The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, September 25, 1885, Image 4

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Jumlw Killed.
stuuck nv an r.;toiNK w ontaiiio.
St. Thomas, Omt,, Septdmber 10.
Tho Unriium. Uallov & Hutchinson
nrrived hero from Cliathnm yesterday
morning find unloaded near wlicra
their tents wcro intclied, a short dim
tancc cast of Mollor street. Whilo thd
evening performance wag in progress
tno usual plan ot loading tho anlmaU
was proceoded with. Thero arc thirty 4
ono elephants in connection with thd
show and of theso all had boon placed
on board of the cars with tho exception1
of tho famous Jumbo and Tom Thumb,
tho dwarf down elephant, who created
so much merriment during tho perform
mancc. As theso two wcro walked
along tho track to reach their cars,
about half past nine, o'clock, a special
freight, run by Engineer William Bun
nip, approached from tho east. Thd
engineer noticed the elephants on thd
track and whistled for brakes Hired
times and reversed his engino. But
just at that point tho track was on a
down erratic, and the train could not bo
stopped. Jumbo was ahead in charge
of his keeper, Mr. Scott, known to all
tho circus peoplo ai "Sootty," with Tom
J. immll in tlio rear.
When "Scotty" noticed tho danger,
ho urged Jumbo to increase, his paco
and tno big animal started on a run
down tho track, with his kcoper bravo
ly running by his side. But it was no
use. Tho train could not be hold back
and as it came thundoring along it first
struck tlic clown clopliant and tnrew
turn into llio ditch and then dashed
into Jumbo. As it struck tho monster
it was as if two trains had como to
gether. Tho freight was stopped and
tho engine and two cars wcro thrown
from tho track. Jumbo was struck in
the hind legs and as tho cow-catcher
hit him ho gave vent to ono loud roar
and fell. The entrino and edco of the
first oar passed along his back and in-i
meted terrible bruises. Jumbo was
not instantly killed, but lived for
teen minutes alter being struck, expir
ing whilo efforts wero being made to
tako him from under tho train. Tho
engino was badly damaged and will!
havo to bo sent to tho Bhop and bo ro-,
Almost as soon as tho accident had
occurred men were set to work to get
the engine and cars on the track and
to pull poor Jumbo from the wreck.
Largo cables were attached to him,
ono to the front and auothor to tho
back part of his body, and about ono
hundred men buckled on to each cable,.
whilo another force of men with planks,
and crowbars pried from behind. Af-i
tor about half an hour's labor Jumbo's'
body was pulled off the track into tho,
ditch, xho circus employes ran about
with flaming torches, tho cool head
master of the transportation gave or
dors to the hundreds of mcu at work,
while to one side stood Mr. Hutchinson'
and other managers of tho show,griov
ing oyer tho"Tos3 of their favorite.)
Tho scene was ouo not soon to be for
gotten. While, Jumbo was being
pulled off the tracs tho veterinary sur
geons connected with tho show wero
attending to tho elephant; Tom Thumb,
lie had been thrown into the ditch and
it was found that his left hind leg had
been broken. It is expected that thd
leg can be saved, and after his limb;
was set ho was lifted in tho car and
taken with tho rest of tho animals on'
tho train which left for London this'
After tho accident, when tho noiso
and confusion had somewhat ceased so
that an examination could bo made of
Jumbo, it was apparent that death was
uuon him., There wero deep flashes in'
his flank, his feet wero torn and the
blood ran out of his mouth. Ho gavd
one groan after being struck, then lie
suffered in silence whilo the sands of
iiis life ran out. Long after life was
extinct his keeper, who brought him
from tho Zoological Gardens in Lon-i
don, lay on his body and wept.
Mr. liarnum was at the Murray Hill
hotel in Now Ttork, and received four,
Ulegiatim announcing Jumbo's death.
"All Europo, was waiting to see
Jumbo," said he, "but his sudden death
precludes our going abroad next season,
ns wo intended. It's no uso going to
Kurope without Jumbo, so we'll travel
all over the United States with Jumbo's
skin stuffed and his skeltton."
''Jumbo has been exhibited to thous
ands of children in this country and
many moro in England. Ho was un
doubtedly the largest beast on tho face
of tho earth. Ho stood llj- feet high,
and weighed seven tons. His bulk
was such that a front view of him was
almost as wonderful as a side view,
Tho other elephants of other circuses
seemed liko pigmies beside him. His
1 1 unk for several feet after leaving his
head was as thick as a stout man's
body. When ho lifted his head and
nil etched his trunk upward ho could
reach up twenty-six feet, or five feet
higher than tho largest of the other
elephants in my herd. Ho was 20 years
oi(i ins loss is indeed great.
"In infancy Jumbo was captured by
a band or Arabs in Africa. lie was
brought across deserts on the back of
two camels lashed together, and was
fed on camel's milk. At a tender age
ho wai sold to tho Jardin des Flantes
in Paris. While still a lilllo fellow
tho lloynl Zoological Gardens, Re
gent s Turk, London, came into pos
section of him by swapping other anl
mak Ho was not considered a won
derful elephant then, but when soven
or eitjht yyars old he began to grow
fast. ' The story is that people came
to ece him get bigger while they watch
(il him, As ho attained his growth he
was iisoil to, carrying loads of children
upnii his back about tho gardens, and
when fa encaged was perfectly trao-
table, As he grew older, however, ho
showed an unruly disposition, and was
lint limit r close confinement Tho'
council of tho Zoological Society be
came afraid that ho would sacrifice life,
mill decided to sell him. I immediate
ly opened negotiations for his purchase.
That was in tho early part of 1882
For Hcvcntcin years the English chil
dr n had pelted him, and it was banl
for them to part with tho big fellow.
But 1 offered $10,000, and was told
tho animal was mine. But, when it
bccani'i knowntthat lie was sold, near
Jy all England protested against it,
Uivnt indignation was expressed by the,
J.omlon press, and tho subject ot .luin
Iiq f oiui becamo a craze. Ilia removal
from il:u country was lamented as a
national calamity". Tho council defend
ed themselves by saying that thoy wero
n frai! Jumbo would becoino possessed
of the pi culiar insanity to which ele
plinntsul certain stages of lifo aro sub-
"What about the story that tho
I'litii't'of Wall s was loath to havo
Jninl o !eao England!
