The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, September 05, 1884, Image 3

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The Columbian.
FltlDAY, SEl'TEMUElt 5, 1831.
Correct Ititllrorul Tltuu Table.
Trahu on tlio Philadelphia & 11. II lcavo llupcrt
.18 follows :
0:39 n. In.
p. in.
11:6 J A. m.
0:19 p. in.
Trains on tlio 1). I. & W. It. It. leave. Bloomsburu
ns roliowsi
!7:05 0. til. 8:S8 a. in.
11:17 o, in. ll:M a. m.
6:38 p. m. 4:30 p. in.
Tho 8:28 a. m. train connects at Northumberland
with lbs VM train on l'eunsylvanta road, reaching
VhlloUolphUat3:15p. in.
The 11:53 train connects with Philadelphia and
Heading road at Hupcrt reaching l'bllndcl
pbla nl 0.00 p. in.
TOO 11:54 train connects VrltU ronntgrlvanta road
at Noriuuinocrianu at i:ou, reaching i'i
ia7:u3 p. m.
Tlio 4:30 p. in. train connects with Pennsylvania
road at Northumberland at S-M p. in., and reaches
riiliadcipuia at3:u5 u. in.
Trains on tlio N. & V.
Ferry ns follows t
11:87 a. in.
,:u) p. ni.
1). Hallway pass II loom
12:01 p. in,
4:16 p. in.
W. H. Tublis Is gradually Improving.
Connrd Krcomcr, of Jcrseytown was lu
lown on Monday.
Mian Llz7.lo Ycrrlck of Danville was In
town on Wednesday, visiting friends.
Mrs. J. H. Llnglo of lkllcfontc lias been
visiting licr patents during Hie past week.
J. II, Ilarinttii Is improving rapidly. He
wns out riding on Tuesday.
Mrs. I. S. ltulm nnd daughter May, start
cd on, Tuesday to visit friends In Schuyl
kill county nnd in Philadelphia.
Mr. Charles Manhardt, of Knnsas City,
Missouri, was in. town with his brother,
Rev. F. 1. Manhardt, on Wednesday,
Mrs. J. K. Bruglcr, of Butler, Missouri,
1b visiting her parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. J. J.
Miss Emma Saukey of llarrlsburg, a tor.
mcr resident of Light Street, Is the guest
of Sirs. J. M. C. Ranck of that plnco.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Goodman of Mon
tana, this county, spent Sunday and the
foro part of tho week visiting relatives
town nnd nt Espy.
John L. Woods, foreman of the JitpMi
can office, after a six weeks' enforced vaca
Hon on account of sickness, was able
resume work on Monday morning.
Michael and Peter Gnllghnn of Armagh,
Ireland, tho one a brother of John Gal
tgluu of this place, arrived in town on
Monday. They were two weeks in sailing
from their natlvo land.
Empty elder barrels for sale.
C. 11. Rohbins.
A band of gypsies passed through town
yesterday afternoon.
Three Indians arrived from tho Indian
school at Carlisle on Wednesday evening.
They were taken to a Mr. Vanco and L. P.
Kline near MtllvlUo.
Tho Woincns' Foreign Missionary Society
of Llino Hldgo will hold n festival on Sat.
urday, Bept, Olh. Tho community tiro re
spectfully invited.
Tho prohibitionists havo selected Friday
Srplcmbcr 10th as tho tlmo for holding
their plcnlo nt Rupert Grove. Speaker
will ho engaged and every cffoit made for'
n good time. They extend a cordial Invi
tation to all temperance societies.
John Herring, son of our townsman G.
A. Herring, who for some tlmo past hna
been working at Shenandoah, was thrown
from a wagon at that place whllo deliver
ing goods ono day this week, and seriously
hurt. Ills Injuries nro not thought to-
prove fatal.
We publish this week the names of the
vlgllcncc committee as far as reported.
Tho members of tho Standing committee
who havo not yet reported the names of
tho Committee will confer a favor by
reporting nt once to David Lowcnberg,
A skating rink was opened In Evans' hall
on Monday evening by Messrs. Towner
and Bennett, of Bradford county. Thoy
havo shown themselves to bo very gentle
manly and aro using every effort to con
duct tho rink In such n manner as to
mnko It an attractive place for ladtei,
for healthful enjoyment. Skating rinks
aro very popular In nil tho surround
ing places, and wo sco no reason why thin
ono should not bo a success. Next week a
professional skater will bo hero to Instruct.
Cleveland nml HctidrlckH Clul,
Thcro will bo a meeting In the Opera
'House, Bloomsbiirg, on Saturday evening
of next week, September 13th, for tho pur-
pose of organizing n Cleveland and Hen
dricks Campaign Club for this place.
Thcro should bo a full attendance of nil
those who favor tho election of the Demo
cratic nominees. Speakers havo been se
cured for the occasion. Let there bo u
grand rally, that wo may lend our nssis
toncc to tlio election of tho Democratic
standard bearers.
The Street Commissioner has put In
terra colta pipe at tho crossing corner of
Centre and fifth streets, in order to con.
duct the water under Centre street. By
this method tho deep gutter nt tho crossing
Is entirely avoided. Should It provo suc
cessful, there are many crossings in town
that should be fixed in a similar manner.
Mrs. I. Hagcnbuch died at her home iu
Bloomsburg, early on Monday morning.
She was sick but a few weeks.
An excursion party of nlno car loads,
passed through this place on Thursday
morning for Hess' Grove, Rupert.
J. II. Mercer keeps a full assortmcut of
school sunnlles. at the Peoples' Hook
In a New York theatre women are to
take tho place of men as ushers. Here's a
chance for tho Widow Butler after the clec-
Tho inline of Col. A. E. Lowis of Pike
countv. is nresented bv the Democrats of
that county as candidate for Congress
this (Eleventh) Congressional district.
Foil Iter. Three pair of rooms suitable
for ofilccs, and one store room occupied
now as shou stoic next to Exchang Hotel.
F. D. Dexti.kis.
Our young men are getting too careless
In the matter of throwing ball on Main
street. Ono person threw a ball through
ono of J. J. Browcr's large show windows.
Another, a ball and lilt n Mrs. Wolf on the
nose, causing a severe bruise and black
eyes. The authorities should prevent play-
Ing ball on Main street.
J. Hudson Case of Danville, and Miss
Dora Wolf, oldest daughter of John Wolf
of this nlace were married at the home of
Mr. Wolf on Wednesday morning, Hev. t.
P. Mnuhart officiating. The pair loft on
the noon train for a short tour and will
then return to Danville at which place
they expect to reside.
