The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, December 13, 1889, Image 3

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Absolutory Puro.
Tan powder never vino-i. A marvel of purity
trenztli nii'l wiioloiJin'jntm. Moro economical
Imnfhoordlniry klnH aul cinnot bj sola In
ompiiltt'M Willi tiij inultiuli )t lo to, snort
weight irtum or phosphates powders. SoM o ilu In
earn. Uovai. Uakiko 1'owberCo., los Woll Hi., N.Y.
The Columbian
lirmbllshcd ovory Krlday. subscription price,
11.00 a year.
Entered at tho Tost Orflco at llloomsburg, l'a
as second class matter, March l, isss.
it. It. It. loavo ltupert 16
Trains on the P.
follows :
north. . SOOTn.
5:32 a. m. 11:02 a. m.
8:31 p. m. 6:33 p. m.
TralnsontnoD.L.S W.K.K.leavo Bloomsburg
as follows:
hortu. socin.
7:1S a. m. 8:82 a. m.
10:5T a. m. 12:00 p. m.
2:35 p. m. :15 P. rn.
e-36 p, m. 8:17 p. m.
Tralnsonthe N.W. l). ltallwaypass llloom
Ferry as follows I
north. Boctn.
10:48 a. m. 12:37 p.m.
e.s p. m. 4'3 P. m-
north. socrn.
10:43 a m 6:33 p m
Taking effect MOSDAY, SEITKUUBU 2, 18S9.
Ar. Ar. Ar. I.v. Lv. Lt.
STATIONS, r. M. A. U. A.M. A.W. F. M. r. M.
tllnnmalmrtr A 28 11 IS 1 0) 8 81 2 35 6 40
Main street 6 18 11 41 0 88 8 42 2 42 6 47
liondale in 11 39 B 5fi 8 45 2 41 (I W
I'arcr SMI. ......... 6 OS 11 31 6 48 8 M i M
Llghtstroet. 0 05 11 S3 0 4) 8 CS 2 50
orancoyino B 07 11 20 G 35 B t 3 07
yorka 5 45 11 10 B 25 9 15 3 17
eane?s 5 42 II 0(1 0 21 9 20 3 20
Stillwater. .... B 37 11 02 0 17 0 21 3 25
Benton, 6 !8 10 55 0 10 9 3) 3 3.)
Kdsons. o 23 in w a 07 a m a -ti
coles creek, 6 20 10 45 a 05 9 as 3 40
Suuarloat,... 5 15 10 42 6 02 9 42 3 41
Laubaclli 5 12 10 40 B 00 II 47 3 M
central... 5 0:1 10 3) 5 51
Jamison (Jity
7 00
7 03
T 10
7 SO
7 21
7 2S
7 35
7 39
7 40
7 41
7 17
9 57 3 58 7 57
5 00 10 30 5 W 10 00 4 00 8 00
LV. LT. LV. AT. iu Ar
r. i. a. m. a. h. a. m. r. a. r. m.
Dbo. 14. Geo. E Sliincr will sell per
sonal property In Brlarcrcck towns hip,
December 14 nt 10 o'clock a. m. nt his re
sidence near tbo school house.
Tho administrators of Anna Coffman
dee'd., W. E. and D. It. ColTman offer nt
private sale, ft honso and lot on West Main
street Bloomsburg, Pa. the lato residence
of deceased. lf-
Foil Balb A desirable and commodious
residence on Main street, supplied with
water, pas and steam. Apply to
jan20tf. - N. Moybr.
Foil Balk A farm about n mllo from
Afton, containing 00 acres, all under culti
vation, wilh good buildings, with all this
year's crops, farming implements and stock
will be sold at private sale. For partial,
lars Inquire of J. S. William', liloomsburg.
7-20 tf.
Fob Bale A valuable vacant lot on
Market Bt., seven lots on Eighth Street,
ten dwellings nnd a Rood store property In
Bloomsburg. Six farms, two grist mills
nnd two store properties In Col. Co. A
good farm of 387 nercs with good build
lngs In Virginia and two farms in Kansas
by M. P. Lutz Insurance and Heal Estate
Agt., Bloomsburg Pa.
Foil Bale, CiiRAi'-Good as new, 57 Inch
Victor Bicycle. Inquire at this office
1123 89
DanL. Brown, came over from New
York Saturday last and mado 11 brief visit
among friends. Uo returned Tuesday
Dr. G. Btcwa-l Kirby of Mauch Chunk
made n (lying visit Tuesday. Ho was at
Danville on business, and camo up here
while waiting for the return train on the
Sunbury nnd Uazleton railroad.
J. B. Banders, formerly editor of the
Berwick Oazetle from 1800 to 1809, now edl
tor of the Wilkcsbarro Telephone, was in
town on .Monday attending ft meeting of
the Grand Lodge of OJd Fellows. He
inspected our olllc) and pronounced i
Clark & Sou's Christmas dlspl iy of goods
is now ooen.
Thcro will bo services in the Lutheran
church next Sunday morning.
See our Hose Jars, Extracts and Sachets.
J. II. Mercer.
Ooorgo E. Heed, on Friday, will loll how
prisoners found fun and frolic under dim-cultlcs.
Call at tho Now York Norclty storo for
your mnslinas goods. J. V. Mastcllcr,
Tho Orchestra will play "Tho llaltle of
ucuysburg" beforo Ik j lecturo on prison
J. K. lllttcnbendcr will mako a business
trip to Berwick this Friday, and will call
on our BuhscrlhcrB there.
Samples of typo for calllngcards will bo
scntireo by mall to nnyono asking for
them. Address Tim Columihas, Blooms,
burg, Pa. tf.
Tho universal testimonial of all who
have used I)r. Hhaltuck's Hcllanthus Is
lhal It is an cxctllent cough remedy, re
Moving coughs nnd coliU, promptly with
ont any 111 effect. Try lt.
Tho people of Catawlssi and vicinity can
come to tho Institute course of lectures on
tho train which arrives at Bloomsburg at
0:23 p. m. and return on tho tralu which
arrives at Catawlssa 11:23 p. m.
John Knies, formerly of Hazlcton, has
bought the Hess Hotel at Ml.lllr.vle, nnd
took possession of It In October. Mr,
Kincs Is well qualified for a popular land
lord, and we havo no doubt ho will meet
with success In his now field.
