The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, January 28, 1887, Image 2

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The Columbian.
J.S. BlttentWsr.J E4lt0"'
FItlDAY, JANUARY 28, 1887.
Ex-governor Patlisori and Kx-Sccro-Inry
of tho Commonwealth Stcnger
havo formcJ a law partnership, and
openid an ollico In Philadelphia.
Sheriff Rowan of Philadelphia is
hopeleBsly insane, and legal Btcps aro
contemplated to romovo him from
A thrco year-old son of Governor
Reaver died last Satnrdav nicht of
diphtheria, and was burled on Sunday.
Ho was tho pet of tho household, and
Mrs. isoaver lias been prostrated by
tho blow. A little son of Paulson's
died of tho same discaso soon after
1 altison s inauguration.
Tho Harrisburc Patriot of lha 22d
says that a Houso bill has been report
ed favorably, from committeo provid
ing tor an additional judge in Uolutn
bia county. This is a mistake. No
such bill has been introduced, and if it
bad beon It would never havo cone
through tho committee, as it would be
clearly unconstitutional on several
Superintendent Grimes' reply to a
writer in tho Sentinet of last week who
insinuates that tho surplus funds Ye
oeived at tho county institutes has
been appropriated by Mr. Grimes to
his own use, seems to bo clear and sat
isfactory, and ought to put a stop to
tho annual repetition of this charge.
Ho has thus far publicly accounted for
uii luuuey id ma nanus.
Legislative Committees.
Senator Melzger is on tho following
committees : Federal ltelations, Judici
ary Local, Banks, Retrenchment and
Reform, Congressional Apportionment,
llepresentalivo .britz, is on tho fnl
lowing : Coimrefsional Apportionment,
1 r cj.r.:-.!...; -!
ai, uetrenenment and Kelorm.
Representative Fox is on tho follow
ing: Agriculture, Centennial Affairs,
Judiciary Local.
Democratic Statu Oommittee.
The Democratic Stato Committee
met at Harrisburg last week Wednes.
Cairman Hensel having called the
committee to order J. Marshall Wright
Jisq., one ot tho original opponents ol
Philadelphia, moved that Dallas San
dcrs, Esq., bo elected chairman by ao
cUmation. Colonel E. H Rauch, of
Carbon, moved to amend by substitu
ting the name of Eckley B. Coxe, of
ljuzerne, and supported his amendment
in a vigorous speech, lie was sustain
cd in this by Mr. Burke, of Lackawan
na. E. P. Kianer, Esq., of Luzerne,
who is a close friend of ex-Senator
Coxe was not a oandidate and would
not accept an election under tho cir
cumstances. Ho desired to withdraw
Mr. Coxe's name, but this was not per
mitted. A voto was then taken on
the amendment, which resulted in ayes
15, noes 39. Tho original resolution
was men adopted by an almost unani
mous voto. The committee then took
a recess until 7:30 o'clock.
The committeo reassembled at
o'clock, and at once prooeeded to elect
seven members ot the executive com
mittee. Thirteen names wero present
ed, as follows : Allegheny, W. J
Brcnnen ; Bedford, E. F. Kerr : Craw
ford, James M. Guffey ; Erie, Vf. L,
Scott : Elk, Harry Alvin Hall : Hunt
ingdon, R. Bruoe Petrikin ; Lehigh, R
j. Y right; .Luzerne, Eckley a. Coxe
Mercer, James A. Stranahan ; North
umberland, James II. MoDevitt j Ly-
coming, j. nenry (Jochran ; Weslmore.
land, Dr. II. L. Donnelly : Wayne.
Georgo S. Purdy. On the first oallot
Messrs. Brennen, Kerr, Soott, Wright,
Coxe, MoDevitt and Cochran were
The committee then proceeded to
ur mo piaco tor tho next state conven
tion. Harrisburg, Allentown, and
Pittsburg were nominated, and the bal
lot resulted : Harriaburir. 28 1-2 votes
Allentown. 22 1-2 votes, and Pittsburg
C votes. Tho fixing of tho date of the
convention was left to be determined
at tho next meeting of the committee,
which will be held in Harrisburg in
Mr. Huekenstein offered the follow.
iug resolutions which was unanimously
Resolved, That in Governor Patti
son the democratic party has had a
most faithful ofheer to whose adminix
traiioh wo point with pride as h
leaves tho gubernatorial chair, clean
and pure at he announced when h
took his seat and so endorsed by both
partus, no lias served the peoplo in
tho true meaning of tho constitution
and has delivered tho government of
tne commonwealth oncu moro from al'
jouuors j ne has been the most earnest
exponent of the peoplo's rights and has
fearlessly and earnestly held sacred the
trust put in mm when elected that
private citizens navo rights that oven
combined monopoly of corporations
must respect.
Tho same gentleman offered tho fol
lowintr which was likewise adopted
unanimously :
jtesoiyeu, mat wo nsretiy express
our feeling of unwavering confidence
in i'resident Cleveland and proudly
and gratefully refer to his faithful ap
plication of tho dernocratio principles
ut ruiurm ; to ma strict, auneranco to
the platform of the last national demo.
cratio convention held at Chicaeo. and
to his wise and conservative poTioy of
administering for tho best interest of
tho peoplo of tho United States.
Mr. Harlcy, of Schuylkill, offered
the following which was agreed to :
Resolved, That the committeo rec
ommends an alteration in rule one so
as to make it read, 'Tho state commit
toe shall consist of one member from
each county and in addition any couu
ty mat is entitled to moro than one
stale senator slmll havo an additional
member for each additional senator
The chairman of tho local organization
shall bo vx-ollicio member cf the stato
committee. Additional members in
counties entitled to them shall bo ap
pointed in sucli manner as the losal
regulations of their respective county
organizations may determine.''
