The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, January 29, 1886, Image 3

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Harrigan's Doii Etonian Co,
Positively tho largest nnd most complcto enter
tatnmcnt of tho kind In existence.
8 Great Comedians 8
bujtportcU by n strong comedy company in tlio
funniest of nil comedies,
A 1AI1F tll-Alir,l, tfnllHil 1.nm I
showing you nearly all ol 'ho iirlticlpat Rttlea ni'il
iiuif,nlilcentiulns. A varied nnd picturesque do.
llncnllon of tlw life, customs nnd scenery by n
company ot Indies nnd gentlemen lio would
worn to display anything but tlio most renin den.
iiTiniiimciii. iiuringinu lour mo rouoiung ce
lebrities will nntx'nn .lerrv Cnhnn. Tim. fnlmti
Hilly .Monroe, .loiin lCagan.Con. Totihey, MnJ. MIIoh
v-uuiiu, .ruiuiuiiiiii, Nellie vouiic,
Prtti Ml ahnf l,na 11 ,tr-tirn.t 1 '
S. W. Washburn, - - - Eusiiicss M'ger.
a. A. tfigelow, - - - - Frosa Agent.
HESEHVED SEATS on sale nt McKln.
ncy's olllco without extra charge.
The Columbian.
hiiiiiut minium Tim.
Trains on tho Philadelphia A" U It. leave ltupert
0:3(1 a. in. 11:49 n. m.
3:12 P. ro. 0:13 p. tn.
Trains on tho 1. I.. it V. It. it. lcavo Bloomsburg
s ' 8:30 n. in.
10:'J1 a m. 11.41 a. m.
S:W 1. in. 1:11 p. m.
11:30 p. m. 8:17 p.m.
Trains nn tho N. W. 11. Itallway pass Bloom
V.rrv na rnllmira .
JD.5J n. m. lS:o: p. in.
0-37 p. in. 4:15 p. m.
10:11am OMSpm
Tho executors of James Iiurton deceased
will sell n ronn uiaro with foal, n top
buggy nnil n tr".ck wagon, at the court
house on Monciny, Feb. 1st nt 3 p. m.
Oeorgo W. Farver, executor of George
Fnrver, decensed, will sell valuable real es
tate on premises In Jackson township, on
Saturday, February 20, 1830, commencing
nt 2 o'clock p. m. See advertisement.
Judge Elwell held court In Danville on
Jlr. Frens Hrown visited Mllllin on Mon-
day on insurance business.
J. F. Dorr, of Jackson, spent nfew hours
on business in town on Wednesday.
Mr. Kli Mcllcnry, the genial whole-sou).
ed farmer of Denton was In town on Tucs-
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Chamberlin of Ply.
mouth visited friends in town on Wednes
day. Charles 15. Fenstcrmachcr. of Philadel
phia, is visiting friends in this place this
Harry II. Hess went to Hethleliem on
Wednesday to undergo an oxaminr-tion
preparatory to entering Lehigh University.
Dr. Thomas Mcllcnry, of Ilenton, one
of tlio most enterprising citizens of the
upper end of the county, was in town on
On Saturday last Mr nnd Mrs. Philip V.
Weaver, Miss Agnes Iiauer, Miss Kate
Glover, Miss Pearl Piatt, Miss Minnie
Kreider, Mr. William Glover, W. Kdwarc'
James and Jlr. Harry Lee, drove from Ha
zlcton and spent Saturday evening and
Sunday at the home of Jlr. I. S. Kuhn
Six of tlio party returned Sunday afternoon;
the others remained until Monday after
noon. Mr. Weaver's many filends heio
were pleased to gleet the company.
Court next week.
A Jersey calf for sale with pedigree.
Inquire of 11. Stohner. 2t
U. P. McIIenry has been appointed
postmaster at Millville.
The weather moderated on Tuesday and
softened up tlio sleighing.
Try Tower smoking and chewing tobacco
aud you will like it. For sale by Alexand
or Bros, it Co.
Out of twenty eases on tho criminal list
for next week, twelve of them are for for
ideation and bastardy.
I hereby nnnounco myeelt as candidate
for Collector of Tuxes of tho several dis
tricts of Illoomsburg. David Wix.nki;.
L. Ilernard has a line stock of watches,
jewelry and silverware. Only first class
goods at low prices nil goods warranted us
represented. dee
Dr. J. Pchuyler Is tho republican rundi
datc for director of llloom Poor District.
It is rumored that Hcecc Fairman will run
as nn independent.
Salesman drumming coal and iron op.
crators, hardware, Ac, can ndd A 1 line,
One of our agents earned over ?U,000 last
year, llox 1371 New York. 2t.
Foot passengers are crossing tlio river on
the lco nt Milllinyillu since last Monday,
Wo tiled It, and are free to confess, that
wo much prefer a bridge.
Col. M. J, Keel: litis puichascd soma
slate quarries In Utah, through Chicago
capitalists, and proposes to develope nud
work them on n largo scale.
Services are held at the Lutheran church
each evening this week, commencing at
half-past seven o'clock. Communion scr.
vices were held on Sunday last,
I hereby nnnounco myselt ns candidate
for Collector of Taxes of the several dis
tricts of tho town of Illoomsburg.
2t D. F. Wkiss.
Wo will pay cash for wool during tho
inoutli3 of January and February.
Saniis & Ki.iuti:,
Mordunsvillc, Pa.
A Wllllainsport hen was deceived by the
Bpring-llko weather a few weeks ago, and
his brought out nlno young chicks.
Wonder what they think of this cold
world ?
Ho enreful in your choice of candidates
for the Spring elections, but when notnl
luatcd, put them through. Where you
have tho majority, voto solidly. You can't
lose. Close up your ranks quietly,
Foit Sai.u, lease or exchango nn cstub.
lUhed manufacturing business with u com.
fortablo homo near by. Two railroads.
Terms easy, Address, Stkam Poukii.
Piloomsburg, P, O.
jan. 1, il cow.
Nervous weakness, femolo complaints,
loss of appetite, languor nud a general de
pression of spirits can bo readily cured
tiy tho iiso of Keller's Catarrh Kcmcdy,
Try it. See advertisement.
Tho St. Cloud Hotel. In Phllndclphla.wns
destroyed by (Ire last Monday night.
Notick. Any ono wishing n vendue
crier, plcnso call on tlio undersigned,
2t David Winnku
Tho heirs of Isaach Snyder deceased
met at tlio old homesUnd In Mllllin town
ship on Monday nnd made n flnnl dlstilbu
lion of the estate, with tho nsslstnnco of
their attorney, and Samuel Snyder F.sq,
w!iu4ook tho necessary acknowledgments,
Ilemember, Democrats, the ofllco of
Collector of Taxes Is n very Important one
under the Act of 1885. Some competent
man of our party must bo selected for the
ofllco nnd loyally supported. Make a good
ticket, Btand up to It nnd elect It all. Don't
A suppor, dance nnd reunion of tho 0.