Slumber pillows, head rests, art goods
mado up, and materials for making, dolls,
toys, bnby epps nnd cloaks, and a full lino
of fancy goods, suitable for Holiday gifts,
at the Now I'Djal Store, Bloo msburg. 4v.
Of Mr. Powers, Hamilton N. Y. "College
Magazine" says: No description can take
tho placu of wltncnlng tho charming per
formance. For an hour ho kept this large
audience roaring with laughter or breath
less with attention.
Having made a fortunato purchase, the
Coi.u.miiian olllce Is enabled to furnish nnd
print n good quality of envelopes at less
price than they have ever beforo Lccn of
fered. Also, letter Heads, bill heads, state
ments, of all sizes, tags, and all sorts of
commercial printing at tho lowest rates.
Samples will be furnished on application,
by mail. tf.
The Japanese depirtmcnt In Trucken-
millcr's store, Catawlssa, is filled with
lovely goods from tho Orient. Vases, Ico
cream and fruit sets, creams, sugars, salad
bowls, potpourri jars, cracker jirs, teapots
after coffees and hundreds of elegant and
useful articles for Chrlstmis presents.
12-13 2 .v.
Foil It est. Tho room on the second
floor of the Columbian Building, now oc
cupied by tho Town Council, will bo va
cant Apill 1st, 1890. Ills a large, light
room, steam heat, gas, and water on same
floor. Inquire of Geo. E. Elwell.
Fino white linen towels with red, yellow,
and blue borders. O.ic of the best bar
gains In towels for 00 cents we havo ever
had. at II. W. Sloan's.
Tho finest selection of gold and silver
headed umbrellas nnd canes ever brought
to Bloomsburg, can ba seen at J. G. Wells',
the leading jeweler.
We claim we have the best lino of cheap
books in Columbia County. Tho best
paper, Best Bound and Prettiest books.
dice 25 ccuts at Mirccr's Drug and Book
A very pleasant surprise awaited Thomas
anu Mary Wilson, when they returned from
their western trip, last Thursday, 8.
Emily Eves had a bountiful dinner prepar
ed, to which she hail invited her brothers
and sislers, nieces and nephews, nnd their
families. About the time the savory meal
was in readlui'so, the tr.iln brought tho ab
sent onrs, looking well after their three
moulhs stay In Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois,
Michigan &c.Tabl,J.
Hov. F. 1). Itlddlo has purchased W1U
Ham Hart's two properties on Ccntro street.
Books in sots cheap at
nnd Book storo.
Mcrcor's Drug
Christmas services will be held In lh
Lutheran Church Tuesday evening Decern,
her 24th.
Tho program of tho coming County In
stltuto Is ono of tho strongest ever offered
to tho county.
From tho Interest arousid about Heed's
lecture thcro will ho n full house. Becuro
your tickets early If you ' ant to reserve a
good scat.
1011 can buy a good watch small or
large slzo for four dollars and warranted,
at L. Bcrnh&rd's, opposite Central hotel.
A 11 0 blocks for tho little ones at Mercer's.
A nlco lino of lied Lino Poets at Mcr.
ccr's, Ding and Book store.
No better Christmas present can bo made
nor one that will bo more appreciated than
a Bhattiick Fountnln Pen.
Eshloman & Wolf completed their work
of Uylng sower pipo on Third and Iron
Streets, last Saturday evening. I
Buy your silver thimblo opposlto Central
hotel, and get them engraved frco of
Geo. E. Elwell will bo la Ccntralla on
Saturday and Monday next, looking after
the business Interests of this paper.
Fine cigars and beautiful mccrscnaum
pipes at Alex tnder Bros. & Co'a. will be
found very acceptable Christmas presents.
For a line of Bibles, cither large or small
go tu Mercer's Drug and Book storo. Prlco
33c to $13.00.
Excursion tickets will be sold on tho B.
& 8. lt. It. during tho week of Teachers'
Institute, December 10 to 23, good only on
day of lssuo.
While at Institute call and sec J. G.
Wells' largo stock of ladles' and gents' gold
watches. Prices guaranteed to bo the
lowest lu this part of the state.
Thcro will bo communion services In tho
Evangelical Church on ncxt.Sunday morn
ing. Preaching both morning and evening
by llev. E. Crumbling of Berwick.
Persons having chargo of Sunday Bchool
festivals and eclcbratioas during the holi
days, will find a flno line of candies and
candy boxes at Alexander Bros. & Co's,
If you want a blank book, oithcr largo
or small, day book, or ledger, go to Mer
cer's Drug and Book'store.
Wo are sorry to announce that Daniel
Lazarus, son of Emanuel Lazarus is again
confined to his house by sickness. Ho Is
an only son. und for mnny years ho waB an
Invalid. The last several year3 he was
making rapid progress In health, that the
family looked for his permanent cure, and
have hopes of bis recovery.
A present for the old and a present for
the young at Mercer's Drug and Book
Mrs. Eliza Bhlpman died at her residence
on West Street last Friday after a brief but
painful sickness, at tbo advanced ago of
74 years. As far as known she was tho
last survivor of the family) a sister Is sup
posed to bo yet living but no ono knows
her place of residence. Mrs, Bhlpman had
two sons and a daughter, all of whom havo
long since passed away. Her two sons
lived to maturity and wcro active In the
Friendship Fire Co. Much valuable scr.
vlca was dono by them. Her only desccu.
dent living Is that of a grand child, (a child
of Lemuel Bhlpman). Funeral services
wcro held at the Reformed Church Sunday
afternoon, and .wero largely attended.
Interment In lioscmont cemetery.
Tho largest lino of Juveniles at Mercer's
Drug and Book Btoro.
On Monday morning when tho trial list
was called In court It was found that but
four cases wcro for trial. All others were
continued or settled. Tho first caso called
was that of tho heirs of Dr. John Hamscy
against C. B. Brockway, to recover a strip
of land about ten feet wide, lying between
the property of Peter Brugler and C. B.
