The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, January 01, 1886, Image 2

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Keal Instate !
lnimrtuivnco of an order of thooiplirtns' Court
of Columbia county,t'oiin.( tho unilproljncil rxe.
cuionof John Kclclincr, lUVraanl, wlltoipowto
publlo bIo on tho premise?, on
Saturday, Jan. 23, 1886,
at I o'clock, p.m., ofsal.l day tho following de
scribed vnltiibla real estate, lo-wlt i All that cer
tain messunite, tenement and tract of lnnd Bltuato
In tho towmlilp of Centre, county of Columbia nnd
utato of Prima., bounded and described as follows,
to-vvit! lieglnnlnff at a mono In tho publlo road,
thenco by lands latooftho liclraof John Conner,
deceased, north nno half degre) east two hundred
and nlneiy-ulno and three-tenths perches to a
wlilto oak stuiupj thenco by thOBamo Boutli
clghty.two and ono-fourthdegrcos west, torty-sov.
en nnd eight-tenths perches to a stono ! thenco by
the same south clghty-ono and one-fourth degrees
wesi, ten and eight-tenths perches to a stono j
thenco by lands of tho heirs of Jeremiah Hess, de
ceased, south ono-half degreo west, two hundred
and nlnely.threo nnd nine-tenths perches to a
stono t thenco by lands of Lafayette Creasy, north
seventy-elght and one-half degrees east, ten and
eighteenths perchesto a stono ! thenco by tho
mo south clghty.nlno nnd one-fourth degrees
oisiiorty.twoniid four-tenths perches to a stono
in puuno road tho place of beginning containing
107 ACRES,
'litid thlrty-four pcrchea Btrlct measure be tho
aamu mora ur h'st, on which is erected a large two
Frame Dwelling House,
large bank barn, strnv shed, stables, wagon shed,
corn cribs, hog pen and all necessary outbuildings
being the homestead. A largo npnlo orchard on
tho premises nnd a never falling spring of water at
i no door, and nttho barn conducted thither by
The sumo' twenty-tlvo hundred dollars secured
to tho widow Heater Kolchncr' by tuo will of the
said John Kelchncr, deceased, to remain a Hen
upon sild land during tho widowhood of the said
Hester helchner the Interest thereof to be paid to
her annually and at her death or ro-rrarrlam) tho
principal sum to bo paid to the heirs of said John
ivoicnner, deceased.
All, that certain piece, parcel nnd tract of tlnv
bcrland situate In the township of Orange, county
of Columbia and state of l'enna,, bounded and de
scribed as follows, to-wlt : Beginning at a rock
oak.tnenco by lands of Levi Alkmin north eighty-
nine degrees cost ninety perches to a pine knot :
thenco by lands of Johnltemley north nvo de
grees west twenty-ono perches to a plno knot :
thence by lands of Daniel Fester south elghty.nlno
degrees west nlncty-two perches to a stone;thenco
by lands of Joseph Bucket south twelve and one-
half degrees cast, twenty-ono perches to tho plaeo
oi beginning, containing
and ono hundred and rlfty-ono perches of land bo
inosamo more or less. Tho abovo tract Is well
timbered and a very desirable property.
TKHMS OP SALT! Ten norrpnf. nf nnn-fnnrlh
of tho purchase money to bo paid at the striking
down of the property, the one-fourth lessthetcn
percent, at the confirm ttlon absolute and tho re-
ujhiuiu wirvu juurina in ono yeartnereaner,wiui
Interest from confirmation nisi. Purchasers to
E. I KEIX'IINKII. Executors.
Letters tcstnmentnry on tho estate of Angelina
Macnowell doceaied. lato of sentr, t.iwn.hin rm.
county, Pennsylvania, have been granted by tho
Keglster of said county to tho undersigned execu
tor. All persons hav lne claims against the estato
oi sum 'jeceueni. ore requesien 10 present mem
for settlemcnr. nnd thoso indebted to the estate
a mane payment in me undersigned without de
W. 14th Street, New York,
Deo ll-Gvv Executor.
First and final account of AI. r. Lutz, assignee
of C. U. Brockwny.
Tho undersigned auditor appointed by the court
of Common Pleas of Columbia pass upon
th" exceptions tiled (osald account, nnd mako
distribution of the fund In the hands of said assi
gnee, arising from tho rule of tho real estate and
personal nroDertv. nnd from anv other nronertv
real, personal or mixed, to nnd among tho parties
t-Dimeu inereiu, win sit at msnnicein mooms
burg, on Tuesday, January fjtli, lew, nt 10 o'clock
a. m., when and where nil persons Interested win
nuenu arm present ineir claims, or bo debarred
irum any suaru oi sam tuna. .
J. ii. romscw;
DecltMw Auditor.
The undersigned auditor appointed bvthe Or.
nhans' Court of Columbia counrvto distribute bnl.
nnco in the hands of the executor among the par
ties entitled thereto, will sit nthlsonii-eln Hlooras
burg, on Friday, Jnnuarr 15th. i6 at 10 o'clock
a. in., ior inn purposes or nis appointment, wuen
nnd where all persons having claims against said
estate must appear and prove the same or be de-
uarrcu irum any suaro or gam runa.
- Dec 18-lw Auditor,
tsriTE or x. j. MciiENitr, late op kisiiisocheek
The undersigned auditor appointed by the court
to make distribution of tho balance In tho bonds
of the administratrix to and among the credlrors
of said decedent according to law, will attend to
tho duties oriiU anuolntment at his nrtlce in
Hloonisburg, on Monday, January nth, issfl, m
ju u cich-k, n. m. vv lien uuu wnere ail persons in
terested.nro hereby notified to nnDear and nresent
their c'nlms before the said auditor or bo forever
ueuarrea irom coming in upon sam tuna.
Deo 151885 Auditor
In tho matter of tho money paid Into court by
William John and Charles Krclghupnn mortgage
of Jacob Krelzh to Joseph llrobst and Peter Ker
lln and Mary his wife.
Tho auditor appointed by the Court of Common
Pleas of Columbia county by consent of parties,
to distribute the above named fund in nnd
among the parties entitled thereto will sit at his
tiiucu in iiioomsuurg on Tuesday, January loin,
issti, nt 10 o'clock a. in., to perform the duties of
nis appointment, when nnd where nil neiwuis in.
teresled must appear and present their claim or
mo ui-uuricu irum coming in on saia runa.
dec S5-4W Auditor.
Letters of administration on the estate of Mary
Fornnald, late of CatawUsa township, Columbia
county. Pennsylvania, deceased have been grant
ed by tho Itctrlnter or milil enunt v In the nnriirHlirn.
I'd Administrator. All peitc-ns having claims
uKuiuab lutjL-aLuiu ui me ueccusea are renuesieu
to present them foi" settlement, nnd thiwi fmlehr.
od to tho estato to make payment to tho under-
Diyuvu uuiiiiuiMriuur wiinuub ueiay.
Deo 18-iiw Administrator.
letters of administration on the estato of John
plnger, deceased.lateof Hemlock township, Col
umbia county, Pennsylvania, deceased havo been
granted by the iteglaler of said county to the un.
uerslirned Administrator. All nei-hon having
claims against the eslnte of the deceased are re-
(luesica-.o pieneni mem lor settlement, and those
imicuieii iu me esiaie iq mauo paymeni 10 ine un
dersigned administrator without delay.
I'KTEIt H. llltUOLEIl,
Administrator with tho will annexed.
