The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, June 14, 1889, Image 3

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Absolutely Pure.
This powder never vatles. A marvel ot pur
strength am; wholesomcriess. Moro economical
than the ordinary kinds, and cannot bo Bold In
competition with . tho multltudo ot low test, snort
weight alum or phosphate powders. Sola 6niu m
cans. KOTll. DiSlNd i'owderCo., K6Vall8t,N Y.
The Columbian
B-rubllshcd eTcry Friday. Subscription price,
Ji.OO a year. '
Entered at tho Post oraco nt liloomsburg. ra..
as second class matter, March 1,UB3.
liLOOMSIHJItO ,fiULLIYAN hailhoad,
Taking effect MONDAY. NOVEMBER 5(1, 1899.
:dav, nov
fAr Ar- Ar" Lt- Lt. Lv.
STATIONS. T. w. v. M. A.M. i.v. r. m. r. .
DIoomsburg 6 tn l o; 8 ei s 35 J a 6 4n
Main Street 0 18 18 63 7 68 8 40 2 36 6 81
Irondale 6 10 13 50 7 Ml 8 45 S 42 6 M
Taper Mill 0 08 12 40 7 48 8 66 2 63 7 04
Llghtstrect. 0 03 12 S3 7 43 9 00 3 57 7 OS
OrangOVlllO 5 51 13 SO 7 35 0 10 3 20 J 16
Forks, B 45 12 00 7 20 9 25 3 36 7 31
TUbbS 5 43 11 63 7 15 I) 30 8 43 7 36
Stillwater 5 37 11 45 7 10 0 37 3 60 7 41
Itcnton, b 28 11 30 7 00 9 47 4 15 7 63
Edsons, 6 S3 11 20 6 66 9 61 4 20 7 66
coles Creek, S 20 11 15 0 63 9 66 4 21 8 00
Hugarloaf, 6 is 11 lo 6 44 10 on 4 si 8 03
JjlUbacUS, B 1! 11 03 43 10 01 4 33 8 10
centra' 6 06 10 67 6 88 10 13 4 40 8 15
Echo park 6 OJ 10 M 6 V" 111 IS 4 43 8 19
Jamison City.... 5 00 10 45 0 89 10 20 4 CO 8 23
Lv. Lv. Lv. Ar. Ar. Ar
r. It. A. M. A. U. A. u. r. 1. P. M.
Trains on the P. It. it. it. leave Hupertis
follows :
7:32 a.m. 11:03 a. m.
3:31 p. m. 6:23 p. m.
TralnsonthoD.L. ft W.K.ll.loave Bloomsburg
as follows:
north. socrn.
7:H a. m. 8:32 a. m.
10:57 a.m. 12:06 p.m.
;S:24 p. m. 4:18 p. m.
6:36 p. m. 8:47 p. m.
Trains on the N. 4s W. 11. Hallway pass Bloom
Ferry as follows :
10:48 a. m. 12:37 p. m.
6.26 p. m. 4-30 p. m.
10:43 n ra 6:39 p m
June 7th. Executors of Mary N. liar
man, deceased, will oftcr residence on
Market street for sale at 0 a. m.
Fob Sai.k. A valuable farm in Mudlson
Township containing 115 acres, fine build,
ings. Will bo sold on easy payments. If
not sold nt private salo by Jul 1st, will be
sold at public sale. For terms inquire of
J. S. Williams, BloDmsburg. tf.
Fon 8ai.k. A desirable and commodious
residence on Mniu street, supplied with
wntcr, gas and steam. Apply to
janSOtf. L. N. Moykil
For Sale A valuable vacant lot on
Market Lt., seven lots on Eighth Street,
ten dwellings and a good storu property in
DIoomsburg. Six farms, two grist mills
and two store properties in Col. Co. A
good farm of 307 uere3 with good build,
ings in Virginia and two farms in Kansas
by M. 1'. Lutz Insuranco and Heal Estate
Agt., liloomsburg Fa.
Leaders in styles uow styles of neck
wear. Linen collars cuffs hosiery
sbirtBT-bandsome dress shirts at
Dr. I. W. Willltts has been making somo
improvements to his residence, corner of
Fifth and JIaiket streets.
J. G. Wells went to New York this week,
wlicro bo will spend some lime taking an
optical course.
Rev. W. C. Iicyerctt, Col. Freeze, E. 11.
Drinker and Geo. E. Elwcll attended tho
Episcopal Convention at Reading on Tues
day and Wednesday.
There will bo acrvices in the Lutheran
Church next Sunday morning nnd ovcnlng.
Judgo lkcler is making some improve
ments to bis residence.
Children's IXiy was observed at most of
tho churches last Sunday. The tloral do.
corations were quite elaborate.
Don't miss the concert Friday evening at
tbo Opera House for llio benefit of tho Hood
BUlTercrs at Willlarasport.
M. J. Hess, tho dentist will soon move
into tho Conner property on Fifth Street,
now occupied by F. P. Blllmeycr, esq.
Twcnty.two head of cattle frm pcoplo
living in Espy broke Into the fields of Mr.
I. 8. Kuhn lust week and destroyed a large
portion of his grain.
Rov. W. C. Leverett took tho Johnstown
disaster as a subject for bis dlscourso last
Sunday morning, and preached therefrom
a most Instructive sermon.
That portion of Mr. Derr's artlclo in last
week's Issuo, which rntl3, "Paul says that
monoy Is tho root of all evil" should have
read "tho love of money is tho root of all
evil." It wa' tho printers ommlaalon."
If yon want a good wulch, at a low
price, call at S. R. Ulttcnbcnder's, lienton.
Jewelry, chains &c. nearly at cost. Re
pairing promptly dono and warranted.
May 17-4t.
Mr, C. F, Knapp has made somo great
improvements upon his home on South
Main Street. The root has been somewhat
changed into modern architecture, and the
external part beautifully paiuted.
Wo acknowledge tho rccelfit of an invi
tation to attend tho reunion of tbo FrlU
family on tho 20th inst. at tho Hess Maple
grovo In Sugarloaf. No doubt it will be a
very pleasant occasion, aud It would giatl.
ly us to be able tu ncccpt tbo luvitatlou,
F, 1 Illllmeycr Esq. puichascd tho liar
mau property on Market street at public
salo lost Friday for $7050. This Is mar
velously cheap for one of tho most dcslra
bio locations fn town. The property cost
the last owner over $10,000,
Travel over tho Red Rock bridge below
town has been entirely cut nil ttneo tho
Hood carried away the ceulro pier. The
location (bould be changed so as to avoid
tho dangerous railroad crossing, und an
Iron bridge should be erected.
