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The Columbian.
0, E. Elwell, 1 rttnn
J. K.Blttonb8nd9r.,f Elllors'
FRIDAY, MAY 1-1, 1880.
John Dubois tho vctoran millionaire)
lumberman and manufacturer, died at
his homo In Dubois city on Wednesday
of last week.
Ex-Prcsldent Arthur took a chanjjo
for tho worse last woek, but his easo is
not considered dangerous. His weight
has decreased from 250 lbs. to 130 lbs.
Dana of tho. Now York Sun, goes to
work at eleven o'clock, dictates his
editorial to a stenographer, quits at
lour o'clock and gels 20,000 a year.
Tho country editor t?ocs to work at
hovcd o'clock, has his editorials dictated
to him by his subscribers, quits at six
o'clock and gets in debt. That is tho
Tho thirty-third annual onclavo of
tho Grand Commaudery of Knights
Templar, of Pennsylvania, will bo held
in Scranton on tho last week in May.
On tho lorenoon of Tuesday, May 29,
tho annual parado and roview will taka
place. In tho evening Coeur de Lion
Comraandcry, No. 17, of that city, will
give a reception at tho Lackawanna
Rink. On Wednesday tho officers will
bo publicly installed at the Academy
of Music.
The Now State Tax Law.
Tho Supremo Court on Monday
handed down a decision in the import
ant caso of 1) ox s appeal from tho Com'
mon Pleas of Northampton county.
Tho opinloQ is by Judge Paxson and
is of considerable length. Its rulings
will be of great interest and import'
anco to the peoplo of tho Common'
wealth, as it decides tho much-mooted
question of tho constitutionality of tho
new lvevenne act ot Jiwo au, mati,
and incidentally passes upon some lm
portant questions of constitutional law.
Tho bill was filed by Edward J. Fox, a
prominent menibor ot the JNortnamp
ton County bar, and prayed for an in
junction to restrain tho assessors from
compelling him to comply with tho act
of 1885. It averred that the act con
flicted with Section 1 and 2 of Article
IX and Section 3 of Ai ticlo III, of tho
New Constitution, becauso it exempts
building and loan associations, manu
facturing corporations and tho perso
nal property of corporations from taxa.
lion while taxincr similar property in
the hands of individuals and similarly
exempts "notes or bills for work or la
bor done.'' Judge Paxson, in his opin
ion, nrst discusses whether the phrase
"any or all persons whatsoever," used
in the act of 1885, includes corpora
tions and tberetoro whether the mort'
fMKes and other raonoyed securities in
the hands of corporations aro taxablo
nnder the new Kevcnuo act. After an
extended discussion of tho authorities
he concurs in tho views expressed by
Judge Mitchell and Thayer in receut
oases in the Common Pleas of Phila
delphia County that the word "person"
does notinoluue corporations and that
mortgages, etc., in their bands are not
taxable under the act of 1885. The
learned Judge then proceeds to discuss
the provisions ot the act and their con
ititutionality at length. He decides
that tho provision exempting from tax
ation "notes or bills for work or labor
done" is unconstitutional, but holds
that this does not invalidate the entiro
act Ho further holds that tho act
does not imposo unequal taxation; that
there is no such want of uniformity in
its provisions as to make tho act un
constitutional, and that the provisions
lor its oxccution, and particularly tho
provision imposing a penalty for non
compliance with its provisions, aro also
Judge Paxson, aftc'r quoting many
authorities relative to tho application
of the terras of the act to artificial per
sons or corporations, holds that tho act
of 1885 is a supplement to the act of
Juno 7, lsi'J, oy the fourth section, ot
whioh a tax is imposssed upon tbo
capital stock of every company or as
sociation whatever, now or hereafter
incorporated by or under any law of
this Commonwealth, or now or hero
after incorporated by auy other state
or territory of the United States or
foreign government and doing business
in this Commonwealth, or having
capital employed in this Common
wealth in tho name of any other per
son or corporation, association or asso
ciations, person or persons, or in any
other manner oxcept foreign insurance
companies, banks and siviuus institu
tions, shall bo subject to and pay into
the treasury of the Commonwealth a
tax to be computed as follows, etc.:
Tho tax, briefly stated, is three mills
on tho dollar of tho appraised value of
tho capital stock of such corporations
aa declare either no dividends or divi
dends of less than G per cent, and on
corporations which pay a dividend of
6 per cent or over one-half mill on the
capital stock for each 1 per centum of
such dividend ; and where profits are
made and not divided, but added to the
sinking fund of such corporation, tho
liko tax is imposed.
The act contains other provisions for
taxing banks, iusurance companies,
limited partnerships, etc, which we
need not specifically refer to.
Wo have, therefore, by virtuo of the
provision of the act of 1870, a tax on
tho capital stock of corporations, tho
minimum of which is threo mills on tho
dollar, tho exacamount which this act
of 1885 imposes upon mortgages,
moneys at interest and monoyod capital
in tho hands of individuals. It has
been repeatedly decided in this State,
and is settled law, that a tax upon the
capital stock of a corporation is n tax
upon its property and assets. It
would bo an affectation of learning to
refer to tho long lino of causes assert
ing this doctrlno ; it is sufficient to ro
fer to Commonwealth vs. Standard Oil
Company, whero many of tho authori
ties aro corrected. See 101, Peuu. St.
The act of 1885 being a supplement
to tho act of 1870, tho two nuts must
bo read together, and thus read wo
liavo hi tho ono a tax of threo mills on
inortgsges, etc., in the hands of indi
vidual citizens, ana, what is practically
and legally, although not in name, a
similar tax upon thu same class of sub
jects in tho hands of corporations.
Wero tho tax of 1885 on mortgagos
extended to corporations the result
would be double taxation, which, while
not beyond thu power of tho Legis
lature, is not to bo presumed.
'Tho exception of "Notej or bills for
work or lalor douo" is clearly u viola
tlon of tho ninth nrliclo of tho Consti
tution. This belongs to n species of
cla legislation that has becomo very
common mora common than com
mendable tho object of which Is to
favor n particular class nt tlin oxpeno
of tho rest of tho community. So for
as such legislation affects the question
of taxation, tho Constitution has put
nn end to it. There can bo no moro of
it. Nor should thoro bo. Tho Con.
stitution protects all classes alike. Tho
poor mid tho rich equally enjoy
its benefits nnd all must share tho
burdens which it imposes. However
popular such legislation may be, it can
not bo sustained under our present
Hut for this vico wo aro not required
to dcolaro tho net of 1885 void. It will
bo the duty of tho assessors to assess
and return such bills or notes tho samo
as other moneyed securities in the
hands of individuals.
