The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, November 07, 1890, Image 3

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The Columbian
nrruMWied every frllar- Subscription prlco.
ntero1 nt t ho lost lllaomqbunr. Pa
ttjBnMT niitRnn tun TBt.i,
Trains on the 1'. II. 11, )(. lenvo Unpen as
Nonirt. , socrn.
,Ji'' 11:03 ft. ra.
8:31 p. m. S:a3 p, m,
Tralnsontholi I. A: w. li.H.toavo litoomaburg
7 88 a. ia.
10'4 a M.
:S4 p, III.
6 3(1 p.m.
Tralnann the X
Forrr an followBi
10:4(1 a. m.
e.! p.m.
fwu it, in.
i?is p.m.
l is p. ra.
8:J p. m.
. tl, Hallwaypass 1110am
l:w p. m.
fso p. ra.
north. orrn.
10:48 A ra 8:39 p tn
Taking effect MONDAY, SKPTKMHEIl S, 18S9.
..., Ar- Ar. Ar. Lv. Lv. Lv.
STATIONS, r. m. a m. A.x. a.m. r. . r. .
llloomsnursr,.. tH 11 49 1 03 9 35 3 3 MO
Main street o 18 11 41 n m b i 4 J 6 47
Irondate 18 11 81 fl r 8 s 41 a so
rntierMIll 6 (H 11 81 6 49 8 M a M 7 01
UlttltStreet. 6 05 11 !8 t 41 8 M 3 6 7 (V)
orangevllle....... o st 11 eo s 85 9 on 3 07 110
Forks, 8 45 11 10 8 25 15 3 17 7 3D
Zaner'a -.. 5 4J 11 o 8 31 9 31 3 30 7 si
Htlllwatet B 87 11 Oi 8 17 9 31 3 35 7 21
lienton, , ., B 39 10 M 8 10 3.1 3 3.1 7 35
Kdsons 5 33 10 M 0 07 9 38 3 37 7 Hi
ColM Creek, 8 30 10 45 8 05 9 89 3 40 7 40 6 IS II) 42 6 l2 9 42 3 41 7 41
Lnubachs, 8 W 10 40 8 00 9 47 3 44 7 47
Central 6 03 10 3 ! 6 B3 9 87 3 58 7 57
Jamison City.... 6 011 10 80 6 w 10 00 4 00 8 00
Lv. Lv. Lv. Ar. Ar. Ar
r. if, a. u. A. h. A. u. r. u. r, u.
Balk, Nov. l.-K II. Llttlo will sell nl
lila farm near Light Street, Columbia Co ,
Pa., on Saturday November 1st, 1S90 , nt
10 o'clock n. m , nt auction) nineteen bend
of cattle, consis'inir. of nil of his Graded
Ilolstcln Fricslan 0ws nnd Hellers, and
sucli of his full blooded llolsteln Fricslan
heifers and calves a9 arc under two years
old. Also one registered Ilolstcln Fricslan
Bull. Bald cattle will bo sold without re
serve, this being nn attempt to Inaugurate
annual stock sales nt said farm. Terms
six month' credit with approved security.
At the same time nnd place full blooded
Chester Whlto l'ig9 will bo offered nt l'rl
vate Bale rico hand bills.
Nov. C Harah J. Sltlcr, administratrix
of the estate of Michael Filler, late of
Orange township, will sell personal proper,
tv nt tbo homestead of deceased, at 10
o'clock, a. m.
Nov. io.-IssacharRobbins will
sell 25 young cows and heifers,
2 bulls, 3 horses, at John Deily's
below Bloom, at i o'clock p. m.
Will positively be sold if they
do not bring half price. They
are of the best breeds. Terms
six months with interest, or 2
per cent, off for cash.
Nov. 13. William S. Knse, executor of
Peter Kaso will sell valuable real estate on
the premises in lienton Township.
Fon Halk Dwelling houses in lilnnms
burg, Orangeville, Epy and Hupert Pa.
Firms in Pennsylvania, Kansas and Vir
glnin. Varnnt lots in Illoomsburg. Btoro
properties, Grist mills nnd other property
by M. P. Lutz, Insurance and Heal Estate
Agent, Uloomsburg, Pa.
Foil rUr.K. House and lot In Ilupcrt,
lot 120x140 ft. Two story, house, with
nlnu rooms. May windows, out
kitchen, ice and coal bouse, good stable,
chicken aud pig pen. Choice fruit, ever
green trees, good wnter, Two railroads,
Twelve trains a day each way, to Blooms
burg, fare 8c round trip. Low taxes. A
great bargain, If taken soon.
SI. 1. iutz, Insurance & Heal Est. Agt.
J. E. Elcboltz, one of tho editors of tho
Bunlmry Democrat, has Just returned homo
from an extended western trip, Including
ansa Martha F. Clark Is prepared to givo
cssons in uomin embroidery, at her horn 0
on Market street. Her prices arc 83 cents
lor two lessons, thrco hours each, and
ijl.OO for twelvo lessons. 2t.
im. A, iMiiiu.rtu,
Through tho kindness of n friend wo
have been furnished tho following sketch
of tho lato Dr. A. P. Heller.
Dr. A. P. Hdler was born In Hemlock
Township, April 0, 1829, tho only son of
James and Hannah Heller. His parents
moved to Shlnn Street, Now East Mlllvllle,
in 1839, When aloug In his tccna ho work,
on tho farm for John K Eves during tlin
An exchange says it h currently reported summer season and ntinmlmi nnMfn i,i
lhat Albert Lewis's mission to Europe Is to In tho winter. At tho abb of 1(1 In, mm.
obtain a Icaso of tho North Mountain tlm. menced teaching school durlns tho winter
her tract, recently sold by Col. Hlckctts to nnd continued to work on thn fnrm In iim
n London syndicate. Mr. Lowls is Just summer, till 1853 when at tho ngo of 23 ho
tho man to handle this vast business, for commenced tho study of medlclno under
ho has had the experience, and has the Dr. P. John nnd graduated 22nd Feb. 1801
push and energy to prosecute this magnl- Ho commenced the prartlco of his pro.
tudlnous operation to n successful end. fesslnn at Unlonvllle, Carbon County. Pa
Thcro may bo some fun in sorao of tho
pranks that aro sometimes played on Hal.
low L'en, but tho wholesale stealing of
rropctty, nnd destruction of gates nnd
steps nnd everything else tint bands can
hu lal 1 on, Is neither (mart nor funny, and
the perpetrators of much of the incxctis-
ablo conduct of last Friday night ought to
bo prosicutid for malicious mischief and
punished to the full extent of tho law. Fun
Is one thing, hut a criminal disregard of
the rights of others is not excusable even
on H.illow E'en.
