The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, July 31, 1885, Image 2

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    The Columbian.
0. E. Ehrdll, 1 r ji,..,
Fill DAY, JULY, 31, 1885.
l'rlnco Henry of Ualtonburg, tho
forlunalo young German who has just
married Beatrice, Queen Victoria's
youngest daughter, has hitherto been
very poor,lu9 military pay amounting to
S tOO a year and his'patornnl allowanco
being only 250.
Thcro is much dissatisfaction at tho
selection of Kiversldo Park as tho burial
placo of 'General Grant. Tho prevail
ing publio sentiment is that the nation's
hero Bhould bo buried at tho national
capitol, aad this sentiment is undoubt
edly correct. Tho gravo of tho soldior
and cx-prcsldent should not bo used as
an attraction in a publio park.
Tho only material chances inado in
tho Rules of Nomination by tho report
of tho committee which was adoptod
by tho Democratic convention last
Tuesday aro these:
Tho cumulative system of voting is
abolished, and only one vote can bo
given to each delegate
Tho dolcgato election will bo held on
Monday instead of Saturday.
Both changes aro good ones. Tho
first simplifies tho manner of voting,
and tho second will provont a good
deal of Sunday work in endeavor? to
manipulate; delegates.
Thero is every reason to beliovo that
tho nomination of Samuel Smith for
tho office of sheriff on Tuesday last was
fair and honest in every respect. His
nomination camo as a natural result of
a determination on tho part of a
majority of tho party to put a stop to
questionable means of securing office.
Tho canvass of all tho candidates so far
as wo know, was properly nnd lawfully
conducted, but thoro was a strong sus
picion that a combination existed bo
tween two of tho candidates, and that
that combination was manipulated by
tho samo element and directed by tho
samo head that undertook to lead a re
volt in tho democratic ranks last fall.
Tho suspicion may havo been unjust,
and unfounded. However that may
be, it had tho effect to wnilo those who
aro opposed to anything that smacks
of ring rule, upon tho strongest of tho
two candidates who wcro known t- be
outsido of tho influcnco of any combi
nation, and Mr. Smith's nomination
followed as a natural sequence. Thero
may bo a lesson in this worth remem
bering. The Rejntblican of last week says :
Tho laboring men who aro working for
from ninety cents to n dollar a ilay hi this
community nnil board themselves, begin
to cnqulro ot each other, about when tho
good times promised uudcr a democratic
administration will set in. These assur
ances were so po9itlyo that many voters
wcro misled and cast their vote for a
change. Nono for tho better is apparent
but every day makes tho depression still
worse. Business In Bloomsburg Is more
depressed than It lias been for twenty-flvo
years. Thcro Is less being dono and wo
need not be surprised that there is illscon.
tent apparent. The change has noi
brought tbc promised improvement, and
from alt indications the prospects are far
irom ungut.
Tho Democratic party never mado I
tho assertion that if it wero placed in
i lower it would bring about good times,
t did say that tho Republican
party had mado such promises
repeatedly and failed to keep them, and
asked tho country to try a chango and
Bcojwhethcr it would make any differen
ce in business. Tho republican party
lias always claimed to bo the only
party that could tun this nation ; its
great battlo cry lias always been that
it alono could bring prosperity
to tho people, and that if tho Dem
ocratic party camo into power that all
furnaces would be closed, and a gener
nl panic result. Tho Democratic party
claimed that business cannot be control
led by thj administration, and that
prosperity depends upon tho laws of
supply ana demand.
Tho Republican forgets that within
fivo years tho men employed by republi
can manufacturers of a highly protected
industry wcro paid only 08 cents a day
in tins town and that it has been a
long lime since laboring men received
moro than a dollar a day, under any
republican administration. Our con
temporary makes a statement that will
not bear investigation, when ho says
that business is moro depressed than it
has been for twenty-live years. It is
no duller now than it has been for
three year! ;it is not nearly so dull as
it was in 1H77, when a republican occu
pied tho White IIouso ; it is no duller
than in 1880 when tho organs nnd tho
orators of tho G. O. P. predicted a gen
eral smash if Hancock should bo elect
ed, and promised great prosperity in
caso of Garfield's biicccss. Well, Gar
field was elected, aud most of his term
was filled by Arthur, and for four
years thcro was no improvement.
Then tho peoplo said "wo havo had
enough of these falso promises. Let
us try a change." And ho tlio chango
was made, and lo and behold, boforo
tho now administration is fivo months
old our contemporary wants to know
why it does not causo a sudden revival
of bujincs.", why wages aro not higher,
and inonoy moro plentiful. If they
aro right that an administration con
trols tho business of tho country, still
thoy ought not lo expect that a Demo
cratic President can do in a few months
what successive republican Presidents
filled lo do in so many years.
Wo havo no doubt that thero is dis
content at tho low wages paid laboring
men. It would ho strange if thero wero
not, for it is almost impossible for a
laborer to keep a family on what ho
gets for his work, but it is nothing
now. It is tho samo complaint that ho
has inado for many many year?, even
when ho was induced to voto tho repub
lican ticket under promises of bettor
times. Tho promises w"ero nover re
deemed, the bolter limes never came.
And now our neighbor would make it
appear that tho Democracy made tho
name old promises Inst fall, that tho
Ki pUlillcaii pany nat liven uu wr un
lit n years. But tho charge is alto
gelher loo attenuated and cannot bu
......I I I .,..i:.l.,..i:ll., I,
MlflllllllUll. -WVIIMI4CIIII1.IIJ- liununi)
we fuir tho Republican would bo very
much disappointed if thcro should bo
n revival of business during this ad
ministration. By its gloomy predict
ions it is only following tho lead of
tho bigcer organs, and their hopo U
tlint the revival of toiifidcnco can bo
nvcrtfd until tho next Presidential
i liviion, when thoy will raise iho samo
i ld war ciy, and attempt to deceive
tho laboilnij man uy tuo repuiuon
of promises which they havo uovcr
kr t.
Gen. Fill Hugh Leo has been lioint
natetl for governor of Virginia, by tho
Baibicro ought nover lo havo boon
appointed, for ho is an unropont
ant robcl. His appointment by Gen.
Davis as assistant Pension ngont, was
a blunder, and his obstlnato retention
is tin insult to all Union soldiors nnd
an injury to tho Dcinocratio party.
It has finally boon decided that Gen.
Grant will bo buried in Hlvcrsido
Park, Now York.
