The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, August 01, 1884, Image 3

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The Columbian.
Correct KitltroiMl Time Table.
Trains on tlio Philadelphia A It. It. leave Itupcrt
as follows i
S:M It. Ill, 11:51 ft. in.
4:00 p. HI. 0:13 p. in.
fcTralnson tho 1). 1. t V. It. It. lcavo Moomsburif
X0HT11. 80UTIt.
;7K a. m. 8:28 ft. m.
11:17 n. m. 11:63 a.m.
0:30 p. in. 4:36 p. In.
Tlio B2H a. m. 1 rain connects at Northumberland
with tlio im train on Pennsylvania road, reaching
Philadelphia at 3:15 p. in.
Tho 11:63 train connects with Philadelphia and
Heading road at Itupcrt reaching Vhlladol
phla at 6:00 p. m.
Tho ll:S3 train connects with Pennsylvania road
nt Northumberland at 1:60, reaching Philadelphia
nl:!Up. m.
Tho 4:3d p. m. train connects with Pennsylvania
rniul nt Northumberland at 8:05 p. in., and roaches
rnuaucipuia m a:vo u. 111.
Trains on tho N. tt V. 11. Hallway pass llloom
Ferry as follows I
1I:S7 13.-01 p. m.
r.30 p. in. 4:16 p. in.
leinocritlc County Convention.
Tlio Democratic voters of tho several
districts of Columbia county will meet at
tlio usual places cf holding tho general
election on Baturday, August 0th, 1884,
between tho hours of three nnd sovcu
o'clock In tho afternoon, nnd elect Dele
gates by ballot to represent tho districts In
tho County Convention, to bo held In tho
Opera House, Bloomsburg, on Tuesday,
August 12th, at 11 o'clock a. in., to plnco
In nomination ono candldato for Congress,
two candidates for Assembly, one candU
dnto for Prothonotary and Clerk of tho
Courts, ono candldato for Register and
Recorder, ono candidate for County Trcas
urcr, two candidates for Commissioners,
two candidates for Auditors, and to tran
sact such other business as tho interest of
tho Democratic party may require. Also
at tho samo tlmo and places, and In tho
samo munncr, tho Democratic electors In
each district "will elect ono person to serve
ns a"mcmbcr of tho County Standing Com
mlttcc, which will meet Immediately after
tho adjournment of tho convention.
By order of tho Standing Committee,
G. A. Clark,
Apportionment of Delegates nccordlngto
tho Democratic vote cast for Governor,
November 7, 1883.
One Delcgato for every 07 votes allow,
nuco made for tho largest fraction of a
ratio :
Beaver. 103
Berwick, E. total 212
Bloom, 12.
" W.
Conynghnm, N.
" S.
Mt. Pleasant,
Fcott, E.
" W.
4130 70 Total 70
W. It. Tubbs Is still on tho sick list.
strength returns very slowly.
Miss Ella Fox returned from Lock Haven
last week.
Gcorco Sterllnir. son of C. B. Sterling, is
qulto ill.
llev. Mr. Yocum and family arc visiting
friends here.
Miss Julia Guest of Ogdcnsburg, is visit-
ing Miss Eva Itupcrt.
Miss Amelia Armstrong has been ap
pointed Principal of tho Berwick schools,
Boyd McMurtrle of Berwick spent Sun.
day with Charllo Lutz.
Mrs. Bellas and Mrs. Gould came from
Philadelphia on Monday to nttend the fu
neral of Miss Mamo Sloan.
Ttcv. L. Zahncr went to New Castle, Del
aware, on Monday, to look after tho ship
ment of household goods.
II. E. Smith, Esq., went to Harrlsburg
on Tuesdav to attend tho funeral of his
Dr. Megargell and J. M. C. llanck wero
both in town on Tuesday looking after
their congressional chances.
G, W. Bertsch, Harry Eshleman nnd
others aro camping near Hunlock's Creek
on a Hushing expedition.
B. F. Bertsch of Maueh Chunk has
charge of his brothel's Merchant Tailoring
Store this week.
Among tho visitors to tovn tills week wo
noticed J. E. Snyder of Mifllin, and fc.
Beishllne of Stillwater.
John L. Woods, foreman of tho iiqiuMi
can ofllcc, is prevented from woiking on
account of sickness.
Lcoul Mellick Esq., of Philadelphia,
Biicnt last week with his parents at Light
street. Ho will pass tho remainder of tho
season nt the scashoro.
Frank C. Trlco and wlfc.John C. Price nnd
Thomas A. Prico of Philadelphia, aro visit-
ing Henry Gablo in Locust township. Tho
two latter rodo from tho city on bicycles.
Col. Jnmlsou and wife, accompanied by
a number of girls nnd young ladies, camp.
cd out along the creek above Irondalc, last
Tlio following persons lmvo engaged
tents nt Mountain Grovo for tho camp
meeting s John Wagousellcr, Mrs. F. Gil
more. Peter Uruitler. IC. C. Ent, L. N,
Mover, I. W. Hartman, J. Saltzer, J. Wil
son, L. T. Sharpless, Caleb Barton, Misses
Bobbins, Miss Alice Edgar, Mrs. H. A
Malzo and C. O. Peacock.
Miss Hastings will not return to tho Nor.
mill school, having resigned her position
thero to accent ono In a school In New
York state, Shu is now visiting her uu
cle. Governor Cleveland, at Albany, and
was present at .the notification of tho Gov.
crnor of his nomination as President, by
the committee last Tuesday,
Delcgato election, Saturday, August Oth
between tho hours of 3 and 7 i. m. Con
vention Tuesday, August 12th.