Jl. A. Scanlan. tho vouni? Irish comnt,
Ian of a typo pleasantly familiar on llio
stage, appcareil at Forcpaugh's Thcatro
yesterday afternoon beforo a largo audi
ence lie played tho tltln pirt In tho Cel
tic drama of "Nell Aerah." and met with
quite a cordial welcome. The snunortlnir
company was particularly brilliant. Sam
uel Jii. iiyan. Jltss Sadto Hoinlan and sev.
cral others aennitted themselves vcrv
creditably. A little more naturalness and
lurcc and n little less soiitcntlousncss
Mould improve the work of two or thren of
the ptlurlpil performers. PhVwMnhia IM-
ger, Oct 7, 1890.
The nbovc will nppear at tho Uloomsburg
Opera House, Friday Nov. 7. Do not fall
to be present. You will miss u treat.
Tho watercress Is a weed, puro and
mp'.c It can never be anything else. Et-
forta to ctiltlvato and produce a better and
more delicate species have been made, und
signally failed. Under artificial treatment
loses the faint, nlqinnt mustard llivor
hat is its especial charm, and assumes
much i f tho hot, pungent tasto of the
rsciadish. It nourishes for nearly nine
months of tho year, and as It is constantly
renewing Itself, tho large, coarse leaves of
the old hnt may be left to wither, und
only llio young, delicate stems picked. It.
Ill not bear cooking of any kind, but
aten raw, with n llttlo salt, nnd fresh
bread and butter, it ia well, try It.
The first of the Star Course entertain-
ments, by the New York Philharmonic
Club In tho Opera House, so tar as the en
joyment of those who wcro fortunate
enough to be present was concerned, was
success, but, while tho audience wa9 made
up of a number of our most cultured and
otelllgent people, the absence of tho com
paratively largo proportion of those whp
ould enjoy this character of entertain-
racnt shows a lack cf appreciation of the
llorls of the committee whose object la to
givo tho citizens of Bloomsburg aud vicin
ity the opportunity of hearing tho very
best tnleut tho country affords. Tho la-
hors of tho committee should be apprc 1 devoted and true, as n friend and neigh-
iated and their entertainments liberally bor many will testify to hU frankness, his
W. Clark Sloan, and W. J. Barry
Philadelphia spent Sunday in town.
Tho first snow of tho season in this sec-
tlon fell on Tuesday.
Mrs. Dr. Pagan of Owonton, Kentucky,
grand-daughtcr of Judge EIwcll, is visiting
relatives here.
Miss Ella Fox has been qulto seriously
111 with a tcver, In Philadelphia. Late re
ports say she Is Improving slowly.
Tho Berwick Borough Council is adver
tising for electric light.
Tnc office of Clerk of tho Courts In
Schuylkill county pays over $7000 a year.
Tho new gasoline street lamps tiro work
Ing well thus far and givo a good light.
It remains to be seen how they held out.
Catarrh Indicates impuro blood, and to
euro V, tako HoodM Sarsaparil'.a, which
purities tho blood Sold by all druggists.
Now the merchants should commence
their holiday advertising. Christmas will
soon be here.
The Illustrated lecture of Prof. W. M.
11. French to be given in the Opera House
Nov. 19th is hlcbly recommended by tho
Tickets for the balance of the course can
be obtained at Dcntler's for $1.50. Tickets
for any one lecture will cost 75c.
There are yet four entt-rtalnmcnts to be
giyen as follows:
W. M. It. French, Nov. 1-j; John It.
Clarke, Dec. 5; Lotm Gleo Club, Jan 9;
it. J. llurdttte, Feb. 9lh.
The best scats are not all taken aud
those who purchase course tickets now,.
can secure very desire Die scats by having
them marked beforo Ncv. 19.
Tho rcnort ot the Maulson township Sun
day school Convention, and the pnecedings
of tho Heform condition aro crowded out
this week. They will appear In next issue.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Funston havo mado
many additions nnd improvements tn their
homo on Hock street at Mrs. A' A. uui
Judco M. O. Hughes of CaWwissa,
epeuds much of bis tlmo In his elegant
bachelor charters. He is variously engag.
cd in business matters.
Invitations have been Issued for tho
i,i,llnn (if Mr. Arthur A. Clark and Miss
Jcnnio Evuns, at St. Paul'ji church ou Nov.
ember 13, at 12 o'clock.
Tho steeple on tho new Presbyterian
church Is stately In appearance, and beau
tlf nl In lis nronortlons. It CttU bo Been
from any point in town.
Henrv Shepherd, tho chef at Phillip
Tuft. Ia nt his nost airaln. The delicious
odor of cooking makes ono hungry in pas-
elnglby, Tickets for twenty-oue meals can
J)o procured by rcguhr bojrders for X5'J
Tbo Ku-Klux Is abroaJ. Ono night last
week thcro was hung on tho Court House
feuco a muslin containing skulla and cross
bones, and these words, 'To the Council
Give ua better light."
The remaining stockln the store rccint
lv owned by Stephen Baldy nt Catawlssa
waa sold at nublic sale by Geo. E. EIwcll
trustee, last week Thursday to Watson
Co. of Philadelphia for $1081.
Tickets for tho balance of the Course of
Lectures can bo obtained at Dentloi'a for
$1.60. Do not fail to attend the Illustrate
lectureiof W. M. RFrench at Opera House
Nov. 10.
Wllilnm O. Johnston, Heglstcr and He
cordcr of Mountour county, had ft slight
attack of heart failure last week Monday
in his cfllco at tho court house In D invllle
Ho was taken to bis homclwbcn ho eoon re
Un Nov. 28, 1851. ho married Susan W.
Eves, daughter of ilcnlitnln Eves. Thev
lived at Unlcnvllle till the spring of 1857,
when they moved back to Mlllvlllo whero
ho practiced medlclno as tho successor o'
his preceptor, Dr. P. John. Dr. Heller in
company with C. W. Eves engaged for a
few years In the mercantile and lumber
business, under the firm nam; of Eves &
Heller. After tho Doctor bought tho
David Eves farm at Mlllvlllo and
moved upon It, tho firm of Eves A Heller
was dcsolved Since then tho Doctor ha9
lived upon his farm Improving Its build.
lngs and Its fertility, nnd pmcllcing his
On the first of Feby. 18S7, while attend.
Ing a pstlent ho had occ.nlon to go into
tho barn yard, ho was thou gored by n ma
licious hclfor; ha did not think of bdng
terloii9ly hurt nnd mado several other vU
Its tho same day and attended tbo meeting
of tho Society of Good Intent in tho even
ing. The day following his condition from
tho hurt bectrae alarmingly serious. He
grew better und then much wor so that
tho medical attendants pronnuncd his case
Incurable and that ho could livo but a few
days at most. His family and lriemh
sorrowed without nopo but his days of
anusefulncsa wero not finished. Ho began
to recover. H. S. Christian having at
that time Just graduated with tho highest
honor of his class returned to Mlllvllle
and entered into partnership with Dr.
Heller in tho practice ot Medicine. Mr.
