The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, September 17, 1886, Image 2

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The Columbian.
J. S. BHUatondp.,f EiI""-
FlllDAY, SM'TUMBIilt 17, 1880.
H " " '
Tho Philadelphia olty council has
reported in favor of impeachment of
.Mayor bmith.
Maino gavo a republican majority on
Monday of 10,000. Two years ago
imiiutiii iiiujuiiM via
tho republican majority
rlly Was 1U,UUU. I
Carbon county held its
convention on Monday. Klotz and
Cassidy wero tho congressional oaudi
dates, and Klotz capita cd tho confer
roes by a vote of 31 to 28.
Tho Headquarters of tho Democrat
ic State Committeo havo been opened
at rooms Nos. 7 and 9, Qirard House,
Philadelphia, and campaign work bos
actively begun.
llazleton democrats seem to bo bound
tokiokthis year, Philip V. Weaver
was fairly nominated for tho legislature
and his opponent bolted tho convention
wiin iiiB ueieaies anu uoio anoiner
convention. Weaver will pull through.
. ... ' . i ..
Tho Sullivan county democratio con-
vontion will bo held uext luesday.
xuio io mu in. wuiiv, ... u.u Duimiuim.
district to hold its convention, and it
is probablo now that an early day will
fin (I ml 4sa tlin mnniiniv rtf ihn onnnfAr. I
uo u .v. . v..v.-
lal COnlerenCC. I
In tho Comjmman of September 3rd
wo republished tbo following Resolu
tion of tho Congressional Oonfercnco
of September 1880, which mado pro-
vision for a district Committee and
constitutes tho rule for Committee
"Jlesolved, That a Congressional
Committee bo appointed to consist of
ouo Committeeman from each county
or part of a county, who shall havo
power to name tho timo and placo of
holding the Congressional Conference
for this district, and tho timo aud
placo shall bo announced boforo Sen
tember 1st of each year; and further
that the lime named bhall not bo later
than September 10th: and provided
further that at least ten days notice be
given before the meeting of tho (Jon
fercne "
This Resolution was adopted when
Mr. Klotz was nominated for reelection
to Congress, and wheu dissatisfaction
was felt at tho lateness of tho Confer
ence towards the end of Sentember.
It was intended to securo earlier meet
ings of Conferences in future ; hence
(ha -irvttt tn nail n Cnnfnmnnn ia onunlpfl
mill. thn nrnoiamn (not thn nail mnt.
LUnvik i.f nf KnnfnmW.
Tho present year no call was made
i, tho tinmmittPA mi.w tho Tiil in
consequence of this fact, and in order
that the object of tho rule, above men
tioned, should bo secured, tho follow-
ing invitation and request was prcpar-
ed and sent out to the other counties
of tho district, on 4th September :
"The Democratio Confeirees for the
several divisions of the 11th Congress-
ional District of Pa. are invited and re-
quested to meet in Conference at the
Wyoming Valley House, Wilkesbarre,
ou Thursday, September lGth at 12
o'clock, dood". Tho lateness'of theCa.-
bon County Democratio Convention
renders speedy action necessary, aud
tho dispersed locations of members of
tho Distiict Committee renders prompt
consultation and action by them incon-
On behalf of the Columbia County
Bloomsburg, Saturday Sept. 4th,
188(1. David Lowenuebg."
' This invitation was necessary, time-
1 nnfl in.1ipiniiawnH aivnn fnnr nlnva
nftnr tho limn W n.nmmiitpn nntinn
had passed by, and allowed moro than
thn inn A nniino nf mpntino-
ed by tho rule. It was also reasonable
no tn timo nn1 nln . fnr it. fiyP,l adm
th lava later than tho Pr.rh.nn nmmt
rvmvontinn Mm lnat. nnnntv f!rmvn.
tion in the district-), and named n
nlann whprn nun nr mnrn fnrmpr f!nn
ferences had been held, and ono as
v.r oil thn
conferrees as any one that could be
selected. Tbo Lowenberg notice was
sent to gentlemen mentioned for nomi
nation in the eastern counties, and to
others, and has been published in Dem
ocratic uewspapers at llazleton, JUaucb
Chunk, btroudsburg etc.
On tho 8th, September, the Monroo
cnuntv member of the d strict Comm t-
teo sent written uotiocs to his col-
IpnmiPR in tho snvoral p.onntifis. of a
Committeo meeting to bo held at the
Wyoming House, in tho city of Scran
Vyoming House, in tho city of Scran
on, on Tuesday, September 14th at
f P. M. to fix a timo and placo for tho
Conference. If at that meeting the
fnnfnnitinn If fit fhot mOfltllin
early and reasonable timo fixed by tho
Lownnhnrn- invitation shall bo an-
nrnved or Gndorsed. tho snirit of the
ru!oofl880 will bo conformed to by
the Committee as nearly as is now
It r jpcars that the Resolution of
1880 has not in some quartors been
well understood, and because the mem
bers of the district Uommillee were
widely scattered, action by them was
delayed. Of courso the lateness of the
Carbon Convention could not prevent
it would bo L, foi that timo was
ii ii I
wpII krnnwri.
2X9 M1U UCUVtill CIClUl'li UiVDLllt
vonr fnlU in.nn thn 2d dav of Nnvcm.
r .. 'in ..... p. i, i.
!. ' . n.i. "t t..f a
XrnZXt .Z Vi ? aundC
in a district of virtually seven counties.
Sinco writing tho above, on Monday
Inal. w lmw rw.clvdd Iho nroceedinrrs
- V o
nt their met ting at Scranton on Tues.
day, tho 14th instant. Tho following
report is mainly taken from tho derail
ton Times.
The members of tho Democratio
Committeo for the 11th Congressional
ia.rlnf n,pr. nt. th Wvomino House.
Scranton, Tuesday, Sept. 14th at 2 l
in. tho following being present:
5' ;...; 'P..0,u Rpnt uti, t.f?,.
Montour, Peter McCann, Columbia,
1$. Frank Fruit, Luzerne, Charles
Schutter. Lackawanna, Frank A. Beam
ish, Carbon, John Quinn, Monroe,
Isaao S. Case. Pike, A. K Lewis,
Peter McCann was choeen Chairraau
of tho Committee, and prcsidtd.
Tho obiect of the mectiug having
been Btatod. Hx-Mayor Beamish, after
reading tho lesolution of 1880 which
created tho district Commit ee, said:
"This rf solution was tho first author-
itativo action and tho only nuthorityfor
tlie txistenco of this committee. The
latt oonfercnco which met in this city
and nominated Mr. Storm, adopted tho
iollowing resolution :
Jiesolveti, That tno nominee oi iiusjuuium iuv uuw.
Conference! lio niul ia hereby nutliorlzcil
to appoint a OoiiKrussioiifii ConiinitU'o
in accordance, with existing nutliorily.
Now, gentlemen, what wast no exist
ing authority t Nothing oho but tho
original resolution of tho conferonco of
tho ynar 1880, which first created n
Congressional Committee. This is tho
only authority I can find and I bcliovo
tho only authority auyuociy eiso
can find for tho oxlstcnco of n Con
greHsional Committee. 1 behove, gen
tlemen, you will nrco with ino that
tho statements I havo mado are correct.
