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Precautions Against Drought.
On account of the plentiful ruins
thus fnr It Is not too much to expect
that lieforo the. homou la over we rrmy
oxperioncd weeks of dry weather. In
any ovent the following suggestions
from tho I'Mladtlphia Jlccord In re
gard to preparations for drought nro
worth noting. "It ts n well-known
fact that when tho soil Is kept in a
loose, fine, friabto condition it not only
absorbs moisture from tho atmosphere,
especially at night, but allows of tho
downward courso of tho water during
showers Instoad of a loss by flowing
off, as is tho caso when tho surface is
hard. A looso, deep soil also permit
nn upward tendency of Water by capil
lary attraction, tho loose soil thus stor
ing mo'iBturo by its greater power of
absorption when rains aro abundant.
Wo thcrcforo find it in time of sevcro
drought that tho frequent uso of tho
cultivator, even when tliv soil apparent
ly does not require working, is very
boncflcial, tho greenish tin go of tho
growing corn giving evidenco that tho
oonstant stirring of tho soil enables tho
crop to derive a oertaln proportion of
moisture that it would not otherwise
"The leavos of plants give off mois
ture very rapidly. Whon wo sprinkle
a plant with water tho moisture is not
absorbed by tho leaves as many sup
pose, but it arrests, temporarily, tho
rapid evaporation that constantly takes
plaoe, wuicu is greater when tho sea
may safely
to a pump,
son is very warm. We
compare . crowinc plant
which brings tho moisture iroin below
and discharges it from the leaves. Tho
moisture is collected by the roots,
whioh spread in ovcry direction, nnd
tho amomnt of moisture given off in a
uiiy uy a piant as corn, ior iiihuiiiuu, is i
very groat. Wo cannot, ot course,
water a Gold of corn, but wc can at
least lessen tho amount of water which
it gives off. Tho warmer the soil the
more activo tho plant in search of mois
ture. Among tho agoncicsused for as
sisting to retain moisture is plaster,
which absorbs tho moisture to a cer
tain degree, from tho atmosphere. Any
material that serves as a mulch will
impart great benefit to a growing crop,
not only by preventing tho evaporation
of moisture from the soil, but also by
keepincr the
method known
tho largest pro
...".I .V 1
is, as, wo siatea. mo aeep, constani. anu
tlinrnilfrti nnlvpruLfihnn of thn anil. I
"Thorn ia nnnihor font, tn hn nnn.
siderod. Weeds and crass also civo
off mnialnrn nnil avnrv uino.1 llinl nrnura
In- ihn Qiiln nf n nlnnt intpn.lmf fnr
oronniiiDr derives the desired nlant of
moisture. Sometimes tho weed or
blade of grass requires more moisture
than tho plant, and nourishes, while
tho plant dies. Clean cultivation, thro-
fore! prevent the rbbbery of the plant
nf mn!.li,rn h crninW wr.n,l nn.l
-.r.v, UJ v.vw...u
crass. As two plants ot the same kind
growing together, are rivals, tho ono
struggling against the other for supro-
. ..' .:
raacy in procuring food and moisture,
we should be cautious not to havo too
many planU to tho hill. If danger oo
curs during drought thin out every
plant that can bo spared in order that
tho stronger and moro thrifty may havo
better opportunities to mature. A
clean surface and deep tillage will often
save a crop, that would otherwise be
lost during a dry season."
The Head of a Three-Tear Old Child.
Without a doubt tho Greatest cun-
osityin w iiiiBrapon,in ino BMpooi
an unusai neao, is at jno. xuwn
Eighteen years ago Mr. George Katz
ana Miss Thalka Nash were married in
Williamsport. Their union has resulted
in tho birth of einht children, all of
whom aro living. The oldest child, a girl,
is 17 years old and the youngest, also a
girl, is a Iittio over fourteen months
old. Tho seventh child, Annie Ivato,
i ir l. nl inn, mu!. : -. I
wan uum luaiiiu iu, 1001. 18 1,10
ohild with tho monstrous head. Vhen
tho infant was less than a month old it
was seized with spells of fits winch in
a manner paralyzed part of tho body
from which it seemingly never rccov-
ered. Tho child is healthy otherwise.
It eats, drinks, sleeps, laughs and talks
as naturally as any of its brothers and
sisters. Although its language is
rather indistinct it makes all its wants
known very readily ,to every member
of the household. The remarkable
part of the little creature is that in
growth and development the body is
wanting and everything seems
In Hraw
to the head. This part began to dc
velop out of proportion from the child's
early age, until now tho, head measures
twenty-seven and a halt inches around
the forehead and the same tho other
way. Tho head Increased over
five inches within a year, and is now
growing as rapidly as .ever, whilo tho
other portious of the body, especially-
the legs and teet, are not larger than
those of a child less than a year old.
Tho disproportion of tho head Is all
from tho oyes up. Her face is a trifle
larger than is natural for a child of
that ago. Her hair is a very light
complexion and thin. Thu deformity
of body causes it to be perfectly help
less, not being able to sit alone, nor
has it tho use of its bauds aud arms.
Tho mother says tli,e cjiild isvory good-
natured, not making much trouble in
any way. Some of- the physicians arc
battled, while otbors pronounce it a case
ot dropsy. Wo one has over prescnb
ed anything for the arrest of thu un
usual growth, that has taken tho least
effect. At tho present rato' of growth
no ono knows what proportions mo
head may assumeby the time the child
is of age, providing it lives.
Theifatlier is. eLloyed as a sawyer
uo a Dttnjci
on Brown, Clarko & Howe's mill. To
: . I . ... . .
say tho least, the child has been a won-
deV to all who have seen it. To those
who havo not seen it it will bo well
worth whilo a trip to see, as an instanco
of tho kind is equally rare as remnrkn
ble. To illustrate out of what propor
tion tho head is, it is necessary to state
that a child's head, at that age, ordi-
narily, measures about 13 inches and a
full grown man's head averages 22
inches i but hero is a threo year old
child with a head measuring twenty-
soven inches and growing overy day.
bun and JSanner,
Strincr beans whon vomit? and tender
mako a good salad. Cut thorn lu small
pieces, boil in salted water until thoy
aro tendor, drain them well,, and mix
with them somo onions chopped line,
nnil nnnr over them a mayonnaise
dressing. Tho onions may be loft out if
you pefcr to do so.