Heller's health continued to improve and
about tho middle of May ho walked out
doors for lbs first tlmi sine- Feb. 1st. He
soon wns ablo to resume the practice of bis
profession much to tho grjtlflavtloii of
his family and friend. Ho nctlvely con
tinued hi3 practlco nnd was on his way
to visit ids daughter-in-law who was
seriously 111, wheu ho died.
Dr. Heller was a useful man nnd tho
community Ins been greatly blest by his
Wo. Ho could bo counted in for any un.
dertaklng having for Us object tho good of
tho community. He served Ids 'township
as school director, was a Trustee of th o
Greenwood Semlusry Co., an ac'.ivo mam-
bcr of the Friend's Monthly Meeting's Edu
cational Committee, Vice President nnd
Chairman of the Executive Committee of
tho Alutual Fire Insuranco Co. of Mlllvllle
nnd a Vice President of the Columbia
County Agiicultural Society at the tlmo of
his death. He was an active Heptibiican.
and a conslstant member of the Ueliglous
Society of hla choice.
In reviewing his life we find much to ad
mire. As a husband and father ho waj
A Lunch and Oyster supper will bo serv
ed at tlio Tempcranco rooms next Friday
Eve, Nov. 7tb,
Tho regular meeting of tho W.O. T. U.
will bo held next Tuesday afternoon, Nov.
lllh at 8 o'clock.
For Sale. Valuable property, known as
tho Morris property In Uloomsburg. Apply
toGuyJacoby. 11-7-10U
i C. ii
Tho consciousness of having a remedy
at hand for croup, pneumonia, noro throat,
and sudden colds, Is very consoling to a
parent, Willi la bottlo of Aycr'a Cherry
Pectoral In tho house1, ono feels, In such
cases, a senso of security nothing clao can
give. ,
A friend Induced mo to try Salvation Oil
for my rheumatic foot, I used It nnd the
rheumatism is entirely gone. JOHN H.
ANDEHSON, Btltlmoro, Md.
Positive nnd unsolicited testimony from
ovcry section conflrms'ovcry claim mado
for tho wonderful efficacy of Dr. Bull's
Cough Syrup. Prlco 25 cents.
The following letters aro held at Blooms.
burL', Pa. post office and will be sent to tho
dead letter offlco Nov. 18, 1890.
Mr. Charley Bankers, Miss Sarah M.
barlol, Prof. It. E. Cogswell, Frank Koat,
II. II. Stoddard.
Persons calling for theso letters please
snj-, they were advertised Nov. 11, 1890.
Ono cent will be charged on each letter
A. B. Catiioaht, P. M.
Normal Hclioil NotCH.
CloHlnn flic CuiiipnlKH.
Last week Thursday a largo delegation
of democrats went to Catawissa on tho P
it It. at 0 35 p. ra. to attend tho club meet.
Ing there. Thero were over ono hundred
besides tho Hlootn Bind. This crowd of
visitois was unexpected to the C'jtawlssa
dcmociats and evidently pleased them
lie Catawissa Bind wns also on hand, and
the procession mm cm d to tho ball whero
elodiicnt addresses were mado by Grant
Herring, John W. Gorman of Nanticoke, and
red T. Ikeler. Dr. J K. Itobblns presided
The hall was nacked and thcro was much
enthusiasm. In the procession wns a ban- daugutcr .nargnrei 101a
gcnlalty and hla liberality and kind-
ncss, a9 trustee, a commltteemm or nn
offlrcr ho was always faithfully active In
tho discharge if tho duties devolvlne upon
him, as a physician he was cindld and
honest, nlway striving to cure, rattier than
continue tho rase. Thorecitilof tho cir
cumstances of his sudden death will Inter
est his many friends.
On Thursday, Oct. 30, 18D0 at 5 o'clock
a. m., ho lclt U'a Homo to drive 10 ulooms
burg. On his way down tho king holt of
his buggy broke. Ho was thrown from
tho buggy Into tho muddy street at Eyers-
grove, his horso ran down to 1. U. Wil
son's with front wheels of tho buggy. Tho
Doctor called Jacob Welllyer to get tho
U93 of his telephone to havo hl3 son Frank
bring him another horso and buggy, Frank
got tho messago immediately and lu great
haste supplied tho Doctor with another
horso and buggy with which bo proceeded
to Bloomsburg In time for tho Republican
ma'B meeting at half seven that morning.
During tho meeting ho occupied a chair on
the stage. After tho adjournment of tlie
meeting he rode with Hev. D. J. Waller
to tho depot to sec the deputuro of tho
train They drove back to tho storo of
I. W. Hartman & Sons. The Dr. goi out
and went into the store to buy a pair of
gloves as a birth day present for his graud
He sat upon a
ner with P.ittison's picture on ono sldo and
tho words "Our next Governor," nnd oh
the other sldo "Turn on tho light," This
was carried by O. F. Harder, a llfo long
republican. The Bloom party camo home
by tho midnight train, and mado the town
resound with their cheers.
Oa Friday night tho Opera Houso Blooms-
burg was packed full by an audlenco that
came tn listen to Lion. Charles S. Wolfe and
I'nnniDSon Baker of Lewlsburg. Both
speeches wero ablo and interesting.
,V siarrliijje Cent i:ciiic tiiucm
ltlile Willi I lie Tornado.
Mr. Bruco Ash nud his wife, n recently
married couple lived In a comfortable cot
tage In tho northern part of this county
near Benton. A few weeks ago when lue
deslructlvo tornado passed over tho county
Mr. Ash's homo was literally carried away
Furniture, stovis, bedding, books, papers,
as well as the houso itself nil were gone,
Wothing was left but the foundation and a
few dIccos of china-ware. A stovo was
left sitting ou a neighboring bill,
Kecently Miss Myra WoiBh of Orange
stool paid for the glovcs,rccelvcd his change
and put It in his pocket Mr. I. W. Hart-
man who waited on him stepped to the
door and aa his back was turned tbo Dr,
fell t- tho floor dead. Immediately tho
news spread through town liko wild
fire and tho sad Intelligence was sent
by telephone, by telegraph and by
mall to many friends In many direction
by bis Intimate frienda who wero in town
and had gathered at the scene of his de.
ills funeral took place at tbo Friend'a
Meeting House in Mlllvllle on Sabbath
morning, Nov. IB'JJ, at lu o'ciock.
It was tho largest gathering that ever as
sembled upon those grounds.
The Dr. left a will in care, of Jno. W
A ttnriui; Mecllctitc.
Tho dru2zUi9 claim that poonlo cal
daily for the now cure for constipa'ion and
sick-beadacho, discovered by Dr. Silaa Lano
while In tho Kocky Mountains. It is said
to bo Oregon grape roo. (a great remedy in
tho far west for thO30 complaints; comma
cd with simple herbs, and is mado for uso
Well, ono of tbo lectures of our Course
that of Miss Krarer Is now a thing of tho
past, and tho financial success ot the un
dertaking Is fully assured.