I havo tho filos of the Democratic press
of tho district to oorroboralo what I
havo asserted. Now, thci, if you con
cede that resolution to bn tho sourco of
yur oxjstcuco you aro certainly boitmi
i a 4
u uu.iuh.duu m uiu uuiu.iw.vjiio utiii vu.-
callous li liiipusun. mu uiusu
conuiiions ami ouugauous i uuu ui
tho conditions aro that you announco
tliu tlmo and placo of holding tho Con
gressional Conference before Sept. 1st
and further that tho timo named shall
not bo later than Sent. 10th and pro
vided further that ten days notieo bo
given botoro tho meeting ot the con
ference. Did this committee comply
with thoso conditions T Tho conditions
under which they wero created t No,
gentlemen, wo failed to peiform our
duty, and having failed to net within
the timo specified wo havo no right or
authority at this lato day to interfere,
New, then, I hold that having failed
t0 0DpV tno authority by which wo ex
i8t it was very prober, and. in fact.
necessary fcr tho contcrrees themselves
,0 moVGJami Mr. Lowenberc. therefore
... i.t,nif f ,imnif nn,! nni nm, f...
Co umb cotlntv invitoi and reuuest
e(1 tho BOVOrpi c-onforrct,8 0 tl10 district
, ., . :, i .i,
. . . . .
10Ul tlirco days auor Ul0 tjar,on conn
v pnnvnnt.nn nnH wlinn nvnrv r.nnntv
-J , ....... ....v.. . . J ; -J
could bo represented. What necessity
then, for tho proposed change 7 W hat
utility in n controversy about timo
or placo now T At tho very best tho
time will bo late, ana wo havo passed
by tho dato when we had authority to
act. Wo have none now and tho best
and proper thine for us to do is to
quietly acquicsco in what has been dono
and pass a resolution approving tuo
invitation of Mr. Lowcnberg, and ro
quest tho conferrces to meet in accord
anco therewith.''
After some discussion and several
motions made, the members from Car
boo, Monroo and Pike, supported by
Mr. Fruit of Columbia, wero in favor
of postponing tho Conference to tho
21st instant, and fixing it at tho bor
ough of Hazleton. Further controver
sy arose, and fiually a ltesolution was
adopted agreeing to tho day and placo
already named in tho l.owenbcrg notice
namoly, Thursday tho ICth inst. at tho
Wyoming Valley House, WUkesbarro.
J. he hour, howover, was used at
o'clock p. m. instead of noon. It
understood that .the members from
Montour, Luzerne, Lackawanna and
Monroe voted for this resolution, and
thoso from Carbon and Pike, and Fruit
Of Columbia, agft'lHSt it.
There can, therefore, be no further
question as to the day or placo for the
meeting of the Conferrees.
Black Will Be Elected.
From the Httsbure rost.
Tho York I'ress enunciates tho lol
lowing proposition, tho correctness of
which it argues logically ajd exactly,
as will be demonstrated :
"Tho election of Chauncoy F. Black
is not only possible, probablo and like-
ly to bo made on a scratch, but it is the
opinion of men far-seeing in politics as
an insured fact."
In tbo light of Blaine's 80,000 ma-
jority and Quay's 43,500 plurality, the
proposition would appear upon its face
to be an absurdity : but considering tho
political situation in tho State as it is
to day, and tho powerful now element
that has been produced in state politics
by the l'rohibitionists to striko for vio
tory as well as principle, it may well bo
regarded as a gratifying probability.
But it is interesting to note how our
or.k contemporary arrives at its con
elusion, Its premises being the VOtO for
Treasurer of State at the election last
ST when Quay's total vole was 324
"94 j Day s 281,178, and Spaiigler's 15,
"17-, s voto was ca4,t " an ot year
"r the Democracy. Iho party was
discouraged by the overwhelming ma
jority Blaine received, and. had not re
cfived, and had not recovered from tho
shock. Quay's nomination and tho
unanimity with which it was made, for
bade any expectations of tho Indenen
dents'bolting tho tioket nominated, and
l? Democracy, feeling assured of his
election, did not enter the fight with
any spirit or vim. They polled 111,
007 votes less for Day than they did
lor Cleveland, which shows tho lack of
interest manifested in tho campaign,
JQako the vote Cleveland received, 392,
' ou' . a"u P'BU " """me "ancocK i
wh,0D was 407,428, which was 14,843
greater than Cleveland s aud tbero
?Ycry re?80.n t0 believe that Black with
popularity will poll nearly, if not
ls. popularity, will poll nearly, it not
(lu',0 "ancocks vote, giving due credit
l, tuo Rth the Prohibitionists will
d f .f ko Blaine's voto of
'l73u ?n'1 ai?ff unt it 75,000 votes,
wnicu voll wl .8"-ely take from it,
aud 25,000 which wein Democratio
votC8,. al10" Jj0m Uov'land, and
wo havo 100,000 votes to taki fr0ra
the total Blaino yotc, leaving iMvor
d73,804 against tho Hancock voto of
407,428 and wo havo a majority for
lilpck over Beaver of 23,C24.
Eeijuirements of the
mi. j t ii !
2' applicant for
admission to citizenship must havo ro-
.... . ,.....
I lil.lAll til Ihn I I nil r..( n InAxt lii.n
I -t t T 1
uarB' "uu w" ol?.lu ol cm syivnum
ono year preceding bis application
residenco of ono year in the Stale
? tbo five years' residence
' 'J -
claro his intentions. Two years after
lu u .iitcuuous no may
tin natura i.nd
Where tho applicant resided in tho
country at least three years next pre
ceding his arrival at tho ago of twenty
one years ho is entitled to naturalization
without a previous declaration of in
tention. Provided, ho has resided in
.!. "IT. .:.. (...... i
1 ,u "mleu " " "uu 111
P tate ot ronnsylvania ono year
immediately preceding his application.
un applying for tlnal papers (natur
alization) ouo voucher, who must bo a
citizen of tho United States, is required
Mono is required on a declaration of
intention. A military discharge from
tho United States sorvioo is equivalent
to "first papers," or declaration of In
tention. Pay Your Tax.
An incorrect impression prevails that
luonuay, wciouer -i, is ino lasi day
upon which to pay state or county tax
in order to voto at tho fall election.
This is an error. Saturday, October 2,
J is the last day, Seo that ovcry Demo,
orat lu your district has his tax receipt
The Labor Interests and Democracy.
Signs multiply that tho labor inter
ests of tho Stato this year sympathize
with tho causa of tho Democracy tn
Pennsylvania. For oxamplo Thomas
Armstrongs JXauonal JMbor Trio
una of Pittsburg, says :
"Wo would respectfully but urgent
ly suggest to the Republicans in thosu
States in which tho fall conventions
havo not been held that they brush up
their Intellects, if they havo any, ami
put their best foot forward, if both bo
not too far gono in lameness, and take
tho brilliant hint tho Democrats of
Pennsylvania havo recently given. For
it is patent from tho results of tho
Hanisburg convention of August 18lh
that political management has taken
upon itself a tetidonoy toward progress
ion, which to ignore will leave tho
arty thus negligent. n painful distauco
ii tho lurch. Wo havo no hesitation
in asserting that that convention is ns
far in advance of contemporary con
ventions, in tho selection of men and
tho formulating of measures, as wero
tho Republican conventions of twenty-
tivo years ago ahead in wisdom and
honesty of the average Republican con
vention of to day.
