The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, June 26, 1885, Image 1

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LUMBIAN, consolidated,
iMiird WrrUlj,, evcrj Frlilm-3lorntn, nl
nr.oojtSBUito, Columbia co., pa.
ATft.M pcrycar. To subscribers out ofthecoun.
tytnn terms nro strictly In advance
rr-.No paper discontinued except at tho option
ot the publishers, until all arrearages nre paid, but
lone continued credits will not bo Kiven.
All papers sent out ot tho stato or to distant post
onices must bo paid forlnndrancc, unless a respon
slblo person In Columbia county assumes to pay
tho subscription duo on demand.
tTBS of DefVpsmq
1W 9 W IK
1 tncll ( 75 1 23 1 60
3 " 1 60 2 00 2 23
S " 2 00 2 75 S 60
4 " 2 60 S 60 4 6)
V COl 8 25 4 60 B 60
u col 8 60 7 00 H 00
fcolumn 8 00 12 00 15 00
3 M
4 00
ft 00
T 00
3 U H IT
a to 4 CO 7 oo
4 75 7 60 1J 00
oso lo m mm
8 on u on m oo
0 81 It CO 23 00
8 00
14 00 1700 20 CO 40 00
23 00 UO 00 40 09 SO tl
Yearly sdvertlscmenta payable quarterly. Tran
sient advertisements must be paid for before In
serted except where parties have accounts.
tz-gal advertisements two dollars per Inclj for
three Insertions, and at that rata for additional
Inscrtlpns without rf ercnoo to length.
Kiecutors, Administrator's, nnd Auditor's no
tices three dollars.
Transient or Local notices, ten cents a line, reg
ular advertisements halt rates.
cards In tho "Ba'lness Directory" column, one
dollar a year for each line.
ThoJob Printing Department of tho Colombian
Is very complete It contains tho latest new typo
and machinery and Is tho only ornco that runs Job
pres cs by power, Klvtnir us tho best fact Itlos. lis
tlinntes furnished ou largo Jobs.
3, E.ELWELL, -
r "K.'WAIjfjEU,""
Ofllco over 1st, National Uantc.
Ly' ATT.
omco In Slit's Building.
1II.00MSBU1U!, l'A,
nl ce tut Mover Bros. Drug Store.
Lots of People Say,
Hero Is Solid
Hnrd Working Men.
onico In Browcr's bulldlng.socond No. I
Bloomsburg, l'a.
Bloomsbttrg, l'a
onico corner ot Contro and Main Streets. Clark i
Can bo consulted In German.
Uloomshukci, l'A.
Ofllco on First floor, front room of Cm,
umiiias llulUlini;, Main street,
chnngo Hotel.
below Ex-
onico In Columbian Bcildino, Boom Ho. 2, second
Itlnclilnltt nnd llnlliler.
"I havo been troubled years with kidney and
bladder (lIBkuHy. After using four bottles of
Hum's Kidney and Liver Itr-Msnr, I liavo been
completely cured." WlUlas C. Clark, MaBon and
llnlldcr, Auburn, N.Y.
... "Health libeller than wealth."
Mr. Ocorco Karg, Machlnlit, 1133 TUJgo Ave.,
Philadelphia, l'a., says : "My ducase started when
I was quite a yonng lad by having weak kldneyf.
I have useiljuit tUbottlcnOt Hunt's (Kidney and
Mvcr ItEMCDT. nnd 1 aolcmnly proclaim, 41 feel
like ancwinan.'"
. "Good counsel has no ptlce, obey It."
Mr. Henry Williams, Mechanic, East Bridge
port, Conn., earn "About two months ago I
caught a heavy cold, which settled In my kidneys.
1 got a bottlo of Hunt's Kidney and Liver
ltEMEDr and tilth tho first doso began to get well."
"Light suppers makes long lives."
Itallrond Ulan.
Frank B. Lee, ofllco N. Y. C. & H. It. Tt. Little
Tails, N.Y.,. Juno 8, 18S.1, says: "My father, C3
roars old, had severe kidney and bladder dlsea.e
torn) years, urination causlne acuto pain. The
weakness was so great he was obliged to wear a
rubber bag. Tivclvo bottles of Hunt s Kldnc
IttMEnT completely cured him, and wo consider I
remarkable. Wo cheerfully recommend IL"
"Deeds nro better than words."
Host's rivldncr and Llverl ItssinnT has stood
tho test of time. It has been beforotho public for
twenty years, and has cured eiery year thousands
of people suffering from various dUcascsof tho
Klilnevs and Liver, and kindred disorders, who had
failed to get relief from doctors and who expected
never to bo cured. Thousands of testimonials
from such persons attest its value. Bend for book.
"Alls well that ends well."
Sold by all druggists. Mco S1.53. I
HUNT'S IlEMEDY CO., Providence, II. I.
' N. CBITTF.NT0X, Csneral Agent, N. Y,
Seventy-One Below Zero,
l.ll'i: IS '1 1 1 K AHCTIU UKUIONS.
Tin ro at o few places in tho United
Slates proper (tlio woul "proper" being
put in to exclude our colony 01 AiasKa,
almost a third of which lies in tho
iVrctlo regions) whero tlio winter
weather is intensely cold and where
oven the Biimtner is bo cool that both
seem liko the polar region?, but thisc
few places ato no lar in tlio west,
among tho high mutilaiiii, nnd no
thinly poiilated, thai l Joel iiuo sure
that tho mero mention of seventy-one
degrees below ztr.- or 103 degrees
below tlio freezing point will ir.aku
the chills rut. over my leaders, and if
it bo a warm day when llicy peruse it
they will bo cordially thankiui, and, i
hope, will not east it asido with a mere
glance at tho heading if it bo not.
The author was in a heavy Btonti,
lasting sonio two or three hours, on
July 8. 187G. while elk hunting in the
8, KN0RR.
onieo In 1st National Bank building, second floor,
flrstdoortotholett. Corner ot Mam and Market
streets Bloomsburg, Pa.
t&"Pensions and Bounties Colkctid
onico In Maize's bullOJig, over lilllmcycr'g grocery.
(Onico front suit ot rooms on second lloor or
News Item building.)
