The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, August 13, 1886, Image 1

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    AMiittf 1 nwurui t - "
n( me buRiih..nn; r.'r; "p the option
long coiiunuedcrediuw ill i,n"fR? "PI, but
All papers sent out of tlio 8Wto or toSii,f
onlccs must bo paid forlnndroncn unwff. .nt posl
llblo porson In bolumbla Sou5tSci,,.21 r3'n'
tno subscription duo on demand. a lu
ob ITIntlntr llcnartment int..
tunnies furnished Sn lairgo jobs. racll"les. Ka-
OIllco over 1st. National nant. "'oomaburg, ra
-pg- U. FUNK,
fllcoln Rat's Building,
u jic over jiiuyer urus, urug Htoro.
omcola Browor's bulldlng.socond No.l
Moorasburg, Pa.
Bloomsbui'g, l'o.
onico corner of Contro and Main Streets. Clark i
Can bo oonsultcd In Gorman.
Bloomsduro, I'a.
OIUco on First floor, front room of Col
ombian Building, Main street, below Ex
change Hotel.
omce In Columbian Building, Hoom No. 8, second
u g. wnmasTiiN.
A ttornoy s-at-Law.
onics lu 1st National Bank building, second Door,
Outdoor to tno left. Corner of Main and Market
Btreota Woomsburg, Fa.
tSfPemiom and Bounties Collected,
Offloo In Maize's bulldlJK, over Ulllracyer's grocery.
WOfllco over
BloomsbuTg, Pa.
Dcntlcr's shoo store,
C. E. (1UY211.
(Offlce front suit of rooms on second floor of
Niws Itiic building.)
Members of Sharp and Alleman's Lawyers and
Banker's Directory and the American Mercantile
and fTiiipftinn Afixw inUon. will irlve prompt ana
carelul attention to collection of claims in any
oart of tbo United stales or Canada, as well as to
all other professional business entrusted to mem
Jackson Building, Rooms 4 and 5.
C&tawlssa, Fa.
omce.cornerot Third and MalnStreets.
Office In Browcrs' Building, 2nd floor,
may 1-tf
Conveyancer, Collector of Claims.
Ionico In Dentler's building with F. I'. BIU
meyer, attorney-at-law, front 1001ns, and noor
liloomsburg, Fa. apr-s-se.
licrwiok, Pa.
' B. McKELVY, M. D.,Surgeon and Phy
.slclan, north side Main atreot.below Market
A L. FRITZ, Attorney-at-Law.
X. . Front room over Fost omce,
Offlce, North Market street,
Bloomsburi, Fa
M. REBER, Surgeon and
Offlce corner of Koclc and Market
JR. EVANS, M. D., Surgeon and
. .Physician, Offlco and Ilesldence on Third
HOME. OF N. r.
These old coiii-orations are well seasoned by
e and riHX txstbu and have never j et had a
'Jm settled by any court ot law. Their assets are
u invested lu solid bkcobitus are liable to the
huardol rim only.
losses fKOMiTLv and honkstlt adjusted and
pua as soon as determined by Cukistiah r.
Arr, trxciAL Agent and Adjostib Uloomsbubo,
. T!6 people of Columbia county should patron,
ue the agency where losses It any are settled and
PIJ by one of ther own citizens.
BBraiSBKTi TBI roixowiNO
North American of Philadelphia.
Pennsylvania, 11
jo, 01 Punnsylvanla.
llanover, of N. Y.
North Srltlah, ot London.
oct Mj - ' Btroet' No Bloomsburg.
Cmtl Hotel
AURANDS, Proprietors.
S. P. HAGENI5UCH, Clekk.
Tals well-known hotel has been furnished new
rom top to bottom,
The proprietors, who took possession April 1st.,
Le gTen tue pla(;e. a compieto renovating. Tho
travelling publlo will receive nret-class attention,
Conjmu BmooniT, m or tn n..n ..J
luk.ia.5, conioifaatM.r ' B1 C0
lamed Weekly, eery Friday JH.rnl..
AtI.M per year. , To subscriber out
DBnrrPBInUn . . , i nun i .i-
m m mm - -
N. E. Corner Second and Arch sts.
irtcn i wmccelvejirompt attention.
ace nSS5 inP' 10 post
vSl iSKinUJ'1' !"! 'ree, a royal,
I" ""'?. sample tax of iroods ti t in I
jou in the way of mnnm. mnm
money fnn.fcw days than
nWS"" Utpllnl not rVaulrcd.
in Y,r"u?."n.nwqrK in snare t mconlvlnr
I " iucceSful 4!1 i WhiSSSSm.
evenmJ !Mft Jj,M.ifi l.T earned cverj
for the tfSJb o ort 7 w.f. w,?fnAt?.Pay
. n,'.'?f"u 10 pay
.us. Full particulars.
lr sure ior an'Ji.n'JlT; 'ramense pay absolute:
directions, etc.. nt 7 C ''"".'.'a".
Address ST.NsoVor:offia0nMalr',
yy a. house,
Bloomsiiuiui, Columbia Countv, Pa
AU.?i!s.?t yo"t aone In a suporlor
id without I'ain by tho use of Has, and
free of charge ft hen artincial teeth
are Inserted.
Ofllco 111 llnrtnn'a l,nll,1l,.n Ml K,...
ijuiow juiirKct, iivu iloois bilow m's
urug store, nrst noor.
lo be open at all hourt during the dai
NOV 331 J
Manufacturers of
First-class work always on hand,
Price) reduced lo tuil the timet.
