The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, May 14, 1886, Image 4

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A Cavo Tull of Gold.
Ajiropoa of tlio monks, a cootl story
Is told coiicornlnp tlic-lr cupUuty. It is
n common belief in Mexico tlmt muoh
treasure is buried liurcniiotits, which
Montezuma ordered to lio hidden nt
tho timo of the conquest that it might
not fall into tho hands of tho Spaniards,
writes a Mexico correspondent of tho
Philadelphia Jlecord. It is asserted
that ha then put to death all who as
sisted In tho hiding, leaving only him
self and tho high priest ot tho great
war god, lluitzliopoctlc, possessed of
tho secret, which at last died with
About fifty years ago it happoncd
that a poor priest of a poorer churoh
,i 11 the near-by villago ot Caujimilpa
wis .surprised ,by reuoivinj; freipiont
(;ontril)iUioii8,of much value from tho
moat indigent of his parishioners.
Through the confessional ho finally ox
tortcd Information that tho valuables
caruo from a cavo recently discovered
by tho Indian, mippoud to bo a part
of Mpntezuraa's hidden wealth. Straight
way went tho priest to his masters, tho
monks, and toge'thur they concotcd a
scheme for possessing themselves of
tho coveted store.
Tho priest pretended to discredit tho
story and to bclievo that tho Indian
Btoc the valuables, refusing to grant
absolution for his sins until ho himself
had seen the cave, offuwg to bo led
thereto securely blindfolded, that ho
might not remember tho route. With
tho tctrors of purgatory before his eyes
of course tho poor Indian consented,
and an early day was appointed for
the expedition.
The crafty friar, who was piously
muttering his prayers by tho way, man
aged to slip tho beads from his rosary
ono by one, dropping them all along
the road, intending by their aid to fol
low tho trail at some future timo.
Arriving at tho cavo tho bandage
was removed, and the priest beheld
with greedy eyes a wonderful collection
of gold, silver and jewels outrivaling
Aladdin's famous storehouse whether
tho hoard of some highwayman or
smuggler, or really a portion of tho
dead monarch's riches, none could de
termine. The complaisant monk per
mitted himself to be again securely
blindfolded and led homo by another
Arriving at his own door in great good
humor at liis supposed sucoess he grant
ed absolution to his Indian guide, to
gether with numerous indulgences, and
was about dismissing him when the
simple parishioner, with humblo obeis
ance, handed him u quantity of beads,
saying :
."I have kept faith with your reve
rence, but you had tho misfortune to
break your rosary and to drop tho beods
along the way. I havo carefully pick
ed them all up and return them to you.
You will find that not ono is missing.''
Notwithstanding numerous traditions
of concealed wealth, but little lias actu
ally been discovered. Buried gold is
occasionally found, howovcr not in
mounds and mountain caves, but in the
rains of old houses, whore former own
ers had deposjted it for safety in some
time ot revolution.
Not many years since a very poor
old woman rented a house as old aud
noor as herself for iiftv cents a month.
Its inner court was paved with broken
stones, which she was torevcr sweep,
ing with the stub of an old broom,
Ono day she observed that two or three
stones of this patio were larger and
more carefully put together than the
Being a lineal descendant of Mother
live, her curiosity was at once aroused,
and she procedsd to poke away around
tho stones and to work away at them
with sucks, until at lonctn she was
able to raise them, when, lo! beneath
them was a can full of treasure. There
were more than 5000 worth of golden
coins, every piece bcarint: the evil
countenance of King Carlos V stamp
ed plainly upon it a largo fortune, in
deed, for so poor a person.
How many more old women havo
ever since been digging up their patsis
hecatiso ot this lucky accident 1 am tin
able to state, but can vouch that
neighbor of mine in Tlalpam (a suburb
ot tho Uitv ot Mexico), desiring to
know tho contents of a certain "small
hill on his premises, caused it to be
opjhod, and found therein a quantity
of silver plate, each piece being an an
client bpamsh crcbt.
Farm Notes.
Iiaspborries throw up a grr at many
slickers, anil thoso hould be thinned
out, leaving not over four canes to the
lull, so as to allot d plenty of room
We need to study the habits of in
sects 'more. Ntnrly all thu insects
which injure tho farmer and fruit arow
er have their parasites, which would
kecp'the enemy in check if properly
it . . . ....
10 keep insects out ot bird cage
tio up a little sulphur m n bag and
suspend it in tho cage. Red ants, it
is said, will never be found in a closet
or drawer if a small bag of sulphur bo
kept in those places.
The practice of peccing down ever
blooming roses so that they will cover
completely tho sui face ot tho bed
known to produco very pleasant re
suits, it is said that jiogging dow
dahlias proves quite satisfactory.
In breeding stock on the farm do
not be tempted to sell tho best, but dis
poso of tho inferior animals first. By
carefully selecting and retaining tho
best every year, the value of tho stock
will bo increased and larger profits
J. II. Mercer wishes to make
assertion, wliieli ho cuti back with
positive, uuarantco. It in all about
Acker's lilood Elixir. Ilo claims for
it superior' ruoriu over all other reined
les ot Its kind, and guarantees lor it
positive and buhi euro forliheuinatism
bypmllis, and all blood disorders, it
frees tho skin from spots and disease,
and leaves tho complexion clear
Ask him about it.
Thero aro scores of persons who aro
guttering lroin soma lorm ot blood dis
order or skin disease, such as Scrofula,
Jsoils, eta, etc. After a practical test,
J. 11. JHercor asserts that Acker s JJlooi
Elixir will certainly euro all such di
cases, including byphillis and Hhcum
ntisin. itis net a patent noetruni, but :
gcientifio preparation, ho guarantees it.
After a thorough test .). II, Mercer
most positively atserts that Acker
Kucllsh Hemedv is tho bent medicino
for asthma, croup, coughs, whooping
cough and all lung troubles that can ho
found. Ask him about it, for ho fully
guarantees it.