Members of Sharp nnd Alleman's Lawyers and
Banker's Directory nnd tho Amcilcan Mercantile
nnd collection Association. 111 glio prompt and
careful attention to collection ot claims in any
part ot tho United Mates or Canada, ns well as to
all other provisional business entrusted to them.
Jackson Building, Rooms 4 and C.
Catawlesa, l'a.
Office, corner ot Third and Main streets.
OfflCB In Browcrs' Building, 2nd lloor.
map 1-tf
Attorney-atLaw, Berwick
Cm bo Consulted in German.
WOfllco first door below the post ofllce.
n a. BABKLEY. At'orncv-at-Law.
j .Olllco In llrowei's building, nnd story, ltooms
4 mm 5.
" B. McKELVY. M. D..Sureeon and Phy
.slclan, north Bide Main street.bclow Market
AL. FRITZ, Attornoy-al-Eaw,
, m COLOauriN Building,
uwmg Machines and Machinery ot all kinds re-
aired. oriui uocsi Building, utoomBDurg, ra,
R. J. 0. RUTTEB,
Offlce, North Market street,
jJloomBburt, Fa
ru. wm.
M. REI1KR, Surgeon and
Otnco corner of Hock und Market
NH. M. D.. Burceon iml
nico and Itosldencu on Third
1'KOI'LES' N. V.
ItEAUlNO, l'A.
These old conroitATioNs aro well beasoucd bj
ace und niiK testku and havo never set had a
loin settled by any court of law. Their assets are
all Invested in solid secvritiks are liable to the
hazard ot hue only.
Losses l'liouiTLY and honestly adjusted and
paid as Boon as determined Dy christian r.
4 u.
Thn nonntn of rnliimtild eonntv should natron
lj the agency whero losses It any are settled and
nam uy ono oi mer own cuuo lis.
Health and Jappiness.
Aro your Kidneys disordered?
"Kidney Wort brought mo from my irrfcTe, aa II
were, arier 1 hal Ufti kItc n un by 13 best doctora in
Ktrc-lt." it W. jJtturaur, Mechanic, Ionla,Miclu
t Aro your nerves "weak?
''Kitlnty Wuit ruroil ino from nerTom vrfivVnoM
4c, lift it I wris not i'ipf ted to llvi"-Mra. M. M. 11.
Uoudwin, Ld. Chrttthm Monitor Ck'Tcland, U.
Havo you Bright's Disease?
"KJdner Wort rurrd mo when iny ater vas Juit
Ilka chalk aui thin liko blood."
Frank Wilson, reabody, Mum.
Suffering from Diabetes?
"KI tin ty -Wort Ulh most iuccti.tiful remeity I hare
CTtr used, UIich almot lmmodlato rvllvr,"
Dr. rtlilCBaUwU, Mocktcn, Vt.
Liver Complaint?
ort cured mo of chronic Li tit UImosci
Esquimau, whuro wo coitlil buy rein
Jeer meat for imiaclvM and dot;s.
Wo werd just ready to start when a
sharp wind pprntig up from tho North
west that felt liko a sooro of razor blades
cutting tho face. Had it Blarled fif
teen or twenty minutefi sooner wo
would not of thottgl of going, but the
dislatico ahead was hiicIi a short one
and tho road bo cood over a uently roll
ing country that wo clioso to go ahead
rather than unload our sledges and go
back into the same old camp. Wo
kept tho dogs at a good round trot
and ran alout; sidu of the sk'tlces tho
whole way, except one short rent, and
I can assure my ruadem that when wo
reached ilio enow housu of tho Kinne
pcto lMmiunau it wag as wtueomc a
refuge as if it had buen a first class
hotel. I was frozen along my left arm
from my BhotiUler lo my wrist, and a
was qtiilo painful for a number ol days;
and many ol thu others, JVitpumau ns
wel' as while men, wcio also "nipped"
hero and there more or less severely.
The wind was strong enough to drift
thu loose snow along thu ground, but
I Biiiiiioao our linarrinattons iluiiut;
high spurs of the Uig Horn Mountains such a strain made us tliitik it was very
of Montana, and when returning to mUch stronger than it really was if
caiiiplcaniedtliatanothcrhiinling patty we could have measured with a prop
had croscd their horses on tlio ice ol cr instrument. When wegot to tho end
a lake on tho -1th of July nt a still of our iournev we again looked at tho
higher level, the ice not having melted thermometer, and indicated ." decrees
iroin iiiu winiuiB uvu. jivv.uif,. " ueiow zero mat is it nau got wanner
l tth of August tho same year ice form- by l.'l decrees in a half to tliico quart-
cd on tho water in our aamp-kettles ers 0f a hour, the time it had taken
and buckets, anil in short, iu that por- tls to get througli, allhoilgb it. seemed
tion of the country it is cold .'iiotigh a, if it, might havo been thirteen times
to give a person who may live llieio I thirteen degiees colder, judging by the
Havo you
Kill nrv. Wort pi
Aftf p 1 tirnril tn itlo '
llenry Ward, lato Col. Mth Nat. Guard, K.T.
Is your Back lame and aching?
'Mdney.Wort.O buttle) cured mo when X waieo
lunio 1 had to roll out of ted."
0. M. Tallmaffc, Milwaukee, Wi
Havo you Kidney Disease?
"ICUner-V, ort made mo found itillrcr and kldncya
pftir cms of unBHcrtssful (liK-torlns. Its worth
lilAbox."-Sainl Hodea, WilUaimtcmt), West Va,
Aro you Constipated?
"k'ldnrv.U'titt rAii-u-a paay iaoufitioiiS nnd "Ured
S mo alter W jeari utw of other mcdielneH."
Havo you Malaria?
I remedy Iharo cicr ns'd In my practice,
Kidney-Wort htu done, better than any other
i nave cicr us'i in my rracure."
Ur, IMC Cork, South Hero, VI.
Aro you Bilious?
"TTI.tnfirAVfii-t linti ilnnnina mora truod than OUT
3 other remedy I liar cur taken."
ill 1 a. s). i, uwu;U wn viiftvui
Are you'tormontod. -with Piles?
. lr, w, i . Kuno rccuuinienciti u io me.
