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Absolutely Puro.
This powdor never varies A marvel of purity,
Btrenglh and wholesomencss. More economical
man luuununary Kinus, ana cannot be Hold In
competition with the multitude ot low test, short
weight alum or phosphate powders. Sow oulu in
cam. Hotil HiKiNa rowusaCo., 11 wall SU, N.Y.
The Columbian
nr rublished every Friday, subscription price,
kntered nt the Post omco at Illoomabure. Pa.,
FItlDAY, MARCH 7, 1890.
Trains' on tbe P.
follows :
7:32 a. m.
1:31 p.m.
11 it. 11. leave Unpen as
11 :M a, m.
0:83 p. ra.
TralnBonthoD.L.t W. loavo Bloomsburg
north, notrrn.
Tilt a. m. 8:32 a. ra.
1057 a. ra. lj:(v p. tn.
2:35 p. m. 4:15 p. m.
6:88 p. m. 8:47 p. m.
Trains on ths N. AW. B. K&llwayposs Bloom
ecu uaiuugwBI
10:48 a. tn.
.S6 p. m.
10:48 a m
11:37 p. m.
4'80 p. m.
6:39 p m
Taking ofect MONDAY, SEPTBUBEIl 2, 18S9.
fAr. Ar. Ar. Lv. Lv. Lv.
STATIONS, r. u. . h. A.u. A v. v, . p. jr.
BtOOinsbUrg,.. 6 J8 11 43 7 01 8 312 81 6 40
Mam Street 6 18 11 41 6 SS R 42 2 41 3 47
Irondalr 6 16 11 89 6 66 8 41 2 41 6 50
Paper Mill 6 08 11 31 6 48 8 M 2 P3 7 00
IJghtstreet 6 05 11 !S 6 41 8 M 2 SS 7 03
Orangevllle 8 57 11 so (1 35 9 8 07 7 lo
Forks. 6 45 11 10 6 21 9 15 3 17 7 20
Zaner'a 5 42 11 on o 21 9 20 3 20 7 21
HtlllwatCr 5 37 11 02 6 17 21 3 25 7 2?
IlOOton 6 28 10 S3 6 10 9 33 3 SI 7 35
Edsons, 5 23 111 SO 6 07 9 36 3 37 7 38
Coles ureek 5 20 10 45 e 05 38 3 40 7 40
BllgarlOaf, 5 15 10 42 6 02 9 42 8 43 7 41
Laubachs, c 12 10 40 6 00 9 47 8 4 7 47
Central. 8 03 10 3 1 5 63 9 67 3 68 7 67
JamlsOD City.... 500 10 30 560 10 00400 8 00
Lv. Lv. Lv. Ar. Ar. Ar
r. u. a. u. a. if. a. 11. r. ii. r. M.
MAiton 8. J. J. Urown. mlmr , etc., of
Jacob Yohe.wlll sell personal property anil
real C9tatu In Mlfllln towuship, at 1 p. in.
Bee advertisement.
Mxnon 8.-1"). Ii Everlmrt will sell perso
nal property, horses, cows, wagon, farm
Implements, grain ifcc, at 10 a. m.. At the
same timo he will oiler 120 acres of land,
good house, stable &c, all In Jackson
Makoii 11. John Wolf will sell valuable
personal property on his farm in Centre
township, commmenclnf! at 10 o'clock In
the forenoon. Horses, (Jattlo and farming
Mahcii 13. V. 8. Kase, xccutor of
Peter Kasu deceased, will sell valuable
personal property on tho premises In Heu
ton township, at 10 u. m.
Makoii J 3 M B. Endy will sell horses,
cows, wagons, farm Implements, potatoes,
grain, &c, in Mllllln township at 10. n. m.
Maiioii 14. W. J. Wintersteen will sell
valuable personal property at his residence
In Mack Hun, Madison township, at 0 a.m.
Maticii 15. 8. O. Jayne, assignee of Em
mor Dietcnck will sell several tracts of
real cstato In Briarcreek and Ccn'rc town
ships. See advertisement.
Makoii 15. Jackson Kama will sell val
uable peisonal properly at his residence on
Eighth street, Hloomsburg, at 10 a. m.
AIahoh 18. John Cailmnn of Orange
township will sell personal property on
tho premises commencine; at 10 o'clock.
Conslsl Ini? of horse?, cattle, hogs, and gen
eral farming utensils.
Makoii 29. M. C. Woodward, trustee,
will sell real estate late of 1 homas Shear
man In Beaver lownshlp, Saturday March
29, at 10 o'clock a. m.
Maiioii 81. Mrs. Mary Ilazlvtlno will
ell personal properly at the Ilupert Hotel.
Good new range, stove, chairs, dishes, lot
of new carpet, &c. 8ali commence at 10
Foil Sai.k A. desirable anil commodious
residence, on Main street, supplied with
water, gas and steam. Apply to
jan20tf. L. N. Movrnt.
For Sals Dwelling bouses in Hlooms
bur, Ora'iucville, Epy and Ilupert I'a.
Firms lu Pennsylvania, Kansas and Vir
ginia. Vacant lots In Hloomsburg. Store
properties. Grist mills and oilier property
by M. 1'. Ltitz, Insurance aud Ileal Estate
Agent, Hloomsburg, Pa.
Fort Halc House and lot In Ilupert,
lot 120 x 140 fl. Two story, house, with
nine rooms. Bay windows, out
kitchen, ico ami coal house, good stable,
chicken and pig pen. Uholce iron, ever
green trees, good water, Two railroads,
Twelve trains a d-ty each way, lo Blooms
burg, fare 8c round trip. Low taxes. A
great bargain, If taken soon.
M. P. L'itz, Insurance & Ileal Est. Agt.
For Hunt. The room on the second
floor of tho Uolumuun Building, now oc tho Town ''-oiificil, will be va.
cant April 1st, 1800. It Is a law, lizht
room, sleim heat, gas, and water on same
floor, Inquire of Ueo. E. Elwell.
For rent at Ilupert. One fix room house
pply to
V. E. J011S9T0N'.
W. A. Man Esq. of AshUud wus in town
on Friday on legal business.
Wm. F. Bodlne and wife visited friends
In Luzenic and Lackuwanna counties last
Mrs. J. lv. Brugler of Butler, Mo. with
her little son, is visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. i. llrower, and her staler Mrs
L. B. 'Wintersteen.'
Frank Sloan was home vlslllng f leuds
the early jiirt of lhe week. Wednesday
morning ho started for New York state.
He will bo enzaged In aiding to make stir.
cy for a new railroad alon,; tho Hud-
von river about 40 miles north of New
yoik city.