Mr. Moran offered tho following:
ittcolvtd, That tho county commit
tee bo requested to mako a thorough
party organization in each eltction dis
trict in their respective counties and
that they ho requested to report to
this committeo through their chairman
the condition of such organization at
the next inciting to ho held ou tho 2d
of May next
Murray Runb, of Delaware, offered
tho following i
Resolved, That a committeo of seven
bo appointed by the chair to recommend
a unltorm plan lor making senatorial
and congressional nominations through
out tho stato i said plan to bo present
ed to this committeo at its no it meet-
Mr. Urown, of tJlarlou, oltercd tho
following i
Kesolvcd, That tho apportionment
of dclogatcs to tho stato convention bo
based on tho Voto cast at tho last pro
ceding gubernatorial or picsidential
election, whlehover Bliall havo last oc
John II. Sloom, of Philadelphia,
offered tho following :
Kesolvcd, That tho distinguished
services rendered to tho democratic
party of Pennsylvania by tho retiring
chairman, W. U. Ilensef, of tho com
mittee, merit an expression ot tho
strongest confidence of this groat party
in him both as an exponent ot puro
dernocratio principles and as an honor
ablo gentleman and useful citizen,
thcieforc, further
Resolved, That this body as Un
representative of tho dernocratio party
of Pennsylvania docs, in the namo of
that party, tender to tho Hon. W. U.
Hou8cl its thanks for laborious and
tinincnt services, and accompanying
tho samo with an expression of con
tinued confidence and best wishes for
his futuro prosperity.
Tho work of tho committeo having
been completed tho committee adjourn
Legislation at H&insbnrg.
Tho following aro Bomo of tho bills
i i t Y j l ! t
mat nave ueen miruuuueu in iuc icjjio
laturo during the past week ; a supple
ment to the rovenuo aot ot ibtts. live.
ducing tho tax on moneys at interest
. . ii i
troni turee to two muis aim piuuiug
one mill in tho Stato Treasury one in
tho treasury of a county or city of the
urst class ;j eoaunug mvuiiuuica uuu
laborers to file a lien ou a building con
strutted on leased ground : authorizing
married women to transact business, to
suo and be sued, to sign mortgages or
deeds, etc, independently of their hus
bauds ; repealing tho three-mill tax ; to
punish the making aud disseminating
of obscene literature; appropriating
50,000 for tho erection of monuments
to the memory of Generals Meade and
Hancock, on the. battle-field of Gettys
burg ; to authorize Registers of Wills
and Orphan's Courts to rt quire secur
ity lor costs, ana to apportion costs in
cases of caveat and appeal ; allowing
husbands and wives to testify for each
other in criminal cases ; a Legislative
apportionment. Identical with the
perfected bills of 1885 ;1 providing for
tho retirement on three fourths pay of
Judges of tho Supremo Court who have
served one full term and aro sixty-fivo
years old, aud the Judges of other
courts who have served twenty years
or over and are sixty-five years ot age,
Also a bill providing for an amend
raeutto section lartiele 9, of the Con-
Ntitution, to make it lead as follows
"All taxes shall be uniform upon tho
same class of subjects within the terri
torial limits of tho authority levying
the tax, aud shall be levied and collect
ed under tho general laws ; but the
General Assembly may by general laws
exempt from taxation every farm not
exceeding twenty acres on which the
owner actually resides and which is nut
situated in a city or borough, every
building lot not exceeding 20,000
square feet in area on which the owner
actually resides, public property used
for public purposes, actual places of
religious worship, places of burial not
used for private or corporate profit,
and institutions of purely public charity-
provided that all taxes on land shall
be specifio ;" a bill providing a tax for
saloons, hotels, ions md other places
whero intoxicating liquors are sold in
cities of tho first second and third
classes of $500, of which $300 shall
go to the city, 100 to the county aud
8100 to the State. Tho tax for retail
ing liquor in boroughs is placed at $200
and in townships at $150. Of the
500 in Philadelphia 100 goes to tho
city and county and 100 to the State,
a liquor license bill providing in ad
dition to fees now paid a license tax ;
to prohibit tho blacklisting of employes;
a bill appropriating $80,000 to mark
with memorial taLleta tho position of
tho Pennsylvania commands at the
battle o( Gettysburg ; a bill providing
for the appointment of mercantile ap
praisers by Auditor general, and the
publishing of the list in two papeiB i
a bill exempting bequests to churches
and cemeteries from collateral inheri
tance tax ; a bill to securo to laborers
the benefits of the exemption laws ; a
bill authorizing appeals by owners of
unseated lands to court, flora the valu
ation of county commissioners.
Senator Wolverton, of Northumber
land, introduced a bill providing that
all deeds and mortgages of real eetate
situated in this stato shall pass tho
whole estate of the grantor or mort
gagor, although there are no words of
inheritance or perpetuity contained
therein, unless it appears by word of
limitation in the deed or mortgage that
tho grantor or mortgagor intended to
givo, graut or mortgago a loss estate.
A bill providing for the biennial pub
lication of the school laws and decis
ious ; prohibiting non-residonlB from
hunting and killing deer ; for tho bettor
protection and collection of wages of
iabor ; allowing hucksters and farmt rs
to buy and sell farm produco without
license ; regulating sales by samples ;
relative to general elections.
(From our Itepilar correspondent.
Washington. D. 0., Jan. 24, 1887.