A. H. men was held nt Ulnck's Tcupcranco
hotel at Hohrshurg, on Tuesday evening of
last week. The Posts of Unllyvlllc, Fair-
mount Springs nnd Kloonisburg were rep
resented. About 70 members wero present.
i ney nil report having had a cood time.
Tills notice was handed us last week, but
too late lor publication
Tlio young women ot a Connecticut
town have formed n vcrv laudable ni-rrnn
l.ntlon, known ns tho "Tongue Guard."
i.acn member drops n penny in a box cv
cry time she says a word against anybody,
The money Is elven lo the noor. nnd rim
er!)' is said to be rapidly decreasing In that
We know of nlnccs where Riieb nn nrrvin
- n
Ization would require it dry goods box to
iiom me pennies ror n week.
Steam wns turned on tlio mains on Tues1
day afternoon about flvo o'clock, by Mrs.
A. Z. Sehnch, wife of the President of the
Steam Heating company. Thoro was n
pressure of forty pounds on tlio boilers
when the valve was opened, and in a hnlf
hour the mnlns were warmed up and tho
stenm was circulating through the houses
where attachments have been made. Ev.
erythlng works nicely, nnd the works will
undoubtedly prove nn entire success.
Mr. Enos Jncoby was tnken willi n con
gestive chill on Wednesday afternoon. Hi
was frund in a chair in his oyster saloon
sitting near the stove, in nn unconscious
state. A stranger went into the saloon and
finding Mr. Jncoby, supposed him intoxi
cated, nnd tried to arouc hlmj falling In
this ho called Jlr. Marr, who said that Jlr.
Jacoby did not get intoxicated. Assistance
was obtained and Jlr. Jaeoby tnken to his
home. Ho was able to sit up on Thursday
Hie answer of Prof. Grlmc3 in last
week's Issue, to certain Inquiries ns to
what wns done with the proceeds of tho
Institute lectures, is complete, and ought
to be entirely satisfactory to everybody.
Jlr. Grimes would have a perfect legal and
moral right to claim the profits entirely as
his own, as he alone Is responsible for any
deficit. Hut when he generously puts the
profits in a fund to meet deficits that may
occur hereafter, there is no ground for
Under the act of 1883 Tax Collectors
must lllo a bond in the olllco of the Clerk
of Quarter Sessions before entering on their
duties. This bond must be in double the
probable amount of the several duplicates
that will come Into their hands, and is in-
tended to cover all the duplicates. The
bond must first bo approved by the Court
or one of the Judges, nnd it would bo well
for the Collector to get a rertiilcato from
the proper ofllcer of each district whose
duplicates will come into Ids hands, us to
tho provable amount of each duplicate, so
that the Couit or Judge may know that the
amount named In the bond is sufficient.
List of letters remaining In tlio Post Of.
flee at Illoomsburg for week ending Jan.
20, 1880:
Jlr. 31. V. Ilowman, Amos F. Crawford,
-Mrs. Dr. Gruus, 31!ss 3Iell Hartman, .Mrs.
Leah C. Ilitzelberger, .Miss .Minnie .Madge
burg, Jlr. George Jlelcalf, (ship,) Jlr. Win.
Holmes, Annie Xeyhart, JIIss Cnllio E.
Lewis Ilrothers, .Mrs. 31. Kelly, William
II. Thompson.
Persons calling for these letters will
nlease say 'advertised."
Gi:oi:okA. Claiik, P. 31.
iY slight lire occuried In the kitchen of
.Mr. 1). Lowenberg on Sunday about noon.
.Mr. and 3ns. Lowunbere wcru in tho kitch
en when the latter thought she smelled
something burning and looked to see If it
was any of her clothing, as she had been
about the stove. She then opened a closet
door and the llames burst forth. Huckets
of water and the pave wash hose were put
into use at onco and tho tiro extinguished,
ilthongh ubout 5.110 damage was done. It
was fortunate that the lire was discovered
so timely.
The fire apparatus wns out, but fortu
nately the services of the firemen wero not
A hearing was lia'.1 before Justlco Jaeoby
on Saturday last in n charge of assault and
battiry betwien A. J. Evans and members
ot the Silvutlon Army. From the testi
mony given nt the heeling wo learn the fol
lowing facts: .Mr. A. J. Evans, on the 21st
of November, had rented his hall to the
Sulvatlon Army for six months at .10 a
month payable In advance. OnThursday
lust the captain of tlio army went to Jlr.
Evans nnd ottered part payment for the
coming mouth, suying ho did not have
enough for all, but would pay the balance
In a tew days. Tho part payment was not
aken, and the army not suspecting any-
thing, went to the room in tho eycnlng and
found it locked. Tim Salvation Army had
about JilO worth of property, consisting of
benches, Ac, nnd still retained tho key tn
the room. The next day they consulted an
ittorncy and was instructed to tender Jlr.
iiynns tlio full amount of rent money.
They dtd 60, and Evans rfifuscd to toko It.
They again consulted their attorney and
were instructed to go up and tako posses
ion, dipt. .Moore, Henry Hassert, Chas.
C. Kcsly and Chas. Jlcllrlde started for the
hall aud wero met nt the head
of tho fliurs by Jlr, Evans and others.
Tho members of the army wero notified
that they could not como up, whereupon
Henry Hnssert attempted to pass 3Ir. Ev
ans aud was hit in tho fuco and kicked.
No rcslstunco wns offered, hut they re
turned again to consult their attorney, who
udvised tho nvrest. Tho hearing resulted
in Jlr. Evans being held for Ids appearance
nt court with ball of ijilOO. After tho
hearing 3Ir. Evans accepted tho rent ten
dered aud pave the unny possession of tho
After tills conllict, tho Salvation Army dis
played very luil judgment, und n question,
able spirit for a religious body, when on
tho evening of tho same day they marched
past Mr. Evans' store and up Into tho hall,
singing "Glory Hallelula." Perhaps It
win not done to annoy .Mr, Evans, but It
looked very much that way,
Scott's Emulsion of Pure
Cod I.Ucrcilt M'iltilllupl:oHiliUvii
Its Use In Lung Troubles.
Dr. Hiram Ccdorctto, of Jacksonville,
Fla. says; "1 have for the last ten months
prescribed your Emulsion, to patients suf.
hiring from lung troubles, and they seem to
be greatly beneilttcd by its use."
I havo on hand nnd for sale 1,000,000 ft.
of one-Inch second-growth whllo plno
bonrds, Including about 100,000 ft. of pitch
pine, Is a good quality and nil perfectly
dry, has been plied two .ycers, will sell
reasonable for cash. Also a lot of hem
lock fencing und shingles of dlltcrcnt
kinds. Hour JIoIIknuv,
Jan. 18, 18S0,Mt. ' Henton, Pa.
CoimtnlilcN' IltltlCH.
Tho law requires that the conslnhlo of
every township shall give public notlco 1 f
the township elections by ten or morcprln
ted or written handbills, nlllxcd alas many
of tho most public places therein, nt least
ten days before tho election. In case ot
the denlh, removal or neglect of the con
stable to give such notice , it is the duty of
the supervisors to give tho notice. Printed
election notices can bo obtained at this
ofllce, or will bo sent by mall on receipt of
10 cents In stamps.