Many expressions of entire satisfaction
have come to us, and all are loud in
their prnlsca of tho little lady from Green
land. But good things go and 'come; ono baa
gone, and on tho evening of Saturday,
Nov. 22, there will come to ua and the
people of our community, one of the finest
lectures they will bo permitted to bear this
Hon. It. G. Horr la ono of tho few men
who discuss tho great Labor Question from
nil Its standpoints, giving to both employer
and employee, all Issues that justly belong
to them.
'this lecture on Strikes. Strikers, nnd
People who get Struck,'- should bo beard
by every laboring man in Bloomsburg.
It is uot a discussion upon a political
basis all, but a plain, practical, common
sense talk with capitalist and labor. It
abounds In the most cui9tic humor, nnd
yet withal, contains valuablo lessons for
every one.
Season tickets for tho remainder of the
course, can be had at Dentler 's shoe storo
for $1.25.
Last week wo enrolled fivo now students
and havo now just about reached tho three
hundred mark.
Mr. Ed. Caldwell nnd Bamuol Pursel
both of the class of '89, aro taking Manual
Training on Saturday.
Thev visited the work-sbon and at once
said they wanted somelof that work. In
deed tho moro one sees of tho nature of tho
work, and tho zeal with which the great
body of students enter into It, tho more wo
wonder that our educational eyes wcro so
long holden to tho direct benefits of this
now now branch of education.
Ono of Iho latest and mast popular moves
on tho hill," la tho centering of all tho
libraries lnone room. Tho Reading Hoom
baa been handsomely shelved, and the
School library placed therein.
Tho Philo Society, acting in tho same
line, on last Saturday, brought their entire
library, consisting of sovcial hundred vol.
uraes of cholco books into the library, and
tbo Calllepian society, It is expected, will
soon do line wise,
Tho briuging in of theso books by tho so
cletles, does lu no way deprive them of
ownership. The books are theirs, but aro
now placed where all students may be
benefitted. 11 is also the Intention of the
Principal, Professor Welsh, tint all mons y
arising from tho lecture course, of each
year, over and above actual expense bo
equally divided between tho societies to bo
expended in hoiks.
Tho great number of oillers who desire
to see the Principal, soma members of tho
Faculty, or some student frlendi, has
necessitated the putting in of a system
of door-bells, from the main front doors.
Tnis is a great onvonlenco for both tho
callers and tho inmates of our large build
In some former "Notes" wo referred to
the movements of tho Athletic Associatio n
in its various departments, nnd especially
to tho making of lawn tennis "courts,"
Theso were undertaken almost entirely by
the young ladles, and, finding their purses
ipadecpiato to meet the expense necessitated
in tho grading and leveling, they conceived
tho Idea of sending a committee to wa it up.
on tho Board of Trustees, kindly asking
them for such financial aid as might feel
conftralned to give.
Imagine iho gratlfiactlon of tho young
ladles when they wero most cordially re
ceived, and In every case, rowarded most
handsomely, There has Indeed, been no
stint of praise" for our large hearted
Board, nnd Iho ladies say: "Every member
ot that Board is just as kind as ho can bo.
We had no ldci wa would get bo much
money." Tho truth Is, these generous re
sponses from the members of tho Hoard of
Trustees, on every occasion, do much to
foster and to render more enduring, tho
many interests and relations of students,
teachers, and those ot tho trustees as well.
The V, H. OcoloKlcnl Hurvcy.
The corps of U. B. engineers now stop.
ping at the Esc ango Hotel arc engaged
In in'iklug a toiiuitranhlcal survey of
Bloonisburtt sud tho surrounding country,
This is erne of many parlies scattered
through the Oal fields from Uarrlsburg to
Honesdalc. This work was begun some
years ago by the Stato geologic tl survey
under I'l of. Leslie of Lcblgb, but after the
parlies had been lu the field three years it
was found to bo so expensive tha' the leg.
tslaturu refused to appropriate any more
money for the purpose nnd tho notes nnd
data collected by thu parties weio turned
over to tho U, S. englnr crs with the request
that the U. S. continue the wotk. Mr.
Hobt. D. Cummin Is In charge, and ho tays
they expect to complcto the field work this
season, and the maps will bo drawn, en
graved and ready for publication In about
ono year. Theso maps will necessarily bo
made on a small scale ns tbo area surveyed
will cover over 4000 tiiuaro mllet) but they
will IncUido a detail map ot all cities and
towns, all public roads, railroads, cauala
and all public works. Tho topography, or
relief, will bo expressed In contours of 20
feet interval. The coloring of tho sheets
wlll.bc made conslslcut with naturo as far
aa possible, tho culture In black, the topo
graphy (contoiri) In brown, timber lands In
green, nnd tho drainage and water suifaco
In blue.
Few pcoplo outside of tkoso directly in
terested in topography reallzo the amount
of labor'and time required In the construc
tion of such maps. Tho first step Is to se
lect a level pleco of ground and measure a
base lino of nt least 0 miles In length.
These measurements are undo with tho
greatest possible care, compensated Btcol
rods are used and corrections mado for
every chango In temperature. , Sometimes
it takes n whole party a year to measure
ono ot theso lines. After tbo ba90 Is meas
ured largo slguals are erected at the extre
mities, and the latitude and longitude of the
points are then determined by astronomi
cal observations. Then these points arc
rc-occupicd with a theodolite aud tho pri
mary trlaugulatlon begins. Largo triang
les with tho sides ranging from ono to
twenty-five miles aro thrown over tbo coun
try until sufficient points are dotcrmined
to start tho plane-tables. Tho area to be
surveyed is then divided Into atlas sheets
of 15 ' squaro (Lat. and Long.) and poly
conic projection (allowing for tho curva
ture of the earth's surface)',aro constructed
for each of these sheets and tho primary
points aro plotted upon them and the plane
table can then substitute tho theodolite. This
is called tho graphic method. W 1th tho plane
table a great many points arc determined at
shorter range uptll a complcto network of
triangles Is thrown over tho sheet, and at
each located point vertical angles aro tak.
cn to determine the elevations and theso
different systems of angles aro connected
with a lino of levels run from the mean le
vel of the sea nt Perth Amboy. When this
is done It Is called the control, or skeleton
map and tho detail work begins. Filling
in tho detail H largely a matter of common
surveying. Ono small triangle Is taken up
at a time, tbo roads aro traversed and
many prominent points are cut in, from
theso traverse lines and tho topography Is
sketched in between tho located points.
Vertical angles for elevations are carried
along the traverse lines and tho intermedi
ate points In tho sketch aro determined by
aneroid barometers and in" this way the
small triangle is worked up and then the
next ono taken un in the same way and
so on until the atlas sheet is Unlsbcd.