Tho undersltrned iinvinc nut hi inninn u
on Hallroad street. in flrHt-cmtiB pnnrtttin. iZ-n
nAPflll tn lift nllMnrlo nA.1,1. ,.-
furnished at reasonable prices. All lumber useo
o vtcii wjtwuuuu aau nuuo oui sKuiea workmen
are employed.
Urmshed on ftDDllCiltlon. PtanR and nnnninra
Bloomsburff, Pa
John II. IlAiu:ie,
Ph. D. PitiNoii-AU
AUGUST 24, 1886.
Property cost JW.OUO. campus, SO acres.
Library, oer S.OOO volumes.
More than in apparatus.
Superior facilities for students In Physiology.
Location healthful, Instruction thorough, dis
cipline strict, expenses moderate, experienced
teachers, small classes, personal attention.
Prepares for business, for collego ;and for teach
ing. Mudents prepared In Keyatono have entered
Yale and Harvard unconditioned.
Separato building of brick, heated by steam, for
tho use of ladles.
Students travel on thel). I. SW. and branches
and on the Lehigh Valley at half rates.
For catalogue or information address tho prlncl.
pal at Factoryvlllc, l'a. m. ss-Sins.
Gonts Furnishing Goods, Eats & Caps
Suits m.tJo to order at short notice
and a fit alwaj s guaranteed or no Bale.
Call and examine tho largest and best
selected stock ot goods over shown in
Columbia county.
Store next door to First National Bank,
liloomsburg Pa.
Suitable for
Cemetery Lots
Public Grounds
The following snows tho ticket aothlc, one of
tne several beuutuuislylesof Fenco manufactured
by the undersigned.
.1 . i.1,1. ui
For Beautr nnd nurablllty they aro unsurikss
ed. Bet up by experienced hands and warralted
to give satlslactlon.
Prices and specimens
signs sent to any address.
of other do
May 4-lf
Opposite City Hall and the Post (mice.
Tills hotel Is one of the most complete In Us ap
pointments and furniture of ANY llul'.SU lu Nutv
York City uud Is conducted on tho
Itooms only One Dollar per day,
Half minute's
walk from Brooklyn Brldgo and Elevated It.
All lines of care pass the door. .Most couveuleu
hntRl In New York for Merchants to ston aL Din
ing Booms, Cafes and Lunch counter lepluto with
the luxuries at inoderalo prices.
8 July 81 yr
lu presents given away, bend us
cents postage, and by ma II ou wig
get free a package of goods ot larg
value, that will start you In work
bat will at onco bring you Inmonoy luster than
anything elso In America. All about ihefcxw.iioo
In presents with each box. Agents wanted ev.
erywhere, of either sex, of nil ages, for all the
time, or spare time only, to work forus at their
own homes. Fortunes forauworkeia ansoiuieiy
assured. Don't delay. II, Hauxtt Co.. Port
land, Maine. dcciubs.
RW0 p i
This medicine, combining Iron with pura
vcnetablo tonirs, quickly anil completely
Currs Ilyiprpila. IlidlKritlon, U'rak
ncii, Impure lllnoil, Malaria, CIilIU
nnd Fcvrr., ntld Ncnralftla.
H la an utifiilllnir remedy fur Diseases of Iho
lCldiicy and I.tvcr.
It Is imaluablti for Dlseawi peculiar bi
unirn, nnd nil Mho lend kedentnry lives.
ltdoesnot Injure the teeth, cause
produce constipation other Iron medicines tio.
it rmiclt. and inirlflca the blood,
etlmulatei tho appetite, nlds tho nuliullatlon
or food. relieves Iteartbuninnd Kclchlng,and
strengthens the muscles and ncrvci.
For Intrrnilttcnt l'evtn, Lastltudr,
I.acV of Kncrgy, etc., It has 110 equal.
IV The genuine hai ntiovo trndc mark nnd
crossed red Unci on wrapper. Take no other,
from n common lllotcli
to tho worst Snrnf 11 In. 'I
1?. or i;rniitlon
I'llrlflcr over discovered
lira nest ill
Hy Druggists.
PRICE $1.00,
roil $0.00.
tho popular f&vorlto for dremlnt?
the hair, Restoring color whn
f ray, and preTentlntr Iiandrutt.
b cleanncB the ft!p, ttopa Uo
utur ituiiiiK, Riui in mire to pienso.
fioc &nd iLOO at Drucirliits.
Tho best Cough Curo you can use.
And the beet preventive known for Consumption. It
cures bodily pain, and all disorder! of the Stomach,
Ilowels, Lungs, LIrer, Kidneys, Urinary Organs and
all Female Complaints. Tho fueblo and sick, strug
Rllng against disease, and slowly drifting towards
tho grave, w ill in most cases recover their health hv
the timely use of Pabker's Tonic, but delay Is dan
gerous. Take It In time Sold by all DruggleU la
large bottles at $LO0t
'lao carert, trarcirt, quickest and bent euro for Conu,
Bunloiu, Warn, Molea,Calouses,c Itlndenthetrror
tberftronth. StopsnllrAln. Glvesnotrouble. MoVestho
f ect comf ort&ble. Hlndercorns cures when everything
elwblH BoldhybruKKlntsatlSc. lIn.coiiCo.,N. Y.
nuir. 1-4-1 y
This double esitle, the.Katlonsl emblem of sll tho
liusilaa. app;a fn this connection as tho tiwclal
trade-mark of the
which Is working Buch wonders with all XUioumatlo
dufferera who uae everltrled It
J. F. Newtom, 813 Broadway, Camden, N. J. Who
nays: "I was bo severely afflictetl with rheunia.
tlsm that I had to carry my arm In a fdlnir. My
bauds were swollen, my hnwers BtitT and tho
pain no intense that for iwnteen uitrhts I wax
unable to sleep. Doctors did me no trancl. I
tried everythlntfi notliintr helped mo. A friend
migKestMtheltusflian Iilicumatism Cure. I tried
it. Insldo of one week I had full use of arm aud
hand, aud havo beea well ever etuce."
