The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, March 13, 1885, Image 2

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The Columbian.
J. g.Blttantenier.J E11",
" "bloomsburg, pa.
FRIDAY, MA11C1I 13, 183.'..
Lieutenant Austin, treasurer of tho
Salvation Army at North Adams,
Mass,, decamped on Wednesday with
all tho money. A itelegram was sent
to Ueneral Moore ot Hrooklyn tor rc
lief. Members of the State Legislature
who aru merchants recently held a can.
cus for tlio purpose of formulating
some striniient law to protect mer
chants from tho cncroauhmpiits of
hawkcrj and peddlers. It was decidod
to make an entiro revision of tho exist
ing laws on the subject and enact a
now law prohibiting hawking and podi
illing in the sUto except by cripples. A
committee was appointed to get up a
law liko thii.
Tho new hoads of departments at I
Washington have been overrun with
visitors tho past week, most of whom
wero seeking places for themselves or
l.u uiaiiun n.u jrtu
made, and nono aro likely to
bo Until
tho members of tho Cabinet become ac
quainted with tho duties and necemi
ties of their positions. Petitions for
tho President for offices that como un
dor tho Cabinet officer appointments,
will bo useless, as it is understood that
all suoh applications will be referred to
tho head ot tho proper department.
Republican office-holders dou t get
much encouragement from Senator
Edmunds. Ho says that tho logio of
tho situation is that thev must tro. As
tho Senator reaches his conclusions bv
lotiio only, the opinion is weiizhty, even
if displeasini;. Mr. Edmunds doesn't
think thero is to bo haste, but that ulti-
mutely the ottioes will be in tho hands
of the dominant party. Ho says this
is according to tho inexorable logio of
necessity, weightier than that of any
which attracts tho attentions ot Mr.
Cleveland or any one, sincere and deli
berate as they unquestionably arc. The
Vermont senator torecast ot tlio iu-
tu re has always been skillful.
Under tho now administration there
will not ho many removals for the pur
pose of appointing democrats to office.
Those who have held commissions will
probly bo allowed to servo until their
time expires. When vacauoies occur
in that way tho democratic party has a
perfect nchl to expect that all vncan
cios will bo filled by democrats. The
republican party established the preco
.1 , t ? II 11 , !. t
aeni, ana nas ncioiy uunereu iu it ior
years. It dt-ath removed a frotnono
tarv, a bhcriir, or a Justice ot tne
Peace in a democratic county, a repub
lican governor has always tilled tn
place bv the appointment of a rcpublr
can. Tho substitution ot democrats
or republicans at the expiration of the
commissions Ot tho latter can bo no
uuuso iur uuiuuiuiui. mo
power is entitled to it, and expects to
liavo It. I
The citizens of Bradford, Pa., were
startled Tuesday by a terrfio explosion
which shook tho houses in all parts ot
tho town. Inquiry rovealed the fact
that the nitro glycerine manufactory of
the Itock Ulyoenno uompany, locatea
at Howard Junction, three miles away,
,liad been the scene of a lorriblo casual-
ty. A magazine contaimg b,UU0 pounds
ot glycerine bad exploded, ana w. 11.
Ilernngton, one of tho proprietors, and
H. O. Pratt, an employe, wero killed,
ibo lactory, tweuty-hve leet away,
was blown into fragments, l'ratts
body was tound two nunureu tect
away. All his bones wero broken, but
the skin was intact Mr. Heinngton
weigneu iuu iiuuuub. vjhu ur iwu jiccca
ot nesb was the only trace mat couiu
be found of him. Trees wero torn up
by tho roots and great holes wero made
.in tho earth.
Mino Inspector Williams of th
Wilkes-IJ.irro district in his report
say : The averago number of days
worked at all the collieries during 1881,
was 20,857 against 22,309, iu 1883;
nni-dnnu nmnlnvwl in lHHi. 911. 007.
Winst 50.077 in 1SS3: number ot tons
.nf iml minr.,1 In 1RHA. 7.Rm.nn.-.
against 7,007,221 tons in 1883. Iu
1883, 80 persons wero killed and 19G
seriously injured, while iu 1884 tho
number of persons killed was 97, aud
of thoso seriously injured 161. The
following table shows tho number of
tons of coal mined by tho different
companies during tho past year : Le
high Valloy, G23,343 tons; Lehigh and
Wilkes-Barre, 1,580,739; Delawaro and
Jludson Canal, 1,381,323; Susquehan
na, 1,299,324; Wyoming Valley, 103,-
031; miscellaneous 2,570,225.
The admistration will not fail on its
social Bide. The adveut of Jackson to
the Whito Houso was distinguished by
excesses that will havo no place now
Mr. Cleveland came down hero accom
panied by his clergyman brother, his
three cultivated sisters aud several nio
ces, and he took tho oath of office on
the littlo worn Bible that is hallowed
by memories of a sainted mother. This
was a genuino touch of moral feeling,
and it illustrates tlio best side of Clovo-
land character. Ilia conduct of the
White House will bo such ap to meet
the approbation of tho conservative
peoplo of tho country, and in this re
gard is likely to bo a wholesome im
provenient upon tlio pattern set by Mr,
Artiiur. Extravagant living has spread
from the administrative circles to gen
eral society bore in a way to embarrass
peoplo of modest means. Springleld
Tlio Vrt.t. r.irlf TfirMom.
Tt is renortod that Secretary Whit-
ney ban already discovered somo recent
transactions in tho Navy Department
which demand searching investigation.
Among theso developments aro two peuso tho pasiago ot a bill appropria
payments for alleged inventions which ting $5000 for tlio contingont expenses
aro held to bo wholly unauthorized by of tho session, and $5000 for tho im-
law and which aro believed to have
been made to supply ebction funds in
aid ot tho lato Grand Old Republican
Ben Butler is reported to have ie-
ceived a grant of between forty aud
iifly thousand dollars nominally tor a
wood-preserving process, but actually
for 0 Blaino-preserviiig process. Tho
Chief of tho Bureau of Construction
nnd Repairs where was paid $12,000 for
the iiso of nn apparatus for ventilating
Doubtless many such tiansactions
will Im unearthed in Bill Chandler' r
cent office, and they will of courso be
pushed by tho new Secretary in order
that tho money, if iuipropeily and cor
ruptly npplied, may be recovered by
tho Government.