Tho surroundings of this park aro
so lovely that it Islieliovcd it will ulti
mately becomo tho most aristocratic
residenco region of Now York. Tho
ground rises to a bold bluff nbovo tho
Hudson river nnd tho views from tho
rivor drivo-way aro very charming,
giving glimpses of tho uiululating,trco
covorcd park, tho Bhlning sketches of
tho river dimpled into innumerable
wavelets and tho Wcchawkcn heights
opposite. Tho drives of Klversido
begin at Seventy-second nnd extend
three miles to Ono Hundred and Twenty-ninth
street. Thcro aro several of
theso drives curving gracefully along
tho banks of tho Hudson, in soino
places throo hundred feet abovo tho
water. Tho bank slopes gradually to
tho shore and the intervening space be
tween tho drives and tho river is filled
with groves of tall trees.
Llttlo has yet been dono to improve
this park, which in its primilivo.stato
is a favorito resort for picnic parties
and promenades of peoplo living in tho
western portion ot tho city. Tho drives
nro broad, level and macadamized so as
to bo smooth as a iloor. A heavy
stono parapet runs along tho brink of
tho hill, with recesses for scats, pas
sages and steps down into tho groves
along tho river bank. Workmen aro
now engaged inthoimprovementof the
park. At tho Seventy-second street
entranco is a handsorao bronzo statuo
of Washington, which was subscribed
for largely by tho publio school child
ren of Now York and was uuvciled by
thera last year on tho Fourth of July.
Tho hills continno to riso in an ea9y
grade to Ono Hundred nnd Twonly
lifth street, and on Ono Hundred and
Twenty-ninth street a deep cut sepa
rates them from tho range known as
Washington Heights, on tho northern
end of Mauhattan Island.
Sir Moses Montefiore Dead.
London, July 28. Sir Moses Mon
tcfioro is dead.
Sir Moses was, perhaps, tho best
known Jow in tho world, not excepting
tho Rothschilds, with whom ho wa3
united with his wife. Ho was born at
Leghorn, Italv, on the 24th of Octo
ber, 1781, and was thercforo over a
hundred years old. Ho roccivcd a
commercial education and began lifo
in tho Stock Exchanges. His first trip
to tho Holy Land was in 1827. Ho
was an eminent philanthropist whoso
life and fortune have been devoted to
tho upholding and protection of tho
Jews in all parts of tho world, and es
pecially in Palestine, to which ho mado
many pilgrimages and where much of
his fortuno was expended. Ho was
mado a Baronet by Queen Victoria and
Sir Robert Peel Tho centennial anni
versary of his birth was celebrated in
almost every country on tho globe.
He Stands to His Guns.
Tho President is showing that ho
can tako a position and stick to it in
moro ways than one. 1 ho disappointed
office-seekers who desired to tear his
before-clection civil servico promises to
taticrs in order to furnish them places
have been aware for some tirao that ho
is a very stubborn man who stands by
his utterances. Now it is the cattle
men who havo been pasturing their
herds on Indian lands who aro learning
that ho means what ho says. They
havo been to Washington to complain
that forty days is too short a time in
which to move their herds, and ask an
extension. The President has declined
to extend tho time, and tho cow-boys
and their employers will Bpend what is
left of tho forty days in trying to obey
tho order.
It is refreshing to realize that for
onco an executive order means what it
says. It may bo a great inconvenienco
to office-seekers and cattlo ranchers to
havo a man in tho White Houso who
uses plain English and then stands up
to his utterances like a man. But tho
peoplo who havo no axes to grind will
relish this sort of plain dealing, and
after tho soman and clamorous crow
who beliovo in making promises to tho
ear to bo broken to tho hope, havo got
tired of lashing themselves into a iury
over their disappointment it will be
found that the publio service of tho
country is being performed moro effic
iently than ever before. Aa this is
what tho peoplo want thoy will havo
increased respect lor tho man who can
mako a pronuso or isetio a proclamation
then buck to it. J tines.
The Governor's Proclamation.
"- ,1AV.
Tho Governor has issued Iho follow-
inu' proclamation.
"To tho people of tho Common
wealth of Pennsylvania : I havo
learned with nrofound recrret of tho
death of tho illustrious soldier and ex-
President, Ulysses S. Grant. Union?
inu from tho iiuiet-walks of n citixen
lifo nl a critical period in tho history
of our country, ho rapidly attained tho
hiKlioHt renown in her military service,
and on tho return of pcaeu was twloo
called to occupy tho chair ot htate.
ISritliant anil surccasiul hi war, mag
nanimous and conservative in Htatenian
ship, distinguished at homo and abroad
ior ins pursouui virtues in iirivmu mi-,
ho tilled tho measure l a uselul, lion
ornblo aud patriotio caieer and has
bequeathed K his fellow-citizens ami
postciity a name that forever will bo
"Now therefore, in view of tho sail
event which has filled tho nation with
deep sorrow nnd as a fitting mark of
respect to tho memory of tho eminent
man who in tho providence of God,
after a painful and patiout strugglo
with disease and death, has closed his
martial life, I do direct that tho Hags
on tho public buildings of tho .State bo
placed at half mast until sundown on
iho day of his burial and that on that
day the ordinary business ot the sev
eral departments of tho Stato Govern
ment bo suspended, and I recommend
to the peoplo ot' the Commonwealth
that during tho funeral obsequies on
that day they do generally observo tho
great solemnity of those hours by
tho suspension of business, iliu lolling
of bells nnd such other maiks ot lo
aned for tho distinguished dead ts to
them may be deemed appropriate.
'ltobcit E. PatlHon."
Bettor Prospcots
Thoro is cood nuthority for tho
statemont that thcro Is a larger num
ber of workmen employed now than
thero was a year ago, nnd at somownat
bottor wages. Thero Is an improve
ment in that respect, of not very de
cided nppearanco as yet, but still enough
lo mark tho beginning ot a better con-
lition of business, iho tears ot a very
great shortago in important items bf
agricultural production, which nt tho
beginning of the season caused consid
erable uneasiness, aro not going to bo
realized lo tho extent that was appre
hended. The feeling of despondency
in regard to tho harvest has in n groat
measure disappeared as tho crops liavo
approached maturity and given evidence
that tho damages ot a sovcro winter
and a lato spring havo been to n great
extent repaired by tavorablo conditions
later on in tho season.
Tho whoat crop is Rolno to bo larger
than tho croakers wcro willing to allow,
nnd it will bo found that much that has
been lost In quantity will bo mado up
by tho superior quality of tho produo
lion. Tho other cereals aro satisfactory
both in yield and quality. Tho tcxtilo
production will bo moro than ordinarily
abundant ami good. With evidences
of a rovival of business both in manu
factures and trade, and a reasonably
fair crop with which to feed tho people,
with somo lo soil lo toreicn customers,
tho prospects of belter times ahead
have a good deal in tlieni that is en
couraging. MX,
The Bum of Roaoh.