'Growing Old Togtthcr" was prob
ably written by a man wniio gazing
tho boots which had can ied hi
round all winter,
Are you reck lem cuwrh to venture f If no both'
two vents in ntnmp to the Mock I'wUithinjt Oi,
5W and Ml VA-1ilimton Slrivt. New York, for
one nf their tp-nutlftit l.lutnUel "I.nillcM
llonkA." It l-Mi xnwA. unique, nnl liitetvrtlng
work t i'Wrv jK'roii ol ivdm-im-nt
On M(v1it'H tell ivnu lit HtampN tliey will rnI
postpaid a full f t or their fmiioim household
irninu Ylr!ifl
For tt'ii edit tliov will n!i 'il n twite containing
complete wouIk ut M'lhe MlUdo," nml iniilo of
Itfl mart popular nrigt lopetlicr with ten cxipiMte
chromu cum.
TV pieafhifr. iiitnniefn pij r rrlilrod nromillo com
Kinnu for uifuulpiti;! llio ihpio oi nulnliin una other
ilttor oniL'fi cither t-oiui oritiuu. rrlrc, itHrnUprr
hit tint 1 1 p. I'rowih tl liv tlimivmulN of ultxulrtniifi
In Knrop mut Aincrlai. 1 onnulii ticroiupaiilcs every
Dome l or emu uy irrut'ii,
Jlannfiirlurt'd by
Tho Academio Pharmaceutic Co.,
An t-lecant I'ncllali ptiArinnceutlc preparation for
bilious, malarial and AAaxX trouble) i the result of
over twenty flve 3 ears of most eminent scientific
Approved by tho lifcliput medical authorities.
Iu use In tho hospitals in every pat t of Euroiw.
Especially helpful to hidlen, children aud people
f edentnry habits.
Kntlrely vegetable ; free from harmful drug.
In Handsome Packages, Price 50 Cts.
Prepared solely by
5oyhl 'Plihfinhtfeutid
Chemists for appointment to Her Majesty tli.
vjuwn anu 10 mo uojai ramuj.
130, 132, 134 CHARLTON ST.
Same tmillolnat properties a llorjii, Ku
hexes, CO nUlu to box, for vents.
L1IIR, lu
Vinegar Bitters CORDIAL, -j ''fjjj"
Vinegar Bitters POWDERS, 60 doses.
Vinegar Bitters, n- ijle, 1 1'1'1 -Vinegar
Bitters, old style, Mttertiute,
- 50c.
- 50c.
Tho World's Creat Blood Purifier
and Life Giving: Principle.
Only Temperance Bitters Known.
Tliepn.t flftli itfit Century the Lenillug
I'a in 1 1- .Meillcliiu ut Ihu Mm hi.
E. H. McDonald DniSf Co., Proprietors,
Almost as Palatabloas Milk.
Tho only preparation of COM I.IVEU OIL that
can bo taken readily and tolerated for a long timo
by delicate tdoiiiachs.
si i:iin:i.oi s ih-k-uiiv. a,nai:mia, iik.
,I1AI, (IIKjlls ami 'iiiuiur At.
tM'flU.Ms anil all 1UMI.MI DIMIIIIIHIl Of
Ulll.llUKN It l nurTrllMin In Itn rnullt.
l'rcscribcd and endorBtxl by the bout l'h;alciana
In tho countries of tho world.
for sale by all druggists.
Cyclopedia of Universal History
,438 Iircre, IoubleCilutnn laf;e4.
1,U10 llouutlful AVoutl &i htool Kugruvlngl.
33 Colored IlUtorlcal Mlipa.
O Colored Chronological Chartl.
ai lenenlogical Diagrams.
A Coiiloua ntul IHegantly l'renaroit Index.
It la Kleirantly lrlnted anil ltouii(1,niul Is
The Host Illustrated ltook on the Jlarket.
1215 lllbcrt street, I'lillatle liilila, l-eniuu
Tho Jobbing Department of
is woll stocked with nuiteriul for
doiiif all kinds of printing.
in jroiit variety, All kinds of
kept in stock,
on lum) ord(;rs.
Special prices
OHico 2nd
door hclow
Main Street,
mr. iliim mm,
Ttlli (.IthAT
Blood Purifier of tho World,
riHI- mt Inobnrn cn-e yield readily to It
I and tinnut fmlcdto (nri n Btnitlo caiio
JL where illreetlumnro fultoHd. ltitpuceeiis
Iiiih hern reinnrknblo nml lt cures wonder.
rul. Ill" tho mint fiiecejiftil jireimrntlon In tho
innrket tur (,'ATAItltlt nml llio only ono tlmt
protnliic nn Ahsolul', loltlwi Curn. It Is
truly n liloolnn to manklml, A Trial la nil
that la ii.lieil fur II. Oneo used, It Is nlwayi
reeoniuiciuled. Nend for testimonials vC actual
IT hah no vqr.vL ron
One hnltlo l Keiicrully rullleleut for iv euro. Stop
tii'ilnit (1111111110. A Irlnl only h nslscd for Kkl.
IKIl'H I'ATAItlllt llKMWIY. It l a Sl'KCIl lll
Tur all ilncawsnrlsliiit mini nn ImiiuroMuod nml
ilrlte nil eiuillom from tho fkln. For Hynhl
1 1 tic rum li Ints It h suierlor to anytiircarallun
In the market. (Ino Imttlo will euro most ortlio
rullowln ctmipliiluti nud a continued uso will
1'ositivm.v tuie. Sio doctor bills and try It.
SKIM i:UlTIt)'S.
vi:xi:ui:al diskasks.
loss ok aim'ktitk.
xijityors ivi:akj!ess.
rnjiALi: ivi:aks:i;ss.
KKiLsn'a t'ATAiilut IlEMKnv Is no imtcnt
ineilleiue, hut a saro mid fileunnnt prcimrntlou
totnkennd purely tho urcntcst medical dlscov.
cry ofthc ntrc, Ono hottlo rejm-enates thocntlro
sjidi-m nod iioefC'4 more vlrtuo thnn a half
d'nron hottlet of ordinary patent preparations.
Wilto tor testimonial and other Inrormntlon.
i-ror alo by druxmn generally.
ritici: mi. no a imtti.i:. six hot
TI.KS I'OK N.l.nn. On receipt or ."i.0 by
the manufacturer", SA-vtrr-t, 1". Kelieii St Co.,
HiirtlrliurK'. l'a., lx bottles will ho sent express
IC YOl havoInteninlBllme leyer, cankCr, acrid
phlCBtn, bail table nnu onenslvo bieatli -Dr. KU
uier's SWA.MI'-HOOT lemoien all these conditions.