A Hcrluus Accident.
Jlr. A.W. Snyder of Mlllllnvlllo was
badly hurt on Thursday of last week. Ho
was assisting In pulling n tube out of a
boro hole when the derrick broke nnd ho
wns struck across tho back by n heavy
pole. It wns thought at first that his lower
limbs were paralyzed, as he had nn con
trol over them, but wo nro glad to learn
that he Is now Improving, aud hopes to
bo out again soon. It was n narrow es
cape, as from the size of the polo and the
distance it fell It Is a wonder his back wns
not broken. Jlr. Snyder Is Jlltlllinvlllo's
Tlic TourlHlH I.unI Mlglit.
Ilenova livening Ncn s.
Hnrrlgan's Irish nud American Tour-
Ists held forth at the opern house last night
and made fun for eighteen hundred peo-
pie. Without exaggerating in tho least
we can sny that the show gave universal
satisfaction. The scenery of famous and
interesting places In Ireland was Itself n
gonil card and many went to see that
The two Uurncys mado much fun, and.
they with the "nagur,' and Dutchman
kept tho people In n roar all the time.
Tho bagpipes were something new and
wero well appreciated. The dancing was
of the best nnd there never wns better or
more of It in Hcnoya. Harrigun's Tour
ists can get a full house hero any time.
Bloomsburg Opera House, Jan. 28.
;jv Systc-m ot Kducutioii.
At a late meeting of the State Grnnco of
Pennsylvania, Secretary Thomas submitted
plan for a system of education in the
Grange. He claims that a practical svstem
of education In the order is feasible. He
based his system on apian of home reading
in regular and graduated steps. Tho sub
ject matter is to be selected and arranged
witli reference to tho wants nnd attainments
of tlio renders, or ns the Secretary nuts it.
'tho students shall becin with tho simmer
elements of the sciences nnd continue un
til Hie subject is thorouchlv understood."
The couise suggested by Secrctnry Thomas
will embrace American h storv. uractlcal
botany, chemistry, gcolocy, natural philos
ophy and political economy, the subiccts
to be studied Informally and reviewed at
stated or special meetings of the Grange.
l'armcrH, 1, 00k Out !
Farmers in the region ot tho Susque
hanna nro being victimized by sharpers
who advertise a new. variety of oats for
sale. 'Hohemian oats," "China hulled
oats," iii.d "Hod lined wheal" are rank
swindlers- The modest sum of $15 per
bushel for Ited line wheat is charged nnd
in agreement made with the purchaser
that the parties who sell him the wheat
this year at ijlfi per bushel will tako of
him double the quantity next year at S10
per bushel that he buys this year. The
seed onts nro sold to farmers for nbout 7
per bushel nnd n similar agreement is
made. 1 ho agreement nmounts to noth
ing, for the company that makes the ag
reement will have been disbanded before
next year comes around.
It is about time that people stopped
signing papers without having even cu
riosity enough to. examine their contents,
Don't sign papers without understanding
tlielr contents, and when they are offered
by slraugers be doubly cautious.
Tlie ImprlHoiicil .ttlnci-H Surely
Tho Jllno Inspectors who mado the in
vestigation into the situation of nffnirs at
Slope 1 of the Nantlcoko mines sny they
could not see that anything further could
bo done by the Susquehanna Coal Com
pauy to hasten the recovery of the en
tombed men. They claim that If ;tho men
are reached at nil they can only be got at
through the blocked workings and that no
m6ro rapld.'progress can lie made than Is
now being made by the rescuing party.
The Inspectors expressed their entire satis
faction willi tho measures taken by the
company fo recover the men and say that
even under tho most favorable clrcuin.
stances it will take a month or six weeks
longer to reach tlio spot whero tho victims
are supposed to he. Tlio sinking of tho
bore hole is being carried on only to satis
fy the relatives und friends of tho entomb
ed men, but It will be productive of no
good, From all that can be seen and
learned by the Inspectors who entered the
mino they are fully satisfied that none of
men are alive, and It is seriously doubted
whether any of them .suivlved the first
rush of water and saud. Aaron W. Hhoad.
cs, superintendent of the mining engineer
squad, reported on Jlouday that the work
of the rescuing party is progressing. He
says that no light has ns yet been seen by
anyone since the ac;ident occurcd nnd
tint no sound of any kind has been heard
from the men
Illcom l'oor IHHtrlL't.
Tho members of tho Democratic Stand
ing Committee for tho township embraced
in Bloom Poor District met ut tho Ex
change Hotel lu Illoomsburg on Saturday,
2!1 iust. Tho meeting wns called to order
by D. Lowenberg, Chairman, and F. 1).
Dentler was elected secretary. Nomina,
lions for Directors being In order, J. W.
Perry of Sugarloaf iiamcd Jlr, Fritz of
same township, J, Drlcbelbis nominated
Wesley Jlorrls of Greenwood, William
Deilterich nominated Dr. F. W. Hcdeker
of Espy, F, D, Dentler nominated O, A
Klelm of H'.oom, and on motion tho noiui.
nation closed, On tho 1st ballot Lowen
berg, Deullcr, and DriebelbU voted for
Kleim,U, Hlchnrt voted for .Morris, 1, Dolt,
tcilch voted tor Hcdekej, 1, nnd Perry for
Frit, 1, No choice. On 2nd ballot tlio
tho voto win the samo except that Drle.
belbls voted for Jlorrls, and Hlchnrt voted
for Klcmv Nn choice. On 3rd ballot nil
voted for Klelm except Deltterlcli and
Perry who voted samo as before. Klelm
was declared ono ot tho nominees. On
llh ballot ull voted for Jlorrls, except
Deltterlcli, who voted for Fritz. On motion
Klelm und Jlorrls were unanimously nom
inated. Adjourned.
F. D, I)ntlki!, Secretary,
l'.lcctlon NntlccH.
Wo will send by nintl post-paid to any
constable In tho county, one dozen election
notices on receipt of 10 cents. Tins Is much
chenper than thej con bo written. tf
On last fcrlday night there wns a party
nt Thomas JlcJIurtlc's from Illack Creek.
I There were two sled londs.
Swank it Snyder were over the .Mountain
to Sclirlnor's mill with n load of ryo re
cently. They report sleighing very good,
Dnnlcl lloyer has quite n sore eye. Wo
nrc Informed that ho struck It with tho
thrashing flail.
Hev. Haslngor will prench In tho Forks
church nt this placo on Sunday afternoon,
It Is reported that C. E. Hortman Is go
Ing to move to our neighborhood lu tho
Sallle Schweppcnhelscr was visiting E,
L. Klrkcndall's nnd George Jtourcy's on
bundny last.
