The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, January 14, 1887, Image 1

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Vq dolurrbiki.
CotcvBU Diuocntr, BTKOr tni nortHi and co
ldhbian, consolidated,
ssnrtil W.-ciily, every I'rldny .tlnrnlnn, nl
ULOO.US lUltll, . !OI.UMIIl A CO , Pa.
i l s,i - yon. t"0 ultMcrlbers out of the coun
ty m tmu Jiniliyiu llmme,
i 11 ii'r 111 jin i it uij tiii at tin option
nf i no IV' . Uiiih nl ArnMnig juroii .Id, but
1) ii i n il r ' Iiib rni nut uu Irvn.
Al i Jfi - 9 a DJi iilmu SLntoortodlstantpost
n i nl h' iild for in nlv-luce, unlossa -espon.
Blblo pcriiin lit Columbia ii.miy assumes to pay
t. auLHji-ipUoiiiMouii demand.
u aw im km evt it
I ;j 1 M HO lU STO 4 1.0 7 Ml
ItO id) It 4 00 4 75 T N HOD
3 00 J 73 8 W BOO RW 10 00 10 M
8 60 S fill 4 M Oil 800 111 (10 19 (11
3,3 4 Ml 6M 8 00 0B" 14 t.0 al 1X1
ii "
4 "
Kcol 5M 7 00 8 00 14 00 17 wo mvu vjw
column 8 00 18 00 18 00 S3 00 DO 00 40 00 60 (0
.. . j n.v.i.u. mintiprlr. Trin.
Ifnrir nu.rillsvuiriiio p-
slentndveittscincntHmusitiepald tor before l
settcd except where parllcB have accounts.
.. . . .... i . 4f.Hi a nnt Inch lit
tlitc? Insertions, nndnt mat rate for additional
insertions w iiuouv i virn-utu w
Executor's, Administrator's, and Auditors no
tlces three dollar.
T'iii i I'flnt i? benartinent oftho Coi.omfum
tt r i on bio. Itcoutilti; tii Inter new typo
nil m 'Tv nil It t it' o ! v olllco ' lint f tins lob
ii no , lnit .H tlio bet mcl Itlca Ks-
ip r. im.i nnttfe.. ten rents & line, re If
3. E. etWEIili, I,.,,.!..,.
ular advertisements half rates.
iidMiiilun law Jibs.
rinnl. InlhAiiltiielnPBq TUrpetnry" COlUtnC. 0D
II n
dollar a year for each line.
mr v mm cvmm w mm m w im m mm mws
I la saw reduced
to flite following
low fprik'cs:
EGsr, bed licsivy
gold bronze
Sx)49 iai toesnvy
25'I iB or broinze
tUtU'S" jsiKes Boa
in ofporflfiOM. & -i
isfljacflSon g' qo sa a"
an iced.
Now is Mic iimie
lo secure good
won Be. e
X5Iooms"burg, Pa.
nnmiR Rtru"Kled so years between lire and
denth Willi ASTHMA or HITlllslc, treated by
eminent plnslctnns. an I recelvlnir no benefit, I
was compelled durlnir the last years of my III.
ness to m on mv elinlr day and nlt'ia pasplnir for
brentli My BiHTerlnira were beyond il-scrlptlon.
In deipalr I expeilmentcil on mybclt by com
Doundlne rontH and herbs and Inlinlmtr the meill-
clnp thus oblnlned. I fortunati'lir dlscorered this
TAII1II1. warranted to i-elleve the most stubborn
cafiof ASTHMA IN FIVi: MINUTHSbothatlho
Pnlieni can nenown lo lesiKnuHieepcomronaoiy.
lease rend the following condensed extracts from
unsolicited testlrn nlnls allot recent date:
Oliver V. It llol cs. San .lose Cal., writes: "1
find tho remedy all and even more than repre
sented. I receivo msinnianeous renei."
H M. Oarsnn. A. M,. nrren. Kansas.
wiltes: "Was treated bv eminent physicians of
llus com try and Germany: tried tho cllmale of
dltferent states nothing allorded relict llko your
1. Ih nun?) vuuiikj i icaaui 1 1. miuut. n'uut.
Miss, writes: "llavo used the llemedy. Would
not live without It. Every ono that uses ltic
commend It."
I. It. Phelps. I'. M.. (li IfTKS, Onto, writes: "Suf
fered with asthma 40 sears. Your medicine In 3
mlniite d"es moie for mo than the most eminent
phiFlrlnn did ror me In three years."
II C I'lmr.pton Jollet, III., rltc: "Send Ca
tarrh I'emedj atonco. Cannot Ret nlone without
it I 11 mi ii to oa tne mobt vaiuioio meuicme i
hnvo ever tried "
(ico. v Hr dv, selaon Co., Ky., writes: 'lam
using the rented r. Gained 8 pounds In 3 weeks,
would not be wlihnut It."
Martin Vot. Uttlo Falls, N. . writes: "Find
llemedy excellent. Could not live without It."
We have many nth"' hpnrtv testimonials of cure
or relief, and In order mat all suffeiers fiom Asth
ma, i alarrh Ilnv Fever, and kindled diseases may
havo an opportunity or tcsIInK Iho valu"Ot tho
llemedy o will send to any addi ess Till ALPACK
AUl; r HI'.K (if HAI (ii;. Aiiiinss.
.1. ZP'MKKMAN t CO., Proprietors,
Wholesale IiruKElsts, Wooster, Wnjui Co., o
Full blicbox by mall (I. (mav7-ly.
on James Hlver. Va.. In Claremont
coinnv. illustrated circular tree, j,
1 MANC1I , Claremont, Vlrglnli
TVHPHXSIA. Its Nature Cati'es, l'rcvet..
: 'tlon and cine. Hj .lohn II. cAlUn, l.ooli
Jtnss., 14 ej tax toiiei ior. sent irm iii.iny ur
dress. Jan7
QTTP 1? catareh mux
n 8 1 l P. tlcais bead, m
i - Iiiiibs Horn misty I ucoi
sweetens the btnth ( uiis seveie-t cnlnr
vMicii all othcrlH.itnicntstall semi Iiic.stomps.
for ii 1 1 haliplni f.impli' piepuid i i.ouiih to lcllei o
unj cuse. lir. Mis i .n ic Co., ssi Piouaway, V.