The License Question,
Our attention lias been called to tlio
following cilitorinl from tho Shenan
doah Herald of recent date, by n yen-
UemMi of Ucntrnlm who in deeply in
terested in tho mipprcssion of tlio un
lawful alo of liquor at that place. The
nrticlo In applicable to no other portion
of our county, but from common re
port it fits Ccntrnlia to well that wo
reprint It. 1 ho Jlerahl says :
'Tho announcement by tho Coitrt,on
Monday last, that a number of applica
tions for liquor license?, in Mahanoy
City, had been refused, fell like a thun
derbolt among tho applicants and their
attorneys. They wcro not prepared
tor it, anil tho curses and execration?
which they heaped on tho heads of
thoso who wcro instrumental in secur
ing stich a result were long and loud.
Tho Court, also was freely criticised,
but its action is ondorsed by fully nine
tenths ot tlio community.
That there is tho most urgent neces
sity for lestricting the already great
and ever increasing evil ot tho liquor
traffic no intelligent person will essay
to dispute. In this county tho evil
has iwiiincd gigantic proportions. This
is especially true ot the towns north ot
the Hroid Mountain, where tho sa
loons, taverns, nnd so-called restau
rants outnumber all other tilncns of Inn.
iness. There nm nnvwhern frnm liift
t0 180 licensed ind unlicensed places
,n Shenandoah, with a population of
perhaps 14,000. Within tho bounds
ni a single squaro on main isireci mure
nr.1 thirteen saloons, it is notliintf
unusual to find bunches of four and fivo
grouped together.
1 his evil must bo remedied, sooner
or later. This extraordinary number
of saloons and tho loose manner in
which they aro conducted havo a do
moralizing effect on both the old and
young ot tho community. Tho Court
has a duty to perform in the matter,
andifwenie to judge by its action
on Monday last, it means to perform
We havo some knowledge of the
difficulties that beset tho Court in deal
ing with tho matter. Wo know that
thero aro men who, without tho slight
net, finmlititu.tinn nf nnnar.wtim.t ,i,ll rna.
Ljf that a licuns0 u a public 'necessity
,.., ,i,orn .... ,;,.' i ,nn m.'
drinking places. It is not necessary,
however, that tho Court should bo Ion
ger imposed on in this manner. One
halt tho saloons now in Shenandoah is
more than enough, and if tho Court
shall refuse to reissue half the licenses,
it will perform an act for which it will
receive tho praiso of tho community.
l hero appears to be a very popular
error regarding tho interpretation of
tho law under which licenses aro grant
ed. The Court, in tho past, appears to
havo acted on the interpretation that it
was i'.s duty to issue a licenso to the
applicant if he could show that ho was
a citizen of good moral character and
could procure witnesses to certify that
the place ought to bo licensed. It has
been decided, however, by tho highest
judicial authority, that it is the duty of
the Court to ascertain if there
is a necessity for a licensed house
at the place for which it is ask
ed. It may bo argued in opposition to
this that the Court could not find tho
limo t0 0 tiro, t(10 oounty 3mi ,je
to,,,,!,,,, whora licenses arn iinnpnewnrv
and where tucy are not. This, howev
er w0lll(1 i,artjly b(J an argument. The
Court, knnu's. as fines pvprvhnilv Ue.
that two-thirds ot tho saloons now li
censed hero are unnecessary, and if the
Court shall indiscriminately refuso to
reissue two-thirds of the licenses next
woek it can hardly make a mistake,
Thero are, perhaps, a dozen places
in tho borough conducted Willi ,i show
of respect for the law, but outside of
these tho Court would bo fully justified
in refusing to grant tho licenses, on tho
ground that thev have regularly and
openly violated tho law, but more par-
iicularlv on the ground that instead of
being a convenience or nccommoda-
tion to the public, they zro a menace to
tho morals ot tho youth of tho town,
ami a positive curse to hundreds of fain
ilies, tho fathers of which spend their
seamy earnings lor rum.
Luzerne's Oounty Officers in Luck.
Judge Rico of Wilkesbarre has late
ly made an important decision iu the
suit brought by Recorder Glennon
anainst tho county for a larger salary.
Tho law of 1893 fixed the salary of
county officials in counties having less
than 150,000 population. According
to tho census ot laau, Jjiizerno had
"ly 135,000, and it was generally sup
posed that the county would this time
come within tlio provisions of tho act,
as calculations based on tho proportion
of taxable to population showed that
in 1883 tho number of people in tho
county was io'.,uuu.
Tho otticials allecled by the law, Ho-
corder Joseph Glennon, Sheriff Ober-
render, Treasurer Whileman and Keg.
istor Boyd, decided to test the matter
betoro tho courts, and Kecorder Men
tion began proceedings as a test case,
-lho Judgo upholds thu position
taken by tho officials, believing that
where tho law does not stato what is
to be taken as tho basis of tho popula
tion it becomes, as a matter of fact,
susceptible of proof 111 any ordinary
method. Under the decision tho sal
aries ot tho olhcials will como under
the provisions of the act of 187C,
which will result in an increase 10 the
Recorder from S2000 to S3500 ; to the
Sheriff, from $4000 to $0500 ; to the
Treasurer from S3000 to S1000, to the
Register of Wills from 3000 to S3500,
and to the County Commissioners from
$1000 to $1500. The commissioners,
however, will probably apply for a re
I hearing of tho case. Although satis
lied iu their own minds that the popu
lation is over 150,000, thoy claim that
in his opinion Judge Rico did not pass
upon the point whether tho ovidenco
of tho increase of population was suf
ficient as matter ot law.
The Illinois Deadlocks.
Thero is no chango in tho senatorial
situation. Dnrlncr tho first sixtv (lav
01 tne session emieu oaiuruay last me
expenses of tho General Assembly foot
up, according to tho pay rollp, to$10t,.
000. 'i here nro to snow tor mis ex-
provemoni, 01 1110 iinuuis uisjuiiy at
New Orleans, with tho incidental di
version nfforded by an attempt lo elect
a".... T nn.
" successor iu tji-iioiui i.,, in. i iiu
laH piy rolls include 25 Senate jani-
tors, 43 janitors employed by tho boo-
mary 01 oiaiu iur uuv m mu
tine, and 85 House janitors, 152, at 82
a day each, or $304 a day for tlio ser
vices of janitors.