It has cured every one aflllcted with rhcumttlani
Who has given It a fair trial.
nj.. &n Rn t If mailed lOc. additional.
rtlCO 3a,iOU.t If reglsteretl luc. inoro.
As yet It Is not to be found at the stores, but can
only be had by enclosing the amouut as above, aud
addressluK the Amerlcau proprietors,
810-SJIl Market Street, BhUadelphta.
march a-ly.a
Invalids' Hotel ano Surgical Institute
663 Main Street. Buffalo. N. Y.
Staff of 18 Physicians and Surgeons.
Hxperloncctl NpeelalUtN fur every
cIuhm of DifcoitNCN treated I nlnu,
ruined, experienced uud obllirliiir
I.I tin, well vcnllliitccl, eleemitly
furiiKlied prlvuto room, lor 11a
tlenth. lluiiko furiiUlieil ivllh niovator.
Ntejtni-hfUit, Spenklntr-plpes, Illec
trie llellN, mid all modern ini-
lirilVI'llll'llla. TlllllO AVCll NllllMllcd
with tho l"'t or fond.
Ih not a Ilonpitnl, but a pleasant
Iti iiHHllul Homo. Open day and
whctlior roqiilrlnp; for their euro
niedlcnt or aurglcul aid, kklllfull)
ironted. THIS INSTITUTION Ih llliillcd
wills TurlcUh llalli., AnierUaii
niovemrnt Trcatineiil, or median,
ical iTlasaaBO niaehluery, Vltall
7UII011 anil Vaeiinm Treatiuent
AiipnratiiN, (ho inont apiirovcd
lllei'trlcal ITIaclillleM and Hatter.
Ii u, llllialatlon Apparntua, and all
the moat valualilo remedial applt.
niieuN known to medical aclcnec.
Call, or aeiiil ID ioiiIh lu Htaiiijis
iur our iiivaiiua' i.uiuo.isooh iiua
uKcs), win rii iriven all pariicu-
iru. wiiiurena an auuve.
IVorld's BUpCDsary 3fMlIcal AshocUtlon. Vrops.
Ten thousand bullies are given
yearly to tho grave by not having
I)r. Hand's Teething Lotion on
their gums whilo teething.
To batho tho baby's gums while
teething, relieving all lniiamnia
tion, swelling and jiain.
A good ninny night's rest by
nothavingDr.l land's Coliu Cure,
for it gives baby comfort and
sleep without stupofying or in
juring it. No opiates. No con
stipation. Sold at ivleini s drug etoro,
general agent for Dr. Hand's
remedies lor children. Labora
tory at Scranton, Pa. docicw.
iui 121 m ij 1-
m-w l-l bm
Yestcnlay, darMotc- 5n!y yesterday.
Tho heavens wcro bright nnd all tlio earth was
Ixivo's Roldcn rndlanco fell upon our way
lovo'a dreamy Inusio filled the Bcented nln
A thousand wllJnoweis trembled round our feet,
0 saw tho lliao boughs alwvo us sway:!
And heard tho woodinrk singing1 high nnd sweet.
lcslcrday, darling-only yesterday.
Yesterday, dnrllng-only yesterday,
With Hps apart and hair of russet brown.
You came, dear heart, across tlio iloner-dccked
Sweeping tho grasses with your tralliug gown;
upon your cheek thcro was a wild-rose glow,
And In jour eyes there was a sun-set rny:
You came with annsoulst retched you loved me so
lesterday, darlingonly yesterday.
Yesterday, darling, only yesterday.
A soft brceo stealing from tlio sunny south
Blew from your brow the tnngled frlngo away.
And wooed Iho kisses from your crimson mouth;
The boughi caressed you as you camo along,
The red sun kissed you with its parting ray,
Tho wcodlark praised you in his happy bong,
Yesterday, darling -only yesterday.
Yesterday, darling only yesterday;
Ah, mo I ah, mo I but yesterday Is dead:
Tho sun still shines across the llowcr-decked way,
And still tho woodlark warbles overhead;
Hut In the shadows ot a great despair,
1 weep, dear heart, upon tho weary way,
l'or hue's blight dream that made tho earth so
Yesterday, darling-only yesterday.
.V. .V. Fwrestn
. UI tu'l you, 011111; man, you shall
not man j m nii'ct'."
'An 1 I till you, madam, I will, if I
"Sliu is ui'gaijiil lo my sou Tom.''
"Sliu ia unjiaLrt d to mo, and I don
ca'i' a snap ot my linger for your urn
'Sir, your language is ungentle
"Madam, bo is yours.'1
We were b .th at white heal; Mrs.
Jiipi, the aunt and legal guardian of
my adored Julia, ixxiiively trembled
with rage, and looked round the room
as if in search of soino weapon with
which to attack me. She was large
and stout, had a deep ban voice and
hideous wiry curlii, and wore glasses
of such an intense matrnifjiiig tiower
that she seemed to be always glaring
at 0110 hko a hungry Cvorgon (by the
way, what is a (ioroii T), and coulu
drive men awav from the vieinitv of
her niece my dear Julia by t-imply
favoring them with a stony stare, as
fixed and awful as that of tho fspbinv
"Leave my home, sir," sho said at last,
rising and pointing to tho door, with a
very line dramatic action. Auger is
mote U( coming to a large, stout wo
man than tn a small one unless Mic
gets red in the face.