It is tho opinion of n number of
good republican organs that John
i I .1- 1 I 1 1
jvoacu, uiu snip-uuuucr, nas ueen
"hounded" to his ruin by tho Democra
lie Administration, and it is tho opin
ion of Mr. Sccor Robeson that tho
great ship-builder was. destroyed by
"tho Jjrco Traders and tho Inntl re
visers." though why theso malevolent
enemies of American industry spared
those other great ship builders, Cramp
tSs Son and Harlan & Hollingsworth,
is not mado plain. Mr. Robeson in an
interview with a reporter of tho Bos
ton Journal, says that during his term
in tho Navy Department Mr. Roach
considering his facilities, "did not havo
his sharo of tho work contracted for,"
and adds: "In theso eight years Mr.
Roach built moro than ono hundred
iron ships, not moro than fivo ot which
woro for tho United States; in fact, but
a small pcrccntngo of his work has
over been for tho Govcrment.'' The
New York Tribune tells us that Mr.
Roach failuro is "tho compulsory with
drawal from business of a great firm
that has built 114 iron steamships
alone and delivered tho nation from
tho reproach of having no commercial
marino and of surrendering to foreign
ers tho coasting and South American
Let us sco about this. For fully fif
teen years under Republican Adminis-,
tration Mr. Roach ruled Cabinets and
Congresses. Secretaries of tho Navy
wero his counsellors and sido partners.
Tho Tariff and tho Navigation Laws
wcro made in his interest. ivory bill
ho ever presented to tho Government
until now was paid without dispute.
Contracts taken at low prices wero
changed so as lo afford him largo pro
fits. Repairing jobs opened tho mon
oy-bags of the treasury to him and en
abled mm to retain a mngmhecut
lobby inoanwhilo ho was building '.ho
finest of merchant ships that over fur
rowed tho oceans. His shipyards re
sounded with tho hum of prosperity.
Ho ought to havo mado enough money
to withstand a month or two's perse
cution at tho hands of a Democratic
And what are tho plain facts about
theso "disastrous" contracts for tho
Dolphin and tho steel cruisers t Mr.
Roach has been paid every dollar of
tho Dolphin contract of 8315,000 ex
cept S15.000 to S20.000. Tho con
tracts for thrco cruisers and the dis
patch boat aggregato $2,-M0,000, and
although tho boats aro not nearly finish
ed Mr. Chandler before ho went out of
ollico had paid moro than 2,000,000
to the contractor and thero is less than
S500,000 owing to him on tho whole
Out upon such glaring fraud and
falsehood as tho shallow pretenso that
tho refusal of Secretary Whitney to
allow the Government to bo robbed
has bankrupted tho contractor 1 Is it
not tho boost of Mr. Roach's friends,
that he has made enough money to pay
every dollar of his liabilities and havo
a surplus over, rather a proof that his
bankruptcy is a sham and that his
assignment is intended to defraud the
Government out of tho moneys Sea-
retarv Chandler has helped to got out
of tho Treasury t And if Roach is a
failure after all that has been dono for
him, what is tho uso trying to ('protect"
anybody else T bimply for National
honor 7 world.
How to Keep Oool.
Don't work as hard as usual during
tho middle of the day if it can bo es
JJon t cat as much as usual, ft is
not necessary, and a littlo fasting in
hot weather always pays.
Don't drink extremely cold ico water.
It is always bettor to eat tho ice or let
it melt in tho mouth.
Don't havo any fires going in tho
houso unless absolutely necessary,
Uso cold foods and do without hot
Don't wear your clothes tight. It
impedes the already depressed circula
tion nnd is a great source of comfort.
Don't eat any meat or butter, if you
can do without thorn. Thoy aro heat
ing cnd anyone is belter without thom
this weather.
Don't fail nt-meals to give prefer
euco to iruits and a nils, which aro
nmro ngrecablo now to tho stomach
than mi thing else that can bo offer
Don't diink any strong stimulant, ns
tho simplest anil plainest beverages,
such as lemonade, milk or iced coffee,
do moro for tho tired energies nt sue)
n timo than tho best brandy.
Don't wcrry and fret. Try and put
olt tho unpleasant things with which
you havo to deal until cooler weather,
aud mako up your mind not to get
mad at anything during July and
Don't neglect your feet. Batho them
night and morning, pay moro atten
tion than usual to corns and wear tho
oldest and roomiest shoes you have.
No ono can keep cool with tight shoes
on their feet.
Do not miss any opportunity that is
offered to batho or go in tho water. If
nothing elsooan bo dono dip tho hands
inn basin ot water and rub them all
over Iho person on niieingnnd boforo
Don't wear a stiff hat. Compromise
on somothing light or soft straw, if
possible and ventilated to lot outtho
air. Frequent shampooing and wet
ting tho top of tho head is ono effective
means of keeping cool.
Is the Will a forgery ?
Till! CONTEST FOH,AH,lNSimANCE roi.iov
i.eAds to a i.itkution.
I ft ,,, t t , . , ... f t, .1 .
Alio will ui iU'CKWiiii o. uruuKtviiy,
of Salem township, Lur.erno county,
was probated in 18G8, and no caveat
ucing uieu at mat nine, rvegisiur cj. it.
Boyd Tuesday Issued n citation, return
nblo on the 'tlh of August next nt 10
o'clock a. in., when a re-hcnrlng will
bo had nnd, it is said, evidence will be
adduced to show that tho alleged will
was a forgery and a fraud.
In tho nllegcd will Daniel F. Soybert
is named as tho exesutor and a bequest
of twenty thousand dollars, n polloy Is
sued on tho life of tho deceased by tho
Aetna Insurance Co., and a policy of
310,000 issued by tho Mutual Insurance
Company of Connecticut, giyen him by
tho deceased in Iho pretended will.
Charles B. Brockway and Frank
Brockwny, Bons of tho decoased, arc
contesting theso claims. They aro
represented by Senator Hughes, of
Philadelphia. Tho hearing will, no
doubt, dcvclopo somo very interesting
facts. Tho children of tho deceased
express themselves as confident of be
ing able to prove that tho alleged will
is a forgery. ctes-JJealer.
Very Near Death Before.
During tho latter part of March Gen
eral Grant's life hung by a thread and
tho whole country nvaitcd with feel
ings of Iho greatest apprehension tho
news of each day. Tlio doctors had
now becomo convinced that the disease
wos cancer of tho tongue solely and
that all they could do was to caso tlio
General until his inevitable death.
They remained in tho houso Jay and
night. At times tho General beoamo
very much alarmed and gave up all
hope. On that eventful evening when
he was expected to dio at any moment
tlio forms of all newspapers wero held
n readiness lo issuo a special edition.
There wcro in tho houso Doctors
Shrady and Douglas. Dr. Shrady had
staid up tho previous night alono and
was completely worn out. JJr. Doug
las, too, being an old man, was very
tired. Tho family wero up all night
and witli them wero Dr. Newman and
General Badeau. General Grant was
very low all night and in tho early
morning had an alarming hemorrhage.