A married man who line u thorough
knowledge of farming and competent to
tako charge of n farm of 450 acres, nnd
handlo 5 or 0 men. Good wages will bo
paid. Apply at ouco to
2v Hloomsbtirg, Pa.
The rain of Monday night and Tuesday
was very acceptable to tho corn crop,
which was languishing for want ol It.
Jan. Commons will bo ready to ferry any
body across tlio river for Mountain Grovo
Camp Meeting nt nil times, daytime or
A. Bin Cut iff Piiicb. 1 pint fruit jars,
91.00 per dozen t 1 rnmrt lars. ftl.Mi tier
dozen t 2 quart jars, ll.CO-clther Mast
or Lightning, t Llllcy & Blcppy's.
There nro people in the world who aro so
constituted mentally that they cannot take
an impartial view of any question, relig
ious, political or otherwise, and so thev
make Iho mistake of concluding always
that any opinion different from theirs Is
wrong. They loso sight of the fact that
eomo people's opinions nro Just as good ns
Bomo other people's.
Tlio Fall term of tho Ornr.govlllo Acado.
my will begin August 11th. This school
has commended Itself to tho public on no
count of its thorough and practical Instruc
tion, tho beauty and healthfulncss of Its
location and the small cost for tuition and
boarding. It prepares students for any
college. It gives thorough and professional
training to teachers. Send for circulars to
Fkanois Hkok, A. M.,
Hon. A. C. Smith tiled at Scranton on
Monday morning last, tho cause of his
death being cancer In tho stomach. His
ago was G7 years. Mr. Smith practiced
law In Harrlsburg for somo years, and re
presented Dauphin county In tho legislature
In 180-71. Soon after that ho removed to
Bloomsburg, and followed his profession
until his removal to Scranton n year or two
ago. Tho remains were taken to Harrls
burg on Tuesday.
Wo have received from Bradshaw, Ne
braska, a copy of an extra edition of tho
Bradshaw QazMe, giving an account of a
tcrrlblo hall storm that passed over that
region on July 20th. Tho hall stones were
as largo ns walnuts, and windows wero
broken In nearly every houso in the town.
Tho path of tho storm was three and a half
to five miles wide, and within that strip
tho crops were almost entirely destroyed.
We are sorry to learn that among tho heavy
losers are William Colcman,Dnniel and Sam
uel Bclshllnc, all formerly of this county.
During his recent visit to Chicago Mr.
Lowenbcrg called at the Times ofllcc nnd
ordered copies of the paper sent dally to
several of his .friends here during the con
vention, nnd paid for them In advance. On
his return he was surprised to And that
none of the papers had been received. Ho
wrote to the Times stating tills fact, and in
stead of refunding his money, they for
warded the papers threo weeks behind
time. Wo nro under obligations to Mr.
Lowenbcrg for his kind endeavor to give
us the fullest reports of tho convention.
Sec the cut in price of fruit jars at Lilley
& Slcppy's. Now is the tlmo to buy.
The game of bull between Berwick and
Bloom last Saturday, resulted In favor of
tlio latter by 10 to 0. At tho end of tho
eighth inning it stood 0 to 0, and on the
ninth the Berwick boys were put out with
out n run, by three successive flics taken
by Klcchncr In the left field. Bloom wont
to tho bat nnd made ono run and the game
closed without playing the Inning out. Ber
wick imported n pitcher and catcher from
Nanticokc, and came evidently with tho
expectation ot winning an easy victory,
and were considerably disappointed at tho
result. During tho gamo thero was too
much fault found with the umpire. He in
tended to act fairly, and did so to the best
of his judgment. Tho loud talk of specta
tors and unfavorable criticism of tlio um
pire during tho gamo ought to bo .stop.
Miss Mamc Sloan, daughter of tho late
A. J Sloan, died at her homo on Sunday
morning. For some tlmo she has been in
ill health, hut was confined to her bed only
for a few weeks. Her sufferings were In
tense, but sho retained consciousness until
tho last moment, and expressed her wil
lingness to die. She was a young lady of
lovable disposition nnd Christian character,
and her loss is a heavy ono to her assocl
atcs and friends. To her aunt, Miss Mat
tio Wells, who for many years has filled
the place of a mother, and to her brothers,
H. W. and W. M. Sloan, her death Is a
severe blow, and the sympathy of tho com.
niunlty is with them iu their bereavement.
Tho funeral took place on Wednesday af
tcrnoon at two o'clock, at the Episcopal
church, Bev. Mr. Hall of Danvlllo oflicla
ting in tho absenco of tho rector, Rev. L
Zahner, who was unavoidably absent from
Come to sco us, tor your jars prices
lower than you ever bought at.
Editoiu Columbian i
I endorse every word and Hue of your
editorial of last week entitled "The Next
Congressman," and am freo to say should
I be the choice of Columbia county, I will
uso all honorable means to secure au en
dorscinent of tho conferenco j but should
I fall, then party usages entitle Hon. John
B. Storm, present member, to tho nomina
tion, and without paying my expenses of
canvass. I would further consult tho
leading Democrats of tho county as to my
conferees. Respectfully,
J. M. O. Basck.
Dr. Megargell has in his possession
somo letters from Mr, Storm, showing that
tho friendliest relations exist between them.
Wo nro assured that If tho Doctor should
bo tho cholco of this county for congress,
that his lnflucnco will ho given to Mr.
Storm In caso the district nomination can
not be obtained for himself.
A Good W'oril for M. 1 ltycrly.
