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The Columbian.
0. H. Elwell, rjti
J. S. Blttnbenler.,f E4l"'
Qcn. Beavnr will bo Inaugurated as
uovernor on Tuesday, tlio IStti Inst.
Our calendar says that tho third
Tuesday of Lebruary, tho day of hold
ing the Spring (.'lections, comes on tho
15th, instead ot tho 17th, as announced
by tho Sentinel for several weeks in
Wo observe by tho report of tho
orgnmration of tho l"giflhturo that Mr.
McQowan of Philadelphia nomiuated
George E. Elwell for Chief Clerk of
thu House. We also observo that Mr.
Elwell was not elected, but ho received
a full party vote, and ho is deeply
grateful to Sir. McGowf.n, and to all
tho Democratic members of tho Hoiisu
tor tho honor conferred. JIo had no
previous knowledge of tho fact that his
name womu bo used in that connection
The Legislature met on Tuesday,
In tho Senate Gcorgo Handy Smith,
Republican, of Philadelphia, and H.
J. MoAt eer, Democrat, ot Huntingdon,
were nominated lor rresideut pro teiti
Smith was elected by a vote of 3-1 to
1G. Thomas li. Cochrati, of Lancas
ter, as elected chief clerks E. W.
Smiley, of Venanco, journal clerk'
Lucius Rogers, of Veuango, reading
oierK; a. l. nay wood, ot Chester, mes
sage clerk.
In the Houso Henry K. Boyer, Re
publican, and John E Fauncc, Demo
crat, both ol Philadelphia, were norm
nated tor speaker. Mr. lioyer was
elected by a vole of 132 to 66. Mr.
Boyer made a speech, in which he
urued tho adoption of a measuro pro
viding for the submission to the people
of the question of the prohibition of
the manufacture and Bale of liuozicat
ing drinks within this commonwealth.
He also alluded to the question of in-
ter-state commerce, the labor question,
apportionment and appropriations.
With last week's issue the Colum
bum completed its twentieth volume.
The first issue as a Democratic news
paper was on January 4th 1867. It
was owned by a stock company, and
was under the editorial management ol
Col. J. G. Freeze. On February loth,
1867 Uapt. V. ii. lirockway became a
sociated with liirn, and soon afterwards
the stock was bought up by the latter,
and ho took enure, charge, in Jan
uary 1869 the Jiloonuburg Democrat
was purchased by jur. lirockway and
consolidated with tho Columbian. The
paper changed hands several times
until October 1H7'J, sinoe which lime
it has been controlled by the present
owners, x or twenty vears tho Count-
wan has been a stauuchJDemocraiio
paper. It has labored constantly for
the best interests ot the party, and in
turn has poeu recognized as the organ
in mis county.
ear has been one of tho
ful in the history of the
subscription list embraces
us ot the county, and they
1 fide subscribers, as nn
dead heads are carried for tho sake of
making a large list.
In jobbing patronage the paper has
been highly favored, our job book
showing a larger nurnbeT of jobs done
man ever oeiore. strong competition
has failed to effect the prestige of this
paper, and tho prospects for the future
are brighter than ever bciore.
We are deeply grateful for all past
lavore, and we rtspeoilully solicit a
continuance ot tho conhdence and sup
port or me party, atid in return, we
promise that every effort will be put
forth to mako the Columbian better
than in tho past- So long at the present
management continues it will stand by
the party organization, it will denounce
treachery when discovered, it will dis
courage bolts, and its efforts will not
be directed towaids the political pre
ferment of the editors rather than the
good of the party. In short, the paiv-r
will continue to bo an honest, reliable
family newspaper, and as it deals fairly
with all, it desires only the same treat
ment in return.
now is a good time to add your
name to the large list of Columbian
Governor Paulson's Message.
Tho Governor's message was pre-
senled to thu Legislature on Tuesday.
It is very lengthy, and deals with all
the leadiug questions of slato interest.
It suggests the repeal of the act autb
orizmg borrowers to contract for the
paymenlof taxes on loans : that moneys
i i: i i.i t
the county treasuries ; a revisiou of the
tax laws; recommends a law abolishing
ices uuu uxwg salaries loruie Attorney
General and Secretary of the Common
wealth : tho abolition of tho poll tax ;
the erection of a fire-proof building for
the state library j the amendment of
tho law oreaolzlni; thu Statu Board of
Health ; tho more expeditious hearing
of capital cases in the Supreme Court
legislation with referenco to the sale
of intoxicating liquors ; rovision of tho
license system ; restraint upon divorces.
It gives a history of the Soldiers'
Orphan Schools difficulty, and of the
suits begun by tho attornoy general
against corporations to enforce the
provisions of the constituti-m. In
closing the Governor says:
This is the last communication which
it will be ray privilego to transmit to
tho General Assembly, Impressed
with an earnest desire to leave no effort
untried, and no information uncom
munlcated that will aid in advancing
mo puuno weal ana perfecting our
fabno of Government, I havo set out
my views at considerable length.
Four years of Executivo service havo
convinced me how much is yet to bo
accomplished for tho reformation of
abuses which havo crown up ooustant
Jy aud imperceptibly in nearly all tho
department of the civil administration.
Tho duty of eradicating these abuses
is a tak of great magnitude, but will
assuredly load to fidelity, industry and
zeal. In tho effort to accomplish this
end there should be entire unity of
purpose, and mutual assistance by all
officers of the Government. I do not
leel that I would properly acquit ray
self of my entire duty in this respect,
if I did not fully lay before the Assem
bly tho results of my official study and
observation, That they moy be of aid
to in- A,egi.iitu.o in promoting gootl, and advancing tlio p.os- 1. ..f tlii f Vw.i,i.r. . ....1,1. ... .....
earnest liope and only desire. J
(From our Regular Correspondent.!