Tost Mice, lluckhorn. Col. Co , l'a nov 13-6w
licsldence, Hemlock township, Col. Co., l'a,
letters of administration on the estntn nt tti-it.
ben Bitler, lato of Orange to nshlp, deceased, have
lw.t-11 granted by the Keglster of said county to the
undersigned administrators. All persons having
claims against tho estato of the deceased ure re
ipiested to present them for settlement, and those
Indebted to tho estato lo innke pa) men t to tho
ujiurrsigm-u ttiuuiiusiruiurs wiuiom uiny,
E. J. sriXEit,
C. F.,
Dec, S5, Cw
An Act of the Legislature and annroved June 5,1 -
lKHI.fsee 1'aiiiDhloi laws, nasre bi renulrlm? tax
collectors, township and borough officers, to make
return of seated uud unseattl lands uix)nhlcb
no proierty can bo found from which to make
taxes to the County coudssslonera, on or before
me urEb any w January next, wun a sunicieui de
bcrlntlon by boundaries or otherwlse.or each uin-
arafelotor tract and about the quantity of the
same, -inuso ,wtu uu 10 maxo returns uy said
day will bo held for such lose. Taxes so returned
, become alien agalust ihu property so returned.
W have blanks on which these mums ure to bo
made and willfurnlili them upon application of
lvuwiuib, dim; ii. uaki,
t'om'rs' ofllce, Oct. 80,'ia, ft. Com'r Clerk,
flririB ftnn ,n l'nfn given away. Bend us5
V 'llll Mllll1"11 iwstage, nnd by mall ou will
UUUUiULIU wetlrto upuckago of goodi of large
value, that will tart jou In work
that will at onco bring you In money faster than
anything else In America. All about tliet'.'uvuo
In presents with each box. Agents wanted ev
'ryhtn", vt either sex, of all uge, for ul the
time, or spaie tune only, to work for us at thrlr
own homes. Fortunes for all worker absolutely
ussureu. iwi ueiay, ji. & i;u., ivrv
Jaud, Maine, (deem B5,
Only J.V .urniico r.itlcrs Kiionn.
Wo oilier incillrliioknoTmeocfrcctu&Ilpiirgce
tho lilood of dcpp-wat(Ml lUpeAPoi,
ITtllliniiM hear tcntlmoiiy to its wonderful
larntivo clTcctM.
It li n pnrrly VoactnMn rrcnurntlon, niftdo
from Iho tmtivo hi-tba bik1. remts of Callfonjln. tho
(ucdlcinal proportion of hch are citractwl there
from without Ilia tipn of Alcohol.
It remote tho en line of dlecasc, c ml tho
patlcul recovers h hiiillh,
It Im tho urent Illoml IMirlflcr nnd Life
jlvlnff rrinclphit u (Iciitlo 1'urpnlho und Tonic; a
iwrrtit Hcmnutor nml InIrntu of the yftU'm.
Never lioforo hi I hu history of tho wurM hm n inetHciuo
twen eoiniwuiidcd jiOHuevrttng the turner of VisrOAit
UiTTEiulu licutln the elck of CM-ry diBcaso mnn Is
Tho Alterative, Aperient, UlnphorcMe, Car
ml native, Ntitrl lions, Ijixiitive, Stnlnllvp, Counter
Irritant, Sudor! tic, Antl-IHllOU-. Holroiit, Diurvtle and
Tonic properties of ViNEOAit JliTTElifl exewd those
of uny other medicine In the world.
No pemou can take tho Hitters According to
direction nnd rrmsln long timvcll, jirovldcd their
bones ure not dt-pimyed hy mlncrnt iHl?on or otlier
mean, aud tho vital organs wualwl be)oud the jtolut
of rcimlr.
ItlllouNi Itoiiiltteiit, Intermittent and Ma
larlal Fecn nro prevalent thronghotit the Untied
Utt patllcnlarly lu the alley of our Kieat xiwn
and their vast tributaries Uurfjg the Summer and
Autumn, especially during reasons of unusual beat
and dryncpp,
'1'FieBo Fcveni nro tnTarlably accompanied by
oxtcnthe derangements of the rtomach, lUer nnd
bowels. In their treatment, n purgative, exerting a
powerful luflueuco npou thesa uryuns, Is absolutely
There In no ratlinrtlo for tho purpose ctpml
to Dr. J, Walkeu's it Hitteks, n It will
cpeedlly remove the dark-colored kU matter lth
which the bowels nro loaded, utlho rame tlmo rtlmu
lalln the secretions of tho liver, ana trciienuiy
retorlng tho healthy functions of tho digestive
Forllfr tho 1od) against dlneaBO by purifying
all its fluids with Viniqaii UiTTKits, No vpldcmio
ton take hold of a system thu forenrmed.
It IiivlKorutvM Clio Stomncli and stlmu
latea tho torpid Uver and Uowth. cleansing tJie
blootl of all impurities. Importing llfo and vlpor to
tho frame, and carrying off without tbo aid of
Calomel, or other minerals, all pokonous matter
from the system. It Is easy of administration,
prompt la action, and certain In its results,
l'Mpct!uor 1 ml lgrtlni, Headache, rain
in the bhoulders. Coughs, Tightness of tho Chest,
rnmmonla. Dizziness, Dad Tasto In tho Jloulb,
Itlllous Attacks, Palpitation of tho Heart, and a
hundred other painful symptoms, oro at onco .re
lieved by V in co au Bitters.
I'or liilliimiiintory and Chronic Rheuma
tism, Gout, Neuralfrla, Diseases of tho Dlood, Liver,
Kidneys and Bladder, tho Bitters havo no cpiaL
In these, as in all constitutional Diseases, Walker's
Vixeqaii Bitters has shown its crreut curatte
powers la the most obstinate and Intractable
illcclinnlrnl Ilscne Personscngapeun
faints an Minerals, such as Plumbers, Type
setters, G old-beaters, and Miners, as they advance
in life, are subject to Paralysis of the Bowels.
To guard against this, take occasional doses of
Villi 1Wciicn, Bcroftila, Salt Ilhciim. Ulcers,
RwellinffS, limples, rustules, loIls, Carbuncles,
Ring-worms, Kcald-nead, Boro Eyes, Erynlpelas,
Itcll, Scurfs, iDiscoloratlons, Humors and diseases
of the Skin, of whatever nama or nature, are liter
ally dug tip and carried out of tho system In a ehort
lime oy mo use oi me xiiiiers.
IMii. Tauoumt other WoriiiR. lurking In
the system of so many thousands, are effectually
destroyed and removed. No system of medicine,
no vermifuges, no anthelmintics, will free the
system from worms lik Vweoar BrrrEos.
ITIenslc, Nearlet Fever, Mumps, looping
Cough, and all children's diseases may bo made
less severo by keeping the bowels open with mild
doses of the Bitters. Th!s wonderful remedy Is
especially adapted to the systems of children, for
purifying herbs alone eive it its remarkable cura
tive powers. It contains no alcohol, opium or
omer poison.
I'or Female Coiiiolnliitn. invoumrorold.
married or single, at tho dawn of womanhood, or
me turn oi are, iris miters nan no eauai.
Clean mo the Vitiated Illood when Itslm'
purities burst through, the sliin In Eruptions or
Bores; cleanse It when obstructed and slupfdsh In
the veins; cleanse it when it is foul; your feelings
will tell you when, and the health of tho Bystcm will
Iu conclusion t (live tbo Bitters a trial. It
will speak for itself. One bottle Is a better guar-
nntJAA nf lln inoHfa tlmn ft lptuH hv fiiivprtiftpmpnt.