Wo would most earnestly recommend to
the public Mr. M. F. Eycrly, candidate for
tlio Plllco of Register & Recorder, ono well
qualified In every respect of sterling lion
esty and Integrity, possessing also qulto an
amount of legal knowlcdgo which would
be of great scrvlco In said oftlco ; tho old
est candldato, a man of couslderablo ex
perience nnd worth, always un honorable
nnd respectable citizen of thls'place, This
is ono reason why ho should be supported,
besides, In cvory position Mr. K. has filled,
ho tried to discharge his duties to tho cn
tiro satisfaction of nil concerned, never
llluchlng when right was In the case, no
matter how distasteful u task to perform,
his motto being "do unto others as you
would bo dono by." Mr. E. will not court
public popularity or votes by tho offer of
free intoxicating drinks (as remarked upon
by opponents), which should be no detri
ment but rather an Inccntlvo, for men of
Intellect and culturo to support him, He
would rather loso tho election than gain
it In this manner.
This noblo principle should elcvato Mr.
Eycrly i not crush his prospects or bo raised
ns an obstaclo in his way. Just meu of this
stamp aro qualified for public olllces, but
seldom nominated.
Let all his friends prove such by doing
and working In good earnest, and w
would say to him "NIJ Dsporandum."
Mr. Philip V Weaver and Miss Lou E.
Bauer 6f hazlcton, wero married recently
Wo extend congratulations.
Tlio track at tho fair grounds has been
enlarged to n full half mile. Tho grand
stand nnd Judges' stand wilt bo removed to
tho west sldo of tho track, thereby afford
ing u much belter view of tho whole track
than heretofore. When completed It will
as flno n rnco course as thero Is In tho stntc.
Arrangements nro being mado which will
bring somo good horses hero this fall, nnd
thoso who enjoy trials of speed will have
an opportunity to witness some first class
races. A number of other Improvements
nro contemplated on tho grounds.
Early In the spring tho Columiiian an
nounced that Its columns were open to
nnybody for tho discussion of any subject
proper for publication. It has invited cor.
respondenco touching the political situation
In this county, but received only two or
three communications, and to these tho
writers were unwilling to sign their names.
It has boldly denounced all political meth
ods that linvo a corrupting tendency, nnd
insisted that tho campaign should be con
ducted entirely within tho law and tho
rules of tho party. To show that It was
sincere. In this, It offered to subscribe fifty
dollars towards a fund to bo used In tho
conviction of any person who violated tho
election laws, and urged that the fund bo
enlarged to five hundred dollars. Not a
single individual endorsed the proposition,
and not a cent has been offered by any
body towards such a fund. One of scv.
crnl things must be true ; there is no re
form necessary, or this paper has been
mistaken In Its efforts to bring It about.
Wc have Insisted that If nny person
know of Improper practices on the part of
any candidate, that the fact should be pub
lished, openly, honestly and fearlessly, and
have offered to print anything on the sub
ject that was accompanied by the name of
a responsible person. Wo have frequently
criticised tho practice of circulating char
ges against candidates, nnd have Insisted,
nnd always will Insist, that such charges shall
bo fairly made and openly sustained, or bo
looked upon with suspicion. Wo have en
deavored to bo strictly impartial, and have
had no regard for persons lu the appllca
tlon of these principles, seeking only that
which, ns a general rule, we believed to bo
for the best Interests of tho party. All
that can bo done now is to urge nil
voters to attend the delcgato election on
August 0th, nnd cast their ballots for those
who they bellcvo are best qualified for tho
positions to bo filled. If you believe any
candldato Incompetent, do not vote for
him; if you believe any ono dishonest,
Tote for somo ono else ; If you bellcvo that
Improper means hayo been used to secure
votes, vote accordingly. At all events, GO
Mountain Grovo is the next point of
A band of gypsies aro located near
The school directors on Saturday ap.
pointed G. B. Swank collector of the school
The cast end residents attended a festi
val at tho Shaffer church onSaturday even.
II. G. Grover tho West Mliilln huckster
has traded his horse for a pony team. HI.
is n wide awake young man.
Mrs. Ross Creveling of Iowa Is visiting
her sister Mrs. Samuel Snyder and others
In town.
Mrs. Samuel Drum and Mrs. E. Swep
pcnhlser drove to Wapwnllopcn on Satur
day to visit their brother of that place.
Sam. Hetler made a trade with tho gyp
sies. Messrs. E. P. Hons and G. B. Stcclcy of
Hazlcton aro visiting their parents.
Horace Creasy's new house is nenring
Our people seem to manifest qulto an
Interest In tho coming delegate election.
Michael Brown of Shamokin Is visiting
In town.
W. L. White spent several days In Union
Wc have come to tho conclusion thatMt.
Pleasant township Is forsaken. A town
ship that has as muck news as It has and
no ono with courage to report.
Last Saturday tho 10th Phillip Creasy
insisted on his wife going with him to
Bloomsburg which she did. And as they
approached their homo they saw a num
ber of buggies nnd spring wagons standing
around which proved to bo a general sur
prise for Mrs. C. tho occasion being
her 52d birthday. Tho day was pleasantly
spent in various ways. Pitching quoits,
playing croquet, music and dancing on
the sly. Thero was lots of good grub de
stroyed. Tho presents were numerous and
valuable; among them was a largo bible, n
gift from her children. Rev. Houtz pre
sented It and mado some very appropriate
and tender remarks. Tho wishes and con
gratlatlons for tho future wero many.
Oats harvest Is close at hand.
Festivals and politics aro tho rage.
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Sitler spent Sunday
In Jackson township,
Tho Hldlay Sunday School will hold a
picnic in Philip Creasy's grovo, August
Among tho visitors at Centre on Sunday
wero G. M. Ikeler, II. W, Musgravc, Joo
and Maggio Hlppcnstecl.
The oats aro ripening.
Tho sound of tho reapers Is still heard in
a few meadows.
A much needed rain fell thu beginning
of tho wcok.