WAsmsoros. D. 0., Jan. 0, 1887.
Tho annual levco nt tho Whito
House last Saturday passed off pleas
antly to both host and guests. Legis
lators and officials, judiciary and di
plomats, soldiers and sailors, veterans
and civilian?, old ago and youth, wealth
and poverty, Jamo and obscurity, aris
tocracy and democracy, came, as usual
to pay respect nnd express good wishes
to tho Chief Magistrate.
Without tho Mansion the scene was
bleak and slushy nnd cold, a'thouah the
weather predictions had dnno all in
their power to mako it bright. But
within everything was cheerful enough.
All tho Stato apartments wero thrown
open nnd wero ablazo with gas jets,
and blooming with (lowers. One thou
sand trees aud pots of plants had been
brought from the conservatory for dec
oration. As tho President was just recover
ing from another rheumatic attack
which had kept him prisoner for moro
than a week, it was thought ho would
not bo able to enduro tho wholo ordeal
of the thrco hours of handshaking, but
would bo compelled to retire from
fatiguu before the reception was over.
His condition was the cauc of much
solicitude on the part of Mrs. Cleve
land and tho Cabinet officer, who
wanted him to remain ,'eaU'd during
tho intervals between tho reception of
tho various bodies. He would not
yield to their wishep, however, but
stood up to his task bravely until tho
last, though ho was very tired.
After the officials had pissed through
tho public was received, and visitors
then came in, from actual count, at tho
rato of 300 to every ten minute. The
throng soon became dense inside tho
Mansion. Tbo Bluo Room, in which
tho receiving party stood, becatno suf
focatingly warm and tho prespiration
rolled from tho President's face in
streams. Tho corriders were choked
with people, nnd beforo tho police
could induce them to move into thu
EaBt Room, some ladies fainted.
This was the first time since 1881
when a president's wife has appeared
at a Mew Year's reception in the White
House, nnd the first in thirty years
since a Democratic President's wife
has presided there, 1857 being the last
year that President and Mrs. Pierce
were at the Executive Mansion. Con
sequently the pleasure expressed at
having so youug a lady as Mrs Ch ve
land there, is not a mutter of surprise.
One member of the Corps Diploma
tique tells a story about another enthu
siastic diplomat who was so delighted
with Mrs. Cleveland, that, after sha
king hands with her, he testified his
admiration by kissing the inside of bis
own hand which hail touched hers.
The elderly Senator from Vermont,
Mr. Morrill, who is, of course, a Re
publican, expressed his approval of
Mis. Cleveland in the f illowing char
acteristic way, he : "While there
is a difference of opinion as to those
holding some of the plaeek tho Presi
dent has tilled by appointment, the
vacancy he had chosen to fill by the
selection of a lady to provide at the
White House is acceptable to every
When this was repeated to tho Presi
dent be said cordially "I am glad they
did not try to th wan me io that." "You
did not ask iho advice and consent of
the Senate in that matter,'' suggested
a lady present. "No, indeed, I didn't,"
ejaculated Mr. Cleveland, as if very
thankful that the Constitution of ho
United States did not make it obliga
tory. Cougress will convene again to
morrow. Since it adjourned for the
holidays, General Logan's death has
made the Illinois Stmatorship a subject
of interesting speculation. It is re
garded as a matter of considerable
political importance, for the reason
that whoever receives the complimen
tary vote of tho Democratic Members
of the Illinois Legislature, will natur
ally become a conspicuous figure of
his party two years hence, in case tho
Democrats should then control the
It is too early to say what effect tbo
death of General Logan will have upon
his party, but the opinion is freely ex
pressed here that the Republican organ
ization of Illinois will bo seriously
broken by the loss of its trusted leader
so much so as to ronder tho capture of
the Btate by tho Democrats, at the next
election, moro than probable. By that
lime it will bejlbirty years Bince an
Illinois Democrat was elected to tbo
United States Senate and the soramblo
for for tho place, with tho slightest
chances of success, would bo unprece
dented. Directors' Day. v
Tho meeting of the school directors
of tho county was hold in connection
with tho institute on Wednesday De
cember 221. The forenoon meeting
was called to order in Fifth street
building at 11 o'clock a. m., by County
Superintendent Grimes uud was organ
ized by tho selection of J. C. Browu of
Bloomsburg us President and W. T.
Creasy of Cattawinsa as Secretary. An
essay on the "Needed Improvements
in our Publio Schools," was read by A.
P. Young, in which he spoko about
the needs of a central high school in
each district nnd reducing the number
of schools. The essayist also advocat
ed having the public school building
look more like a home instead of stand
ing in some fence corner as many now
do. Ho said he believed in compul
sory education, with uniformity of text
books, skilled teachers aud technical
Tho subjects of "compulsory educa
tion" and "uniformity of text books"
wero discussed to some extent. A voto
was called for and resulted in favor of
compulsory education, uniformity of
text books throughout the country, but
in opposition to the law of free text
books for tho district.
Mr. Ro'enstock read an essay on tho
"Duties and Responsibilities of Direc
tors," in which he stated that school
boards should not only look after school
property but exercise great caro in
seleoling teachers. The discussion was
opened by Ezra Evs of Pine, who
slated that paionts should visit schools
more frequently following this thought
with many more good suggestions.
Tho following members were enroll
ed :
Beiiton.T. E. Edwards.
Bloom. II Roseiistock, J. O.
Cattawwsa. J. B. Yotter, Allen
Barndt, W. T Creasy.
Center. W. II Hess.
