The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, July 25, 1884, Image 1

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    lie Colunkh,i.
I.OMBIAH, consolidated.
lulled Weekly, every IfrtilnylHornlnir. nt
nf.nnxtHniTtta. rnt Ttum i fm ...
iTTroDoi.t.ABgfln j-6ar..'(ro sdMctrodra'olit of
t1i county tho terms aro strictly In advance.
u paper uiicununucu except (It tho ontlnn
paper enl out
Ofllcos must be irnlil forlnndvancn. nntn
glblo person In OoluflMjta county assumes to rjav
tho subscription duo on demand. "umcs " Pa
fostahk is no longer exacted from subscribe
the county,
Tnn nnrMmrxt-!
cninnlete. am
n.S IW",1?.' 1,10 conm.iAKis'vcry
nd our Job PrinUng wllleofnjiarfl favor,
lat of tho lanro cltlos.. A ) .work SoMwi
aoiy wiiii uuu or uioiargo cities.. All. work dorttfori
short not co. noat r and nt mmtMtVi."
- iiwtji
r E. WAlitjliU,- ,
Htoonnbute, Va.
o.Tlco over lsU National Hank.
VlilboilSBORO, Mr
i) Hit In u'.4 lluil llng.
Bl.00M8B0Rf!t,P A,,
O llco over 1st National Hank.
J01IAL:pjAUK ja3 ail 8
1,.. .. s. ' bloohsboko, Pa7
nmcaoTorMoyornros; DrugrStoro: 11 '"'
attobney-at-law ,
onio In nrowor's bullding.sociond noor.'room No. t
Bloomsburg, l'n.
Bloonisburg, Pa.
omce corner ot Centro and Main Streets. Clark j
Can bo consulted In German.
Nsw Colombian BrnLDiNO. Bloomsburir. l'a.
Mombor ot tho United States Law Assootstlotf?
Collodions mado In any part ot America or eu
pAUL E. WibT,3 tA M C)
omco In Coloudiah DoiLDiwi, Itoom No. t, second
L. a.wiHTsnaTBtN,
A ttornoy s-at-Law.
' ' y f r f
orrl'jo In 1st National narik bulldlnsr. sacona- floor,
nrst door to tho left. Corner ot.Ma(n jnd Market
stroota Bloomsburg, Pa. " t '
, SSf Pensions ami Bounties Collected. .
All!' ,- . - MniHWWBIIOK.
Dmco la MftUa3 building, over BlUifieyeYs grocer?.
Ofllca'in. Ills building opnosito.Conrtlllousoi
Snd Uoor, IUoomsburg, l'a. npr 13 -'83
Attorney Jal?lJd.frf,-i"1 "
, , OATAWISSA, I'A. NRWa Itk1( building, Main street.
Member of tho Amorlcan Attorneys' Associa
tion. , , 1 I
Oolloetlons mado In any part of America t
Jackson BuiliHbg,-Jt9oms 4jnnd C-
5 . j ' 4HErtwicir,'rA
I j.. , catawlssa. Pa.
Office, cornorot Third and Mainstream.;
i m ; ' ',, - - --i-
yyBrBMITHr -
Attorncy-atLaw, Berwick. Va,
Ctn bo Consulted in Gorman.
"STOalco first door below tho po3t olllcc.
CU. BAKKLEY, Attorney-at-Law
, omco In u rower's building, snd story.Uooms
' B MoKELVY.M. D.,8urKeonandPhy
4ician, nortn siao .uain siruei,uiow aurno;
A L. FRITZ, Attornoy-at Law.
t In Columbian Building,
ewlug Macliloosand Maehlnoryofall kinds ro
alrsd. OriRA UoBsiBuUdlng, IHoamanarg; Paj 1
f, I Li i ': V .
omco, North Market street,
Uloomaburr., l'a
On. wm.
Rnrminn n,,il
lA onioocorDcrotltocJ; untj ,Murket
T 4t-J5VAN8.--M.D.8urKtionnd
ij .Phyaloan, ivmcij and nosldenci),on TJblrd
Bi.ooMsnuitn Columbia CountVj Pa.
All styles of work doue In a auporlor manner, work
warranteuas ropruBcutea, ikktii h.xtki:i'
id wituout pain by the use ot (las, and
trceot charge w ben artificial teeth
. aro Inserted.
Olllcoln Columbian building, a 3nil floor.