Tho family wero gathered around him,
every member crying. Tlio General
reclined in ono chair, with his pillow
behind him nnd rested his feet on
another chair. Dr. Shrady was sleep
ing in another room. In rushed Dr.
Douglas and roused him with the words,
"It's all ever."
"What 1" said Shiady, "do you moan
to say that tho man is dead!"
"Noj not dead, but ho will bo in a
few minutes. Nothing can savo him."
JJr. ohrnuy lumped up and ran into
tho room where tho General was. Mrs.
Grant, weeping, reached out her hand
and said : "Ulysses, do you know
mo ?''
Tho General's chin was resting upon
his breast. Ho slowly raised his head
and said "'es.''
Dr. Newman exclaimed : "It is all
or ; I will baptizo him." Ho went
quickly into another room, got a silver
bowl, filled with water, camo back,
dipped his hand into it and said : "I
baptize thee, Ulysses Simpson Grant,
in tho name ot the father, bon and
Holy Ghost-
The ucncrnl slowly raised his hoad
and remarked, "I thank you' Then
turning to his family he raised one
hand and uttered tho words, "I bless
vou all."
To Doctor Newman ho observed :
"Doctor, I intended to nttend to this
Meanwhile Urs. bhrady and Douglas
wero consulting with each other in Iho
corner. The strain was intense.
Dr. Douglas said : "Ho will dio
sure. Ho has gono ; tho pulso has left
tho wrist."
Dr. Shrady, as if struck by inspira
tion, replied : "I will civo him bran
"l on cannot do it ; ho cannot swal
low," said Dr. Douglas.
'I will givo it to him hypodermical
ly," answered Dr. Shrady.
"How much 1" asked Dr. Douglas.
"A barrclful if necessary," retorted
Dr. Shrady. Dr. Shrady rushed into
another room. "Harrison," said ho to
tho man-servant, "havo you any bran
dy V Harrison answered "Yes," and
handed him some. Dr. Shrady rushed
back and gavo Grant a syringcful in
cacli arm. Tho General revived, tlio
pulso returned to his wrist and his lifo
was saved.
Dr. Newman walked into an adjoin
ing room with Dr. Shrady and askod :
"Doctor, how is ho t"
"I don't think ho will die," said tho
"Our prayers havo been answered,"
said Dr. Newman.
"I think it was tho brandy," respond
ed Dr. Shrady.
Tho General rallied for a few days
and there was no other severe attack
until tho night when the spells of
choking camo on. Then ho was con
vinced that ho would soon die. Ho
went about the room on his hands and
knees and coughed with groat effort.
"I am choking to death,'' ho said, in
a foeblo voice.
"Bo quiet, bo quiet, you won't," said
Shrady , "it will bo over in a mo
ment." Drs. Shrady and Douglas passed up
and down tho room, looked at tho re
porters on the sidewalk in front of tho
house smoking their cigars and swing
ing their caues and wished very much
to chango position wilh them. Sinco
that timo tho General's system am' ap
petite had grown much better, ft was
no longer necessary to givo liim mor
phia to iiiduco lest. During his se
verest attacks the physicians would 'al
most beg of him not to tako any, but
ho insisted and it was given him in
small quantities only.
Gen. Grant's Death.
After n slrugglo of nine months
against an iiiourablo disease, Gen.
Grant breathed his last on Thursday
morning July 2a. Ho had been rapid
ly failing for two days. After their
long vigil, on Thursday morning with
tho coming of light tho doctors urged
tho family so strongly to tako bomo
rest, Idling them that they would bo
called in caso of a crisis, that Ihoy ro
lucllautly complied. Dr. Sands had
gono to tho hotel at 8 o'clock tho evo
ning before, nnd took no sharo In tho
vigil. Drs. Shrady and Douglass
wero left on tho watch, with tho assis
tance of Henry, tho nurso. At about
5 o'clock Dr. Douglass walked up to
tho lawn in front of Iho hotel and
Btood for a few moments admliing tho
beaut! I n I sunrise that was bringing out
in sharp relief the peaks and should
ers of tho distant oasteru hills, Ho
J soon joined Dr. Shiady again. Dr.
Nowman camq tip to tho hotel also
rtbout hnlf an hour after, and remained
ten or fifteen minutes. Ho said tho
General Was dying by inches just as
Dr. Douglass had said a fow minutes
before. Dr. Newman then returned
nnd paced slowly up and down beforo
tho cotlngo for half an hour, while
Drs. Douglass aud Shrady sat on the
veranda. Henry was in tho sick room,
never taking his oyes off tho dying
man. Occasionly ho applied to the
Gcnoral's lips a cambrio wet with cool
water, as ho had dono at intervals dur
ing tlio night. Tho lips moved in re
sponse to the touch, but it was only
All during tho night also tho doctors
had given tho General hypodermic in
jections of brandy ns often ns requlr
cd lo stimulate tho hearts action.
Sometimes the intervals between the
iiinctious weio not longer than fivo
minutes, and sometimes thoy woro an
hour. This was kept up from 7 o'clock
Wednesday evening until shortly bo
foro tho death.
About 0J- in tho morning Dr. Now
man asked Dr. Shrndy if thoy should
not go up to tho hotel to breakfast to
gether. Dr Shrady said ho thought it
was unsafo to leave tho Uoncral and
Dr. Newman went up alone. Tho
doctors wore seated on tho porch at
7:45 whon Henry tho nurse camo nut
and summoned them to tho bedsido of
Iho dying man. All tho family wcro
in tho room at the time, excepting tho
grandchildren, U. S. Grant and
Nellie Grant, who wcro asleep in the
nursery. Mrs. Grant was by tho Gen
eral's side, looking into his fnee. Mrs.
Sartoiis was immediately behind her
mother, looking over her shoulder.
Col. Frod Grant was at tho hoad of
tho bed.
On tho opposite h'kIo of tho bed from
his mother and directly boforo her
stood Jesso Grant and U. S. Grant Jr.,
and near tho corner of tho cot on tho
samo side as Jesso aud near to each
was Mr. N. E. Dawson, tho General's
confidential secretary. At the foot of
tho bed and gazing directly down into
the uenerals lace wcro Mvs. Krcd
Grant, Mrs. U. S. Grant Jr., and Mrs.
Jesso Grant, while somewhat removed
from tho family circle wero Henry tho
nurse, Harrison Tyrrel tho General's
body servant. Dr. Newman had
gono to tho hotel, and was not present.
Mrs. Giant controlled herself remark
1 ho doctors noted that already tho
purplish tinge which is a signal of fin
al dissolution had settled beneath tho
patient's linger nails. Tho hand that
Dr. Douglass luted was growing cold.
iho pulse had tlultered beyond tho
point where tho physician could dis
tinguish it from the pulse beats In his
own finger tips. Tho respiration was
very rapid, but so weak that its pain
ful sound was gone, and it was scarce
ly audiblo at all.
