The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, September 05, 1884, Image 4

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    Green Orops or Manure.
Tlmt plowing under jreoit uroi.a Is
ono of tlio clicnpest ntulvaalust inothods
of manuring land U ndmitted by nil
farmers, but tlio dilllcully is tlmt tlioy
iirmgino tlioy mnko n nncrifico of n clo
ver croi. nimjily to crow nnotlier por
Imti9 of less value. If they will niako
a careful coirmrtrison of tlio oxponso of
material and labor required for manur
ing with that from tho barnyard and
that from tho grass crop tlio ndvnntngo
To properly manuro an aero of land
not, ices uinn eignty-two Horao-wagon
loads nro required for each Inch thick
ness of material placed upon tho land,
and in estimating Its vnluo tlicro must
bo considered tho coat of tlio manuro
itself, tho labor of tho driver and hor
ses, and the time expended in going
from tho barnyard to tlio field (ot
courne, tho greater tho distance tho
longer tho time), tho loading of tlio
wagon and tho spreading of tho ma
nuro after It reaches thn Held. Thoso
items of cxpenso nro naturally expected,
and nro necessary ; but though tho
practlco is common, few fanners aro
williiiK to dcrivo tho namo results ox.
pectedfrom tho manuro by tho appar
ent sacrifico of a grass crop. They
content themselves with tlio fact that
thoy frequently turn undor a sod,
which is equivalent, in their opinion, to
green manuring,
Plowing under a crop, however, is
n different matter from turning over a
sod. A sod leaves a mellow, fiuo soil,
wnion is always ucfurable, but a crop
noconiy carries Willi it all that may bo
derived from turning undor tho sod,
but lightens the soil, aud adds doublo
tho amount of fertilizing matter, as
oompared with that carried under with
tho sod. Another point to bo observed
is mat soa land is never plowed until
tho crop has matured that is, borno
seed, and taken everything from tho
soil required by tho leaves, stems and
roots. When green manorial crops aro
plowod under, however, tho maturity
01 ma crop is not neoossary, ana lienco
mo lanu is not ueprivcU of thoso sulv
stances wmcn enter into tho composi
tion of tho seeds, and which aro moro
exhausting than any other portion of
tlio orop. If, however, a crop is do-
sirca, mo giass may bo cut as soon as
it (lowers, aud tho second crop may be
allowed to grow up for manure. Tho
consequence will bo that oxponso is
saved in hauling, loading nnd material;
mit, wnat is more important, tlicro will
bo a saving of labor in destroying
wceas, wmcu is equally as arduous as
transporting ino manuro. tho grass
crop eucciuaiiy clears tlio land ot all
other intruders.
Green manurial crops aro not con
fined to crass alone. Even tho weeds
may bo utilized, provided thoy aro not
auoweu to seed betoro being plowed
undor, and by sowing limo over tho
land after each plowing thero will bo
no acididity of tho soil, while tho rot
ting process will bo performed moro
speedily and tho bcuofil increased. It
may bo inquired in what tnannor tho
grass makes tho soil moro fertile by
merely restoring, tho elomonta it ro
ccives from tho soil. Tho grass, while
ucnvmg nourishment iirst oporatcs on
the insoluble- mineral substances and
returns them to tho sod in an available
condition along with other fertilizing
material appropriated from tho rains
and atmosphere, Green manuring not
only iucreasos tho fertility of tho soil,
but reduces it to a mechanical condi
tion far superior to that effected by im
plements ; and it is safe to assert that
during the period of growth the shad
ing of the soil adds largely to the ad
vantages secured by tho land from tho
growth of tho manurial crops.
The Cultivation of Quinces.
Within a few years tho raising of
quinces has beoomo moro popular, and
wo notico that far moro attention is
paid in cultivating them. Formerly it
was tho fashion, at least in this section
of Pennsylvania, to sot out tho trees,
frequently in grass, or nllow grass to
grow thickly around them, nnd then
let them faro tho best thoy could. Tho
result is that, after bearing a fow knot
ty specimens for a few years, tho bot
tom of tho stem is riddled with tho
worm and tho tree gradually dies with
it, and ho at onco declares that quinco
raising won't do in this section. Tho
truth, however is. that quincos can bo
grown hero as woll as apples or pears,
and with quito as littlo trouble. The
treo takes up little room, and can be
placed in almost any out of tho way
corner, but kept clear of undergrowth
and tho ground stirred up occasionally.
In fact they should have about tho
same treatment as dwarf pears. Tho
worm must of courso bo sought for two
or thrco times a year, pursued in their
runs with a pieco of wire ; or cut out
with a strong sharp pointed knife, and
tho place well dosed with salt, as well
as tho surfaoe of tho ground nearly to
tho extent of tho branches. Tho lives
of trees, properly cared for, may last
from ten to hftccn years ; but our own
practiuo has been, Ayhen ono planting
of trees should show signs of decay, to
set out another, in order that by tho
timo tlio first runs out its usefulness,
tho other will havo come fully into
boaring. Tho quinco treo is an early
boarcr, and, when covered with large,
smooth geldon specimens, is a beauti
ful sight. It is trno tho fruit it not of
any considerable valuo, as it can bo
used only for preserving in somo fash
ion : still, it units (Ynnlv !,, m,,i,.i ,i
commands a good paying prico Ger-
mantoicn Telegraph,
New Things in Watermelons.
rr.AVonEi with vanilla akh i.kmon,
There's no fear of a watermelon fam
ino tiiis.Beason," said a dealer at Arch
street wharf recently, as ho gazed
upon a pilo of tho luscious, grcen-ooat-ed
fruit. Thoy aio coming in by tho
boat-Ioad. Thoy como mostly from
Jersey and Maryland just now, Early
in tho season thoy como from as
far south as Georgia and Florida.