Please Don't orjyet it
thatUr II. .Inmes Ciiniiiibfa ImUm Is prepaiedln
Calcutta, India, from the purest and best Native
Hemp, and Is iho only remedy, either In ihat
counin or tills, that will positively and pcrau
nently cure consumpllon, bronchitis, nsthma, na
sal eatanh aid neivous deblllti, or break up a
fro h cold In 4 houis. ii 'U pur bottle, tlm o bo.
ties $n 0 CraddocK Co., i roprlctors, 1033 liaco
St. 1'hlla. Jan7dlt.
Itnvnvnn Oonnh, r.rnndiltlii, Arttnna, Indlpcttlflnl Um
PARKER'S TONIO vltliout dilny. It lnu runsl
limny ir ma oit iu--n. anil U thii iH'nt ri'lnisly fnrall
alfititlDil. of the threat anil lunirH, anil tUrteaMU atii.lni
from Impui'O blood anil exhaustion- Tliofit'Me ami atck,
Etrumllnir airulimt lilnoase, and Flouly drffttnir to tho
jrravn.w nl In most canci n-coverthrlr liealt Ii by tho tlmclr
iimi of 1'ABllcu'a ToMC, but dulav 1 daniri rolls. Take it
In time. Ciirca when all el-e raUs. Oivps now ttte anil
strcnlh ti the affvd aaalaarm. 1 at UrusUU.
IKnn.neratne emploment offered energetic
and 1 1 liable men. A udrrss,
Security Mutual Benefit Society,
novm ivt.
Tnatantlv ishI(.4 Ihrt most violent att&rk. irtfl f
imarw comroninia hpod. nu niusu mr hi.
hLl lri.Hnin iituhlhvlnliiilatinn Itt net Lin la Im. 1
mediate, direct amfrortuln. and a rum in tbe
rHult in all curaMe eta, A sinnto trial coq. I
vlncus the mt elcrntlcal Price btki. and $1,(0 1
of any dmirgUt. or fr mail Hroplj I'rco fur
stamp. lr. It. "111 r t M A N , hi. I'.ul. HIb.. I
r UHQt Oonuim th. Life and iaence of
Animal lionet t'HICAI'.
'sJvVA -JL V Kor Sal u by V. W. LOW,
larict'Siir laii. OranBevllle. Pa.
S within o. KiioHTi.inar.'s apadkmv.
Fill! VdtINU MKS AM) IlllTS, MKI11A, PA
13 miles from Phlladelphln, Fixed price covers
every expense, even bonks. Ao. vo extra charges.
Mo tin Mental expenses so examination for ad
mission Twelve exiierlenced teachers all men,
and nl grndualcH. special opportunities for apt
students to artriuiro rapidly, special drl 1 tor (lull
unit backward toys. Patrons or sludents may be.
leet any ninlli' or hoo-4' tho rcirulnr Kn.Mlsh, Scl
entlllc, Huslness finsslcal or Civil Knitlneeilnu
coursn. students lilted at Media Academy ato
now In llarvnid. Vale, Princeton and ten other
colli (jes and Poljlechnlo schools 10 students
sem in roilee In 1R-3, is In ssi 10 In kni, 10 In
ISso a (rraduatlnirclnts every year In tho com
inercldl department. A Physical and Chemical
I.. lor lory. (iy nnslum and Hall (Irn lid. iwi
"H inlded tnllhrarv In IS83. phjsli'nl anpiratim
dnub ed in 18 3 Mertl i Iris seven churches and n
U pel nee ch'nler will h prohibits the snip nf all
IP' xu H'd ilrli ks Fur new 1 lustraied cm ulnr
nddrit me l ib Ipal and I'ropileior, sw 1TIUN C,
Hitoiti LluOK, A. Al., (Ilurvaid Graduate,! Media,
leuu'a. tAus.U,fen,lj'.
A (Ircat Medical Worlc on Manhood, Netvot" and
Tliyilcal Debility, I'remitnre Dccllno In Slan,
Kiliauited Vitality. Ac, At, and tho nntold ml(-
orlM resulting from lndlKrctton or cxcpei .100
pdRCii, substantially bound In gilt, niulin. Con
tain! mora than 1J'i Invaluable preerlpllon9, era
bracing every veficUblo remedy In the pharma
cnpaJa for all acute and chronic dlacn.rft. It 1.
i miliatlca1ty a book for every man, Prlco only $1
by nia.l, post paid, concealed In plain w rapper.
iLixvritATivu MA.iiPi.u ritni: to am.
Vo'ing and mldcllp-nspd men for the next ninety
days, fend now, or cat this out, as yott may ne rr
ce It n?aln. Ad(!rp3 Dr. W. II. PAllKH'.l, 4 llal
flnch rtrpet, Tlodan. Mis,
fcb.,5-d. ly
Larff esand convenient sample rooms. Hath rooms
hot and cold wnter and all modern conveniences
yAiNwitioiir &co.,
l'lllI.ADEI.l'llIA, I'A.
KltT, 61'lll'E, I11CAI 11 fODA, KIO , I 10,
N. II. Coiner Sicond and Arch Ms.
woi tiers will rccclv-6 prompt attention.
Vy 11. 110 USJI,
IJt.OOMStlUItO, Uoi.UAlllIA C'oUiN'JV, Pa
All styles if work done in a superior pmnn r.w orS
iiirrv 'a as ronres -otea i ekti- atTii'i
RU WITHOPT I'AIH by tllO Use Of (laS, HHd
free of charge is hen artlilelal teeth
are Inserted.
Olllco in Ilartnn'a liulldinc. Mnln street
below Alurket, Ilvo doors below Klclm's
drug store, first Iloor.
lo be open at all houri during the rfoj
KOV 'is -IX
Manufacturers of
First-class work always on hand.
Price reduced to suit the limes.
me undersigned Uuvliiir put bis Planing Ml
in Itallroad street, in rirst-ciass condition, is p'e
Darea toao auxinasoi worKinnisiine.
'urnisnea at reaeonabloprlcce. All lumber used
Is well seasoned and none but skilled workmen
urnlshed on application. Plans and specifics
insjropirea oy in experienced arauguismnn
CIIAIIL.GS (iltllli,
Ktlooiiisljtirc. I'a
Suitable for
Cemetery Lots
Public Grounds
The following shows the Picket Gothic, one of
mo several oeaumui styles oi rencemanuiacturca
uy tuu uiiuersineu.
i ' .tiSW! M
in' (" "i; I if.-3' "A" I " :!r- 1
For lleautv and llurnhllltv llipr neo ins.iimnw
ed. Setupbyexperlenced bands and warranted
iu suiisiuciion.