If theso janitors remain on the pay
rolls they wid pull down tne rnrpius in
I lllO Plait) Ut.tKliy Ul uiu I.ItU HI fHUU
per mouth. Hie noxi pay run win ue
increased by lh addition of full pay
for twenty-nix Houso Committee clerks,
hardly an uf whom will havo done
anything to earn their money and who
have receivtd pay for only twenty days
on tho previous rolls.
rm . 11 II I. .
By the Hundred
Several hundred thousand citizens
of tho United States aro to-day indulg
ing hopes of obtaining offico at' Uiu
hands of Mr. Cleveland. Thero Is hot
a villngo or n hnmfe'. in nil tho Union
so smalt and insignificant that it does
not contain somo more or ' less eager
seekers nfur places where they can
drnw tho publio pay.
It might bo inferred from this great
nnd widespread lust for office that sala
ries under the Government wcro great,
or that tho iispirnnts for tho plaecB
wero generally unable to niako their
living otherwise that it affords new
proof that tho number of the unem
ployed was extraordinarily large at
this time. Rut, with a fow exceptions,
tlio Government pays only moderate
salaries, and tliu vast majority of thoso
who ato working so hard to get them
nro not spurred on by necessity. They
are doing very weli as. they aro, and
yet they aro neglecting their bu'inesi
nnd boring their friends to get signa
tures to their .applications for places in
tho public service, at homo or abroad,
which they could not fill without
breaking up or hazarding their present
occupations, ami in which they would
obtain only a bare living. Their hold
on these office", too, would be very in
secure if they got them. They might
be turned out in four years, if not bo
fore. They might bo taken far away
from their homes, even to strange
countries, and so lose tliu advantages
of connections and reputations they
havo gained where ihey are.
And yot these hundred- of thous
ands of men fasten their hopes on
Washington as if a gold mine of un
told richness had been opened up there.
What contented tliem boforu brings
them only discontent now. Thoy may
havo gono on proudly refusing "to ak
favors from anybody, but now they
struggle to get their " poitions for place
to Washington, as if their lives de
pended on it.
Ono of tho ohief causes of this greed
for office is undoubtedly the prevalent
notion that Government service re
quires little work. Tho applications
for what aro or are supposed to bo sin
ecures aro especially numerous. For
cign Consulates aro in tho greatest de
mand, because it is thought they mean
a life of ease in gonial climes ; and
many thousands ot our Democratic and
Mugwump countrymen long to travel
in foreign parts at the expense of the
rest of us. They study tho list of Con
sulates and hold family consultations
as to which is tho most agreeable for
people of their tastes; and wives and
daughters meditate over the wardrobes
tho climato of their dreams will re
quire. But, as a matter of fact, very, very j
fow of these places, either at home or
abroad, are at all desirable. Tho ordi
nary Government clerk leads a life of
monotonous routine, and the less ho
has to do the worse off lie is. The av
erage Consul is poorly jiaid, and must
endure an exilo from his country and
friends which soon becomes irksome to
him. He is not the important function
ary ho supposed ho would be; and
wh"ii the novelty of his place has worn
off, he is apt to weary of his life
among Grangers and long for tho en
terprising activity to which ho had
been accustomed at home. Ho has
dropped out of sight and is forgotten.
Ihe publn service also begets habits
which are very injurious to a man,
which tend to weaken his self-depen
dence and unfit him for anything else.
Old officeholders are all at sea when
they lose their places. Thoy havo been
under fostering care so long, havo so
long led lives ot routine fixed them bv
others, that they loo their own power
of initiative. They dare not take the
risks and assume the rssponsibilitics
which other men regard as a mailer ot
course, and wnicn nein 10 tinmen ami
strengthen their moral muscle, and
enable them to win success. Wash-
ngton is to day full of dependents on
the Government, who would be almost
ike women deprived of tho protection
of their husbands if they lost their pri
vilege of drawing their monthly supply
from the pay-roll. Thoy havo forgot
ten how to work, and havo acquired
tho habit of leaning on somebody
Wo therefore havo no hesitation in
saying that thoso who aro disappointed
n getting the places thoy aro strug
gling for, will in general bo better oil
as citizens of a democratio republic,
They will bo better fitted in tho long
run to sustain their part in a country
where pverv man must fight his own
way. iv. J . Aim.
Pension Frauds,
PillLAi)i:i.i'iiiA. March 10. For tho
past two months agents from tho pen
sion offico at Washington have been
engaged at, tho agency in this" city,
making a thorough examination of the
twenty thousand and odd claims on
the list here, aud have discovered that
fraudulent claims amounting to at
least $20,000 havo been paid. It is
probable that as a result of tho invest!
gatioti, the bondsmen of tho late pon
sion agent, General Sickle, will bo call
ed upon by the government to make
good tho loss that it has sutfered.
Tho examination by the experts
still in progress, and the loss may pos
siblv exceed tho amount named above,
One of the clerks of General Sickle
lias already been convicted and sen
tenced to four years' imprisonment and
another is under indictment for trial,
The frauds so far discovered havo been
the payment by tho government o
pensions to tho names of persons who
were propeny;on tne nst,but were dead,
lho method of tho cloiks was to
suppress tho fact and by forging the
dead person's name secure tho money
themselves, i no government does not
chargo General nickels had any kuowl
edgo criminal or otherwise of what whs
going on, but tho pension bureau says
that tho frauds wcro made possible
tnrougu ins lack o: vigilance and oon
sequenlly his bondsmen are responsibl
lor tho loss.
Fish Oommiesloaer's Report.
Tho report of the commissioners
state fisheries, which will soou bo pub
belied, gives the loiiowing as the pun
cipal reason why food fish in Petmsyl
.. . ... .1
vnnia uru nut more pieuuiut ;
1. The dams which obstruct
all thu large hlrcains.
2. Tho lack of adequate fisluvays.
3. Tho noii-observuneo of tho close
of spawning sen-wiM.
1. Tho many illegal and deadly do-
vices employed at nil seasons for the
oapturiug and killing of fih.
5. The pollution of streams with
material poiKtinoui to the ll-di.