The present Congress has redeemed
its reputation during the first half of
this its Inst session, and it will now go
down to history honored, oven if it
should do nothing moro for tho remain
der of its life. The enactment ot tho
Presidential Succession bill has been
followed by that regulating tho Electo
ral Count, and bo a double peril is re
moved. It is now pretty certain that
President Cleveland a successors will bo
ciecteu nnu inaugurated without any
resort to partisan war a calamity that
hitherto hus been averted only by tho
toicranco ot mo people.
But this is not half of what has been
accomplished. The Iutor-stato Com
merce bill, 'for hotter or for worse,' has
gono through both houses, and only
awaits tho Executive signaturo to be-
oomo a law. Then a ngcrous Ann-
Polygamy measure has at last been
passed; an investigation of the Pacific
Katlroad crookedness has been ordered
aud the old Mexican veterans aro about
to bo pensioned,
At tho cud of this Congress, tho
terms of one-third of the wholo num
ber of United Stales Senators expire.
Wiuio somo ot them havo been re
elected, others will be succeeded by
now mou. It is noticeable that Feder
al soldiers aro getting scarce in the
senate, iticro aro only seven men
who fought on tho Union side during
thu war, while thero aro sixteen whoso
names cm on tho muster rolls of the
Confederacy. It is probable that only
three of the ox Federal wjl be left '
when tho Senato is called to ordor nt
tho commencement of tho next session.
These will bo Senators Hawlcy, Man-
dorson and Plumb. Fifteen Republi
can Sonators will bo sworn in on tho
4th of ncxtMaroh, but four of thim
woro tho Confederate gray. This will
leave tho Senato with twenty ex-Con-fedciatcs,
and threo soldiers of tho
In regard to Lieutenant Emory's
Arctic trip, Secretary Whitney has ex
pressed himself in no uncertain lan
guage Referring to tho report that
tho Lieut, wanted to go North in tho
"Thotis," ho said the United States had
Bomethlng else to do with its vessels,
naval officers and sailors hesides sond
ing them off on Arctic expeditions.
..i" in . i. ,o,i' ,.t!n,,...i
"1 Will UUl BilJ, UUITV.V.,
the Si'cretarv. "that thero will bo no
such expedition under tho present Ad
ministration, but certainly not wnii my
consent. No ono will recelvo orders
from me for such a trip in consonance
with my wishes.
Tho President is in good health
again, but ho is careful to favor his
rheumatic kneo on all occasions. He
felt compelled to decline to roviow tho
order of thu Mystiu Shrino which visit
ed tho city during tho week, for fear
of tho damp air to which ho would bo
exposed, nnd ho could not go to tho
top of tho Washington Monument with
Mrs. Cleveland and Mr. Corcoran ac
cording to appointment. This trip to
tho clouds had beeu arranged for three
o'clock, and at that hour everything
was in readiness for tho distinguished
visitors. The interior of the Monu
ment was electrically lighted from top
to bottom, a firo was built in tho boiler
house, steam was generated, and sover
al preliminary trips of tho elevator hud
been made to see that everything was
in completo running order for tho ex
pected visit of the President Mrs.
Cleveland was on time, and announc
ing a disappointed tono that tho Presi
dent was not able to come, graceful ly
tendered her arm to the vouprablo Mr.
Corcoran, and couducted him to tho
elevator. Tho air insido the Monu
ment is damp and chilly, and when the
marble door swung open a blast rushed
cut that almost took tho breath of
those entering. The visitors looked
down upon tho magnificent pauorama
at the 500 foot level. Mrs. Cleveland
took especial interest in tho White
House, and tried hard to recognize it
familiar figuro at tho library window.
To morrow the prominent advocates
of woman suffragti will begin their
nineteenth annual conveulion in this
city, and to-morrow Senator Blair will
mako an effort to have the Woman
Suffrage amendment to tho Constitu
tion discussed in thu Seriate. Miss Su
sau B. Anthony, who has been hero for
SDmo weeks, is as grim and hopeful and
resolute as ever, wearing her defeats of
tho last forty years as cheirlully as
other veterans wear plumes of victory.
Sho doesn't thiuk at allt well of press
reporters, however. Slie says, where
women aro concerned, at least, tho re
porters are sure to seizo upon some
triviality and ring its changes to the
exclusion of business. She mentioned
that when she spoko in Chicago last
week, a dog that came with n newspa
per reporter ran across the stago aud
springing up laid his noso on her shoul
der. "I prophesied to tho audience
then," continued she, "that that dog
would figure in the press reports more
conspicuously than anything that was
said or done, and so he did."
Miss Anthony does not change much
as tho years go by. Tho opening of
Bomo new avenuo for the employment
of women, or some new gleam of Hope
from a Stato Legislature always comes
opportunely to offset the effects of
years and labors that might otherwise
bo adding new wrinkles to her brow.
"Teachers' inquiry in the Sentinel
of last week has called forth the fol
lowing letter from the County Super
intendent. Mit. KlUCKBAUM.
Dear Sir: 1 notieed
an article in your last issue in refer
ence to the finances of tho County In
stitute. Tho object of tho writer was
not informati n, as tho statements
must show that he knows that tho re
ceipts and expenditures of tho Ins-ti
tutu havo been carefully examined and
approved by a committeo of teachers.
I write, thoreforr, not for his informa
tion, but for the benefit of those who
have not given tho subject much
thought, consequently may not bo fully
ticquaintid with the law and tho facts
in tho case. Before Ur. Higbeo's lec
ture Monday evening Deo. 31, 1883,
I publicly stated that the evening en
tertainments were not required by law
as a part of tho Institute, that they
were gotten np by inytelf for the en
tertainment and profit of the teachers
and the publio ; that I was personally
responsible for all of tho expense and
if there was a deficit I must pay it, but
the surplus money I would use for the
benefit of the Institute.