Prices and specimons of other do-
"IU'iih sent to any nduress.
May 4-tf
E. B. 8R0WER
All kinds of work in Sheet Iron, Koof
injtr and Spouting promptly
attended to.
""Strict attention given to heating by steam.
Corner of Mam & East Sts.,
31oomsburg, Pn.
Cents Furnishing (roods, Eats I Caps
Suits inndu to order nt shoit dotice
inula til ilwuvs gnai antced or no sale.
Cull and exaiiiino liie largest and best
elceti'd et"ck of goods over shown in
Columbia county.
Storo next iloor to First National Hank,
ISloomshurg; Pa.
Fiiisjliadi lnnm Works, York, Fa:
tor HltM(rall
Ot .' 0 4'Jl.uld.
1 (smimm
Nf4lit NntKtil trnsth h anffar mw
tMfirnlUM ptcultar U tbalr atii hll Xrj
ThU tntdlclfi eombliM Iron with par t Ubl
tnnica. and in lnvaluabU fur DlMaaoa rtcullar to
Vontcn, and all wbo IoaJ aodfiotary lltfi. 11 1.n
flchei and Purines th Hlnod, Htlmulatea
tb Appelltr, Mreiiatlfna th 3liiclc and
NerTe-ln fact, thoruugtil Invlsorntris
OlMra the complex Ion, and nakea the f kin Bmootn.
It doea not blacken the teeth, cauae headache, or
produce onatlpatlon ( I other Jron ndUintt do.
Mri. Elizadeth Raird. .4 Farwell At . lUrrau
kee, Wia., ear?, tinder date fr Deo. Kth.
" I hare nsel Brovm'e Iron llittera, and It baa been
more than a doctor to mo harlns cured ma of the
weakneaa ladiee hare in life. Also cored me of Lit
er Complaint, and now wr Cfunpleiion 1l rlear ana
good. Has alo teen beneHclal to mj chiluren.11
Uei. Louisa O.Uiuodoh. Eaat Lockport.N Y.,
earn 1 hare a iff end untold mlaerr from Female
Complaints, and could obtain relief from nothlnc
eioepi Brown'e Iron Bittr."
Oenulne haa above Trade Mailt and croeed red lines
on wrapper. Take no otlirr Made only by
A llomcily that has U-on la ttcpful Uso for many
years In Lnro.e, ond una ouly luttly mtrixluccU lii
this couiitry, In the
Tills JiemMy has tho endorneinrnt rr Continental
I'hystclano nnd Oo crnnv at .-.nnltnry Commissions,
&s wull as tho ttiouftnru.a of BulVercr to whom It Iia
brought relief. It has wuetl otUera nil who haa
tried 1C. it
from further airony. If you'll ouly trivo It a chance.
Ituadk mahksv
"i HR I
Tor cornplele Inforniftt'on, Derrlptlvu J'ani
liltlet, wltli tcntiinon'aln. I ree.
For Halo liy nil ilrimalitN. If pno or tlio cittitr is
not in iHWltUm U fmtiii-li It tn you.dn not bo ir.
made,! to takoali) thlliK Umi. but apply dlrwt M Ih.
(lulieml Airiiil", ITAIII..lilt I1IKW. A: CO.
811) A: blil Jlurki'l Mnil, I'liliiidtlplilu.
march 9-ly.n
Tor " worn-oul," "run-down," debilitated
ei'liiiol teacliei, inllllnerK, eeamstresHea, lione
l.ceiier. and mer-worked women irenenilly.
Dr. I'lereo'n Unnrlto l"rrerlptioii la tho liest
or all ivstnratlvo tonics. It Innot a "Cure-all,"
lint udmlinlily fullllla a plnitleness ot purpose,
lieinff n most tMitent Spi-eilic for all thoao
Cliroulo Wcuknesn'S ami Dlsoases iwullar to
women. It la n iMiwerful, (tenenil as well as
uterine, tonlo niiil nei viiic, and imparts vigor
and elrenutli to tho whole Kystem. 1 1 promptly
cured weakness of atomaeh, Indiirefit ion, bloat
Intr, weak back, nenoiia prostration, deblllty
and shicplessness. in either se.v. I'nvorlte I'l-e-Rcrlptlon
Is fold by dnnrirlsta under our il
fOc iikounfrr. Men wnipimr around bottle.
1'rlee $1.00, or Mix bnllleH (or 5.00.
A l.uiro troiitlsn on Dlseum s of Women, pro
fusely lllustratiil with eoloicil plates anil nu
merous wood-outs, nent lor 10 cenl 1 In stainno.
Addiess, Wom.n's Dim-ens mv .MKiut'Ai.
association, u.i .UMin fintr, jiuiuiin, n. i.
SICrc I : i: A ll.i C! II 31, lllllnus Henda.-hc,
mid L'oiiillpiillon, nromplly tuiiil by
Dr. 1'ieriii's Veil Is. iTc.ii,
by drui,rirll3.
vicroay i
Cures llris-bts' DI"Ka3c,Catarili
oftho llL-uIiVr. Ton.lil I.lvir. It
dijsolvejHall-Stimesciultinivel, j
ot llrino vt..cli this itcmnlj
hllUUlU Ufl lUliCIl,
PinldliiK Floppao Tlloml-tlnp'ed
Dlatetio .lbumen !ilrlr-ilu-t
Diopslenl Drllil.llnrr
Hcndnelio ri-ciiucnt ( 'mtt cmi'
Itonencho Nervous Iteillsli-dark
Ibiekiielio Xerreiioho i'(i(.pliatwi
IMIe-neld Seltllncs Cntnrrhaehf
D.m-hu to riiul-llixath (iall-coloi
Jurt 'if tJit gee to t!ie itnat.
llollevcv ar.l fin ! i-nintSMmc-fovcrt
!Cunl:or,D v . 'i,A
i, ?inl.iri i, 1 'evert
indAirue.N n-Ii .
i i. i.-ni, i.nini'ire-ii
. se,ual Wcak-i"
Mmcntniiiioi'i'i -i.ii
i nti" lep. fleivifula.
yiti;ilinuuite Mr
Rvyslpelm, fiK-ltbi
tlulclu s. Tever-sor . . ml i uiccr-tiilnis
uu, hxplillls, I'lmples,!:
Ht In ii moNt lVoii lerful Aiijieller,
lliillil-.i.pVuio" iyni' -ilu' ,t OoiiHtUtitlon.
fcf"Tcll i uurm l-libo nil nbout It.
nPlttci: 25c, $1.000 bottles 5.00,
fl7i"ren.ireiiut Dr. Kilmers jiLncnsary,
IlllllflllllUlUU, i, i,, u.c.
