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    The Columbian.
Correct Knllrontl Time Tnlilc.
FUIDAY, JUNE 19, 1885.
Trains on tUo Philadelphia & it. II. leave Itupert
as follows i
(1:3(1 a. m.
s. p. m.
so cm.
C:18 p. tn.
Trains ou llio 1). L. & V. It. 11. leave llloomsburg
8.30 a. m.
u.28 a. in.
3.20 p. m.
v.utj p. ra.
Trains on tho N. Si V. II.
Kerry as follows)
Id S3 a. m.
6-tT p. m.
B.-S3 a. m.
11:43 a. m.
4:.11 p. m.
8.17 p.m.
Hallway pass Mootn
1S p. m.
4:15 p. id.
Clie-iip AtlTerllHciticiilH.
Advertisements will bo Inserted In our
locnl columns nt tlio following rates i
Situations wanted, free.
Lost or found, free.
Help wanted, 20 cents.
Uooms to rent, SO cents.
Ono ttmo cncli, or S times, 40 cents.
HtniitllMg OfTcrM.
Tlio Comjimian Is offered on the follow.
Ing terms :
CotCMBim nnd N. Y. Weekly World 1 IT.
" " I'nlla. " Times "
" " American A grlculiurltt "
" " Tribune J: farmer "
Other papers will bo ndded to tills list.
For 4 new subscribers to tlio CoLOMniAN
accompanied with tlio cash, $0,00, n copy
of tho History of Columbia county will bo
given to getter up of club.
For 3 now names nnd 4.00 wo will scud
tho Comjmiiian ono year frco to person send.
Ing names j or If names aro sent In by ono
now tnlilng tho paper wo will credit Ids
account with ono year's subscription.
For 2 now names, with 3.00, wo will
end paper for 0 months to tho person se
curing tho names for us.
For 1 new name with 1.50, wo will
send paper 3 months to person securing tho
samo for us.
On receipt of 10 cents we will send tho
Columbian to any address In the county
for one month on trial, nnd paper will not
bo sent longer unless so ordered.
Public dales.
The administrators of the estate of Tnos.
J. Hutchison will sell valuable personal
property on tho premises In Flslilngcreok
township on Saturday, Juno SOtli, 1835,
commencing at one o'clock, p. m.
SI. P. Lutz osslgnco of C. 11. Brockwny
will sell real estate nt the court hotiso on
Saturday, Juno 20th. Sec ndvertlsement
In another column.
Dr. Q. V. Hears, of Numldiu, was in
town on Tuesday.
Miss Powell Is the guest of Mr.?. L. S.
Miss Dora Nlles returned from New
York on Tuesday.
Mrs. Dr. Diddle, of Ashland, is visiting
her mother ou East struct.
H. P. Carter, of Tunkhannock, was In
town yesterday.
Miss Llzzlo Stair, of Danville, is visiting
her sister, Mrs. David Brooks.
Mr. J. F. Eicholtz, North Manchester,
I ml. was in town last week.
John llrtincr and wife, of Mlllvllle, were
in town last week, attending the Synod.
Mrs, Annie Wayne is visiting her father,
Ruv. Klcholtz, near Hughcsylllc, who is in
poor health.
A. P. Young of Mlllvllle is selling tho
Richmond Fertilizer. See his advertise
ments in tho Local notices.
E. II. Drinker and Lloyd Faxtor. went
to New York on Tuesday to attend the
funeral of Mr. and Mrs. James II. But
ter. Mr. Jusso Shoemaker, who for the past
three months has been sojourning in Jit.
Oarmel, returned to Uloomsburg last Thurs
day. N. S. Purscl and wife of Laurel Hun
camo down last Saturday to attend tho
funeral of his sister, Mrs. J. M. Smith, nt
Jerseytowu on Tuesday.
Miss Itcbccca Hanck, daughter of J. M.
C. Hanck, Esq., of Llghtstrcot, returned
from New York on Monday. She lias been
attending Ebeihnrdt's Grand Conservatory
of Music for the past two years, where
special attention has been given to the cul
tivation of tlio voice, Her singing is very
highly spoken of.
The Whitsunday rule lias failed,
not rain last Sunday.
It did
Hon. A. L. Fritz returned from Harris
burg on Saturday.
Fino Linen lap dusters,
nt J. P. Wood.
Deputy Prothonotary Quick rejoices in
tho arrival of a baby boy.
Oo to Harman and Uassert's nnd have
your mowing machines put In repair for tho
comlng'.harvest. 4w.
Wo aro under obligations to Hon. A. L.
Fritz for a copy of Smull's Hand Hook for
Executors nnd administrators who.advcr.
tiso their notices In tho Comjmiiian aro pre
sciited with n receipt book.
TUo Wlnonas received nn invitation to
participate in tho 4th of July celebration at
Lcwlsburg, but havo declined it.
Up to this time there Is no talk of n 4th
of July celebration nnywhero In this coun
ty. If anything is to bo done, it Is time to
make tho necessary arrangements.
Tho express nnd Telegraph Jlllce will bo
removed to tho room recently occupied by
tlio post olllco as soon as It can bo put In
Tlio l'hlloloelan Llternrv r.1 II.
Normal School will hold a festival Satur
day, Juno 27, In tho Skating Hlnk building.
Hcv. Shannon, of Sunhurv. ,.r.r.i,r..i in
tho Presbyterian Church, this place, last
Sunday evening.
Harman & Hasscrt havo now m vi,ii.t.
lion, at their works, tho fow Steel Framo
Sclf.Blndlng Harvester. 4W
Tho culvert nt Ncol's tannery has been
completed. It wa nlanncd hv H,.mt
Ncyhard, Town Engineer, nnd built under
the tupcrvlslon of Jonathnn Bachman.
1). A Ileckley retired from the noBtnilln.
on Tucsdoy night, after fifteen years of
continued service. Whatever tila nnllilonl
faultB may have been, ho was always n gen.
tlemnnly and obliging ofllcla!.
So long as out job department keens ron.
stantly employed, wo shall pay but little
nccu to mo lll.naturcd misrepresentations
of our contemporary. If ho wants to com
pete with first class printing olllces he
should keep up with the times.
Harness of every description at J. l
.Mi 8. John Hummel, of Kingston, cau
Honed Albert Lewis, nged 18 yenrs, to bo
careful with ngun In his h ind which point
ed toward her. 8ho hail hardly spoken
when the weapon was accidentally dls
charged by belug struck against a fence,
nnd the charge entered her head with fatal
The examinations of the Senior class at
tlio Normal school were held list week by
the Faculty, nnd all llio members of tho
class passed. The State examining com
mlttco nrrlvcd on Monday evening, and tho
final examination began on Tuesday morn
ing and continued up to yef tcrday. The
result Is not yet known.