A famllv that lived next to a boiler
.l.n,l ii,.. iintm fnr flflnmi v(nrs
.,,, Bu. ,
lining tnniMM rr itiir. ir. wiiH iiiuru Liniii
thoy could stand when tho young gill
tho first door below uogan learning
play tho piano.
"Do you know," remarked a grocer
to ono of his customers, "that eggs
nartli .rnl 'I'lin nn hi 1 .. . .. . .' . V.. 1 I u iiwhoiiw uuuui
v vwa. .-...v v.. i .. i -. i . iii.,, ,r ... n ii r ..mi mill rnnrn,ia I. ' .
hnorntrt.1. fnr annnrinrr I f. J n.. r i . . ii I uuubu lu tuwil.
, ..-,,.w, on v one class ot me peopio reauy op- ,K0.,',ifi,i r.m
nnriinn nt mnialnrn ... ... i . .i:. I " m
contain fivo times as much nourishment ft result pot attained by any of the payment w tuo undcrbiirncd administratrix with
as any other kind of food t" "1 don't European systems udw lu operatlpn, J mr. halqmk iiiiapsiiaw.
of those I bought of you tho other day,
and I'vo not eaten anything since."
In another month some indication of
fall and winter fashions will be given
by local modistes who will haVn return,
cd from Europe.
When tho marriage coroniony was1
over tho parson was approached by the!
grooin with the question ! "What the1
Several spurious blind mon were ro ,
coiuly arrested for bogging on tho1
ulrceti. This may bo Set down as a,
gamo of blind man's bluff.
Some rise with tho lark ; olheis gut
up when tho steam whlstlo blows. Ileal
comfort is found lying in bed until one
feels like gutting up.
An Iowa paper thinks there is
stronir nrobalitv that a "nocktio par-,
ty'1 will soon occur in that State. It
rotors to thu anticipated hanging or a
Tho lato Sam Ward said any green,
thing could bo mado into a salad Tho
youthful medical graduate may, there
fore, bo said to be in his salad sea
son. The paper market has briulitoncd
with tho announcement that Gail Ham
ilton is going to rill scrap books with
all that is said in tho newspapers
against Hlaine.
How did you like tho doctor's ser
mon t" said one to his companion as
tnoy wcro walking homo from church,
"First rato ; I always likod that sor-
p;lj" nuked Walter, "what is a Iiudd-
hist 1" A IJuddhist, my son," replied
nn. "Is a well a sort of horticultural'
ohap you'vo heard of buddding fruits,
you know.
The late rosidonoa of Tom Thumb .
was sold lately for $4600. Its original
cost was. it is said. SGO.OOO, but tho
erection of a now jail in Its vicinity de
preciated Us value.
With poison lurkinn in ice credm
freezers and tho faucets of soda fouo-i
tains, tho young man of tho period is
given no chance to treat somo other
fellow's sister tbese warm evenings.
Mr. Evarts, upon being remonstrated
prjm:nai Krti
The national debt is over one billion
nve hundred million dollars. No won-
der a man ICCiS allUOSt OS bad OS It 110
had lost his dearest friend on earth
when ho finds that some ono stuck him
with a counterfeit dime,
jt ;g t0o soon to get in a flurry about
uoliiics. Both parties are now collect-
W tUo cash t0 pay 3lurap orators $50
"? night for whfch under any
" 5.. " .. fil T- ... "l.l .Ui
olner druumsiaiiuca woum uuhiiu -uv-u,
i.n biilo,l at nno nancrerons
u, tho peaco and mortality of the ooun.
I"1.' I
The old bach who said he would got
i ....i.. .1 - .1
iuuir,ieu anu seiiiu uuwu uuu duuuu tun i
remainder of his lifo in calm repose,
got married ; but ho didn t repose
worth a cent, aud ne is now appiy-
luct lor a divorce so ho can seme
UP agalu-
A Chicatio cirl acknowledges having
been encased to fivo men within six
months and now sues tho lattor for
breaoh of promise. Tho "reason why
tu ,unrn nilrt ;
to t ,tU)0 iame'torun whon
he popped tho que8tiotJ.
In Russia the sphere of usefulness
open to women physicians, soarcely ox- Thoy aro
permitted only to treat tho diseases of
women and children. Apotheoaries,
moreover, are forbidden to put tip
prescriptions coming irom a wuiuuu,
rpim at.i.ritmina of a rood noliceman
. . V. . 1
aro dctihed by a JNew Xotk polico m-
MiPMnr to bo courage, health, a stronnr
,mvsimie. horse sense, a general knowl-1
e(e 0f tl0 c-,tv an(j iawa (s0 far a8 1
,i,ev 1)ertaj t0 his duties), ability to
rea,) t0 write plainly aud to calculate j
up to the rule of three, courtesy, truth
and politeness a branch of accom
plishments that is seldom found in the
knight of thu club.
The old custom of bottling tears is
still continued iu Persia, it must be
in" the
very old, as it is alluded to
? .arnI3.r!
Psalms of David. As tbo mourners
UlUDUVIIIi; Aivuim niu, nwku.uuL, mivi.
master of ceremonies presents each one
with a piece of cotton-wool, with
which ho wipes off his tears. This
cotton is afterwards squeezed into a
bottle, and the tears are preserved, as a
. ... 1.
poweaful and cilicacious remedy for ro-
viviiig a dying man after' every "means
it is also' 'employed" ad aj
havo tailed.
with on account ot his lontr sentences, i ,m, ,i.