There will bo a game of baseball played
at the Fair grounds this (Friday) nftcruocii
at hnlf-past two o'clock, between the "He-
llance" of Mt. Ceroid, and tho Bloomsburg
Association. The game will probably be a
very Interesting one. l lie "itciinnco"
played the Philadelphia League team a few
weeks nco with a score of 11 to ! for tho
League nine.
On Saturdav last wo experienced the
most severe thunderstorms of any this sea
son. T ie 1 mm nil lasneii viviuiy uv
short intervals. In several places buildings
were struck, but no damago done. The
rod on the barn of Mr. Armstrone was
struck, but tho lightnig carried off with no
sci lous result. Wo are told the walls of
his house were badly shaken nlso.
Prcscilpllons ft specialty at the Peoples'
Drug Store. J. II. Mercer, I'rop.
Mrs. Michael Hess of Beach Haven, has
been allllctcd with cataract of the eye lor
the past seventeen or Jcighteen years. A
few weeks ago her cyo commenced getting
sore, she applied poultices and the sight of
ono eye is almost completely restored. Tho
other eye has not yet been treated , but 'tis
possible that the sight of that eye may also
slmllaily be restored.
Norllicrn Coluiitlln nnd Houtlicrn
I.uzcrnc Aurricuiiurai asbo.
This association, but recently orgaulzcd,
gives its first exhibition on their spacious
grounds Just south of Berwick, on ed
nesday, Thursday, Friday oud Saturday,
September 2-1, 25, 20 and 27, 1881. They
have secured ns the site of their exhibition
beautiful section of land cmbruclng some
23 acres, nnd almost entirely surrounded
by a grovo of natural trees, which will af
ford amplo shade for visitors. Water will
bo supplied in abundanco all over the
grounds. The grounds otitsldo of main
track will be filled with exhibition
buildings, sheds, stables, dining
hall, etc., of an improved design,
for tlio more perfect display of all
articles entered for exhibition. Accommo-
datlons will bo furnished for the bedding
of horses, and oats will bo sold for same by
superintendent of this department, while
the dining hall and eating stands will be
well supplied with the substantiate of life.
Tho Association has made liberal offers
to exhibitors and it is to be hoped that
they will be largely patronized. This
being the first exhibition all should assist
In making It n grand success, that such a
good enterprise may be engaged.
A little rain.
Some talk of raislug n pole.
A large wagon load of ladies and gentle
men passed through here on Saturday on
their way to Mr. W. Wilson's. A birthday
Mr. Win. Kreamer was in lown on Sat-
Miss Htittlo Kreamer of Lock Haven,
and Miss Hattie Fettcrman ot Bloomsburg
were visiting nt Mr. C. Kreamer's.
Miss Sallio Watson and Miss Cora Leo
have goue to Bloomsburg to attend school.
A number of our boys were out gunning
on tho first. They report squirrels scarce.
Last week Messrs Crosgrove nnd McVlck-
er were threshlug in this vicinity with u
steamer. It excited much curiosity, and
many went to seo it working.
Tho supervisors have been making a
much needed repair on tho roads in town.
Now gentlemen, go into the country and
do likewise.
Tho yearly examination of teachers was
held in the school house on Saturday. Ten
applicants presented themselves for exami
nation. The examinations aro somewhat
difficult, justly so, because they secure the
Well, tho long lookcd-for, wlshcd-for
rain fell last Saturday, and It fell without
giving much warning. No ono seemed to
know of a shower, until nil at onca i pat
ter, palter It camo on tho roofs. H was
qulto laughable to sco tho people running
In great haste to reach shelter.
Miss Minnie Wclllvcr Is visiting her
brother at Dushorc. Sho expects to re
main n fow weeks.
A festival will bo held nt tho Methodist
church at West Greenwood next Saturday
evening. Como one, como all, do not stay
at home, thinking that If you go somo ono
will como round saylngt "Mr. won't
you give twcnty-flvo or fifty votes ?" but
come and participate In tho anticipated
good time.
Miss Bertha Mather nnd Miss Minnlu
Eves wcro visiting friends near Berwick
last week.
Mr. William Cox has purchased a new
top buggy ; nlso Mr. Clydo Vnnhorn
Tho peaches aro scarco lu this section of
the country, but tho way the npplo limbs
droop wo think there will bo a fow apples to
pass tho tlmo away.
A number of tho people of Greenwood
and MlUvlllo visited Lewis' Lako last week.
Services were held in tlio Evangelical
church last Sunday evening by llcv. Mcs
Bcnccr. His subject was "Truo Brother-
Several of the Grccnwooders attended
camp-mcctlug al Harveyvlllo and all en.
joyed themselves exceedingly well. The
ground is beautifully located, and plenty
of cool water closo by. Tho speaking wat,
splendid and the choir furnished excellent
It Is not ns dry ns it wns. The farmers
arc happy, tho ground is soaked.
Come, Mr. Committeeman, how nbout
that Cleveland club ? Call out the band
and hunt them up.
Mr. John Lazarus went angling last week
ono dav and "hooked" seventeen white
chubs, none under n foot In length. Such
a fine Btrlng of fish lias not been cnught
along the creek for mnny n long day
Where are the professional fishermen.
Notwithstanding tho hard times, our
merchants nro busy nil the time, and the
mechanics, too. And how could it bo
otherwise, ns this is the metropolis of the
great Fishlngcreck valley and the business
centre of tho whole community. Tho lum
her trado is nlso quite extensive hero,
If tho centre of nttractlon, vizi the
camp-mectlng on Bloomingdale charge.
near Harveyvlllo, drew from all parts of
tho surrouudlni: country, ns the roads
leading in that direction from Benton
Stillwater and Orangovlllo indicated from
tho numerous conveyances, continual
traveling, and all sccmlugly bent for that
place on Sunday last, there must havo
been n vast multitude nsscmbled. Sis, nt
our elbow, sucecsts that they couldn't
have seen tho meeting for the people.
Mrs. Kennedy, aged seventy-eight years
died on Friday last, and was burled on
Sunday. Hev. Savago preached the fu
neral-sermon at the house of Jonas Doty,
her son-in-law, where she died.
The morals of a community nre moulded
and shnriedbv various Influences which
nre brought to benr upon nil classes, con.
iMtlons, ages nnd sexes. Thcro arc coun
ter influences nlways at work, good and
bad, and tho character of a community
mav ulwavs bo known by the Influences
which are prevalent. Hence tho know!
edge of good and evil Instinctively stamped
ltobcrt Harris, employed nt Logan col-
llcry, had his hand badly bruised by n
leco of coal on Tuesday. Dr. Owlnncr
mputated two of his fingers In order to
save tho hand.
The llttlo handful ot Republicans In
town organized a Blaine and Logan club
on Wednesday evening, In tho school
building. Wo could not learn the number
of signers, but there must havo been ten or
fifteen, ns wo saw nbout that number enter
the building.
