The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, March 14, 1890, Image 1

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Office Front P.oom, over roitomes,
Items Which Arc of Particular
Interest to Pcnnsylvanlans.
h. MAtZE,
Omci-Room No. 2, Columbian Buldli),
Cfliee In Ent's Building, near Court Home,
Office over Mover Ero's. Drug Start,
Office In Brower'j building, 2d floor, room No i.
Office cor. Centre & Main Sts.,Clarl's building,
sffT Can be coniulted in German.
Office, Second floor, Columbian BulltUag,
Office in Wirt's Building, 2nd floor, Main St
Office in First National Bank Building, 2d fleer,
W Pensions and bounties collected.
Office over Dentler's Shoe itsre, Front rom,
Office, Coluwsiaji Buildings fleor, front rooas.
Offic Vjv. KawUngs' Meat Market,
O&ce, corner of Third and Main Street,
B. McKELVY, M. D.,
Office, North side Main Street, below Market,
Office, North Market Street,
Office, comer of Rock and Market Streets,
Onieo West First St
Special attention given to Hie eye and
ear and tbo ttttiugof glasses.:;
J. BROWN, M. D.,
Office and Residence, Third Street, West
of Market, near M. E. Church,
WOffice hours every altemoon and evening.
Special attention given to the eye and the fitting
of glasses. Telcphoae connection.
TaaATUtST or Ciirofic Diseases mads a
Office and Residence, Third St., below Market,
J. HESS, D. D. S.,
Graduate of the Philadelphia Dental CtUegc,
having opened a dental office In LocXAXD'f
Building, corner of Main and Centre streets,
Is prepared to receive all pitleits requiring prs
feuional services.
Enixx, Gas, and Local AHAa-nuncs,
administered for the painless extractisa of teeth
free of charge who artificial teeth an inserted.
Au. Wou Guajuustexd as Rttutaumo,
Teas, Syrum, Corrii, Suoak, MoUItS,
Rick, Spices, Bicabi Soda, Era, ETC
N, E. Corner Second and Arch Eta.
StTOrders will receive prompt .tfthttfr,
Carriages, Buggies, Fhaetens, Sleighs, FUtfofA
Wagons, kc
Flrit-clui work always on hand. Repairing
neatly done.
(sTPrices reduced to suit the timet.
Office, Barton's Building, Main St, tel. Market,
All styles of work done in a superior manner,
and all work warranted as represented.
-tythe use of Gas, and free of charge when
artificial teeth art Initncd.
tr To be open all koun ttarlaclLtS day,
CUSHIONS. Whlper Oom
-SMij.tU . tSj rfsViiejIeXS.
1 1 1 Z Z . ,7.; f.;l HiJL.r. UlMllf.
. B. ELWELL, , . .
il. &. B.TTENBENDEB, fnm'
B. F. Hiirtman is now wearing glasses that give him entire
U Ho is only one out of great numbers who have been
fitted by
Optician, of BloomsMrg.
Near I'Mlnilcllililu.
.school Open t-rpt, t Sill.
Yearly i;virni', &.)(),
I'uur ru)iiicnt, 8l!i5,
rSRtoiSSnSWwEtSiA'SVXt 'SSL.'" r College, rolylechnlc School, fof Wen
R2?.'.V J."' '."."' ".IIMor nJl.cociipl.ielrfiinilihed. On,ndKKn l"i foil.Kl. h.2jll
....Ti.llJ .T , . ' -'"
I'roprlctor. Med).. Pa.
.Itcdln, In., nenr Plilln.
School Oprui Srpt. a.llh.
Ymrlr llxppu.'o. 85(10.
Tito I'nrmrnl., 8430.
hi kwuil I Vi.i il. U.L .i ..i"'
iV.r wiViiili0RI'.
NortL American, of Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania, '
York, of Pennsylvania,
Hanover, of New York,
Queens, of London,
North British, of London.
0nc on Market Street, above Main, No. 5.
M p7lutz'
(Successor to Fieas Brown,)
(Established in 1 865.)
tna Fire Ins. Co. of Hartford, $9,528,388.97
liaitfocd, of llartfnid 5,288.609.97
Phoenix, of ITartfurd 4,778,469.11
Springfield, of ppringfield 3,099,903.98
Fire Associaiion, Philadelphia,... 4,512,782.29
Guardian, of l.undon, 20,003.323.71
Phcenix, of London, 6,924,563.48
I.ancasliiic of Eng., (U.S. Branch) 1,642, 195.0c
Royal of Enqlind. " " 4,853.564.00
Mut. Bn. I.f.In.Co.Neark,Nj4i, 379,228 33
Losses promptly adjusted and paid at this office,
Office, i'ciond Floor, Coi.umuian Building,
Liverpool, London, and C.lolie, largest in the
World, and perfectly reliable.
Imperial, of London, ,g, 658,4 79. 00
Continental of New Yoik 5,239,9X1.28
American of Phlladelph.a 2,401,956,11
Niagara, of New York, 2,260,479.86
Offositk Court House.
Large and convenient sample rooms. Bath
rooms, hot and cold water ; and all modern
Exchange Hotel,
The undersigned has leased tuts well-known
aouse, and la prepared to accommodate tbo putillo
ft til all tbo conveniences ot a Urst-class boutl.
LEMUEL DRAKE, Proprietor.
R. I. C. HREliCE,
HT Office over Mover llros. Drug ;Store.
Kesidence West Main Street.
Office corner of Centre and Fourth
St., Bloomsburg, I'a.
to canvass for the sale of Nursery stock l Steady
nmnnimpm iniiranLeeu. dju.aiii Ann ni.
I'KNSEU fAli). at once, sf itlnsr age.
Ghaso Brolhers Company. (,ir'0r.)hla
Jan. &. Mar. JtOC'UliSTEft, N. V.
P Hi.IL CIIimiiI" nnil
Location mine houiu
Jlirmnt, vx
1. 1 Clinton, N. Y. I Peoples' N. Y. Reading,
i'a. German American Ins. Co., New York. ;
Greenwich Insurance Co., New York Jersey
City Fire Ins. Co., Jersey City, N. J.
