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The Columbian.
J, K. Blttnnir., f ""tori.
FRIDAY, MAROII 21, 1800.
SeoondUropofBeol Thoughts.
Mil. Editor.
Prodaoo markets tmy bo dull, but
thinking was never more aotlvo among
tho farmers and some of thorn will think
out a way to control tho influences
that control tho prlooi botwoon the
f.irmor and oonaumar.
Tho farmer are bogiuning to p9r
ooivo that aa a farming nation thoy
havo to faoo a condition of overpro'
duclion and under consumption that
affeota them throughout tho nation .
This condition should canso tho
farmers to loirn that tlio prion of tho
surplus of their grain Is sot by tho prioo
of tho surplus ofoioh crop at Liver
pool, England, in froe tnmpotitioti
wit" tho surplui ol all othor grain pro
duoing oountrios. So far as grain is
concerned, it is a free trade market.
If the farmers, working at the un
profitable business of raisinc Brain.
whioh they aro forced to sell in a free
trade market, while thoy supply their
own wants in a high tariff market,
oould be brought to see tho Treasury
urplm in a prjpar light, an
ojkIuj'i tim wo A I b moro sat-
Thank fortune, it is beginning to bo
felt at the monoy centres, that if tho
millions of peoplo who do the farming
do not get good pay for their labor,
thoir ability to buy of merchants aud
manufacturers is curtailed, and trado
with them is much reduced. If they
want tho golden eggs, they must not
kill the gooso that lays them.
Farmers aro also beginning to per
ceive thai a legislature is neoded that
can and will do its own work, and not
shoulder on some commission the work
it does not know how or negleots to
do. They begin to Bee that thoy must
elect men for the legislature who know
the needs of tho State; who are inform
ed on sjbjoots pressing for legislative
consideration. The farmers and others
who are complaining of the burdens of
taxation are learning that tho owe it
to tbcmselvos to see that they aro rep
resented by men who understand some
thing about tho questions which they
will be called to vote upon in the leg
islaure; not what his business calling
has bo an or may be now a man who
takes an interest in polit'tos.for the
common good of his fellow citizens
and not for nis self pride or perquisites
mainly perquisites.
Ttio farmers are beginning to rcalizo
that their representatives must have an
idea of how to harmonize trio various
conflicting interests in our Common
wealth; the interests of labor and cap
ital, of the manufacturers and import
ers; in short, of all classes, regions and
individuals. To this end to make now
law amendments to old ones, eo as to
secure equal j ustice to all for the common
good. Such subjects a good repre
sentative will be postod on before elec
tion. The next legislature will havo
the all important question of Revenue
or taxation to determine, as well as
tho re-uislnottng of tho state, and elec
tion of United States Senator; and any
voter, farmer or otherwise, who ex-
Eect these matters to be- properly
andled and discussed by men who
know nothing about them now, does
himself a great wrong.
Representatives who do not Btudy
and learn what to do with such mat
ters before they ai e elected to office,
never learn afterwards, no matter
whether they havo served one or more
terms. In tho legislature men do not
learn how to propeily draw or write
out a bill, bat simply the manner in
which a bill becomes a law; some of
them only learn "addition, division
and silence.'' Within tho noxt three
or four months the candidates will be
nominated, whioh in this county is
generally equivalent to an eleotion.
This is the time to name in your mind
themen, who know what is neoded to be
done, and who will have the courage
and ability to accomplish somothing
for the good of the county and state
when eleotod, and not lie like a knot
on a log in the legislature.
Tho farmers must not expeot
the legislature to do what they do not
liisist sha'l be done. The power is
in the hands of the people, next Jan
nary tho legislature will have it.
The farmers should determine to let
tho political bosses know that while
they (the bosses) may fool some of the
people all the time, and all tho people
some of tho time, they cannot fool all
tho peiiplo all tho time, even if they
havo held ofllco many years and hold
a mortgago on the county offices, for
the farmers have learned to their sor
row that representatives possessed on
ly of political hog power and boodlo
are not tho kind they want, that such
political hogs may root, but they must
die politically.
Yours truly,
0. M. Bi.akeh.
Greenwood Pa.
Jurors paynud Constables returns,
$810.77" Cost Commonwealth cases
whero county becatno liable. S214.00i
Commissioners office and Court IIouso,
$2590.09; County Jail nnd Prison
Requisitions, $2131.09; Printing, Sta
tionery, Stamps, &o., $612,141 lnqulsi
Hons, $10.17; Bridge Repairs, $431.20;
Assossora Pay, $81.95; Soldlors Burial
ifco., $15.00; A total of $9020.91.
If these expenses applied to lionton
Mr. Drown could Increaso thorn a thou
sand dollars moro from tho county
statement. Hloomsburg received
$5407.25 moro than was paid in and
$1778.95 more than wca nsspsscd to
that place. Now thoso aro only tho
ordinary annual expenses drawn from
tho treasury by Bloomsburg, in addi
tion to whioh ftoveral yoars ago $75,
000 for oounty jail wai drawn and
still later several thousand dollars for
court houso repairs, Wo think that
Mr. lirown, when swooping beforo our
door would have dono wellby having
swept beforo his own, and again con
signed a portion of tho contonts of his
comments to tho waste basket instebd
of to tho columns of tho Jlepublican.
tit . 1 r ,. ... .1 1 ! I .
tvu uuu nu lauu wuu uiuuiHi'urterapnt
of the county funds, but merely call
attention to the fact to show that
"peoplo living in glass houses ought
not to throw stones."