Around each botUearofulldirecUonsprmted
in uiuereui languages.
II. II. IT1 c Donald Druir Co., Proprietors,
San Iranclaco. Cat., and 52fl. Li k ftfl Waabluffton 8t,
Cor. Charlton fat, New lor.
Sold by all Dealers and Druggists.
IP YOU havo Tumor (or tumor symptoms). Can
cer, (or cancer symptoms), scrofula, Krjfblpelas,
HE.MKUV U warranted to cure. Druggkts bell It.
IP YOU have Spasmodic Stricture or Enlargement
or the ,1'rostate (lland-Ur. Kilmer's HWA.Ml".
JtOOT conquers every attack and radically cures.
ASK j our druggist lor It. 25c, si.
IFYOUK sleep Is lit (ul, or out ota sound sleep
you nwuke fctruinrllni; tor breath,) our whole uelni:
Illled with terror, jour U'ry existence tUreatened
Dr. Kilmer's OCEAN-WTM) should ahvajB bo at
hand. Ask your drusrglst for It. (1.
IP OUhave a cold, ortlmplo cough, ever so
light, when neglected, otien lends to iimsumpllon
Dr. Kilmer's INDIAN COXH'JtlTION oil, will
break upon early attacks, and cute the most
stubborn cases. Atk jour druggists Writ. S5c,
sue,, ft,
Obtained and all patent business attended to tor
moderuto rees.
our omco is opposlto the U. 8. 1'atcnt omce, and
we can obtain l-utents lu lcsa time than those re
mote trotn Washington.
hen i model o drawing. We advlso us to pat.
entaoilliy tree o( charge, and we make no charge
unless patent Is secured.
We reler here, to the Postmaster, the supt. of
Honey o.tler Dlv., and to omctals ot the U. b.
Talent omce. For circular, amice, terms and
references to actual clients lujour own Mate or
county, wilio to
C. A. SNOW & CO.,
opposite Talent onice, Washington, b'O
r ..titi tr . i.r. ' yp w
Dr. McTaggart
Tills noteil Hpcciullst of Scraulon, Is the
only specialist tills side of New Vork,l'lill.
adelphla nnd IlulTalo who makes un oxchi.
slvo spcciully of tmillng chronic, long
stiimlltiK ntnf llugcrltig diseases to which
mail mm womankind nro subject, such as
Consumption, Dronclual nirectlons, Scroru.
In, Sult-ltliuinn, Loss of .Mnnlnioil.tiUIn dis.
enscb, Itheinnntlsin, Ulcers, Old Sores, Kpl.
lepsy, Syphilis, Deafness, l,oss of Voice,
Chronic Dlarrhu'ii.Chllls tmd Foyer, Worms,
Liver complaint, Cancels, Tumors, Paraly
sis. Tape worm, Heart disease, &c, &c,
C-iTFcmttli) diseases a specialty.
No matter huw lonjr you liuvu hecn But
fcrlng nor how muuy Doctors you liuyccm.
ployed In vain, you should upply to D.
MorAoaAiiTul once, when he will tell di
rectly without holillnij out falsu hopes
whether your illseusu is strictly curuhlu or
can only ho relieved.
lie. owes his wldu reputation for tho suc
cessful Irenlmcnt of nil lingering or chronio
discuses to experience nnd closo nppllca.
Hon for over 20 yeun, uud to no miraculous
What the I'ai'khs Bay i
i 'I'f u '"'V1 honest, e indent, upright and re
liable and well worthy ot the mpl 'a contlileuce
and esteem, lie always su)s exactly what he
means and means exactly what ho saj s."-i)crau.
ton VirliuWfflM,
"lie U too useful a man to lose," Lackawanna
Cciaer Laeiawam and Washington Avenues.
(Prom our ltegular Correspondent,!
Wasiiinotok, D. C, Dec. S3, 1885 .
As iistinl licic, Christiuqs tiny was
ono of quiet homo t'lUfjrt niiinutits, uiid
family jiUlieriiign. Tlio (IriiarttuunU
wore uloxud, nnd so was tlio White
1 lousy. No ono crossed its threshold
on that day. It wai a prlvnto rwl-dt-iioc,
and llic l'lesident enjoyed thu
tights, of n piivutu citizen. Un nox.
Krnlay it will liu cicni'd wide to tlio
whole world, or ns much of it m can
crowd in during tho hour from ouu to
two, hut it ii Uh day on which tho
ollicinl world of Washington pays its
rO'Dcclsto tho President, nnd tho olliu
ial progrniiitno wilt coiiMitno tho tlmo
until ono o'clock, wlun tlio leccption
of t'itiz'im begini. Tin- l'lcith lit
ill lii'Bt rcecivo his Cnl.iin l and thu
Diplomatic Corps. The latter will
weur tlio attiro of their respectivo for
eign Conrtt. Tin n the justices of thu
Supieino Court of llm V, S. will come,
and tho Judgtn of tho IT. S. Court of
Claims. SetiiitorH ami Ie)iesentativis
in CoiifjresH nro next in order, followed
by tlio judicial oIliceiN of tho nrious
District Coiiif, ex-MemlicM of tho
Cabinet, and ex-.Miniften of the
United Statis. Olliccrit of tho At my
and Navy will greet tho Piusn'eia
next iu thu (till unifo'in of their ru k.
Then Secretaries ami assistant Secrc-
tanes of various institutions, a'sistnnt
postuiastirs geiu'inl and ntsiHtaut at
toriieyvgeneral, head of Uineaus
Associations of soldiers, dorans, and
iho Ohhst Itihnhitants Association,
With theni tho otliulal ieee tion closes,
Hid tho peoples ricp i n Ingiup.
Wadiington noer known a
moio piop(-ioii.s Christinas lido than
dio pioent one. Kxpnps Conipiin
iis ivpoit that in number and value
the packages sent from tho city
this year ato in excess of those
enl lat year by nt least thiity
livo peiccnt. Tho cleiks in thu I'ost
illice say that tho inunber nf Chrititinas
unukages sent fiom heio this e;ir ex
ceed those of last year by neaily one
thiid.. And tho inert hauls rcpoit very
teatly increased sales tf lanoy goods
tor Chiistmas piesents over last yi nr.
The cause of this dilTeri nee is iu the
policy nf l'ieidenl Cleveland. At
this time last year thousands of people
nere felt that ll.o sOutee of their in
comes was menaced, and looked to the
ides of March with dread. They were
too much perluibcd to permit tin ni
sei ves any oxpenso that was not nbse
lutely necessaiy. A largo majority of
the citizens Inn whether thev ex
press it or not fed in their hearts
that the President is to thank for their
happy Chiislmns".
Tho Prtsidonl is ctediled with hav
ing said rtcenily ill regard to one of
his appointees npninst whom some in
jections were raised, that is ilio ob
jections were jtistilied, he hoped tho
man would not be confirmed. It is
duo largely lo tho President's direcl
ners and earnestness of purpose thai
tho Republican Senators have been
forced to assume a more conservative
.ittitude towaids his nominations. An
unfriendly critiu said somi thing recent
ly about -Mr. Cleveland's incarnate
commonplaccness and his sturdy inde
pendence, which he said, many peonlo
magiued to bo a kind of genius. In
reply to this somo ono said it was
so rare a thing for us to have a,Presi
dent who has the couiago to pursue n
common sense policy that ho does be
come, in so doing a kind of genius.
The Speaker of tho Houso is spend
ing his holiday time busy at work ar
ranging tho House Committees.