Mrs. lirant almost constantly strok
ed the face, forehead and hands of the
dying General, and at limes pressed
botli his hands, and, leaning over,
kissed his face.
Tims twenty minutes or so passed,
tho General lying with his oyes closed.
Mrs. Sartoiis eagerly sought to ho
recognized by her dying father. At
last ho opened his eyes and Ihcy met
those of his daughter. IIcis was the
last face ho Haw. In a moment moro
the tenso and weary lcok went out of
his race, his eyes closed, and with ono
faint breath his lifo left him. The
watchers waited for another breath in
a Hilenco so complete that the singing
of the birds outsido tho cottage sound
ed loud and clear. The doctors in a
low voice annouueed that tho end had
come, and they withdrew. Tho nurso
closed down the dead man's eyelids,
and tho family (.'roup pressed lo the
bedside, and ono after the other,
touched their lips upon tho quiet face.
a i'ainu:ss ii:tii.
Tho General's death, as his physi
cians predicted it would be, was duo to
sheer exhaustion. Dr. Shrndy said
somo weeks ago that there would come
a time, how Boon ho could not tell,
when tho General would bo unable
longer to tako nouri-ihment, and that
then the end would be near. 1 to reach
ed that point on Tuesday, and from
that time went steadily down hill wilh
no hopo of saving him. Tlio littlo
strength on which ho lingered so many
hours was duo to the consumption of
his own tissues, with no possijijlity of.1
replenishing them. When ho'dicd ho'
weighed much less than 100 pounds
a mero skeleton, in his conscious
moments in this last relapso he know
that death was near at hand, but ho
did not fear it in tho least. IIo had
not, in fact, from the first shown any
dread of death, his only apprehension
having boon that the end would bo ac
companied by extremo pain, ilia doc
tors assured him that ho should not
Buffer, and they took such measures
that ho did not. His dissolution was
absolutely painless. From midnight
until tho moment of his death ho never
made n motion, except in opening his
oyes auu now uuu men luuiiiy Burring
his lips when a wet cloth was applied
to them.
Tlio body was embalmed, and will
remain nt Mt, McGregor until August
1th when thoy will bo taken to Albany
whero thev will no ni.siato until Mon
day August 5th. They will bu taken
to .New lork where thoy will lio
stato in tho OUy Hall until tho 8th and
will then bo buried in Rivcrsido Park,
with National honors General llan
cock will havo command of tho mili
tary display.
Democratic County Convention.
Th'i Democratic County Convention was
called to order In tlio Opera House by Da
vid Lowcnberg, chairman of the county
comiiilltcf, at 11 o'clock a. in., on Tuesday
morning. C. O. Murphy was elected chair
man, and F. 1'. Hillmcycr, Heading Cleric
On taking the chulr Mr. Murphy thanked
tho convention for the honor, and express
cd tho hope that the deliberations would
bo harmonious, and that tlio nominees
would recelvo tlio undivided support of tho
Democracy of Columbia county. 8. W,
Mclfcnry of Jackson and J. B. Mnnii of
Centre wcro elected secretaries. The list
of townships was called ami tho creden
tints presented. Following Is tho
Ukavkii, Charles Bhiiman, Charlcs'Mich
ael, W. A. Drtcsbach.
IIkktox, Ell McHcnry, O. W. Knouse,
Charles Kase.
Hkuwiok, W., Ell llrcdbcniler, O. A,
Ukuwicic, E., Hiram Whltiuoycr, Free,
man Siller.
H1.00M, C. B. liohblns, Grant Herring,
John Kelly, (Jeo. M, Lockard.
Bloom, W., William llhodomoycr, I) 11.
BitiAUCitKKk-, A. It. Adlcman,Wm. S. Ash.
Oatawissa, Henry 1'fahler, Alleu Barmlt,
Bamuel Fegley,
Ckxtualia, James QuIglcy.C. U, Murphy,
Ckntiie, Allen Shclhamcr, Frank Hagcn'
btich, J, B. Maun,
Co.nvnuium, N., John l'addeu, John
( Oonvnoiiam, B., Daniel Clcrity, John
Fisiiikooiirek, Bllns Mcllcnry, N. W.
Hess, W. B. I'cnnlngton, William
Frakkms, It. 8. Jlcllcnry, J. T. llcedcr.
Greenwood, O. W, Derr, Uycr Allen,
llKMi.ocK,l'crclval Foulk,Chas. Hartman.
Jackson, Calvin l)crr,Sllns W, McHcnry.
LocesT, Daniel Morris, Alex. Earnest,
Christian Small, 0. W. Ycagcr.
Madison, John Krcamcr, Hobcrt Man
ning, I'ctcr Wcrkhlser.
Main, Jcro Longenbcrger, Boyd Yelter.
Mifflin, It. C. Hess, 1). 0. Bond, J. D.
Montoui!, James Quick, David Mouser.
Mt. Pleasant, Hobcrt Howell, Win.
Oiianok, I,. JI. Bleppy, George Hess.
1'ink, J. It, Fowler, Joseph Sweeny.
HoAi:iN(iei!EEK,Wm. Zancr,l K. Mcnsch,
West Scott, J. II. Kclm, 0. C. French.
EastSiiott,G. W. Kelclincr, Chns. Polio.
SroAitLoAF, J. W. l'crry, Wellington
The voto by districts was then read, and
the Convention adjourned until 2 o'clock,
p. m.
Pursuant to adjournment tho convention
was called to order at 2 p. m by the
chairman. Tho delegation from Lo.
enst reported that W. A. Earnest ono of
their number was abscnt,and that Welling
ton Yeager was deputed by htm to act hi
Ids stead. On motion Mr. Yeager was ad
mitted. It was also rcpoitcd that W, A.
Drlcsbach ono of the Beaver delegation
was absent, but no deputation had been
made. The chair decided that under Hulo
5, Chapter 1, no substitution could be
made. List ot delegates was then called.
On the first ballot the Instructed vote for
SherllT was as follows :
Smltlf, 25 Miller, 17
ICelclmcr, 10 Kunkle, 1
Hoffman, 10
There being no nomination the name of
Kunkle was dropped and on the second
ballot his one vote was cast by tho delega
tion for Smith, giving htm 20, with no
change In the other vote.
Un Uio third ballot the name of 11. C.
Kelclincr was dropped and tlm result
Smith, .'11 lloffmun, 10
Miller, 23
Tho name of J. W. Hoffman w.n drop.
ped and tho fourth ballot gavo Smith!!!) 1-13,
Miller o0, whereupon Smith was declared
tlio nominee.