Geo. E. E.woll is at Bcranlon this week
A juryman In tho Supreme court.
J. H. Fowler, Pine Biimmll, Intends to
rcct a fine residence next summer.
Reese Falrmau of Orangcville has takiti
chaigo of a hotel at Ncscopec.
Swct ping reduction In various lines of
boots an J shoes at D.'nthr'd.
Our fox hunters were out Wcdut-sday
but returned with no game,
I. W. McKflvy put In a new platform
scale at his store Wednesday.
Kmandus Unangst, formerly of Orange
f tile, but lately of WlllUmtport. has be
come the landlord ot the Hupcrt hotel.
All newly dieted Justices of the Peace
must flle their notice of acceptance in the
I'rutbonotary's ofllce before March SO.
Tho dining room of the Central hotel has
been very much Improved by being newly
papcrtd and handsomely palnuil.
Bamucl Neyhard is making a survey for
branch railroad from Central to Batim
town, on the west fork of the FUhiug
Eshleman & Wolf have Just rrrdvid
fine lot ol Plant aud garden and trucklntr
Implements both fo: Iloibc or hand use rail
And ecu them.
Mr. lllcharil Btlles has tendered hta re.
slgnstlon as steward of tho Normal School,
W. L. Fornwald has sold his barber shop
to Ed. Itoo. Mr. Fornwald will remain
with him for tho present.
Mr. and Mrs. W. 11. Poust of Shlck.
(hlnny celebrated their silver wedding on
February 21st.
Hoofing spouting and any thing In tho
sheet metal lino dono at bottom prices at
Eshleman & Wolf.
Dr. I. W. Wllllta cloned hU bnnlo In 1.1.
Individual practice on March 1. All nr.
counts unsettled after 00 days from that
umo win oc put In hand for collection,
llcv. I. J. Corrcll. a missionary from .tn
pan will lecture In tho M. E. church, Bun
day, March 0th, morning and evening. All
aro cordially Invited tu bo present.
F. P. Vandersllcu returned
ucme in Kansas, Monday morning. He
uas accepted a position In ttiu Senttntl of.
White & Conner will sell plows, Bcotcb
and spring tooth harrows, land rollers, and
grain drills for spring trade at bottom
prices. Call and seo their line of farm
Implements. Mar. 7-0w.
Thcro will bo a lecture on Blblo Lands.
Friday evening, March 7tb, at the Prcsby-
terian church, by Mr. O. H. Llnvill,
subject, Jerusalem Illumined. Lecture
Will commence at 7.80.
PLOWS! PLOW8I tho latest out.Prlnccs
improved Plow, South Bend chilled, the
Elmlra clipper, and Bight and Left clipper
corn rianicra v.S, seid sower ull kind
farming Implements at Eihleman & Wolf
all kind Heap rs.
A Bpr'ng medlclno Is needed bv everv
one. Winter food, largely conslstlnc of
salt meat and animal fats, causes tho liver
to become disordered and the blood impure
hence tho necessity of a cleanslotr medl.
cine. The best Is Avcr's Sarsanarilla.
In this issue appears the first of a series
of articles on Hoad Improvement. They
will continue weekly. Every supervisor
In tho county should read them. Tho
Columbian Is only $1.00 a year. Sub
scribe now.
A young man named Mcrrcll, a crand.
son of Jesse Merrell of Espy, spoke In the
Methodist church last Sunday evening. He
has been a leader In the Salvation army for
several years, and is now preparing him
self for the Ministry '
In the Issuo of April 4th of the UoCdm.
litAN.wlll bo printed an order that will en-
title the holdei to one A Demorest's hand-
some basquo patterns, tbe price of which
is 25 cents. Buy the p.iper of that date
for 5 cents and the pattern is free. Older
the p iper now, or there may not be enough
lo gu around. 3.7 4t
A lecture on Jerusalem and Bible Lauds
illuitratt-d by colored Scloptlcan views, will
be given in tho Prcstyterian Ulmrch on
Friday evening March 7ih. at 7 30 P. M.
The proceeds of the lecture, which is under
the auspices ot the ' o'clock Band"
will Le devoted u tho New Church. Ice
cream and Cake will bo furnished in the
Basement, at the cbsu of tho lecture.
The, first real snow of the winter
WedUtsduy night and Thursday. At
time of going to press (Thursday March 0,)
the snow is 8 inches deep, and tho storm
s'till continuing. Duriug this entire winter
there has not bien three l-iches nf 1c;, and
consequently m lea has been gathered in
this place. Tills storm is watched with
grout anxiety hopeful, that cold weather
may lolluw and ice mny et bo gatluri'd.
The fifth annual O.mnty Convention of
the W. O. T. U. will lv held at Esp Tues.
day and WidnemUy nf next week. The
session will open with business mooting
Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Enter,
lalnment will bo given Tuesday evening.
uusinces session Wo luesday. A cordial
invitation is extended to all tu attend every
Mr. Benj unln Z'egler of Zmy illed sud
denly Monday evening. He arose in the
morning in apparently good health, and
was soon after stricken down with paraly
sis. Tho attack was a severe one. and Ufa
was soon extinct, Ho was about 73 years
of age; anil was one of the oldest residents
in the place. Funeral services were held
Thursday morning at 10 o'clock.
Prof, J. P. Wclsch, proftssor of Enclish
in the West Chester Normal School, and
editor of Wcltch's Grammar, was In town
Jloud ly and Tuesday. He is a sou of Ab
ner Weisch of Orangevllle, and has become
quite prominent among our Instructors on
account of the Introduction of his grammar,
a lext book which is meeting with general
use in many of tho schools of the state.
The sale of personal property of Horace
Creisy at Mllllinvllle last week was large
ly attended, and the articles commanded
kuiiu iriiau, j c. n imams was me auc
tioneer, and he rendered good services to
Mr. Creasy. The bills wero printed at
this nlllce.
Parties iu need nf salr Mils should call at
this olnce where they can cet tho best
valuo lut their money, and pet a not'ee of
the sale In the Coluuiiian free of charge.
A notice of a meeting of tho stockhold
crs of the Bloomsburg Bridge, Company ap.
pears In the papers, to be held on the first
diy of May next for the purposo of holding
an election for or agaiust tho dissolution of
tho company. It ils generally understood
that the corporation will be dissolved and
the money paid In will bo refunded', less
each one's share of tho expenses. Every
stockholder should bear this meeting lu
mind, and attend.
At tilt: Opera IIouhc, Marcll 2Jl8)1
A grand cyclorama, of tho Battle of
Gettysburg which has been exhibited in the
leading, Cities of the Union for the past ten
years. Showing the entire thrte days bat
tle on mammoulh canvas lu life like form.