Members manifest much anxiety to
know where they will be assigned.
The desire lo learn their fate in this
matter before an ollicial announce
ment of the committees was made,
kept many Congiessmen in Washing
ton during tho holidays, who would
have gone home for their Christmas
dinners had tho committees been an
nounced boforo tho adjournment.
Many questions of grave import to tho
people of tlio United States besides
tho tariff and silver will havo lo bo
considered by tho committees that
Mr. Carlisle will'name. Ho is a pat
liot, however, as well as a Statesman,
and no public interest will be sacri
iiced by him either through the grati
fication of grudge or tho indulgence of
paitiality. Thu changes iu tho rules
recently made involve many changes
in tho committees. Ono aim of the
Speaker will bo to place very cautious
and judicious Metnbeis upon those
cominittecB that have charge of tho Ap
propriation bills,
The allusions that havo been made
to Senator Beck's recent speech on sil
ver as an attack upon the Administra
tion weio unfair. Ho merely joined
issue with tho financial policy of tho
Administration, just as ho has been
criticizing tho financial policy of Re
publican Administiations for years
past He refered iu terms of sympa by
atid eulogy to tho views ol the Presi
dent and Secretary of tho Tieasury as I
awnoie. jjui tlio kj. honator is an
extreme silver man ami will do all ho
can to defer tho suspension of silver
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There Is nomrthlnir startllntr In tho rnnlil In
ereano otkllney diseases ntnonir Iho American
prnpio w it liln n tew years past. .Many causes pe
culiar In certain clnssestetid lo nroditoo nnd nil-
irravate tlieso I roubles as, tor example, carries
iitiiiK, utemuiK linn ejipunuu. i'l. imti im-ii-
liedy.of lioundout, N. Y., is often congratulated
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"Favorlto llemedy" m arresting nnu radically cur.
In? theso most natnrul anil damrerous disorders.
Proofs of tills, llko Iho following, nro constantly
brought to his attention, and nro published by hltn
for tlio sake of thousands of otlier surferers whom
ho desires In reach and benellt. 'Iho letter, there
fore, may lia ot vital Importxnos to you or to
somo ono whom you Know. It Is from onn of the known nnd popular druggies in tho nno and
growingclty from which ho wrlUs. wherc-thoie
Interested may nnd Mr. Crawford nthls plaeo of
uusiuess on mo comer oi .nam aim iiniuimis.1
sraiNontLii, Mass , March si, 181.
Dr. liavld Kennedv. lioundout. N. V.
1)AK sta: I'or ten jcars I hod been nflllcted
with kidney illsot In lu ino-t. ncuto form. What
1 surrered must bo leit lo tho Imagination, for no
ono can appreciate 11 except Ihoso who havo gono
iiiiuugu ii, i rcKoncu to many pujsicinns ana
nnny different kinds of treatment, nnd spent a
great deal of mouey, only to nnd myself older nnd
worse than ever, liniv aivtlmtl used twenty.
five bottles of a preparation widely advertised as
iisih'ciiiu iur him precise sunoi irouoics,ar.u lounn
It enure y us"les.H-nt least In my case. Vour
"l'AVom I li ncMKUV" I s.iy It with a perfect
recollection ot all that was dono for mo besides is
tho only thing that did Inn the slightest goml, and
urn uaiMiy iu iiuniii. iiiui. ii giuo mo iiermnneni' re
lief. 1 luvo nvommeiidl "s'AVoliITK HUM.
KliV"1 to many people for kidney disens", and they
nil ngretfwlth me In saying that 1)11. KKNNKHY's
r a win 1 1. 1 ir, ii i, n i mis not. tsctuai in inn whip
w orid for I nlidlstrcKslntrtinil often fatal cnmnlnlnt.
I'so this letter as you deem best for tlio ben1 lit of
unit-is. iuurd,A.u,, LLiiArs eiiA i r olio.
oubi uiuu wm:
Till! t. III. AT
Ilooi hir ol to World.
AN AllHOl.DTt: uuiir. I'OIl
TILH ineft Btubborn caic jtcM readily tuft
nnd liatnot fuilcii to 'ura elntflo cj..o
wlicretllrt'cUomnro followctl. It?6iicci'ns
a boon rctn.irkntflc.ttxt tUcurci oiulcr
fill. It H tho ttiotfiUTertslul iirepurutlon In tho
mnrkptfur CATAItliU nnd tho only ono that
prui nUcs un AbiululH, lltlvo t'liri. It t
truly a bleu'lnn; to manulnd. A Trial 1 all
that In nikt'il for It. Onco tmcd, It Is nlwaj n
recommended. Scid fur tcftlinuulaU of actual
it iia o wjt,L 1011
Ona bottlo Is generally pulllelcnt for a cure. Stop
tn'ilnx Uulnluc. A trial only Is atkcil for Kel-l-EH'rt
I' 11kmi:dy. It U n SIMICIl-'ICJ
for alt JUeni'cii arising ftom an Impure blood and
drive nil einpttonsfrom tho ekin. For Syphi
litic complaints It 1 superior to any preparation
In the market, Ono bottlo will euro mon of tho
following complaints and a continued uo will
rusiTiVFLV ure, Sao doetor bills nnd try it,
Kkllkh'h Catakhu Hemkov Is no patent
medicine, but n .ufo mid plcusant preparation
to take nnd ?urely tho ifrcatejst medical discov
ery of tho a-40. tno bottle rejuvenates thoentlro
pjjlcm and poo3ici nioro lrtuo than a half
dn7on bottles of ordinary patent preparations.
Write for testimonial's and other Information.
ST-Tor rale by druirirlsts generally.
lMiici: ki.oo a isottli:. SIX llOT
TM'.S FOIt 85.00. On receipt of 85.00 by
tlio manufacturer.", Samukl Kkllkh 8t Uo.t
llarrMmrtf, l'nM tlx. bottleatVIU bo sent express
An Old Soldier's
" Call erf, Texas,
Jluy 3, 1R62.
" I wish to express my appreciation of tho
valuaMo qualities ol
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
as a cough remedy,
"Wlillo wllu Churchill's army, Just beforo
tho battle of Violating, I coutmctiil a to
vcro cold, which tcruiiuated In a dangerous
coubIi. t found i.u ulief till on our march
wo camo to a counti y store, w here, on asking
for some remedy, 1 ns urged to try Avcu's
CllKlmv ri.crouAt..
"I did so, and was rapidly cured. Slneo
then 1 tuts Upt tliul'EcioitAL constantly hy
me, for family use, and 1 havo fuund It to bo
an luvaluablo remedy for tlnoat iiml linn;
diseases. J. ". Wuiitcv."
Thousands of testimonials certify to tlio
prompt euro of all bronchial unci Iuhb
nlTectlons, by the mo of AVer's C'nniir.v
1'ErToiiAi.. IIelngcryiulatablo,tlicyouus
cst chlUhcu tako It re idily.
ri:ct'AiinD ny
Sold by all Druggisti.
Uraiilnir Intriieieiiii., l'Ulloi,o;iIi!riiI nnd
I'liemiciil Aipiiruiii.,
Lit auj IX'B.' (.f our Tun Until, gum rent
Htl.B in Fi,ilti ition.
024 Chestnut St, PHILADELPHIA.
ppr yard
i lo
2.'3G to 00c. "
Aim. nnr vn nl. vviiln fnv r.-w. "
flnfli (or 1 Or
Knw Tiwkota
AO to l.lo jior yd.
as low as tho lowest,
for 1.00 per yard.