These old corporations are well seasoned by
see and rim TiSTiD and have never yet had a
. " ... .... . .11 TV. .1. ......
lot seiuea oy any cuuu ui
are all Invested in SOLID SICUHTISS, ate liable
to the aard of rill only.
ind paid as soon as determined, by CUIUS r
IAN V. KNAPP, SriciAL Aoeht and Ad
Iustks, Bloomsburo, Pa.
ffhe people of Columbia county should pat
tonlxe the agency where losses, If any, are set.
tied and jaid by one of their own dtimis.
ut.tii.c .Kjir, rnvate luronnc'
' imiLi,wi
D pidi o akin ttkt r a ... - . . . . .
I"' "!" "n't eleen fianot l'ri.le tuio. in lot
- .,n5IV A l! .("i"lC.luMe. I
Pri.clpll, Mtdll. r
IS not only a distressing complaint, of
itself, but, by causing tho blood to
become depraved and the system en
feebled, is tho parent of innumerable
maladies. That Aycr's Sursnparllla
is the best euro for Indigestion, even
when complicated with Liver Complaint,
Is proved by tho following testimony
from Mrs. Joseph Lake, of Drockway
Centre, Mich.:
"Liver complaint and Indigestion
made my lifu a burden and came near
ending my existence. For more than
four year I suffered untold agon v, was
reduced nlmost to a skeleton, and fiaidlv
bad strength to drag myself about. Ail
kinds of food distressed me, and only
the most delicate could be digested at
all Within the time mentioned several
rihysiciiins treated me without giving re
let. Nothing that I took seemed to do
any permanent Rood u ul 11 I commenced
tho use of Ayer's Sarsoparilla, which
has produced wondeiful results. Soon
after commencing to take tho Sarsapa
rilla I could see an improvement in my
condition. Jly appetite bogan to return
and with it rami! tho ability to digest
nil the food taken, my Miength Im
proved each day, and afler a few
mouths of faithful attention to your
directions, I found myself a well
woman, nblo to attend to all household
duties. The medicine has given luo u
new lease ot life."
yer's Sarsaparilla,
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mast.
fllrftl; H tiottlf., 45. Worth (5 tioltle.
Cases Pain tnstanily.
StrengtteitsH'caA t'aris.
Qut'ctl nervousness.
A Notv England llooaehfild Kemudy,
Cnltfifttillr popular bticausti ot ro.U (acjicfaal
merit Tor luo count Jotui pnini and nch tcri.i. r cr
ApaLnesses, no mattur how cnuped or ha revere,
which attack tho human body, no rtmody in tho world
ij ho prompt and thorough ia relieving, cuncc and ro
ettitingan tha Hop iMuster.
ITnullolli'd Trotlmoiiy of lliuiittinit vt Jonpla,
and the oonetanttr iucroaiin( b'.o id tbuso planlera,
Id fuupl proof ot tho truth ot tliis atfctrtion,
CZT HOP l'LH J i:iH ncrvr bum or IrrKctc.
If you stiifrcr aprity one now; you'll fff- happier to
morrow. I'ttcld good the momtnt put on.
OUT SEE HERE, ilnp Vlnrtrr are noM by
all incJtrliio deoltirs. Don't l-o snindled into t"k!ng
a bnlxtt.ttite or imitation. B&nature ct the proprietors
will Ijo found on tha genuino goodri.
oimJn when pvu buy, Acuid duhonat dmUrt.
Dec. la Aug. 8.
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in ititlf.
was iitdtti a happy thought to print os
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The publisher of this paper will receive font
The Best Burning Oil Tha. Can bi
Hide From Petroleum.
It gives a brilliant light. It will not smofea
the chimneys. It will not char the wick. Q
has a Ugh fire test. It will not explode. It It
pre-eminently a tasaily safety oil.
We Challenge Comparison
with any other lUnrnlrutlng oil made.
We rStake Mr fepMtfttiois,
as refiners, upon the statement that It is
Ask fcra dealer for
Traia far Blooms burg and ridadty supplied Vf
Bloomabury, Pa,
Hop Pi
The Birchells Held by the Cor
oner's Jury.
The Career of Illrelielt, nlln "I.or.l
Somerset," the Vonng Kaiiulslts Who
Is Aremril at F. C. Jlenwell'i Murder.
The Theory of the I'nllcc.
I'ni.NCKTo.v, Ont., JInrch 11. J. llet;lnnld
Blrchell must answer for the murder of
Frederick C. Uenwell. Tho coroner's Jury,
after considering all tho testimony, 1ms so
decided. They rendered a verdict finding
that Bemvell camo to his death at the hnuds
of Blrchell, and they Implicated Blrchell's
wlfeaghavlnBgullty knowledgeof thocrlme
after its commission. After n lengthy con
sultation tho following verdict waaagreod
Verdict of the Coroner' Jury.
"We find that the said P. C. Uenwell camo
to his death by two pistol shots fired Into his
head from behind, one at or near the nape
of the neck and the other a little behind nnd
above tho left ear, either one of which was
1 '
suftlclent to causo death, and your jurors
have reason to believe, and do believe, that
sold shots were fired by the hand of Ileal
nald Blrchell, alias Somerset, with deliber
ate purpose, wilfully and feloniously, to
commit murder, on or about the 17th of
February, IS), nnd we nre of opinion that
Caroline Blrchell, tho wife of snld Reginald
Blrchell, was accessory to tho murder after
tho fact,"
Mrs. Illrchcll's Position.
Thero wus very llttlo difference of'opinion
amoug tho jurors as to tho question of guilt,
the only question being whether or not a
verdict should be given in the absence of the
prisoners. Under tho law of Canada a wife
cannot be punished for shielding her hus
band, and therefore Mrs. Blrchell cannot be
mnde accessory after tho fact, in tho general
sense of the term.
Tho Hotly Kxhutneil.
When the inquest was resumed D. H.
Pelley, the young man who nccomrumied
Ilenwell and Blrchell to this country, was
taken to the grnvo of the murdered man,
where the body wnsexhumed. Ho recognized
tho dead man as Benwoll. After Pelley had
Identified tho body of his murdered com
panion he was put in tho witness box. Ho
again told the wonderful story of his asso
ciations with Birchell and Benwoll as he
told it at Niagara Falls.
Wore There Other Victims?
