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G. E, Elwflll, VAMnra
"fUIDAY, OOTOHKIl 31, 1884.
ion i'iiesidknt,
Kioiiaud Vaux, H. J. McGiunn,
II. D.
1. John Slovln.
2. J. l'. J. senscnderfcr.
3. John W. Loo.
. II. J, Iloran.
5. It U Wright.
. J. II. llrloton.
7. Wm. siahlcr.
H. c. K. llcutflchlcr.
V. II. M. North.
10. II. (I Httlea.
11. A. (i. Uroadhead.
19. K. v. liockarellow.
H. Itlclianl ltalm.
H. ocorge II. Irnln.
is. ocorgo a rurdy.
18. v. It. AcMey.
IT. John 1'. Levan.
18. Krn 1). Parker.
ID. K. W. Mnmina.
20. a. II. inn.
21. F. I'. James,
ti j. k. i'. Durr.
Si. Jolin Swan.
34. A. II. WlnternltJ.
25. John II. HllL
sis. Wm. A. Forqucr.
27. A. J. UrcenllelO.
County Cliiilriiinu'rt Aticnl.
Once nf;aln I nsk your support mill nt(l
on 1 destiny next. Ariiis wo nro called
upon tocxcrclso tho right of recording our
votes, mid to elect our Democratic cnnrll
tlatcs, nml nt unity Is strength, 1 cnll you
to aid anil naslst tlio caiiso of Democracy
liy being vigilant, nnil untiring to elect tho
electoral, congressional anil local tickets,
which represent tho emiso of good Oovem
incut. Ami In order to bo able to provont
any Inronils on our usual majority of Col
umbia county, It Is our duty to render nil
possible assistance to each other on this
occasion, therefore I appeal to all good
democrats, to sea that them shall bo no
unpolled Democratic vote Committee
men, sco that you do your diity by getting
every Democratic voto out In your town
chip i do not forget that vlcllanco mid
unity lend to success,
our confldcnco that wo will nchlovo a vie.
lory on Tuesday next but It cnu only bo
won by tho individual and united efforts of
all good and truo Democrats, ltcmembcr,
the election district that will show the lar.
gest Increase of voto over 1833 will bo pre
sented with n handsomo Hag. ltally Dem
ocrats, Is tlio watch-word of tho day.
David Lowkn-iikimi,
(Jo lo tho polls cnrly tnko your
homes mid spring wnjjoii pick up
your Drinocratio friends nml linul
tl)i'in itlong. All tiny, tin nils. ionnry
work ninung the Voters
Tlio present outlook is very hopeful
for tho Democrats. Now York is sure
for Clovplniul, nml there Is littlu doiinl
of New J. rsoy, Connecticut nml In
ilinitn. lleciiles tliese, California nml
.'onnsvlvniiln. can bo uarrlcd for Nuvnda aro likelv lo tio for Clovelaml,
Cleveland if every man will do his and a strong light is being made in II-
duty. linoie, Wisconsin, -iliulilgan and unio.
Let us solid urcetlni' our -Villi, ami i no Kcimu leans aro using tneir nitons
ask our friends to do better Work, Is in New Jersey, Indiana and Connect!
the order of tho day, nml work will eul, and if money eau buy tlioso statos
win. wvo ouii nay to mo ionnity,
and tho wliolu ticket.
tlio wholo country."
"In niaktng rediiet'iou in taxes it
is not proposed to injure any do.mus
tiu iNiit'sritins but rather to piio.moti:
riiKiu iiKAi.Tiir (inowrii. Krom tlio
foundation of this Government taxes
collected at thu Custom-Homo have
been tho chief soiireo of revcniio
Siiuli they must continue to he. More
over, nimy imliistiies havo eorno to
rely upon , legislation or successful
continuance, so that any chanye of
Thfl Chairman nf the Oftmoonitla County Com-
mlttee, requests each member ot the standing
committee to make an appointment ot a Vigilance
cornmlttco ror his election district, borouch or
township consisting ot at least two members, in
addition to the member ot the standing Commit
tee, and in the larger dlstrl.ts three or Jour, as
mar do necessary, ana me memoers oi uic ctuuu
lng Committee will promptly within not more
man one wee sena tne name 10 me cu -iriiiuu.
Tho lJopubllcan party is tho party
of biiiotrv, arroi.inci', and lalse pio
tenses. Their whole stock, in traiin
consists in ulnliiiiiii! for themselves nil
tlio virtues, all the Intelllijenee, culture
and reliiieiuent of tho land, nml in
Therols reason for oharging upon their opponents all the
VICl'M IUIU -IHI lljllliMI liuiilliauiv. J iivii
claim to have put down the rebellion
is a false nroteuse. Show us a innn
who assorts that then- were 110 Uenio-
erais in the armv nml wo will snow
von a man who never saw tho Bnioko
of battle. Ho either hired a substi
tutu or secured a fat ofhec that kept
him out of reach of rebel bullets, aho w
us a man who Hays there is no truth ih
Democratic newspapers, nml wo win
show vou a man who cannot disunm
nato between truth and uNehoort in
Has SoOO ot n Democratic majotity his own privntu nITairs. bliow us a
if our vote is all polled. Does any man who says that Democrats ate all
Democrat think of stavint' at home 1 scoundrels, and wo will show you a
. ... - I . . . '.. . ... 1 , V. .
Up, men, and at them I Think ot the ingot 111 politics, religion ami lousiness.
pa9t as well as tho luture. Oo to tho The cry of thu Kupuuliuan party tor
polls take your neitzhbor see that I years, when corruption has been traced
Ids ticket is right and that it is voted, homo to them, has been ''It's a lie.'
Mind, vote the ticket from top to bot- This is their argument, this their only
. T. : .1... ...,...! I. I Wl... ..I, ...ill, utiifilinn
iuiu. iv in kuu uuiv n.iiu uiiu ittaiiiy 1 auswui. it ijuii viiiiikv mm
course. Don't throw a voto thnt will the Presidency in 187C. they say "Its
not coutit for your principles. Meu a lie." When told that tho platform
llinv will hi' nurehaseil at anv mice.
