The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, January 09, 1885, Image 3

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The Columbian.
Correct Ilullroiul Time Tntilc.
Train!) on tlio Philadelphia 11. It. Icavo Ilupcrt
as follows i
0.39 ft. m.
4.utt p. 111.
11:53 a. in.
0:13 p. in.
Trains on the I). t 1 V. 11. 11. leave Uloonisburg
s follow I
xoiim. SOUTH.
7:05 a. in. 8:M a. tru
ll.oi a. in. iuta a. in.
6:8 p. m. 4:86 p. m.
The 8:28 a. m. train connects at Northumberland
with tbe 9:34 train on Pennsylvania road, reaching
Philadelphia at 3.13 p. in.
Tbo 11:5 train connects with Philadelphia and
Heading road at Kupert reaching l'hlladel
phla at 6:00 p. ra.
The 11:61 train connects with Pennsylvania road
at Northumberland at 1:60, reaching Philadelphia
at 7:S5 p. in.
Tbo 4M p. in. train connects with l'enna) lvanla
toad at Northumberland at 8.M p. ra., and reaches
Philadelphia at3:us a. m.
Trains nn the N. W. 11. Hallway rass Bloom
rVrry as follows i
ll:7 a. m.
9.00 p. in.
12.01 p. in.
4.13 p. ra.
Cltili Ilntun lor 1883,
Tliu New York World Is acknowledged
to bo tho leading Democratic paper in tho
United States. Everybody ouglit tn take a
city paper In addition to a local one. Wo
havo mttdo arrangements with tho Weekly
llVd to club with tho Columbian.
prico of tho Weekly World Is $1.00. On
receipt of 2.20 wo will send the two pa.
perB to any address In tho county, for one
year. Clubs of flvo persons at onu post of
fice can get them for $10,00 If ordered ut
ono time. This Is a very liberal oiler, and
Is made for tho purpose of extending our
circulation and not because there Is any
money In It.
Wo do not bcllovo In tho chromo busi
ness. All the county newspapers aro pub
llshed at rates so low that tho margin of
profit Is very small, and unless all subscri
bers pay up, tho loss Is nearly equal to tho
profits. Wo consider that our readers get
the full worth of their money out of this
paper at $1.00 a year, and we cannot af
ford to give every subscriber i gold watch
or a piano, at that price. But wo will do
this i Evory subscriber who will pay up
all arrearages and ono year in advanco will
rcccivo for ono year, Oood Cheer, n monthly
paper dovotcd to tho Interests of homo and
family, and containing much valunble
reading matter.. A Bampio copy can bo
seen at this office. This offer will stand
only for a limited time, and nil who wish
to get $3.00 worth for sjsl.GO, should attend
to It at once.
rulillc HalcH.
Lafayette Keeler, administrator of Thom
as Mcllcnry, deceased will sell valuable
real estate on tho premises, in Benton
township on Saturday, January 21, 1885.
Sec advertisement.
J. Howard Kline, administrator of estate
of Moses Everett, deceased will sell real
estate an the premises In Orange township
on Saturday, January 17th, 1885. See ad
vertisement. Wesley Raup administrator of Daniel
Itaup will sell real cstato in Locust town
ship on the premises, on Monday, January
10th, 1885. See advertisement.
John C. Butter, Jr., of.Freeland, is vis
iting friends at home.
C. G. Murphy of Centralla and John P.
Hannonof Ashland were in town Monday.
N. P. Mooro of Iluckhom was in town,
Charles Unnugst has returned to New
York city.
May A. Kuhu left for Darlington Semi
nary, Tuesday moruing.
Misses Annie and Ida Bernard have re
turned from visiting friends at Swcdesboro
and Philadelphia.
Dr. E. E. Hlgbee, Superintendent of
Public Instruction spent a few hours at tlio
Institute last Friday morning.
C. W. Scott of Wllliamsport auiUI. J.
Phillips of Muucy Bottom, were In town
last week, representing school publishing
U, P. Vunnntta who has been with Brad
ley, Garretson & Co,, of Philadelphia for
nearly two yearn, returned homo on Tues
day. He will remain homo for somo time.
Tho ticket drawing tho doll offered by
L. Gross, was held by W. L. Moyer.
Goods at cost n'. the Columhian store, to
closu out.
Willlainsport Gazette & Bulletin has issued
a very neat New Year's Cresting for their
Foit Salk Cheap. One sincle and one
double set of second-hand hnrness, at J. P,
Woodrlng's, in Shlvc's Block. lw
Treasurer Evans was on hand with the
rest on Monday morning, and took charge
of the public moucy.
Wanted. To buy for next season's
breeding, live quail for which I will pay
cash. Jso. W. Gums
Tho work has becoms so great for tho
Judgo of Northumberland county, that an
application will ba made to the Icglslaturu
for nu additional one.
E. M. Low of Lime Bldge, was appoint
ud Mercantile Appraiser for 1885, by the
old Board of Commissioners. Ho Is a
young man, well acquainted with moron,
tile business, and fully competent to per.
form the duties of his appointment.
If you need any thine In tho line ot a
sliver or gold watch or any artlclo of jew
dry, sliver ware, &c. Call nt L. Bernhards,
Jewelry Store, and get the best for your
There was no change in tho olllco of
ReKlstcr and Bccorder, G. W. Sterner
being Ids own successor, Dr. Freeze is
acting us asslstaut at present, and some
new Bhelving Is being put In for tho better
preservation ot tliu records.
Messrs. Hurman & Hasscrt lmvo again
enlarged their works to muko room for
carrying on their extensive business.
Theso men have been enlarging as neces
sity demands and it seems to demand an
enlargement about once a year.
Tim County Auditors, Jlossrs. Bobbins,
lewksbury and letter, aro eugaged this
week In au examination of tho accounts of
tliu Commissioners nnd Troasurcr, Every.
thing will receive a thorough overhauling,
nnd errors, if there bo nny, will bo dlscov.
rod and corrected. No doubt they will
nud tho accounts nil straight.
EuiTOiis Columbian 1
Dear Sin. On tho evenlug of January
2nd wu were surprised by some fifty mem.
berg ot Church nnd congregation taking
possesion of our home, and lcavlur, be
hind them tokens of hlndness by tho
bushel, basketful and bagful, truly enrich
Ins us, for which we aro correspondingly
thankful. D. 3. It. Htiiayxii,
Pastor Baptist Church,
Mrs. John Dcllly, to whom refcrenco wn
mado last week as having typhoid fever,
died nt her homo on Monday morning, nnd
was burled on Wednesday,
Another lot ot robes Just received nt D.