"Cut out tho very proper compli
mentary mention of the distinguished
members of tho party recently deceased
and tho unusual commendatory refer
ences to tho national and Stato admin
istrations, and the platform is brief and
energetic. Tho dead wood of tho con
ventional platform, which has so long
been a sickening evidence of tho nwii
eerily of such instruments, is notable
for its absence. On tho other hand,
the convention puts tho party in trim
for combat on tho railroad discrimina
tion issues, tho same which "he, Ro
publican convention declined to touch
As tcisely as though old Judge 'Jero'
Rlack himself had turned out of heaven
this third anniversary of his death
to dictato it, this resolution says m
plainest terms that the fight is for tho
uniorcemcni oi mo constitution runn
ing to railroads and other corporations,
"In tho selection of tho ticket the
convention undoubtedly did wisely.
Mr. Black is tho son of Judge Jcre.
Black, and a man of fino abilities and
unquestionable honesty. Tho oiler of
tho Auditor Generalship to Mr. Weihe,
president of the A. A. of I. and S. W.,
was in the hue ot brilliant manage
ment characteristio of tho occasion, and
no less so was tho nomination of W. J
Brennen upon Mr. Weiho's declination
inasmuch as that gentlemen has deserv
edly many friends, moro especially
amoilg tho miners, numbers of whom
ho has defended without ehargo dur
ing tho last three years in various con
spiracy prosecutions, ino nomuiuiiuii
of Maxwell Stevenson may also bo re
garded as a happy hit. lake it all in
all, tho 'Dems' havo swung around
laborwards to an extent heretoloro un
known to tho old parties. Justice im
pels us to say that they havo succeeded
surprisingly on this round, and we can
. - .. ......
ianoy only ono oilier party inai win
oxcel it in platform and ticket ; mean
ing, of course, the Greenback-Labor
The Fall Business.
It begins to look as if the Democrat
io State Convention was entirely right
in the declaration of its platform that
"tho .Democratic reform administration
of President Cleveland has given ooiv
fidence to the busiuess interests of tho
country," and "made the people of tho
United States feel an assured confi
dence in tho perpetuity and safety of
tho nation.'
In a speech at Erio tho other day,
Galusha A. Grow said : "Tho Demo
cratio party in power is a standing
menace to tho business of the country.
And yet whilo ho was speaking there
was in progress all over the country
such a restoration of business and of
commercial confidenco such as the
country has not seen for a decade. Tho
best answer to Mr. Urow and an sucn
falsifiers and croakers is to bo found in
such reprints as these :
Tho Now York Times, Rep. Sept., G
says : "The reports regarding tho trado
of tho city whion wo publish tins morn
ing, are on tho whole very encouraging.
JN early all branches ot business are do
ing better than last year, and some of
them better than m five years. Tho
iron aud steel business is moro pros
perous than any other at present, par
ticularly in rails and railway jupplies
In manufactured iron there is less pro
gress, but a very satisfactory activity,
Dry goods jobbers aro very busy and
look for a etablo improvement. There
is marked activity in tho wholesalo
clothing trade. In both these latter,
as well as in boots and shoes, fancy
leather goods and furniture, there is a
demand for tho finer grades of goods
which shows confidence among tho
retailers and distributers. Tho increase
in tho purchasing from all directions
in tho south and southwest is gen
erally remarked, as well as a decided
improvement in collections. These aro
roported good throughout all sections
ot tuo country.
Tho Pennsylvania railroad company
is unable to carry all tbo freight ot
tered, and a prominent othcial says
"Wo havo ordered and now havo in
courso ot construction G,0U0 new
freight cars. The capacity of our
shops in Allegheny, Ft. Wayno and
icago, is utterly inadequate, to sup
ply demand in time, Mid thon wo
havo phvu.i1 orders in overv car catab
lishmont iniiH nnnntrv that, ivna not
.1 1.. . . . .
uiruuuy uvc.-u.vydeti wltn orders. It
is not alono tho 1 ou.,vi vni ..
lines that aro short oi n,ars Noarly
every road in tho country ca(j8 ftaelf
in tho same position." Theso or.,i,eor.
ing indications of tho coming busiui,
rovival. "
The First Duty.
Pivmcnt of taxes and tho naturali
zation of foreign born citizens aro in
dividual political duties and tasks for
tho organization that cannot bo post
poned. After October 2 thoy cannot
bo attended to. Take timo by tho
forelock. Something might occur to
provent or obstruct if delayed. Tho
last thirty days will bo tlmo enough
for tho demonstrative work of the cam
paign. Quiet, thorough, ellectivo dis
trict organization is tho duty of tho
hour. Tho registry is made. Now let
every votor pay his tax, and eacli com
mittccniau see that it is dono through
out his district. This is organization.
Democratio Campaign literature.
Tho Democratio Stato Committeo
Box BilO Philadelphia, has in prepar
ation and will fill orders by mail or ox
press for noil books, copies of tho
Pennsylvania election la r, illustrated
biogiapliical sketches of each and all
of t'lu State candidates, tho platform,
an account of Black's reception by his
neighbors and his speech to them,
pamphlets on Beaver's storo ordorf,
anti-discrimination, the labor question,
and other issues of tbo campaign
publications will quickly follow.
(From our licgular t'orri'spoudoiit.
Washington. U. C, Hcpt. 14, 1830.
When tlicro is no Congress, no Ad-
ministration, no society, in short no
body in Washington, it may not bo
.Departments with their teeming cleri
cal life, tho great offices in which
tho accounts ol Undo Sam aro kept,
and whore tho business of tho wealth
iest and most progressive pcoplo on
tho globo is managed. Tho business
of tho adminit.tloii has grown with
tho growth and prosperity of tho r.ailon
and requires constant (xpansion and
adjustment as tho nation growB in
thews and bulk. It cannot bo other
wise than that there must bo somn
waste in our National housekeeping.
Economy is not an Amciican virtue.
Tho lavi'shni-ss of ilaturo beg;ts prodi-
ality in the individual aud in tho
ionic, uur government is very like
tho units which compose it. I nin
afraid wo will havo to bo much ol Jor
aud sadder pcoplu boforo we, individu
ally or nationally, prictloo tho "waste
not, want not' frugality and economy
of Germany aud Franco. Our country
is young and wastes its substance in
riotous living otten mistaking the
prodigality ofour natural resources for
thrift and prosperity. Ono need not
incur the reproaoli of pessimism in
predicting that wo may have to eat
iiutks and humblu ourselves in sack
cloth and ashes before wo aro able to
solvo some of the great politico-tcon-mio
questions which now confront us.
Uur civil service list is tho largest
and most expensive in tho world. It
cannot now contain less than 12fl,000
persons, and it is continually growing.
The employes ol our Government are
paid much more than tho employes of
any other uovcrnincnt. 1 do not Iicbi
tato to say that as a rule thoy are paid
more than their services aro woith.
Added to this is the fact that in spito
ot their premium wages it has nover
yet becu found possiblo to mako them
work. Nearly all tho (iovcrnment
offices are behind with their work, and
tills is especially so with the U. S.
Patent Ollico, tho best paid of them
all, and tho ono which not only does
not cosi, tho tax payer a cent, but which
actually pays a largo yearly surplus in
to tho National Treasury.