Thu Ucpiiblieans real me that if they g , ut be at every step regardful
out now, thev go to stay, and hence ! of the labor and capital thus involc-
their great struggles. Hlaliiu is wav- ed thu irneiHS Ot reform uiii'U be
lng tlTo bloody shirl, and endeavoring subject in thu eviculi mi t llm pl iiu
to array the North against the South diutati of jusiiee. All t ix ilion shall
In Ids piteous idea for votes. Clove-' be limlti'i! lo tlm riMiuir.'iiienis nl rco
land is Attuiidlntr to his oflicial duties inmiiual uovoniiu.-m III" in'0"sarv
1 11. . . ...1.! 1
at munny, preparatory uj iiikiii; h
his abode in '.ho White House.
aro of a day, but principles aro eternal.
of tho Democracy is as strong for pro.
tcction as theirs, again comes tho an
swer "Its a Ho. Democrats aro free
traders, 110 matter what their platform
Bays. Wo aro for protection because
Another Republican of national
prorainenco has abandoned the Repub
lican candidate and come over to
Cleveland. Tho latest convert is no our platform says so." When accused
loss a pcrsonago than Hon. Matthow of having brought business to its pros
llale, ot Albany, who was mo itepuu- ent condition oy maintaining a imgu
Iican candidato lor luugo ot tlio su- surplus in tlio treasury, ana oy icgisin-
premo court last yoar ann woo was ting soieiy in too iiuuiusis ui inuuupu'
Workincr Renublioan in 185G and had lies, thev answer "It's n lie. Tho of
voted for everv Republican nresiden- fort to pass tho Morrison bill last win
tial candidato since. It would seem ns tcr was tho cause of tho present do
thouch tho Rcnnbliean nartv will co nression." They forcet that tho de
with a great deal 01 undignineu prcssion camo long ueioro tuo iuorrison
haste. bill was thoticht of. They heap scan-
nUI.vl a holt daLafte?1 "P ? '!Cl?.r foolscap at taverns and cross-roads
v.- .. j j-- nosillR canoioates, aim wneii in ia;m.i- . . ..- . .. ,,. f J;,, ,.uf
Vlllli lliu VUlltUlllO Ul lltjVO VI
foolscap were derogratory to the charac-
f T.. T.':l.l,... W..11 !f ...!..,
"TjM..n " X T t ' indnnpn. " V l"? of that ? What had Snyder to do with
, -o uu.w-vw j wilOU tlio Vjrcait iUOOllier. tuo iu.u 1.. Tf Oniplt his misvpiirpspnti'd
Limit Airn n. nn inflpnpnilf lit candl- 1 .1.- ttri.i.i 1. !--. ' 11 VJUICk lias misiepreseiiiLii
h i . . jr ; 1 irauersuiu iniuua, mu tuionv uk imai,.,,-, s. .i,-.. . r ri
Hhentt when it was u-.,,- m-v , !U;um,rfl a,.uu.,u. ... ,,..a.B i iu.-rp
rjr: """ . r ; , 10 is t he resnonsiu 0 nartv. ami i.rioK-
y, ma poor, ncgioo eu, irona 8honId look 10 hi m for redress
I DOlt I;nfl, nonrliilnf oa nnr w)mn in rntflllfl-
111 this county been successful. Unco ,;on unpleasant fact connected
The Protlionotaryslilp.
OltANOF.Vll.l.K, Oct. 21), 1881.
Editor Uoi.ijjiiiian:
In tho editorial colnmnof last weeks
. . .. . . . . , t
issue ot tlio iicntuiei, l noiico an aril-
clo headed "Some of tho reasons why
Wo cannot support Mr. Snyder for Pro-
I havo noted that uver since lliu Horn-
iuating convention met, that paper has
dealt in nameless charges and petty
abuse of Mr. Snyder, nnd it now caps
the climax by asking tho democratic
voters to bolt the ticket, mid voto tor
Ki titer.
If tho Sentinel can mve no butter
reason for its conduct and advice than
thoso given in last week's issue it had
belter bo quiet on thnt score. I quote
their reasons ns they iavo them. Ilea-
son 1st, "because Snyder used methods
to securo his nomination such as no
decent man would resort to." That is
a very ambiguous charge I Why not
tell us what these methods were f A
nameless charge is a cowards resource
and deserves no notice from honest
men, but their contempt for the charge,
and the authors.
The second reason given is, that
Snyder combined with Weirmnu and
iiuckinaham "by tho aid ot letters, to
injure and misrepresent tho character
of Wm. Krickbaum.', I know from
papers I havo seen that Krickbaum
would have used Weirman, to do work
for hi m less creditablo than that
charged to Snyder. The third reason
was that Matthew ljuick had read a
mass of venom from several pages of
reduction in, tux tlinu can ami miiu bn WITHOUT DUIMMVING
COUNTRY'." I'latformunanimoM'
ly adopted by the National Conven
tion of the JJemocracy at Chicago.
Chairman Hansel's Hopes-
city's vote.
a manifestly improper nomination was
1 . . . ...
made lor Associate judge, ana me
with their candidate is tnado public
dato was elected bheritr wiien it was u- 1
strongly believed that improper means robbery and
nnmina-1 -- " , , .,. i.n..
Miitn. or, nnin tin iininrn i n 111111111T. ..... ...
. . " "" "v - r - niKt not sadd 0 the matter on onvder.
-..,1. nil 41m iii.nilin ,n ,1mm l... ... .
wibu ui. tu-
Star Route
had boon used to secure the
tion. lioth of these cases occurred ,.,., n ,.,
nnrrimt inn in t.lmm
under tho old rules. In 1879 the jd t"o tho nepubliCnn party, tho ac- 'ck snouiu Know woe coi
Or. nnb Pimliilitn wis elected No lracLU 10 lllu "tpuunum pii.y. n' je waa Kncbaum s clerk
r.:Jl customed answer conies echoing back , man o know, of ,
,i 4.... v-.-..-...-.- irora ail tne organs ano an tuo oigot
-."-v x;..vv-- 01 tnat, party, "lis a 110. vo acuiisu , !.,,,., ir ..-,, ,,,, ,,,--,,-
Jury yommxsswncr), tbcm o( cor;.Untin- the ballot in Indi- t t, ,.... . 1, ;:i' t
. .w . , . Uill.C, kjl .iinivuv lib till.- l.ll. fJ.
citizen of Benton, and
man in chargo
. ... 1 1- 1
siuauor ana iur uomnnssiunvru
has ever been elected m voiumoia n 1880 b y the wholesale purchaso
uuutuy. jmwii -v.. v 0f voters under tho Hand
Speakine of tho canvass of the Dera
ocratio candidates before tho delegate
elections the llepublican of July 10th
says : "A combination of the old ring
T.., o ,,loKl..
f - ..ui: IIUUUIUIV
.Inn. l.nniiVilinrtn nml II 1 f( II t . . tl I N!.O.P I . .
"""" "r'" - m, 0 a davit that the
1V0U10 iniCT, Oteve uorsuy, aim uiey
r, ateve uorscy, ami iney i f , ,.,,,, .,, , ,.,, m, ,.
reply "You lie." Tho Associated Press ,md ,., a of wh,gk t0 Kl..k.
dispatches aro controlled by the Ho- , !f ,,, , , ,, , :n!i
publicau leaders and moulded to suit
with their usual methods in vigorous their purposes regardless of facts, but
..1 ,:n .,-.i-..i,n,ii., i.:.nni. Ti.n when Democratic papers wlncli want
c un a u c tho trui 1 ooiain tnetr lniormauou irom
fall willhardlv carry the opposition more re mblo sources, and givo the
through the present ordeal. But Pblio the benefit of their advices, the
MUIUU uiu Ml V iii-ii ic
,1 . . . ; .
llcrwlclc K.
Berwlclc W
Hen ton
Iiloora E.
Hloom W.
Post Office.
tho Democrats can afford to out
the seal of condemnation upon corrupt w" rl taut ls; tl.10 Kel"
I.. I., I ln 1, n..... ... II ilVM UL'UII 111 IUVYCI BKJ HMtti Vil
11IU III VUlUIHllli UUIIIIVV tlV I. . 1 . w. I
repeating tho dose administered last "Hu". "L""":"" , . 7 , ,
fall. Will they havo tho courage to do n!v. 110 "Bul lu ."