Wo havo somo trouble with tho ninth
section of tho .let. It provides, as bo
foro stated, that, when no return is
made under tho sixth and seventh
sections, tho assessor shall mako tho
return of such taxablo person, "esti
mating tho amount from tho best in
formation at his command," to which
estimated return tho jiropor county
commissioners or boards of revision
snail ndd 50 per centum, and tho ag
gregate amount so obtained shall bo
tho basis for taxation. Tho plain ob
ject of this particular provision of this
act was to mako tho peoplo honest and
keep them so. It was intended to
compel each taxpayer to disclose to tho
assessor tho full oxtent of his personal
cstato nnd avoid tho unequal burdens
which havo been laid upon tho should
ers of -Bomo pcrsonn by tho neglect
of others to return tho full amount
of their property. No legal ob
jection can bo mado to this. If the
stato has tho right to tax moneys at
interest in hands of her citizens, and
this can not bo denied, she has tho
right to know to wha,t extent each citi
zen holds such property. Tho Stato
imposes this 50 per centum upon the
taxpayer as a punishment for his de
fault in not making tho return required
by law. If no appeal wero allowed to
tho action of tho commissioners in add
ing this penalty it would bo a tftrious
question whether tho act could be sus
tained. It is one of tho fundamental
f Manciples of English and American
aw that no, man can bo condemned in
his person or property without a hear
ing. But the ait expressly provides
that tho taxpayer may, on or before
tho day fixed for appeals, go beforo
tho commissioners or Hoard of Revis
ion and present his reasons under oath
for his failure to mako return, when, if
satisfactory to tho commissioners or
Board of Revision, they shall substi
tute tho taxpayer's return for that of
the assessor, to have the like effect as
if no failure had occurred.
Tho opinion coucludes : "Our entiro
revenuo system needs to bo remodeled
iu accordance with the now Constitu
tion. It has been for many years a
disjointed system, subjected to fre
quent and arbitrary changes, in many
instances loosely and obscurely worded
making its construction and enforce
ment, matters of no slight difficulty. To
recast it now in entiro harmony with
the organic law is a serious matter. It
will require the ripest experience and
the highest wisdom. Now that tho at
tention of the Legislature has been
called to it, we have no doubt that tho
wisdom of that body will prove equal
to tho emergency.1'
Tho decree of tho lower Court, which
dismissed tho bill and refused the in
junction, is therefore affirmed and tho
appeal dismissed. A similar decree
was entered in tho case of Sanderson's
appeal from the Common Pleas of
Lackawanua County, which raised sub
stantially tho samo question of law.
From our Itcgular Correspondent.
"Washington. D. C May 10, 18S0.
Some of tho President's latest work
has been that of carefully examining
privato pension bills. IIo was suppos
ed to havo work enough to do already
without-assuming any new burdens ;
but it seoms he leels, tho necessity of
taking a hand himself iu tho retrench
ment campaign which Mr. Hewitt aud
somo other influential Democrats havo
beiun in tho House of Representatives.
Mr. Clevelond's predecessors havo gen
erally regarded lifo as too short to
spend iu examining this class of legis
lation with special care. They have
contonted themselves with thu assur
ance that Congress had opportunities
for investigating tho claims in tho most
thorough manner, aud that if the bills
had got through both Rouses there
must havo been some merit in them.
A few days sineu a rumor about the
Capital, to thu effect that auy further
raids upon tho Treasury would be com
bined by thu President's veto, created
considerable sensation. 1'resideutClevo
land is thu first President, it is said,
who lias undertaken to scrutiiiizo pri
vate bills. Rut he became alarmed at
tho reckless way Congress wus rushing
tho pension business. A fortnight ago
thu Senate alone, in ono day, passed
over -150 such bills, after merely read
ing their title-". This hurried and care
less way ot taking money out of tho
.National Treasury struck tho President
as eminently improper, and ho began
sending to tho Pension Office for tho
records in order to satisfy his mind
concerning each of the cases which
havo thus far come before him. It is
perhaps, no moro than tho President's
duly, but it is a duty which has rarely
been performed i and tho question is,
whero Mr. Cleveland is going to find
the time for tho pursuit of his excel
lent policy.
No speech probably has been mado
during tho present Bessiou of Congress
which has created so much of a suusa
tlon as tho ono delivered by Mr. How
itt, on Thursday, when ho protested
against any further raids upon tho
Treasury under tho name of bounties
or other benefits of that kind to soldiers
of the lato war. Most of these propo
sitions are ill-considered, and although
for Hoventy-fivo years to come, tho
South will bo helping to pay pensions
to tho soldiers and to tho widows of
tho soldiers of tho North, a Southern
Member cannot raiso a question as to
tho propriety of any of theso grabs,
without rendering himself liable to
charges of disloyalty, flippantly and
choaply brought.
Tho reference mado by tho gentlo
man from Now York to tho peculiar
position of Southern Members, who
aro thus embarrassed when thoy would
liko to oppose theso ruinous schemps
according to their convictions, was
especially relevant and timely. Ho de
clared that tho limit of undurauce on
tho part of flit, tax payor had been
reached and that tho discontent on no
count of excessive taxation was break
ing out iu riots, dyuamitu and death.
"Thoso who want to divo their hands
down into tho Treasury." said he. "take
advantage of tho delicate position iu
which the boulhcru men are placed,
being subject to tho charco of disloy
alty if thoy resist tho steal." But
no ono could mako this chargo against
him and he would mako too light.
Tho groat River nnd Harbor grab
which went through thn llotieo after a
discussion extending over sovcrnl weeks
takes from River Commssions their
power and gives it to tho Secretary of
War. During tho debato an opponent
of tho measure sovcroly criticised it.
No grandeur of place, ho said nor in
significance of spot was ignored Tho
bill leaohed everywhere. It was not
restricted by any unpronounceable
nnme, by any obscurity of situation, or
by any difficulty of access. Thoro was
nothing that seemed to be too incrcdi-
blo to bo contained m this bill. Tho
disfranchised citizens of tho Capital
join issue with this assertion, however,
and aro indlonant becauso an appro
priation for tho Potomac Flats was
omitted. Becauso of this neglect of
their own fair river thoy hold tho bill
is too impudent to p;o unrcbuked. They
contend that its object was not to deep
en tho channel of noble streams, or to
benefit tho property of tho wholo
American people. Its real purposo
was to insure tho return of a lot of
Congressmen to theirseats in tho llouso
at tho coming elections. All that tho
people of tho District of Columbia aro
allowed to do, you know is to pay
their sharo of taxes for tho improve
ment of other pcoplo's rivers and lint
bors, bluffs and flats, creeks nnd coves.