Ask j our Unit's W tor It. S5el.
IF YOU havo lost your appetite, or tormto
coated, dry and parched Upsuiid mouth, spittle
dry and cottony, or havo become emaciated Dr.
Kilmer's SWA.MI'-HOOT win build up your broken
down constitution. sk jour druggist tor It. 2:ci
IP YOU lme sudden attacks ot sinking spe'ls
tho face white and deathly p.ile, and experience
reelings ns though dying, and coldness seles your
ery ltals Ur. Kilmer s ooKAN-WKtl) rouses the
heart's action and saes lite. Druggists sell It. 1
IF YOlT havo oi-ganle disease, or jierlcardls, or
heart c.iso troubles or liiuo thick' and sluggish
blood, feel as though bleeding ould relieve ou
Dr. Kilmer's OCIIAN-WKKD coerects and Is the
cmudy you need. Druggists seOl It. fl. 14,
Having struggled '.'0 years between llfo and
death with AhTll.MA.or 1'UTllIslC, treated by
eminent physicians md rccelMng no beneht, I
was compelled during the last 5 jejra ot my 111
ness to sit on inv chair day and night gasping for
breath -My sufferings wet o beyond description.
In despair I expcilmented on myself by com
pounding roots and herbs and inhaling tho medi
cine thus obtained. I fortunately discovered this
TAHIlll, warranted to telleve the most stubborn
ensoot Ab'lllMA IN KIVU MINUTKM, so that the
patient can He dowutoiestand sleep comfortably.
Please read the following condensed extracts Horn
unsolicited testimonials, all ot recent date:
Oliver V. It. Holmes San .lose, Cal., writes: ''I
tlndthe remedy all and even more than repre
sented. I lecclve Instantaneous tcllef."
E. .M. Carson, A. -M., Warren, Kansas
writes: "Wos treated by eminent phjslclans of
tins country and Oeimany; tiled thn climate ot
different states nothing atlol'ded relict like your
T. K. nates, County Tieasurcr, riillndelphla,
.Mlss.,wtlies: "Have used the Itemedy. Would
not lUe without it. Uer- ono that uses It re
commends it."
U H. l'lielps, I'. M., flrlggsOhlo, wiltes: "Suf
fered with nsthum 40 years. Your medicino in :i
minutes docs more tor mo titan the most eminent.
plDslcian did for me In three years."
II. u. l'lumptoii, Jollet, III., wrttcs: "Send Ca
tarrh liemedy at once, cannot get along without
It. I tlndltto be the most valuable medicine I
have ever tried."
tieo. w. Hrady, Nelson Ca, Ky., writes: 'lam
using tho remedy, (laiiieit s tiniimU ins ii-pptw
would not be without It."
jiarun roy, uttie rails, N. v., writes: "Und
Itemed' excellent. Could not ll w It bout It."
V0 have manv Other linillte feMtlrrnnlnU or rum
or relief, and In Older that nil sufferers from Asth
ma, Untanh, Hay Ketcr, and kindred diseases may
hntonn oppoituulty of testing tlu value ut tho
ltemcdy wo will send to any address THIAl.l'AUK-
aoi: Finn: of ciiaiiui:. .ddiess.
j. .iw.MLii.viAN s co., rropnetorj,
holesale Diugglsts Wooster, ay no Ca, o.
1 ull size box by mall (I. lmayT-1).
I btnlued and all patent business attended to for
moderate fees.
our otlice Is opposite tho u. S. Patent Otttce, and
wo can obtain l'atentsln less lime thanthosore
mote from Washington.
send model or drawing. We advlso as to pat.
enlablllty free of charge, and we make no charge
unless patent Is seemed.
Weieferheti', totho Postmaster, the Supt.of
-Money order Dlv., and to omclals of the U. a
1'atent ortlce, For circular, advice, terms and
references to actual clients in your own Mate or
County, write to
C. A. SNOW & CO.,
an u ti Opl,os"0 1'ftlcn'' OBSce, Washington, I) C
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5. VPRR with afsorder for Tea and coll.
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pleceswlth blue, maroon or pink band or an IKON
2ii,,N'';!r),l"''A'1'l:'!CTo"0l"'c'-,. ra '"-ss
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ters m Front street. New
York city.
may lj-ly
A P It 12 S K IS X I
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.1 llis'Jle. itching, fistula, c,,cuicd without
pdln by the Iikinkhiiuoii' 'luKiiutvr. Illustrated
pa)iers explaining 1 tie system and outnlnlugref
eieneesfcent fiev. Addiess
J. It'. COOLUMUl, M. J)
208 Wyomlnij Ave., Scmnton, 'a.
Maicli U.CU1S,
Club mm
An Interview with ii Wfill-llrtstiid Toung
lleggar An Kxplnnntlon nf Ills Method
and Success The Various Kinds ol
llcfcgnrt In New York.
A young mnn, who did not look as
though he had Rpent over n quarter ot n
century In this suffering world, turned out
of Tenth street n few evenings since and
BRtintcred down Hrondwny, Ills light
overcoat covered n shapely form, which
was crowned with a derby lint of recent
stylo. A pair of eyeglasses bridged his
'nose, nud tho cord tlmt connected them
with tho buttonhole of his coat was of
black Bilk nnd the loop It made was graco
fill. One hand was hidden In a neat driv
ing glove nnd from tho other hand hs
dangled Its mate. Altogether his appear
nnco was that of a natty young man Just
returning homo from n Into call, for It
was midnight. All thli was nollcod by n
tired-out reporter, who was overcome
with surprise when this exceedingly flno
young mnn stepped up with! "Would you
kindly assist me, sir, with a few pennies
that I may get a lodging for the nlghtr"
"Whatf" gasped the almost dumb
struck reporter.
"I tun entirely out ot funds. I have met
misfortune," suavely responded tho young
Without attempting a word, the person
addressed pulled out a 10-ccnt piece.