:, r tneir e-travagani aummiBiratiuii. im;
Tim .1,1 rinrr" r,.f..rr..l tn i Mr. act and talK .IS tllOllgll It Wl'l u u pieco
Krickbaum and his allies, nml the above of impudence on our part to attempt to
. ..... . 1 r "turn ton rascals out.
Deaver vallley.
.T. Itlttenhouse,
IsaUU Ilower,
O. A. Carey,
(. W. Illrleman
David Lowenberg,
oea K lwelL
M. U UounecUt, Willow SprlnRS.
w. 1. roasy
D. V. Curry
Samuel llldlav
Conjnsham N. Jonn Drennan
Conyngbama John .Monroe,
yishlnecreelc L. M. CreveHng,
uaniei loreman,
I. P. l'atton.
James Hams,
s. W. Mcllenry,
J. Snyder,
Miles Smith
J. W. Kelchner,
I). II. Montgomery
0. A. Htongo
Jacob Gilbert
c. W. Ammennan
O. H. OonlDer
James Knlttle,
O. I. Relglmrd,
1). Oelslnger
W. II. Peterman,
item urges his defeat because ot his
"corrupt electioneering." Woll, ho
was deteated, and now the Jlepuotican
wants Snyder beaten because Krick
baum wasn't nominated. Tho consis-
'turn the rascals out.
But tho day of retribution is at hand
The party of arrogance, bigotry, faUt
pretenses, fraud and corruption
KO. We think it sviu start next
baum and it was to gn tn tho now jail.
Now it is a fact not denied that there
was placed a barrel of whiskev at the
jail, and Krickbaum has not dared to
deny that ho ever had a barrel of whis
key there. Alter tho barrel was nearly
empty ho swore "I have not got a bar
rel ot whiskey at the jail.
isow fellow democrats is there any
sense in the noove reasons and any
cause why you should bolt tho ticket
and repudiate tho regular nominee of
your convention 7
the truo taets ot the matter aro that
the ling finds itself in it . Inst ditch, and
tho defeat of Snyder is its last chance.
Snyder's election means the end of tho
Bloom ring ; while Kin tor's election
gives them another chance. Honest
voters, will vou help them to that
The paM. week has been one of un
usual activity at the room . of the Dem
ocratic State committee at Philadel
phia and the managers there feel greatly
encouraged with the condition of thu
party in the State, as it may be judged
by the leque.ts for spankers and the
reports from meetings that havo been
held. Despite the confidence with
which tho Republicans say that their
majority in Pennsylvania will be any
wheio from 50,000 to 7.,000, the Dem
ocratic committee will concede no suoh
figures, nor, indeed, any Republican
majority. Chairman Hcusel declares
with the greatest confidence that tho
Democracy of tho State will come to
Philadelphia with a plurality, and
whether or not it will bo overcome
hero depends upon the party in tho
city. Recent local embarasstnent com
plicate the situation in Philadelphia,
Imt eventually tho Democratic Chair,
man is hopeful that the city organiza
tion's work will be effective in holding
down tho Republican majority so as to
make tho State doubtful.
The attendance at Democratic meet
ings in tho interior has been remarka
ble, and the reports from them uniform
ly tell of efficient organization, active
interest and quiet but thorough
work. During the closing two weeks
of the campaign from seventy-five to
0110 hundred meetings will have been
supplied with speakers from the Stalo
headquarters and two score of cfTcetivo
talkers, many of them young man, who
aro making their mark in this cam
paigu, havo been doing telling work
on tho stump. Senator Wallace hav
ing been disabled by exposure in Ohio,
Mr. Randall. Mr. Doutrhcrtv and Mr.
Stengel' having been taken out of the
Stato by tho national committee, and I
no outsido speakers being supplied by
the committee to Pennsylvania, the
work of thu canvass here has been
heavier than usual on thoso who aro
trying to boar it. Chairman Hensel
hiinsjlf ha" had engagements every
night ot the past week and will speak
every night until election day in some
part of the St ite, generally managing
to get back to headqu irters for next
day's work.
i pJ jH
m 11 1 -i u 1-
catawSSa'. lency of thu Republican is not visible day for tho briny waters of Salt River, cimnco and undo tho good you did by
to tho naked eye,
lit. Pleasant
West Scott
East Scott
Light Street.
v.7 The complete ofhoial returns
Pennsyi. recent elections in Ohio show that the
nkiii total voto polled for Secretary of Stato
line Summit.
Mill Grove.
Light Street.
Cole's creek.
but if anv I.epublioau should h;.pon
to read this ho will from force of habit
of tho exclaim "It's a lie.'
FbIbb Pretensions-
was 70,073 in excess of the correspond
iiicr voto in 1880. Of this increase tho
Republicans claim 29,578 and the Dcm
ocrats 37,5'J. Tho balance, ,H-b is
111 the Bcatttcring vote. llio Kepubli- . ,.. . carninKS l0 iivo i comfort, od- cast off tho galling yoke and v
can increase is about eight per cent. .,, ,.ii... n,i nv i,v n rhIH- D. M. Kintor. a name of suotless
Tn his letter of acceptance Mr. Blaino
..... ., 1 1 I C .1... ..... I
wroto : "Wages aro unjustly reauceu 01 too oc.7ct,
when an industrious man is uot able "if we aro truo
voto is 392,800, tho Democratic voto
378,080 and tho scattering voto 12,201,
giving too Republicans an average
plurality of 14,1L'U and an average ma
-doom jr. A. V. Ilower, J. 1L Maize. C. II. Camp
bell, J. a Casey, o. W. Jones, Kd. Yost, Charle.
Ilaawrt. and Jas. Sterner.
.'loom W.V. 1). Dentler, C. A. Klelra, Thorna
oorrey, K. K. Llttlo. Clinton Sterling and w. w.
Xontow nenry n. Keltor, Kd Wheeler.
K. Omvngliam Patrick Haley, Andrew Dona
nrninw.Wm. Tivpr. A. ... TV-it. J. P. DoWltt.
BmcUte if. P. B. Hanley, A. V. seeley. Samuel Mority of 919
Chamberlain, Kroeman Hitler and James Dayman. Comparing tho averages of 1880 and
JOiiii. ! U A TTIlft k V VHIt Win T lli-t- I ..... O . . .
. ' 1884 it is found that tho uv
Cntartssa-K. li. Tewk.bury, J. u. Kobbins, I publican gain is 29,42-1 and
niu, uuuvm
rttlilngcreele1. II. Edgar, Lewis Belshllnc, W,
J. Kreamer, J.M. Ammennan and W. JJ. Hosier.
Jfaln-John T. Ilowman J. J. Nubs, John A. Shu-
in no.
Orango. Wm. Mas teller, Isaao IC DUdlno, Amog
Stnetck, W.-A.G. Klmberly, Will T. Snyder, C,
II. luumm ,,iiui.iua.
Stott, r, Isaac ltelchard, John Crawford, Mace
jloarinQcrttx. wm. Yeagtr, Daniel Iing.