"It was line," said Mr. Barnum,
"tho I'rinco of Waiic went to tho
Zuolcg'oal Gardens and Hied to ctop
t -nlr. Queen Victoria herself inter.
I 'd. Lomlui vns on cud with ex
t'tiiiiei.t. My ugiut ttlegranhcd me
in Ainenca that Jumbo could not bo
got out of tho Gardens that ho por-,
stated in lying down, and would not
get up. I cabled back, 'Let Jumbo
He.' It was tho best advortlsemont for
mo I over had. I was willing to havo
Jumbo enjoy his sudden oaso for a
month. B )th England and tho Unltod
States wcro talking about mo and
Jumbo. An injunction suit in Chan'
cory was commonocd, nnd whilo thoS
matter was before tho Houso of Com
uiona 820,000 was earned by tho coun
cil in exhibiting Jumbo n tew weeks.
Jumbo's provender was sent to New
York on two separata ships beforo we
got him out of tho Zoological Gardens.
Popular feeling ran so high in Eng
land that thero wero rumors that a riot
would tako placo when Jumbo was con
voyed out of tho Zoological Gardens.
John Kiisklu wroto t 'Eoglatid is not
in tho habit of parting with her pets
If stono walls and chains aro necessary
to confino Jumbo, England has tho stone
and iron, and nood not go to Amen
ica for them.' Minister James Kus
sell Lowell announced in a publio
speech that ho belie vod , tho relations
botwecn England and America wero
undisturbed except in connection with
"To got him to tho Monaroh lino
pier wo built a hugo crate on whells
and had him put into it. The orate
was drawn by a cavalcado of horses.
Ho could havo walked, ofcouTsc,buttho
Royal Hnmano Society threatened to
imprison us if wo stuck a prod in him.
Thero was not room for Jumbo be
tween the decks of tho steamship Assyr
ian Monarch, and ho had to bo kept
on tho deck for several days. Parlia
ment becamo interested in tho matter,
and passed a special act providing for
precautions against lifo by emigrants
who accompanied Jumbo to Amerioa.
Wo had to cut a liolo in tho upper
deck in order to let Jumbo's head
through. In this way, chained in a
huge crate, ho was brought to America.
Tho Assyrian Monaroli arrived here on
Sunday morning, Apr. 0, 1882, after a
voyage of fourteen days, and Jumbo
was landed in good condition. Tlio
elephant and tho immense iron-bound
box in which ho was caged weighed
together twelve and a half tons. Tho
box and its freight wero hoisted from
the steamship by a floating derrick,
which was towed to Pier 1. Jumbo
was then hauled by sixteen horses to
Madison Square Garden. Jumbo cost
mo including the price I paid to bring
him to American, 30,000. Ho paid
for himself in threo weeks. I valued
Jumbo at the time of his death at
"Was Jumbo insured !"
"He was not," said Mr. Barnum. "I
don't insuro my animals when thoy aro
travelling, because if thoy meet any
accident on tho railroad,I hold tho com
pany that is transporting them liable.
When they aro in winter qaartors at
Bridgeport, I have them insured, I held
$75,000 in policies on my animals last
"What was Jumbo's food V
"Four hundred pounds of hay, one
barrel of potatoes, and ono bushel of
onions daily. It cost mo 30 a day to
feed him. He drank water and beer.
Jumbo was never unmanageablo whilo
ho was in my circus. Scott, his Eng.
ish keoper,who had been with him sinco
ho was 3 years old, ruled him by kind
ness. Ho never used a prod on Jumbo.
Ho taught him nothing except to cary
children on his back. This Jumbo has
been accustomed to do for years, and
no youngsters woro. in danger whilo
riding on' his back around tho ring.
Whilo travelling throughout the count
ry we transported Jumbo in a special
car just large enough to go through
tunnels. Scott slept in it with Jumbo.
Scott is a great beer drinker, and Jtim
bo ued to share a pailful of tho bever
ago with his keeper every night.'
Ira, j . i...-ci.u.rt Xlltcrs Known.
Io otUer medicine known to effoctoaDipirM
the blood of dwp-ststed diseases.
million bear tc.Mmoiir to 1U wonderful
tnraUve effect.
I Purely VocetaMo'rreparttlon.iMde
(rom tho duUvu lu-rbs tat root! at CilltorDta, tho
medicinal propcFtii of which extracted tier.
It removes the cause' et disease, ana the
paUent rerorera nil health.
-.i' 1"iho Blood Purifier and tile,
pnng Principle; a Gentle Purgative and Tonic; a
perfect Ilenovator ard Invlgorator of the aiatem.
Merer beforo In the history of The world has a medicine
been compounded possessing the power of ViNioiB
rliTTiRa In healing the. sick of every dlaeaae man la
The Alterative, Aperient, Diaphoretic. Car.
mlnaUvo, Nutritious, LaxaUve. Sedative, Counter
irritant, Bndoriae, Anti-Bilious. Solvent, Diuretic and
Tonic properties ot Vimani IIittiuu exceed thoae
of any other medicine In the world.
No person, can take tho Hittibj according to
fllrectlons and remain long unwell, provided t'eir
bonea aro not destroyed by mineral polaou or other
meana, and the vital organa wasted beyond the point
of repair.
, Bilious, Hemlttent, Intermittent, and Ma
larial Fevers are prevalent, throughout the united
States, particularly in the valleyi of our great rivers
and their vast tributaries during the Summer anil
, Autumn, .especially during aeaaoua of unusual heat
and dryness.-
These Fevers are Invariably accompanied by
extensive derangements of the stomach, liver and
bowels. In their treatment. purgative, exerting a
powerful Influeuce.spon. these organs, is stwotutelr
There Is no eathartle for tho purpose equal
to Dr. J, Wiuin'i Vikkoiu Uitteus, as It will
speedily removo the dark-colored viscid matter with
which Ihe.bOMels are loaded, at the same time stimu
lating the aecreUons ,of the liver, , and generally
restoring" the ' healthy funcUous of the digesUve
Fort Iff tlio bodr against disease by purifying
all Its fluid with ViKKOiu IliTixas. Mo epidemic
can tako hold of a system thus forearmed.