When tho movement toward tho pocket
was made, tho young mnn In wnnt light
pned his volco of tho Btrcss of care and
feeling that pervaded it at first. "I only
came over from Kngland n month ago,"
he volunteered, nnd am unable to Und
work. I nm a machinist by trade. I have
had no food slnco last night."
This latter observation was added whon
the silent transfer of tho coin was made
nnd Its denomination beenmo manifest in
tho bright rays of nn adjacent electric
light, lie hesitated a moment. Then ho
touched his hat with a "Thank you" In a
most polito fashion and quickened his
pace down Broadway.
Tho loser by tho transaction stood for a
moment hesitating, then started in pur
suit of tho high-toned beggar. Tho latter
did not oven turn around, nnd as his pur
suer drew near wafted forth a contented
whistle. He finally enmo to a brilliantly
lighted saloon, into which he dodged with
tho familiarity ot nn old rounder. His
follower caught him just in the act of
tossing off a sherry flip, for which lie had
thrown down a 60-cent piece inpayment.
His check did not pale when he saw the
reporter before him. Indeed he nodded
his head In a sort of a greeting.
The young man was led to an adjoining
table, and after a little persuading, told
his method of doing the streets. "Since
you have fairly orncred me, I will tell
you about tho business. I was once a
hard-working young man, but owing to
circumstances I was thrown out of busi
ness and compelled to llnd sustenance as
as best I could. I have a few decent rags
left," and he glanced afTectionately nt tho
neat top-coat and nudged with his chin
tho rather naming necktie that encircled
nn upright collar. "I had to get money
somehow, und 1 took tho method you
have observed. I joined tho ranks ot the
dude beggars. Inm not nshamed of the
term. A beggar Is a beggar.
"Yes, there uro others like me. You
have not happened to meet them, that is
nil. Indeed, a little more and you would
not havo me, as I go to Washington to
morrow. Congress is iu session, you
know, nnd It is really about the best time
to visit the capital.
"Tho success of my method you nto not
the only ono who has been kind to me to
night" and tho speaker proved the asser
tion without remark by giving his pocket
ful of coins a slap "the success ot my
method is owing to the a-stonishmeut which
niTects those to whom I make my appeals.
My appearance does not imply want or
starvation, and when 1 tell my story the
listener immediately concludes, as soon as
he recovers himself, that I am telling the
strict truth and have.been caught without
means. He goes awuy after making his
donation feeling extremely well satisfied,
and that he has nt last lilt upon u. case de
serving of true charity.
"Then, too, I nm enreful about my ap
peals. I do not couch them in pitiable
language, but In keeping with my dress;
they are dignified, straightforward stories
of my trouble and reasons for asking pe
cuniary fuvors. They take as n rulo. If I
had been dressed in rags and with sunken
cheeks und hoarse voice addressed you,
you would havo shaken me oil and passed
on commenting to yourself on tho una
voidable, nuisances of the streets."
The young man then nrose, gave his
mujtnche a twist, and with a bow ut the
. head left the saloon. It Is hoped to continue
his journey to Washington.
There are all kinds of beggers in New
York, and while few with the original
ideas and Immeasurable cheek of the
species represented above, yet plenty re
main of u more groveling nature and com
mon methods. The letter writers aro a
class that numbered a much larger client
age than was supposed till the Charity
Organization society's systematic raid on
beggars was made. The letter writers ore
genteel. They remain at home, and from
a convenient desk, before perhaps an open
fireplace, indite the most heartrending
epistles of want nnd Buffering. The busy
merchant's heart is touched, and, without
time to Investigate, ho Incloses a bill and
awuy goes tho letter. It is singular how
much money goes without any effort be
ing made to ascertain It the beneficiary is
worthy, There aro mauy female letter
writers, nnd of course theifeminlue chl
rogrnpliy adds to the pitiable tale of woe.
The only safe way to treat beggars is to
give nothing, and if they are young send
them around to the Young Men's Chris
tian Association lodgings on the Bowery
or other charitable institutions. You
need not be afraid of overcrowding the
institutions. They won't go. Ladies do a
great deal of harm in so generously drop
plug their small change in the beggar's
box, and so tho trado Is kept up. A pre
mium Is put on tho worst-looking beggar,
and the old woman borrows some other
woman's buby to make a show on the
Another claSs of mendicants Is the per
manent beggars, who aro found lu the
same places week after week aud month
after month. They are mostly blfnd or
apparently so, or are iu some mannur crip
pled, with u small musical box or dimin
utive organ. Summer evenings are
whlled awuy, and the little tin cups re
sound often with pennies and nickels that
are dropped lu, Homo of them are poor
and use their earnings to live upon, but
nthers are frauds. Now Yorkltlmea.
Some of Its Causes Symptoms aml'Treat
inent Various lteinedles.
In opening a discussion on this subject,
Dr. C. I.. Dana said that he hod found the
Information contained In the text-books
upon insomnia in the aged was very
Blight In amount. Insomnia was not fre
quent in tho aged, but when it was present
It was sometimes very intractable. Patho
logists thought It wus due to auu.-mla nnd
mulnutritlon. Tho thickened arterial
walls und tho high arterial tension from
the contracted kidneys, and similar states,
which were fouul In tho aged, would indi
cate that the blood supply to the bruin was
deficient. Tho insomnia produced by
ana'iulu wns characterized by drowsiness
during the daytime, the patient falling
Into little naps, while at night he was un
able to obtain any rest. This was true of
the young us well as tho old. If In any case
we found no uetiuil disease, it was cus
tomary to try Irou and rich diet. In tho
BpeHker's experience, howover, Iron did
tiot relievo luucmla of tlijj aged so as to
produce sleep. Alcohol with the food was
another remedy, aud many recommended
hot gruel or hot milk with alcohol before
going to bed. While alcohol would relieve
some cases, thero were others In which tho
Insomnia was Increased.
The bromides nnd clilornl, even when
given in enormous doses, often failed to
give relief. Opium was another remedy,
Dr. II, C. Wood had recommendod that
we make our aged people opium eaters and
alcohol drinkers. The speaker had not
found that opium always agreed with tho
aged, and in his experience, where opium
had produced sleep, it was Bometlmes fol
lowed by such physical and mental depres
sion as precluded Its further use.