More candidates around.
Dr. Lourlo of Brookvlllc, Is visiting nt
his brothers.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert Stout of Berwick,
aro visiting friends here.
Mr. John Ross' new houso on Chllllsqun-
quo street Is Hearing completion. It will bo
a nice building.
Supt. Grimes has Issued thu notices
stating when nnd where tho mutual cxnuii.
nations aro to bo held.
A uumbor of our young people went to
tho picnic at loin last Thursday, Many
who attended tho picnic went to the Mill
vlllo hotel In the evening, where, dancing
Ing was Indulged in till t Into hour. Not
withstanding tho rain through which they
wero compelled to drive homo all ap.
parcntly enjoyed tho picnic aud tho hop,
for tho boys camo around In tho morning
Last Thursday Mr. James Hartman took
unto himself a wlfo. On Friday tho hap
py couplo with a few friends dined nt Dr.
Swisher's whoso hospitality Is too well
known to need mention. In tho evening
tho boys gave Jim nnd his brldo an old
fashioned ecrcuado drumming away till ho
made his appearanco and generously treat-
ed tho crowd. Mr. and Mrs, Hnrtman
have tho wishes of many friends that
theirs may bo a long and hnppy life,
Don't forget tho festival In lCrenmet's
Grovo on August 3d. Extensive prcpara-
rations aro being made and n grand good
Tho new rectory nt St. Paul's church
now being nearly completed, Iho vestry
met on tho OOlh of June, nt tho study In
tho rectory, nnd nfter examination of the
architectural arrangements of the building,
passed n resolution of thanks to Mr. L.
Ucrnhard for tho rare nnd nttcntlon ha had
given to tho plans, construction nud de
tails of tho building. To Hint compliment
Mr. Bcrnliard Is nbumlantly entitled nud
It seems to mo that when tho houso Is com
pleted, ns I bcllovo It now Is, that tho con
tractor, Mr. Charles lCrug, will bo aslo en
titled to, and will receive, the assurance of
the Building Cominlttco nnd of tho Vestry
fol- tho strength, solidity and excellent con.
Bit notion of tho building. Feux.
U. L. Sholes returned from Montrose,
Monday evening.
Miss Eva Fensteinaker Is'vlsltlng In Wnt
sonlown. Tho pedestrians have returned, Will Me
Bride, Friday, and J. S. Hicks who stop
ped oil a couplo days at Wllllamsport,
camo Monday noon. They report a splen
did time.
J. W. Moorhcnd Jr., left Wednesday for
Wntsontown, where ho will visit relatives,
after which ho will continue his journey to
Hinckley, Ohio, where bo has aecoptcd n
job at his trade.
Mrs. L. S. Jackson and daughters return
ed from Montrose last Saturday.
Mrs. Jno. Moorhcad of Watsontown, for.
mcrly ot this place, vistted relatives over
The long wished rain has at lastarrrlved,
which cheers tho drooping spirits of the
farmer, and revives vegetation.
Tho Y. M. It. O. held n very cnthUBtas
tic meeting last Friday evening In tho roll
Ing mill olllcc, where the constitution of
tho club was unanimously adopted.
Bloomsburg vs. Berwick Friday after
noon in this place, and Hazlcton vs. Ber
wick, Saturday on the grounds of tho for.
A large number of people from this placo
visited Bloomsburg, Saturday to sea tho
game Of Base Ball which resulted In a vic
tory for the Bloomsburg club over the Ber
wick, by n score of 10 to 0.
Another baloon ascension took placo Sat
urday evening on Front Street, under tho
management of Geo. MacCauley, which
turned out to be a complete success, and
docs credit to his efforts. Dnitr.
Thomas Stanton, a miner, was Instantly
killed at Big Mine Run Colliery on Satur
day evening, by being caught between tho
cur nnd a low collar ou tho slope. His
body was terribly crushed. He was mar
ried nnd leaves a wife and four children.
A young lad named Thomas Downey
shot himself iu tho thigh, on Saturday,
making a very ugly wound. H carried n
loaded revolver in his pocket, nnd it went
off, with tho above result. Wo fail to sco
the necessity of carrying deadly weapons
In a town llko Ccntralla.
A Polander employed ut Contralia col
liery had his arm lacerated In n shocking
manner by being struck with a pick by his
companion. He was taken to the Hos
pital. Dr. Uwimicr, nfter two months of hard
work with the Binall-pox patients, left on
Monday to spend a few weeks in tho coun
try to recuperate. Tho Doctor well earned
his vacation, nnd wo hope ho will enjoy It.
Tho work of completing the tunnel nt
Montana, which was abandoned several
years ago, has been commencod, and it is
gcncrnlly believed that the Skldmore vein
will bo reached by driving one hundred
Joseph Fletcher, son-in-law of our
townsman, Edwnrd Schacftcr, died on Fri
day last, of consumption, lie leaves a
wife and four small children to mourn Ills
untimely demise.
Mrs. Clark has moved to Morris Ridge,
and will rent her residence In town.
A new fan engine is in courso of erection
nt the Continental colliery.
Daniel Sweeney, who went West several
months ago, rcturnod- on Monday, nnd
speaks very dlscournglngly of tho far
West. Ho docs not approve of Grccly's
advice to young men, nnd would ndvlso
them to stay at-home.
John Hummer of Shamokin, Is In town,
as the guest of Daniel Curry.
John Wells indulged too freely in barley
water one day last week, and talked a lit
tlo louder than he should, in passing ono
of our model policemen, who knocked him
down with a club and beat him until ho
wns unconscious. If the clubs were fur
nished by the borough to beat defenceless
men, then we say burn them nt once.