In many of the counties of thu stato
tho Superintendents keep tho surplus
monoy, which they havo a legal right
to do. I know of no other Superin
tendent who under similar circumstan
ces uses it for tho benefit of tho In
stitute. Thero is not a single town in
this county which has a regular courso
of lectures. It matters not ho a- much
teachers may desire to attend lectures
they cannot often do so in this county.
Tho expenses of the, teaohers it ho at
tend the Institute, so far as board,
traveling, etc., are concerned aro tho
samo whether they atttend the evening
lectures or not. I have put forth all
possible efforts to give tho teachers
and the publio good Iiihtitutos and
evening entertainments. The Institut
es and evoiiug entertainments of Col
umbia oounty now rank among the
best of the state. An opportunity was
given the teachers to enroll, hut they
were not asked to do so. Tho enroll,
ment card gave them not only reserved
seats for the courso of lectures for
fifty cents (ono dollar less than tho
popular prio) but an opportunity to
select a desirable seat threo hours in
advance of the publio. The officers of
tho Instituto have not been extrava-
gantly compensated, hut they have re
n ,i, ... !... i I
wv.tvu uii iiiuv nua (iiuiijisfu tuem
prior to their acceptauco of tho honors
It might not bo uninteresting to
givo a short sketch of tho hittory of
our Institutes, but as this article is al
ready lengthy, I will ouy ey that tho
receipts from tho evening entertain-
menis oi my nrst instituto wero only
$00.75. At that time tho peoplo of
liloomsburg did not patronize lectuios
as thoy now do. That winter threo
of the most active attorneys in tho
town of Illoomshurg govo the citizens it
courso of lectures. Thoy canvassed
tho town and worked it up as I never
knew any other committee to do and
yet thoy did not meet expenses.
I havo been in correspondence with
most of tho lecture bureaus. I read
carefully tho circulars and testimonials
of each, and wheneter a lectin er that
I think will please tho patrons of our
Iuititute, speaks at Wilkeabarre, Dan-
villc, Shamokin, or nt any of tho towns
not too far distant, I go to hoar him,
and, if ploascd immediately cngago him.
In this way I havo secured lecturers
that havo not only pleased tho patrons
of the Institute, but added largely to
Its funds. Tho surplus on hand, after
dofraying nil tho expenses of every In
stlluti', I applied to tho expenses of
tho next one. During no vear of my
Snperintendonoy until 1884, hnd I moro
than $20 on hand. After tho Institute
of that year I had $120.87 surplus.
After all tho expenses of the Institute
of 1885 hud been paid, I had $223.35
on hand, and tills sum I used in do
fraying thn expenses of tho lato Insti
tute. Had I not had this sum on hand
of last year, I should havo been out of
pocket moro than ono hundred dollars
after pa) ing tho expenses of tho Insti
tute of 188G. It will thus bo seen that
I havo appropriated no monoy received
from any of tho Institutes, to my per-
snnal use, and I challenge any ono to
show anything to tho contrary, it tho
superintendent has no surplus money
from the county treasury, enrollment
fees, or evening lecture", nnd does not
realizo Biifliciont from theso sources to
defray the expenses of any Institute, ho
is obliged to pay the balance out of
his own pocket. This, it seems to me,
should bhow tho reasonableness of
keeping an unexpended balanco on
hand whenever it is possible to do so.
Should I havo any such money in
my hands at the expiration of my offi
cial term, I shall in accordanco with
my publio. statement of 1883, hand it
to my successor, to bo applied to tho
expenses of his Institutes. A state
ment of tho receipts nnd expenditures
of all tho Institutes held by me can bo
seen at my office.
J. S. Giumes,
County Superintendent.
A Great Victory
A Torriblo Caso of Scrofula
Cured by
Hood's Sarsaparilla
" In tho winter ot 1879 I was attacked with
Scrofula In ono ot the most aggravating forms.
At one time I had no less than thirteen Urge
kbscesses over and around my neckand throat,
continually exuding an offensive mass of
bloody matter disgusting to behold, and
almost Intolerable to endure. It Is Impossible
to fully describe my sufferings, as the cut
was complicated with Chronic Catarrh. After
thrco years ot misery, having been treated by
three physicians, I was worso than ever.
Finally, on the recommendation of W. J.
Huntley, druggist, of Lockport, I was Induced
to try Hood's Sarsaparilla. And now, alter
having taken twelve bottles, within the last
twelvo months, the scrofulous eruptions havo
entirely ceased, and the abscesses havo all
disappeared, except the unsightly scars, which
aro dally becoming" smaller by degrees, and
beautifully less.' I do not know what It may
havo dono for others, but I do know that In
my case, Hood's Sarsaparilla has proved an
effective specific Indeed. As an evidence ot
my gratitude I send these facts unsolicited,
and I am ready to verify tho authenticity ot
this cure, by personal correspondence with
any ono who doubts It." Cuaiiles A. lion
EHTg, East Wilson, N. V.
This statement Is confirmed by W. J. Hunt
ley, druggist, of Lockport, N. Y who calls tho
euro a treat victory for Hood's Sarsaparilla.
Send for book giving statements of many cures.
Hood's Sarsaparilla9
Sold by all druggists. $1 ; six for (5. Mads
only by O. L HOOD & CO., Lowell, Mass. ,
lOO-Doses One Dollar. 3
Day and Night
During an acute, attack ot Bronchitis, a
ceaseless tickling In the throat, and an
exhausting, hacking cough, aftllct the
sufferer. Sleep is banished, and great
prostration follows. This disease is also
attended with Hoarseness', and some
times Loss of Voice. It Is llablo to be
come chronic, involve tho lungs, and
terminate fatally. Ayer's Cherry Pecto
ral affords speedy relief and cure In coses
ot Bronchitis. It controls tho disposition
to cough, and Induces retreshlng sleep.