He had been disappointed Iu bromide
aud chloral, aud considered the results ot
opium sometimes disastrous. He recom
mended good food, warm drinks nt night,
and small doses ot codeia with cannabis
Indlcu. Valerian und lavender, hyoscyu
mine, and lupulln sometimes were also
useful drug,' Uulletluof Clinical Society,
Symptoms ov Dysimh-sia
are loss of appetite, rising of lood, heart
burn, distension of tho stomach, headaclie.
bad broMh, sleeplessness, low spirits and
general prostration. Constipation Is a
ircquent concomitant of dyspepsia, but
sometimes It H attended with dmrrlnrn.
Tlii test nf mnnv rears and tho experience ot
many thousands nnd tensot thousands of every
ngo and condition ntlltohai established t hornet
that no one will remnln a drspeptlo who will take
tho purely vegetable todlctlne.
l'tmnt.Y VLtlMAIU.
an i:i'KI('A('Ioi:s iii;mi:hv.- i can leemninend
as an Ullcnclous tctiiedy lor all discuses ot the
liver, heartburn and d spensia, Minmons Liver
ltegiilntor. Lewis (I. vi mulct, I tea Master M.,
Assistant I'osttnnstt r, I'lilladelplil i.
e wish our readers toknow thai we hao found
much ncnetlt from using Minmons Liver Hcgululor.
our trouble oi l. in.ited unit rend red chronic in&gy
years In India, leaves little hope of a pern-a
curefiom anything. Hut tho Itigtil.itor has af
forded tnoro relief than all else wo hae tried. Wo
siy this without tho wish or
Zellln SCo., whoprepaieltln I'hllndelplihi.
liEV, it, u. i i.iir.u,
lid. "Missionary Itevlevv."
Wlti.HM I'knn I'. i).. Montgomery Co., l'a.
MKbslts. j. H. y.ELIN K co.-llavmg sulTered
loin dehttltv. headache, dizziness nndlu-sof atine-
tlte.ntiil liclhgiicrsundfd thev resulted from an In-
actlie liver, Minmons Liter tegulitor wasiecotu
ineiided by a friend. I was greatly benefited In a
short tlmi',nndennstderltnnalmosl Indispensable
household remedy. .1. V, liK'lTEIILIt.
I'HfTtHKn nv
.1. It .Kli.lN &, CO ,
l'ltlt'B, 31. 00. rilll.ADKI.l'IIIA.
a.m. a.m. n m.
p.m. n.m.
D uu 13 I) I
8 54 13 ill
8 4S 13 S!4
S 30,'...
h 2ii Ilellevuo..,,
8 S! ...Taylorvlllo...
8 16'.. Lackawanna.,
10 l'ittston.....
8 03 ..West l'ittston.
u JU II 10 u 110
(1 15 9 20 2 10
6 20 !) 20 2 lb
40 13 15
.11 13 l
0 2, 1) 31 2 23
31 ll 11 3 30
0 40 U 41 2 SO
0 4'j 0 52 2 41
l 4'J II 5ft 2 4 1
C M 10 1)12 17
n 58 10 1.5 2 50
Ii 58 10 05 2 50
7 12 10 102 55
7 07 HI 15 3 IM
7 12 10 20 3 03
7 15 10 23 3 10
7 21 10 Via 27
7 37 10 41 3 19
7 51) 11 11 3 52
7 37 1 Oi! 3 58
8 01 II 11 1 03
8 10 11 20 4 13
8 11 11 23 4 16
8 18 11 2114 21
8 25 11 31)4 27
S 30 11 44 I 31
8 3ft 11 M) 1 10
8 It 11 53 4 40
8 58 12 13 5 01
!l 03 12 215 12
V 08 12 23 5 17
u ti-. 1 An r. 'I
8 27 13 O'i
8 33 11 SS
8 17 11 SI
8 13 11 50
8 08 11 47
8 118 11 47
8 01 11 43
..Wyoming., .
.Kingston ....
7 51
7 50
7 41
7 47
....Klngstun ....
7 4:
'Plymouth Juno
7 6'j ii m
7 38 ....rij mouth.,..
1 31 ....Avondalc. .
7 .'ll ... Nanlicoke ..
7 2.) liunlock's crt ck
7 12..IHliickshlnny..
7 uo . lllck's I'erry
I) 51 ..Ileachllavcn..
47 Herwlck ....
(1 41 .Hrlar creek.
H s ..Willow (Hove..
G 31,, ..Liu e llldge...
a 27 Espy
0 2ll...lloomshurg...
o iu .... ltupcrt
0 lliCatawl'a Hrldgo
5 5ft . . Danville....
5 4J ....Chulasky....
5 431 .... Cameton....
5 .Northumberland
7 51 11 31
7 60 11 !I0
7 43 11 S3
7 80 11 IS
7 18 11 CO
7 11 10 51
7 03 10 W
0 M 10 41
0 54 10 as
8 50 10 34
6 43 IC 37
6 .111 10 21
II 30 10 HI
6 23 10 11
6 OS U 50
o no t) 4i)
5 55 ll 45
6 40 32 am.
I a.m. a.m.
W. P. 1IALSTEA1), Nupt.
olllce. Scrunton, Feb.lst.lSi1
Pennsylvania Eailrcad.
Philadelphia & Erie R. R. Divis
ion, and Northern Central
In effect NovTstfll J'fi
Trains leave Sun-
8.40 a. in., Sea Slioro Enpa'ss (dally except
Sunday), for Hamsburi? and Intermediate stations,
arriving at Philadelphia 3.16 p. in.; NewVoik,
0.20 p. in. ; Baltimore, 4.40 p. m. ; Washington,
5.50 p. m., connecting at Philadelphia for all bea
Shore points. Through passenger coach to
1.13 p. m. Day express
dally except SuudayJ.furllartlshuig and Interme
diate btatlons, arriving at Philadelphia
B.50 p. m. ; New York, a.35 p. m. i llaltlmore
.45 p. m. ; Washington, s.(K) p. in. l'arlor car
through to Philadelphia nud passenger coaches
luruugu iui imuucipiiiii unu riailltnurc.