The evening freight train wns delayed
over an hour at tho L. V. depot on Friday
evening, caused by ono of a lot of beer
barrels standing near tho road, rolling un
dcr a car throwing it from tho track.
Susan Delancy of Carlisle, Pa., is visit-
Ing Mrs. John Hanlcy.
Michael Grady, a miuer, at North Ash
land colliery, was badly squeezed on
Thursday, by a fall of coal.
Tho strikers at Big Mine Run colliery
were compelled to ucccpt tlio reduction, as
they received no support from the outside
If tho Hungurlans continue to leave us
for a few months as they have been doing
since the half-time commenced, wo will
havo but very few left. It seems they pre.
fer slavery to this half-time system.
Mrs. Evans, of tho small-pox house, is at
present acting physician and nurse, as sho
will not nllow tho Doctor near the prcm
iscs. Sho can hold both positions until tho
disease subsides.
The first time picco drawn for at tho
watch club room was won by Bernard
Rellly. The watch is a beautiful ono and
well worth tho price paid for It.
The annual Teachers' examination was
held here on Tuesday. Quite a number of
our school girls stood n very fair examina
Thu carpenters ami masons nro as busy
now as when tho building season opened.
and report lots of work until November.
Miss Llzzlo Zcrby of Maueh Chunk, Is
visiting In town.
The entertainment of last week for tho
beneilt of tho Methodist Church was a very
pleasant nlTalr, and proved successful In
every way.
A party of young meu mado night hid
cons for tho residents of Centre street near
tho Post Olllcc, on Friday night about
a. m. Having tilled themselves with Cat
nwbn, they prepared to scrcnado some of
their friends, for which purpose slelgli
bells, horns, violins, &a, wero brought lu
as requisites. Tho party serenaded how.
ever, did not care about getting out of bed
at that hour, and ordered them to leave
They left, and while doing so played somo
entrancing music, which awoko the neigl:
borhood for half n mllo, more or less
Tho next morning our Chief Burgess had
warrants issued for their arrest, but owing
to tho mixed up manner lu which Mr
Fortner had tho names, he was uuablo to
collect his fines. Tho thought of being nr.
rested wo think sulllccd, nnd wo will hear
Our region wns favored with tho much
needed rnln this week, and the farmer
look pleased over tho prospects for n boun
tiful corn nnd buo.kwhent crop.
Conrad Smith, one of our oldest towns
men, died very suddenly on Thursday last,
of paralysis of tho heart.
Cap. has not given mo that Interview
yet. I supposo ho Intends to wait until
nfter tlio election Is over, nnd then ho Will
be able to name tho next President with n
greater degree of certainty. Wise mnn,
Cap I
Our famous bass fisherman, George,
seems to have lost his grip tlio past few
days. Ha caught ono so largo that he
broke n $2.00 Bamboo rod trying to land It,
nnd he says ho didn't pull any too hard on
It, cither.
Harman Hiiltcuslluo has snccecdcd to
tho Mcnrs meat market. Harman Is a ge
nial fellow, nnd will do tho fair thing.
Good luck, Harm I
Mr. E. Trowbridge of South Bend, Iud.,
wns in town this week visiting friends nnd
Jessie Fisher returned from her Western
trip nesompnntcd by n friend, Miss Park,
Jessie looks well nnd hnppy.
I hear tho Ent Post, G. A. It., propose
holding a camp-flro in Ornngcvlllc on Fri
day and Saturday, 8th and Oth, of August.
Tho bill of faro will be, on tho 8th hard-
tack, pork and benns on tho Oth pork
and beans and hard-tack. All nro Invited
to nttend nnd aro promised a good time.
Tills will bo a novelty to mnny In this sec
tion, and they should not fall to attend it.
Cap. has the management of it, and that Is
guarantee of Its success.
What a bonanza tho county elections nro
to tho landlords nnd political dead beats.
It is wealth for the ono nnd freo whiskey
for the other.
Wo notice tho hotels nro filled half tho
time with these would-be county ofllccrs
and their following. Can not a candidate
canvass the votes of his district without
getting all the dead beats drunk ? Wc no-
tlce somo few of tho candidates will not
stoop to this whiskey bribery to Influence
votes, and they arc the ones best fitted to
1111 the olllces.
It seems to me that a man holds n very
poor opinion of another when he thinks to
bribe or lnflucnco his vote by a drink of
whiskey ; and yet that is just what somo
of these candidates aro doing, offering n
drink of whiskey for your greatest privi
lege as an American citizen. And some of
these candidates have not even tho grncc
to feel ashamed of theso disreputable meth
ods, but they publicly avow that they buy
It by tho barrel and use It In their canvass
nnd, as If this wns not disgraceful enough,
they oiler to pay the bills of their pimps at
baudy houses. Will any Intelligent, re
spectable man vote for ono who stoops to
such methods to secure his election ? I
wish somo one more able than I would
take this matter up and show up the char
acter and methods of these candidates, and
then let the voters determine who is best
fitted for tho olllces. Let merit, not whis
key, elect tho men. IlErortM.
icriclchnum'f) AnHwcrn.
Tlio atlldavit published below was made
answer to the questions printed in the
Acii-i ton of July 10th. The questions aro
as follows :
1st. When you were up throuch hero
electioneering, a short timo ago, did you
not give somo parties five, somo ten and
another twenty dollars to electioneer for
on t
2d. Did you not send those two demi
johns of whiskey up to this place, about
two wceus ngo, to your friends to electio
neer for you ?
oil. nave you not mado nrranscmcnts
to attempt to carry tho primary elections
with money, whiskey and beer, wherever
they can bo used to an ndvantngo 1
4tu. jjiu you not mircliase and roll a
barrel of cider into your friends' cellar Inst
fall, lu this town, for this purpose, nnd
havo you uot a barrel of whiskey nt the
new jail at present ?