Wo havo been rending the news of tho
day, and learning therefrom, of great suff
erings from tlio recent Hoods nnd cold
wenther through out the country nnd con
cluded that we havo been highly favored,
our streams being able to control tho wat
er, and shelter nnd heat to keep us warm
health prevails and our children all go to
school, 3llss Kate llarman being tho only
ono sick and she Is improving.
Our millers have hud some trouble with
Ice, but both luvo kept running.
Wo nro to liavo a S. S. Convention nt the
31. E. Church Saturday, Feb. Oth.
Our black-smlth, Mr. James Kclchner,
sold part of his goods preparatory to mov.
Ing to Kansas whero he expects to make
his futuro homo. Jamesjhas not only beena
good smith, but n quiet, sober citizen and
a most excellent neighbor, and we are loth
to part with him, nnd to show our regret,
on Monday evonlng ubout seventy of us
assembled ut his father Anron's, whero ho
is stopping to glvo him and h'.s good wife
n "send oil". Ample preparations for the
occasion had been made by tho friends, ns
oysters, cakes, pies were left In abundance
after the party had dispersed. To James
and wifo we all say farewell.
Farmers arc busy hauling coal and lime.
Harry Y. Oabel left for Philadelphia last
Uysetting wns ono of the requisites of
sleighing on Sunday evening from church.
Lucas Fnhrlnger's thermometer register
ed 22 degrees below zero here, the morn
ing ot tlio 14th Inst
Preacher Hamlin, J. II. Stino and W,
1 eager each purchased now cutters for
the lino sleighing.
Danl. Houch and son Saml. left Satur.
day morning for a visit to friends an'' rela
tives In the vicinity of Niscopeck-
Hev. Dr. W. S. Hamlin is not very well
having been unablo to attend the quarterly
meeting at Jit. Zion on Saturday and Sun
day lust.
The Editors of the Coluumax will accept
our thanks for copy of their Pictorial An
mini for '80 containing much useful nnd
Interesting matter.
Danl. Humble and George Getty left
.Monday morning a week for the northern
part of Sullivan county whcie they had
been on business, returning on Saturday.
Leander Eveling who resides in the
western part of our village, on tho 14th
inst became the happy father of two fine
and healthy twin boys. Now "Lan" Clove-
land would be n very good name for cither
one or the other of thoso new boys.
Lots of sleighing parties In this place Sat-
urday evening. One sled with nine couple
from Danvlllo put up nt Yeager's hotel ;
soon after which the Etcelsior band, with
eighteen pieces and twenty-four persons,
of near Shamokln nrrived, also pulled up
to the hotel . "Well" was
somewhat crowded but be did his utmost
for I1I3 guests. Tho boys having upset
once or twice were pretty cold, but after
getting thoroughly thawed up they "got
off" some good music leaving for home,
Sunday 9, A, 31. Also a party In town
from Catawissa who pulled up at J Yeag
er's, among them being 31. O. Hughes, F.
L. bhuman, A. Truckenmlller, Simon Kaup
and others.
ICUHt IlClltOll.
The most interesting branches cf study
ever introduced into our public schools are
physiology and hygiene. Parents and
guardians take a moio lively and active
part in them than the pupils do. The re
sult thus far 1ms been several public exhi
bitions with crowded houses whore
speeches and much other promiscuous
speaking of rather an excitable nature,
were indulged In. Altogether they are
marvelously developing the intellect of old
and young In n stirring manner. Coerciou
does not seem to conform to the spirit of
our people worth 11 cent.
.Mrs: Jlury Eipper, whose maiden name
was .Mrs. .Maty Campbell, from near Or-
ungevllle, with two chubby little boys, is
visiting fiieuds in tills neighborhood.
Hev. William H. Campbell nnd his sister,
.Mary, took charge of Jlouroo Semiuary
at Howman's Creek, Wyoming county, in
tho year 1878 and remained principal and
preceptress one year when tho former en
tered Lafayetto college and tho latter ro-
nained some time longer in tho seminary.
In 1882 JIlss Campbell was married to Jlr.
Thomas Eipper, of Dallas, Luzerne county,
mid soon thereafter moved to Spottsylvunia
county, u., not far from Fredericksburg,
on n branch of the Jnmes Hlvcr, Having
sold out, Jlr. Eipper, witli his family, re
turned to Pennsylvania.
Wu never yet saw 11 Winter which had
not Its "frlzzis," "thews" "snows," and
even "blows;" yet it is possible that our
misguided muskruts migrated to Huckhornl
and shamefully deceived us In tho signal
service Hue.
Jlr. Georgo 31, Gibbons was suddenly tn-
ken sick last Friday: somo better now.
The trouble Is heart nftecllou.
Our Henton boys captured 420 fishes last
Jlouday n week In what had been Swart
wout's mill Cam. They got them all. Last
Saturday we, In company with two others,
searciicu lor more and never found "a
Hev. I), 31, Klnter Is holding u series of
meetings in tho Christian chapel at Cam
bra. In the next round wo expect to see hy-
gleuo knocked out of time.
I have been troubled with catarrh from
boyhood and had considered my cuso
chronlo until about three years ago 1 pro.
cured ono bottlo of Ely's Cream Ualni, and
1 count mysojf sound to-day, all from tho
uso of ono bottle. J. H. Cooley, Hurdwaro
Merchant, .Montrose, Pa.
Tlio romainiui; copies of tbo History
of Columbia County, a book of COO
i;es illustrated anil bound in cloth
will bo closed out at SI, 00 each, 25
cents oxtra by mail. For salo at Ui
Coi.UMiiuK Olllce. Illoomsburg, Pa.
Iliiltrontt CoIIInIoii at Ktipert.
A collision between two freight trains
occurcd at 0.80 Saturday morning of last
week nt tho North end cf Rupert yard, on
tho Catawissa and Wllllnmsport branch of
tho Philadelphia and Heading Hallrond,
resulting In tho dentil ot ono man and tho
serious Injury of thrco others. Tho follow.
Ing arc the nnmcs ut tho victims, all real,
dents of Catawissa.
Lewis Gctkln, 25 years old, married,
fireman of north-bound train j crushed be.
tween engine nnd tender nnd Instantly kill
William llcckcndorf, 43 years old, mnr
ricd, engineer of North. bound train j badly
Injured about back, breast and head, will
William Illlncr, married, brakeman cut
and bruised ) not dangerously,
Albert JlcCarty, 28 years old, single, en.
gluetr of South-bound train s bndly Injur-
cd nbout back, hips and legs, will recover,
burled In the snow beneath a car load of
lumber, and nlmost frozen before ho was
llcckcndorf, engineer of tho North-bound
train, Is responsible for tho collision. Ho
loft Catawissa as tho first section of No 01
freight, with orders to meet and pass an
extra at ltupert. As ho pulled through
the yard at tho pissing point ho saw the
switcli engine standing on a siding carry
ing white lights, nnd supposing It was tho
train mentioned in his orders, ho pulled
out and crashed Into the extra on the
curvo at tho North end of tho yard. Tho
extra was coming at tho rate of about fif
teen miles nn hour. The cars and engines
wero plied ir. inextricable confusion, nnd
tho locomotives wero completely wrecked.