Jnmlltlx' Oiifita fo Health (Sf lit JVrr.)
.inriitfinr inquiry pmmpiiv
Mil,'.) IIV A 1,1, III(ll4;c;iSTM.
lllsl fcl II ,JI EBMyUUfltaTOgiiiifi
Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute
003 Main Streot, Buffalo, N. Y.
Staff of 18 Physicians and Surgeons.
Uxporlonreil Spei liilUtH for every
elu of IllKUiiaeM Irenleil i nlaii,
li nlneil, cxiierleni eil and obllirliiir
1. It In, Ave 1 1 veutllatctl, elednnlly
f iirnUlica prlvuto roonm, for pu.
llouvn f iirnlslieil with rievntor.
Sleiiiu-lieiit, siiHiikliiK-iilpeu, l;lee
Irir llellu. nnil all ninderil lill
IirovcnieiilH. 'ruble well supplied
with Hie bent of rood.
Ik not u Jloipltlll, but n iilcnuaiit
Ilomedlal Home. Open day and
whether requiring for their euro
nicdlciil or tmrclciil aid. nhillfiiily
Willi TurkUh Hatha, Aniurleult
niovemviit Treatment, or .Heeliun.
ieiil niussiiKe .lIiKliiuerj, Vllull.
zillion mid Vueiiuni Treatment
AiiparatiiM, the most appriiii'd
i;le(lrical IHnclilllci. and illiller
lea, llllialatloil Apimraliis, and all
tho in ii t vniiiablo remedial applU
aiiciH known lo medical selenee.
Call, or sienil lo eeiitN in Htamim
lor our invaiiuN' t.uitie.iiooH iiui
iniuea), which uIvcn all purtlcil
a is. Adilresa as aliove,
WorU'i Dbseosarr llnllial Auioclttlon, I'rcp'.,
City B idsF( Fa.ctoiy
No. 3 North Canal Ht , Near U V.
It. It. Depot.
John H. Dnrby,
JiTWlll cull on dealers onco in six
weeks. Save your orders,
tn uoiiAri i
igWpl Q
I tried and tried and tried attain
To do some stood In this reat world;
As soon my deeds were backward Hurled.
nut ror eacn trial 1 nan mucn pain,
1 naln
My deeds were like Iho sowers' seeds
Who sow them broad cast as they go.
Vat somo will fall amity? the weeds
And Home among somo other foe.
And yet there must bo holy ground.
To sow the true and (rood within ;
Thero must a lonely heart be found
To take the good and cast out sin.
And so I'll do somo ifood each day
No matter If I don't behold
The fruit alone life's trodden way,
Or wrote lu letters largo and bold.
Ii I. A. Jot.
l)r K, li. Hiubt'i', HtiiicriulctinVnt. of
publiu instruction, tins Hindu liis report
tor tho year onding .lime 7, ISaO. Wi
"lean tho followiiiLT fiom it: Tho mil
U .'ioliurH ot tlm sUto in 1S80, oulsKlo
Philadelphia niitnberod 9.C35, fenialu
tcauhcrs !),05.,5. In 1880 th-ro nin
8,707 malt- toucher, ami 12,313 fcmalo.
Students in nttendnnco at Normal
school", tho past year, -1,909. Total
number attending sincn tho foundation
of Normal schools, 07,073. Distribu
tion of state aid fur Norm il school
students, in tlx sixth dislrjut, for gnnl
inti's $2,7')d i f ir umlcrjra luates, 13,
051. Kslimaied valuo of school tirop-i-rty
in Uohimbiit eountv $223,0.11.
I crinanetit certificates cranlod, 20.
Ni'iuber of8choil houses in county.
155, unlit for use, 14; with suitable
luiuitiire, 109; 12 aro well supplied
witn anpirntuf,; 7 aro without proper
conveniences; 101 persons received curtifioatcs ; 'rejected appli
cants, 77 ; male teachers, 109 ; fcmalo
teachers, 119 ; avcrntso ago of loachers
25 ; 07 have tatisjht more than 5 years;
7 intend to make teaching a perma
nent business ; 99 have attended nst.ito
normal sshool, and 35 aro graduates ;
number of visits to schools by buperm
tendont l-mmes, 380. At thsse visits
only 14 directors were present at differ
ent times. Ouly 28 schools are regu
larly visited ov directors. JMiimatoil
number of children of school atro not
in school, 820 ; averago salary of male
teachers per mouth, S34.81, average
of females, 27.70 ; male scholars 4,
505 ; females, 4,142 ; average number
attending school, 5,720 ; cost per month
.oJ ; mills levied tor school purposes
0.88 ; for building purposes, 3.40 ; total
amount levied for school and building
purposes, sjo,80o,1H.
Speaking of tho low salaries paid
leinalo teachers Dr. lligbee says :
Wo regret that there should be, on
the part of our school directors, any
such falso economy. Thero should bo
no discrimination in salaries except
that winch is based upon merit. I n
mary instruction is the most difficult
work of tho schools. It must bo of tho
most thorough character if tho eubsc
queut educationul work is to besuoccss-
tul. Wherever it is eiheiently donp,
it should reocivo its proper remuner
ation. To discriminate against it, is to
make the foundation of the building
weak at tho peril ot tho wholo super
structure. Salarios hero should bo
greatly increased to 6ecuro tlm very
highest talent attainable, anil such in
crease will be found lo add to the
wages of our fornalo teacher''. Their
averago monthly salary, excluding
rhlladelphta, is now only twenty-nine
dollars and iorty-ouo cents. This is by
far too small for good and efficient
teachers, an 1 quite too largo tor poor
ones, if measured by educational re'
Ho advocates an increase in the
length of term and tho salaries of teach
crs, and suggests that tho Btato make
larger appropriations to tho schools,
He also suggests that the Legislature
should require ovory school board to
appoint an oflicor, whose duty it shall
bo to take a census every yeir ot all
children of school ago in tho district ;
of all who attend scluol, and those
who do not. This, reported to iho de
pnrtmcnt would furnish statistics upon
which to hasp legislation in protection
of tho young, who aro growing up in
Dr. Oan't
I suspect that all aro fntnilar with
this venerable personage, llo has met
all people, and everybody has receivod
tho Bamo generous advico from tho Dr.