Thoy havo no representation in Con
gress, no voles, lhoy belong to tho
peoplo of tho United States, absolutely,
and aro governed by them. That is
why they complain of being ignored
when Congress is distributing fifteen
millions of dollars.
Lettor From Dr. Ammerman.
Greenwood, Sussex Co , Del.,
May 8th, 188G. j
Editors Columbian: Thinking that
tho people of Columbia Co. might bo
willing to peruso a few lines from the
pen ot ono ot her lormer citizens and
bo anxious to know how tho writer and
family reached this their new home, I
tako this opportunity of communicating
to them through thu columns ot your
paper. .Myself and family reached
this placo on Thursday tho first nay of
April, nnd lound car with household
goods horse &o. "that had been ship
ped n day or two previous" hero and
unloaded. Then camo the task of fix
ing up houso aud settling down to busi
ness. For about four days after our
arrival it rained almost incessantly and
of course locked gloomy to tho family
beiug as they wero in a strange place
and among entiro strangers, so fur as
previous acquaintauco was concerned.
But I wish to stato right hero that tho
people of this section are moat hospitable
and the kind welcome aud interest they
manifested in our welfare very suon
dispelled all doubts as to our being at
home here. This placo is situated in
the northern part of tho lower county
of tho state, is within thirteen miles of
steamboat navigation tho Nanticoke
river and on the line of the Delaware
Div. of tho Phila. Wilmington and
Baltimore R. R. This road is owned
by tho Penna. Company and is doing a
lively business judging from tho num
ber of trains that pass over it daily,
tho number being from 20 to 25 every
21 hours. We aro just ono hundred
miles from Phila. cau go up in morning
ot any day in the week, except Sunday,
and return in afternoon of samo day,
having several hours in the City. This
section of tho stato is grand in every
sense of tho word. The natural quality
of tho soil cannot bo surpassed iu
Penna. or any other state 'hat I havo
ever been in. The land is adapted to
all kinds of fruits, Irish aud Sweet
potatoes, pcauuts, melons nnd vege
tables of all kinds, Is also the finest
kind of grain nnd grass land, I havo
never seen finer wheat and grass than
we havo in this vioinity, clover and
timothy grows abundantly wherever
sown, eveil along the road sides it
grows in piofusion and corn and oats
are good crops here. We find somo
of thu finest farms hero and somo that
havo been neglected. This country
has been kept buck by lands being
held in large tracts and not enterprise
enough in tho owners to improvo it as
I'cnnn. farmeis do. But it is now 1 c
ing divided up into smaller tracts aud
men of energy and enterprise aro buy
ing it and it is wonderful to see what
grand farms havo been made irr a few
years out of lands that looked liko bar
ren deserts. This land is kind, is easily
tilled, has a good clay subsoil nnd re
tains whatever is put on iu the shape
of manures and fertilizers. Thero ore
farms hero yet that can bo bought at
reasonable rates and northern men who
come hero witli small means can secure
for themselves independent homes and
living, but theso opportunities can not
remain long as men of energy and
means aro taking advantage of the
chances very rapidly. Lands that sold
within a few miles of this town four
or five years ago havo moro than trcbl
ed in valuo and must advance lapidlv
iu price iu tho future. What tills
country wants is northern enterprise
to mako it ono of tho finest in the
world. This is surely a land ol luxu
ries. Fruits the wholu summer through.
Freeh fish every day of tho finest qual
ity, can buy a large shad for 10 to 15
cents, catfish 15 cents per Btring of
twenty, fresh herring for 15 to 20 centB
per doz. bay trout, an excellent fish,
lor 15 to 20 cents per doz. clams !10
cents per hundred, oysters 50 to 05
cents per bushel prime, and other fish
coming nil tho season, I am told at
conespondingly low prices. Our small
streams and mill ponds abound with
eels, catfish, perch and pike. I had a
four lb. piko for supper a few days a
go that was caught in the mill pond by
ono of our townsmen, it was delicious,
I cent the head of it to G. P. Stiner
at Orangoville to mako him feel bad,
because ho cau't catch any, and if any
of your readers want to feel likewise
they can call on him and see it too.
By tho way that is not tho largest size
thoy catch hore, I am told they hayo
been caught that weighed foven to
fourteen lbs. We havo had warm and
dry for tho past two weeks but on
Thursday afternoon nod evening wo
had fino showers and yestordiy and
to-day it has rained nearly all tho time
so iho ground is filled with water and
all vegetation looks fresh and beautiful.
Wo have excellent water, a mild climato
healthful, and everything conducive
to happiness and comfort. Tho peach
crop in tho immediate vicinity will bo
light, though in somo localities there
will bo a fair yield, strawberries, black,
berries and raspberries promise a boun
tiful crop. Wo visited on our way
down T. W. Conner and family ond
John and Wilson Dreaherand families.
T. W. Conner was formerly from
Oraugevillo having moved near Dover
last February. Thu Dreehers wero
formerly frcm Stillwater Pa. and move
ed near Wyoming in March 1885.
Wo fouud them nil well and flourish
lug. They have good farms beautifully
locatidatd may well bo proud of them,
T. V, O. and family drove down on a
visit to us two weeks ogo to day nnd
on tho following morning wo all wont
down to visit 1 S, Kinport and wife
who formerly lived nt Bloomsburg Pn.
but now lives uiuo miles south of us
near Soaford. Wo had n very pleaS'
ant visit, threo Penna. families togoth
cr. Frank U nicely located, well satis
ficd, has a fino farm nnd Is making lots
ot improvements, no liasn t a inzv
hair on his head; If ho ever did havo
thoy have nil dropped out. I notice
ho is getting somewhat bald.
I have a sixty ncra fatm just outsido
the town, within ono fourth mile.
Planted this spring 20 ncrrs In peach
trees, soma blackberries and straw
berries, will farm balance in grain and
vegetables for tho present. I havo
located in town for tho purposo of
practicing my profession, and althougl
1 camo hero nn entire stranuer tho pat
ronage I have thus far received has
boon very gratifying indeed.
Now Mr. Editor I havo hasttlv writ
ten what. camo to my mind and if nny
ol your readers think 1 havo oxacger
atcd oi painted, it is but ono days
rido to come and see for themselves.
Tho members of tho family nro ail well
pleased with tho now homo nnd wo
hopo wo may never regret our coining.
Tho Coi.tniniAN is a welcome weekly
visitor to us and brings" us matter of
much interest.
With regards to all my Penna.
friends I 2in.,ilear sir, very Respectfully
C. W. Ammkkmak
Decoration Day,
General Oitnr.m
No. 8.
i'aktmbntok Pa.,
No. 1202 Chest
nut Sr.
Philadelphia, April 27, 1880.
