The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, January 28, 1887, Image 1

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    Vle dolturkLkr.
I asuiit Weekly, every 1'rlilnj .Horning, at
At tt.50 per year. To subscribers out of the conn,
trliii fnnsaro strlctlyin advance.
trsa p.ipor discontinued except at the option
of the piibllilieM, until all arrearages are paid, but
Ions- continued credits will not bo iflTon.
All p.ipers sent out of thu stato or to distant post
otlcos mint bo ptlcl for Inadranco, unless a rosuon.
Bible person In Columbia county assumes to par
me subscription duo on demand.
lit H w 1
i n t :n m
1 (0 t 00 8 25
2 00 S 75 IN
SW S 60 4 60
3 S3 4 60 t 60
!M i M RW IT
5 60 a 10 4 60 1 00
4 00 4 TS 7 60 it CO
6 00 ft 60 10 00 10 CO
7 00 8 00 18 00 t 00
8 00 9 61 14 tO SS 00
mm ir nn so oo 40 ot
I Inch
9 "
a "
4 "
column s oo H oo is oo
5 60 7 00 0 00
ST, 00 SO 00 40 00 BO (0
Ycarlr adve rtlsements payable quarterly. Tran.
stent adteitlsementg roust iw paid for before ;i
scried except where panics hae accounts.
Legal adtertlscments two dollars per Inch It)
three Insertions, and at that rate for addition
Insertions without reference to length.
Eiecutor's. Administrator's, and Auditors n
TheJob Printing Kepartment of the coitmstAM
li fery complclo. it contains the latest new typo
an! nudilnery and Is tho only omco that runs lob
presses by power, g Ing Us tho best facilities. Es-
tlces threedollars.
Transient or Local notices, ten cents a line, reg
3. E, ELWEIiIi, I-
ular advertisements bait rates.
' Cards In tho "lluslness Directory" column, tno
dollar a year for each line.
A Orcit Medical Work on Manhood, Nervous and
riiyilcal Debility, Premature Dccllno In Mon,
Uihauited Vitality, 4c., it, and the untold mis
eries resulting from Indiscretion or cxcohcs ; loo
fajof, tubstantlally bound In slit, juutlln. Con
Ulnsmore than l!5 Invaloablo prescription!, em
bracing every Tegetablo remedy In tho pharma
copeia for all acute and chronic diseases. It U
emphatically a book for every man. Trice only II
rj mall, post paid, concealed In plain wrapper.
Tonng and middle-aged men for tho next ninety
days. Bend now, or cut this out, as you miy iic er
see It again. Address Dr. W. 11. PAItKEll, Hal
'nnch street, Boston. Mass.
fcb.,5-d. ly
opposite oonitT nouns,
Larg esand convenient sample rooms. Hath rooms
hot and cold water and all modern conveniences
l'lULADEl.l'HU, Pa.
N. E. Corner Second and Arch sts.
wrordcra will receive prompt attention.
YY n. house,
Buiousuuita, Uoi.umuia County, Pa
AllBtyles of work dono In a superior mannor, work
wnrranteftaH represented. Tskth JSxtkici
bu witboci Pain by tho use ot Oas, and
treoof chargo when artlflclal teeth
lire Inserted.
Ofl'.oc In Burton's building, Main strctt,
below Market, live doors below ICleltu'a
drug store, lirst lloor.
Jo be open at all hnuri during the dat,
ffl. C. SLDA & BRO.,
Manufacturers of
First-class work always on hand.
Pricet reduced to tuil the timet.
mmmmim mill
Tho undorslgned huvmg put his Planing Ml
on ltallroud Street, In Qrst-ciass condition, Is pre
pared to do all Kinds ot work In bis line,
furmsnea at reasonable prices. All lumber useo
Is well seasoned and none but skilled workmen
are employed.
urnlBhed on application. Plana and Bpeclflia.
ons prepared by an experienced draughtsman
Uloomtiburfr, Pa
Suitable for
Cemetery Lots
Public Grounds
The following shows the Picket Gothic, one of
the several beautiful styles ot Fence manufactured
by the undersigned.
For Ueauty and Durability they are unsurpasa
ed. Set up by experienced hands and warranted
to give satisfaction.
Prices and specimens of other de
signs Bent to any address.
May 4-tf
E. B. 8R0WER
All kinds of work in Sheet Iron, Hoof
iug and Spouting promptly
attended to.
t"Sitlct attention given to heating by steam.
Corner of Main & East Sts.,
SBloomsburg, Pa.
Denis Fmisliiiig C::i;, Eats it
Suits mivlo to order at short notic
and a Htalwijs guaranteed or no sab-.
Call nud examine tho largest and hc.-t
seleoti'd stock of goods over shown in
Columbia county.
Store next door to First National Hank,
Bloomsburg Pa.
talTiaii Amnliuil Works. Yak. Pi
1 tu !UulrtU4
ooa 66 4UUald.
i ELY'S Catarrh I
Cream Balm
U(mt rellrf at wire ourt
Cold in Head,
.Vo( a I.tiuli!, Hwur or
I tombr. tree from In-'
Jurtmu bntgianit (
Sensh od,m. HAY-KEVER
A jurtlcle Is applied Into ench nostril and Is
agreeable. 1'rlceto ccn'snt dn-fglsls: by mall,
registered, on cents, circulars free, i:i,t linos
Druggists, owo.o, N. V. Jamdtt
No. 3 North Canal St., Near I V.
It. It. Depot.
John H. Derby,
CjTW'IH call on denli-rs once In six
weeks. Have your ordcis.
DT? A WTtTTTCC 113 onuses nnd a new and
JJXir IN .'VOiJ successful L'Ulii: at jour
own home, by fine who was rteit twenty
Oltrllt fars Trpiltfil hi Tnnt. nf Ihn nntor!
specialists without benent. cured Mmae'S In a
months, and since then hundreds of othtrt. Full
KimcuiarsHPnt on apiuicullon. T. s. r.KIR, nu.
I west 3ist St., New Vorlc city. Janrdlt.
l ) I J I J jii Clears head, ihroat nnd
Sweetens the breath, cures severest catarrh
when ull oilier treatments fall, fcend 10c.,stampi,
for free half pint sample prepaid enough to relieve
viist. nr. rvriMSLN & co., mi itrouaway, is. l.
TlftTnyoiiroTttrb, PnmrMttit, Artllma, Indlj-wtion! Use
PARKER'S TONIO without deny, H hn cart-1
iriRiiy ot Hie s orn vamm and In the brwt pf mrtlj for all
atTvcllonfloC the throat and lungs, ami tllm-owa arinlntr
Irom Impure blotxl and exhaustion. TJiefecttlo and Bicli
nrvatfth to Uie atfeu audlaaito. $1 St UniffEUtd.
