.
"Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,
Lest we forget, lest we forget."
In accepting this nomination arrd
becoming the standard-bearer of a
great party in a great State, I natur
ally feel the responsibility that rests
upon me."
Speaking of this bare-faced attempt
to disguise machine rascality by , the
use of patriotic expressions and an
invocation to the Almighty, the anti-
Quay Republican Philadelphia Ledger
says : "It would be extremely diffi
cult to compress into as brief a form
so striking an example of the unseem
ingly mixing o! political and demo
gogic platitudes with unconsidered
There could not be a more severe
condemnation of Quay's candidate
than the above quotation extracted
from one of the most reputable Re
publican journals in the State.
"Lest we forget" the real issue of
the contest, in which the people of
the State are about to engage, it must
be born in mind that this man Stone,
whom a political, licentious, autocrat
has forced upon the Republican party
as its candidate for Governor and
who so hypocritically prates about
"fighting the battles of Almighty
God," is merely -the retainer of a
party boss by whose election to the
governorship a vicious political ma
chine would maintain its misrule of
this State.— Dem. Watehman.
A fine line of new styles in wed
ding invitations just received at THE
COLUMBIAN office. tf. j
Echoes From the Busy MUI and the Work
t v
Japan boasts of 323 a telephones.
Arizona has 20,000 wild horses.
France employs 140,000 teachers.
Spain has 5,000,000 agriculturists.
Bavaria has 800-year-old houses.
Our railroads employ 800,000 men.
Amsterdam has 12,000 diamond
Germany has 642,000 working
Hungary whisky is distilled from
There are, it is said, forty kinds of
tobacco plants.
Jipan has 10,000 paupers : 38,000,-
000 inhabitants.
Scarborough (England) plumbers
get sixteen cents an hour.
England makes $20,000,000 a year
profit out of its post office.
The Victoria Cross carries with it
a pension of $250 a year for life.
British trade with the Philippines
last year was $9,934,590; that of the
United States $5,145,303, or about
half as much.
Every state in '.he Union, with the
exception of ten, now has a state
botanist, New York and Connecticut
having two each.
A gold-weighing machine in the
Bank of England is so sensitive that a
postage stamp dropped on the scale
will turn the index on the dial a dis
tance ot two inches.
With all her agricultural wealth,
South Dakota is also third in the list
Of gold-producing states. The aggre
gate of gold produced in the state last
year was $5,829,575.
Public ovens are established on
most of the residential streets of
Japanese cities, where people can
have their dinners and suppers cook
ed for them at trifling expense.
Corsets must not be worn by Rus
sian young women attending high
schools, universities and music and
art schools, according to a recent de
cree of the new minister of educat'on.
At the present time the largest
angle iron which is rolled at Ameri
can mills measured 6 by 6 inches.
The Carnegie company will-soon erect
a new mill at Homestead which will
turn out BxB angle iron.
Brazil is agitating the transforma
tion into a state monopoly of the sale
of coffee, rubber and tobacco, and
limiting their export to the demand
for actual consumption, as distinguish
ed from speculative demand.
In Allegheny, Pa., three cent
schooner houses have become so num
erous that a meeting of liquor dealers
has been called to discuss the situa
tion and take measures against these
cut-rate dispensers of beer. A similar
situation confronts the dealers in Pitts
It is staled that the engines of a
private yacht belonging to an English
shipbuilder are now heing constructed
in an American shop, the reason for
the contract having been placed ou
this side of the Atlantic being that
the work can be done more cheaply
here than in England.
The United States Court has de
clared unconstitutional a Milwaukee
ordinance that provided for 4-cent car
fare. In Milwaukee one company
operates over the entire city and uni
versal transfers are given so that a
passenger may go from any part of
the city to any other part for a single
5-cent tare.
A shoe manufacturer with a head
for figures has calculated that the
hides of the following number of ani
mals would be required yearly to shoe
the whole population of the earth, so
far as known : Cattle, 245,881,384;
goats, 90,084,548; sheep, 25,482,000,
and kangaroos, 25,000,000.