I. Tho thirtieth of May falling
upon Sunday, in consequence of tho
preceding day having been mado a
holiday by legal enactment in the de
partment of Pennsylvania, Saturday,
May 29, will bo observed as Memorial
II. Tho llttilitr observance of tho
day and of tho ceremonies which hal
low it, intensify in interest as the
graves increase and tho years multiply
which scparato us from tho scenes
which made tho lives of our comrades
memorable. The fairest offerings of
this bright Springtime, wo will again
bring to their last resting places, to
testify to tho nobility of lovo and af-
lection they deservo at our hands,
From the outpouring of grateful heaits,
wo select the words most tilting to tell
tho story of their lives, that posterity
may read in their deaths tho true vir
tue of loyally to flag and country. In
a land for which, as citizen soldiers,
they offered their lives that it might
forever exist ns tho homo of liberty
and freedom, wo cannot render them
too much homage.
Regard our every grave as a mauso
leum beforo which luturo generations
will stand with uncovered heads. The
individua 1 soldier who sleeps within,
however humble his sphere in life, rep
resents tho grandest principle for
which battles wore fought sinco tho
world began. Tho maintenance of
that principle iu all its purity is the us
surance of tho perpetuity of tho Re
public. The Union, which was the
gift of thu soldier to the citizen should
bo tho inspiration of tho citizento do
honor to the soldier.
" Comrades ! all rally Tor muster to day,
(inmc, with oblations of reverent love,
With beautiful Mowers,
To honor the bravo who He
Peacefully sleeping around us."
Bv command or Department Com
wander, J. P. S. COBIN,
Asst. Adjutant General.
Council Proceedings.
Regular meeting of council at seven
and one-half p. m., Friday evening of
last week ; all members present.
A petition was presented signed by
nearly all the citizens residing on Mcin
street, asking that tho council direct
tho proper officers to cause Main street
to be scraped ami cleared of filth, xc,
and hauled away, aud have low places
in said street filled with lime stone, or
other suitable material. On motion
petition was received, and action de
ferred for ono month.
Another .petition was presented
signed by property holders and citizens
residing on Market street, asking that
a branch sower be laid from tho head
ot Market street, at First street, and
connect with mam sower on Second
street. Messrs. Sharpless and Clark
moved that tho prayer of tho petition
ers be granted upon tho conditions that
thoy are to furuish tho money for the
construction of thu same, to be repaid
to tho petitioners by three orders of
equal amounts, payable iu three yeais,
without interest, the first of which to
bo paid one year after tho dato of thu
issuing of said orders. Tho work to
bo done by tho commissioner of high
ways, under the supervision of the 'su
perintendent of sewers. Ayes G, nays 1.
Tho bond of Win. Chrisman treas
urer, was presented and ordered filed;
also thn oaths of tho president, secre
tary, treasurer, high constable, com
missioner of highways, members of
town council and policemen wero or
dered filed.
Tho. followiug building permits wero
granted : Peter Knapp ii stable on
Pino alley, L. E. Whary, addition to
lus house on .Main street, 1. fc. Kulin,
addition to Central Hotel, C. M. Chris-
man, Luilding a houso on comer of
l'ourtlt and West street.
Tho Sanitary Committee reported
complaints in regard to the obstruction
of tho flow of water in tho drain on
Sixth and Soventh streets. On motion
Messrs. Hosenstock, Clark and Zarr
wero appointed a committee to tako
thu necessary Bleps to effect a flow of
water through said drain.
Samuel Ncyhard was unanimously
elected superintendent of sower.
Mr. Hosenstock, chairman of tho
committeo on road from canal to river.
roports that tho solicitor informed him
that tho grounds for complaint would
bo removed.
G. C. Shoemaker and Emanuel Hum
mel wero appointed assistant police.
A petition was presented by tho Ex
eolsior Electric Light Company of
New York City asking for piriuission
10 ereci poles, iVa, lor Juriiisiung elec
trio light. On mo, ion tho petition was
ordeied filul for further action.
A petition was presented to open
Pino street aud Roso Alloy aud grade
Pino street. Referred to a committeo
of two.
C. G. Barkley Eq,, appeared and
urged the council to grndo Fourth
street from Maikct street to the Fair
Ground. On motion tho commissioner
of highways was instructed to put the
street iu passable condition.
On motion it was ordered that thu
proper officers bo called on to cnforco
tho Sunday laws in reference to tho
sale of merchandise, cigars, ifco.
On motjou it was ordered that thu
electric Light aud Steam lleatinu Com
pany be notified to level off tho streets
along aud over the lino of their pipes,
and repair tho cobbling torn up by
them, within ten uajiirom notice, and
In default tho commissioner of high
ways shall proeeod to mako repairs,
and chargo up tho samo with 20 per
cent, additional,
Tho following bills wero presented
and orders drawn for tho samo:
W. .1. Iiutlrman. Street Commissioner. s IS
Samuel (ilger, hauling, 3 m
Samuel Shaffer, hauling, 'J M
.rutin penman, cobbling, s S3
' " laborer on hlshwnrs. l s"
C. Kdlrton, " " " a f,o
oeo. Hlnkcr, " " 11 a Ml
lot! shoemaker, " " " a to
K. Jacoby, services, 3 to
W. C. Kvani, ltepalrs, a fO
S. W. hlmtt, poliro sertlee In April, 4 no
Daniel LnrcooW, police service In April, .1 on
SI. V. Woodwnrd. constable. 4 17
(fas Co. tor April, r? oo
1. W. Ilartmnn, rent ot room, .hi do
Samuel .NeviiarU, scc'y salary, 10 uu
HO 14
Delcgato Election, Julv 20.
Contention, July 27.
(Subject to. notion of Democratic
Of Calawissa, Columbia Co., Pa.
"Tho people's law is habitually violated,
evaded anil ilnlinl "
"No fn o government can long exist
wliern the organic law of the Slate
is imuuuaiiy ieii(tl. '
"Tho Constitution nf 1H7.1 w iw.f ,.r,,
uninistio. It nssails no right of
property, nor docs it give counte
nance to principlis which would
'The Constitution r.nnnnt. u-luill
force itstlf, nor could it provide
iieinueu regulation tor its en
forcement! these must bo piovided
bv the Lfirijlntmn "
"In thu selection of members of tho
Legislature at the next general
election, select, nnlv minli nd nt-n
pledged to tho long-neglected
wurK oi constitutional enlorcr
iiient." From address of Const!
tuttonal Committtc, 1880.