1 .00 in 9 00 "
2.00 to !5.75 "
for J .00. Jerseys nil prices to
the lowest cash pices and much
1.25 to 0.50 per pair.
TTnsn wlitfn lmnlj unil ti-mu A laf
vj x aw 4 IVl!) tl 1 1 M IUVi?i illOU
such goods as are usually kept
C VTA" DfTnUrC! . lmtrror bad tasto In mouth!
O I JViriUiVlQ, innguni'o.ited wliltoor rov
with a brown fur,' pain In thobick-, Hdca, or Joints
often mistaken for rheumatism: pocr rtomacii;
Lois op AiTETirn! sometimes nausea nnd water
brash, or Indigestion.' Hatuleney nnd acid eructa
tions, bowels alternately costive and laxs hkah
aciib; loss of memory, with a painful sensation nf
having fulled to do so i ethlntf which onirht to liavo
been done; low spirits; a thick, VKii.nw
appearanco of tho skin nnd eyesj n dry coutjlii
fever, test lain'ss; the nrlnols noantyuud hbrh
colored, and, If allowed to stand, deposlt a sedi
ment. II
Is Kenernlly used in tho South to arouse tho torpid
liver to a healthy action.
asii HOWKLS.
K1C. KTC K1l
Kndorscd by tho umi of 7 millions of bottles, as
The Best Family Medicine '
Vor cllldten, for adults, and for tlio ogud.
Slllt', lilt l ANY (UMllTlllX r the Mstr.n I
J. H. ZE1LIH & CO.,
eoiRrRoPiiiSTOHS, l'lilUDKU'llIA, I'A,
I'aice, tl.ui.
EIj.VWAHK, j.ackanvann.v and
iu.ooiisnuiu; division.
p.m. p.m.
ud 14 :i i
H 64 I'-J '.'11
8 4S IS VI
H 40 13 1.1
8 .'II ll! OH
8 ST VI II )
H 11 18
8 II 11 51
8 IS 11 Ml
5 OS II 47
8 08 11 II
8 0.1 11 41
7 19 11 88
7 SI 11 31
7 to ii m
I 41 11 3d
7 BO It 13
7 18 It (U
7 11 111 51
7 05 10 41
r. 18 10 41
0 11 10 38
0 M 10 31
6 43 IC 37
0 311 10 31
n 30 io in
A 23 10 11
a.m. a.m.
S 3(1
a in u 15 2 05
fi 15 U 30 3 10
tl 20 II Sll 3 IS
11 27 !l ai 3 2J
11 31 H 41 3 311
Ii 40 II 41 2 811
II II II 53 3 41
Ii III II ail 2 41
l 51 10 IM 3 IT
H 18 10 el 2 Ml
K Sll
8 33
8 1G
8 111
8 UI
7 lb
7 51
7 Ml
7 4i
7 47
.. Iickawanna..
..West 1'ittston.'
. ..Mnllby
....Kingston ....
.... Kingston
0 68 10 1)5 t Ml
7 43'
l'lymouth Juno 7e3l0i03M
7 88
I 31
....riyinoutn.... roriuisaui
.VMinuaio. .
Nanttcoko ..
13 10 3113 0.1
13 10 35 3 10
7 l
llunloek's cieek
7 21 10 .2.1 27
7 37 10 413 l.'J
7 Ml 11 II 3 ii
7 51 1 0.1 3 58
8 04 11 11 I 03
8 10 11 30 4 13
8 14 11 214 16
8 18 11 2J 4 31
8 25 11 3J4 27
8 30 It 44 4 31
8 31! 1 M) 4 40
7 13
7 00
II 41
I lick's l'erry
.lleach Haven.,
....iserwicK .
Hrlar Creek.
0 31
a 31
0 1(1
II 11
5 SH
5 4'l
..Vlllow (Iroic.
...1,1 , e nidge.
.... liunert....
Catawl'a liruh-e 8 41 11 55 4 40
6 08 II Ml
. . IMllVlllC.... 12 13 5 Ul
....chulasky.... 03 12 3 5 13
r, on
5 55
5 40
II 45
9 3.'
a. ui.
1 451
0 33,
a. in.
.... Cameron. ... u 08 12 235 u
Northumberland 'J 35 13 40 5 35
ia.m. a.m. p.m.
W. V. 1IA1.STKA1), hupt.
onico. Seranton, reb.lst.t84
Pennsylvania Railroad.
Philadelphia & Erio R. R. Divis
ion, and Northern Central
In effect Nor. sth, 1885. Trains leave Sun
9.40 a. m., Sea Shore Uxpresa (dally except
ouiiuuj, lur iiainauuix uuu luieruieuiuiesillliuns,
arriving at Philadelphia 3.15 p. in. ; New York,
6.20 p. ui. : Ualtlinore. 4.40 n. m. : Washlnirlon.
5.50 p. m connecting at Philadelphia for all sea
Shore points. Through passenger coach to
1.4! p. m. Day express
dally OXCentSundavl.forllarrlsburL-nnrl lnlenne.
dlate stations, arriving at l'Ullndolphla
""J y. i. , , ivia, ji. ui. ; iiuiiiiuuie
11.45 VJ. m. ! WoshlUirton. K.O(ln. in. I'.trtnr enr
through to 1'hlladeliihU and passenger coaches
luiuuK" iu i uiiuueiiiuia uuu uaiiiiuurv.
7.50 p. m. lteuovo Accominodatlon (daily
for llarrlsburg and all intermediate stations, arriv
ing ul i iiuaucipuia a. in. : iew xorK t.uo a. m.
llaltlmore, 5.251. in. ; YVushlngton C.SOn. in.;
Sleeolnir car accommodations can be Houred a
Ilarrlbburi: tor I'hlladelnhla andNew York, on sun
days athiough sleeping car will bo run; on this
t ruin from NVIlllamsp'l tol'hiladelphl.i.l'hlladelphlu
'uNvujiuBuiii i:ui.iiii iu aiueper uuuisiurutu unil
i a. in.
7.UI a. m. -Krlo Stall (dally except Jlonday,
for llarrlsburg and intermedial!) stations,
arriving at 1'hlladelnhla 8.25a. m. New York.
11.30 a. in. ; Ilaltlinoro 8.13 n. m. ; Washington, 9.25
u. in. iuiuuKu iuu'iuiu sleeping curs are run on
una num iu i-uuaueipuia, jiaiiunuro aim wasning
ton, nnd through passenger coaches to l'hlladel.
phla and llaltlmore.
5.20a. m.i:rle Jlall (dally except Sunday), fo.
Krlo und all lutermedlato statloiu and I'anandal,
gua and Intcrmedlato stations, itochester, liulla.
loandNlugaraKalls, withthiough Pullman l'al-
uuo vara aim passenger coacues to Krlo and Koch
ester. 9.53 News Express (dally except Sunday) for
l.iu p. m. Niagara Uxprens (dally except Sun
day) tor Kano and inns una m.
andattrua and nrlneloal liutM-ineiiintn htmtnn.
Itochester, liuirulo and Niagara falls with
through passenger coaches to Kano and liocueslcr
aud Parlor car to Wllllauisport.
5.30 p. 111. Fast Uuu idaily except sunday)for lie-
iiu.u uuu uiieiiueuiuiu siuuuus, auu .uuira, wat
klns and Intermediate stations, with through pas
benger coaches to Itenovo una Watklns.
.3o a. m Sunday mall for lieiuno and lnterrac-
uimv siaiiuns.
i-ADi JVilJ &UU111.