Getkin, the llremnn for Ueckcndorf, was
pinned fast between tho tank and engine,
and his body was horribly mangled. Beck.
endorf was found lying upon the footboard
of his engine, one of tho largo "dirt-burn
crs,'' nnd his escape from Instant death
wns remarkable. JlcCarty was thrown
from his cnglno Into u snow-bank at the
side of tlio track, and a carload of lumber
was hurled upon him. Ho was found by
some of the crew soon afterwards, with
only his face showing above tho wreck.
It required forty-fivo minutes to release
him. Illlncr, tho brakeman, jumped Irom
t jo cars as they struck, and was hit in the
back by some of tho Hying timber.
The track was blocked until evening,
passengers being transferred in tho mean
time. The Injured men wero taken to
their homes in Catawissa, and aro now
resting well. .This Is the most disastrous
collision in the history of this division of
tho Philadelphia und Heading ltailroad.
Tho Coroner's in jucst resulted in tho plac
ing of the blame of tho accident upon
Engineer Beckcndorf. The financial loss
will probably reach $30,000, as both en
gines nud part of the rolling stock aro a
total wreck.
To tlic-Sunday Hcliool Workmen of
tlic KcvHtonc state.
Gukktino: The Pennsylvania State Sab
bath School Association has long felt the
need of direct nnd regular communication
with the workmen nnd the field. In many
parts of tho State the Sunday school organ
ization is incomplete nnd the work ineffic
ient. The Keystone State should rank in
the very front of the Sunday school army.
To this end the executive committee have
decided to carry out the recommendation
of the last Convention at Sunbury, nnd is
suo a paper devoted to the interests and
work of the Sunday schools of the State.
It will at first appear as a quarterly, in the
hope that it may soon bo much improved
and appear as a monthly. The success of
the undertaking will depend largely upon
its reception by Individual workmen
throughout tho schools of the State.
Whilst a nominal subscription price is fixed
at 25 cents it necessarily follows that the
paper will have to bo suslalned principally
by the liberality of tho friends ot the cause.
It is proposed to circulate at least 5,000
copies among tho different counties. The
Association has no fund to devote to this
work and earnestly solicits private contrl
buttons', ns well as subscriptions and ad
vertisements, especially as in many locali
ties the paper will have to bo distributed
gratuitously In order to reach tho end de
sired. The work of editing tho paper will
bo a frco-will o.Tering most cheerfully
made. The paper will aim to furnish its
readers with reports of tho field, including
statistics, and all matters ot general inter
est. It will be tho medium of tho officers
and executivo committee of tho organiza
tion und thus take tlu place ot tbo annual
circulars sent out by them. It will nlso
coutniu special articles prepared by exper
ienced Sunday school men, brief and
practical. In this way it is earnestly hoped
that tliis paper will prove a valuable aid
and a welcome visitor to many homes and
schools throughout the State.
Hev. J. M, Hkimensnydeii, Lowistown,
Ed. ami Chairman of Pub. Com.
Hev. Alexandeu IIknhv,
Wllllainsport, Asst. Editor.
Hev. S. G. Siianson, Sunbury.
W. S. Ko.s3, 31. D., Altoona.
Ci.auknoe J. Hkddiq, Shlpp'jnsburg.
Note. Subscriptions and contributions
for The Penntyhxima Sabbath School Iteritw
may bo sent to Clarence J. Heddig, Ship,
pensburg, or tho chairman. Tho paper
will bo Issued during the month of January.
On Saturday last quite a nnmber of
ladles from town look a slclghrldo to
On Friday lust a number of Invited
guests took in tho turkey roast at Jacob
We learn that somo thieves broko In the
granary of J. Terwllllger nnd helped them
selves to tho substnnco that sustains life.
Kather a bad season for that kind of work
as there will bo poor hopes of getting Hour.
On Wednesday night qulto a party
from Berwick took possession ot Jtho hotel
and enjoyed tho fantastic too until (bo
"weo small hours of tho morning." Ill
took supper.
Hev. Byer commenced a series of pro.
traded meetings on Tuesday evening. Thus
far there has been ono seeker.
H. 31. Johnson ono of our uptown black.
smiths has been very busy for tho past
week on sleigh work generally.
Humor has it that there will bo an Inde
pendent candldato from west Scott for tho
olllco of poor director. The slate seems
to havo been pretty well made up from all
appearances, Ono of tho committee men
says that tho Independent man shall bo tho
candldato slnco ho helped to run Scott out
of what sho Is justly entitled to.
A. II. White is replenishing his stock of
lumber, John Phillips on Friday brought
in c load containing 2013 feet with two
On Saturday Jos Ilippeustccl took a load
of young peoplo sleighing, visiting Blooms
burg on tho route.
Jlr. and Mrs. J. M. Ilulshizer returned
home on Friday from a visit to hU old
home In New Jersey.
Amos Drlebclbls and family In company !
with Will Hartzel and wife called at Ellas
1 Driesbelbla' on Sunday,
Having como to tho conclusion that
somo nowe from Centre would not be out
of place slnco there, Is no regular corres
pondent I will give n short nccount of tho
surrounding country ns viewed from ac
quaintance mado In years gono by, Ccn
trevllle a llttlo village situated on the west
branch ot tho Susquehanna contains ono
hotel kept by Jackson 31ann, two stores
ono operated by Low Bros it Co,, tho
other by Geo Hponslcr, two churches, a
commodious school house, ono ot tho best
that may be found In the township. This
llttlo vlllago Is surrounded by a beautiful
farm country passing from thero to what
Is called tho llldlny church district wo
pass many farms owned and operated by
staunch old Democrats, and the now black
smith shop operated by Jos Gclgcr, whilst
his better half engages lu carpet weaving.
In tho llcldlny district somo Improvements
havo been going on of which tho lntest Is
the new dwelling of Andy Hagcnbuch,
nlso tho great molasses mill of F.D. Hagen
buch which did a great amount of work
considering tho country nnd tho Interest
taken in tho raising of sugar cane. Whilst
making tho circuitous route one of Blooms
burg's old residents may bo passed, Jocob
Aul who engages extensively In tho truck.
Ing business, from thence wo may pass to
thegrongo hall which was built by tho
grangers, a part of which is rented to the
township for public school purposes. In
this part of the township may be found
the genial host Lafayette Creasy and fam
Ily, who lately purchased tlio old homo,
stead of John Kclchner deceased, for the
nominal sum of seven hundred and fifty
dollars. Not wishing to occupy too much
spaco 1 will shorten tho journey and give
a few details of the different parts that
havo not hnd any description, not wishing
to be partial. From granger hall wo come
b ick to the portion of tho country occu
pled by E.,'.J. S., and F. P. Hagcnbuch
sons of Jeny Hagcnbuch deceased) from
there the beautiful farms ot Squire Hldlay
may be viewed nnd tho steam tannery
owned and operated by J. F. Hlnk & Sons.
Centre townsiiip for sleighing parties.