Democrats of Columbia County: Tnc
auovo are my sentiments and if noun
nnted and ( IpcIpiI. nlnittm mvcnlf i.i In
bor in all honorable w ays to earry it
inio enect. Truly Yours,
" I.OVEItS louu and Maidlns Fit.:
A Stouy ok the Ai.lkoiienv Mount
ains," by Julius Chamiifks. Prico
25 cents. Philadelphia: Poiter &
This lovo story of Cresson Spring
rcawnktns all tho old fascination that
a visitor to that beautiful mountain re
Borth ns experienced. The weird nnd ro-
mantio localities aro described in a g iy
and vivid manner; many of the lost
tales of tho Alleghenies havo been
rescued from oblivion and upon the
pretty thread of a lovo talo a valuable
collection of historical and topographic
al information has been grouped. A
really novel iden is the foundation of
tho story. Four young men go to
cresson to pass n summer month and
they find four charming girls. At first
there is harmony ; but a fifth cirl. on
tirely outside tho group, resents aslight
inm nas ueen put upon her and succeeds
in disorganizing tho party to such an
extent that only one counlo marrying
as thoy originally hoped, bomo ad
mirablo pictures of clever young wom
en are drawn, and Boveral keen hits
are made regarding tho society younu
woman, who manages her parents. It
is in every way a clever and readable
volume. Uno can enjoy it at. a siltinc.
Tho fifteen original pictures by J. B.
sword, JS. A., and 1. O. Hcliell give it
additional value. Many crisp epigrams
aro scattered through "tho pages that
would well repay qiiotinir, but it would
be unfair to our readers to deprive
them of the pleasure they will derive
m picking out lite bright sayings for
themselves. To them wo say: "Fall
to, you havo au enjoyable feast beforo
A Great Victory
A Terrible Caso of Scrofula
Cured by
Hood's Sarsaparilla
" In the v Inter ol 187!) I was attacked ultli
Scrofula In one of the most aggravating forms.
At ono tlmo I hail no less than thirteen largo
abscesses over and around my neck and throat,
continually exuding an offensive, mass of
bloody matter disgusting to behold, and
almost Intolerable to endure. It Is Impossible
to fully describe my sufferings, as tho caso
was complicated with Chronic Catarrh. After
three years of misery, having been treated by
threo physicians, I was worse than ever,
Finally, on tho recommendation of W. J.
Huntley, druggist, of Lockport, I was Induced
to try Hood's Sarsaparilla. And now, after
having taken twelve bottles, within tho last
twelve months, tho scrofulous eruptions havo
entirely ceased, and tho abscesses havo alt
disappeared, except the unsightly scars, w hteh
aro dally becoming 'smaller by degrees, and
beautifully less.' I do not know what It may
havo done for others, but I do know that Iu
my case, Hood's Sarsaparilla has proved an
cifectlvo specific Indeed. As nn evidenco ot
my gratitude I send theso facts unsolicited,
aud I am ready to verify tho authenticity of
tills cure, by personal correspondence with
any ono who doubts It." Cjiahles A. ltou
EitTS, Kast Wilson, N. V.
This statement Is confirmed by W. J, Hunt
ley, druggist, of Lockport, N. Y., w ho calls tho
euro a great victory tor Hood's Sarsaparilla.
Send for book giving statements of many cures.
Hood's Sarsaparilla!
Sold by all druggists. $1 ; six for $3. Mado
only by C. I. HOOD h CO., Lowell, Mass,
10ODos08 Ono Dollar.'f
Of Calawissa.
Subject to decision of lkmocrotlo party. Peio.
calo election will bo held Jnly so, convention,
July 87.
10 It It li I'll KS KNTAT 1 V K,
Of Beaver Township.
Subject to decision of Pemoeratlo party. Pele-
JulyOT. 1
Of Bloomsburg.
Subject todoclclonof Pemoeratlo party. Delo-
Juiy 7 "vii. uut u, ivim-uuuii,
Tho underbigned Auditor, appointed by tu6 Or.
the liens against said estate and niakedlstrlbutlon
among creditors will sit ut his ortlco In llloom.
. . ' ..'' """""jr ji. iwo, ai jo a. m. wilt r,
aud whero all Dartleu havtnirriAimn nirninat n.i,i
catate must apiiear and prove the same, or Lo
w.v.v. uhuuuvu iiuui luiumi; m vu bam IUU(1.
II. I'. ZAltlt,
may 11 Auditor,
I'liieirui sues, uan bo at
tached to nearly all wagonl
buggies, phaetons and carts;
tluslly removed. Folds Ue
nuumbiella. Ifjoucannit
get It ol jourwugonuiakir
or dealer tend lorlllu.inu
led circular und prico list.
Agents wunted every w hero.
jiii'uuuu paper.
1). fl A' nt 1'nlenl.v.M (nr,, xr....
town, CU tmuyitu'd,
r &iitM7rfiiJ
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never vailes. A marvel of purity
strength and wholesomenesa Moro economical
Mian ordinary kinds, and cannot bo told In compe-
uun wiiuino muumiucoi low icsi, snort wcignr,
Mum or phosphatn powdctft. Hold only In cutis.
Itovjii. Hakimi 1'ihvpkr Co.. Wall St., N. Y.
IN Till! COMMON l'l.KAS OP COl.r.MllIA CO.
Uesslo VanTnssel. bv her next friend, S. It. How-
man vs. Thos. VntiTassel. Hur libel In dUorce.
To Thomas VanTassel" respondent abovo named:
Whereas upon the libel ot tho Raid Uesslo Van
Tnssel a subpoena was Issued out of tho snld
court commanding j oj lo lmnnu appear at tho
next regular trim of snld court to show cause
why tho sail libelant should not be divorced from
tholionds ot matrimony contracted by you; and
whereas upon return or said suhpoenaduo proor
was mado that sou could not bo round In tho
bullnlck of tho sherltT ot said county, whereupon
an alias subpoena was awarded by said Court
eomtnandln2 ) ou to appear at tho then next term
of saidt'ouit to answer ns aforesaid, tn which the
samo return wan made by tlio bhertlT. You aro
inerctoro renulred to Ijo nncl.mttcnr nn tho nrst,
day or the next term or said Court to bo held at
Itlooinsburg, rorsaldcounty.on tho fourth Monday
ui r-rnmuuer next, a. li. iMH. to answer sata com
plaint. SAMUlSL SMITH, Sheriff.
May 7
lMate of Mam Waltert. late of Maatontiru. itec'rl
I-etlersof administration In snld ctito bavins
been granted to tho undersigned ndminlstratoi,
all persona Indebted to said estate nro hereby no-
iitnu ,u ,i,v wiuwune, mm mofao unving claims
u(,-",iiurMuiu ill t'M'Ilt 1 lie Htlllir u,
npr s:i lti:v. li. c. JIUNlto. Administrator.