Tho fund received from the royllic9
from tins Olrard estates in Schuylkill and
Columbia counties, is annually set apart as
a building fund to keep Inn pilr the college
buildings, nnd for tho erection of now
structures. The Hoard of Trustees, at their
meeting last week, decided to erect build
Ings for tho accommodation of two hun
dred more boys.
Flyncts, Flyncts, at J. P. Woodring's.
Mr. James W. Lewis, of Gunnlster, Hhdr
county, nnd Miss Hosnnna Vannatta,
daughter of Thos. Vannatta, were married
at the houso of tho bride's parents, by
Hcv. L. Zahner, on Tuesday afternoon nt 1
o'clock. A number of the relatives nnd
friends of the contracting parties, wero
Tho law requires the mercantile license
tax to bepald to the County Treasurer, at
his ofllco in llloomsburg, (with 75 cents ad
ditionnl,) by the first day of July, 1835 ; If
not paid within ten days thereafter, tho
same shall be placed In the hands of a Jus
tlce of the Peace for Immediate co'.lectiou.
I'ersons owing said license should be
prompt in tlio payment of tho same, as tho
Treasurer Is obliged to comply witli tho
Hunting for four-leaf clover is an Inno
cent pastime which is now in season The
success is not always proportioned to tho
zeal of the search, but Hint may be predict
cd of many other results. There is nu old
superstition that to find a four-leaf clover
and put it in the solo of tho shoe brings
Rood luck. A friend of the wi Iter tells a
different story. She says Hint soon lifter
she discovered the coveted plant -sho lost
her purse, containing several dollars, was
attacked violently with toothache and was
beaten disgracefully nt n game called
"Siinclio Pedro," m which she considered
herself nprollcient. Kt.
We would remind our friends and former
patrons nnd tiio public generally, that wo
arc still handling D. M. Osborne & Co.'s
Reapers, Mowers and Hindu's, of which
wo have on hand a full line, coveting all
tho latest Improvements, which are mldcd
to these excellent machines every jenr.
Wc keep constantly on bund n lino of
extras for tho nbove machines nnd make
specialty of icpalring not only the ).-birno
machines, but nil kinds of mowing and
reaping machines.
We havo always on hand n full lino of
knives for all makes of mnchlues. We
have a large stock of tlio ycry best Hinder
Twine, which wo are offering for !5 cents
per pound. Inviting all to examine our
machines before purchasing elsewhere we
are respectfully Hauman it Hasskiit.
Some Radicals around here lire chuck
ling over the announcement Hint Col. A. J.
Frick, had been re-appolntcd Deputy
Collector of Revenue. There Is nothing to
exult over in this appointment. Mr. Stn
pies, tho lately appointed Collector, Is new
to the duties of his olllce, anil It is n mark
of prudence nnd sound judgment that he
should, for a brief period at least, keep
around lilm experienced subordinates. Tho
position of Collector is n very responsible
one, nnd a general nnd simultaneous
chance of deputies could not but result
disastrously to tho business of the district
And, although these positions will iiltl
matelv come luto the possession of the
Democracy, some little time will neccssarl
ly ellipse beforo this is consummated
iMnvitle Intelligencer.
Elegant patterns of Momle cloth hip dust
crs nt J. P. Woodring's.
Charles Coleman has rented the Moun
tain hotel, ono mllo nboro the old licks'
land, near tho head waters of ltlg Fish.
gcrcck, and is prepared to accommodate
travellers nnd fishermen, nnd boarders on
reasonable terms. His address Is Central,
Columbia county, Pa Mv 22-4w
Communicated. '
Moses W. Everett, son of Henry nnd
!na Everett, died Juno 2, 1885, of dlnh-
therta, nt Mlllcrtown, Pa., aged thrco
cars, 1 month and 29 days.
Llttlo Moses was n favorite of ours, as
ho was of all who know him. Wo can scarce
ly realize Hint wo shall seo him nomore.
Ills gentle spirit has been wafted to n re
gion where there Is neither sickness or sor
row, but nil is rest and peace. Ah, how
true Is this:
Leaves have their time to fall
And Dowers to wither at tho north wind
And stars to sctj but thou hast all,
iyc, an umc, for mine own, u ilcatli."
AStupatiiizino Fniinn.
When you visit Danville call at LEW
WOODS' SHOE STORE, by llio railroad
crossing, and nsk to seo the following :
.Misses' glove kid ton, kid foxed.
button shoes, size. 11-2. nrtcn ftt.00
Mens' calf boots, (solid,) slza 0.11 2.00
Mens' balmorals, tan sole, standard
can toe. size 0-10. riitir ilrlvnl 1.3.1
Mens' baso ball shoes, size 6-10 1,00
Girls' button shoes, slzo 11-2.. hleh
cut "solo loAtlier tin" 1.00
Womcns' leather slippers 50
These are only a few of our regular bar.
gains. Call and seo us. The largest and
cheapen stock of boots and shoes in Cen
tral Pennsylvania. Lew Woods' shoo
store, by the R. R. crossing, Danville, Pa.
Juno 12-3w
Another Disease-Stricken Town.
About n month ago the samo disease which
has raged In Plymouth made Its appearance
n Sugar Notch, a small mining town be
tween Wilkes-llarre nnd Nantlcokc. Tho
disease has been steadily increasing until
now twenty cases have been reported, but
they are of a milder form than thoso at
Plymouth. A strango fcaturo of the out
break Is that it Is confined to the most
cleanly portion of Hie town. The doctors
arc of tho opinion that the epidemic must
avc Its origin tn the rise of spring water,
as all those who arc HI with the disease
have been using water from tho springs for
somo lime. Dr. Davis, of Wilkcs-Barre,
has secured for analysis bottles of water
from the various springs In the Immediate,
neighborhood, to which tho fever is con
Hcliool Htatvnieiits.
Printed statements for making Hie nnnu-
al reports of school districts to post up,
can bo obtained at the Columbian olllce for
CO cents n dozen. Sent by mall on receipt
of price. 2 w
Notice is hereby given that my son Ira
Thomas aged 10 years, left my home near
ly two years ago, and that any debts con-
traded by him will not be paid by inc.
Samuel Thomas,
line 12-2w Fishlnzcrcck township.