Geo. il. Uorkt,CuahlcrU.iLanL, iljvntown, To.
2 me
iAro you Rheumatism racked?
"Kidney-Wort cured me. after 1 iriisii up to
dlo by iihjblclain and I liad suiTired thirty jear.1
Ladies, nro you suffering?
"Kldiipv.Wort cured ma of mcullar IrimtK-l of
B neveral TLari Bttlullntf. Al&nr f rieml. ubo .nil t.n.1-.
n it." Urfc 11. Lamorvaux, Io La Mottv, t.
!l you would Banish Disease
i ana gain noaitn, laito
Tub Blood Cleanser.
i'eb 0-3 mo
lontr a chanco lo see a snow-storm
uverv month in tho vear aa the auth
or has but it is not ot tneso uisincis
we will writo in describing seven
ty-one degrees below zero.
way wo lell.
who had been
I told tho Esquimau,
with us on tho short
trip as sledge di ivers and bo on, that
it was much colder as shown by tlio
instrument m the quiet air lint be
It was in tho Arctic recions. not far foro wo started than it was when tho
from Hack's Great Fish river, when wind was raging tho highest, but I
the author was conducting a homoward think from the incredulous glances
sledge journey to Hudson Hay in tho they took at each other that they vot-
depth of an Arctic winter November, ed tho thermometer as tho moat accom-
December, January, February and plished Ananias they evermet,and won-
March. Severe wtather, that is, in- dercd how wo could lie duped into such
tensely cold, had set in just before preposterous idoas directly against our
Christmas in 1879. the thcrmomotei' common senso and personal observa-
sinking down to sixty-live and sixty- tions of cold. They might believo tho
eicht decrocs below zero, and never world was round and turned over every
o . . . . , i i I .............. i i:.t!
getting above sixty degrees ociow, uay wiinout uiu puim- uearanuuuig un
find wo have a verv hard time with our the slippery icebtim when it was up.
leedging along the river, our camps at snio down, simply uecauso tne wnuo
licht almost in Bight of those wo had man, their acknowledged superior in
Ipft. in tlio mnrniiifr. so close wcio thev intelligence, had said so, but nothing-
together and so slowly did wo labor would persuade them that when they felt
along. Heindeer, on which we were perfectly comfortablo and w'arm load-
lyinc on lor our daily supply ot looti, ing tne sieuge ami iiarncsjing inu uogs
were not found near tho river, and it was colder than when their arm ami
being seen some ten or fifteen miles lojjs were frozen, and their noses and
lmekfrnm it I determined to leave its clieeks "nipped'' most furiously with mul Ktiikn straicrht for homo in tho frost. Wo triod to explain tho
1; AOKNTY. Jloj-cr's new buliains, Mnlu trcct,
lilooiusuurg-, i .i.
.Ktn.i InsurancoCo., ot Hartford, Conn
Itoyal ot Mvcrjiool
l ire Association, I'lillailcliiliu
l'lioenlx, ot London
I.ondon S Lancashire, ot Unyland
H.irtfonlot llartforil
Sprtugtlckl rireand Marine
ao n.n foncipsi nre iiiiwt. nollcle3 aro written
for the Insured without delay in tne omco ai
tuoombuurir. "
11 1IOUSK,
II styles ot work done In a superior manner, worn
Vrurranveuus luiJicatuuiu. BB:7,rrjr:
d wnnorr I'itN oy tho use ot (las, and
free of chargo when drtldclal teeth
tiro Inserted.
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'Jo t open nt all hours during the ctaj
n A F, M R Af R N
rVAN'ri?l to canvass for the talo
ot nursery mocu i cvt-auj viihiuj...v..
guaranteed, muu unu nuan ....
npr ,1.2m
Rcciester, N. V,
3L00iIS3UnO, PA.
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lot and cold water, and all modern couve
IlatU rooms
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Cutorla 13 bo well adapted to children that
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known to mo," H.A. Ancntn.M.D.,
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Wltfout lujurloiu medication.
. l)n II in
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iinoK-. lJtirns. OftUs. &c. An Instuutnncous I'ftln-
rollovlni; and Ileallnc; ltotncdy.
effect of tho wind, but thev said they
had known tho wind to blow them oft
their feet in the summer and not freeze
them a parcliele, anil very much pre
ferred to bcltvo that the little thermom
eter told a lib, or at least was badly
mistaken. Thev said they know it
seemed colder when the wind blew.but
thatwas because it actually was colder at
those tunes than others, and not sunt
tud hero thoy
ludson Hay.
We had been gone three or four
days, and as we ascended the higher
levels the thermometer commenced
lowering, and on tho 3d of January,
1880. at 4 o'clock in tho afternoon,
reached 71 decrees below zero, the
coldest we experienced on our sledge
journey ot nearly a year m lengtn, aim
men tiavclin a out of eloors: for that because it seemed so
ilav we moved our came somo ten or Btoon iirm.
twelve miles to the southeastward. The thermometer stood at soveuly
The dav was not at all disagreable, I one below I'alirenheit, thn uncloudci
must. Hnv. nntil lone toward the eatly skv m the vicinity ol tho sun, liangini:
night, when a slight zephyr, the mer- low in the southern horizon, assumed a
est kind of a motion of the wind, that dull leaden hue, tinged near tho sun's
would hardly rttlllo tho leaves on a rim with a taint browimii red, not uti-
rce. or even sumcieni to euui me nnu uiu hm hcdi;uw.duj i'.iu,i.i
1 . e I i .1 I!. I 1
on a warm day, sprang up iroin mo on cneap ciiromu-imiugi.i)iis ui3nuyi-n
outhward, and, slight and insignificant for sale in tlnrd-iate picture shops. At
as it was, it cut lo the bono every part night time tho stars glittered like dia-
of the body that was exposed, and monds tinder the electric light, and
which fortunately was tho face from fairly seem on fire with their brilliant
the eyebrows to tho chin and about radiance. Should you pour water
half of tho cheeks, We turned our co'd water taken from tho well dug
backs toward it as much as possible, through tho ico of tho I.iko near which
and especially after we got into camp you are camped upon the suriace ot
and got to work building our snow tho ice, it greets you with an astonlsh-
hottses and digging through tho thick itig crackling noiso like firo running
ico in tho lake For fresh water, and so through cedar brush, or like a dozen
lazily did our breath that congealed bunches of miniature firecrackers, and
into minature clouds float away to the the ice, that was so clear before that
northward liko tho little light cirrus you almost felt tlin'td about putting
lnmlu nf .i summer skv that we Knew vour icot on it lor iear mat it reauy
well enough how terribly cold it must was not there, now instantly turns as
be without looking at tho thermometer, whito as marble and as hard to seo
that stood at 71 degrees below zeio, through as so much snow, caused by
Fahrenheit. tho infinite number ot littio seams run-
It is not so much the intensity of the ning m every direction through it lrom
cold expressed in degtccs on tho ther- the unequal expansion. Ainny ot tno
momete'r, that detetmincs tho disagree- Esquimaux children amuso themselves
ableness of Arclio winter wcatner as u )'uk,"" ....,.. w,....... .......