Thoy rango in prico from two dollars
to fifteen dollars a hundred,"
" WJioro do tho go mostly 1"
"To hotols and houso ; to summer
resort hotels in particular, a fow aro
bought for private families. Hut thoy
cant bo relied upon to mako an ovcry
day trade. Tho poor people buy them
a good denl on Saturdays for Sunday
dinners. Young peoplo buy them for
what thoy call watermelon parties.
After thoy eat out tho red part thoy
enjoy thomsolves by banging tho rinds
on ono another's hoads. A good many
times thoy mmplemont tho rinds with
their fists. Tho boarding house and
hotel trado is a pretty steady ono, You
sec, twonty cents' worth of melon will
niako a bitr show and i?o a m-erit wnv
as desert.
"Any now varieties this yoar 1"
"Well, wo havo tho vanilla mid tho
Icmon-ilavorcd watermelon. Thoy aro
got by injecting tho vanilla flavor or
inserting a bit of lemon into tho stem
whilo tho melon is growing. Tho tla-
vorts taken up by the pulp and makes
a delicious combination. Only epicures
know ol this wrinkle and wo Ihercloro
havo fcAt of thu doctored speeh's on
sale. You can gel a toothscmo disli by
plugging n melon, injecting littlo fino
ciarci, restoring ino ping ami allowing
tho wino (o bo taken up by tlio Irnit,
Hut, bownrc, tlio combination is as so-
(luctivo as Honinn punch
"Any new ways of preparing the
melon for tablo t '
"Woll, I'vo been eating melons for
forty yenrs nnd I still prefer 'oin plain
Somo of my customers, howovcr, like
'em mixed. Ono of my best boarding
houso customers has watermelon salad
every Sunday in tho season. Shu pro
Daren it nho says, lust as sho docs lot-
luce outs tho red part of tho melon
up into bits aud adds pepper, salt, v in
uiiar and oil. It ought to mnko 'em
sick, but sho does say her boarders just
Unlit for iu- Another family that I
know of pour molasses on their melons,
A good many pooplo, I bcliove, always
mid a squctzo of lemon to thu fruit. A
Boston family that deal willi mo aro
always particular to havo their melons
linn nnd just ripe and don't haggle
about prico whenthuv nnd em to suit
Thoy havo tho melons cut into littlo
strips and eat 'cm with cold baked
beans. But, as I said before, for my
part 1 Uko 'cm plain.'
Potting Plants.
Tho limo for potting plants
that havo been scl out through
tho summer is now at hand. A writer
in tho Nc. England Farmer gives
somo suggestions on this subject Hint
may bo of benefit to our waders. Jle
says that in cultivating plants in pots,
it is important to manaco m 'suoli
manner as to scouro tho full benefit of
tho soil contained in tho pot. In or
der to do this, it is necessary to put
tho young plant in a small pot at liret,
Tho roots extend horizontally till they
rcucn uw smes oi mo nor, nnu tuou
ramify alone tho sides, but do not turn
back to permeate tho soil in the centro
of tho pot. This is an importat point
to bear in mind in managing pot plants
In order to havo tho earth in tho pot
wen nnod with roots trom centro to
circumference, placo in a small pot
nrst. when the roots havo hllod tho
ontor layer of soil with their fibres.
then chango to a pot slightly largor in
size, till tho additional spaco around
tho ball of earth with cood soil and al
low tho roots to fully occupy that
space Thus tho plant can bo changed
Horn ono pot to another, gradually in
creasing tho size, and thus sccuro tho
complete occupancy of tho soil bv
roots. In regard to this method a
writer says : Tho system of potting
is ono of the essential parts of green-
houso culture, and wherein occurs a
great difference between amateur and
professional growers. Tho amateur is
ant to ovcrpot, that is, to. Bhift his
plaut from a small pot into a largo one
thinking that the more soil ho furnish
es tho greater will bo tho luxuriance of
growth. Tho professional usually shifts
his plant from ono pot to another but
littlo larger, well knowing that tho
luxurianco of growth must como not
so much from tho quantity of soil fur
nished as from tho amount occupied.
Tho most superficial observer must
havo noticed tho network of roots in
contact with tho sides of tho pot, and
tho comparative oocunancv of tho in-
torior areas, and tho difficulty found in
practioe of turning back their roots so
as to have a completo soil occupancy. If
now theso strata of earth bo added suc
cessively to tho circumference of these
matted roots, moro soil will bo occupied
than if tho sarao amount of earth had
been added in ono thick stratum.
Plants usually bloom best after the
roots havo well filled tho earth and be
come a littlo cramped or bound by tho
mass oi mem.
Men and llules Ban Mad.
Eijfaula, Ala., Aug. 28. The noo-
plo in this neighborhood aro in a stato
of tremendous excitement over tho
wholesale spread of livproiiliobin ou
tho plantation of Punch Doughtie. Dr.
E. H. Johnson has just returned lrom
Mr. Doughtio's plantation, whoro bo
had been summoned. Ho found thirtv-
two persons suffering with a disenso
which ho at onco pronounced hydro
phobia in a mild form. All tho suffor
crs wero negroes. Thrco of them aro
desperately siok, ono being in tho
throes of delirium, and so low that tlio
Doctor says lie is liable to dio at any
Moro than three weeks airo a lioiz
bitten by a dog died on Mr. Doughtio's
plantation and tho carcass was given to
tho negroes to bo converted into soap
grease. Instead of utilizing it for this
purpose thirty-two negroes on the
placo nnd in tho neighborhood ato tlio
nesn oi mo hog.