I havo been a practising physician for
twenty-four years, and, for the past
',welve, have suffered from annual at
tacks of Bronchitis. Alter exhausting
all the usual remedies
Without Relief,
I tried Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. It
effected a speedy cure. Q. Stoveall,
M. I)., Carrollton, Miss.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Is docidedly the
best remedy, within my knowledge, for
chronic Bronchitis, and all lung diseases.
M. A. Rust, M. D., South Paris, Me.
I was attacked, last winter, with a
severe Cold, which grew worse and
settled on my Lungs, lly night sweats
I was reduced almost to askeieton. My
Cough was incessant, and I frequently
)it blood. My physician told me to
give up business, or I would not live a
month. After taking various remedies
without relief, I was finally
Cured By Using
two bottles of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral.
I am now in perfect health, and able to
resume business, after having been pro
nounced incurable with Consumption.
S. P. Henderson, Saulsburgh, Penn.
For years I was in n decline. I had
weak lungs, and suffered from Bron
chitis and Catarrh. Ayer's Cherry Pec
toral restored me to health, and I have
been for a long time comparatively vig
orous. In case of a sudden cold I always
resort to the Pectoral, and find speedy
relief. Edward E. Curtis, Rutland, Vt.
Two years ago I suffered from a severs
Bronchitis. The physician attending
mo became fearful that the disease would
terminate in Pneumonia. After trying
various medicines, without benefit, he
prescribed Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
which relieved me at once. I continued
to take this medicine, and was cured.
Ernest Colton, Logansport, ind.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
Trtpirtd by Dr. J.C. AyerfcCo.,Lowt!l,iI...
Sold by ill Drufglili. I'rlc. lj ili toitlei,l.
And Hypophosphites of Lims & Soda
Almost as Palatable as Milk.
The only preparation of COD I.IVKU OIL tlt
can be taken readily and tolerated tor a long thus
1 delicate stouach.
K(ltl)ttl,IMS HHTIIi,, AVK)Ui, lt.N.
mu, minuty, cuiiins ami tiiuoITTF:
tH-l(')S, .nil all WthllSH bl-.C.Iibt.U.'i f
lilll.llllt X It li nurrrllom in lt mall!
freacnbeil aud endonied by the bel rhyalcUna
In the countries of the world.
In re estate of Qantfl Fvrct, late ty yt$h(ngcreek
ittcre testamentary on the Bald estate
all persons Indebted to said mtate are hereby 110-
fltrillrikt Hlllii U.tlta nrusont ttiaanmacn
. 1BAAO A. DkWITT. ElR.,
lecsj. lihorhburg, CoL Co., pa.
to be made. Cut this out and return to
us. and wo will send you free. some.
ili Vila i tnmg oi great value and Importance to
. , , "w. wh man jou m ouuness
WHICH Wl 1 bnntr vntl In mnn mnimpriDhr .
than an think else in this world. Any ono cun do
,4vi.uiuuuidiii uuuie. .uuer bex: an afireu.
Homething new. that just coins money for ail
workers. Hp will start you; capital not needed:
This is one of tbe genuine. Important chances of a
llfei Ime. 1 Host) wlio are ambitious and enterprla-
tntf will rint rin e (i.n ... , . Tz.
j- ..... mwv uwj uiuun uutuv uw. Ajuroaa.
'Jap Co., Augusta, Main Uec3-8,ijrP
nt? LURK Oontalaa tb lita and Znct c
..MIL rnnii" Anlmii itaua nimin
Vor 81 ti C. W. 1AV.
Muauiuio um Oriw.vlll, Pa,
Fautless Family Medicine.
"1 have used Simmons Liver Re gula
latorfor many years, having made It
my only Family Medicine. My mother
bef re me was very partial to It. It Is
a safe, good nnd reliable medicine for
any disorder ot the system, and it used
in time is a great preventative ot sick,
nem. I often recommend It to my
friends, and shall contlnuo to do so.
"IUv. JimksM. Rollins,
Tastor M. K. Church, So. Fairfield, Va."
h always keeping Simmons Liver Regulator In
the house.
"I have found Simmons liver Itceu
lator the best family medicine 1 ever
used for anything that may happen,
have used it In In3lffCfUon, colic, lilar
rhoca, Ulllousnem, and round It to re
lieve Immediately. After eating a
hearty supper, if, on going to bed, I
take about a teaspoonful I never feel
tbe effects of the supper eaten.
Hi-Mayor Macon, la."
J. H. Zeilin & Co.
PRICE, 11.00
By virtue ot sundry writs, Issued out ot the
Court of Common rieas ot Columbia county, Pa.,
and to me directed, win be exposed to public sale,
at the Court House, In Moomsburg, on
SATURDAY, February 12, 1887,
at a o'clock p. m., all that certain messuage and
tract, piece or parcel ot land, Mtuato In the town
ship of Heaver, In the county of Columbia and
state ot Pennsylvania, bounded and described as
follows, to-wiu on the north by land ot widow
Hosier, on tbe east by laudof Jonas Brcdbcnnor,
on the south by Sunbury, Hazleton and
Wllkes-Barre railroad, o. W. Fry and Nathan
Bredbonner, and on the west by a public road,con
talning about twenty-two acres, more or less,
whereon are erected a grist mill and a good water
power on the premises.
Seized, taken in execution, at tho suit of Catha
rine Weaver's uso vs. M. F. Kyerly, with notice to
It 8. Cole and W. 11. Cole, tcrre tenants, and to be
sold as the property of M. F. Kyerly. with notice
to If. a Cole and V. B. Cole, terro tenants.