Tho story of the Selinsgrovo man, who
was said to havo brought suit to recover
100,000 from tho United States, proves to
bo another Capt. Kldd yam.
Children' Day will bo observed in tho
Rupert M, E, Church on next Sunday, tho
21st lust. Exercises coutluued through tho
morning, afternoon nnd evening.
A Michigan postmistress lias succeeded
In keeping her olllco In the family by mar
Tying the man who was ncrccd upon ns
her successor.
Judge Elwell held court several days lost
week, tho caso heroic him being tlio suit of
Wolf against Miller, lly agreement it was
tried without a jury. Council will nrguo
tho case ou llio 10th of July,
There is no index board nt tho forks of
tho rond near Jonas l)rcdbcndor's,and nono
nt tho school houso where roads diverse to
Mllllln Cross Roads and Shumau'd hotel, all
In Reaver township.
Tho ladies of llio llloomsburg Baptist
Church will hold a strawberry nnd Ice
cream festival on Filday nnd Saturday
evenings of this week in Stcrncr's building.
All are cordially Invited to nttend. Pro.
cecds for tho benefit of tho parsonage.
No tax rate has yet been fixed by the
Town Council. At the regular meeting last
week nn adjournment wns had without ap
pointing another date. Tho question will
therefore, go over for one month, or a spec
lal meeting must be called for tho purpose.
Now that tho I lino has come when Hi
money ought to bo coming luto tho Tow
Treasury, It would bo In order for the Couu
ell to stop fooling and get down to business.
The luterests of no taxpayers requires any
of Hie members of Council to persist longer
In their stubborn refusal to do something,
and further delay may necessitate an appll.
cation to the court for a mandamus to com.
pel tno officers of tho corporation to per
form tho duty Imposed upon them by
law. If Hie majority favor a low rate, let
It bo so fixed, ami tho closo of tho year
will show tho wisdom or folly of this. Tho
solution of the illfllculty ought to bo no
dlDlcult matter. Any one who can mak
figures can easily estimate tho expenso o:
running tlio corporation for thu year, and
to lay a tax insulllcicnt to meet these ex
penscs would ecrtalnly not be wisdom,
Wlillo the taxpayers demand an economical
administration of town nllalrs, they do not
want penurlou9ncss,iior do they want an in
crease of tho debt by a falluro of tho Coun
ell to provldo for necessary running ex
penscs and tho payment of interest ou
bonds, Ac. There must be a compromise
somo tlmo on this matter, and why not at
once? If each sido will yield a little,
fair rato may bo agreed upon, and the dif
ficulty euded. A further refusal of both
tides to adjust this matter will not bo in
the interests of tho people, whom thoy are
olected to rcprcseut, and will bo simply an
exhibition of stubbornness, not at all cred
itablo to public otllcliils.
Tho very best Hinder Twlno for sale at
Hnnnan & Hasserl'fl for 15 cents per
pound. w.
Expense of Funerals,
Philadelphia Record.
There are a thousand persons nllyo in
Philadelphia to-day who will bo dead mid
burled beforo n month rolls around. Any
ono who Is curious, enough to consider tho
average cost of those thousand prospective
burials ni It will bo, compart d with tho,
cost It might or should be, will find him
self .dealing with astonishing) figures. To
thoso sentimental persons who can find ad
equato expression for sorrow In the usual
funeral expenditure perhaps no word of
reason can bo usefully addressed. For
them tho show of grief assuages grlcfi
But tho memory of the dead is best kept
green by somo serviceable help to tho liv
ing. If half tho money that Is wasted In
foolish display wero devoted to tho main,
tcnanco of bcttct living, the dead would
Sleep no less peacefully, nnd tho surviving
friends would havo profound reason for
eiHonnlilc Advice.
In caso of persons apparently drowned,
they should be laid gently down, their wet
elotlilng quickly torn off nnd dry blankets
wrapped ail around them. Then artificial
respiration should bo mado by drawing the
arms away from tho sides, bringing the
elbows up together above tho head, push
ing the arms down again nnd around, so
that tho elbows meet over the pit of the
stomach, nnd so on nt the rato of 10 times
a inlnutc. As tho arms are brought down
gentle but firm pressure should bo mndo on
the stomach just below the end of tho
In cases of heat or sunstroke lay the per
son in n cool shady place. Looser, his
clothing. Let tlio bystanders rub tho arms
and legs with pieces of Ice wrapped In tow.
els until llio excessive heat of surface Is
allayed. Uivo twenty drop of aromatic
spirits of hartshorn In n little water every
twenty minutes or half hour. No cftoit to
rise or walk should bo allowed till tho per
son is quite restored. Hcnrtsliorn is said
to bo better than brandy In cases of sunstroke.
l'roiu llic Espy Poel.
.'ay the Master well,
And send the boys to school.
Likewise the school directors
Who make out tho schedule,
Let off Collectors staff
To tho Treasurer charge thu whole,
Let him show personally
Where goes the Money nil,
If two assessments must
He made for House and School,
Two Halanccs would bo
A better sort of rule,
Who Is Mr. Funds
'What sort of man is he,
Who says he Pays a Duplicate,
Seems odd how that can be.
HIiorlfT h. CoinitilHHluticrH.
Children' day exercises were largely nt
tended on Sunday last, tho session wns ex
tended to tho Sunday School hour In the
Rov. Iiycr the now pastor of tho M. E.
church appears to bo a zealous worker In
tho church,
II, E. Heacock is now engaged with
Staddon Uros., of Wllllnnisport running a
wool wagon.
Since the heavy shower on Sunday night
grass peeps up.
Clara, daughter of John Roup I still a
great sulfcrcr, for her age. Her dtscaso no
doubt is dropsy.
A. C. Hldlay our gonial blacksmith up
town uow steps very light. Cause, lftmo
J. 11. Ammcrmnn Improved his property
by way of n new shanty.
Supt. Gilmcs still Improves his prop
erty. Tlnk, our tinner climbs very high. Look
to your Interest nnd call on Tlnk for spout
ing. Sunday brought n summer heat.
Dusty roads and faBl ditvtug don't agree.
Rumor has it that our school board In
tend meeting to consider tho building of a
new school house.
Silas Young still keeps trade a moving,
buying calves, poultry, Ac.
Strawberries certainly will bo dear un.
less the biros are restrnlncd from stealing
our neighbors'.
pastors' ound, (30,10; General
Treasury, $00.20; contingent fund -
tysburg, $3l.01 contlgcnt fund at Mis.
slonary Institute, (24 31; Orphans' Home,
Lloysvlllc, $81.77; external objects, $10,.