Mr. Doughtio savs that on Julv 251h
one of his dogs went mad tnd bit a
mulo nnd several hogs. On August
13th tlio first hog died, and was eaten
by tho negroes. Two moro died on
August 18th, ono on August 22nd and
ono on August 27th, and all wore oaten
except tho last, when tho partakers of
tho poisoned flesh becamo sick. Tho
mulo exhibited signs of madness on tlio
nineteenth day after being bitten.
Eloven days after tho first hog was
eaten ten of tho negroes wero taken
sick. Two days ago another dog was
discovered to bo mad, and was killed
attcr having bitten a mulo. Another
dog on tho lot is now housed, and will
bo experimented witli for a euro. Tho
dog that bit tho mulo and hogs disap
peared, and tho whole neighborhood Is
in terror lest ho went among cattlo and
hogs throughout tho belt boforo dying.
A dozen of tho thirty-two eaters of
tho affected hogs are seriously sick,
and tlio developments among tho others
are awaited with tho greatest Interest
Dr. Johnson, an nblo physician, says
that it is n terrible oauo nnd that ho
fears tho worst. Ho Bays that it would
not surprise him if tho greater number
of tho thirty-two persons should die.
A fow days ago Mr. Doughtio rodo
out, at tho request of a field hand, to
inspect tho condition of ono of his
mules, which was acting strangely. On
reaching tho pasture whero a dozen
mules were, tho animal Mr. Doughtie
was riding neighed, which attracted
tho attention of tho othor anlmnls, nnd
tho sick ono particularly, which imme
diately rushed on tho mulo aud ridor,
and soized the saddlo of tlio animal
with his teeth. Mr. Doughtio dis
mounted and sucooeded in loosoning
tho mad mule's hold, but no sooner
was this douo than the infuriated beast
turned upon his owner, who fled for
his life, pursued by tho mulo. There
was a desporato raco of a quarter of n
mile through undergrowth, and Mr.
Doughtio only saved himself by dodg-
ing around saplings. A small strotch
of clearing intervened between tho
woods and tho house, nnd tho terrified
man took a Jifo-and-deatli ohanco on
making it. Heforo leaving tho woods
tho mulo had bitten out n pieco of Mr,
Doughtio's coat, aud while mamau-
vring around the tree, tho animal bit
himself sav.igoly in soveral places,
tearing out a mouthful of flesh each
time. 1 ho raco for tho houso was
closo one, , and just as Mr. Doughti
reached the top of tho fenco tho mulo
overtook him on a dead run. but in
Mund of reaching his victim slruek his
head against n fence post in n wild
rush and wns knocked senseless. Tho
mulo was afterward killed by Mr.
It is now rf porled that tho whol
herd of mules is affected. Many of
them havo leaped tho fences and will
tiouuticss, spread tlio diseaso among
other anlmnls in tlio neighborhood.
ino community is at a loss how to ar
rest the dlsca'o.
A Touching Incident,
oooasionud somi: ni:w and staut-
1 ho St. Louis express, on the New
York Central road was crowded ono
evouing recently, when nt one of tho
way stations, an elderly gentleman, ao
ooinpanled uy a voung ladv. entoiW
the cars and finally scoured a seat. As
tho conductor appproaohod tho pair,
tho young lady aroso and in a pleading
voico said :
"Please, sir, don't let him carry mo
to mo asylum. I am not crazy ; I am
a utile itrcu, but not mad. un I no
indeed. Won't you pleaso have papa
lako mo back nomo i
Tho conductor, accustomed though
no was 10 an phases ot humanity, look
cd wim nHionisnmcnt nt mo pair as
did tho other passengers in their vicin
ity. A fow words from tho father,
however, sufficed, and tho conductor
passed on whillo tho young lady turn
cd her faco to tho window. The wri
tcr chancod to be seated just behind
the old gentleman and could
not forego tho desire to speak to
him. With a sad faco and a trembling
voice me lamer said :
"My daughter has been attending
mo somincry in a distant town and
was succeeding remarkably. Her nat
ural qualities, together with a great
ambition, placed bcr in the front ranks
at tho school, but sho studied too close
ly, was not careful of her health, and
her poor brain has been turned. I am
taking her to a privato asylum where
wo nopo sue will soon bo better.
At tho noxt station tho old man and
his daughter left tho cars, but tho inci
dent, bo suggestivo of ahaksnearos
Opelia, awakened strango thouahts in
tho minds of tho writer. It is an ab
solute fact that whilo the population of
America increased thirty per cent, dur
ing tho decado between 1870 nnd 1880
tho insanity increase was over one
hundred and thirty Jiua per cent for
mo sanio period. Travelers bv rail, bv
boat or in carriages in any part of the
land seo largo and elaborate buildings,
and inquire what thoy are T
".insano asylums7
"Who builds them T
Each stato ; overv countv : hundreds
of privato individuals, and in all oases
uiuir capacity is tasKCU to tlio Utmost
Why 7
Hecauso men, in business and the
professions, women at homo or in sod
cly, and children at school overtax
their mntal and nervous forces by
work, worry and care. This brines
about nervous disorders, indigestion
auu eventually mama.
it is not always troublo with the
head that caused insanity. It far of-
toner arises from ovils in other parts
oi me body. 1 ho nervous system do
tenuities the status of the brain. Anv
ono who has periodic, licadaovcs : occa-
sional dizziness ; a dimness of vision; a
ringing in tho ears a fovcrish head, fre
quent nausea or a sinking at tho. pit of
mo stomacn, should tako warning at
once. J. he stomach and head aro in
direct sympathy and if ono bo impair
ed tlio other can never bo in order.
Acute dyspepsia causes moro insano
suicides than any other known agenoy
ana ino man, woman or child whoso
stomach is deranged is not and cannot
bo safe from tho coming on at any
moment of mania iu some one of its
many terrible forms.