These maps aro expensive, but they are
also very useful. For Instance, a farmer
having such a map can tell at a glance
whether water can be taken from
a certain stream or ponJ to his houso
or over his farm for irrigation pur
poses without spending a cent for survey
ing. He can tell tho latitude and longi
tude of his house, Us elevation abovo tho
sea or of any point on his place. Engi
neers can often save tho cost of prelimi
nary surveys for railroads and canals. 8uch
a map will show by tho contours tho best
route to bo taken and construction can be
gin at once. Geologists cannot mako a
satisfactory study without such maps, and
they aro very useful for military purposes
and in many other ways. Four of the en
gineers are now stopping at tho Exchange
botcli Hobt. D. Cummin, Wm. It. Atkin
son, J. J, Mason and H. F. McMillan, all
of Washington.
Highest of all in Leavening Tower. U. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889.
Notice m hereoT siren that an unnlleviai will
be mano to the llonorblo Klljatt It. Ikelnr, nresl
dent Jtilge or Uii eurt of oonimw nn of (Jo.
immna onuniT, on inq i.wi oar m oreraoer, A.
11. iwo. nt in n'nlnelf a. m . nnifir thi aiu. nr Aa.
semblr of tho commonwealth 0! lvnosjlranla,
rat HIM -An t 10 privlli for th oorpOMtlon
and regulation of certain uorporatlonv appfnv
Mthaiwiudsrot April A. 1). ivl, anl tho upi'e-
monist.ioreioi tar vns 011 ru-r 01 an ini jnvo cor
poration or Mint .lohvj KTAngrlic! Ii'heran
I'himh of CalawlMO, v twl-mt.nirihlp,Oo1uin.
nla couni v. IM Thn oh u.wvr an 1 on) -ot whereof
Is for rrilulom wornlitp, and for ton nurnow to
haro powi,i onil enlif all the right, boninM
and vil Yea 01 tho sat I Act ot Avomblv an, m
If. r ianiv fd urn, avmciwr.
Tho mortality In Inriro cities Is duo to tho fact that ,
boil food, tmd nlr, and bad habit have mndo Iml blank
From the larRCst bono down to tbo smallest bnlr, Iho S
whole body la fed, supplied with new material, kept ;
olive nnd healthy by the (low ot blood. In fact It Is J
tho most Important pnrt of tho system. ' ;
Indeed, It Ik claimed thcro enn bono disease, savo nn
occasional brain trouble, when tbo blood Is puro and ;
flowing free. S
Drown's Sarxaparllln purifies nnd enriches the blood
and Invigorates tho entire system. Z
Cross Cicck, WnshlnKton Co., Ta. S
Alfred C. Btcphcnson, writes, "I think Ilrown'a Barsa. S
parllla can not bo oquallcd as a blood purifier. ;
Anna 1J. Crook of Btoncboro, Mercer Co., Pa., nays, "1 5
bavo used Brown's Hnrsapnrllla, and find It a (Treat
; blood purmcr. ;
I Brown's Sarsaparillal
AlsIlDrufelJUil.oO. elttlm for 0.00
V DON'T take Something else "Jost M good," IT IS NOT. v
,. Aba Waiuiex A l'o., Role Proprietors, Itanttor, lie, .-
the gubernatorial contest. Both speakers
retired amid applause.
Perhaps, not In tho history of tho Stato
of Pennsylvania has thcro been so interest
ing and exciting a campaign, as the ono
Just closed, tn which Issues so momentous
In Importance to the people, as tho one
pending on the evo of election, when cor
ruption, as well ns honesty, allko appealed
to the people for vindication.
Perhaps corruption never sought so
many opportunities to deceive, defraud
and debauch tho voter. Against corrup
tion tho people mado common cause. The
future destiny of our Stato depends upon
thu result. Either corruption will hold full
sway and gain more power, and forgo tho
chains of bondage moro securely to en
slave the people; or patriotism will have
wrest from the foul monster bis false
scepter, and crushed his dccepllvo bead,
and redeemed tho Stato and rcstoro It to its
former glory and prestige.
Don't Oct DIscotiriiKcilt
Because tho doctors say you cannot live. 1
was troubled with Dropsy, and given up
to die. But after using Sulphur Blttcra I
am well. It l tho best medlclno for all
Kidney diseases I ever saw. Sirs. J.
Brown, Hrvlgeport, Oonn.
A Lnely's Perfect Companion.
Every expectant mother should read our
now book by Dr. Nyo, ono of Now York's
most celebrated physicians. A perfect
mother's guide, U tells how tho fearful or
deal can bo mado easy, free from danger,
and almost entirely painless, thus saving
months of anxiety, dread, nud suffering.
Full of valuablo Information to ladles, an
wcrlng hundreds of delicate questions.
Send two-cent stamp for circulars, testi
monials, nnd confidential letter. Address,
Fbank Thomas & Co., Pub'lsl'ers,
9-19-3m. Baltlmo.e, Md.
Paul E. Wirt, E5q has been having
somo extensive improvements mado at his
residence, In tho way of hardwood floors
and otherwise. UUbomo is now ono ot
tho most charming residences in this sec
I W. Hartmaa & Sons.
KtUile of S .(. walur, Mwowtoomsiurv.
N.rftnn in hprfthr trlvAn lMfpr4 of fulmtnt.
trallononthoesfaTooMmo A. Walttr, I lie of
the town ot lllo-imrt u-j, ojunty ot Uoliimbla, an t
ennijivania, cibcwmm, iuyo rraon gram
ih u. Wiuxht, ot Jimlwi cur, lr, to
tKrwns In lebtM to sU-t muw are ro-
auentcd in mveo iiutiitiH, aril urn) rminfi
cl.ilmsi or rtemmilj ,vlll raiieo known tho simo
without aeiny 10
nr t SAit ur b. vonartr, AUta't.
hot jaoobt, Any, jatuuoa uity, ra.
Go to the New Ground Floor
Fine cabinet photos oqc per
iloz,, 1 crayon portrait and one
dozen $3 cabinets all for $7.50,
I uon Ions, tin types, 50c.
akmcf of houses, cattle, mach
inery and copying old pictures
a specialty. Call and see speci
mens. Yours Resp't.
H. A. KEMP, Photo Artist.
South went Or. Alain and Matkot Sts.
"Bv a thorough knowlmleoot the natural law
which govern tho operations or dl;estloa an!
nutrition, and by a careful application oi tho Uao
properties of well-selected ilocoo, Mr, Knptuas
provided our breakfast tables with a dalloately
Our rush this season of year
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I. W. Hastman & Sons.
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Your distressing cough can bo cured.
We know it because Kemp's Balsam with
in the past few yera has cured so many
coughs and colds in this community. Its
remarkable sale has been won entirely by
its genulno merit. Ask sorao friend who
hes used It what he thinks of Kemp's Bal
sam. There Is no medicine so Ipure, none
so effective. Large bottles SOo and $1 at
lvuHt Ilentou.
W. M. II. I'reilcli,
IIOI1HC, Nov, 19.