Please Don't Jorg;et it
that Dr II. James Gnnnaof Inaica Is prepared In
Calcutta, India, from the purest and best Native
Hemp, and Is tho only remedy, either In lhat
couniryor this, that will posltltely and perma.
jn-uLij Luiu tuuMiiiipuuu, uruiiriiiiis, aginnia, na
sal catarrh and nervous debllltr, or break up a
treh cold In S4 hours. per bottle, three bot
tles. Id. 0. Craddock Co., 1 roprletors, 1033 ltace
St. l'hlla. lanTdlt.
".T ... -f,
T orliocj tnnmel your
l-ttulCo llanges twice a
5 ear. tops once a week nnd
ou have the nuest polish
ed stove In the world, tor
sale by all crocers and
can live at home, and make moro money at
woik for us, than anything else In this
world. Capital not needed; you aie started
frtv. Itntti cavna. nllnmu, Ant. mm tin i,n
the work. Larce earninca suietrom llrst start.
Costly outfit and terms free, better not delay.
costs you notmng to send us your address and
nnd out; It you aie wise you will do so at once. II.
11AU.BTT & co., loninna, Maine. ae lii-so-iy
For a check for 120 we will print a ten-line ad
vertisement In odo million If sues of leading' Amer
ican newspapers. This is at the rate of only one
mtli of a cent aline, for l,Ono circulation 1 Ihe
advertisement will be placed before one million
awerent newspaper purchasers: or Fivk .Million
Kkidkhs. Ten lines win accommodate ebout 75
words. Address with copj of Adv. and check, or
send SO cents for book of IN) pages.
OEO l. hOWELL & CO., lo upruce St., New
York. lanlt It
Working Classes Attention.
Wo are now nrenared to furnish all classes with
employment at In me, the whole ot tho time, or
for their snare moments. Business new. light and
profitable. Persons ot Hither sex easily earn from
60 cents to fj.oo per evening, and a proportional
sum uy nevoiing auineir iirao to mo uusiness.
lloys and girls earn nearly as much as men. That
all who see this may send their address, nnd test
the business, we inako thuiofier. To such as are
not well satisfied we will send one dollar to piy
for the trouble of writing. Full nartlcuurs and
ouiflt free. Address Osokok Stinson Co., Tort-
iuuu, ,iamu. uccii-bb-iy.
A Morthte"
I ) lor LadlPsln each county, and hlgtie&t
coinmlton paid (often tl5u a month.
NRW ltoniv n.n?.irtvnn
In North and South America, at the Ice-liound
I'ole3, over the land ot the Jlldnlght Sun, under
the Fqu itor, through the Dark Continent, among
the Old Temples ot India, In tho Flowery King
doms ot China and Japan, amid the ruins of lncas
Aztecs and Zunl, within canons, curt llulldlngs
and Gardens of iheoods on the Isles of thebea.
and In all parts of the globe. 3no engravings.
ujw price. uuicKfaiea. renu loriircuiar.
v.. zikui.i:ii i: CO., -'jo Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, 1'a. dec 17, 2tt,
fJa9 B e illy, j
Exchange Barber Shop Bath Room
At the old stand, under the
Exchange Hotel,
t btalncd and all patent business attended to for
moderate tees.
our olilce Is opposite the U. S. rati nt Ofllce, and
we can obtain Patents In less tlmo than those re
mote from Washington.
sen'i model o drawing. We advise as to pat
entability free of charge, and we rnako no charge
unless patent Is secured.
vte reicr hltw, lo me i usimusicr, inu nupi. ui
Money order Dlv., and to onicHls of the V, s.
Patent ofllce. For circular, advice, terms and
references to actual clients In your own Mate or
County, write to
C. A. SNOW &. CO.,
Opposite Patent Ofllce, Washington, r 0
12 miles from Philadelphia. FUed prlco covers
every expenso, even books, ic. Noextra charges.
no inciaeniai expenses. o exainiuuiiuu toruu
mlsslon. Twelve experienced teachers, all men.
and all graduates. Sneclal onnortunltles for ant
students to advance rapidly. Special drill for dull
ana oacKwnra uoys. rairons or siuue nis may se
lect any ttudles or c hooso the legular Knillsli, Scl
entlllc, Iiustneas, Classical or civil Knglneeilng
course, students fitted at Sledla Academy are
now In Harvard, Yale, Princeton and ten other
Colleges nnd Polytechnic schools. 10 students
sent to college In 18), 15 In 1881, 10 In ls-a, 10 In
18sa. A graduating class every j ear In thu com
mercial department. A phjucal and Chemical
Laboratory, Gymnasium and Hall Ground. IMS
vo.s. added to library In 1W1. Physical apparatus
doubled lu IM Media has seven churches and a
temperance charter which prohibits the sale ot all
Intoxicating drinks. For new illustrated circular
address tho Principal and Proprietor, SWITIUN C.
HlloitiLIliUE, A. a., (Harvaid Graduate,) Media,
Penn' Aug.6,sa,iy.
CAPITAL, - - $600,000
Guaranteed Farm Mortgages
NKW YORK, Kt ttr4IT,
BOSTON, S Court fclM.t.
rillLAPtLHItA, III S.tlk BL
LANSAS Clir.llk A D.I.6U.
ririih.i. But, Niw roat
Ho.un Ntt Kuik, SOSION.
lihN.I. Ilk., I'lllLAI'LLrilli.
For ratrs of Interest, and full lnformatloa
To J. II. MAIZE,, Agt,.HIooms
burg, Pa, JauH-auiK.
III.NI II ' I lH 11,1 IM
1 f uBIEUll rcllWTUa IDS IDUfct T mi nknll
l I rt,Uftinf uwmI by fobaUtiou, action in lui
tuivliita. direct and rt'Nnlllt r"l cur U tlx
Iol Aoy druAjifUt, or by mail HrDil. Frt't of I
HUmp. Jlr. lt.M'lin,rMANN.UlW,Ni.l
nor.'O WSms.ais.
um&s&fr' 1
sraHM.'-t'I.iS0.,.! f.KiucnHfj8,co..i7Motii
enev ft iKta
It k'v. llu-Lf.rjSUtCC
ami Stflttmtflt l Tv.r
riiwtr d Shrsb, miotl
rrnt klnfln. Al' m,H
llif Knows Ral.l of Fllrls.
His ivlin Clm. PiniM.
Histfktictlilsssris. II
litllicmoil csmslilsxM'ik
I of the klliil ct r pub
IMml.CHnd I'lflrrn
Onlnnii stiniis for
a snniple ropy, hIbh onr
I price u HRrin. s111
untttril ivfrtwlitrfl . Ad.
I Tislk tlr,lt,nilld'l,fl.
il I- .DAYS' TllIAI.
g A 1'isll Net of
IV Atlnrliinoins.
Vonrisi. KchU for
, isikiVR Af en..