It IuvlgoriUea the Htomixcli and stimu
lates the torpid Liver and Dowels, cleansing the
Mood of all lniporiUes, Imparting life and, rigor to
the frame, and carrying oft without the aid of
Calomel, or othor minerals, all poisonous matter
from the system. It Is euar ot administration,
prompt in action, and certain In its results;
JyMvkluor liitligeliaii,lleadache,raln
In the (moulders. Coughs, Tightness ot the Chest,
Pneumonia, SUtlnees, Bad Taste In' the Mouth,
hiUous Attacks, Palpitation of the Heart, and a
hundred other painful symptoms, aro at oace .re
lieved by Vikioib BiTTEiia.
'or lullammattorr and Chronle Rheuma
tism, Clout, Neuralgia, Diseases ot tho Wood, Liver,
Kldueys nud llladder, the Hitters havo no equal
In these, as lu all consUtulional Diseases, Wilxxui
Vuiicain has shown lu great curatlvb
powers In the most, obsUuato and latractablo
'coses. ' !
Jllechanlrul Diseases, rersona engaged In
Paints and Minerals, such ss numbers,' Type
setters, Gold-beaters, and Miners, as they advanoe
In lite, are subject to Paralysis of the' Vowels.
To guard against' this, take occasional doses of
VixatUK IirrrcRs. ' '
Mklu Diseases, Berofula, Bait Rheum, Ulcers,
Swellings, Pun pies. Pustules, Ilous, Carbuncles,
Ring-worms, Scald-head,- Bot-e Eyes; Erysipelas,
Itch, Scurfs, DisooloraUooe, Uumors and diseases
of the Skin, of whatever name or nature, are liter
ally dug up and carried out of the system la a short
tune by the use ot the Hitters.
l'lii,.Tupe and other: Worms, lurking In
the ayatorn of so many thousands, are effectually
destroyed and removed. No system ot medicine,
no vermifuges, so anthelmintics, will freo the
system trout worms like Vattain Brrrsns.
Measles, ISrarlrt Fever, Humps, Whooping'
Cough, and all children's diseases way be xnade
less severe by keeping the bowels open with mild
doses of the Hitters. This wonderful remedy is
especially adapted to the systems of children, for
puiifyliur herbs alone give It 1U remarkable, cura
tive powers. It contains no. alcohol, opium or
other poison. 1 '
For female Coluplaliits, In young or old,
married or single, at the dawo Of womanhood, or
the turn of Ufe, this Bitters has no equal.
Cleanse the Vitiated Blood when ltslm-
EurlUes burst through the skin in Eruptions or
ores; cleanse It when obstructed and sluggish la
the veins; cleanse it when it is foul! your feelings
will tell you when, and the health ot the system will
lu conclusion I Give the Bitter a trial. It
wlU speak tor Itself. One buttle Is a better guar
antee of Its merits than a lengthy advertisement.
A roil iid each boltleoru full dirocuvsspiin tod
a different languagts.
It. M. 01 cllonuld Drug Co,, Proprietors,
Ban Francisco. Gal . and m, K a us Washington t)t,
Cor. Charltou HL, Mew lork.
Sold by ull Dealers mid Drure'sts..
"For mny years I had suffered from a coem
plaint which the physicians call gravel. I liadj
employed sorno ot the most noted doctors without
obtalDtng any permanent relief, nnd for a longj
ttmo my enso was regarded as hopeless. All who)
knew my clrcunstnnces said 1 must die. Finally
my wife. Induced me to try n bottle ot Or. Kon-1
nedy'a 'Favorite Remedy,' which sho had some-
where heard of or Been advertiser'. Wltlioutthej
lightest faith In It, hut solely to gratify her,!
bought n bottlo ot a druggtst in our village. I
used that and two or three bottles more, and -to,
make a long story short 1 am now as healthy a!
man as thero Is la the country,
"sinco then I havo recommended tFarorlto!
Remedy' to others whom I knew to havo sufTeroi
from kidney and liver complaints; and t assure thi
publlo that tho 'Favorite Remedy' has donq tti
work with a similar complotenoai in every slneli
Instance, and I trust soma other sick and dlscoaN
aged mortal may hoar ot It and, try the, JFarqriuj
Remcdy.'as I dld."-Waal)lngton Monroe, CatakllU
w. I 1
DONt lit i rooMM raucDici against P0PMl
medicines, stand botwecn you nnd the health of
your' wife, child Or baBy. It Is 'alfcays. right li
advcrtlso a blessing, br. Kennedys ''FaTorltd
Remedy" Is a blessing. It hassuyed thousands,
and It will help you. If you are sick from troubles
ot tlio kidneys, bowels, liter and blood,, spend on
dollar for thlsklngot medicines. "
mi nm wm,:
ri&er il It:
TUG mett ilnbborn caes yield readily to It
snd has not failed to Cure a single case
wherodlroetloniare followed, ltasucceis
has boen remarkable aud Its eures wonder,
ful. It 14 the moat suocoiirul preparation In the
market for CATAHHII and the only one that
f romlres an Absolute, Positive Cure. It Is
ruly a blenlng to mankind. A Trial Is Ml
Mutt Is asked for It. Ones used, Itlsalwsys
recommonded. Send for testimonials of actual
One bottle Is gonorally lufllelcnt for a euro. Stop
taking dulnlne. A trial only Is asked forKsx
isn't) CatAkkh Hkkkhv. It Is a SPECIFIC
for all diseases ariiluu; from an Impure blood and
drires all eruptions from the skin.- For Bypht
lltlc complaints It Is superior to any preparation
In the market, One' bottle will cure moat of the
following complaints and a continued uae will
rosiTlvtiLV cure, Savo doctor bills and try It,
KlM.UIl's CATAltlllt ItSMKDV ll DO patent
medicine, but n aafo and pleasant preparation
to tuke und rurcly the greatest medical diioor.
ry ofllio nge. bottlo rejuvenates tho onttrs
.ytein and iHaresos( moro vlrtuo than a halt
,i bottles of ordinary patent preparations.
Wrltcfor testimonials and othor information.
liri-Vrsulu br.drutraists gonerally. .
pitrci: wi.iio a iiottlk. bit nor-
i l I"! I'Olt ts.t.oo. On receipt of SJ3.00 by
.... ..i inuueluuH, Sauuel F. Kellir & Oa,
lliirrl bur.'. IV. Mx bottles will be sent express
To Dyspeptics.
Tho moat common signs of Dyspepsia, or
Indigestion, aro an oppression at tho
stomach, nausea, flatulency, water-brash,
heart-burn, vomiting, loss of appetite, and
constipation, Djspeptlo patients suiter un
told mlsorles, bodily and mental. Thoy
should stimulate tho digestion, and sec aro
regular daily action of the bowels, by tho
nso of modorato doses of
Ayetfg Pills.