The distribution of California trout
fur 188J amounted to -1:1,500. Tho
distribution of brook trout amounted to
01,000, of which 'Lebanon county re-
oelved 1,500, Cumberland county 1,000
and Blair county 3,000. Of German
carp 4,00 1 were distributed.
Inaugural Day at Vasut.
There were great limes on Inaugura
tion Day at Vnssnr College, and the
Democrnfio lassies of the institution
had full opportunity to "get square"
with their Republican companions.
Last November thu spirit of election
day prevailed with ns much enthusiasm
at Vnssar as in the outside world. The,
Republicans by far tho most numer
ousled tho Democrats and Prohibi
tionists a dismal life, finishing up by
celebrating IM.iine's election befoio the
returns wero verified. On that occa
sion the Democrats and Faculty enter
tained tho supposed victors at nn oys
tor supper, tho memory of which bo
oame a lingo joko when tho truo result
was known, lint last night tne ue
publicati jewels camo to tho front, nnd
in return received and feasted tho dem
ocrats. At 8 o'clock tho Reception
Committee, Miss Ilentiing, '8.5 s Miss
Ureen, 87. nnd Miss urosiey 01 uie
'reparatory Department, took a stand
in the middle parlor, which was hand
somely decorated with Hags and pic
tures of tho ox-rresiilenl and ot mo
President and Vice-President. Soon
Faculty, lenchors and students, repre
senting all possible shades of political
opinions, camo pouring in, when tho
monotony ot the reception proper was
relieved by dancing, 111 tho midst of
which thero was a halt, when the Anti
Cleveland Club sang a dirgo :
And many n good Kcpubllcaa hurrahed for
And reviling the Democrat she said:
"You're left ngnln!"
So wo don't grudgo you or Cleveland your
success to-night ;
80 take, pray, the good wishes that nro
yours by right.
Quickly lho Domocrntio girls in
strong chorus responded ;
Come, rally to-night my girls,
Sing "Victory!" our (JJevelanil has con
Triumphant nrc we.
We've eaten the crackers nnd nlso the stew
Of humiliation,
And now you must too.
Wo know it Is hard
Bui we did It before.
You have our example,
Do ns wo did of yore.
For years twcnty.four you have lived at
your caso ;
You've staid at the White House and dono
what you pleased.
And longer your stay would surely have
If not with a Jimmy you'd tried to get In.
fter the songs a procession was
formed, which proceeded to the dining
room. Over the door an claborato dra
pery of red, white and blue framed a
picture ot Cleveland, toward which tho
Republican girls glanced rather gloom
ly. lint their display reached its
height as thoy discovered themselves
passing under a largo and formidable
yoko suspended over tho inner door.
1 hey were appoased, however, by fla
grant whiffs of the oyster supper, their
generous tribute to tlio victorious Dem
ocrats. Tho downcast Republicans
wcro further revived with a stirring
song from their glco club.
The 4th of March has come at last,
And p'raps you'll think to mid us
All groaning over the defeat,
Of which the day reminds ns.
Tho chorus camo out with all tho
ringing vigor of which "Yankee Dood
le'' is capable.
Cleveland's got it ; we don't care,
Though he's inaugurated,
And all yon valiant Democrats
With triumph are elated.
Tho hatchet's buried very deep.
By this time it's quite rusty
And portraits of the candidates
Are very, very dusty.
Then lho Republicans wero represen
ted by a speech and President Caldwell
made a lew remarks in his usual happy
style. After lho supper with its gen
eral hilarity all sang "America" from
blue lettered, red-bordered cards found
at tho plates and then dispersed well
pleased with thq celebration of Inaugu
ration Day.
From our Regular Correspondent.
Washington, Mar. 10, 1885.
To relate tho events of the past week
in tlio space allowed for a letter, I am
ilraid will require a power ot conden
sation that your correspondent does
not possess.
Tho President was inaugurated witli
well ordered pomp and pageantry, in
the presence of a crowd unprecedented
iu numbers and respectability. Tho
weather attributed by somo to tho ar
rest ot Gen. Ilazen, tho chief of tho
Weather Bureau, was as perfect as it
had been regulated bv a thermometer.
Tho inaugural address was delivered in
tho presence ot at least uu.UOU spectators,
and owing to the strength oi the X're-
sident's voice, a largo proportion of
them were actual auditors. Tho pa
rade that followed was such sis has
never before been seen in this country,
and it was reviowed by tho President,
and muny distinguished personages
around him, as well as by 250,000 pco
plo who coverrd the sidewalks, tempo
rary balconies, stands, and houso lops
ot rennsyivania avenue.
At night tho sky was painted red,
whito and blue, witli fireworks, and
tho gnat ball attended by the Prosi
dent and nearly ten thousand persons
was tho brilliant nnd frivolous finale of
tho day. I gazed upon Mr Cleveland's
pale, strong taco as ho rode to the Capt
tol in tho forenoon, and wondered how
ho would bo able to bear up thiough
tho Hying ordeal. The mental, physi
cal and nervous strain must have been
intense. To go through tho prelimi
nary etiquitto at tlio Whito House i to
drive slowly to tho Uapitol, the oyno
sure of hundreds of thousauds of eyes ;
to appear tho observed and criticised
of all amid thu distinguished throng in
tlio United Mates tjenate Uhamber ; to
deliver without reading, an address in
tho vast presenco East of the Capitol
to stand for four liours while n linn of
25,000 uniformed men passed beforo
him, and then, at eleven o clock at
night, to nppear in a stifling ball room,
amid a mob ot nggressivejy curious
women this was tho gauntlet with
which Picsident Cleveland commeucid
his administration on the fouith of
March. He is alive I and wo thank
neaven numaii ingenuity ami pageantry
has done its worst.
Since the fouith the Whito Houso
has been boieged by delegations, but
tht President manages to find time to
eat mid sleep,
lho Cabinet has qualified and gone
to work. With tho exception of the
Cabinet of thu Into ndminUtration none
of tlio rascals hnvo yet been turned
, out, but quite n number havo with the
instinct of Davy Crockett's coon como
down (gone out) of their own aecoid.