J. I). Wilson of Blooimbiug, and G. W.
Dorr of Jackson were nominated for Jury
Commissioner. Derr received -13 and
Wilson 21 votes Derr wa declared the
Dr. John M. Gw Inner of Ccntrnlln was
unanimously nominated for coroner.
C. G. Murphy,Frmik Wolf, J. C. Yocuin,
and 0. JI. Lockard were elected delegates
to the Mate convention.
Geo. E. Ehvell was re-elected member of
tho Democratic State Committee.
J. G. Yocuin read the icport of tho com
mittee appointed last year to revise tho
rules, and the report was adopted. On mo
tion the convention adjourned.
I For SherllT.
c! .
. S g
g I i
V o 3
vi a t; b
ai 37 .. .. 3
It ... 1 .. ..
111... S .. 1
CIl 1) 17 1 27
55 IK 52 , , 33
ii ai -ji .. t
H. ... 11 1 3
13 10 55 .. li
1 ... 73 .. (HI
11 10 .. .. 5S
... 11 22 .. 4S
7 .. 50
103 1 1 28 ..
11.... r. .. 8
2H 23 SI .. 2
27 3 V 1 sa
I 20 2 II .. 4
12 21 7U 1 11
58 2 .. .. 1
21 17 2 .. 23
S'J 8 2 .. CI
21 12 15 .. ..
4 17 5 .. 13
SI 12 2-1 .. 1
3 ... 12 .. 10
7 1 17 1 4
... 51 3 .. ..
... 21 1 .. 38
I U 1 87 .. 2
1 1178 302 008 33 5I5
lierwlck 1!
llemicl: W
llloom Kast
Hloom W
conyneham N..
conynuliam S..
Mt. Mcuant....
Orange ,
Scott w
Kcott U
Eolirahurg Items.
Afr. M. AI. Annhun.m linn mii1i nn
addition to his houso by building a
vcraniia in lrnnt.
There will ho a festival at Forks in
tho nl nrn nt . I. ml, ml, n.,
irday afternoon nnd evening, August
Mr. mnl Afra. .Tnu Vnun Imvrt oAnn in
housekeeping in Mr. Samuel lYmcle's
HlMiar in uiu liuiu IIIWII.
Thero will bo meeting in tho M. K,
Church Siinduv nvitninc
Tho farmers of this vicinity havo
their harvest nearly all done.
Absolutely Pure.
,4"" v ""u' a marvel or purity
R rcuciianl wU-il(aornnesi. Moro economical
TMj nmn.l. i..i .
"'o wiuiu4ij mum, umicnnnot do sola in
omiouoa who tlio multltmloor low test, short
Weight, illtimnr nhntinlintn r,...i.., Z,,.V.t
111 OIQS. KOYAL 1UK1NU 10VIKU CO , 100 Wall
aurii-i Y.
"ThO Undersigned Treasurer nf thn tnu- n nf
Bloomsburg, hcrtbygiu'a notice that sho la pro.
pared lo utlio Town Tux ascertained for tho
sear 1MB, on nnd after .Monday, July soul ltw, at
her residenco H. W. Corner or Third aud ceutio
streets, In said town; nnd nil tax-paycra aro heie.
by required lo pay tho Bame, Any tax unpaid nt
tho expiration olSUdajs from the bald Sulh day
or July, shall bo paid wllhs per ccuium added to
tho amount thereof.
KVA Itl'PKltT,
July 15, jrviJ. tw TowuTieasurer.
IMtera ot administration on tho estate of Wil
liam T. Hess, late or Benton township,
Columbia county Pennsylvania, deceased lmo
boen grunted by the Itcglsler ol said county to tho
undersigned Administrator. All persons having
claims ugalust the estate of tho deceased nro re
quested to present them lor settlement, and thoso
ludcbtod to tho esinto to mako payment to tho
uudcrsl ined administrator without delay,
JOlil. KEKFBlt,
Juno S0-6w AdinlnUlratsr.
letters of administration ontho estate of Jacob
ilccullen, late of .Madison township, Columbia
county, Italia) Ivunla, deceased liato been grant,
cdby iliu Keglstcr of said county to tho undersign
ed AdiutuUt rut or. All iktsoiis having claims against
tuo estnto ot tlio deceased are requested to pre
sent I hem lor bcltloment, aud those Indebted lo
tho estate tomato payment to tho uudcmlgued
administrator without delay,
JJurylO-tP Adinlulstratilx,
I p e Isjl
TI1I4 medicine comMMnz Iron with rmro
Tcirctfllilo Ionic., quickly nntl completely
4'tiren llr.prp.1n Imlljrc.tlon, Wrnunr...
Impure lllooit, ItlnlnrlHL'!illI nnd Fever.,
nmi rtenrnifiin. . .
1 1 is an uniamncr rcracuy ror viscasci oi uic
Hl'lnrj. nnil I.lrrr. , ,.
It lit inraluablo for Pticnucs iwciilmr to
TV omen, and all wlio lead fedentnry llrci.
tiroduco constipation o(At Iron mcdlantt ifo.
ltcnrlcliciand purlflM the Mood, tlmulntc
tho appetite, aids tht annlmllatlon of food, re
llorei Heartburn and llclclilng, nndttrcngth
cn ttic muncles and ncrrcs. , .
For Intermittent Fcrcin, Lassitude, Lack of
Energy. Ac, lt-has no equal.
ttv The genulno has alxiro trado marV and
4 rwwed red lines on wrapper, Tako no other.
iw mui"niuirL to, cmiaoRK,
The distress
ing feeling of
weariness, of
exhaustion without otlurt, which makes Itfo
a burden to so many people, Is duo to tho
fact that tho UoM Is oor, and tho ltallt
consequently feeble. If you aro surfcrltiif
from such feelings,
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
Is jtul icu 1'eed, and will do you local
enlab!? i-notl.
I.'o ether prepir'.tln o concentrates and
combine, bio-v! ptrllylng, vitalizing, enrich
tin, and InvliinrAlIng qualities as Avi.n's
rr.rrAr.r.n nv
Dr. J.C. Aycr&Co., Lowell, Mass.
Sob) by all Druggists , 51, six Imtiles for f J.
lly virtue ot sundry writs ot Fieri Facias, Issued
out of tho Court ot Common l'lcasot Columbia
County, and to mo directed will bo exposed to
Public Salo at tho Court IIouso, In Iiloomsburg,
Saturday, August 1st, 1885,
at s o'clock, p. in., all that mcssuago and tract or
land situate at Mifflin Cross Iloada, In tho town-
tshlp ot Heaver, in tho county ol Columbia, and
Stato of Pennsylvania, bounded and described ns
lollows : lleglnning at a gum, thenco by land of
Jno. Hauck and scotch ltun south Co degrees west
Si and l-io perches to a stone, thence along side ot
public road leading from Beaver Valley to Miniln
MUosouthSdegreejcastll and MO perches to a
stono near tho Danville.IIazlcton and Wllkesbarro
Itallroad.t hence up said road nortli CHdegrcca cast 49
perches to a stone, tiicnco by land ot John Hauck
nortli i8 degrees cast 49 perches to tlio placo ol be
ginning, containing two acres and 110 perches.