istheforco nnd relative direction of tho white spots on tho clear ico of tho
the wind. I havo found it far pleas- lako give it a mohUjinottled appear-
anter with tho thermometer at .r0, GO, ance.
or even 70 degrees below zero, Fahren- Vapor and steam seem to rcll away
lick, with a littio or no wind blowing from everything of a living nature, and
at tho time, than to faco a rather stiff the slcdgo with ten or fifteen dogs and
breeze when tho littio tell-tale showed its four or five humans in harness looks
50 degrees warmer temperature. Een liko a starting locomotive enveloped in
an Arctic acclimated whito man fao- Us escaping steam, and leaves a trail of
ing a good strong wind blowing at 20 vapor behind them resembling the dust
or 25 degices below zero is almost 6tiro stirred up on a well-used road by roll-
lo freeze tho nose and cheeks and tho ing wagon wheels. Should tho party
thermometer does not havo to sink over stop to rest in a basin-like valley this
1 ur 5 degrees to induce tho Esqui- vapor rapidly collects aa a fog bank,
maux themselves to keep within their and in a littio whilo becomes so denso
suug snow houses under tho same cir- as to obscure the originators from a
cumstances unless want or famine de- person at a distance, but really makes
mauds their presence in tho storm, their whereabouts oasuy tieicrmmcu uy
With plenty iu tho larder for all the this very sign. Herds of musk oxen
. 1 , .. ..Cl ... l... t. n!(!
mouths, brute and iiumuu, uuirj ui anu renmeer urai iivmuuuh
them venturo out in such weather. bio by this means at quito long
Tt. U verv consoling to add however, lances il tno nciei uo largo
ci eased proportionally! Occasionally
my sledge would bo iu tho rear, and
before wo started in tho morning It
would sometimes bo useful to know If
tho party ahead had moved on, and
Tooiooah, m sledge driver, would
climb a near hill, and if tho weather
was intensely coid and clear was al
most sure to bo able to tell mcgalthough
tho measured slcdgo journey to the
snow housu that had discerned by its
ascending vapois was often eight and
ten nrles, and probably three fourths ns
much in a straight Hue.
Whenever tho slcdgo was traveling
along, its iced runners dragging over
tho line, gritty snows would givo forth
a clear musical ring in tho bitter cold
air that sounded very much like tho
drawing of a resincd bow over a tuning-fork,
a well-known experiment in
acoustic lectures. Many of my readers
who live, or have lived, in countries
whero tho thermometer gets down tq
zero and twenty degrees below iu tho
winter havo heard this sound coming
from the iron running sleighs, and es
pecially upon a clear quiet night with
but a single bell within hearing. Could
you imagine that clear, frosty ring as
much louder as tho whistlo ot a steam
boat is above the whistle ot a man, or
certainly multiplied manifold limes,
you could rcalizo how the iced Blcdgo
runners fairly sing with their polished
surface dragging over tho marble-like
snows ot inleiHO Arclio cold. ly hold
ing tho car near tho snow this mus'c of
tho cold can bo hoard a couplo of miles
away, and nt this great distance sounds
liko the soft murmurings of an -iKi-
lian harp or distant minglings of gui
Sometimes when breathing this ex
tremely cold air my tongue felt as if it
was freezing in my mouth, but l could
readily lid myself of this uncomfort
able feeling by bicathing through tho
nostiils for a nunuto or two. .Natur
ally you will ask : "Why not breathe
through the nostrils at tho time ?" as
you havo so often hoard advocated.
This bitter cold air passing through tho
nostrils keeps up an irritation so that
the consequent catarrh makes it desir
able to use tlio mouth nearly altogether
in breathing. Also tho noso is more
liable to freeze when breathing through
it. These freezings ot thu noso and
cheeks aro very common affairs, occur
ring over a dozen times a day in very
low temperature-sand especially if there
be any wind blowing in tho lace, inc
Esquimaux cures these slight frost
bites by applying the hand, warm from
the reindeer mitten, to the spot. They
knew nothing of rubbing frost bites
with snow, so extolled in our own cold
climates, and I doubt its oHicaov my
self in those extremely low Arctic tem
peratures, when the snow is liko sand
if loose and like granite rock if in
mass. Another fallacious idea explod
ed by my least to a great
extent, was tho use of snow to quench
thirst, which every Arctic writer has
been so unanimous in condemning as
hurtful. My Esquimaux used it at all
temperatures to alleviate their thirst,
first breathing on the piece of snow a
few times beforo putting it iti the
mouth. I havo often seen Esquimau
boys place a steel snow knifo to their
tongue" and let it freeze fast, and then
swing it backward aud forward until
it fell, and try to niako it stick up
right in the snow. Frederick Schtcat-ka.