New and sensational developments are
cropping up in connection with the tragedy,
and the question now is whether there havo
not been at least two victims. Somo two or
three years agoayoung Englishman, Neville
II. Pickthall, came here, and about a year
ago purchased a farm six miles south of
Woodstock. About four months ago he
married the daughter of his minister. Feb.
10 last Pickthall raised n 1,000 on a mort
gage on his farm and left here, saying to his
wife: "I am going to double this money be
fore I come back." He was seen at Niagara
Falls that night, and then said ho was going
to Now York to meet his sister.
He Was Never Semi Again.
The testimony In the Birchell examination
showed that Pickthall reached New York
and thero met tho Birchells. Since thon no
trace of him has been found and no word
has boen received from him. His disopear
anco paused a stir af tlie tinie nnd tho police
aent descriptions of him all over the country.
The theory now is that he was enticed to
New York by Birchell with the expectation
of making a large sum of monoy, and that
ho was put out of the way for the money he
carried with him. A search of Blrchell's
buggoge will be mode for anything that
might give a clew to Plckthall's fato.
l'elloy's testimony, if true, shows conclu
sively that Mrs. Birchell aided and abetted
in the swindling of Pelley and the deceased,
whether she knew of the murder or not.
Bhe frequently mentioned the fictitious farm
to Pelley.
Jtlrptiull'e StrmiRn Career.
What is known of Blrchell's career Is not
at all to his crodit. It is said that he was
always a liar, always an adventurer. In
college ho loved to poso as the scion of some
great family. If caught in a lie be would
easily laugh it off. He made the acquaint
ance of the daughter of David Stephenson,
a traffic manager of the London and North
western railroad, and won her heart by his
dasliiug ways and taking lies. Ho said ho
was a great laud owner and stock raiser in
Canada. They were secretly married
against the father's wishes, who wished to
know moro about tho young man, nnd
sailed nway for Canada. And here, in tho
llttlo village of Woodstock, which they
reached In tho autumn of XS83, they began
to cut tho swell which made him Buch a
local celebrity.
Here He Was "Lord Soineraet."
Here be was Blrchell no longer, but (Somer
set, Lord Somerset, or nt least the son of
Lord. Somerset, with all the glumour of a
title about him. He was an exquisite in
every way. His linen was embroidered to
suit his runk. He even went in debt like n
lord, uml when bo left Woodstock there wero
many poignant memories in the shape of un
paid bills left behind him. His wife, a blue
eyed, light haired, pretty little blonde, wus
a fit companiou for one so high bred.
They left ot last and went back to Eng
land, and for a time lived with Mr. Stephen
son, who forgave his daughter for her secret
marriage. The girl told no tales out of
school, though it Is certain that by this tlm.i
she know her husband to be a rascal. Aud
meanwhile "Lord Somerset" set ubout some
ineansof recouping his exhausted exchequer.
In the course of time he fell in with Frtd
erick 0. Uenwell, of Cheltenham, England,
and Douglass Raymond Pelley, of Saffron
Waldon, Essex, and lurod them to Canada
as heretofore described in these dispatches.
The Theory of the I'ollce,
Birchell, his wife, Benwoll and Pelley
crossed the Atlantic together on the Oar
mania By the time they reached Buffalo
Palley had been blad 174 How much Bsu.
will was mulcted does not seam clear, al
though Blrchell Is said to have carefully ex
amlned the thirteen pieces of valuuble bag
gage the murdered man had with him. Birch,
ell also knew that Ilenwell had considerable
money with him. The party reached Buffalo
Feb. 10. The next day Blrchell and ilenwell
started for the mythical farm, leaving Mrs.
Blrchell and Pelley in Buffalo. Blrcholl re
turned alone that night aud said Ilonwf.l
bad gene further up the country looking for
desirable land. For the next few days Mr,
and Mrs. Birchell and Pelley remained at the
Falls, and during this time Blrchell acted so
suspiciously that Pelley feared ot his life,
I'elley's Wild Oonse Chase,
Ous day Blrchell said thut a message from
Beuwell to the Stafford house had said to
send all his baggage to the Fifth Avenuo
hotel, New York. Two daya later Blrchell
came Into the house aud saldt
"What do you think I have seen In the
paper In connection with that man fouud
murdered at Princeton. They have found a
cigar case marked V, C Benwoll."
It was arranged that Pelley should go to
New York and make Inquiries at tha Fifth
Avenue, He did so, but found uo clew. Re
turning to Clifton he found a coiiAabla on
the tteM of the Baldwin house who told him
Blrchell had Identified the body aud was
likely to bo arrested. Bo Pelley went dowu
to Magistral Hill and told but atorr. know.
ingatlne time tnat ho was supectod ot
complicity In Ibe murder.
The I'lllillnu if the llody.
The spot where Frederick Bonn ell was
murdered Is an uncanny thlckot set In tho
midst of swamps lu the llttlo hamlet of
Princeton. It Is desolato nnd fearful in Its
Isolatloa Until the rough cart track was
cut through tho tract in 1S88 the forest had
been deserted oven by tbo woodcutters for
yeArs. Several days after the murder the
body was discovered by two woodsmen.
When the body was found It was lying
nstrldo a rotten tree stump. The legs wero
partly crossed, while tho trunk itself bolf
rested, half hung over the stump. The head
was bent backward ngalmt the spine. ' Tho
eyes were closed, so was the mouth. The
right arm and hand hail been frozen Into a
clinched position of defiance, while the left
hung limp. The flesh was blue from oxposuro
to the cold. Thero wero two bullet holes in
the head.
How the Heed Wnn Done.
A very plausible theory is that Bonn oil
nnd his murderer were walking down tho
road, tho one before tho other. Tho mur
derer, when his opportunity was best, drew
out his revolver and fired two shots luto the
neck of his companion.
Ho must havo lieen hnrd upon his victim,
for tho powder from 0110 bullot, as it en
tered tho fide of the hoad, burned the oyo
nnd scorched it with tho powder. The other
bullet entered just below the base of the
brnln, squaro In the back.
Blrchell wus seen within five miles of the
spot on Monday, Feb. 17. Ho was seen to
lave the station at Kastwoodf Out., with
Frederick Benweli shortly before noon, nnd
Inter tho inir wero met walking together
along tho (lovernor's road lu tho direction
of Pi lucoton. When Blrchell wus next seen
it was towurd I o'clock in tho afternoon,
and ho was alone.