After tho bowels are regulated, one ot these
Pills, takon each day after dinner, Is usually
all that Is requlrod to complete the euro.
Ayer's Pills are sugar-coated and purely
vegetable a pleasant, entirely safe, and re
liable mcdlclno for the cure of all disorders
of the atoDiach .and bowels. Thoy are
tho best of all purgatives for family uso.
rusPAUED nr
Sold by all Druggists.
f..i"rr5- JHERMOMtTCKS.
Drawls Iastrasaeals. PklleMnklral susd
i . . Cfcsssleal Ansarates.
Al At. , ... Slllll ..
924 Chntnut St.,
ir jo have lo tell yourdocto- your every ache
and palu. who then Is the doctor l Hrho imun U alwuysbctt to rely on Dr. KlunerV
remedies tor all diseases ot a chronic character
Mold by druirL'Ista. Y
If yeu have attacks of vory rapid nnd violent'
ww, ulmvu, iubii vi uitwj, uuu IWI HS lUOUgU
your heart would burst, and impending shook
teems threatening your life, Dr. Kilmer's iirass.
" uuicia, uirrecii uuu ovorcoines a t Jungcr.
lAskJOUrOruggblfSIIt. II. j
1 fraii have venereal blood-poison, sypliiutl
ulcere, skin eruptions, blotches, chronic ulcers or
oia sores reiyouur. Kilmer's Mwaws-IUei, Ask
your druggist for It. sso, $1.
If vsuharo congeBtlon, Inflammation or pneu
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ion wonic nkatly
' riflsaiBsBBBBBBaaeBBBBaBBBk
' fRf&S.UARJC,
Strbrt FurtTiNO. Whatevor Idea1
tho young girl who praolioo, street1
flirting, may entertain of tlicir scom-l
incly Innocent past lino, it may bo set'
down aaa certainty , that when a re
peotablo young man tlcstrcs tlio. no
quaintanco of ono who triay sonio Vlay
becomo his wife, ho d6ci not no out on
tho street and seek their acquaintance!
tbrotigli a uirtatioti. JJuty on tlio.otn
cr hand, tho flirt of the street, , no mat
tor bow. Innocent and fair her intentions!
may, be, is iho last portion ho would so-
loci m. hi life' companion. Ho do-i
atrna liiii' niinvr, oiiant1nn. tlnl
young girl, who ongagoi In tills kind of)
paatimu slionhl boaf in mind thai ehoi
nut ouiy ontiangcra nor rcpuiaiiou aiwi,
leaves a, stain on lior name, but that
her name is a by-word among tlioao
witli whom sho flirts, to bo bandied
about in tho saloons, on the street cor-i
ncrs nnd in tho low-down, unholy;
placoi in ttie, town, fastening on her
otborwiso fair name .a stlttma or stain!
that will folldw1 hor years after sho'
sees her lolly and attempts to mtnd,
her ways.
Coitilug irnsliioitH lor Men.
Tho now tall silk hat will be higher mulj
stralghtcr In tho crown than Its spring fore.;
runner, with n, narrow brim, having a Hat
curve, technically cnlied a" "D'Oriay roll."
Derbies will be, high, with rounder crowns,
anil less brim (ban formerly, and color,,
black will bo more worn than brown, which
la the only other pcrmlssnhlo simile. Tho
tailors have not much to trouble them, as
the styles of men's clothes .have not been
altorcd to any great, degree. Four.button
cutaways and onc-bullon cutaways will bo,
cblcily worn, the neck opening being cut n'
trlllo lower than formerly. Trousers aro,
stvaully but gradually on tho Increase. In;
wliltli.nnd aro. cut straight Instead: of being!
shaped to the, calf. Overcoats will be sln-i
glo-brcasted, .Chesterfields,; In ciielmcre9:
and diagonals. No new materials seem to,
have been Introduced. Checks 'will 'still'
bold their place, while a broad, wldcipaacd
diagonal seems likely .to bo, fashionable. In
neckwear tho folded scarf, has been, largely
replaced by tho .simple sailor's knot.
Cure lor .JFelon.
.A doctor In iko Phrenological Journal says
that he has tried, this euro for felon In many,
cases und has never known It to fall: 'iTake
common salt, roasted on a hot stove, until
all tho chlorlno of gas Is, thrown off or, it Is,
as dry aa, you can make It. To a teaspoon
ftil, and also n icaspoonful of pulverized
Castile soup, add a tcaspoonful of Vcnlco
turpcntlno ; mix them well Into a poultice
nnd: apply to the, felon. If you havo ten
felons ,atpnco many poultices.
Renew this poultice twice a day. In four,
or flyo days your felon will,, if not opened'
before your poultice is.flrst put on,- present
a hole down to, the bono; whero tho.pent up
matter-wag beforo ypur ippuUlcc .brought, it
out. If tho fejon-thas.becn, ,cupf ,opcn .or,
opened itself, or Is about to tako, off tlio
flnecr. to liic.first lointi no! mailer, nbt on
your poultice j ii'wllf sfop'right tllerpVand
In time your finger will, get i well even If
ono of thej first .bones is. cone. Of course.
it will not restore, tho lost bone, bijt U,rXill
get .well. soon.
rem gir-riHBrtt.Ttim.
Illoom-Isaao Yost, & C Shlvcs, S. W. Shutt.
Heaver Jewo lttttenhouse. .
Berwlek Panlel needy,' JolinU Bloss, It. M
CatawhBa Emory Oetchy, Oeo. QUlnn',
Conter M. Millard, oeo. L, i'roas. ,
Centralla W. J. Sweeney," 1). C. Black.
Vterjlmroraekltlchant Him. Prank, Wolf. .Toulah
Jackson E. J. Rones.
Locust Win. i'fahlor, John Ilellg.
Oramre Phlnnnn iVnitnt.., Vrftnk Klofflr. ,T2.'n.
SloaBT" 7 . - -
lino jo&n rotter.
Scottwoun Waters.
Bloom lames Cadman, William Shoemaker, Jr.,
Peter Gross; William Yt'erts, Clinton sterling:'-' '
Beaver Moses sehllelior, Isaac llarrlgar, tflmon
lUttenhouse. ' 1 r
Benton John Keoler.