John O. Wonner.
Deformity From Bright's Disease.
S. D. VanBuskirlc, of Dannrost, N.
J., says Aug. 20, 1888: "Dr. David
Kennedy's Favorite Remedy, of Ron
dout, N. Y., has cured our daughter of
Bright's Disease, after all othor means
had failed. Sbo was bo swoolon that
sho measured 45 inches around the
waist, and 18 inches below the kneo.
To say that wo col thankful for such
a boon as F.ivorito Rjmeily is bat a
poor expression of the feeling of grate
ful parents. 3-7 1-m.
KoMoreOold Dollars-
The act prohibiting tho further coin
ago of tho $1 and $3 gold pieces and
3-cent nioklo pice has passed Congress
and is now awaiting the President's
signature to beoome a law. The utility
of these coins as currcncy,it is said, has
ceased. Some two yoars ago nearly C,
000,000 of gild dollars were brought
to tho Philadelphia Mint, moltod and
coined into double eaglos. Some
doubts were expressed as to whether
in destroying tho gold dollar the unit
of yalue would not ba destroyoJ, but
the unit of value is reprosoulod by a
fixed quantity of gold, i. o. 23.22-100
Experience Taught Mel
And my money paid for it.
having Liver Complaint four
and spending money on nostrums and
doctors who didn't help me, I tried
Sulphur Bitters. Six Bottles cured m
I shall always use them. O. N. llutler
Uohoes, JV. jr. 3-14 2-t.
Ei " ' The Benton Assessment.
Editors Coi.umman:
We did not raise the question
about tho disbursment of the county
funds as to how and whero ex
ponded, or to what applied. The
presnmptioa is that thoy uro generally
proper and legitimate. We aro not
concerned about that, but we aro con
cerned about tho equality of values
from which theso exponses aro to bo
drawn. In reply to Mr. Brown's com
ments in last woek's Jlepublican,
speaking of tho amount of taxes assess
ed to Benton and Btill due, said: "Now
what was drawn by tho (Benton) town
ship from tho treasury!" A sura of
"$1230.80," and othor items not men
tioned, $332.72 more than was assess
ed to tho township. Now this state
ment misleads the publio mind to some
extent, and some peoplo may conclude
that Benton is moro detrimental to the
oounty than beneficial. Mr. Brown
did Benton an injustioe in that particu
lar. Wo do not charge this' upon
hira as a malicious intention, but upon
reflection, wo bolievo ho would havo
done otherwise To set the publio
mind arurht unon this question wo
will follow tho lino of his suggestions
as applied to Bonton, and see whoro it
leads to. ureenwoou arew iroai iuu
treasury $1740.93 and was assessed
81279.93 Jackson drew fiom tho treas
ury $11C2.67 and waBassessedSjzyo.iu,
'ishlnicreek drew siHO. in caoii
case other items aro not mentioned.
Tho nountv statement shows that
$4217.09 was assessed to Bloomsburg
and SG28 30 Btill duo. "Now what
was drawn by Bloomsburg from tho
oounty treasury! unuer uio various
heads we glean as follows:
Miscellaneous Eiponsee, 9168.07;
Tho Importance of purifying tho blood can
not be overestimated, tor without pure blood
you cannot enjoy good health.
At this season nearly every one needs a
good medicine to purify, vitalize, and enrich
tee blood, and we ask you to try Hood's
Dan ilia r Sarsaparllla. Ititrengtheni
rebuild! and builds up the system,
creates an appetite, and tones the digestion,
while it eradicates disease. The peculiar
combination, proportion, and preparation
of the vegetable remedies used give to
Hood's Sarsaparllla pecul- -y- 4.eaf
lar curative powers. No ' O I15SIT
other medicine has such a record of wonderful
cures. If you bare made up your mind to
buy Hood's Sarsaparllla do not be induced to
take any other Instead. It Is a Peculiar
Medicine, and Is worthy your confidence.
Hood's Sarsaparllla Is sold by all druggists.
Prepared by C. L Hood & Co., Lowell, Haas.
IOO Doses One Dollar
Cures Liver Complaint, Bilious Affeo
I A Y A I) ft D Apatite, Sick
I AAAUUn ?che.Sick
Stomach, Old-
1 V A RAD diness.Costire-
A A A U U If lic".r,7 sII,la
Kidney trouble
aud all delicate Female Com
plaints. Sold everywhere. Prioo 25 cents.
Fragrant I Lasting!
The Leading Peifume forlhe Toilet and
Sold by all dealers. Price 25 cts.
Salvation Oil
0 Prlct only 25 ttt, Sold by alldrugyliU.
Will relievo Rheumatism, Neuralgia,
Headache, .Toothache, Sores, Burns,
Wounds, Cuts, Scalds, Backache,
Frostbites. Chapped Hands and Face,
Gout, or any bodily pain or ailment.
nuciuMNM'S flUOS, The flrot lokiccMn tlMt Prlct 10 Ct. At all eruutiti.