1o be ojen at all hours during the rfaj
' ' , ..('!' i t
AlltllUIIANtTS', or MSWA1IK, N, J.
CLINTON, Y. . , !,,
l'KOl'LEa' N. Y.
UKAU1NQ, fffi., , , , f . ,
"These olu coaroitATiONS, aro well soasoned by
ugeanariiiKTESTBunud uave novtr yet had a
loss Bottled by any court of law. Their octets aro
allluvosuxllntwi.iu becuhities are liable to tho
hazard ofHiiK only.
Losses rnoniTLY and iiduusTtlr1 adjusts and
paid as boon as determined by Ciiiiibtian r.
I A. , . i
Thopeoploof Columbia county should patron-
m uio agency wncre loaxoa It any are settled aud
lam uy unuui iiier own emails. . "1,
. uulrM-lliiil,rJrnl .vh HUU.rT,
uiiiuui.11,111 lrrlallliiuf tlietVui-ld
i ni Jin ur.lj di t'o., i'UUdtllMi, ',
marJ8-ly aid i
M io! K'',hui.!i:'il
I r . 7 V
' '. 'Iiialld's'IIoine,
BlooniBburgfj Xa.,
Ho votes ,8pcclnt .nttpn to Epilepsy,
HetTOus AffcVtiohsXiina:Dl5a:cs ef Women.
Wttcuyfocilvoll'll ditJ'Sf.ltnrtlfJn on
rcJiSpnriWb tJ-TDisJr, V9.tiUhi)(l truntiicnt.
1. 8. No charge for first consultation.
tlumber and ga. nuem " Jionr of KeWiylf r'a hnrd
1. 'Wnro Morw 1 u
Bloomsbu Pa;
AlKkindibr; nttines'forstciun, feas.nnd' Wcr
plixN constantly on band.- 7 ' '
' lloortngand spouting attended to nt short no
tice. , . -.
' . - - s
Tlnwnro bf irerr description made to order.
Orders left at Schuyler irCo's., hanlivaio storo
win be promptly mica.
Hpecfal attention given to heating by bteam and
hot water.
( li
WhaiJillv.'ij'Btgivea' you'itho latest
styles, .nid cuts your clothing to fit
you. Having had tho oxperienco ior a
Jnumhcrjoffydars hiitliy Uaifaling Busi
ness", lias joamctlj vhnt ihtjrial will
gi'vo liis customers tlio I3cst satisfaction
for wear and stylo and vill try to
pleaso till wlio give liim a calf. Also
oil hand,
bp lc bEinpfToNsr
Always of the latest styles." .Call and ex
amine his, stppk1bcforci purchasing clee
whorjp. ,
Cornor Slain ,&i Atarket fste..
Iho Sce7)f Life. Only $1
Exhausted Vltallty. Nfrvouifand t'liralmii Dcbll-
ltyrlTenilturo Declma In Man. Errors of Youth,
tlon ot excesses A boop for cverymah, young,'
iniuuio-uguu anu oiu. ii contains iss prescript ions
for all acute and chronic diseases, each ono ot
which ls:invaluablo. So found by tho Author, whoso
oxperienco for S3 years Is such as probably never
before fell to tho lot of any physician. 300 pages.
TVtimi, In tmillltirnl mnni mtlulln nrnfu...
i-uvuitviuiigut, Kuurumvwt ujuoaimer.worK'iin
every Benio-inecliaiilaul, lUritrrnnd protcislonal
than any other worKsoid In this country for f3. W,
or tho money will bo refunded In every Instance.
Price only f l.oo by mall post-paid. Illustrative
samplo 8 cents. Send now. oold medal awarded
a . ti ii,i,yi ii.uijiiii, .wiwmu)
iuu uuiuor uy mutational .tieuicai Association, to
the oillcers of which he refers.
Tho Uclencoof Life should bo read by tho young
win oen
lur uiairuuLia
'.Sctancci ot-Ufi
Aauress mo l'eaoouy jicuicai institute, or nr
W. II. Parker, No. 4 Bultlnch streot, Boston, Mass.,
who may bo consulted on nil ilLspjiara rrnutrlnir
bkUl anil experience, chronic and obstinate diseas
es and that luivo battled tho i i iti a r skill of
another physicians a SK) ll.XU Lt clalty.
tiuch treated successful ril n V,U Ij' I 1? 1
wlthoutbn! instance Of i.J.X X Orjljl: tall
ore. Montlorrthls pajion -
p. iiAimiAN
lotPbWiikV, I X'J
voik, or l'ennsyivania.