Condensed Report of l'roeeedlnga In Sen
ntu nnd Hnilsp.
Washington, March 7. In tho senate the
following public bulldiug bills wore pnssedt
Sterling, Ills., 50,000; Oakland, Cal , MOO,
000; Cheyenne, Wy. T., 150,000; Chester,
Pa., $100,001); Helena, M. T., 100,0 0. Tho
bill appropriating $500,000 for a building nt
Salt Lake City gave rise to debate, Mr.
Plumb dosiring to havo the appropriation
reduced to $100,000.
At 2 o'clock the bill went over and thn
educational bill was taken up. In response
to Inquiries, Mr. Blair said ho could not fix
n day for voting on tho bill. Several sena
tors were still to speak, among them Mr.
Evnrts, who was to conclude the debate.
In tho courso of his remarks on the bill Mr.
Blair said that any longer delay In dispos
ing of this matter would bo unjustifiable,
and ho would look upon It as n perpetual
abandonment of the effort to give national
aid to the schools of the country, The Re
publican party was pledged in its platform
to the passngo of tho bill, nnd if that pirty
failed to inako good its plcilgo that fact
would put an end to the pnrty. Like many
other mpn in this country, he owed no jio
lltical allegiance to a party thut lied.
Mr. Hale spoko in opposition to the bill.
It had been before tho senuto for eight yenrs,
nnd all tho time thore had been a rising tide
against it. In his state, Mr. Halo asserted,
the press and educators and clergymen wero
against tho bill, and the incrensod opposition
to it was only because obbervatlou nud
reason wero ngalnst it. He controverted
Mr. Ulaii's assertion that tho condition of
education was worso now than twenty years
ago. If tho bill bocame law, tho lino of state,
and local interests and iutluenco In educa
tion would fade away aud ultimately bo
swallowed up by federal Influence.
Washington, March 7. In the house tho
resolution declaring Mr. Clark (Ala.) en
titled to his seat was adopted, and several
measures 011 tho private calendar wore dis
posed of. When the report on tho Throot
CJurk contestod election case had been
agreed to, tho home passed senate bill in
creasing from $158,000 to $JOO,000 tho limit
of cost of the public building at El l'aso,
Tex. Senate bill referring to the court of
claims the. claim of W. E. Woodbridgo for
tho use of Inventions of projectiles forrlfhd
cannon was defeated 111 to 1U& The houso
then went into committee of tho whole on
the prlvuto calendar.
Tho bill directing tho secretary of the
treasury to pay $175,000 to Albert H.
Emery, of Connecticut, in settlement of
his claim for tho usoof tho testing muchluo
invented by him, wob tnken up and dis
cussed. No action was taken.
Washington, March 10. The houso con
curred in the senate, resolution providing
for au investigation by a joint committee of
tho scnato house committees on immi
gration Into the working of the federal nnd
state laws relative to immigration from for
eign countries.
The resolution was amended so as to di
rect tho joint committee ta iuvestigato the
effect on American workmen that is like
ly to follow tho purchase of American in
dustries by foreign capitalists; also to report
to congress tho olllciul correspondence on
tho propostl to make Bedloe's Islaud, New
York harbor, an immigrant dejiot; whut
title tho government had to such island;
the buildings to bo erected and the officers
nud employes it is designed to employ at
such immigration depot and whother ill the
opinion of tho committee such island is tho
best and most suitable place for such depot,
A bill was passed increasing to $100 a
month tho pension of Gen. Horace Bough
tou. Senate bills wero passed for the nscor
tainmeut ot the ainouuts due to the Pottawa
tomie Indians of Michigan und Indiana,
nud for tho taking of tho census in Alaska.
The senate bill to prevent the Introduction
of contagious disease from one stuto to an
other was passed.
Mr. Lacey (la.) reported from tho com
mltteo 011 elections a resolution for the ap
pointment of a sub-committee to go to Ar
kansas and maUo a full investigation of
the Clnyton-Breckinridge contested election
cai.e. Agreed to.
Among the bills introduced aro tho fob
lowing; By Mr. Watson (Pa.) Appropriat
ing J 00,000 for the purchase of a site und
the erection of u public building at Brad
ford, Pa. By Mr. McClellan (lud.) Amend
ing tho pension laws regarding widows who
reiuurry. Similar to Mr. Vorhees' senate
bill. lly Mr. Cogswell (Kan.) Appropri
ating $100,OJO for a public building at New
buryport, Mass. By Mr. AVorson (P.i.)
Appropriating $00,000 for a public buildimr
at Oil City, Pa.
Tho house committee on war claims has
authorised a favorable report on the bill In
troduced In tho house by Mr. Malsh to au
thorize the payment of damages sustained
by citizens of tho state of Pennsylvania
from Union and Confederate troops during
the late war. Tho bill appropriates $8,
4l7,iH.'i, payable to the governor of the state
of Pennsylvania, to provide for tho payment
of these claims. The bill passed tho com
mittee by n vote of 6 to 4. The minority
will probably submit a report opposing the
passage of the bill.
A petition numerously signed has leu
presented to Secretary Windom protesting
against tho selection of Bedloe's Island, Now
York harlior, as an Immigrant station.
Secretary Windom said Bedloe's Island had
been selocted after much euro and consider
ation and he saw no good reason to chango
his determination to locate tho Immigrant
station there.
'aiis. stun wins, 1
New York, March Bi Judge Ingraham,
In the 6pocIal term of the supremo court,
yesterday decided that Mrs. Allien F, Btorra
Is entitled to a separation from her husband,
Uoorge M, Btorrs, tho sou of the late Emory
A. Storrs, the Chicago lawyer. The partic
ulars ot her suit, lu which sho charged
cruelty and drunkenut against her bus.
baud, have boen heretoi.ii e told. The Judge
concluded that Mrs. Storrs was a devoted
wife and mother, aud that her husband no
unworthy of belief and treated her lu a cm t
and Inhuman maimer,
The llllne Fire i.itlnirul.lieil.
WiLKEsiuiiHt, I'a., March 13. The ilanies
In the South Wilkesburro shaft were ex
tinguished yesterday afternoon, and lb
pumping process has been stopped
The Murdered Woman Identified.