Sunday mall leaves Philadelphia 4.30 a. m
llarrlsburg 7.40 ai ru lug at sunbury 9 20 a. m. with
luiuuu sieepiugear irum I'liuaueipnia to
News Kxnress leaves Pkll.iilelnliin a ki n ...
llarrlsburg, 8.10 a. in. dally except Sunday
arriving at Sunbury 9.53. a. m.
. , ... . Niagara Express leaves
Philadelphia. 7.10 a. m.! m Mniiv
except suuday arriving at sunbury, l.uo p. m.,
with through Parlor car Irom Philadelphia
mtuu uawt tuatUCS IIUUI I'UliaUCl'
phla and llaltlmore.
Fast Line leaves New York a.nn n. m . piiii,a..i.
phla, 1 1.50 a. m. : Washington. 9. so a. m.- nun.
more. 1U.I5 a. 111.. Idatlv exeent. suml:ivi nrrivirxr r
uu,uu,j, i. in., iiu luruuyn passengei
coaches from I'hltadelnhl.i ami it.iiiimnr," -Man leaves New York 8.uo p. m. ; Philadel
phia, 11.30 ji. ui. ; Washington, lttoo p. m. : Haiti
more, n.2J p. m., (dally except Saturday) arriving
at Sunburv 5.15 a. in., with iiirniii.ii
sleeplugcurs from Phlladelplila, Washington aud
i, Ii V i i passenger coacues iron
uiiiiui ijiuia.
SlIN'IHIItY", I1A.I.UTIIN .fc VlI,Ki:ilHlt!tl'
i.tll.lilf.tir .l.iu .IIILTII .7tt UlST
lllt.V.MII II A I, WAV.
, (Dally except sunuay.)
VMlkesbarri! .Mall 1ihvim suntmrv in nan m
ariHing at llloom ferry 10.M a. iu., Wllkes-barr'e
12.18 p.m.
Express East leav es Sunbury 5. 13 p. m., arrh ing
at liliKiin t erry B.37 p. in.. likes-barre 7.53 p. m
....uuu,j .imuimita iiiKi-&ujiuiu.4uu.lll.arriV
Ing at llloom l'erry K'.ts p. in., Minbury 12.53 p. m
Expivss West leaves W Ukes barre 2.45 p. iu ar
riving at llloom Feiry 4.15 p. lu.bunbury 5.1ip.ui.
Sunday mail leaves Sunbury 9.25 a, m., arriving
at llloom l'erry a. iu.,.wilkes-li.irre iliS.1. a.m.
uuuaj uci.-uiiiiuuuauuii leaves vv iikes'liarie 5:15
,). in., urrlv lug at llloom l'erry, 0.48 p. in., sunbury,
1:43 p. m.
CUA. E. l'UUlf,
Ueu. Manager.
J. It. WOOD,
Uen, Passenger Agent
oticj: to srocKiiouiKua.
Thern will nn plMilAn nf n t.n,r.t .n.i.
pf the Hloonisburg llankli g Company, nt their
V?,1. i h0Uhu ou '-l"tit"nU a j-, .lunuiry 12th IKsfl, u(
v.yvn .. ui., iu DV I U lur IUU VUSUlUg l
11. II. Ill
Jau l 'wi-siv
Itovlsed nt a cost ot over ,, Has 40 Edltttrs
aud 3.1 liepts.
It Is the llllsT. SELW EASILY and FAST. Men
uuiuru mvtery cuuuiy. AUuress,
11 (Ireat Jones St.,
New York.,.d.
arANlKD-tiADlKS to work for us nt
..,lulfi'r)'.!:i?'U'" .Nu'"oto.palntliiir: nocanvassl
ing tor full mrttculara, Please address, at once,
Crescent Art Co., lioston. Mass.. Hoy mro.' ul,u"'"r'
,,,,, fvuu ix cents lor post.
1 1 1 I ' I and receive free,a cost.
' K I II 'ib0'' 0( " od'4 wlllch Hl"
II Hi . . - lu niuru iiuiney
JlJi uwa' ,h"n unylhlni
f so In Ihls world. All, of
frvthour. The broad rood tofoituuo opensbe.
.v.w ...", uunuiuivijr puifl, At OUCO Ad
uioos, TKfK s Co., Augusta, Maine. j j si
I Ui o a Klttvii roiuoil j r..r ilia toie JI...Tb7lli
"." ',,,1"U,,""",,"M"(I ." Una mid ol fobi
uaainicliuV0ltiiMiiu.tiJ. liiUeii.l. ulriiiuli niTrkli
lulH.mcurr.ll.Mll w,l HnilTWO HOTrUs fllKR
..e.ll..rwllUYAI.UABI KTKkATISKi, paJa ".ii
tfiRDiHit farms Kis;rj5"te
ilco !!S-4w aid
Fcnnsvlvanla News.
Tho Wllkcsliarro llicord's Clirist
inns ift to tlio now City
IMiiuch Uliiink kuIiooI cliiltlron now
occupy ft now iiinl lmntlsoino S.17,000
One tlimiRnnil pel-sons nml forty
dns wltiicwcd n wolf-clittso near
Tlio Stitlo I.iiiioi' I.caguo is pivpar
inj,' ii liill for pi csciilalion to tlio Legis
lature. Tlio people nt Marsh Run, Yoik
Counly, nro passing through a gold
c.vciti input,
Hiitli'i-cl.iiim to hnvo tho hand
soincst and bust arrangoil Coui t-lloiiso
in lh Stale.
Dr. Hall, who lecenlly died in Krio
Coiintv, had been a prominent prohi
hitionisi. A hud of plumbago, thirty feet thick
has just lei'ii discovered iu Chester
iMontioso is to havo water-woiks-One-lhird
of tlio slock lias alrtdy been
A new Grand Army lnt It is bee
established at Thompson, Susiju
lianna Count v.
llood'j f nhnpnrllln nclliiR tliioinrh tlio
lilniiil, li'iiclii'S every part of llie system,
unil In this wny posllvtly cures calmrli.
In re-eslate Cathartnr JWrm", fn(e of Jackmn
tutciwMv, Cot, Co, ileitaKtil.
1 Iters of administration In said estate having
been granted to the undersigned ndnilnls'rator,
all peisons Indebted to said cstuto nro hereby no
tilled to pay the tame, and those having claims
against euld estate present the same to
Jan. i, cw p. o. Derr's.
In rt't-tttttf n Groty? fVirrer, tale of Jackson t irp,
VvliilitOttt it?i;i(( fti'mitftl.
Letters testamentary In satd estato having b'en
granted to tho undersigned executor, all iienons
liidibtcd lo said estato aro hereby notllled lo pay
the same, and those hnvlng claims against Hald
estate, present the same to
(IE0K0I3 W. FA11VEI1,
Jin. l,flw r. o. Denv.
lo tho matter of tho Sheriff's salo of real estate
of David s. liiown.
The unders gned auditor appointed by the Court
ot toinmon Pleasof Columbia countytodlstrlbuto
money in court nilslng from mid sale, to the par
ties ei.tltled thereto, will sltathlsonieeln lllooms
burg ou Saturday, Jan. 9th, lsa, at 9 o'clock In
the perlorm'lho duties or his appoint
ment. All persons having claims against said
fund must appear and provo Iho same or lx debar
red irom coming in upon tlio fund.
C'lIAltLES (I. HAltKt.EY.
Dee 18-4W Aiidl'or.
The undersigned nudltornpiiolnted by tho or
pluunv com t of Columbia passui on and
dSposo of Iho exceptions tiled to tlio account ot ,1.