Hanover, ot N. Y.
()ueens of London.
North British, of Ixindon.
pjllcii on Market street, No,
1 O.I l.1v
o, IUoomsburg,
I book, NeellUoa, New binJiiici.iNe illwrttauora 1
I from newiUiicn.&uf r(hr euttwiiiii. ,$un . ;
AdiwJ to tlltlf. belli a( iLtJAniu lolo)tf big t ,
work. lixCKLLBNTTBKMS, Tt ha Joui,t iroiiectu
ever luuctl. Apply now.
IIbaiiluv. nAuuitlsoN & Co.. 6& North ith St. Phi IkdeU
( marss-y am
nr.-.. -i . l i j ... l' . ,,,,
I recommiud if am sunrror to anv nnttarfntliiii!
known to ma,"- IL A. AEonin,Mib.,i. j
f lllJo;'OilforU Bf., IlrooWrnjN;,
n i .
rprii.iyyjy r-
A jrealleijcal .Work AM
1 for Infanta and IChildren.
An, nbsoluto euro fur Khcuiuntlsnl, Sprains, rain in
tho Back, Burns, Galls, &o, Au, Xustautauoaus Pnlu-
rollpvhig aud Koallui; Kouicdy,
1 II; v 111 1 -VilI.4.A4,'l.'i-.','
0 VHSV -t n ! I V
iff 1 1 E" t P 1 U I 11 I Illl 1 A I L )z :
All contestants for the !S premiums ameeat.
lnR nbore amount, wr ed by Blatkweiribur.
bam Tobacco Co., mutt cbieryc tho followlns
conditions on which the premlurai aro to be
awariled: All bncs must bear our original
Bull Durham label. U, H. flcvenuo Stamp, and
Caution Notice ' TliO ban muit bo done up
securely in a pactnKO with namo and addrena
of scndcr.and number of bagi contalntd plain
ly marked on tho outside. Charges must bo
prepaid. CmUtleloMKmrtnkeASOth. All pack
ages ehould'bd'forwarded DecemlKrlst, and
must reach us at Durham not la'f than Decem
ber Ulh. No matter whfiro ton rcsldo, cnd
your package, edv'o usbymall that you haro
dono so, and itato the number of bcgl sent.
Names of successful contestants, with number
of bags returned, will bo published, Dec. 22. In
Boston, Herald! Now York. llerdUl; Philadel
phia, Tlmeil IWrhaavlNl il J'otmeetilinntt
New Orleans, Timet-Democrali Cincinnati. .
Si(rcr Chlcafo, Daily AVwj.-iSanil'rancuco,
irotifcfc. Address,
Blacewili.'s DtmiiAU Tobacco Co.,
. DCBllAM, N. C. ,
Etcry gcnulno packago has picture of Bull.
Br See our next' announccmcnt.t.ti
March 21-tl
IBwano It, acta on tha I.I.YKK, ROWELS and
I KIDNKlS at the Rflmt) lime.
I Bocatud It oleaniOci thd tyBtem of tho poison
,oua humor that develops in Kidney And Uri
nary Diseases, BlUouaaM( Jftvmdlre; Constipa
tion, Files, or in R ileum ml m, Neur1cla, Nor
ivpu jAsoraexv ana ui l emut uompiunta
lly CAutlOfi: PIIEE ACTIOif of -nil tha orgnu
and funotionj, thereby
TMtorlnff th6 normal power to throw oil diseuo.
jhavo boon quickly relieved, and In short umo
t Cry can be sent by mail.
WELLS. niCTTJUlDSON & Co., TJorlltiffion.Vtr.
3 Send lUrop for Dluy Alnnnso fur.l., t
' How Watch Cases are Made.
A plate ofsOLlDiaOLD 14 2-10 karats
fino is soldered, on each side of a plate of
hard nickel composition metal, and the
tliree are then passed between polished
steel rollers. From this plato tho various
parts of the cases backs, centers, bczels,e'tc.
are cut and sjiaped hy dies; nndi' formers.
Tho gold is thick enough to admit of all
kinds of chasing, engraving, and' engine
turning. The composition metal gives it
' needed strength', itIJJhess'aM solidity, while
'iho im'ffcn guaranteq of. (ho inanufivcturers
1'trarran(i'nj each case to wear ircn(y years
proves that it contains 'all. tho gold that
cart; ppfsibly ,Le needed. This guaranteo-i
is given .from acfiiai reu((r, ,os many of '
tliese casis have been worn perfectly smooth
!by years' of use without wearing through
tlie gold. Dmnqtn:, Ia., Dea H, 1880.