Brockway on Third street In this town. Tho
suit was started against Rapt. Brockway In
his lifetime. M. G. Hughes bought tho prop-
crty from Mr. Brockway'3 assignee, nnd Is
now tho roal defendant. Dr. Hamscy sold
tho property to Jesse Hicks, and It is con
tended by tliu plaintiff's that tho deceased
did not cover the land In court, but that it
was left open as an alley for tho conveni
ence of Hicks, until an alloy should be
opened in the rear of tho lot. which was
subsequently done. Hicks sold to Charles
Docblcr, and Doeblcr sola to Brockway,
and Brockway fenced In the alley, and it
has so remained up to this time. Tho de
fendant claims that tho alley is an case
ment that belongs to tho property, nnd that
lt was so agreed at the time of tho salo by
Dr.Ilarascy. C. G. Baikley Is attorney
for plaintiff, and Ruawn and Herring for
the defense. The case went to tho jury
and verdict rendered In favor of defendant,
Wednesday afternoon.
Persons holding reserve tickets t o
Heed's lecturo on prison llfo should secure
their peats at once. A word to tho wise Is
Phillip's are making up a fiuo ll nc
pure home-made mixtures for churches
Christmas time.
All the now and popular games nt
W. II. Brooke & Co's.
A party was given by Mr. & Mrs. Wm.
F. Bodlne, Thursday evening of last week.
There were about thirty Invited guiists.
Every one did justice to the grand feast
prepared for them. Nothing lacked on the
part of the host and hostess, and tho only
regret was that tho appetites of tho Invited
failed too soon.
Picture frames and framed nlctures
Mercer's Drug and Book storo.
Christmas Cards at
W. H. Brooke &Co.
All kinds of sl.vcr, gold nnd steel spec
tacles, opposlto central hntd.
For a diary tor 1890, go to Mercer's Drug
and Book Store.
A Farmer's Institute will he held at
Millvlllc, Jan. 29, 30 and 31, 1890.
A nlco flno cut bottle, Hogers silver
Castor, only $3, opposite Central hotel.
Handsome cdlllous of the Englsh poets,
bambooo, seal, morroceo and Hussian
letber at W. H. Brooke & Co.
One of the most popular lecturers In Pa.
recently said: "Prof. Exc II is an Insti
tute by himself."
Monday, December 30th Is tho lat day
lor filing application for liquor license
Tho license couit sits on Monday, January
The largest stock of elegant holiday
goods ever opened In Catawlssa, now at
Trucki-n miller's. Fine stationer's goods,
plush nnd leather ..oods, albums, bibles,
toilet sets, collar and cuff seis, jewel cases,
work boxes, &c Prices right. 12-13 2w.
The home printers of every town should
be protected as nearly all classes of business
men are from the inroads of canvassers of
foreign firms. A man who canvasses for
printed stationery fhould bo compelled to
pay license to the town, In the samo man
ncr that patent medicine men peddlers and
others throughout the country nre com
pelled to do. Tho homo printer is ullow-
cd no protictlon, but is allowed to boom
tho town and Its enterprises gratis ,and do
its own defending, and town ordinances
ought to protect him the same as they pro
ct other business men. ht.
For a nice Line of Christmas cards and
Booklets seo J. II. Mercer's stock before
you buy.
Fino nhotonranh Albums, frames and
scrolls at.
W. 11. llroone a uo.
Gone into OniEit Business. Rev. W. II.
Lilly, formerly of Columbia county, who
has been engaged in the railroad business
at Hugbesvllle for some time, has reelgncd
his position and accepted one la Hlshel's
furniture factory at Milton. Mr. Lllley is the Hrst five months or his carter, and over I tiie characters who appear first In tho only by the dozen and half dozen P"zo was awarded to him.
.t. 1 .. 1 I tlilrtrnn Inlmlrnil nltrhta In tin, aitupn fnl. I - .1 i .,. I . ' ... m, I Four mon. f!nrri. Onllnfr
the conductor who has married several
couples on the Willlamsport and North
Branch Railroad during his term of ser-
vice, nnd has g lined quite u reputation in
that Hue.
Handkerchiefs by Hie tluzcn. All kinds
and prlrei from -in up. Our embroidered
handkerchiefs are very handsome and rea
eonablo in price. Cull and seo.
II. W. Sloan.
Go to Tiuckcnmlllvr's. Catawlssa, for
your Christmas treo ornnmcnts, dolls, toys,
names and candles. Stock larger than
over before. Prices lower. 12.13 2w,
A prominent citizen of Bloomsbnrg re
cently saldi "I heard Mr. Wendllng In
Chlcttco. I would rather hear him lecture
than any other two lecturers I ever heard.'
Ho 1b moro tlinii a Talmago In cloquency,
of tho best Hoes wo have ever had in stock
A floe gloria silk umbrella oxydized hand.
1c. handsom". for $1.40. Very fine and
elegant umbrellas up to ij.1.00 at
H. W. Sloan's
Tho service of song announced for last
Sunday evening in the Reformed church
was postponed on accouut of funeral scr.
vices In the afternoon. Tho service of
Bong will be held next Sundny evening,
J, W. Menrs Si Co, are crowded at their
tactory in the manufacture of tho Perfect
WaBhcr. This washing machine Is rapidly
forging front in tho ronrket and taking ita
position at the bead of all washing mach'
Babes of the year ami B ibes of tho Na
tlops Calendars were great favorites Ui
vear .In now dress for 18UU. Ask to Beo
W. H. Brooke & Co.
For tea sets, castors, butter dishes.
'knives, forks, spoons, lu fact anything l
Bolld and plated sllvcrwnre, go to J. G
Wells', For tho eamo quality of goods he
cannot bo undersold.
Btone QuAituiKs Best quality of heavy
-Or light stona for salo by B. Y. Bharpless.
Jan. 0.
Flno and elegant white blankets with
ellow borders, which are beauties. Wo
have them still better with light blue fig
red borders, very handsome at
II. W. Sloan's.
A Farmer's Institute ii'ider tho auspices
flVnna. Beard of AMKmlture will be
held al Benton, commencing by an address
from Judge Ikeltr on Wednesday evening,
an, 8th. Sessions forenoon and afternoon
f Thursday and Friday, Jan. 0 and 10,
closing Friday evening by lecturo by B. It
Johnson. Sunt, of Public Schools of Union
Co., subject "An Hour With Tho Consci
encc." Programs may be had on applici
Hon to C. It. Cox, Chairman of Com Ben,
ton, or Chandler Eves, Member for Col
l!a.. and lt will also bo published In this
paper when out.