Nkw Yohk, March 12,-The body of the
woman fouud In No. 3 Eldridge street has
been Identified as that of Bally Ureeiibure
aged 80 years, tho divorced wife of Isaao
Jacobs, the murderor. She was hU second
wife and lived at 113 Chamber, street
Borne t ma ago she was about to return to
live with Jacobs, but tha proposed agree
ment was not carrlsd ont. Nathan B. Lsvy.
Uwyar, idsnUflad tbt bod.
The World's News Gleaned,
Sifted and Condensed.
riiL'sii tips rno.u Tin: wihi:s.
What Is Going 011 of Interest That Is
Worth lteaitlne The wheat or the
World's News Winnowed from a Whole
Week's Thrashing.
The trial of James J. Sloeumat New York
for tho murder of his wife, Ellen, on New
Year's ovo has closed, the Jury returning a
Terdlct of murder lu tho first degree.
Mrs. B. II, Stotts, aged 05, of Clarksvllle,
N. Y committed suicide by cutting her
throat Causo unknown.
A fight has been arranged between Billy
Murray, of Now York, nnd Jack Lynch, of
Philadelphia, to take place before the Erlo
County Athletic club nt Buffalo on April i),
for a purse of $500.
Professor William 1'. Atkinson, professor
of English literature and history at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology for
many yenrs, died March 11 of congestion of
the brain. He was the author of many
works of high merit, including numberless
pamphlets, nud had long boen prominent as
a lecturer. A widow, two sons nnd two
daughters survive him.
Attorney General Miller has decided that
under tho law Chinese merchants cannot
land In tho United States in tho absence of
certificates prescribed in tho Chinese ex
clusion act
Tho Central Presbyteilan conference of
the Evnngellcal church has finished its work
at York, I'a., and ndjourned to meet in
March, 1S91, nt Berwick, Pa.
The Now York chamber of commerce has
rescinded its former condeinnntioiuof tho
McKlnley customs bill nnd adopted a re
port favoring tho mensure, providing that n
clause be inserted permitting questions of
fact lio tried before juries.
Thero is now a strong possibility that tho
divorce suit of Capt. O'Shea against his wife
nnd Mr. Pnrnellwill notbotried before fall.
Mr. I'arnell has askod and obtained fuller
details of the times and places of the al
leged acts of adultery.
Roland Mather has resigned the presi
dency of tho Society for Bnvlngs nt Hart
ford, Conn., which he lias held for cloven
years. John C. Parsons, who has been
counsel and trustej of the society, was elect
ed president
City Clerk John Bhanloy, of Brooklyn,
difd Mulch 11, after a long illness. He was
! ! years old and served ojie term in tho Now
York assembly.
William Hyde Appleton, Ph. D., has been
elected president of tho Sivnrthmoro (Pu.)
college to succeed Edward H. Mnglll, re
signed. Dr. Appleton is a graduate of Hor
vnrd university, and his boon professor of
Greek nt Swarthmoro since 1871.
The Missouri nnti-trust law has been pro
nounced unconstitutional by Judgo Dillon
In the United Statos circuit court
Henry S. Hebard, tho newly appointed
postmnster of Rochester, N. Y., died March
11. Mr. Hebard was to assume tho duties
of the postmastersliip March 10, but he con
tracted a severe cold which developed into
pneumonia, the immeillato cause of his
death. Mr. Hobard was 03 years of age.
Tho common council of Rochester, N. Y,,
has directed the city attorney to begin pro
ceedings against tho bondsmen of Davis, tho
defaulting city treasurer, to recover tho
amount of the bond.
The Philadelphia Times has offered a to
ward of $1,000 to the person or persons who
may discover and bring to conviction in the
New Jersey courts the murderer or mur
ders of Annie Leconey,
It has been plainly shown that J. Blrcholl,
the alleged murderer or Ilenwell, Is Reginald
Blrcholl, son of tbo Into vicar of Church
Kirk, and a young mou of good connections
and of excellent education.
Henry M. Btanley has finished the last
pages of his forthcoming book.
Rev. John P. Cowles, for many years a
professor in tho Obcilin (O.) college, died
at Ipswich, Mass., March 11. Ho wus bo
years of ago.
Ten Jurors have been secured In the trial
of the case against Sheriff Flack, of Now
Sheriff Davis, of Hudson county, N. J.,
testified before the ballot frauds committee
March 11: He said he had uo knowledge of
tho "joker" ballots, and repeated a former
statement that he thought tho smaller pack
ages lying on tho tables in the rooms of tho
county committeo the night befure election
wero inoffensive "pasters." for legitimate
use on Republican and split Democrat tick
ets. Ho admitted that ho talked to au in
dividual over the telophone from tho court
house on election day, but denied that lie
had used tho words, "Stuff in nil tho jokers
you can."
Clara Barton, of Red Cross fame, has
issued nn appeal to tho country for assist
ance on behalf of tho starving settlers of
North nnd South Dakota.
lu spite of the uso made of it by the New
York bank wreckers, the Asbury Park (N.
J.) bank has boen pronounced perfoctly solv
ent by Bank Inspector James.
The gunboat Concord wns successfully
launched from Roach's shipyard at Chester,
Pu., March 8.
John Pow, the founder of the houso of
John Pew & Sons, the largest firm iu the
American fisheries, died at Gloucester,
Mass., March 7, agcil 83 years.
The Hon. James Russell Lowell, although
still couflncd to his bed, is so far improved
as to bo able to see aud talk with the mem
liers of his family,
Henry Lecnto, the alleged defaulting
agent of Sunford & Cook, diamond mer
chants ot New York, has been hold in $0 000
bail for trial.
The villuge of Liberty, Casey county, Ky
was consumed by lire. Loss, $40,000; no
insurance. The villago had a jiopulatloii of
At the nnnual meeting of the Southern
society Hugh R. Garden was elocted presi
dent; James H. Parker, Charles A. Deshou,
Jiimes Swanu and W. L. Trenholm, vice
presidents; T. A. Beall, secretary, nnd How
ard Saunders, treasurer. Tho executlso
committee is beaded by J. C. Calhoun.
The president has npjiolnted A. C. Bar
wick, of New Jorsey, to be collector of cus
toms for tho district of Burlington, N. J.