Oow-Boys on a Drive,
lien. Ouster and Wife.
four or
.i ,i. :..L i7i lomnoMtnrn nf flvo miles away, and at from very fa-
the Arctic aro nearly always nojom- vorable heights even three or four
!-J U.. ai of lonut UV 1 1 rv 1 1 1. I lllUvn Villa lBlulltl bu uiu uiumiimu a
limi. nn.1 m.0l. was tho case on our hunters claim ; to fur away, in fact, it
momnrinl .ird of January. 1880. In has been known to take two days to
font, with the exception of n very few
quiet days during the warmest weath
er of tho polar summer, theso clear,
quiet, cold ones of the Arctic winter
aro nuoui tno oniy mum u,u mo
wind is not blowing vigorously lrom
somo part ot tno compass, ur bu iv uuiu
ed nt least in that part of it whero my
travels wcro oaBt. i tionut, nowever,
if thero aro as many
diirlnrr low temperatures in the t
" o ' ,
reach them f but my readers must bear
in mind that a day in tho Arclio win
ter is very short, often only an hour or
two long. Even at these wonderful
and extreme distances tho most keon
oved hunters claim (and theso Esnni
man aro never given to prcmediated
fa school!) that they cmi leu wheincr
tho herd is ono of musk oxen or rein
fonrf.,1 .inrma deer uv somo varying peculiarities oi
tVUI till HVVIH1U ' I , - .
(ho Arclio the vapors which i did not cieanv
..!.. r .i....n.,n nntt nf nnv uiidersiaiiu, mm which i never toon.
US III IIIU till IIWI HIH VffcV. M '.V V. w". . ... .11, 1
own country .whero thoy are known as an opportunity to practically apply,
'blizzards." Certainly in proportion Even tho foot of a person walking
to tho ability of withstanding extremo along as it is lifted from tho ground
rtn il ntii I tlm methods tho nolar inliabi- leaves n littio miff of vapor to float
r . . ., , .i ,..! .i. ...ii.
tnnu h!iv of combat ng it. inero aro away iroin me ui us u mi
annii .tniirrers run bv thorn of life had stepped upon a sponco saturated
or eiiscomfort as by our brethren of with smoke, which wits liberated by
n,r far nri West when the "northers" tho pressure, and this, too, when thero
comedown on them in tho elead of aro four thicknesses-of heavy reindeer
winter. skin beneath tho Intro foot and tiiomiow
Thorn wero a few exceptions to this underneath.
geueral rule of quiet weather with ex- So scarce was tho gamo through this
tremo cold.and when thoy had to bo en- part of tlio country, and so absolutely
,i.nn.1 ilmv were simp v terrible. One dependent were wo upon it for our
mnrnlmr tho thermometer nt 8 o'clock dailv supply of food, tint to increase
aiinwpil ua that it was sixtv-eight do- our chances of securing it wo separat
grecs below zero, but as it was calm ed into parties, ono ar.d two days jour
and quiet wo paid littio attention to it, ney apart from eacn ether, although
and harnefsed our dogs and loaded our traveling the same trail, and thus each
JoiWa fnr onr day s Iournev. which spaco between camps was gono over
was an exceedingly short ono ot three twlco or three times,
or four miles to the snow houso of on ' of seeing reindeer
Tho author gives no hint of the
pomp and circurmtanees, if any they
were', which attended that wedding of
Into hearts and loyal spirit, but goes
on in the most matter of fact way to
do all in the plainest and least roman
tic language from tin-beginning of her
married career:
"Wo had no sooner reached Wash
ington on our wedding journey than
telegrams came, following one another
in quick succession, asking him to givo
up the rest of his leave of absenco and
hasten without an hour's delay to the
front. I begged so hard not to bo left
behind that I finally prevailed. The
esult was that I found myself in a
few hours on the extremo wing of the
Army ot tho Potomac, in an isolated
lrginia farm home, finishing my
oneymoon alone. 1 had so besought
im to allow mo to como that 1 did not
aro to own mvsclf thu desolation aud
fright I felt. In tho preparation of
tho hurried raid which my husband
had been ordered to make hu had sent
to cavalry headquarters to provide for
my safety, and troops were in reality
near, although 1 could not see them.
'Tho General s old school servant,
Sliza, comforted me, and thu Southern
amily in the houso took pity upon my
anxiety. It was a sudden plunge into
life ol vicissitude and danger, and 1
i.ardlv remember tho timo during tlio
twelve years that follwed, when 1 was
not iu fear of somo immediate peril,
or in dreaJ of somo danger that threat-
ued. After the raid was ended wo
pent some delightful weeks together,
and when tho regular spring campaign
tecan 1 returned to Washington, whero
I remained until the surrender and tho
close of tho war.
"After that wo went to Texas for n
year, my iiusuaud sun acting as major
genernl in command ot volunteers, in
18GG we returned to Michigan, ami
tho autumn of the same year found us
in Ivansai, where tho genernl assumed
charge of tho hoventh (regular) caval
ry, to which ho had been nssigncd,
with tho rank ol lieutenant colonel in
tho regular army. Wo remained iu
Kansas hvo years during winch tune
I was the only otliccr's wifo who nl.
ways lollowed tlio regiment. Wo
were then ordered with tho regiment
to Kentucky. After being stnlioncd In
Klizabethlown lor two years wo wentto
uakoia in tho spring ol lHia. Jie
Custer .Hook.
A picturesque, hardy lot of fellow,
these wild "cow-boys, ns they sit on
tho gtound by the fire, ench man with
his can of collcr, his fragrant slico of
fried bacon on the point of hi) knife
blade, or sandwlcheel In between two
great hunks of bread, rapidly disap-
pcai ing before the onslaughts ot appo
tiles mado keen by tho putc, invigorat
ing breezes of these high plains. Seo
that brawny fellow with the crisp,
tight-curling yellow hair growing low
down on thu nape of his massive neck
rising straight and supple from tho low
collar nf his looso flannel shirt,his sun
browned faco with the piercing gray
eyes looking out from under the broad
brim of his hat, Ills lower limb) clad iu
heavy "chaps'' or leather overalls
stained a deep reddish-brown by long
so and exposure to wind and weather,
his revolver in his holster swinging
from tho cartridge-filled belt, and his
great spurs tinkling at every stride, as,
having drained tho last drop of colTee,
he puts down the can, and turns from
tho lire toward the horses, picking up
as he goes tho huge heavy leather Bad
die, with its high pommel and stream
ing thongs of rawhide, that has served
him as a pillow during tho night.