3Ilss Jennio Sillier, daughter of Wilson
Miller, who has been sick for somo time
Is convalescing rapidly.
Mrs. T. N. Swcppcnhiser is amongst
the number on the sick list.
Our schools for some time past have
been small owing to the great fall of snow.
The measles arc here as well as else
where. CntawlHHn.
The Luther Union purposes holding an
entertainment In Jlasonlc Hall the 19th of
next month. All should attend, as It is
for a good cause.
Ono of Jlr. KaufTman's chlldred died
last week und was buried nt Turaaqua
where 3Irs. Kaulf man's relatives live.
Sleighing parties still seem lo be the rage
In this place; hardly a day passes, but wc
havo several either to, or from this place.
One of the saddest collisions that has
occurcd for a number of years, happened
on last Saturday morning, by which one
man was killed and three more seriously In
jured, at Rupert. Two engines were almost
totally demolished and quite a number of
cars. The men were busily employed un
til four o'clock in clearing tho track, and
on Monday they worked at the wreck, but
did not succeed In removing It. The men,
who are Injured nro getting nlong as well
ns can bo expected.
Our supervisor has again notified the
people not to deposit ashes or dirt in the
streets. Why do the people have to be
told each year of this tact?
The burning of Sirs. J. Walters' house
last week established one fact, that If wc
Intend to have tho water works of any
benefit in caso of fire, tlio citizens must
cither purchase more hose, or else those
who are any dlstanco from firo plugs will
receive ho benefit.
As the time for spring election is coming
on, let the citizens see to it tiiat men are
selected, who do their duty conscientious
ly and look to tho interests of the people,
more than to their pocket books. Men
who will not hesitai! to do right if some
of their particular friends aro not benefited
or their pet scheme pushed forward, at tho
cost of the taxpayer.
Sir. Fisher who purchased tho drug
store, from Helwig has a first class phar.
maceutical education, and will woit on his
patrons cither day or night.
Tho remaining copies of the History
of Columbia County a book of COO
paces illustrated and bound iu cloth
will be closed out at SI 00 caoh, 2.r
cents extra by mail. For sale at tho
Columbian Office. Bloomsburg, Pa.
January 21, 1880, by Hev. F. V. Slanhart,
at the residence of O. C. Kahlcr, Esq,, 3Ir.
Charles H. Kahlcr to Sliss Kate Scvison.
both ot Bloomsburg, Pa.
I. W. Ilnrlmau & Hnn's
ginghams are in. See them soon.
A few more ladles' nnd children's ennto
to closo out cheap at O lark it Son's.
1. W. Hartman & Son's 20 nieces nf lilnn
calico 8cts. a yard aro now open.
Special bargains In black and rnlnm.l
dress silks at Clark & Son's. See them.
I. W. Hartman it Son's four Imli-s nf
muslin are on hand. OJcts, a yard to 7
cts., by bolt fine and heavy.
Clark it Son nro offerine sneclal barsalna
In Hamburg edgings. Go see them.
All persons aro hereby notified that nnv
persons buying Conyngham township or
ders will purchase tho samo subject to any
equities that may exist as to tho taxpayers.
jjmv uiu iaijuycra ivBsuuiaiion are win
ing to mako all roads, keep in repair ull
roads and bridges free of expense to Indi
vidual taxpayers tor tho eur 1895. nnd
subject to the direction of the Supervisors
of said township and as thero is no legal
tux levied for the year, and all leglllmuto
expenses of tho Hood Department uro be-
ing pain, mere is no necessity for any or
ders being Issued.
All orders require the signatures of both
Supervisors of the Township Clerk and
should bear the seal ot tbo township.
Tho nbovo notice is being given so that
all persons can govern themselves accord-
l"'1'" . . a M' ItlLKY
Agent for Taxpayer's Association.
Ashland, Pa., Nov. 27, '85.-tf.
Slusllni, 40-Inch wide, up to 2 yards at
I. W. Hartman it Bon's. 10c. to 30c.
All tho new styles in buttons, buckles
and clasps for dress nt Clark it Son's,
Embroideries at all prices now open at
I. W. lUrtman it Son's. 1,000 yards more
iu iuuow next yvccK,
100 dozen ladles' linen collars and cuffs,
Including nil tbo now novelties ot the sea
son, nt lowest prices at Clark it Son's.
Summer panting, over all goods, Sprlug
Burnings, eoiureu uucKings, denims, cliovl.
ots, itc Just in-at I.W. llartman it Son's.
You can buy muslins, calicoes, glifghams,
tickings, towellug,itc, at lowest prices, at
Clark it Son's,
,,, n
The Whlto poods nrn rnimnir lnnl T V."
- llartmaa it Son's.
. Khcumitlsm is primarily caused bv ac
Idity of the blood. Hood's Sarsaparilln
purines mo uioou, anu thus cures the ills
For the poor miserable, Writable dispo
sition of constipated children and dvsncn-
ties, Dr. Hand's Plcnsant Physic Is nil
they need. Try It nnd bo Jolly. Hcincin
bo? It Is especially for children, sickly peo.
piu mm women, no constipation oiler,
"Dozens of letters a day pour In upon
Dr. David Kennedy, of ltoundout, N. Y.,
from peoplo who have been benefitted by
using his popular preparation called Ken
nedy's 'Favorite Hcmcdy.' And they of.
id. iiiiiBtmiu wimi mis rcmarKuuio incut
clno accomplishes In somo now nnd hith-
firtn iintrlnil ni.1,1 nf nnjthflllnn NTnl
qucntly patients come long distnnccs to
Kiuni, 11. u uuuiur uiu uunu nnu express
their gratitude for deliverance from pain."
-Troy (N. Y.) Daily Tima. J.lMt.
For earache, toothache, soro throut,
swelled neck, and the results of cold and
Inflammation, uso Dr. Thomas Eclcctrlc
Oil the great pain destroyer.
I hnd to comb back tho hair from my
forehead and omit the parting to conceal
my baldness. Slnco then Parker's Hair
Balsam has mado my hair us thick and
glossy ns ever. Ladles whose hair Is get
ling thin wilt find tho Balsam just splendid.
Slnry Swnnson, Chicago. jan-15-4t.
Worms nro tho scourge of childhood.
Thousands of children die or grow up
weak nnd sickly, with disordered nerves
and stunted minds, the lood ncccssiry to
their growth having been eaten up by th;se
disgusting parasites. Dr. Walker's Califor
nia Vinegar Bitters not only expels worms,
but frees the stomncli from the unhealthy
secretions in which they breed.
Aycr's Sarsaparilla, being highly concen
trated, req lilies a smaller dose, and Is moro
cflectlve, dose for dose, than any other
blood medicine. It is the cheapest, be
cause tho best. Quality and not quantity
should bo considered.
From the Dundee "Record," Dundee, A. 1'.
1 was troubled for a long time with ner
vous nffeclions of the heart. It became so
severe thatl fouud it dllllcult to He down
getting hardly two nights rest In a week.