Apr. S4?w,
rtent Safely
IVIli not
Gires a Lichi
tut mMFICI
equal In Unlllancy
I. thn llest.
loouanaics. or
KU Gas llurncn.
Tiiii it the most
Cheapest and
Harest Lamp
for Churches,
I'owerful and
For feet
cror mnda
Halls, or
Family Use.
Send for
l itOM OIIm
ha u.erl nn VOirf
t,U Gal or Oil Chande
liers or bracked, and
i'l Increase your light
30 B, 2d St.,
'AllltUl!.- Ul-AJ.
Bole Owner
of 1'MtenU
oct 8 cms,
Adams' Patent Metallic
SI.75 par rod and upwards,
All kinds of Iron Fencai, Gstcs, Firs C:c ff
t rr,i. y.
lien Wcrk in all stylos.
Coal EcreenB a specialty.
Iron ladders, 'Wheels & Cresting.
Blitkimithlng In all branches. Estimates furnished,
Oor. Union & Caual Sts.
march 12-80-ly.
Prevent Roup, Prevents Gapes, Pre
vents Cholera, Prevents Egg-Eating,
Prevents Laying Soft
Eggs, Makes Hens Lay,
It Sella for Fivo dents For Pound,
in Eoxos.
Chlckchlck-er.rekee (poultry food anil pre
ventlve of diseae lor poultry) the great e"g
food, produces eggs prodigiously and it good lor
the health of the low ling. It Is the first article of
its kind ever Patented In the United States,
Canada and England. Try It. It costs only
five cents per pound. It Is no powder. Chick,
tnsvtill eat it. 1 hat ought to convince you tlut
it is good. If your Grocer. Druggist. Hard
ware or Country Storekeeper wHr not get it
lor you, send me one dollar, and 1 will ship
you a twenty-pound box by freight, or one hundred
pounds for five dollars, A large box will cost ou
no more freight than a smalt box. Attend to "our
poultry, if ou want to make a profit out of them,
just the same asjou attend to your land. Unless
you manure your land it w ill not pay you. Juu
so with poultry ; vou must give tnem something
besides feed. They must have material to
answer for grinders, and material for the egg.
If you fcciT Chick-chick-er-re-kee (egg fooil)
every day you wilt never hae any sick chick
ens, and your hens wilt lay eggs whenotherwUe
they would not. Vou will never do without it
after a fair trial. Do not pay twenty-five or
fifty cents a pound for medicine to feed jour
poultry when you can get a better article from
your storekeeper at five cents a pound, Don't
be a clam j try it. Manufactured in the United
States only by
S. S. MYERS, Patentee,
oag N. Front St., PHILAD'A, PA.
re sale by Farmers' J'roduco Excliang
Blo?msbursr, l'u.
'I . 131
dec 3 to nclco.
n Important Question
a. What manure iU1t I buy to Insure 1stk
lO crops sud laiUokf lmiroement u th sollf
It Is Tcry iHvtr erououiy tu rt-imlu uuinf orma of
the quality sud cbsrsttvr of
and to risk untried suit couipsrstltelr unknown
rtlclttf. lieu tku. oldut sliil MUtillsko.
M.Dure. n.v. ft strvnirtb and iruUQ.uc. tttcstttl
br on and continual us..
Vher ar. off.rtJ witli th ulrnoat confiilsnc In
thalr lrlsct adaitatlon to all crops.
Stnd for "llamVi I'hwplnteUsldt," I'rlrca.tlc
Manufacturers of
Msnofaclurrri A Importers.
1 1 ' in -v
1 p 4 I
p i li f o u
gS k SEE THAT THe , A n
3 a ffi EXAOT LAnLC 19 ON A
j It EAOH CHIMNEY A3 , ' j S
This medicine cntnMntns Iron with puro
YCRctftMc tonics, quickly ft rut oiiilttely
Cures I)'sirpaln. I:itlUratlnfit Wrnk
lirsM, Impure lilriod. lalarlu. Lhltlij
and Vt rrs, mtd Aeitrnlf;tn.
It ii an tjnfaliltiif lumc-dy iur Jilseascs of ilia
ICIilnry mitt Mvrr.
it i fnftluabio lor IIcn?ei pcctilUr to
Woinrn. nnd nil v lend nctlcntry U c.
Ild(csnotln,luritliotrrtU(murchCfiilfti:he,f f
prmttico i'on.t3ittl mi a I n rfUcn th.
It rnrlclic unci imrUU- llic Mood,
ctlintiliiiostho npni't tc, ivU I o n milntlon
of fiHHl.relli'Vi h lltnrUMirti niul ililiig.iind
Ktrcnetlit'in tht tiiitycl niul ticrxf .
IV ir Ititrrniltti nt Irrr, I.nsilttii1rf
Lack of lUirrayt t U, It lias no iiiinl,
tf Tbe genuine lins nbnvo trnde murk nii'l
crowicil rtd lines on wnipt-ur. Tak no tit her
B.l. oalfcr UHOH.1 tlttXIHL tO r.lLTlOUL, HDl.
from a common lllotcli. or Iuiitloii
to tho worst Srrof ilia. Tlio licst lllooit
Purl flor over disco vcrcil. HyJ)rugs'lil
PRICE $1.00, ?on0BToos.
Hop Plaster
Why suffer with n aching back whtn a prompt I
and poaitlvo relief Is at handp Tho Hop Fl&atersl
completely and speedUy cure Backache.Bldeacho, i
Painful Mooli, Kidney Weakness, HhcumiwE
tlsm, Bolatlca, PUurlsy. Chest Pains, Bore Luncs, 1
Coughs, Crick and all Budden, Sharp or Nervous I
pains. The SMthin47,paln-kmin: and strengthen I
lnff Tlrtuoa of Hops, Hemlock, Salaams and aunts I
comblnod. Bweet and clean. Bold everywhere,
2ocU.,6for1.00. Matted for price by proprto-B
HBii nop I'iaster i?onpanj- oten, Mm,
tVLook for tho hop-vine wreath and slfnaturo I
of HOP PlaABTUn CO., on every cenulne plaster. I
uewmrs or uniiauona ana suMUtauona.
A Corrector, Ecmtlator, ITcrve-Eest.
a "The Heart Utlie Stat of Life."
... ciuj 11, U U IIK-Vl.lllt M'lllUllllll
of llmrt llknw, nndU in rnmtant 1U11
ger of Apoplexy or Sudden Donthl
For which tills Ilcmcily klioiilitlio Hilton
IIeurt-piilD3 lMlpltntion llcurt-dnnwy
Pkli-I)cat3 Throlibltijt 8pnn(rlta)
Niunbiu's.s I'urplcLlpa I'oor-liloml
Shiiky-Ncrvcs Hjiitopo 1'alnt-ipclli
llot-lliusln'3 rurulysia llcart-symputhctlo
J!m?inJJtn,Ifotli Jlewl, rcrhle-ctrcHln-
iA'm,oiM-)infr!(loi!, ' Heat t-thatouittsm
A'rtimffht and Valmlar lltera'.