The Rloomtburg & riulllvan railroad will
carry nil passengers Ires on Friday June
1411), who puicbasu a ticket for tho benefit
concert given in tho Dloomahurg Opera
Homo this (Friday) evening. Proceeds
will bo forwarded for uso of those who
suffered nt Willlanisport during the recent
The ptculiar purifying und bulldlug up
puwers of Hoodts Barsaparilla make it the
very best mcdlclno to take ut this season,
Mr. John Blllmeycr died suddenly at bis !
mmo in Montour county, near I'ottsgrovo
last week, nnd was burled Sunday last.
Ho was n brother of I'ctcr Ulllmoycr of this
Ai ii, . o, ...... i . . ..
uanuuiiunna oynou oi tne isvan
eel cnl fllint.i.1. 1.t.i ir i... .
.... ... ,ltm iinr.ICt0n ia5l wcCK,
J. K. Blttcnbondcr wa9 elected as ono of
.v "incurs or mo urphans' Homo at
J. J, Mcllcnrv. nf Tlnnlmi nn Ui,l....t.
cyenlnc. Juno 8th. r All (T lit Iriunn Unnl It..
largest of which measured 17 inches, tho
rest averaging 13 inches. On Monday even
Ing following ho caught ono measuring 17
""""'i "" vo oiucr nvcrneing 13 Inches.
Tho ladles aid uncle tv nf Dm ror,..ii,...i
j ...w MIUj,UIIV,B
church will furnish slrnwlinrrli... Irnr.m
and other delicacies of tho season, this
miirsuaycvo'nir.iit tho homo ut Joseph Oar
rlaon on Fifth street, tn nil who will havo
tho kindness to patronize them. Every.
uouy is Invited.
Dr. J. R. Montgomery went to Johns,
town last week to look for his btother who
lived there. He returned Mnmlnv
ported that ho found him alive, but that
uis nuico was completely swept away, and
ho had to run for his life when ho saw tho
rush of water coming.
The grand success of the IC G E. festi.
val was duo In a great measure to tho earn,
est efforts of Its young lady friends, and
tho Bloomsburg Cornet Band's 'ellghtful
muslo to both the thanks of Thcta C'astlo
Is hereby tendered.
Don't fall to attend tho base ball game at
Athletic Park Saturday afternoon between
tbo homo nine nnd tho Anthracites of
Wllkcs-Barro. The game promises to be a
most Interesting one, ns tho nines are very
closely matched, having played a gamo last
summer, which ended with tho score stand,
ing one to one. Tho game will begin nt 3
J. V. Stavcr took a trip to Jersey Shoro
last week to sco what ruin had been
wrought by tho waters. He had a hard
time to get there, going by rail, by boat,
bystogoand foot. Ho reports that the
mill In which Mr. Halfpenny, formerly n
member of tho firm of Caswell & Co. of
Bloomsburg, is interested, is so haily dam-
lined that It maV havn tn lin nlmmlnnnrl
The entire stock is desttoyed, and tho
wnlls of the mill are undermined.
Much anxlctv was felt hern tcvrrnl il.wu
last week by tho friends ot Elmer E. Moy.
cr, who was feared to be ono of tho victims
of the Johnstown Hood. Ho was traveling
in commnv Willi Dr. Bower of Hlmmnkln.
and when lat heard from was nt llnnnvn.
and expected to go irom then to Johns.
town. A Ulsputcu from Johnstown after
tho flood Indicated that Dr. Bower's bodv
had been found there. After much tele
graphing, it was learned last Sunday that
both the Dr. and Elmer weruatlll at Re-
nova, snfa and sound.
List ot letteis remntulng In the Poet Of-
flee ut Bloomsburg for week ending Juno
11, 18S0.
Rev. W. T. Aumin, M. B. Blrdseye,
Mrs. Corrio Buich, Jacob llonsinger, F.
W. Lujsina, Mrs. Jennie Kcltner, Joseph
II. Kline, Mr. Henry Kurtz, Mrs. P. T.
Miller, Miss Lizzie Newman, Joseph Nie.
hart, H. B. Faxon, Mr George Whitcnight,
John Vetter.
Persona calling for these letters will
please say "advertised."
Geokok A. Clahk, P. M.
A grand concert will be given in tho
Bloomsburg Opera House, Friday evening,
for the benefit of the WillUmsport suffer,
crs. Selections will be rendered by tne fol
lowing quartette: Miss Annie MlPer, Mrs.
C. W. Lockard, Mr. J. Y. Glisson, Mr. C.
W. LDckard, Miss Mann, pianist aud oth
ers. Tho Bloomsburg Orchestra,, which
has been Increased to nine pieces for the
occasion, will assist. Don't fall to assist
this worthy causo by attending. Tickets
CO, 35 nnd 25 cento, for salo at F. D. Dent
ler's. Tho second bisc ball game of the season
was playca at Athletic Park between tho
Sunhury aud homo nines, the visiting nlno
being badly done up. Tho following is the
score :
Sunbury, 3 0 0 0 0 1 04
Bloomsburg, 4 1 0 4 0 0 410
Earned runs Bloomsburg 10, Sunbury 2.
Two, base bits Hayes, Kleckner. Bases
stolen Donahay 3, McNulty S, Hagenbuch
4, Shaffer, G. Sloan, Kclckncr 2, Hays,
Glisson 2, M. Sloan 3, Eisley 2, Killlan 1.
First base on balls Hagenbuch 2, Kleck
ner, Iluyes, McNulty, Eisley. Struck out
Donahay, Glisson, McNulty, G. Sloan 8,
Kleckner, Wetzel, Cuke, Bartholomew,
Otllp 2, Hetrick 3, McClouil 2, Stroh 2. Left
on bases Bloomsburg C, Sunbury 2. Dou-
hlo plays G. Sloan, Hagenbuch, Shaffer
KIllian.McCloud, Eisley. Umpire, M'Killip.
For tho benefit of tho public from whom
the following money was solicited It Is
deemed just to give a report of tho Library
Commute of the V. C. T. U. of Blooms.
burg, from May 22, 1888, to April 1, 1880,
Rcc'd cash from Treas $ 07.88
checks "
12 00
0 95
cash " library box,.,
cosh " Anil Slung Soc.
" for salo of books
Paid for books i
" " Dictionary and stand...
" " periodicals
" " freight
' " postage and P. O. orders
" " W. U. T. U. Stamp
" " printing
" towards rent
Balanco on hand.
$ 254.37
Eva Rctkrt,
Chairman of Com.
Mrs. Rachacl Kuhn died at her home In
Espy Sunday Juno 0th, at tho advanced
ago of 85 years, 1 month and 25 days. She
was born uear Easton, Y&., where sho spent
her younger days, and was there married
to Mr. Iiaao Kuhn. In 1835 sho and her
husband moved to Columbia County and
bought tho farm now owned by N. U.