Mill an, Atty. Lev. Fa.
AU that crtaln piece or parcel of land, situate
in the township of Brlarcreek, Columbia county,
described In two pieces, but held and occupied as
ono, bounded as follows: lieglnnlog at a stone,
comer to land late of Henry Brlttaln's, thence
north elghty.four and one-half degrees east eighty
perches to a black oak sappling, in the county
line of Luzerne and Columbia, thence by the same
Bouth thrco degrees west one hundred and sixty
five perches to land late of Bornard Seybert,thence
west fortyfour perches to an oae sappling, thence
north twenty-eight and one-half degrees west ono
hundred and two perches, to land late of Henry
llnttaln, thence by the same north fifty and one
half degrees ea9t twenty seven and one-tenth
per;her to a black oak, thecce north two degrees
east, forty-nino perches to place ot beginning, con
taining Kcventy.flve acres and one hundred and It
perches, mere or less. Tho other piece of land,
adjoining the above, la bounded by: Beginning at
a black oak, thenco west fifty-two and six-tenths
porches to a whltf oak, thence north two degrees
east twenty-two and two-tenths perches to a
I stone; thi-nce north nfty-threa degrees west,
eigntcen ana two-tenths perches to astone;thence
north twenty-one and a half degrees east, tbirtj
even and eight-tenths perches to a stone; thence
north forty-one degrees west seventeen perches to
a stone; thence north fifty and one-half degrees
east, sixteen and two-tenths perches to a stone;
thence north twenty-eight and one-halt degrees
west, ono hundred and two perches to the place of
beginning, containing twenty-one acres, more or
less, together nlnety-slx acres and one hundred
and eleven perches, (excepUng out of the last do
scribed piece two-thirds of an acre ot land, with
the appurtenances, lying along the road, from
FoundryvUle to the grist mill, on tbe premises oc
pledby Daniel Miller,) on wblch are erected a large
grist mill, a large bank barn, frame farm house
and disuilery, and other outbuildings.
Seized, taken in execution, by vlrtuo of divers
Fa. Fas., and to be sold aa the property of Daniel
F. Seybert.
By virtue of sundry writs, issued out of the
Court of Common Pleas of Columbia county, Pa.,
and to me directed, will bo exposed to public sale,
at tho Court house, In Bloomsburg, on
MONDAY, February 7, 1887,
at 3 p. m., all that certain tract of land, situate
In Pine township, Columbia county, Pa., bounded
ana described as follows, to-wlt: On the north by
land ot R. M. Bogart, on tne east by land of Jacob
A, Chamberlain, on the south by land of C. W.
Eros, and on the west by land ot Ezra Ilunyon
estate, containing fifty acres, whereon are erected
a two-story plank house and outbuildings.
seizect, taxen in execution, and to be sold as tho
property of John M. Chamberlln.
IxiLia ft Uhbixs, Attys, FL Fa.
The following real estate of Rudolph Yeager.
situate In Catawlssa township, Columbia county,
Pa., bounded and described as follows, to-wlt: On
tho north by lands of 1'eter Luxenbeiger.on tbe
west ny lands of Georgo Murray, on the south by
pubUo road, and on tbe east by lands of Harry
Hill, containing thirty acres, more or lesa.whereon
is erected a story and a half stone house.
Belied, taken In execution, at the suit of Henry
IIoffmsn'B, adm'r, vs. Rudolph Yeager, and to be
sold as the property of Rudolph Yeajer.
yoccu c gitib, Attya. vend. Ex.
Jl Sheriff.
WHEREAS, the Hon. William Elwell
President Judge ot the Court ot Oyer and
Terminer and General Jail Delivery, Court of Quar
ter Sessions of the Peace and the Court of Common
Pleas and Orphans' Court In the wth Judicial Dis
trict, composed ot the counties of Columbia and
Montour, and the Hons. James Lake and F. L
Shuman, Associate Judgos ot Columbia county
have Issued their precept.bearlngdate the lath day
of Dec. In the year ot our Lord ono thousand eight
hundred and eighty-six, and to me directed for
holding a Court ot Oyer and Terminer and General
Quarter Sessions ot the Peace, Court ot Common
Pleas and Orphans' Court, In Bloomsburg, In the
county ot Columbia, on tho first Monday, being
theTth day of Feb. next to continue for two
Notice Is hereby given to the the J ua
tlces of the Peace, and the Constables of the sell
County of Oolumbla.that they be then and there In
their proper person at 10 o'clock In the forenoon ot
said T tb day of Feb. with their records inqul
sltions and other remembrances,to do those things
which to their offices appertain to be done. And
those that aro bound by recognizance to prosesute
against the prisoners tbataro or maybe In the jail
of the said county of be then and thero
to prosecute them as shall be lust. Jurors are re
quested to bo punctual in their attendance,
agreeably to their notices. Dated at Bloomsburg
.fr--0 !h0 h day of Jan. In the year of our
L.B. VLord one thousand eight hundred and
1-1 eighty-seven, and In the one hundred and
eleventh year of the Independence of the United
btutes of America.
Bherlfl'somce, SAMUEL SMITH,.
"Notice Is hereby given that the following named
persons have filed with the Clerk o' the Court of
Ouarter.riesi.lons of the Peace of Columbia cousty.
ihelr petitions for license, which will bo presented
to the said i ourt on Monday, the Betenth day ot
February, A. D. 18ST, at s o'clock p. m i
Illbby, James It
Liquor store
Brcnnan, M W
Curry, Daniel F
Drake, Lemuel
(Ulmore, Fred'k M
Giimore. Wm II
(llrlon, Jacob L
Heckman Geo
lng, James M
Monroe, Jotin
Markle,M A
McUrearty, James
Mann, Jonn u
Miller, Geo W
do I
Liquor store
WU TT EuVnpn nu-i. -i i .