Borwick-g. u McBrtde.
Brlarcrcek Ooo. Bower. Jj W. Eef. 1jv Shaf.
fer. - ' ' -
catawlssa Lewis IlayUurst, Batn'l, Long, Jr., lAi
II. Sliarpleia. '
wuwr-iacoo neticr, jonn w, juuer,
Conyngham-oeo: Keller.
Franklin Sylvester llowcr.
Greenwood a' B. Klsner."
JackBon-Krank Vorks, l'ronk Young.
Locust Saro'L Adams. '
Malno-Joaeph llartzell, Nathan Sillier,
Mlftlln Heuben Kry, M. 11. Ilctlor.
orango-u. w. Hicks.
Ilne Benjamjn Loo.
Scott Alfred yacobs, C. Blttenuonder, Josoph
Musselman. ' :
8ugarloaf Daniel Fritz, D. II, Stoadman, Win
Bloom-Josliua Fetterman, Charles Hassert.
Benton David Crossley, J. J. Karnes.
Berwick-Boyd Hosier, A. T. Creasy.
Brtarcrcok A. H. Fodder.
Catawlssa Nelson Hartman.
ccntralla-Wm, E. Davis, John Hopncsey. o. B.
sUIll&IUf ,
Conyngharn-Jamos Levins, Jr.
Kranklin-t.MnnaonBenfamln.Sheot.'t ,
. Oreonwood-John Bruner, AtrarnrDrelblobls;
.Geo. Ureen)ey, Cornelius Iteece. '
.Hemlock Gea'JIaruell, Joseph Hummer.
.Jackson Isaac Lewis, much Bvernart. "
Locust Wm. Domlck, Charles Wagner.
Madlaon-Lqwls.Uoddlngs. Ilobt, Manuoni Jacob
Mt; Heasapt-X; j. a'eler,' JasopuX, Crawford. .
prange-l. V. SUncr.'M; L. Kline. 1
Bcott-Charlos Winters, A. C. Hldlay, K. B.'Pur.,
ftugafloaf-Jolm W. Kilo.
William H. irey vsciara Ivey. .
Mary c; Shcalter vs William Savlclge.
Frederick'uso etc ya U. Il, Jt V.
Jacob Buyer vs David Vannorn.
Stephen Btttenbenaervs Samuel Bower ct aL
Henry Tlomo vsBfnl. oearhart et at
W. A. M.- drier vs I. WcAlarny Ext.'
Thomas Gcragnty vs WUUsra, Tyson ct aL
Itohr Mcllenry ct ux vs William K. l'.uterson.
James Bird vb Darling Culp c( aL
Itlchartl George's use vs Couyngbara two.
Gftorga Boyer.vs Thomas Gerlts.
Hoas and Thomas Vs H. V. Kverett,
Mccrcady; Bros, ys qou)!, F. ins.: Co. oi Colum.
Adams Son vs Francis Adams, .Trustee,
yilliam Kbner v M. u. Smith.
1 ,J. J. MoIItnry t Der (i Hoss'.Ex'r.
,Mary U. Holmes vs J. 8. woods et ux.
W. 11. Yorgey.vs Locust VU .Water Ca
Archbaial'attenn vs Wlinam n. l'utteraonl.i
II. K, Heaoock,v,WlUlatu Itastellur '
Montgomery cox et Ux ts Nicholas Beagle'.
c. D.-VovJ()r v Jlorwlck Uoro.
Casper Franli vs Berwick Boro.
William a Tubus e, at vs lslah,Ilower ct aL
John L. Sponenburg vs, Berwick iloro.
John pouiboy T iff Mj IlarUelL
T. F. Craig vs Siahala Craig.
rrank Stewart Tsilardel F. Beybert.,
Nicholas lleaglo vsilonigomery.Cox.
A K. Smith vs SjmueJ ftrugler,
JJ. Crawtord.vslllram Thomas.
8; B "focwar.vs Legist Mt. . c, L Co. W. nl.
l-MMWrtcU " conyughami: CeJitralU
H" W-"eKely et al vs Cljl. Ilrockway.
Dv F. Beybert vs Adams k : Bon. T v
A. a Herring et al vs s. c. creasy'.
'j0bi o.tto!iiy,yn IL a. sweppt-nhlser.
tleq F stlner vs Elijah AlberlBon. '
1 H H I U U loo E3JS.XiX332uCr:iT
, Good salary or commission paid, ouinls fweT
H., J. ,B0 WDEN & CO., SfiKvN!1!
of Fruit nnd j ornamental Tm: . Shrubs, Graps
Vlnss. Bases, ic. Several buntlrcd yarletles In
tSS&17l,4W88S!ftJ(& W&Wim (Pi
vt-iu iimiiut aLHJiai IVIJ1I3 I U
flgonts, J, F. LSCLAHK, Brlgljton, N, Y, Y
scp-iiw it
K.i.wi..u.d jffy;s ji.
UrassuttlsM Mae ealtivr, tor' IIIMIVM.IiiimI nif
WHAM, and LNHIIIIi lit uH urifliua.r, Very
Straus and darahlr.' M'AnFKTr'ilii3rHl)l)s it
sasss H,ai,ra). Cstalogus with testimonials and
samples .Fre.. w. Il; KA V t' I'd.', l unid ti
v, J. .
SOptHW d
Cor. Chestnut uud Llshlh Ms,
ltecrlvo Advcrtlssunnts'i for this I'skt.'
ESTIMATES I" towiitish "nu. FREE1
CVTJrDfPAmrC! Bitter or bad tastn In tnouth;
W X JwUi X UiiiU , tongue foatod white rjr rov
wlth a brown fur; pain In tho back, sides, or Joints
often mistaken for rheumatism: sous' btoxacti;
loss or Arrxms; Bometlmcs nausea and water-!
brnsh, or indigestion; ilatulency nnd acid erncta-i
lions, bowels alternately costive and lax; Hstn
achi; loss ot memory, with a painful sensation of
having tailed to do something which ought to have
been done; lmnli.tTYs low spirits; a thick, Tki.txiwl
appearance of tho skin and ryes; a dry cough;'
lever, restlessness; tho urinals scanty nnd high'
colored, and, It allowed to stand, deposit a feedl-'
Is generally used In tlio South to arouso tho torpid
liver to n lioaltliy action.
Endorsed by tho uso of 7 millions ot bottles, as
The Best Family Medicine
For children, for adults, and for tho aged.