Funk, Esq. For twelve years they spent a
pleasant life, nnd were blessed with five
children, two sons and threo daughters
tier husband died in 1847,and one year later
tho farm was sold, under the will, to Daniel
Snyder, with a dower remaining for her
benefit. In 1848 sho moved to Espy and
for 41 years has made that her home, Bho
was of a kind disposition, and hence leaves
a large host of friends to mourn her loss.
Of tho five children, only one, Mrs. Thomas
Creveliug, survives her. Funeral services
were held at the Lutheran Church, Espy,
Wednesday mornlug, Rev, E. A. Slmrrctts
delivering a very appropriate sermon. Tho
remains wero Interred In Roscmout Ceme
tery, Bloomsburg, ulong sldo that ot her
At tbo first indication of dlsordcr,tho de
ranged or enfeebled condition of tho sto
mach, liver, or bowels, should be promptly
rectified by Ayer's Culhartlo Pills. Theso
Pills do not gripe, are perfectly safa to
take, nnd rcmoyo ull tendency to liver and
bowel complaint.
Floo Cabinets in vlgnctto or scroll,
tf M'Killip Bros.
Tlie nrovca nrc olnir
Tho continued cutting of timber through.
out the state has so depleted tho wood
lands that tho lu mbcrmcn nrc now stack
ing groves of trees wherever they can find
them. Along tho creek on the Rupert
road, mills have been at work, nnd what
lias long been known ns "Barton's Grovo"
has entirely disappeared. Ycnrs ngo, this
was ono ot tho many popular resorts for
picnic parties, and a largo number of tbo
mlddlo aged pcoplo of this .town will re
member many pleasant hours spent In this
grovo In their childhood's dtys Tbo trees
on tho lower sldo of Barton's brldgo havo
nlso been cut down, and tho work has been
commenced on tho little grovo this sldo of
tho bildge. This will probably go on un
til all tho trees nlong tho creek on both
sides nro gone.
Somo years ago tho ravlno on tho other
sido ot the river at the ferry was a popular
picnic grounds. Thcro was plenty ot
shade, pleasant rambles over the bills nnd
along the river shores, boating, fishing and
other pastimes. In the days of tbo Carver
rcgimo nt tho Normal School, tho students
frequently took Saturday rambics over
there Now many of tho trccsi are gone
the spring Is polluted, and tho railroad
track has spoiled tho walks along tho
Bo it Is everywhere. Tho groves nro
disappearing before tho march of railroads
and tho woodman's axe. Thcro are very few
accessible) places left where tho people of
Bloomsburg can spend a summer's day In
the woods. The Rupert grove Is smalland
Las no conveniences, and the only other
plcasuro ground is Oak Grovo. This has
been lilted up by a company nt great ex.
pense. Water pipes from tho town mains
supply a fountain, an Ico coolcrl and
water closets. A dancing pavilion, tables,
swings, a kitchen, eating stands, and other
buildings In rustic architecture, are scat
tered over tha grounds. Oak Grovo has
been visited by lsrgo railroad excursion
parties frequently, and all havo expressed
great satisfaction with tbo location and tho
accomodations. But the lcaso of the com
pany will expire next year, and then unless
the people of the town shall take some ac
tion thU beautiful groye, llko nil others,
will fall. The grove has not been appre
ciated and patronized as lt should have
been, nnd perhaps, as Is frequently the
case, Its merits will not bo fully known,
nnd tho need of such a resort wlll not bo
greatly felt until It Is n thing of tho past.
Such a place as Oak Grovo would bo n
valuablo property for tho town to own, nnd
If It would dlsposo of the so-called "Park"
that Is used only for ball games nnd circus
grounds, nnd purchase a grove for tbo use
of all tho people, the town authorities
would bo doing a great public scrvlco.
I'orccd to I. cave. Home.
Over CO people were forced to leave
their homes yesterday to call for a free trial
package of Lane's 1 amily Medicine. It
your blood is bad, your liver and kidneys
out of order, tf you aro constipated and
have headache and an unsightly complex
ion, don't fail to call on any druggist to
day for a fret samplo of this grand remedy.
The ladles praise It, Everyone likes It.
Large-size package 60 cents. Apr. 20-0rn.
I.ninyutte Commencement.
The commencement exercises of Lafay
ette College, at Easton, begin on tho 23d
with the Baccalaureate sermon by Pres
ident J, II. Mason Knox and the Y. M.
C. A. anniversary: followed on Monday
by the Senior Class Day nnd promcnado
concert by Hasslei's Orchestra. Tho lat
ter is a favorite feature nt Easton, and was
attended lust car by fivo thousand per
sons. Tuesday Is devoted to various al
umni meetings when It is expected that tho
graduates will for tho first time take
part in tho election of a trustee, to bo tho
special represintatlye of thiir interests.
Tho tenth annual contest for prizes in ath
letic sports aud a re-union banquet of all
the old students complete tho day's pro
gram. On Wednesday, the 20th inst., thirteen
representatives of tho forty members of
the graduating class speak, and tho de
grees nnd prizes are conferred. A new
prize of one bundled dollars is offered by
an unknown donor for tho best CBSay ou
"The Place of tho Bible in the College
Curriculum." Tho Sophomores give a
theatrical display of Calculus on Saturday
evening j aud on the 27th the new Fresh
man class is to bo formed, cither by exami
nation in the studies required for admis
sion, or by Iheir presentation of certificates
of proficiency from such approved acade
rales und normal schools as have conform
ed their courses to the stuudard of Lafay
ette. The prospects of this colltgo weie
never more favorable.
Orders for excursion tickets at reduced
rates may bo had by addressing tho Reg.
Istrar, Prof. Collin, Easton.
CoiiHiitiiptloti Niircly Cured
To the EniTOit Plcuso inform your read
ers that 1 have a positlvo remedy for tho
above named disease. By its timely use
thousands of hopeless cases have been per
manently cured. I shall bo glad to send
wo bottles ot ray remedy fkke to any of
your readers who havo consumption If they
will send me their express and post otlic
address. Respectfully, T. A. SLOCUM
M. C..181 Pearl St., Now York, sept-21-ly
Council Irocecc!lilK.
Bloomsuuiio, June 0, 1889.
Regular meeting of council all present.