If you want to sco an elegant and com
pleto lino of Christmas goods go to Mercer'i
Drug and Book store,
J. G. Wells is constantly receiving new
and desirable patterns In laco pins, scarf
pins and all kinds of jewelry.
The first (November) Usuo of Chat waB
an exceedingly good one. Tho Becond, a
Christmas number, has just como to us and
Is better much btUer, tee thoutd jay. It is
really puzzlelng how so much good read
ing can bo put in one 48-page book, illus
trated, and sold at so low a price.
The American Woman's College Papers
aro continued by Miss Jacquellno 8. Epcs,
of Augusta Seminary, Virginia, who writes
most Interesting! y on Southern Llfo and
Character. Tho stories for this number
aro well selected, and tho chapters in that
bright Boys and Girls' Narrative, "Erllng
the Bold," a tale of tho Norse Bca Kings,
are extremely fascinating.
The Sketches tho Flower Talks the
Invalids' Corner Tho young folks Miscel
lany and Reward Questions the Book
Notes Poetry and recipes, all combine
to make "Chat" decidedly the best of tho
December Magazines we havo seen at its
pilce. Bingle copios, 10 cents Yearly
Subscription, $1.00.
Chat PoBLisntNa Comi-aky,
There arc
many white soaps,
represented to be
"just as good as the Ivory."
They arc not,
but like
all counterfeits,
they lack
the peculiar
and remarkable
qualities of
the genuine.
Ask for
Ivory Soap
insist upon having it.
Tis sold everywhere.
Ilcutli by Drowning.
Tho body of Moses Colborn of Rupert
w&b found floating In tho wide water of tho
Pennsylvania Canal between Rupert and
Catawlssa Monday morning about 11
o'clock. Tho conductor of the north bound
passenger train at about 11 o'clock notified
Georgo Mcars, station agent nt ltupert,
that he had seen a body floating iu tho
Cuna'. Mr. Mears notified U. D. Quick,
section boss of tho canal and ho with ono
of his workmen went down nnd drew tho
body, upon the tow path side of tho canal.
John'G. Quick Esq. was notified and em
panelled tho following jury for tho purposo
of holding nn inquests Wm. Mcnsch, Fran
cis Lclby, William Leiby, J. W. Yinger,
James Qulck,and John. Wright After vlew
Ingthobody the jury endeavored to nscerlalu
whether It was n suicidal act or that of foul
work. Colborn was last seen nbout eight
o'clock Monday morning. Hu was tracked
from the Keg factory through tho sawdust
and mud and his footprints led directly to
tho feeder along tho loc, and Just oppo
slto tne keg factory. It having rained the
day previous, there wcro no other foot
prints visible. Further Inquiry found that
the deceased had left his watch nt tho
hotel, as well also bis vest, and artificial
arm. According to the evidenco ascertalu
tho jury reached a verdict of "death by
drowning himself."
Mr. Colborn was about 70 years of age,
He lived at Rupert , boarding at the hotel,
for the past 23 years. Ho was a laborer in
the keg factory, under the Superlntendency
of J. W, Yinger, at this time. Tho factorv
was not working on Monday, and this to
gether with the heavy fog Monday gave
him an excellent opportunity to accomplish
his act. It Is said that on Sunday he was
seen walking near the lock, making close
observations. What Induced him to com
mit the deed is a mystery, but ho has sever
al times In the past said that he would not
trouble any one, and that when he died he
would go quick.
lie has a brother living in Sacramento,
Funeral services were held Wednesday
morning, under the direction of Ent Post
O. A. It. , Interment In Hosemont Ceme
tery, Blomsburg.
For tho holiday trade William Webb
offers a fine line of Meerschaum pipes
cigar holders, cigars, and all kinds of
smoker's supplies. Fresh cinfectionery al
ways on hand. Main street, next to Gil
more's. ll-29-4w.
Have you seen tho S-A tlvo mile horse
blanket if not, why nolr It you have a
horse you need It. 12-0 8w.
"Cover Them Over" by Will Carlcton Is
tho greatest national dlrgo for our fallen
heroes. Every Decoration Dy It Is pub
tlcly read and sung at hundreds of cere
monies north, south, east and west. Who
has not heard and felt i
"Cover them over with beautiful
Deck them with garlands, thoso
brothers of ours."
It will live as long as our fellow soldiers
aro remembered, which will bo forever.
Will Carlcton Is tho poet of tho people
Huffalo Etprets.
Carlcton has touched tho popular heart
ond won a deserved fame Sr. V. Chrulian
Of Cnrleton's entertainment Ann Arbor
Currier says i "Ono of tho best entertain
ments of the season."
Hearing Carlcton Is not a good cure for
Insomnia. It must not bo forgotten that
Mr. Carlcton Is an orator of tho first rank.
("Journal of tho Platform.")
Of his lectures a distinguished statesman
said: "Thcro Isn't n lull In tho Interest, a
pause In tho variety, or a single dull min
ute during the whole blessed time ho Is on
the platform." Do not fall to hear him,
as this may bo tho last chance you will
ever have.
Opera House, Bloomsburg, Wednesday
evening, Dec. 18th.
rniLADSLrniA, Monday, Deo. 9. 1S39.
St. Nicholas, Santa Claus,
Kris Kringle are scrambling all
over the store, ihe second
door is theirs equally with the
first Poor and Basement.
Special Fancy Goods on
second floor, Market street.
Two of Priestley's Blacks take a
down dip toward your pocket-
book. Heavy-weicht Camel
Hair from $1.50 to 1 ; Silk-warp
Foule from $1.25 to 75c.
Plenty more black stuffs with
the prices warped. Here are
four qualities Granite Cloth just
from the manufacturer:
40- lnch 850 grado tor 750.
40 lrcli 1 1 k'raclo for 85c.
41- lnch 11.25 Brodo'orn.
43 inch grade tor J1.25.
75c black All wool Diagonals
and Serges go from 75c to 65c;
black Whip-cord Diagonals
from $1 to 75c. Small Armure
Stripes from $1 to 75c.