1 will not co until you give mo
some better reasons for the stand you
tako m this turner.
"I have told 011 once she is en
gain d to my son."
1 don 1 believe it, I said boldly.
though perhaps ruilclv; but my lovely
Julia was rellected in a distant mirror,
smiling at me and shaking her head,
and 1 was reckless. Mrs, Jupp gasped
and if a magnified glanco from her
glaring eyes could havo killed me I
would havo died on thu spot.
Mr. Juicenon, it my son wcro
here "
"Confound your son 1" said I. I
really used a much stronger word, for
getting for the moment whero I was.
1 am not quite certain what hit mc,
but think it was a footstool, as I after
ward found a gilded claw common to
that article of furniture in my coat
pocket. A man servant, whom I had
often fed in other days, picked 1110 iij
and escorted mo to tho door, murmur
ing sympathetically tho whilo that ''To
bo sure, Mrs. Jupp was a lectle uncer
tain at times." Uncertain I There is
nothing uncertain about her. I am a
small man, and a tremendous bump on
my forehead is conspicuous, nor is one
black oyo becoming to any one; so I
slunk down tho street like a criminal,
vowing vengeance against tho old ty
rant in ptticoats, who only wanted
Julia to marry her son in order to keep
her in tho family, for Julia was quito
an heiress, though of course that fact
had no weight with mo.
Business of somo kind had brought
Mrs. Jupp to St. Paul, and there sho
took a house and established herself
with her lovely niece for tho Winter,
fn tho first stages of my acquaintance
I was of much service to tho lady and
ran about and did her miserable er
rands for her liko a born idiot. I also
had every opportunity of falling in lovo
with her niece, and this I did as rapid
ly as possible aud with such success
that in two months from their arrival
I announced our engagement to her
aunt with tho above described result,
though it must bo understood that I
havo only given the termination of
my negotiations tho preliminaries bo
iug tamo and uninteresting. Tho next
day I spent in my room trying experi
ments with raw beef us applied to a
black eye, and nursing various schemes
of veugeanco and tho lump on my
forehead at tho same t!mc.
Tho day following I ventured down
to my ollice, and from thero sent an
impassioned note to my darling Julia
a note filled with despair, vows of
eternal love and appropriate quotations.
My nolo was returned by the grinning
ofllce-boy, who said tho old lady had
opened it in his presenco and roid it
aloud, and told him to take it back to
that littlo fool meaning mo and
added that sho would box his tho
said boy's oars if he ever brought
another, puring the day a friend
called lu, and, alter soino stupid drivel
which almost drove mo crazy, said,
apropos of nothing: "Hy tho way, I
called on tho Juiips last night. Old
lady says they leavo hero Saturday
and aro going to straight to Kurope.
Didn't seo tho fair Julia; always
thought you were a littlo smitten there,
you know."
Smitten 1 Yes, by both of them,
If tho fool ouly know that ho was sit
ting, so to spoak, on a volcano ho
might go away, llo did go away at
last, but I relieved my feelings by
throwing tlio inkstand into tho fire
place and kicking tho waste basket all
around tho room. Leave Saturday.
Good heavens, nnd this was Fiiday l
I began to wonder if tho water in tho
Mississippi was very cold supposing
one could cut a hole in the loo or if
poison were better; and had really
worked myself into a conifoi table sort,
of gloom, when in camo that Infernal
hoy and handed mo a noto which
looked as though it had been klckoi
about tho streets for about a month
1 know tho writing at once it wa
hers; nnd in my iov I cavo the la
fifty cents and told him ho might hnvo
a holiday next week nnd go to his
grandfathers funeral having n dim
idea that ho bad once or twice asked
leavo of absconco for that purpose,
"iuy dear ueorge,' ho ran tho note
-i nm looked ui) in my room and am
crying all tho time. Aunt comes to
the door and shouts yes, shouts
through tho keyhole. 'Ifnvu you
heard irom UeorgoT You ought to
too him with a black eye. lie is so
lovely it s so becoming,' and other
horrid things liko that. She is going
to inko mo away to-morrow nnd carry
mo cif to Kurope, and 0 George, I
shall die, I know I shall. Hut I must
tell you how to seo 'mo onco more,
She has promised Mrs. Smith Jones
(that horrible woman) to co with hor
pndseelho toboggan slido to-morrow
at 11 o'clock, and sho is afraid to leavo
mo behind and nll bo obliged to take
!.t. t "!-. . . -
uiu wiiu iter, jvo vou understand
This is our last chance, but what can
we do? Wo leave at 4 o'clock and mv
cousin lom win arrive hero at nuoitt 1
trt ..... .
to go back with us and act as police
man on tho lournov. . Susan, tho
housemaid, is to take this note to you
If it is a littlo stained and yellow don't
mind, as 1 havo to send it out in tho
cofTeo pot with tho breakfast tilings,
for mint is tho only person who comes
into the room she brings all my meal
lierself.Good-by, dear, dear George,
i our unnappy hut loving Jui.ia.
-i . o. ut courso tnero is no nossi
bio uso of my thinking auytfiing could
happen I wouldn't run away if I
could, but I will tako my jewelry with
"P. P. S. I havo promised Susan
through tho key-hole, that vou will
give her 85.