Tho majority, however, will wait until
Mr, CI voland shoots. Thoy txpeet to
havo to como finally, but will defer
their tumble as long as possible,
Tho now president has given out
that ho will not personally hear or per
sonally consider applications for office,
unless they shall como to him recom
mended by tho Cabinet clllcer iu whose
clennilmcnt lho (iflleo is f-ouglit. It is
believed that Mr, Cleveland will liter
ally ndhcro to this rule. At any rate
it will be n literal impossibility lor him
to considei one-tenth of the applica
tions ho is receiving. Each' mail brings
nn immense load of petitions which
Col. Lnmoiit and his clerks look over,
acknowledge with prcpand blank
forms, and refer to tlio Departments to
which they belong. Tlio President
docs not see them, and no persistence
on the part of tlio npplicaut will secure
his attention.
Miss Cleveland held the tmml recep
tion on Saturday afternoon last, and
hundreds went to tlio White Ilouse
who had not been thero before, lirpay
their tespects lo tlio president's filter.
Miss Cleveland is not what, is known
hero as a "society lady." She is want
ing in the savolr aire, the graces, and
the it no sah nuoi which ore charac
teristic of great social leadets. But she
has what is better than all these, iu a
plain democratic country, nn air of sin
cerity and amiability which impressed
her guests with welcome. Her face is
expressive of Intelligence and charac
Tlio largest strike ot coal mlnera In any ono
district was comincnctd at Pittsburg on Monitor.
General Wallace, Untied States Minister at
Constantinople, lias resigned.
Tho Governor ot Mississippi has appointed
Ueneral Wat.h .11 to succeed Secrctarr Lamar in
the bnltcd States S-enato.
A millionaire Chinaman lUcs at ltocktord. He
owns mines, United States bonds, horws and car-
rlngo and a wash-house.
Patent medicines nro estimated by a leadlns
English medical Journal to camo tho death ot l.W,-
000 persons per year.
John L. Sullivan has accceptcd Paddy llyan'a
challenge to light with small gloves for fl300 of
fSOOOaslde, a diamond belt nnd tho champion
ship of the world.
A two-year-olj child was burned near Lancas
ter. Tho mother was absent from the room about
ten minutes nnd on her return found her littlo boy
had set lira to hU clothing. Ho died In about ten
First Assistant Postmaster Ocneral crossby
was tho nrst bureau offlccr to tender his resigna
tion to Prcsl lent C eveland. He expressed his
wl Hngness to remain In offlco long enough to In
struct his successor. His offer was accepted.
President Cleveland has selected Tuesday's
and Friday's of oach week ns tho days for Cablmt
The commissions of CS presidential postmasters
explro during tho present month, nnd over 550 of
such commissions will expire betoro tho beginning
of tho next session ot Congress.
William II. Hill was arrested on Saturday for
stealing an Insurance policy from Mrs. C'athnilno
iiouck. Mrs. Houck had a benenclal policy In
Quaker City Association or Philadelphia, ot which
Hill was an ngeut.
fcl Ton Cameron celebrated bis eighty-sixth an
niversary of his birth, on Sunday at his residence
In Harrlsburg.
An old war-horso S3 years of ago, belonging to
a Mr. Clarke, of Philadelphia, la being treated tor
Insanity, llng brought on by Indigestion. 1 ho
owner prl7es tho horse very highly for the services
rendered him during the war.
A Mrs. Albertson ot Wllkcs-Barrc beca-no Intl.
mote with a stranger from New York city who
frequented tho rink at Wllkes-llarrc, and last week
eft her husband and ono child and followed the
stranger to New York city. Another victim of tho
roller skating rink.
saw mill belonging to Thomas W. Thompson,
of Wllllamsport was burned to tho ground on Sun
day morning, loss about J49,oon.
A man by tho namoof Joseph Marque te, on a
wager, last Saturday night ato 4tf lbs liver pud
ding, a loaf ot brea I, and drank ten schooners ot
beer, five ot water, three glasses of whiskey and
two quarts ot pure cider. Ho was to cat with
Henry Smith, but Smith In order to test himself
for the occasion had eaten a thirteen pound tur
key, and was 111. Marquette ale alone and took
wager ot jeo.
-Tne Methodist ministers of Chicago adopted a
resolution that on Sunday next tho city churches
make a special day of prayer for the spiritual and
physical welfare of General Grant.
General Georgo 11. McClellan has accepted an
kivltatlon to deliver an oration on Decoration Day
at Antletam, where he commanded the Union for
ces on tho day of tho memorablo battle.
A box seat was tendered President Cleveland
for one ot tho operas during tho week, which ho
promptly declined, saying ho would bo pleased to
attend the opera, but preferred paying tho regular
price of tho box scat.
Qeneral Grant's condition nppears to bo about
the Bamo that It was a week ago. There Is no In
crcasoortho ulceration. Ho gets several hours
good bleep each day, but mostly from stimulants.
Iiev. Dr. Ilurchard has been retired as pastor
of Murray Hill Church, New Y rk city, and given
a salary ot (5,000 a year, In order to mako room for
a younger and moro energetic man.
Charles a Falrchlld, ot Now York has been np
pointed by tho president as assistant secretary of
the treasury, and John C. Block ot Illinois as com
mlssloner ot pensions.
Cholera has broken out In Batavla, Java.
Miss Cleveland as hostess of tho White Hou e
held her flrst reception last Saturday afternoon.
There is f ul'y two feet of snow on tho moun
tains ot Sull van county, while Eaglesmere lake
is covered with Ice at Inches thick.
At the skating rink contest at Madison Square
uaroen, jjsw York, last week a lad eighteen years
old named Donovan, from Klmlra, took first prize
skating 19S miles in blx days. He Is completely
broken up plus! , -ally, and uas been out ot bed on
ly an hour slnco ho left tho rink. A hole was
worn 1 1 tho hollow of ono foot, and ho was poison
cd from tho coloring In his stockings.
ecretary of Stato Iiayard has selected John
Cadwallader ot Philadelphia as assistant secre
What U supposed to have been an earthquake
shock was experienced by tho peoplo of Lancaster,
Pa., on Sunday evening.
Ilarnum will open tho season for his mammoth
menagerie In Madison Square Garden, New York,
on Monday next, March lth.
Thogro t lioness In tho winter circus at Parts,
attacked tho Hon tamer while he was giving his
regular performance. The Hon tamer preserved
his self-control and gradually ncared the gate of
tho cage, his person torn and mangled and bleed
lng from lunumerablo wounds. At a favorable
moment tho door was opened and ho slipped out
and th gate quickly closed. Tho moment ho
touched the ground ho fell In a swoon from ex
haustlon. Tho audience was thrown In a panic,
and many wounded.