7,50 p. in. Itenovo Accommodation (dall
Tnr llnrlultiMf. n,wl nil Inlnrtnurfl.ln L,n,l,.D n,.l.
ing at Philadelphia 4 25 a. m. : New Y ork ".no a. tn-
iiaitimore, 0.23 1. in. ; Washington o.:i.i a. in. ;.
sleeping car accotninodal Ions can he secured n.
HarrlsburgforrhlladeliihlaaudNew York, on sun
days a through Bleeping cur will be run: on this
train 110111 n uuamsp 110 i'jiuaaeipnia.i'iiu.iaeipuia
passengers can remalnln sleeper undisturbed uutl
7 a. in. a. m. Krle Mall (dally except Monday,
for Harrtsburg and inteimedlate stations,
arriving at PhUadelnhia s.25 a. m. New Y'ork.
11.30 a. m. ; llaltlmore S.15 a. in. ; Washington, 11.20
a. in. inrougn I'uuman sleeping cars aro run on
this train to Philadelphia, llalllnioro and Washing.
ton, and through passenger coaches to Philadel
phia and llaltlmore. ,
5.20 a. m Erie Mall (dally except Sunday), to-
Erie and all Intermediate stations and canandal.
gua aim Intermedial 0 stations, Hochester, Hurra-
loana Niagara tans, witn inmugu minnan Pal
ace cars and pas&engcr coaches to Lile and Hoch
ester. u.5.'l-MewB Express (dally except Sunday) for
Lock Haveu and Intermediate btatlons.
1.00 p. m. Niagara Expiess (daily except Sun.
day) for Kane aud Intermediate stations and can
andalgua and principal intermediate stations,
Hochester. lluiralo and Niagara Falls with
tbrougli passenger coaches to hauo atd ltocbester
and Parlor car to WlUlamspot t.
5.30 p. in. Fast Line tdctly except sunday)for I!e-
uuvu uuu luienueuiuie biununs, anu uimira, w at
klns and Intermediate btatlons, v ltli through pas
senger coaches to Itenovo and watklns.
a. a) a, in. bunday mull for Itenovo and Interme
diate stations.
Sunday mall leaves Philadelphia 4.30 a. m
Hairlsburg I.10 arilvlng at bunbury 9.20 a. in. with
turougu sieepiiigcar itom rnuaueipma to wii
Hainspoit. News Express leaves Philadelphia 4.30 a. m.
HarrlsUuig, a. m. dally except bundaj
arriving at Sunhury U.M. a. 111.
Niagara Express leaves
I'miuueipuia, 1 .40 a. ut. ; iiaiiuuoi e a. in. (uauy
except suuday arriving at suubury, 1.00 u. in..
with through l'arlor ear from Philadelphia
anu through passenger coaches Irout Phlladel.
Dblaaud llaltlmore.
Fast Lino leaves New Y'ork D.00 a. in. ; Phlladel
phlu,ll.50a. iu. i Washington, u 50a. in. ; Haiti,
more, 10.45 a. iu., (dally except Sunday ) an H lug at
Duuvuij, u.ou . in., nun wiruuuii p.isseiigei
coaches from Philadelphia and lialllmoro.
Erlo .Mull leaves New York S.00 p, in. ; Philadel
phia, 11.20 p. in. : Washington, lliu) p. m. : Haltl-
inote, 11.20 p. in., (dally except Saturday) arilvlng
at bunbury 5.15 a. 111., with tlnough Pullman
bleeping curs from Philadelphia, Washington and
immuioiu anu inrougu passenger coaches iron
III' M!II Illil.W.tV,
(Dally except suiiuay.)
Wllkesbarre Mail leaves bunbury 10.00 a. m.
arriving at Ulootn Feny 10.52 a. in., Wllkes-barre
12.1a p, m.
A,iirs3 uiai lean's ouuuurj. U.IO p. Ul.. unit lug
at llluom Ferry H37 p. in., Wllkct-bjiio f.5S p. m
sunbury Mall leaves Wllkesbarieio.4u a. m.arrlv
lng at Bloom Ferry 12.15 11. 111., riunbury 12.55 p. m
rAutra3 u'aea i uives-uarru p. ui., ar
riving at Hloom Fcirj'4.15 v. m.,bunbuty 5.11p.m.
Sunday mall leaves Sunbury 0:21 a. in., ar riling
at UI00111 Ferry 10.11 a. 111.. W Ilkes-Uario ll::i-. n.m.
Sunday accommodation leaves Wllkes-llatre6:15
ji.iii.j arm ing at niooin r errj , 0.4s p. m., bunbury,
' Cia!"k. I'Udll, J, 11. WOOD,
uen. Manager. Clen.- Passeuter Agent
L. E. Klotz,
(Specially ttilnptcil fo coinuiunlcatlon In
For tlio Counties ot Ciirlion, Coluinlila, I.e
lilgli, Luzerne. Lackawanna, Mnnroc,
.Montour, Nnrlliainplon, North,
iinilicrliinil nml Scliuylklll,
Also, Agent for tlio
Bowman System o! k and Incan
descent Electric Lighting
nnd Appliances ot all k I nils. Hotel
ant) II01180 Annunciators, llurglar
Alaims, Klcrtrlo Poor Hell?,
I.lglitnlnir Aricstera, Klec
triu lias UglitliiL', Ad.
Kstltnittcs given 011 ull work onitjiplicatlpn.
I'. 0. AiMress,
JiI"BollcllorB autl Agents wanted.
' Apr,.lC-3ms. '
HAti.ROxr) xirviE table.
Uiicaiiiicd Vcgotableii.