Under a most powerful calcium light
Picketts famous charge on tho third day,
and the solid line of blue that met them on
that memorable field, aro among the lead
lug features. This Willi be a rare treat to
the peoplo of this county, a chance of a life
time. The expense of produclnirthls grand
cyclorama of the Ballla ot Gettysburg, Is
so gieat that the management heretofore
havo not attempted Its proluctlon, out
side of tho larger cities. Capt. J, B. Long,
the monarch battlefield guide of Gettys
burg, will describe the gorgeous transtor
roatlon scenes, assisted by Prof, W. K.
Zlcglcr, giving a select anil instructive en
tir lalnment. Over 300 scenes will be ex
Popular prices 23 and 33c. Becuro youY
scats in time.
'Aycr's Cherry Pectoral has given me
cieat relief lu brunrhllU, Within a month
I havo tent some of this preparation to
friend sulTerlng from bronchitis and astb
inn, It has done him so much good that
ho writes for iiiore," Chsrlei F, Dumter-
Ylll , Plj inoiilh, England.
On Baturdiy morning lat Dr D, J.
Waller took tho oath of ofllco Bupctln.
tendent of Public Instruction, before J. O,
Brown.Notary Tubllc. At a meeting ot the
Board of Trustees of tho Normal Bchool held
In tho evening of tho eamo day at the rcsl-
uenco of William Ncal, President of tho
Board, the resignation of Dr. Waller as
Principal of tho Bchool was presented.
It reads as follows)
Bloomsbduo, Pa., FEn 25th, 1890.
William Nral, Esq., President of the
Hoard ot Trustees of tho Btato Normal
School t
Dim Bui
Permit mo through you to pre-
sent to tho Board my resignation of the
prlnclpalshlp of the school, to lake cllect
as soon as, In the Judgment nf Board, tho
interests of tho school will permit.
The only motive Is my appolotmcnt to
the position ot Superintendent of Public
I cannot close without assuring you nf
my profound appreciation of tho unswerv
Ing support received, and of tho cordial
relations that have existed between the
Board and myself for almost thirteen years.
Very truly,
D. J. Waller, Jb.
l he resignation would havo been hand
ed in on Tuesday prccccding, but the re
gular meeting o tho Board was adjourned
until Saturday
After sotp remarks by several of the
trustees a t j the valuo of Dr. Wall ct's ser
vices to the school, and the difficulty in
filling his place, thn resignation was ac
cepted, to take effect at tho end of the
school year, which will bo next July.
On motion n committee was appointed to
tako appropriate action upon tho resigna
tion of Dr. Waller. Tho committee con
sists ot William Nca', Jno. M. Clark, Geo.
E Elwell and C. G. Barkley.
There has been a marked feeling deve-
loped In the community In favor of strone
efforts to induce Dr. Waller to remain with
the school, and this took definite shape In
the following petition signed by all the
members of the Faculty:
BLoousntJRa, Pa., Feb, 10, '890.
To the Trustees,
Bloomsburg Btato Normal School.
Gentlemen s
Wo tho members of the Faculty of the
Normal School, cannot otherwise than with
you sharo the honor that has been confer
red upon our School by the appointment of
its Principal Dr. D. J. Waller, Jr., lo the
highest educational office lu tho gift of
the Btato. But while we feel thus
honored, we nt tho same lime slncerly be
livc that the continued prosperity of the
School depends upon his connection with
It as its Principal. Seriously therefore be
lieving as we do, we deem it our BOlemn
duty to entreat you to use every illort in
your power to retain him.
Hoping that our n quest may meet with
your approval, and that Dr. Waller may
remain in his present position, we sub-
scribo ourselves,
Very rcsptctfu ly yours.
II. U. CurtitAN, Ciias. II. Albert,
Wm. Noetlinq, II. E Cruris,
George E. Wilboh, Anna K. Limberosu,
I. W., Sarau M, Hacet,
F. II, Jenkins, Clara E. smith,
Enola B Uoik, John G. Cope
A similar pelltioa was presented by the
The Beuior class prsente.1 the following:
To the Trustees of ibo Blooinsb irg
8tate Normal school,
Gentlemen :
At a meeting ot th'3 Ssulor C! us held on
the 21st Inst., tho following rcsoltuhn was
unanimously adopted :
Whereas, The Governor has seen tit to
appoint our esteemed Principal, Ur D. J.
Waller, Jr., to the position of Superintend.
ent of Public Instruction of tho Common
wealth of Pcnnsylv.ini 1, and, wh"rca, we
realize that the success of the present as
well as of future Senior Clisaes depends
upon his remaining with us, ha ,lt there
Jtttolvtd, That we respectfully ask you to
make it as advantageous as possible for
him to stay. Signed,
Eleanor Haymak, )
Jennie Ddnooiie, Com.
.'.W. Burke, )
On motion, these petitions were referred
to the above named committee.
No one could be more interested in re.
tainlng Dr. Waller's services than tho
Board of Trustees, but It was tin unani
mous feeling that while they would part
with him with deep regret, it was not
right for them to stand iu thu way nf his
promotion by refusing to accept his resig.
Dr. Waller went to Hirrisburg on Mon
day morning and assumed control ot the
ofllce ot State Superintendent.
The Logan aud Centralla collieries have
resumed work.
Judge Murphy was in Bloomsburg on
Friday to attend to his official duties.
The school children at Montana gave an
entertainment on Washington's birthday.
Miss Brown of Cincinnati has been visit
ing Miss Mama McBrrarty
D. F. Curry Is a possible candldato for
It is said that one ot the men elected to
a borough office rt fuses to pay bis share
for the priming 1 f lhe tickets n Inch elected
him. We nro Informed thai Centralla is
not the only ploro in lhe county where
candidates refuse to pay lhe primer ufur
the election is over.
Patrick Lynch died last week Wednes-
day, leavmir a wife and Severn children.
The Ashland yocaf snjf:
A heart rending scene was witnessed by
your reporter as he was on his way home
on Monday ctcning. On nesting Mc-
Laughllu's corner a loud cry of murder was
heard coming from the direction ot Park
Street. Hastening to the spot he found a
mother almost broken hearted, cudeavo
log to get her fourteen year old son home,
who was Intoxicated and in a teuil-iincon.
scions condlliou, uttering oaths and ex
claiming now and then "I am going to
Hell fast!" Then tho mother stated that
tho whiskey was given her son by men
who are well known, and whose names
are withheld for tbe sake ot their families.