One Klctllclna M 111 not L'urn nil Linild of rilwAflffl.
this itt:mnnY is A si'ucii'ic
II 1 rt'l vnl. 1'ular. r,boik, uouvll Ileum.
Every InirrcdlrntUfmm venctnlilo pro.
1 ducts w hli li ktow In Blubt of oery unlor-B
iiunniobuiicier. Jtcouiains no .nor
1 opium or injurious (I rues.
tT a fVslnr. orimuurt Jllooil
ran ttcapt lit lurtrnltt Inttutnrt,
l'lticr. 1.000 bottles 5.00.
mroilntDr. Kllmcr'a Dispensary, I
iiiKiiiunion, n. i ., u. r. j.
Inralltl' (liititetn Jlutlth ISnit lyre).
1IY A 1. 1. IllCITCtilSTS.
of RHEUMATISM by using
It is not a cure-all. It cures nothing but lib euro a
tlsm, but it Is a safe and sure cure fur tbattliwaBti.
Thousands who hare been cured will tcttty to its re
liability, Mr. O, II. Ulutr, of lrci N. 12th St., ViiiUdu , wrote
four mouths after bs bad been curd by tbe KuKiian
Hheamstism Cure (waitlofr to nee Hlictlir it would not
return), sayinfr be was bedridden v. ith tbe disoatje, snd
thought he would lone hid rcjison from tbe agony ho
had to endaret and inside of two weeks be as rured
by tbis remedy, altbongh he had his hoiteo fibjlcinn,
and used other remedies without result, prtviuu to
trying this wonderful remedy.
Mb. OniB. A. Coi. American and Mnrri Bt . Pbilt,
saidt "My wife was bedridden, and bereunditlonninde Doctors and everything elo failed Tho
icussian UDeamatlKui unnt rurca ner in oue Heeif."
tus voxa n
1vicet his Six?
Kon(itniua wltbootlliURIf
For complete Information, DrMrripllve rum
pblelt with tofitimouialrj, free.
For sale by all dru km UtM. If ouo or tbe ether is
not In position to furnish It to you. do not bo icr.
uaded to take anything else, but apply direct to tho
General Afrentt, l'KAI.I.ZIUt IIKOS. A: CO.
V1U tm Alarkvt totrettt A'hlludi-liJbiu.
murcU y-ly.a
683 Mala Street, JJutfalo, H. Y.
Staff of 10 Physicians and Surgeons.
I'sperlcuroil spoclalUtx fur every
'lu ot lllu'lui'N (rt'lltod I iiIhu.
Iralneil, experltiii'L'il uud ohlliiliiir
I.lKht, voll vciitllnlcil, clocnntly
f uriilhlieil privutu ruoum, lor iu.
lluuao fiirnlnlieil with rievntor,
Siiiiiiii.IiimiI, Spi'iildiiK-Plpeai, l:lec.
Irlu lloll, niul nil iiindrni liu
priivviiiiMUH. 'la I) I o tvell aiiiiplird
with Iho lie.t of tuotl.
In not n llixpllnl, Inn n plritsnnt
Itiiiueillul Homo. Open ilny unit
whether reiilrliir for Ihelr euro
medical or nurtslcul ulil, uUlllfull)
AiipnratiiN, tho iuot iipiirovril
lllvt'lrli'ul iniirliliiei. niul iliitlrr
Ion, Inhalation Appurnliia, nud all
Iho inuat valiiablo reiiieillul nppll
niirun known to nieilleal aclinie,
(Hill, or aeml 10 renin In stiiinpn
for our IiivnlliW Uiilde-llooli (1U8
linsek), which kIvch all piirtltu.
In r. .tililrvnx a aliovv.
WorU'a PL'SCDUrr llnllral Asaoctallou, Prop's.
sunsnuiuu FOR
ISlJil 11 3 Ml fc -
E rirrei
I Im-atil
a.A9l. J
A? '
hvalids' Hotel wq Surgical Institute
Jills INNTI-rUTIOIY lu nupplleil
Willi TiirlilHh Uutliti, .lliinrlenii
niutonieiil 'rroaliiii iii, or .Heeliuii.
leiil Illuabiiue illiii'lilucry, ViluIN
CHAl'TKll I.
Tho rolTre mill tonst aro mifTerliiK, the
CKH9 nnd kUliicyn nre kvowIiik cold, the
butler Is lookliiK (llstltictly uRrlcvcil,
nnd Sir Thniimi, llflliiK his licnd from his
well nlred Times, pizea across tho
table cloth, with n bolemnlty even moro
pronunncd than usual, ut his stepson.
Oranlt Iloylp,
"Your mother U lato again this moni
lnu," he Hiiys testHf. "This Is, Indeed,
tho third time this wnk she has been be
hind tlmo."
"Old iiko bcRlns to nsert Itself," sitg
gestH tho joinder man carelessly.
SometliliiR In tho IndllTircnco of his
tono netlles Sir Thomas. Ills brow con
tracts, and ho stares anRtlly nt thoother,
botrnyliiK how very llttlo lovo Is lost
between them,
"Age has nothing to do with It. Your
mother Is not fnllluK In any way, however
much thut thought may llnd favor
with you! Your entrance Into your
kingdom will not bu yet, I bono nnd be
lieve." This rcfcrcnco to his Inheiltance of n
considerable estate on his mother's death
raises u smllo upon Iloylo's lips and a
contemptuous movement of his shoul
ders. "I seo no disgrace In old ago myself,"
ho says. "It has Its drawbacks, perhaps"
with a look of Btudli d Insolence at Sir
Thomas "but Its privileges too." Ho
laughs slowly. "As jou keo, my mother
is late her privilege Is to oversleep her
self." "Your mother, sir, 1ms not been tho
name woman since tho robbery of her
Jewel case, a month slnca. Tt has prejed
upon her cruelly, as any 0110 who
who" In his odd, fuming manner
"had a spark of feeling In them might
have seen. Hut you uro too devoted to
your racing, your cards, your town dissi
pations, to spare n thought for one of tho
best women, the best mothers, who
Ills indignation is cut short in a very
summary nianuer. Tho door Is flung
wide, mid Lady Valworth, entering, tot
ters to tho nearest arm chair and sinks
Into It.
"Oil! Thomas! Ohl good heavens!"
she cries. "The diamonds!"
Sir Thomas, flinging down The Times,
starts to his feet, and turns to her.
"Why the deuce can't you speak, I.u
clndaf" says he.
"They are gone! gone, I tell you!
I've searched everywhere, and they nro
not to bo found. This Is the second rob
bery anil whero Is tho fault to bo laid?
What on earth Is to bo doner" The poor
woman, growing quite hysterical, covers
her faco with her hands, and bobs aloud.