The next ot llo excellent election 0
entertainments furnished by the Blooms.
bun- Star Course, will bo clven in tho
, ...... ..,,.i X.i i r.n. nn, by pouring on boiling water to draw out I upera House Nov. 10, by Prof. W. M. H
viuu wiw i.u ,. .. t, .. , r,A ,. ,,,-ir. .,... , ..,."....,...
Wilkes Barrc, where In tho course of con
vtrsallon tho fact was mentioned that
marriage certificate of comparatively
recent date bad been picked up in a neigh
boring field. Further conversation re.
vealcd the fact that tho groom's namo was
Ururo Ash. tho bride's namo Laura
Hlchlc, and the minister's name, Hev,
Hoono of Ucuton, whereupon Miss Welsh
recognized all tho parties, related th
circumstances of their loss, and requested
them to forward tho certificate to the
owners. Tho ccrtlflcato had evidently
taken a ride with tho tornado, and been
dropped at Dallus.
Wo learn that many good pooplo of tho
county aro contributing to a;fund to build
a new bouse for Mr. and Mrs. Ash,
the strength. It soils at CO cents a pack.
age and is nailed Laue's Family Medlclno.
M. A. Scanlan, with his successful and
romantic drama, In four acts, entitled,
"Nell Agraa" will appear la tho Opera
Houso. Friday evening, Nov. 7th. Tha
It was once supp fid that Bcrontla couui Timu ot liroohiyu inus speaas 01 mcir ap
not bo eradiniled from th" system! .b it the 1 nearanco at that city on Hi piembcr audi
marvelous r mils imduccd by the use of M. A. Scanlan and hla excellent company
' ' ... I ... I- Ln,.ei,t lout ..,,,,, ut 1,11. I.O
Uiirrva tils Uierfirv. ' "P"' " " ""'" - "i
Harvest Homo Jultllce nun Ileoi.
cuIiik Huiittiy Hcliool llooiu,
For a month oast the Lutheran 8. S. room
has been topsy turvy and Instead ot 300
happy children, tho cirpjnter and mason
and painter and paperor bavo been busy
taking out the old benches, furnaces, part.
ltlons, &c. and replacing them with sliding
windows, chain, a htndsjino paper on
celling and walls aod u refitting generally
with ft bright Brussels carpet over the
entire floor. The rooms will bo reopened
with a special chlldrcus service next Sun
day morning, Luther Sunday. It is
Harvest Homo Sunday and church and b. b
Hoom will be handsom dy decorated with
fruit, grains aud flowers. Tiio P.utor Ilov.
P. A. Hcllmau will preach n Harvest ber.
mon in tbo morning unu u iieiormauon
Sermon iu tho evening, Ever) body U wet
Aur's Sarsatarl'la
Tim renion is. medicine H Hie moll
powciful blond-purltlT ever d'.wovt reel.
, 1 rtiim I Si .lire I ) an 1 111 i,uUilc: audience.
'I lie linn u was p'ickuil limn parquet to
uail.-n I 1 i n . "iN'-li Aurnli." H a pic
1, 1.. .Iruinn nl ihu '03 order. d( n'cllni?
Asamsll r 1 1 pintictlnn enmronuo ' the stirrl' h-cumi el lust iutioii. sir.
j,i.,.,.iii' r. k-la ,1 uv 1.1 ouuv b. jelanV volua wns lo-splendlil condition,
v.. ...... - .......... ,,,, 1 .Sell Aerub' be did some neat ko
Ulffon' IMM, lM.M 0.cor nim.-.. - , v,m slyM. Hit hl0im (,
take oro lo u vu'-.i u! I" ' .,, ,t, , n Itfelf the supportiugcoinpiey
lauKUHi!' li i v rl di 1 -m . l-ar- , 0 u,e Un, and "Nell A grab" with thu
Ine diiUoce- That H the kind of prolec star aud company at its head will prove a
t'.on we believe in. fowling...
II Vlllir lIOllhClN UII 1'll C.
You put wnter on the burning timbers, rot
on tbo smoke. And If jou have catarrh
you ihould attack the eiiscaso In the blood,
uot In our noso. Hcmovo tho Impure
cause, and the local effect subsides. To
do this, take Hood's l-'aieaparllla, the great
blood purifier, which radically and per.
manently cures catarrh. It tlso 8trcuih.
ens tbo neivci. Be ture to net only Uoo I's
French Director of tbo school and Museum
of tho Art Institute ot Chicago. Mr
French illustrates his lectures by means of
largo impromptu sketches drawn on paper
In llio presenco of the audience, in color
and crayon. His lectures are not dry and
uninteresting, but full of wit and humor as
well as Instruction. The wonderful rapid.
ity and freedom wiib which he dashes oS
bis beautiful pictures enables him to bold
tho close attention of the audience through
out the entire lecture, He is a genius of
thu highest order aud our pcoplo should
not misB Iho opportunity of bearing blm.
Tim iii;iinii.iCA.ix,
Torches trimmed and filled and waiting,
Bon-firo ready soon tn light.
Wheu tho news comes in we'll burn them,
lieu we'll paint mo town to-nigui,
1 o'clock, a, m
Put away our llttlo torches,
And tbo band need not come nut,
Fur we're licked bo all.flred badly
Wu don't know what wu'rd about.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla.
When Baby u tick, ve smrc her Cutorl.
When tho vu Child, she cried for Cutoria,
When tho became SIlu, the clung to Outorlt,
Wheu ttw had Children, the evs them Outorla.
Last Saturday afternoon tho democracy
ot Benton township and vicinity assembled
lu tho large hall of the McUenry bouse,
when the chairman, John H.' Kline called
the meeting to order and the following
officers wcro elected: President, Hon. Iram
Derrj Vico Presidents, B. F. Savage, Esq.,
William Pcterman, Esq, Cyrus Larlsh,
Jacob Woolovcr, J. K. Qrotz, E. J. Albert-
son, Uua. Kvcrhart and Stephen Drcschcr;
Secretaries, William Krlckbaum and John
0. Wcnner. Alter music by tho band, the
Hon. O. It Buckalcw was called for, not
introduceil. Forty.flve years ago bo wns
Introduced and he has spoken to our peo
ple at every Important campaign. This
fact bo emphasized very strongly. He
brielly referred to the merits and fitness ot
the gubernatorial candidates and to the
probable results attending the success ot
either party. His theme wa9 'Taxation.'
Ho reviewed the 'Mills and McKinlcy Bills,'
nnd compered in detail several items as
they affect tho masses In tho latter, and
how they would have affected the masses
had tho former become a law. Tbo ques
tion of taxation will be a themo for discus
Ion in years to como as It has been In tbo
years pa9t, until the people will learn to
veto for their own interests, instead for
that ot bosses, trusts and corporations.
His speech was well received and applaud
cd, When ho arose to address thu audl
enco tho house rang with applause.