Columhia County sa :
Before me, John M. Clark, a Justice of
the Pcaco lu nnd for said county, personal
ly came Wm. Krlckbaum, who being duly
sworn according to law, deposeth aud
salth. That to all of the above questions
except 4th deponent says, No.
As to 4th question deponent has this to
say j bometlmo In October of Inst year, nr.
rnngemcnts wero mado wltli tho commit
teemen of Fishlngcrcek, Benton, Jackson
and Sugarloaf townships to meet tho coun
ty chairman and deponent at Benton, for
tho purpose of making arrangements to get
out the Democratic voto in the aforesaid
townships; hnving met nt the tlmo appoint
ed nnd when nbout ready to proceed to
business Mr. Kverhart of Jackson stopped
in front of the Hess Hotel, and when re
quested by tlio depoucnt to como into tho
house, replied, that ho had a barrel of
sweet cider to dispose of first. Thedepon
cut wishing him to assist in tho caucus,
thought tho only way to mnko suro of it,
was to get rid of '.he elder, asked M Wire-
man if he wanted It, nnd upon his answer
ing In tlio nlllrmatlvc, the deponent order
ed it to be taken to Mr. Wlrcmnn'snnd then
paid for it. What Mr. Wircman did with
it tho depouent has no knowledge. As to
tho barrel of whiskey tho deponent snys,
that ho lias not n barrel of whiskey nt tho
new jnil nor anywhere else.
In answer to slanderous reports circulat
ed by Wm. II. Snyder that tho deponent
sent out demijohns of whiskey by tho Ben
ton stago to Daniel Kams, James Wircmnn
or to any other person, nro untrue ; and
for the purposes of deceiving tho voters
nnd to Injure tho deponent.
Sworn and subscribed before mo. Julv.
li'JUi 1S31, joiiu l. uiaric, J, r.
lli.ooMsnur.o, July !J0th, 1884.
To Wm. KiticKiiAtiJi :
Su: : I took your affidavit made out in
answer to request of Mm Item corrcspon.
dent to tho otllco of tho ATn Item of Cata
wissa anil requested them to publish it of.
lenng to pay iiicm lor mo same. Tiiey re-
tuseii to puuusu it. wm. w. JHiuiKvr.
Rut) Mill, July, 25th 1884.
On Monday July, 21st 1831. Wm. 11.
Snyder while at this placo electioneering
tout my sell ami sous, tuat Mr. Ju-lcUbaum
iud two i end onus of whiskey sent with
mo nenion stage to ucnton, one for Jan.
wiremau an ono for uamci Karris, ami no
also stated that thev would nut circulars
nil through tho county a few days beforo
mo uciegato meeting which were iniciuieu
.r, i.n..... Hf - rr-i-n
U WIU HIJIIIJ. Ill .III, JlllUllUilUlll.
Geo, W. DniKsuAuu.
Bknton, July 23th 1884.
To Wm. Kiiiokiiaum, Esq.
Mv Deah but i hi answer to your ques
t.... t ...... ii. ...... .:.i.t.
IIUII 1. tVIIIOllJ llltIV JUU MUVGI BCllfc 111118"
key In a demijohn or otherwise, by mo for
j nines Yvciruiun. m.uci lumis or an
other person. Nor have I carried whiskey
to uioso persons, irom anyone eise.
E. P. Aliieutso.-,
Ronton Btugo Driver,
A Cnrit.
A report having been circulated In this
township that William Krlckbaum has left
u keg of whiskey with 1110 for campaign
purposes, I desire to statu that there is not
u word of ttuth lu It. Neither ho nor uny
ono for him lias ever given mo money or
whiskey lor that or auy other purpose, and
I would not havo taken it, had it been of.
fcred. Yours Truly,
NlnKiuu l-'nllrt unci WntUliiH CJIfii.
Arrangements have been perfected for
this excursion. A special train will be run
via, Pennsylvania railroad, Tuesday, Au
gust 10th, 1884. Bchedulo nnd rales of
faro to Niagara Falls and return ns follows)
llatf. Train lraect,
Lancaster 0.U5 0.85 n. in.
York 0.05 7.00 "
Hnrrlsburc ..." 8.85 8.10 "
Clnrks Ferry , 8.40 8.44 "
wiiinunsiown B.iki i.w
Lykcns 8.00 8.20 "
Mlllcrsburg 8.05 - 0.11 "
Georgetown 7,75 0.33 "
i.ow stown U.U.I i.VJ
Hellnsgrovo 7.00 8.53 "
Scllnsgrovo Junction 7.40 10.00 "
Mount Carmcl 8.05 7.15 '.'
Shnmokiii 7.80 8.25 "
Bloom Fcrrv 7.05 0.05 "
Catawissa 7.05 0.10 "
Riverside 7.40 0.37 "
Sunbiiry 7.25 10.15 "
Northumberland 7.16 10.25 "
Spring Mills 8.25 C.50 "
Coburn 8.05 0.18 "
Mllillnburg 7.80 8.00 "
Lcwlsburg 7.00 10.15
Aioninnuon u.uu iu.uu
Milton 0.85 10.45 "
Wntsontown 0.75 10.53 "
Montcomcrv 0.55 11.00 "
Muncy 0.40 11.14 "
ucnovo 7.U0
Bellcfonto 7.00 0.45 "
Lock Haven 0.80 11.15 "
Jersey Shoro 0.30 11.45 "
wiiuamspott ti.oo i:ip,m.
Arrive nt Wntklns, 3.45 p. m.
Tickets will bo good going only on spe
cial train to Wntklns, but from Wntklns
they will be good for passage at auy time
within ten days from dnto of Issue, and
good to stop oil nt nny Intermediate point
going nnd returning.