"Your diamondsl The family d!a
mondsl llless my soul! Has the world
come to an endf" cries Sir Thomas. "Hut
thero must be some mistake. When"
putting on his most magisterial air
"did you see them l&sU"
"Two nlghtd ago. I woro them at the
fivers' dinner. You remember, GranlM
You came Willi us."
"Yes, I remember," says Granit.
"H is absurd. It is outrugeousl Is
theio no law In the land?" fumes Sir
Thomas. "Have you sent for tho police
a detective"
"Of what use was the detective tve got
down from town about my emeralds?"
nsks Lady Valworth despondlngly. "No;
it is a conspiracy a deeply rooted onel"
"Nonsonsel" growls Sir Thomas; "it's
burglars. D'yo seo your mother's con
cern, Granit what do you think, eh?"
"Servants, I bhould say," laconically.
"Oh, my dear Griiuit!" cries his
mother. "Hut which amongst them
would you flrtt suspect? We have had
excellent characters with them all; and
Johanna, ns you know, has been with me
for twenty-eight years in fact, over since
you were born. Her character is surely
"It is the people with established
characters who Invariably enrich them
selves nt the expense of their employers.
In the long run, they reward themselves
for the years of correct living that they
havo endured. Take my advice, and
keep your eye on Johanna."
He laughs cynically. There Is, indeed,
what one might almost believe to be an
under current of amusement in his tono.
"Tills Johanna bhould, indeed, be well
known to you!" breaks In Sir Thomas;
"sho was your nurse, I believe. She, as
I huvo learned, Is devtoed to you has
glvon you almost a mother's love."
IIo is gazing at tho younger man with
a slow scorn in his old, but yet brilliant,
"Surely all thnt is no reason why I
should seek to defraud justice of its
due," says tho young man, with an In
dolent uplifting of his brows. "You, as
n magistrate, would surely not suggest
such n course?"
"What d'yo mean, sir?" cries Sir
Thomas, turning upon him so fiercely
that Lady Valworth, who has had causo
to dread n collision between them, rushes
into the breach.
"Pray reserve discussion, however
amicable, until later on,' bho Implores
excitedly. "I cannot listen to It now, I
um so unstrung so wretched. Tho
emeralds were bad enough; but if noth
ing conies of tho loss of these diamonds
I don't believe I s'mll get over it, If they
had been my own, I shouldn't en much
havo cared; hut being yours, Sir Thomas,
and expected by your heir I"
She breaks dowu again, and subsides
into tears and her handkerchief.
"Now I must beg you will not so allude
to tills ur.foitmiato nlTalr," say Sir
Thomas, n strong direction underlying
tho pomposity of his manner. "
nothing ouUile tho loss Itself distress
you and, besides, thero may bo no loss;
nil yet is mere conjecture. Recovery of
these jewels (if, indeed, they nro gone) is
"Positively certain, " says Granit Doyle,
Willi his Inscrutable smile.
"In tho meantime, ns you nro so un
strung, I shall recommend you a change,"
says Sir Thomas, laying his hand very
kindly upon his wife's. "Go to town for
n month or bo, to your sister, Jlrs. Brand
sho always does you good nnd leave
mo here to light out this mystery."
But though ho fights it out hardly, so
far ns money and perseverance can go,
nothing comes of his exertions. Tho
family diamonds have vunlshed ns en
tirely, as mysteriously, as did the emer
alds belonging to his wife a month before.
Lady Valworth had been rather glad to
avail herself of Sir Thomas' suggestion
to spend n fow weeks lu town with her
bister, Jlrs. Ilrand a fashionable woman
of tho world with a very kiudly heart,
who, childless herself, had adopted tho
daughter of u dead sister, now a charm
ing girl of seventeen, nnd engaged to
Granit Boyle, her cousin. Sho is, how
ever, linrdly to bo regarded as n young
lady fnlrly luunched upon tho" world, as
sho Is still undergoing a course ot study
with various masters, nnd reading lu
German three times n week with a gov
erness n girl of about her own age, who
had lived so much abroad as to bo an al
most naturalized Prussian,
Nadlne Itocho counted herself lucky
when she sought and found employment
in tho home ot Mrs. Brand, She had
drunk sufficiently deep ot tho waters of
nllllctlou to be almost on tho borders nt
despair, when Fate, who Is not always
unkind, shunted her on to the lino that
led to, at least, a glimpse ot prosperity.
Her pupil blossomed into her friend.
Mrs. Hrnud took a special fancy to her.
Her feet teemed tu have diopped into the
primrose way, ami she felt ut last, poor
little soul, that sho could lift her head to
j heaven with the linn assurance that sho
could walk, without fear of fulling, upon
tho earth beneath.
Her pupil, Mllllccnt Grey, is almost as
pretty as she Is, If not quite, A tall,
stutely girl with fringed lids, from which
the brown eyes look out us if In wonder
ment at the world outside, nnd soft sleek
hulr of a dark shade, that contrasts
oddly with her retrousso nose, and that
is so altogether put in the shado by tho
charming Grecian featuro that Ulstlu-
gulshes her governess, to many people,
Indeed, Nndlnc's merry mouth, and fair
dancing locks, nnd eyes bluo ns a cav
crncd sen, would havo hnd their objec
tions; but tho child herself is no sweet, bo
gay, so suggestive of all things good and
pure, thnt It would be impossible to re
gard her lu any light except a kindly
With only the memory of n denr father
who had been a general in the Prussian
nrmy, although nn Kngllshmnn nnd a
inothor, very dear, but very dependent,
to sustain her, Xadine, up to her connec
tion with Mrs. Brand, had been com
pelled to look at life through anything
but rose colorod f pectaclcs. And of lnte a
chance of still surer escnpo from hor
dreary surroundings has suggested Itself
to her. Into her life (how, sho hardly
knew) a young man has fallen, who,
while declaring his love for her, haa nt
the snmo tlmo repelled her nlmo3t as
much ns ho attracts her. Thero had
been a slight touch of romance in tho
manner of their meeting, but yet nothing
very worthy of comment. A dull Janu
ary night, ignorant of stars a crowded
crossing a young man who had kindly
come to her rescue in the absence of th
necessary policeman, and who hnd piloted
her across, through the tangled mnss of
vehicles, nnd landed her snfely on tho
pavement at tho other sido. Ho hail
laughed nsldo hor thanks, and when she
had insisted on them, had demanded
largesso In the shapo of permission to es
cort hor to her homo. "The night was
so dark, so stormy, bo destltuto of com
fort In any form, and she was so evi
dently timid about the conquering of
thoso terrible rublcons, tho crossings, and
he was so entirely master of his time for
the next four hours."
