The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, January 16, 1885, Image 3

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The Columbian.
Correct Railroad Time Tnlilc.
Trains on the Philadelphia X H. II. leave Hupcrt
as follows I
NOhril. 60CTII.
0:39 a. in. ll:5Ja.m.
4:00 p. in. 6:13 p. in.
Trains on I ho II. I. & V. 11. It. leave Bloomsburg
as follows i
7:03 a. In. 6:28 a. m.
11.01 a. In. 11:63 a. m.
.U.30 p. m. 4:36 p. In.
Tlio 8:33 n. m. train connects at Northumberland
with tho train on Pennsylvania road, reaching
Philadelphia at 8:15 p. m.
TbelhM train connects with Philadelphia and
Heading road at ltupert reaching Philadel
phia at a:0O p. in.
The 11:51 train connects with Pennsylvania road
at Northumberland at 1:M), reaching i'hlladolphla
ul 7:33 p. m.
Tho 4:30 p. in. train connects with Pennsylvania
toad at Northumberland at 8:05 p. in., and reaches
I'hlladclphla at 3:e3 a. in.
Trains on tho N. V. II. ltall wax pass llloom
Kerry as ioIIowb t
11:37 a. m.
0.30 p. 111.
13:01 P. m.
4:15 p. m.
CI ul RnlcH lor 1885,
Tlio New York World Is acknowledged
to bo tlio lending Democratic paper In the
United States. Everybody ought to take n
city paper In addition to n local one. Wo
have made arrangements with tho Weekly
World to club with tlio Coi.umiiian.
price of tho Weekly World Is $1.00. On
receipt ot $2.80 wo will send tho two pa
pers to nny address In tho county, for onu
year. Clubs of flvo persons at ono post of
llco can get them for $10,00 If ordered at
ono time. This Is a very liberal offer, and
Is mado for tho purpose of extending our
circulation nnd not because there Is any
money In It.
Wo do not bcllevo In tho chromo busi
ness. All the county newspapers aro pub
lished at , rates so low that tho margin of
profit is very small, and unless all aubscri
bers pay up, tho loss Is nearly equal to tho
profits. Wo consider that our readers get
tho full worth ot their money out ot this
paper at $1.00 a year, and wo cannot af
ford to givo every subscriber a gold watch
or a piano, at that price. But wo will do
this : Every subscriber who will pay up
all arrearages and ono year in ndvanco will
receive for ono year, Good Cheer, a monthly
paper devoted to the interests of homo and
family, and containing much valuable
reading matter. A sample copy can bo
seen at this olUcc. This oiler will stand
only for a limited time, and all who wish
to get $3.00 worth for $1.C0, should attend
to it at once.
Public Bales.
Lafayette Keeler, administrator of Thom
as Jlcllcnry, deceased will sell vnluablo
real estate on tho premises, in Benton
township on Saturday, January 24, 188.).
See advertisement.
J. Howard Kline, administrator of estate
of Moses Everett, deceased will sell real
estato on the premises in Orange township
on Saturday, January 17th, 1885. See ad
vertisement. Wesley Kaup administrator of Daniel
Haup will sell real estate in Locust town
ship on tho premises, on Monday, January
ll)th, 1885. Sec advertisement.
J. O. Yocum, Esq., of Cutawissa was in
town early Monday morning.
John Applemnn of Hemlock is able to bo
out again, after having a short Illness.
Col. Jamison registered nt the Bingham
house, Philadelphia, on Tuesday.
Mr. J. F. Mcllcury of Stillwater, will
please accept our thanks for courtesies
shown during a recent visit to that place.
Ellsha Ager, a former resident of this
town, mado his friends ft visit here recent
ly. Mrs. Nathan Driesbach of Van Camp,
who has been ill for some time, has sulll.
ciently recovered to sit up in bed.
W. A. Driesbach, son of Nathan Dries,
bach who is in business at Altoona came
home on Tuesday to visit with his parents
for a few days.
G. P. Frymiro came from Philadelphia,
on Tuesday of last week, very ill. lie was
confined to his bed and a physician sum
moncd. Have you seen the cloak man ?
E. E. Orvis, formerly of this town, died
recently at lvnoxvllle, Tenn.
Travel has been resumed between King
ston and Wilkesbarre.
A son of T. O. Fowler, aped 14 years,
died on Mouday morning.
Goods ut cost a, the Columhian store, to
close out.
Foil Sai.k, A large bay horse, suitable
for any kind of work, and not afraid of tho
cars. Apply to Henut S. Kisay, Rupert.
The Northumberland nail factories are
filling oideis by the car load at $2 per
For Kent. A very desirable property at
tho lower end of Scott Town, Main street.
Inquire of Geo. W. Dreisbacii.
The Tiench Paper Mill is uudergolnc re
pairs. Harman & Hasscrt are putting in a
large new boiler.
The Espy ferry boat was carried down
tho river by the ico a few weeks ago, and
was captured at Liverpool, Pa. It will bo
returned from theru when the canal opens.
A number of friends of Mrs. Aaron Hen
dershott paid her n visit on Mouday last,
the occasion being her seventy-third birth,
Fob. Kent. Two store rooms, and ono
dwelling, on Main street in tlio central por
tion of Bloomsburg. Inquire ot L. T.
Mrs. Sarah Ikeler, wife of William Ike
ler, died at her homo in Mt. Pleasant, Jan.
uary 4th, 1885. She was born nt Hacketts.
town, N. J., February 28th, 1701, and was
thercforo aged 03 years, 10 months ami 0
days, Funeral services were conducted
by Hev. E. M. Chllcoat.
Tlio subject ot establishing an lntcrmcdi
ate tribunal to relieve the Supreme Court
Is being discussed by tho Bar Associations
through tho State. The Columbia County
Bar should not bo behind others in this
movement, and a meeting should bo held
to discuss the subject, and appoint u com.
mlttce to represent them, should a general
meeting be called.
Benton has a skating rink. It is located
on the third tloor of Dr. McIIenry's now
building, and la open two nights in tho
week. It was visited by tour Bloomsburg
lawyers and the Sheriff, last Monday night,
but not In a professional capacity, It was
only for fun, and they had lots of It, watch
Ing the movements of the beginners.
Though the rink has been in opratlou but
a short time, there are some who have a),
ready mastered the rollers, and will soon
become expert skaters.