CVntr . IL A. Sncppenhelaer, A. D. lirader, Lort
increase not quite ..m01lllt fo,. tll0 necessities of old
Go to tho crowded
aud tho Democratic
plfivnn iwr npnt
The Republican candidate for sccre- ' fa '
tary ot Stato has a p ura uty ot 1 1,324 , , . 1 ,--
over the Democratic candidate, but of tho city, ask the men who work
..11. ,.o ..1. -r t .1... all sorts of industries, inquire of
iii 2,110 -uurt ul a iiiajuniy 01 inu , . . , - . t,,.,i,
. . ' ... . . . J . I ,.0- rl. iwnr-a III l linin I-'IIISI! till! lCl'DIll)
wiiuie vuie. xukiiiu uiu itveiuu ui . . ....!.. :.,i......t
the three candidates tho Republican Hoans are just now so warmly nte.est-
squelching them two years ago ? If it
were possible to elect Kinler it will be
due to the soreheads, and the Uov.
candidato would be expected to bo
grateful, and the ring would be in pow
er again.
In another article in the same issue
he says it is time,
to ourselves we will
ote for
ed, if they are ablo to live in
and ono whom 110 true democrat need
bo ashamed to voto for.'' Do vou
Democrats find your supremacy in Col
umbia county so hard to beaf that you
need to elcot a republican to get rid
ot it 1 That is what Vanderslico ifc (Jo.,
ask vou to do and evidently think vou
comfort aro woak enough and foois enough to
nml lav bv monev in the bank 1
ml .11 -.11 ..... ,t., .. a n ...rt L'. Tf I
xnoy win icu yuu ii.ui.b.n in.i j
and an insult to so represent tueir con
Go to tho mills, furnaces and work-
do it.
As for Mr. Kinterl have always had
a groat respect for him, nud greatly re
gret ho has listenod to tho voice of his
ambition, nnd his misguided friends,
- r . .. r . . . .. .1..... 1. .. .1 . ..
erago Re- shops which havo cut down wages from tho M . qxq w)j,oh hftd
tho aver- UU to a per cent. wm. . l' called him and lond himself.
ago uomocrauo gam 7,3i rnese niouiu , -u uiu "um.i, ""ji
ni-o nlmnut nvnul w I in onmn liirnrno no 1 IOr 1IR natlVO "CUIItllieillu. lull- aim
...... j v..w
ni-A itiiiiii liv n nnmn.r lann nf flm vr.toa US lmilOrtCU lOW-DlitCU uu.nruii.iino
fnr Spni-ntnrtf nf Stntn Tim nvnrnoo to thu manufacturing towns and tho
lfnli-iilrn vntn a tnrofianrl frnm I mininf? districts, where men aro only
2. Hia tn 0...7L u-hiln tlm fii.nnlmp.lf oartiallv employed and where strikes
.-"-I . , , . .
vntn b ninUa him fi.HSin in 1 KHfl tn Have UCOIl lorCCU upon Ilium uy oiur
3.029 iii 1881. In 1880 tho average vation. and see whnt comfort labor will
The Power Behiad the "Tribuue" Throne m
In .tiny nud June, 188J, within a
month previous to the National llepub
lican Convention, at which General
Grant and Mr. Blaine were the leading
eandidaU'H, aud which resulted finally
n the nomination of General Garfield,
tho New York Tribune published a
faeries of vigorous and striking articles
attacking tho Stalwart clement es
pecially Logan, Colliding, Cnneron
and other leaders and doing the best
possible to ruin the chances of all can
didates except Mr. Blaine. The arti
cles also derided tho group ot Massa
chusetts men headed by Senator Hoar,
and generally had no mercy lor anv
Republican followers of Mr. Blaine.
These in tides are now shown by fac
simile repioduction of tho "copy'1 and
nstruetion to have been written by
Gail Hamilton (Mary A. Dodge), Mr.
Blaine's relative, and now as then a
member of his household, and printed
in the Tribune by Mr. Blaine's author
ity and at his direction.
as a use
less instrument to tho Sentinel eliquo's
revenge against Mr. fjnydcr.
Iho Sentinel has adduced nothing
against Mr. Snyder s fitness for tho of
fico to which ho was nominated by tho
regular nominating convention of tho
The wholo seoret of their animus to
. -;; . "o i , , , , . j ,i . - i. I uu wiiuiu nuui-i. u. in-., iu-
Republican plurality was 22,034 and derive by being .assured that it is much rf g . . , g - -
.t.. .:... ,ii am it I iniiA. nir flxiii i. uinnlil lin in H.urntin I . T . ' . J.
II. Croup, I. J. Adamt, Geo. MU.
No man who has tho interest of the
nation at heart, will fail to vote next
Tuesday. No matter how much bus
iness ho may have on hand, no matter
if it is some inconvenience to got to
tho polls, ho should lay everything
aside, and givo ono day to his country.
Cleveland will bo elected, and those
who havo been voting in vain for the
past twenty-four years, should not miss
this opportunity to be on tho winning
it seems that Blaino has been fol
lowing an illustrious example. In the
year 1880 he made nn attack on tho
great Republican leaders, in tho Trib
une, from behind tho breast-works of
Miss Gail Hamilton, a cousin of
Blaine's wife, or in somo way related
to htm, and n member of his family.
The Plumed Knight and petticoats I
No wonder he is iu favor of protection.
But Miss Gail can't savo him from tho
'gale' of popular fury which will
uweep him from politics next Tuesday
In 18G8 Mr. Blaino thought Cover
nor Soyinour, on the stump, was con
ducting himself iu a very undignified
manner for a presidential candidato i
that ho was making a fool of himself
and disgracing tho high office to which
iio was aspiring. Blaine's present dis
gusting circus is tho commentary to
Ids speech about Seymour. Seymour
waa beaten and Blaino is already de
feated. Tho votes aro ready pour
them into tho ballot boxes, boys. Don't
lenvo a man at home. Pennsylvania
to tho rescue! Roll thu Keystone
Stato lo tho front of tho Democratic
tlm mnlnrltv i9.s..n nwr all. better off than it would bo in kuropo
... .... j . , ., . .. , i r,.i t ..
i liko proportion ot Itopublicnn loss ami mat it nns -huso iu uu Ki..i,-.ui .ui
would securo to the Democrats about Republican "protection.
all of tho States now classed as doubt- "Republican protection," forsooth 1
ful. Ex. Where aro its advantages seen 1
In tho magnificent palatial residen
ces built on the enormous profits of
protected monopolies.
In tho vast fortunes, reaching into
In 1808 ex-Governor Seymour, of
New York, tho Democratic candidato
for President, was constrained against
Wm iirntPAt. .ami linttnr .nilf.mnnt. tn
make a personal campaign among the tens of millions, amassed by
neonle. This is what tho Plum, d tectcd' speculators and jobbers.
in tlio watered stoeK, largo proms
and heavy dividends of "protected'
Knight said of him in tho Brooklyn
Academy of Music, October 31, 1808:
"If wo needed any excuse for an ad
ditional word on our side, it may be
found and fin nished in tho extraordi
nary spectacle pivsented nt this mo
ment beforo tho American people, when
railroad corporations.