-Muncy, Pa.
ThO Arm nf Vlnner Allurtsnn nf l),linnnL-
Columbia county, l'a., luring been dissolved, tho
business heretofore conducted by them will bo
conducted by tho undersigned. Notice Is hereby
given that 1 will not be responsible for any debts
contracted by .1. M. Alberison hereafter, In too
nrm name. All debts due tho ilrm will bo col.
lected by me, and all claims against tho Arm paid
lu J. W. YIMUEll.
-May 7 ct.'
By virtuo or sundry acts ot General Assembly of
the Commonwealth of l'cnnsvlvanla, relating to
tho sale nt boated and unseated lands In tho
County of Columbia etc. for tnxes duo nnd unpaid
I will oiler nt public sulo at tho Court House, In
uiu iuh ii ui itiLHjuiuurg, on inu sucunu
nt 10 o'clock a. m. tho following described pieces of
land or such part thereof as may bo necessary to
nuusi uie tunuuiii oi luxes nuo una uupaiu
ngalnst tho snme, nnd conllnuo tho samo from day
iu uuy us mo sumo inny uu inunu necessary.
Iho amount of taxes nnd costs must be paid
when tho land Is struck off or tho salo may bo
vuiu unu inu property put up nnu resoiu.
No. Acres. Warrantee or Owner.
400 " llakcr, Jacob dee'd ...
1 lot lieaver, Charles
8 " lieaver, Jesse
Hi acres Iirockway, C. n
ICS " '
S'J " ' and Abbott
7U " " "
118 " " "
St " " "
. 43 17
1 74
5 31
4 10
. II) 23
1 OS
. 3 73
r, ai
:j lots
3 "
1 "
3 on
5 so
6 80
llrockwny, c. 1)
I'.utt and Unger
Kogart, Mary
Hover. T. H
1 (14
4 42
. ill 50
H10 acres Columbia coat & Iron Co
Clark. Andrew....
. 11 31
49 "
KM "
237 "
273 "
307 "
Cot, c.8. Ex. Tench Cox..
3 Ml
S 78
. 10 11
. IS 41
. 31 70
1 SH
. 1 15
. 10 K5
. 7 77
. 13 50
Charles, Simon .
1 1
Canon, .M
1.10 acres Davis, Isaac
via, auiuuny
Downs, Martin
lmllus, Josla.i
Downs. John
Fisher, Sarah
Flanlgan, A
Fiy, W H
Clearhart, Wm
Ilonmnn, 11 n
HO "
1i "
SJ "
3 lots
3 "
3 "
5 "
0 07
2 IS
5 09
5 81
5 31
S C4
. 25 20
! narnernna Jester
rji acres Hauck, Jonathan
BO " lloat.s, John
7is " Itoats, Charles John
M " " "
830 " Hlndcrlltcr, Sarah A
mots mint, j:ii
a" llenny, (ieo
1" Kline, A
3" Kochler, (1. 1
li" Lew Is, Frank
J " Lawrence, W. K
sou acres Mann andMlller
300 " .Moore, Wm
mo " Jlclteynoids, II. W
100 " Jllntck, Conrad
13 " " l'eter
loo " " lienj
4 lots -Maston, Wm
1 1') acres Nungesser, (Ieo
lots I'attc'rson, J. V
3 " l'rlce, Clarence
id acres Ulce, John
ssn " lllchtut, Charles sr
4011 " " "
75 " " "
13J " " "
ii lots lluthford, Samuel ,t Co.
3 ': UiMiford, Samuel
2 71
5 KS
, 3 3s
5 07
ft 30
. IS 5S
5 21
3 40
I 73
. 2 4i
4 81
7 BO
. 11 50
. 10 12
. io ai
. IS u
, 13 18
. IS 18
. 1 W
8 IB"
. 5 31
II 75
. ai r.2
. 27 m
. 5 0.1
8 M)
8 70
. 4 41
, 10 13
. 11 83
3 Oil
5 21
. 5 21
a acres Miuman, Thomas
Swank. Daniel .
Schncpponhelscr, I. K
Miuman tc: Michael
Milck, J. J
smith. 1. w
3 lots
Ml acres Suui.ian, F. L
3 lots Hcott, feter
a ' Vastino, 11. K
" Valkenaid, C. J ,
25S.1 acres West II coal't'o
is lots Wetzel, C. s
3-' Wcrkhclser, Samuel
3" Wood. Augustus
Mi acres Wheeler. Win
3 " stlney, .Martin
3 lots Trout, Mnrgatvt
33 acies .Miller, Adam
45 acres Albeitson, ctarenco
M " Dodson, (Ieo
21 " Wells, John
i of 5(W Apple, l'aul
as acres clem, Itcv. W. T
si " Doty, l'calcr,t Stewart
SKI " "
15" " " " ...
KM) " "
250 " " '
Wotaoi) "
(Otl50 "
jforiou " ,
V of 250 "
85 acres Evans, FmucU
Fowler, Clibert
oi acres Freas, Wm. n
14 llouck, Samuel
SOU " lteccer, Abraham
7 " Kllnger, I.lzzio
7 ' Stokes, Olden
7 " Trough, Henry estate
11 " Kckroth, (leo
7 " stout, Ellis
7 40
1 UI
3 40
. 10 3S
. 310 27
8 1.7
2 0.1
. 5 21
3 33
1 SO
1 no
, U 73
, 1 KS
. 11 83
7 50
5 CI
3 75
U 3S
3 40
1 111
3 01
1 K5
. 3 37
, 3 73
3 75
3 50
51 acres llrobt, J s.,
Klaso & Vctter
Weaver, Ellas
Dornbach, Margaret.,
Klnler. ltoberl
Newell, Fied
Vctter, Lewis estate.,
7 00
SO 3
7 71
II 10
13 CI
1 KS
1 KS
4 70
3 33
3 .10
1 OS
T 40
3 30
40 CXI
3 73
5 30
1 Ifl
1 (O
0 80
fi B3
'.' 30
1 IU
8 40
0 KS
1 3S
3 30
T 8,0
i ra
l 51
3 8V
8 21
lilddlo Ilolra
ciewell, Joseph cstato
Krum, Kllas
Ferry, Wm
Hower, Sloses
llagerty, James
llcilron, 1'hlllp
Holmes, Thomas,
Lehigh & Mahanoy li. It
Wnlsh, DaWd,,,,.
fierUhty, Thomas! '. '. '.
Mtf L (ieo. W
JliCatrerty, Fat
-Madden. .Michael
Lehigh & Jlahanoy It. It
Loughlin, Urldget ...... .'.','.'.'.',',',',
Sweeney, .Margaret
Kni'ir. John .