1 rushed into tho outer office, and
tnero sat lausan, a pretty girl, whom
had often seen flirting desperately
with ono of tho vountr clerks, who is
really incorrigible, and has been caught
making love to the ecrub woman. He
blushed on seeing me, and dipped the
wrong end of his pen into tho ink. I
called tho girl iuto my oflico and gave
iicr5m instead of go, and heard all
tho particulars of Julia's imprisonment.
and how Mrs. Jupp was abusing the
wholo household and raising Cain Gen
erally, ane had deposited a pale of
water and a broom in the hall behind
the door, nnd had given strict orders
to tho servants to summon her instant
ly should I present myself acain at
tlio house. Susan suit! it was ou to
seined mat tno old lady should go to
!. .-1 .I"'.. .
iuu luuugguu aiido tno noxi aay and
tako her niece with her, and that they
ciu puuiiinu iiu uvurvLiiiuir ana would
leave in tho afternoon.
"Tell Miss Julia, Susan," said I,
that I will be thero without fail. aid
wear my lobogcan suit, as the old ladv
i mean inrs. jupp may not recog'
nize me in it at first.''
T -r t .
"Very well, sir;" said Susan, "and if
Miss Julias a-goinc down in ono of
them things Id best tell her to put on
thick stockings."
I looked at Susan and Susan looked
at me, and then I burst into the other
ollio and borrowed S5, with which, in
addition to her capital, the maidon de
parted smiling, liright cirj, that Su
san; I shall not forget her.
Wo were in tho height of tho much-talked-of
"carnival," so next day I ap
pealed in tho uniform of tho club to
which I belonged, painfully conscious
that my legs, particularly tho lower
half of them, clad in red stockings,
wero out of proportion to tho rest of
my person, which was much enlarged
by tho blanket bu'u, sa'sh, etc. As to
my feet, thoy had nover looked so
largo and clumsy, and I was distrusted
at tho effect.
The first tiling 1 did was to go to a
ivery stable and make unvato and
confidential arrangements, which had
to do with a fast team, a good sloigh
and an inlolliceut driver ono who
new tho city well and his business.
then got my toboggan and started
for tho slide, whero 1 found hundreds
of people already congregated, some
looking on, others dashing down tho
hill at railroad speed, ono toboggan
loiiowing another as last as they could
manage. It was a long slide, over a
mile in length, and a walk back to tho
Btarting point was a slow and tedious
I drew my toboggan on ono hido
and, keeping myself pretty well
screenodi from view, watched tho vari
ous parties as thoy came Blowly up the
hill, laughing and talking, and occa
sionally pausing to enjoy the sight. It
as a Doautiiui day, cool and clear,
lib a bright sun shining on tho glit
tering snow, which How into tho air
liko diamond dust boforo tho toboggans
as inoy sped down tho sleep luclino
witii tueir merry loads.
Suddenlv I Raw llin lmtnil nnrlranrnur
curls of Mrs. Jiipii as sho sailed into
view closely watchiug my dearest girl.
who looked more oharming than over
in spite of her confinement, and tears.
The meddlesome Mrs. Smith-Jones was
with thera and ovidently in tho secret
for her lips wero pressed tightly to
gether and sho glanced about her with
tho self conscious nir of ono who has a
duty to perform and is icady for it at
any moment, and prepared for tiio
worst. Tho party passed close by mo,
aud I distinctly heard Mrs. Jupp say:
"I assure you, my dear, tho little
wretch abused mo beyond belief. lie
actually called mo ." 1 heard no
more, for Julia recognized mo in ono
swift glance, and first blmhcd, and
then turned pale at least I thought
so. I touched my toboggan with my
juisshappoti feet nnd tried to look lov
ingly and iiicaniti ,ly nt her; but, ono
oyo being black nr.- swollen, tho effect
was probably spoi'd, for bIio smiled
slightly and turned away her head.
Just then somo ono bumped into Mrs.
Jupii with great force, and tht.t Irasci
bio lady immediately roso to n whito
heat of indignation and poured out tho
vials of hor wrath upon tho offender's
head. lie, tho offender, was a mcok
young man of tho blondo type, with
an enormous toboggan in low, with
which ho was trying to forco his way
through tho crowd in order to reach
tho slide,
Now was my time; I rapidly took
my positlou, and before vou could say
"Jack Robinson" Julia jumped on and
away wo went. Hurrah for tho now
stylo of eloping I How tho snow How
and tho wind whistled 1 Julia lost hor
hat at tho very first start, and ono of
my moccasins followed it. "Gooc
heavens 1 shrieked Julia you could
hear nothing less than a scream
"thero comes aunt after us 1" I
glanced back, and my heart froze with
mc. Not fifty yards behind us camo
mm. .Hipp, lining tier touoggan in mo
lasnion ami with all the abandon of n
schoolboy, her curls Hying wildly in
tho wind, her highly-magnified eyes
ginung at us .over tno curve ot tho to
boggan liko tho exaggerated orbs of
soino unknown monster. Her bonnet
was still attached to her head bv ono
string, nnu uanood in tno air behind
her hko n Chinese kite.
.! , I t, .
It Bcons that her caglo glanco fell on
us itisi ns wo slimed, nnd. rea z inrr
tho wholo thing at onco, what docs
that woman do but knock down yes,
aciuany kiiock uown with nn um
brella tho blondo young man. soizn
his toboggan and hurl herself after us
boforo nny ono could stop her. Mrs.
bmith-Joucs fainted dead away, and
almost camo down tho slido on her own
account, but was caught by tho unfor
tunate young man just as sho was dis
appearing over the edgo.
one is not steering nt all," J
screamed to Julia, who would have
been crying it sho had had breath to
spare, "tsho will upset to a dead cer
tainty." And truly tho old lady's to
boggan was wobbing from side to side
in wnat, nu export wou d havo known
was a very dangerous wav. Suddnnlv
I heard a wild shriek, oven above the
roar ot tho wind, nnd, glancing back,
saw a coniused mass ot drapery about
twenty feet up in tho air. and annnr.
ently still rising aud closely followed
by the toboggan. I assumed at onco
tho entiro outfit belonged to Mrs. Jupp,
nun my ncart grow light again.