The present Administration has mado
a determined effort to reform the idle
ness; tho absenteeism, and tho general
good for-nolliingness of tho civil ser
vice, but it has a Herculean task be
fore it, and it must bo admitted that it
had no other equipment m tho cam.
paign of reform than good intentions.
iur. uiovcianu and ins uabinct wore
totally unacquainted with tho Depart
mcnts, bureaus, and divisions ot al
most Gordiau complexity over which
they were called to preside. Their
Democratic chiefs of Divisions nnd
liureaus were necessarily as ignorant
as themselves. Thoy found tho qflices
hlled with men aud women placed
there by political infliienco as a roward
tor thu political work thev had dono
or wero expected to do. in theso
offices idleness, gossip, absenteeism,
had long been tho rule. Tho clerks
wore amenable only to tho influential
politicians who appointed them, and it
was common with them to defy their
official chiefs who lived m fear ot pretty
female clerks in their divisions who
were backed by influential senators
Theso clerks, 'conscious of their
strength, did as they pleased, to the
humiliation of the obsequious chiefs,
and tho demoralization of tho entire
service. All this, I have said has been
greatly changed, lhoolorksnow ar
rive at tho departments at 9 o'clock
instead of half past nine or ten. They
remain at their desks until tho regular
timo lor departure, formerly it had
been tho habit of inanv to shitk work
for tho slightest illness, or to affect ill
ness aud play truant. Now every duy's
illness is charged up and subtracted from
tho thirty days vacation which is the an
nual alio wanco with pay of Government
employes. Thesu and other reforms
havo mado a noticoablo improvement
on both tho quantity nnd quality of
tho work performed, but much remains
to be dono botoro tho work m tho uov-
ernment offices can bo carried on with
tho economy and dispatch of well con
ducted business establishments. Mauy
ot tho ducts ot bureau and division
appointed by tho present administra
tion aro capable, energetic, and thor
oughly determined to reform tho deep
rooted abuses that appear everywhere
in tho immense civil establishment of
tho United States. Theso abuses
not bo swept away by a magician s
wand. ihey must bo removed by
patient devoted work.
Three Peculiarities
Hood's Sarsaparllla, tho great blood purifier
and regulating medicine, Is charactcritod by
three peculiarities, namely i
Tho combination of tho various
remedial agents used.
Tho proportion In which tho roots,
licibs, barks, etc., aro mixed.
Tho process by which tho r.ctlvo
medicinal propcitles aro secured.
Tho icsult Is.iir.cdldno of unusual strength
and curatlvo power, which effects cures here
tofore unequalled. Theso peculiarities belong
exclusively to Hood's Barsaparllla, and aro
Unknown to Others
Hood's Sarsaparllla Is prepared with tl.o
greatest Bklll and care, by pharmacists ot
education and long experience, llenco It Is a
modlclno worthy ot entire confidence. If you
suffer from scrofula, salt rheum, or any dis
ease of Iho blood, dyspepsia, biliousness, sick
lnadache, or kidney r.nd liver complaints,
cat-Trh or rheumatism, do not fall to try
Hood's SarsapariSIa
"I recommend Ilood's Sarsaparllla to all
my friends ns tho best bleed c.i
earth." Wm. Gaff, drugrlst, narr.lltcn, O.
"Hood's Sarsaparllla hascmcd mo cl icrcf
'pu.' humor, end dono mo worlds cf good
.wise." C. A. Akkold, Arnold, J!c.
A bo.
containing many r.ddlllonal state-
ments ' WIU bo cent to all v. ho desire.
Hood's rsapai'Ma
Bold by all uruifgUt, i- -orV. M
only by C. I. HOOD & CO., IMlj jIasJj
IOO Dosos Ono Do.q
Notice Is hereby given that the regular annual
meeting or inu sioc-Kiiomers oi ino iiijoiuauurK
Water company will be held n Bloomsburg ou
ay, uciouer u, ai inu omcu vi r , i . uiu.
meyer, between lue noura or ii ana i o ciock in ino
nttprnnnn. for the DurDOso of electing a Board of
Directors lo servo for the ensuing year, and for tho
transaction of any other business ot tho Com
septl7-lt. K-cretai.
Notice Is hereby given that tho fallowing no.
count has been riled In the Court ot Common
Ploas of Columbia county, and will bo presented
to Iho bald Court on tho fourth .Monday ot Sep
tember, A, D. lsse, and confirmed nisi, and unless
exceptions are tiled within four da) s thereafter
will bo conttrmcd absolute;
1. Th-i account ot William I. Freas, committeo
of tbo person and estate ot Ezabcl Louisa liuttcn
stein, u lunatic,
WM. H. SNYDER, Proth'y.
llloomtburg, Sept. 8, lbsil.
utleo 1 hereby gl ven that tho following ac-
count has been lllcil lu the orphans' court of Co
lumbia county, uud h 111 Ixi presented to the said
court on tho fourth Monday of September, A. 1).,
lbss, nnd continued nlfcl, and unless exceptions
aio tiled within tour days tbeicallcr, will bu con
firmed absolute:
I. llioilrst account ot It. C. Neal, administra
tor d. U u. c t. a., ot Wm. (1. Hurley deceasca,
late of Bloomsburg, and by vlttue thereof trustee
of tho residue &o., of the estate. HNYHElt, Clerk of O. C.
Bloomsburg, feopt, 3, 18)0.
No mnllclno Is so universally used In Iho ttoiilli-
crn States as SIMMONS MVElt niXlUUTOH. It
won Its way Into every southern liomo by pure,
slcrllns merit. It thcio taken Iho placo ot ailoclor
ami cost ly prescriptions. It Is a
inirely vegetable; gentlo In Its action; can bo snto
ly given to any person, ro matter what ago.
H promotes Digestion, dissipates ijosty tck
Headache, and gives a strong, tull tono to tho Sys
tem. Hliaanocnuatas n Preparatory Medicine,
and can bo safely used when a doctor cannot bo
called In. "
Endorsed by persons ot tho highest character
nnd cmlncnco as tho
It tho child has tho colic, It li a suro and f.Ko
remedy. It will restore strength to tho ovcroik-
ed father, nnd relieve tho wlfo from low Fnlrlts,
iicuuuuui.-, uynnrnsm, cnnsiipaiion anil uku ui-i.
'I ho.o been a user of Simmons I.lver lleirul.itor
for mnny years, bavlnc mado It my only 1'nmlly
Medicine, It is n pure, good reliable medicine.
My mother before me was very partial to It.
"I linn thn ltef?iilntnrrprv Riifrv hnrmtosa nml
rcllablo as n family medicine, and liavo used It
rnr any disorder or the. system and found It to act
llko n cliarm. I bellcvo If It was used In tlmo It
would prove a great prcventlvo ot sickness. 1
havo oflen recommended It to my friends, nnd
Bhall contlnuo to do so.
'lUiV. ,IAK. ,M. KUl.LINS,
IMstor M. K. Church south, I-'atrdeld, Viu"
fjTA'l K.
Foil GoVllllNOII.
of York.
of Luzerne.
Foil AlllHTOlt Genkiial,
of Allegheny.
For Conoukss-at-Lakoi:,
of Philadelphia.
of Huntingdon.
Fon CoNdnicss,
Subject to tho decision ot tbo Conferees ot tho
Ilth DlhtUct.
Fon State'Senatok,
Subject to the decision of tho Conferees of the
21th District.
For Refbesentatives,
Of Bloomsburg.
Of Reaver Township.
Foit Associate .Tuikies,
Of Scott Township.
Of Centralia.
BEAVElt Levi MlchaeL Gcorco Brclsbach. Isaac
KUngcrman, Moses rfcbllcrcr, J. I'. Fry, Jesso
jmiunro iso.
ivck. E A. I), seelr.
W. Caninbell. Illram v. liowe.i-
BERWICK, W-john Frantz, Gcorgo A. Carey,
win i. tsnyaer.
BENTON Kir.-nuel Laubach. Benton: Frank T.
Sh.'Uz, ltavo i Creek; (leorgo Gibbons, cambraj
Reuben Slgfrled, Benton.