.... w i i,n i . rt rtiii. aniiiAniiAd mill rnnr la i n 1 1 ., ..
against evil intluenccs. Thei"" luuioram u
practice was once universal, as is evi
u ..,!
denced uv tho tear bottles which are
found in almost every ancient tomb,
A poor English ladv, whoso house
on the outskirts ot London was ovor.,
run uy uiui.iv ucciicd, wiuuu, i4wi;ib uui.
only on the walls, but in the beds,
plied tho other day to a magistrate to
know whether she could bo compelled,
under such circumstances to pay her
rent. Tho magistrate explained to her
that the courts were divided upon the
question. A house overrun with bugs
had been pronounced uninhabitable,
but not with bodies. Sho would havo
to carry the matter to tho House of the
1 he extent of some of tho vast
T8 "1 ?'0
y?nd, 1 10 '""nation. Bad win
I , . . T
co ?m HUU,M" ",a uou
I nntnml ilof nrntinna nrn mnrvnlnna. nnd
V"' "" i .iiir.t .
anio and lemon trees. 2000 pomearan
ates. 8000 English walnut trees, 200()
almond trees. 2ouu peach trees, iuuu
pear trees, 2000 apricot treos, 1000 fig
trees nnd subsistence is furnished tor
25,000 head of sheep, 200 cows and
pigs, and several hundred ,orscs and
mules, this year there was 1 ,,000 acres
of golden grain.
Tho iirs t electric railroad tor publia
uso in America went into operation In
Clovoland on Sunday in connection
with the East Cleveland Street Rail
way Company, who havo just coin-
lT l mi . ...... a I
p.eteii a mi.e rpau. ino experiment
was so successful that the company ex-
pect to change their entire system,
comprising over ( twenty miios, tntp
M1, I . T" .7 . 7" . ?Tr rr.
comuinniiou ui um irusii aim tvuigui. i
I nml Ttnntlnv HVHteiils and thn r.urrnnt
-:-v -'"-r:.-
i w:ih ciiriiuti uii iiiiuui uiuuiiu uuiiuuuiuia
laid in conduits liko thosq of calol
to roads, inc cars weru smrteu unu
slopped aud reversed with the greatest
I ,. .i, ml ri ill, in Til.
LU3U. 41UI 4IUIMUUI v. vm.o m v
tocl, 0an bu run at ono timo on a singlo
circuit and from ono maohine, whioh is
Bouud over fof n
' year's spring suit.
now trial Last
Polygamous Economies-
ftCMRTiiiNO aii6ut TiiK doMkbtio i.H'k W,
l'rom Harper's Magatlno.
Tho private homo routlno of a po
lygamous family is n matter upon
which so much curiosity is constantly
expressed by my acquaintances that I
venture to sav liero what little 1 knowi
but the reader must remember that'
lesi than ten per cent, of the votlncl
Mormon population ol Utah are polyg-i
Tho polVuainist, ns a rule, has neon-1
mulated solno uroportv nnd owns a
house beford ho takes a socond nnd
successive wives, though sometimos ho
begins by marrying' two or three nt
once. All of these fnarrlagcs, hower-i
er, except tho 'first) aro made seorctly
by tho Church, nnd ho record of thorn!
Is accessible,
In tho' city, at leatt, it u seldom that
tho different wives share tho same,
quarters. In tho country this is notj
so common, but tho natural unpleasant-'
ness follows in most case. The treu-i
crnl method is to have a laruo bouse,!
tho, main part of which, perhaps, is oo
cupied by tho first wifo and wings or
additions by tho successive candidates'
for marital Honors. 'Jiiicso larce. stran
gling, hoteMiko houses nro oommon in
salt iako Uity and mark a diltercnce'
between it and a town of small houses
liko Choycnno and most other Western
villages. In nianV cases, however, the
husband Bets up bis wives in separate'
homes, cither side by sido or in differ-:
cut parts of the city. In any caso each!
has her own kitchen-garden, etc. I
have in mind a wealthy dignitary of,
tho Churoh whom you might easily!
havo miBtakori for tho lato Peter' Coop
cr and who is possessed of seven wives.;
Each of theso women has some farin-i
ing and garden ground of her cwn and
all are greatly, devoted to rearing bees.'
With the help of their crown children
thov each ralso a larco alh'ount of pro-i
duco and honey annually. The bus-,
band acts As their agent. He hives'
their swarms of bees and charges iliem'
for it : ho renders special aid when'
called .upon and is paid for it; ho sells'
their crops and honey when it is ready;
and credits each wifo with her duo:
'share. Most of them live in suites ot
tho roof of his creati
but tho first wifo has a'
her own a little out
which alio aud her chil i
dren have retired to end their days in;
peaceful independence.
xuo way in which Ibis old gentle
man has alwavs arrancod his domestic;'
life is reported to bo thus : Ho iad'
certain rooms m his house where ho
kept his bed, his wardrobe, bis books
and saw any visitors who called upon'
I TT I t .1 l' l1, '
uim. itere re was a oatcneior anu iioro
ho staid every other day and night.;
2" !a rZ olDer ,uay. ,ana
alternate days and nights ho
tho CUeSt of One Or anOtberof hl3 W
. - , ,i
rM""i """" '
aa AKXa ,ll,aV,S T'nt
WM doV?d d,I,Pent,X t0 hersocieiy. Of
(inn run this rnnl.inn vinn nnt. lnvnrinhln.
but for-tho most part it was recrularlv
'f.n i "
of; ater
There aro some very pleasing tricks
that may be performed with a glass of
water. Mot only do they amuse, but
lessons in natural science may be horn
ed at tho same tiino. One, requires pijly
a sheet of paper in addition to tho cub-
let of water.
Fill tho goblet brimming full of
water; and cover it1 with the sheet of
paper : then turn the glass quickly
over ; tne pressure ot tno atmosphere
upon tho paper will sustain the water;
which will not run out.
This experiment should bo first prac
ticed over a bowl or pan until accuracy
is required.
Another exponmeut consists of till
ing a dry tumbler evon full of water,
and dropping coins into' tho centor of
the goblet tbo coins edge downward.
The water will rise up a little as each
additional coin is dropped, until you
may say you havo a tumbler heaping
full of water. Tho top edge of the
goblet should bo mado dry before drop-
ping, the .coins.
Tho third, experiment, will illustrate
the, philosophy of the diving-bell.. Take
a goblet,, and when inverted, sink it
linu a vessel ui water, xou will uuq
that thn air in thn rrlnH'i will nnt nil
eacaPi and will' oooupy the upper half
fi? SW( a"d KJ mwl
hiy puftrng a fly or two in tiio glass, t
.:i.ll'V , -IV
sent tho divers as they go down in the
The fourth experiment consists of
drawing water iroin a saticor up into a
t r
goblet. To do this put somo water
into a tea saucer, then light a little
wa dry paper, 'and after placing it I
. 1. . I I . ....... ...,l,Ul A...M ill
buo uiaii, bum uu ciuubv uuuuib uiui iu
xuu uuai win lurcu um a greaior por
tion of the air, and form a vacuum,
and tho outer air. in an effort to till
the vacuum, 'forces-the 'water from the
8aucel up into tho goblet.