Lowcnborg's, now offered At 10 to 15 per
cent, lower In price. Call at once nnd seo
tho bargains. 2w
Governor Pattlson having been request
ed by Director-General Burke of the New
Orleans Exposition to fix n dnto for "l'eim.
sylvanla day," lias selected Tuesday, March
A marriage ceremony was recently per
formed nt which tho bride stood In Jeffer
son county, tho groom In Indiana county
and tho 'squire on the hue. Wo suppose
the bililcsmnld nnd groomsman had to sit
on tho fence Monroe Demoeral.
Foil Rent. A very desirable property
on First Street In Hloomsburg, with or
without lot adjoining, suitable for truck
ing. Inquire of Kuorr & Wlntcrstceu or
at Phillips' llakcry.
At nbout ulna o'clock Friday nvnntnr tlin
pcoplo of Frederick county, Maryland,
experienced a severe shock, nud attribute
It to rm earthquake. Theso dlstuibauccs
appear to ba ipiltu freipient for tho citi
zens nlong tho Atlantic coast.
C 12. Mott, the artist, will remain u lit
tle longer In town, ' and will take photo
graphs at his gallery on the corner of Main
ami Market streets cheaper then they were
ever taken before In this town, 18 gems
for 25 cents. Cloudy weather makes no
The Pennsylvania Central Musical Assn.
elation will hold its twelfth annual festival
commencing Monday evening January 20,
1880. and closlnc lriunv. January 30th In
the musical college, nt Frceburgh, Snyder
county, Pa. Hoarding can be had nt the
College house at S2.C0 for the live days.
Now is the time to lay In a stock of sta
tionery at very low prices. Tho entire
stock of the Columbian store will he sold
out at cost, to dose the business. We
need the store room for other purposes,
and shall wind up our retail trade In order
to give more lime to the practice of law,
and our newspaper business.
Ills expected that the stock of station
ery and nil other goods In the Coi.umuian
store will bo disposed of nt cost within 30
days. The room will bo occupied as tbo
law olllco of the senior editor, and the bus
iness o!Uce of this paper, as soon as the
change can be made.
The rink was chartered lust Friday night
by a private party, and about forty couples
indulged in skating nnd dancing until it
late hour. The band furnished music for
the skating and Mothcrell's orchestra play
ed for the dancing. Ladles and gentlemen
from Berwick, Muucy, Danville, Kspy nnd
other points were among the party.
At a church meeting the question of rais
ing funds for an Indebtedness was dis
cussed when one responded its fol
lows : '-Now, brethren, let us get up a
supper nud eat ourselves rich. Buy your
food ; then give It to the church ; then go
nnd buy it back again ; then cnt It up, and
your church debt is paid.
A creat difficulty has always existed
among bakers to get a light into their dark
ovens, so that the progress of baking
micht be observed, but a recent trial of tlm
electric light in an oven where the temper.
nturo ranged from 400 to 000 degrees,
proved entirely successful. A plate glass
door is put in the oven, through which tho
bread or pastry may bo seen.
Burdette came hero from Altoona, nnd
found he had bi ought with him the
key to No. 8-1, his room nt tho Altoona
Hotel. On Friday morning ho returned it
by express, and on the tag which was tied
to tho key he wrote these Hues :
"Whero is the key to eighty-four"
Exclaimed tho L'uest In wrathful net.
The clerk looked up, "By Jove!" he swore,
"trs gone away wltn 1100 mimetic."
No More Defeats. At the County Cap
ital what is known ns the Jeffersoniau
Democratic Association of Northumber
land County, has been organized. Tho
second article says : "Tho object of this
club shall be to lmvo a room or rooms to
be open at all times, furnished with books
nud tho newspapers of the day, tor the dis
cussion of all questions nnd tho social en
joyment of the members, and especially to
advance the Interests of the Democratic
party of Northumberland county. Ml
Qimel Seat.
A number of peoplo dropped into the
Prothonotary's olllce on Monday morning
to "speed tho parting, and welcome tliu
comlng'ofllcers. At about ten o'clock Mr.
Krlckbaum nnd his clllcicut deputy, F. B.
Hartman, took their leave and delivered
possession of the olllco and records to W.
H. Snyder nnd his deputy, G. M. Quick,
The outgoing officials, no doubt, have
many friends In the county who are sorry
to see them go, nnd the new incumbents
will bo welcomed by their numerous ad
herents. So it goes, "Times ennnge, and
we aro changed with them."
Wo have received from Hon. E. E. Hlg.
bee his report as Superintendent of Public
Instruction for tho year 1881, from which
we glean the following, as reported for
Columbia county. Tliu attendance of
scholars during tho year was 4,492 males
and 4252 tcmales, and the average cost
per month for Instruction was 78 cents.
Thcro were 225 teachers, with an average
salary to males of 33.02 nnd females
$27.58. Thlrty.slx of the teachers wero
graduates of State Normal Schools and one
a college graduate. Ten teachers held pro
tcsslonal ccitlllcatcs and only six have per
manent certificates.
Somu of tliu enterprising citizens of
Wilkes Barro lmvo organized a company
to bo called "The Wilkes Banc Lace Mun
ufacturlng Company," for the puipose of
"manufacturing and dealing In lace goods
aud hosiery." Mr. Jas, O. Atkins has
been chosen Superintendent and General
Manager, and will go to Nottingham, Eng.
hind, where ho will securo machinery and
the operatives necessary to curry on the
work. The machinery is to bo placed In
what is known as tlio Organ Company's
building, aud It Is expected they will ba
ready for operation by tlio inlddlo of
March, This will be u new Industry for
this section ot the country, and may bo
the means ot starting many similar ones.
Burdctte's lecture Inst Thursday night
drew together at tliu Opera Houso llio lar
gest audience ot tlio season. Every seat
was occupied. Ills subject was the "I'll-
grimugo of the Funny Man," and by his 11
lustrations ho showed how easy It' Is to ex
tract fun from tho most commonplace oc
currences, As the lecture occupied two
hours In Its delivery, we must refrain from
reproducing It entire. It was very fuuny,
and the uudlcnco enjoyvd It thoroughly.