I have used onekjf :yoUr Jiraiee Bot' Oold Watch
Cascr for eerontoen years. ,1 bought it accopd-hand
.and know of lMbatlliK boon usodibefara I irot It,
but do not know how long. It looks g-ood for ton
yoT8 Jonirer. Did no eusjwett os filled caso
until so Informed by a Jeweler a Bhort time place.
I most cheerfully rocommend your cases to bo All
they aro represented ta be, and more. , i i
O. McCBAKET, Dtp, Cot, Jut, Kit, 3J Dit, Joaa,
Eesi t nt lUmp la Kr'W''" cu r,uri. rkiu.
Selpfctt, r., tor faaDd.ouB Illa.lrkUd l'tmphltt ihowlng htw
Iuan IJuh snd kcritup J) Itih Out, srf ud.
' (! it Continued.)
for tho working class. Send 10 cents for
postngo, and wp .wilt mail you Me, a royal
valuable bOX of sairtnlo iroods tlmt will .nut
you In tho wav Of milklnc? moro inonnv In n
lun.uuja iiiuu juii uur vuuugni. posiiuieat any
business, capital not required. , wo will start.
Vnil. 'Vnil'ilriwni'tnl thii,lmnA,ln Dn.Ml(lmn'
only, Tho vmrk is 'universally adapted to both
sexes, young and old. You can easily earn from
DO cents to 15 every evening. That all who want.
may tcsnno business, wo manotius unparallcd
Offer; to all that aro not well BAtWled wo will send
li to pay ior tno trouuio or writing us. Full parti
culars, directions, ete-.'sentfree; Fortunos.vill bo
madobythoso who give their wholo tlmo to tho
woik. Oreat success absolutely sum Don'tdelay.
start now. Address Htins-on Co., Portland,
ISpeet, Bloo
AURNOY. Mover's ,now building, Main
nioomsourg, l'a.
iEtiia Insurance Co,, ot Hartford, Conn. st,ois,320
ltoyal of Liverpool,-; "t3,5no,ono
Unicashlre .,, io,oio,ofli
Klrd Association, Philadelphia..'.... , . " 4!lG5,T10
Phajulx.of London...,....., . 6.2Co.37is
Lonflon .t Lancashire, "ol'icngland ' .' 1,T09.9T0
Harttort ot Hartford ., 3,S73,o:o
sprlngneld Fire and Marino . iu.. . 2,0S2,6J0
As tho agencies are direct, nollcles are written
ortlie Insured without' Any .doJay T In tho
mop at nioomsourg. " r $ .qqtnsi i'st
BfljM8SUSlJPLfflIB8 Witt
Tho underelirned havlnc nut his Planlnir Mil
on Kallroad street, In tlrst-ciass pre
paroddo allllndsof worn in his Jlne: -
'' FLbORINGj Etc. - '
furnlsnea at reasonable prices., All lumber used
Is wpU' soasoned and none but skilled workmen
furnished on application. ! .Plans and epeoinca
tiuua iruuurL'u uy uu cspcricuccu araugaipuian
rtlooinHliu f?, l'a
-!,,' S1..5P A, YKfijl. 1
lil'-'JiiiJiBJ, U J.
Ca tori euros' Colic, Constipation;
Boi r ptouiacJi, plarrluea, Krnctatlnn, ,
KUs Worms, gives fckcp, aud liromotcu, Ul-
. portion lr
"Wlthijut lujurloua modlcaUon.
4 T
BLOOMSBtJftG, PA., FRi'DAY. JULY 25. 18$A.
BY II. M. '
"If vou mean to no In for nit. ottl
fellow'," you must niako up your mind to
traVfcl by n Voritablo Via Dolorosa Wr,
fofd Vou attain success. cBneoiallv it'
you liavd 10 livd by it," said iny friend
Te'tl Oolirc. I liavo'bcen tlirbi1i llni
wholu blialnccs, mid know nlj nboh
I'liavo feiiico proyed bis wonja 'to Ijo
tu b', iillliouiih I liavo lc89 causo id
comiilain than many of my carnrntW
of tlio brush, lor a lucky acuiuent pro
vided my wlfo and myself witli tho.'
means of living till I got a fair ptart.