Frai.kliu. W. E. IIwer, Samuel
Greenwood. J- W. Gillespie, I. K.
Hemlock. William Eyerly.
Madison. Alfred Girton.
Maine. Nuthan Miller.
Montour. Daniel Cottner,
Orange. E. L. Snyder, H. P.
jjarlBej, L. i.',Hlur,
Scott. Wm. J. Hidlay, II. Ii. AP!oi
On motion of Mr. Eves It was unan.
Imonslr resolved that wo proceed to of.
feet a permanent ot sanitation. After
some remarks it was agreed that tho
membership consist of tho directors of
tho county in otneo and cx-uirectors as
honorary members. On motion it was
agreed that tho officers should consist
of a president, vice president, semtary
and executivo committee of.flve.
Thu following officers were chosen
for the ensuing year i President, J. 0.
Brown, Bloomsburg Vico Presldont,
rj. u. Snyder, urange i scorctary, w.,
T. Croasv Cattawissa t Executive Com
mittee. W. II. Hess. Center, W. J.
Hldlav. Sjott, Dr. L B. Kline, Calta
wlssa, Ezra Eves, Pine, Alt ert Girton,
The object of tho organization is to
secure more system and uniformity in
school matters throueh the county and
it is hoped that all our director will b
present at the next annual meeting
which will occur during institute week,
the day to bo announced on tbo pro
gram. Adjourned.
W. T. CnKAST, Seo'y.
Be3olutlons oa tho Death of Gen- Logan.
At a regular meeting of On). Ent
Pest No. 250 G A. R. the undersigned
were appointed a commitleo to drnft
resolutions on the death of Gen. John
A. Logan.
WitKitKAS, Tho hand of death has
again appeared in our midst, nnd with
its ruthless grasp torn from our circle
our well beloved comrado Gen. John A.
Logan, a Past Grand Commander.
Therefore, Resolved, That in tin
death of Gen. Logan tho nation has
lost a patiiotio and able defender, tho
Sonate of the United States one of its
brightest and purest statesman, society
one of its ornaments, our order a true
comrado aud zealous companion, and
tho soldier a staunch and steadfast
2 That tho manly disposition ever
displayed by our lato comradn in the
discharge of tho duties of his several
high stations, his steady adhercnoe to
our uagcs and customs, his practice of
all tbo chiistlau virtues, won for him
our esteem, respect and love.
3 That wo as a Post deeply sympa
thize with the family of the deceased
comrado in their loss of a kind husband
and affectionate father, at-d may the)
in their hour of affliction obtain conso
lation from Him whose sets though in
scrutable to us are always for our good.
4 That a copy of theso resolutions
be sent to the family of the deceased
comrade, and tendered to tho press of
our town for publication.
Thomas E. Gedpis, S
Richard Stilks, VCora.
Benjamin F. Siiarpless, )
Bloomsburg Pa., Dec, 31, 1880.
State Board of Agriculture,
Tho annual meeting of the Peunsyl
vania State Board of Agiiculturo and
General Farmers' Institute will bo held
in the Snpreme court room at Harris
burg, on Wednesday and Thursday,
January 25 and 26. An interesting
programme has been prepared, Aroom;
the papers to be read are the following:
"Does Farming Pay in Pennsylvania V
"Greater Farm Profits," "The Timber
Question, nnd What Tiees to Plant,"
'Lime versus Phosphate," "Whent
Raising," "Fruit Culture," aud raony
other subjects.
Subject for general discussion:
"Should tho 'Scalp' or Bounty Act ot
June 23, 1885, bo Repealed!''
This discussion will include the pres
entation by the Secretary, of statistics
showing the amount of bounty paid by
each county, and the opinions of the
county officers as to theropcal of the
act, ami it is expected that the qucsiion
wili be discussed in all of its bearing,
and that tho result will form tho basi
of a r-commendation of tho Board t
the Legislature in relation to the re
peal of the act.
All granges, and other agricultural
organizations interested in this impor
tant question, are cordially invited to
send delegates empowered to express
their views upon this important topic.
Those not thus represented by dele
gates are invited to forward their views
to the Secretary, for presentation to
the meeting.
Tho head quarters of tho Board will
bo at tho United State Hotel, where
special rates have been secured for
members of the Board, delegates and
those attending tho sessions.
For further information in relation
to the meeting and for railroad
ticket orders, address, Thomas J. Edge,
Secretary, Ilarrisburg, Pa.
Messrs. Editors: It may be inter
esting to some of vour readers to learn
that William K. Campbell, a former
resident of this county, is now pastor
ot the second or Westminster Presby
terian church of Suit Lake city. En
closed with a letter to ono of his friends
wm a card of 0. H. Parsons & Co.,
dealers in books, stationery and miscel
laneous goods, on the back of which in
found tho following intefyug infor
rartion, which may be as hW to many
of your readers, as it was W the wri
ter of this sketch.
Salt Lake city was founded July 24,
1817, by a company of Mormon. The
Temple block is situated in tho central
part of tho city, at tho head of MYui
and West Templo Btreets, and contaiim
thii Temple, Tahernacle.Assombly Hall
aud Eudiwment House.
Thu corner stone, of tho Temple was
laid April 12, 1853, and the amount ex
pended up to tho present timo is nearly
$3,000,000. It is 200x100 feet; the
walls are 100 ftet high, and the middle
tower on either end will bo 200 feet
high. It is built entirely of granite.
The Tabernacle is 250x150 feet and
70 feet hich. It has a seatimr canacilv
of 8,000, and contains one of the finest
organs in tho world. Services overy
Sunday, at 2 p. in.
Tho A'seraoly Hall is 120x08 fettj
cost 150,000 and will seat 2,500.