R. It. Llttli', Esq., appeared and present
ed a copy of n petition to court to havo the
burial ground on First street, cust of Iron
street, known as the Welsh Baptist burial
ground, declared a nuisance and the dead
removed therefrom. He also serves rule
of Court on council and Geo. M. Lockard,
returnable 24th day ot June, to show cause
why same shall not be declared a nuisance
and tho dead removed to some other well
regulated burial ground in said town. Or
der of Court referred to tbo solicitor,
Mr. Gross, chairman on committee on
fire, water and gas, who wero instructed at
last meeting to ascertain most desirublo
site, price of lot und cost of erection of a
fire euglno house, reports that they have
cxamiued several lots and in their opinion
tho lot on northeast corner Second nnd
East streets Ib tho most desirable. Tho
owners of the lot, Mrs. 8. A. Petrikin, F. P,
Blllmeycr, et. al., have offered to sell it
to the town for $15.00 per foot. The
fruntago will be about 01 feet, four feet of
which will be given to Iho town. The cost
ot erection of a building in manner pro-
posed would cost about $1500.
Moved that the committee, In conjunc
tion with President Harman,see tho Solid.
tor nnd If they have Iho power to accept
the offer of sain of said lot, go on and close
the contract for Itl purchase.
Town Constable, M. C, Woodward, ap
pears t.nd asks for instructions regarding
tbo enforcement of tho ordinance prohibit
Ing fire crackers, etc. He Is Instructed that
tho ordlnanco will bo enforced. Ho also
asked council to buy a dog net for him to
use in catching unregistered dogs. Request
Ordinance No. 40, to provldo for tho
licensing nf transit retail merchants read
und adopted.
Mr O W. MHIcr appears and asks that
council exonerate tha silk mill from town
I tux, a for it period of ten years la like man
ncr m School Furnishing Company and
Carpet Company had been exonerated. Re
quest granted on tamo conditions as wero
given the companies mentioned.
Moved and seconded that na order bo
drawn In favor of U. W, Miller for cobblo
stones equaling tho amount charged against
him by Com. of Highways Bldtcman, for
work done on sower. Carried.
Moved and seconded that Mr. Mldcr bo
exonerated from tho payment of bill for
leveling sower ditch brought by Com. ot
Highways, Housct, who was not author
ized to do tho work. Carried.
The following petition was presented end
read i "To tho President and Members of
your Council. We, tho undersigned citi
zens nnd taxpayers of tho said town, do
moat respectfully request that all taxes
assessed and levied on dogs bo equalized,
that Is to say, that ' tho assessment bo so
revised that parties owning moro than ono
log may not bo compelled to pay moro
than ono dollar for each dog." Signed by
An ordlnanco to nmond ordinance No. 45
was read and adopted.
Council sitting as board of revision, Mr.
Ringlcr moved that tho limits of tho built
up portion of the town be fixed samo as last
year, excluding from said limits the fur
nace property of Wm. Ncal & Sons and
that of the Bloomsburg Iron Co.
The date of appeal was, upon motion,
fixed for Saturday, June 20, 1880, between
the hours of 3 and 0 p. m.
M. C. Woodward was, upon motion, ap
pointed to servo the tax notices for the sum
of ten dollars.
Building permits were granted to tho fol
lowing! To the Bloom School District for
tho erection ot a High School Building ;
to W. R. Kochcr & Co. for tho erection of
a building for handling coal, built of wood
nnd Iron, size about GO x 88 feet; to E. A.
Rnwllugs for tho erection of an addition
to the rear of his dwelling.
The report of Cora, of Highways for May
and tho bills and accounts were read and
approved and Secretary directed to issuo
orders for same.
On motion council adjourned.
loo I.mllcH Wanted,
And 100 men to call on nny druggist for
n free trial package of Lane's Family Medi
cine, the great root and herb remedy, dis.
envered by Dr. Silas Lane whllo in tho
Rocky Mountains. For diseases of the
blcod, liver and kidneys, it is a positlvo
euro, tor constipation and clearing up
tho complexion It does wonders. Children
like lt. Everyone praises 1. Large-size
package, CO cents. At all druggists.'
Apr. 20-0m.
Dentil of MrH. 15. W. Oreenouitli.
fiiE Sad'Esdiso of a IUrrY Life Comes
Home fiiom the South to Die.
Mrs. Ebon W. Greenough died on Wed
nesday evening nt nlno o'clock. She was
born on the 25th of March, 18C0, and nns
therefore twenty.nlue years old. Sho was
the daughter of Rev. Hoiatio Hewitt, who
at one timo was rector of St. Matthew's
church of this place and who died hero In
1882. It was here sho. met her husband
here the years of her budding womanhood
were passed, which now so sadly end.
In 1809 sho went from this placo to Mrs.
Eastman's female college at Media. As
soon as her school days were over she look
up tho more serious duties of life, nnd In
1880 was married from tho houso of her
brother John, as her father at that time
was in charge ot a parish in the far west.
He lived in Bcllcfonto and like his father
before him, was also n minister nnd nt this
time in charge of the Episcopal church in
tho above named place. He it was who
performed tho ceremony that made Eben
llllam Greenough and Elizabeth Swann
Hewitt man and wife, Iho Rev. Dr. Hop
kins, of Willlanisport, giving tho bride
awny. They chose Sunbury for their home,
as the parents of Mr. Greenough lived here.
They built for themselves n charming homo
on the river bank, next duor to the church
of whish tho father of deceased was rector
for six years.
There was no happier homo in the land,
not even a shadow upon the thrcshhold to
mar tho joy and happiness within. In 1831
a little girl, Mary, came to bless their un
ion ; two years later Willie added a ray of
sunshine to their happy day. Then camo
the third and last olive branch, sweet little
Snsctte. At about the time ot her birth,
one year ngo, the husband nnil father was
overtaken by catanhal pneumonia, n grim
disease that tor a time held its victim near
death's door. But Ills good constitution,
developed by the college gymnpsium, uow
stood him In good steud and ho pulled
through. The rigor of our northern win
ters is particularly hard on one who has
just gone thro' such n siege, nnd to escape
this he sought tho milder climo of tho sun
ny south. On tho 7th of January of this
year Mr. nud Mrs. Greenough, Mary, Wil
lie nnd Susctto stnrtcd for the South. At
that time Mrs. Greenough was the picture
of health, full of life und of good cheer,
happy at tho prospects of seeking n place
where her husband's health would be pro
moted. They went to Thomasvllle, Geor
gia, and us had been predicted the climate
agreed with Mr. Greenough anil he was
rapidly restored to health. When the
warmer days of ipring time camo again
thoy started on their homewurd journey,
and thinking to mnkc it by cusv stages they
stopped at Aiken, South Carolina. Here It
was that misfortune Beemed to ovcitako
them, for Mrs. Greenough was taken down
with typhoid fever, und while sho wns
struggling with this awful malady little su.
sctto was taken sick and died. This wns it
sad blow to them all, particularly fur tho
mother, who had enough guided by our
Unite judgment, we would say, to bear al
ready, Tbo little ono was Bent on and three
weeks ago was burled In the cemetery hero.