It is the belief of the Iron Age that
the consumption of iron and steel for
the production of agricultural imple
ments for the year beginning on July
Ist will be greatly in excess of all
previous seasons. In view of what
are thought to be the good prospects
of the farmer at present, the manu
facturers are making enormous con
tracts for raw material.
The largest dam in the world is the
Quaker Bridge dam about four miles
from Kitchawan, N. Y. This great
structure is more than a quarter of a
mile long and 216 feet thick at the
base. It turns the whole Croton River
into the aqueducts to New York city.
The lake, which holds back 40,000,-
000,000 gallons of water, is the larg
est artificial lake in the world.
The Atlas tack company, of Taun
ton, Mass., whose machinery is widely
scattered about in a number of shops,
has decided to adopt the electric sys
tem of distributing power. Three
mills will be driven from a central
stftion, the radius of operation being
more than a quarter of a mile. Many
long lines of shafting will be dispensed
with, and nearly forty electric motors
will apply the power where it is want
A new law adopted in Italy requires
that every employer shall, at his own
cost, provide for his workmen com-
ftiiiiiiiiMiuti | CASTORIA
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
SE'illSiartiffiw Bears the J
Mi /(y l\r
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Not Narcotic. iiVllr
jtovt/oun-ssNßaEnwa . VrVp'
is&Liu" I (\ ifv The
J 1 Jf* "j
A perfect Remedy forConstlpa- |u A IV 111 U
lion, SouriStomach,Diarrhoea, I lif
WormsjConvulsions .Feverish- 1 IF' U,,,. 11-.,,
ness and Loss OF SLEEP. V_f lOU HuVu
TatSiiru'e 'Signature of
Always Bought.
You will realize that " they live
well who live cleanly," if you use
it] >L K BhaznnH H
STOVE NAPTHA, the Cheapest and
Best Fuel on the market. With it you
can run a Vapor Stove for one-hall
cent per hour. Give us a call and be
W. O. Holmes, Bloomsburg, Pa.
Eshleman & Wolf, " v
L. E. Wharey, "
W. F. Hartman, "
pensation for ail accidents the con
sequences which last more than five
days. The compensation under the
law is as follows: If there shall result
from the accident disablement of a
complete and permanent nature, the
compensation will be an amount
equivalent to five times the man's
yearly wages, but in any case not less
than $6OO, this amount is, as a rule,
to be invested in a life annuity for the
benefit of the injured workmen.
Colonel W. H. 11. Stowell has re
turned to Duluth, after an absence of
eight months in Japan. "I think,"
says Colonel Stowell, "The future de
velopment of our country lying on the
Pacific Ocean is going to be very
great. For centuries the Medi
terreanean sea was the centre ot the
commerce of the world. During the
past 400 years the Atlantic Ocean
has been the great commercial centre.
The time is rapidly approaching, I
think, when the Pacific ocean will be
the scene of the greatest activity of
the world's commercs. The Pacific
coast is a vast empire of itself, 350
miles wide and 800 miles long, pro
ducing in abundance almost every
thing that is grown in the way of agri
cultural products and fruit, and the
state still leads in the matter of gold
Appetite and Ambition.
' I was tired and had no appetite or
ambition. I began taking Hood's
Sarsapanlla and it gave me perma
nent relief. I attribute my present
good health to the fact that Hood's J
Sarsaparilla has purified and eniiched
my blood, and I earnestly recom
mend it for a debilitated system."
Miss MARY HONECKER, St. Clair, Pa.
Hood's Pills cure nausea, sick head
ache, biliousness, indigestion. Price
25 cents.
Sohedule of Trains to Eaglesmere.
Train on P. & R. leaving Blooms
burg at 7.30 a. m. connects at Halls
at 10.23, reaching Eaglesmere at
12.20 p. m.