Quickly his "cayuso" is saddled, the
great broad ha'tr-rotio girths tightly
"siuuhed, the huge bit slipped into the
unwilling month, and with a bound
tho active fellow is in tho saddle. Paw,
pony, paw ; turn your eyes till the
wlnles show : lay vour pointed ears
back ; squeal and kick to vour heart's
content. Oh, buck away 1 you have
found your master for tho Btrugglo
does not last long. Tho practiced baud,
the heavy spurs, and stinging whip
soon repeat the almost daily lcsson,and
will) ouu last wicked shake of the dead
the wiry 'caynse" breaks into his easy
lope, and away go horse and rider to
their appointed station ou tho flank of
the grent diove.
The others soon follow, camp is
broken, the wagon sccuroly packed
ready for tho road, and tho work of tho
day commences. Tho cattle seem to
know what is coming. On tho edges
of their scattered masses the steers lift
their heads and gaze, half stupidly,
half frightened, at tho flying horsemen;
as tho Hanks aro turned they begin
closing in toward ono another, moving
up in little groups to a common centre.
Now and then a steer or sono young
bull, more headstrong or moro terrified
than his comrades, breaks away and
canters off clumsily over the prairie.
Iu a moment he is pursued, headed off,
turned, and driven in toward tho herd
again. As they "close in mass to
use an apt military phrase "rounded
up" ouall bides by tho swifl-iiding
cow-boys, they are gently urged on
ward by tho drivers in the rear, until
tho whole herd is slowly moving for
ward, feeding as they go, in a looso
wide column, headed toward the break
in tho mountain that indicates the
mouth of tho canon through which it
is to pass.
Gradually the prairie is crossed
quietly and gently tho nervous brutes
aro crowded more closely together
two or three ot tlio men gallop on
ahead to the opening of thepass,guard
ed by two cone shaped mounds like re
doubts thrown out to protect tho en
trance to the fastnesses of tho moun
tains, m order to head oft stragglers
and to turn the leaders of tho herd into
the narrow trail that runs in between
tho high, tree-covered, rocky wa Is of
the canon. So! 60 o-o I gently calling,
quietly and patiently urging, the driv
ers bunch tho horned multitude into
one almost compact mass. So-o-o! So!
gently ! gently! push, boys, push in
from both sides, curb your horses.keep
them quiet, no! sol drive Blowfy from
the rear, press on slowly, yet firmly
until the head of tho herd enters the
Patter! patter! patter ! tho rushing,
confused roars of hundreds of hoofs
striking tho hard road bed, a queer
sound, filling Hie air with
liko tho
their pretty heads in tho soft brceze.tho
gayly colored wild flowersyellow sun
flowers, daisies, bine harebells mingle
inuir ungni onus, inciting into ono
another on the distant round hilt-tons.
covering them
soitcsl velvet.
Short Talks With Boyj.
"I am n farmer's son and am not sat
isfied with my surroundings."
This paragraph or a portion of it is
as with a carpet of tho certain to bo found in four out ot every
fivo letters received from tho country,
Let tho herd move more ealy now, and it is a matter which should bo In
drifting slowly along, nnd openiog its vestigatcd. Our statesmen and jour-
ratiKs a nine, so as to cnauio tno uuugry I uaiwm mm iiiiiuiiiiuuiinu ,uuw....
brutcs to crop at the fresh juicy grass ally praising agriculture as a vocation,
as thoy goj jouhavc leisure to open and tno idea mat uio lamieris muu
your saddle-bags and tako a littio lunch, pendent and happy prevails in every
sur le pouce, and a "swig ' of whisky story ot rural inc.
and water, if you havo any. Or vou What has dissatisfied farmer h sons!
can light your pipe as you let your Why it that so many of them want
bridle tall on your cayuso s to leavo mo iarm iurauy wuir. ui.ii.
neck, and lounge in your sad- will bring them n living t In most
die, folding your arms, and resting cases tho troublo will bo found with tho
your elbows on tho flat, round top of fanner instead of his son
the high pommel, keeping, however, n It is a curiouj position in which an
watchful oyo on your charges lest somo old fashioned farmer and his son aro
adventurous two-year-old wander away placed. Tho old man is content with
from tho drovo and lose himself in the some improvements on the ideas of
deep coulees or ravinoa that, cutting fifty years ego. Ho can t see why any
througli tho lotitided spurs ot tlio lulls, ono snouiu waiinui Hung uvim ui.i.i
run down to the edge of tho trail. Al- baro floors, Windsor chairs and cow-
though tho sun is now high in the hoav- hide boots. Ho would ns soon go to
cloud now and then whore somo tyran- barn. He can't really seo how any one
nio bull oi surly steer widens tho spaco can sit down and get interested in
about him by a short, vicious ohargo at books, and why Henry and William
f. should want "real cloth' collars and
teinoon wears slowly away, tho herd auffs is a deep conundrum. When 8
constantly advancing.except for n short o'clock comes ho gets ready for bed,
halt now and again nt somo inviting and ho can't seo how tho boys and
spot, whero tho grass grows luxuriantly girls can "abcar" company who keeps
or tho stream crosses. The hills aro them up until 10. Tho farm is con.
smaller, thero aro wide openings bo- ducted after tho fashion of a quarter of
tween them, and soon a broad plain, the last century. Tho houso may be
rich in tho marvellous color of its shift- painted onco in five yeaw, but tho
inrr Hrrtit find nlinili nnd nirnrnl witli o ances aro that it is allowed to go ten.
brown waving grass and great patches The bams havo needed repairs for years
sage brush, stretches lo past, but it is cneapcr to iosu u um ui
.1 ,1 il a II ...Ilh nun
, and pours down tho full power of meenug wtmom, conm i im
rays, the breeze tcmpors tho heat, Ho "rayther likes" tho music of an
thero rises no blinding, choking organ, but if ho buys an organ r.o won t
from tlm soft. rrrn9. nrfr-nt. a littln feel like building that addition to 1110
of bluish-gray
tho far horizon, flat and apparently level
as a billiard table, full of promise of
rest and refreshment for the hot aud
tired beasts. R. F. ZoniuuM, iu Har
per's Magazine.
Bartholdi's Big Uirl.