The route from Wntklns will bo over tho
Northern Central railway to Catinndalgua,
giving a beautiful view of Seneca Lake,
thenco to Niagara Falls over Now York
Central railroad.
Tho scenery over the entire route Is not
excelled for beauty and grandeur.
Tho accommodations for this excursion
will bo first-class In every particular. Tho
train will bo composed of elegant Eastlukc
coaches, and every effort will bo mado to
make It an enjoyable trip. The faro to
Niagara Falls and return from all points
has been mado extremely low nnd within
the means of all.
Arrangements have been mado for re
duced rates at tho hotels ut Watklns and
Niagara Falls, and for carriage hire and
admission to all places of Interest, so that
persons may know just what It will cost
before making the trip. Tho expense of
the trip outside of the. mil road fare will
not exceed $9.
Home More QucntloiiH.
A few weeks ngo 1 requested Mr. Krlck
baum to answer n few questions over his
affidavit in somo paper In tho county.
which ho refuses to do bocauso tho com
munication contains an anonymous au-
I would ask Mr Krlckbaum again if ho
did not purchase a barrel of elder from Au
gustus Evarhart of Jackson township, and
placo it In James Wcirman's cellar to bo
used for electioneering purposes ?
2nd. I also nsk him If he did not invito
Messrs D. Kams, James Wclrman aud
Jesse Hartman to go with him to the
Mountain a few weeks aco, keen them
clear, give them money and after he re
turned to Bloomsburg, send Messrs. D.
Kams and Jesse Hartman each n demi
john of whiskey up in the stnge?
3rd. I also ask him if ho did not get a
barrel of whiskey, directly or Indirectly, nt
Fowler's distillery, and havo It hauled to
tho new jail, and if his friends do not con
grcgato thero at night and on Sunday to
drink it ?
4tu. I also ask him If ho has not re
quested 'persons to bring their demijohns
to him to get them filled, during tho pres
ent campaign, nnd if ho has not had ono In
the vault of his otllco 1
Oth. I also ask him if ho has not had
boxes of beer delivered at the Lime Ridge
back of Afton, nnd in private cellars at
different plaecs, and If he lias not taken
whiskey with him electioneering ?
Oth. I also ask him If he has not given
men money, whiskey and beer In violation
of tho rules governing our County Convcn
tion and tlio election laws ?
I have not tho slightest prejudice against
jir. nricKoaum, nut i am violently op
posed to any candidate corrupting the peo
pie to secure his election, which Is a shame
and disgrace to any civilized community
If Mr. Krlckbaum Is innocent let him
make a clear, clean and positive statement
his affldavlt. I am sorry Mr. Krlckbaum
did not reply to my questions sooner so I
would hayo had nn opportunity to reply
before the primary election.
i,ci it no aejmutiy unucniood that we
want an honest, unequhical statement, con
talning positive facts, not ono In which ho
screens himself aud places the rcsponsibil
lty upon his hirelings.
Yours Respectfully,
J. F. Smith.
Benton, Pa., July 20th, 1884.
Hpcclnl KxcurHloitH our tlic l'eiui-
Hyivnuln Iliillruncl to CcUyHlurr
clurltii; tlio 14. 3. I. lCucnnip-
Tho National Guard of Pennsylvania will
go luto camp nt Gettysburg on Saturday,
August 2d, for tho week. The encamp -
racnt promises to bo tho most brilliant mill-
tarv event of many years. A very lare-o
number of troops, both volunteer nnd vet
- - - - a
eran, will be camped on tlio Held, nnd a
number of distinguished military leaders
will honor tho occasion wltli their presence.
Tho week will be filled with drills, dress
parades, reviews, receptions, and other
festivities, whllo the historic ground on
which the camp Is pitched oilers lrrcslstlblo
attractions to every American. For the
purposo of affording nil posslblo facilities
for reaching the camp the Pennsylvania
Ballroad has arranged special excursions
to be run us follows :
August 7lA. Special train will leave Wll
llamsport at 0.00 A. M,, rate for round
trip $4.40 i Muncy 0.20 A. M., rato 4.0:1 j
Montgomery 0.30 A. !., rato i3,l)l Wat-.
sontown 0.07 A. M., rato S3.71 : Milton
7.10 A. M., rate 3.58 j Montnndon 7.20 A.
M rate 3.47 j Northumberland 7.35 A.
M., rate $3.27 ; Sunbury 7.45 A. M rato
3.21 : Scllnsgrovo Junction 7.08 A. M.
rato $3.00 Trcvortou Junction 8.10 A. M.
wtois2.87 Georgetown 8.20 A. M., rato
$2.70 j Mlllcrsburg 8.40 A. M,, rato 2.40 (
Halifax 8.00 A. M., rato $2.21.
Returning train will leave Gettysburg, In
each case, at 0 P. M.
Tho tickets by these excursions nro lim
ited to one day.
BKOADT.-In Espy, July 24, 1881, Mor.
rls Uroailt, aged 3 years, 1 mouth and 10
8AYAQE. In Espy, July 20, 1884, Har.
ry Martin Savage, aged 3 years. 0 months
nnd 17 ilnvn
nun 11 iinjs,
SMITH. In Oranccvllle. July 24. 1881.
Conrad Bmlth, aged 08 years, fi months and
"The apparel oft proclaim' the man."
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cd nt MacKIUtp & Choate's.
01)00 1.0 spring chickens,
8888 1.8 old hens,
7777 1.7 pigeons,
(1000 1-0 ducks,
0555 1.5 geese.
44-141 good calves,
ii:):j:il largo shoats,
2222 lbs. pltted.chcrrles,
1111 lbs. dried ruspbcrrlcs.