Tlio frequent occurence, of poisoning
through lliu use of "canned vegetables
lentil ono to wonder whether f atnitics
lnijlit not better limit themselves to
oll-fnsliioiieil winter vegetables Wo
havo become ao ncciistomcd to tlio lux-
tn y of vnrlety that oven tho poor of to-
tiny consider eoino very vccenl additions
to our inblo as suiiftlo neccssitltp, and
many wonder what our ancestors
could possibly havo used to fill the
plnco of tho tomato, fresh nml cniinetl,
nml yet this is iirobalilv tho most
dnngcroiK of till tho entitled Vi gelnbles'.
llio list ol voit tabus now ii!eil on the
Inbles of our middle tlas fatnilit s
would Biirpiiso the epicure of the cen
tury. Canned vri;etaliles nto a eoiivenieneo
but aro they healthful or oen a ne
cessity f
1 he vatitty oi iiesli Vegelablcs lo
lie found iu our markets in the cities
at h ast, aro almost forgolttn, ami I bo
less troublesome canned goods sitbsti-
tilled. Jielow is a li-t that might eel
tainly Intel ti u wauls o'i any private
family :
Potatoes white unit sweet, beans
(three kinds), tin nips, white and yellow,
lettuce, beets, radishes, carrots water
crease", salsify, spinach, celery, cab
bage, onions, paisnlps, etpiash, and lo
these may bo added vice, hominy, cel
ery, and maeaioni, which, nourishing
and palatable, may bo cooked iu many
ways and nhoultl always bo kept on
hand to supply deficiencies.
The cookint; of thtso vegetables may
be varied and an anpetizing dinner pro
vided while tho useful can opener ic
mains mimed.
In tho fust place, don't cook all your
vegetables for one meal, nor cook the
samu vegetable ovtry day alike.
Thu ever recuiring mashed pi talots
that some serve, lead one to wish that
"att decorators woulti make a corner
in "unlabels'' and that henceforth they
might only be found in thu d s
Utiiscd bv paint and uilt and satin bows
Neither do turnips require mashing
every time. Try qtiat taring them, and
ccok till tender, atid pour over them
when cished n rich milk diessim; made
by the following rulo : 2 cups milk, 2
tablespoons Hour, 1 tablespoon butter.
Let tho milk eoniu lo u boii and thicken
smoothly ith the Hour which has bten
mixed free fiom lumps with alitllu cold
water or milk, add thu butter and season
with salt and white pepper. This milk
drtssing is a good addition to many
veuotnbli s, and may be vmied to suit
by sometimes whipping an egg in the
Hour betoro piittuit' with the boiled
milk, or a few capers, or a littlo clioii
ptd parsley or a few drops of lemon
juice, and be used with small boiled
potatocp, salsify, spinach, onions, car
rots, parsnips, and cabbage for a change.
How Colnrod Folk Kxlat on tho .Sea-Girl
Inlo Near Charlevton, S. C,
It was communion Sunday, and the ma
Intto preacher delivered 11 sermon well
worth hearing, judging from tho last part
ot it. As soon as they wero outside, how.
ever, the laughing nnd chattering was inv
menso. Everybody laughed, everybody
shook hands and smiled and chattered,
with "How-ii, hmv-u, Miss Lucy; gwyno
'long ounn wnyr" "Not 'smornln', .Mr.
JelTnhs gwyno t'Sessionvllle way wid
Aunt I'olly." "Huw you uns long 0' dls
week, Uncle Keubenf" "So't o' poahly,
t'nnk you, Hen, but strlvln' step in nnd
see Aunt Tolly to night." "Try to, uncle.
God willln'," nnd so on, by tho hundred.
And as I walked on I could hear them for
u mile or nioro its they laughed in childish
glee. Hut I could understand their words,
which Is nioro than I can say for thoso on
the south sldo of thu island, whoso talk is
littlo nioro than 11 barbarous guttural.
The common life of the negroes Is inde
scribably rude und cheap. Not ono cabin
in ten has $5 wortli of furniture in it.
Every article lu many ot them could not
be forced to a salo iu Indiana. Iu soma
thero nre no bedding except a quilt for
each one, nnd with it a pile of cotton, rags,
or dried moss. Frequently thero uru no
dishes iu the house except gourds nnd the
cooking utensils. It is very rare tu seo a
book or paper. For chairs they generally
use u box picked up at thu nearest store.
Hut they have "Sunday clothes" the ex
ceptions nro very fow und maka their
best appearance on that day. The nbund
unco of llsh, oysters, nnd clams helps them
greatly, especially lu these hard times. Xo
whisky is sold on Jumcs' island. There is
uo school for whites, but the colored
schools uro fairly well conducted nnd run
three mouths; teachers' salaries '- per
month. Tho advances made by fnctors
on Inst year's crop are not yet repaid, as
the cyclono destroyed tho cotton; so ad
vances uro slow this spring. Even the
carts and mules nro mortgaged, and the
poverty of ordinary times is now Intensi
fied. Pearl grits cost the laborer
tl.40 per bushel, one bushel lasting a
man a month when ho uses no bread, us
ninny do not. A rather poor nrtielo ot
bacon Is retailed nt 7 cents. Groceries
retail ns with us; but the negro buys very
littlo now.
Only tlio better families ever use coITce.
Hutter ranks ns a luxury. Thu lank cows
which gruze on the salt marshes yield n
thin artlclo of milk six or seven quarts a
day iu the season; in tho coldest weather
they go dry, A stout woman can earn 41)
cents u day lu the Held, and n man GO.
There is very little hotuu llfo among the
colored. Their cabins nro generally so
small and uncomfortablo that tho family
is never in them except when It ruins or Is
extremely cold. The past winter wus the
coldest ever known 011 the islands, and
following the losses by cyclono caused
much suffering. In more than ona
family tho bread nnd bacon are now re
served for thoso only who work in tho
Held; the children nnd older people, the de
crepit and the idle, live on grits and the
products of the creeks, such ns oysters,
llsh, clams, and even muscles. One heurs
very little merriment on u working-day.
The people cheer up when they meet on
Sundny und chatter like a llock of purrots;
but the prevalent feeling seems to bo a sad
one. On the whole the experience of a
day and n half hero is rather depressing,
and I do not udmiro tho prospect of a Jour
ney from here to Ueautort. "1'arke's"
Letter lu Chicago Times.
Tlio Diet Treutiiitiit or DUeuao.