What wo want next Is n Cleveland and
Hendricks club, with n membership of two
or three hundred. Let some ot our young
a vain hope of electing their candidate.
Democrats make the start, and throw their They cry fraud and corruption expecting
banner to tlio breezo next week.
Sunbury has now a morning daily pa.
per. It is not a new paper, but the same
one of Eicholtz & Co which was formerly
issued in the afternoon, from the ofllce of
tho Northumberland County Democrat.
David Lowcnberg will make his fall an
nouncements next week. Look out lor
barealns In ready mado and custom made
clothlni! as well as in gents' furnishlug
Prof. Niles nnd daughter, Dora, started
for New York yesterday (Thursday). His
dfiiiL'htcr will remain at the Ladies' Ait
Association of that city one year, and pur-
sue a course of study in painting.
Snmn thieves broke In the Graugc store
near the denot ou Saturday night. A few
rmlrs of boots were missing. How much
more was taken has not yet been as
V.. II. Little, administrator of Laura J.
Patten, deceased, will sell personal prop-
oitv on the lircmiscs. corner of Third and
Centre streets, Bloomsburg, on Saturday,
September 13th, 1884, commencing at ten
On Saturday last the post ofllco at Wil-
llamsport, was robbed of stamps amount
ing to 43,500. The chief clcrk who wns
In the private ofllce, the post-master being
at dinner, was called to the door to sco a
man in a biurev. He was not out three
minutes, but during that time four pack.
ages of stamps were taken from tho safo
and four packages similar in appearance
left instead. Tho substitute packages con
tained brown paper. Tho buggy had been
hired at a livery stable near the post olllco.
No traco of the robbers has yet been ob.
survival of the fittest. A course of action
which meets the approval of all thinking Up0n u,e conscience of ovcry sane Individ
persons, anil proves supt. unmcs to no unl to discern Irom right ana wrong, Is
the right man in the right place. L. "i . powerful barrier to attempt to force ncross
tho threshold of justice lu direct violatlo
of conscience. Just hero Is where tho
power nnd will of the individual is assert.
cd, for here is where the tempter comes in
all his forms and devices, and here is
where tho battlo is fought, the victory won
or lost, and the Individual stands or falls,
la honored or ashamed. The conscience
once crossed it becomes an easy thing to
cross and rccross from mere moral force of
habit. It is always safe to "dare to do
The Sentinel of lnsLwcck contains a com
niunlcation sinned "Lieutenants" nnd da'
ted at Jackson, which was evidently in
tended for publication iu this paper. The
communication was directed to Mcsssrs.
Editors of the Comimuian aud Sentinel, and
began with the words "In looking over
your paper of last week," &c. The artlclo
was changed to read "Editor Sentinel, In
looking over tho Columiuan of last week,"
&c. If they were so anxious to publlsii
the article they should have mado inquiry
whether It was for their paper. Wo make
this correction for the benefit of some
our patrons, and not with a tccllng of any
animosity toward the SmUnei.
A ncncrlptloii tty Knleltfli.
Tho following is a description of an In
dian fig tree which he saw growing In
America :
"They grow," he says, "in mo 1st
ground, aud iu this manner : After they
are first shot up some twenty or thirty foot
in length (some more, "some less, accord
ing to the soil) they spread n very large.
top, having no bough nor twig in the
trunk or stem ; for from tho utmost end of
the head-branch, there issiicth out a gum
my juice which hangetli downward like a
cord or sinew, and within n few months
rencheth tho ground, which it no sooner
toucheth but it takcth root, nnd then, being
filled, botli from tho top boughs nnd from
his own proper root ; lids cord makcth it
self n tree exceeding hastily. From tho
utmost boughs of these young trees there
fall again tho like cords, which in ono
year, ana less (in mat worm oi pcrpeiuni
spring), become also trees of the bigness ot
tho nether part of a lance, and as straight
as nature aiut art can mane nnyuuug
Mis? Mcllah Turnbach, n daughter of
Samuel Turnbach of this plnco met with a
serious accident on Saturday last. She
was carrying a kettle of boiling water, nnd
fell, tlio water falling over her. Tho ono
sldo of her body was completely drenched,
tho water penetrating her clothing and pro
ducing painful scalds. She suffered great
ly on Saturday CTcnlng nnd Sunday, hut
nt present writing Is Improving rnpldly.
1'liu liepuillean of this week Is alarmed
lest "tho good name of Columbia county
will bo besmirched," by the election of Mr,
Snyder for Prothonotary, Tho reason thoy
full upon Mr, Hnydcr U becauso they havo
Buckhoru was well represented nt the
Reformed hnrvest home near Heller's
church on Friday last.
A dwelling houso belonging to Hiram
Neihart was destroyed by flro last Friday
night. Tho origin of the flro is a mystery,
as the houso was unoccupied at the
Ou Saturday last the Lutheran Sunday
School attempted to hold their annual pic
nic in Ilcnrio's erovc. but owing to tho
The Buck Mountain vein has been reach
ed by tunnelling nt North Ashland, and
reparations nro being mado to hnvo the
gangways drlvcu ns soou as possible,
Tho new slope nt tho Continental Is nlso
completed, and tho gangways driven far
enough to open two breasts.
Tlio Polish woman who murdered her
child last week, was not tnken to Jail, as
erroneously stated In last week's Issue, but
cBcnned from tho house In her husband's
clothing. Tlio officer guarding tho prcm.
lscs thinking It wns ono of the boarders,
allowed her to pass, nnd nothing has been
heard of her since. Tlio supposition Is
that sho will go to her native land.
John Eaily, who buried his wife and
daughter insldo ot n month, from n strango
disease existing In Dark Corner, died him
self on Wednesday. Several children havo
nlso. died with It nnd n number nro sick.
The doctors nro of tho opinion that the
disease originated from tho stagnant wntcr
used by the people there.
S. H. Daw's circus exhibited here on
Wednesday afternoon nnd evening, to
largo audiences. During tlio performance
in the evening tho seats gave way, nnd for
awhile tho greatest excitement prevailed.
Fortunntely, no ono was hurt and tlio per-
formanco proceeded to u close. I he act
ing of tho Belmont brothers was tho only
feature worth mentioning, the rest lieing
silly in tho extreme.
Despite the heavy rain Saturday after
noon liunilrcU3 of people witnessed uie
game of ball between tho Centralla and
Locust Gap teams, which resulted in n vic
tory for tlio homo nine, by a score of 7 to
8. Tlio return game will be played in
Locust Gap on Saturday.