Tho Endowment IIouo is a low.
adobe building, in the northwest cor
ner of Templo block. It is used for
marriage nnd baptismal purposes.
The Lion, Beehive and Gardo houses
wero built by Unchain Yoiinir for res
idences. Tho lattsr now belong to
me cnurcu anu is the residence of
President Taylor. They are tituated
one block cut of Temple block.
Zion's Coperatlve inercantilo Institu
tion is at the head of Main street, be
low Temple block. It is 318x100 ft .
and does u business of about 0,000,000
Groat Salt Lake is 100 miles long,'tiy
00 wide; tlio average dopth is 40 feet.
Thu bathing is couiddered the finest iu
the world.
You will find Euitcopnl, Presbyto
rian, Congregational, Methodist, Bap
tist and Catholic churches represented,
Then) Hill bo an election of a Board of lllrwlnm
of the Blrom&burg Banking company, at their
vBuftiuf uuu9u, vu lucouuj, iinuunr IJ, iMf, m l
otlock p. in., to sen e for the ensuing year.
decM. li u. uhutz, casalsr.
( U an $$tabllthtd fact that Hood's Bar
eaparnu has proven an Inratuabls remedy
In many severe cases ot rheumatism, eftcet
Ing remarkable cuves by Its powerful action
In correcting tho acidity ot tho btood, vtlilch
Is Ike cause ot tho dlseue, and purifying
and enriching the vital fluid.
It U certainty fair to tuiuai that Vfhat
Hood's Sarsaparllla has dona for others It
will do tor you. Therefore, It you auOer
tho pains and aches ot rheumatism, give
this potent remedy a fair trial.
A Posltlvo Cure.
"I vrai troubled very much with rhenma.
tlsm in my hips, ankles, and wrists. I
could hardly walk, and was confined to my
bod a good deal ot tho time. Being rec
ommended to try Hood's Sarsaparilla, I
took four bottles and am perfoctly well.
I cheerfully recommend Hood's Sarsaparilla
as ono of tho best blood purifiers in the
world." W. F. Wood, Eloomlngton, 111.
For Twenty Years
I have been afflicted with rheumatism. Before
1 983 1 found no relief, but grew worse. 1 then
organ taking Hood's Sarsaparilla, and It did
mo more good than all the other medicine I
ever had." H. T. IiALCOir, Shirley. Mass.
"I suffered from what the doctors calls,
muscular rheumatism. I took Hood's Sai
saparllla and am entirely cured." 3. V. A
rnocsFooT, letter carrier, Chicago, III.
Wo shall bo glad to send, free of charge
to all who may dcilro, a book containing many
additional statements of cures by
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold by all -druggists. l; six forts. Mad
only by G. I. HOOD St OO., Lowell, Mass.
IOO Dosos Ono Dollar.
WHEREAS, the Hon. WnaiAM Elwell
President Jurtiro ot tho Court ot Oyer and
Terminer and Ocneral.Iall Delivery, Court ot Quar
ter Sessions ot tho l'eaco and the court otcommon
Pleas and Orphans' Court In tho SOth Judicial Dis
trict, composed ot the counties ot Columbia and
Montour, and the lions. James Lake and F. L
Shuman, Associate Judges ot Columbia county
bave Issued their prccept.bcarlng date tho 14th day
of Dec. In tho year or our Lord ono thousand eight
hundred and elghty-slx, and to mo directed tor
holding a Court ot Oyer and Terminer and General
Quarter Sessions of the Peace, Court of Common
Pleas and Orphans' Court, In llloomsburg, In the
county ot Columbia, on tho nrst Monday, being
tin 7th day ot Feb. next to continue tor two
weeks. ,
Notice is hereby given to the Coroner.tO tho J us
tlces of tho Peace, and the Constables of the sal j
County of i 'olumbla,that theybothenandthcr-jln
their proper person at to o'clock In the forenoon of
said 7 th day of Feb. with their records Inqui
sitions and other remembrances, to do those things
which to their offices appertain to be done. And
those that are bound by recognizance to proseaute
against tho prisoners that are or maybe In the Jail
of tho said county ot Columbla,tobe then and there
to prosecute them as Bhall be lujt. Jurors are re
quested to be punctual tn their attendance,
agreeably to their notices. Dated nt Bloomsburg
--0 the ctli day of Jan. tn the year of our
L. s. -Lord oue thousand eight hundred and
,' i I eighty-seven, and in the one hundred and
.evenlh Year of the indeDendenco of tho lTnitd
states ot America.
snorirrs omco, SAMUEL smith,.
Fred k Hossler to uso o vs D II w It It Co.
John Wateis and wiro vs M C woodward.
William II Ynrgey vs Locust Mt Water Co.
John Ulnterllter et ux vs Lloyd Ilreidou et aL
Joseph Hess' ex'rs vs Francis L Uess.
Albert K Cadow vsD L W 11 11 Co.
Thco F cralg vs Jtabala Craig et aL
Charles w .McKelvyet al vso 11 Brockway.
Jonat Doty b admrs et al vs John salt.
Patrick Burns vs I. Kltey Co.
O 1) Scybert vs 8 M Uess
O 11 Millard vs John Snvder.
C II Brockway vs Columbia County.
A K t-mlth vs Sami'el urugler.
J BsttonvsAl'IIrtler.
Eleanor Leonard's heirs vs Sam'I F. limey's Sxr.
' urtts Jtrg Co vs Clark I Thomas.
Dartd Jones vs John WbltenljhL.
W i.i Knckbaum vs John 1) Casey.
Columbia county Trias. vs. Win Krlckbaum et aL
ii ii ., i.