According to tlio Mt. Qtrmtl Neict, tho
finances of Northumberland county arc in
n good condition, In n into Issue they say 1
But $7,000 of tho $20,000 county bonds
outstanding remain unpaid, nnd there Is
$13,000 In tho treasury.
Sale or Exchange. A good, sound
work horso, 0 years old j will sell low, or
exchango on n prompt driving horse. Ap
ply to J, H. or at tho Exchange
By tho explosion of a boiler in the mill
of Wclgel & Drobst at Wllllamsport last
Monday afternoon, two men wero killed,
and six badly Injured. The two dead men
were found over 100 feet nway from tho
mill. The explosion was caused by lack
of wntcr In tho boiler.
If you need nny thing In tho lino of a
silver or gold watch or nny article of Jew
elry, silver wnrc, Ac. Call nt L. llcrnhnrds,
Jewelry Store, nnd get tho best for your
Tho closing out sale nt the Columbian
storo Is not simply for tho ptirpoio ot (lis.
posing of old Hock to make room for new
goods. Everything on tho shelves will
positively be disposed of nf coil, as the re
tnll department of this office Is to be closed
and the room used as a taw ofllec, nnd
newspaper business ofllec, by the proprie
tors of this paper.
CitPRCit Services. T h 0 Uov. D. F.
Stiles will deliver a centennial sermon In
the Greenwood M. E. church next Sab.
bath evening, January 18. He will speak
of the "Organization of the M. E. Church,
Methodists Then and Now, nnd the Growth
of Methodism."
lteliglous services nro held at present
every evening In several of our churches
the Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist and Pres
byterian. Such efforts to do good ought to
bo encouraged by n full attendance. To
mention only Hit lowest motive, the pros,
polity of the churches lies at tho founda
tion of our material, social and civil wcl
faro. There Is no surer way of making
our boys good, useful, happy citizens, than
by making them true christians.
Attractive and Usekci- The Brown
Chemical Co., Baltimore, Mil., the owners
of the celebrated Brown's Iron Bitters,
have Just issued 11 beautiful Hand Book
and Almanac for ladles, and a complete
and useful Memorandum Book for men.
Thcso publications nro attractive, contain
ing a great many vnluablo and interesting
things. They are furnished froo of charge
by druggists and country store keepers,
but should they not have them the Brown
Chemical Co. will send either nook on re
ceipt of a two cent stamp to pay postage.
Some of the enterprising people of North
umberland county are making an effort to
have the county purchaso the bridges be
tween Northumberland and Sunbury, nnd
make them free for public use. We
wish our neighbors success. Several at
tempts have been made to have our county
build a free bridge, iu order to connect the
south side, and give the farmers of the
north side, a free passage for their pro
ducts to the coal regions While wo wish
our neighbors a 11 tho success possible at
tho same time we would like to see our
county equal with them In having a free
A Bethlehem paper anuounccs tho death
of Mrs. Maggie Luch, formerly Stincman.
She was a nativo nf Bloomsburg, and about
four years ago was united In matrimony
with Prof. E. W. Luch. The young couple
removed to Bethlehem and later to West
Bethlehem, The deceased was an earnest
Christian lady, and a devout member of
tho M. E. Church. Although a resident of
the Bethleheras but a very few years, by
her pleasing manners she won a host of
friends who will learn of her sudden and
early demise with deep regret. Besides
her crlef stricken husband, an infant
daughter survives her. Tho funeral took
place from her late home, on Brogd street,
West Bethlehem, at 10 o'clock Thursday
ClOKllllf Out.
Some lines of our goods are nil gone.
We still have Foolscap, Legal Cap, Letter
and Note paper, in packs of ten and flvo
quires, very cheap. Killed Noto paper for
school use at 10, 15, 20 and 25 cents per
pack of five quires. Ink, Mucilage, Pen
holdersbut wc cannot enumerate every
thing. Tho goods nro such as everybody
uses, and aro going posiliiely at cost at tho
Columbian store.
lilell City I.ooiuluir Up.
Our Glen City correspondent writes us
that there are bright prospects in storo for
that village. Mr. George McAlarney, of
Plymouth, ono of the owners of the coal
lands in that vicinity was around lately tor
minnting some of the leases for the land lo
cated In Scott Valley, nnd ordered Mr.
Thos. Lynch to proceed at once to clean
up the breaker and put it In shape. Mr.
McAlarney said that a company of Pittston
men had been organized to take hold of the
Glen City mines and put them in operation.
The work of pumping the water from the
mines will be commenced as soon as possl.
hie, and tho breaker machinery will be put
in .first-class working order. They also
propose to prospect for other veins of coal
with the intention of increasing the capac
Ity of tho breaker. We trust that tho move
ment will bo a success. Item.
Mt. Carinel Jlurdercrfl,
John Mike and Jehor Baranow wero last
seen in Mt. Carmcl, September 13th, 1884.
They were seen at tho Lehigh Valley Hall,
road depot receiving messages from their
countrymen to be taken to Prussia. They
had wilh them a considerable sum ot
money, some ot which should have been
used in paying their storo bills beforo de
parting. After being on board ship a few
days they met a Pole named Payewskl,
bound for tho land ot his birth. As tlmo
passed the three became quito intimate.
Payewskl Informed Ills companions that he
had been employed nt Nantlcoke and by
habits ot Industry had accumulated a snug
little sum ot money with which he pro.
posed lightening life's burdens iu Poland.
Mike nud Biirannw at mice determined to
secure either by fair or foul means the
fruits of PayowskPs honest toil. The
ocean was crossed and the journey Inland
began, Up to this time numerous at.
tempts had been made tn steal Payewskl's
gold. At lust just beforo reaching their
Kussiau home, and while walking on tho
highway, a ball whs sent whizzing through
Payewskl's brain. Patrolmen discovered
the murdered man and instantly word was
sent to the passport ofllcers. MIko and
Baranow wero suspected and arrested,
Ttyo ItussUm government employed Gus.
tnve Hahn hsq., a prominent German law.
yer of Wilkesbarre, to gather all that was
possible- to learn about tho men. Mr,
Hahn was in Mt. Carmcl on Thursday and
spent an hour in the Seict olllce In the
prosecution ot his work, lie has a photo.
graph of Payewskl in which tho bullet
wound' can plainly be seen. It is Mr,
Hahn's opinion that MIko nnd Baranow
will not return to Mt. Curmel this year.
Mt. (Mrmtl A'tui, Jan. 10.
iloltclnsn In 18B5.