BLOOM, E-.lohn II. Casey C. B. Bobbins, C. II.
CamDbcll. chas. R. Ilousel.
BLOOM, W Guy Jacoby, David Glrton, John
Wei ver. Jab. M'Ur do.
BRIAItcitEEK-Gldeon Michael, Geo. W. Miller,
William Lamon, Cyrus Smith.
CATAWISSA Wm. T. Creasy, Wm. Berkhelmer, fcuuuK, Alien uarueiu
CENTKALIA Michael W. Brennan, David Walsh,
John Ilenneesy.
CENTRE i, V. Hint, John Wanlch, Sanderson
iingenmicn, Arthur creasy, A. J. Kocher, Al
bert Kelchoer. I.eU Ilemlev.
CONYNGHAM, N-liob't cantleld, Fatrlck J. Cain,
.. iiuuiii i-uuagy.
CONYNGHAM, S-John P. Hnnnon, Fatrlck Healy,
FlSHINGCltEEK Amos Ilaitman, ,1. Jl. Ammer-
man. Nonnan Jl'llenrv. Samuel Coleman.
FHANK..IN R. s. Jlcllenry, Jonathan Loreman,
.uiuuu Ariiey.
GREENWOOD A. J. Derr, Dorr's F. 0.; John Leg
pott, Iola: Jacob Welltver, Eyer's Grove; Wm,
Black, Itohrsburg; Phil. Young, Mlllvllie.
HEMLOCK JIa.bias Glrton, sTinnn Relchard,
Lawienco L. llartman. Jacob Jlartz.
JACKSON Frank Trlvelpleco, J. W. Kitchen,
Frank Fritz.
LOCUST A. Jl. Johnson. Christian Small, Charles
Beater, Adam Dlmimck.
AIADISON-Charlcs U. Fruit, Baltls Sterling, John
SI. Smith.
JIA1N- Hubert Shuman, Ficas Bowman, George
JUFFI IN Isaac Andreas, C. W. Hess, E. scuwep.
NTOUH James Quick, Rupert: Henry Lazarus,
Orovanla: I. W. Baylor. Catawlssa.
MT. PLEASANT sam'l llartzel, Llghtstrect,Mack
muter. AiuiuausYiue; isaac Appieman, weui
versvllie. ORANGE L. Jl. Sleppy, Theodora Bush, Miles
ROAlllNGCHEEK-James Knlttle, Wm. B.Houek
I -ander Fettennan.
PINFD. H. Gordner, lino Summit, J. It. Fowler,
.--lunuiiimii; nanici itoouws, iierr-s.
SCOTT. WL. Jl. Kelchner. A. c. Illdlav.
SCOTT, E B. F. Relghard, Ell Schueldman, Wm
SUGARIXJAF Alfred Cole, Daniel Steadman,
Aaron i ruz, is. r. Lauuacn.
Administrator's Salo
Real Instate I
Tho undersigned, administrator, with tho will
amexed, of theestato of John Springer, lato of
tho township of Hemlock, In tho county ot Coluai
bla and stato of Pennsylvania, deceased, will ex
poso to publlo sale, by virtue ot power In tho will
of tho said deceased, ou
Saturday Oct. 9, 1886,
at 1 o'clock It tho afternoon, upon tho premises.
the following described tract of land of the estate
ot the said decedent tcstat or, namely: Thrt cer.
tain tract of land, situate In the aforesaid Itown.
ship of Hemlock, bounded by lands of Kllsha
Brugler, Frederick Jllller, Egbert Thomson, estate
of Levi Wright, deceased, and Thomas and Albeit
Ha. .man, containing
AND FORTY-SIX PERCHES of land, strict meas
ure, bo tho same moro or less, Neaily nil of the
said land is cleared-a small porllon being
Jranvblch erected a ono and one-halt story
a frame bank barn .
wagon shed and other outbttraw 6UCU ""ached,
supplied wltb water by good sp?fi T"0 Placo 13
on the premises and other fruit trees. This prop
erty Is situated about six miles from Bloomsburg
and about seven miles from Danville, and thi-s Is
convenient to market.
Terms of Sale , chabomoneylo bo
paid at the striking down ot tt.o property, and
tho remaining three-fourths ono year thereafter,
with Interest from tho day ot sale.
Possessions-Ill bo given on the tlrst day of April,
1W, upon the unpaid purehaso money being sat
isfactorily secured, tbo making of tltle,papersaud
bccuilty to be at the expense ot the purchaser,
BeptIT Admr,, c. t. a,
l, U.Jvbl.
-m la lUtjii.uu.
liUl tvrnii.
.ltd UvthtLi
,i-la.v. l-t-iH-vu ;.iinpry. 1 kliilil!-.lH-d
IIKIH. .. . V
.1 ii
lleiin.ii, N.Y
lwUUI lllHi li.t-kuu.11
Py v Irtuo of n writ of Al. Vend. Kx.,lsstied out of
the Court ot Common l'leasot Columbia Co., I'.,
and to me directed, will bo exposed to publlo snlo
nt tho Cross Keys Hotel In Berwick on
Saturday, September 18, '86,
nt 10 o'cl'-ck n, m., All thoso two certrln lots, sit
uate tn llerwlck, Columbia county l'a., bounded
nnd described as follows, to-wlti Beginning nt
tho corner Front nnd lino streets In said town of
Berwick, thenco along Front street nlncty-nlno
feet to lot No, sixteen, thenco by tho somo two
hundred feel, moro or less, loCnnnl blreet, thenco
by Canal street nlr.ety.nlno feet to lino Bireet,
nnd thenco along lino street two hundred feet,
moio or less, to Front street, tho phicoof begin
ning. Thosnmo being lots No. 19 and SO In plan
of llerwlck, l'n., on which nro erected a two-story
brick dwelling, with basement, n largo framo sta
ble, conrliousc, pig pen am! outbuildings. Fruit
trees on tho premises.
A L S O,
All that certain pleco of laml In Brlarcrcek Twp.,
Columbia county, I'a. Beginning nt tho public
road leading from Bloomsburg to Berwick, Fa., at
corner ot Unslcy land, t enco by tho saino thirty
two nnd six-tenths perches to n corner, thenco
north scvenly.foui degrees cnstscvenlocn perches,
thenco seienteen nnd one-fourth degrees- west
twenty-keven and seven-tenths perches, moro or
less, to public road, thenco south clghtyscvcn
degrees west thirteen nrd six-lentlis to placo of
beginning, containing thrco acres, moro or less.
r-ebed, taken In execution, nt the suit of Chester
Copo vs. S. 11. Bowman nnd A. F. Creasy nnd to bo
sold ns Iho property of S. 11. Bowman.
JicxsoN, Atty. SAMUEL SMITH, SheriH.
By virtue of sundiy writs Issued out of
thoCoJrtot common Fleas of Columbia county,
nnd lo tno directed, will bo exposed to publlo salo
nt tno Court Houso In Bloomsburg, on
SATURDAY, October 2, 1880,
o'clock p. m.,all that certain lot ofground.sltunto
In tho tow n of Catawlssa, Columbia county, Fa.,
bounded and described as follows, to-wlt: On tho
north by land of M. O. Hughes on the east by an
alley nnd right of way of tho Catawlssa Ballroad
Co., on. tho south by land of (Icorgo Strieker, ond
on the west by Front street, in said town, whei eon
aro erected a two-story frame dwelling houso with
n two-story frame kitchen annexed and other out
buildings. ALSO,
All that other certain lot of ground bituato in
ltoberts' addition to tho town of Catawlssa afore
said, bounded on tho north by property of Wm.