Jlllner Fotherglll, ono of tlio most
charming nnd sensible of medical teach
ers, writes that tho advocacy ot dietetics
iu the treatment of disease Is tne absorb
ing toplo of the present time. To him, In
deed, It is tho great therapeutic matter of
thu day, and he feels In duty bound to lend
it what aid ho can. Of tho necessity of
some systematic teaching of dietetics in u
course of medical education no ono can en
tertain n doubt. It is surely ns desirable
that a medical man he tuught how to feed
a patient acutely 111 as how to prescribe
for him, If It bo u pyrexia, it is as desira
ble to maintain the strength and call as
little as jmsslblo upon the bodily reserves
as It is to keep down the body tempera
ture, To prevent exhaustion but' mat
ters must lecelvo attention. Every sick
person Is more or less dyspeptic, und dys
peptla requires appropriate nnd sultablo
food. Many dyspeptics cm nloue per
form their dally toll by a watchful atten
tion to their food and requirements, Chl
cugo Nows.
nts posi titfc, and wo 111 mull
it Ull t KOIKlH thli
uiuju,. tamuuir, auiiiiuc uuj
that twll tmt vou In tin, unr
01 Inakliur Mull Ittutirii lit nl.i-
anythliifr clo III Alucilcit. lloth sexesot all iiees
eau Ilvoat home und worn In spare time, or nil (he
me, Capital not required. Wo v III start you.
Ininensnpay sure lor those who Mail nt once,
S1INSON SCO., l-oi Hand, .Me. uou'Oly
SlatcH and Kelts?,
Slate Mantels,
Slate Itlack ISoards,
School" Slate,
Roofing Slate,
Hoofing Felts, r, 2&3
11 y
as Lackawanna Avenue, bcronton,
ely's CatawrH
cream Hn Tin
alla i.illnmma.W;HEADl
...... .,.THAYFEVERW.
mill. ni'mn 1111 HTf
sous, restoies th
s"iises of taste,
smell, h-nrinp. fJAl "F.EVfcK
iiulck idler, n positive cure. particle Is np
lied lido cneli noslill, and Is nRiecible to its'.
l'tlcoMcts., by tnnll oral duuitlsts. send lor cir
cular. KLY IlltOI I1KI1S, drugKlsls. OwcCT, N .
.vpr;it, u.iw.
iJBcnriiMn cored i
Hmont violent tttw K ltii;un "rtiifital'1HHi''
Pni uniting lr ri-Mtll- ll .m tlmi I
h initio Into, direr! , ! J '. V. ,V ' 'i ' S P.' 1!
' II I It St I IHl Mutt
t urn enttril' i - 1 to t- altti tj (Irnntn Aitt.nis
fWnviA nn P t'l Ton Inltn fnf It It Ii m
Mi phr-IJiii r-Mintncntlil (rmn AMI nit t uti I
TboaiAnil of tlrolUr lttrn rn Pit. Ji tnj drtnlil
tnani 11.
Irrinnji Aollmm Cure 'iwMlff nil tlrnjr
f nrlco. I rial pin kiiiftt Irrc ti any j Miliij ""fur
stftiup It.M M.riMii.lllni..
Api 2 3104 (I.V&
, t.nn ntnHvltllntr IcA ll I llkll
Ing nn ntrenc' tor the best selling book out
HeKl'inew succeed grandly. .None rati
Terms Irce. lUt.taiT Hook ('0,,1'oKTUtf
dcclo s.. i
' Wl. ' .nrH III 111 I V 11 riVMVrTIUnV
ga rail
for Infants and Children.
"CastorlnlssoTrcllndaptcdtochlldrcnthat I Castorla eurra Colic, Conrtlnatlori,
IrecommendltosauiicrlortonnyprcscrlpUou I four Btomacb, plarrtcca, toUon,
knowntome." ll A. AacmtOLD.. Uo"?8' C P'
111 So. Oxford EL, Brooklyn, N. v. Without Injurious medication.
A Large and Varied Stock of
Call and be Convinced that you have the
St A Yn
n n Bit.
The Lowest Possible Prices
tAWH iiiai
A j( M
, VaL.M .SJl.E ..i tXZ'' '
(0. B. MOBMIS,
Foreign nmd! Momestio
Wliolctnlo nml Iirlall tleulers i
Ilcuiliiuitrii Ti for
Stoioniul WnnlimiMH, No. 120 it 128 Ktiiukliii
Avtimc, No. 2 Lack'a Aveimo it 210, 212 t 211 CVii
tcr Street,
Va? flnv
Contslnlnir t thorottffli anct c omprphoniitt i ijim4
of Crimlnfl rractlcM of 11 tlraaw n4 cImms.
with Numerout Epltoaesot renonalKxperience
In the BeteetlOB of OrlmlnaU, oorerlpir a
period t Thirty Yar Aotlve DeteotfTe
tifa nnd erabraclnir manr Irttenselu Intertittnu
and thrtlllna VUccth'c Sketchci.
An entirolr new book, profutthi Illuitrattd,
ana wits Portrait of tbo Ureat Vctectlre.
In aver? town thero are numbera of people una
1WII he glad to ert thli booh. l . ecll to Mer
cbantJ, Mechanic!, Farmcra and rroteailonal men.
Thua evcrr Agent can jiltfc out fifty or wore in
a town to vf bom be can feel sure of aelling it to. i
Wo want One Agent In every townihlp, or
eeuntr. t-5er"lniir""1' wllh 'b" x. cn
become s tvccmM Aaent. For full particular!
and terms to onenH, aSdrea
0. W. CAHLETO N i CO., I"ubllibcn, Now Tort,
apr Id 8
nt'lilwrnl tem
liiwrni Iran ui.-un
l.riK'Vii urjery. l.iliiblljliedl
mny-1 4-lt-tl.
Ckxtacu Cohtikt, 183 Fulton Street, N. T.
For tho Celebralctl Clilckurlng, Ivors &
1'ontl, anil Voseit Son I'iunos. Worlilre-
ttMen,.il Vit.v flri.-iiia Vliillnu A ,, .li.ttu
ami Sheet Music. Celeuiuteil hlte, Kew
Hit!" Aim Davis, M-w Home, lloyul Bt.
J',ni "'' Light ltutinlng Domestlo biwlue;
ilaiihlnes. rict'illes, oil anil nttachnifuls
for all makes of Sewing Machines.
Wm Just Fubllthtd. ent
1 ynn&
rirrirrTrTRTr.. ii. v.
1 mMm