For the year 1885 days nnd dates of Im
portant events, anniversaries and holidays
will fall as follows Epiphany, Tuesday,
Jan 0th 1 Bcpttiagcslma Sunday, Feb. 1st
St. Valentino's Day, Saturday, Feb. 14th
Shrove Tuesday (Fastnnclit), Feb. 17th
Ash Wednesday, Feb. 18th t Washington's
Birthday, Sunday Feb. 22d First Sunday
In Lent, Feb. 22d St. Patrick's Day,
Tuesday, March 17th Palm 8unday,
March 20th j Good Friday, April 3rd
Easter Sunday, April Cth Low Sunday,
April 12th ) Kogation Sunday, May 10th
Ascension Day, Thursday, May 4th Dec
oration Dny, Saturday, May nOth 1 Trln
Ity Sunday, Mny 31st ; Corpus Christie,
Thursday, J11110 4lhj Independence Dny,
Saturday, July 4th; First Sunday In Ad.
vent, Nov, 10th Christmas, Friday, Dec.
Dr. Hcngan's drug storo presents 11 fine
nppenrance. It Is ono of tlio llnest drug
stores about here. The Doctor has a lino
practice' E. M. ltcmcy la the accom
pllshcd druggist In the store.
Doc. McCica has gone to Nnntlcoko to
practice medicine. Ills numerous friends
wish him success.
Mnltlo Freas, wo nro happy to note, Is
convalescent, after a month's sickness.
Dr. Litllo's main "takes the cake" for
The Evangelical Church hns a successful
Mrs, S. C. Jayno has received u beautiful
letter from her cousin, President Cleve
land, In response to congratulating him 11s
tn his election.
Wo have Just seen one ot tlio finest
sleighs-to ho found In this section of the
country, built in Berwick by Trcscotl
Bros. On each side Is a drab reindeer
with all the nntlers. They look exceed
ingly npproprlato and beautiful. The de
sign of the sleigh Is very uuiquc, such as
wo have never seen before. It gives char-
ncter to tho skill and workmanship of
these young men. It is to be seen In
their shop back of Main street. If nnyono
has n prettier sleigh, we want to see It.
They mnke carriages and buggies of the
finest mold and shape.
Savage, the toll-keeper, still keeps up
his popularity. Nemo.
Our teachers have again commenced
their usual routluc of business after their
There was quite a wreck on the P. it H.
Railroad last week in which four cars were
thrown down an embankment and two
others off the track. No one hurt.
Would It not be well for the people of
this town to look after their pavements.
As it is, we can hardly tell whether they
are muitholes, or sidewalks.
The skntlug rink is yet in fuil blast with
a constant chnnge of programme. Wheth
er it Is a benefit to tho town, we will leave
others discuss.
We nre sorry to hear that ourfrlend Mr.
Holshoe intends taking Horace Greely's
advice and go west.
Thos. E. Ilardcr's new building U up
proaching completion. If is quite an orna
ment to the town.
Tlio wages of the men have again been
reduced the first of this month. How will
a poor man pay I1I3 bills after while is a
question that employers ought to consi
der. The new M. E. church will bo dedicated
on Sunday, Feb. 15th.
The annual hop of Sylvnnla division No.
23, O. of R. O. wc understand wns quite a
There is to bo a local institute held In
this place the latter part ot March for the
lower end of the county.
All persons ought to subscribo for the
Columbian ; as it is tho only, good Demo
cratic paper In tlio county.
The Continental colliery owned nnd op
erated by the L. V. Coal Company, bus
ponded operations on Monday morning for
an Indefinite period. Over six hundred
men and boys are thrown out of employ,
The Rcuo tunnel nt Montana, after being
driven over 550 feet through the solid rock
lias at last terminated with very satisfac
tory results. A vein of coal varying from
17 to 20 inches has been struck, which
causes no little joy among the residents of
this borough. The company will erect a
breaker as soon as the gangways nre driv
en, where at least 500 men nnd boys can
find employment.
John Ryan, of Chicago, III., visited
friends iu town last week.
L. A Riley & Co. have opened a meat
market, in connection with their mammoth
A Polnnder employed on the platform at
Ccutrulia colliery had three of his fingers
taken off by a piece of coal on Wednesday.
Thomas Calllien, stable boss at Logan
Colliery, wus severely hurt, by being Jam
med betweeu mine wagons Inst week.
The lower boiler house at Centralla Col
liery caught fire on Thursday, but was ills
covered in tlmo tn prevent nny serious
Daniel Curry had a force ot men en
gaged in tilling his Ice house the past week.
James McElroy, the boy who wus in
jured nt North Ashlunil colliery last week,
Is rapidly improving, at the hospital.
In a light on Friday evening, among the
Polauders on tho outskirts of town, John
Mclawsky wns seriously, If not fatally,
stabbed. No arrests have been made, as
the affair has been kept very quiet.
Daniel Sweeuy, the dry goods "Klug,"
received an Immense stock of goods last
The Sodality connected with St. Igna
tius' church, are making preparations to
hold n reception some time next month.
Over one hundred members attend the
meetings, nnd tho reception promises to be
u very successful one.
Mrs. John Hanlcy, who lias been visiting
in Clearfield county the past month, re.
turned to town on Saturday.
Judging from the manner In which our
clergymen went for tho skating rinkB, ami
those who patronize them, on Sunday, 'ho
rink about to be erected here will bo but
sllmly attended.
Tlio Lehigh Valley Company have built
a very cozy little house on tho corner of
Railroad street for the gato tender, Ml,
The Logan colliery suspended work on
Monday on account of high water, caused
by tho heavy rains of Sunday night.
Dr. Gnlnner is a frequent visitor to tho
Ashland skating rink. Doc's whole am
billon, at present, Is to become an easy
and graceful skater. Wc wish him sue.
Miss Mary Murphy will leave for West
Chester on Mouday, where bIio will attend
Personals. -Miss Meade of Mahanoy
Piano, Miss Beck of Pottsvllle, and M. J.
O'Neal of Qirardville, were In town last
Illicit tlortit
A. P. Young of Mluvillc, visited the Pat
rons of Husbandry nt their regular meeting
on Friday evening Inst.
Tho fox chase on Saturday last caused
Bomo excitement for the dny. If we would
Imvo had a few more dogs, and better ones,
nnd soiuu mora men and boys, nnd It had
not been so dry nnd windy, nnd there had
been some snow on the ground not too
deep, but dnmp and wet, nnd tho fox had
not run In a holo In all probability Sly
Reynard would hnvo neon caught.