The head of a Nihilist traitress was left
at tho rosidenco of Prince Dolgoroukoff,
governor general of the city and province
of Moscow. AVith it was found it letter say
ing that the writer would outdo the deeds of
"Jack the lllpier."
At Now York a controlling Interest in tho
Twenty-third Street Railroad coniany lias
been told for $WO,000, to a syndicate made
up of W. U. Whitney, Daniel B. Lnmont, P.
A. II. Widener and W. 8. Elkins nnd other
owners of tho Broadway ruilroad syndicate.
The price paid Isequal to about $300wr share.
Munroe, Eckstein & Co., of Four Corners,
B. I have failed, giving preferences at
$123,0)1,09. The total amount involved Is
General Markets.
New York, March ll.- FI.OUH-Qulet and
without material change; Minnesota extra, $ J.15
5.10; city mill extias, $J3JJI.5J for West
ludles; flue, Jt.wa.'.'.SJ; superfine, S-'BS 55.
WHEAT Uiened weak and ilecllued Sfc. From
this there was a rally of tjc. but at noon prices
were down uKaln to the lou est figures; receipts,
18,150 bushels; shipments, IM.TsU bushels; No. ii
red winter, teo., casln do., March, H!o.; do.,
April, bG)tU; do.. May, eCUo.; do.. Juuo, fuu.
COUN-Opeued weak aud declined by 13
o'clock; receipts, 10,800 bushels; shipmeuts, 1!15,.
M0 bushels; No. II mixed, 8;0. cash; do., March.
8Cc.t do., April, 8C5,o,
OATH Hull but steady; receipts, Sl.nuo hush,
els; shipments, 80,978 bushels; No, ii mixed, S8e.
cash; do., May, KC'&c.
UAltl.EY -Nomlual.
l'OUK-Diill; mesa, 10.76ai 1.60 for new,
LAItli-QuIrt; $M1, April; May.
MOLAKSIM-Flnnly held at 83Wo. for 60 test
TUKI'ENTINE Steady aMJlfj I3e.
ltOSI.N-Ilulli striiued to good, J1.15Q1.30,
KllliIOiri'8-Q.ii.t and unchanged.
UOTTKll-Steady for choice grades; western
creamery, fauey, VUo
ClIEUSE-Btrong; Ohio flat, 7rSai0e.
Etl'JS Lower und uusettled; state, fresh, 15J1
(5101 I western, fresh, I5mi5c.
81 3AU-lteflued steady; cut loaf and crushed,
Tjio. (cumulated, C 7-lCo; mold A, CUo.
TALLOW -Hull; prima city, 4,c.
om'Els-kSU'Ady; fair Ilk, cargoes, Mo.
VOL. 25. NO 11.
And Correspondent Klncnld Must Stand
Trial fur Murder
Washington, March ia Ex Congressman
William Preston Taulbee, who was shot in
an altercation with Charles E. Klncald, the
Washington correspondent of Tho Wtlivillo
Times, In the houso wing of tho Capitol, on
the afternoon of
Feb. St), died March
11 nt Providence
His death has
been exiected for
several days, but
whllo there was
still a chance for
bis life the physi
cians thought it
advisable not to
an anto-mortem
Btati miit of tha
clrciiinstnnces sur
round liicr t lie shoot
ing. He dlod, therefore, without making any
statement, and the case ngalnst Klncnld will
rest entirely on thetestlmony of himself anil
tile two eyo witnesses of tho tragedy. One
of those witnesses wns Samuel Donaldson, of
Tennessee, formerly doorkeeper of tho I101113
of representatives, who has lefused to mako
any statement for publication. Donaldson
was with Taulbee at the time the shooting
occurred. Tho other witness was n boy who
cannot be found. The stories of the shooting
differ in one important particular.
Klncald and Taulbee had au encounter
some time prior to tho shooting In the cor
ridor adjoining the houso of representatives
on me oast, it
was just before
the shooting took
place that Klncnld
had armed him
self, and after tho
first encounter
witli Tnulbeo, and
seeing him going
dowu the stairs
that led to the
basement, bad run
after him, called
to him, and as ho
turned shot him
in the fnco. Kin- KINCA1D.
cold claimed that he armed himself In fear
of danger from n further encounter with
Tnulbeo; that Taulbee had warned him t
arm himself, and that Tnulbeo insulted and
attacked him on their second encountor,
rendering his resort to tho pistol a necessity.
As soon as the news of Taulbeo's dentil
reached police headquarters an officer was
6ent to Kincald's room. Ho was awukened,
and after he had dressed was taken to tin
police station, where ho now Is. Thothcory
of self defense will be set up by Kincai d's
Aaron Kohn, the noted criminal lawyer
of Louisville, Ky , and Judgo Hnngls, the
well known jurist of Kentucky, havo b en
engaged by Kincald's friends to defend him
iu his trial.
Boon nf ter ho was shot Mr. Tnulbeo re
quested that no prosecution against Klnculd
should bo taken, but tho low will ha fol
lowed. Tnulbeo wns born iu Morgan county,
Ky., Oct 21, 1851; wns educated iu privnlo
country schools; studied for tho ministry
from 1875 to 187S, and for tho law from 187S
to lt-81; was ndiiilttul to tho bar in 1881; w. s
elected clerk of the Miigollln county com t
In 1878 and ro elected In 1882; was elected to
tho Forty-ninth congress and was ro-olected
to tha Fiftieth congi ess us a Democrat
One Hundred and Sixty Lliea Ileportt-d
Lost in Wuli-s.
London, March 11. A torrifio explosion
occurred In the Morsrt colliery, Glnn
raorganshire, Wales, which, it is feared,
will bo attended with much loss of Ufa. O110
hundred miners are entombed and commu
nication with them is impossible for tho
present It is feared that all of them have
Later advices from the Morsa colliery ni o
that 300 miners were entombed, but that
00 have been rescued from tho workings
nearest the mnln shaft Most of thoio
taken out nre unhurt, but several have re
ceived fatal injuries. Heavy foils of rock
prevent tho explorers from reaching tho 11101 e
remote workings. Tho clioko dump is
spreading, nnd it is feared that 100 lives
have been lost.