L II Fowler vs O D Fowler.
Columbia Coun'yTrens.vs Wm Krtokbaum et aL
Andrew Fowler vsc D Fonler.
J II Hon vs Boro ot Be.-wlck.
Frankiln Vocum, guardian vs Wm Tinner et at
Mathlas Kind; vs Charles sands et aL
Jonas vs Isabella lianti.
Vt Ilium Kiickb-tum vs Columbia County.
John vi Yocum vs Susan Uruinbacb.
Sarah J Hosier, trustee, vs Gideon MlchaeL
l'ctor Uood's Ex'rs vs Nelson Frcas et aL
Maud A llartman vs Wn. F WelUver.
J. D. Fisher vs Zacharlah Krelscher.
H W Adams vs A u Croop.
M A llarsle vs Berwick borough.
Wolf and B.hlve vs J W Wlntereteen et nx.
AB.Y TElt.M, 1887.
Bloom James C. Sterner, D. Lowcnberg, Chaa.
Tittle, Wra. Glgger, Nathan CromU II. W. Mc
Keynolds. Benton Cyrus B. Hf ss, Alfred ltantz.
Berwick a U, Zehnder, C. D. Fowler, Chas.
Brtarcreek H. M. Evans, Isaao Iteece, A. B.
centre Andrew Lunger, Samuel Crevellng.
Flshlngcreek-John l'ealer, Wm J. Knouse.
Creenwo.a Hugh Falnnan. Joseph ltedllne.
Hemlock Hiram iicece.
Locust--Geo. Getty, Samuel Itelnbold, Andrew
Boyer. Clinton Ilower.
Madison AlUson Ksslck, a. c, Itunyan, J. M.
Jlimin Samuel Snyder.
Orange-Henry Oetty.
Scott-Wm. Pettlt, David Whltmlre, Ooo. Kelch
cer. sugorloaf Thomas II. Smith, AL Harvey.
Bloom-B. F. Gilmore, Wm. Shaffer, J. Saltier,
C. 1). Kolblns, L. D. Kaso. Freos Brown.
Beaver John Houck.
Benton vilUam Ash, Daniel Shultz.
Berwick wm. J. Knorr, B. F. Crispin, Jr., Sam'I
K. Heller.
Catawls3a-Win. a. Yetter. David Oimn, Allen
Barndt, F. PKiefer, Amos lllle, Jacob Swank,
Chas. Krelgh.
Centralla-IIenry Steele.
Conyngham-Pat, v c Dermott,Sylvester Hoffman.
Flshl gcreek-A. L. Chapln.
Franklin Wilson ltlder.
(Jreenwpod-Eyer Allen, Samuel Parker.
Hemlock Wm. Miller, Jr.
Jackson Michael llartman.
Locust James Bird.
Madison John cox.
Mimin I. K. schneppenhlaer, J. D. Houck.
Orange Amos Neyhard, H. MeUck.
Itoarlngcrcek Abraham Wlnte.'.
sugarloat-cilnton cole.
The und -reign-!, an Auditor appointed by the
Court ot Common Pleas of Columbia county, Pa.,
to dlitrlbute ihe fujd arising from the Mhe if sale
of the leal estate ot A. 8. l'Mlllps, will attend to
the I'utles ot nis appo'ntm nt on Saturday, the
15th dav of January, A. D.. 1SS7, at 9 o'clock a. m..
at. thn nftl- nr I II tn.Wn t-c. In ll...Ai. ...
luinbla county, i'a when and where all parles
herein Interested aro notincd to present their
wuuusui ua ueuttneu irum tomiug in on
sail fund. C. W.illLLKlt,
decs. Auditor.
The First Sign
Of falllnR health, whether in the form of
Night Sweats and Nervousness, or in a
sense of General Weariness and Loss of
Appetite, should suggest tho use of
Aycr's Sarsaparilla. This preparation
is most effective for Riving tone and
strength to the enfeebled system, pro
moting the digestion and assimilation ot
food, restoring tho nervous forces to
their normal condition, and for purify
ing, enriching, and vitalizing the blood.
Failing Health.
Ton years ago my health began to fall
Night Sweats, Weakness, and N
newt. I tried various remedies
but became so weak that I could not go up
D.uiia nuuuill mopping U3 rest. MY
friends recommended mo to try Ayer
Sarsaparilla, which I did, and lain now
at healthy and strong as ever, Mrs.
K. L. Williams, Alexandria, Minn.
I have used Aycr's Sarsaparilla, in my
family, fur Scrofula, and know, it it la
tnkeu faithfully, that it will thoroughly
eradicate this terrible disease. I have
also prescribed it as a tonic, as well as an
alterative, and must say that I honestly
believe It to bo tho lst blood medicine
evercoinpouiuled. W. K. Fowler. M. D..
I). I). S Greenville, Teun.
Dyspepsia Cured.
It would lie impossible for ma to de
scribe what I Kitlfercd from Indigestion
and Headache up to the tlmo I began
taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla. I was under
the enre ot various physicians, and tried!
o great many kinds of medicines, but
never obtaiucd mora than temporary re
lief. After taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla
for a short time, my headache disap
peared, and my stomach performed It
duties moro perfectly. To-day my
health is completely restored, Mary
lfarlcy, Sprlugileld, Moss.
I havo been greatly benefited by tho
prompt uso of Ayer's Sarsaparilla. It
tones and invigorates tlio system, regu
lates tho action of the digestive and
assimilative organs, and vitalizes the
blond. It Is, without doubt, tho most
reliable blood purifier yet discovered.