On Monday ono week ago tho mother came
so changed that her friends scarce knew
her. Sho wus carried from tuo train to her
homo and since then has been delirious
most ot the timo. And now sho has gone
to join Suzelte. Bo closes the sad. chapter
in this life that uutll now had been such a
happy one. It Is one of the strange and
Inexorable decrees ot fato that tho husbandi
who went away sick comes back restored"
and the wlfo who went well comes back tn
die. It was in the plan, and God knows
best. Then, too, there is a sweet and nret
ty plcturo that comes beforo us, tho joyous
meeting or motber und ch"d In Paradho
and, best ot all, Its true. Think of the joy
of the Utile one, cradled on tho wings ot
doves and guarded by angels, at seeing tho
brightest angel ot ull to her, her mother.
Lven looking through tears wo may find
something tu soften the pangs of sorrow.
I hero are, of course, sail hearts here, but
what joyous ones there.
Mrs, Greenough will bo very much miss-
ed by her many frlcndf, She had a bright
and cheery disposition i was refined and
delicate in her tustes delighted in doing
luings to promote iho happiness of others
anil to tuts end her house was often tho
sceno of pleasant entertainments of various
kinds. Besides her husband and children
her mother survives her, and tho heart of
every ono In this community goes out to'
them all In sympathetic condolence. Sun
bury Dtmocjat Juno 7.
Au elegant Hue, of summer merino.
Ualbripgan underwear just opened at
jiutvuuuerg p.
Tho Young People's League of tho Luth
eran Church will hold an Ico cream supper
at tho lato residence of Mrs. Marclcy on
East street.
O. H. Huppcrt, of Scranton. Is attending
tho mlnlstcrliim ot tho Lutheran Church at
Lebanon. Ills wife Is visiting nt her fath
er's, Mr. John Wolf, during her absence.
Moriunl Term.
A Normal term, for thosg teachers do
siring to prepare for tbo coming examina
tion nnd for futuro work will bo opened In
tho Orangcvllto Academy on July 8, 1889,
nnd wilt continue six wccics. Ow.
niilu't -want n ilrl.
Last fiummor my wlfo's health was all
run down, snd sho wanted mo to hire a
gltl to do tho work. In a little whllo I
found ono 1 thought would suit her, when
to my surprlso sho said I need not biro nny
one, ns sho felt much better, nnd thought
another bottlo of Sulphur Bitters would
euro her. Donald Giiet, 41 Worcester
square, Boston. juno 7-2t.
lixtruordlunry CScucroHliy.
Tho Jersey City Fire Insurance Com
pany, represented In tills place by C. F,
Knapp, ngent, has givon notlco to tho
Johmonu sufferers that nil Insurance in
said Company against loss by lire, who
lost their property by water or fire will ro
cclvf their Insuranco from said Company,
to the full amount ot their Insurance.
This is tho first Instance, so far as
known, nnd tbo Corapnny deserves tho
commendation of the public for this noblo
"For n long time I bid no appetite, wns
restless at night, nnd very much debilitat
ed. After taking two bottles of Ayet's
Sarsaparllla, my strength and nppetlte re.
turned, nnd my health wns completely re
stored." D. M. Fieher, Oswego, N. Y.
Tlie itcndliiK Knllrond Open lo
Tho Philadelphia Reading Railroad
Is now open for travel to Wllllnmsport nnd
intermediate points. Tho work of repair
ing Ihc brldgo at Sunbury hns been com
pleted, thus establishing an unbroken lino
of track from Philadelphia to tho South
bank of the river at Willlarasport, whenco
passengers are ferried across to tlie town.
Lifo slzo
crayons in gold frames only
M'Killip Bros.
For a spring suit put up in first class
stylo go to tho leading merchant tailor
ing establishment ol D. Lowenberg.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla.
When Baby wan sick, wo garo her Castorla.
When she vras a Child, shs cried for Castorla,
When she became MUs, the clung to Caatoria,
Whan she had Children, she gave them Castorla.
rmi.ADBi.rniA. .Monday, Juno 10, 1SS9.
You know the store.
Its size, its concentration of
more than forty stores in one,
its helps to your comfort while
buying, its well-known record of
best values at fair prices these
are all part of an oft-told 'story
to you. In your occasional
visits to Philadelphia you've
doubtless fully tested the store
and its resources. Its meant
to be another home to you.
but do you know that wher
ever you are the store and its
goods are as near as if you
were here to look and choose
nnd hnv ?
You can write lor
what you
served as
want and be as well
f buying in person.
we ve told you of the people
killed in goods and their val
ues who fill your written orders,
giving you freely of their ex
perience and knowledge that
you may have the best we have
at thejpnee and that meansthe
best at the price anywhere.
And we ve told you ot the li
tis trated General Catalogue,
which brings to your home the
goods of the many stores that
make up wanamakcr s a book
so arranged and indexed that
you can find the price of any
article in an instant.
These helps are always at
your service. You can nave
the Catalogue by asking for it
on a postal card.
Muslin Underwear.
Machinery has stripped
away lrom the price evei bit
of extravagance. Completed
garments now cost little more
than the material once did. No
lome work, no worry about fit.
I'he best styles we have for
women, lor misses, lor mlants
are shown in the illustrated
General Catalogue. Is the book
in vour home ? It will take
but a moment to get it write a
postal card.
The thousand and one things
you need for Summer wear or
use about the house are there.
Of all the Summer floor cov
erings, Mattings first. Coolest,
cleanest, fittest. We have as
welcome a word as vou ever
leard of them.
Nine hundred rolls, fresh
from the importer. In two
choice tirades. If vou know
Matting worth, you'll marvel at
these prices :
I Heavy China Matting,
this season's importation.
handsome patterns, $8 the roll
ot 40 yards ; cut, 23c a yard.
Give it any test ; it comes up
right every time.
2 A desirable China Mat
tmS d weight, good designs.
$0 tne roil ; 17c a yard it cut.
No toohslmess about either.
Solid, well put together.
I his is the last special offer
ing in Mattings we shall have
this season,
John Wanamakek.
Fino Cabinet portraits o ily
$3- doz. Life size Crayons onlv
$10.00. Viewing, copying aod
enlarging. Instant process
used. tf.
Illoodcrt I'iovIh.
Pit Games, Grist Shtwlnccks, Heath
woods, Black B. Reds, that will stay to win.
Eggs, 13 for $1. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
tf. Bloomsburg, Pa.
(Mention this paper.)