"Mid pleasures and palaces, tho' we may
Be It ever so humble, there's no place like
especially if bless, d with a wife whose
hours are not spent 111 misery "aiued by
those dragglng-down pains arising from
weakencsses peculiar to her sex, Pierce's
Favorlto Prescription rtllovea and cures
these troubles and brings aunthlne to many
darkened homes. Bold by diugglsts under
apoi!u yuarantfe from manufacturers of
satisfaction or money refunded. Itcad
guarantee on bottle.wrappcr.
Tho cleansing, antiseptic and healing
qualities of Dr. Bage's Catarrh Itemedy aro
Coucf,, Proceedings.
Adjourned court was held Saturday last,
all tue judges on tu bench.
On petition Michael Laugbllo, appointed
Supervisor ot Conyugham, towuthlp.
Tavern license of Mrr. Mary HaiUllno at
Ilupert trausfered to Einadus Unangsl,
Private sale ordered In estate Ellen Mon.
aghan, deceased.
Tho twenty-flfth anniversary of the wed
din 1 of Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Williams was
celebrated at their homo on Fifth Btrect,
Friday last, February 28th. Invitations
wero Issued to the number of about two
hundred, most ot which was to friends In
distant points. By reason ot the lenten
season many were debarred fromatlcndlng
who otherwise wou.d have hi en pleased
to attend. Thcro were present aboi t thir
ty couple. The announcement had set
apart 8 o clock as the hour for conven.
ing, out owing to tho exceedingly lasuion-
able inclinations of tho good people of the
town It was nearly ten o'clock bctoro the
guests arrived. The wedding match was
played by Mr. Baccus of New York city,
and iron after dancing and card playing
was freely Indulged In. At 11 o'clock a
bounteous repast was served. About the
t!mu the month ot February was closing
and March quietly stealing noon tho happy
gUesls.danclng and card playing was again
resumed and continued until about half-past
three, when all reluctantly separated. lit
addition to tho many friends from this
place there were present Mr. Baccus, of
Nfiw York City,Mcssrs. Hodgdcn and Dare
of, Scranton. the Misses Toolo and Mrs.
Jdhnson and daughter oi Northumberland,
Mrs. Carter of Blnghampton, N. Y. Among
the many beautiful presents given were
thb following articles of Silverware! Cake
knife, plo knife, berry spoou, fish "fork,
salad fork and spoon, set of sliver tea
knives, euirsr sifter, souo ladle, nenner and
salt box, glove buttoncr, olive fork, butter
pick, silver carving set, pudding dish,
drlid beef fork, olive castor and fork, sil
ver tea set, fruit dish, cream jug and sugar
bqwl, high German silver dining table
lamp, chocolalicr act, dolton pitcher. In
addition to tho silverware were handsome
towels, and tablecloths, several checks,
old oak buffet and handsome cut flowers.
All present enjiyed themselves hugely
and extending there congratulations to the
host and hostess, wished them long life
and continued happiness aud prosperity.
in order to reduce stock, for the next 30
days I am offering special Inducements to
cash purchasers from my largo stock of
boots and shoes.
F. D. Dcntlcr.
STOVES! STOVES! of all kind and at
bottom prices at Eshleman & Wolf Center
St.' Opera house.
Tho cold wave has .struck us at last,
hope il will remain long enough to make
some ice.
The local Institute held here last Batur-
day, proved quite a success, notwithstand
ing the muddy roads. The principal sub
jects unbraced were "Bchool Improve
ments," Higher Wages for Teachers," and
.More Luxurious Bchool rooms." It is
wonder to us who is solna to nay
the bill, when we havo to sell wheat for
80cts per bushel.
Tho article from Mr. "Farmer" In your
last Issuo was carefully pcrsued, and found
very pertinent to tho subject. Wo would
like to bear from more farmers on the sub
ject, until we get at the real caus -, then
probably a remedy can be applied.
Miss Lena Colo and her fretnd Miss
Hurdman of Jamison City attended our
A delegation of the I.0. 0. F of Orangc
ville, visited the Lodsto at this place last
Saturday evening, for the purposo of initi
aling some new members. They returned
the same evening by special itraln on the
B. &. S. It must have been amusing to
seo thu Boys "ride the goat,"
The Benton Choir rendered some very
excellent music at the Institute.
Parties are negotiating with H. H.
HulmeSfor his timber tract.
Our enterprising citizens are anxiously
awaltlnglfor spring to opon, that building
can be resumed. We expect a great many
new house to bo built this coming summer.
Iientonlls the town.of upper Columbia.
We were sorry to see our old friend Will
Brown leavo us, on Monday, for Montana.
ill is a good steady fellow and s ems to
bo quite a favorite among tlw ladies. From
all appear inces last Sunday nleht. we
think he will bo back soon. Then Charlie
will have lo keep an eyo on him.
"Occasional. "
Those of our readers who know Atlantic
City only as a hol-weather resort would be
amazed to witness the cvldeuce and activ
ity now observable there. The largest of
all our coast resorts, It well deserves Its
title of "The American Brighton," having
within the past few year3 betn metamor
phosed from a mere summer pleasuring
place to a great and permanent sanitarium
and abode of recreation. Tho Spring sea
son is now booming; all tho leading hotels
arc open, and during the dally promenado
hour the beach is crowded with votaries of
fashion and seekers after health and rest.
Tho remarkably heavy buslnes done on
the Heading Railroad's Atlantic City line
last year has encouraged its management
to still further improve that excellent road.
By thu liberal ai d judicious expenditure of
large sums of money In strengthening the
permanent way, and the equip
ment, supplemented by wide and skillful
advertising, this route hap Jumped to the
Iront of seashore lints lu ;a way that a?
loiindeid conservative railroad men, nod
thu cour.igo and enterprise of President
Cnrbln and his able coadjutors were amply
rewarded by au enormous Increase In the
load'a patronage.
In anticipation of a still greater volume
of travel during tbe coming Bummer, the
road is being double tracked over ltu entire
length with 70-pound steel rails, and It is
expected that this improvement will be
completed by April 1st, making tlm Bend-
ing the first, und, for tue present, thu only
double-track railroad between Phlladel
thla and the seaslure. This will enable
r alns to bo moved with Increased prompt-
ne", and It will also have the effect of es.
tabilshing an additional safeguard against
lhe Heading's new depot In Atlantic
Clly Is said to bu the finest and most com
plete railway structure on tho coaBt. It Is
650 'eel long, with a frontage of 300 feet
on Atlantic Avenue tho main thorough
fare. I be train sheds are 430 feet long,
with room tor six tracks, and between
these aro platforms twenty.flvo feel wide.