J. H. ZE1LIN & CO.,
soLKrnorKlsTOBS, l'lllLADELl'lllA, l'.,
Fkick, t-1,00.
may so-ly
arc.. Rrc.. ictc
our readers for IS cents tn postage stamps to
?ay for mailing and wrapping and names ot
wo book agents, will receive FllKI! a sieel
Finish l'arlor Engraving of nil our I'ltHSI
DKNTS, Including Cleveland, sie ssjxSS inch,
worth 11.00.
Address Eider Pub. Go.,Ohicago, III.
July lMy
p.m. p.m. a.mi
u.iib u.uu p.m.
V W i if'r " o..,
8 M 12 3d H 21)
8 4S IS 22 8 22
a An tn u tn'
10 e 15 a in
0 15 9 20 2 1U
6 20 9 28 2 13
6 27 9 31 2 2J
6 31,0 41, 2 311
CI l II 41 .2 38
8 45 0 52 2 41
8 49 9 S 2 41
6 m 10 00 2 47
58 10 05 2 50
6 58 10 05 i 60
7 VI 10 102 55
7 07 10 15 3 OJ
7 12 10 20 3 03
7 15 10 23 3 10
7 23 10 S2 3 27
7 37 10 413 30
7 50 11 11 3 62
7 57 11 OH 3 68
8 04 11 13 4 03
8 10 11 204 12
8 11 11 254,18
8 18 11 134:21
8 25 11 38 4 27
8 30 11 44 4 31
8 3l 11 604 40
.. Lackawanna..
8 SI 12 C8 8 10
8 27 12 03 8 01'
8 22 11 58 7 !8
8 II 11 54 7 51
812 11 50 T 50
8 08 11 47 7,41
8 08 II II 7 17
8 03 11 42 7,42
7 59 11,. 18 7 38,
7 84 11 31 1 31
7 50 11 3U 7 30
7 43 11 2:1 7 23,
7 80 It 12 7,12
7 18 11 Ifl 7 00
7 11 10 51 G 51
7 05 10 47 II 4J
G 63 10 41 V, 41
6 51 10 38 0 38
8 50 lrf 3t O'Ul
a 42.10 87, 0,27
6 31) 10 21 0 21
..West l'lttston.
Bennett., i..
.... Kingston .v..
l'lymoutli Juno
Avondaloi .
Hunlock'a Creek;
..nick's Ferry..
i,. Briar Creek.,.
,, Willow Orovo..
I'i.'Moornsbu'rij !.'.
u.i Uuoerti.i..
S 30.10 10 CIIO
0 25 10 11 I) 11
Catawl'a Bridge
6 03 U Ml .1 50
fi 00 0 49 r i'J
Danville.;, ! 8 58 12 13 5 01
8 41 11 55 4
J 03 12 2)5 12
U 08 12 25 6 IT
9 25 12 40 5 33
5 55 U 45 0 43
5 40 U 32 6 32
p.m. n.m. a.m.
...i Cameron....
a.m. n.nvp.m.
office; scranton, Feb.lst,l82
Pennsylvania Railroad.
Philadelphia & Erie R. R, Divis
ion; and Northern Central .
Railway.- ' '
In effect Aug. 30CU, 1885. Trains louvo Sun
bury. ,
'9.40 a. rn.f Sea, Shore' Express, (dally, excepi
Sunday), lor llarrlsburg and lnlcrniedlatestatlons,
arriving at Philadelphia 3.15 p.- m. ; New York
6.20 p. in.; 'Baltimore; 4.40 p. m. ; Washington,
5.60 p. m., connecting at l'lilladelphla for all Sea
Hltoro points. Through passenger coach to
1.40 p. m. Day' express
dally except Sunday), for Ilarrbburg and liilermu
dlalo stations, arriving at 1" h f 1 a d o 1 p h 1 a
aDO p. m. ; i New: York, 0.35 p. pi. ; Baltimore
8.45 p. m. ; Washington, a.00 p. m. l'arlor car
through to l'lilladelphla. and pussengor coaches
through, to l'lilladelphla and Baltimore.
' 8,05 p, m. Wllllamsport Accommodation (dally,
for llarrlsburg and all Intermediate stations, urrlv
lnir at l'lilladelnhla 4 25 a. in. : New York 7.00 a. m.
Baltimore, 5.25 . to. ; Washington c.30 a. m.
Hieeping car accommoaations can do secured at
llarrlsburg for Philadelphia und New York, on Hun
days a through Bleeping car wlU bo run; on this
train from Wllllamspt to I'liUadelphla.I'hlladelphla
passengers can remain lu bleeper undisturbed nt II
' 2.83 a. m. Erld Mall (dally except Monday,
for llarrlsburg and Intermediate stations,
arriving at Philadelphia B.25 a. m. New Y'ork,
11.30 a. in. ; Baltimore 8.15 a, in. ; Washington, 9.35
a. in. Through inilman sleeping cars aro run on
this train to l'lilladelphla, Baltimore and Washing,
ton, and through passenger coaches to Philadel
phia and Baltimore.
5.20 a. m Erie Mall (dally except Sunday), tot
.Erie und all Intermediate stutlons and Catundal.
f;ua and Intermediate btatlous, Kochester; Buffi
o and Niagara Falls, wlththiougli Pullman l'ul
uco cars and passenger coaches to Eric and Koch
ester., . 9.53 Nows Express (dally except Sunday) for
1.05 p. m. Niagara Kxprcaa (dally except Sun,
day)furKano and Intermediate stations and Can
andal&rua and nrlnclnal Intermediate stations.
ltochester, ' Buffalo and Niagara Falls' with
through passenger .coaches to. Kane and, ltochester
5.30 n. m. Fast Lino (dally except Sundartfor He.
novo und Intermediate stations, und Klmlra, Wat-
Kins ana intcrmeaiato stations, witn tnrougu pas
senger coaches to llenovo and , watKins. .
9.20 a. in. Sunday mall (or llenovo and Intermc.
diaio stations.
Sunday mall leaves; 1'h lladelplila 4,30 a. in
llarrlsburg 7.40 arriving at Sunburr 9.20 a. m. with
through sleeping car from Philadelphia to WU-
News Express leaves Philadelphia 4.80 a. m',
llarrlsburg, 8.10 a. m. dally except Sunday
arriving at Suubury 9.53. a. in.
iNlagara Express leaves
Philadelphia,' 7.40 a. m. ; Baltlmoro 7,30 a. in. (dally
except Sunday arriving at sunbury, 1.05 p: In.,
with .through l'arlor cur from I'lillaaelphlu
nnd through passenger coaches from Fhtludel
phla and Baltimore.