Ior County Hupc-rliiteiuleiit l
The undersigned announces himself as a candl.
date for Ue oiHco of superintendent o( Publio
schools of Columbia County, and respectfully
asks to be supported for that office at the coming
election la May next.
Jersoylown. l'a.
II! 1 1
Thlfl HcmMr In thft nttrartnttnn nt nnn nf tha
loading physicians of Paris, France, and was Used
by him with unparalleled success for over thirty
years, It was nret given to the publio as a propria
lary medicine In isls- Since which time It has
found Its way into almost every county on the
face o( the globe, and become a favorite remedy
with thousands of the loading physicians. Medical
societies have discussed Its marvelous success at
their annual conventions, and after their o.tlclal
chemists havo analyzed It and round that It con
tained no opiates, bromides or other harmful In
jredlenta placed It among their standard rcme-
U IL linoWN, M. D
S3 West Jersey St.,
. . BuiiBrmN. J. Juness, 1889.
This Is to certlf r that I hAvn naM tnr om
months with much satisfaction, the combination
ot remedies, for Headache, known as llrtggs'
lieadacbe Troches. The remedy cures more head
ache, especially such as affect Nervous Women,
than anything I am acquainted with, and It this
certificate win bo the moans of bringing it to the
I Bhall feel that I have done them a norvlce.
Bold by all Druggists, or sent by Mall on Ito
ccipt of Price.
Briggs' Medicine Co.,
Elizabeth, n. j.
Rcal E state !
The UndemlmiM Agralcrnnn will hr vlrttin nf nn
order to him directed by the Court of Common
neaa or uoiumoia county expose to public sale
the followlog described real estate on the prem
ises on
MONDAY, MARCH 24, 1800.
Peloe No 1 will be sold on tho premises at two
P. M,. and Dlece Nn. 2 will ba aold nn IhA nrpmlwa
in center Twp, at 10 A. M.
Piece No. l. situate In Brlarcreek township.
Columbia County. Pa, bounded ant described as
follows, to-wlt i Beginning In a publio road lead
ing from Hittenhouio's Mill to Solomon House,
knecht, thence north v degiees west 3 perches to
astono, thence north W degeoes E Height-tenth
perches to a stone, thence north e,v degrees west
18 two-tenth perches to black oak stump, thence
north lix degrees east, lj 6-10 perches, thenco
north 5SV degrees east, 10 perches, north 3v
degrees east, 4 8-10 perches to corner, South H
aegreeswesc.o perche3 to stone, south 8Y de
grees east 42 perches to stone; south 71 v degrees
east 31 perches to a stone, south S7 degrees east
BS perches to white oak stump, thenco south lly
degrees east lg perches to stone, south K degrees
east 28 4-10 perches to a stone corner south XI de
grees west 180 5-10 perches to place of beginning,
more or leas; on which are erected a
large bank barn and out buildings, good orchard,
about all the land under cultivation. This farm
is known as the Delterlck Homestead.
No. 2. Piece of land situate In Centre township;
Columbia county, Pa., bounded and described as
follows, to-wlt: Beginning at a rod oak corner,
thence north B 1-3 degrees west 56 7-10 perehos to
Dine stump, south 87 1-1 degrees west 41 s-10 per
ches to maplo, north 81 degrees west 23 8-10 per
ches to post, thence south 81 3-4 degrees west 27
perches to pine stump, south 2 3-3 degrees east, 37
2-10 perchei to a stone, thence south 75X degrees
east 8 6-10 perches to stone corner, north II de
grees east S 5.10 perches to stone, south 12 degrees
east 41 6-10 perches to corner, place ot biglnn lng
and eighty perches more or less; also adjoining tho
above beginning at a stono la road, thenco by
other land ot Delterlck; north 5 degrees west 51
perches to stone corner, south 89 l-l degrees east
376-10 perches to Btone, south 23 degrees east 14
perches to stone, thence nirth 70 3-4 degrees east
01 5-10 percles to stone, sou'h 5 degrees eist 47
7-10 perches to stone, la township line, south 1
degrees west It 3-10 perches to pine stump south
SO 1-4 degre-'s west 44 perches to place ot begin
ning containing
19 perches more or less. Oneplecj of land In
Brlarcreek township, described as follows to-wlt:
Beginning at corner In Summerhlll road, In twp
lines north 5 degrees, west 40 7-10 perches to s'one,
north 70 S- degrees east.61 3-10 perches to stone,
south 1 yi degrees east 51 6-10 perches to stone
corner, south 81 degrees west 51.8-10 perches to
stone, south Ti degrees west 3 7-10 perches to
stone, place ot beginning containing
and 82 perches. Also piece ot land In same twp,,
bounded and described as follows, to-wlt: Begin
ning at stone by land once Samuel MUlardsouth
6 degrees west 51 perches to pine knot; west 4b
perches to post, south 6 degrees east 56 perches
to pine trees, south 81 degrees cast SStf perches to
post, south 68 1-4 degrees east 22 perches to Btone
place of bcglonlng, containing
40 perches, moro or less.