Tne annual renovation of the White'
Ilotiso has begun, it being tbo inten
tion of Gen. Arthur to depart in a few
days. During his absence not only-
will many of the adornments of last
year be treated by artists, put new
ones will bo added. New furniture
will be bought, and carpctB which a
year's uso has rendered unsuitable will
bo replaced by new. Gen. Arlhurfs
rosebud portrait will bo removed, and
another by a different artist will take
its place.' The Presi
UoeMe,! nl(tl the
sident has never
former, but per
I v iviiiuiii laiuui tiiaii ovum J
endorse the criticisms which were mac e
I .. . . ......... .... .
on ,u intoniion is that the YVhito
8ea80 W
shall be in a oondition to realize tho I
purposo of Gen. Arthur of having tho
coming winter unexampled tor tbo
character ot its entertainments and
brilliancy of its company. It ia already
decided that tho President's sister, Mrs.
MoKlroy, will be tho mistresi of the
White House
ce8Bor,e8 a wi roaizu the .mf.)080 bf
raaking t,ib ...ling d of Gunt
Arthur's occupauoy fully equal to any
in the history Of tbo Whito House.
uen. Arthurs successor Should no ue
Blaine, Clevolaud, or Butler, will find
tho White Ilouao a placo fit for a gen
tleman 8 residence.
T evenings are just tho
f. fc , , ,llcstloufor the
ft. , UHUalivlre,adv wUt Uc'for0 the
l" an fiaa Ume to uWit
v thou be mlno T
dministhathix's notiok.
i im
mtats or .T.riiLu, pxcmKo,
liittora of administration on the calato ot V. T.
Vlnld. latii nl Cttntrallfl. ()lumbta cuuntr. 1'enn-
nylvaula,Uavebbtn)frantedby the initiator of said I
county to the undcrelgned Adiulnlalrutrli. All
Mraona lmvins uuna sgUnst
rtfadthoSu indented lo ule
reucnt ttiemlorueuio. I
Cutate ui inane
V lUVUUllPUU ou,
l'UUadelnhlu. l'a
w. Uktbon, Atty,
July i 0 w
I - - I J WW
'AtHcrtlMlMK ciicnlMtil
'It has beconi'o M uiimmdit to begin nil
article, In nn elegant, interesting style.
"Then run it Into snmo rwvorllcmoiiti
that wo avoid nil sucli, I
"And simply call attention to tho,
merits of Hop Hitlers In ns plain, linncstj
terms ns possible,
"To Induce people
"To give them ono trial, which so proVos'
their value Hint thoy will never uso nny.
liilrur. else."
"The remedy so favorably tiollcod in nil tin pa
pers. Kellglous and secunr, M
"Having a largo sale, and Is sippUiitlng all
other remedies.
"Tbcrols no denying tho virtues of tho Hop
plant, And tho proprietors ot nop Hitters lao
shown great shrewdness nnd ability
"In compounding a medicine whom? virtues kid
so palpable t o ovcry ono's ouwrrntlon. "
1)11) 911 F. 1I1K f
"No I
"Slio lingered and sulTuruil tilling, lilnlng
nwny nil iiio unic lorycnrH,
" l he uoctors doing nor no goon i"
"And nt Inst was cured by this tinp lilt,
tors the papers say so much about."
"Indeed I Indeed I"
"I tow thankful we should be fcir tlmti
"Eleven years our daughter sullercd on
a bed vl misery,
"From a complication ot kidney, liver,
rheumatic trouble nnd Nervous debility,
"Under tho euro of the best physicians,
"Who gnvo her disease various names,
"Uutno relief,
"And now sho Is restored to us in good
health by ns simple a remedy as lion Hit
ters, that we' had shunned for yenrs before
Using It." Tho Parents.
"Jly daughters sny i
"How much better father is since ho
used Hop Hitters."
"Ho is getting well after ids long suffer
ing from n' disease declared Incurable."
"And wo nro so glad that ha used your'
BUtcr8,"-ALadyof,Utlcn, N. Y,
HNono gonnlno without bunch of green Hops,'
On tho whlto label, tmun nil tho vlln, poisonous
stuff vflth "Hop" or Hops In their namo,
Letters testamentary in tho estoto ot Harriet,
Vanllew, late of Orango townablp, Columbia'
county, l'cnnsjlvniiia, Mrabeca granted uyillog'l
later of said county to tho undcrMgncd AdmlnM
trdtor. All persons having claims against tho ejn
late to present them for settlement, and those ln
debted to the estate to make payment to tho un.
derslgned without delay.
juiy w
Tho tinilcreigncd auditor appointed by tho Orj
bbans'i court of Columbia county to distribute,
funds In tho hands otibo executor In tho estate of)
tuuu deceased, will meet at ins omcu in moom.
burg on Naturday Augies ' 1881, at 10 o'clock a. ml
when nnd where all parties ;must appear nnd pro-!
sent their claims or bodebarmt from any guard
ot said fund. L. E. WALIJJll, 1
July 18-t a
OF OAST cu wlto'uuln
Suitable for
Cemetery Lots
Public' Grounds
tho several beautiful btylesot Fence Manufacture
by the understsned.
vni nniintv nnd Tiitrnhllltv ther are unsuroass
Set up by experienced nanus ana warrniueu
Prices ami specimens
of other dei
signs sunt to any address.
May 4-tf
All' kinds of work' in Sheet Iron, Room
ing and Spouting promptly
attended to.
prstrfct attentib-nKiveri tolieatinif by steam,
Corner of Main & East Sts.,
Bloomsburg, Pa.
A School for All.
The University at Mskg, Pa,
A lull Faculty of 18. I-argo Libraries.
Kicven rrco ttcuoianuuim ui. uiapusuu
Send for catalogue to. ....
lTtsldeui UAviu j, 1111.L, i.u u.,
Lewisburg, I'ennsylvanla.