It hardly took him one, however, to
guide her to her home. Sho had steadily
declined his offer of cabs or hansoms,
but had felt It ungracious to refuso him
further when he said ho would trnvcrso
tho distance with her oil foot. In truth,
she had been glad of his escort, and not
altogether blind to tho beauty of his faco;
nud yet, ns I have eaid, thero was a re
pulsion ns well as a fascination ovon then
in her feelings toward him.
Thei owns one other thing thnt puz
zled her. Had she seen hint before?
Those marked features, those soft bril
liant eyes were they familiar? It seemed
to her that somewhere in the rather im
mediate past sho had Been him; but yet
when he so kindly came to her aid on
that crossing, just as she left Mrs.
Brand's house, sho could not connect him
with any place or period, and after
n while felt thnt her Imagination had
played her false in tho matter.
When ho had taken her homo that
night ho had stood lfugeriugly upon the
door step, until at last, In nn uncertain
way, half reluctant, half longing, half
desirous of his departure, half eager to
Bhow some gratitude to ouo who had
been so courteously kind, she hnd nsked
him to como in and let her make him
known to her mother. The invitation
was accepted with alacrity. Mrs. Roche,
a gentle, tender voiced woman, received
lnm with a little soft dignity that aston
ished htm; nnd two hours later, when he
left llicm, as they fondly but erroneously
believed, on his way to his bed, he
Umg'ie.l aloud to himself on the deserted
pavements of that anything but aristo
crat!:! neighborhood, ns he called to mind
how ho had indulged in ten nud toast at
that hour, nnd enjoyed them too. What
eyes that girl hnd! What a mouth! How
gentle, how sweet, how lovablol Yet
thtro was n ilro about her too, that sug
gested many things, and made tho pulses
beat, and udded ten thousand chnrms to
thoso she already possessed. Well! He
had lost his dinner, certainly, gazing nt
those beaux yeux, but there was al
ways ono's club, the gods bo praised I and
a supper that would be undeniablo.
The acquaintance, thus opened, had
been followed up with nn ardor thnt per
haps nstonbihi d no one so much ns the
young man himself. He soon astonish
ingly soon, as It appeared to Mrs. Roche
mastered tho hours of Nadine's days.
Knew when sho was oft duty nnd when
ou. Never put in nn appearance on the
Tuesdays, Thursdays, nnd Saturdays on
which sho gave her German lessons to
Mlllicent Grey, Mrs. Brand's niece; but
Invariably dropped in on tho nfternoons
of Monday, Weduesday and Friday. On
Sunday his visits wero uncertain, but ho
enmo even on that day moro than he
stayed away.
Mrs. Roche was troubled a little about
him nt llrst, but grew accustomed to hkn
later on, and admiring him intensely as
she did (regarding him, Indeed, ns a
breath from that old world in which she
once had moved, but which had proved
cold nnd forgetful when fortune's sun
went down upon her life), was openly
glad and gratified when one day her
daughter came to her nnd told her how
Mr. Annerley had asked her to marry
him, nnd how she had given him "Yes"
for hU answer.
Tho girl had not seemed either elated
or, indeed, moved In any waj when tell
ing her story, but had sighed rather, nnd
been a llttlo petlunut and impatient a
most strange thing for her during tho
remainder of tho evening.
Paul Annerley had followed up his
proposal by a graceful word or two to tho
gill's mother that had moro than pre
possessed her In his favor, nnd tho court
ship had run ever since very smoothly,
nil things considered the man being
passionately in love, tho maiden cool, if
always gentlo nnd sweet, nud as adorable
In manner as in face.
From the llrst Mr. Annerley hnd been
extremely open nbout himself and his
prospects. He would talk continually
of "our olllcc," nnd wns always positively
eager to enter into nny question that re
lated to his status in life, his "business,"
as ho called It, or Ids Income.
"It is neither big nor small now," he
would say, with his charming smile, thnt
showed all his beautiful teeth, and lit up
his hnndsoiae eyes. "But it will im
prove, I havo mauy irons in tho lire,
and ono suro thing, should ull clso fail,
No, I never tempt Provldenco too far.
I despise tho man who puts his nil upon
the die. I woUld havo a reserve fund
somewhere, however small It might be.
Not that I should speak despairingly
either" with another brilliant smllo
"of tho llttlo I can really call my own.
It Is sulllclent to glvo brend and butter
at least to not only one, but two per
haps, Indeed, three, Bhould tho desires be
Hero tho handsome eyes fall mean
ingly upon pretty Miss Roche bending
over her knitting, and thon pass on to
Mrs. Hooho with an even more meaning
expression in them, thnt the good lady
would cntch nnd dwell on afterward
with a maternal delight.
Ahl if her Nadlne could but be placed
beyond the fear of poverty beyond the
hateful drudgery of teaching. If her
dally bread might bo earned for her, in
stead of tho dear feet being press 1 every
day into the tollsomo path of laborl
Yes; certainly Paul was very open, very
explanatory about his prospects; though,
perhaps, after all, tho explanations did
not amount to much. IIo had an ofllco
som'owhero. An extraordinary press
of business somettmesi Ho was ut
terly destitute of relations his father
and mother having died when he was
"quite a llttlo fellow," and he was an
only child. Ills sisters, his cousins and
his aunts had no resting placo upon the
faco of the earth he was, us he would
remark often in his deep pathetlo tones,
"alone in the world." Ho had friends,
ot course. Oh, yesl Every man had
friends somewhoro; but ho found friend
Bhlp a cold affair when all was told, and
in fact he was a rather shy fellow about
making acquaintances, lie hod never
been so happy as since his fortunate
meeting with Miss Roche, which had en
abled him to gain an entree into a house
where, etc., etc. Perhaps this was truo.
Of his love for Nadlne, indeed, thero
could be no doubt at all. His eyes seeniod
never at rest except when followng the
girl's movcmonU, and drinking in each
expressive glance of the exquisite face.
When away from her he would laugh
aloud to himself at times at tho vague,
wild, but unconquorublo longing, thut
never left 1dm, to go to her, to bee her,
to touch her hand, to hear her volco
again. His loe was a passionate one un
Idolatry I He reoogulzed it as such, and,
whilst marveling at this strango feeling
that bad tek&u auh autira luwiiilcm at
him. gloried in Tt, nud clung to it with
nil his might.
"I am tired to-day," says Mllllccnt,
with n little, pretty, weary gesture,
throwing her arms above her head and
laughing softly. "And Idle, too. I
shan't do any German, so you may ns
well sit down and gossip with me. In
stead." "But" begins Nadlne feebly. Sho
is plainly delighted ut the chanco ot
scamping the German.
"I'vo told auntie I'm going to look nt
n book to-day, so you may rest yourself
lu that chair with a quiet soul. I
wouldn't be as conscientious ns you, Na
dine, for a king's ransom. Not that that
would bo much nowadays, with all these
Nihilistic doctrines gaining ground as
they do. Are you comfortable in that
overgrown chair? You look n trifle lost."