Train leaving Bloomsburg at 3.40
p. m. connects at Halls at 5.25 p.
m., reaching Eaglesmere at 7.15
p. m. tf
An ordinary brick will absorb six
teen ounces of water.
Wearing nightcaps is said to pre
vent dreaming.
Indian oak, one ot the hardest of
woods, will sink in water.
In Scotland at one time capital
punishment was by drowning.
It is impossible to run at an alti
tude of 17,000 feet above the sea.
Physiologists say that of all people
in middle life at least one-third have
one ear in some degree affected by
Many a French mother buries her
own hair and a favorite toy with her
dead child, "that it may not feel quite
Fourteen prisoners recently escaped
from Mana Mana, New Guinea, at
tacked a native village and killed and
ate eighteen men.
Costa Rica means the rich coast,
and in most respects it is rich, parti
cularly in the snake family, the most
deadly of which is the terrible cule
bra de sangre, or blood snake.
A western paper recently request
ed answers to the question, "What
do you regard as the most common
fault of present day young men ?"
The most original answer received
was "preference for a white shirt job."
An ingenious machine for making
sandwiches is used by many of the
ocean line steamships. It cuts and
butters the bread, and the machine
can be arranged so that the bread
need not be buttered if the operator
does not want it to be so.
A bashful young man who resides
here in Laceyville went to see his girl
the other night and after a long pause
during which neither one had said a
word, she mustered up courage to
ask him what he was thinking about.
He said "I am thinking about the
same thing you are." She replied :
"I'll hit you in the mouth if you try
it." ■ Anyone guessing what they were
thinking about will be fined one dollar
and costs.— Laceyville Messenger.
Bun the Kind You Have Mints Bought
The best are
the cheapest.
and tender little juicelets for the chil
dren, are all right, but papa and "the
boys" want a good, big, juicy steak,
roast or chop when business or school
duties are over, and we can cater to
them all. Our stock of prime meats is
unexcelled for quality, and we send
them home in fine shape.
Butter per lb $ .14
Eggs per dozen .14
Lard per lb .ro
Ham per pound .10
Pork, whole, per pound ,06
Beef, quarter, per pound.... .07
Wheat per bushel 1 00
Oats " " 35
Rye " " .50
Wheat flour per bbl 6.00
Hay per ton... 9 to $lO
Potatoes per bushel 1.20
Turnips " "
Onions " " 100
Sweet potatoes per peck .35
Tallow per lb .05
Shoulder " " .09
Side meat " " .08
Vinegar, per qt ,05
Dried apples per lb .05
Dried cherries, pitted .12
Raspberries .is
Cow Hides per lb .*1
Steer " " " .05
CalfSkin .80
Sheep pehs .75
Shelled corn per bus .60
Com meal, cwt i.e
Bran, " 1100
Chop " 100
Middlings " 1.00
Chickens per lb new........ .12
" " "old 10
Turkeys " " 12 1
Geese " " .1^
Ducks " " .08
No. 6, delivered 2.60
" 4 and s " 3.85
" 6 at yard
" 4 and 5 at yard 3.60
Th Leaißig Conwrratory ofAraarioa
Cabl Faeltbn, Director. 18Mb,
* full information.
W. II ALE. General Manafec.
| BiALulcnna
Caveats and Trade Marks obtained, and all
Patent business conducted for MODKUATI
ENT OFFICE. We have no eub-agcnctea, al
business direct, hence can transact patent bust
nesß In less time and at Less Cost than those re
mote from Washington.
Send model, drawing or photo, with doscrlp
tlon. We advise If patentable or not, free of
charge, our fee not due till patent is secured
A book, "llow to Obtain Patents," with refer
ences to actual clients In your State, County, o
town sent free. Address
C. A. BNO W A C 0„ Washington, D. C
(Opposite U. 8. Patent Office.)
CUsum and beaotifiaa thaihah
Promotaa a laaariut givvw.