A further fall of debris into tho wreched
Morsa colliery has completely blocked the
pit and rendered nil attemps to rescue tho
imprisoned miners futile until tho mnssan
bo cleared nway. The latest estimate places
tho number of dead at over 100.
Eight bodies, horribly mutilated, have
been taken out of the Mois-a pit. It is
rumored that the rescuers Iiato heard ap
peals for help coining from tho entombed
men, but the rescuers are uuablo to push
their search because of the gas and flame
which confront them.
Young Ahrnhum I.liii'olii'n Ilmvo INkM
lor 1.1 r.i United.
London, March U Abraham Lincoln, m-i
of Mr. Robert T. Lincoln, United Stntes
minister at tho Court of St. James, died
Murch 5. Young Lincoln passed away
quietly. He wus in a comatose state and his
stoiuucli rejected all nourishment The at
tending physicians, after n cureful examina
tion, expressed tho opinion that their pa
tina's t nd was ouly n matter of a few hours.
For a time previous to his death he was
entirely lree from
puiu. All the mem
liers of Mr. Lin
coln's family were
present at the bed
md. Young Lincoln
was luirn in C'hica
go in 1873. Hollved
tl.fre until 18S1,
when bis f a t h or
was appointed sec- ft
i t tnrynf war under
Hon. Garfield. AfmAiiAM Lincoln,
Then the family moved to Washington,
tth ro they remained until 1SS5, when M'
Lincoln retimed to Chicigo. When Mr.
Lincoln wjs upiKilntod minister to England
onrly In President Hurrlson'sndmluistrutlo'i
ho took his family with him to Loudon.
Toward tho end of last October a largo
carbuncle appeared on young Lincoln's left
side. His condition soon bocumo so critical
that his father wns summoned post hoslo
from London, The French suigeous Usui
the knife lioldly, nud otter the cnrbuuclo
had been thoroughly opened poulticed the
wound. The effect of this treatment wus
rut hs successful as Minister Lincoln could
havo desired. The young uitlent bad a
number of relapses, and a largo inflamma
tory growth appeared urouud tho seat ot the
carbuncle. On Nov. 18 another operation
was performed by tho French surgeons nn I
some tissues, supposed to be gaiigreuous
wero removed. Tho second operation li ft
ruling Lincoln In a ery enfeebled state.
Mr. Lincoln was all this time very mucn
dissatisfied with the course of treatment car
ried 011 by tho French physicians, ami fin
ally, In December, had his sou removed to
thu embassy in London. Thoro lie was at
tended by several surgeons, but iu splto of
tho most unremitting care, slowly sank
from exhaustion and weakness. The queen
has sent to Minister Lincoln a message of
sympathy ami condolence upon the death of
his sou. Tho body of young Lincoln will I e
Interred In the family tomb at Bpriugfield.
I'fiuk nn Trial,
New York, Murch 11. James A. Flack,
sheriff of New York county, his son, Will,
nnd Joseph Meeks, indicted for conspiracy
iu obtaining u divorce for tho sherilf from
Mrs, Flack by fraudulent means, werj
plueed on trial in the court of oyer an I
terminer before Judgo Barrett, yester
day, The three defendants named were
prompt to apjiear at thu opening of court.
Tho woman Cherry, who was ludlotod
Jointly with the other alleged conspira
tors, did not appear. It is the current
report that she cannot In found witlil.i
the Jurisdiction ot the prosecuting attorney
Judge Rookstuvor, who played unimportant
part In the celebrated ouse, did not come to
court. After five Jurors had been procured
the court, adjourned for the day,
Ibe St, I'uiil irid Won,
Bur-FAto, March U Jim Kennard, the
St. Puul "Kid," and Jack Lymuii, of New
York, fought eurly this morning at the
Arlington Athletic elub for u purse of $100,
Lyiuuu was kuockd nut Iu luo l. uty -e v.
ond round, and tu fight w.m kw .y to
K in uird.
llrlef Mention of Matters Whlrli Kverj
body Should Know About A Week's
Accidents and Crimes Accurately and
Concisely Chronicled.
PlTTunono, March 7. By the explosion of
a box of dynamite -in a contractor's tool
house on Center avenuo Duvld Hayes was
Instantly killed nnd William Bodily fatally
injured. How tho explosion was caused is
, not known. Hayes was 40 years old nnd
, leaves a widow and two children. Soddy
was uumnrried.
It Savored of Nlavery,
' Philadelphia, March 8. The first test
easo In a Pennsylvania court between tho
League and Brotherhood of baseball play
ers came up here In tho suit of tho Philadel
phia League club against Hallmau. Tbo
cBsocameup before Judgo Arnold and Judge
Thayer, who handed down n decision In the
famous Metropolitan club Injunction suit
five years ago. In tho course of the argu
ment one of tho Judges remarked that the
contract savored strongly of slavery. Tho
caso wns tnken under advisement
I Ho Tell Ilown ii Mine Miafl.
ScnANTO.v, I'a,, March 8. A pump runner
named .Michael Mulia fell a distance of 400
feet dowu tho Cayuga shaft, in this city,
nnd was Instantly killed. His body was lit
' erally innshod. Mnlia had lieen hoisted up
I the shaft and signalled Engineer Rogers
! that all was right Tho enitlnoer arenrd.
ingly let the carriage down again, nndMalla
was flung down the shaft with great force.
The quivering body fell In n heap among
a number of workmen employed at the foot
of tho shnft
A Narrow. Kscape.
Rkadino, March 7. Rev. Francis Hoff
man, an nged retired minister ot the Evan
gelical denomination, and bis wife made a
narrow escupo from suffocation from loop
ing cool gas lost night. They rctlrod at tho
usual time last evening, but thii morning
when their daughter went to call them to
breakfast there wus no response. A dupli
cate key was procured and the door opened,
whon both were found insensible, Mrs.
Hoffman appeared to bo dead, but after
ward both wero revived. As they aro both
upwards of 80 feors of ago and somewhat
f oeble, tho accident may yot lead to fatal re
sults. The gns came fiomji small stove In
the room. ,'
A General Poor Law
Sciianton, March 7. Hon. Lewis Puirhe.
of this city, chairman of tho stnto poor com
mission, says tho work of tho commission so
far reveals a failure of the overseer system
to properly provide for the poor, nnd that
when the work is completed they will pre
pare a general poor law to bo submitted to
tho next legislature, tho objoctof which will
bo compulsory establishment of a county
poorhoubo in all counties not so provided ot
An J.Ttenslve Cavo In.