Wo had almost forgotten to mention that
many ladies composed part ot tbo audi,
cuce, and this proves tho fact that they
also feel the pressure of hard times and tho
great need ot a cbango in governmental
Col. Freeze was next called for, who
said that tho first words that greeted his
car on entering tho ball were, that 'forty
fivo years ago,' tho former speaker , Mr.
Huckalow, had preached economy and
honest government to tho people of Colum
bia County, and that forty years ago, he
too had commenced preaching to them tbo
8 lino docttiuc and at that time tho demo,
crats wero referred to by tho opposite
party bs tho "dlrly shirt democracy," and
from It o inferred that by the brass ns
Pensions ! Veterans ! !
Tho Disability Pension Bill.
Act of June 27, 1890, grants pensions to
all ex-soldlcrs and sailors who served 00
days or moro iu the Army or Navy during
the rebellion, and were honorably discharg
ed, and who nro now suffering from any
permanent, mental or physical msablllty
contracted since thu war or during the war
whether from disease, Injuries or effects ot
old age, at the rate of from 40 to $12 ner
month, according to the degree of Ids dis
ability tor lue penormanco or lauor reepur
ing the exertion ot physical strength ;
province! mo (lisamiuv is not duo to vlcl
ous habits. This pension is not restricted
to the veterans who havo to make their
living by hard labor, but Is equally duo to
professional men or clerks, provided they
have an existing disability which would
prevent tho continuous exercise ot tho
physical strength of an able-bodied man.
Those who nave applied under tho gen
eral laws and who arc unable to piovn up
the ponding claim can npply for and se
cure this pension and then continuo the
prosecution of the former claim aud secure
tbclr arrears.
If vou arc now drawing n small pension,
say $3or $1 por month, you can tako this
ponsion instead, and If you bavo an appli
cation on file for increase or additional
pension for new disabilities you can con
tinue tho prosecution ot such claims while
drawing tho new pension, or you can file
an original claim for a disability contract
ed in tbo service while drawing ponsion
under this new act.
Widows, children, and dependent moth
ers and fathers aro entitled under this act
and can suspend tbo prosecution of any
pending claim, and tako this pension, and
afterwards complete the prior claim and
get arrears.
Having been duly aiipolnto'1 an Aeent
according to tho rules and regulations of
mo Department or lue interior In the pros,
edition of such claims and having bad sue
cess in a number of cases I am always pre
pared to give Information and assist claim
ants, and will assure them success if they
aro ablo to establish tho facts as required
oy law.
Thoso luterestcd should call soon and
claim their reward, i
Ji;01t(il! W. HTKllNKK,
North .HurlietlSt,
T-18-Gm. IlloontMburir 'u.
Our announcement last week
of the sale of the BRITTANI
many inquiries by mail and
person, 1'or explanation we
would say that the ninth and
latest edition contains new and
improved maps brought down
to date, atiji.50 per volume.
Ihis edition contains new
and later articles on matters
pertainincf to the United States
by American writers of the
hichest reputation. This one
point of superiority over othe
editions will make this more
valuable than the original.
The set is well printed, large
clear type, on strong paper and
is well and substantially bound.
W e are the sole agents for Co
lumbia county.
To let you know what an un
equalled opportunity this is you
can have the 1'irst Volume lor
60 cents, without any obliga
tion on your part, to take the re
maining volumes of the set
which can be had if desired at
the price first named and be
paid for as received, one a
month, or as many as you desire.
The set will be in 25 volumes
-total cost to you $36.60.
Yours truly,
W. H. Brooke & Co.
Uivorea bororaco which raiy s we ui many heavy
itisnrmo luiicioui uso or such
articles of diet that a comUum in may tie gradual-
doctors' t)lll9.
lr bunt un until stronir enousrh to rolst evcrr ten
dency to dlooso. Hundreds ot subtle miladle
aro noatlng around us re idy to attacK wherever
there Is a weak pome Wo may ej.ipo many a
fatal shaft by keeping o irselves won torttilo I with
iuro uuhm nun a properly nouriaiiea rramo." uicu
Xerctce Gtivtt. Mado slmnlv with boltlnir water
or milk, sold only In half pound tins, by Grocers,
labelled linn :
JA.lll'.s lii'l'S .V CO., llomoopithlo Chemists,
lo-lil-lt. London, England.
Tho undersigned executor of Peter Kaso, late ot
lienton township, Columbia county, deceased,
will expose at public Bale, on the premises, on
at 1 o'cloclr. p. m., tho following 'real estate, situ
ate In tho township ot Denton, in siM county, and
bounded and deacrlbot as follows: On the cust by
lands ot Bowman Crawford and Mrs. It. Itunyan
estate, on the south by (1. M. Olbbon9 and U. a.
Kaso, on tho West by tho estate ot W. T. H033 de
ceased, and on the north by C. A. Kaso and a pub-
llo road, containing
!S Acres
and u PEUCIIKS, strict measure, whereon is
erected a two story
gool barn and wagon shod, (loot well ot water,
good spring, and Uno fruit on tho premises.
TEUMS Olf s.VLG. Ten pw cent ot ono fourth
tho purchase money to bo paid at tho striking
down of tho proparty, tho bilanco of tho one
fourth to bo paid whan possession Is given, and
tho remaining three-fourth In one yaar tuorcaf tcr,
with Interest from date ot possession. Possession
given any tlmo betwoen January 1, 1801, and
April 1, INI.
At tho same tlmo will bo sold about 20 tons Of
good TIMOTHY HAY. Tornn mill known on
dayofsalo. WILLIAMS. KASE,
Estate of Phillip .ippkwiii, txaceasea.
Tho underslgnol, an auditor appointed by tho
Orphans' court or Clumbla county to mike dis
tribution ot tho fundi In tho hind) of tho aarntn
lstrator to and anion? the pirtloi entitled thereto
will Bit at hli oriloe la tho Town of Hloomibarg,
county arorcsitl, Nov. s, 1890. at 10 o'cloju a. m..
wheo and where all pirllos havlnj clalmi against
said estate must appear anl proro tho same, or bo
lurcher ucuarreu irom comiu? in on s 11a luna.
wh. uum3nM, Auauor.
Frcsli Bread and
Calces every day.
Just received at the Now York Novelty
store, 100 dozen of ladies' handkerchiefs,
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ever before in Bloomsburg.
31-Sw, J. W MiHrBLLElt.
Hemcmber that New York Novelty storo
Is headquarters for ladies' and gents' under'
wear. !tl-2w. J. W. Mastbixer.
For Mens' heavy wool Jersey Bhirts no to
Now York Novelty store, from 60a to $1.00
apiece. ai-S.v. J. w. Mastkllku.
Just received at tho New York Novelty
store.lOO pair of men9' wool pants, to be
closed out at $1.(0 per pair,
Dl-Sw. J. W. MASTBLLEli.
or lowelry and notions It will pay
everybody to call at tho Now York Novel,
ly storo beforo buying elsewhere, ns tbo
stock is complete.
3l-3w. J. W. Mastbllbk.