The lecture was preceded by a recltntoit
by Miss Emma Jones, which wns a mod
ley of well known poems, runglng (rain tho
subllmo to the ridiculous. Miss Jones Is
an elocutionist ot considerable ability, and
the recitation chosen displayed her versa
lllo power to tine advantage
On New Year day tho Joint conslstorlal
meeting of tho Orangevllle charge of Hov.
Houtr.'s pastorate met for annual settle.
mcnt, nt the residence ot tho pastor.
Though tho official business was dono In
the Union church. In connection with
the official meeting was tendered an Invita
tion to tho cntlro membership nnd friends
of the ltclormcd Church throughout tho
entire charge, consisting of 8t. James,
Zlnn, Orangevllle nnd Hldlny Churches.
On account of the bad condition of the
onds many wcro not nblu to nttend,
though a huge number wro present. Thu
consistories resolved a year ogo that with
annual official business meetings there bo
simultaneously church donation Bociablcs,
having for their object a higher develop
ment of ncniialntnnecshlp and sociability
of tho members of tliu different point?, and
for beneficiary purposes, both for pastor
and people. They gladdened the pastor
and Ids wife with their presence nnd pres
ents,' and particularly by suspending from
their parlor celling, unknown tn them, n
most beautiful hnuglng lamp, which cost
about eight dollars. The whole party
brought and prepared a sumptuous dinner,
to which justice was done by nil.
I'rlzc IlClMlH.
Tho following Is the coircct solution
the rebus scut out by F. 1). Dentlcr 1
'Our new Hebus Is to Inform the public
generally that In everything belonging to
the Boot nnd Shoo trade, the undersigned
stand A. Number Oue, In the estimation
of thousands of ladles and gentlemen who
purchase their supplies at our store. , The
mystery of our extensive tradii can be
easily explained 1 Our stock Is equal In nil
respects to nny In thu market, small prof.
Its nnd quick laics content us, and kind
trentnent, fair dealing and strict attention
to business are our rules.
For Josh Billings' advice see lower right-
hand corner.
If you are handsome, cultivate your
boots j If you are homely, hoc your brains."
Dick Mcthcrcll Is the only person who
gave n correct solution, to whom was giv
en a pair's slippers.
Jcrnej town.
Misses Balllc Watson and Cora Lee who
are nttending school at Bloomsburg, wero
nt home during vacation.
Misses Flcmmlng nnd Farnswnrlh of
Itupert visited nt Dr. Swisher's last week.
Miss Minnie Ilendcrshut of Trcumsch,
Michigan, is visiting at M. C. lfieamcr's.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Eves of Mlllvllle,
weiu in town on Sunday.
Mr. J. It. Blddlo the genial clerk in tho
Post Office, was away visiting during the
Thu schools were closed last week, all
the teachers attended the Institute.
Mr. W. H. Christaln received a tvlcgrnm
Saturday evening informing him of the
death of ids brother, Harry formerly of
this community but for somo years past a
resident of northern Illinois. Mr. Christ
ian's denlh was caused by the accidental
discharge of a gun. His many friends hear
with sorto w the snd story of his untimely
Esquiro Welllver who cut his foot severe
ly some time since, has so fur recovered
that he is able to use it slightly.
Capt. Win. J. Allen still icmains on the
sick list. Y.
ConiuiiSHloucrH Appointment.
The now board of county commissioners,
Messrs. Pohe, Parr and Mendenhnll, took
possession of their office on Monday morn
ing Inst. There was a large attendance of
applicants for tho clerkship, and their
friends, and the commissioners were sub
jected to a large amount of pressure on
every side, to Induce them to appoint this
one or that ono. There wero twenty-three
applicants for the place, but a number of
them made 110 effort to securo tho Appoint
ment beyond sending in their names. The
real contest was between J. D. Bodlne, A.
F. Tcrwilliger, J. B. Casey, W. Krlckbaum,
G. A. Herring, M. F. Eycrly, W. B. Allen,
and F. B. Hartmau. At tho first session
on Monday no result wns reached, but on
Tuesday the suspenss was ended by the
selection of J. B. Casey for clerk, E. It.
Ikelcr was appointed solicitor, and W. W.
Banett, Janitor. For tho latter place there
wero four applicants. It was a difficult thing
for the commissioners to make n selection
from so mauy, most of whom wero well
qualified for the clerkship. Mr. Casey has
filled the position for six years, and thor
oughly understands the work of tho office.
His retention was probably the best thing
the commissioners could do, under the clr
On Tuesday tho 30th ult., while Frank
Pursel wns cutting down a tree on which
another had lodged, he was caught by a
limb of the lodged trco and violently thrown
to the cat lit. He received severe injuries
in the back, nnd it was first thought thai,
his back was broken. From last reports he
wa3 some better.
Quite a number from this place wero at
Bloom to hear Burdette on Thursday
evenlnc of last week, and those that did
not laugh heartily, hay they smiled occa
Weldy Dent purchased a milch cow of
James Harris on Saturday last. James is
preparing for the west.
Will C. Johnston of Jcrssytown, drove
through town last week on his way home
from Institute. At first we did not rccog.
nize our old time friend, having removed
his side-burns and wearing ono of Bcitsch's
silk hats, which lie says he won iu a wager
oil a friend in tho west over tho latu clcc.
Hugh Winner of Stonytowu, spent Sat'
urday nnd Sunday last with friends of this
Edwin Smith and David Gruber were
homo to see their mother on last Sun-
William Harris of Hamburg, Pa., is vis
ltlng iclatlvcs and friends In this bectlon.
Miss Nora Foulk is whlllng away two
weeks at Danville.
Harvey Hartman has named Ids first new
little boy for Grover Cleveland, while
Thomas Sands equally as patriotic has
named' Ids last new llttlo boy for James G,
As now reported, tho following aro some
of thu changes that will bo made In the
Spring 1 Fruuk Bomboy moves on the
Leldyfaim, Aaron Nuss on the Wcldman
place, and William Itambo farms for David
V anliorn. E. D, Leldy, James Harris,
John S. Hartman, William Shoemaker,
Clark Blltcnbcnder and Abram Broat will
ieck their fortunes In different parts of the
Perclval Foulk has about sold his farm
to William Hunt of Bloomsburg. Any
other parties desiring to purchase farms
will do well to call at A, U. lieagle s or
Theo. Dcut's, ns both oiler their farms at
reasonable prices.