Plush Cases, Toilet Cases, Work Boxes,
Shaving Sets, China, Boohs, Albums,
Silverwaj'e, Fochel-boohs, Collar
and Cuff Boxes, Rogers Groups.
Look at the stylos. Goo the prices.
Umbrellas, Umbrellas. Latest deaigiies of tho Sea
son, lowest prices.
HandkerchiefH, Handkerchiefs. Plain, Fancy
aud Embroidered in fact all and every kind nt prices lower than
over. Call and see.
Table Linens, Towels and Napkins. All
Styles loweatpicea ; seo tho qualities they speak for themselves.
Coats, Coals. All styles, prices the lowest, they mako
good useful presents for both old and young.
Dress Goods, large assortment for Christmas gifts.
Shawls of all kinds. See them.
Furs, Furs. All the leading stylos at popular prices. See
them. Muffs 50c and up. Children's sets.
Handsome Photatures Framed.
We invite nil to call and seo our display of Holiday Goods as
well ns our regular lines of Dress Goods, Shawls, Coats Hosiery,
Notions, Sic.
4, o, 10,
Stacks of medium priced
Dress Goods are going a plump
third under the little-time-back
price. Like these:
3nncu .uixea lncois, Drown ana gray, 11
mixtures, 2JC.
53-tnch .Mlxod Sultlnjrs. 30c
S'.lrcliHIlk Htrlpes and 1'lalds, 37tfc.
5j-lncli cnevlots, seo.
43-lnc'i striped Foule, coc.
I'lKCoit Hltootlnii Match.
On Tuesday last a shooting match took
placo between Nantlcoke nnd Bloomsburg,
resulting In n victory for the latter. Tho
match was hold In tho ball park, and qulto
a crowd witnessed It. There wcro three
prizes offered, tho first being a hunting
coat, tho second, a cartridgo belt, and tho
third to bo decided. Tho match was ar
ranged by Dr. T. C. Uarter. Tho agree
ment was that tho pigeons and tho supper
wero to bo paid for by tho losing . party.
Tho following Is tho score. Each man
shot at ten birds.
J. B. Rhodes killed Nos.
missed six.
N. K. Olddeld killed Nos. 3, 4, 5, C, 7. 8.
and 9, missed three.
J. II. Oplingcr killed Nos. 2. 3. 4. 5. 0. 8
and 10, missed three.
A. h. Hartcr killed Nos. 1. 2. 3. 4. 6. 0.
7, 9 and 10, missed ono.
J. P. Kinney killed Nos. 1, 2. 5. 7. miss-
cd six.
A. C. Lapo killed Nos. 1, 2.4. G. 0.9.
missed four.
It- C. Hitchlcr killed Nos. 1. 2. 3. 7. 10
missed five.
James Bird killed Nos. 1, 2, 3. 0. 7. 9. 10.
missed three.
Total of 43 birds killed out of 80.
Peter Sollcder killed 3, 7. 8. 9. 10. miss-
cd Ave.
P. L. Parker killed 1, 2, 5. 0. mU3ed six.
Elmer Troy killed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 0. 10.
missed one.
H. W. Fox killed 1, 2, 4, 5, 7. 8. 0. 10.
missed two.
II. B. Low killed 1, 2, 3, 4, C, 0, 8, 9, 10.
missed ono. Low killed every bird, but
one fell outside tho lino
D. P. Curry killed 1, 3,5,6,7,9,10,
missed three.
W. B. MUnes killed 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, missed
Charles Dlehl killed 1, 2, 3, 5, 0, 7, 8, 0,
10, missed one.
Total, (30 birds.
Didn't Want nGlrl.
Last summer my wife's health was alt
run down, and eho wanted me to hire a
girl to do tha work. In a little whllo I
found ono I thought would suit her, whoa
to my surprise she Bald I need not hlro
anyone, as she felt much better, and
thought another bottle of Sulphur Bitters
would cure her. Donald Obey, 41 Wor
cester square, Boston. l?-0-2w.
A pack of visiting cards Is always an ac
ceptable gift to a lady. Order now at the
Colcmuian offlco for ChrlstmaB presents.
Uxpcrlcticc oi n I.aily MlHHlonury.
Miss Emcllnc C. Hanna, missionary for
1st Baptist Church, Troy, N. Y., says: "I
am glad ti state that Dr. David Kennedy's
Favorite Ilcmcdy, of Rondout, N. Y.,
cured mo of Catarrh of the Bladder, Kid
ney troublo and Constipation. I would
add that I always used tho Favorite Re
medy with the consent of my physician.
Sneclal bargains at E. Barklcv's in trim-
mod hats and bonnets, children's plush and
velvet hoods. Also a lot of children's felt
hats and wool caps at a reduced prlco.
Stamping and printing done to order.
The Holiday flutter in Hand
kerchiefs has, begun. More
counter room, thicker crowds,
richer stocks, And yet hardly
.1 Ai v i i- lr
iiiuic uiau nit: oMiiuisii 1111c is Elmer Troy, U. B. Low, Charles Dlehl
in SlgtU. samples OJ cverytlling, and A. L. Ilarter each killed nine birds
but the errand reserve is a couple antl wee tie. it was decided to shoot on
of floors above nushinrr to take tho tie bv declaring the first man who miss
f .. l,4fl eu Uichl shot first and missed: Hart-
I4o ono In America more nearly ap-
proachis the ideal orator In platform pres
ence and faultlcts diction, in classic dccla
matlon and in thrilling eloquence, than
docs Georgo R. Wendllng. One hundred
and thirty nights upon the platform during
I Mr. I'owcr'H Mclliocl Ilxpinl lied.
Mr. Powers opens his performance by
giving the audience a short description or
explanation of tho story and plot of tho
play and the characters to bo repr esent
cd. Then, ns If tho curtain bad risen noon
the first act, ho proceeds to Impersonate Size, Hem, liemstltClling,
1 here won t be a better time
for choosing or more to attract.
Judge by this a Man's Plain
White Handkerchief; pure linen
ol course. Kicht in every way
er shot next and missed: Troy shot next
aud hit his bird, and Low also killed h.
bird, leaving Troy and Low still tie. Troy
then shot again nnd missed, and Low shot
and hit his bird, entitling him to first prize,
II. W. Fox being tho only man who kill-
cd eight birds, and it having been agreed
that thoso who oontcstcd for the first prlzo
could not claim tho second, tho second
thirteen hundred nights In tho seven fol
lowing years, is the uncoupled record of
tho splendid orator.