All tho above wanted nt Light Street, by
July 23.0m SILAS YOUNG.
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Vt'0"81'' SIarr' b' A- H9''. ! .
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Butter 20
Eggs 15
Tallow 00
Potatoes new 75
Dried Apples 00
Hams 14
Sides n.ul shoulders 10
Chickens 12
Turkeys 12
Lard per pound 13
liny per ton la W
Beeswax 25
Buckwheat Hour per hundred 3 00
niues per iu o to i
Veal skins per lb 08
Sheep pelts, each 75
wool per id su
Philadelphia Markets.
VKKI)- Western winter bran, spot, (
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extra sliore l's 25 c soc.
VLOUIL Western extra's 3.00 3.50 ; renn'a.
family, 4.85 4.50 Ohio clear, 4.T5S.:st: winter
patent 5.50 c 6.85.
w akat i-cnnsyivania reu, new, i.oi old, l.ia
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OATS. No. 8 white 39 NO. 2, 89. W
HAY AND BT11AW Tlmothr Cliolca Western
and New York, tn. fair to good Western ana
new i urx-, n. u.; medium w esiern ana New
York-. 10. I 12. ! Cut li.iv as lo minlltr 14. u 17 im
ltso straw old, 19.00 Wheat straw, 9. w lu. Oat
straw 9 10.
WKKU3 ciover tx v per id j Timothy J.50 a
WOOL. Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia,
Fleeco Wasjcd. XX and abovn. : a sin XHiifit
S3o ; common 22 tc Texas, Sprlne clip One 20 a
22, medium so (4 24 coarse, 16 17.
nuua.-l-ennsyivanta extra, is $ western
ifuvrnt Pennsylvania extra. 20 (A 21 Western
extra 20 c 21.
LIVE POULTRY. Fowls, 16tf 17 mixed lots
15X (it 16 roosters old 9 (4 loo ; sprlne chickens as
IU BUU II1IU UUUUiy 10(410.
DKE.sSKD roULTKY.-Chlckcns extra 17 a
19tf ; spiluir chickens as to weight and quality
18(4 19.
1'OTAxOES. Per toushcl 75 90 j per barrel 1.7S
ONIONS. Maryland per barrel 8.00 a S.85; North
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cauuaqe. New, per barrel 150 a 1.00.
TOMATOES. Per ernte 40 a sftn-
APPLES Yellow harvest l.oo a 1.50 per barrel.
PEACHES. J.5D a 4.oo per bushel.
Orphans' Court ot Columbia County.
Tho undersigned auditor appointed by the Court
to make dtstrlbucton ot the balance in the hands
ottho executor ot said estate will meet all nar.
ties Interested lor the purpono ot his appointment
on Monday, August 25th, 18S4, at IU o'clock, a. in.,
at his onicoln Danville, l'a., when anil where all
lierboiis naTing claims aro requested 10 present,
them or be debarred trom coming In upon said
aug 1-ta Auditor.
Will bo let at tho residence ot Ezra btevens on
Wednesday tho 2tth dar ot Autrust 1R8I. a brldiro
to bo erected over Elk Itun near A. II. niewari's
saw mill whore tho open bridge, now stands In
Jackson township. To bo a wooden brace covered
bridge 56 teet long. Wing walls and abutments to
be repaired by contract so as to admit or skew
back three feet trom top of wall plate. Plans and
specincatlons can be ueen at the commissioner's
umco inocmsuurg, i-a.
UllAlU.h.1 UKlUllAKl, 1
11. l'.EDOAH Corn's.
Attest: John It. CiBEY. Clerk.
Commlf sloner's omce, llloomsbujg, Pa.
Notice Is hereby clven that the underslened will
apply to Hon. William Elwell, President Judge ot
the Court ot Common Pieas. tor a charter for'Tho
Methodist Episcopal Church of Itupcrt, lvnnsylva-
uui," tor iuu support oi puduo wonnip according
Iho Doctrines aud Discipline of tho M. E. Church
of America, on Saturday, the 23rd day ot August,
A. 1'. Ii, ai . o Clock p. in.
Tho undersigned auditor appointed by tho Or.
ilmns' Court ot Columbia county, to makodlstrl
jullou ot tho funds In the hands ot the administra
tor to aud umong thu parties entitled thereto,
villi attend to tho duties of his appoint ment nt his
iu uioomsuurg on mo 21111 uayoi August,
issi, at 10 o'clock a. m., hen and where all par-
lies Interested In said estate must attend or bo
forever ueu.irrea from nny snare in said luuu.
7-lta J. II. MAIZE,
juiys-jiu, issi. Auuitor.
A School for All.
The University al lasting, k
A full Faculty of 18. Large Libraries.
Eleven Free bcholarublps at disposal.
Send tor catalogue to
President DAVID J, HILL, LI. D
"1-lwr Lewlsbuig, Pennsylvania.
I Lxxik.. Nl edition. New kimUn(r;i,Ntw ilUaruui
9 fioiu nwtUti;uh Suirtly gotten up, tow prka,
AdipteJ tu fcU clkw. 5U tt tltfhl. Afcntt ilUn Ug
oork. EXCKIIKNTTKRUI, Th Unil-ait ! prctjUu
ver Uiutit. Apply twiw
Uraulut Gkk rN & Co., M Nonhith si. PblUdel
Vhl,?, Alhuotlirivrvul nw Lkki ! tttUet.
mar 24-1 y aid
"IIoueIi on Rats"
$1.60 A YEAH.
tlmo Is expected, J y,
to more muslo for louio tme.
Bugarloaf Towushlp, W. A. Kit.
1 ay. 'iue woriUi