1 ho value of moderation and tho im
perative necessity of caio in keeping
tho stomach right must therefore bo
clear to all. Tho least appearance of
ndigestioii, or mal-assimilntion of food
should bo watched as carefully as the
first approach of an invading army.
Many means have been advocated
for meeting bucIi attacks, but all havo
heretofore been moro or less defective.
Thoro can be littlo doubt, however.
that for tho puiposo of regulating tho
stomach, toning it up to tho proper ac
tion, keeping its nerves in a normal
condition aud purifvinir tho blood.
Warner's Tippecanoe Tho HeBt, excels
all ancient or recent discoveries. It is
absolutely pure and vcgctablo j it is
certain to add vigor to ndults, while it
cannot by any possibility injuro bveii
a child. Tho fact that it was used in
tho days of the famous Ilarrism fami
ly is proof positive of its merit as it
has bo thoroughly withstood tho test of
time. As a tonio nnd rovivifier it is
simply wonderful. It has relieved tho
agony of the stomach in thousands of
cases j soothed tho tired nerves j pro
duced peaceful sleep and averted tho
coming on of n mania moro to bo
dreaded than death itself.
Drug clerk to diflidont vouner ladv
"Wish to get something t" Young
lady, muttering "I really beliovo I'vo
forgotten what I camo for. Clerk,
who catches tho last woids "Cam
phor i how much, ploaeo ?''
Found Tho koy to the tmuk of an
elephant. A hair from tho head of a
river. A dozen feathers plucked from
tlio "wings of tho wind." A drop of
blood from tho heart of a stono. Tho
diary of tho "man in tho moon." A
boot from tho foot of a mountain. Tho
owners aro requested to call, prove
property, pay expenses, and tako them
Education begins tho gentleman, but
loading, good company and reflection
must finish him.
"Two's company and three's a crowd"
nppllos particularly to a nowly married
man, his wifo and his wife's mother.
Any man may do a casual act of
good nature, hut njcontinuationof them
bIiows it is n part of their tempera
incut. Ask James II. Mercer about Acker's
Blood Elixir, tho only preparation
guaranteed to cleanso tho blood and
remove all chroulodiscasos.
James II. Mercer guarantees posi
live relief for any cough, cold, croup,
or lung complaint by using Acker's
English Kemedy, or will refund tlio
James II, Mercor wishes it known
ihat ho guarantees Acker's Dyspepsia
Tablets to be tho best remedy for in.
digestion over mane, mey always re
lievo headache.
Suitablo for
Cemetery Lots
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i mo ucaur po oporto drape, raised La Hpcer'a
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h .Si 1 ?' nnr "lor mne- nelnR pro-iiEJJiS?0'?1'-
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principal Hospitals and Hoards of Health wholiavo
it n.i ti.v X ouncest cniid may partake of
It, and tho weakest lnvn lit nun u. m"(;,llftrl.y Iwncllclnl to tho nireil and
SSSHW0"1' an.'1 sultcd w tuo va aliments that
it is in ovcry respect A WINK TO 11E HELIKI) ON.
Spoor's Unformonted Grapo Juice-
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Its natural, fresh, Hwcet Btato as U runs i from tho
E., b? 'umtotlon, thereby destroy ng tho cicl
E f fermentation. It Is perfectly puro. frco
.'...wu tifi" "uj
SDOor's Burgundy.
wealthy classes aa a Table or Dinner Wino, and by
Fill Vol PI Dili In rtn ana lulinni a ...a .
altrrant V40,'0 U UI W1UO lUSlCaU Ol 11
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v muw voiittiuux suhou ior uinntT usCi
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Is ft wlnn nf Munnrlnr r.h imMnr nn.i nnwai-na
the rich qualities ot tho grapo from which it la
Speer's P- J. Braudy.
IS A l'Ulll! dUtlllatlnn frnm l,n rn,,n
stands unrivalled in this Country for uied'lclual
It has a peculiar flavor, Umilar to that of tho
grapes froinwhlch it Is distilled,
8eo that the signature of ALFI1ED SPEEII, Pas-
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and ur DnuaoisTs EVsnrviiEitB.
Sep. SS-'Sllyr.
Hay Fever,
I havo been aflllcted
for twenty years, dur
ing tho moid lis of Au
gust nnd September,
with Hay Fever, and
havo trlod various
remedies without re
lief. 1 was Induced to
try Ely's cream Halm ;
ha o used It with fa
vorablo results, nnd
can confidently recom
mend It to all similar
ly nmicted. ltobert
V. Townley, (ox-Mayor)
Ellabeth, N. J.
Apply Into the nos
trils. Ely's Cream Balm Is
a remedv founded nn fi
correct diagnosis of thla diseaso and can bo de-
penueu upon, uroam Jiaim causos no pain. Olves
relief at once. Cleanses the h-ad. Causes healthv
secretions. Abates Inflammation, rrovents fresh
colds. Heals tho sores. Hestorcs tho senses of
ta&to and smell. A thorough treatment will euro.
Not a liquid or snurr. Applied Into tho nostrils,
so cts. nt druggists ; CO cts. by raalL Samplo bot
tle by mall loots.
nu uuoniiii, uruggLsts. owego. N. V.
Augsaiw 1 '
itEMKUV. All
unfailing cure for
Seminal Woak
ness, Hpermator
rhcea, Imnotency,
and nil lilseobes
Hint follow ns a
sequenco ot self
Abuso ; as loss of
1'aln In tho li.ick, Dlmnesi ot Vision, l'rcinaturo
old Age, and many other diseases that led to Insa
plty or consumption nnd n l'rcinaturo (iravo.
llKwAUK of ndvcitlsements to refund money,
when drutrirtstsfrom whom thn medicine uivmiif
do twt refund, but refer you to tho manufactur-
era, anuino requirements aro such that they
uro seldom, lem; compiled w Ith. seo their writ
ten guarantee. A trial of ono single package of
uray b opecinu w ill convuico tuo moat skeptical of
Its real inerlta.