Jesse Shoemaker of Bloomsburg, drove
through these parts on Inst Sunday even.
Messrs. J. Thomas nnd D, Stroup wero
with friends nt Mt. Plcaoint, Sunday, nnd
returned Monday morning. Storm staid,
of course.
Wu nro pleased to know that tho sldo
wnlk question Is being agitated, nnd wc
hope thnt soma action will bo taken upon
it. This Is all wo need to mnko our town
compare with other country vlls. Why not
hnve them ?
Mrs. Amanda and Elizabeth Shoemaker
anil Mrs. Klstlcr, visited our schools on
Tuesday. Wo learn from some of tho pu
pils that they are preparing for rhctorlcnl
exercises on Friday afternoon of this week.
All who aro interested In tho work of edu
cation, will undoubtedly, bo gladly wel
coined by both pupils nnd teacher 011 thnt
Protracted meeting in the M. E. Church,
still In progress.
t present writing we learn that Frank
Purse), who wus badly hurt by a.
falling tree, Is very slowly Improving.
Some hopes nro now being entertained of
ills recovery.
Lewis Hnrtmau und family will cist
their tot with the western emigrant train
n tho spring,
Wellington Crossley moves on the Abram
Stutlfcr lot, the which he has purchased
for $740.
Answer to last Benton puzzle : The Cot-
UMiiiAN. Fairy.
Wo hope our young friends every where
enjoy the long winter evcnlugs around
their cheerful circles and comfortable flics,
amusing themselves by reading useful
books and papers, among which should bo
the Columbian, and improve their golden
Would you llku n problem ? A anil B
bought u side of beef weighing 102 lbs. for
7 cts. per lb., A took tho hind quarter
which weighed 58 lbs., und paid 1 cts.
per lb. more than B did for tho fore quar
ter which weighed 40 lbs. How much did
each pay for his quarter ? How much per
lb ? Let cncli one who solves It send the
answer to the editors Columbian. Should
you, however, fall, ask your tenchcr to as
sist you.
Up here we have March weather and
muddy roads, hut now it froze ngain.
They are still boring for coal on Iphei's
farm near Cambria, only think that we
should live In the heart of a coal centre.
There Is a largo number of coal infidels
Freeman Bower and wife of Berwick nro
visiting friends in Fishingereck, Germany,
this und other neighborhoods during work
suspension of the Jackson & Woodin M.
F. G. Co.
Let the weather prophets try ngain and
see what they will make of it.
What a flue string of llsli Bony Crawford,
Silas McIIcnry, Samuel nnd Phillip Gil),
bons hooked out from under tint ice in
Edgar's mill pond in Pino Creek on Mon
day a week.
If I were Willie Ashelmar. I would bor
row a shot gun and shoot that red squirrel
that is runniug up nnd down the corner of
the house so much.
Another volume of history is written and
completed by every person young and old.
Only think how many volumes some peo
ple have written. From 80 to a 100 and
upwards. And now they have nil com
menced another volume with a dozen or
more pages completed, but many will not
be finished. Could we open these books
and read their contents, what astonishing
nnd appalling history n great deal of it
would be. Beware what you write every,
body! These books will all bo opened to
us und every item charged to our account
In the day of settlement.
I am composed of twenty-two letters.
My 1, 2, 17, 4 Is nn expectation.
My 17, 8, 0, 23 nil should have for the
My 11, 18, 3, 12, 7 is u sweet substance.
My 13, 18, 15, 10, 2, 3 is a state capital
My 5. i, 10, 0, 10, 20, 21, 14 is the point
that marks the commencement of summer
or winter.
My whole is a proverb whoso truthful
ness is attested by all who practico it.
Tlic Xlucleciitli Century.
The nineteenth century Is un age of mar
Yclous exploits aud wonderful invention.
Every thing seems to move with a system,
aud to its utmost tension. Tho arts are in
tho highest state ot development and per
fectlon, nud their nppllanccs utilized and
adapted to every conceivable industry, nnd
they hnvo also become the great mollvo
for transportation of huge and collossal
burdens, which are carried in every direc
tion, and from every point over our vast
domain, nnd all over tho world with the
velocity of tho wind, not by strength,
nerve, or muscle, nor by tho forco of
beasts, but by tho will, ingenuity and skill
of man. Not only will this continue until
every portion of tho Inhabitable globe Is
peopled, settled and supplied with pro.
ducts, commodities uud industries iu nil
countries alike, but until every barrier and
vestige of national supremacy are broken
down, nnd an equilibrium produced iu civi
lization, Christianity aud sscial conditions,
and ull tariff aud labor protection swept
awny us naturally and surely as water seeks
Its level. The sciences emphatl.
cally demonstrate this idea, und
every decade it becomes more evidently
manifest. Ignorance and supeistltlonfudu
before their glaring light ns tho darkness
Ikes from the light of the aim. The full
and complete realization ot such u result
In the natural order ot progression is us
inevitable and irresistible ns the uoouday
sun which courses his way through the
heavens unobstructed by the shadows
which continually recede ou his approach.
Messages aro now sent nil over tho globe
with lightning speed, and nil people aro
brought faco to face, and near neighbors
In point of news, by tho use of the tele,
graph, cable und phone, whllo the press,
aud all other educational machinery aro
fast battering down all partition walls of
inequality, whether with n zealot Intention
or of prevention, knowledge or forethought
with, or without such an cud in view, clth
er to consummate, or opposo it, matters
uot, thoy nevertheless, all the samo hasten
the period as fast as time, events and clr.
cumstanccs will permit. Art Is but the
lover by which science lifts the savngo and
scml-clvilized in all stnges of superstition
and tradition to a plain of equality, civili
zation and universal brotherhood.
The answer to last week's puzzle Is "The
Columbian," It wns answered by Miss
Lou Westlerof Berwick, Miss Blanche Am.
merman of Ornngevlllc, Miss Hattle Lim
bach of Benton, W. L. Dciltcrleh, Espy.
Mr. Art Glgcr of Pcorln, HI., correctly
answered the puzzlo In Jan, 2nd number.
A Berwick correspondent fends us tho
No. 1.
I mil composed ot 17 letters.
My 1, 0, 10, Is an adjective.
My 3, 5, 0, 8, Is what n great many tic.
sire to be.
My 14, 10, 2, Is n garden Implement.
My 17, 1(1, 10, Is part of a tree.