JtcNenl, on tho oast by an alley, on the south by
Walnut street, ou tho west by Third btiect.
whereon Is erected two two-story frame dwelling
houses nnd outbuildings.
Seized, taken In execution, and to bo bold ns the
property ot Jl. V. B. Kline.
Hhawn, Ally. Vend. Ev.
A L S O,
All that certain messuage, pleco of land, sltuato
in the township of Jit. Pleasant, !i the county of
Columbia and Stnlo of Pennsylvania. Bounded
on tho north by land of Godfrey Jlellck, on tho
westuy land of Peter Jncoby. on tho south bv
lanu or mrnra Thomas and on tho east by land ot
Joseph Crawford, containing seventy-six acres of
lanu, moro or less, on which aro erected a framo
dwelling house, u barn nnd outbuildings.
bcizod, taken In execution, nt tho suit of William
Masters and to bo sold as tho propertyof C. C. 1'ea.
cock, admr. or John Beagle, dee'd and Mary Bea
gle, wlfo of said John Beagle, dee'd, for tho debt ot
no wire.; & Hekiiino, Attys. Lev. Fa.
By vl. uo of sundry writs, Issued out of tho
cou. , of common Picas ot Columbia count-, Pa.
and to mo directed, will bo exposed to publlo sale,
at the Court Houso lu Bloomsburg, on
MONDAY, SEPTEM15E11 27, 183G,
at S o'clock p. m nil that certain tract of land,
sltuato In Hemlock township, Columbia county,
l-a., uounacu and described ns follows, lo-wtt: Bo-
glimlng at a hickory, thence by lands of Win. J.
llartman and tho heirs of Jacob Harlinan dee'd
South thrco and ono-fourth det -ecs west eighty
perches and one-half to a stone, thenco by the
lands of tho heirs of John Bailor south eighty-
seven and one-fourth degrees cast thirty-eight
pcicbes to a stone. Thenco by land of John
Rnusch nnd Peter Hc-Inbach bouth three degrees
west twenty-six and eight-tenths perches to a
whlto oak In lino of land of Henry Gclger, thence
by land of Henry Gelger north eighty-two degrees
east bixty-ono and Hire tenth perches to a stake.
Thenco by land ot John nnd Sylvester Purcell
north two nnd oae-half degrees east nlnety-slx
nnd tour-tenths perches to a whlto oak. Thence
by land of John and Wm, Bcauch, lands of Win.
Key, lands of John Gallagher, north eighty-eight
and o o-hair degrees west ono hundred nnd nlncty
nlno and two-tenths perches to a hickory, the
placo of beginning, containing ono hundiol nnd
seen acres and ninety-eight perches, strict
measure, whereon are erected a dwelling house,
oarn and out buildings.
Seized, taken In execution, nt tho suit of Eliza.
beth Cueber, wlfo of Thomas Cueber, vs. Emma L.
Wands and John A. Wands, her husband, and to
no sold n3 tho pioperly of Emma I. Wands nnd
John A. Wands, her husband.
Scab let Anoi.e, Attys. Lev. Fa,
A L S O,
All that certain pleco or parcel of land, sltuato
In f-cott township, Columbia county, stato of
Pennsylvania, bounded as follows, to-wlt: On the
north by other paitof this piece owned byjlc
Coimlck & Anglo, on tho east by A. Snyder, on
tho south by lands ot Lackawanna Bloomsburs
Railroad Co , on tho west by lands of A. Snjder
and containing In width
along tho property of the Lackawanna Blooms
burg Railroad Co., three hundred and eighty feet,
moro or less, and In depth ono hundred nnd ten
feet, moro or less, on which Is erected a two-story
iramo uuuamg, rormerly used ns a rlnnlng mill,
and other outbuildings.
Seized, taken In execution, nt tho suit of W. J.
Jlccormlck and F. c Anglo vs. J. Jl. stookey and
Espy Jlfg. Co. terro tenants and to bo sold as tho
property ot J. ji. stookey & Espy Jlfg. co. terre
scakletJ: Anoi.e, Attys. Lev. Fa.
A L S O,
All thatlcertaln mossuago and lot of ground sit
uated in tho Town of Bloomsbuig bounded and
uescnoed ns follows to-wlt ; Beginning nt a corner
ot Third ntreet and Scotts alley, thenco North,
wnrdly along Scott's alley two hundred and six
feet to Pino alley, thenco westwnrdly forty-nine
icei six incnesto lino of lot ot Newton Boone,
thenco southwardly alongllneof lot of said New.
ion uoono two uunarcii and six feet to Third
street, thence onstwardlyalongThird street, forty,
nine feet 6lx Inches to corner of Third street and
Scott's alley tho placo uf beginning, on which aro
erected a largo two story framo houso, framo barn
uuu uui-uunaings.
Seized and taken Into execution nt tho suit
Luanra . jimcr now to tho uso of Catawls.i De
posit Bank and Nathan B. Creasy vs. Samuel
Neyhard and to bo sold as tho property of Samuel
If. W. Mil. vi. At..- .... ..
. ............. .... . , IJ'V. I. I.
Ilia iindcrsfgded, nn Auditor appointed by the
Orphans' Coui t ot Columbia county, to distribute
thefumlsln tho hands of Erl Ikeler admlnt-l.ator
imiawiHw i ui, o, iM-uTiuTeabraasappep
?,lJ,1)l,a.'.''C0H"t' to and among the partlesen
lit ed thereto, i :i attmni tn iIi,im.'i i,i
pplntmenl ut tho ollico ot Jlessrs. IkelerJC Ilerrln'',
T.v u'"w-w'i i mo lownoi iiiooinsbuu, o
W ednesday September 1.11b at two o'clock in Hi
afternoon, when nnd where all nnrtiou,.
aro requested to present their claims beloutbo
n, 'fMnri " -r "cuarrcQ iron coming
August 18, Auditor,
T)io Commlssloneu will rccolo proposals on
Jlonday, thoaith day of bepttinlicr, A. 1). ibso, at
e o clock p. m., to build two new crtbblngs nt
brldgo oboo Reuben Wilson's, si) rcet long each, i
cet ijlgli above low water mark at upper end of
MiwMij ,iH.i ui uiuu ua w.c.. uai'K ui oiiuge. Also
one cribbing at bildge r ;ar Bands' factory, 40 icet
long, 1 feet high, above lowwater mark at upper
end of cribbing and as hlitli as skevvbaek at brldgo.
The Coinmlsblonetii 1-,-wi-rvi. tin. tn miw.t
rflrnlltilil4 J '
Mii;riii:M i-oiik, 1
WAhllllNGTON PARK, 1-C0. Com'lU
A'i . EST;- Jf Ofllce. BJooiiisburg, IV., Hep. 10, sC.
- , . -i.vooi,i, Ill-It..
Bschango Barber t: ft Satii Room
At the. old stand, under tho
Exchange Hotel,
. ... .. ...... .'..I, Tin.
Ecltcrsoinrtmlnlitintlotilli wild enlalo having
been granted lo tho undersigned administrator,
nil peipons inni-uu-u iu wuu rnuuu iu nm.-j -tilled
lopav llio same, nnd those having claims
ngnlnst sold ibtnto present tho Mine lo ,
(IEU. 1UICKI-H Adm'r.,
nugso. iirangcviiie, in.