Yon may know that ho is a learned
man and well deserves his title from
tho fact that there never existed an in.
stilution of learning from tho mother's
A. 15. C. school to tho college or uni
versity, but what has been visited
by tho above named Dr. He did spec
ial work at Oxford, Yale, llaivard,
liasil, Ilcidleburg, and all other emi
nent places of learning. Lycurgus
strovo and partially overcame him in a
personal encounter ol muscular strength
But tho wise Solon with all his wisdom
found many things that were rendered
impossible. Dr. Can't held tho keys
and stubbornly refused to givo thorn up.
Thalcs personally attacked him and was
successful, but the Dr. appealed to tho
ignorant populaco about tho earth's
rotundity and thus banished tho philos
opher. Sir Isaao Nowton astonished
him when he discovered tho laws of
gravitation. Previously and afterwards
Nowton's logical argument was not
enough for tho learned friend. It took
Ivopler sovontccn years to arguo Can t
out of three things ; so stoutly does ho
hold on to what ho advances. Tho Dr.
has had so much experience that few
there aro who can aniuo with him.
Columbus had a hard time to show
that Can't did not know all things that
ho professed. And when tho Dr. put
it in tho minds of the wise men of
Spain to say, "Wo oin't make tho egg
stand oil the end,'' Columbus simply
raised it high enough that when the
egg struok it broke tho blirll, then it
would stand, nut not ovory man
would have taken such an ingonious
way to ovoroomo a difficulty. It cost
America seven years war and blond-
shed to convinco England that wo wore
sustaining a possibility. In tho civil
war it cost a million lives to decide
Stato Rights and prove that tho South
eru people could not have slaves.
li. J'
KnSona'or William M. Stowart lias
been elected United S'atca Senator for
Nevada. Ho is a republican, and suc
ceeds James G. Fair, a democrat.
Letter frbm Omaha
I retiirnul la-t week from Urokcn
Bow, Custor county, N -braika, whith
er BiOiop Worihinglon had sent inoto
organize n mislnn. Thinking that
many of your ri ndcrs would Im inter
tsied in what I might write about this
mlsdonary journey, I cnd you this,
with tho lequest that you consign It to
tho wato basket if you do not think it
of sulllijicnt interost'lo publish.
Cmior i.'ouniy is one if tho largest
comities in tho state Urer than the
whole stato of lihoil" Maud and nl
most as largo as Hh nlo Island and
Delaware togi ther. Bxikeu Biwisin
llie centre of tlm con ty . and is the
county seat. The town derives its
name from an affuir of honor betwien
two Iiinisns. In thu contest which
was waged for iho hand of a fair In
dian maiden, tho vanquished warrior
broke his bow at tho critical moment
and so loH his prize. It is only fair
that ihe poor Indian and his broken
bow should be thus immortalized, as
thu other fellow walked off with
his heuttless liana-.
This town has hud a most remark
able, growth. Tho only building on
the pusent town slto in 1882 was a
sod house, tho only onu tor miles
around, and which is clill used as a
priming i llicc by tho Custer county
J(c))iioitcaii. When the county was
organized, tho place was chosen ,s the
county sc"U mid by tho end of 188
hail grown to a small village. JiH
spring it began to "boom" and since
tho first engiiio entered the town in
August last, its growth lias been mar
volloii". It now numbers a population
ol 2500. There aro f mr bank-, three
largo hotels, a fino public school build
ing and two churches. Business houses
and (Iwellings are going up rapidly
oven in December, for tho winter so
far has been mild and sunny with only
ono storm worth mentioning. The
Lincoln Land and Improvement Com
pany has bought all tho land surround
ing the town, has laid it out in lots
and is now selling thorn at a largo pro
fit. I was surprised to fi d so many peo
ple of intelligence and culture in a town
so new. I held services in the Opera
IIuso morning and evening a-id after
tho evening service organized the par.
lsh. At tho earnest solicitation of the
people I remained with them toi sever
al days and on MomUy morning start
ed i subscription list for the building
of a chinch edifice. Bv Tuesday even
ing I had secured seven hundred and
sixty dollais in subscriptions and five
of tho most valuable lots, centrally lo
cated on the highest elevation of tho
town site, large enough for a church,
rectory and parish buildings. A church
will bo built to cost about 1500 and
io is suprising what a pretty building
can bo put up out here for that money.
But the Bishop buys most of the
material at the lowest wholesale prices.
Dining my visit I diovo forty miles
over the prairie to tho ranch of an Eng
lish cattle king who wauttd his child
baptized. In all that dista'ce there
were no houses but sod houses and
straw sheds for cattle. It raado me
think of the comfortable home of tho
Pennsylvania farmer. A few years,
however, will change all this and tho
frontier farmer ol Nebraska will bo as
comfortable as his brother in the Hast
and can bo the proud owner ol a faun,
which for productivene-s, cannot be
surpassed anywhere iu the world.
On my way to the ranch 1 stopped
for a short lime at tho sod himso of a
Jir. Maxwell. I soon learned that ho
"had emigrated from Pennsylvania and
that his wife in foinu-r jears knew
man people in and around Blooms
burg and Xillville. I need not say
that sho was glad to s- o me; that but
faintly oxpressi s it. I also encounter
ed in tho sod printing ullico mentioned
above a Wirt pen which mado mo feel
quite at home. Tho editor used it in
Biibcribiug 20 towards the buildiug
Wohwemi't with so many unex
peeled delays iu finishing our chinch
here, that tho f inn il oo Miing Im b 'en
postponed until iho 23rd. of January.
In tho mea 'time you m.ty hear from
mo again. Viry truly yours
Louis Zaiineu.
Omaha, Neb. D -c. 20th. 1H8G.
Galeoto's Tsrrible Tate.