Protracted meeting Is in progress In the
M. E. church.
Humors are utloat that another connu
blal ceremony will shortly bo the leading
topic for table talk.
Answer to last puzzle In Benton Items
"Honorable- William Elwell."
1 3
Tho above Is the number which drew
the beautiful doll In Clark & Sou's store.
At present writing tho person holding tho
lucky ticket has not called for the doll.
AiinwcrHlo Puzzle.
The nnswer to tho puzzle by our Benton
correspondent lust week Is "llonornblo
William Elwcll," It has been correctly
Bolvcd by Dr. C. W. Ammcrmanof Orange
vlllc, W. Chrlsman, Esq., of Bloomsburg,
Jos. Knclly and Andrew Mcllcnry of Still-
water, A. S, Fritz of Colescrcek and .Miss
Adda M. .Manning of Plttston, Pa.
1, Pucillc, 2, bony, 3, n taker ot too
much interest, 4, designated peilods, 5,
garden Instruments, 0, hair, 7, pronoun, 8,
a tetter.
2, BljUAUK WOKl).
1, part of an ncrc, 2, nil of roses, 3, oil
of roses, 4, nn entrance.
William Tubbs and Laura Conner, both
of Benton, were mnrrled on Christmas, by
his uncle, Rev. T. H. Tubbs, also of Ben
ton. It never occurs to the young people
that the sen of matrimony Is a boys-tcrous
and a squally one, until their bark is fairly
set on sail In tho voyage of life. They
uivu the best wishes of nil their fi lends.
Many citizens living by the highways
and In towns nlong tho streets, seriously
obstruct good sleighing by throwing coal
ashes In thu roads during tho slippery sea
sons. Heavily loaded teams are made to
do double duty by drawing henvy loads
over osh heaps. 'Soap wuld nnswer a
better purpose.
Wo miss your Centralla correspondent,
and the correspondence from Buckhom,
Welllversvllle, and other plnccs. Not
froze up, wo hope ?
They are prospecting for coal on the
farm of Washington Ipher, a half mile
above Cnmhrn, nlong the Berwick nnd
North Mountain turnpike. Symptoms of
coal have been discovered of Into In Fair-
mount and Huntington
Fiank W. B. Stlne, Frank Baker, Frank
Keefer, J. Frnnk Knrns, Frank Wilbur
Shullz, Frank Uriico Keefer, Frank Frcas
Keefer, Frank Alonzo Buckle, Frank
Charles Buckle, Frank Cloll Shullz and
Frank Fans fired dilutes from guns and re
volvers on Now Year's morn for tho neigh.
bors, by traveling from house to house,
their loud cheers nnd happy Now Year
wishes were Highly appreciated by the
neighbors, who treated the boys with
elder, cakes and dainties. Call again,
boys, when wo begin to wiito 18SG. This
Item may be classed with the franking
privileged, though all will not pass for
a itzzi.e.
I urn composed of twelve letters.
My 1, 2, 7, 3, 0 Is part of the hand.
My 4, C, 0, 7, 8, !), 10, 11 Is the name of a
My 0, 3, 11, 12 Is a pod vegetable.
My whole Is a Democratic weekly peri-
TenclicrH IiiNtltntc.
Dr. Monroe ti---n the morning session
with a talk or
For 'f" It is gc
's Education Good
'liferent things.
1st, It furnishes t.
crniug our
kes states
4th, It
bred and butter. 2u
men. 3rd, It awaken.
prepares us for complet. It is a
complete, harmonious, sy luc aud
symetrical development of a human being,
The means by which the human being Is
so developed, or tho school, the press and
nil kinds of human enterprise. He recom
mended a good bit of hors sens to teachers.
Prof. Noetllng thought that teachers
spent too much time in teaching oue
branch. He attributed tho failures of
many pupils to the teacher's inability to
reach their minds nnd awaken nnd build
up mind power In the child. The succes
of a teacher should not Jbo mesuicd by the
amount of text book knowledg he crams
into a child's mind, but by the amount of
mind power ho developcs, The dul pupil
he would cal Blow and attributes this slow
ness to the teacher's Inability to reacli his
mind. The tenchor must represent the
same tiling in many different ways to dif-
fercnt pupils. The succesful teacher is he
who can teach slow pupils. Tho slow
pupil becoms more prominent in public
than the bright one. "lteview every day
and let part of every recitation Ue a re
view," Is one of the Prof's, maxims before
his classes. He also spoke of punishment,
nnd thought that the word "punishment"
sounded too harsh. In its stead ho sug
gested "correctly help." Do not punish
through revenge. Let the child under
stand that the punishment or correctly
help Is for tho child's good. Be persistent
Iu breaking up bad habits.
Dr. Groff spoke of tlio value of tho llvo
several kinds of food, The air ho called a
food and the one about which wu wer
least particular. Tho difference between
air and other food is that thu former goes
directly to the blood, while the latter goes
first to tho stomach. Bad air has billed
ruoro pcoplo than nny other cause. Wc
cannot llv on one kind of food alone. Ho
discussed the use, and particularly tho
abuse, of condiments aud stlmulcnts. Thu
teacher to Interest his pupils iu physiology
must know thu entire subject first. Ho
must know more than there Is in u school
book. He said that In somo packing
houses the sick hogs and those that hav
died In the pens of disease, wer treated ns
the healthy ones, Milk is tho only perfect
food. Germs of diseases ur carried in
milk. In families whero a contagious
disenso exists, the disease can bo carried
from there In milk. He careful where you
buy your milk,
Prof. Sanford resumed his tallcoufonlcs.
They enable tho child to discover new
words for himself and glv him the power
of tho letters ot tho ulfabct. He udvUes
the use of tho diacritical marks. The let.
ters both printed nud script should bo
parted in somo conspicuous placo in tho
school room. He would continuo the
word method til the child had lerned 150
werds. Tho words should bo frequently
reviewed aud combined Into many sen
tences. Let the child get tthe thought for
Thu first speaker ot tho afternoon was
Prof. Wilbur, who continued Ids talk on
civil government. He would teach thu
pupil tho Umts, places and manner of
electing nil tho officers of the township and
tho length ot the term of office of each.