81.50 A YEAlt,
Aro you falllnic, try Wells' Heiltu Its-
Tot Bnln.Nemff, PtftmuhtUTer.MdQcjf,
Lunga. AnUngpJwllnlrformt. Cure
llcad4ch; Ferer, Ami, Chills,
lca ta UA; trua miit, unequnled (or
arm. winen, uoxuai tieolino.
9m.T ixJf. o forra.oo. at unuteisu.
8. ViM.Jr4ty.Cty.,N, JU..A,
liemarkulile Curnof CuUnuof the
Bladder. Inflarairtitlon. Irrltatlonof Kid
Dey ami uiaanrr. nioiie or uravel Lu
rasea ot the FronUto (Hand, Propel col
BwelUnn, Female Dlseanri, InranUn
lnce at Urine, all I)1schm- of the (lentto.
Urinary Organ Id either itx. For Un.
hn&lLliv or Unnatural DIuihAnrfi. li&a
alio "L'hipln'i Injection tfeur," each It.
for nii'Mii iH, c-icuor conmciea or
herMllaryulnt, uie Uhipln'a t'onjUtu
UanlUtterOyrup, 11.00 ir botUe, and
Chapln'a ftnhaiilal111. a.00-, and Ctuv
pla'a BrTVjlla.Bl, ll.OO. boUlea
ryrnp. J yr iiim, p e, py jupreef c
rip of 110.(0. or at DniA-im.
IfoAit In fhn mltilnn1 plilirlifSa tn ri.ntmnn4inl
llxcellent for t'omales. Venkly Persons nnd tho
Spcer's Port Grape Wine I
rilHIS CKLKllHATUD W1NI5 U tho puro tulco ot
incyards. Its Invaluable,
Tonic and Strengthening Properties
aro unsurpassed by any oilier Wine, llelng pro
duced under Mr. Speer'Sbwn personal supervision,
Its purity and genuineness, are guaranteed by the
principal Hospitals and Hoards ot Health who have
examined IU Tho youngest child may portako of
It, and tho Weakest invalid use It to advantage.
It la particularly bencilclal to tho aged and
debilitated, nnd suited to tho various ailments that
wieciiuewcnKcrsex. .
11 18 in every respect A WINE TO BE ltEUED ON.
Spoer's Unformented Qfapo Jaioe-
Is tho Jnlcc'of tho Oporto Orapes preserved in
iionuvuroi, jrraa, sweei. suiie as it runs from tho
press by fumigation, thereby destroying tho cxcl.
from spirits nnd will keep In any climate.
Sneer's Burgundy.
IS a dark rich medium Dry Wlno used by tho
Pnll.llV nlntKU'ia nq n TnlilAn.Dliinn.U'lnn mml liw
physicians in cases where a dry wlno Instead ol a
sweet port Is desired. ,
Speer's (Sooialite) Olaret.
Is held In hltrllCHt.lmntlnn fnr lt.q HHinpu nq il
Dry Table Wlno especially suited for dinner use, i
Speer's P. J. Sherry.
Is a wine of SunerlorClinracternnd narlakeoi of
thortchquaUtlcsottbo grapo from which It Is
uiuue. '
Speer's P- J, Brandy.
stands nnrivalled In this Country for medlclual
It has a peculiar navor.Blmllar to that of the
grapes fromwhich It 13 dbtlllcd,
Bco that the tlgnaturo of ALFItKD si'EKlt, I'as-
palo N. J., Is over the cork of each bottle.
a week at homo. 5.00otitllt free. iay an.
Mhsolutcly sure. Ho risk. Capital not required,
y y Header, ir you want business at which per-
CTOat Dav all tho time thnv work, with almnlnln
certainty, writo for particulars to II. Hallktt fi
vu., t uiuauu, jiiuiut.
Now York.
July ll-4w
CATARRH Hay Fever,
From C31. J. Slald
hor, of Now York i I
havo buffered severely
tor thn last ten years
from Hay Fever In
early and midsummer
and In tha fall. I de
sire In tho Interest ot
my fellow sufferers to
testily In favor of
Kly's Croam Jinlm. My
short uso ot It demon
strated i Its efficacy.
j. juaianor, 401 uroaa
Apply Into tho nos
trils. .f EVt. a remedy founded on a
correct diagnosis .of this dlseaso and.canuodo
pended upon. Cream Balm causoa no pain. Gives
relief at once. Cleanses tho head. Causes healthy
secretions Abates lntlatnmatlon; Trevcnts fresn
oOlds. Heals , t lie sores. Itcstorea tho senses of
taste ana Emeu, a inorougn ircaiment win cure.
Not a Unuld or. snuff. Amulod Into tho nostrils.
60 cts. at druggists j 60 cts. by mall. Samplo bot.
tio Dy man iucis.
AUI jmUlIIC l.lUljUtB, UIH.Uj ... A
July 25 4 w
unfailing euro for
Seminal Weak
ness, spermator
rhoea, Impotcncy,
and all lilsoases.
that follow ns a
Bequcnca or self.
Abuse; as loss of
Memorr. Unlver.
l'aln In thn Hack. Dimness of Vision. Vremature
Old Age, and many other diseases that led to Insa-
luiy or uonsumpiiuu unu a rrcmuvuru uiuvd.
when ilniL'L'Kt .1 from whom tho mcdlcluo U bought
.Tn iuii renuui. but refer von ta the manufactur
ers, andtho requirements aro such that. they
ten guarantee. A trial of ono single package of
dray's specino win convince tno moat buepucai oi
ltn real ineiita.
on account of counterfeits, we havo adopted tho
Vnlliu. U'rnniwr . Ihn nnlv l-nnillnfl.
t fFull particulars In our pamphlet, which wd
aesiro to sena iruu uy man io every uiip. v i uo
hnecinc Meuicine is bold ur au uruisis ui. ii
per packuge or 6 packaes for ts, or will bb sent free
by mall on tlio receipt ot the money, by nddrcb-ilng
Mid in nioomsunrg uy an aruggisis.
AdKNTS' W.INTKU-I'or Hie Llvm of
Blaine &
I Clovfeland &
In I Vol. by T. V . Knox. ln l voh by Hon A. Bar-
uum. 'i ne lien nnu vneutvu. Kacn vou.f ouu pa
ces, H.W. 60 per cent to agents, ontnts fi re.