Tub Hlaytojj Lyceum Boheau,
New York City, N. Y.
Call at L. Bernhardt Jewelry store for
prices on watches, silver ware, linger
rings, thimbles, tfcc Goods bought engrav
ed free of .charge.
Saol of Tausus,
A delineation of ancient and modern
heroes and orators, combined with nn an
alysis of the life and greater speeches of
scene, then when the cuo arrives for tho
next character he instantly and completely
changes to that character, ond to another
anu another as they come on, anil carries
on the action and dialogue as If all the
people represented were; acting beforo the
eyes of the audience, and so completely
aud Instantaneously docs ho change his
face, voice, carriage, and whole bodily ap-
pearanco to suit each character as he takes
1 u
at the rate of 2 1 cents
Four men, Curry, Oplluger, Olddeld and
1 1 ...... ..14 muvu ouiku iiuvuubi nuu, utlut
dlJlt-lt-. I tic It was decided bv drawing neira. nnd
rut one alongside the best rec- the prlzo fell to opiincer.
tilar ?oc. Handkerchief vou ever C. E. Randall of Catawlssa acted
sJ J I T .. , . . .. t - XT.. T '
1 n. .!.. iuuui;e, ucu, uruvur ui iiauucuKf, J. o
Blue of Bloomsburg, referees. W. B. Al
fen. as t'anncr. An elcirant sunner was
Old people look into served at tho Exchange hotel at five
Of o'clock, which was attended by all the
The following letters aro held at Blooms.
hunt. Pa., post-ofllce, and will b1! sent to
tho dead letter office, December 28, 1889.
A. B. Foster, Mr. E. Heath 2, Mr. Mar
tin llultzhuser, Ed. Leach, W. F. Peck M.
D., Mr. Harrison Waters.
Miss F. Cornish.
Persons calling for theso letters pleaso
say, they were advertised Dec. Id, 1889.
One cent will be charged on each letter
A. 11, CAT110AKT, r. 41.
the cases and sieh and think
St. Paul, some of which are rendered w lib u lmU ll(J UU3iou is perfect, and this, "the days when we Were younn"." 6ll0ltr8. t"e 3dfie, referees, trapper, and
" tOO. Without nnv Chance Of COStllme. TIlO Vnnnrmi. nnnn o l- T it fr Hnl- ""'" uu.. . xi.uuo
Paul ,.;,,,, ;., .,, norm,. I. 1C. Dilillne and sevtral
make a rare theme, and In the hands of an .... auJ ,.. ncrfect.on lUo cnlir0 nu.
s.j ....vj ... v ,nr nn minnrrnnr rhinrr in
orator of such power as Mr. Wendllng a Uence of eltort .vith which ho accomplishes dress, in COlirtSllip, in diplomacy,
Diaries for 1890 at.
W. H.
Brooke & Co.
Gents & Ladies Toilet cases In both
Plush and Leather at Mercer's Drug and
Book store.
Iron Street is almost Impassable on ac
count of the mud. Several other streets
are but little better, while Main Street Is In
a worse condition than known for years,
Tho great cause of this Is tho continuous
lain; but as long as our Council and Street
Commissioner persist In hauling dirt and
loose material upon our streets we can not
look for better streets. It one-half tho
money ainually spent upon our streets
were used In completing a small portion in
a proper manner, there would be a vast
saving of money. Our town has squand
crcd sufficient to havo mado beautiful
Glfi books of every description tn suit
all ages and tastes at W. II. Brooko & Co.
A nlco lino of new dress goods In stripes
ono of the best values for 23c wo have ever
had. All colors at H. W. Sloan's.
Foh This Cowmhian i
Tho special religious meetings held by
Roy. A. R. Glazo at Canby during tho
last two weeks have closed with tho ad-
ministration of tho Lord's Supper on last
Sunday morning. 13 adults and 21 child
ren wero added to tho church.
43 members were present at tho com
munion, and the collection for benevo
lence was $3.43. This Is a good record for
tho present, better results will, doubtless,
Services appropriate for tho occasion
will be held in tho Lutheran church at
Espy on Xmas Eve.
Glove and Handkerchief lloxcs, Collar &
Cuff Boxes, Toilet Cases, Smoker's sets, Ink
stands, Oder sets, Thermometers, Looking
glasses, Manicure sets, whlsp holders,
fancy letter paper, work boxes, games, lap
tables, writing desks, fanny clocks, fchiv
ing sets aud numerous other articles calcu
lulcil lo make both o'd und young happy
at Mercer's Drug an 1 Book storo.
At the close of Reed's lecture on prison
llfo the veterans will sine a war song.
C. O. Marr la very desirous of selling out
his stock, because of 111 health.
facinatlng lecture Is the result. It Is not
a discussion of any of the religious phases
of the teachings of Paul, but waiving tho
supernatural element, treats the subject
from a critical and historical point of view,
and Is therefore deeply interesting to all
classes. It Is to-dayjone of the great lec
tures of tbo American platform.
Alton (.) Democrat. "Oao of tho fore
most orators of this generation.
Adrian (Mich.) Pews. "Most powerful
orator In America."
Jttoominglon (III ) Leader. "Tho peer of
any living speaker."
Ixtcrence (Mass.) American. "Audience
sat cUranced."
Philadelphia Press "A crowded houso
spell-bound. "
Opera House, Bloomsburg, Monday
evening, December 10th.
Send 40c, 00c, 80c, or $1.00 for a superb
box of tine candles, prepaid. 0 boxes nt
any one kind, to oue address, for tho iprlce
of 0. Suitable for presents.
Something new Just grand I McKln-
ty chips, 5 lbs. for f 1.25 prepaid.
Sunday Schools Intending to treat their
scholars will do well by sending the name
and address of Supt,
Joii.t Jacobs, Confectioner,
131 Mill St., Danville, Pa.
1213 3t.
what would seem an Impossible tindertak
ing, has won for Mr. Powers the renown
of standing alone und unapproachable In
his peculiar and fascinating art. After all
Is said no person will fully understand tho
rare charm of this truly wonderful per
formance until ho has witnessed it.