Look upon these evidences of tho
blessings of Republican "protection"
and then turn to "protected labor, with
its squalid homes, its women aud clul-
them in tho race for tho nomination for
Uertainly that is no reason wliv you
democrats should bolt tho ticket and
nrovo traitors to vour nartv. that thev
may bo gratitied in their malico to
wards bnyder.
1 wish some ono moro able than 1
would have canvassed thesii facts for
you, but when a paper caning itseit a
democratic paper nuvijes tuo ueuiuui-it-io
voters to bolt aud defeat the
tiuket it is then time every honest
democrat expresses his opinion of them
nnd their sentiments.
L. M. Si.kpi'V
tlio candidato ot the Democratic party, " lia,f W d "M. t" n.tscry
in wild despair at the result of tho
Stato elections, is travelling through
tho country on uxprcss trains at the
rato of thirty miles nn hour, with dis
hevelled hair and wild companions, en
gaged in tho hopeless task of reviving
tho impaired constitution of tho Demo
emtio party. And no sooner had lie
started on this most extraordinary jour
ney than you found Democratic papers
in tones of impudent definilcu daring
tho Republicans to send General Grant
on a trip of tho samo character. No,
thank you, gentlemen i one Presiden
tial candidato making a fool of himself
at tlio rato of thirty miles an hour is
quite enough t and General Grant, iu
tho garb ot a plain citizen, is quietly
awaiting thu verdict of tho nation in
his modest homo at Galena.'1
Mr. Blaine is now iu a position iu
which ho can mako another prediction
about a Presidential candidato making
a fool of himself at tlio rato of thirty
miles an hour, ami -..bout a plain nud
honest Governor quietly wijifing tho
verdict of the people in Albany, N,
nud despondeucy under incessant toil
and insullieiont food.
Walk up Pifth Avpiuio and through
tho Central Park and seo tlio RepublU
can "protection" of capital illustrated
uy tuo luxurious carriages wan tueir-
blooded horses, their mountebank liv
eries, their gaudy coat-of-arms and
their tat poodles.
A Pair Proteotivo Tariff.
"Wo ueiiove that i.auok is ic. t re
warded where it is freest and must eu
lightened. H should therefore be ras-
tkkkd and cherished."
"The Deinooiatio party insls'.s that
it is tho duty of this Government to
Seek tho narrow, pestilonccbreeding PROTECT with oinial fidelity and vig
teuemunt-houso streets of tho city nnd janoe tl0 ,jKll8 0 iti, citi(.n!Jl imtjvo
see tho Republican "protection of la- ami naturali-ed, at liomo and abroad."
hor shown in the wasted forms shiver- Vo domain! in behalf of tho Do
ing at the doors and the sickly children mocraoy freedom for AMERICAN
playiug iu tho gutters. LABOR by reducing taxes to tho end
After tweuty-four years of Ifopubli. ,nl ti.H0 (j'lt0(i Suxlca may compete
can rue, with absolute iiower, hun- ith unhindciod powers for the prima-
dreds of thousands of willing men are oy amon nations iu nil tho mts of
starving lor want ot work and other pcaeo nnd tho fruits of libeity."
htiudreds of thousands aro earning only Tho great isuo of reform and change
enough motioy to keep body and soul in administration is submitted to tho
togetlior. Wnges, wluoh have gone p00po in calm confidence that thu pop
steadily down for fourteen years, nro iar Voico will pronounce iu favor of
getting lower and lower o very day. 1U)W me ami l)UW aud moro fuvoiublo
What a gross lraud and humbug, conditions for the growth of industry,
then, for a corrnptionist who bus made ,, extension of trade, the emnlou
S2.000.000 ill Congress to claim the mcnt and due reioard ot T.ahor nnd
woikjngnMn'ij support 1 World. I 0f capital aud tho general welfaro of
liana Coutc-Ht.
In tho bund contest at Wnshlngtonville
fair on Thursday of last week, our boys
took ono of the prizes. Four bands en
tercd the contest, viz i llepnz Hand of Wil.
liamspoit, Shainokln. liloomsbnrg mid Cit.
Izens' Hand of Danville. The arrange.
ments for the coutest was for each band to
play two pieces of music, viz i ono March
and ono Selection. The Uloomsburg hand
played first, playing Tanhauser Grand
Murch by lilchard Wagner, following in
turn with Grand selection from tho Opera
of tho Ilohemlau Girl by Haifa ; the
Uloomsburg Band wns tho only band that
played strictly to agreement, the licpaz
and Shainokln bands played Quicksteps
mi il Overtures. The liloomsbnrg Hand
had both Overtures that Wllllainsport aud
Shainokln Hands played and Intended to
play one or the other ot them hud the
agreement not been otherwise Ut prizo,
200, Hcpaz Hand i 2nd prize, $150, Sham
olcltt Hand ; 3rd prize, $100, liloomsbnrg
Absolutely Pure.
Upowilci never varies. A marvel ot purity
streiurih anil wholoomeness. More economical
thin thd onllnary.kliiuu. andcannot bo sold lu
competition with ilia multltuilo ot low tett, etiort
weight, uluni or phosphate powders. Horn only
means, itovii. 11-Kinu I'owuhk Co., loaWuU.fct..
N.V. autrll-lx.
i it
This medicine, combining Iron with pr
veitftahle tonlri, quickly anil completely
Curra llynprpiiln. Intlljt.ttloi. Wrnunr
linpiirnlllnnil,. I-lnrlniC'hUlaatiiIl.ivrr,
uml Nr urnlaln. .
It linn unfallinf remedy for ultcaaeioftlio
KttlncyA unit l.lvrr. ,,
It 1 . invaluable for plsee peculiar to
Women, and nil who lead sedentary llvei.
It doos not Injure the teeth, camo hcndncho.or
produce constipation cUin Iron neilMnti ilo.
Itcnrlchesand purines theljlood.itlmulatcs
tho appetite, alda the aMlmllation of food, re
lieves Heartburn nnd Ilelchlng, and strength,
ens the musclos and nerves. .....
For Intermittent Fevers, Lassitude, tack of
Energy, Ac., It has no eqtial.
The genuine has ahovo trade mark and
crossed red llnca on wrapper. Take no other,
n....i,Vr mionsciiMiciL to, iitTiiou. bb.
l'lltHIHPI!IA,OCtolt 27.
1 upfn's merino stands as
i in all tho markets of the
world as Lupin's cashmere;
l.n t for some reason un
known to us nobody else in
Philadelphia keeps a general
assortment of it There is
no wholesale stock of it in
the U. S. to draw from ; and
nobody can get it without
order from Paris. But that
is no reason. Merino is
wanted : Lupin's of course.
The only reason we can see
for not keeping merino is
that ladies who want it will
generally take , cashmere.
'I hat's a very bad mcrcan
tile reason, in our opinion.