63.81 local objects, Including pastors' sal-
ary, (153,010.03.
Saturday evening a preparatory sermon
was given by Rev. J, V. Itodlno.
Rev. P. Horc, D. D., occupied the Luth
Synod hanj tjie more we buy the cheap-
atGctl . 1im. Cnmptiini'i! vn trot
"stuck," as the boys and mfer
chants say; and then yy&i'c'
glad to get half q(oiir inoney-
back. Hut the best reply nu
dudes tlierii all--to make the
c:Vhrr n rfbhrf fWl-' nWr fii i7rti'.
iiev, i , uorc, u. u., occupied me nun- ,1' ,
cran pulpit on Siinday morning; Rov. E. every neighbor, every visitor,
H. Lctsenrlng the Mcthodistf Rev. J. A. every traveler toMiiake it the
Wirt, the Presbyterian; Iter. J. A. Koser, 0f tle town ahtt collntry
tho Ilaptlsl; Rov. Prof. J. H. Focht, tho .H ,. . ,
Rov. T. W. Stnley, tho. He- i . I'l"- aV '."','.
iuarcne,in tne L-ouvre,in vnjte
ley's, "it isn't like Wanamai
But we seek a larger result
than mere notoriety. We hiean
to. have it. uiulerstood. from. one
end of the land to the other that
here is the place to buy, not
only because bncs's moriey goes
further here, but also because
the things we keep are new and
Hon sermon In tho Lutheran church, after fresh and SOUnd and right.
men iue rrcsiucui conuucieu mo niurci. I I Inr nnmi- nlri'iilif cfnnrlc Inf
a certain forwardness in trade.
We mean to have it stand for
HCformcdj llov. T. W. Btnley, tno.
formed at Catawlssa; Rev. J. M. Stock, tho
Lutheran at Catawlisa; Rev. S. O. Shan.
non, tho Lutheran nt Kspyi Rev. J, C.
tndcl, tho Lutheran at Huckhorn. In
the afternoon Rev. U. A. Dlcttcrlch preach
cd tho communion sermon, after which tho
liturgical servlco was conducted by Prcsl.
dent Lelsenrlng and tlio Synodlcal com
munlon held. In tlio evening Her. S. 1.
uglics preached In the Methodist church;
Rev, M. 8. Crcssman In tho Reformed;
Rov. B. G, Shannon in tho Presbyterian;
Rev. W. H. Schoch preached tho ordlna
cal exercises, Us provided by tho' Gen.
ernl Synod, and.M. L. Smuckcr and
iltnhtsnn were firdidned to the pnsne.l
ministry by tho Imposition of tho hands ot thoroughness every way.
On the 11th dny of June, ia83, the Com
missioners of Columbia county entered into
an narecment with Sheriff Mourcy to pay Rrofo rcquIrc3 of nQ carCi $i m cUr
llorida Orange Oroyes.
From Hie St. Louis Post-Dlspntch.
A difference of opinion exists ns to the
number of trees which nu acre will stand,
but I think the soil inclosed within Hint
space will afford ample nourishment for nt
least ono hundred. Every tree will average
about ono thoiisnnd oranges yearly. I
mean, of course, all trees over seven yenrs
of ago. Speculators from Jacksonville will
payl-well about ono cent apiece for or
nnges on th6 tree and pick and pack them
themselves. Ono thousand oranges at ono
cent will bring $10. That makes $1,000 an
acre. iow, wncn you consider mat a
to Itcvcrcnu
astor Loci.
Monday forenoon n session of about two
hours was held. Some educational and
benevolent work was considered. $100
was given for Rev. Wcnnci's work among
the poor Gcrmnns In New York City, nnd
the charges were directed to secure tho
amounts needed to complete tho clft of
,100.00 to n Chicago mission.
Synod finally adjourned at 10 a. ra. by
nltlng in Hie Lord's prayer and receiving
the benediction from the President.
West stile, second floor.
ClillilretiH' ny.
Juno 7th was observed as
John Wanamakeh.
Chestnut, Thirteenth and Market streets,
and Clty.hall square. ,
him $20 per month for taking care of the
jail, and doing such work ns had been
dono for some time beforo that, by n man
employed by the Commissioners. This ar
rangement was carried out until last April,
when the new Hoard of Commissioners ap
pointed William Barrett as janitor of tho
court houso nnd jail, nnd notified the Sher
iff of their action. About tlio 1st of Juno
the Sheriff presented n bill for two months'
pay, which the Commissioners refused to
allow, nnd thereupon tho Sheriff brought
suit against the county beforo Guy Jacoby,
Esq., and n hearing took place on Monday.
The Sheriff based his claim ou the fact
that his contract with the old Hoard of
Commissioners was for the balance of his
term of office, nnd tho Commissioners re
fused to pay on the ground that tho work
was not satisfactorily performed, and that
their predecessors had no right to mako
such a contract. There was no .evldenco
offered at the hearing on behalf of tho
county. Tho Sheriff, the old Commission
ers, nnd some other witnesses were exam
Incd on behalf of the plaintiff. Tho Jus
tlce has rendered no decision yet.
n year is lint n bad Investment, eh?
Harriet Hccchcr Stowa has a grove on
Hie fat. Loulu river, just nbove Palntka,
from which shcenjoysja handsome revenue
annually,- besides having n pleasant resort
for tho Winter months. Colonel Hart's
grove, opposite Jacksonville, ou the St,
John's, Is tho oldest grove In the State,
Somo of the trees have homo as many ns
8,000 oranges in ono season. Quite profit
able grove that, Tho Indian and Ockla.
waha river fruit is the best and brings the
highest prlco In the market. Most of the
Florida stock in fact, I'jnay say all of It
Is shipped to New York, Baltimore and
Philadelphia. Very little, If any, ever gets
out this wny. The demand for our oranges
is so great that were tho entire State plant
cd in oranges the yield would not be sulllo
lent to supply tho demand from tho three
cities mentioned. An orange grove is safer
than a cattle ninchc for nn Investment ev
ery time.
MiiHfiucliaiiiiu Hynutl.
President, Secretary nnd mean to have salesmen saying
over their counters a thousand
miles away, as they say already
in Philadelphia, Wilmington,
Reading, Trenton, Harrisburg,
"we sell our goods on Wana-
maker's principles."
There's a higher aim and a
farther reach than the selling of
much lor little. It is to have
whatever we sell reliable, right.