Tlio Supremo Tribunal of Madrid,
Spain, has refused to commute tho sen
tence ot F.ithiT O deole, who was con
victed of the murder o" .Mgr. Isnvierdo
ami condemned to death
Father Galeoto is iho Driest, who in
order to rovengo hitnscli for an order
of suspension inflicted upon him for
immoral conduct by tho Bishop of
Madiid. shot the hitter with a revolver
at the doors of thu Pro-Cathedral on
Palm Sunday last. Heforo being exe
cuted by means of tho gnrrottv on tho
plain outside Madrid, Father Galeoto
will bo solemnly and publicly degrad
ed fiom tho priesthood. Ono by ono
his ccolosiastical vestments will bo re
moved from him, and utter his head
has bicu shaved to obliterate all traces
of tho tonsure, his hands and the orown
of his head will ho scraped with blades
of steel in order to erase all traces of
tho sacred oil with which hu was nn
nointod on entering iho priesthood.
Durinp- these nroeediiiL'S a dime is
chanted by the "freres de misoricorde,"
tho cowl'' ot whoso moi kish garments
are drawn down over tin ir faces, leav
ing only two little holes for tho eyes.
On the nonelusion of tile ccrcmunv tho
unfortunatu man will bo seattd on a
chair with his back against an upright
pot fivod into tho scaffold. A sieol
collar, tlio onds of which aro pissed
through tho pot, is fastened round
his neck, and as soon as iho yellow bag
has been drawn do'ti over his faeo thu
oxecutioimr gives a turn to tho wind
lass, which causi s tho steel collar to
tii'hten. and at tlm same li.nn fnrees
tho point of a scrow against the spinal
column, A'hioli it breaks. Tne body
is then left during tho whole day ex
posed to tho publio gazo on thu scaf-
loiii, aii'i is only removed tor burial at
O'Donnvan llnstin bis linen nrtnnsml
of misappropriating somo 2,000 of
tlio Hinds belonging to tho reman
Brotherhood of Now Vork KuMtomnr.
io friud is charged, in ptirsuanco of
which receipts havo b. m destroyed
and accounts altered.
Merowtllo Appraiser's Duties.
Auditor General Niles has isucd
tho following instructions to county
commissionets :
By the 12lh section of tho aot ot
1840. it is mado tho duty of tho Com
missioners of each county to appoint
the appraiser of mercantile taxes on or
torn tho 3Ulli ot December, in each
year, for tho ensuing year.
lietoro lie enters upon tho ilisobargo
of his duties, you will please instruct
iho mercantile appraiser, as follows :
1. iho appraiser shall personally
visit tho store, distillery, browory, or
ther places ot business of all persons
engaged in tho selling or vending of
goods, wares, merchandise, commodi
ties, or other effects of whatsoever
kind or nature, (including liquors,) all
stock brokers, bill brokers, exchange
brokers, merchandise brokers, real es
tate brokers : all aticlioncrs, all manu
facturers, venders, agents, or other per
sons engaged in the salo of any nos
trums, medical compounds, or patent
medicines, whether pills, powders, mix
tures, or in any form whatsoever.
II. Tho appraiser shall then rato
.oul assess all dealers and venders as
above enumerated, in accordance with
existing laws, and shall give to each
person whom ho shall assess, or to
some person living on tlio premises
where tho business rated is carried on,
a written or printed notice, specifying
tlie classification and iho amount of
license lo bo paid by tho persnn assess
od, and also of tho time and place when
and where, ho tho appraiser, will hold
an appeal.
III. Tho appraiser shall furnish to
the county trcasuier a certified list of
iho dealers aloresaid, with the classifi
cation, as mado out bv him. or deter
mined by tho judges of tho court, on
iv. iso bins lor mileage ot ap
praisers will bo paid unless this De
partment is satisfied lhat tho officer
has personally visited, iu ore continu
ous trip, every place of business assess
ed ; tior will any bill for mileage be
seined Oeioro me month ot October,
and until tho county treasurer has filed
in this olhco a certihod copy of the ao
praiser's list, and tho required statO'
nv;iit of licenses which havo proved
V. In accordance with recent do
cisions of tho Supreme Court, dealers
in live stock aro exempt from payment
ot mercantile tax, and thev must not
bo Assessed. By tho decision of tho
samo court, it has boon determined that
butchers who sell meat of animals they
uavo slaughtered aro not liablo to tho
payment of mercantile tax, consequent'
ly they must not bo asscssoJ. Those
butchers, however, who purchase cattlo
killed and dressed, and sell tho moat,
aro properly liable to payment of mer
cantile tax and should bo assessed.
Care should be taken by tho apprais
ers to assess only those" butchers who
purchase tho slaughtered oattle. Sioco
tho recent decision of tho Supremo
Cmirt in tho case of Johu E. Joos vs.
Alexmder E. McCandloss, Treasurer
of Allegheny county, the publication
of tlio mcrcantilo appraiser's list will
bo dispensed with, until the Legislature
mi,kcs further provision for such pub
licatiou. Quay for Senator.
The It 'publican Legislative caucus
at Hariisburg on Wednesday tho 5th
nominated Matthew Stanley Quay for
United Stales Senator by a vote of
151 to 9 for Galusha A. Grow. A
resolution was adopted constituting a
o iinmilteo to frame a bill regulating
freight charges on railways within the
Sluto and report it to a futuro caucus,
but Senators Watres, Qobin, Osborne
and Macfarlano opposed tho resolution
until they wero assured that the action
of tho caucus would not bind them to
oiippnrt the b 11 when it comes up in
legislative session. Opposition was
also developed to tho second clause of
tho proposed liquor prohibition con
stituiional amendment, which provides
compensation to propcrty.-ownfrs and
tenants whoso business may Buffer from
the adoption of tho amendment, and
again tlio ruling was raado that tlio de
cision of tho caucus could not control
the action of individuals, whereupon
ho resolution was passed to appoint a
committee to take iho bustuess in
So well wero the pins set up bv the
machico under Quay's manipulation
that even "Pig Iron" Kelly couldn't
command a single voto against him.
Thero was a feeblo attempt at kicking
against tho ring, but it was ineffectual
Iiopresentativo True, of Susque
hanna, placed Galusha A. Grow in
nomination and left to Mr. Owens, of
Huntingdon, tho work of loading tho
inefftctual opposition to Quay. Mr.