Till". VUliJUDlCKS met iiv a canvasseu
Tho IJartholdi pedestal fund is near
ly complete. Tho statue has arrived
aud soon Mow lork harbor will bo
hav bv the leaks than to buy new
shingles. Tho fences are rotling down,
but next Winter will bo a good timo to
split rails. Thero aro half . dozen
panes of glass needed about tho house,
but if the broken lights were renewed
thoy might bo smashed again. The
democrat wagon has been "about worn
out" for tho last fivo years, and that's
tho reason for not having it painted.
Tho harnesses will hardly hold togeth
er, but thoy must answer for another
year. Tho boys aro held to "serve
their lime, ' like so many siavus or uun-
graecd by the most magnificent col- .-iniu. and the amount of cash finding
ossal stattto tho world has ever seen. it9 Way into their pockets yearly would
"Liberty Enlightening tho World 1" not keep a bootblack in stook to do
What a priceless blessing personal business.
liberty is. It is tho shrine at which Is the picture overdrawn! I can add
people, ground under the heel of ty- twenty per cent to tho strength of
ranny in tho older worlds, worship eacii assertion and then not exceed the
with a fervency that Americans can truth.
scarcely realize; it is a principle for nd now what's tho matter with
which Nihilists willingly die the death fanners' boys t They live in a new
of dogs ; and fit nnd proper it is that World tho father in an old one. No
at tho very entrance of tho liay of ln!,iier i10w little schooling thev havo
Now York this emblematic statue -nn,i. t.iiov aro better educated then he
should flash a welcome to tho world. A vn matter if tho father refuses to
Tho press is eutitled to the credit of ,n mnrB than subscribe for a weekly
this achievement. Mr. Philip Beers, ,,,,.. his bovs aro fairly posted on the
who has been nraking a circuit of tho ,iaiy happenings all over tho world,
country on behalf of tho Pedestal hie wants to farm after old ideas they
fund, says that tho fund will certainly after now ones. He got along with
bo raise 1, as tho World does not L,,,,. kowin whether England was cast
know tho worlddtX or we3t of the United States without
Mr. liccrs says that, fie has lound .,ramnlar. orthography, or being ablo
tho most pronounced generosity among t0 raore than writo his name without
thoso of foreign birth. Thoy seem ...ollars or cuffs or neckties without
moro appreciative of liberty than elo hooks or papers or amusement?, and ho
our native born. Moreover, among ;g (u,;lc certain lint tho boys can do
somo. a strange prejudice seems to exit. tho same.
"Prejudicot In what particular!" ho number of farmers' sons who
"I havo ever found that however nro leaving home, either with a half
meritorious a tiring may be, thousands hearted consent, or running a ray, is
of peoplo will inevitably bo prejudiced cveater than you dream of. They
against it. I havo spent most of my tlock to the towns and e.ities lo learn
lilo on the road and 1 know tho Ame-1 trade; to accept of menial positions;
rican peoplo 'liko n book.' In 1879 a t0 take any work to pay their way and
personal liuslortuno illustrated this prcvcnt tho necessity of returning to
farm work.
Tho farmer who realizes this must
ask himself where tho blamo lies, and
then seek a remedy. Is thero a rem
ody ! Let us see.
In tho first place farmers' sons arc
overworked. There is no doubt that
tho farmer is, too, but that doesn t alter
When you rout a boy ol 11,
8 out of bed at -1:110 or hvo
o'clock in tho morning, and work him
till 7 or half-past, you nro making a
whito slavu ot him. You not only
peril his health, but you deform his
body. That's tho caso of so many sons
of farmer) being lop-shouldered, bow
backed or otherwise defoimed, and tho
origin can 1m traced to over-exertion
while growing.
Thero isn t n farm in tuts country on
prevailing prejudice. I was very ill,
had suffered for several years with
headache, ficklo appetite, dreadful
backache, cramp, hot head, cold hands
and feet aud a general break down of
tho system. I dragged myself back
to Now York, seeking tho best, profes
sional treatment. It so happens that
a low, yet among my relatives is a distinguished the caso.
falling of physician who upbraided mo roundly I ifj) or
penetrating none,
millions of hailstones on drv leaves, for preaching so much about my case
not tho heavy and sharp ringing tramp Finally, with some spirit, I remarked
of iron-shod horses, but a shiiflliug. to mm
soft, although distinet marked muffled ' "Sir, you know that much of your
rolling, something liko that produced professional wisdom is pretense. You
bv the distant passago ot a heavily aro controiieu uy prejudice, loueau
laden freight irain. Slowly, irresistibly not reaoh a caso like initio and you
onward through tho wild oanou the know it, can vou T
frowning walls of sandstono and gi- "I had him; and ho finally conceded
gantio pines towering on ono side, oo tho point, lor it was origin s disease oi
the other and below, rushing and foam- tho kidneys which had prostrated me.
. . . I . . , r. ..
uieiced aJUrs.
Two Kansas City voung ladies wcio
lately mado acquainted with grief
through thu iiiblriimentahty ot castor
beans. Two gentlemen wagered that
they could eat more of tlrcm than thu
Indies, nnd swallc.v'it two or three
tho girls ate a dozen or moro each. It
was a rather dangerous business. Tho
symptoms of poison wcro terribly so
vere, and lasted sovcral hours, leaving
tho patients greatly prostrated, A
mi in her ot writers report deaths from
eating castor ncuia.
Tho oldest, nnd nl tho same time the
thickest ti co in the woild, so far as
known, is a chestnut near the foot of
Mount Etna. Ills hollow, and large
enough to admit two carriages driving
and our chances abreast, I ho ciicumfeitncc ( f the mai
or musk oxen in-1 trunk is 212 feet.