My 3, 1C, 12, 2, Is a fragrant flower.
My 11, 10, 3, 12, 2, Is nn animal.
My 18, 17, 10, 0, 7, Is a lime keeper.
My 4, IB, 3, 7, is what tramps dislike.
A Benton lady sends the following 1
No. 2.
My name is composed of 13 letters.
My 1, 0, 10, is part of a wngon.
My 12, 13, 0, 8, 3, is what n rogue will
do to his best friend.
My 4, 11, G, 7, Is part of nn nnlmal.
My 1, 2, 3, Is worn by a person.
The prop business Is Rooming again.
Samuel Snyder visited his brother ut Mil'
ton on Thursday,
The farm, saw mil! and grist mill known
ns The Yolie Mill has been sold to John
Houek nnd Warren Kochler of Luzerne
Kinney Creasy has been unable to wnlk
for nearly eight weeks can fed by hip dls.
ease. At present lie is Improving.
Win. Keller Is sinking a well on his
The German Reformed nnd Lutheran
church which was torn down n week ago
was built in 180!). There aro two or three
perilous living in town who were present
nt the laying of the comer stone und ra-
mcmber it quite well.
Harvey Hess travelling salesman for
Stcph. Engle of llnzleton, spent Sunday
with Ids father A. W. Hess.
Milliiu has n skating rink loo. Free to
Hlratn Hons of Nantlcoke visited his
brother G. A. of lletlerville on Saturday.
The Reforms will hold services In the
English Lutheran church during their
building period. Rev. Donat will preach
on Sunday next at 10 A. M.
Since our Inst wilting four denths have
occurred from diphtheria. Willie Nyer,
Jolinio r.rvln, Lulu, and Chester Slusscr.
Tho disense, however, lias not been spread
ing for the past two weeks.
Hurley Seybcrt of Illinois is spending
the winter with his parents at West Mif
II i 11 .
E. O. Jones leccived the sad Intelligence
of the death of his mother on "Wednesday.
She hail been living with her brother
near Evansville.
Court VroccccIIingH.
Court met on Saturday pursuant tend-
journmcnt. His Honor Wm. Elwell Pre
sident Jttdgo nnd Hon's F. L. Shuman und
James Lake associates on tlio Bench.
Ira Hess vs Win. Patterson. Rule grant
ed to show cause why now trial shall not
be had.
Estutu Cuinden Mcnrs. Exceptions to
auditor's report ot Sheriff sale,
Alfied Bower vs William Kisner. On
motion of E. R. Ikeler, judgment is taken
tor want of an nppenrance.
Assigned estate of Jacob M. Iieishline.
pprnlsement filed.
Assigned estate of Bclshline Bros. Ap
praisement filed.
Bonds of Assignee of Belshllue Bros.
and Jacob M. Beisnllne approved.
Edwin Jones vs Elsie J. Jones. DepsL
tions filed.
John O. Jones vs Denison Brink. Peti
tion to open judgment tiled. Rule t show
cause granted.
E. Keeler & Co. vs Beishline uud Bro.
and J. M. Belshllue. Petition of Sheriff
for Interpleader.
Public road in Greenwood near Jtillville.
The name of Eli Mcllenry stricken off
the viewers und Irani Dcir substituted.
Court adjourned to .Monday.
Estato of Thomas Mcllenry. Specific
peiformnnco of contract decreed. ,
Road iu Malu .township, near W. .U.
Fisher. Petition to vacate filed.
Estate Joseph Snyder. Petition of Jno.
G. Quick Administrator to pay balance of
.1-37.00 In his hands to parties entitled there
to, filed.
E. D. Ilagenbuch AdminUtrntor &c, vs
John S. Shuman Administrator. Judgment
J. W. Evans vs L. Bredbennur. Rule to
show cause why judgment should not be
opened. Rule discharged.
Commonwealth vs J. L. Bn.ucr. Recog
nizance of Dr. Jos. L. Bauer with G. E.
Meyers as surety in the sur.i of $200 for
appenrunco of defendant ut May sessions.
Conimoiiwenltli vs B. F. DnIIinan. On
motion costs to be paid within 20 days or
no!, pros, to be stricken off.
Commonwealth vs J. L. Bauer, On mo
tion costs to be paid within 120 days or uol.
pros, to bo stricken off.
Commonwealth vs O. Eiskamp. On mo-
tlon costs to bo paid within 20 days or nol.
pros, to be stricken off.
Road in Cutawissa near M. E. Parsonage.
William Stoker, Moses Hower and Joseph
Reeder appointed reviewers.
Estate of minor children of John Sands.
Bond of John R. Eves guardian In the sum
of $0000 with Vernon Eves as surely (filed
aud approved.
Ustnto of Chiistian Young; deceased. Re.
turn of inquest, confirmed absolute.
11. G. Crevellng vs John Illnterlltcr ft.
ux. Opinion filed nnd judgment reversed.
Tcuclivr' illumine.
After the resolutions wor udopted Prof,
Balliet continued his tall; on primary utltli
inetlc. Ho would not touch figures during
tho first six months or year of tho child's
schooling. Children cannot think of num
ber without thinking of tilings. He show,
ed tho several processes ot thought lu tho
child's mind In learning its first lessons In
figures, This closed tlio forenoon ses.
Tho afternoon session was well Attended
by the teachers. They ar not required, by
law, to attend longer Uiuu til noon,
Prof Balliet then answered and dlscust a
few questions uskt by some ot the teachers.
Ho would nol teach the multiplication
table. To understand u number tho child
must understand all tho process in that
number. 'Ihe child has lerued proceses
beforo it came to bchool j but thoso pro
ceses must bo repeated with numbers 111
it understands proceses la connection witli
uiimber and number itself. He would
teach all the proceses, addition, subtrac
tlon, multiplication uud division In tho
lame recitation und of tho samo numbers.
lie condemns rapid calculation : because
it Is a mechanical operation rather than
onu ot reason. A soon as tho child can
think of objects without having them pre
sentcd to the senses, then figures can be
introduced with safety. Objects duro not
bo i.ttracllv for such draw tho child's atten.
tlon from thnt to bo taught to Uie contcm
platlon nnd admiration of ttie object Itself.
To reform a bad boy ho would try personal J
attachment t nnd keep htm busy at mens-
tiring schocl grounds, farms, houses, &c.
8-nal boys should not be cxpcled 1 but
Prof. Harrison then recited "The Little
Girl's Wish."
Dr. Waller spoko on school discipline.