All last four descrlbeJiplecos ot land are adjoin
ing each other and used as one farm containing
83 ARES,
and one perch more or less ou which aro erected a
bank barn and outbuilding, good orchard.
TtBM8 OP SALE. Tenner cent, of and fmirth
ot the purchase money to be paid on striking
down of the property, one fourth leas ten per
cent on connrmitloa ot sale when dead will be
delivered balance In one year from condraiillon
of sale, with Interest from connrmitlon and to be
secured by bond and mortgage on the premlsss.
Atty. Assignee ot Kinmor Oeiterlck .
Real Estate!
The undersigned trustee appointed by the Or
phans' Court ot Columbia County to Bell the real
estate ot Thomas Shearman, deceased, will eipose
at publio sale on the premises In Beaver township
at 10 o'clock a. m. the following real estate ;
Bounded and described as follows, to.wlt : Situ
ate in Beaver township, CoL Co., Bute of penna.
northwardly by lands ot John Baker, Thomas
Lutz and Abraham Smith, eastwardly by lands ot
Abraham nice, southwardly by lands of Coie
Brothers Co., and weetwardly by lands of C. A.
Uhuman and Conrad Diets, containing
more or less, with appurtenance.
TERMS OP 8ALK.-One-tnlrd of the purchase
money to be paid cash, one-third in one year from
final condonation with interest, from confirmation
ni. si., and the remaining third at the death of
the wt1ow of the deceased with Interest from con
firmation uL U, payable annually. The latter
two payments to be secured by Judgments or
mortgage Benson the premises.
M. C. WOODWAItD, Trustee
'tUiU of Otorge W. BUIman, late 0 Conyngham
Notice Is hereby glvon that letters of adminis
tration on the estate 01 Oeorge W. lllllman, late
of Conyngham township, county ot Columbia, and
Mate of Pennsylvania, deceased hve been grant
ed to William uoodman ot Centralla, Columbia
county, Pa,, to whom ll persons Indebted to
said estate are requested to make payments, and
thoso having claims or demands will make known
the same with out delay to
John a. Fasxzi Administrator,
3-14-tw. Attr Centralla Pa
inKUAULK PUSHINU VltH to Bell choice
i.-Hunierr nij.. H, t .v,. ....... w.. .......
IODPOnun'lj ouciru sursyuuB nui. mj w
men have good sucoesi many felling from $100
uood pusbliar man wanted here at once.
Liberal Terns and the bent goods In the market
writaViiDB. 00x0. Nuweryman, Uochester,
litifV" "
Sheriff's Sale.
By vlrtuoota wrltotn. Fa. Iued out of the
Court ot Common Pleas of Columbia Co., pa., and
to mo directed, there will be sold at publio sale In
the Bherlft's office at tho Court House, Blooms,
bnrrg Pa., on
at 10 o'clock a. m., all the right, title and Interest
of the defendant In a certain tract or parcel ot
land situate la the township ot Brlarcreek, Col
umbia Co., Pa.j bounded and described as follows
Beginning at a stone In line ot land of Jas. Lem
on, thence runptng by other land of James Evans
north elghty-nre degrees, west fourteen perches
to a stake; thenoe north elgbty-nlne and one-halt
degrees; west one hundred and eight, perches and
seven tenths to a stone; thence along the land 0
Abram Msru, orrather by a road running along
by said line ot Abrara Marts, north throe degrees
east one hundred and forty-throe perches and
nro-ientns to a stone; thence by land of
Ocorgo Zanor, north seventy-five degrees east one
hundred and eight perchea to a Btone; thence run
ning along tho aforesaid land ot James Lemon
south three degrees, westonehundredandsoventy
three perches and four-tenths, to the place ot be
ginning, containing
and ntty-elght pcrchos, strict measure, whereon
are erected a
barn, wagon shed and outbuildings, all improved,
with fruit trees, etc.
Belted, taken Into execution at the stilt ot Harry
flakes vs. Mary Brader, and to be Bold as the
property of Mary Brader.
IUiis, Attorney,
By virtue of sundry writs of PL Fa. Issued out
of the Court of common Pleas ot Col, Co ., Pa., and
to mo directed, there will be sold at the same
time and place, all that certain lot or piece ot
ground situate la tho borough of Centralla, CoL
Co., Pa., bounded and described as follows, to
wlt: Beginning at the soith-c 1st corner of Lo
cust Avenue, and second street, theace along
said Locust Avenue, south seventeen degrees, east
twenty-five feet to a stake; thence north seventy
three degrees east one hundred and forty feet to
an alley; thenoe along said alley north seventeen
degrees west twenty-Die test to Second Btreet
and thence along said Second street South seventy
three degrees, west one hundred and forty feet to
place ot beginning, It being Lot No. 1, In Block
No. 143, containing Tffenty-ave Feet Front and
One Hundred and Forty Feet In depth, whereon
aro erected a
and outbulldlilgs.
Setzed, taken Into execution at the suit ot The
Citizens Building and Loui Association of Centra
lla, Pa., vs. Bridget Clark, and to b sold as the
property of Bridget Clark.
Bikxlit, Attorney.