Clerk's office, Bloomsburg, pa., Ian. si, IM7, '
T AILIlOAn Rr.v.nTtnv
OrlCIOrTtll a a 1L 1L CO. numuau'iin. I'.
t January to, l&ST. '
. The stopkboldera of the lilbomaburg Sullivan
Hu.vw viwuiuf nui meet at tne cmce ot tne
i1?; 10 'Vy?"0 01 Bloomsburg, on Tuesday,
f?SS,lAs.S' hruary, lt7, at 10 o'clock In tbe
forenoon of that day, to sleet a President and Dl. boi vuuiyauj lunue ensuing year, and
for the transaction of other buainwu. ' ' I
wl u. 4, vuanjut, secretary, J
ThA follnwlnff Widow' Armrataempnta will b.
presented to the Orphans' Court of Columbia Co..
on tho nrst Monday or February, A. D. 1887, and
confirmed nisi, and unless exceptions are filed
within four data thereafter will bo confirmed ab
Bolntei stout, Wra estato,Brlarcrwk; personalty. UOI.CO.
santce John, estate, Flshlngcreok; personalty,
Wagner David, estate, Locust: personalty, 1300.00.
llartzel John J estate, Mlffiln; personalty,
Weaver Faycn, estate, Catawlsna; personalty,
Georgo Rllas estate, Franklins porsonalty,$M0.0o.
Forco Danlol estate, Flshlngcrccki personalty,
3 0,00.
Mcllcnry Silas W., estate, Jackson; personalty,
WM. II. SNYDER, Clerk Of O. C.
Clerk's office, Bloomtburg, Ua Jan. !l, 1687.
"wtlco la hereby given that an application will
bo made to tho Governor of the, stato of Pennsyl
vania on Saturday.tho inn day of February, lmr,
under tho Act ot Assembly ot the Commonwealth
of lnnsylvanla, entitled "An Act to provide for
tho Incorporation and Regulation of certain Cor
porations" approved April 89, 1874, and the tup
plements thereto, for thn charicrot an Intended
corporation to bo ca'led "Tho silver spring Quarry
Company." the character and object of which la
to mine, quarry and ship limestone, nnd thn man
ufacture and sate of lime or any other article of
commerce manufactured from limestone, and do
such other business as permitted In tho tsth sec
tion ot second class, named In section J of tho Act
of Assembly ot April S3 1974, and Its supplements.
The names of the subscribers of tho certificate of
Incorporation arc: n. w. Crevellng. Aaron Boone,
C. M. crcvcilng, j. K. Boone and c. w. Miner.
Jausi c. W. MILLER, Solicitor.
Real JCstatc
In pursuance ot an order ot the Orphans' Court
of Columbia county, to the undersigned adminis
trators ot Reuben Fahrlngcr, deceased, there will
be exposed to public Bale, on the premises, In Lo
cust township, on
Saturday, February 12, 1887,
at one o'clock p. m., tho following described real
estate of Bald deceased, to-wlt: All that certs In
pleco or parcel of lai d, situate In Locust township,
Columbia county, Pennsylvania, bounded on tho
north by lands ot Sarah Meare, on tho cast by land
of Cornelius Fettormau, and on tho south
and west by publio road and lands ot
Uaclel .Morris and Abram Bltner, containing about
of land, more or less, on which aro erected
fe Frame hllifig Houses,
one two stories high and tho other one story. Also
a good sized barn and other necessary outbuild
ings, micro is also on tho premises a good
and other fruit trees of all kinds, and also a good
well of water. The said real estate lies along the
publio road leading from Catawlssa to Ashland.
Terms ot sale, will be announced by tho crier on
the day of sale.
All grain In the ground and personal property
on i bo premises reserved. Deed at the expense of
Thero win also be exposed to sale, at the samo
lime and place, the following described personal
property of the wloow of the deceased: Two beds
and bedding, one settee, one dozen chairs, one
Iron kettle, two tables, one cupboard, one parlor
stove, one wood chcBt, forty or fifty yards of car
pet, a lot ot crocks, ono largo meat tub, grubbing
hoe, shovels, hay rakes, one ladder, n lot of hay,
by the ton, long straw and corn stalks, fifteen
bushels of oats and a lot of rye and other ar
Ucles too numerous to mention.
Ixelxb & Hikrino, Attys. Administrates.
orphans" court sale
Real Estate!
Pursuant to an order of tbe Orphan's Cou't of
Columbia county, the undersigned, administrator
ot the estate of Catharine Farver, deceased, wlU
sen at public sale on
TUESDAY, February 1, 1887,
at 1 o'clock p. m., a tract of land containing about
situated In Jackson township, Columbia; county,
bounded by lands of John Fritz, Frl ti Kelchner,
Samuel Knouse and Washington Knouse.on which
are erected a
Frame House
and other outbuildings, and an apple orchard.
TERMS OF HALE. Ten per cent, of one-fourth
ot the purchase money to be paid at tho striking
down of tho property, the one-fourth less the ten
per cent, at the confirmation absolute and tho re
maining tnree f otutbs In one year thereatter with
interest from confirmation nisi
dccSl P. o., Dcrr's, Pa,
l'OIt AI.I.. Permanent emnlnvment
trhenlo enereetlc men nnd women ev.
erywherc. 30 a week and expenses
ymu. ouiupiua wurui auu aii parucu.
mrasedv im:. Auures ai once r. 11. vickiiy,
Augusta, Maine. Don't mfjj tMi chamv. Vrilt
to-dav. Jamidlt,
Hnrnm.ll tn ..a
vance. balance when patent Is ob-
Pactflo Building,
Wheat per bushel,
Rye " " ,
Corn " " .... 60 05
Oats " " 33 40
Flour " bbl 4 to 6 00
uuttcr 20
Eggs 28
Potatoes OS
Hams 11
Dried Apples 03
Side and shoulder 10
Chickens 0
Qcese ,
Lnrd per lb 08
Vinegar per gnl 20
Onions per bushel 00
Veal skins 07
Wool per lb 85
Hides 5 to 7
Coal on Viurf.