Whereon aro erected a hotel, shed nnil otlicr
All that certain t ract ot land fcttuatc In Heaver
township, Columbia county, Pennsylvania, bound
ed and described as lollows : Beginning nt tho
Mountain Survey, at a post, nortli 35 degrees west
523 perches to a rlne, thenco by surveyed land
south 73 degrees west IWO perches to n whlto oak,
south c degrees east 70 perches to a black oak,
thenco south S3 degrees west vsx perches to n
pine, south 17 degrees west i3pcrchC3toa Whlto
oak, south oif degrees cast II perches to a stono ,
north 08 perches to a pine, thenco north 5 de
grees casts 10 perched to arost, tho placo o bo -
ginning, containing K9 acres more or less, where
on Is erected a two and u half story fr.nno dwell-
ing house, bank barn, wagon shed nnd other out
SeUed, taken In execution nnd to be sold as
tho propci ty ot Jonas Itredbenner.
All that certain lot ol ground situate In the town
o( Oatawissa, county ol Columbia and State ol
rennsjlvanla, bounded nnd described as follows,
to-wlt: On tho cast by an alley, on tho west by
Second street, on tho north by Pino s'.icct, and on
tho south by land or tho legatees ot Solomon llel-
wig deceased, and Benjamin Barndt, whereon Is
erected a two stoiy frame dwelling house aud
ScUcd, taken Into execution at tho bultol tho
Catawlssa Deposit Bank vs. Faj en Weaver and
to bo sold as tho property o! Fay-en Weaver.
cnd. i:x. JOHN JIOUKV.
Miller Att'y. Sheriff.
C P. No. sept. Term, 18S5.
In tlio matter ot tho petition of I, w. McKclvy
ior satisfaction or a mortgago given by Bernard
scj ucrt to Thomas Harder.
Columbia County ss :
To n. P. l'ortner. administrator nf Timmna Hin
der, lato of Catawlssa, deceased, and all persons
claiming to uo tuo owner or owners of said mort
uiiL-t :
Wlumm, itappoars by thoiecords In tho ollico
Of tllO Hei-nrilPl- nt. Itlnnmuhnn, ,1m, n iwrlnln
,.v ...uv...uu.,.b ,,. t. vi. tun.
inOrtimtrn ilfltPil tlio Si-il tnv nt Anrll lUJO Hvnn In-
ui-i uuiu duj uviv iu iiiuma uaruer, to secure mo
I'ujuK-iuui certain money, rccoraeu in -Mortgago
uuuk :m II 1 :i' . rpmnnci nnuiiiuMAii ,
HVlflTIZ.I. Halil Thom.lfl llfll-iler iltivlnn tlm iln-nf
lBco, anu tuo said Bernard Seybcrt Is also be
lieved to bo dead. ,lnl Whpri'n. ttUnllei.pil tlmt
nil tlio money duo on said mortgago was paid
iu uiu sum i uomas jiaruer rrior to ins death, and
a legal nresummlon now exists of tho navment nf
said mortiatro from lanso of time. Atut lri.!-.,-
1. . JICKCIVV. nrt-'SOnt Owner nf t hn !iinrtni
nremtsos has annlled to tho ennrr nf cnmmnn
Picas of said county whero said premises nro elt-
uaiuu.praying sam court, to aecrcoand direct that
satisfaction bo entere.i imnn tim mnni.f ani.t
mortgage.on payment or tho.costs duo on the samo
uuu iuu Biuisiaction so entered snail forever dis
charge, nDd rcleaso the lien ot said mortgago from
tuo said premises Therefore all persons Interest ed
im u ucro ur uoiuers oi sam mortgagc,aro required
uy an urucr or aniii cnurr. nnnnmr.i ih.
imii oi sam court, loboncidat Bloomsburg, on
uio mi jionuay ot September, A. D., 1883, to an.
swer tho petition ns nfnwaniii niHiinjniVnn..Dn
It any there be, why said moitgage thallnolbo
sausucu as praycu ior in said petition.!
Ehvell Att'y, JOHN MOUltKY.
July 17-liv sheriff,
, ,i i nuwM, u, mi-, uiuuiuiiivi-aim
vui.i iii.iuiui ui ivjutiiuii uy iiioiicncrai as
hombly of tho Commonwealth ot Pennsylvania.
......... .uiot.uii.u ui luu nral, Hucuon Ol
llclo xvniot tho constitution.
Joint resolution proposing an amendment to
Constitution ot tho Commonwealth, of Pennsy
lio It resolved by the Sena to and House of Itenro.
i?fallu'7 ?' tho Commonwealth ot Pennsylvania
- ui.., ,iiii, uiu lUllUWllllf 1
proposed as an nmondmeiit ot tlio Constitution oi
tho commounealtli or Pennsylvania, In nccor
clrhernf 01'rOW0nS ' th0 WltWIlUl artl
Thatsovllon live ofartlclotlvoot tho cnns.titn
JmTi? ! t l'ionrlh 01 reniwylvaiUa, winch
bly shall provldo for additional ludires. ns tlio
Sn r, 1?'an SS UW, "WWr-.J:
constitutoanitodlsuicu sIli.Y ed m o
UUUW.-111U111 siugiu uistricis, or, t neeessarv. mav
udgnotlwTnSiintTolaiVrua'bo si eil hun"
irt.!!;'n "H' districts i bit tho several
so as
al l s X V hnn, ,. 'n Y.",5 I0 .-
bly :bliaunm do fn,7i,liffi..V.P
.iSfflfUSS ilL H1. i.?.lia tUo General Ass
ronvenrent'sTnLJled smSF ?Vi" 'S Inti
bly may provide, Thoonico ot ossiwlato
not learuoiltn thninir i- nKXli.T. 'u.u.Sei
rorinlnirKeiTaratP .lutAii-n" """"
ono law li ,r,n. r . "oru
one law judge j every other coutitv shall
-..iivu uiailllin UUU IiaVlI
iJ. ioTi .'....?!. "'v'."1"" "ot no required to
idonto,r k .miW vv , R?W. kl"i
A true copy of Iho Joint ltmluthii . "U
July 31-3 mos. w. S. 8TBN0I1L
Kecretary or tho itaunSiiKii
tUi III Ml Ui
81.60 A YEAR.
FOIt J lilt Y CO.M.MIB810NKII,
G. W. DE11H,
rou conoNi'.it,
1)H. J. M. GWIiNNKK.