Dy virtue ot a writ ot Vend. Ex. Issued out ot
the Court ot Common Pleas of Col. Co., Pa., and
to me directed, there will be sold at the same
time and place, all that certain piece or parcel ot
land situate In Mifflin township, CoL Co., Pa.,
bounded and described as follows, to-witi On
the north by land ot Samuel Knocht, on the east
by land ot L. B. Kohler, on the south by land ot
E. p. Bchweppenhelser, and on the west by public,
road, containing one-tnlrd ot an acre ot land,
moro or lees, whereon are erected a
and Outbuildings.
Seized, taken Into exeoution at the suit ot Bch
weppenhelser Snyder vs Oeorgo Uufnajlo, and
to be Bold as the property ot Geo. Hutnsgle
Elwsll, Atty. JOHN B. CASEY,
3-7.TI0. Sheriff
The stockholders ot the North Mountain Lumber
.ompany are hereby notllled and requested to
meet at the 0 1 ce of the company, in tne town ot
Bloomsburg, on Tuesday the 18th day of March,
I89O, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon, tor the p urposa
or voting tor or against an Increase of the capital
stock and Indebtedness ot said company.
I1V order of the DoarCt of Director!
Bloomsburg. Pa., Secretary.
Jan. 11, 1S9O.
has secured the sole agency of
Columbia county for the Nation
al Sheet Metal Roofing Co.
These roofs are guaranteed to
be far superior to any other,
roof, as they are both storm and
wind proof.
Sheet iron roofs of this manu
facture can be put up as cheap
as tin, and last much longer.
Roofs are made of sheet iron,
tin, or copper, as parties may
Orders may be secured
through B. F. Sayits, Blooms
burg, Pa., who will put on the
roofs and guarantee tho work,
or may be ordered direct from
510-520 East 20th Street,N Y
Horses, Gattle, 8heep & Hogs.
Ejesls an, rsms J lor ths rapid curs ol H.rd
Dlitsmpsr, Sort and Wssk Eyis, Lurio Fir!
Coitlitnall. R nfohfti mA iiM...,,r.
lag from Impurities ol Iht Blood. Will illlm
Histssatoncs. MunuMlunJ t, iki 4
311 East 83d Street. Now York.
will send her valuable (lulde to UraltH to any
me'r. woman or girl suffering from any Psuils
covruiNT, free ot charge, sealed, la plain wrap
per, bend address. S-M-d-lU
Notice Is hereb? clven that a meetlnr or the
stockholders ot the Bloomsburg Bridge Co. win be
held at the Opera House in the town ot Blooms
burg at t o'clock p. m., on Thursday the 1st' day of
May, ibw, -o me purpose oi nommg an election
for or against the dissolution ot the said Corporation,
I'or County Buperluteudctit.
The underalirned announces himself aa a candl.
data for the office of County superintendent, and
respectfully asks to be supported for said orace at
J. D, UltlMEoi
,1 upich lug uviouum auu uii.n, iuci t J , ima
cnisefl anu ngaia oi ma jwniou Agricultural As
sociation were sold by the Hherin ot Columbia
county at Sherltt's sales on the seventh day ot Jan
uary, 1B40, and the twenty-fourth day of Febru
ary, 189 J. to the undersigned persons as by refer
ence to the Bald conveyance of Bald personal and
mixeu prupervy aua corporate iraacuitei ana
rlehts of the Bald Benton Agricultural Aaaocl itton.
dated the fourteenth day of March 189, and the
same aar aenverea. wm more ruiir ana at lara
appear. Now therefore, In aiysordance with the
provisions oi toe accona secuoi oi me aci enutiea
"A supplement to an act, entitled, an Act con
cerning the s le ot rallroals. canals, turnnlkea.
bridges and plank roads, approved the eighth day
ot April A. li. one thousand eight hundred and
alxtv.nno. extendtne the nrovlaoaa of B&id act to
coal. Iron, steel, lumber or oil or mining, manufac
turing, transportation and telegraph companies
In thla Commonwealth and of all other corrjora.
lions created by or under any law ot this mate,"
approvea May me iwenty-niin, a, is. ists. Ana
tue BOYerm aoui supplementary to uia amenaa
tory ot this act and the act ot which It Is a sup
plement. Notice Is hereby given, that the under
signed lor and on hit aceount tne Bald property,
co mo rate franchises and rl tits were so
ed will meet at the onice ot T. C McIIenry, In ihe
village of Benton, County of Columbia anl btalo
of Pennsylvania, on the nrth day ot April A. I).
lbW, at t o'clock In the afternoon for the
purpose ot organizing a new corporation under
ths laws ot the Commonwealth ot Penu.
ayivania. in case mane ana proviaea,
and for the further Durooae ot eloctlnir a nreal.
dent and board ol six director tor said new cor.
Deration and aaoDtlnir a certiorate name and com.
fuon aoal for the bame and determining tha
amount ot the capital stock thsrooL When and
wnere, an persons iniereaiea may auena li tney
mm urvper,
HUTU (ilUMllkjN.
From Jan. It 18 to Jan. IS, I'M.
JOHN K. C1IIOTZ, Treasnrer.
To BaL In Treasurer's bands Jan. It
lis.. $ tsi SI
To casn Heo'd on Bloom dup. issa 40000
HOOtt " " 50 87
" " " ' tlroen'wd dup. 188.M 49 4S
11 ii .1 Dogarri .... im to
' Bloom " 18.,,, ir 00
" BOOtt " 15S ... S0 18
" ' " ' oreen'wd " " ss.