Wo reached the bottom safely, and
abandoning tho toboggan to its fato I
helped Julia into the sleigh, whicli was
waiting for us, sprang in myself, and
away we wont at a speed most surely
forbidden by law. "O. George, said
Julia, who was frightenrd now and
citing to mo in a charming manner,
supposo aunt, is killed T And 1 am
sun she i. Did you seo how high she
went t I must go back again iudeed
i must.
"Nonsense, dearest: vou couldn't
kill Mrs. Jupp if you tried. She has
probably stolen a sleigh and is after us
oy tins time."
'O, driver," cried Julia, bracing up
at once, "can't wo go faster? Wo
seem almost to crawl along. And vet,"
ouu biiiu, teanuiiy, "i am sure sho is
hurt; Bho she " and Julia bogan to
cry in earnest. But when wo arrived
at a friend's house, whero everything
was ready, Julia stopped crying and
began to blush very much, indeed, and
kept on blushing until bIio was mado
Mrs. Edgerton, when sho said, in auito
a matter-of-fact way: "Now vou must
go and seo aunt at onco. And, loaving
my wife in good hands. I went to tho
Jupp mansion, and rung tho bell with
much inward fear and quaking. John,
tho footman, camo to tho door, grin
ning, an! I, trying not to grin also.
asked if I could seo his mistress. No;
Mrs. Jupp had como homo "upside
down," John said, and was in bed with
three doctors attending her. Sho was
in nowiso injured, but insisted that
sho had swallowed her front teeth, as
theso useful articles wero missing when
sho picked herself up and took an in-
entory ot her belongings. The doc
tors all agreed that she was mistaken
as in fact the teeth were found in the
snow somo days afterward but sho
called them a pack of fools, and always
insists they wont down her throat. My
wife and I, after much effort, opened
negotiations with tho old lady, which
resulted in a sort of armed neutrality
being proclaimed, but wo never daio
to say "toboggan" to her, and tho
sight of a uniform or anything per
taining to tho sport has tho same ef
fect on her that a red Hag has on a
bull, and at such times sho is not safe.
but considering everything we get on
wiin ner very wen.
He Settled the Business Thoroughly.
rom tho Chicago News.
McCov, when ho camo to Scott Co..
went to work for a farmer named Ilitt,
who had a very charming daughter
Emma. A young man who Farmer
Ilitt had repeatedly driven from the
placo continued to como around, pay
ing his addresses to tho daughter until
finally the father, despairing of keep
ing him away by any milder means.
hired McCoy to thrash him every time
ho camo near. Onco or twice, or maybe
more, tho young man came, saw tho
girl, took his thrashing, and departed.
But ono day there came tho end of this
sort of thing. McCoy, returning from
town, whero ho had gone as driver and
escort for the daughter, approached
tho father, saving:
"Wen, Mr. nut, rvo settled this
usiness of that young fellows com
ing around hero to eco Em."
"What do you mean ?" asked the
"I moan that ho won't como
more, an' you can bet on it."
"Why, Mac. vou haven t ki ed him.
...... t.
havo you ?" asked tho farmer, fear-
"No, Better than that."
"What then?"
"I've married Em."
Tho old farmer How into a dreadful
rago, but -McCoy had tho girl, and
thero was no getting her nway from
him, so farmor Ilitt, liko a scnsiblo
man, mado the most of it. and trnvn
his soil-in law a piece of land which ho
is now tilling, while "lira minds tlio
babies liko a dutiful wifo.
f3urohard'8 Famous Kemark,
Among tho patients at tho Now
Jersey Lunatic Asylum, nt Morris
lains, is a man who is subjected to
very littlo restraint, nnd whose insanity
is only occnsionally manifested. Sov
eral dnys ago, says tho N. Y. Jhralil
llov. 4Jr, liurchnrd. whoso ndvoonov
proved so disastorous to Mr. Blaine,
visited tho asylum and was shown
through tho building by Warden Mon
roe. Presently thoy camo to tho mild-
mannered lunatio alluded to, and Dr.
Burchard recognized him as tho son of
former parishioner. Greetings wero
oxohanged in a hearty manner, nnd
w doctor askod i "We
i oil, what brings
on hero t
"Hum, Homanism and Hebellion,"
as the solemn response of tho patient
who slyly witikod nt tho warden.
"Ahl" said tho doctor, aud passed
mm . m
m i ui.
Sketch of liss Life.
annuel J. '1 ilden was born at New
Lebanon, in tho county of Columbia
and State of Now York, February 9.
18M tno year which ruined tho for
tunes of tho great Napoleon. Ono of
his ancestors, Nathaniel Tilden. was
Mayor of the oity of Tenterden, Kent,
England, in 1623. Ho was succeeded
in that ollice by his cousin John, ns ho
nad ueen piecuiled by his uiiulo John
in l."8.j and 1G00. Ho removed with
his family to Scituate, in the colony of
tn..,nnl,,i.,nllH i IT' 1 -I
iu-.aaiiiiu?3i:iin in iuoi. ins uroinor
Joseph was one of tho merchant ad
venturers of London who luted out tho
MajHower. This Nathaniel Tilden
mairicd Hiiinah Bourne, ono of whose
sisters married a brother of Governor
Wmslow, and another a son of Gover
nor Bradford.
Governor Tilden's grandfather. John
iilden, settled m Columbia countv.
The Governor's mother was descended
from William Jones, Lieutenant-Gov
ernor ot tho colony of New Haven.
who in all tho history of (Jonncctiout
is represented to havo been tho son of
Colonel John Jones, ono of tho regic'u'o
judges of Charles I., who is said to
havo married a sister of Oliver Crom
well and a cousin of John Hamnden.