The capacious waiting rooms aro artistic
ally finished in oak, with mahogany fur
nishings aud rich curtains Architectural.
ly, the station 1b a beauty, aud Its great dl
metisions will enable the railroad people to
handle immense crowds without ditOculty
or delay. Arrangements have been made
to augment Iho motive power and car
equipment to meet tho expected 'boom,1
and Heading officials predict a phenomen
ally big season ot travel.
UrnuUmotlier rJaH)
When ubo was a girl that hur mother al
ways gave her sulphur and mollasscr to
pnrlfy her blood, but shn now gives Bui
phur Bitters to her grandchildren, at it Is
j the best medicine she ever saw, Tht t4h-
Clover seed for sale at B. F, Peacock &
4Co's ut lowerl market rrlce. tf.
Tho peoplo seem well pleased with their
singing master, and aro learning very fast.
Tho oyster supper nt Bruce ButlllT's, on
Thursday and Saturday night, forthe bene.
fit of Huv. Porry was largely attended) but
we aro unable to give amount taken tn yet.
Tho social party at J. N. Penslngton's
was not very well attended on Batufday
night. The p. riles II was- made up for,
fallod to put In an appearance, on account
of bad roads' But wo learn dt will bo
some other evening biforc long.
Hev. Shortcss preached his farewell ser
mon In tho M. E. Brandon church, on Bun
day evening. Wo hope ho will got" back
on this charge again.
John Fritz closed his school this week.
Chas. Mackafce look the train for
Bloomsburg on Monday, ho was called to
tho latter place oh business.
O. F. Mann our prominent 'Operator' has
la Ms charge two stitlons now. Jamison
City and Laubachs. Ho Is carried to Jam),
son City tn tbe morning on n freight train,
and back on any train ho wishes to come
on. Iu order to carry on business proper
ly In tho two places, ho baa secured tho
services of Frank Brunsteller nt J. 0. and
B. H. Laubach student for Laubachs. Wo
aro expecting him Boon to wear a now silk
hat. Ho Is deserving of one anyway.
Mrs 0. L. Hess and family wero tho"
guests of Andrew Laubach on Bunday last.
Tney arrived In Pa, on Wednesday last.
They camo up from Deloware to Phila. In
a steamer, but were detained ono day by
tho steamer running on a sand bar, where
they were compelled to remain from 7 a.
m. till 5 p. m., until the tide had risen. Mr.1
G.- L. Hess will drive from Philadelphia to
this place and expects to arrive somo time
during the week.
O M. Kilo and wife and a numbor of
others, took tho train for Bloom and other
points on Saturday.
W. H. Bollnger formerly "Opr" of Jaml
son City, was visiting Chas Mann Thurs
day and Friday. Come again Mr. Bolin
gor, you are always a wclcoma visitor.
B. U. Laubach is kept close In the office
since C. F. Mann has taken chargo of the
two offices. VV. F.
To.NijtM mill To-JIorriiw NigUt.
And each day and night during this wock
you can get at all druggists' Kern p's Bal
samfor the Throat and Lungs, acknowl- j
edged to bo tho mist successful remedy
ever sold for tho cure of Coughs, Croup,
Bronchitis, Whooping Cough, Asthma and
Consumption. Get a bottlo to-day and keep
it always In the house, so you can check
your cold at once. -fPrice COc and $1.00.
Bamplo bottle free.
lCunt iicttion.
Mrs. William Ipher ot Benton township
is In poscsston ot a large and beautiful
butterfly that measures'c inches from tip
to tip across its wings. We saw this beau,
tlful object on Feb. 18th.
Sometime ago wo reported the weighs of
Joseph Deatrlck's hog, near Van Camp,
erroneously. Instead of 430 It should have
beeu530 lbs.
The young man that wanted to hire
Miss Bplnnogle for a few weeks was
promptly informed that when she
hired, (married), she hired for "unmerun
avaich und alsfort."
Charles Kcefer's family, all of whom
have been daugerously ill are reported as
getting better.
At this stage'of Iho progressive age, It is
proposed to run tho elections hero after by
steam. "Fraud and boodle'' are too slow.
Tho electric era is not far distant as ex-
perlmenls 'already prove a partial success,
since lightning strikes la unexpected
places. Verily "tho World moves," but
boodle moves it.
Joshua Hess, a former toll gato keeper
at the "Arch Bridge" died at his home
neat- Heelster Feb. 20
A young child of Frank Karns' was bur
ied In the Ccmelcry at Uamillne last Tues-
day. -
W. 8. Kaso was appointed executor of
tho will ot Peter Kase, lato of Benton
David Yost Esq., is now hobbling about
on crutches.
We met John I Crevellng Esq. and his
wife In Bloomsburg last Mondiy. We did
not recognize tho young attorney, even
after a hearty shake by the hand. Job n
was always a good boy, and Is now' a Suc
cessful lawyer at the bar of the Luzerne
county courts.
To all readers of the Columbian and to
tbe travelling public, Interested in good
loads, who may favor tho proposed schemes
with regard to now road laws and road
money taxes, we refer to the Bblckshlnny
Turnpike, on which tbe travelling public
pay tribute lo the Company or Corporation,
2 cents per mile with 2 horse wagon and
team and li cents per mile with 2 horBe
sled and team No county road on which
the tax has been worked out, Is In less fit
condition for travel and carting, nor has
been for the last six months than tho
Dhickshinny Turnpike. We do not ask
ycu to tako-nur word, but simply say to
you go and seo for'yoursolves, and satisfy
yourselves that tho proposed road tcheme
will be tho worst "gobble" that has knock
ed at the door for a country steal.
Interested People.
Advertising a patent medicine In tho po
ciilur way In which the proprietor of
Kemp's Balsam tor Coughs and Colds does
is indeed wonderful. He authorizes u'.l
druggists to glvo those who call for It
samplo bottle Free, that thoy raiy try It be-
roro purcnasing. ruo L.argo uouics aro
50oand $1.00. Wo certain! would ad-
vise a trial, u may save you from con
sumption ,
Notes I'roiti lispy,
Birthday surprises seem to take tho lead
in our qluct town of lato. .
On last Friday evening a very agreeable
surprlso of tills kind was given In honor of
air. William Dietrich, ono of our prosper,
ous business nv n. Thu honorablo gentle
man upon returning from Bliomsburg In
the evening, found his house well filled
with guests waiting to greet him, and
tauie spread wun a variety ct tne many
good things In this life. After all had par.
taken of the bounteous repast, and enjoyed
tho music given by the young people, they
returned to t..clr homes feeling that they
had an evening of delight, and converse
with their friends.