Fast Lino leav es New Y'ork 9.00 a. m. ; Fhlladol.
phla,u.60 a. lu. ; Washington, 9.50 a. in. ; .Haiti
more, 10.15 a. m.; (dally except Sunday) arriving at
Hunbury, 5.30 p. in., with through ' passenger
coaches from. Philadelphia aud Baltimore.
Erlo Mall loaves New Y'ork auu p.m.;' Philadel
phia, 11.20 p. in. ; Washington, p. m. ; Balti
more, p. m., (dally uxcept.Saturday) arriving
at Sunbury 6.15 u. in., with lhiou,:U Pulluiau
sieepbig cars from l'hlladclplila, WaUilngtfcn and
Baltlmoro and through passenger coaches fron
.HU.NIIIIItV, IIAZI.KTO.V it vi!.iu:sit.utiu:
It.Vll.UIIAll AMI MlltTII AM) WUH'l'
llltAM'll Kill, WAV.
(Dally oxcopt Sunday.)
Wllkesbarro Mull leaves suubury 10.00a. m.
arrlvtng at Bloom Ferry 10.t'a. in., Wllkes-baue
12.18 p. m,
Express East, leaves 8un,bury 5.45 p. in., arrltlng
ut Bloom Ferry U.87 p. lu., Wllkos-barro I.Si , ni,
Sunbury Mall leaves Wllkesbarro io.4uu.m,urrlv
lng at Bloom Ferry 12.C8 p. in., sunbury Leo p. m
lixpress West leaves llkes-barre 2. 15 p. in,, ar
riving at Blooiu Ferry 4.13 p. m., sunbury b.lo p.m
Sunday moll le tves (junbury 9 25 a. in , arriving
at Bloom Furry 10:14 ajr.ii, Wllkes-llsmi 11:3-1
, buuday accpmuwdatlon loaves tvilki's-iurro 5.80
p. m., arriving at Bloom Ferry, 7.00 p. in. sunbury,
1:65 li. in,
C1IA8. E. I'UlllI, J, 11. WOOD,
' ueu. Munugcr, uon,-Passenger Agent
Obtained and nil patent business for
moderato tees. . ,
Our onice Is opposite tho U; S. Patent OIUc; and
we can obtain Patents In less tlino thanthosoro
inote from Washington.
bend model or drawing. We advlso as to pat.
entablllty frte of charge, and we uiakp no charge
unless patent Is secured.
Wu refer here, to tho Postmaster, tho Supt.'of
Money order Dlv., and to omcluls ot tlio U.Is.
l'atcnt ornce, For circular,. ad)ia, tptms and
references to actual clients In your own Statu or
County, write to
C, A. SNOW & CO.,
' Opposite Patent omce, Washington, f). C'J
ny well rutetl business ,liouso
In city or country, with banking facilities,
,wlio mav bo embarrassed or desirous of ob
taining temporary accommodation on their paper,
can wcura Kama by addrusfclug Absolutely Coull
Uentlal, Box 2517, New York, Sept,-l lt-d.
, ! ' x FEW,
. , i r 4'ii.,
uiuivi p.uli o u. jiiiiImii. iWspisuyl
f"-J'U'. jt.-iJ' '. ,"rir ''sh'sus, terms. ic.
L. O. DISllOPi, Haud Muster, Reading, Pa.
aug tig-t .
"My daughters say i . , , . , , ,
"How much better father 14 Rlnio ho used lion
Blttere." :
llelsirettliurwolt after his lontf sufferim? from!
n rtlseaso declared incurable."
'.'AndwenroBogladlhatho used your Bitters,''
LioV ot Utlca, N, Y,
I lyiilTR litis AS A
Token of Ilia great niinreclallon I linvo
ot jour Hop '
Bitters. I was amictod
With Inflammatory rheumatism I II 1
For, nearly
Seven years ntul no .mcdlclno sccnictl td
tto me nuy
Good I J I I
Until t tried two bottles of your IIop,
Itlltcrs, nnd to my surprise I am us well
to-itay ns oy.c'r I wns. I.liopo
"You may lmy'e abundant success'.'
"tn Oils great nnd"
Vnltmblo medicine i j
Anyone I wishing to know morri
nbont my cure? '
Can loam by addressing me, K. M,
Wllllnms, 1103 lOtli sticct, Wnsb,, I) C,
Hemdy the best remedy In existence
lor Indigestion, kidney
"And nervous debility,
I have just"
'From tho south In n fruitless search for
health, nnd And that your bitters nrc doing-
mo more
Good I Than nnythlng else,
A month ago I wrts extremely
."Emaciated I 1 1" '
And scarcely able to walk. Now I nnV
Clnlnlng strength I nnd "Flesh!"
And hnrdly n day passes but whit I am
complimented on my Improved appearance,
nnd it Is all due to Hop
Hitters 1 J. Wlckllirc Johnson,
Wilmington, Del.'
Iir-Nono gonulno without a bunch of green
Hops on tho white label, shun all tho vile, pOI
sonoits stuff with "Hop" or "Hops" In their name.