Tho citizens ot New Orleans have named Sat
urday March 21st, as tho day for formally acknowl
edging tho courtesy of bending tho Liberty Bell to
the Exposition.
Application has been made to havo the l'enn
sylvanla Anthracite Coal Company and New York,
Susquehanna and Western HaUroad Company
placed In tho bands of a receiver.
Absolutely Pure.
powdei never vanes, A mure! of purity
strength and wUJlesomeni:6s. Jl ,te economical
ttuntnii ordinary k-n . andcannot be sold In
oompi-tltloa wltn the multitude of low test, short
UC4Q8, KOYiLlUfclNUl'O.VDBKCu .lOUWaU-bt., '
KEEN BRYANT, At tho Lutheran
rarsrmago at Dcrwle.k on Feb. 21, 1883 by
Her. J. P. Ocrman, Mr. 8. W, Keen of
Rrlggsvlilc, to Miss Millie Bryant of Kings
ton. SEELY-SMiriL At the residence of
the bride's parents on Feb. 38, 1885 by Rev.
J. V. Gorman, Mr. Wm. J Bccly, to Miss
Kllcn Sinllh both of Brlggsvlljo.
ASH-WEHKI1EISER. At lho Reform,
cd pnMoniigo In Orangevllle, on the 7lh
Inst., by Kuv. A. Routr, Mr. Pierce V
sh to Miss Susan B. Wcrkhclscr, both otf
By vlrtuo of sundry writs Issued out of tho Court
ot Common Pleas of O iluinbla county nnd to mo dl.
meted, will bo exposed tn public sale at tho Court
House in liluomsburg, on
Saturday, March 14 1885.
At 3 o'clock, p. m.. all that certain niece, narcel
nnd tract Of tfind. Kllllntnln llontnn InwhiMn nnl-
Uinbta COUntV. PA.. hntinrlM And itn.r-rllu. net mi.
lows,to-wlti on tne east br lands ot Jonas Doty
luminous oime csiato ot William Ilarrctt and
others, on tho west by lands ot tho estate of John
W. Belshllne, on tho north ty lands ot tho estate
of John W. Ilelshllno, nnd on tho south by lands
of F. M. I"ealer and others, containing co acres,
more or less, n hereon nro erected a two-story
frame dwelling house, barn, and other out-bulld.
Seircd. taken Into nn-iiiinn n n
Jacob M. llelshllne, and to be sold ns tho property
uuacou ii. iicisni ne. wi vr,
Mllller, ChUman, Knorr Wlntersteen, att'ys.
all that certain houso and lot situated at Buck
Horn, Columbia county, 1-cnna, bounded and de
scribed as follows, to-wlt : Commcnclhg at a
stono In nn alley, thence by lot of Joseph Snyder
on the north, south fifty-nine and one-tuurth east
ten perches to a stone, thenco Main street ot Buck
Horn south thlrty-threo degrees east seven and
three-tenth perches to a stono by nn alley, north
ntty-nlne and ono fourth degrees west ten perches
to a stone, thenco by an alley and lands ot John
Appleman noi th thirty-three degrcc3 west six nn U
eight-tenths perehesto a stono to tho place of bo.
ginning, containing seventy and ono halt perches
oi iana Btnct measure bo tho same moro or less
whereon Is erected a ono story and a half frame and other out buildings.
seized, taken into execution at tho suit of H XV.
Mclleynolds vs. William a .Marshall, and to be
sold as lho properly of Wm. a Marshall.
Buckingham, ntt'y, vend. Ux.
all that certain messuage or tenement and lot of
landsltuat in Cen'ro township, Columbia coun
ty, Penna., bounded and described as follows, to
wn: Beginning at a stono in the public road
leading from Briarcrcek to Orangevllle, thenco by
inna ot cyrus uoono south twen..y-two and flvo
tenths perches to a stone thenco by land of tho
heirs of Christian Muflley, east twenty-threoand
six-tenths perches to a stone, thenco b,- land of
ucorgo siumey north twenty-two perches to a
stone, thenco a'ong said road north elghty-nve de
grees wes- twenty.threo perches to the place ot
beginning, containing thrco acres and torty.nve
perches of land strict mensure, bo tho samo moro
or less. .
A I, S O
alt that lot, piece or parcel of land situate In tho
above named township described as follows, viz :
Beginning at a pin tree, thenco by land of Cyrus
Boone south thrco and a quarter degrees west
twenty and live-tenths perches to east side ot plno
stuu'p, thenco by lands ot Allen Shelhamer south
eighty-eight degrees east, twenty-ono and two
tenth perches to a stone, thenco north threo and a
quarter degrees east seventy and one-tenth perch
es, thenco by above named land north elghty-soven
degrees wests venti-ono andtwo tenthi perches
to the place ot beginning, containing two acres
and ono hundred and ten perches of land strict
measure, bo tho samo mora or less.
Seized, taken into execution at tho suit of Alfred
Bower vs. Wit'lam Ktsner and to be sold as the
property of William Klsner. Levari Facias.
Ikeler, atty.
Notice Is hereby irlven that letters of adminis
tration on tho cstaiu of Lydla ivterman, late of
sugarloaf township, deceased, have beei granted
uy iou uegisier oi wius, etc., 10 ueorge w. reier-
ihuuui aiuncy uree:c lownsmp, ycoining county,
to whom all persona Indebted nrc remilred to nav :
nnd all creditors rcuulred to urebent their claims
uuiv Kuiutruiicuivu.
Feb ar-ct Muncy, Pa.
Notlco Is hereby irlven that tho undersigned an
pilntcd an auditor by the court, "to ascertolu and
report amounts due the respectlvo heirs nrlsln?
from allotments ot different purp-.rts v ldcr pro-
ceuaings in partition,' wm aitenu at jus oiuce in
Hrowers llulldln?. llloomshuw. on Tuesday the
Slth day of March, A. I). 1SH5, for tho purposes of
his enpolntment, when nnd where all persOus In
terested ore notuicd to attend and establish their
Claims. JOHN U. FltEEZK,
Feb 85 1885 Auditor,
Feb W-3t
Mary A. Hill, by her next friend, William Yohty
vs. Auranam 11111. bur uoei in aivorce.