John McCarty, local editor of the Shen
andoah Herald, wns In town this week
looking up business. Tho paper appeared
on Saturday for tho flrst time in nn en
lnrgcd form, nnd was chuck full of very In
teresting reading.
Tho collieries aro all idlo this week with
tho exception of Centralla colliery, which
worked on Monday.
Reese Davis and family spent last week
in tho country camping out.
Arthur E. Jones, Inside foreman nt the
Continental, has been ill the past week.
The students of Dickinson Seminary,
who spcut their vacation here, returned to
school on Monday.
Harry Ferguson and John Irvlu, who
were inhnllng the sea breezes of Atlantic
City the past two weeks, camo home on
Saturday with peeled noses.
Mr. Gable of Shamokln, spent Sunday
in town with friends.
Among the visitors in town this week
are Mrs. Farnswortli of San Francisco,
Col. Mr. and Mrs. Heftron of Philadelphia,
.Mr. and Mrs. Mumford of Mauch Chuuk.
Miss Marie Kano of town, is visiting
friends in Philadelphia.
The brick encine house for the Edlsou
Illuminating Company in Ashland, was
completed on Saturday last, nnd tho com
pnny will illuminate the town in a week or
two. What with the Houston electric
light, gas, gasoline, etc., Ashland will bo
much brighter in regard to light than any
thing else.
A marriage is announced for next week
between n Mr. Kinney of Wllkcsbarre and
Lizzie McCarty of this place. Extensive
preparations nro being made for the happy
event, which will no doubt eclipse any
thing in the matrimonial line that wo have
hud for sonic time.
to avert attention of the voters. This
won't avail. If the candidate for prolho
notnry has obtained his nomination by Il
legal methods tho standing committee will
demand his wlthdrawnl. Until that Is done,
the democratic voters will continue to give
their support to Mr. Snyder, and elect him
by a handsome majority.
Katuril lu tlic WcHtcrn Hky,
Saturn is morning star nnd outranks the
other planets in tlio Important materials ho
affords for study. Not only Is he n beauti
ful object in tho sky during almost tho en
tire night, but lie is also approaching the
earth under favorable conditions seldom
surpassed in his long career. Ou the lOtli,
at 10 o'clock in the morning, ho is in quad
rature with tho sun on his western sldo. He
Is then ninety degrees distant from the
sun, at what may be called the half-wny
house between conjunction nnd opposl-
Hon, nnd Is in lino position for observation
both with the naked cyo and tho telescope.
He Is nlso conveniently situated for this
purpose, rising now nt half-past 11 o'clock
lu the cvcnlmr, and, at tho cud of the
month, making his nppcaranco at half-past
0 o'clock. He lcigns alone for awhile, but
his short-lived supremacy soon ends, Venus
appearing upon the scene and outshining
her ciant brother us well as all the lesser
Diirlnir this year aud tho next tho finest
telescopic views of Saturn and his ringi
may bo obtained in northern latitudes. For
during this tlmo ho passes his perihelion,
reaches Ids greatest northern declination
and his rings aro open to their widest ex
tent, these events occurring beforo the
year 1885 closes. Tho tlrst fruits of obscr
rations of tho mysterious rings under tho
present favorable conditions of Saturn's ap
pcarance and also under atmospherical
conditions of exceptional purity havo al
ready appeared. The Messrs. Henry, of
the Observatory of Paris, with tho 10 Inch
equatorial of the Observatory, a magnify
ing power of one thousand, have obtained
somo wonderful views of the rings. They
announce outsldo of tho known rings tho
existence ofn small blight ring ou the
outer border of the outer ring, nearly cor
responding in widtli to the division of the
outer ring.
There is a noteworthy analogy between
the solar system and the Saturnlan system,
The suu is surrounded by eight planets and
a ring of asteroids. Saturn is surrounded
by eight moons and a ring rcsombllng in
somo of its features the zone of asteroids.
Providence Journal,
Mary M. Campbell to 11, Frank '.Mt Cat
awlssa. A. K. Mcnsch nnd wife to Franklin
Achy, Centralla.
Samuel Y. Hess nnd wife to Orlands Lnr
rlfh, Bugnrloaf.
Maria J. Deadly to Adam Butt, Briar,
Richard Flnnell and wife to Michael
Reddy, Ccntralla.
John Ilouck and wlfo to Geo. W. Long.
cnberger, Beaver,
Franklin A. Shiiman and wife tn Mary
Ann Ycngcr, Cutnwlssa.
Locust Mountain Water Company to
John J. Williams, Ccntralla.
Henry Haitzel nnd wifo to Jacob Bred.
benncr, Main.
John R. Keeler to Kmcllno Savage, Ben
Fiederlek Hosier to Elizabeth Hosier, et.
al., Beaver.
1. K. Krlckbam nnd Win. Btlnk, cxecu.
tors, to Alexander G. Hess, Benton.
Wellington Mcnsch nnd wife to William
E. Rhodes, Franklin.
Wnihlngton George and wife to Jona
than George, Locust.
John C. Yocuin, administrator, to James
E. Bishop, Main.
A. P. Heller nnd wlfo to D. F. Herring,
W. II. Rhnwii nnd wife to S. B. Rhnwn,
Geo. B. Rhawn nnd wife to Stephen B.
Rhnwn, Cutnwlssa.
M. V. B. Kostenbauder nnd wife to S.
B, Rhuwn, Catawlssn.
Alfred 8. Kester to Lcgraut Adams,
Henry nnd Franklin Rhoads to Jere
miah Miller, Locust,
John H. Fritz and wlfo to Washington
Knousc, Jackson,
Franklin L. Shiimnli nnd wife to Eliza
beth Smith, Catawlssn.
Lloyd Paxton to Mary O. Hlmtoii, Mon
J. H. Vundersllce to J. H. White, execu
tor to John G. Shollcnberger, Scott.
Charles B. Fowler, et al to Martha O.
Ferris, Brlarcrcck.
Jacob Haitman committee to Philip Shu-
maker, Hemlock.
Philip Shumaker to Jacob Haitman,
George W. Fisher and wife to William
Coufulr, Matu.
J. Paul Fry and wife to Charles Aside
man, Beaver.
Solomon II. Brcdbcnner, executor to
Catharine Fry, Beaver.
Elmira Rnntz and husband to Thos. J,
Bender, Benton.
Rebecca Klluo mid widow et al to John
F. Mcnglc and wife, Orange.
Geo. A. Herring and wife to Camden
Mears, Orange.
O. B. Brockway and wife to James M.
Riley, Ccntralla.