The success of tho talented young artist
others, making
twenty-nine in all.
I lie snooting is spoucn of by old shoot
crs ns somo of tho best ever witnessed.
is a lan. liyes downcast and
i. -..l- .i.
manner coy as sue toys wiui uie iIood'3 SarsapanUa is a purely vegetable
tips Ol tile OSlriCU plumes in lier preparation, being free from injurious Ingrc.
fan. Was she ev'er so charming?
Here is a plain little Folding
Fan, 25 cents; another, black
satin, (with black sticks, 50
It is peculiar in its curative pow
Children Cry for Pitcher's C$torU.
VThm Btby wu tick, we gate her CutorU. '
When she wu a Child, she cried for CMtorU,
When she became Mlaa, ihe clung to Oaatorla,
When she had Children, them OaMorlA,
Winter millinery at E. Barkley's at the
lowest prices. 12-0 3w.
No. 9 Cook stoves $13. Ranees $15 up.
Stovo repairs, fire brick and plow repairs
of all kinds at Bharpless' Foundry. Jan. 20.
New England is a No. 1 bread. There'
nono better. Try it. Cummlngs & Yerdy.
Florida Oranges by the Dozen or Box a
The Great Eastern.
very nice New England
Cummlngs & Vcrdy.
Special prices given to Churches for
fruits, etc. for the holidays at Tho Great
New England is the very best of bread,
Cummlngs & Verdy.
Fruits, Nuts, Candles. Figs, Dates, Hals-
ins, Lemon Peel, Citron, Fancy Cakes, etc.,
at The Great Eastern.
HritnkcmieMH I.liiuor Habit In
an lire woriti mure ihuui 011c
cure nr. iiuIiich' (iulctuit Specific
It can be given in a cup of tea or collco
without tho knowledge of tho person tawing
It, effecting a speedy and permanent cure
whether the patient is n moderate drinker
or an alcoholic wreck Thousands of
drunkards havo been cured who have taken
Closo your eyes and you aro convinced sticks.ia bartrain at SI .71?: White tho Golden Specific In their coilee without
thattherois a stage full of actors. Open ostrich with ivorv handle, at 6.- their knowledge, and to-day believe they
nnrl cn nn imwnn Inrnimn I ,lui'' urinmiig 01 uicir own iree will, no
jw. .... .j w. 1 , .... ..,r.. . ,..
11 . . .1 r .1 I uuniuui eueci reming irum 11s uunumsira
an bUllb LU 111U UlliUb uuui luu
Paris Exposition at $30, $75,
$160, $175, and $285 rare
works ol art. Ihe ran Conven
tion is here,
(Mr. Powers) has been phenomenal, lie cents;) again, painted satin, at 7 5
uas gono to iuo irom iiierauy uy leapi anu centS; painted White gauze, $1.-
uounus.-Jpa(ft tiureau. notrl, T7n.17 Vl.llr,
'Mr. Power Is 'Immense'. His cimal ?"' . w,v....ij
1 . . 1 . 1 1 : 1. 1 1 .1:
has never been seen here. Kenebec Journal. 1'ailb, UUU.K Willi natural OllVU
Me. sticks, (and gray with silvered
them, and you aro positive you seo each of
their personages beforo you. Waterburg
(Conn ) .lnwricari.
Opera House, Bloomsburg, Thursday,
evening, Dec. 19th.
We Want
tion. Cures guaranteed, Send for circular
and full particulars, Addrcsb in confidence
Golues Si'koifo Co., 181 Race Street,
Clnclnnatl.O. lO.&Vy
GoOd men for traveling and local agents
to whom we will pay good commissions iu
casho ach week to taku orders for our Im
prow Farm SeetU. Pure Jt'oi thern Grown
UmI l'uUtoea a Specialty, Write for terms to
LcClare & Manning,
Lock Box 7,
12-0 4t Brighton, N. Y
A Stoniciit.
Of your time, reader, may perhaps bo
The greatest Blanket triumph profitably devoted to tho foiiowingi-
H ViV nt, .,V ,,,, . H'oso who tako an agency for a rel
y v-v. w.-v i'. if i.rtc ,,iif iv jsvt.fnto
CoiiHiiiuptloii riurcly Cured
To the tDiToit rieaso inform your
readers that I havo a posltlvo remedy for
tne aoovo named disease.
agency for a reliable
enterprising house, learn their business
stick to It, "get on" In tho world. People
who havo an Idea of engaging In any can
vasslng business will do well to write to
Georgo Stlnson & Co.. Portland, Maine
Gllmore'B Toy Bazar Is now ready for
the holidays. The store room on tho first
floor Is! filled with toys and candy. Up
stairs are four largo rooms devoted exclus
ively to toys of eycry description. If your
llttlo boy is to rccclvo a visit from Bnnta
Claus, go to Gllmore'B and get a sled,
rocking tiorsc, a train oi cars, a wagon, a
game, a gun, a desk if your llttlo girl Is to !
bo favored, you will find dolls of all sizes,
colors and prices, dressed and undressed,
Bleeping dolls nnd tpcaklng dolls, and
above all tho wonderful French llirtlng
loll, that looks through her glasses, turns
her head, fans herself to music that comes
from within tho pedestal on which she
stands. There are also cradles, baby
wagons, furniture, dishes, and a thousand
articles from which to select, for boys or
girls. Call early before tbo rush begins,
and whllo tho assortment Is full. 11'29-Sw.
"MiiMiiun't Ulltlii nutter."
Thero Is gladness In the household ;
Tho shadow fades away
That darkened all tho sunshine
Of many a summer day. ,
"O, mamma's getting better,"
The happy children cry,
And the light of hopo shines blight again
In tho loving husband's eye.
In thousands of homes women are "sick
unto death" with tho terrlblo diseases so
common to their sex, and it would Bocm
as if all tho happiness had gono out of life
and the household In consequence. For
when tho wife and mother Buffers all tho
family Buffers with her. This ought not to
be, and It need not bo, for a never-falling
remedy for woman's ailments Is at band.