Wantko A man of $200 to go Into Ink
lag nnd confectionery buslucss nil utensils
supplied, rent cheap, como nt once.
J. F, Caldwell,
liloomsburg, Pa.
All our French 37lo Satlncs reduced to
2Sc at U. W. Sloan's.
Cream cloth, cream cashmere, cream al
batros for dresses at Clark & Son's.
All our lCc satlncs 'reduced to 12lc at
II. W. Sloan's.
Another lot ot those wool flnlihed chut
lies H yds. for $1.00 at Clark & Son's.
Challlc at 4c yd., chulliu 10c yd., Lawns
4c yd. See them.
All 25c satlncs reduced to 20c at
II. W. Slonn's.
Wo buy for cash, sell for cash, and glvo
you the benefit ot it for your cash. Clark
fs Son.
Cream Henrietta cloths, nlso cream Hin
uels for dresses nt II. W. Sloan's
Our stock is too largo to tell you all
wo have, our two large rooms 100 feet
each nro filled with dress goods, white
goods, table linens, towels henrletus, mils
llns, prints, lace curtains, hosiery, gloves,
dry goods, nil kinds notions, nil kinds
fancy goods, nil kinds at cash prices. -Clark
& Son.
Fast black hose for
ladles and children
II. W. Bloan's.
Clark & Son's have now in their storo
rooms tho largest and grea'.est variety ot
ladies' Misses and children's hosiery shown
in town, nnd nt prices not to be undersold
by nny if not lower. Call and see full
lines of Gordon fast black, will not crack
nor stain the feet.
Do not forjet to look at our satinee, re
duccd from o7 to 2So. 'fucy nro nil new
fresh goods nil of tho best make nt
II. W. Sloan's.
Mrs B you can now get thoso 0 gloria
silk Mlrrcllas that we -ei out f l&st
week, 0 doz. moro Just re; ;lv. d nt to low
price of $1 20 each. Clark cfc Son.
PUid, plain and striped white goods in
gienl yariety just received nt Clark As
son's. India I)o Llnon 10c to COc yd. Vic
toria lawn 10c to 40o yd., 4-4 Lonosdale
cambric 10c yd. Our linn of embroidered
llounclngs for quality and price are the
lowest. See thein and you will be convinc,
We prefer to lose the sale of
it few goods rather than roast in
a hot store room after 8 o'clock:
Some will continue to close
sharp at 8 o'clock. We are hav
ing a ready sale for warm weath
er dress goods. Sateens are
selling best; we have them. Al
so ChallieSj Crepclies, Seer
suckers, India Linen, Dress
Ginghams, Armadales, Bagoos,
Lawns, Percales, Zephyr Cloths,
"White Dress Goods and Em
broidery to match, handsome
Embroidery Dress Patterns put
up in boxes. Wo have a nice
line of fine Fans. Our stock of
Parasols and Sun Umbrellas
has been increased lately. You
cannot go amiss lor a nice wed
ding or birthday present from
our stock.
Saturday night we close at 9
Mi:. John, Germantown, writes--I
despaired ot a cure ot a loag standing
case of nervous debility having been treat
ed by many so-called advertising special
ists, turally and hospital physicians without
ciTeet, when Ur. Thcel, 038 North Fourth
St., Philadelphia, took my case nnd made
a pcrmunent cure. Thank God und Di.
Theel's knowledge I am u perfectly sound
nud healthy man und would advise ull cut
ferers to consult him.
". b. mm i no,
There seems to be no
off in our "WfU Paper
Though tlie season r last com
ing to a c ose. AVhy is this so ?
Because I iO goods we send out
aro as good in qaality as can be
bought anywhere p .a p ices
we offer them. Ihree things
eervo us, viz ; Qiuiluy, quan
tity nnd price. Tho paper we
sell we guara itee full length and
lull weight. Ihese are two
points to ho careml ol in t'us
stage of the business. Unec. "
pulous nianufacturovs aro mak
mg their goods short leugth at
cheaper price, bat it takes
more to do your rooms, hence
you aro tho loser.
W. H. Ukookr ft Co.
Exchange Hotel. Pa
Hy virtue of a writ ol Vend. Ex, Issued out of
tno court ot Common l'leaaot Columbia County
andtoino directed, there will be exposed to pub
lic eaiu ou tue premibeu on
FRIDAY, JUNE 21, 1889,
a'-S o'clock p. m., all that certain lot of ground
Miuaio in ucaver lownanip, Columbia county.
i-cmuyivama, nounaeu ana described as follow h.
to-witi on tho north by tuo land of Daniel
(learhart, on I ho cast by publlo road loadlne to
Kingtown, on tno soutn and west by lands of u. A.
Khumap, contain int tlirec-tourtuaof an;acro moro or
tus, wncreonaro erected a Frame Dnelllnu House.
Btoio Itoora, baw Mill And oilier outbuildings.
Also u individual nair interest of all that ce
tain lot of unseated land In Heaver Two, Coluni
nia county, Pennsylvania, bounded and described
as follows, to nlti On the south by land of Jolm
nennlnger, on tho east by land of Daniel Blogley,
on tho west by land of Dtntel llamer, and on the
north, by land of Joliu llupcrt, containing Eight
Acres, moro or le&,
Holied taken In execution at t'10 suit of Fred
Drtilr Hosier and Ocorie Hosier, executors ol
Henry Hosier, dso'd, and to bo sold as the p-ojKr-
ty 01 r-ucy Anu ana T, j, buutnan.
11. F, Zikk, Att'y,
This ndvortisoinotit nml gel
posted on mutters of dress. It
is most Important lo nil gen
tlemen "What nnd Wlicro" to
buy nnd get just what thoy
rood in Clothing nt the right
prices. You Bliould
m M
That our phm of doing lial
tics 1110 oiloiilnlcd to benefit
YOU ns well ns OUlt
SELVES. Consequently it
is to OUlt Idterest lo servo
you bultur every time which
Accounts for our increasing
Wo leave it for you to
on theso points by getting ac
quainted with lliu high quality
nnd exceedingly low prices of
buying THIS Clothing you
obtain nil tho character and
stylo of tho Finest Merchant
Savo half your monoy.
E. 0. Til
Tnilor Clothier Importer,
Oombfntnft a Parlor. Llbrtry . Smoh.
lug, Ricllnlnq, tr lllll CHAIR.
LdUNEC, BCD, nr 1"
or COUCH. Prlei3wU
wa miika tha luramt v&riptv of
UilullllU, Rtcllnlag, PllllcllM'
a urDeonr UDcraimQ, mvaiia
rmcyCirpit Folding, Rtitf aid Rjttia CHAIRS and
Orer O0 different dettlgos.