Edward Hngcrty to Mariah Hagerty,
Sco a woman in another column, near
Bpccr's Vineyards, picking grapes from
which Bpccr's Port Grnpo Wlno Is made,
that Is so highly esteemed by tho medical
profession, for tlio uso of Invalids, weakly
persons and tho need,
Sold by 0. A. Klclni, Bloomsburg.
sept 22-1y
A posltlvo euro for catarrh, diphtheria nnd
canKer mouth, Sold by Moycr Bros.
The medicine wo most like is that which
docs Us work quick nnd well. Burdock
Blood Bitters aro the aulckcst kind of a
ctirr for dyspepsia nnd liver nnd kidney of.
Cough when Shlloh'g Cure will give you
Immediate relief. Price 10 cents, CO cents
and t. Sold by Moycr Bros.
i 1
can be so quickly cured by Shlloh's Cure.
We gunrnnteo it. For sale liy Moycr
mnde miserable by that terrible cough,
Shlloh's Cure Is the remedy for you. For
sale by Jloyer Bros.
Miserable by Indigestion, constipation, diz
ziness, loss of appetite, yellow skin ? Shi
lob's Vitnlizcr is a positive cure. Sold by
Moycr Bro?.
"I was troubled very much with sor
feet. Three applications of Thomas' Ec.
Icctrlc Oil entirely cured them. Nothing
better In the market." Jacob Butler,
Reading, Pa.
of Bourbon, Ind., says i "Both myself nnd
wife owo our lives to Shlloh's Consumption
Cure." Sold by Moycr Bros.
Fico with each bottle of Shlloh's Catarrh
Remedy. Price 50 cents. Sold by Moycr
'Rough on Rats" clears out Rats, Mlco
"Rough on Corns," for corns, bunions,
Thin people. "Wells' Health Rcncwcr"
restores health nnd vigor, cures dyspepsia,
Ac. 1.
Instant relief.
"Rough on Toothache,''
Ladles who would retain freshness nnd
vivacity don't fail to try "Wells' Health
"Buchu pallia," great kidney andiirlnnry
Flics, roaches, ants, bed-bugs, rats, mice,
cleared out by "Rough on Rats." 10c.
"Rough on Coughs," troches, 10c j liquid,
For children, slow iu development, puny
and delicate, use "Wells' Health Renewer."
"Rough on Dentist" tooth powder. Try
lu 10c.
Nervous weakness, dyspepsia sexual
debility cured by "Wells' Health T.ncwcr."
Pure dmus and patent medicines of all
kinds at the Peoples' Drug Store.
Mr. Lowcnberg, Chairman of the Dem
ncniiln Rtamllntr Committee. ha3 secured
the uso of tho Opera House for the Clove
ITnulrlcka Club of tills place. A
The historic question of "Who struck
Billy Patterson" has at last been answered,
It was neither Bluino nor Butler, us those
complete organization will bo effected next two Individuals would no doubt like to those of India
Saturday evening, September lain. nave mo puunc ucnevc, uui oueucuigu u.
I'illcston, anu tlio place wnere mo sinning
James A. Sweeney of Hazlcton a lormer I took place was in Caruesvillc, tranklln
student ut tho Normal School has been county Georgia. When Mr. Patterson
nominated for tho Legislature from Luzerno I icd ho left 81000 to bo devoted to finding
countv. Mr. Sweeney lias serveu uuu out who i t him. as the blow was a terri
bly severe one. Now comes 'liueston's
daughter, with tlio information that it was
her father who did tho hitting. The event
took place about 47 ycurs ago, and "Billy
Patterson" was the father ot tho famous
Miss Betsey Patterson, the Baltimore
beauty who married Jcromo Bonaparte,
brother of the great Napoleon. Hellefonte
showery weather they were obliged to ro
of casting such a shade and making such a pair to the church whero tho day was spent
grove, os no other tree lu tho world can do. in wuat migut ue icrmeu acnureu sucmuu;.
Now. on., nf thesu trees, considered with Some ono has said "What is homo without
nil his vouuc ones may, indeed, shroud a mother," but what is a picnic without
four hundred, or four thousand horsemen,
If they please, for they cover whole val
leys. But that they bear any such hugo
leaves, or only such delicate fruit, I could
never find."
The leaves and fruit here referred to are
L. J.
term lu tho Legislature with credit to him
Belt mid tho democratic party which ho re
if the Ml. Otrmel A'ws desires to rcpub.
lish our Centralla correspondence, they
will confer n favor by giving credit to cor
respondent Bloomsburg Colomiiiak. Our
correspondent furnlshcsiicma of general
Interest, nnd wo deem it justice to him,
that lie should havo the full credit.
A festival will bo given In Dcntlcr's hall
on Saturday evening, September Oth by tho
lady friends of the Bloomsburg Cornet
Band. Tho public should patronize them
well. Our band Is ono of tho best In this
section, and all should assist In keeping up
the organisation.
Miss MncArthur has finished her in.
Blructions in art to a class of young ladles
nnd Btartcd for Scrnnton, where sho will
remain over tho Sabbath, leaving Monday
moinlngfora visit with friends in Lltch
field county, Conn. In October sho begins
her connection with an urt school lu Phlla
dolphin. OirbondaU AdcTmcc.
Wo learn from our exchanges of North
umberland county that n dlseaso is prevail
ing among tho hogs of that county. Col,
Tuggart of Northumberland, who Is an ex.
tensive stock raiser, U somewhat alarmed,
ns the epidemic has entered his herd, it
Is said Mr, Tuggart has the finest pen ot
hogs lu tho State.
I, W, Build's show came from Hazlcton
to Catawlssn on Friduy morning, nnd ex.
pected to reach Bloomsburg lu amplo tlmo
for the afternoon performance, Thoy ar
rived too Into to tuko (lie train, nnd wcro
brought over fiom Cntnwissn with wagons.
The afternoon pel formanco wus cancelled,
but lu tho evening they gavo n gooil enter,
tnliiment, although they had n small audience.
A visit to T. L. Uuntou Stenm Murblo
Works, Main Street, Bloomsburg, will con-
vinco you of tho superior ndvantago in tlio
uso of Bteam fixtures for that purpose. For
the benefit of thoso who can not visit his
works wo will give a brief description
There Is an iron wheel two and a half
Inches in thickness, seven feet In diameter
mid weighing 2800 pounds, used for polish.
lne tho marble. Tho wheel is raised nbout
three 'feet from the floor, and connected
with gearing so ns to run horizontally with
tho floor. Overhanging this largo Iron
wheel ho has arranged n derrick to which
is attached a Bailey hoisting npnratus, by
means ot which one man can raise a mar'
bio slab weighing three nnd one-half tons
or 7000 pouuds. Marble slabs ot ono ton
weight aro os heavy as usually handled.