You want a merino dress,
or wrap, or baby cloak. You
auk. a merchant for it. He
ro'ii.b'.y hasn't any; he may
1 vt: two or three two-year-
i (olnrs. or black, too fine
ii io i' Kirse; not a mer
i' "t '.. tin- city has twenty
t - r : i il -even qualities
nit WanamaUer.
' or hotKe in the
! rovides anything
u m.iny colors and quali
n d makes of cashmere.
!1 more of evening
..iutie than some of the
fev-1 nouses sell ot all;
l the costlier qualities
t!i..:i almost any other house
of coarse and line together;
more of Lupin's, doubtless,
than anybody else of all the
m.ilcf.s Hut this wouldn't
be worth the saying, if the
reason were not worth your
knowing, too, We have all
the colors in use, all the
qualities made by approved
r.,;ikt-rs. and several makes.
The reason for
many is that people
come to expect them here;
they all want Lupin's ; but
they are better satisfied with
whnt they get if they see
others There'd be no loss
to buyers, if we kept only
Lupin's cashmeres and meri
nos, ;ind no others ; but peo
ple wouldn't continue to be
satisfied with Lupin's even,
without constantly comparing
with others. And the only
way other makes can be sold
at all is by putting them a
trifle under Lupin's price. It
is not superfluous to keep
We sell possibly a tenth as
much merino as cashmere.
It costs a trifle more and
looks exactly the same ; but
it is heavier, wears longer,
be turned wrong side
and made over. It is
dresses in one. Per
haps ladies are not generally
good enough economists to
buy two dresses in one.
Cashmere we're speaking
of all-wool cashmere, of
course costs 50 cents to
1.25 a yard ; merino, 60 to
$1.35. The colors and quali
ties of cashmere are too long
a list to think of; of merino
not so many, but all the uses
are provided for.
And this is about the whole
story of all-wool cashmere
and merino here; and here
is the better part of the cash
in re and merino world at
on" -owner.
I iin Wanam a it r it.
having so
U'llrranf nilinlntstr.itlnn nn llu'r-itfttuof tl.tltlol
Kami ilecc.iod. Intr of lvust ttmnililn. 1'oltnnbla
county, I'cnnsjnnnl.i, d.r.,i0(llini! linen grunted
by llio ItpglMcr of suld county to tlm undersigned
Administrator. All prrsnns having claims against
inopBtato or tuo iiccenscilnroiTqucsteii to present
them for ftpltlcinpiit. nnil tho-in Itiili-lited tn thn
ratalo in mnko payment In llio midcrnlgncd nd-
ininistrmor wmiouiiiciay.
WI'ti.HV IlAfP.
Oct ill Administrator.
:ui. Mar Ul tlicc-,.,
.ii ijarb.
lisl'ATU 01'
Mlll.ll' It.NA.KM-, mil EAsr.I).
unilersl-ni'd fliiilitnr niitinlnleil bvlbo (T
plians' court 01 I'olumbli County 10 inakoilhtit
but Ion of Hie futuli in ilin ImmUnf tlin.i-Duntp.lit
tn and among tho parties entitled thereto, will Mt
nt his oftlco In liloiiinsbuig, on l'rld.iy, jiovcmlxr
Hlli, lssi, nt 10 o'clock, n, tn,, when nnilvvlicro all
lumps having claims .tgnlnst n.itddocedcnt, tinist
nppcnr nnd present thu biiiiiu or bo lon ver dehor-
nn irom coming in on Iiliiu. ,
I'Cllllu V. U.
letters of ndmlnUtrntton on tlio nf .Inbn
F. Hutchison, lateof Fl.xlilm-crpck tnwnshln. do.
ccAsed havo been grunted by tho Iteglslcr ot said
county to tho undersigned Administrator, All
persons naving claims ngain.t tuo estate or tlio
deceased nro requested to present them ror settle
ment and tho -in Indebted to tho ctalo to make
payment to tho undersigned administrator with
out delay. KLMorr I. I.H.MON,
01' VAI.UA1II.1!
Something Me wl
- jot
Wowmitd le-tprt'tnilly nnnouncii In tliei-ripm
if llloonisbiirif nnd vii'lnlty llintwo lino crri'id
l llrst-c'fU-M hdihdry nnd Indlrst luilr cccds Mnin.
HloomsbuiK, la., In licntlers new .imp, Man
sinet Lniilrs' pan han their combings inaitu tin
into wales, switches, lil.zcs, fte.
Iliw cut.
represent ,
our very
Wave. Tbl,
W dressed
with the
hair ruling
nn tho run"
head, 11 n ,
tho ll II (I.,
111 -del u
O ft Ii b ii
d rosso d
. JVo ban.
'I to all
styles and
vnrlet 1 0 s.
Hut t li 0
llrown A
Il.ild win
Warn with
our clo- parting Is unsurpas.od nnd ncknowl.
edged b nil toc.vel an oilier wavu made. There
1. a pan. 01a so maun mni, mo iac; noes not snow,
thus nvoldlng tho wl? llko appearance of nil other
waves. I.imttrvs nnd lleruhnrt's Wniranml i:n.
gllsh llangs nro very lino, made in nny sljle. six
,iein swill-lies mane 01 ino iiiicbi ipiauiy, nu long
hair. Natural gray hair n specially. Ladles' and
dents' Wigs, Toupees nnd ono-half Wigs mado to
order. aves dono tiji nnd oxchanged.
All our goods inadoot natural curly hair, nnd
nro warranted, .samples cheerfully shown, ha.
dies' hair dressed nnd head cleaned by lady atten
dants. Wo also have n Uno lino of Face Powder
and shampoo. I.adlcs will una It to their ndran
tngo to deal with us a. wo ibe.. our waves and
front pieces to suit tho wearer.
ny vlrtuoof nn order of tho Om.ians1 court of
t'olumbl 1 County, tho undersigned Administrator
ot tho estnlo of hvnn Welllver, deceased, will sell
at puuno Bale on the premises, on
Saturday, Nov. 22, '84.
at ono o'clock 1. it., tho following described real
estate, to-wlt i
THAU- no. i.
Slttiato In tho townsnlp of Montour, Columbia
County, I'enna., bounded and dcsclbed as follows,
liEOINNINO nt a whlto o.ik grub nnd running
thenco by land of Francis Hvana North foity-ono
degrees w est ono hundred and eleven perches and
one-tenth to u hickory grub j thenco by land of
James llarton, north sixty degrees Kast twenty'
nine perches to n whlto oak ; thenco by land ot
tho estato of William Ivy, South thirty-two do-
grcca East ono hundred nnd eighty perches to n
whlto oak and theno South lltty-four degrees
West eleven perches and six-tenths to tho place of
beginning, CONTAINING thirteen acres four per
ches nnd nllowanco ot six per cent for roads, &c,
moro or less.
TltACT No. 8..
BItuato partly In Montour and partly In Hemlock
townships, Columbia Co., bounded on tho North
and Kast by land of lteuben Guild nnd on tho
South nnd West by land of John Walter CON-
TA1NINO about ten acres, moro or less.
On tract No. 1. there Is a good two Rtory framo
dwelling houso nnd a bank barn nearly new, n
gooii well and pump at tho houso nnd a stream of
fresh water running through tho laud, a young
apple orchard and other fruit trees, nil cleared
land and In n good stato ot cultivation.