Tho Governor's father, a farmer and
merchant of New Lebanon, was a man
of notcblo judgment and practical
sense and the accepted oraclo of tho
country upon all matters of publio con
cern, whilo his opinion was also eager
ly sought and justly valued by all his
neighbors, but bv none more than bv
the lato President Van Buren, who till
his death, was one of ins mo3t cherish-
1 intimate and personal friends.
From his father Governor Tilden in
herited a taste for political innuiries.
and in his companionship enjoyed
peculiar opportunities for acquiring an
enrly familiarity with the bearings of
the various questions which agitated
our country in his youth.
Young Tilden entered collego in his
I81I1 year. Tho fall of 1802, when ho
was to enter college, was rendered
memorable by tho second selection of
General Jackson to tho Presidency and
Martin Van Buren to tlio Vico Presi-
ency of tho United States, and of
William'L. tho Goveruorshin
ot tho State o New York. In that
contest an effort was mado to effect a
coalition between the National Repub
licans and tlio anti-MaBons. Tho suc
cess of tho Democracy depended upon
tho defeat of that coalition. Samuel
heard tho subject discussed in tho fam
ily, and was especially impiessed by
what fell from tho lips of an uncle who
deplored his inability to "wreak his
thoughts upon expression." Samuel
disappeared for two or three days, and
in tho seclusion of his chamber pro
ceeded to set down tho viows ho had
gathored upon tho subject, and in duo
timo brought the result to his father, at
onco tho most appreciative nnd the
least indulgent critic of his acquaint
ance. Tho father was so highly pleased
with tlio paper that ho took Iuh son to
seo Mr. Van Buren, then nt Lebanon
Springs, to read it to him. Thoy
found so much merit in tho perform
ance that thoy decided it should bo
published with tho signatures of a
dozen or more leading Democrats and
it shortly appeared in tho Albany Argus
as an addiess, occupying a half pago
of that print, aud from which it was
copied into most of tho Democratic
papers of tho State. The J-Jeenitig
Journal paid it tho compliment of at-
tributing it to tho pen of Mr. Van
liurcn, and the Albany Aryus paid it
tho greater compliment of stating "by
authority" Unit Mr. Van Bureau was
not tho author.
Mr. Tilden had not been long at
Yolo Collego boforo his health gavo
way and obliged him to leave. After
somo rest ho wns onnbled to routine
his studies, nnd in 1831 entered tho
University of Now York, whero he
completed his ncademio education. Ho
then entered tho law ofllco of tho lato
John W. Edmunds, iu tho city of New
York, whero ho enjoyed peculiar facili
ties for tho prosecution of his favorito
studies of law and politics.
Upon his admission to the bar Mr.
Tilden opened an oflico in Pino atroot,
in tlio city ot Now York.
In 1811, in anticipation nnd prepa
ration for tlio election whicli resultod
in making James K. Po'.k President
and Silas Wright Governor of tho State
ot Now iork, Mr. Tilden in connect
ion with John L. O'Sullivan, founded
tho newspaper called tho Daily News,
lu tho fall of 1815 ho was sent to
tho assembly from tho city of Now
York and whilo n member of that body
wns elected to tho convention for tho
remodelling of tho Constitution of tl.o
Stnto, which was to commonco its
sessions a few weeks after tho legisla
ture adjourned, lu both of tlitso
bodies Mr. Tilden was a conspicuous
authority, nnd lelt n permanent im
pression upon tho legislation of tho
year, aud espooially upon nil tho new
constitutional provisions affecting tho
flu aiiocs of tho Stnto and the manage
ment of Its system of canals.
Ho built up a reputation in n few
years at the bar of New York city
which gave him a loadiug jilaoo in tho
profession. In the noted case of the
BrudollCuiiiilngham contested will
whero apparently insupornblo proofs of
tho marriage of Mrs. Ciinuinghnm to
lTES op DVeTisiNq.
. 1 W 3 W I M
78 1 85 I M
1 60 3 00 s a
2 00 J 13 .1 SO
DM 3 50 4 60
3 85 4 60 6 60
160 8 00 4 60 7 00
4 00 4 75 7 60 It 00
6 00 60 10 00 1 M
7 00 BOO 1 J 00 19 00
8 00 V 60 14 60 S3 00
14 00 1700 20 00 40 tn
1 Inch
3 '
3 '
4 "
6 60 7 00 8 00
column 8 00 is 00 16 00
35 00 80 00 40 00 80
Yearlr advertisements navablft nuarterlr. Tra-
slcntndvoitlsementsmtistbopald for before In
serted except where parlies hato accounts.
three Insertions, and at that ruto for additional
Insertions without relercnco to length.
lifnl ndTertlRomentH two dollars tier Inch for
Kxrcutnr'a. Administrator's, and Auditor's no
TranMcnt or Local notices, ten cents a line, ref
utar advertisement shall rotes.
card. In tlio "Business Directory" column, n
dollar a ear tor each line.
tho murdered Btirdcll wcrj presented
Mr. Tilden's n sources as n lnwyor
wero brought into conspicuous iiDtico.
llo succeeded in defeating tho claim of
Airs. Cunningham and removing nil
doubt of her participation in tho Bur
dell murder, notwithstanding the pre
vious ncquittal.
Till tho war caoio Governor Tilden
mado eveiy effort tonvoit tho rebellion.
When his ellorts, combined with those
of other prominent pntriots, had proved
nbortivc, bis convictions of duty wcro
perfectly decided and clear. Thoy
wero to maintain the integrity of our
territory nnd tho suprenncy of the
constitutional authorities.