Heart would beat very fast at times, and
at other times very slow. When lying
down could hear every artery in my neck
nnd chest beat, seemingly ns loud ns a
clock's tick. 1 was treated by some of the
best physicians in Steuben and Yates
counties, but received no decided benefit.
I nccidenjally saw ono of Dr. Kilmer's "In.
valld's Guide to Health, "and after carefully
reading It over concluded to try n bottle of
his Heart Hemedy. I did so, and after us
ing four bottles I considered myself cuied.
I can conscientiously recommend Ids
Oeeao-Weed Heart Hemedy to any ono af
flicted as I was. W. W. Westcott,
Jan. 1, 1880. Editor Dundee Record.
Dr. Kilmer's Occan.Wced Heart Itemrilv
is sold by nil druggists. Price, $1.00.
Liuuoratory, Jiinghnmton, N. V.
Slany cases of fever and ngue, dumb
nnd congestive chills, wero promptly ar
rested and entirely bnnlshed by the use of
your Simmons Liver Hegulalor. You don't
say Halt enough in retard to the elllcacv
of your yaluable medicine in cases of ague,
intermittent levers, etc. livery case has
been arrested immediately. Believe me,
when I say I was a sufferer for years with
the liver disease, and only fouca relief by
using your medicine. Hobcrt J. AVeeks,
Hutavla, Knnc Co., 111.
House wives, shop girls and saleswomen
all sutler moro or less from weak buck and
sideache. Apply a Hop Plaster and get
Instant relief. A famous strengthener.
25c druggists.
Slany suffering people drag themselves
about with falling strength, feeling that
they are steadily sinking into the grave,
when by using Parker's Tonic they would
find a cure commencing with the fit st dose,
nnd vitality and strength surely coming
back to them. jan.-15-4t.
Pnntnln Mlli-lioll nf ll.o l.nrlr A !:
Sola, low York and Havana trade, came
I- l! .!!.. i.i..,
iiuiiiu iu amy, euiiiciy jieipiess wiwi rneu
mutism. He went to the mountains, but
receiving no benefit, at his wlfo's request
bepan tn lnkr Hnnd'H Snrsnnnrllln !T Im
mediately began to improve: in two months
lita .-I.e.. .notice ..1! 1 1... M...I
lubuuiuuBiu nas ail vuv, uuu uu Blllieu
in command of his vessel a well man.
Hood's fijirsiiniirillji will lipln vnn Snl.l
by all druggists.
We should havo better preaching if the
preachers were all sound and healthy men
Calvin may have had the dyspepsia, but It
did him no good as a theologian. A Jlcth.
cdlst minister of Hartford, Conn., writes
that Dr. Kennedy's "Favorite liemedy"
cured him of chronic liver disease and In
digestion. His brethren of all denomina
tions are respectfully invited to note the
fact. Sick preachers aro in poor condition
to proclaim tho gospel news. Sound bod
ies are wanted. jau.-15-4t.
Wnin Hby wu ilck, w give her Cutorli,
When the wu m Chfld, she cried for CastorU,
When the became illee, she clone to Caetori,
When she had Children, the gre them CutorU,
Real JUslalc !
By virtue of authority contained In tho last will
and testament ot Oeorgo Fan er, late of Jackson
township, Columbia county, deceased, tho under
slimed executor will expose to public sale on
Saturday, February 20, 18S6,
at 2 oMloek p. m., on tho premises, all that certain
farm, tract ot land, situated In tho said township
of Jackson, bounded on tho north by lands of
Washington Knouse, Alexander Knousoand B. A.
Piatt, on tho east by lands of ElUs Young ami
William Colley, on tho south by lands of samuo
Young and Oeo. W. Farvcr, on tho west by lands
of B. A. I'latt nnd Thco. W. smith, containing about
85 Acres of JLand
and allowance, on which aro eret ted a two-btory
Frama Dwelling House
bank barn and other outbuildings. All ot said land
Is cleared, except about
20 A CUIUS OF TIM 11 Ell LA NJ).
J'ursuant to directions contained In said wlll.tbo
undivided one-tenth part ot said real estate, the
Interest of Mrs. susaua Heath, will not bo sold.
TEltMH of SALE. Ten per cent, of ono-fourth
of tho purchase money to bo paid at tho striking
down of tho property, tho one-fourth lessthetcn
percent on tho nrst day ot June, A. I), ism); nnd
tho remaining three-fourths In ono year.from June
1st, 1886, with Interest from that date.
Executor ot ueorgo Farver, dee'd.
It. Bi-CKiNoiusi, Att'y. 1'. o Perry, ra.
run tnUnwinrv Vi'Mmvi.. n..t.n. ...A. .
prehentoatotho Orplians' I'ourt ot Columbia Co..
(n 1 lift flnit tlnnrliiii if L.. . . . . . I
coMlriued nlal, and unlets uxci.Uons aro mini
Wit ht tl f ftllP il ft V'u thnriiuflnn ti-l It t. a i
solute: , .lw m w v.ui,n.ieu uo-
James Barton estate, Bloomsburg, Personalty
$'JHl.l!fi, ' '
Nathan Knlttlo estate, Beaver, liealty. Mini
$31?3o " eallUe' CatuUssa- I'ersoualty,
lteuben Rltler estate. Centre. Personalty, Jlto.71.
Joshua M. Wllet estate, Illoomsburg. 'ltealty.
HTl.lX). WM, H. SNYDKlt, clerk 5,",
Clerk's offlce, Bloomsburg, l'a., Jan. is, ts
1 riwEET tffWW
J A l is AUEaTM'tter.biiill, Vi.
VLAHUMDVl' l't)1.0.V I' toi.o.w i
I'liAltllXIO.Vl' COLON V I
A new Home evtry It clayi Iq the lt yetri (In.
lll.only M inoiithtlu.hM,toVVioSl,
tinibol,lltlniuduiilUiliilv. 'iVud rii'fjlT
f dv.uclng. StnU. wiul, und by all nua 5, wi3
lur circulate villi 4 unpi.36 l iolomipLu) "iu ol
huusf i. all alum the niUcrtiil KtoMU of out cT.
kMR'.'1" f" onllyitn.tllmV.i tu ibow
A J Jim t, I, MAMt'ilA.CjeKniviit.tiiirry c,,Va "
A lot ot ground sltuato on Third street In Scott
Town, near tho Fair ground, about sixty by tw
hundred feet, on which Is erected n dwelUnf
house, grocery store, largo bake oven, stable ana
Also, another lot ol ground adjoining thcabor
nbout torty by two hundred feeton which Is erect
ed a mvEMJNO Ilorsu, nearly new,nlcely palat
cd, nndout-bulldlnirs.
For terms and conditions apply to
a. c. KAnn,
Hxchange, Montour county, l'l.
or O. .Miller, Illoomsburif, l'a.