Tract No. S part clear and part woodland.
TEUMS OF SAI.K. Ten percent, ot one-fourth
of tho purchaso money to bo paid nt tho btrlklng
down of the property j tho one-fourth less tho ten
percent, at tho confirmation of snle, nnd tho re
maining three-fourths In ono yenr thereafter, with
Interest from continuation nisi.
John r. WF.r.uvini,
Oct 25, 1831. Administrator.
Oct 31-11 1
daw mm m wsl
cnnslfcta of lino polished work dono up on short no
tice. Family washing nspi-clalty. tloods called
tor nnil delivered. Soliciting yourfaiorswo aro
Sept 5(1
Brown & Baldwin.
UlHTOU'fci iNOTlCJi.
Tho undersigned, nppolntcd Auditor to distrib
ute tho fund In the hat. 1 of Clinton Kills nilmlnls
t rntnr ot Casper lihawn deco.iM'd, as shown by his
Ural nnd partial account will meet tho par
ties InleiestPil at tho niiicoot lihawn nnd liotlns
In tlio lowiiof Catnwlss.i on Thursday, tho thir
teenth day ot November A. I)., IK. I, nt ten o'clock
a. in., nt which tlmo und pla o nil panics having
claims pgalust said fund nro hereby notltled to np-
. ...... ., n.uuu in uu ill uuill-ll nuill ID
ceiMng ,i share of said fund.
. . JiUIU. liUUKlMUIIAai,
octl.-lw Auditor.
Tile UlldCrs!IH-ll nitfllfnr nnnMntml lit- Ilin nr.
ihaUS' Court. Of Cnlllmtilii rmititv In irinl-n ill-trl.
bUllOll Of tllO tlln.N til till- ImnrU nf tlinmlintnl-t r.
tori" tho estate of F.ll.a1icth Walter, docoiisod,
will Bit at tho ollico or Knorr tc Wlntersteen lu
iiioomsuuig, oirruesd.iy, Nov. at 10 n. m
when nnd wlicro all D.utles Intpnstoii in fii.i .
tato inv.t appear and present their claims.
.... ia. vin-ii;i;..ti.i;n,
octli 4w Auditor.
in application will
j . taio oi rcnnsyi-
Nolle Is llprpliv lllvi-n lint nil
be luad'i to tho (.o.vrnnr of tho St
vanla on Fi Idav November Tth 1SS4 under thn Act
of Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylva
nia, enutii'U "An act toprinlito for Iho Incorpora
tion und regulation of certain corporations" np-
luui.-ii aiih it., i aim inesuiipicmcniij lucre-
iu, uir u ciiancr oi au imcmieu cmporuiion to lie
i-alled. "'Iho Farmers' MIIHiil- ivimti.inv. nr
Uloomsburg, 1M.," tho character nnd object ot
which Is tho lnnnufactuio of Hour and feed,
bcjltiT, selling anil slilpplng grain, Hour nnd
feed, lo hold real estnUj by purchaso Or least,
for tho erection ot buildings, for storago
and manufacturing rvnulred lu con
ducting said imsliioss und of maintaining and
oiHTatlngorleailngthosaine, and ot doing all
tilings miuisiio io maintain anil operato or leaso
tho Mine and for theso purposes to
havoniul possess nnd enjoy nil tho lights, bcnellts,
and prlillegescontericd by said act of assembly
and Its supplements. C. W. JlII.LUlt,
The undersigned executor of .Matthias S. Appel
man, dee'd, wlU sell at public salo on the premises
Saturday, Nov. 22, '84.
at one o'clock I". M.,
A Valuable IFarisii,
sltuatoin Cooper township Montour Co., on the
road leading from Uloomsburg to D.iuvlllo and
about equal dlstaucofromeltherplacc. ball farm
contain about
In a very good stato nf cultivation, Thereon Is
erected a good two story f houso and
barn, wagon shed corncrlb and n'l necessary
out buildings.
Henry Christian as at present tho tenant on tho
farm which adjoins lands ot Henry Werttnan nud
Jackson Meeker on the Kast William McNIchund
William Mourcr on tho South, Andrew Wertman
and Philip Kellar on tho West nnd other lands of
decedent on tho North,
TERMS OF SAL I. will bo 10 per1 cent, on day ot
eaio j ono third of balance on 1st of April, 1SS5, nt
which tlmo deed and possession will bo given, and
the balanco In equal yearly payments lo suit pur
At tho samo tlmo and placo will bo sold
a limestone quarry containing about six acres
of land on which aro erected two kilns and Umo
houso adjacent.
TERMS OF SAL1- Ten per cent, on day of salo
and balanco on Jan 1st, lSsS3, when deal wjll bo
given. a. z. sciiocn,
Oct. 01-ts Administrator.
Tlia undersigned auditor appointed by tho Or
Phans' Court ot Columbia County lo mnko distri
bution ot tho balanco In accouutants bauds, will
Bit nt his onico tn Cutawlssa, on Monday, Nov.
17, issi at 10 a. m., when and where all persons
having claims against said decedent, must appear
and present tho samo, or bo debarred from any
duuiu ui sum imiu. vi, l.. Jbl-.iu,i,
Oct. St-tft Auditor.
Tho co-nartnershlo heretofore cxUtlncr between
tho undenJgncd has been dissolved this day by
mutual consent. AU bills for collection and bills
payutiio win bo settled uy u, ll. iiamwin.
C. II. llllOWN.
O. II. lui.mviN.
Uloomsburg, Oct -v, ISSI, Out9l-tt
Wu.tAit Meaiis, 1 No. 11, September term,
vs. . issi. ll. Fa. No. . sep.
Cauiun MKtus,) teraiisst. oat 1, IhSlon
uiotlon ot U. F, Zarr, money ordered to bo paid In
to court and F. lMllllmoyer appointed auditor to
mako distribution among tho lien creditors.
f. rtlned from the rfiCordH Oct. T. 1HSL
W. KltlCKllAUM. 1'roth'y.
In purtuanco of the nbovo tho auditor w 111 sit at
his oftlco In Uloomsburg on Friday, November 1 4,
issi. at I o'clock, n. in., to perform tho duties ot
his appointment, or lw doburml from receiving
-ny"".1 V.KllIUMErill.