Tho school must bu properly heated and
lighted. Tho teacher must bo wldo awake.
Ho should hav a smooth temper and n dls.
position tn bo Impartial. Prof. Walker
spoko of tlio grentnes and grandeur of the
teacher's calling. Tho Prof, ought to
know for ho bus been In tho harncs for wcl
nigh n half century. Prof. Balllct then
mado his last and the last speech of this
Institute. Study tho child. Walch that
you mny not weary It In rocltnllon.
Make tho child tho object ot study and
adopt the means and methods used In Its
education to Its capacity and needs. In
compllnnnco to a resolution pased by tho
Institute, tho county was divided Into three
parts as follows 1 1st Berwick, Mlfilln,
Briarcreck, Centre nnd Scott, 2nd Bcnvcr,
Bloomsburg, Montour, Hemlock, Ccntra
lla and Conynghnm, 3rd Benton, Fishing-
creek, Jackson, Pine, Greenwood, Orange,
Mt. Pleasant and Madison. For each of
these districts a committee wns appointed
whose duty it is to nrraugc for a local in
Blltuto time, place, etc. The committee
nr as follows t for 1st district Amelia
Armstrong, II. M. Evans, Anna Millard
and J. L. Snyder, for 2nd district, O. H.
Bakelcss, Frances Becker, nnd Clins. W.
Gearhart j for 3rd district, James Robblns,
Thomas Kcster and Cora Keeler.
A resolution wns pased that a committee
lie appointed to nudlt the treasurer's ac
counts. No such committee was appoint
ed Hint I know of, nor has tho treasurer re
ported to mo the condition of tho Institute's
funds. I suppose thnt ho intends to fur
nish you with a copy of the receipts and
expenditures of the institute. If I had not
already taken up so much space I should
like to dlgres nn the probable good the in
stitute has don. That it was a complete
succcs there can be no doubt. Tho instruc
tion was the very best and was as a rule
well rcceiveed by the teachers. Thcro ar
however, too many teachers who attend
the Institute for the purpose of having a
good time, with no thought of being made
better teachers. 1 have no thanks for the
persons who saw tit to make me I heir
scribe. I had the mlsfortuno of not hear
ing a great part of what I havo here re
ported. I will say iu conclusion elect a
reliable person for your scribe next time
nnd don't forget that the absence of which
makes all disinterested labor unsavory.
Wo have followed the phonetic spelling
of tho Secretary. Ed.
STRAUCII-FRITZ. At the residence
of the bride's father, Mr. Ezcklel Fritz,
Jackson, Pa., January 1st, 1885, by Rev.
D. M. Kinter, Mr. Elmer F. Slrauch to
Miss Laura Fritz, both of Waller, Colum
bia county, Pa.
SIDLEP. HARTZEL. At the Reformed
parsonage in Ornngevlllc, January 0th, '85,
by Rev. A. Houtz, Mr. Ambrose Sidler ot
Centre township, to Miss Anna Elizabeth
Hartzcl of Mt. Pleasant township.
ANDREWS RUCKLE. At tho Luther,
an parsonage in Berwick, December 27,
1884, by Rev. J. P. German, Mr. P. Frank
Andrews to Miss Hattle Ruckle, both of
Conyngham, Luzerne county, Pa.
THOMAS-CROSBY. At the Lutheran
parsonage in Berwick, January 1st, 1885,
by Rev. J. P. German, Mr. Charles E.
Thomas to Miss Lucy May Crosby, both of
Kingston, Pa.
dence of the brldo's parents, December 31,
1884, by Rev. J. P. German, .Mr. David A.
Michael to Miss Emma B. Shaffer.
One bale best licnvv muslin 7 cts. per yd.
by bolt, ut I. W. Hnrtinan & Son's. Cash
or produce.
For the next 00 days I will make fine
cabinet photos at S3.00 per dozen. Lieut-
nine process. Quick iui wink. A full line
of frames on hand. MoKillip.
Jan 16-3 mos
Ono caso (2082 yds.) best light calico 5
cents per yd., at I. W. Hartman & Son's.
One bale of good unbleached muslin CJ
cts. per yu., nt i. w. llartman cc son s.
Running off remnants of cotton and wool
goods at I. W. Hartmnn is bou's.
Sec tho fine and common shirting
W. llnrtmnn & Son's.
at I.
You enn see the Spring of 1885 in whito
Dress uoous, j.ignt uullcoes, uamurics.
Percales, Ginghams, &c, nt I, W. Hart
man & Son's.
..The Squire." savs the author of "The
Hooslcr Schoolmaster," wore one glass eye
and a wig. The glass eye was constantly
slipping out of fecus, und tho wig turning
around sidewlso on his heed whenever he
addressed the people of tho Flat Creek
District." Sad spectacle. Parker's Hair
Balsam preserves and promotes tho crotl
of tho natural hair. It also restores the
natural color to hair which has faded or
become gray. Clean, elegant, beneficial
highly perfumed.
Sept 20-eom fit
.lames 11. iUeioer "iiarantceH post
tivo relief for any couuli. cold, croup,
or hint? complaint by usiiitr Acker's
KtiKlinh Itcnieily, or will refund tho
When baby was sick, wo gave her OAS
When she was u child, she cried for
When she became .Miss, she clung to
When she had Children, she gave them
Mil. flOl'Ull ON SILK HATS.
"it would Do no violation ot the com
mnuumcni, said joim n. uougn, "if a
inau wero to full down nnd worship the
silk hut, for it is not mude in tlio llkcnes
ot anytiiiug in uenven, or on cartli, or In
tlio waters wiuni aro under me eartu
Besides it heats the head and causes Hi
hair to full off. Purkcr's Hair Balsam will
stop that and restore tho original color to
gray or luiieii iiair. isot oily, not a dye,
beneficial, dellclously perfumed. A per.
lect iiair dressing, ouc. ah druggists
Sep 10-5t
"uocaii on oouuiis."
Ask for "Hough on Coughs," for coughs.
coins, sore uiroui, Hoarseness. rroclics
15c. Lliplld, 25c.
Clears out rats, mice, roaches, Hies, nnti
bed-bugs, Bkunks, chipmunks, gophers
Palpitation, dropsical, dizziness, indlgci
lion, ueauueue, sleeplessness cured
"Wells' Health Rcnewer."
"itCUail ON OOI1NS."
Ask for Wells' "Rough on Corns. 15c
Quick, complete cure. Hard orsoft corns,
warts, bunions.