Howard Kline, administrator ot the estate ot
Mnses Kvcrctt, deceased, nnd to distribute the
funds In the hands of the said administrator as ap
pears on his ilnal account, to and among tho par
lies entitled thereto, will Attend tothedulles ot
his appointment nt his ortkciti Mojers' building
in tho town of Hloonisburg on Tuesday tho 13th
day of January, A.D. lbsd, nt 10 o'clock In the
forenoon, when nnd wheie all parties lnterc-jted
aro requested to piesent their claims before the
undersigned, or be forever debarred from coming
In upon the said fund.
Dec 16th '83 Auditor.
Heal Estate
If not previously disposed of privately, will bo
offered at I'UIII.IC HAI.IC, on Monday,
I'TUlItlTAKY i, 1880, at 10 o'clock In tho
foienoon, at tho Court House In llloomsburg;
about 1'iviS ACIIUS of land, lying between
tho Normal school grounds and the Ughtstrect
road, in the tow n of llloom'.burg. Ueautltul build
ing lot, partly In Ji.vri VK roKKST, over
looking the town nnd sunoundlng country. Tho
owner reserves Iho right to withdraw tho property
If the bid Is Insufficient.
Ti;iUISi oue-fourlli cash, one-fourth the
llrst ot April next, tho remainder secured on mort
gage, on ono nnd tw o years, It desired. Possession
and conveyance, April 1, 1880.
llloomsburg, Dec, 1KS5.
WIIKHKAS.tliuIIon. W.-mam Et.WEi.L
President Judge of the court of Oyer and
Torralnerand (leneral Jail Delivery, Court of (juur
ter Sessions of tho Peace and tho Court of Common
Pleas and Orphans' Court In the SGtu Judicial Ills,
trlct, composed ot tho counties ot Columbia and
Montour, and the Hons. James Lake and F. L
Shuinan, Assxlato Judges of Columbia county
have Issued their precept.beariug date tho Slst day
of Die. In '.ho year ot our Lord ono thousand eight
hundred and elguty.flve, nnd to modlrccted for
holdlnga Courtof Oyer and Terminer nnd (leneral
Quarter Sessions ot the Peace, Courtof Common
Pleas and Orphans' Court, In llloomsburg, In the
county of Columbia, on tho first Monduy.bclng
tho 1st diy of Feb. next, to continue for two
Notice Is hereby given to tho Jus
tlces of the Peace, and tho Constables of thu said
County ot i."olumbla,that they bo I hen nnd tliers I n
their proper person at 10 o'clock In the rorenoon of
said 1st day of Feb. with their records inqui
sitions and other do thoso things
which to their ofllces appertain to be done. And
thoso that are bound byrecognltanco to proseuulo
against the prisoners tliataro or maybe In the Jail
of the said county ot Columbia, to bo then and there
to prosecute them as shall be )ujt. Jurors are re-
quested to be punctual In their attendance,
agreeably to their notices. Dated at llloomsburg
UICVfVVIj tu tucu uuu
(,ji0 the Slst day c
i L. S. y Lord one thi
i ) eighty.nve, t
ninth year of the In
r of Dec. lu the year of our
housand eight hundred and
and tn the ono hundred nnd
year of the Independence of tha tlnitd
sherlU's oaice, JOHN AIOUBKY,
ii ore money than at am thing elso bv tnt
lug nn aireucv for thu best hiiinnir lumi- nt
liegpiiiers succeed grandly. None fall,
Teims free. Hallkit nook ca . itnuii
viiinn ,.V.o".-"'"'
v' uaiDU,
Wible proipectn. Write for rlrcaUn conulnlnit
deffrlntlon. Sunt free. VYLR & DillAVKN,
ike Ud-Jw ulcl
m . Rnnnnfl A handsome VASE LAMP given
T 5 nflPPRr! wllu a 15 ""ler tor Tea and corf
I cUUUUU1'1'- An Iron stono ciiamiieu
nieces, or a handsome llitONZE hanii'ino Uii'
given with a (loonier. A CilA.MUKlt SET otlO
pieces, with blue, maroon or pink band or an IKON
Sl'ONE CHINA TK V SET of fill pieces, Or a GLASS
iw uiau pieces given wun ana oruer, hand.
So vie PIIEMIU.VIS, consLsttug of Decorated China
Ware In 'lea sets, also Dinner and Tea Sets com
bined, and chamber sets, etc., etc., given with
orders for lis, ru, 135, fas and 150. send for clrcu
lar, which vvlllgivovou full particulars. OIIANI)
UNION TEA COMPANY, i!5 South .viulubt
vviikes narre, ra. ueaanuar
ters so Frout street. New
York city.
may 15-iy
lor working people. Send 10 cents post,
age, and wo wilt moll ou free, a royal,
valuable sample box of goods that will
nay vou In the wav of uiaklnir morn
monoy in a few davs than vou evertlinueht tinsel.
ble at any business. Capital not required. You
can live at home and work Iiieiuio tlmuonlr. or
all tho lime All of both sexes, of all ages, grand
ly siiteessiui, du cenut io o easily earueu every
evening. '1 hut all who want work may test thu
business, vveinako this unparalleled offer: To all
who aro not well satisfied we will tend II la pay
for Iho trouble of writing us. Full nartlculknl
directions, etc., bent free. Immense, pay absolute;
ij buidiui ui! uuu kimi m uuce. iiunfc uciay.
uuiiDaDiixBuii a v-u., j uiiiunu, Aiaiue, tuecitf.
Slates nnd Felts,
Slate Mantels,
Slate Blaek Boards,
School Slate,
Roofing Slate,
itooiuig i elts, i, 2&3
, , , J-1 mi 1. 1.,
25 Lackawanna Avenue, bcranton. Pa
Jlayw-iy '
F r.,."'J,.."r !. 1111
I fkA-xoP-aJr "tltlUg
Ititlug with
..Willi uo
jeim, 1 OK ,J.l, t MuWAKIN. CnLlNMAi i it
for Infants 'and ChHdren.
"CMtorllasowcllaJaptodtochlldrenlh&t 1 Coitorlav cures Colic, Conatlpatlon
IrccommendltaiieuperlortoauyprcscrlpUon I E0"1"'1' Diarrhma, Eructation,
known to me." IL A. Ascntr., M, D., I "Llnoi?8' E'VLS 6lct'P an J Pmo
111 Bo. Oxford Bt, llrooklyn, K, Y. Tllbout Injurious medlcaUon.
I 1l
A L?rge and Vjaried Stock of
Call and be Convinced
OK Til
The Lowest Poksible Prices!
Complete Novels and Other Works, by Famousl
I am loiiowmg uooiiiirii iiuhii.iich in ut" 'nin'unuiiu, wau; viiucii
irom jcou'l I rut upon fiiol Hipcr. iiicj irci vi iti tri
lint without uu I In s -r i-i ii nv H at to or to wuuti like 10 Jyvjltei.
1. The Wlilon n.'.t.Ht I'uik tiu TLii 1 iti book I
Birrwbictt tour ttiaii'l'iioiliiri lauitii-a till llit-jr ttlej, itu 1
It lii-nt
i. Vim
fu'iitr iit-dar & ft eicr wan.
iter l urU Tor Hume A Joninteiit, kn tn-
Urclr new work ni-m ttili ui.j:t, cuutiuiuii ear ul I Ii. Hm
practical tiHtructtotia for luakinc ftnc ba.keu, wall
jH.Hett, bracktf ui'tilltt work, eiubrouerji met, iw. pii
futl.T atnl clevantljr llluttr ate t
3. Irlmin'ii.Fiilrjr Morlv fur tbo Younc . Tb
Quqh f-olHi-'iiiin of f ilrjr nonet ever publtabej. 1 l clilJ
rtffi IH bo J til uh t-1 witli then).