He would also teach the sumo thing of the
county and thu Stute. This should bu
taught in all schools of the proper grade,
Prof, Sanford then epoko on primary
reading ami writing. He thinks the best
way to tench wrltlug Is by having tho pu.
plls traco the letters nt first. Tho Prof,
was thcu called oft for rcrcs, after which
Dr. Everett, private Becrstary to thu Gov.
cruor, was Introduced. Ho epoko ot our
public school system and of thu Interest
tho Governor took In thu public school
Prof. HarrUon, ot tho Lthigh Unlver
sity,tclted"Into thu Valley ot Death Itodu
thu Six Hundred," and was enthusiastic
ally applauded.
Prof, Sanford continued his rcmnrks on
writing. He thinks that nil can becomo
tpod writers. Tench your pupils to write
their names first ot all, llav a caro to
pen. holding. Copybooks 1 nnd 2 would
be of 110 use In this system, Cut extracts
from papers nnd have pupils write them 011
the hoard. Thus you tench reading ami
writing nt ono time.
Prof. Bnlllct, of Col. Parker's Normal
School was then Introduced. IU spoke of
machine education. Tho body should be
come a machine. Tho hand makes letters
nnd words automatically iu writing. Tho
mind should not hu mado a machine. It
should bo taught to think.
Thursday's sessions.
Prof. Harrison begnn the morning's ses
sion with it talk on pronunciation. He
showed how many people mispronounced
through carelessness, as : God hlesh you,
Let mo klsh you.
Prof. Balllct was the next speaker. The
following nrc a few of the things ho satd t
Tho teacher Is of greater consequence than
books and apparatus and fine buildings. The
teachers are as a rulo unfit to teach. It is n
wonder that thcro aro nny pupils that like
school. Tho deslro for knowledge Is born
with thu child j but Is crushed out of him
by poor teachers. Teachers go on the plan
that the child wns created for the text book
and not tho text book for the child.
Teachers give the child too mud. to lcrn
and cajole them Into lcrnlng It by offering
them tho choice of two evils 100 per cent
or a less per cent. When this Inducement
falls tho evils nr Increased. The child Is
kept in. This fails, and Hogging Is the
last resort. But the lessons become so re
pulsive to tho child that he would suffer
anything rather than learn them. The
teacher Is n sort of caterer. Knowledg Is
food for tho mind. Tho mind craves
knowledg as eagerly ns the stomach docs
bred and meat. If the child had Its food
mcsurcd out day after day;as it lias its les
sons nnd wer required to ent It all with the
(nine regularity as Its lessons, food would
become repulsive to the stomach and no
amount of pcrsuaslst, such as keeping In
and flogging could Induce the child to eat
its food. Teachers ar bad cooks they cook
too much nnd compel those for whom they
cook to eat It nil nnd hecanso they cook
food not suited to the condition of thosu
for whom they cook. He thought It wrong
to compel a pupil who was lit for promo
Hon to wait til the regular time for promo
tion. He should be promoted as soon us
ho is qualified. The object of thought in
gi'ografy wns too frequently the map. The
map was lines and dots and colors nnd no
more to the. child. The dots wer not cities
and towns with streets and houses. The
rivers wer crooked lines.
Prof. Sanfoid spoke on geografy for ad
vanced pupils. He thought that teachers
taught too much geography. He thought
It of little importance to know many places
outsidu of one's own state, nnd the farther
the placo is from one's home the les geo
grafy need bo known of It. In his schools
the dcscrlptiv parts are used as supplemen
tary reading.
Dr. Waller spoke on school discipline.
The teacher must cultivate in ids pupils a
habit of prompt obedience. To do this
you must give frequent rccreatlv exercises
to keep tho pupils busy. Reverence for par
ents aud Buperiors'inust be developed. Pu
pils should be taught mercy ; but the
teacher must hav all the traits of .chnrnc.
ter that he would develope on the pu-pll.
l'rof. Heck was tho first speaker of the
afternoon session. His subject was Local
Geography nnd History. He snld that few
young pupils were interested in the study
of geography and history; because in geo
grafy the object of thought was the map
nnd not the real mountains nnd rivers and
towns nnd oceans ; in history the event is
too remote. The Imagination is the most
important faculty by means of which we
rVu have followed the phonetic sucUinc
of the Secretary. En.
Xlie institute I.cclurcH.
Tho first lecture of I lie week was gtven
by Dr. G. G. GrolT, en Hie Wonders of tho
Human Body. Ho first gavo a In let de-
tciiption of the formation of tho bones,
llesh, blood, hair, nails, nerves, etc. In
thispait of his lecture ho paid special at
tention to tlio cellular construction of
eviry part of the body. Ho next dissected
paper niannkiii, accompanying the dis
section with interesting explanations, He
frequently touched upon the subject of by.
.Miss Gulo recited "Robert of Lincoln"
and "Green .Mountain Justice."
Dr. T. Everett then delivered a lecture
on "Tho Men who Win," There is a place
n the world for every person. The men
who succeed do their best In little things
as well as In greater ; they aro not vision
nry ; they ns a rulo come up from the low
er classes of society, honesty urging them
to intense exertion. All things coino to
him that is willing to wait ; honest plod
ding perscveiing work must succeed. Hon-
csty succeeds much better than dishonesty.
Sympathy nnd grit am elements of success.
Some men wait for.good luck, forgetting
that opposition nnd difficulties make men.
The men, who havlug found out their call
ing concentrate nil this power upon it, sue
In business, don't loose your individual
ity ; don't worry ; advertise, but honestly .
avoid rash speculations ; keep out of debt;
be cheerful nnd make friends.
If you have delicate sensualities avoid
politics. Political scandal and slanders,
however, havo no effect upon a mind that
has the proper Independence.
Tho tpeaker next Bald a few words to
tho ladles, expressing li Is desire to see
every lady hava u chance to demonstrate
her ability. Hu held that to follow any
continuous lino ot work for any consider
able time, bIio must not marry ; women's
position In society Is changing ; they have
tho ability to bo self supporting and tlio
tlmu is coming when they will havo thu op.
Tho exercises of tliu evening wero opened
by r rccltntiou, " I ho Miser's Death," by
Prof. Harrison of Lehigh University
"Education out of school" was next pro
senttod by Prof. Thos. Balllett. Ho held
that tho proper ciilronmeuts must bo placed
around mind that it may educate Itself)
nny thing that gels tho mind into habits ot
thinking that It would not other wiso have
gotten into educates. Therefore natural
features ot a country, callings or profes
slons, stututo laws, social contact, public
sentiment, responsibility, bereavement,
difficulties, In short most circumstances
educate. As tho mind developcs Its voca.
bulary means more to It. This lecture
gavo evidence ot considerable originality of
thought and tho thoughts wrc clearly aud
forcibly stated. Ona thing that was espec.
tally worthy of notice was thut when thu
speaker had finished his themo ho stopped
talking, something that not a few speakers
Prof. Currau next gava u tow lntcusllng
experiments In electricity.