Address HAK'l'FOUU I'UUI.ItllllNd CO., uartioru
conn. buiy ss-iw
Pairview Eleclrop&tliic Institute,
Thu housn U hpeclally titled up for tho comfort
ot Invalids who denim a pleas.iutand Christian
homo, htands on high ground with plenty of
bhade. l'crsonal attention given to every patient.
Klectrtelty nnd Ualvanlsm In their different modi
ilcatlons a speciality. I'rof. -MllLi has given many
yean of btudy aud prartlco to this branch, and
hundreds will testify to ULiBklU.
fiend tor circular, btatlntf what paper you saw
mis in. ynuv. iiemiy jui,ij
Mrs. AUCK 1'ltKNClI XiLW.
IMb Uox iff. Ulnghamton, N. V.
1. C. SftOAU & BRO.,
M tnufacturersof
First-class work always on hand,
JtErAlltWatifiA Th YDONE.
Drictt uducetlto tuit (he timtt.
bottiaon.HEvrAKK, zr. j.
MOstudpnta from IVnn.vIvnnli in ihh.1. llnrn
positions craduates than all other sOhools Com'-
linear ura Kcnoinrsnip, I ia wrno ror circulars.
July l'Mw r
baved mmun
Kany TcrniM. SatlNlactlon Gunriinteed.
Owing t iht grett iuooi ef or rrir Wtrd CBt't, vhleb ttplrtd Vjr Ut, tui tb n7 Ttqnfiti f ixrteBi
h ur offtr too Ut to oopttt. mdi1u14 t dffer tb following sagDt&iot priMDU to th ptf hbi utklii
tot tbt lrgeit Mitt of wofdi from tb Ictttri omprliing tti worJn
lit. Holld Cold U ittch..) j Hvru
id. Mamtli-rntTuMbet and Hlvrr..,. 1UO
Ird. DUuioad Kftr-rlncs... Tb
4th ldr'ftUold W(rh 50
fctV. Uvai'llnmend Hearf 1Mb 5
Qth. r.lrraBt l lltiar icei mrr ei,aiori unp xh
ioo BOXESDAr.i;iTv,?,,"r"'SP premium of $20
for th BtfcUii Mil with fweit man, froiU4Uf Ut huhilf lit auuVtrcf wordi or tbthlttitsniUUr.
Flrsi. All tlili Muit h full rptI ta4 ecutfotl b; two ceut atamp fur rtttra oiUt. a itttimfnt that ton
tr uilng llW'H HOAI ta tour ftul)y, niu tad ldrn r groeer from wbom ton buir It, buiubr t word la Uit,
u4 f sur akm and 4iri, 1 to be written oo in ihfl or tpt, ipkrlt from lilt.
Boo4. Word nuil l wrltttn i'Uloly,'uniir t, and ali'bkUilvtllr orrtnged. Tb bloi rrhlel atai, Bimil of
flotloo, Moriptur proper bain, uodrra giiigrihkat d Cbrtatlaa nnt, muit beUifltd iraroU).
Third. Ooly word found la WvLtr'sar U'iiritr diUnar ariraiiirdi tbl will lacludt aj word from tb flril
to tb Uil with th iiaeptiuo of rHit q4 tuEttit i arporat word and oUolclt word word of aai lulling,
rourih. floral of atl word admltlM eift bio riblal lamea, aamea of fie lino, Bertptar proper a tne, nodra
rrapblcal oanieii and (JbrUtlm iiamvi. hot anoirui hea tritAtlng pwuelr cn or oiherwli not admitted.
yiflh. No wordaooualed uole tb lettfr e-nuprl.lo Ibi'tu rroiaiod U. VhK HAY'S HUA1 ONLY, that
Ii, anr word baring over 9 ', I R, 1 1, S II , 1 1', .1 ft a, 1 U, 1 N, I I., t Y . will U throwo out,
8Ulb. All lUt limit b In by December lt, ami the rremlmn will ho awarded )e. ZOttu
Hffratb. rremlum will bo glrvn In rolailm incnrrlitg to lb largcit llitl of wtrd.
I Ightb. LUt tuut not b arnt In rolU, but rut la entrkofwR,
Sloth. Uallor wild Ihn to our Nt-w Yoik dftice. U't-'i leU Ftreet.or our 1'bl'adehia OfTlfJ. ITM Howard Btrett,
Tk.llt Vlu.llt litiiliuii larlanl,l h rh. tn,l ll.t t II H riut.r. h.... .kn... . I. . II. I . . I &
and whrer It merit aro kuowu It eujnj unhuuurlid
nan buudrtd Icttera troni perMin In ourrmer rnnti(
great liijuitice. It la to he hoped. an It 1 a)M our dt-xire, that eonteataola will ut et crj effort to hare their grocera
upptj iheui. but la ct thjr IU not. w wllt.rn remlptof l.t, fgrwird t any part of tb United Btatt. tail of
UliaUtlppl titter. .rirH, 10 cake, lucludiug thief of oof Beaut IU II y faaboiMd I'lctor Card,
It tare labor, fuel, and loth. V e wilt f rf It ftu
Tbo ii ri i-1 mi virn mi wniDip inut.
" l,nf "
dilott ar leii in the wrapwr. Ileauilfuilv t.mlMiel I'Ulnr
llVVA KI1MK, &A, ITW, tlfio Hi..wanS
JUUO 13-13 Y
Luri,ro auil convenient samnlo rooiiH. Il.illi rooms
Hot una cold water, uuX all inoJma couveuleuces
rKArt.8Ylt0l,H,COKl'RB , HJdAll, MOr.ASUI.H
kici, sricis, DIOIHS soi, so., fio
rl, B. (lornor Sncono: and Arclistremn.
iw-nrdem vlil receive rromi'l Rltrnllu
wanUMl for Tha Lives of nil Ihn Pro,!
deuuottho U. H. 'I'lio larifesl, hand.
3uiuuiv uvui inaik ever huiu iur lens i nan
twlcu our nrlcu. Tlio fastest helllnir
book In America.. Immense proilts to agonta. All
Intelligent neoiilo want It Any ono can become a
hucce-siim igeht. Terms tree, Uallxtt Hook Co.,
Portland; Maine. l)oo wi-ly
3, $MTJMMM,.