To Abraham 11111. respondent above named
Whereas upon the 1'bel of the said Mary A Hill a
hubooena was Issued out ot the Bald court com
manding you to bo and appear at the next regular
term of said Court to bhow causo why the said li
belant should not bo divorced from the bonds of
matrimony contracted with you: and whereas
upon return of said subpoena duo proof was made
that you could not be found In the ball wick of tho
bherin of said county, whereupon an nlfiMsul
p ena was awarded by said Court com- andlng
you to appear at the then next term ot said court
to answer as aforesaid to which the same return
wasmadobythe Sheriff. You are therefore re
quired to bo and appear on the nrst day of the
next term ot said Court to bo held at Bloomsburg
tor saia county on me nrst Monaayoi Aiay next,
j. ir. low, iu answer buiu uuiuinuiuu
mar 18wl Sheriff.
lng feeling of
weartoeE, of
exhaustion without effort, which makes life
a burden to so many people, is due to the
fact that tho blood is poor, and tho vitality
consequently feeble. If you are differing
from such feellngf,
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
Is just what you need, nnd wilt do you Incal
culable good.
No other preparation bo concentrates and
combines blood-purlfytng, vitalizing, enrich
ing, and Invigorating qualities i Ayeu's
rnsrABim uy
Dr. J.C.Ayer&Co., Lowell, Mats.
Sold by all Druggists; SI, six bottles for S3.
"TTnjRifFiTS! '
When I say I euro I do not mean merely tn ntnn
them tor a time and then have them return airain.
1 mean a radical cure. I have made the disease of
long study. I warrant my remedy to cure the
worst cnhes. Because others hare failed Is no rea.
nou for not n w receiving a cure. Send at once for
a treatise and a Free Bottle ot my Infallible remo
r. dive Express and Post Offlce, It costs you
ni'tMog ror a trial, and I lll cure you.
, Address Dr. 11. O. HOOT, la Pearl St., New York,
MarlS-tw r
To all who work for mo at homo. To many 1 can
afford to pay irore.
Work. Send postal card to W. w. lUdout, Louis
vine, Ky, Mar 13 4 w r
rpo ADVEllTISEIlS. Lowest Hates for Advertls
1 lng In KtW good uwspapers sent free. Address
GEO. P. HOWELL CO., 10 Bpruco lit., N. Y.
are going to give away 1,000 Self-operating
uauiuu .uuiiu ia. iijuu nnui una bt'jm
lour name, address and express onice at once. It
is a great labor-saving lu entlon. Address Nat
ional Co., Si Dey, bt., N. Y,
March -tw d
I A lif adlnffljondoiil'hr
Fnm Am. Jonrnif olid!,
k "lr. Ab. MftMmU, who
ImtkiM ipcUlty of EpUp
Ibu without doobt trMUi
fcoj oiliarlifTnt pEJJIcUn. ills tucoeM feu ilmplr
rg txittlo and TrettlM cct fr, Oi F,0. tod
.tirfaidrMi to
r. AH. lifcLUOLE, No. M John St.,Nw YcnrH
Muicli 0-4w d
RITimniMltl.' l,Vlf
uiwu"' '
,,,,,,, rr,T mln, . ,T
16.iJ A YKAIt.
This medicine, combining Iron with rro
vegetable ton!c, nulrkly and completely
I'lires llTprplm lnillrllon, Wrnknro,
Impure, llloml, ,1Inlnrln,l'hllln nnd l'r rrn,
nnd Ncurnljtln. , .
His an unfailing remedy for Diseases of Ihe
Kidneys nnil l.lvrr. ,,
It Is tnvnlunblo lor plfcci peculiar lo
Women, and all who Icml tedentary lives.
Itdoes not Injure the teeth,
produce constipation PlA'f Iron medlclnt tlo.
It enriches and purifies the blood, stimulates
tho npprtlte, aids tho Assimilation of food, re
lieves Heartburn and Belching, and strength
ens the muscles nitd nerves. , .
For Intermittent Fevers, Lassitude, Lack of
Energy, Ac, It has no equal.
- Tho genuine hss rIjovo trnrto mark and
crossed red lines on n rapper, Take no other.
ii .d, ..i, k, snows iisiini 10. liLTi'uux, i.
Orphans' Couri. & Admiiusiraior's Sak
Personal andReal Estate I
In pursuanco ot tho last will and testament ot
William J. Ikeler, lato ot ML Pleasant township,
Columbia county, deceased, the undersigned ad
ministrator w 1th the will annexed, will sell nt pub
lic sale on tho premises, on
Tuesday, March 2-lth, 1SS5,
commencing nt ten o'clock A. M., tho following de
scribed real estate, to-wlt : All that certain tract
of land sltuato In Mt. pleasant township, Colum
bia countv, Pa., bounded and described ns follows:
On tho north by lands of A. .1. Ikeler, on tho cast
by lands of Erl and Joseph Iki ler, on the south by
lands ot Paxton KUno and A. K. Hcacock, nnd ou
the west by land of Thomas Loro, containing
130 ACRkS.
of land, more or less, a po- Hon of which Is well
timbered n lib oak and chestnut. Tho land Is In
a good state of cultivation and well supplied with
fruit trees of all kinds, being tho homestead of tlio
deceased. Tho bulldln.'S consisting of a Urgs
and largo bummerUtchen, lirgo bank barn, with
BtrawBhcd attached, wagon hous, hog pen, large
spring houso with upper storv for shop use, nnd
other contcnlent out-bulldlngs, a n vcr falling
Bprlng of puro cold water In said spring houso nnd
good well of water near tho house, and flowing
strenmsof water through tho field?.
Thero will also bo Bold at tho samo time nnd
placo the personal property of said deceased.
stoves, carpets, looking-glasses, beds and bedding,
stands, sofas, chairs, and household nnd kitchen
furniture too numerous to mention.
Also farming Implements, sleigh hayrake, har
row, cultivator, bled, buggy, harness, lot of turn.
ber, chickens, grain In the ground and fanning
utensils generally.
Terms of sale ot personal property wl'l bu mado
known by the undersigned on day ot sale. In sell
ing tho real estate all grain In tho ground and 1 cr-
sonal property on tho premises nro reserved. Pos
session given tprlllst, 1883. Deul nttho expense
ot purchaser.