II. U. Johnson, m Atlantic avenue,
Brooklyn, N, V.i
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
lrp(d tyllr. J.C, Aftt k Co., Lowtll, Uut.
l'rlcll tlx bglU.i, ts,
Orphans' Court Sale
Real ftetatc !
llyvlrtooot an order of tho Orphans' Court o
Columbia county, the undersigned, executor of tho
last will and testament ot Blliabcth Kline, Ute ot
Greenwood township, deceased, wilt exposo to
publio tale on tho promises on
at 10 o'clock a. m., tho following described valu
able real estate, situated in said township, bound
ed by lands of John Oillaspy Sylvester Albottson,
John Moore, John Staley and Philip lteecc's heirs,
more or less, on which are erected a good ono and
a half story
a good bank barn, wogon shed and other outbuild
ings. There Is about so acres rf timber land with
from 50,000 to U'0,000 feet ot Hemlock and Pine
Umber, the balanco Is In good stato ot cultivation.
There li on tho premises an
of good fruit and a gooj eprlng of water running
near the houso.
TfiKMS OP ALK i Ten per cent, of ono-fourth
or tlio purchaso money to be paid at Die striking
down ot the property, tbe ono-fourth less tho ten
per cent, at the confirmation absolute and the
remaining three-fourths In ono year thereafter
with Interest from confirmation nlL
Dec. 17. A. 1L PATTitllSO.N, KxocutOr.
Resnl Estate!
Pursuant to an order of tho Orphan's Cou t ot
loiumoi county, the undersigned, administrator
of the estate of Catharine Farver, tfeceased, will
Ben at pumic sale on
TUESDAY, February 1, 1887,
at o'clock p. m., a tract of land containing about
situated in Jackson township, Columbia; county,
bounded by lands of John Fritz, Frl ti Kelchner,
Samuel Knouso and Washington Knouso,on which
aro erected a
Frame House
and other outbuildings, and an apple orchard.
TERM.) OF HALE. Ten per cent, of one-fourth
of the purchaso money to be paid at tho striking
oown or tno property, the one-fourth less the ten
per cent, at the confirmation absolute and tho re
maining tnree foujths to one year thereatter with
Interest from confirmation nisi
OEOitaG W. FAItVER, Admr,,
decs) p. o., DeiTs, l'a.
Estate !
In pursuance of an order of the Orphans' Court
of Columbia county, the undersigned trusteo to
sell the real estate ot Joshua Savago deceased,
will expose to sale on tbe premises In Jackson
township, on
at 9 o'clock p. m., the following described real es
All that certain messuage and tract ot land
situate In Jackson Twp. Columbia county, Penn-
syivama. Beginning at a stone in line ot land of
James I). Bobbins, thence by land ofMoees Ravage
and Joshua Savage south 87 degree;, eat 199
perches to a stone in line ot land of said Joshua
Savage thence by the same south 4 degree, west
ST perches to a Btone, thence by theBame and land
ot Abraham Knouse south s?x degrees, s perches
to a cnestnut oak in. line of land of satd Abraham
Knouse, thence by the same nouth 33 degrees west
H 5-10 perches to a stone In line of land of John
Savage thence by the same north 6Ttf degrees,
west lis perches to a stone in a public road, thence
along the said road south Six degrees, east 13 1-10
perches to a stone In said public road, thence
along the same south 4 degrees, west 5 -l0
perches to a white oak stump In line of land of
james is. itobblns, thence by the same north ST
degrees, west u 7-10 perches to a post In line of
land ot the said James B. Bobbins thence by tbe
same north 4 degreos, east 67 7-10 perches to a
stone, tne place ot beginning containing
and one hundred and forty seven perches, more or
leas, on wwen are erected a two story
barn and outb lldlngs.
TKRMS OF SALE Ten per cent, of the one-fourth
of the purchase money to be paid at the striking
aown or tne property ; tne one fourth lesa the tea
percent, at tbe confirmation ot sale; and the re
maining three-fourths in ono year thereafter with
Interest from confirmation nisi.
A. L. FRITZ, Atty.
dec 31
I have reduced
for a short time,
to the following
low pnees:
16x20, in heavy
gold or bronze
frame, $10.
20x24, in heavy
gold or bronze
frame, $15,
Other sizes in
proportion. Sat
isfaction g ii a r
anteed. Now is the lime
to seen re good
work cheap.
Bloomsburg, Pa.
ouand junons fom feduuahy
VT TKItM, 1887.
Bloom-Jonithnn Cromis, Alert Herblno, Fred.
Beaver Tacob Longcnbcrger, a 1. Johnson, John
A. Brelsch.
Kenton Joshua Hoss,
Iierwlck-ll, n. Bower, Mathlas Franti, Lovi
Hrlarcreck-Lahman Marti.
( atawnsa Jacob Hatnop.
I'onyngham. James Kostenbauder.
Flsiilngcreck- Jaro Hide.
Locust-J. 8. Bttoo, wm. Iielwlg, Augustut
Koons, Francis Ithodes.
!adlson-o. It. Fruit.
Mln (l. w. Shuman.
Miniln-J. O. Hwank.
MU l'lcasant-John Johnson, B. Whltenlght.
Scott Wm. Schechtcrly.
Notion Is hereny given thH the annual meeting
of memNirs ot the Columbia Coun'y Agricultural
Horticultural and Wfchanlcal Association for tho
election ot omcera win be held in tho opera House,
llloomsburg, Matii'day .innuary 15th 18I at two
o clock p. m. and for tho transaction ot such other
business as shall propirly come bttore tho meet
Ingj It: V. WllITK, Sect.