ITuvli, John
yulgley, Mrs, .Margaret
ierfghty. Thomas
lirennan, Joliu ""
JlelTrou, win "
llullcan, lilchaid
Kelley, Win ' , ... . . ......
Klerus, l'alrlck ...
1 lot
1 It
U "
1 "
1 "
2 "
1 "
1 "
1 "
1 "
1 "
1 "
1 "
1 "
1 "
1 "
. ,.u..i,-j, UUUU u ,,,,
!. " liraeey, Oeo ..
5 " uorrell & Co ...' .,". !,",',',"',
83 acres Adams, EnosL
8 lots lliobst. Thomas
35 acres Conner, II, J, M. i". ......
l lot liirllii;','wia., . " '
3 " Freas, Andrew estate '.'..'
' tipod, Jacob ttitato
" Iftigcnbuch, Mm.,,
" lloitcnbuch, Wm. sr. Mate.,,,,?
TO "
in "
81 '
1 lot
1 '
..v.i.uiiii, ,,iii. remit;.. ,,,,
lilts, EMe
Mauh, Hebccca "
Nungetstr. Sarah....M '
Knniihici. .lnr.,.
K) acres licam, Joshua sria M
lojs urocKwoy, v, it
3 ii ii ' " , 8J M
3" 'i 1SW
11 ii ii ll 73 83
1 " Ttreslln, nernard ' '
a " Fetterair, Mlchao
113 acres Huston. John... J E9
s:n " Kline, John I , 5J
Hot Kromcr, A. W 2 f?
1 II I. H , . , " 11
l " Lelby, L'phralm JJ
1 ' " Harvey
1 " .Mellen. Thomai . ' JJ
s " Millard, O. II . ?S
1 " Mctltilre, Terronco.... '
1" Jiorrts, AnnaU....'. ?
a" Monroe, John ""I
1 il ii ii ,,,, ,,,,, 3 ii
t" lthawn, Casper
SSJ acres Huston, Mary
173" Huston, Thmnas wi"
too ." Frlcn. Jacob ' J VJ
loo " " " !
401 " Young, John
40" nrelsfi, llobert Jli
8 " Walker, Lewis J f"
4 lotsMourcy, John 2 Is
li. ii ' ii 3 C2
l ii ii H ,,'", 3 03
20 acres Allegar, John 1 Kit' 3 53
so " l)resher,;.)ohn .1 ra
.too " Doty reaVf Stewart 13)
" Forces Crawford - IM
80 " Fan er (leo..... HI
m " Harrison Joi n
Son " llorTinan Ficas '030
2-fl " llulm Wm "831
2U0 " Klrat Join co low
111) " Ij'n.en Thomas ill
t'n II il.l ........ I, tt.ttlal il 111
il nullum J ... I., a, ...uu.
17 " lij if- n
13 " 1'aiks James 11 '
no ' l'o)blnsWmA '"
to " Itlchard Lewis 311
111 " Kelrhart Charles 390.1
1(0 " Dobbins Kit i '
Ml " Hutchison Thos J 3 no
.1 " l'enler (leo 3)
30 " Conuor.MaggicU HI
Ii) ' Cleaver Wellington 3 30
71 do Fortner Jonathan 3 50
I do swank (leo 4
.1 do Vonght James. 50
3D da VouglitK Howe'l - tso
vi do Honrbach Wm 2 35
1 do Howell ll'in 1 80
14 do Albertson.Miiosiindmrtley.... ltd
200 do Mrry.lohn 4 so
2S do I'atlerson M J 1 41
SO do Campbell N L. 2 B3
at do Mc.'rldn II I) 1 (H)
CO do Nenl.t 1'ursell 1 10
5 do lirlght Levi 20
31 do Jones David 71
50 do FrlckdeoA ou
SOU do do ........ soon
100 do Hess llenjatnln 0 20
4 do sillier ('has m 1 M
2 is do Jllllcr Neyhart .'. nam
210 acres " 31 20
1.1 " Kitchen, James W 1 13
58 " McIIcnry, Hohr 50
3 " Kecler, J. H )
so acres Dcwalt, Oeo 10 go
SCI '. L'icrliart, John is to
01 " (loraghty, Thomas II lo
23 " Kline, John L 3 57
30 " longenberger, I'lilllp 4 tw
100 " snjder, Jeremiah 1 oi
83 acres Cot, Joel ill
SOU " Eves Charles. CI mi
35 " Hendesliott, K 50
4i " Ileidenrled, Tobias i"
17 " Klsner, James VO
53 " Ilendershott, Erastus 81
c " oingles, T. II 12
13 " Wclllver, Daniel ostatc 30
21 acres HrockwaySEnt 1 87
.7 " drover, Aaron w l at
3 " (learhart, Joseph 40
35 " lnnderllter, Henry 1 4ii
in " .Miller, II. (I. cstato 1 10
4 " .Mouser, Emanuel 49
474 " I'ennock, c, li. Co 3171
500 " Itlchart, Charles 31 85
ICS " " " 13 fS
leo " Shuman, Itcubcn 7 lio
'1 ot loo smlck, llrobst, Yctter Hauck... 3 no
3) acres Shuman, John 3 15
7 " Shuman, w. T tn
10 " shuman, -Miles 1 13
7 " snjder, Abraham 3 17
930 " Hwnrtz Shepp Co 31 01
100 " Yctter, Isaac 3 s3
3 " Hartman,.Mathlas 51
45 " Jloser,. Michael 3 CO
15 acres Aten, Thomas. 30
5 " Aten, J. 1' 3)
10 " Creasy, Henry 40
10 " Ilendershott, Catharine 1 3S
70 :" Jacoby, O.IA 133
200 ' Kramer, A. W 7 50
35 " Michael, John ao
M " " 30
3X " Mnsteller, Jos .is
x " Menslnger, Wm as
loo " Nuncester, W. J 2 oo
ai " 1'arks, James, II. A. F . 70
85 " Sutllir.Joel 70
13.1 " Heliw epvenhelser I. K 8 no
30 " schweppenhelser, Horace 1 to
30 " Schweppenhelser, E. I' 1 37
4 " swnnk, S. II 31
15 " Williams, Samuel no
07 " Yohc.Johnlt 3 70
(17 " Yoho, Jacob estate C3
tl acres Creasy. Jacob 4 .15
18 " Olger. lia-bara 1 so
At " Real, Win 5 00
2 " Hamscy estate 4 44
57 acres Crouse, Hiram & Andrew Jr 12 20
10 " Jacoby & ltupert 1 05
10 " Jacoby, Samuel 8U8
10 " Sharfer, Mnthlas 3 97
19 acres Evcrltt, Gabriel estate 2 30
ao " Hagenbuch, Jeremiah 4 61
13 " Hess, Jeremiah 105
10" IIIdlayLovl 3 90
i lot Coleman (leo s 37
30 acres l'atterson M IS 3 45
3 ." siller .Michael is
11 " Kline Jacob deo'd, 101
301 " Frick Geo A 12 70
loo " Miller Cole H3
131 " DreibleblsJohn 1 50
130 " Weatherel Clark . .. l oo
100 " Hoberts Colo lei
39 " Hobblns T D 1 88
3.1 " (Irecnley James 30
40 acres llrclsch Jacob 1 71
ia " " " S9
oo " names ThosJr 80
375 " ConMlr X ltlco 18 ao
850 " Cox 0 s Ex of Tench Cox 3 CO
10 " " " , 10
auo " " " son
CO " " " to
PENNY 0001)3
T. F. ADAMS & CO.,
Solo agents of tho fol
lowing brands ot
Alexander Bros, d Co.,
Bloomsburg, Fa.