No 0 $2.00; Nos 2 0, & Lump 8.25
No. 5 4.3.OO Bltumlnus $3.25
PHildelpHi fltiKETs.
UPffM. Wont Am TKlntn. V, .
, FLOUILYrn exUaTOlJo-r &nK
u.c.v, ,,w wuiu i-icur, (4 a.Bu winter
jaunt 4.75 a 6.O0; l-enna. roller process 1.10 9
'wHKAT-Pennsylvanlared,No. 1,91
COKN, 50 M
OAT& NO. 3 White (4 M NO. 2. BT
HAY AND HT1UU' Itmnth iT' . ' .,
and NewVoiCim falT to",.' n"l"5
fSJlS',,80?,1?; med'um Western and NTw
- - t , v unj oq IU UUttUlT 14. M IB.
i'OTATOKS.-New .40 a 60 per bbL
DRESSED POULTRY.-Chlckcns, if 9 14
Reportea bv a. S. mimtr, Wholttale Commtttton
New Yoi Jan. u, 1887,
miwl nr nrauurvul an iitn - . 1
week to note any change in the market on poultry
Should the mild weather ountlnue, with present
receipts, we cannot look for any improvement in I
prices. Fancy chickens, 11 tolSc: owla,8toUo:
and selling from to 100 to KS5 per doz: tame i
squibs, M so to f4 M per doa. live pigeons, too per
Salr, wild d"Cka. red head, fa oi to per nalr '
allard, ft 60; rabbits, BO toaw per pair: choice
diessed veals are scarce and Belling ui I8c: fair
to good, 10 10 uc; dreed po'k, lWc u
butler market remains unchanged ant) i aollin?
fancy creamery from 3d to Slcj roll la to o. The
ranging from $3 00 to w per bbli medium grades!
so to IS 76. Florid oranges continue a gfutaa
selling fancy Urlghta at W ou pei box, OolSen Rus
Ml? 'li ,he 'W. 01 Potaties continues lib.
eral and selling choice Rose, nurbank and Hebron
trom li 60 to to f 1 76 per bbl sweet pStMcVifaSoy!
K.f !?bL., Tne markotverynrmon drlejfnuu)
Pitted berries are very scarce and selling trom n
to uses evaporated raspberries 190 li sun dried 17c
plums BC blackberries, 10 to lie; huckloberrlw. 8c,'-
market shows an Improvement In the price of
wblie kidney boans, seiUngtrom ti so to if uotred
li 70 to li so-, marrow. w; medium, 11 ao to ii m.
Hay. 76 to B6c per cwlj rye straw, ce 10 710. Furs:
Heaver, to 00 to IK; otter, n 00 to 110 1, tai. 7so
to 1 60! marten, l ,60 to it 00; muskrat, 1 1 to 1L0
coon.doctoll Wjtkuik.wctoiilai, '
Miicby & Tuesday Evee'gs
January 3 1 , and February 1 .
atiiice 3 0'
The whole Battle from
The ten great episodes of the fight. Paintings in oil by the
eminent artist, Frank D. Briscoe, and an able corps of assistants.
Months of labor and an immense expenditure has enabled the
Gettysburg Diorama Company
to put on the stage the most extensive and realistic representation
of the great victory, covering thousands of feet of canvas. Fig
ures life size. f
Scene First.
Morning of the first day. Opening of the battle at McPher
son's woods. Death of Gen. Reynolds. Cutler's Brigade fires the
first shot. The Iron Brigade going into action.
Scene Second.
Afternoon of the first day. Retreat of the 1st and 11th corps.
Scene Third.
Evening of the first day. Gen. Hancock arriving on the
field and assumes command and checks the defeat. Brilliant group
of officers on East Cemetery Hill, Hancock, Howard, Doubleday,
Warren, &c.
Scene Fourth.
Noon of the second day. The Devil's Den. Terrific fight
ing. Near the Peach Orchard.
Scene Fifth.
Afternoon of the second day. Little Round Top. Terrible
hand to hand fighting. 83rd Pa., 20th Maine, 16th Mich., Haz
lctt's Battery, &c. Doath of Gn'ls Weed, Vincent, O'Rourk,
Hazlette's, tkc.
Scene Sixth.
Evening of the second day. Brilliant charge of the Penn
sylvania Reserves over the Valley of Death.
Scene Seventh.
Night of the second day. Rickett's Battery hurls the Lou
isiana Tigers from East Cemetery Hill.
Scene Eighth.
Morning of the third day. The 12th corps driving the Con
federates out of our works on Culp's Hill.
Scene Ninth.
Noon of the third day. The cavalry fight on the right of
our army.
Scene Tenth.
Evening of the third day. End of the Battle. Pickett's
charge and total defeat of the enemy. Five thousand prisoners,
htteen thousand stand of small arms, Thirty-three battle flugs.
Gen. StClair A Mulholland, will tell the story of the fight.
Music by Serg't Chas. F. Roettger.
Admission 50, 35
Tuesday at 3 o'clock for Ladies and
Admission 25 cents.
the first shot to the lust.
and 25 cents.
dock Tuesday Afternoon.