Noah Oliver Helghard, son of B. F. and
Susan Bulghard, who suffered Intensely
during tho last three years from tho disease
of Scrofula, departed lids life Feb. 27 at
tho age of 10 years and 10 days. Tho
funeral services were held at the ' house of
the deceased, near Light Btrect last Batur.
day afternoon at 10 o'clock.
Half of the Jul lies Mausion at Espy Is
yet for rent, anyone desiring a good house
to live lu during tho ensuing year, nt a low
rent, may tin well In calling upon Hev.
Ulaze who is to occupy oue side ot the
Great reduction In shoes, Shoes that
havo been $3.00, 2 75 and 32.60 reduced
to $1.60 a pair
at. Pender's.
The riamo nf Hon, J. Ii. Knlttle of Cata.
wlssa, Is ibeiillnned as a piobablo candl..
j dato for the cilice of Prothonotary, at tho
coming election.
There arc
many white sdaps,
represented to be
"just as good as the Ivory."
They are not,
but like
all counterfeits,
they lack
the peculiar
and remarkable
qualities of
the genuine.
Ask for
Ivory Soap
insist upon having it.
Tis sold everywhere.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla.
' Wlmn Baby wm tick, we jato her rjutortt.
When sbs wm a Child, she cried for CtorU,
'When she, became Miss, she clung to OutorU,
When tbe had Children, the eve them OutorU.
A niooiiiHlmric Inventor.
nichard W. Oswald of tho Bloomtburir
Car Works has received through his attor
neys, Mason, Fenwlck & Lawrence, a very
valuahlo patent for a method of manufact.
urlng Chilled Car Wheels.
Hood's Sarsaparllla is on tho flood tide
of popularity, which position It has reach
ed by lu own Intrinsic, undoubted merit.
AtiotUerRnt Story.
Threo rats, were caught at ono time in
one trap at I. W. McKelvy's barn last
Thursday. Bchuylcr'a Rat Killer !dld the
Creates! sufTererH
Wo: Id.
In the
Are women) their delicate, organizations
being particularly susceptlblo to derange
ment and disease. Dr. Kennedy's Favor
ItelHemedy, of Houndout, N. Y., purifies
the blood, Invigorates the system and for
tifies It sgatnst tho diseases incident to age,
climate and season. It Is the best medi
cine In the world. Keep 1 In the house
for yuur children's sake, as well as for
you own. ' 3-7 4t.
tPUMPSlPUMPSl Superior Pump.Novelty
Pump, Cucumber Pump, and any kind you
may want at Eshleman & Wolf.
UrunUciiucHM Lleiuor Hatm In
alt tile Wolldlhen! Isbnl nnn
cure Ur. Matties' oolden rJpcclfl c
It can be given in a cud ot tea or coffee
without the knowledge of the peson taKlng
it, effecting a speedy and permanent cure,
whether tho patient Is a moderate drinker
or an alcoholic wreck Thousands ot
drunWHrds have' b'cin cured who have taken
the Golden Specific la their e.offeo without
their knowledge, and to-day believe they
quit drinking of their own free will. No
harmful effect results from Its administra
tion. Cures guaranteed. Send for circular
and full particulars. Address In confidence
Golden Specific Co., 181 Hace Street,
Cineinnatl.O. 10-2oly
PniLADKLpniA, Monday, Mar. 3, 1S90
If you've watched the market
you know how Cashmere and
Henrietta and all that family
have gone up in price Bad
lor hand to mouth stores, We
ordered before the advance.
yours the saving.
l"or instance, here s an all-
wool silk finish Henrietta, not
simply French, but made in
rrance. lhe 38. inch ia 50 and
65c;.the 46 inch is 75c, 85c, Si,
and $1.25, cheaper, quality for
quality, titan last seesotr rorty
three shades, includiner all the
new ana delicate tints.
Anodiec from the same shear-
ing, urapa Amazon, nas a
broadclothy look: crowds the
finest brodcloth hard in sub
stance, dyes, finish, beauty
but lighter weight A delight
ful stufi for - women's Spring
wear. 50 inches, 51.50-
Drap de Paris is still another
friend winner. Spring weight
and bpnng shades. 48 inches,
Fancy Tricot that is remark
able for three things: 1 width
(45 inches); 2 good looks; 3
bargain price on new goods,
ine oroacusn stripes are in
sateen weave, and are self
colored. All the desirable
shades are in the line. JBut
here's .where the fun for you
comes in: We practically give
you nine inches 0 width with
every yard you buy. 36-inch
Fancy Tricot of this grade
would be 50c; this 45-mch stuff
is 50c and two yards less of it
is enough lor a dress pattern.
Wool Surah. ; Like a very
fine grade ot seree, but clothy
t the touch. Entirely new, and
rjust lovely the salespeople
say. lhey know. In twenty
three shades, including the most
delicate ol the season. 42 in
dies, 75c.
The little priced Cottons.
We've been skipping their
two or three hundred feet of
counter all the season. An hour
of quick looking and you'd not
. ..11 .1.
gei at an meir newness and
brightness and sturdy worth.
Year by year these modest
unpretentious stuffs have been
bettering and bettering. The
wit of prouder goods is quick
to show in them.
Take the Seersuckers, not the
crinkled ones, but tho plain
sturdy sort that has held friends
for ten years. Gingham style
and gingham beauty tied to the
quality that every thrifty mother
knows so well. 2lZc
The I2c Ginghams are a
handsome host. The Yankee'
has been getting his work in
here too. Feel the cloth; study
the patterns. It won't do for the
Scotchmen to go to sleep when
I2c Yankee Ginghams are so
wide awake.
1 2 ytc Sateens as well. Lay
the best from over sea beside a
piece of these and see if half at
least of the old time French
boast style or quality isn't
clone for. The 20c Sateens
crowd the French hard at everv
point. Perhaps a bit less beauty
of finish, a spark behind in origi
nality, a trifle off in fineness, but
maybe you'll say not.
That's how the money-mod-est
Cottons run. All that's to
tell of the many sorts would fill
the paper.
Choice Copyright Fiction- A
series of 121110 volumes with
illuminated paper covers. By
a dozen or so popular American
writers. lhe books regularly
sell at 50 cents each. Our price
iS cents; by mail p cents.
Autrefois Temple rtouso
The Veiled Uorond A Swallow's Wing
Two Moo Thu Diamond Button
as common Mortals Ualdr 'a Point
No. l state street's honho
Odds Agalost Her lteatod A Husband
A 11 nek v oas An Hour's I'romlso
Bewitched. uurketfs Lock
Urown stono Bor and Otner Queer l"ccplo.
New Man at Itoss'nere.
The Admirable Lady Biddy Fane.