We fixed that aim and set that
reach when we made the rule :
Day," at Wesley Chapel. Notwithstanding Jirttig back IChQlcVCr yOU get if
the rain, tho church was comfortably flll-d. VOW'a rathe? hdve the mOtlCV 1OU
The exercises wero so good that it was IpauZ for it. If WC honestly hold
imovcu .m auuiucu mm "iuU proBnimiiiu tQ Ulat anl manageOUr OUSineSS
bo published In one of tho county papers." W , i .!, .,,., ;,.
Tho church was well decorated. Thfc mu- "' 7
on 1ml liv Afro flnttv fiml Mra TVi-flr.!- I OUTS
published by iho M. h. Board of Educa- lilg! big! big! big! big! big- ,Clcas outmte, mice, roncbCa
nuu, wub nmuwcu in mu uiuiu, uut buiuu i gef yet DlggCSt! JjlggeritJUWl uciruugs,
i.: i- i i - r . i
uitrsjusi i it u stay uineesi j iibact pains.
There !
A stunning' 25;cent cotton
dress-stuff for 10 cents a yard!
It is stunning ( It is very mark
Ho locusts sting people 1
D. C. Bond's new houso is nearly com
Hcvs. Wagner and Ilasslngcr stopped on
their way home from Synod.
Wo think the weather has been very hot
this week.
Cabbage plants nre plenty witli dull de
John Yohc, Jr., died of dropsy nnd henrt
disease on Monday. He leaves a wife and
four children nnd a host of friends to
mourn his loss. Just six weeks from last
Monday his uncle, John Yohe, died of the
same disease.
Harman & Hasscrt arc selling the light
est draft Self-Hinder In tho market. 4w.
Council Proceedings-
Adjourned meeting of Couucll was held
Juuo 12th ntS o'clock. The Committco on
Ulank Hook report that they havo procured
n Hlnuk Minute Book. Tho book wns ex.
hlbited, .Mr. Sterling moved that tho re
port bo ncccptcd nnd an order drawn In fa
vor of J. W. Haeder for same. Curried.
On motion, a building permit was grant
ed to Paul E. Wirt. On motion of Mr.
Hagcnbuch, tho President was ordered to
instruct tho Chief ot Police to restrict the
Police forco to one man, except in cases of
On motion it was ordered that thu Com
mittee on Supplies purchaso stone for street
crossing nt Second nnd Penn. streets.
On motion of Mr. Slinrplcs3 the tax rates
were taken up in the order they had been
proposed, viz: 11, 9 ami 13 mills.
On 11 mills, aye, Hagcnbuch,;Sharplcss,
Moycr and Hupert, 4 votes. Nay, Hosen-
stock Sterner nnd Stcrling,3 votes, lost. On
9 mills, nyc, Roscnstock, Sterner and Ster
ling, 3 votes. Nny, Hugcnbucli, Moycr,
Sharpie .3 and Hupert, 4 votes. Lost.
On 13 mills, nyc, Moycr. Sharplcss nnd
Hupert, 3 votes. Nny, Eoscnstock, Ster
ner, Sterling nnd Hagcnbuch, 4 votes.
On motion ndjourucd.
Tlic Mew Podtoflicc.
The fixtures for the new postofiicc nrrlved
ou Tuesday, and by night were nil In posi
tion nnd ready for business. The early ma'
on Wednesday morning was tho first ono
distributed under Mr. Clark's administra
tion. Mr. Arthur Bloom, of Danville, has
been employed as clerk, and as ho has had
experience in tlio business, no doubt every
thing will run smoothly.
The new ofllco is located iu McICinncy's
storo room, and all tho appointments aro
of n kind of which tho public may well
be proud. Tho framo work Is of oiled ash,
andsomely carved. Ihcre arc 99 boxes
with yalo locks and 310 call boxes. At the
point of tho V is tho general delivery
window, and at the left the box delivery
aad the money order wiudow, Thcio is
plenty of room for tho Postmaster and his
assistant and nlso tho public. The olllco
fixtures camo from Connecticut and Hie
mnll rack from Wisconsin. No town In
tho Stato has a handsomer postofllco than
Bloomsburg, thanks to Mr. Clark's en-
A. H. Fullmer, proprietor of the Mlllvllle
hotel, Mid wlfc,Jwere noticed In town Sun
A. 1). Shultz, the wagonmaker, has re
moved tn Conyngham, whero ho purposes
to engage in his old occupation the manu
facturing ot wagons, elciiths, etc.
George Carey nnd family, of Berwick,
were spending tho past week with friends
and relatives In town.
Del Chapln and wife, ot Schoolcraft,
Mich., aro homo on a visit.
Tho ladies ot the M. E. Church purpose
holding a strawberry and Ico cream festival
on Saturday evening next. All arc Invited,
I). P, and George Crossley nre still at
their old stand and aro doing a rushing
business. Their excellent work la a euro
guarantee ot further patronage,
Wo wonder If the "Nameless" will bo
opened with n grand bail 7 Hope so.
O, S. O'llrien is reading mcdlclno with
Drs. T. O. and M. McIIcnry. "Cnlc" has n
great nmount of "push" and we know Ills
labors will bo crowned with abundant suc
Itev, Mr. ?avldge Is certainly Hit- chain
plou trout catcher ot this section. Ellas
and J. J. put away your rods.
Charles McIIcnry's class In muslo num
bers, at present, twenty-tight pupils.
Harness clcaucd and oiled at J, P, Wood-
"Gen'l. Lilly, Mr. Lentz nnd Son of
Mnuch Chunk spent Saturday visiting Lo
gan and Ccntralia collicilcs.
Mr. Clias. Butler and wife of Park Placo
spent Sunday In town.
Mr. Henj. Camp nnd family of Mt. Car.
mel spent Sunday witli Dr. Laslicll.
Mr. Slllimnn ot Shenandoah Is visiting
hero and his time seems to bo taken up con
sldcrably near tho Post Olllce.
Mr. Chas. Hoffman smiles all over "if
n boy.
Air. George Maley, machinist at Centra-
11a colliery, has been laid up tho past week,
from a strain received by lifting.
Capt. Heffncr opened summer school on
Monday morning last with a good attciv
Pat'k, Curreu Is lying dangerously ill
having contracted a heavy cold.
The M. and L. A. A. paraded on Monday
evening, headed by Statu President Harris
and the leading men of tho order Iu a
baralche followed by the Centralla band
and then tho order which turned out five
hundred strong. After parading tho prln.
clpal streets President Harris made an out
door speech, which was received with
much applause.