During tho winter of 18G0 01 ho at
tended a meeting of tho loading men
of both patties iu tho city of Now
Yoik, lo consider what measures were
neoessaiy and practicable to avtrt nn
untied collision between what wero
then termed iho fieo nnd the slave
states. To the north ho urged recon
ciliation any forbearance, appreciating
as ho did more chnrly than most of
those around him tho fiarftil and dis
astrous consequences of n civil wnr,
whatever might pioVe ils ultimate re
sult. To tho South ho urged a defer
ence to Iho will of tho majority aud a
respect for tho provisions of tho federal
constitution, within which they would
ue suro ol adequate protection for
themselves and for their properly ; but
ho warned them that outside of tho
constitution they could expect protect
ion lor neu hit.
When tho war did come, Mr. Tilden
associated himself with and was tho
private adviser of Mr. Dean Itichmond.
then at tho head of tlio. Democratic
paityofNew Yoik, and who was
accustomed on all important questions
to seek Mr. Tilden in his retirement
and seek his counsel.
At a meeting held at tho house of
Gen. Dix, just nfter the first call of
President Lincoln for 75,000 troops,
Mr. Tilden was present and participat
ed ill tho diseusAions which took place,
lie then and thero expressed tho opin
ion that they were on the evo ol a
great war, nnd maintained that instead
oh 75,000 troops Mr. Lincoln should
havo called out at least 5110,000, half
for immediate service and thS other
half to bo put iu camps of instruction
and trained for impending exigencies.
Unhappily that generation had seen so
little of war and had such limited
means of comprehending the rapidity
with which tho war spirit, once liiht.
ed, will spread among a people, that it
was not competent to appreciate the
wisdom of this advice, which, if adnnt-
ed, would probably have prevented the
neeesity of nny further iucrease of
military foice.
To Secretary Chase and Mm frinmla
Mr. Tilden iusistcd that tho war ought
to be carried on under a system of
sound finance, which ho did not doubt
tho people would cheerfully sustain if
the govorntnent would have tho cour
age to propose it At a later period of
tho war ho was invited by the govern
ment at Washington to give his ndvico
ns to the best methods for ils fnrthnr
His ndvico was not taken, hut ht,
had the satisfao-.ion, within a year
nfter it wns given, of hearing tho Sec
retary of War acknowledge its wisdom
and lament his inability to seeum im
When tho peaco camo wo find Mr.
Tilden figuring as tho fiiend and com
panion ot William M. Tweed in run
ning tho Democratic pnrtv in New
Y'ork State, he being electe'd Chairman
of the Democraliu State Committeo rm
tho death of Dean Hichmond. Mr.
Tilden acted in close union with Tweed
until tho war ou tho ring was stnrted.
On the eve of his downfall, Tweed be
gan to fear that tho alliance could not
bo maintained much longer, and in
18G9 ho mado an effort to
Mr. Tilden ns tho head of the Stein
Committee. Mr. Tilden promptly no
cepted the coutest, nnd was sustained
uy nearly seven-eighths of tho conven-
tion. Kaily in 1870 began th n p.pln.
bratcd controversy concerning tho now
charter of tho city of Now Yoik. Al
though standing well nigh a
Tilden went to Albany, and
lone Mr.
on April
.), toiu, mado n speech m hcalhimr
enunciation of the charter which r.,
tored tho Tweed dynasty to nouw.
not by tho voto of tho people, but by
tho vote of the Legislature. Bribery,
however, had b(on so successfully ear
ried on that the bill passed almost
unanimously and under it the notorious
0,000,000 robbery cccured. In 1871
ho had led the revolt of 10,000 Demo
mocrats against the ring, and openly
announced to tho Democratic Stntn
Convention that ho should epposo tho
Tweed nominees, nnd endenvor to
crush their power iu tho Legislative
uuuies ot too otaio.
I'liat autumiu ho was elected to tlm
Assoinbly for tho express purposo of
purifying tho judiciary. His success
iu that direction is too well known to
bo dwelt upon here.
xty his bold acts agnnst tho Tweed
ting -Mr. Tilden mado himself Dromin.
ent in tho work of reform, and iu 1871
was strongly urged to accept the
Democratic nomination for Governor.
iiu wns elected over Governor John
A Dix (HepA and Morgan H. rilnriV
(Temp.) by a majority of 38,510, out
of a total vote ot 701,233.
His war upon tho Canal ll!in nn.I
his efforts to secure a reduction in
State taxes wero so successful and so
consistent with the pledges mado dur
ing the canvass, that in tho election of
lain tno candidates identified with his
policy wero eleoted. But nlth on a)i
tho State was retained by his party at
tho election, his magnificeiit majority
of 38,519 over all opposition iu 1874
dwindled down to a Democratio major
ity of 3,707 in 1875. Notwithstaud
ing the consplcious manner in which
ho figured in this warfnre ou tho Cnnal
Hing, thero wero prominent Demo
crnts, even in Now Y'ork, who did not
hesitnto to declare his wholo courso in
this matter a sham. But throughout
tho whole of bis administration Mr.
Tilden was a great trouble to iho
worst, as well as to a portion of tho
l est, clement of his party in New
Y'ork. Among others ho offended tho
lato John Kelly, then tho chief of tho
Tammany organization. Ho did this
whilo contemplating some reforms in
the government of New Y'ork City,
and Mr. Kelloy's feelings intensified
very much as timo passed, aud thero
was no truco between tho two up to
tho timo of John Kelly's doath.
Iu 187C he was nominated for Pro-
ICtmlhiticd on ourth W,