Hut I passed through soinu grievoim
exjiei iunccR before that had liappcnod.
When I had bcciin to make a llttlo1
nrbcrcss, nnd had saved cnongli mon-' enable me to do bo, I (loturrdiudd
to givo mysclt several vreekB' stay in
thoicountry, wliuro I hoped to recruit
my health, at tho Raino time that I
pursued my studies.
I meant to live as cheaply as possi-"
bio, and work hard all tho tituo ; yet it
was with a host of pleasant anticipa
tions that I jumped into a third class
carriage at Liverpool street, and, after
a (hroo hours' journey arrived ht a
quiet little country station for W .
After havinc ascertained from ono of
tliciportorB.tnat'tnero were good lodg-
nigs to bo had at tlio village inn, l
walked up the platform toward the
placo of exit. As I passed tho first-
class can iages,' my attention was ar
retted by ono ,of tho windows being
let dowii in, a yiplent liurry. ,
'Uiih, porter I YYJioro.are thoyalir
exclanncfl an irritable voice, belopgr
ingjo ajBtout eldeyly genljoman, whp
wnsi struggling with, swollen gouty
firigQrs, ,to turfj ,the,siT handl.of Mjio
ddor. ,
'With somo Uilliculty I managed to
opcu it for him,, just as tho station
master had given the BiguuJ for tho
train to movo .on.
fTlio pprter, catching sight, o$ me
opening the, door as t(vo train was
inpviug, shouted, to me, to "Stand
ba'cli )" and ran to enfprce, his .com
mand : but tho irato liasscncer .forced
open tuo.door, whicn the oilicial nau.
iiLiuiy rL'Biiui, anu jumpeiiiout, iuiiiug
asihq with.ono. foot between the,
.T i . ,;
platfprm aqd thq .train.'
.Uatehing Inn) as ho loll, while tlio
porter at the same, moment, signaled
for tho .train to stop, I waa fortunate.
enough to .extrjeato the old, gentleman
iionijtus perilous position.
U s Jllr.;lircwnel, 1 hope you re
not hurt, sir !'' exclaimed thp a.tation
master,.comiug.u:j. w
"Hurt 1'' ho replied, stuttering with
rage. ijl ill report .qveryinan
jack of you. If it ha'd not, beenfor
this gentleman '
'"He knows 'twarn't, my fault, said
tho porter sulkily; "you would "get
out o' that' train arter ahe'd starte'd.'1'
"In that case," .bdg'aujithe Btation
master, very deferentially, "if Jones is
cPrrect " '
' ("Correct! Tiiis jrasoallI "
j"Tlie man is.nght enough so far,1' I
interrupted i J'but"' there was no one
near to open tho,carna'cedooi,) and at
the last moment, .after pome difficulty,
I Opened it mysolt",v.
if'Gross iieclecUiuL'h 1" with a crowl
of Ipain: "aud a's" surii.ail'm director
Uglll 'V
'I nm afraid' vou aro Hcvcroly, hurt,V
I interrupted ;, "Jet,ino. assistfyou to
the waiting roomi"
I'No. no ; strainht. homo at onco
my carriage is, waiting,'' ho roplicdj
taking ny arm, and answering only by
'a 'fierce crowl tho sulky apologies of
.the porter, he, limped, painful to his
carnage. 'Just-- as-I had helped him
in the station, master hurried up, and
exclaimed :
I'l trust-you ,aro,nol,oiiuusly hurt.
i'llurtl" he groivlod, with renewed
imjignatiou. "I think I havo ,pn!y
urOKcn my leg, imr. mats noinin
nothincr of anv conscauonco l1'
'You eec.Ir. Urowne, it's not yoiii
usual train' replied tho "crestfallen 'dfii
liclal. ' let mo'Bcnd tuo uoci
tori on T he asked. y
'No!'' roared tho. old geiitlcnlarT. j
Vl think that would, bo tho .wieesti
plan," . suggested'; "for .thdyghtl;
thiiik it can bo notning, more Berions
thn.n a bad spralu r'i t ' r
' ','Gootl L'racidus, Bir!y,Wh'at.chii.yi)n
k'noy about it !. , tell you I'tri jn, ag-,
ony. Wellf .to thc Btat-ioq inasjter,
wlio stood waiting. Ins instructions,
''why d'yo.BUafc'agapmg Chero ?l' Al'lieS;
to hie, as I turned " to 'goT "Get in
cati't vou'l Get in 1'" ' ' ' '
'jTharik you, but I must. 'fluJ, 'niyj
,way to the inii,"' I replied, rather ,fl'Uft'.