Terms nK Sale of Heai. r state. Ten per cent.
of tho purchase money to bo paid at tho striking
down of th property, ono fourth less tho ten per
cent, on tho 1st day ot April, 18S beforo taking
possession, and lho balance In ono year thereafter
with Interest from .April 1st, 1SS3.
Ikeler a Herring, Att'ys. feb. S7, ts.
Letters of administration In tho estato of Samuel
H. Hagenbuch deceased, lato ot orange twp. Colum
bia countv, 1 ennsylvanla, have been granted bv the
Keglster of said county to tho undersigned Admin
istrator. All persons having claims against tho
estate of tho deceased uro miuested to present
them for settlement, nnd those Indebted to tiio es
tate to mako payment to tho undersigned ailn.m
lstra'or without delay.
ElwelL Att'y. V. It. HAOHNHUCH,
FebS7-8w Ad'-ilmstrator.
i i i r i
Our (Red Star) Jilack CashiitcrM am not tiiiinh'd fur tho pi ion SO cts.
to 1 40 a yard.
Tho Dress Cloths and Tricots nro not mado of shoddy wool.
Wo nro receiving now Dress Goods every week. Now is the timo lo buy
when you can find lho just Shade, Quality., Ac, that you want.
Wo aro imkiutj it an ohject with very lady in Uoliimh'u County to buy
their Dress Goods of us, either by lower prices, newer wtyle", liner qualities,
prettier shades, fcu.
Try and see what wo can do for you,
I. W HartmaiM & Sim.
Now is the timo to buy your carpets. 1 lmve tho lm-'est atock
over brought to Bloomsburg and thoy are very much
than liit-t spring.
Very hnmlsomo AVilton Velvets, Body Brussels of beautiful
designs and some as cheap as Tapestry Brussels.
A VCBV ISSD'&W SlOdilk (Hrf
at prices lower than over were known
Yard wide Ingrains as low as SOc-Rag Carpets at".15, -lo and' SO"
cents (Wool Stripe.)
A large stock of
Cocoa Bugs, Cocoa Matting all widths, Floor, Table and Stair
oil cloths of all grades.
iu large quantities, also-Nickol end nnd
best make.
nrowcr'H liiilldliiK, next to Court Howe, HLOOJlSIltmo, r.
lCarit ltsgst alu In exeliange for Carpetl.
rut3 lino
Whent per btisliel
ltyo ' " ,
Com 14 11
() 11 .,...,.,,..,...,..,.
Flour lier Imrrel.
Ilutter, ..,,.. ,,,.,..,,..
Kgirs,. ,.,.,,....,.,
, r oe
8 Ou
14 00
, 2 00
. fi to 7
Potatoes new ,
Dried Apples I
Hrims ......,.
Sides and shoulders..., .1
Chickens ,
1 utltcys
I,nm per pounu
Ilnv ttcr ton.
Hiiekwlicnt llour per hundred....,
Hides per iu
Vt:t! skins lirr 111 .,
Hlieeii pells, each
Wool per Hi
Philadelphia Markets.
FEED' Western winter brnn, spot, 10.S3 ft 1
FI.OU1L Western extra's S.T3 3.13M 1 Penn'a
family, ano 14$ sr Ohio clear, 4.(0 9 Ltd, winter
patent B.00 1 R.W.
Y II 1 H-Illlljl,illim nn, il1, 1, t. ,
COll.N. 17 IA 0'.
oath. No. 3 while a as No. , .",11.
HAY AND STItAW Tim thy Choice Western
nnd New York, tin. fair to good Western and
New York, M. e 15. imedlum Western and New
York, 10. w 12. : Cut liny ns to quality 13. 14 17,30.
Bye straw eo 21, Wheat straw, v. 10. oat
straw 11.
r.(Kis. Pennsylvania .Hi western IS H 1R.
BUTTEH. IfiinsyHniJl.icieamery prints 03 !H
Western extra 21 w vs.
LIVE poui.THY. Fowl?, 10,v II mixed lots
7,W ( 10 roosters old 6.
UIIESSF.I) lOL'L'IHY.-chlckens extra 9.f (H
10 rtre.ed turkeys, extra, 13, choiiV, 133,H,
middling 11 IS.
AH hinds of work in ijlieut Iron, Woof
lng ami Spouting promptly
lUteinled lo.
ssrstrlct attention given tohe.utngby ste.iu.
Corner of Main & East Sts ,
USloorufiburg, P.
Letters of administration In tho estate of Ellas
Kriunin, lato of Kjolt township, Columbia county,
Pa., deceased, hao been graiilcd br lho Keglster
of tald countv to tho mid rstgncd administrators.
Allnersons h.iMnz claims nirjlnst lho estnto or
said decedent nro requested to present them for
sf'ttlemcni, nnd thou lmlebietd to tho estate to
make payincnt to the unrtersl ned wthout delay.
, JACOB HAUT.MA , OlWnnl.l,
I JIAKV Kill MM, Light Street,
Drawl tiff Infttriiinriitfl, riiUosopIilcnl nnd
Chemical AppnrntuH.
Ltot and Description of our Tun CodJofUin rent
HtLKon AppIU'atiun.
924 Chutnut St. PHILADELPHIA.
The Busy Corner.
"The Devil looks In upon the busy Juc,t for compll
mcnl, oiut pafctes on to the hous-o 01 lho Idle." t.fl
itv.v .Smvutltf.
If nil thu Kin's ntnl piovi rhs nliout
iilleniKK mo trtu it is q'liik- (eitnin tlisit
liis iniijt'sly o! limit's ;ii,il Iioiiih lias no
iLw .u 1. W. IIAllT.MAX & SON'S.
Wo 1110 loo !iuy for anytliiiifj lint short
nlk on important itfins. Seo tin- new
S-l.OO Jiroche Shawl, al-o new Sprint)
Weight Shawln, The 12i tent J'lain
aid J'lgurcd )resn Goods art- n mnr
vel of i heiiini-i-s.
Our new I'laid J)ress Goods fiom 10
ocntb to Sl.lo jim- ynnl inn jilcnsiny all
tho latins.
See the new t-lmdu liroien L'ushmere
willrvtlvet to inaleh. It U a novel