Many a home has been made happy be.
cause tho shadows of dicaso has been
banished from lt by tho potent power of
Dr. Pierce's Favorlto Prescription tho un
falling romrdy for all weaknesses and di
seases peculiar to women.
Six and one third
lor more') of fiure, fine fluffy
wool, and the price Five Dol
lars the pair.
Nothinir but Wool Some
times nearly seven pounds Of it. bgMartandKoneralpuMiiUc. They
J offer tho most exceptional advantages to
Put together With thorough those who aro sulllcieutlv cnternrUlL to
By Its timely blanket Skill. UenerotlS in Size bo willing to mako a push in order to ba.
use thousands of hopeless cases have been (75x86 inches), scrimped in ter thIr condition. It costs nothing to try.
itiumumiir 1.111111. eunu uu kiou iu .,tl,: Women maKU successful niliniwn ns
I1WL11LI1I' . 1 - " . -
O I no L-..1I ...!... I ...l.l 1 .
wwii us mtu. imi funiculars will uu sen t
.n ...1.. .1... n .,. .
U t i . iu muBi, niiuuiiuicas luu urm ; IUC1T Kill
in acs, .uiu .111 uui is ui uui;r- ajdrcS3 is given above.
et money carriers. Little rur-
ses of scraps of alligator: scents;
black grained leather 15 cents,
nr, NouiHe. 10 more sorts at 25 cents.
Dr. Nourse, the greatest dramatic 0ra. 1 . . mu,c. rS 1,1 conlPany
tor ot tho world, draws Hko a drama, with aristocratic decorated calt-
Tlure are many who havo conscientious skin up to $3,50 and S'i.IO. All
A,.tnn.ln..n .A .1.. .1...... I... .1...... ,1.... I I ,.
UI.JII.IIUUI. UIU lUHIlIC llll UlUYVO ""-I". I 01 SOTtS (tWOOn. 1 WO Ot
" ("""I""" 'iii l inm nnr-W.t- cto frrvm lo:-
fclV.W I.U.l. .J V. ... ..Will A II I I J
permanently cured. 1 shall bo glad
send two bottles of my remedy fhkk to any
of your readers who have consumption If
they Bend mo their express and post office
address. Respectfully, T. A. 8LOCUM
M. O. 181 PearljSt., New York
Curd of 'I'liaiiku.
J, II. Mercer has tho finest lot of cut
glass bottles ever brought to Illojins
burg. His largo Bohemian hand.
mauo unities are mo oniy ones oi this 500 Reward offered for un Incurable
kind over brought heio. They are now on I case of Catarrh by tho proprietors of Dr 11 . I 1, 1. . I . - ' ' '
""""" -"iiiiuu1iyviwi& I Digw liemeuy, 00 cts.. by ilruiglsU
to a lecture and ho draws lliem. Hal path
Bureau, lloaton.
O. O. Howard, Major.Gcncral U. B. A.
sayB of Dr. Nourse's lecturei "The great-
est human utlcranco I ever heard."
The Christian at Work (N. V.) says of
Dr, Noursci "Thla orator, orator In everv
tcuBe of tho word, holds his audiences 1
spell-bound for hours under tho charms of
his graphic, racy diction and resistless tor-
rent of sound sense and unimpeachable
Opera House, Bloomsburg, Tuwday
evening, Dec. 17th.
Exposition, card-case and purse,
S5-50, $13.5.
Our New 8o-page Catalogue
of Books at Wanamaker prices
contains about four thousand
titles of standard and holiday
books. You should have it
a postaUcard request will bring
i John Wanamaker.
If tho proprietor of Kemp's Balsam
should publish a card of thanks, contain
ing expressions of gralitudo which como to
him dally from those who havo been cured
of severe throat and lung troubles by tho
use ol Kcmp'B Balsam, it would fill a fair
sized book. How much better to Invito all
to call on any druggist and get a treo sam
plo bottlo that you may test for yourself Its
power. Largo bottles 50c and $1.00.
A l'auily GatlierliiK.
Havo you a father? Havo you a mother?
Havo you a son or daughter, sister or
brother who has not yet taken Kemp's Bal.
earn for tho 'ihroat and Lungs, tho guar.
rantccd remedy for the euro of Coughs,
Colds, Asthma, Croup and all Threat and
Lung troubles? If bo, when n sample
bottlo is gladly given to you Irte by any
druggist, and tho large slzo costs only 60c
and $l (X).
Our stock of toys, novelties and Christ
mas treo ornaments are all new.
Cummings & Vcrdy.
Puro Tea. Fiesh Roasted Coffee. Cream
Cheese & Chipped Beef at G. K. Tea Co.
Express wacons. sleds, shoo-llles. doll
carriages, carts, velocipedes, etc., great
variety at Cummlngs & Verdy's.
Wedding Invitations in great variety at
the CoLCMiiiAK otllcc. Three new fonts of
elegant script just received.
Call and see samples. tf.
GUN. We shall not send out cards
this season. Will give to all ad
ults who purchase presents or
other goods, a handsome Christ
mas Souvenir, with our compli
ments and a Calender attached.
In order to make sure of one,
you had better come early, as
the quantity is limited. We re
new our invitation to Teachers
and others attending the County
Institute to examine our stock.
Hie special display of imported
Art Novelties attract the ladies,
nothing to equal in two counties.
The Plush goods display has
never been surpassed by us.
Our Photograph Albums are
rich in style. The Books are
extra good and cheap, Child
ren are delighted with the hund
reds of picture books and
Games. Our Handkerchiefs
are opened by the Thousands.
The display on the Dish Side
1 1 tit
nas never oeen equaled m our
town or county. Many of the
latest novelties are exhibited.
I'he Hanging and Stand Lamps
are in quantity great and in
quality grand, must be seen to
believe. We give a broad in
vitation to every body, all over
the county, to call and see.
Bring your wife, your husband,
your sons and daughters, your
uncle and aunt, your neighbor
and friend, room for all, clerks
lor all.
I. W. Hartman & Sons.
P. S. Wehavea picture calender
for the young People; ask for
one. 1, W. 11. & S.
Phillips' Domestic Bakery will
havo for tho Christmas trade
the finest lino of pure candies in
town. Fresh Bread and Cakea
of CYery description Daily.
1 Philips' Domestic Bakery.