On account of counterfeits, we havo adopted tho
Yellow Wrapper ; t ho only genulno.
rer-Full uarllCUlftrKlM ntir itntnnlilnt. wlifMi wn
uuojiu m Huiiu ireu uy iimu 10 uvury one. sp mo
ni'mu jni-uicmu is suiu uynu uniggisisat fl
per package or 0 packaca for 15, or will bo sent free
uy man on ino receipt or me money, by nddresslng
Tiri nil ,v ll,-nrr.i vi.. rfi v p
Bold In Iiloomsbnrg by all druirglsts. '
Nov 9-1 v
Pairviow Bloctropathic hiitule,
Tlio houso Is Bpeelally fitted up for tho comfort
of Invalids whodeslroa pleasant. and Chilstlan
home, stands on high ground with plenty of
buuiiu. rcraunui aiicnuou given 10 ovcry patient.
Uectrlclty nnd (lalvanlim In their dlircrent modi
Mentions a speciality, l'rof. Mills has gUen many
years of btudy and practlco to this branch, and
hundreds will testify to lil3 bklll.
(Send for circular, stating what paper you saw
thtstn. ntOF. HENIlY HILLS,
Loci: Uox U7. lllnghamton, N. Y.
Sept, 7 '8.1-ly.
Manufacturers of
First-class work always on hand.
Vcc.i rrtliutdto tuit the tines,
AH kinds of work in Shoot Iron, Roof
ing find Spouting proinjitly
nttenik'tl to.
Iffitrlct attention given to boating by steam,
Cornor of Main & East Sts.,
ISloomsburg, Pa.
for tlm working class. ,Hend lorents for
fml w. wl" ,"ml1 o)w, a loyal
valuably box ot sanipln goods that will ,put
I u.,1" 111 miiKiug moro money in a
1011 Call WOrK All thnl mnnrln anAH.
only. Tlio work Is universally ndaiitoJ ' to imtn
antra, rnnnr, .nrl
oii can easily earn from
) cents to lioverv nvenlnir. Timi
it an who want.
mar test thn hlilniaa ivn mnkndii.
oirer) to nil tlmt ftro not well sntlsiied wo will send
? i tr0.ubl0 ot .wrlnff Ful part !
S"iJ?l "rPtlons, etc., sent free Fortunes will bo
Si3?Vf th?H0 wl0Rlvo their wholotlmo to tho
iV.VJVi. ,'l,B,.,S'iU!M au'ioiuiciysuro uon'taoiay.
start now. Address htixjon tu, I'ortlanii.
IS and
i:ntkhtaim.q ani iNftTiturrivi: iahtimk.
-k lT!f ".'J1. V"!""" 'ormWordConl..l,,l ll.rl,l..nj lb. n.nj r.qieili ot r""'
t,, . , 11 . . a ',0I"UII'. ,lil'l toofler lb ftlbwla m.jotllotal iriitou u I Hi 1 p.twn. IcilHi
Mftcnlrtcent'lVaHct BiidHtilver.,., 100
Kptl llttraond Kurrlnr ,,,,, 7f
4lh. Lftdj' Hold Watch no
fith. llrniU IHamoud (cupf IMn VS
ib noil a uoia men
ibk Iro IV ater M-t.a Iod
u vuc niuuu.
!,nuh Hula Uatd Jewel JJrtwer 1
100 BOXESDAyol.s.2i?
. . ,u. ui.ici mi who n wen .rreti, pioiuta ut nil bti bait tlit nvmUr of noiJi of tb. eomptlllor.
... J.'lni'n a v'li SiVa b.',ril'J..?r,,.pJ?l,1. ' "";pla by tw. cia'l .limp for telitn poiUn, a tbit t.a
in , Vilf Jim. .S, Ma,.. . m, 4 4I ' from bom jcu bar It, number ot norl. la lliL
Itlltaiiatun tnui JS. 7' LumS'?. ,nl1 alpbabtlltallr arraoBed. Tb. ttoirapbltal Damn, narati of
Third. Oolj wort, fnund la Wtbtltr't or Wordier', altiloaarj atmlllMl
1" ! jiL 1 v"1 "".PUon. ot preoie. aod aotlliii u .epartie word, aud
but nltrerenk me.nlni.. to h. ut..! hn, A. '
Slilh. All ll.u mu.l b Iu by Deeriabrr lit, D1 lb. l'remliim. will be li, anib. I
p.rentb. I remlume will ba gtrea In rottttua aceordiat to the Urieat U.t. of word..
RlKblb. Lull raun not b. ..nt la roll., but put fa envelope..
lit lla ,!ll5o'!'l.'h;!.I7.TMK'lt';,,1M? ''. '' Plilladelpblt Omot.lIM ll.warl Slrtflt.
ii. .7.11.. ZZ1 i71T .. ' "
I !f,!ri,.T.i"".n,.;,b"i r.'".;M' T1". "".Ipl m
Vr. V. V V',L '.'. i. i1 . 1 1 . : '"'"""I tnrtt or tur lietutllullj Kn,l... l rictnr. Crd..