"Tho stoskholders of the Ttlbomsburg Sullivan
Itallroad company will meet ft tho omce ot tho
Company In Ihe town of llloomsburg, on Monday
tho 1 'th day of January ism, at 10 otlock In tho
forenoon of that day, to elect a President and I)t-r-
ctorsof said company for the ensuing i oar, and
for the transaction of other business
Dec Kith 1880 It. j, co.NNKlt, secretary.
Notice Is herebv elven that, thn stnekhnlrtftra nt
the Flshliigcreek Mutual Firo Insurance ompany
will meet at their omco In Stillwater, Columbia
county, l'a., on Hon lay, Jan. 3 liwr, nt a o'clock
p. in. for tho purpose of electlDg o.llcera and a
board ot directors to servo lor tho e.isuli g year,
Jl. W. MdlK-NItr, Secretary.
dec 17, 3w.
Tho roller holders nMhn Ttrlnrereeb Pnrmera
Mutual Insurance Co.. i f IJmo lildge will meet at
the hall of centre Orange, p. oi II , In Centre
township, col imbla county, Pa,, on .Monday, tho
1 th day of January 18S7, between the hours of 10
a. in. and ii p. in., for the purposo of electing Di
rectors for the ensuing year, and for transacting
such business as may properly c- rao beforo said
deesi secretory.
In re clatt of Daniel force, late of MMngcreek
7rp.t deceased.
Letters testamentary on tbo said estate
having been granted to the undersigned oxr.,
all persons Indebted tn said estate are hereby no
tified to pay the same, nnd those having claims
against said estate present the same to
dccll. Uhoreburg. CoL Co., Pa.
h'stale of Ktitalieth Kltne deceased. Greenwood ttep.
Letters tcstanentary in sold estate having
been granted to tho undersigned executor,
all persons Indebted to said estate are hereoy no
tincd to pay the same, and those hating claims
aauiab auiu eaiuic pieneui. mu buuiu iu
Estate of S n: UcIIenrv, l-Ue of Jackson Tm.
Letters of administration on said estate, having
been granted to the undersigned admrs. -ill per
son Indebted to said estate are hero hereby noti
fied to pay the sime, nnd those having ciaLns
against said estate to present the same to
Z. A. BUTT, Adm'rs.
Dec J. Wallkr, r. O.
Estate of itagate D. Lara, ttoomstyurg, Pa.
Letters ot admlnutratlon on said estate, having
been granted to tbo undersigned administrator
all persons Indebted to said est. to aro hereby no.
tined to pay the same, and those having claims
against said estate to present the same to
M. C. WOODWAHD, Administrator.
dec 17.
Tho undersigned Auditor, appointed by tho Or
phans' court of Columbia county. I'a.,to distribute
tho funds In tho hands of the administrator, will
sit at his omce In Bloomsburg. on Wemesdiy, Jan
uary 19, 1687, at lOo'clock a. m , when and where
all parties having claims against -aid estate must
appear and prove the same or be forevtr debarred
from coming In on said fund. JN'O. M. CLAltK,
decSl. Auditor.
To Wesley Spcnenbcrg. Matilda Smith, Hannah
Bechtel of Washlngtonvllle, Montour county, Pa ,
and Mary Petrlken, ltcnova. I'a.
You and each of on are hereby notified that a
petition was presented In Vie Orphan's I ourt of Co
lumbia county, on Monday, December 6, isso, by
Olivia culp asking for a writ ot partition on tho
following described real estate situate tn Briar
creek township, said county, founded on the
north by Daniel Pursel, on the south
bi land of Hlcki. formerly William Freas, ou tho
west by land of Hicks, Daniel Purscll and E. L.
Adam's, on the east by publio road and land ot
containing ten acr. s, moro or less,
on wbleh Is erected a two story frame bouse, sta
ble and OUt-nulldlmre. Whernnnnn tlin tutrt pnnrf.
ordered that rotlco bo given all parties residing
out of tbe county by publication for four success
ive weeks, and that said inquest bo awarded as
prayed for In the petition. You are therefore no-
uueu inai an inquesi win DC uem on said premi-
U-H nt! Ttl II rtul n V Innlion-m 1LO- n, ,n n-.f.Al. a
m. tor the purpose of making peiiltlon among the
heirs of Bald Intestate, or It p cannot bo divided
without Injury to or tpolllng the wh'le, then to
valu and appraise the same according to law, at kiiucjuu tun nueuu 11 juu imnK proper.
fAMUEL SMITH, Sheriff.
doc 17- iw.
At Private Sale!
The followfng proper! les aro offered at Private
oBio uy me jnutuai;uuiiding ana Loan Association
of Bloomsburg, and will beso:d cheap as they
must be sold to ;closo out "Series B" of said Asso
1. A lot on East street, adiolnlne nremlses of Mr
Geo. Lockard, in the town of Bloomsburg.whereon
are erected a
Two-Story Frame Dwelling,
a barn and outbuildings.
2. A lot, s tuate on Main street, tn the town of
tspy, whereon aro erected a good two-story
Frame Dwelling,
a barn and outbuildings, and now occupied by
iu-my ,i nines. Appiy ror terms to
decai-st. Atty. for Association.
Having struggled tn years between life and
death with ASTHMA or PHTHISIC, treated by
eminent physicians, and receiving no benent. I
was compelled during the last years of ray ill
ness to sit on my chair day and night gasping tor
In despair I expeilmented on myself by com
pounding roots and herbs and Inhalinirthn mmi.
clno thus obtained. I fortunately discovered this
iiiwhwul iuur. run AMJ1.W4 AND CA
TAltltll, warranted to relieve the most stubborn
case of ASTHMA IN FIVK MINUTES, so that the
patient can lie down to rest and sleep comfortably.