4. I he I. aily ol t)iu l.ukr. Hr Sir Walter Sootl.
" 1 he of tlie l,Qu I a rumanou to if no, tuJ ul 11
lli wirkn-r Sooil iiu'io I more beuiiirul thaa tliu.
5. M uuu at of Ktlqtitfllo tor I. a lie an I tit utlerai-n.
lulle ui imliteue'i ant good bnn&iug, ijblux ilia rum or
modern etiiuetttf for all ooeailooi.
6. The Miinituril l.t-tler Writer for La Hot an I
fjentlemen. a omUvte ulle to oorr- p'Hi lemw, piiiu
CUlu dire.tloni for the cumpoiitlou of letter of vtrr
Itil. vith ItmmuuruMe forme ao) exauiplea.
7. Inter rt-iilnic ltrculluiia,a Inria eoIKctlon
Of Acilrijf L'hir.ile, Tauleaux, tnie, I'uitle, etc for
ao-.tM 4thernii, pritata theatrical!, aoj euuln-i at
bomet HIiHtratet.
0 IMulojcura, lleoltatlona and Heatthifr, a larjc
aal choK -uiloiian for achool exhltiltioai uJ iiublk auJ
prltato eutcriaiiiiiientt.
9. lurlur ilujlc and Chrmloat Ki perlincnle,
a book which telia how to perform huii)reJof aiiim.ii.
tfkHln majto and laitrueUTt eiperliueau wtth Wmi.ig
if fnti.
10. 'I lie Home Cook Hook und Fuiullr l!irl.
flnn, cjnlaliilni huulreJa of eicelleot conk tin rpiiwi
au4 (il nt to tm uacket-peri, alo tcllluj how to curu all com
nioo llnienu bv timplu hmne rcmejf
11. Muimvra und t imtotita In 1'ur A wny l.nuri,
a very latrreiluit uu 1 nitruiio book of truvt I lp-.-nh.
loi the peculiar lire, habit, nunnera and ciutoni of the
ponple of fjrcUn eouatrire, llluitrat-d,
U. Miteen Complelu Morlra hr ToiHiUr Author,
eiubraoluit love, huuiurout am) dcn'ciliit unt, iiork f
oeleiv life, ot alteuture, or railnar Hte, etc., all vert In
tereitlna, '
IS. ThelliiiIi:ettof U'lt, Humor tind V
cotleoilon of the mtinr atork. kni he. aneiotr rcfim
au 1 joke that have been written for omr ti ur , llhit r t
II. Tat-rul Knoul-dKe for I In- Million, alian-tr
book of uefnl Itihirmaibio lor Mi, upon tuaur aud fariuua
uhjeoi. llUfratel,
.,,.'w,!'a itnvt" ANotbI, Bjr HaBbCoiiwaT, author
af'Uark Uajri, ' ew.
,ook(i KU ft M. toe wliultj-lO MriJI.tlO. Snd I I) rLfi
veu, ReiUtcred tetter, or Uouer a lire at i.eo. trCWKIl
'M" 1
aettRilu iyff3irS7i" Lt
HsiESW M." - -I ' M1
Foreign audi BqxwsMo
pnimotct t
Tbi CcTAca Cohtant, 183 Fulton street. 1
ou have
1 llll
1 t
uthors. Almost Given Avat !
ilbjKUaud we thlUk liO una can r uit.lkiLa I
nuiuavir iiniairuii'U. auu Biiait i rniiri
ctutlibuud furtu I'lcte boL wu.d i.ot fiud I
16. At
IT. Ml
ori iu nuu no tin. uuili tic
u inranlun, A ?ou. ltj"TLPu
f "Hi. r llaan '
Uuj.A cl. Ujr Hugh Conwif autbht
Lk. id. '
19. 1 Im
II r th u:
iO. Mini
iljUr of tho llallr Tree, A .Norei.
Jeoii, Butb
WMilifMiotr, A Notrl. ByR. L.
31 III
ray Vomun. A.Noiel. llj Ur. bttktll.
autbor ul
32 'III
ru2i)i p. a .Note). Ujr Wllkle Collin,
he Umu lu Hhiie. etc.
author ot
23 Kfi
Wood, aii
ourlljrm, A .Vottl, II Uri. IlfufT I
or iiiLjiine," no.
Id .M. A oTl. Itr tbe AubotofDuri
21. liil
25. Itat
tothrlld Home. A Novel. UjiUijCtdt
f "li ii Pirn cic,
lloMn.unk'. ire. A Noret. Uj Lln
f(tf n llalilai litnlltinaii. eto.
hit, ii
'6. J
JlulOf BIJ
31- I. n.l
Hieulliit'B Hriaui. A.SdiiI, Hjltt
mtnur ii
H Ju
I It Idol! 1
otl r tie
lrutiu fcirtt. A Koit BWltiM.E
loi ol nn ra lord. ' eta
1. 1'U I
e. A Mil. tjr iiarj (.cell Hy, author oi( I
I (.lib
I' Vnrlaee. A NotI. It WlikU CoLlui ,
i to
HimUA .Norel. Br Ure Add S-Stephcci,
ti ttii 1 1 Famine, eto
lutnor or
'U lln
i Hi-1.
iK llrt lilrluhid, A Notrl ttjr Wary
3J Hit,
K CiWn. A otci. hj Wis LI. K. Btad
den. antho
It 1 a.r
Xocl lit
A (in
"lnra Thu
M talfr
author or
ST. M-Ii-t
of The U .
i.iioiiejr a ferrtt "tw
n T llveitkir of tub HLll. Ak
i W, I've. author l "The Itirth Uaik. eu-j,
Irn hrn, A jNotel. llj the auiUe j
l'a. A Notel. Dt Ur. Alcuoil ,
WkllO 1. cw
loe. Nuvt-I. P WHIW WlllCA.a' fat
t Amir
an in lie, eto
"mi i
3 The d-urcl ,,h. A Novel. C XV , Uulock,
t10'. 01 H"- O'ntlcmaa. etc.
turitaA Notcl Ur nt-cjfr-iiot,aultM
M, ' TUliluDtbe Flo, ).
i ffas Co., Pd jad'a, Pa.
for thu r!(.lfl.ii.,l f'liirkiiilnir. Ivca
I'ond. uud .Vtif.v. Knn I'iimos. Worl
tiovvneil EstcjlrKaiiB, Violins, Accord
nml Kin.i t 'Mn,. r'..iiiiii.iii il Wliitc. 1
lllt;li Arm11, cw Home, Itoj'J
Joliu. und IJp, Kiiuning Domtfctic fc(
.line i nca. Kn i's. o unil niiacuui
for nil iiiakfcs i Bowing Machines.
mam aaV'in it ri TTTir nnrnii i' f iiimii nim i n i i i ieocvoksi
Ctcro and wtrtrccitG, Nc 123
Fruklin Avenue
MiOnrciooma n rriinKUn Ave. tiil IM
f tcr Street,
4 H
Ail) tliinu s, nukn up a no wifj
or iMwir M. in stock. 1
I1.U- Iron in,! Siwl TBohP, 11
KmIh, I,:iS Scivvcl 'I'lirnliiitH
Iliirii" Sliori. nnd all Ulavksml
BUJlpllOS. 1