Tlit II A I'M HflAI lathe purc.t ant het nonp pi.le. Ut Itl u.t rou litre DO lloltlnfr. Sotldlnt.or Hard Rubblne
It itre. labor, fuel, tod clothe,. l e ..111 firfelt !.,() It Ih. II A VN SI) A I' doe. not do .11 we tlalm roFlllf,.aT
.,,,..- U". ;mtllt Fralt.M Pleiart C.rdi of man; dllTerebldeiliia.tlTeo. Uaourulurrd bf
r-itiek, u;t. iim. n. iiw a n iiu , sr, a mi. itis. 1fT. Hsu a nei . vr aittiuo ""rL it"',ri.
Juno 13-13 wss
Lnrsro and convenient amnln rooms, llatli rooms.
hot ana cola water, ami all modern conveniences
rKAH.SYUUl'S, COFFEE; 8C(IAH, xiolauhlh
N. E, corner Hconl and Arch streets, ,
recorders will rocclvo v-rompt attcntln
wanted ror Tlio Lives ot nil tho Prosl
dents ot tlio U. H. The largest, hand,
somest best book cvor sold for Uus than
twlco our nrteo. Tho faslPKl. hnlltnL-
book In America, linmen&u piollts to agents. All
Intelligent peoplo want It Any ono can becoma a
successful ngout. Terms free, Hau.kttP.ook Co..
Portland; Maine. Deo Sl-iy
Tho most popular renort on thn Risniiehanna
Illver Is tho Wapvvatlopcn Valley Hotel, vVapwal
lopen, Luzernu Co , Pa,
Is nttcd up with overy convonloiicos for trn-
Yi-iura, luurutis, uuiiuiig uiul nailing panics.
delightfully situated in tho midst of a beautiful
Miction of river und mouutalu scenery In closo
proximity to iho famous
Council Cup
and special Inducements nro orrered to all who
deslru it-creation combined with Hint clasi ac
commodations. Tho bar suppllod only with tho
choicest wines and liquors, excellent stabla ac
commodations, boats to hire Ao.
Agents wanted for nuthon
iu edition ol hli life; writ,
ten at his own hoinii. with
hU eooiterutlon uiul rmsla.
tnnce, by tho renowned uoodi icli. Ijirstut, choap.
est, hanusomcst, best. Kltvanl ly llhi.-l mtetl. costs
more pcrcony tomanufaetui-u than the other 11 ve.i
that aro sold for twlco l-g price, outsells nil othem
ten to ono. ono of our nijciits madu u profit of
over J.VI tlio first day. A harvest ofirnld will be
realized by every worker. All new heL'InneiM urn.
cettl grandly, Terms freo, und tho moot liberal
over onercu. navu viiiuuuiu inno Dy HcmunifKScts.
for postsifO, etc,, oulieooulllt, which Includes
lanrn tirOMueetUS book. Aetnulrktvi n ilnv ut. tin.
matt Is worth a wook at tho ilnlsh.
JUIJ- 15 HW 11. HALLE IT X (,()., POttUnd, 110.
or the Colelirntcil Clitclicilnc, Ivcie A
'onil, nnd VosoAi Hon I'lnnus. worlil-ru
tiowiied r.slcy Org..iiH, Violins, Aucorilcons
nnd Hhrcl Music. CVlcliintctl While, New
HIb.ii Arm Davis. Now Ilnnio. Hnvnl Ht.
John, uiul Mailt Htitmini; Domcsllo bowing
junciiincs. iNccillcs, nil mill nttncliiiicnls
for nil iiialics of Sewing Machines.
Igffi SEEN
I.AlDir.l.V INCIlKABKIl NlUlliKltg OF
HKtllT1U IllVI-'M.
Kill. Fruit Rond, l;lch, Illut a Amber OUn
Vlh. TcttATclo Het, 3 t.itoei, Hed Or Amber
10th. I It 1 1 ii.-ttT(f!i.c-tnlk
11 tli, It-p IMtchcr.S qti.,Clifti. Double Willed
9 IT
Ill 111. hruUbtuilJ, llwsk CrjUM Cut UlMl..,.
iioiei. null be cltulfled ctjrltlT,
I thll will Include ftnr word from tha flnl
ud obaalctt wit J wordijOf litut tpelllcj,
'-" uiwci. mruugnoui in. uaiieaoitica rer ur.rctra.
K tu.av lact. w. receiTta
did not keep I)AY'rJ.op, and
In tliele own hat itnfn.
ll.oo, ror..rd w tnj part 'of ibt Unit. dBtitia. if
Tho underslgnofl having put his Pinning Mil
on Itallroad street, In tlrst-emss condition, Is pro
pared to do all kinds of work In his lino.
furnisneq nt reasonable prices. All lumber usoa
Is well Beasonod and nooo but sklllod workmon
aro employed,
furnished on application, rians and Bpecinca
UlouMiHburir, Pa
ThoScioncoofLifo, Only $1
Hxhausted Itallty, Nervousand rhyslcal Dobll.
Ity. I'lvmaturo llechuo lnilan. Errors of Vouth,
andthouutold Hiberles rosultlnB from Indlscro.
lion of CAcesses. A book for overy man. younS
middle-need and old. It contains 125 pivscrlptlons
which ls;lnvalunblc Ho found by tho Author, whoso
cxperiencolorai years Is such as probably novcr
bcioro fell to tho lot of any iihyslclan. ) patros,
bound lu boautlful Fa-ucli muslin, emboso3
covers, full gilt, KUiiranU-ed to bo a niicr work In
every senso niwhaulcal. literary and professional
-than any other work sold In this country for 3
or the monoy v 111 bo rcfundod In every Instance,
l'rlco onlytl.oo by mall post-paid. Illustrative
sample 6 centa. Si-iid now. tiofd medal awarded
tho author by the National Medical Association, to
tha onicera of which ho refers. '
Tho bclence ot Ufo bhould bo road by the youn
for Instmctlon, nnd by tho anilcted for rcller. It
wIllbeiielltall-LoidonAiww.' ' ' " u
Thero Is no member ot society to whom Tho
Bclence of Ufo will not bo useful, whether youth,
parent, t'uardlau, instructor or clciyymai!. Jr.