A largo number will attend the gnmu of
baso ball at Mt. Cnrmel, to-morrow after
Dr. Gwlnner and Mr, Drown of town,
Dr. Snyder nnd Mr, ICclley of Ashland,
who have teen rivals in tho art of using
the gun, tested their ability Jn that direc
tion at Numldla on haturday last, and as
was anticipated Ccntralia folks camo out
ahead, by killing four birds to their oppo
ncnts three "Scoie ono for Doc," and
his challenge is now open for thu Mt. Car.
mel doctor.
The employees of the collieries round
about will receive Ihelr pny to-morrow, but
ns wo all know It will bo very small as tho
collieries only worked fourteen daysjln tho
month ot May,
Tho jumping on and off moving trains
while passing through our borough is prac
ticed to a largo extent by boys, young men
and oven old men who have reached fitly
years ot age, and unless something Is done
to stop tills endangering of life, we fear
somo person will be carried homo killed or
maimed for life, "A word to thu wlsu is
Edward Donahoo one of the oldest resi
dents of town removed to 1'uik Place on
Thursday morning's session was begun
with usual devotional exercises. Holl was
then called and dclegntcs received as mem.
herd of the Synod. There wero present 33
ministers and 31 delegates nnd 31 ndvisory
members. President L. H. Lclscnring, of
Lcwlsburg, gave I1I3 report, which was
adopted. Tellers were appointed and the
following officers clcctc-di Hcv. E. II. Lois.
curing, president! Hcv, T. J. Frederick,
secretary; J. C. Hall, treasurer. Addresses
were mado in the interest of homo and for.
clgn mission by Hev. I. P. Barnltz, West
ern Secretary of Homo Missions and Prof,
J. HIcliard, Secretary of Church Extension,
The first part of tlio afternoon session
wns devoted to the hearing of parochial
reports. Tho committee in charge-of Sun
day schools reported having held
convention at Selinsgrovo on Sep
tcmbcr 30, 1884, witli good rc
suits, nud recommends Hint another corn!
mlltee bo appointed nnd another Synodlcal
Sunday school convention bo held the lat.
tor part of September or the beginning of
October. Hcvs. S. P. Hughes, of William
sport, J. A. Wirt, of Hughesville and F,
P. Manhart, of Bloomsburg, were appoint.
ed a committee and Willlamsport selected
ns tho plnco for holding the convention,
Reports of various committees
mndo and tho session ndjourned.
Tho evening session wns occupied by nn
address on the subject ot "Missions," nnd
was conducted by Key. J. N. Linker, of
Nebraska. Hev. S. B. Barnltz, Western
secretary, nnd Hev Prof. Richard,
tary of the board of extension.
Friday morning session wns begun with
devotional excrciics, nf tcr which wns a res
olution in referenco to tho ill health of Kcv.
Klcholtz. Tho apportionment committee
was Instructed to apportion 200 for Or
plinns' Home, for tho eusulng year, amon
tho various congregations of tlio Synod
'llio balanco of tho morning was given to
hearing reports.
A prlvato session, with closed doors, was
held In the afternoon
The evening services cotislsted mainly 0
nn address on the subject ot "Education
by J. A. Wirt, ot Hughesville,
Saturday morning session was opened as
usual, after which n resolution was adopted
Hint henceforth candidates for ordination
bo examined publicly ono hour of each day
during the sessions of tho Synod from 0 to
10 n. m, Hev. J. W. Hutchinson, a liccn
tiale of tho Central Synod, was rccom-
mended for ordination. Tho following
standing committees wero appointed! Ex.
umining committee, Revs. F. P. Manhart,
S. P. Hughes, P. Bom, D. I)., B. J. liar
man nnd J. M. Btcckj educational commit
tco, Revs. M. L. Shlndcl, J. Yulzy, U.
Myers, J, A, Roserj missionary committee,
Hoys. E. N. Lelsenrlng, T. J. Frcdeiick, J.
C. Hill, Esq.j school committee, Revs. H.
P. Hughes, F. P. Manhart, J. A. Moist.
Ilughesvlllo was selected as tho placo for
holding tho Synod of 1880, and the second
Wednesday of Juno mado tho first day of
tho session. Speakers were selected ns fol
lows: On Missions, Rev. J. B. Focht, nlter-
nate, Rev, F. P. Manharti on Benevolence,
kcv, j, u. oniniiei, alternate, U. Jlycrs; on
I-.ducatlon, Rev. F. W. Stalcy, nltcrnate,
Rev. E. A. Sharretts; ou ordination, Rev.
S. 1. Hughes, alternate, Rev. O. G. Shan.
non; Preparatory address, Rev. J, A. Ko.
scr, alternate, Rev. J. A. Adams; Commun
ion sermon. Hev. M. O. Crcssman. nltprnnh.
Hev. SI. h. Shlndcl.
Rev. M. L. Shlndcl, J. C. Hill nnd B. F,
Zarr, Esqs., wero elected directors of The
ological Bcinlnary nt Gettysburg.
Rev. J. A. Adams nnd Hev. E. A. Burn
etts were elected directors of Missionary
Institute ut Sellnsgrovc,
During tho afternoon session tho follow
ing statistics of tho Synod wero glvcnt
Number of ministers, 30; churches, 09i
members, 7,700; baptUms during the year,
411; Sunday schools, 02; tcncliere, 843;
fcdiolars, 8,719; contribution of Sunday
schools, $3,813,29; church apportionment
raised, 43,732.63; for homo missions,
$1,007.75; foreign missions, 4970.77i
cnurcli extension, $770.o7 bcueflciary ed
$35. It isn't.commoito buy so
many. That was the secret of
price: '
Wc have tin first df iooo bet
ter suites ($5 better), these also
of ash andicherry; i (the rash, arc
here, and the cherry will bd
shortly) ; arid tliesd wcsoll'fbrj
25 a fprty-dolar .quite for
twenty-five dollars 1 m r ..i
Now there's a trick Inr our
furniture- trick that isn't the'
trick oftjiq ivycrngc furnituvc
trickstcr. He puta tho brag,
suite in his window nnd marks
tlic little Irico iri big figures onj
it ; and, when you go ill to' btiyj
ho coaxes or wheedles you off to
something else ; and you, for
getting the silitc nnd the price'
in the yiiulow, buy something
that pleases him better. Or, if
you don't forget the window,aiul
w'n't bo coaxed or' wheedled,
you find tho suite iu tho window
really isu't foe sale! Its business!
there is to advertise thb other
stuff it isn't for sale. 1 '
Our trick is a groat deal bet
ter tlinn his. Its a splendid
trick. Wo only wish we could
play it iu all our buying and
Belling. Wc do, wherever we
get the opportunity. This bed
room suite is about tho cleverest
trick we know of.