VnH-n latinroliv trtopn that tllOCttlCns Of Espy.
mintv or Columbia nnd stato of Fa., will present
. ... . . .. .. in..;t.nH .hi fuurt
D. lssn, tovtho ineoiiioratlnnot Iho said Milage of
i-.nvininn iinrniKTh under nnd In lnirsuanee of
tiio several nets ot (icnerul Assembly ot tho com
lnlihwonlih ot PCDnsjlvanlv In such eas n mijdo
and rroMded. IKELKK lir.UIIINH,
AUg.1.7 Alljs, lor cui.uiis 1 1 in turn i s
V No r Deccmlier Term, 185.
'lllard II. Dally, ndm'r of Eleanor Locknrd, deo'd,
lo tho uso ot tno heirs ot Eleanor Iflcknrd, deo'd.
vs . .
Maria .1, Ilendlev, surv'vlng exrx. nf Samuel r.
licnaicj, uec n, who .vhm l-a i ui i.i.-i.uui ..t,.
nrdnnd tho hdra ot said Samuel F. Headier,
deceased. .. , ,
To Jloiia ,1. Headier, Exrx., Helen Thomas
Ileadlcy, widow, and Win. TPomns lleadier nnu
Helen Thomas 1 endley, children of I. Boyd Head
ley, deceased, Elizabeth Lently, widow, nnd Chns.
B-ntly, Bcsslo Beiitly and .losefa Ilenlly, children
of James F. Bently, deceased, nnd Uoso llendley,
widow, nnd Frank Jl. C Ileadlcy. Lizzie llendley,
JUrla J. Ilcai ley and John II. Ileadlcy, children
of Frank llendley, deceased.
Whereas, nn Allan Mr l'mla has Issued out
ni tin, i?nnrt. nf I'nmmnn l'leasof Columbia Co.. ns
of thn ajovo stated No. anl Term lo revive and
continue Ucn of judgment No. SssJIny Trim, lstu,
and wlierens it is oraereu uy ino loun inai inu
writ shall bo served us to those residing out of tho
county, by publishing tho substnnco thereof In
ono newspaper In tho county for thrco successive
weeks In nccoidanco with Iho 3d Section of Rule
XX of Rules of couri, io-wh:
f'nt mm, , fVit-vi-V. I!
Tlie uommonweaun oi i i-nnsyivniua, i ino
Sheriff of said county greeting: Whereas Millard
i. iiatiy. aamr. ot jiiennor ixx-Karu, ueoeust-u, iu
ho use of iho heirs or Eier ior iflennru, oeeeacu,
ninintirra lntpiv In ntir f,V'1 of common Fleas.
ior mo county nion-sniu, uiuuru inu .iuiii-a ui inu
said court at llloomsburg, to-wlt: In tho term of
Mnr.Nn. ass in tho vci "of our Lord ouo thousand
r-iirht. hnndrml and sol ntv-nlno. by tho ludemcnt
ot tho said Comt, dlu iccover against Jlarla .1.
Iieauiey. surviving exrx. oi c:uin t-i r. m-imii-i,
dee'd, who wnscrt ot Eleanor Loekard, nnd the
heirs of tho said Samuel F. Ileadlcy, den'., de
fendants, ns well a certain acDt or lour i jnarea
and thirty-seven dollars nnd seventeen cents, ns
nlen fnnr ilnllnra nml fortv-flvo cents for their
costs and charges, which tnoy sustained byocca-
sion or ino ocieniion oi iimi iieui, ..ntirui inu
said defendants arc convicted, c, as appears of
lecord, Ac., commanoingtiiosaiaueienaanisiiia,
ncy no anu appear ueiore our juuki-s uuhjui-..
burg, al our court of common Pleas, thero to bo
held on tho fourth Jlonday ot September next, to
Bhnw rfiiise. if nnv thev have, why tho said plain
tiffs ought not to have execution against them ard
aiso snow causo w uy uiu eaiu juusiii.ii oukul uul
to bo icvlud nnd contlnuo a Hen on their ie.l es
tate duilng another period cf live years, accord
ing to tho Act ot General Assembly Insuchcaso
made nnd provided, II to them It shall seem expe
rt lent.
witness tno i on. wuuani i;iwcn,i-s( .,ni mooms.
burg, tho fifteenth day ot Jlay, In the jenr of our .
Lorn ono thousand eight hundred nnu ciemy-stx. '
wm. II. mmijkk, i-roinonoinry.
SAJIUEL smith, sncrirr. iuug
"nrilEUEAS.tliellon. William Elwell
YV President Judge of tho court ot Oyer aud
,T nuuu.. uiM.uu.u.,w
tcr Sessions ot tho Fcaco and the Court of Common
Pleas and orphans' Court In tho scth Judicial Dis
trict, composed of tho counties of Columbia and
Jlontour. and tho Hons. Jameo Lake nnd F. L
Shuman, Associate Judges of Columbia county
havojssucdthelr,-preccpt,bearlngdato tho 13th day
of Jlay In tho year ofour Lord ono thousaud eight
hundred and cIguty-Blx, and to mo directed for
holding a Court of Oyer and Terminer nnd General
Quarter Sessions of tho rcace, Court of Common
Pleas and Orphans' Court, In Bloomsburg, in tho
county of Columbia, on thofouith Slonday.belng
the srth day of Sept, next to contlnuo for two
Notice is hereby given to tne tuo j us
tlces of tho Peace, and tho Constables of tho said
County of Columbia, that they bo then and there In
their proper person at 10 o'clock In tho forenoon ot
said rlth day of Sept. with their records Inqui
sitions and other remembrances,to do thoso things
which to their ofllces appertain to be done. And
those that are bound by recognizance to proscouto
against tho prisoners thntaro or may bo In Ihojall
ot tho said county of Columbia, to bo then and thero
torroscculcthcmasshallbo lust. Jurors nro re
quested to bo punctual In their attendance,
rceably to their notices. Dated at Bloomsburg
a-1 the 23th day of Aug, In tho year ot our
L. S. Lord ono thousand eight hundred and
, 1 elehtv-blx. and In the ono hundred and
tenth ear of tho Independence of tho United
States of America.
Sherlfl's Ofiice, SA Jl UEL sm itii,.
To Rachel J. l'urker, Wm. U. Parker, Ruth A.
Parker, Ruclna, lnlcrmanlcd with Jonathan R.
Conner, Sumuel E. Parker, Jlary A., lntermanled
with Daniel Ashelman, nnd three grand children,
Rachel Ilovt. sarah I lo c and John llovt.
children of Rebecca Iloyt, dee'd, and Phebo
Jlannlng, Luclna Jlmnlngond Gertrude Jiannlng,
inu granciiuuren oeing cnuuren oi nannan
.1. Jlannlng, dee'd, lineal descendant! of
Humphrey Jl. Parker, deccasd, and to all other
persons Interested, Greeting; You nnd each ot jou
nro hereby cited to bo and appear before tho
Judges ot our oiphans' court at an orphans'
Court to bo held rt Bloomsburg on tho fourth
Jlonday of September next, then and thero to ac
cept or ictuso to tako tho real estate of said
Humphrey Jl Parker, deceased, at Iho appraised
valuutlon put upon It by the Inquest duly nward:d
by tho said Court, nnd returned by tho Sheriff, or
shovvcajso why It bhall not be sold. And hereof
fall not.
Witness tho Ilonorablo W llllam Elwell.Prcsldent
of our said coui t, at Bloomsburg, thobeventecnth
day of June, A. D. lsso.