Wheat per bushel $ 0 1
Hyo " "
Corn " "
Oats " "
Flour nor batrcl S 0(1 & o
Potatoes new
Dried Apples
Bides and shoulders
I. artl per pound
Hay per ton 13 00 cold
Hides per lb... fi I
Veal skins per lb
Wool per lb
Philadelphia Markets.
FKKD- Western winter bran, spot,
Choice, 15.50.
Fixiult. Western extra's 3.3T a X7S; Venn a
family, l.ou 4.2.1 Ohio clear; 4.31 & ui; winter
patent MX) S.I5.
iiivvi i-emisyivania rcu, .o. i.i.ui linitf.
COlt.N. M (31 53. "
oats. No. 3 whlto a tnu NO. 3, IH'f
HAY AND HTJtAW '1 tmof hv Choten Western
and Now York, f l. fair to good Western and
New York, 15. g 17. i medium Western nnd Now
York, 10. m 13. ! Cut hay as to quality at. si.
ltio straw S3. Wheat straw. 11. m n.
straw n 13. rennsyivania lav western is ms y..
BUTT Jill. Pennsylvania creamerv nrlnts yn t.
Western extra 17.
I.1VU POULTltY.-Fowis, 13, mixed lot3l3(i
li, roosters old ow7.
Ileal Instate!
n pursuance- of nnordcr ot tho Oiplians1 Couit
of Columbia county, Franklin llhodos,admlnlslra.
tor of Henry Ithodes, lato of lloarlngcreek town
ship, In said county, deceased, will expose to sale,
ny public venituo upon tho premises, on
Friday, August 21, 1885,
at ono o'clock In tho nftcrnoon.n certain mossitago
and tract ot land situate In lloarlngcreek township
Columbia county and state of Pennsylvania, bound
ed by lands of Benjamin Wagner, David Wagner
Nicholas Enghart, Henry H. Ithodes, Chailes Wag
nor and others, containing
and eighty-four perches, whereon is erected a
bank barn and other outbuildings, about twenly
acrcs of the abovo tract of land la woodland, nnd
contains good t Imbcr. Thci o is a good orchard on
tho premises.
Tho nbovo described property Is situated about
two miles from slabtown, and near Kcrnstown.
TERMS OF SALE. Ten percent, of one-fourth
of Iho purchase money to bo paid nt tho striking
down ot tho property ; tho ono-fourth less tho ten
per cent, nt tho confirmation of salo ; and tho re
maining threo-fourths In ono year tliercalter,
with interest from conllimatlon nisi.
July 31-tr Administrator.
Real Estate.
ByUrtucotanorder or tho Orphans' Court of
Columbia county, thcro will bo exposed to pub.
11c salo, on tho premises, In Hemlock township, In
aid county, on
Saturday, August 1, 1885,
nt 2 o'clock In tlio nlternoon, tho undivided tlx
sevenths interest, lato ot Benjamin llomboy, de
ceased, in the following described real estate, to
wlt :
A valuable farm bltuato In Hemlock township,
on the public road leading from Buckhorn to Jer
seytown, about ono mllo from Buckhorn, bounded
by lands ot David Wagner, Evan Thomas, Mathl.w
Heller, (now William Itambo, and William Key
estate) Isaae Wagner (now Phillip Htroup,) John
Miller and David Wagner containing
112 ACRES.
and ono hundred and lltty-nlno perches, moro or
The linpioveincnts aro a
Two Story Frame House,
a spring house over a never-falling spring ot wat
er, a hen house, a largo bank barn, about u) by w
feet, a good granery, wagon house, hog house,
elder houso and corn crib. A well of water at the
houso and ono also at tho barn.
Tlio land Is divided Into convenient Ilcld-s, with
water In each ticld, except two, Tho farm I-i well
adapted for grazing and farming purposes; about
ten acres ottho property Is woodland, set with
chestnut, rock oak and other timber. Thero la a
lino young apple orchard, a young peach orchard,
as well as a cliolco variety ot cherry, plum an I
other fruit trees.
Conditions mado known on day ot sale, by
I. It. BOMI10Y,
N. U. Funk, Attorney Administrator.
Also, at tlio samo time and place, the under
signed will cxposo to public salo tho remnlnlng un
divided ono-sincnth Interestln tho abovo desciHi
cd real estate. SAUAII BO.MBOY.
June 33 1885.
Statu or Pknksylnania,
In tho matter ot tho petition or Mary L'vans for
satisfaction of mortgage.
Court of Common Pleas, No. s, Jlay Term, lfM.
Toll. F. Hartman, administrator and legal re
presentative ot John Uamsey, lato of Bloomsburg,
County aforesaid, deceased, and all persons and
parlies claiming to bo tho holder or holders ot tlio
mortgago In Bald retltlon referred to :
llVecmis, It nppenrathat Thomas Harris lato ot
Bloom kburgalorcsald did ontho 1st day ot July,
A. D 1813, exceuto to John Hamsoy, a mortgago
In duo lorm ot law for lico.oo which mortgagor
recorded In tho onicofortho recording of deeds
c., at Bloomsburg, In Mortgago Book 3, pago l&n.
til Wlmeas, Thomas Harris tho mortgagor died
on or about July 83, A. D., 1855, nnd John Itamscy
the mortagco died In February, 18. Ami HVipic
as, It U alleged that all tho money owing on said
mortgago was paid prior to the death of said
Thomas Harris, to the said John Uamsey, M't
Whereat, legal presumption dtthe payment of said
mortgago now exists from lapse ot timo and no
salsttaetlon appears on tho record thereof.
Iiid, ll'Afmia, Mary Evans, tho owner ot the
mortgaged premises, lias applied by jictltlon to
tho court ot common lioas ot Columbia county,
whero tho mortgaged premUcu are situate, pray
ing said court to decroo and direct that sallsfac
Hon bo entered upon tho record ot said mortgage
by thc;ltoeorderot deeds, ouljiaymentot the coats
duo rolatlvo to tho entry of said mortgage, or any
proceedings thereon, and tho satisfaction so en
tered shall forever dlschargo, defeat and rcleaso
tho saino mortgage, accordlug to tho Act of As
sembly, approved June 10, A. D.
Thercforo, nil parties interested as holder or
holders ot said mortgago nro required, inpursut
nnco of an order of tho cour t,to appear nt thonex
term of tho court of common lioas of columblt
county, on tho fourth Monday of (September, A.
D., 18(0, to answer tho petition as aforesaid aud
show causo If any they havo why said mortgago
shall not bo satlafled according to tho prayer or
tho petitioner.
IlllUmeyor Att'y. JOIIN M OUltKV,
uly JT, fw fa'j e riff.