Tho New York Novelty btoro Is bead
quarters for dolls, at I cunt up to $3,00
These dolls weio nil bought before thu
raise, and will be sold cheap.
At tho New York Novelty storo you can
get mens' white shirts unlaundried for 45
to Oi 0111H, goii q iailtv. QlO I latin-
dried shirts from 70 to 00 cents, tho best.
31-2w. J. W. Mastellkh.
If you live in Bloomsburg and
uon t care to como to the store
"or bread or cakes let us know
and we will stop with the wagon
You can always get fresh bread
and canes on wagon, and any
thing else you may want will bo
delivered any place in town in
time lor supper.
Wo have two wagons and lour
torses going continually, uo
ing threo times a week to Milllin
and all nointa between, threo
times a week to Orangvillo aiu
points between and twice a week
to Rupert and Buckliorn, If
you aro buying much bread the
cheapest way is to buy tickets
We sell tor S?1UU 0110 ticket gooi;
tor sixteen ye. loaves, or ono
ticket good for eleven 10c. loaves
or one good for twenty-two 5c,
Above tickets good for breat:
and cakes till used Best Bread
Full weight. All mail orders re
ceive prompt attention.
Phillips' Domestic Baksry,
Main Stkekt Aiiove Cknvuk.
Fcr accordions, tho New
store. 8J.2w. J. W.
York Novelty
Estate of Joseph O. Kelltr, lal? of Orange Iowa -
snip, iwtvaspa.
Tlio undershrned. an aiiflttor nnmint! liv
Orphans' Court ot Columbia e!oiinty to distribute
tho balance in tho hands or David T. Keller, ad
ministrator, as app-ura by hla ttnal account, win
kit at hla nruoa In llloomsbinr on Monday Novcm.
ber, 18, at 9 a m., when anl wnro all per
son having claims agln?t said oitato must ap
pear and proro tho airae, or bo debarred from
coining In on said fund.
. JOHN jl CLAllK,
Oct. 13 "JO, Auditor.
Estate of Jamb Yohe, (teviued.
The undersigned, an auditor appointed by the
Orphans' Coui tor Columbia cointy, to mate dls.
Irlbuilon ot tho funds la hand ot J, .j. Drown, ad-
u.,ul3.lUi, w .im uuuuK iu; piriios entitled
therm, will sit at tho onice of Wlntouteen
tleckleyon Thursday, November 6th, at 10 o'clock,
n. m when and where all nartloi hivliic claims
must appear and prove tho sune, or b3 dobared
rroia comlugln on said fund.
w. i). UBiisuv, Auditor.
Estate ofilary E. .S'njdir, dereaspil.
The undersigned, an aunmr rirmninfivi hv tlm
Orphans' court ot Columbia county to mako dis
tribution ot tho runds In th.i hands ot tho executor
wilisItattUoolll"eof u'lotersteen Uockley la
tho town of Uloomsburg, on Thursday, N ivembr
tabu, iroi, ul iu u ciuuK u. m., wncn nau wncro all
panles having claims against said estate must
appear and nrovo tho simo. or ba debirred from
coming In on said fund.
W. 1. imUKLEY.
nutate aJacotj Kllnnerman, aeceatva.
Tho undersigned, an auditor appointed by the
Orphans' Court ot Columbia county, to mako dis
tribution ot tho fundi In tho hand lot the admin
istrator of said twuto will nt nt ids omco in tho
town of ntoojisbiui;, county arorojild, on Friday,
November 14, v ) at 10 o'clock a. in. when aud whero
all parllea having claims ag dnst said catato must
appear and proro the samu, or bo debarrol rrom
coming In on said fund. ItOBEUr It. LITT1.E,
For glassware and tinw,ro, go to tho
new X'irK noveiiy store,
31-2w. J. W. Mabtbllbii,
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cents a pair,
31-3W. J. W. ilASTKlXBll.
I'u Nervmn Ilcliilltulet! Men.
If you will send iuyo1!' nllrMw, we will mull
rmmlit. Il.e bonikl. toilluif vvmr.anrir nf f. " I'ajnum.-i eviila '11 a all about
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nf i,l,,v. H innliu rblelW nf il. Hi-.. tea are Una aniIcUid, o will bead you a belt
, , ,v in,i APi'iianoMan trial.
campaign and of Ibe Utues entering iniol HMf. vomio ui it Co, Jlarhail, Ulo
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VTlM I Ollook, covering lils lire's work
TIT.,.!.. J und groat trip "To, Through,
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ro now pounmr In from all paru ot the civilized
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noo,(iicopl. will be sold the nnt joar. Agents
Bho Id drop all else ana tee u re lurruory. nueu
chin 'M eoine onlj oacolua lifetime. Kxclutlv
teriltory w'lpn-fuu proresjtion. Tue uiofct
Fine Cabinet portraits only
3 doz. Life size Crayons
only 10.00. Viewing, copy
ing and enlarging. Instant
process used. tf.
IN its first stages, can '4o successfully
checked by tho prompt uso of Aycr'a
Chorry roctorul, Kvcu In tho later
periods ot that disease, tho rough U
wonderfully relieved by this medictno.
"I have used Arr's Cherry 1'ectoral
with tho bent cfliict In my practice.
This wonderful preparation oneo saved
my life. 1 bad a constant cough, night
Bweats, was greatly reduced lu lloah,
nnd given up by my physician. Ono
bottlo nnd n halt of Iho l'cetoral cured
inc." A. J. Lidion, M. 1)., Mlddleton,
" Several years ngo I was severely HI.
The doctors said I was In (oiibimiptlon,
and that they could do nothing for me,
but advised 1110, us a Inst resort, to try
Aycr'a Cherry l'cetoral. After taking
this inedicliiu two or thrco mouth 1
was cured, and my health reiimlus good
to tbo present day." James lllrcbard,
Darlcn, Conn.
"Several years ago, on a passage homo
from California, by water, 1 iwitracted
so Bovcro n cold that tor somo days I
wns confined to my stato-room, and a
physician on lKKird coimldered my lita
lu danger. Happening to bavo a bottle
el AVer's Cherry 1'octoial, I unod it
freuly, and my lunga were semi remotest
to a healthy condition, fiinm then I
ch in 'C4 come onli oacolua lifetime.
markable und won t -rful ot all books ub ml the
Lauds Tlm sad ive,ile of th ' i tide Uo to
norkuovt anl jou w.ll msku liuudu U-oi uaiiurs. I
Territory ir'aiw wlta a r-h; tu'tiioM; id capital 1
needed n mo territory , oj mihu, am ni i
ooce tor p.u tie dais to
8M1 Market street, rillLAPianilA, I'A,
have Invariably recommended this prc.
urutlou." J. 11. Chandler, Juuctlou, Ya.
Ayer's Gharry Pectoral,
riupinu ur
Dr. J. C, Ayer St Co., Lowell, Mao.
Said tiy Ul proggUU. 1'rUt tl,llUltU,i.
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