" " sugarloat ' ' ... M fa
' " " " unseated lands e J
1 .1 11 idu property 830 00
" " ' " Mrs.O. Uriwn'sacc't... 85 04
" " " from Uostcr Sterner (paid
for A. Bterner) 97 73
To cash Keo'd from Then. McBrlde ..... 101 81
" " " on Dr. Fullmerg aoo't.... t li
" ' ltellof Kefanded .... 48 00
' " John O. Hodden's aco't 103 W
To amU due treasurer ,,,, tsotv
By old orders redeemed M 79
" orders for 189 redeomed SIM M
"commission 103 so
"postage so
cut ia
George Fox, scott, 52 1.7 wools
. $CJandll75perweek.. U7 75
Jesse Kelly, Bloou BS 1-7 w'ka 9
wwitumi ,a per wuok ... vi ,0
Z. Kahler, illoom, 53 1-7 weks
A CI (IO anil 1 1. na, waalr UT
John Boyer, Hcott, 52 1-7 weeks
j nuu,i is per wee ... vi ia
AUa M. sterner. Bloom, Bl 1-7
vk'iatinnanriii HmpmI, 07
II. I.Do Patterson. Qreenwood 32
l-T w'ks o $1 00 and f 1 75 per
Wm. Fryi BYoom'M'i'7"wk's"i3
12 nn anil CI 7K nttr w-V w -I
Carrie TurreL Greenw'd 10 4-7
W'ks 4 J 00 and 1 75 per w'k 18 60 703 79
M. Mar. Bl0"rn S3 m
Carolina Hrnitb, inoom 84 90
u eater uoiuooy, scott 17s 70
Mrs. George vannatla, Green
wood .. lsvun
Kph Parka, Bloom . sti 00
Mrs. M. Dawson. Bloom u .
Jacob Adams, Sugarloaf B7 11
iiiram uing, uioom S4 50
Predc lies), sugarloaf wiis
Mrs C. Cook. Bloom an nn
George JacoDy, Bio m 77 s-
Amanda Kobblna, Greenwood .. 2 25
Albert Cadow, Bloom s 15
Frank Rhodcmoyer, Bloom 10 so
Samuel Farver, Bloom 2 04
Daniel Ingold, Bloom 34
Wm. Shoemaker. Itlonm a cq
John Kramer. Bloom us 81
nun Mumey, BCOir, .,. 102 35
Mrs wmtmore (car fare to SuBl-
van Co., N. Y. boo
Kph Kbner, Greenwood 1 47
Mrs. Wm. ingold. Scott 11 15
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Swisher,
Greenwood s no
Uvl Hall, Bloom u to
Mrs Penrose, Bloom 511 01
Kred Welmer. Bloom 19 An
C Van Low, Scott 11 n,i
Hannah RandalL Bloom 1 m
John Vnndorellce, scott 75
Catherine Horn, Bloom 3 250
Harrv Ilartman. Itlrmm n
James Leacock, Bloom 1 50
,o. auu b,4uq. urmunuui .....
Mrs. M. waiters. Bloom 5'no
Samuel StU a. Blonm am
George Samuels, Bloom . 10J 00
AL Cadowj Flour from Farm
1489 25
15 00
We the underslsmod Auditor nr th.-, ,nnBv.i
comprising The Bloom Poor Dtatbxt met itthe
J y". w" uwuu jnuuuay in januarr
189a that th-lntr the lath. mminM 1..
of the Trea.urer ana Dlreo'ors from lanuary nth!
18S9 to January 13th lsao, and the vouchers Tfor the
same nnd them correct as set forth above.
wvuttub tug uiuuui rwr VldtriCl
January 13th, 1W.
Balance due on Duplicates.
Amt dup. Paid. Due.
Bloom, 1888 IhO-J 10 C1MI 03 8 07
Bloom, 1, 2964 45 1800 00 11811 45
SCOtt, 1883 100S42 675 87 430 55
SCOtt, 18S9, 1C33 67 310 18 S35 3
Greenwood 895 31 mi an n im
Sugarloaf sis w si 83 253 9)
tuna si
Lea estimated exoneration and
commifsions ..... $ 800 00
Msales. Sample tree. A rare 01
iway, iu
Ostkbiiout liuiLDisu, Wlllteslurre, l'a.
Urancb Oftlce. Hloomsburg, l'a., wllU
jho. m. uuu, any, a, vMuineuer,
Orders outstanding Jan 14, lSfi9 1 ti 49
" Issued from Jan. 14, 1919
to Jan. n, 1830 ...... 1161 H
Orders outstanding Jan. 14, Jest
redeemed f 93 72
Error In outstanding orders Jan.
14, 1189 85 77
Orders of I&S9 redeemed SIM 50
' " 1837 and 83 out
standing 1 5 00
Orders of 1939 outstanding 43 7
muu uutawnning oroere 01 vs
provisions and Bupplles
Fuel and Light
Clothing, Including shoes......