Oarpjtul Aniomallc Brakf on all Car.
wnoieBajintr; ojppiacinjf jour oraora
direct with tne maker you can iasa
tttiral profit. Our tluhing prtet a
tod tpocial HnrKnln will astonish
ta. Goods Hula under a gwimnut h
no aeurerea I ret 10 any point in
I mini Sbilia aiTKflnrl tamn
Ualalomie, and state class of goods rou man It for.
1US North Ulglitli 81recu 1'hllailclpLlu, Va,
When I tav Ctmn I do notmcanmerelrto
stop litem fur n nine, and then hao them ro
turn again. 1 miun a 1IA1)1C.U CUlUi.
1 navo inauo uio aisuuso oi
A llfclonp study. I WAHUANT my remedy to
Cum: the. worst canes, llecauto others havo
Jailed Is no reason lor not now receiving a euro.
Semi at onoo for a trcatiso and a Khee Iiottlu
of ray iNFAi.LinLr. lit.iEur. Give i;prcs
ana l'ott uuico. u cons you nothing lor a
trial, nnd it will euro you. Address
H.C. ROOT, M.C., 1 83 Pearl St.. New York
Almost as Palatable as Fflllk.
So dllSlllatll tllnt It ran lin tnlirn.
tllcostcd. uaid analinllalvd liv lha inoat
sensitive stomach, when the plalai oil
caunot be tolerated; nnd by the com
iimuiiun as me on wiiii nie iiynopilos
luutu uiurc uiiicucious.
Remarkable lis a flesh proJaftr.
Pcrsous gala rapidly irlille taking It.
SCOTT'SESIULSION is acknowledged bv
Physicians to be the Tinest nnd Best prepa
iuuuu mmo worm lor tuo reiiet una euro ot
The areat rtmethi for thnxumntinn. nl
sept 28-'$s-ly
A Scluuilllcaud standard Popular Medical Treatlso on
tho Errors of Youth, Prematura lii:lliii',KerotiN
aud Phyalcal Debility, Irapurltlca of lhi-ll!ood,
Uvaultiog irom Folly, Vice, Ignorance, Exccaaca or
Oieituxutlon, Enervating and unnitlag tho ntlm
for Work, llualm as, tho Married or Social UcUlloii.
Avoid unakllful pretenders. Poaaeaa thla great
work, It comalua ioo page, royal Svo. lleuutiful
binding, emboiacd, full gilt. Price, only fl 0 by
mall, poat.pald, concealed In plain v. rapper. lJ''a
Irativo Proapectua Freo, If ou opply liw. 'i nw
dUlltigulahod author, Wm. II. Parker. M I)., r
from tha Nntlonnl Medlcnl Assoclutlrn.
for tha PRIZE ESSAY on NERVOUS nnd
PHYSICAL DEBILITY. Dr.Parkeramlao r,
of Aaalatant l'hjalclana may bo couau.ted, r i
dcntlally, by mall or In peraon, at the. elllrtt of
Tin: l'liAmiDv Minuati, inmtitutk,
No. llullliuli St., lloatun, Maaa,, towhomal!
srdera fol too I. a or ktura for advice atiouU la
directed as abovu.
I'terlne Palus, llhcuinatli', sclail-, sharp and
niakenlng palus, relieved In ono minute by
& Guticura Anti-rain riaster 2nd
only Instantaneous naln-kllllng strengthening
riaster. 85 cts i a for ti. At druggists, or of Pot;
ter Drug and Chemical Co., Hostou
PTTT I'Jmples.blackheads, chapped andWT TTC
May lidt " UU I'utlcuru Soap. trljt3
f- OF J LIFE f j WT'fl
R5Mn'a WPS tonio iuS&
tliO U UiuXehtrym.JTJ 't Hall 111 arUim,
ITWU tfatocUvS Cllrilkin. Tolalullina. Ijaml lli
r an Act of Assembly approved May H. INN. It
Is tnadn tno duty of the Fhcrltr of every Connty to
(five notlco of the special election to lu hrld on
Iho 19th day of Juno 1?89 for tho purposo of docld.
Ing upon tho approval and ratification or rejection
ol tbo following two proposd Amendments li
tho constitution, namely, one known as Iho U.
cenqo Amendment to prohibit tne manufacture
nnd salo of Intoxicating liquors &c.
Tiisotner Known on uio runraso Amendment.
Thcrpfnrn 1. John II. VAV'r lllfrli MiclfT o Dot.
umbla county, do hereby mako known ftjd pro.
claim to me qualified electors of Coiun jla county
luai. a ppcciai cievuou w in uu uciu uu
TUKSDAY, JUNK 18, 1889,
at tho several election districts In said county for
tliopurposo ot deciding upon the approval and
rauucniiin ur rcjwiiun ui an Amciiuiiieiib mi iuo
Constitution, known as the Amendment prohibit
Ing tho manufacture nnd sale of intoxicating
liquois and also an amendment known as the Muf
trago Amendment, and that the elections tn tho
several illslilcts will bo held at tho following
named places Uwlt :
Iieaver township, at tho publlo houso ot Mary
Hcntfin township, at tho public nouso ot U
Drako In tho town of lienton.
uerwick, East; at tho llttlo omccof Jackson
Wnodln In tho borough of Il( rwlcK.
llerwlek. Uest nttfin nnicn nr J. fl. Jflcnbr. In
tho borough ot llcrwlck.
lltoohi Bast, at Iho Court House, tn flloomsburg.
Illoom West, at tho, InlUoomsburg.
llrlarcreek township, at tho nubile scJiool house
near KvansvlUe.
Catawlwa township, at the public houso of 0.
V. ito tsnrtler, lu the town ot Caiawlssp.
Centralis, Iiorough at Iho publlo houso of Wm.
PC'cr, doce.uo 1.
Centre townshln. at tho school houso near Lafav
otto ci easy s.
uonyngnnm norm District, atino Bcnooinoust
near tho colliery of John Anderson Co. hntith linunn nf Mrs.
Thomas Monroe.
! isiiingcrcck townshln, at tho school houso ncal
, 11 Wllito'S.
Franklin townshln. nt llin lAwnl fwhnn
(ireenwood township, at the houso ot L D
ration, deceased.
Hemlock township, nt tho pu'ilio houso of Chaa
II. Dletterlch, in tho town of lluo c Horn.
Jackson twp., nt tho scnool house at Waller.
Locust townahln.At thn nnhlle hotisn of Kath&n
Knorr.ln Numedla.
.Mrui. n township, at Uio public school house In
.nam township, at tho puono nouso Of Addison
W. shutnan.
Minim township, at tho public house of Aaron
Hess, in tho town of Mtflllnvlllc.