Strcugtheulng, improved, tho best tor
backache, pains in chest or sldo rheuma.
U9m, neuralgia,
O AIjVKS. I want neatly all tho good calves tn tho county.
CT-IfVPirQ A specialty. I deal largely in nico whlto clean and thrifty shotea
O II J.l. VjO. . fmn, 71.11 olTl. 0 mnntln 31. 11. fit. 4. 41. B. fl. 7 to 8
months old, shotcs in weight from 25, 110, 85, 40, 45, CO, 60, 70, 80,
00, to 100 pounds a piece. 1
OUJjTllY Chickens, Turkeys, Gccsc, Ducks, Pigeons, Ac.
OT? Tf A specialty. I handlo pork In weight from 75, 80, 0b, 100, 125, 160, 173.
VX1V 200, 225, 250, 275, 800, 350, 400 to 450 pounds, by tho pound, quarter.and
sldo or whole pig.
Tll?Kl? A specialty by the pound, half
' L Atnnillmr lln nr knnplrpil ilnwn.
; ' j
cents a pound.
A. PPJjES hJ" Pcck' uusllc'i er "'0
l?UliS Fox, Skunk, Raccoon, Mink,
JJ A Y Timothy, Clover, arid Timothy
BARK 0ak nnd Hemlock.
.iYE STRAW 11,0 bun,,Iu
rTIUURR A,t klnls 2x4 0xi 36.
iUIUDIjIV nnd 20, 24, 28, 30 to 82
Boards and Plank 12, 14, 10, 18 and 20 feet
German slilliiL' 12. 14 and 10 fectlnno-.
Hemlock Boards 0x12 Inch, gauged 12, 14. 10 and 18 feet long. Shingle and Plaster
Ing lath. A lot of gooi dry white plno boards, narrow, medium nnd wide 12, 13, 14, 10
18 nnu incncs wide. worKeu wniio pine, yellow pine, and Hemlock flooring, vs, l
and 1G feet long. Shaved and sawed shlnttlcs, pine, No 1, 2, and 3, pine, Hemlock nnd
chestnut. Battens 2 and 3 inch, 12, 14 and 10 feet long, pickets, posts, rails, wain,
scotlng. Lumber dressed In tho ynrd at the store. Tclephono connection.
SI I, AS Yimm
TlllH l'KOI'LK.
Wells' Health Rcnewer" restores health
nnd vigor, cures dyspepsia headache, ner
vousness, debility. il.
and the many throat nffectlons of children,
promptly, pleasantly and sufcly relieved by
Hougn onuougns" irocnes, loc. i uaisam,
If you are fulling, broken, w
worn out nnd
nervous, use "Wells' llcullli
$1. Druggists.
If you aro losing your grin on life, try
Wells' Health Rcnewer." Goes direct to
cak spots.
Instant relief for neuralgia, toothache,
faceache. Ask for "Rouch on Toothache."
15 und 25 cents.
Ladles who would rctniu freshness nnd
vivacity. Don't fall to try "Wells' Health
Hacking, Irritating coughs, colds, sore
lliroat. cured uy "iiougu on uoueus."
Troches, 15c. Liquid 25c.
"Uoush on Itch" cures liumors,erup-
tlons, ring-worm, tetter, salt rheum, frost
ed feet, chlllblains.
Children slow in development, puny.
scrnwncy, nnd delicUc, use "Wells' Health
three or four hours every night coughing.
Get Immediate relief and sound rest by
uslne; Wells' "Rough on Coughs." Troches,
15. . Balsam, 25c.
Stromrtheninp-. imnroved. the tioHt for
backache, puins in chest or side, rheuma
tism, neuralgia.
Real JCstate.
Pursuant to nn order ot tho Orphans Court ot
Columbia County, Pa., will bo sold at public salo
on the premise in the township of Locust, In said
county on
Monday, January 19th, 1885,
at two o'clock, P. M. the following described real
estate ot Daniel Haup, deceased, to-wlt : A
tltuate In said Locust township adjoining lands of
John Hughes, Elijah C. Cleaver and heirs of John
Johnsoi. containing
25 Acres,
more or less, whereon are erected a
Log Dwelling House
and outbuildings.
Tr.HMS OF SALE. Ten percent, ot one-fourth
of tho purcha&o money to bo paid at tho striking
down of the property ; tho one-fourth less the ten
per cent, at the conllrmatlon absolute ; and tho
remaining three-fourths fn one year after confir
mation nW, with Inleieat from that date.
Thr Preta comes to tho new year with tho lar
gest circulation, the best equipment, and the full-
est requn-cments of tho complete newspaper
which It has everenjoyod. The past year has
been one of great growth. These Increased f aclll
ties and resources give it tho means of being even
a better newspaper than ever before.
The political change lends added interest and
obligation to the future, rite Press faces new du
ties with undaunted spirit It Is Republican In
principle, untrammelled In expression, with faith
in the intelligent masses nnd fealty to purer poll
tics. It Is especially del oled to the national pol
icy ot Protection as tho bulwark ot American In
terests and Industries.
Above all, It will maintain Its pre-eminence as a
complete General and Family Newspaper.
The unklu l'ress excels In all the elements of a
first-class General and Faintly weekly newspaper.
It fa especially ndaptod to the wants ot all who
desire a conclso and coinprehcnslvo presentatlop
ot monews oitneaay witn interesting anu in
tructlvo reading for tho home and the llrealdo.
Its Agricultural and Household Departments are
among the best any where printed, and good sto
ries, graphlo correspondence and choice raised
lany complete a paper which Is unsurpassed. 11
lustrated special articles on live topics will be a
rromlnent feature of tho coining year. Send for a
specimen copy containing largo and nttmctlto list
ot books ottered as premiums to subscribers and
elub raisers.
DAILY, Including Sunday, ono j ear, ; one
month, M cents.
DAILY, exclude of Sunday, one year,;
one mouth, W cents.
SUNDAY edition only, ono year, $2.U)
Served by Clly Carriers, 1 cents a week ; Inclu.
ding Sunday, 16 cents a wet .
IVia H'W i'(v, one dollar a year.
Drafts, checks, and other remittance!, should be
mado payable to
77ffc' HIKSS CO., UiHtteJ,
dec 86-tw Philadelphia, Pa.
The following widows' appraisements will be
prruenlul lo court on tho First Monday of Febru
ary 1SS5, and confirmed nl.U and unlitsN exceptions
are nloa v, Ithln lour days thereafter wlllbecou
firmed absolutely.