For thu Coli'liiritcil Clilckfrlng, Ivors &
Pom), nml Vosu& Sou l'lnti6s. WoHil-ro
nowncd Kstcy Ore ills, Violins, Atconlcons
nml Slieot Music. Cololirntoil Wliltc,- New
High Arm Davis, Now Home, Hovnl 8U
John, nml I.lpht Huimlng Domestic Sowliis
Machines. Needles, oil nnil nttnchmcntu
for nil makes of Sowing Machines.
. .rtllllj
Htb. Krult Hl.ii J, 11 1 ob, Illut r AmUt Oln
Vth. Tleu-Tt Net, S t. K4 or AmUj
10th Hell Ctr,Cbiedlft&dlt,,,
11th. If llthr,lqii.,Cbn.J Doullt Willfrl
18th.' Fruit HUntC llock Cryilhl Cut UlMi!
ipalarlty, Notwlthitanitlng the fact w haa rcoclrta
eomiilaiulog that their irooer did net keep DAV'H eoap, and
l eoap, and
I dofog ua
iti u iiiu ii a t do noiiiog, peai.iing.M Hard Rabblng.
A .? "" a " iiw ior it ir id a th
Cardl of maoe different deilgn rlren. U
A ITU. UW Hl, H.''fl A UII WaraitLoa t
anofaetvred by
Tlio mast popular resort on tlio Susauenanna
Illver Is tlio Wapwallopon Valley Hotel, Wiuiwul
lopon, Liucrno Co , Pa. (
This liouso lias been tnorougiily renovated and
Is ntled up wltli every conveniences tor tra
velers, tourists, liuntlnir and rlshlng parties. It is
dcllKlitf ully bltuated lu tlio midst ota uoaullful
bectlon of river and mountain scenery In close
proximity to l lie famous
Council Cup
and spoolal Inducements are orfered to all who
deslro roereatlon combined with llmt class ac
commodations. Tho liar sunnllnl nnw vrlihthA
chokvst wluos and liquors, excellent stable oo-
euuiiuuuaiiou uoais vt lure CO.
lo ExTOHTIOfJAjfcl lejiS.
April S5-JU1
send six cents for pouUeo, and re.
relvn friyi. anwtlr Imriluruvi.
,u"'jwii llinn linvlhlnrutui In n,il
All, of either sex, succeed Iroia nrs hour. The
broad rood to fortune opens before the workers
atnnlutiilv nuro. At onnfl aililrfum 'run Jb t'n ...
gusta, Maine. Ucosi-iy" ' "
Pennsylvania Railroad.
Philadelphia & Erio R. R, Divis
ion, and Northern uentral
In pfTiit. Mnv
istli, l(l. Trains leavo Sun
EASTWAItn, bury.
. m., Hca Hhoro Kxpross (dally except
r), for Hnrrlsburif andlntennedlatostntloni,
nrnt Philadelphia 3.15 p. in.; New York.
6.20 p.m.; llallunoR', 6.10 ii. in. ; wasldngton,
8.20 p. m., connecting nt I'hflndelpliln lor all Ben
Shoro points, nirouah passenger coach to
z.ujp. iu. imy CAPH.-33 vuuiij-;, ior uamsourg
and lnlcrmodlato stntlons,arrlvlni; at l'hlladelnhl n
7.i p. m. j Now York, 10.W) p. m. j lialtlnioro
7.S0p. m.; Washlngtfln, 8.4ft p. m. Parlor ea
mrougii iu t niinueipiim nnu passenscr coacno
through to I'hlladelphlatid llaltlmoni.
' 8,S0 p. m. Wllllnumport Accommodation (dally
for Ilarrlsburc and all lutormedlato stations, nrrlv
ing at Philadelphia 3 05 a. m.-; New York 6.1U n. m.
Weeping car accommodations can bo, secured nt
Ilarrlsburff for Philadelphia aud Now York. On sun.
days a through sleeping cnr iylU bo run; on this
paescuyeia vuu ri-uiiuu iu oicupcr uuui&iurucu uum
7 a.m.
S.ii0 n. m. Erie Hall dally except Monday)
for Ilarrlsbuiv nnd mtcrmedlalu statloin,
nrrlvlnif at Philadelphia 7.60 a. in. Now York,
11. to a. in; Ualtlmoro 7.40 a. in. ; Washington, 8.50
a. in. 'through Pullman sleeping cars uro run on
this train to Philadelphia, Ualtlmoro and Washing.
ion, anu inruugii passenger cuacuesiu I'uuauei
phla aud llaltlinoiv.
6.15 a. m. Erlo Jlall (daily excent Kundav). fnr
Erie and all lntcnncdlato stations with through
Pullman Palaco car nnd through passenger
coaches to Erie, nnd through Pullmun Palaco
cars to Duffolo via Emporium. On ' Sundays this
train runs 10 icenovo, vfiiu l'uiiraan j'ainco car to
Williamsport and passenger coaches to ltcnovo.
For canandalgua and Intermediate btatlons,
llochoster, llutraloand Niagara Falls, (dally except
Sundayb) with through Pullman l'alaco car and
passenger coaches to ltochester.
10.15 News Express (dally except Sunday) for
Lock Haven and intermediate stations. On sun
days this train runs only to Williamsport.
1.10 p. m Niagara Express (dally except Hun
day) for Knno and Intermediate stations with
through passenger coaches to Kane. For Cannn
dnlgua and pilnclpal intermediate btatlons,
ltochester, llurtnlo and Niagara Falls with
through passenger coaches to hochester and Par
lor car to Watklns.
6.S5 p. m. Fast Lino (dally.except Sundayjfor lte
novo nnd lntennedlato stations, und Elmlro, Wat
klns and Intermediate stations, with through pas
senger coaches to ltcnovo nnd VYnUttns.
Nows Express leaves Philadelphia 4.30 a. in. ;
llarrUburg, 9.10 a. m. dally, arriving at Suubury
Niagara Expicss leaves
Philadelphia, 7.10 a. m. ; Daltlinoru 7.S0 a. m. (daily
except Sunday) arriving at sunbury, p. in.,
with through Parlor car from Philadelphia
and through passenger coaches Irom Philadel
phia and llaltluiore.