W.M. 11. SNYDER, Clerk cf O. C
auji'i hamucl Smith, Sheriff.
When you want a new suit of clothes what do you do ?
Why. go where you can be well fitted, get good cloth, and have
the full worth of your money when you get your suit. Do you
know of such a plnce in Bloomsburg? If not, let us tell you of
one. It is at the corner of Main and Iron streets. The services
of a
Mr. C. Rhodes, have been secured, and we will guarantee satis
faction as to fit and price. Should you want a
We can show you a large stock to select from. If you v. ant
Here is the place to get them, also
v nine cis, hats, m, t
It is aboi't time to get measured for a new Fall Suit. Call
and see our goods and examine our work.
Cor. of Main and Iron Sts.,
Aug. 37, 3ms.
Bmsburg, Pa.
X TERM, 18-0.
Jlrn. I. II. FretiericK vs wiworu iijons.
Harnli (1. Hosier vs. Isra"! Bitlentiender.
Utephen Blllenliender vs. Hamucl Bowers, with
notice to odd Fellows HallAss'n ot Orange.
Mile, terro tenants
Charles Jl. Conynghnm nnd I. C. Paine, doing
business as Couynglmtn A Pnlho, vs James JIc-
Alnrnoy nnd Mnry JloAIarnoy, his wife,
Jacob Haines vs. N. W. B. Uy. Co.
A, B. Krlckbaum'susovsW. II. Krlckbaum.
lames Jloyer vs. lames H. Lownrs, Admr, of Jo.
seph cleweP, deo'd.
JI.U. Hughes nnd llermon Fahrlnger vs John
LwJ liess, (). II. Hess and I.J, Thomas, part
ners, doing buslncasln the firm name of llcss
SThonias vs Illram F. Everett.
Wm. H. Yorgey vs lx-ust. Mountain Water Co.
H H. llenco;k vs. Wm. Jlasleller.
,1, F. smllli, now to uso of catawlssa Depo It
Bank vs. M. c. frosty.
Clark cullender, ox'r of Joseph llcss, dee'd vs
Francis 1 llcss.
Albert E. endow vs D. ! & W. It. II. CO.
Theodo-o F. Craig vs. Jlahala Craig and Dan.
lei F. Seybert.
Charles W, Van Essen vs Thomas Webb and tlio
Columbia couniy Agricultural rwicieiy,
,1. ll. Kline, nuuvr ot
Illram R. KUno vs Ellen
l; ii m-
C. K. Pennock, J.
rennock and John S. Pen.
nncK. trndinir as tho tlrmot C. E. Pennock jt
Co. vs. Charles llelcharl.
John Drum and Eletrnnda Drum, his wile, In
right of the wlfo vs Ellas Slmiuan and Cath.
nflr-0 Shumnn, tor wonls spoden by tho said
Catherine . .
Charles W, JlcKclvy nnd Deborah .r. JtcKclvy,
Ids wife, to Uo ifoof tbo said Deborah, (1. N.
u 111113 and Josephine Wllllts, his wire, lo the
usoot the t aid Josephine, Jamos II. Ramsay,
Charles C. Ilagcnbach nnd Anna II. llakc.i.
buch his wife, to tho uso ot tbo said Anna,
Charles Rainsay, William P. Ramsay ond Rob
ert N. Ramsay vs, Charles B. Urockway.
Benjamin Fettennan vs J. Boyd Roblson.
Charles Kelchart vs. Kmanuer Mauser.
11. w. Bower vs Jlartha v. Ferris, wlfo of o. H.
Ferris, owner, and George O. wclllvcr, con
tractor. John I Brumbaucli vs tho I) I. W H H Co.
Patrick Burns, by his mother nnd next friend,
Jlargarcl Burns, vs I. A Rllc.v, Lnyfnycllo F
Inu and William Iilloy, trading as Louis A
Riley Co.
Aaron lloono vs Espj- Llmo nnd Cement Co.
11 F Everett vsllrucoFHutllff and Philip 1, lless
lato doing buMr ess under tho namo of I! Fmiu
lift nnd F L Hess.
I) 11 Jlillard vs John Snyder.
George o Welltver vs OF Ferris anil Martha I,
Ferris his wife, owner, nr reputed owner.
II. W. Hess, O. B. Hessnud IriThotnns, partners,
doing business ns Bess c 'lhoiias vs. Illram F,
0 11 Proc'iway vs Columbia county wllh service
oil Stephen Folio, Washington Fan and Ell
A K smith vs Samuel Brugler.
J I) Fatton vs A P Heller.
1 ho Curtis Jlanufnctuilng Co vs Clsrk I Thomas.
I II Wagner, 1) W Jlurfley and 1) F Wagner,
trading under tho arm nrmoot sv'alsonlown
Planing Jllll Co. vo C F Harder.
William Krlckbaum vs John B Casey.
Augustus Blbby nnd Julia, his wlfo, In right ot
said wiro vs George llnitman, Jlcry llartman
nnd Clinton Kills, adm'r ot tho estnto ot Halllo
E Reluncjcr deceased.
James Yostvs Wilson Agcr nnd Kllsha Ager.
Albert Klinctob vs illram Eckroat.
S II Wliltncy vs S II Bowman.
S 11 Whitney vs 8 11 Bowma.i.
Not'co Is hereby given that nn application will
bo mado to tho Court of Common Pleas of Colum
bia county on Jlonday Iho :;thdny of September
A. D. lss-0 ntthrco o'clock In the nllcrnoon, under
the corporation net of ls"t and tho supplements
thereto, by lilward WIl lams, B. F. Dyke, John
Lamnct, John Lewis nnd John E. Davis for the
charter of an Intended corporation to bo called
"Tho Odd Fellows Temnlo and Hall Association
ot tho Borough of CentraUaX'oluinbla Co., Pn " the
character and object of which Is for tlu purposo
' 0f erecting nnd maintaining n public hall In said
Borough of centralla.nnd for this purposo to ha e,
possess nbd enjoy all tho rights, benefits and
privileges conferred by tho said net and its supple,
tc. solicitor.
Having struggled so years between llfo and
death with ASTHMA or PHTHISIC, treated by
eminent physicians, and receiving no benefit, I
was compelled during tho last A years of my 111.
ness to sit on my chair day and night gasping for
breath. Jly sufferings were beyond description.
In despair I experimented on myself by com
pounding roots nnd herbs and Inhaling the mcdl
clno thus obtained. I fortunately discovered this
TARRH, warranted to relievo the met stubborn
casoof ASTHMA IN FIVE MINUTES, so that tho
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Please read the following condensed extracts rrom
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Jllss., writes: "Havo used the ltemedy. would
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commends It."
I. B. ('helps, P. JL, Griggs, Onlo, writes: "Suf.
fered with asthma 40 yea s. Your medicine lu 3
minutes does moro for mo than I he most eminent
physician did for mo in thrco yea; a."
II. c. Plumpton, Jollet, 111., wiltcs: "send Ca
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It, I find It tn be tho most valuable inedlcmn 1
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We bin o many other hearty testimonials of euro
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inn. Catarrh, Bay Fover, and kindred dlsenses may
have nn opportunity ot testing tho value of thu
Remedy we will send to nny add rt ss TR 1 A L PAC K
J. ZIMMERMAN & CO.. l'rnnrletors.
Wholesalo Druggists, Woostcr, Wayne Co., O.
Full sln linv lir mnll 1.
Newspaper Advertising Bureau.lo Spruco HtN. Y.
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