Take car northwest from
When baby was sick, wd gave her CAS
ffOIUA, ' '
When sho was a child, she cried for
When she becamo Miss, she, clung
CASTOlUA, , . ,
When sho had Children, she gave them
special exercises wero introduced, which
added greatly to tho interest. They wero
as follows:
An address of "Welcome," A. Keller.
Response. T. Mcndcnhall.
Solo and chorus. Frank Bridleman.
The Sower. G. Baker.
Consider the Lllllcs. B. HobbtnB.
Little things. J. Mcndcnhall.
God's goodness. A. Derrick.
What Can I do for' Jesus. E. Richie.
Gesture recitation. R. Fans.
Children's Day. R. Faun.
Gifts for Jesus. T. Mendcnhall.
Chlldrcns' Good Deeds. E. Faus.
files, mils'
Pnlnltntlon. dronsical swellings, dlzzi-
noss, indigestion, hcadnchc, sleeplessness
cured by "Wells' Hcnlth Rcncwcr." ' ' ''
"ncuon on oonsa." ,!
Ask for Wells' "Rouch on Corns. 15c.
ed. Not pvorvlmrlv wnnti to Quick, complete cure. Hard orsoft coniF,
T, J i . S-i.f-i wnrts, bunions.
wcdi iL. uut nicy wnuiuu hkc
i:i. :.. i. i-a
ii, iitvu il very iiiuuii muccu.
"nuont.i-AiBA." 1 -
Oulck. comnlcto cure, all Kidney. Blnd-
lSn t Stunninf It S der and Urinarv Discnscs.. Scaldlnir. Irri-
breezy; it's bright '; it's light in d"'100.1. Catarrh or tho niad.
look, and stout in fact ; it's a ' ' 1
dashinrr rouh-and-tiimhlevstuff .... bed-bugs, fum. .
vunuiuua uuu utvuj, u. raus. i o o- r- iTllos, roadies, nnis, UCU-uugs, raiB,-mice,
God's Banner of Love. Recited by five for the sea and mountain, where gophcrs,chipmunks,cicarcd out by ';Hoiigh
young ladies, who each held a beautiful the air is strone and cool, where ou " . -i ..i
banner, inscribed with the word, "Lovo."
Address to Flowers. L. Johnson.
Closing Address. T. Fnus.
G. Fans made tho "Collection" speech,
and after tlio collection a most important
the spirits are free and uncon
strained,, where manners, are
u 'mvs rEorus. ' ,
"Wells' Health Rcncwcr" restores health
n n.l ,rtr,fM rnrna ilvonnTiflln tmnnlnnpp. Rov.
, - . . . I ww -. J 11 , L..-.. , -
cusy, wncru real propriety ruies uai aomiuy, i.
nrndly as ever but Mrs-.
u.a uiMuiv ii? cvei uul 1111:5. 1 11 ...... n
l- J 1 - ltuLUll l-Ain.
fcaturo which amounted to $2.0-1 wo ad- Grundy s power IS gone and for-1 Cures 'cholera",' colio, cramps, diarrheas,
adjourned, trottpn aches, pains, sprains, headache, uouralcia,
une wuo was liiKiiK. io"-- ... I mcuuiausm. zuc. uougu on rain ,1 ms-
Its as bright and easy and tcrs, isc ' '
Hetlerville. I nrnnpr n riffcc-criifT nc nnr rhrirl . .
r--t - uu -""-I MOTHERS.
skips the sands or climbs the
liffo nv t:,. 1 :i, nervous,
lano are hauling
They are rattling
The boys of Cherry
props for Hartzcl Bros.
them down.
J. L. Snyder and G. B. Swnnk nre busily 1 wide' these color1?
cngngcu in mauing ran roau lies.
Prof. Hicks ot Baltimore delivered a lec
ture at this placo on last Saturday, subject
"Templo of time." Thoso present report n
good speech. He promises to return soon
and deliver another lecture. He also in
tends enlarging his map. It Is a well put
up map.
M. B. Heller in building quite n
If you aro falling, broken, worn out nnd
- - - - si. .iiniiTiTiais.
1 .1 . I
ana mree-quarter mcn-
navy-ulao and cream
garnet and cream -cardinal
and cream
brown and cream
black and cream, ,
A bit of history. When Ten
nis stripes began, they came
from Scotland at fifty to seven
LIFE rjlESEHVEIt., " "
If you nre losing your grip on life, -try
"Wells' Health Rcnowcr." Goes direct to
weak spots.
Cures piles or hemorrhoids, ltchintr, pro
truding, bleeding, internal or other. Inter
nal and external, remedy in cacli package.
Sure cure, 50c Druggists.
Ladles who'would retain freshness nnd
"Wells' Health
ty-five cents a yard. Then the
, , , - - unmet
house on thu old Hollochcr farm. It Is In x Kcei maue inem at twenty- vivacity. Don't fnil to try
a fair wny to be finished before Hie snow five not exactly the Same the "enewor.
fails again. Yankees beat the bcotch. Now "nouan on itch."
Wc nre Informed that Mr. M. M. Hartzcl Tennis stripes are as nice and "Hough on Itch" cures humors, crup-
f 1 . f 1 . 1 r rr I . 1
wenttoFiUia iiuu city ana uowen. He jaunty as ever. They
ri'iinns imvinir n triinii 11 mi? hit vihiii'ii iiih i
fails at that point and states that they are g0n? fwn m lavor ; but one
a very grand sight to sec. He also states particular Yankee mill the other
that tho locusts aro very full ; he even day had a little lot of as pretty
brought threo along with him, but they and oerfect Tennis strines as
haven t ed feet, clilllblains.
were seen hero beforo ho cot homo with
Tho harvest of all kinds looks very prom,
ising through this section of the county.
Mr. Miller tlio supervisor of this end of
tho township is nearly dono working tlio
roads and they look better than they did
for n number of years.
Wo aro Informed that W. E. Mowry had
company from prayer meeting on Sunday
evening, tho 14th. Pretty well done. Will,
go again may bo you -will do better next
Tho 17 year locusts havo made their ap-
pcarancc hero rather early and have com.
me need their mournful songs. Wo would
Inform each nnd every ouo to tune a good
look nt them for they will not get a chance
to seo them for 17 long years again. Wo
aro Informed that thoy havo stung somo
pcoplo in New London and caused their
Miss Lizzie Bodlno was tlic guest of Mrs.