Addros3tho l'oauody Medical Instltuto. or Dr.
W. II. Parker, 4 llulllnch Htreet, liosloii. Mass..
who may bo consulted on all diseases roiiulrlnis
bklll uiul ex net leuce. chronlu and obst luate diseas
es and that havo batlled thu i i .i i f skill of
another physician, n sjk) 11 l!iA 1 j cUlty.
Bueh treated successful f i wit ij -.iy
wllhoulan Insiauooof 1.XJ. X ulill JlMall
Mi ni Ion thu paper.
uwjr to-i n
ll Great Msdical Work on Manhood
Pennsylvania Railroad, y
Philadelphia & Erie R. R, Divis
ion, and Northern Central
In CItrtt Mar 12th. 18M. Trnlnn iMtn o,.
8.49 a.m.. Eca Shoro KxnresM Mniii- nvmnt
8unday), for IlarrlsbuiK nnd Intel medlatostal ions,
arriving nt Philadelphia 3.1ft p. in. j New Yoik
asop. m. i Ualtlmorc, S.10 p.m.; WmJilni'ton .
0.ix)p. m., connecting nt Philadelphia for all hi'
Shore points, 'lhrouyh passtnirer coach to
2.0;) p. m.-nayexprCEi (dally), for HnrrlsbuiK
and intermediate statlons-arrlvlng nt Phlladelnhla
7.SS P.m. : New York, iaco n. in. : iinitinmm
7.20 p. m. ; Washington, np. m. Parlor ca
inruugu 10 i imiiuuijiuia anu paasciigcr coacho
through to Philadelphia nnd Ualtlmorc.
8,50 p. m. Wllllanisport Accommodation (dally
for llarrbburg and all intennedlato stations, arrlv
lug at l'hlladelphla 3 w o. m. j Now York . to n. m.
Sleeping car accommodations can bo secured at
IlarrlbburgforrhlladeliihlanudNewYork. onaun
days a through sleeping car will bo run: on this
train trom WlUlamsp't tol'hlladclphla.l'hlladelnhia
paisengcra can l cinaln In sleeper uiulistui bed un t II
7 ft. m.
8.30 a. m. Krl Mall (dally except Monday!
for llanlsburg and lnlcrmedialo stations,
arriving nt Philadelphia 7.00 a.m. NowYuik .
11.50 a. m. s llaltlmoro 7.40 a. m. j Washington, Kftu
a. in. Through Pullman sleeping cars am run on
this tram to .Philadelphia, llaltlmoro and Washing,
ton. nnd throuirh iiarsenffer rn.irheatn iiint,i,n.
phla and llaltlniorc,
8.15a. m. Kilo Mall (dallv oxcont Hnmlmi fn,
Erloaiid all lntcrmedlato stations with through
Pullman ralacu car and thrniifh m.r.n.
coaches to Erie, and through Pullman 1'alaco
cars to Buffalo via Emporium. On Sundays this
iruiurunsioiienovo, wnn ruuman I'aiaco car to
v liuamsport and passenger coaches to ltcnov o.
l'or Cnnandalfua nnil Intermciilnin utnti,inu
llochcster, UurraYonnd Niagara l'ulls, (dally except
I KlITirlnvO IClt ll tliwrnrrl. Imllinni, l,;.,. ' ..'.7
.... , uitiiiiiu iuiuuu uur UHU
passenger coaches to Itochcstcr.
10.13-News Express (daily except Sundny) for
Lock llnven and lntcrmedlato stations. Ou sun
days this train ruii3 only to Wllliamsport.
1.10 p. m. Niagara Express (dally except Sun
day) for hnno und lntcrmedlato stations with
through passenger conches to Knnc. l'or Caiian
didgua nnd principal Intennedlato stations,
llochcster, HuiTulo and Niagara l'alls wini
through p.issengcr coothea to liochcttcr and Par
lor car to YvalMns.
5.25 p. m. Fast I.lno Mnllr expent. Knml!iirnr ii,.
novo and lnterniedlatobtations, and ISlmlia, Wut
kins nnd lntcrmedlato stations, with through pa
soiigcr coaches to ltcnovo und Watklus.
News Exnresn lenvea T'.iiniipinii,., .4 on . .
"''rrlsburg, S.10 a. m. dally, arriving at bunbiuy
XlllfftM VtMWuj Innvnu
Philadelphia, 7.40 a. m. ; llaltlmoro 7.30 a. m. (dally
except Sunday) arriving at hunbury, 1.10 p. in.,
with through I'arlor car lrom Philadelphia
?,V,',1tAr?,'.,l"183ullcr eoaches from I'lilladel
phla and liultlmore.
Fast Lino leaves New York 8.00 n. m. ! Phlladol
phla, 11.10 a. in. j Washington, u.40 a. in. ; Haiti
more, 10.50 a. m., (dally except Sunday) uiilvlng n
buubury. 0.5011. in., wnii iimnmiT ' i
coaches lrom Philadelphia nnd Ualtlmorc.
, '-'"iwi loiucwp, m. : l'hlladol
phla, 11.50 p. in. : Wnsdiimrton.Kuon.V- imui
moie,; p.m..(dally) nnlvlngat sunbury 5.1
?;in-', ''"""J", ,1'ulluiau Sleeping cms
from Philadelphia, Washington and llaltlmoro and
through passenger coaches from Philadelphia.
Slee her fiom Wash Inmnn rnn,intiv nvn,..,,',,.,
day. " -'"iu...