Montour townshln. at nubllo honso of
Sa.n f 1 Hail-fLic, nt Hupcrt.
Jit, 1'loasant township, at tho Mltlertown school
orange township, at It Falrman's hotel In or
angcvlllo. l ino lownsnip, at tno centre school House,
!loar!n(rerrfk townshln. nt Inn hnnsn nr Hnmnnr
scolt F'st township, at tho publlo house of
Jose ,'i Ki Jtner, In Espy.
Kmift 1 nt llin mthll. hnn.A A, I f ITIiM.h
Pin Ughtstreet.
auganoai township, at tno house or Korman
Foils shall bo ODcnod at soven o'clock a. m. and
shall contlnuo open without Interruption or ad-
juu.uuirui. uuui hcvcu uciueit 11. in., wnen 1110
pollf will bo closed.
That every person cxceminir Justices or the
Peace and Aldermen. Notation Public nnd Per
sons In the mllltla spivlcn of the Ntate. who
shall hold or shall within two months have held
any onico or appointment of profit or trust under
theUrit-d Kntra, or of this state, nnd city or
corporatcd district, whether a commissioned
olllccr or otherwise, a subordinate ofllcvr or agent
tunj, Kxocutlvo or Judiciary Department of this
Mate, or of any city or of any Incorporated dis
trict, and also, that every member of congress
and of tho stnto legislature, and ot tho select
or common council of any city, or commissioners
or any incorporated district, uro by law lncapablo
of holding or exercltlng at tho same timo tho
oTlco or appointment ot Judge, Inspector or Clerk
of nny election otllila Commonwealth.
iiie uispecwrs nna dunge oi 1110 eiccuons snail
meet at tho resectne places appointed for
holding tho election In tho district to which they
respecmcly belong, before seven o'clock In tho
morning, and each of said Inspectors shall ap
point ono clerk, who shall boa qualincd voter of
such district.
JiuiN H. CASEY, Slicrlir
Sheriff's Ofllce, liloomsburg, May e-1, is
proposed to Iho citizens or this commonwealth
ty tho uenend Assembly of iho Commonwealth
of Pcnnsylvanl i, for their approval or rejection at
n special election to bo held Juno 19. IBS). Pub
lished by order of tho Secretary or the Common
wealth. In nursuancc or Article X VIII of tho con.
Joint lesolutlon nrortoMnt? an amendment to
tho constitution of this commonwealth:
hisciiON i. no it. resolved by tho senate and
Houso of Henresentallves ot the commonwealth
ot l'cnns lvanla In (leneial Assembly met, That
the following amendment Is proposed to the con
stltutton of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
In accordanco with the Eighteenth Article thereof:
There shall be an additional article to said Con.
stliutlon to be d'-lgnated as Article XIX. as fol
Tlie manufacture, sale, or keenlnc for salon!
Intoxicating Uqt'or, to be used as a beverage. Is
hereby prohibited, and any violation of this pro
hibition shall bo a misdemeanor, punlshablo as
shall bo provided by law.
Tho manufacture, sale, or keeping for salo of In
toxicating liquor for other purposes than as a
uctviufcu may uu auuwtii m sucu manner only as
may be prescribed bv liw. Tho (ipncmi Anspmniv
shall, al the tlrst session succeeding the adoption
ot this artlclo ot the Constitution, enact laws
with adequate penalties for Its enforcement.
a iruu copy oi mo joint itcMUUtlon.
Secretary ot tho commonwealth.
"Notlco Is hereby given that a meeting of the
stockholders of "Manor ltest Inn Company ot
Jamesoa City, Pa.," will bo held at the omce of
tho Secietary In liloomsburg, I'm, on Monday
July 0, itw, at 2 o'clock p. m.. for tho purpose of
voting ou a proposition to increase tho Indebted
ness ui sum curporauou uy placing a mortgage
upon its property at Jameson City.
May 3-St secretary.
Kttato QfrMUp fSUonnaker, late of Tine Utrnthtp,
Letters testamentary on said estate having been
grntted to tho undersigned executors, all persons
Indebted to said estate aro hereby notined to pay
tho sarre, and those having claims against Bald
ostatt, to present tho samo to
MayHWt. Execjtors.
flswie efll man Vahrlnytt; late of Locust top.,
Columbia Co. Deceased,
Notice is hereby given that letters of admtnis
Iratton In tho eatatoof llermon Fahrtngor, late
of Locum twp., county of Columbia.' and state of
Pennsylvania, deceased, havo bfen grunted to
Ilaehacl Fahrlnger and Jeremiah Fabrlnger,
ol Locust Township, Columbia county,
Pa., to whom all tersens Indebted to said
estate aro requested to mako payments, and tboso
having claims or demands will make known tho
siiuo without delay to
or to HAC1I AEL FAlIIllNflEIt
Hbkhinci, Administratrix.
Uttate of John Conner, late of Denton lovnshtn
Tho undersigned appointed auditor to distrib
ute tho balanco In the hands ot tho executor of
said decedei.t, will meet parties Interested there.
In at, his onico In niocmsburg, on Saturday, July
an, ltMi, at 10 o'clock a. m , where and when all
persons having a claim or claims against said fund
will appear and present tho same or bo forever
debarred from coining In for u hhare of said f und,
Juno 14 to.
Mtac iiT Daniel Eiv'er.late ofWoom towiutfilji,
Notlco Is hereby u'Hen that letters o: a'm'ni.
tratlon on tin esiato of Daniel Snyder, Kite of
itiuoiu luwiiMiip, luiuutuia cuumy accottsvu, nave
been granted by Iho luglaterto lienjamln Y. Ilart
min, to whom all peisons inuebted to Iho said es
tate aro requeued to mako pajinent, and thoso
having claims, to present tho same w n bout delay.
Ul 1U U. V. !IAlll.1!A?l.
Ioun ll. Fkkkzb, DIoomsburg.
Attorney. Juno 14-M.
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OA'.UUV. DlsTi'lcriuroposes to l&sneiso..
ui'i viurth ot bonds bairlng Interttt ft 4X per
cent payable semi-annually and exempt frem
stale tax Thoso bonds ruu from two to thirteen
years and win no issued in amounts ol noo, tsoo
and fo to suit customers. Persons desirous or
Investing In said bonds s oult at once notify tho
treasurer, William Kramer, liloomsbuig, Pa.
J. C. IIHOWN, President.
Juno 14, ltJ.
h L E S ivi E
VVANTI'Il to canvass for
Ihusalo ol Milwry stock, steady employment
guaranteed. Salary nml Kximmikch paid
to wee ful men. Aprly nt orce, slatltg age.
MeuHon Ons imier.
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Ask your Prugglat or Oroor for It,
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