r: -
.1 aA .
In nrnnnnnnr1 in icmtir.'f.. ...
Hghtueaio, draught-;
Jtfloomsburg, Pa.
Spring stock of Carpetings just
IS " Dllaplaln KzcklcL IM
loo " iiuston.lnhn am
141 'i Morris HiiRhes ) jj
58 " Mlndy lewis,. i , 4 M
141 Helchorl Charles mi
ltw " " " Mo
lio ' Oil
40,) " " " 38 90
40 " llttllbJ. Miller. 392
M " . , " , ; 818
70 " Navlnger Jonathan , 1 4)
441) 11 Shellenbergcr Thomas ,,,, 1711
01 ; ; 4 90
30 ' Wltchey John .'..'..,'..'.', 941
34 " Yocum lanc ,, 1 c
42 " Yoeutn KHJah , 1 in;
is " Y'elter Lewis Est..,., ns
ro " " " i 41
rn " Trlcn Jacob m
500 " shotiti Abroliom - , 12 50
20 11 Heaver (leo A J L Kline. ;
II ' Little Ilobeit 101
ill " Morris .V Hughes , .17
7 " " n
43 ' ' 118
II " " " 10
100 " Mellington Wm ., 300
! " " " 81
18 " Skate Henry
50 " Hellas Wm tso
19J " Huckntew James Est soo
ft " ColoE7Cktel 1015
40 '! Colo '1 lioma.s II , 400
850 " ("napln J F so so
2 " ChaplnJl'' , 141
75 " Custer Mary 441
as " Hess Jos o. 1 2.T4
123 " Ho'sCrciellng A Co uno
4 of 110 Hess tvesley s ao
MOtlll) " s CO
,V0fl19 " 13 CO
Hi ucics t ir,
91 " Harvey J F & M Smith 3 so
S10 " Mcltenry llohr 2030
si " Savnge Joshua Est 31 82
boo " Mclicnry K J 180
sou " " " s 70
83 " " John J 1 to
78 ISO
19S " liuckalcw Evan cbo
Also tho following lots, pieces and parcels of
scnteil lands returned by tho tax celleclors. are to
bo sold nt the somo time under the provisions ot
an Act of Assembly entitled "An Act relating to
the salo or lands ror taxes in Columbia county,"
approved March tth, isos.
No. Acres. Warrantee or Owner. Tase
1 lot Losee, J. A. agent 1 20
1 " Maston, Wm 0 30
4 lots Homes, Chas. H. 30 40
lla McAtec, John .105
50 acres Harnes, Chas 39 25
Slots Maston, Mrs. Wm 8 93
3 " Selnt, A. II 10 CO
3 seres Ahleman, Charles 0 00
10 " Morkle nros. Co ar 55
317 " Miller, Longenberger & Fisher... 138 72
" llakcr, Jacob sr. 107
4 " Sherman, Thomas 1 71)
lis " Case and Wolvetton S3 Bo
31 " Ilrcdbenner, nideon o 03
1 lot Albertson, Samuel It 1 so
a " Hcacock, Samuel 0 50
a lots Walter, Norman 9 12
1 " l'tirwll, Kllsha 19 co
4 acres Klefer, Jacob estate s 40
10 " I'rlco, Jonas 48
Hot Langdon, Mrs. Thomas dee'd-.,.. 12 CO
1 lot Drown. Wm ?s
.183 acres Cutnmlngs, 11. M. & Co 505 oj
400 ' curry. Lllen ai9 07
Murphy Hugrcs tc co
400 acres Nathaniel Drown tract 433 ro
1 lot Henron, Philip a si
" ouinn, Catharine 01
X " hoons, Henry 73
,tf " Morrison, James 75
18 acres Keller, John W. 1 14
i lot lluss, Anna 1 92
1 lot l'llklngton, P. K 30
81 acres Moore, I-afayetto .... 3 10
si" Mooie, A. L. 495
83 acres Thomas Slate Co 47 55
H lot Marshall, Wm. S 1 cs
1 " Fugc, John 30
10 acres (illlaspy, Wm. estate 9 01
H lot Vnnhorn, Wrn 211
110 acres Chamberlain, Lewis 11 7a
37 Iwls, Ellen 1 01
3.1 " Young, Lewis c. 3 7S
is " Keller, Jacob 130
s acres Ithoads, Susan 8 51
170 acies Tromboner, A. C a 80
130 " El cs, Charles W 6 00
co " Eves, Charles 3 00
0 " House' and Krom 3 u)
170 " Hill, Jesse 13 75
70 " Cox, It'll. It 1 h)
31 acres Blttenbcnder, Conrad 3 00
Hot Kelchner, Jacob E. 133
15 acres llenneld, Thomas 3 41)
33 " Hower, Cbes E. .. 770
t7 acres c rouse, Nelson 10 So
133 acres Itobbins, Joshra 7 bs
50 " Klchle, Jaco'j , 3 30
3S " DrelblebLs, Jacob estate 1 90
8 ' Drclblebis, Joseph 24
10 " Evans, (ieo. 10
50 " Kline nnd l'atterson is 00
83 " Menlenhall, Kllas ss 33
310 " do do 14 (13
412 " Welsh, Abncr tb so
50 " Hunyun, Ezra estate .... 1 a.,
30 " Parker, John II 3 40
7 acres Columbia Lime stono Co 40 SO
20 acres Hebs, Ijtvlna ,. 40
.40 " Koso, John L. 375
30 " crevellng, J. II 2a 50
.21 " Albertson, Jesso 1 au
Treasurer's office, Uloomsburg, March 29th, 1896.
April a, isba-3m.
'foii festivals
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IW Prices,
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