Furniture, Beddlig aad Dry Goods
Medicines and Medical Supplies
Ordinary llepalra
Travailing expenses
Grain Drill
Farm Expenses. , ,
smith Work
Incidental Expenses .
Patent Vermont Bake Oven
Thomas McBrlde, steward st 00
Jacob Hchuvler, Director 10)00
L. M. Pettlt, " 100 01
J. M. Larlsh " 75 CO
C A. Klelm, SocreUry loo 00
L. a Rupert, " 16 S7
Dr. McKcynolds m 60 00
Dr. Rodeker 75 CO
Mrs. Thomas McBrlae, Matron.. 50 00
auditors and Clerk, Jan. 1839 25 00
Total current Expenses ...
Buildings tnd Improvements
orders Keller
Prlutlng statement of 1888
Priming order books and rules tor Poor
House ,
Expenses on brown house
support of Robert cook, Ecott twp
Mare and Colt
E. R. iteler. Attorney's tees ..
Costa In George Samuel's case, Bloom . . .
Comn for Wilson Dodson's Child, Bloom.
Cotrin for Tramp
Comin tor Mn Wm. Shoemaker, Bloom.
Comn and expenses ot digging grave,
Aaron xhatts, sugarloaf.
Comn for Hannah Trice. Scott
uiraiQg grave ror i ames Jjeacoccs cnua,
Expense In Carrie Turrell case and car
fire Alleehanv Anvlum
Expenses In William Lennon case, Bloom
t 5300 Si
I 5335 75
t 5333 73
14, 1890.
208 SO
72 13
61 03
85 95
42 43
41 TT
1 23
90 00
94 63
U 81
1 CO
71 55
1216 (7
SOM 19
184 39
43 00
a 60
2 38
10 83
8 07
900 00
178 CO
8 45
8 CO
16 00
12 00
21 44
8 00
75 00
6 00
8. F. PEACOCK, "1
HENRY O. litis f
13521 61
Farm and buildings 13500 00
4 horses 375 00
icoll ..... fri 00
9 cattle. 20 0J
iSshoats ,,,, , 5000
4 turkeys 00
96 chickens ao 00
180 bushels ot wheat a 8 jo , 14750
310 " 11 oats 108 80
320 " " oorn ears so 0)
soju 10 pore a as , ipooi
400 lb lard a uo jo 00
is tons ot hay. .... joi 00
400 lb beef m oo
100 bushels potatoes 7500
a - ucbu 2 5J
10 " tu'nlpa 2 id
6 11 onloia. r nn
so " rye u no
80 lb packed butter is 00
1 uui. ouur kruut , s 00
2 vinegar it 00
1800 sheaves corn fodder (4 60.,. 6000
It bundles rye straw 13 250 3 (10
Farm Implements roo 00
Furniture In Alms House 250 00
' " Stewards House.,., 200 ui
18 acres grain In ground m 100 00
2 tons coal ,,,, g 00
119953 21
2l bushels wheat,,. ill o
oats 161 28
corn ears, 211 73
rye 14 40
turnips 3 00
beets sol
onions s 00
beans. 6 00
DOtatoea int m
92 tons hay JS6O0
31 bundlearve Btraw... 1 va
vsrheadi cabbages 4o.. 38 28
615 lb butter jss 75
425 doz. eggs.. 7 60
2605 lb tiork (S 60 158 80
4ao lb lard to 40
412 lb beef a 60 11 72
icwmneaves corn loader g so.... 9000
3 Calves ini
to shoata 70 00
60 chickens 15 o
1 uoi aiuer Kraut , 6 ou
1 bushels tomatoea..
5 turkeys
Flour by Cadow
9 guineas
7 ro
6 liS
15 00
2 70
No. paupers renaming In Alma
bouse last report
Admitted during year
No discharge during year
No. died during year ...
1741 61
No. persons In Poor House, Bloom
.w, iciwun lu iwr uuiuie.
Na Persons In Poor Houss. scott
riu. remaining jan, 1st, ISM...,
j, jii. uAitinu,
Attest! C A. KLBIM, FecreUry,
The Reliable Clothing House,
Just aa low as before, and lower. 1 am determined to keep up the Keputation of being tho
CHEAPEST and BEST CLOTHIER. Satisfaction Always Guaranteed.
The largest stock and choicest line of Clothing, Hats, Caps, Trunks and Gents' Furnish
ing Goods in Columbia, Montour, and Northumberland Counties, Pa.
v Thinking About Buying a
"Spring Overcoat!"
New Spring Suits nnd Trousers at Money
Saving Prices.
Merchant Tailor and Clothier,
(Opposite the Mint)
ABCH 2. 18!
The undersigned, administrator ot the estate ot
Joseph O. Kellr, late of the township of Green-
wooa, county of Columbia, and State ot Pennsyl
vania, deceased, will offer at public sale, by vir
tue of an order of the Orphans' Court of said coun
ty, on the premises on
at lo o'clock In the forenoon, the following desert
bod real estato, being the manslon.hou3e and farm
ot tne said deceased, to- sit :
A tract ot land situate In the said twp of Oreen.
wood, bounded by lands of J, II. Johnson, D. V.