USalary atul tJxitflii., Address 1', N. NICHOLAS
"X Co., Nwrseryuien, iieuevu, N. Y., growers of all
VW uovr nnu old t ruits iuiu urnauieuiuis.
oot is-lw
uy virmo of an order ot tho Orphans' Court ot
Columbia County, tho underslgued Administrator
ot the estate ol Martin A. Ammennan, lato of the
township of Flshlngcreck In tho said county ot Co
lumbia, deceased wUl cxnoso to imbllo salo uuon
mu premises ou
Friday, Nov. 21, 1884.
at ten o'clock In tho forenoon, tho following Uo-
scriuea real estate, to-wlt :
No. 1. A certain mcssuago and tract of land bllii
ato in me township of Ftshlncreek in tho couuty
of Columbia aforesaid, nnd bounilednud descilbed
as ioiiows, to-wlt i liEOINNINO at a fctono cor
ner in tho Asbury public road, thence by land ot
. w.hutllir bouthlwciity.sU and a quarter de
grees East ono hundred and liny nnd soven-tenth
perencs to a stono comer by land ot Joslah llcss,
thenco by land of bald Hess South blxty-four and a
nan degrees West, blxty-nvo perches to n stoue.
thenco by tho same South eighty three nud a halt
degrees West, ntty and tour-tenth peiches to u
Biono corner by land ot Nathan smith North twen
ly-bix and a quarter degiees West, otio hundrcu
and sixteen nud six .tenth perches to u corner by
lanu 01 John uiubach, thenco North thlily-elglu
and a quarter degrees East, thirty-four peiches to
a blouo comer, thenco by lauds ot tho estate ot
Martin A. Ammennan nud laud ot ocorgo l'calci
North blxty-two and a half degrees East, eighty
ono unu four-tenth perches to a publlo road tho
place of beginning, CONTAININ'U ono hundred
acres and eighty perches stilct measure ba amo
more or lesss, on whlcn Is a two story framo
houso, frame barn, liorso btablo, hay bhed, good
orchard and a good spring ot water. Thero U also
supposed to bo a vein of Iron oro on tho bame.
No.!!. A certain tract, pleco or pared ot land
bltuato lu tho township aforesaid bounded nnd de
-crlbcd as folows, to.wlt t llEdlNNINU at n btono
corner In Asbury publlo road thenco by land of tho
estato ot M. A. Ammennan North Blxty-two and
a half degrees East, twenty tlvo perchos to a stonu
in said road, thenco by land ot Uoorgo Fouler
North tweaty-tno degrees Wist ono hundred
nnd forty-sU perchos lo a btakc, theuco by laud
of li L. U'lnoii south blxty-two nud a half degrees
Webt, twonty.nvo peiches to a corner, theuco by
land of John Lnubach south twcnty.ilvu degrees
uast ono nunureu ana torty-bix perches to tho
placo ot beglunnlng, CONTAININU twenty.two
acres and one huudred aud thirty perches strict
measure, bo tuo Bamo more or less, ou which la a
.mall peach orchard, and part of It Is well tlm
No. 3. All that certain mossuago and tract slt
uatoin tho township Aforesaid, bounded and do-
-cnoeuus ioiiows, to-wlt i IH.tUNXIKf.ut tho
Northwest corner of a lot owned by bald .Martin
Amtnerman thenco sout h hlxty.ono ami ono-lult do
grees Weal, four aud llvo leuth perches to a stnke
inenca uy lanu ot Albert Ammcrman south twentv
Biuiimiuuiii-greesiisi, ux perches to a Blake
tnenco ortii bixty-oao and ft halt degrees, East,
four and ftve-lenih perches to n stako thoncoby
iuuu 01 Bam jianin a. Atumerman Noith twenty.
six and htilf degrees West ilx perches to to
placo ot beginning, CONTAININU twenty.bovcu
percne s unci measure, uo tho bouio moro or lebs.
Tl'.llMS OF SALli Teuporccntuinof ono-tourth
of tho purchobo monoy to bo paid nt tho btrlklng
uown ot 1110 property I the ouo-fourth less tho ten
per ceut. at the conllrmatlon nbsoluto I nud tho re
maining three-fourths In ono year otter conllrma
tlon ulsl, wltu Interest troai that date.
Notlco Is heiebr irlvcn that nn nnnllentlon will
lie mado to Iho Governor of tho Stalo of I'enna., on
1 riiiav, .ov. 1, ism, uiiiier me Act or Assemuiy, or
tho Commonwealth ot I'enna.. entitled. "An Act
to provldo for tho regulation and Incorporation ot
certain corporations," npprnvi d April stl, 184, nnd
nu suiiiHi-inenis increio, ror mo cnarieroiauin
pndeil corporation, intiupnllt'd "Tho Citizens'
i:i:elili' Co., of Uloomsburg," tho character and nb-
ect ot which Is to produce and furnish to thu pub
1c cb el rlclty, heat, light nnd power, by menus of
lectrhlty In tho town nf llloomsbim.'. I'enna..
and to no such other buslno-s ns may bo Incident
and necesary tothvcamlng outot said object.
nndfoi tlu-u mirKwsto Iium', possess and enjoy
nil tho lights, bencllts ami privileges conferred by
s.iui ai l oi Asseinoiy
Oct 17-1 w
' nud Us bupplements.
III the matter of tho nartltlon nnd valuation of
tho est de of Maigaiet Melllck late ot bcott town
ship, deceased, to Wilson 1). .Melllck tho petition
er, residing at sunbury, l'a., ll. .Melllck ru
siding at Wllllauisiuit. M-eomlng Co.. Pa.. I'ctcr
11. Melllck, residing nl Lock Haven. Clinton, Co..
a., I'hoebo Oman lnlermnriled with Zeboath
Oman, ti-sldliignt Ilurr Oaks, St. Jo. Co., Mich.,
Anna .Margaret Shae, rltd with D.n'L
Sh.ive, residing nt Hums, Laeioss, CO., Wis.,
Isaiah Melllck residing at Dlxo'j, l.eo Co., 111., Ja
cob II. Melllck residing ntl.yuns City, Clinton, Co.,
Iowa, -nil Ijivina I. Hendilx Ii tct married with II.
A. Hcndrlx residing at New Freedom, York, Co.,
l'a.. and the followlm- erraml children to.wlt;
Kachel Waning residing nllilchlnnd, Keokuk, Co.,
lown. who whs a child ofllachcl V. Warring a
daughter ot decedent. Peter llest residing ut Atch
Ison, Atchison Co.. Kansas, I Ilrynn llest, for
merly n resident of Atchison, Atchison Co., Kan
sas but rcsldenco nuw unknown, Mary Mcliounld
lnierminuil with ceo. McDonald, Atchison,
Atchison, Co., Kansas, Win. Host unmariled,
Atchison, Atchison Co., Kansas, Nettle Itoblnson,
Intel m tilled with Geo. A. itoblnson, Knnsasclty
Jackson Co.. .Mo.. Tho hist llvn naincil beln
children of Delilah Jlest, who died beforo her
mum. , L11U 11.1.U U'lll.
Take notice that nn Inquest will bo held nt tlio
late dwelling houso ot sulil Mnnraiet Melllck. do-
ceascil, m tlio township of Scott, Columbia Co., on
Nitunlay, November is, lbSl between tho hoursot
2 und4 p. m , ot said day, tor llio puiposo of mak
ing paiiiiiou or ino real estateof b.tld deceased, to
and among herchlldreu nnd legal repn-hi'iitatlies,
It Iho hjinocnu Ixidouo without prejudlcu to or
.polling ot ho whole, otlierwlso to vultto and np.
pralso iho samo aeeordlngto law, nt which tlmo
and placo jou are rcquhed to attend It you think
proper. JOHN MoUHEY,
iiiuomsourg. oct. l, 'si. suo.irr.
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Oct 17-lw j
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