They nr placed upon tlio Iron wheel, nnd
their weight resting on tho wheel, which Is
In rapid motion. Fine sand Is scattered
over the Iron wheel, which grinds tho
marble to tho required thickness. One ot
these slabs can bo polished In nbout fifteen
minutes, or twenty times us fast as tho old
hand method. There Is possibly no es.
tnbllshmcnt lu this section so well atrnuged
for furnishing flue ninrblo work us that of
T. L. Gunton ot Bloomsburg. He keeps
on hnud specimens of nil kinds of granite,
which lie takes pleasure lu showing to all
who call. Our rcadcis should bo plcnsed
to learn that they can procure till kinds of
mniblo nnd grunlto work nt our county scat,
and ut a- cost far loss than that charged by
other similar establishments.
DEU'IHA, BEITEMDEK 8tll TO 20tll, 18S4,
The general arrangement is for tho sale
of special excursion tickets, including ad
mission coupon to tlio Fuir, from all points
on tho line of this Company, in Pennsylva
nia, at a rate of two (2) cents per mile,
Willi tho addition of fifty (50) cents for ad.
mission to tho Fair. Tho tickets aro good
for three (3) dnys and are on sale from nil
stations north of Bridgeport oud Jcnkin-
town, and on tho New York Branch from
Bound Brook to Jenklntown (Inclusive).
The special arrangement will bo as fol-
kiws :
Special excursion will be run from all
points Interested at the low rato of half
fare, tickets to bo good going on special
train only, but to return on any train of
day of excursion or day following. For
excursions of Saturday tickets will bo good
until Monday followiug.
Sei'temiikh 11th, 1881.
Fiom Wllllamsport, Sunbury, Shamokln
aud nil points in tlio Mnhanoy and Susqtic
hauna Region as far south us Tumnqua.
tiKi-TEMnsit 13th and 18th, 1881.
From Main Line poluts (Pottsvillo to
Bridgeport, Inclusive), Kcudiug and Col
umbln, Lebanon Valley nnd East Pennsyl
nla, Schuylkill and Lehigh, and Lebanon
nnd Tremont points.
SElTliMUElt 10th, 1881.
From Bethlehem Branch (Bethlehem to
Jenklntown, Inclusive), including Doyles
town Branch and N, E. P. R. It. points.
Seitkmiibi: 17th, 1881.
From New York Branch (Bound Brook
to Jenklntown, Inclusive), and Trenton
Branch points.
Owing to the superior attractions which
will bo displayed this year, tho utteiidanco
will fur surpass nil previous exhibitions,
and wo therefore offer the ubovo unusual
accommodations In order to glvo all nu op.
poituulty to uttend.
0. V, AND T, A.
peanuts and candies. The old folks will
uot indulge that makes such meagre pre
parations. Hugh Applcman, Win. Eycrly, Peter
Brugglcr, and Clark Ptirbcl took In Wil
liam's Grove picnic last week. Hugh and
Peter took ndvantago of tho excursions
and visited tlio battlo ground of Gettys-
burg, also the Indian school at Carlisle.
Clark purchased another separator. Wo
hope ho will not bo so unfortunate with
this one ns with tho others.
Miss Clara Ent of Light Street, was cutei"
taincd n few days by her cousins, Misses,
Jennie nnd Laura Dclttcilck.
Rev. Stevens delivered a very interest
ing and Instructive sermon last Sunday
evening on the subject of "Fault Fiud
Master Milton Shoemaker from near Or
augevllle, was home to seo his mother on
Sunday last. Milt stays well for a boy of
his age.
Of late years the young men of Light
Street have had qulto a hankering for our
stores, nnd did not rest until they possess.
cd both of tlicra. Tho indications aro now
that two moro of them will not bo satisfied
until thoy havo both of our girls.
Our miners are looking for better days
as Irondale is opening up old works and
putting in now hands,
Austin Old has returned from hu stay
In Centre county.
Lloyd Bomboy who for the past summe
was selllug fruit trees in tlio west, is visit
Ing relatives until tho time of delivery when
he expects to return,
Miss Hattlc Appleman Is spending a few
weeks with friends nt Benton
Miss Blanche Shoemaker is now iu Dan
Wo uroglad to learn that Raymond
Sleeker is nble to bo about again.
Messrs. Klstlcr, Hartman, ami Lang,
Held aro attending the Bloomsburg Normal
On Saturday Sept, 13th, tho Buckhoru
band will hold a festival, Wo expect no
other than u big tlmo as this Is tho flrst of
tho scusou. Somo neighboring band Is to
bo present. May our boys meet with sue
September did uot number o no,
Before was heard tho hunting gun.
Now squirrels, whisper your chatter,
Or your terms with shot they'll spatter,
Mr. Thos. Miles and lady Tcturncd from
Centre couuty Friduy evening, where they
ad been visiting iclatlves.
Mrs. S. II . Peck nnd daughter of Nor-
thuinbcrland, after Bpendlug Sunday with
her parents, returned homo Monday morn-ing.
MiisMlunnic Bower returned to Hack-
cttstown Seminary, Thursday.
Mr. Win, M. Gross reached here from
Muncy, Monday evening.
Mr. J. D. Creasy, wife and daughter,
visited relatives nnd friends in this plncu
dining the early part of the week.
Mrs. Jas. Pierce aud son returned from
visit to Watsontown, Tuesday.
Prof. Hnrrison ofEaston is visiting in
Messrs. Llttlo, Stewart, Reedy and Clem
ens are spending the ween iisinng nnu
hunting at Stackhouso pond.
Jesse Edwards' son Carl has been suffer
ing with cholera infantum for the last
Hugh Linden is the happy possessor of
a bouncing boy, born Sunday morning.
Tho club of this place played six innings
witli tho Bloomsburg boys Saturday after
tho rain nnd 'wcro defeated by n score of 13
to 4.
A party of young folks made a moonlight
trip to Bloomsburg, Monday evculng on
the steamer Empire nnd enjoyed them
selves Immensely,
Mr. G. W. Patterson and Miss Anua
Heavner were united in marrlago Saturday
ovenlng by Rev. L, M. Humbler. Tho
guests presented the couplo with mauy ele
gant presents, und nfter partaking ot n
sumptuous repast, returned to their differ-
ent homes.
Tito races lust Saturday ut tlio fair
grouuds between John Henry nnd Gov,
Crnpo both of Wilkesbarro wcro won by
the former lu three successive heats.
Wlint CoitHtltutcH a Suppleinc-iit.