Burdettu'ii lecture Is noted elsewhere.
On Monday evening n number of nur en
terprising citizens met In Geo. W. Davis'
olllco ami organized n stock company, tho
object of which Is tn erect an edlfico which
enn bo used as a concert hall nnd skating
rink. Tho meeting was very successful as
regards money matters. A committee was
appointed to visit the rinks at Ashland nnd
Shnmoklu nnd report on Saturday. Tho
building Is to be ono hundred feet long by
fifty feet wide, nnd will be erected on thu
vacant lots opposite tho Mammoth store,
on Lociist Avenue.
Isaac Jones, who wns severely Injured
by a fall of coal nt the Continental mlno
n few weeks ngo, Is slowly recovering.
A fakir, selling worm powders nn our
streets last week, disposed of his stuff nt a
very lively rate.
The ball held by tho young men of Dark
Corner, for tho benefit of Martin Gauglmn,
of baso ball fame, who has oecn 111 lor sov
eral months, was n grand eucccss.
Edward Burkhart and Miss Jettlo La
vello wero married In St. Ignatius' church
on Wednesday morning, by Her. J. J.
George Benson of town, Is again on the
road, In the capacity of 11 drug agent.
Ocorgo Mnlcy has resigned ns engineer
nt Centralla colliery, and will take charge
ot the engines at the Continental.
Tuesday being a holyday nmong tho
Catholics, the collieries were all Idle.
Tho new skntlng rink In ABldand Is well
patronized by the young folks of this bor
ough. Ono of the "Lakes" near the Logan Ml-
llery Is overflowing with happiness It's
to be married next week.
John Focller, while cutting Ice on tho
Hazel Dell dam one day last week, slipped
and fell Into tho wnter. Ho was taken out
more dead than alive, and has been unable
to leave the house since.
Uakey, Ball nnd Lynch, ot Dickinson
Seminary, who spent tho Holidays with
their parents, returned to school on Mon
Dan Dougherty knows who will be our
next Postmaster, but he will not tell every
John Cumin Is smiling again, this time
Its a fifteen-pound boy.
T. S. McNnlr of Huzleton, Assistant En
gineer of the L. V. Company, was In town
tlio fore part of the week.
Pbusonals. Lizzie Young of Philadel
phia, Miss Tully of Columbia, Hugh
Sweeny of Chicago and Mr. Larned of
Willlamspoit, wcro in town last week.
Joint Hnyder'H Annual Report.
EnnoiM CoLUMniAN:
Friemh and Mlow CidVns : As the year
of 1884 has closed upon 111 witli all Its
cares, turmoils and strifes, nnd through
tho tender moreles of God I have again
been spaicd to transmit to your many
readers my annual report ot the Borough
of Bloomsburg. I did not expect, when I
gave you tue report of 1883, even to ad
dress you again on this subject, as I am
now living on borrowed time I have en
entered my 82nd year, und standing on the
verge of Jordan waiting tho Master's call.
This has been nn eventful year, tho Prcsl
dcntlal contest lias been an exciting one
and a close ono. It now remains for the
minority to submit to the majority ; let tbe
true followers of the meek and lowly Jesus
take tho President-elect with thorn to the
throne of Heavenly grace, that ho may bo
guided by the Divine Spirit in all his of
ficial acts the greatest good to tho greatest
number. The effectual fervent prayer of
the righteous availeth much. The great
question of our country may bo summed
up in two words, "Capital" and "Labor."
Each ono should havo their respective
rights belonging to them. I would say
that in a life of 81 years I have never seen
tho Industries or our country and foreign
ones so pnralyzed as at the present time
now, there is n cause for all this being
entailed upon the toiling thousands In our
Industries throughout our land, and that
cause is combined capital. Party spirit
serves always to distract the public coun
cils and enfeeble tho public administration
it agitates tho community with ill-founded
jealousies and false alarms kindles the an
imosity of ono part against another, for
mcnts occasional riots, insurrections, and
opens tho door to foreign infiuenco and
corruption which finds a fasllated access
to the government Itself through the chan
nels of parly passlous ; thus the policy aud
will of the country are subjugated to the
policy and will of another. Tho good
Lord 11113 bestowed upon us ns a nation an
abundant crop, said to bo the largest yield
we ever nau, and it benooveth us as a na
tlon to give Him our united thanks for
His mercies and blessings conferred upon
us as n people and a nation. It has been a
year of disasters with great loss of life, but
not so large as that of 1883. The flro rec
ord of 1884 surpasses anything on record
except tho Chicago fire. It Is computed
tliu actual loss by tire In 1884 amounts to
over sovcnty.four millions of dollars,
l'hero 1ms been somu slight shocks of
earthquake ut several points, without nny
serious damage. As a nation we nro at
pcaco with all foreign countries. May tho
blessings of God rest upon us as a nation,
and direct our rulers In authority, in what
ever they do. Do It with an eye single to
the glory of God, nnd the welfare of the
nation ut lnrge. Our town Is Improving,
notwithstanding tho depression ot bus!
nc6s. Three substantial brick buildings
and four frame houses have been erected ;
tho main sewer of tho town from the Nor
mal School to tho river has been completed,
also many connections havo been mado
with the main sewer, all of which works
well tor tho sanitary condition of tlio town
in thu future. Tho temperature of the
month of January, 1884, tho highest point
of tho thermometer was 403 nbovo zero,
lowest point 03 below zero, on tho wholo a
cold month ; the snow fall for January
was 20J Inches. Thermometer for Feb.