I. Itoberl Cathcart, estate, deceased, looras-
uurg, t-ersonaity, JJUXU).
2. Thomas Mcllenry, estate, deceased, ot Ben.
ton. IVraonulty, $3uu,00.
Jan. 13th, ibKl Vu, II. SNYDEIt,
Jaul-tt Clerk o,c.
- A - IjIE -
quarter, quarter, side, whole beef, live,
frnm fi mnln it nnnnrl nn tn fl. 7. R. Q tn 10
' - - - 1 -i -
Muskrnt, Sheep Skins, Ac.
nnd Clover Hay.
or h ,he lon-
3. 3x7, 3x8, 4x5, 5x0, 6x8, 12, 14 18,
feet long.
long, worked half Inch, pine nnd Hemlock,
9 '
WHEREAS, thellon. William Elwell
President Judgo ot the court ot Oyer and
Terminer and OeneralJall Delivery, Court ot Quar
ter Sessions of tho Peace and tho Court of Common
Pleas and Orphans' Court In the :oth Judicial Dls.
trlct, composed ot the counties of Columbia and
Montour, and tho lions. James Lake and F. L.
Shuman, Associate Judges ot Columbia county,
havo Issued their precept,bcarlng date the 10th day
of Dec. tn tho year ot our Lordono thousand eight
hundred and eighty-tour, and to me directed for
holding a Court ot Oyer and Terminer and General
Quarter Sessions ot tho Peace, Court ot Common
Pleas and Orphans' Court, In Uloomsburir, In the
county ot Columbia, on tho first Monday, being
tho snd day of Feb. nest, to continue tor two
Notice is hereby given to the the Jus
tlces ot tho Peace, and the Constables of tho said
County ot columblo,that they bo then and then In
their proper person at lo o'clock In tho forenoon of
said Snd day ot Feb. with their records Inqui
sitions and other rcmembranccs,to do those things
which to their ornces appertain to be done. And
those that aro bound by recognizance to proseaute
against tho prisoners that are or maybe In the tail
ot tho said county ot Columbia, to bo then and there
to prosecute them as shaU be lust. Jurors are re
quested to be punctual In their attendance,
ninth yea
agreeably to their notices. Dated at Bloomsbarir
the 7th day of Jan. in the year ot our
Lord one thousand ctght hundred and
elirhty-nve. and in the one hundred and
ear of tho Independence ot the United
ouiuja ui Auicricu,
Sheriffs Office.
Bloomsburg, Jan. 7- to
Real Estate!
By virtue of an order Issued out ot the Orphan
court of Columbia county, the undersigned admin,
tstrator ot Thomas Mcllenry, late ot Benton torro
shlp, deceased, will expose to public sale on the
premises on
Saturday, Jan. 24, '85,
at 5 o'clock. p. in., tho following real estate In
Benton township, bounded and described as fel
lows: Beginning at a post on the north sldo ot a pub.
lie road thence by land ot Jacob Woolcver and
John Young north st degrees, East 80 and four
tenth perches to a post, thence by land of J.J.
Young and J. 51. Kllnger, and land of L E. Patter
son, south 68 degrees east 75 and eight-tenth
perches to a post, thenco by land of Dr. L L. Ed
wards south S6 degrees west 81 perches
to a post, and thence by a public road
and land formerly of Ell Mendenhall north
ts.v degrees west ss perches to the place ot be
ginning, containing forty acres more or less, on
which aro erected a two story frame dwelling
house, and largo bank barn and out buildings.
TE1UIS OP SALE. Ten per cent of one-fourth
ot the purchaso money to be paid at the striking
down ot tho property ; tho one-fourth less tho ten
per cent, at the confirmation of sale ; and the re
maining three-fourths tn one year thereafter, with
interest from confirmation nlst.
Fritz, Att'y,
Jan 3-ts
X . m m U I was troubled with
UATA n n n chronlo catarrh and
Kuiuenu m ray ne&u.
Was very deat at
times, and bad dls.
charges from my ears,
besides being unablo
to breathe through my
nose. Before the sec
ond bottle ot Ely's
Cream was exhausted
I was cured, and to.
day enjoy sound helth
C. J. Cor bin, Wi
Chestnut su, Phlla.,
Jty son was afflicted
with catarrh ; the use
of Ely's Cream Balm
effected a complete
lav.ce'ur'in cure. w. e. iiamman,
HAT "JP-fciV b f Druggist, Easton, Pa.
(Uve ft a trial. Elys cream Balm causes no
pain. Gives relief at once. A thorough treatment
will cure. Not a liquid. Kot a snuff. Apply into
nostrils. Price 60 cents at druggists: 60 cts. by
mall, registered. Sample bottle by mall 10 cents.
ELY BHOTUEHH, Druggists Owego, N. Y.
Real Estate.
By virtue ot an, order Lssued out of tin Orphans1
Court of Columbia County the undersigned admla.
Istrator of Milton Mosteller, deceased, will expos
to salo on Ihe premises on
Saturday, Jan. 17, '85.
At 3 o'clock p. in., tho following tract ot land sit
uatoln Briarcreck township, Columbia eouaty,
bounded and described as follows, to-wlt t On tk
east by land ot J. V. Bowman, on the South by tha
road leading from Berwick to lllttenhouse's mil,
on the north by road leading to Berwick, eontati.
4L- Acres,
on which are erected a
and outbuildings. A good blacksmith shop on U
TEUMS OF SALE. Ten per cent, ot the tne
fourth ot the purchaso money to be paid at tha
striking down ot the property ; the one-fourth lean
tho ten percent, at the confirmation absolute!
and the remaining three-fourths In ono year utter
conllrmatlon nwi, with Interest from date.
Jackson, Alty, DoclMw
Letters- ot administration In the estate ot George
Hess, deceased, late ot sugarloaf twp. Colum
blacouuty.l'ennsylvanla, have been granted by th
lteglster of said county to the undersigned Adinln
lit rat or. All persons having claims against tba
estato of tho deceased aro requested lu present
them tor settlement, and those Indebted to the w
tate to make payment to the undersigned admin,
ktrator without delay,
A. I. Frlti, Att'y. I. B. GIBBONS,
Jac U-tf Administrator.
Nothing safer, more dealra.
ble or mora prompt. For
further Information and clr.
eular, address
Kt East Market street, In
dlauapolts, lad.
Jan 10-4 w