Jan. Si, 4t.
otho Is hereby elvcn that tho tolloirlno- nivmM
persons havo tiled with tho Clerk or tho Court ot
ounrter sessions of tho lvace of Columbia CoL
their petitions ror license, which will bo prenentM
to tho snld court on Monday, the ot Feb
ruary, A. I). 1H8B, nt 2 o'clock p. m.s
Name. Twn. or Uoro.
1. Ilrennan, M. W. Centrnlla,
. iiiuuj, .mines iu uaiawissa,
3. do. do.
4. Curry. Daniel V. Centralla.
I.lquor stop
5. onmore, Fred. M. Illoomsburir,
0. illlmore, Mm. II. do.
7. (llrlon, Jacob I.. do.
P. Ilcckman (ieorgo Orange,
9. llngenbuch, W. If. do.
10. Markle, Moses A. llirwlclc.
II. Mann. John M. Centre. Hon
IS. .Mclirenrty, Jnmes Centralis, do.
in. l'eirrer, Mrs. vm. do. do.
Hobbles, Cortez it. Bloorasbure, Liquor store
Tubbs, V. It. do. Hotel
w.w. 11. s. vdeh, uierK o. u
(I. M. OU1CK, Dep.
Clerk's offlce, llloomsliurg, l'a., Jnn.ll, ISMS.
Notice Is hercbr clvcn to nil leMfeea. rrorlirnn
nnd other persons Interested In tho estates ot tho
respeetlvo decedents and minors, that thofol
lowlnit administration, executors and guardian
accounts havo been nled In Min nmrn nr tfin undo.
tcr of Columbia county, nnd will bo presented for
confirmation nnd allowance in tho Orphans'
court to bo held In Illoomsbure, on Monday. Fob
renrylst wm, at 2'clock p. m.un said day:
1. The nrst nnd nnal account of Thomas W.
Harrison Etr. or Samuel Harrison late of Fishing,
creek township, deceased.
2. The first and final nccount of flennrn I., vnr.
er, Administrator of Harriet Moyer Tato of the
town of Iilooiuiburg, deceased.
3. Tho nrst and nnal nccount of nuy Jacoby.
Executor of Nancy Knhl;r late of tho town of
Dloomsburg, deceased.
4. Tho first and final nccount of Weslev liaun.
Administrator of Oanlel Itnun. latj nf Intnl.
township, deceased.
5. The account of Maurice E. Seybert, Adminis
trator Of hUHAn Sevliert. imp nf flrnntrn (nwn.Mti.
0. The account of Maurice II sert. Admin!.
trator de bonis non or Samuel Seybert lato of Kcott
township, deceased.
The flnal account of HavIiI Whit.mirp rannn.
an of vm. Trcmley, minor child ot John Tremter
lato ot Scott township, deceased.
8 Tho first nnd nnrtlal nnrniinr nf Nnmnnf ir
Jayne, Executor ot Clara Linden lato of tho Uor
ough of Berwick, deceased.
0. Tho flrst nnd nnal account, nf 1. 11. fiihhnna
Administrator of (ieorge lles.s, lato ot sugarloaf
township, deccasea.
10. The flrfet and final .Inhn Wpltl-
ver, Administrator of lteuben Itouch, lato ot Mon
tour township, deceased.
II. Tho flrbt and nnalnccmint nf stpniir-n Pnhn
and I'hUlp u: Miller, Trustees ol l'hebc A. Mulor,
lato ot Mifflin township, deceased.
12. The nrst and Ilnal account of II. O. Crevel
lug, Administrator ot Susan 11. Case, Into of Scott
vui.tiaiil,., Ul. ..-il-.!!.
Jan, 8-to Itcgtater.
Ily virtue ot sundry writs Issued out ot ths
Court ot Common l'leas ot CoL Co., and to me di
rected will bo exposed to public sale at the Court
House In Bloomsburg, at vi u'elock p. m. on
All that certain vlllago lol sltuato In Espy, Co
lumbia county, Pennsylvania, bounded on the
south by Main street, on the west by an alley, on
1110 east by lot owned by Alexander wanlck,
being sixty feet fronton Main street, whereon li
erected a two-story frame dwelling house, stable
and other out-bulldlngs
seized, taken in execution at the suit of M. C.
Woodward vs. John Waters and to bo sold as th
property of John Waters. Al. Vend. Ex.
HowKLt, Atty.
All the following real estate lo-wlt: All thwe
thrco certain lots of ground lying contiguous to
each other In Itoberts' Addition to tho Town ot
Catawissa being lots marked or numbered In th
plot or plan ot said Itoberts' Addition, numbers
Mty-slx, nity-seven and fifty-eight, M, 37 and Ml,
forming one whole square In said plot or pUnot
two hundred and ten feet In length aud thessnre
In breadth, bounded on tho east by Fourth street
ot said Itoberts' Addition, on tho west by an alley
and on tho south by tho boundary line of saJd
Itoberts' Addition to tho Town of Catawissa which
said described real estate Is situate In Itoberts'
Addition to tho Town ot Catawissa, In tho town
ship ot Catawissa, County of Columbia and Stato
of Pennsylvania, whereon is erected a two story
brick dwelling house, barn and other out-bulld
Seized, taken in "exeoutlon at the suit of Solomon
D. lUnard vs. Charles W. McKelvy and to be sold
as tho property ot Charles V. McKelvy.
Vend. Ex.
Hiuwjt, Atty.
All that certain property sltuato tn Jackson
township, Columbia county, l'a., bounded and O
"cnbed as follows, to-wlt :On the north by prop
erty of Win. Brink, on tho east by property ot
wiiuam i-arKs, on the south by property of Boyd
Itlchie, on tho west by property of Thoa. V. Young.
containing ntty acres, whereon aro erected a two
story frame dwelling and bank barn, wagon shed
and straw shed.
Seized, taken In execution nt. tun suit, nr r.uuv
Sleppy now lo use ot Jacob (Jerrard against Dan
iel s. Young aud to be sold as the property ot Dan
iel s. loung.
K.A-W. Al. Fl. Fa,
Jan. Sth, 1S80. Sheriff.
Real Estate ! !, Kllno deceased, will offer at
rrlvato sale
sltuato two miles above Oraogev lllo, along Fish-
ingcreeK. Known as me liomefitoad, containing
It Is In a good state ot cultivation, and thfio is
erected thereon a
Large Dwelling House,
well painted, and in good condition, largo bank
barn with sheds attached, carriage house, wagon
shed, hog pen, and other out-bulldlngs In first
class condition. Two wells ot water, ono at the
nouse, nun tho other ut tue barn,
;;::;: ol Excellent Fruit.
In Orange township, ndjolnlng tho ono abovo de
scribed and In a good state ot cultivation, on
w bleh aro erected a
Also & tract ot
Timber Land,
In said township, containing
Any of tho abovo properties remaining unsold on
the 1st of February will bo for lent. For terms
and conditions apply to
orangevtlle, r.
Jan 8, It.
All kinds of work in Sheet Iron, Rool
ing nnil Spouting promptly
attended to.
tfSvrtct attention given to heating by steam,
Corner of Main & East Sts.,
Bloomsburg, Pa,