,ly, ior l.tlid not. relish tha. tone, of.tho
request, T ? . .
liother. jt all J i - iJan't vbu seoTrm
I withpainr' 'hp'ask'bd' .irritabll!
il lilr.-.M,. tliftt! T nrt flninn.ln Iftt'Sltti'
to a wetdhct Qqiijry puyicj.hoiie
's noluhigjpgttbr after saving iny
'"J .wj
"Seoirig-'that tlioi kind'heartbd' but
choleria pld gontloman -was 'really (Its,
tressed at. my' lofusal, I yielded ' to his
wish, and after half an hour's , dnyo
foilid myself established as an honored
guest in J liis luxurioiisjionio, Ho in
sisted tl4t I should tnko up iny quai;
terstliere during my Btay! at W' i
hvery oustac)p that I raised was' ,sur.
'tnoiintedl bv him with Biioh pcrBover-
ancd that in 6plto of myself, I was
forcpd to' yield to his desiro.
If was "oertainly pleasant at Dale
hurst. All that wealth could proctiro
wasltobo found there, for its owner
waalriob, and allowed Goneviove, his
(laughter, oarto blanche in the exorcise
of liar cultivated and relined tastes.
His laughter, ah I how can I describo
hqr?t iioautiful, Intellectual, gracious
and an enthusiast about art, was it
wonderful that I lost my heart long,
bef6rel kuowitT Whou I dddij
covej- it but I mustapeak of tho liup-.,
jiy 'days that( preceded . the 8lirjck?o
that tlispovory,' ' ,
Abj T had1 supposed, Mr. lhoyno's
injury proved to bo nothing more 'dan
'gerous ithan a, s,ovor sprain, but It
Ifpjit him a prnoner (or Bovernl days,
and as I was nlwaya oit at work' till
dipiiqr tlmo, ho gTOW to look forward
t'pwajd my presoppp in tho evening In
quite a ridiculous manner.
IIo was very muoh interested in my
pictures, although fu knew notlilng
about art, but ho thought he did, hud
his daughter's sympathetic apprecia
tion atoned for his incomprehensible
AtrHlcUms nnd was; ';dangerpn'g)yldq j
jglitfnl to,,n;e. 4
Of courso. l wa mad, foohsli, cul-
1 abloi not to understand that it wan
KorrielhlilLr mow than iiilolloe'lual svhi
(pathy whiull undo oUrf IntefcoursO.ijUch,
a uappiues, to us ouui j uiu a, Huipuv
I wits feoliuir loo intonsoly to analyzn
i!ind define my foolings.
, i think, too, mat as no; know my
lindlttoii. Mr1. Ilrriivrih hriloil 'ui Tt IllP'st
tliou'iihtfui, way, for ho .insisted that
GoiiGvicvo should taku lessons oi tnei
arid what could heiexpbot' when two
ydung people, with bo mn'tiy1 Bympa-'
ilea anu tastes in common, were bo
bnstantly thrqwii together t I can
Jiiscitiuiiunsiy ucuiuru null, uuu a,
jaifi(l my, danger, I .should Jiavo Uqjl
ling before I. 'did,. for I believed lat
that timo that''GenevleVc was her falh
o-V heiress; vhile l was a poor, Btrng--gllli
arUst. ,
When, ono morning ray Host aiii
nbunocd that, ho expected his nephuw,
legihalu vane, anil somo tneniladowil
for tiio 'shooting, l felt a vajrno pre
sentiment that something unpleasant
wa in Hiore tor me, uuu insisted uu
jtdking up my quarters at tha inn, fori
know that with a house full of young
people wllOSo boIo Idea vras amnso-
hient, whilo mine was work, I should
be out of placo and at a .disadvantage
Uenoviovc, .however, would not hear ot
&ving up her lessons, and whouovei
Uioy took place it was invariably in
sisted uuOu that 1 should, remain, to
'tltno at, l)alchurst, ,
X ho moment I saw Reginald Y ano 1
deceived nn intense aversion to him,
And lit' took no pains 16 Jiido lh6 fue't
hat, the feeling vaa mutual.