Fast Lino leaves New York aoo n. in. ; Philadel
phia, 11.10 a. in. ; Washington, 0.40 a. in. ; Balti
more, 10.5U a. in., (daUy except Sunday) urrlvlng a
sunbury, o.sop. in., with through passenger
coaches from Philadelphia and Ualtlmoro.
Erlo .Mall leaves Now York 8.00 p. in. ; Phllndol
phla, 11.20 p. in. ; Washington, 10.00 p. m. ; Haiti
more, p. in., (dully) arriving ut Sunbury 6.1
a. in., with through Fulltnan Sleeping cam
from Philadelphia, Washington and Ualtlmoro nnd
through passenger coaches from Philadelphia.
Sleeper fiom Washington runs dally except sun
(Dally except Sunday.)
Wllkesbarro Jlnll leaves Sunhurv m..
arrHlngatUloomFeiry 11.87 a.w., Wllkes-barru
Express Eabt leaves Sunburv n.8X 11. m.. nrrlvlni?
at Uloom Ferry u.30 p.m., Wllkes-barro 8.00 p. in.
Sunbury Jlnll leaves llkesbarre n. m. arriv
ing nt llloom Ferry 13.01 p. m.,Hunbury 12.55 p. in.
Express West leaves Wllkes-barro s.45 p. in., ar
riving at Dloom Ferry 1.10 p. in., Sunbury 5.10 p.
Oil A3. Ii FU01I, J. It. WOOD,
uen. Manager. uen. Passenger Agent.
Arrangement of passenger
May 10 1881
For New Yorlr.PhlladolDhla.KoadlnL'.PottavilL, to., 11,50 a. in,
For Catawlssa, ll,W a. m. 0.13 and 10.S8 p. tu.
For Williamsport, 8,s 11.45 a. m. and 4,o p. ai
For Lowlsburc and Sunburv. im n. m.
LoaveNow York. via. Tomaoua m. and
via. Hound Ilrook ltouU) T,4S a. m.
Leave Phlladolphla, 9,W a. ta. a. m.. Potuvnin. n .as r.
and Tamaqua, 1,85 p, m.
iavo uaiawissa, ,so 11,1s a. m. and 4,00 p. ta.
Leave Williamsport ,,4o a.m,4.oo p.m. and 6.1 d. m
Ipnvn Kiinhii.v .1 111 n m r
" Lewlsburg Ai p. m.
Passongora to and from Phlla lelpbia go throuh
withoutcbanse ot cars.
CQ.nANCOCll, Qonoral Manager.
Jan6!?' i88i-uD8er an1 Tl0k0t AB0Ilt
., Lackawanna.,
..West Plttston,
llnnni.1 .
.m. p.m. n. in
a.m. n.m
o a:
5 50 V 40 8 80i
6 55 (I 45 3 83,
tt 01 0 CO 8 301
G (IU 0 57 8 38.
0 17 10 04 3 4C.
0 S3 10 UI S 51
0 88 10 14 8 511
H 33 10 17 U 00
0 30 10 80 3 Oil
0 40 10 85 3 00
8 48 10 S3 3 00
50 10 SO 8 11
D 55 10 33 3 15
7 UI 10 37 3 80
7 05 10 41 3 St
7 13 10 48 3 33,
7 SI 10 to 3 45,
7 47 11 10 3 57
7 53 11 IU 4 03
8 00 11 S3 4 10
8 00 11 311 4 10
8 10 11 3'J 4 10
8 14 11 43 4 2-1
8 81 11 48 4 DO
8 88 11 53 4 SB
8 31 11 57 4 43
8 30 13 03 4 47
8 65 13 SO 5 03
0 03 13 38 5 13
0 Oil 13 33 b IB
0 80 13 50 ft SO
8 54
8 48
1 !
l ai
1 13
V 1'J
V 14
8 40
II Oil1
8 .tl
8 87
l us
l on
8 59
8 Stl 18 54
8 17 18 51
8 13 18 18
S IW 18 41
8 118 18 41
8 01 18 3'J
7 51) 13 33
7 51 13 30
7 50 13 80
7 41 13 10
7 SO 13 08
7 18 11 50
7 11 It 50
7 0.1 11 11
0 58 11 Ull
5 51 11 at
B 50 11 30
6 43 11 S3
tl 36 11 17
0 SO 11 13
a 8,1 11 08
6 08 10 53
0 00 10 47
5 5.1 10 4'1
5 40 10 30
p in. a.m.
8 48
8 4.1
8 SO
8 35
8 351
.... Kingston .
8 SO,
Plymouth Juno
8 83
8 31
8 17
8 10
,..,JVU11UU1U. ,
Hunlock'B creek
. Shli'L-OiIni, v
7 58
7 17
..lltck'8 l-'erry.!
7 41
7 31
7 37
7 83
7 111
7 11
llcrwlck ....
..lirlar Creek...
..Willow drove,.
7 05
7 00
U 51
0 31
0 811
H 83
t'atawl'u lirldgo
0 10
a.m. n.m. n.m
W. Y, IIALSTEA1). Sunt.
oftlco, Scranton, l'eb..lst, 1803-
Tonsorial Artist.
iSSJi?' 5l old stand undor KXCIIANOK
patronapo ot Ma old customers aua or tho publlo
Dili St. south of Chestnut, ono square bouth of
y.'e.Kew.1 031 .mcoi oue ' Bquaru from Walnut
SJr.'HSS1.'? a?d ,n.th0 ver? business centro ot tho
city, on the American and EuropMn plans, flood
newi? f urnlsh?d. pcr day UcmoJ,!lK!j ttni1
V. Payne, M. D.,
nov 80-1 y owiier i: Proprietor.
WanPrl "an,vass(!rs n every county in thla
stock, steatlv
btatO to laku Older fnr Nnrunrv
SteatW and aettruUltt mnnlmnnimt .t
oo WAjilJH. Kxpcrlenco In tho busi
ness uot roqulred. Nursorles widely and favor
ably known. I'or terms address
Tho 0. L. Van Duson Nursery Co.,
amTi, . y.
Van rosea Nurscrloa established 18.W.
Also stock at wholesale.
April 4-iat cow t