Frequently publishers aro called ou to
fold circulars In their papers that wcro
printed nt other ofilccs, aud yet bear head.
iugs to the paper lu which they aro to bo
folded. Many have consented, and have
thus sent out these circulars or special ad
vertisements, probably not knowing that
they were violating tho postal laws. The
following rulings wo take from the United
States Official Postal Guide, for January,
1884, which aro found on pages 491 and
410. "A supplement which contains
any advertisements whatever must bear
the title, date, aud number of tho paper
which it purports to supplement, and must
bo printed at the ofllce of publication of
such naucr. except in the caso of supple
ments containing legal advertisements,
such as tax sales, which may bo printed at
nnother ofllco than that of tho paper with
which they aro mailed."
421. "No supplement can be accepted
as lcsltimato which contains one or more
largo displayed advertisements, not in
common with advertisements in the paper
itself, or in which the reading matter is
composed almost entirely of clippings, or
of recommendations of tho persons or
things advertised."
424. "The words "supplement to,"
etc., printed on a poster, hand-bill, or
special advertisement of some corporation,
company, or person, does uot change its
character from third to second-class mat
ter j when Inclosed in second-class matter
they not only subject the packages to the
cliargo of third-class rates at offices of de
livery but also subject publishers to a fine
of ten dollars for ovcry package mailed
contalng such Inclosiires."
GROSZ BROWN. Mr. Daniel Grosz of
Wapwallopen was united in holy wedlock
to Miss Elizabeth Brown nlsoot Wapwallo
pen, at the Ev. Lutheran parsonage, Ber
wick, Pa., August 10th, 1884, by Rev. J.
P. German.
the residence of the bride's parents in
Briggsvillc, by Rev. J. P. German, Mr. W.
K. Bittcnbendcr, nnd Miss Amanda Read
ier, both of Briggsvillc, August 20th, 1884.
"Mother Swan's Worm Syrup, for fever
Ishness, worms, constipation ; tasteless.
Stinging, irritation, nil Kidney and Url
nnry complaints cured by "Buchu.palbn."
Night sweats, fever, chills, malaria, dys
pepsia, cured by "Wells' Health Renewer."
"My husband (writes n
times the man since using
lady) is throo
"Wells' Health
If you lire fulling, broken, v
:rvous, uso "Wells' Health
WILSON. Ncnr Folks on the 20th, nil.,
Mrs. Lucinda Wilson, widow of Rev. Eli
jah Wilson , nged 05 years, 2 months and
19 days.
worn out and
Prevalence of Kidney complalatln Amer
ica ; "Buchu-paiba" is n quick, complete
cure. $1.
Juno 10-ly cow
09!)0 l-Ospiing chickens,
8888 1.8 old hens,
7777 1-7 pigeons,
0000 1-0 ducks,
5550 1-5 cecse.
f ood calves,
urge shouts,
lbs. pitted chenles,
1111 lbs. dried raspberries.
All tho above wanted at Light Stiect, by
July 25.3m SILAS YOUNG.
Go to B. F. Sharpless' foundry, near L.
& B. depot, for the best Phosphate tor
wheat and grass.
LUMBER. Planing mill in lumberyard.
I have nil kinds of worked lumber white
pine, yellow pine and hemlock flooring ;
white pine and hemlock German siding,
suiface boards, Mirfacc siding, wainscot
ing, moulding. All kinds of lumber in
rough, at Llghtstrcct, by
nug 22-3m Silas Youso,
Deeds Recorded.
Dentil of .ilatlilau itolibliiH.
Died August 12th, 1884,
Mnthlas Bobbins wns boru In Columbia
county, Pa., in tho Spring of 1700. About
60 years ago ho emigrated with his family
to Wood couuty, O. Hero he endured
many hardships incident to a pioneer's life.
Tlio M. E. ministers fouud a resting place
with hliu j for sovernl years regular preach.
Ing and weekly prayer.mectlng wcro held
in his house. His wlfo preceded him 40
years ago, leaving him with several small
children, who havo been his companions
nndcomtoit, in his declining years. He
removed to Boone county, 111., thlrly.flvo
yenrrt ago, whero ho has since resided. Ho
was a kind father, a consistent Christian,
and enjoyed the good will nnd confidence
ot nil who knew him. HU cud was Hint of
tho upright who dlo lu pcuro. Isaac Rob
bins, now living in Sugar Valley, Clinton
county, Pa., is tho only survivor of the mm.
11)-. South Vend Ind.) Time.
School books nt tho Peoples' Drug Store,
The following deeds have becu iccorded
since those last published :
Catharine and Samuel Idly to Lydia
Snyder, Conyngham.
C. B. Brockway nnd wifo to Charles
Stohner, Sugarloaf.
C. B, Brockwuy nnd wlfo to Auna M.
Stohucr, Sugarloaf.
Augustus G. Frltk executor et nl to Per
ry A. Black, Jackson.
William A. Ellis and wife to D. M. Htnk.
el and wife, Catawlssa.
William Koccc und wire to Trustees of
tho Evangelical'church, Greenwood.
Win. T. Creasy, et al to Francis P. Crea
sy, Catawissa.
J. K. Evaus, et al to Muihi Lvuns,
Jus. Craig and Amsey Crnlg, treasurer to
Georgo F. Craig, Roaringcrcck.
Richard Hess, et al to Josiali P. Fritz,
Jesse Hess, administrator to Josiali P.
Fritz, Sugarloaf.
H, A, Swcppcnheiser, treasurer to David
Welsh, Centralla.
Joseph Hess and wife to Thomas Mc
Henry, Benton,
Clemucl R. Woodln nnd wife to board of
trustees of tho Y. M. C. A., Berwick,
Elizabeth S. Jackson to the same,
Peter Swank und wlfo to Joseph Craig,
William nnd Jacob Oman, executor to
Samuel H, Oman, Mt. Pleasant.
Barali A. Holdcn et nl to Daniel Rhoads,
Ellas Georgo and wifo to tho same,
William Oman aud wifo to John K,
Woodln, Mt. Pleasant.
Isaac Mordnn nnd wife to Nicholas Bea
gle, Madison,
Philip Miller und wlfo to (ho same.
Samuel Yost nnd wlfu to Mary Drlcshach,
Samuel Y, Pcnlnnglou and wlfo to same,
William Moycr and wlfo to F, W. Albert
son, Greenwood.
Franklin Rhoads et al to John Kllnger.
mau, Beaver.
Hiram Sugars and wlfo to Joseph A.
Hiirtzel, Main,
John Ilannan and wlfo to Joseph Hait
zel, Main,
John W. Shuman and wifo to Martha J,
Glger, Malu,
Harvey J, Keller to Elizabeth Hvnslngcr,
Allen Mnnn, executor to Mury M. Camp
bell, Cutnwlssa.
T, C, Hurler and wlfo to B. Frnuk Zurr,
Hlrum Troiifoc nnd wife to the sumo.