"I nm quite happy," says Nadlne, with
a sigh of content.
Sho Is feeling fagged aud nervous, nnd
is glad to rest in Mllllcent's pretty room
with no chance of being allowed to move
for an hour at least. "Lucky youl"
says Miss Grey, dropping down upon tho
hearth rug and taking her knees Into her
embrace. It is only April yet, and vory
chilly. "I'm not. Oh, yes; I knowl
You needn't finish what is on the tip of
your tongue. I have everything the heart
of girl can desire the best of aunts,
plenty of money, a season before me (a
llrst one, too), a lover, and pretty much,
my own way and still I um not happy I
I say, isn't it a shame keeping mo at my
lessons, when in another month I shall be
eighteen, and presented, and all the rest
of it?"
"Well, I certainly think they might as
well havo let you off the mouth."
"It's downright mean of auntie and
as n rulo sho isn't that, eh?"
"I think she is the kindest woinnn I
ever met," says Nadlne, with sudden
Her English is exceedingly pure, but
thero is just n suspicion of n foreign ac
cent in her tone when sho grows in any
wuy excited.
"She is thero isn't a doubt of it," de
clares Miss Grey, who likes to hear her
nuntlo praised. "But, like the rest of
us, sho has her llttlo weaknesses. Well,
never mind. I dnro say thero are inoro
unpardonable things in the world than
M. Liero nud Professor Vrcdenburg.
Nadlne say that's n sweet llttlo frock
you havo on. Whero did jou get it?"
"I made it. You really liko it?" Sho
stoops forward, and her lovely faco grows
pink with n pleased surprise. "I confess
I thought it well not bad, myself but
to hear you praise it!"
"It is tho nicest thing I hnve seen this
many n day. I congratulate yon on It.
Next month, ns I have told you, I shall
be uu emancipated being free of even
monsieur und the professor with per
mission to order my own gowns; nnd then
I shall b 'y myself tho exact fac-simllo
of tho ono in which you aro now looking
so fetching. It will be n sort of satisfac
tion to you to seo how exceedingly badly
it will become me."
"Ahl probably I shan't tee," says Na
dlne. Quick tours rise in her eyes. It is not
only that the loss of her engagement will
be a serious lessening of the grist the
brings to the mill, but sho is fond of Mll
licent; and to lose her tho pretty, saucy,
kindly friend that seems very bitter.
"Won't you, though? What do you
mean by that, pray?"
"Why, that I shall disappear with
monsieur nnd tho professor when you
Btep upon the world's stage."
Miss Grey, bringing herself nimbly to
her feet, drags Nadine from her chair,
nnd compels her to stand in front of her.
"Now that I have brought matters to
the correct point now for the stage
effect," sho says airily. "You see, we
are both very stagey in our sentiments
to-day. Now, listen to my arrangement,
and be warned in timo that if you object
to it murder will be done here, In this'
very quiet room in Tsrk lane. Auntie
is of opinion that I am unfit to go about
without n keeper, nnd you aro to be np
polnted such. See? According to nuntie,
you aro a very model of propriety, and I
nm exnetly tho reverse. You nro to tnke
mo in bund, and make me altogether
such a ono ns thyself."
"Oh, Mlllicent! impossible! I could
not do that."
"And why , then? What n tono! what
a volcel Is it possible you are going to
say 'No,' to my proposal? Have you for
gotten that the consequences of such folly
on your part will mean death? My dear
Nndine, renlly, though, what is it that
you object to?"
"I shouldn't do at nil ns your compnn
ion" "Why not, you ridiculous mouse?
Well, there! let us Bay no more nbout it
Just tow. I never think myself, but I
nm always sure it is nn excellent thing
for other people to do when n llttlo per
plexed. However, before you begin to
think, tell me ono reason for refusing to
bo my guide and mentor."
A quick flash rising to Nadine's brow
dyes her face crimson.
"You nre going to bo mnrried?" says
Mllllccnt quickly, noting the signal of
"It is true yes."
"And you never told mo!" Thero Is a
strong reproach in her tone. Then see
ing tho pallor on tho fnco beforo her (the
strange, sorrowful whitening of tho beau
tiful face), that has chased from it tho
unwilling rose3 of n moment since and
as sho marks the mournful drooping of
the Hps, und the look of terrible depres
sion, nay, fear, that betrays itself in the
shrinking form pity overcomes her
sense ot 111 usago, and some sharp Inner
sense conveys to her tho truth of it all.
"You are afraid of something! You do
not lovo hiinl" bho cries Impulsively,
slipping down on the ground beside tho
lounge on which her friend has sunk us
though unnerved and exhausted. "Come,
you shall toll It ull to me now, I nm de
terminedlate in the day ns it is for your
confidence. Is he old, ugly a veritable
Bluebeard, with coffers lined with gold;
nnd nre your people compelling you to
morry him for the s ke of his money?"
Her tono is hnlf playful, hnlf serious
wholly winning.
Nadlne gives up to It.
"No. It is not that," she says. "My
mother would be the last to nrgo me to
mch u marriage. And nnd ho is not
old, or ugly, or overburdoned with
"Am I to think, then, that he is
young, and handsome, and poor, nnd that
you are still bUnd to bis attractions?"
"That is it," returns Nadlne faintly.
"I when he Is with me, talking to me,
looking so kindly at mo (ho is very kind)
I tell myself that I do love hlrul But
when he Is away from Ahl" with a
quick shudder, "I know then that my
thought is vain."
"Romance Is deadl" declares Miss
Grey. "Handsome ns an Apollo, and
poor, nnd yet yon cannot bo touched with
the eternal fire. Fie upon you, then, you
degenerate glrll After nil" with a sud
den change ot tone from the melo
dramatic into the distinctly common
place "you are just liko me. My young
man (phruso borrowed from Mary Jane,
you will perceive) is quite ull you have
described yours to bo barring tho pov
ertyand yet I like him quite as llttlo as
you do yours."
"My dear Mlllicent! And I always
understood that"
"It was to be a true love match I A
very Ideal niarrlagol A veritable cooing
affair I Disabuse your mind of that at
once, my good girl. It Is a match loved,
indeed, by my aunt and my other aunt:
but by nobody else, so fur as I can see.
He Is to have me and auntie's money; I
am to havo him and his mummy's money.
That's the arrangement. Fancy being
flung upon a scion with such a Btone
around one's neck, and expejted to en
Joy ono's self 1"
"It is your cousin?"
"Yes; Grnnlt Boyle. Yon have never
seen him; so I may as well say he Is as
good looking as any girl could desire,
savo me. I nm bent on an ugly man,
Nadlno be sure of that. Simply because
he is handsome, I dislike him so, much.
And yet" she breaks off, nnd a little
angry laugh widens her lips "when you
said a moment since that so long as
loyr lovr. was with you you Ukliini.
nuttnatwuvn ne nus gone you relt the
full weight of his dlsngreeablltty prem
upon you, you said oxactly what I should
have sald.hnd I been the first to explain."