Kedllne, belra of K. It. Albertson, Augustus Stand.
er, A II. Kitchen, M. J. Kline, Kills Young, and
ousepu ivaus, contain ng one nundred and seven
teen acres and four perches, more or less, on
which are a
and other outbuildings; partly cleared and partly
timber land.
TSHM8 OV 8VLE. Ten per cent ot ono fourth ot
the puroha.19 money at the striking down of the
property, the ono-fourth less the ten per cent, at
mo connrmaiion ot sale, and the remaining three
fourths In ono year thereafter, wnh Interest from
connrmatlon nlsL
S-Mt. Orangevllle, Pa.
UDITOifs-NOTinK. '
Xttate of WUIlam Utpix-iuleel, aeeeated.
. uuu, uuuium upiiuiuujii vy ills ur-
phtns' court ot Oalumbl county, to distribute
-7T- muu. ... mo IHUUUIBUI, Will
sit athlsomce.irer the Hlrat National Danlc. in
Uloomsbunr, on Wednesday, Marca is, ma, at 10
ciums against slid estate must appear ami prove
- -- w, w. w uuv.uiu iiuui ujmiDu m qu saiu
rurirL u or.iTut.
ifco. SI, 1890. Auditor.
Estate qf Stuui Krwler, Into Bloomburg
beon srantM to me uudereUnod executor, all
fled to pay th-j aarnj, aud thoje havliig claims
S-7w.AUJr Kxecutor.
Wanted on him
To relahle men we win giro steady employment
and LlUEllALSALAllV pajlng their traveling ex.
peusr We grow our own stock eicluslvely and
uUAlUNTKBtttobtiatrt.tlrtlrst class in erery
particular, true to name as ordered. Full Instruc
tions furnlih'd. Kiperlence unnecessary. Apply
at once ttaUnq aye. Address K o. I'K muN
ca, Maple drove Nuiserles, Waterloo. N. Y.
(Kstabllahea overtu years.) 3-u-it
IU wrwlog 4uAttuti ,n tnuuriitu KetaAlly
miUMtlsir two bout of ur oib?r tr l.
KtaU Qt Mtrrtll Ami Itottertt. rfvi .,
Tbe UDderrilirnftil. All flil.lltnr annnlnil . I.a
Orpnan'sco irtot Columbia county to make dls
trlba 'ouot tne oilin'M In haudof the admlnls
!tatoia' P'frilrst aria final arcount, will Bit at
theontce -f Ur.ut Uirriuf, Ksi., In HloomBbure
Pa. on ifrldiy, Marcha, lsao, at f o'clock a, m..
when and wnere .ill pomus having claims against
said estate must appo ir and prove tne same, or
be debirre l fro n uoimo; in on said fund.
C. & UEYKIt,
HtUMofAnn Young, area 1.1(0 of Greenwood tiep
The undertUned, tn auditor appointed by the
Orphans' court or Columbia County to paw upon
exception to accouit and make dl'tilbutlou of
tue balance li the hands ot the accountant to
and among tin pirtles entitled thereto, will
perform th jdullis of his appointment at the of.
ilea of drant Herring Ksq. in HloomtburgonTues.
day Man'i) ihii, iw, at 10 oclock a. in., when ard
wuaro Ml p -rsom l vim claims against said lujrt
im'st app'ar and or ire the s ime or be debarred
from any snare thereof.
a E. (IttYKIt, Auditor.
A farm of 100 aoree, witn nandsome nuw bouse
and barn, and supplied with abundant water, will
be rented at a low rent tor the term ot nve years,
to a gooa tenant who uau furnish, bis own stock
nleimpiniat. Tag farm Is in the Catawlssa
Valley on tne Townsblp road from Urandontltle to
Audeureld, two miles from llrandonvlle and near
(llrarl Manor. References requested. Addnw
HKUKrt 8. THOMPdOM, Knglneer airard Kaute
1-otUvUle, Pa. Nov. l-ly.
Httalt of reter Kate, late of Benton tiep.
Letters testamentary on said rotate having been
granted to the undersigned executor, all persons
Indebted to sail esHte are here oy nolltted lo pay
thesajoe; and thoso havlug cliltns against said
estate to presgni tne saiae lo
ueo. e. ctw.iu w. a kasb, iur.
Atty, Fatrnwoat iprlog, l'n.
o- o
? pa.
Q m
St ig
3 Ba ft
rtf ?r zZi
IMrf olr Baig,
ifrJnrTi!!" "OrJer" enti.lln, ,he holder .r, .
lr.V:"" . .C U"'1U(' '"sl"'fJ4. 3&. 33. or 40 inches In bull me or, a .i, 7,k T.
obtaineS, which is alwavs deZh?, im 7 mfil ''"'"S 0,1 lhe P'l bawue U
the house. y rable ' and U JuU ,ucn r"n every lady should have in
We havi mail vxHn l i.t ..... .
ir, a. abov, so tha the holder of il n T"! fttf,hh Pil,ern' in ,lineKI'
I ft II I F Q ll n' faU ' bujr 0ur Usue of AP"' 41". and cut out the "I'at- mrr
orir'.h 0,".n rler'" wiU en,1,le yu ,o w pcm. r K h h
Order the paper In advance so.lut you U1 bcu,e ol it, as the number will L L7e7 "