The secret of the Lamas.
Tho Last of tho Van Slacks.
The smugrr ot Klng'a Covo.
lhe Bannerol Uankersvllle.
These form the Diary of In
spector Byrnes, by Julian
The (treat Bank Hobery.
Another's crime.
An American Penman,
section MS..
John Wanamaker.
Fine Cabinet portraits onlv
$3 doz. Life size Crayons
only $10.00. Viewing, copy
ing and enlarging. Instant
process used. If.
Our special linen sale has begun,
pieces, many aro below first cost.
see them when you come to town,
Livery Htnble for Hale.
The undersigned offers nt nrlvntn snln
thu entire outfit of his livery stable, on Iron
Street, In Bloomsburg, Including horses,
harness, buggies, sleighs, carriages, robes,
blankets, &c., also au office building and
contents. It is an old stand with cood
business. Address
tf. J. W. Girds, Bloomsburg, Pa.
People aro aakln? of other nrnnprv
houses "do you Keep Hartman'9 Baking
powder." Wo have it pure and Intend
selling It only at retail at our store.
For sale at a bargain. 1 good bay horse.
115011)9. 1 ffood crav horse. 1000 lbs. B
sets single harness, 2 top buggies in good
condition. Apply at once.
O. E. Tea Co., Old stand.
The house kceDcrs are examining our
nice dishes, getting ready for Annl mov
ing. Wo keep the lineal line In tho county,
young house keepers can bo supplied with
handsomo goods.
Great 80 day lea sale from now until the
first of April. All tea of every description
will be sold nt cost. Elegant mix tea 4 lb
l, oest imperial tea now 40c, hest out
00c, tea was 00c, now 40c, good JBIack tea
for 35c was 50c, Green Japan 25c was 60c
Also a complete lino of groceries equally as
uucap. jjoni miss tins cnancc. ltespt.
1'. J Weaver, Tea Co. Old Bland.
We are ooenini ud Snrinir nlmrhams.
seersuckers, also challles and all kinds of
-prini Dress U001I9. Mark our low priced
IgUb WClgllb ClOlll III, ZJC.
Handsomely framed
lile size Crayons, plio
lugrupus an sizes, in
correct styles and per-
iect iinisu, colored
photographs, large or
small, frames a n d
Natcelaher:b' given thai the onices of Inspec
tor or Mines, tor the eifin Inspection mstrlctlo im.
prising that part of tho schuylnill coal Bold In
Schuylkill county, lying north ot llroad Mountain
and est ot a meridian line through lhe centre nf
tho horomh ot oinrdvllHjan 1 for tin seventh In
spection Distrlctf comprMur all Ihet p.ert of
tho hchuylklil coal fleld In dchuylKUl County,
lilng south or the Mabaniy Valley ad the
countviof Ujtutnn) win bo vacatotnytheexplra
lion otthe commissions ot thj present Incum
bents on tho twenty-second diy of September
IHO, and that an ex unln etlon f oialMitos for
theseomoes will bo held on Tueslir Mireh 4th
18U0, at 10 o'clock a m. In the second story front
room of scltz balldl- g, No. 1 1 ! south Centre . street,
Poitsvlllewhea and where all canlldates are re
quested to present t emselves for examination,
.NO nreVtOUSnOtlnctlOn Ot lnUtntlen tn nnnlv It rA.
HtBgHg, Thompson
John It. HorrMiH
TlIOHiS KvmsoN
V. II. Dkvek.
Feb. 14-it. Examining Hoard.
Rcsil Estate
Personal Property !
Theundorslgned administrator D. U. N. C. T. A.
of Jacob Yohe deceased ml eposj tj publlo salo
on the premises latelv occupied by ltachacl Voho
deceased in Mllllln tovnsnlp, Columbia county.
I'a., oa
8.YTUHD.W, MAK'Ml 8th, A. I). '90.
atlp. m., ot aatd dsy, the fMlowtoj psreonal
property, to-wlt;
2 shoits, U chickens, J ok stoves, 1 parlor
stove, lot stove-pipe. 4 beds, corner cupboard, lot
dishes, knives, forks, spoons. 2 bureaus, writing
desk, lot rag carpet, about SO yards ot bruasls
t eight day clock, lolsc'iurs, t lotage, l sofa, lot
pictures and frames, lot tinware, lot earthenware,
pots, skillets and pans, stands, lot salt meat, 1
Iron kettle, S wash tubs, 1 wash boiler, 2 cider
barrels, meat stand,
hoes, shovels, forks and a large variety of house
hold snd kitchen furniture too numerous to men
A tract ot mountain timber land of about
more or leas, adjotuln? lands of Keubm lions and
others la Miniln townshtp.
Terms made kuown on day ot sale
J. J. UllOWN, Adm'r I), H. N. 0. T. A.
Feb.tO.tsw. 0tJa(:0,' Xoiieiiax:XMi'
I etlers teaiarueniary on sal 1 is! at 1 Having been
irrstileil to the utul'-rslntNl etee-itor. all uerna
fifuwr 'v rwr auw, uuv uj trwun fir;;.
riideblert to salt iwtite ure hrnvlif not Wed to psy
thesamo-, and those biviug cUlns agalust sold
estate to pre-cm tue samo tu
lluo. K, ulwell. W It . Kr.
Atly. Ftilmio, , .gPa.
IN Its first stages, can Ibo successfully
checked by the prompt uso of Aycr's
Cherry Pectoral. Even tn the later
periods ot that disease, tho cough Is
wonderfully relieved by this medicine.
" I havo used Ayer'a Cherry I'ectoral
with the best effect In my practice.
This wonderful preparation once saved
my life. I had a constant cough, night
sweats, was greatly- reduced in flesh,
and given up by my physician. Ono
bottlo and a linlf ot tho Pectoral cured
mo." A. J. i:idson, M. V., MUlillefon,
" Several years ago I was severely 111.
Tho doctors said I was in consumption,
and that they could elo nothing for tne,
but advised me, us a last resort, to try
Aycr's Cherry Pectoral. After taking
this medicine two or three months I
was cured, and my health remains good
to tho present day," James Ulrchard,
JJarlen, Conn.
" 8evcrnl years ago, on a passage homo
from California, by water, I contracted
so severe a cold that for some days I
was confined to my state-room, nnd a
physician on board considered luy lllo
In danger. Happening to havo a bottle
of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, I used It
freely, and my lungs wero soon restored
to a healthy condition. Since, then I
liavo Invariably recommended this prep
aration." J. 13. Chandler, Junction, Va.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
rniriREXi ar
Dr. J. C. Aycr & Co., Lowell, Mats.