ruary, highest point GO above, lowest
point 4 abovo ; the month of February was
stormy with n heavy rain fall ; It was
rather a mild month ; tho snow tall was 11
Inches. Thermometer for March, highest
point 72J above, lowest 40 above j there
was n great deal of rain fell this month
snow fall for March was 0 inches, Ther
mometer for April, highest point 82
above, lowest 30 above ; thermometer for
ten days stood from 303 to 40 abovo zero,
It was very cold weather for April tho
suow fall wns 0 Inches. Thermometer for
May, highest point 00 In tho shade, lowest
point 38 abovo 1 for nine days the ther
mometer ranged from 80 to 00 in tho
shade, with two heavy frosts 1 It wus al
together a pleasant month, vegetation tine
Thermometer lor June, highest point 00
In tho shade, lowest point 50-' lu thu shade;
tor ten days tho thermometer ranged from
UO- to 0o in tho shade, and for nlno day
the thermometer ranged from 80 to 80 In
thoshndo; It was a warm, dry month
two timely rains fell to refresh thu earth
Thermometer for July, highest point U4 lu
shade, lowest point 34v a shade; It was as
dry and cold n month for July as I can ro.
member of in my life. Thermometer lor
August, highest point 1WP in lhado, low.
eat point 61J In shade ; lor seven days
the thermometer ranged Irom 00- to 100 1
In the shade 1 th 20th was thu warmest
day of tho year; tho most of tho
month was cool nnd dry, very llttlo rain
fell. Thermometer for September, highest
point 100- In tho shade, lowest point 45
In the shade) for nine days In succession
the thermometer ranged from l)23 to 1003
In tho shade, nnd for two days 100 3 Iu
shade, nnd one day 09- In ahado 1 it was
the hottest month of tho year, very Blight
rain fall. Thermometer for October,
highest point 00 In tho shade, lowest
point 34- lu shade ; thu first part of thu
month wns mild and pleasant, tho rest was
rough and cold and rainy with severe
frosts. Thermometer for November, high
est point 08"' above, lowest point 20-
nbovo 1 was smoky for four days, which
was our Indian Hummer) It was a cold,
rough nnd stormy month ; tho snow fall
wns 4J Inches. Thermometer for Decern
b cr, highest point 60 above, lowest point,
zero 1 tho first part of the month wns mild
and pleasant for tho season, the nftcr parts
cold and stormy ) tho biiow fall was 1G
inches. The temperature ot 1884, on the
whole mild. January was tho coldest
month of the year, nnd the month of Sep
tember the hottest of tho year. There
wcro 173 clear days, some of them partial,
ly so. Thcro wcro cloudy days 131 ; rnlny
days, Including nights, 40 ) snowy days,
including nights, 31. Thunder showers In
1884 1 2 In April, 7 In May, 10 In June, 7 In
July, 3 In August, 4 In September, 3 In Oc
tober, and 1 In November total 37. The
deptli of snow-fall for 1834 was G feet 10
Inches. The mortality within the Borough
limits of Bloomsburg during the year 1881
Is us follows! adults 30; tho united ages
of the following adults amounts to two
thousand, onu hundred and thirty-six
years : 2 between 00 and 05 years, 4 be
tween 80 nnd 00 years, 7 between 70"and
80 years, 0 between CO nnd 70 years, 2 be
tween GO nnd 00 years, G between 40 nnd GO
years, 4 between 30 and 40 years, 4 be
tween 20 and 30 years, 2 between 18 and
20 years. From the cradled Infant up to
G years, 10 j making in nil 40 deaths from
January 1st, 1884, to December 31st, 1884.
Now, my friends, ns tills may bo the last
time, perhaps, that I will address you, I
would now say to ono nnd nil, set thine
house in order lor thou shalt die, nud not
live. All of which Is lespcctfully submit
ted by your friend nud well wisher in
Christ. John Snyder.
Bloomsburg, Jan. 1, 1885.
Cleaning up Sales have begun at I. W.
Hartman & Son's, all kinds of Remnants
C. C. Marr wnnts lnrd.
The person holding ticket No. 1313 will
please picsent same nnd receive present
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C. C. .Marr is selling men's boots nt cost.
If you arc in debt to I. W. Hnrtman &
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You can save money by buying your
Table Linens, Towels. Napkins, 10 Sheet
ing .Muslins, j'rlnts, Ulngliams, nil Kinds ot
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Look at the Embroideries when you go
1 I. W. Hurtman & Son's huiie all over
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C. Marr
offers at cost.
Wu have a few Ladles' nnd Children's
Coats to close cheap, Claik & Son.
Ed. V. Hartman of I. W. Hartman &
Son has been to New York this week. In
few days call and seo his early Sprlnc
O. C. Marr wants oue or two ton of cood
limotliy nay tor goods, or on account.
Best heavy Muslin ncain at I. W. Hart
man te Son's, 7c. yard by bolt.
TUB11S.-C0JNNER.-At Hamline, Dec.
i, 1884, by Rev. T. II. Tubbs, Mr. Wil
liam A. Tubbs to Miss Laura M. Conner,
both of Benton township, Col. Co., Pa.
!5th, 1884, by Rev. G. V. Savdlge, .Major
. Bcnscoter of Muhlenberg, Luzerne
county, Pa., to Miss Edorah E. Edwards
f Sugarloaf township, Columbia county,
It would bo no violation of thu com
mandment," said John B. Gough, "if a
man wero to full down and worship the
silk hat, for It is not made in tho likeness
of anything In heaven, or on earth, or in
tho waters which aro under the earth.
Besides It heats the head and cnuscs the
hair tn fall off. Parker's Hair Balsam will
stop that and restoic the original color to
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lect nair dressing, ouc. All druggists.
scp lu-ot
Ask for "Rough on Coughs." for coughs.
colds, soro throat, hoarseness. Troches,
15c. Liquid, 25c.
"ilOUUU OS I1A1S."
Clears out rats. mice, roaches, files, nuts.
bed-bugs, skunks, chlpmuuks, gophers.
15c. Druggists.
1'ulpitutlon, dropsical, dizziness, indices.
tlon, headache, sleeplessness cured by
wens1 Health itenower."
"ltcroii ON CORNS."
iVsk for Wells' "Rouch 011 Corns. 15c
Quick, complete cure. Hard orsolt corns,
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tism, ne.uralgia.
''n ells' Health Renuwer" restores health
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vuusuess, ueuiuiy. iji.
and the many throat uffectlons of children.
promptly, pleasantly and safely relieved by
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10 anil .'.) cents.