Hemlock bonrds, plnnk 2 by 4, joice,
bill stuff, 10, 12, 14, 10, 18 nnd 20 feet long
worked lumber, flooring, German nnd bev
1 siding, surface bonrds and siding, sawed
shingles No 1, 2 nnd 3, chestnut, hemlock
and pine, shingle and ceiling lath.
I have made arrangements witli n couple
of steam saw mills If there Is any thing
that I hnve'nt got I can get it nt shoit no
tice nt Light Street by
July 25-3 m SILAS YOUNG.
I have used Phelps' Rheumatic Elixir on
some of the hardest cases in town, u
works like n charm. Bcspcctfully yours,
t Tt T . VPtM tA ! - .
If. 11. DaAIAll, 1SIUK1BI.
Corning, N. Y., Jan. 11th, 'S3.
For sale ut Hendershott's Pharmncy
Bloomsburg Pa.
I havo used Phelps' Rheumatic Elixir on
some of tho hardest cases iu town. It works
like a charm. Respectfully yours,
D. H. BAXTER, Druggist.
Corning, N. Y Jan. 11, 1883.
CouxiNU, N. Y., Feb. 14, 1883.
John II. Phelps, Pharmacist. Dear Sir
I was troubled with Sciatic Rheumatism
for nearly six months in both hips, and
after trying nil nvnilnble cures and medi
cines without success, I at Inst was recom
mended your Rheumatic Elixir, and nfter
using live und ono-hnlf bottles lum pleased
to state that I am entirely cured. I before
could hardly drag my feet after me, now
urn able to work nnd lift ns good ns ever,
und hnvo no fenr of being uttacked again.
You may publish this if ymiiwish.
Yours truly,
James IIiooinh.
For sale at Hendershott's Phnrmacy
Bloomsburg Pa.
New goods nt J. B. Skecr's.
Hogs that weigh from 100, 110, 120, 130,
140 to 100 lbs., a piece n lot of nice clean
thrifty hogs for sale ut Light Street by SI
las oung. Sept5-4w
("iiii.on's cuiik win.
Immediately icllovo croup,
cough mid bionrliitis. Sold
by Moycr
if vou nre weak and sufferlnc from ten-
erul debility, you should use Specr's Port
Grape Wine, it will purify your blood, re
store digestion and makes you ieei iiko n
younger person. For sale by druggists,
OKOtll', WHOOPIVH oouou
nml Bronchitis immediately relieved by
Shlloh's Cure, For sale by Moycr Bros,
oataiuui cunKii.
health nnd sweet breath secured by Shi
lob's Cnturrh Remedy. Price 00 cents.
Nusal Injector free. For snlo by Sloyer
with Dyspenslu nnd Liver Complaint ?
fchlloh's Vitallzer Is guaranteed to cure
you. For sale by Moycr Bros.
For hunu back, bide or chest use Shlloh's
Porous Plaster. Price 25 cents. For Bale
by Moycr Bros.
A 1,ict!,i(r uml frntmmt mt-flimi lrirt I
und 60 cents. Sold by Moycr Bros.
Usually wear their badges of authority con
cooled under their clothing, but Dr. Thom
as' Eclectrio Oil wears Its badges In the
form of printed labels attached to each and
every bottlo, so that nil may know its mis
sion. It Is given full and complete auth
ority to arrest all nehes nnd pains, nnd
does its duty every tlmo.
And liver complaint, you havo u printed
guarantee ou every bottlo of Bhlloh's Vital. Bold uy -iioyer uros.
Mr. John H. Phelps, Dear Sir In regard
to your Rheumatic Elixir, I would say
that I was In n fcniful condition beforo 1
commenced to tuko it. It has really mado
n new mnn of mc. I can cheerfully recom-
tnmi.l It In nil IllfiCf, BllfTlrlnn witli llint tpr.
rlblo disease lhcurontism. I remain yours
respectfully, Fua!.cib H. Eauu
Spiing street, Newton, N. J., Nov. 15, '81.
For salu at Hendershott's Pharmacy,
Bloomsburg Pa.
Wheat per bushel 00
Rye " " 70
Corn " " 05
Oats " " 40
Flour her barrel 0 Ot'
Clovcrsced 8 0
Butter 20
TXw.';;;.'.'.'.''.'.'..'.."..".'.'..'.'..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'..'.'.' os
Potatoes new 40
Dried Apples 00
Hams 14
Sides and shoulders 10
Chickens 12
Turkeys 12
Lard per pound 1"
Hay per ton 13 00
Beeswax 20
Buckwheat flour per huudred 3 W
Hides per lb 5 to 7
Veal skins per lb 08
Sheep pelts, each 75
Woo! per lb 30
Philadelphia Markets.
cohhkctkd" weekly.
I'KEU' Western winter bran, siot,
MACKKKEU Extra mibs 35c. lart'8 l's, S8 30c.
extra khore rs la a iMc
VUiUU. Western extra's a.00 s.M s l'cnu'a.
family, (oil.N) Ohio clear, 4.75 5.30; winter
patent ( e..
WHEAT l-enuBj-lvania red, new, w
I'llltN, Mlxwl lets, 61 (. Ml,,
OATS. NO. 3 WhltO (A 41 ItO, S, 43.
HAY AND STKAW Timothy chole Wostru
anil New York, 110. (air to good WcUern un
New York, 11. is 15. ! medium Western and New
York, 1U. (j 12. ; cut hay as to qualltr is. m 1H.0O.
IDOktraw new, 15.00 Wheat straw, 0. lo. Oat
straw v a 10.
WOOU Ohio, lvnnsylvanta and Went Vlrulnla,
Kleeee Watld, XX aud ubovc, si (& lo ( X sow
S!o ; common vs ( !!lc Texas, bprlntjcllp aneUOi
&!, medium SO '! coarse, 10 (4 17,
nunc. l vuu&j itnmu i.u,.i moiriu
11 W tt 18.
ItinTElt. Pennsylvania extra,!
loss of
Sllll.Oll'ri VlrAI.l7.KK
Is what you need for Constipation,
Annclltu. DUzltu-ss und nil sym:
Dyspepsia, rnce iu aim in coins per inn.
tie, For sale by Moyer Bros,
BlllLOIl'ri oouou
nnd Consumption Curo Is sold by us ou a
j guarantee. It cures consumption, For
sale by Moycr Bros.
1 s w Western
extra ill 0
LIVE roUl.TUY.-Kowls, ICtf 17 mixed lots
15X (4 IS roosters old tf loo j spring chickens as
to kia and iiuullty 1V41H.
ini'KsKi I'oPi.'i iiy. rnirk i'iim I'lirn it c
symptoms of i lu.y; ; syrlng chickens as lo weight uuil nualliy
it W iu,
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1'EAl'IIES. 1.5ii a 3.00 per bushel.