Bold by ill DroggliU. I',lct$l;ililxUlri,t.
The undersigned assign) will by vlrtuo of an
order to him directed by tho Court of Common
Pleas ot Columbia county cxpoao to public sale
the following described roil estate on the prom
ises on
Piece No. 1. Sltuato In Briarcreek township,
Columbia County. Pa , bounded an 1 described as
follows, to-wlt r Beginning la a publlo road lewl
ing from IUttenhouw's Mill to Solomon House,
knecht, thence north v degiees west S perches to
a stone, thenco north 8JdegoeesE19elght-tcnth
perches to a stone, thence north tfi degrees west
13 two-tenth perches to black oak stump, thenco
north 7IX degrees east, lj 8-10 perches, thenco
north MV degrees oast, 10 perches, north 3v
degrees east, 4 S-tO perches to corner, South f
aegrecawest.6 perches to stone, south se,v de
grees east U perches to stone; south "I degrees
east 32 pjrehes to a stone, south 7X degrees east
5? perches stump, thenoo south llx
degrees cast la perchoa to stone, south degrees
east 28 4-10 perches to a stono corner south Bi de
grees west 180 5-10 perches to place ot beginning,
more or less; on which aro erected a
large bank barn and out buildings, good orchard,
about all tho land under cultivation. This farm
la known as tho Delterlcls nomeste&d.
No. s. Piece of land sltuato In Centre township,
Columbia county, I'a., bounded and described as
follows, to-wlt: Beginning at a red oak corner,
thence north 9 1-9 degrees west 58 7-10 perches to
Pino stump, south 87 1-i degress west 4t s-to per
ches to maple, north 81 degrdes we3t M 8-10 per-
,'hcs to post, thence south 8 1 3-1 dogroos west 97
perches to plno stump, south 2 3-3 degrees oast. 37
2-10 perches to a stone, thenco south 73f degrees
east f6 6-to perches to stono earner, north ti de
grees east 0 5-10 perches to stone, bouth Hi degrees
east 41 6-10 perches to corner, "place ot beginning
and eighty perches moro or less; also adjoining the
above beginning at a stone in road, thenco by
other land of Delterlck;! north 5 degrees west M
perches to stono corner, south 89 1-1 degrees east
s? 6-10 perahes to stone, soutn a degrees east 14
perches to 9tone, thence north 70 3-4 degrees east
915-10 perches to stone, south 5 degrees east 47
7-10 perches to stone, In township line, south 7)4
degrees west 14 3-10 perches to pine stump south
so l-t degrees west 44 perches to place of begin
ning containing
19 perches more or less. One piece ot land In
Ilrtarjrcek township, described as follows to-wlt:
Beginning at corner In BummerhlU road. In twp
lines north 5 degrees, west 40 M0 perches to stone,
north 70 3-s degrees eastjCl 8-10 perches to stone,
south 1 a degrees east 51 6-10 perches to stone
corner, south 81 degrees west 52 s-10 porches to
stone, south 77X degrees west 3 7-10 perches to
stone, place of beginning containing
and S3 perches. Also piece ot land In same twp.,
bounded and described as follows, to-wlt: Begin
ning at stone by land once Samuel M lllard's,sout h
I degrees wesc 54 perches to pine kio'j west 4S
perches to post, south 6 degrees cast 58 perches
to pine trees, south 8t degrees east 88tf perches to
post, south 88 1-4 degrees east SJ perches to stone
place ot beglonlng, containing
II perches, more or less.
All last four describe liploces of land aro adjoin
ing each other and U50.1 as one farm containing
83 ARES,
and ono perch more or less ou which are erected a
bank barn and outbuilding, good orchird.
No. 3 -One other piece of land In Briarcreek twp
UoL Co. ra.,;bounded and described as follows, to
wlt: Beginning at a stone on south si le U B.
It. It. by same north 81 degrees west 8 4-10 perches
nort h 87 s-4 degrees west 12 perches to stone, south
7 3-1 degrees east ct 6-10 perches to lbne stono,
south S8.X degrees oast 7 4-10 perches to lime
stono, north 35 1-4 degrees east 319-10 perches to
mtddleot North branch canal, thenco by same
north 7T dgrees west 9 8-10 perches north 8 1-4 de
grees oast 18 H-10 perches to stone, north If de
grees west 4 9-10 perches 10 vtoac, north 7 3-4 de.
grees west 189-10 perches to stone, place ot be
ginning containing
7 perches, more or less, on which a erected a
largo stable; store building; and cinal wharta
the same la known as the "Urlarcreek eirocery ."
lleco No. s v, 111 bo sold on the premises descrlb
ed as No. 2 atlo o'clock a. in.
lleces No. 1 and J will be sold on premises des
cribed as number one at s p. m.
TSltMS OF SALE. Ten per cent, of one fourth
ot the purchase money to bo paid ou striking
down otthe pioperty one fourth leas tea pur
cent on confirmation ot sata when deed will be
ilellvered-balancelnoneyear from oomlruntloa
of sale, wllh Interest from coutlrm Hlou and to bo
secured by bond and mortgage ou tue premiss is.
C. IU Jacisom, S. C. JAYNE.
Alty. Assignee of Km mor UeltertcL".
Estate !
The utdertlgned trustee appointed by the Or-
nhana' t'onrt of f'olumblA rnuntv tn tell thn ral
I estate ot Tho as Shearman, deceased, will esj-aie
, at publlo sale on the premises la Beave; township
at 10 o'clock a 111. the following real estate ;
I Hounded and described as follows, to-wlt 1 Mlu
atj In Boaeer township, Col. Co., State of f'cuna.
n rthwardly by lands of John Baker, Thomas
J.'itz and Abraham smith, eastwardly by landsot
Abraham life, Bjuthwardly by lauds ot Coxe
Brothers i Ca, and webtwardly by lands of C. A.
tshuman and Conrad Diets, containing
5;: Hundred d h: km,
more or less, with appurtenances.
I TKHMS OF SALIi-One-ttilrd of the purchaaa
money 10 be pild cash, one-thtrd In ono jear from
( final confirmation with Interest, from continuation
1 I s'., and the remaining third at the dea'h tf
the wPow'ot the d cccaaed w ttti tuterett Horn eon.
nnn at Ion nl. si., payable annually. The latter
two payments to be teoured by Judgments or
mortgage liens on tbe premises.
M. C, WOODWAItO, Truite.
Notice Is hereby elven that a musing of th'
stfiekliolleraot the lllooniklmr IlilJg. t)a lit L
held at the UMa Houm) in the towl o' Womiih.
buif at 2 o'clock p. in., on Thuradav the ln dai 0.
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