Owons detailed with much earnestness
and at considerable longtb tho qualifi
cations which ho thought requisite for
tho colleaguo of Mr. Cameron in tho
Senate and contended that these wero
possessed in an eminent degree by a
gentleman whom ho proposed to nom
inate. Without mentioning the namo
of his candidate ho went on to depre
cate in an indirect way tho tyranny of
caucus rule. He argued that bis candi
date was one who personified tho ideal
which had been "boosted" by the Phila
delphia J'ress, but which that journal,
in its subserviency to paity, had sub
sequently ignored. Ho finally men
tioned the name of William D. Kelloy,
of Philadelphia. If any gentloman
present wore a brass collar, ho said, he
appealed lo them to sever it, and it
bound by a Bilken leash to assert their
manhood and make personal fitness tho
test for publio oftico.
Tho voto was then taken and result
ed in 154 for Quay and 9 for Grow.
Those voting for Grow wero Senators
Lines and Meredith and Representa
tives Dougherty, Elliot, Seamens,
Johnson, Hughes, True and Maxey 9.
Those not voting were Senator Emory
and Representatives Oivons, Davis and
Tohuney. During tho roll-call Mr.
Owens votod for Mr. Kelloy, but sub
sequently withdrew his voto, remark
ing that a single voto for that gentle
man might bo construed to his pro
iudlco. Mr. Truo, who had presonted tho
name oi jur. urow, movod to make the
nomination of Quay unanimous, which
was agreed to without dissent.
Victoria Morosini Sohilling who loft
hor coachman husband, Is supposed to
bo traveling in Europo with somo of her
Newspaper Advertising.
When an intelligent man wants to
purchase, hi buys from partios whoso
standing in their several call-
ngs is a cuarantoo tor tho quality ol
their waros. When tHo samo man
wishes to advertise, ho goes to thoo
who havo mado tho business a study,
and possess (ho requisite facilities for
its transaction. Ho wants tho best
Bcrvico which it is posslblo to procure,
anu goes io me piaco wuero ii is most
roasonablo to expect thaf. such Sirvico
may bo obtained."
I ho sentences quoted abovo links
up tho opening paragraph of a 'omark
able publication which has lately reach
ed us from tho oldost and bost known
houso in this line, Messrs. Geo. P.
Howell ifc Co., Proprietors of the News
paper Advertising bureau, .No. 10
Spruce Street, New York City.
it was in tho year lal.) that this nrm
organized an ofiioo for the reception
and forwarding ot advertisements lor
American newspapers, and they havo
long had a rnoro thoroughly perfected
system, acd better facilities for codtict-
ing tho necessary negotiations nod
watching tho fnlhllmcnt of advertise-
ing contracts, than nas clsowhcro ever
been attempted.
They represent tho best daily and
other Nowspapors of all American
cities ; the leading and most influential
Kuligious, Agricultural and other
Newspapers published in tho interests
of the many and various classes, trade"
sects or interests ; and also such county
journals of local influence as have po
cuhar merit which makes thorn of value
to a class of advertisers.
Tlioy roceivo and keep regularly on
filo all of tho Newspapers of special
merit or influence which are issued
throughout tho land, whether daily
weekly or monthly.
They istablished and havo always
published tho American Newspaper
Diieotory, and aro engaged at the pres
ent time upon a revision for tho nine
teenth annual edition ; but the Direc
tory now contains the names of fifteen
thousand newspaper?, while those which
a general advertiser specially" needs 'to
uso do not number much over a thou
sand. It is said to bo oasy to expend
a hundred thousand dollars for thrco
months' advertising in tho thousand
selected papers. It is to aid the adver
tiser in making tho selection, that the
small volume of which wo aro now
speaking has been issued. It has been
compiled with honesty, judgment and
Beginning with a list of sixteen load
ing d tilv newspapers iu tho city of
New York, giving their advertising
rates in full . next is given a selection
of (never more than six) dailies issued
in each American city hiving a popu
lation of moro than ouu hundred and
fifty thousand ; following this comes a
judicious catalogue of p-pers in places
having moro than twenty thousand
The papers which should bo selected
to advertise every section of the country
using but few papers, aro then named ;
those wnich reach tho South, the Pacific
Slope, the Territories, Canada or N2w
England in suparato groups ; and iu
one small combination ii catalogued a
couple dozHii of publications which go
Ono list names tho best paper in
every Stat", in no instance moro than
one, and again there is a catalogue of
largest circulations from wmoh is omit
ted periodical which has reached a regu
lar issue of so many as twenty five thou
sand copies.
The largest single group is called
"The Best List of Local Newspapers,''
every paper named on it being selected
bcoiuec cither its daily or weekly
edition is tho most widely circnlated or
influential, published at an important
town, city or county seat. This list
covers evory State, Territory, District
and Province of iho United States and
Canada, and represents every county
seat having a population greater than
3,000, and every placu having a popu
lation greater than 5,000 lrom Halifax
to San Diego ; from Flcrida to British
This small book contains a groat
deal of information which every suc
cessful advertiser must have. It is a
ronarkablo compilation remarkable
for its impartial honesty. It is exactly
what it purports to bo, and has been
compiled without fear or favor, upon
the judgment of its puDlishers ;
and on tho subject treated their judg
ment is tho bost which can bo appealed
Two features will surpriso most news
paper men who havo not- ha I their at
tention called lo thy ma'ter ; one is
that moro than one-half of all tho coun
try weeklies are now printed on tho
co-operative or ready print plan, and
the oilier that a list of class journals
numbers between two and three hun
dred iu all, although no class paper is
allowed a place in the catalogue unless
its regular issues exceeded livo thou
Band copies. Class journals are main
ly a growth of tho last do jade.
It is hardly necessary to say in this
connection that the Coi.umiiiak is ac
corded a place in its appropiisao classi
There appears to be a very general
impression in admiu'stration circles
that Secretary Manning is not mend
ing in health as rapidly nor as surely
as his friends would ha e it appear.