Tho Smilro." savs tho uuthor of "The
Hoosicr Schoolmaster," wore one gluss eyu
und a wig. Tho glass eye was coustaully
slipping out of fecus, und the wig turning
around Bldewlso on his heed whenever ho
addressed thu peoplo of tho Flat Creek
District." Sad snectacle. Parker's Hair
lialsam preserves and promotes tho groth
ot tho natural hair. It also restores the
natural color to hair which has faded or
become gray. Clean, elegant, beneficial
nigiiiy I'criiuiieu,
Sept UCeom fit
james 11. iucioer guarantees post
tivo relief foi any cougli, cold, croup,
or liiiii: coinnlaiut liv ntliii' Arki r',
T II 11
Kiiglith Remedy, or will refund
ITKTTY women.
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Children Blow In development.
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three or four hours every night coughing.
Get immediate relict and sound rest by
using Wells' "Rough on Coughs." Troches,
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Strensthcnlnir. Imnrovcd. tho best for
backache, pains In chest or side, rheuma
tism, neuralgia.
When baby was sick, wo gavo her CAS
TORIA, When she was a child, she cried for
When bIio became Miss, she clung to
When she had Cldldrcu, she gave them
Real Estate!
liy vlrtuo of an order Issued out ot tho Orphans'
Court of Columbia county, tho undersigned admin,
lstrator ot Thomas Mcllenrj', late ot Ucnton town,
ship, deceased, will cxposo to pubUo sale on th
premises on
Saturday, Jan. 24, '85,
at s o-clock p. m., tlio following real estate In
Denton township, bounded and described as fol
lows 1
Iieglnnlny at a post on tho north side ot a pub
lic road thenco by land ot Jacob Woolever and
John Young north degrees, liist 80 and four
tenth perches to a post, thence by land of J. J.
1 oung nnd J. M. KUngcr, and land ot I. E. Patter
son, south M)tf degrees cast 75 and elghMenttt
perches to a post, thence by land ot Dr. 1. 1. Ed
wards south S0 degrees west 81 perches
to n post, and thenco by a publlo road
and land formerly of I'.ll Mendenhall north
tHU degrees west M perches to tho place of be
ginning, containing forty acres more or less, on
which aro erected a two story frame dwelling
liouae, and large bank barn and out buildings.
TEHMS OF SAI.U Ten per cent of one-fourth
of tho purchase money to bo paid at the striking
down of tho property ; tho one-fourth less tho ten
per cent, at the confirmation of salo ; and tho re
malnlng three-fourths In onn year thereafter, with
Interest from confirmation nisi.
Fritz, Att'y.
Jan 2-ts
fx mm 1 was troubled with
lATA n n n chronic catarrh and
was very deaf at
times, and had dis
charges from my ears,
besides being unable
to breatho through my
nose, lieforotho sec
ond bottle of fly's
Cream was exhausted
I was cured, and to
day enjoy sound he'lth
c. J. Cor bin, gsi
Chestnut St., 1'blla.,
My son was afflicted
with catarrh ; the uso
ot Ely's Cream Balm
effected a complete
cure. W. E. ltamman.
Druggist, iiaston, ra.
Olvo It a trlaL Ely's Cream Halm causes no
pain, (lives relief at once. A thorough treatment
win cure. oi. a liquid, f.omsnuu. ApjJia uilu
nostrils. Piico GO cents nt drugglbts: w cts. by
mail, registered, bampio uottie ny man iu cenia.
dUU, t W U
The Vress conies to the new year with tho lar
gest circulation, the best equipment, nnd tho full
est requirements of the complete newspaper
which It has ever enjoyed. Tho past year has
been ono of great growth. Theso Increased facili
ties and resources glvo It tho means of being even
a better newspaper than ever before.
The political change lends added Interest and
obligation to tho future. The Press faces new du
ties with undaunted spirit It Is Republican In
principle, untrammelled In expression, with faith
In the Intelligent masses nnd fealty to purer poll
tics. It Is especially devoted to tho national pol
icy of Protection as tho bulwark of American In
terests and Industries.
Abovo all, It will maintain Its pre-eminence as a
completo General and Family Newspaper.
IS The Weekly l'ress excels In all tho elements ot a
Ilrst-class General and Family weekly newspaper.
It Is especially adapted to tho wants of all who
desire a concise and comprehensive presentation
of tho news ot tho day with interesting and in
tructlvo reading for the home and the fireside.
Its Agiltulturaland Household Departments are
among tho best anywhere printed, and good sto
ries, graphic correspondence and choice miscel
lany complete a paper which Is unsurpassed. Il
lustrated special articles on live topics will bo a
prominent feature of the coming year. Send for a
specimen copy containing large and attractive list
of books ortcredns premiums to subscribers and
club raisers.
DAILY, Including Sunday, one year, I7.S0 ; oue
month, H3 cents.
DAILY, exelusho of Sunday, ono year, to.oo;
ono month, M cents.
SUNDAY edition only, ono year, 12.00
Served by city Carriers, 14 tents a week : Inclu
ding Sunday, 10 cents a week.
The Weekly l'ress, ono dollar a year.
Drafts, checks, and other remittance', should be
mado payable to
TUK I'll ESS CO., llmttnt,
dec Mw l'hlladelphla, l'a.
Itcal Estate.
Ily Wttue ot un order Issued out ot tlx Orphans'
Court of Columbia County the undertlgned admin
istrator of Milton Mosteller, deceased, will oxpca
to salo on the premises ou
Saturday, Jan. 17, '85.
At S o'clock p. in., tho following tract ot land sit
uatoln Hrlarcreck township, Columbia couity,
bounded and described as follows, to-wlt 1 On the
east by land of J, W. Iiowman.onthoSouthbyth
road leading from llerw lck to ltlttenhouse'smtll,
on tho north by road leading to Berwick, contain
ing 4. Acres,
on which aro erected a
and outbuildings. A good blacksmith shop on tht
TEHMB OF KALE. Ten per cent, ot tho one
fourth ot the purchase money to bo paid at tht
striking down ot the property ; tho one-tourtn less
the ten percent, at tho confirmation absolute;
and tho remaining three-fourths la one year after
connrmatlon nisi, with Interest from date.
A. 11. CHOOl',
Jackson, Alt y, D00NM w
10 Spruce Street, New York City,
Vor SELECT LIST Or' 1,000 NEWfepAFEltl
doe 13 it
I'U-ra of administration tn the estate ot George
Hess, deceased, late ot hugarloaf twp. Colum.
Ma county, IVnnsylvanla, hav e bouu granted by tho
lleglster of said county to the undersigned Admin,
lstrulor. All persons having clalu. against the
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