Illallv exepiit Sntul , v
Wllkesbarro Alall lonxiw .knnlmrv intiu
aiilvliig at Uloom l'erry 11.57 a. m., Wllkes-burro
12.55 p. m.
Express East leaves Sunbuiy 5.S5 p. m., arriving
atl!lroml-crryc.80p.lii.. WllkCb-barro aoj p. 111.
buubury MaUleaveswilkesbanolo.:jon.m.nrilv:
: v i. iu.,nuuuury ly.rhi p. in.
living at llloom Ferrr 4.15 n.m.. mmin.i-vr. Vn
- . -. , 1-
J. 1(. WOOD,
Con. I'ahscnccr Agent
urjl. .iliuiil-cr.
Mayio 18SI
TKtirm i.sanj acrjiitr as you-owHiimjay
Vor Mow Vork.l'lilltttelnJila.ltcjKlinL.i-uiiKvii
Tamaijiia, lev., a. m,
For Cotr.vvl.ioi., 11,50 4. m.0.u nail lo.t's v. m,
l'or Wlllidinaport.M 1 11.J5 a. m. ai-i 4.11.1 p. u
ForLcwlsbuigunaiiunbuii,4iHip iu.
ri.AlNI.r0U KOl-KhT LbKVh l fouux, l!.m.l
LeavoNew VorK. vu. Tamufjua a.oo a. m. uud
via. Uouna lirook ituuto 7,;r, .1. m.
Loavo I'nuailelpUla, 9,50 a. 111.
Leavo lleaillng, n,to a, m imiuiviUo. . l. ... .,
anaTninaquu, 1,35 p. m.
Lcavocitawlbaa, 6.30 11.15 tt.m. r.i.n i.hi 1,. 1...
" l.owlsbui-gJ.4lp,in.
rassengors to ana trom 1'iuiu iuitt .;i turnnli
vvitlionlcliangoof cars.
J. J!, v, utri Ti j.
C. . nANCOCII, ..r.,. raaui Kl
Uon&rill PasF.murPi- f.nrt irtn,.. ..... .
Jan. 10, ihsf-tf.
a.m. tun. p.m
5 50 u to it 20
B 55 U 13 2 25
11 01 0 50 2 30
fi OU 0 67 2 38
(I 17 10 01 2 48
8 23 10 O) 2 51
8 28 10 11 2 W
8 32 1(1 17 3 UO
8 3d IU 20 3 Oi
8 40 10 25 00
fi 48 10 25 3 (18
8 50 10 2D 3 11
li 53 10 33 3 15
7 IH) It) 37 3 SO
7 05 10 41 S 24
7 12 10 48 3 32
7 21 10 I'J H 43
7 47 II 10 3 57
7 53 11 18 I 03
8 U) II 22 I 10
8 00 It 3d 4 18
8 10 11 3D 4 ID
8 11 11 43 4 23
8 21 11 48 4 31)
8 28 11 63 4 38
8 34 11 6T 1 43
8 Ul 12 03 4 41
8 55 13 i'O 5 05
'J 03 12 28 5 13
U Oil 13 33 b 111
p.m. p.m. a.m.
v w i au
H 51 1 25
8 W 1 20
8 40 1 13
8 !H 1 03
8 27 1 00
8 SJ 12 55
8 It 12 51
U is
. Laekawoniia..
Wefct l'lttston,
...Wyomlii''., .
. .. lloniifi r
u 14
11 00
8 5
8 53
8 48,
b 43
8 Vi
8 33
8 85
8 25
8 12 12 48
8 08 12 11
8 08 13 41
8 01 12 3!)
1 69 13 35
T 51 12 30
7 50 12
....Kingston ....
I'lymouth June
. Avnnilnli
8 21
8 17
8 )0
Hunlock's Creek
T 41 13 111
7 to 12 OS
7 18 II 511
7 II II 50
. Hick's Ferry.
..Ueacn Haven,,
..llrlar Creek..
..Willow drove.,
...Limo liklgo...
...Uloomsburg ,
I 41
7 31
7 27
7 23;
7 in
7 03 11 41
8 68 11 an
U 51 11 33
0 50 11 30
0 43 11 23
0 38 U 17
11 !M 11 13
8 25 II (M
8 IW 10 S3
U 00 10 17
6 53 10 4.1
5 40 10 80
P III. 0.111.
7 1
7 (13
7 00,
0 51
.. ivuiicri.
Catawpii nudge
. ..Danvillo..,.
8 21),
0 23
II 10
V 20 13 60 5 3D
a. in.
a. in. n.m. p.iu
v. t; 1IALSTEAD, Hupt.
onico, Scrantou, Feb. 1st, I8n2.
ll'ldln at hla nlil
stand undor exohanoe
a usual n riliftT-CLAbH
HlJfKI.. nllil hi.u
PEBoby hotel'
thoNmyK(mSleStnU,'.ono b1unr0
Hti The Vra tnd1 n ?l,n. lm f blluar0 fr0" Walnut
city on thn AStlH1, .vc' P.U8lnt,a" centro ot tho
roomJ Tfrnm snnl,1 ?. ana ;inonn plans, (lood
nfvrty iurnlsh?d, m m Uayi '"'""""'"ca and
W. Payne, M. E.,
"0Y 3- y owner trroprtctor.
WanPfl !;,'iM!r! overy county In this
i.iiiiii WAtiiiH, Experlencu in tho busi
ness not recpiired. Nurserlei widely an 1 favor,
ably known, l'or terms address ' r
i r
Tho 0, L. Van Ducsn Nurcory Co,,
umrA, x, v.
Van imsun Nurhorles establUhed 183V. .
Also btockut wholesale, v"'""
AptlH.i3teovv r