M lllcr of this placo for n few days.
ever you saw; and nobody hap
pened to want them. Perhaps
it was late. We were iust in
the nick of time. Isn't it odd
that merchandise tumbles out of
the sky so ?
New, fresh, perfect Tennis
stripes that nobody l dreams "of
getting lor less than twenty-five
cents a yard for ten cents !
bnough for several days at
"ltOtiait ON OATAltRll."
Correct offensive odors nt once. Complcto
euro ot worst chronlo cases, nlso tincqual
cd ns gargle for dlpthcria, sore throat, foul
breath. COc.
'Children slow in development,
scrnwncy, and, use "Wells
. -puny,
1' Health
Slinging, Irritation, inllammntion, nil
Kidney nnd Urinary complaints, cured by
"Huchu-Palba." $1.
"WATE11 nio.3, EOAOIIES." '
'Hough on Rats" clears them out,
Beetles, Ants
Many a victim to Brlght's Disease hns
been restored to sound health by Hunt's
"Anv nhvslclan who has used it will cer
tify to the excellence of Hunt's Remedy.
Hunt's Remedy Is a standard remedy for
dropsy and kidney disease." GILBERT
ui-Altft., il. u.
All kinds ot reaper sections
at Harman & Hasscrt's.
can be had
Ladles' Lace Mitts, black
at I. W. Ilartm'au & Son's.
and In colors,
The Fan. larccst ono in the countv. to bo
seen ni 1. . iiariman a Don a.
J. Richmond's, formerly Coo & Rich
mond's, fertilizers, nre crjual to tlio best In
1110 inarKci ana cau tie oouelitat lulrnrlcos.
Special terms for car lots, (lull on or ad
dress, A. P. Young, Mlllvllle, Columbia
County, Pa.
Juno 10.8w
Northwest from tlio center.
Cashmere shawls, at $1.50 ;
not so coarse as you think ;
cream, peach, sky-blue, navy
blue, cardinal, crimson, drab,
gray. Finer, of course, up to
$5 ; and French chudda, $3 to
1303 Chestnut, second floor. Take car,
DiiRtors. Thfirliisrpr' for Irvicr
. c 1 I wholo will soon bo saturated. So a dlseaso
money JUSt now IS of gingham, in ono tmrt of the bodv nffects other narts.
gray chambray, 75 cents. The Yo" !',av6 noticed this yourself. Kidney
: . r.i 1 1 if -itt "Bd liver troubles, unless checked, will
price lb too little by, halt. ye induce constipation, piles. rheumntUm and
have but few and shall have ho P,rovcl: A timely uso of Dr. Kennedy's
c .1 1 Favorito Remedy will prevent theso rc
more lor the money. Linen are suits, n u pleasant to tho tasto nnd may
next, $1 to $4; but linen are not token freely by. children and delicate
1 1 ; 1 mi. females. It gives tho elasticity, lifo and
uuiui iub4jr, muuau ai v. i cuccks wiiu roses on mem.
better, 2 to $8 ; unless money
is plenty, then pongee, $8 ana
ltoi Clicttnut.
For constitutional or scrofulous catarrh,
and for consumption Induced by tlio scrcf
taint, Aycr's Sarsaparilla is tho true reme
dy. It has cured numberless cases. It
will stop tlio nauseous catarrhal niscnnrgcs
and rcmoyo tho sickening odor ot tho
breath, which. nre Indications of scrofulous
Dip ono end of a sponge in wntcr and tho
It should bo generally known that Sim
mon's Liver Regulator is rolled upon to se
cure to the pcoplo Immunity from all ma
larial disorders. That this medicine dot's
what Is claimed for It Is proved by its pop.
ularlty, and any ono who lias Uvea In tlio
New Hue ot Batista Dress Goods, new
line of Percales nud Linen Finished Cali
coes, just iu at 1. V. Hartmau & Son's.
I, W. Hartman & Son aro
White Dress Goods this season.
I. W
Girls' dresses and coats are
1 . . . 1 uiunir, uuu uuy uuu wiiu uua iivi-u Hi
uown a quarter or more ; about South three years has no doubt seen Its
two thirds of all we have are curative effects and the- protection it gives
, ,Tr . , , . against tho return of this weakening and
down. We had pur choice dangerous malady.
stop selling as others do, or put 'rr,
tl.l "' I ir , I iv lull iy nvmiva iud IIMUIV VI IIIU UlUI'
leaders in tile DriCeS UOWn. 11 We StOO. We I lltniU of llilnim advertiser! tn rum iHai.Bn
keen some thnimnnH nf (rn r J yu say. No wonder.i But In tho mount-
. ir . , 9 I alns ot
Is 2!auStlM lttents over' If we Ptthe pr?ces TX cVXlX EES
1 m the county. Go and see their down, we double our trade, be- C0
gm another Season When every- so, our work is ended. .Afterwards you
hodv oUt is sfnnnpri W em an'l "lis mcdlclno will bo fust tr lends,
uuuy t.ib ib biuppeu. we can ji.avotlto nomedy would havo died out
buy the manufacturers leftover long ago except for its real usefulness.
things sell double the quantity, "Ul " 18 -
rnt t....i-
lilUilllillllillll'l !).
Yes, Bob Is going to get married hi tho I ucatlon, $031,18: Womans' Missionary Bo-
near future. I clcty $050,10; synodlcal treasury, 13?.10j
Why sell goods for less than new and fresh clothing. Thous
their value ? To sell them. ands of neonle want these verv .Hi nll.rlsu'
Why sell them for half? Why things and money is scarce with sicign bells, and iho ringing s:
throw away so large a part of them. Thef are glad to save a Af'A
the money? 1 o sell them quick- quarter of it. his feet in a tub ot hot wutcr.hi
ly. 1800 and 7 Chestnut.
Why sell them so quickly ? A common trick in the furni
Various reasons. To bring here ture business is to have an ex
two million people a month when tragood bed-room suite at a
trade is said to be dull, 1 o keep popular price. We ve been try
trade lively ; to banish dullness
for rods to slug tho praises
beautiful suow, and tho merry
skates on tho
Iho bill with
Blttlnir with
his head dono
up iu llanncls, nnd with mustard plasters
on both tides ot his chest. What a person
needs then is a thorough dose ot Kidney.
Wort to net ns a cathartlo, for nothing will
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