Medioal Value of i'ruit.i
The Western Rural advises iU
readers to throw physio to tho dogs
and uso, more fruit. There ia nothing
moro palatable, wholcaomo and mean
cinal than pood, ripe peaches. It is a
mistaken idea that no fruit should bo
oaten at broakfaBt. It would bo far
better if our people would cat less ba
con and grease at, breakfast, and moro
fruit. In tho morning thero is an acrid
state of tho secretions, and nothing is
so well calculated lo correct this as
cooling sub-acid fruits, such as peach
es, apples, etc Tho apple is one of
tho best of fruits. Uaked or' stewed
apples will generally agrco with tho
most dt'licato stomach, aud aro an ex
cellent medicine, in many cases. Green
or half ripe apples slewed und sweet'
eni'd are pleasant to the taste, cooling,
nourishing, laxative,, far superior in
many cases to the abbminablo doses of
salts and oil usually givoii in fever and
other diseases. Raw apples and dried
applus stowed aro belter for raedicino
than some pills: Oranges aro very
acceptable to most stomachs, having
al the advantages of the acid alluded
to, but the, orange juico alono should
bo taken, l ejecting '.th6 pulp. The
samo may, bo said oi' lepions, pome
granate's, and all that 'class! Lemon
ado is the best drink in fevcre, and
when thickened with sugar' it is better
than syrup of' squills and other natis
eants in many cases of cough. Tqma
Iocs act on tho liver nnd bowels,, aud
aro much moro pleasant aud
safe than bluo mass. Tho juico should
,1)0 usod alone, rejecting tho skin. The
sraall-stedcd fruit, such as blackberries,
figs, raspberries, currants arid straw
berries, may bo classed among tho best
foods :and medicines.' Tho sugar in
them Is nutritious, the acid is cooling
and purifying, and tho Bcods iaro laxa
tive. We .would bo much tho, gainers if wt'
would-look moro tOiOur orchards and
gardens for our medicincs,i and lesp, to
drugstores. To, euro, foyer , or , act on
tho, kidneys, no febrifuge or djurotie is
superior to watermelon, which ,roay,
with, very fow exceptions, bo taken J"
sickness aud .lioalth W , almost unlimit
ed quantities with postivo 'benefit. But
in using them juico should bo taken,
excluding llio pulp and thon tho melon
should bo fresh and ripe.
Lookout for Pickpockets-
When a "mob of pickpockets 'slart
out to "work a crowd on a train thoy
break into twos. Tho, operator' on
leather 'tfans" his intended yictim.
This, in plain English, moans ho ascer
tains tho location of tho intended vic
tim's monoy.
,IIo gets along tho sido of the man.
whoso pocket is to be picked, aud with
rapid movement ho dexterously parses
his fingers lightly oyer ,every ,pocket..,
His touch is so delicate that it enables
him to locate tho "bood'! and to ascer
tain its character, whether a roll, a
purse, or a pocketbook. Tho surging
of the crowd, especially on a railroad
train, accounts to tho unsuspicous tra
veller for tho, occasional. jostling which
he receives. ,It,is found that tho moat
common reccpta'ilo for the, pickpockrjt
is, tho loft trousers pocket, front. Wliei!
tlio victim is selected ono of the bra'co
of thieves plants himself squarely iii
front of him, while the other crowds
up behind him on the right side.
Tho operator in front, uudertho.cov
cr of a newspaper or a .coat thrown
oyer, the arm, feels tho pockot; and jf
thy yictim is a s,ti(T-neeked,or straight
backed man in a standing position' ho
finds tho lips of the pocket drawn clcK -touetheri
In this case it is dangerous
to attempt tho insertion of tho hand.
A very low tqned clearing ol the tlin
followed by a gutloral "rouse," is, U
sig'ual for his "palv to exert a, gent!
pri'saiiro upon tlio victims litiht'hll'llll'
nr. This is so gradual that ho tra,y,'tl
er yields to the preesuio, without kpow
nig it and without chailging the' tA
tioii of his fit'l. Thi! throws the' Vj)
of tho pbeket open for tho liperut'ur it
ft imt, who does not insert his hand
and attempt, lo draw the book out, bti'
wm ks on tho lining.i Ho draws it put,
un, eighth of an inch at a time, without
iiiBqrting )is fingers more" than half
fihould this,pipcossto( rawing the
contents of the. poeketito, its,,ny?iith bo
ieltihy tho.yictiui, another low clearing
of the throat gives tho sign to tho ooli
federate,and thogamo is dropped. If tlio
victim's HtiHpiolona'aro not arouseii tho
pickpocket keeps at his wbrk'of draw
ing tin lining out until tlio roll of bills,
tho purse or the jiooket-bo'ok U witln'n
reach of tho loft fingers. It is then
'grasped butwbon tho indox and iniddlO
finger nnd gently drhwn out. Tio'
AuocesKftil oomplelion bfilhe job is1 in.
dioated by a geiitlo chirrup, liko tjio
chirp' of a oanary, and the precious pair
scparalo from thoir victim to ply the
saii)o,,tri()ks 9, the, next iio. '
Alter, 1' uivrutigii h'bv j ii, mciuur
most pp8iilvcy asserts that Ao'fr'
Kujlish ISemcdy la tho boil incdleins
fpr Asthina, Croup, Coughs, Whopp
ing Cough, and all Lung lYoiihle that
t .1 l. t vf nr
Ican, uo iouiui. Ak nun nuotit it, or
ho iully guarantees it.
QUK8TION oir riiE irouu.
A Large and
delis fesMsffiis
Call and be Convinced that you have the
The Lowest Possible Prices
IPpitas fMotblag Stove
mmm itwiiiBi,
ISIoomxhiir, Pa,
4Mj s gjjj
Fine Cnrnngcs, Iltiggics anil Wngons. At this Itcposllnry limy bo seen n large nnd
vurieil selection of
rom tlio best manufnclorics. 1'urulinscra.nro invited to call nnd Inspect tlio gooila or to
UJCse Write for Information and Prices.
Foreign and: Domestic
for Infants
knowutome." n. A. Aucnsn. M D
m do, uxioro m, uroolflyn, N, Y.
Varied Stock of
t. f. mm,
320 & 322 Penn Avenue,
Kor tlio C'elelirutcd Chickeiing, Ivers it
j'ond, uml Voso& Son I'iiuios. Worlilre
nnwiied Estey Organs, Violins, Aecoiilcons
nnd Sheet Music. Celelirnted Willie, New
Higli Arm Davis, New Home, lloynl SI.
Jolin, and Light Itiiiining Domestic Sewing
Mncliincs. Needles, oil nnil latnclimcnls
for nil mnUes of Sewlnj; .Mncliincs.
Gt'cro and Warerosms, No.. '128
. Franklin Ayonuo-
AIM) Wurerooins m l'ianllln 1:. and tM (vr.
,tcr Street.
, o
Ail) tiling lo mnko up n now wnnn
'rir rcimir an old, in stock.
llnr lriin, nnil Slid lioltn, Holt
Entl!, Lng Screw p, Tiiriibiicklo'B
IIoi'bo SIioih, nml nil IMnckunitli
and Children.
I Ciutorla enrca Oolle, Conrtlpallon,
I KiUa Wpnua, gives tlccp, aud promotofl dl
'WUhoul Injurious modicaUon.
Tan Cteriun Com-m, IS3 Fulton Btrcct, N. Y.