"That is strango a coincidence. But
but why innrry him, If you feel so to
Mr. Boyle?"
"Captain, nn' it please you, madnme.
He is one of her majesty's men. 1 am
not so sure that I shall marry him. But
I have been prcsseB Into the matter be
cause of auntie's desire to Bee mo Mrs.
Boyle (there is a remote title somewhere
in tho family, that she believes will sotno
day descend upon me, and make mo 'my
lady') So I nm supposed to bo willing
to barter my present for the snko of my i
future. But I nm notl So thero!" She
Bomcwhnt nugrlly rnttles tho poker
ngnlnst tho bars of tho grate as sho
speaks. Thon sho looks up sharply at
her companion. "Why nro you marrying
Mr. ? You did not mention his name,
by tho by."
"Paul Annerley."
"A masterful name nearly ns bad ns
Granit Boyle that sounds liko tho resist
less rock ns tho wave bents hopelessly
ngalnst It." Sho pauses ns though sunk
in n light reverie, "I nm not n hopeless
wnvc, however," sho continues presently,
her pause being so slight as to bo nlmost
imperceptible. "A rock myself, rather.
Yet I look to frail so fragile I" Sho gets
up nnd turns to a mirror, nnd pushing
back tho soft silky hair from her low
brow examines her face critically. "Yes
n rockl" sho says decisively. "So, if
my dear cousin does not Improvo on ac
quaintance, I warn him I shall not be
dragged to the altar to suit his whim.
I'd cut off my hnlr first! It was by the
hair the medlroval parent dragged his
child, eh?" she asks, turning to Nadine
with a sudden smile.
"I bellevo you like your cousin, under
it all," says Nadine, laughing.
"Well, I do, uud I don't, as I hnve al
ready said. Just now, I don't. But
thero nro few men in town so hnndsome.
So much I know, though 1 hnve not as
yet como out."
"Describo him to mo."
"Ho is tall, dark, earne it in expression.
That is disappointing, I know; the mod
ern villain being always tall, fair, insou
ciant. But variety is charming. My
villain is as I havo said."
"Paul is dark too," says Nadlne, arch
ing her brows.
"Hal Sol Tho plot thickens! Two
villains in ono drama is extravagant.
I wish, however, Paul had been of tho
fair, die away order, if only to make a
diversion. Nadlne, tell me, why nre you
going to mnrry your unloved villain?"
"Ho isn't n villnln," begins Nndine;
but Mllllccnt interrupts her.
"Oh, yes, he isl" she says. "You take
my word for it. Well, go on."
"I am marrying him because becnuso
I think I do like him, nnd that my nbsurd
repulsion when nbsent from him is a
menn feeling only to bo conquered to dis
appear forever. And and mamma will
be happy if I marry him. Sho is so
afraid that I may aver como to real want."
"IIo is rich, then? A man of property?"
"Xo. IIo has a clerkship somowhere
in the city."
"Somewhere? Vaguo Icallthatl Well,
my good child, I'd seo nbout that clerk
ship, if I were you, beforo putting my
foot in it."
"Well ns a matter of course," says
Nadlne. Then sho breaks into n merry
laugh. "Nnturally I should bee It beforo
putting my foot in it. But you need not
be uneasy nbout that. Mother has made
nil inquiries, nnd ho hns entirely satislled
"After all, my warning was absurd.
People nowadays don't go nbout mns
querading," says Mlllicent. "Tell me
moro of him."
"Thero is bo llttlo to tell. His eyes are
a very dark brown."
"So aro Granit's. I hate very dark
brown eyes."
"His mustache is brown too."
"So is Granit's. I like a mustache
"And I liko a man with no mustache,"
says Nadlno softly.
"You don't say," cries her friend,
with affected interest. "Tell mo who he
Her shnft is a random one, not meant
to striko home, yet Nadlno shrinks from
it ns If hurt, and her cheeks grow deadly
white. She clasps her hands together
with a llttlo impulsive motion upon
her lap clnsps them so closely that her
nails grow white.
Mlllicent, who though frivolous in a
certain sense, is neither unobservant nor
wnnting in affection, marks these signs
of emotion, but with a strange reticence,
for her, refrains from taking nny notice of
"A trace to lovirsl" she cries gayly.
"I, for my part, nm sick nnd tired of
them. Here is n second piece of news I
would impnrt to you. Undo Timothy
you know my Uncle Timothy? well,
denr old mnnl he is going to give me, on
the occasion ot my 'first appearance,' the
most exquisite set of diamonds and sap
phires thnt nre, I hear, iu the United
Kindgom. I am to be his heiress as well
ns nuntto's, you know; nnd theso jewels
uro to bo worn by me on my coronntlon,
1 was going to say but I suppose 1
meant on my presentation. They tell
me 'her most gracious' will pale with
envy nt the bight of them. Going now,
Nndine? Nonsensol You must hnve
your tea first. I'll havo It served here,
and It will keep you worm nil tho wny
home. Poor little catl You look tired I
Have a glass of sherry Instead It will b6
much bitter for you."
Mrs. Cath.tri ne V. Woite, of Chi-
csgo.hns commence!) the publication of
tho Chicago Law Times. Mrs. 'Waltii
n herself a lawyer, an active business
woman and a very able one.
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Christinas presents last year by lottery.
Tho Prince of Naples and thu Queen
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lieu, mum viiLiB uuu iiiiuu wiiu uuuien
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uuu iuu uiuur uuiuueis.
Since President Cleveland has in
vited tho Washington nowspapcr cor
respondents to all his receptions they
have forgiven hint for hw uncompli
mentary allusions to them recently.
Minister West is of opinion that
there will bo no war in Europo this
year, Thero lias been so much talk
that thoro is now nothing to tight
Thero is a lady school teacher at Os
ceola, W. T., that weighs a 25 pounds.
II thero aro many such women out
thero it is easy to understand w by Wy
oming Territory was tho first to recog
nize tho political rights of woraor.
His tickle judgment. Willie Jlsm.
ma, you ain't going io gito nil lhat
chicken to Tommy, nr you t M uuma
No, Willio de'ar; it is for jou.
Willie Oh, what a littlobit 1 Judge.
Historian Bancroft has been singu
larly unforlunate in his dinner parties
at Washington this eeaeon. Deaths or
sickness havo caused many of them to
be postponed or entirely broken up.
Congressman Ilenloy, of California,
says that between August and Decern
her ho made S15,000 practicing law,
and ho will bo glad when tho -1th of
March comos to relievo him ot his
duties. lie thinks Congress does not
P r over a century tho wealthy
plaiittrs of Marylana lived in ignorance
of the deliciousness of terrapin, ind
only their slaves ate tin in. Now tl oy
atu t-lad to get them at fifty cenli jor