His difficulty iu tho use of his limb
has not only increased, but tho paraly
tio movemont has become settled upon
him. His mental faculties, though
active, do not show in the treatment of
questions their former vigor. Ho is
often slow in recognizing acquaint
Tho Harrisburg Patriot is now un
der tho editorial management of B. M,
Nead Esq, and the prico has been re
duced to ouo cent. Mr, Nead is a
lawyer, is thoroughly versed in politics
and experienced iu journalism. Tho
paper is greatly improved undor his
Senator Thomas V. Coopor has con
siderately declined to aooupt an ofiico
for which tho state constitution de
clares him clearly ineligible. It was,
no doubt tho intention ol Gen. Beaver
to appoint Senator Cooper Secretary of
mo jommonweaitu in spue oi mo cm
stitutional obstacle, but at the last
moment ho grew timid and decided not
to make the appoirttnont, and then
Cooper promptly divlined it. They
well knew that so cloar a violation of
tho constitution would not bo tolerated.
Murdered for Money.
TUP. lIOIlitllll.E CONIT.'SION 01' A
James Edward Nowlin, who was ar
rested in connection with the murder
of Georgu A. Codman, last week at
Lexington, Mass., has made a full con
fission. He sold ho was the only ono
concerned in the murder, and tho other
prisoners havo been discharged.
Nowlin states that ho was entirely
alono and did tlio deed unaided. He
had been thinking of it for somo days,
incited thereto by Codraan's boastful
way ol showing monoy, and expected
lo secure about SCoO, with which ho
intended to loavo that part of tho
country. He killed Codmau in tho
stable at about 2 o'clock in thu morning
by coining behind him and stabbing
him In tho Bido ot tho neck with a
butcher's knife. Ho severed an artery
and Codman fell to tho floor, dving al
most instantly. Ho then put tho body
under a hleigh, covered it up and went
on his milk route, taking his brother
Willi him. Ho returned about 11
o'clock, put up his team and went to
dinner. After dinner ho wont to tho
stable, cleaned up tho traces of tho
crime as well as ho could and then de
liberated as to tlio disposition of tho
body. He finally decided to take it
away in tho sleigh and secreto it some
where until ho could safely get rid of it.
Iln r-onsideied the weight of tho
body, and to make it easier to handle
and to hido the traces of his ghastly
work ho concluded lo dismember it,
This ho did with an axo. Before
starting ho tidied things up in tho
stable, destioying what ho could of the
marks lett alter ins roiign moao oi
dissection. Ho concluded then to se
cure tho money for which ho had com
mitted the horrible criuv, and started
ff with the body m hw sleigh for
Codman's boaiding-house. He left
the team standiug a fow doors from
the house and then went in, telling tho
landlord that Codman was going away
tor an indefinite lime with a mau and
had sent him for bis money and other
things. He was allowed to go up to
Codman's Foopi to get articles of op
parol and from thore hf earned off tho
tho desk containing about 8175 in
money and other articles of value. Ho
returned to tho team and drovo off
toward Lexington.
After driving awhilo he began to
realize tho enormity of his crime and
became more and moro frightened as
as he drovo along, imagining that all
who saw him knew of the dreadful
burden ho was carrying. His fears
worked so muoh upon him that when
ho came to a lonely part of the road
and was free from observation ho took
tho body out of the sleigh and, half
frenzied by his fear of detection, seiz
ed the axo and chopped tho head off
and smashed iho face until ho thought
it would bo unrecognizable, llo then
threw tho head and an arm over a wall,
returned to tho road, lifted tho body
into the sleigh and started off again.
After driving about a railo and a
half he again alighted and throw the
body into some shrubbery, whero it
was afterwards found. Thu left leg he
secreted in somo bushes near by. His
hideous mbsioii occupied about four
hours in its consummation.
Amplo evidence of the crime was
found when tho polico searched tho
stable, Nowlin's attempts to wash away
the stains having been ineffectual. In
tho middle of the floor was a largo
space which had been lcccntly washed.
In another placo an axe was found.
Tho murderer is a handsome young
fellow, littlo over 17 years old, and is
very intelligent looking. He is one of
four brothers, who residoin Soraerville.
While nothing really bad is kuown of
iho brothers, they have tho repntatiou
of being hot-blooded and wild. The
father of the family, it is stated, hang
ed himself in tho penitentiary.
Seoretsry Lamar Married.
Secretary Lamar was married at 10
o'clock on the flth at tho residence of
the brido by Hev. William Park, of
Sandersvillc, to Mrs. William S. Holt,
of Macon, Georgia.
Mrs Lamar is a daughter of tho late
James Dean, of Macon, and iu early
life was one of tho bcautie? of the
South. Sho grew to womanhood among
tho feudal liko institutions which flour
ished in that section heforo tho war,
and was courted and loved by half tho
sops of tho neighboring planters. Sur
rounded by every luxury that wealth
could buy, sho was not eager to yield
her heart to any man. The two most
prominent, as well as most persistent,
suitors for her favor wero Mr. Lamar
and tho late Judge Holt, whose efforts
secured the favor of tho parents and
gained tlio consent of tho maid and tho
two wore finally uniti-d in marriage.
After mourning for soveral years, Mr.
Lamar also married, and, though both
wore faithful to their marriage vows,
it is said that each cherished the mem
ory of tho other through life. The palo
student, with his intellectual face,
crowned by its masses of dark curling
hair, who had taught her in his wooing
tho courses of the stars, held an inter
est to Mrs. Holt that not even her
wealthy and devoted husband had, and
when he died aud the wife of tho Sec
retary ww also laid to rest, tho two
turned to each other without reserve.
At tho time of General Unit's death
he was tho head of a Georgia railway
company and ono of tho richest men in
that section. His vast wealth was be
queathed to his widow who, iu turn
has carefully guarded it and added to
it by Bhrewd investment. Two children
of her first marriage still survivo and
it was their opposition to tho second
union lhat Is said to havo occasioned
its postponement last summer. Al
though over 48 years old Mis. Lamar
has preserved her youthful beanty to a
remarkable degree, and with her tact,
intolligcnco and graco will preside over
Mr. Lamar's Washington home with
dignity and eao. Liko most of tho
honest men at tho capital tho Secretary
is not wealthy, and tho addition to his
fortuno which his wife will bring will
enable him to entertain far more gcu
erously than ho has ever done hereto
fore. Mrs. Lamar has passed several
winters at Washington and Is cordially
liked by tho many in offioial lifo.
A firo ocourred at Lock Havon last
week Thursday morning whlnh do.
stroyed Kreainer's Commercial Build
ing. The loss is about 875,000. Tho
post ofiico was on tho first floor, and
all mail matter was removed iu safety,