Plymouth, March 7. At 3 o'clock nn
extensive cavo in occurred hero, affect
ing over ten ncres of land on Curry's
hill, lu tho lower end of tho town, and doing
considerable damage. No warning was
given beyond a heavy roaring noise im
mediately preceding tho cave that car
ried terror through the neighborhood.
i lie people oro alarmed and keeping them
selves in readiness to moro should the cavo
In continue. Tho mine officials believe no
further troublo will occur and aro doing
all in their power to influenco tho miners not
to abandon their homes.
An Alleged Murderer Acquitted.
NoniUBTOWN. Pa.. March S. Tho trial of
John Konderosch, a Hungarian, charged
wuu vue murueroi jouu wnomo, ended with
a verdict of- ucquittul, the commonwealth
deciding that tho ovidenco was not strong
enough to press for conviction. Mrs. Cho
mo, the wifo of the murdered man, was in
dicted with Kendorosch, but her counsel
elected to bo tried separately. She will
probably bo also acquitted.
Killed nnd Mangled on the Kric.
CAmiONDALE, Pa., March 10. Throo Hun
garian laborers, who wero on their way
homo from their work ot Forest City, were
struck by tho Erie express train and in
stantly killed. Ouo of tbo men was hurled
through tho air and struck the precimtoua
rock that lines tho road at a point about six
miles from this city. Ills body was horri
bly mangled, as wero thoso of the other vio
tlins, who wero crushed by another train
coming from the opposite direction.
To round n Olgnlltlo MUstou.
PHILADELPHIA, March 10. Postmaster
General Wanamaker has under considera
tion the idea of founding, in tills city, a
gigantic mission church, nud it is said that
the famous Bethany will bef oro long be trans
ferred into a great cathedral which will havo
no equal iu this country. Mr. Wanamaker
is also on the lookout for a large farm ad
joining tho city, on which ho intends to build
n largo houso to bo used as a resort for deli
cate and sick persons connected with the
church and Sunday school. Tho postmaster
goncrnl has also under consideration tho idea
of establishing au institution for training
Ills Hotly Destroyed.
Franklin, Pa., March 10. A terrible
glycerine explosion occurrod two miles north
of this city at il o'clock. J. P. Mitchell,
agent for tho Rock Glycerine company, was
ongnged in thawing out a pan of glycerine
by placing it under tho exhaust pipe of the
engine, when It exploded with terrific forco.
Mitchell's body was destroyed, and scarcely
a rWticio of It can be found. Ho leaves a
widow and three children.
Muss for tho Minn Victims.
WlLKESiHAiuiK, Pa., March 11. The Rev.
Futher Thomas, of Hobokea, N. J., con
ducted tho requiem mass celebrated in be
half of tho entomliod miners in tho South
Wilkesbarro shaft at 8 o'clock Monday morn
ing in St. Mary's Catholic church. The ser
vices, whicli were of a most solemn and im
pressive nature, wero attended by about
2,000 people.
Wtll Take Strikers' I'laces.
Philadelphia, March 11. Messrs. Ames
nnd Pitchard, representing tho Union Iron
works of San Francisco, will leave hers
Tuesday for California with fifty iron mold
em, who are to take tbo placeof the striking
uuijn men in their shops. Tho men are
skilled mechanics.
Killed by ii Landslide.
Fiieepoiit, Pa., March 11. TwoAustrlans
nniued Perio Bilyuk, aged 40, and Pero Sas
tarn, nged S3, were killed on tho Wlufleld
branch railroad. They wero caught lu a
landslide from tho bill which covered them,
and before their companions could get them
out ihey wero lifeless. 4
IIuiinoii (lets Klght Years.
NonnisTOWN, Pa., March IL Frank
Hanson, the young German who last week
brutally outraged a 7-year-old-girl, bai
been sentenced to eight years' imprison
ment rrushTflKtoii IflevllTes.
Among the bills reported favorably to
the seuate was one increasing the Hunt of
cost of tho building at Newark, N. J., from
$350,000 to $050,000.
The house committee on invalid pensions
bus nuthorii'd n favorable report on tho
bill introduced lu the senate by Mr. Davis
to amend a section of the revised statutes.
Tho bill repeals that section of the revised
statutes which provides thut no claim of n
state militiaman on nccount of wounds re
ceived In battle with rebels or Indians
when temporarily rendering scrvico shall
lie valid unless prosecuted to u successful
iMie prior to July 4, 1874. It further pro
vides that tho claims of nil such persons
now pending or hereafter filed shall bo ad
judicated iu tho sumo munner as claims of
otiu is in tho military service.
The house has imssod bills to provide for
the erection of public buildings at the fol
lowing points! Cedar Rapids, la.; Ches
ter, Pa. ; Columbus, Ga.; Atchisou, Knn.,
Alexandria, La.; Hamilton, Me.; Lynn,
Mass.; Lafayette, Ind.; Baton Itotue, Ui.,
and Freemoiit, Neb. Also bills providing
for Increase of the limit of cost of public
buildings ut Newark, N. J.; Scranton, Pa.;
Troy, N. Y. ; Dallas, Tre., and Springfield,
Mo. Tho measures pasaod involve au ex
peudltuie of$L8 15.000
j;vu wants ruriioii.
Mai'm Lamumi, N. J., Mir eh 10. Law
yer Samuel li Perry, of Muy's Landing,
who defended Mrs. Eva Hamilton lu the
proceedings which terminated in her sen
tence to state prison iu September, is circu
lating a petitioti for her fmrdou. The peti
tion has been signed by many oltiMiis pf
i Annniio county, ami win be presented to
tho New Jersey court of pardons, which
; will soon convene iu Trenton. Mrs. Ham-
ilton has served a llttlo more than five
months of her tentvnee, and she Is reported
as confident lhat she will be wrdonL If
tho pardon is grauted sho will make au
active fight iu the divorce proceedings now
Huiin, Ills., March 5 - At Lllley Lake,
Gustav Rluden, a boy of VJ, with u Usui be
hind which he was riding, were struck by a
I'kicugu, Mluueanulis uid Kansas City train
aud instantly killed.