which tho hours of labor couldu t be
ing over its rough bed, the river push- and the schoolmen admit they cannot I shortened to'ten hours without causing
ing forward like a stream of liquid cure it. Having cured myself, howev alosa of S25 per yoar. If ton hours aro
lava from some vomiting crater, long or. in 1870, and not having seen a sick lonnmrh for a ditch-digger it is all that
i . i. i i i l.i...! ..).. .i. 1 . n . , , n i
rawn out in a cruwueu, uunsu uuiuuin uuy ninvi, nry iciuuiu uuciy ouunmu i a larmcr s soil SIIOUIU uu caiiuu upon 10
n tho narrow, winding trail, moves that Warner s safo cure, which accora-1 endure. If thero aro two hours between
tho miahtv herd. A thick, smoko-liko plished this result, was really a wonder- p, oV.lock nnd darkness on a Summer's
cloud of yellow dust tnrougli which lul preparation, nnd rresident nut- evening tho boy can take up n book or
the sunlight breaking lights up tho ter, of tho Central-IIudson used it, I paper, or put it to good use somo other
tanglo of horn, swaying aud tossing am certain lie would be alivo to day, way. As it is now, ho knows ho
in tho distanco liko foam cresting tho for lie could not havo been In a worso ,8 expected to slave lrom daylight till
angry billlows ot somo dark, storm-1 condition men i was. dark, and when night comes ho is
lashed tot rent hovers above; a heavy, "l navo lounu similar prejudices weary in body and aggravated in
wcelish odor fills tho air ; and mitig- among all classes concerning even so Si)irit.
ling with tho pattering rush of the laudable a schemo as this pedestal fund. I And tho remedy is not altogether in
hoofs and tho roar of the stream comes Mr. IJeers's experienco and the recent shortening tho hours of work. Tho
the occasional booming bellow of somo death of President Uuttcr, of tho Cen- hovs must have things to interest and
frightened steer. tral-Hudson railroad, of an extreme Umuse them. Thoy want books, niaga-
Verv slowlv and caul bus v tho herd kidney disorder, proves mat mo pnysi- j.jne3 and newspapers.. It there's a
moves forward : sometimes there is a cuns havo uo real power over bucIi dis- uiial)c0 10 fix up a bowling; alley let the
halt in front : those in the rear crowd oases, and indicates tho only course ono hovs go ahead nnd make one. Tho
up moro closely; very gently, nnd should pursuo il, as tno lato ur. WU- gamo of bowls is a healthy exerctso
with soothing cries, tho experienced I lanl Parker says, headache, sichnoss of atui furniihcs plenty of sport. If ono
cow-boys urge them on again. It is l" stomacn, dropsical swoiung), uaok 0f th-j boys has a taslo for inusto help
ticklish work, for a momentary panic luJllt "arlv enaivu umus. uem
inw iliiv.. mmrea nf them Hnwn tin- nm. lurely impaired eyesight, loss of
i-iniinna uhlr-a nf tlm mnuntnin. Al.. strength and energy ot citr, for they till-
I . .. . . I ...!.!. :.,.!!,..,. . r...l ....!, tt
ready tins morning an untortunato ""uuv. " ""'
stiw. viiiulipd in n midden, nnnlr-.kv null not promptly arrested.
of his comnanions over tho edtre of thu "Yes, sir-ee, every cent needed for
.. . I .. . . . c1. . I ...iii i... : i rt : I ... . . . ' "
ti ail, has fallen down into tlio foaming iiuihi wm u riu. ui bhuio u, cinsses, wliicii might meet aroiiuu irom
torrent, and been dashed to death on will bo a great triumph for the II orld, house to house. A young people's so-
tho lagged rocks a hundred feet below, ""i wouiu u uut uuvu ueen an eternal cmi dub. to meet in the same manner,
l il ! I I.. ;.. I I. ..I I .tidni,,.!) lio.l Mir tinm.l.i fntln.l trt irn. I i !... I....
itiuing siowiy in inu rear, iuok niuiig ""b""v'" ......... i-,u wouui pruvu very micn-iuiui;.
tho Irail and over tho backs of the ad- vido for tins pedestal 1 Tho farm oan ba mado pleasanlcr
vancing cattle up tho canon ahead. than tho work-shop the farni-houso as
Sometimes tho road elesccnds until tho A lady not a resident of Lisbon, 1). fii 0f comfort and happiness as any
stream licks tho earth at its side, T.i had a houso and lot there, and tlio homo in tho city. When this takes
him along with it. Let him have a
fiddle, accordion, organ, or whatever in
strument he feels ho can bring music
out of. Uoth boys and girl) should bo
encouraged to sing. To this end they
should be encouraged to get up singing
spreading in litllo shallow pools across city ordered her to build a sidowalk by place tho farmer s son will not be tho
!. .! .! .t ...1. 1. 1. I 1 Cl.. i.n..lniln.l i-nfu.a,! I n liiill.l I ' 1... .. IT.. ...ill 1... !...!!
It. Sho uegleotcd or refused to build voung mail ho is. lie will bo iovial,
it, and tho city constructed the walk cotent nnd enthusiastic. Ho will bo
and sent her a bill for 8100. Sho wax- ablo to appear well in any society, to
ed wroth, had tho house torn down and converso with any one on tho topics of
taken away on tho cars, and sho then the day, and he will have somo futuro
informed tho city authoritses they might outsido of tho day in and day out toil
lot. I which is crooking his spino nnd thick-
have tho old lot.
A f.ew fish, the ohorna, belonging to
tho halibut family, has mado its appear
unco iu the Gulf of Mexico.
enlng up his brains. Jl.
JJetrott J'ree J'rcsa,
it, eonutimcs cutting through it, ns il
curves abruptly around somo point of
rocks, only to rccross it again further
Aud now tho cation widens, aud,
succeeding tho high walls and great
trees, its sides gradually merge into
gently rising, gi ass-covered slopes; tho
river too is broader, its surface shining
liko polUhed silver, nnd betraying its
onward movement only by mi occasion
al soft lipplo aud low lap-lap of thu
w.iti'r ni'nlnst its nvcrliAiiinne hnnlia.
from, which, breathing out tho sweet that cholera is essentially a diseaso of application of a match, is ono of tho
frngranoo of thousands of nowly open- tho nervous system. wouders of Nevada. Within live mill-
eel hlllts, tho Wild rose bushes hang uvea u uuauuuu Bieu.i-iiev, nun ppi vim-
down their Blender blanches. Away An English paper stiys Terry antl ing brunches, is changed into a charred
up the slopes, dancing and nodding Irving will soon marry,
A tree resembling tho cedar, but
with foliage so full of combustible oil
Dr. C. II. Hughes, tlio allcnest, tays that it goes off liko n Hash on the
. . . . " -., 11 i. - . -i .r.. c . .
and blackened trunk.