Please read the following condensed extracts from
ui.9.uii.iiru irBnuiuuiuis an or recent aale:
Oliver V. 1L Holmes. Nun .Inu. r-at u-Htna.
And the remedy all and even more than repre
sented. I receive Instantaneous relief."
iw si. mraju, a. .-., warren, Kansas,
writes: "Was treated by eminent physicians of
this country and flermany; tried the climate of
different states nothing anorded rellet like your
K ii"0"1 ..?Punt'r Treasurer, Philadelphia,
Miss., writes: "Have used the Hemedy. Would
not live without It. Every one that uses It re.
- .1.?elp' M" orlgga, onlo, writes: "Suf
fered with asthma 40 years. our medlctni- In S
ui.uuiro unca mure mr mo man tne most eminent
physician did for me In three years."
11. u. riumpton Jollet, 111., utiles: "send Ca
tarrh Hemedy at once. Cannot get along without
naveewtrled." ,ttU"""e meaIClne 1
.. ,!t0'.W- Ur-'dr, Nelson Co., Ky writes: 'lam
using the remedy. Oalned B pounds Ins weeks,
would not be without It."
Martin For Little Falls, N.I. writes: "Kind
iteniedy excellent. Could not llvo without It."
W e have many oth" hearty testimonials of cure
or relief, and In order that nil sufferers from Asth
ma, . atarrh Hay Fever, and klnorcd diseases may
have an opportunity ot testing tho value ot the
"" iu uy uuurfbs 1 HlALl'ACK
, J-zlMMKltMAN to., l'roprleto'-s,
Public 8ale
Pursuant to an order of tho Common Pleas
Court or Columbia county, there win bo exposed
at publio sale, on the premises, in Flshlngcrcek
township, In satd county, on
Saturday, January 22, 1887,
at 1 o'clock p. m tho following described real es
tate of B-njamtn o Hess, a lunatic, lo.lti All
thal certan lot or plecoof land, situate In said
Hfthlngcreek township, bounded by lands of Ma
nala B. Hess and t-amuel Vom, and by p .bllo road
leailtncr frnm flmrff.vtn. ... v... ii.f...:" '"T
Ulnin? v-v.uu.uuj, tun.
1-2 ACRE
of land, whereon are erected & new two-story
SnSwwn jmsj oriiu,bulwloif5AviTDervmosMr aa
I ." " IW .1 I
M II I .m H
II - Mill -MM .. It
M ... , t
H - II
M - H V I I 1 - II
n r r a i -J u
! Si.
- h 4 b. it
- a - 41
W -- K 1 1 - 44
" - R C 41
i d n r ' '
U O D B 2 If
- It K 11 i S -0
ii - t p r i -Lit
IO BR 6 5 24
0 U N 28 6 tf-420
8 -PE X 7 3f4s
6 -ehi2(
O. A. Clark, Agt.
7- N
h Daily limes.
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riers in all the cities, towns aud
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colony. Illustrated circular free. J.
r. jiAMJiiA, ciaremom, Virginia.
Jn7 4td.
rvYHrP.PSIA.-Its Nature. Causes. PreTet.
I 'tlon and cure. By Jobn II. WcAlvIn, Lowell
mam., i jcara m L-uutuiur. w;ni iree loany ac
dream, Jan7 4-d
I own home, by ono
elcrht vpnra Trpnt
Its causes and a new anil
Buccessiui cukk at vnur
one who was dp,if twnntv.
Clcrht VPftrft TrpntMrt hv liinEf. thn nntnrt
specialists without benent. Cttrea Mmsetf in 3
months, andblnco then hundreds of otherH. Full
tyuiwiuiaiQM-ui un UIIUIIL'UIIOU, -1, B. t'AUK, NO.
vostsist ht., New Ybrt citj-.
iy fUTARIIII rilRP feasant
tn li a a
Clears bead, throat and
Sweetens tho breath, lures seierest catarrb
for free balfplnt sample tirrimul fnnnrt tn nttiik
.r;" "L'.v.";'."1""' ru"""'- fena iuc.,siamps.
any caw?.
e. lit. Siinocn k Co., 851 Uroadway, N. Y.
Please Don't Forget it
Hint Hi It rt.
V....V . i uumia utniuiuM iriuirn 13 ureparcu in
Calcutta, India, from tho purest and best Native
llemp, and Is tho only remedy, either In that
country or this, that will positively and perma.
nently cure consumption, bronchitis, asthma, na
sal catarrh aid nervous debllln, or break una
ties, 8 0. Craadock CO.. 1 ronrietors. irw tnn
bt. I'Mla. Jan7dn.
Itfri.Tlronehitta J.trn Tntt rt
from Impura blood anilatluiut on. Tl,fl,leim .ick.
Rf '."lirin mo.t CAu recortr tlmlr htilft i tS tUnS?
In tlm.. CurMh.nVll. rill. 0VfVn lir. Ail
mnatu, U ton Aged Awltaani. i OrVreUli.
liemuneratlvo employment offered eneriretlc
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Security Mutual ' Bens&t
novi 1st.
IT . nnninniiinillAVUI(t I
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1 21? ".V1 ?f "rlaln, nd cure U Iba I
I itZXZ ih.MX.1"?".''.!"- ril too- I
nov20 bOSmaois.
ti liwireuiL'i
WliPftt ncr lmclwl ?U ? en
-. . i w w u UVJ
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com ';;;;
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Flour "bbl
to S CO
Dried Apnl
Hliln un
Lard per lb
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Onions per bushel.,,,
Vl-nl ski na
M.tttlttMMt US
5 to 7
Wnnt m-r lh
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lAO OK '
D 8 MG
JBloouLuirg, Pa.
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