rrhr firat. pvnninrr T, nni.nt. iii.hifl an
A'.ty lie treated me with, a supercilious
alternation1 of'upbriority 'which 'made
1.1 j -.1 t -V mi - rr.'...l..,tj
my uioou udii. . Alio japi tnar, no was
in lpyo, wtu Ins cousin, aud .madly,
jealoua of. o.very, man that ,found th6
slightcstr favor an hereyes, restrained,
mo lrom oponly resenting nia many
impertincil'ces ! but there 'is. a limit to
frirfelr!nr.ltifip. nhd whnri imp nvpnintf
,'atcr 1 had been Binging with Geno-
viove, uc mauo somo insulting auusion
to fortune-hiititcrs, pointing his remark
with, a look nt mo that no onu , could
.mistake, we .came, to an open 'quarrel.
1 ho next morning I sought an inter
view with Mr. Brownt1, t6 hid him
l"Tut, tilt, maul"' lie answered i cor-.
.dimly. "So that jealous idiot has been
allowing' his" airs to Vou. eh"'? Ho
spoke :to mo last night biit',1 told him'
it know you and could trust you.
oJiut Ijinow thatilcould .flotitrust
myself, so begging him to mako my
e.Ycuscs'niid adienx to Genovieve,1 I de
parted, vvitlrtho intention of ceuig her
no more.
Tjio old gentleman must havo begun
to. suspect the truth during this inter
view, for despite niy Own' agitation, I
noticed how worried and anxious ho
wa-i lodking.
1. was at the time at, work on. a land
scape ffhioh would keop me, as'I reck
oned, about a iwoek longer in1 tho
neighborhood, but for tho. next day or
two my picture made little pr no .prog
ress; ,work Bceracd .an imiiosibility.
ff hen a Juverish energy seized me. 1
was preBtimptuo'us enough to' believe
that' Genc'vievd; returned my love; a'
.i.t.i...j.i 1 1.-1. ' i '..
uiuiisuiju nigiiiuuuut inuus iiei)eu,niu
to (this cpncTqsion., i.'With such au,iur
cehtivo: to, spur mo pn,,I - told myself
that l tnnst'finlokly win the wealth and
pofdti'dii Xvlii'ch" would' givP 'rao a right
to, speak. With, a .rapidity which sur
prised oven inysoll,, 4 tuushod, my pic
turo and began.. another to pair with
Day aftbr day'I worked, exposed1 to
tlio sun, and scarcely stopping whilo
the light-lasted even to t'ako 'necessary
About three o'clock oho afternoon I
had Ii m shed, and started to return to
tho mi. 1 was feeling 'triumphantly
excited heart and brain werp1 (ull of
Genevievo. "If I could only seo her
Onco moro !" I thought, as I pounded
through tho wood with down-bent
il in .ttuawui w iii iuuii,, uii
ooking up suddenly .Ii.saw' her. Slip
jwa's at somo little distance from me,
find 'as with oagor steps I hurried for
ward, 1" perceived that 'Bhe was 'not
alone. Ijt'pppqd, djzzy a,nil confolmd-
L'u,;ioruer opmpapion, was my rival,
Srane. Her handsilayipaasively withi
n iis grasp;' she soemed'to bo listen
ng willingly to'his eager words; but
jo-j-fciiddohlytho dowricast oyca wero,
aiscdr-sho spoko f vbhomiritly - alio
itrugglcd to roleaso horself; I
ushod madly fdrward.
,lIt'H a falsehood 1" I heard her ex
dalm ; "and, you arc a coward 1"
Thou her, iaco was' turned toward
no1 in surprise, delighted recognition,
ear, trouble, and tho noxt moment her
ersecutor had measured, his length on
be! ground, whilo 1 reeled and fell,
' or 'gi.e3t. darkness .svam,.
hen"nll was blank.
J A world peopled witli many laces,
m turn s trau sc. familiar, compassion
ate, cruel, merry. ; 'ovonts 'following ono,
'anotheri wi,h incoupeivable rapidity,
sonio ioylul, somo tho roverso ; a con
ifusod agopized Btrugglo nftert compro
bonsioii of Bomc'thifig cruelly 'puzzling,
i gradual relinquishment of the' effort,
! nd at last' I know my mother's sweet
' oiu iaco as it bont anxiously over
no. Atiflrst'bcr faac was.all that il
recognized, nnd, soothed. by tho con
sciousness of. her proscnoo, I slept.
gradually recollection 'returned; theu
fpllowcd tho tcdiutp of n long and
xj'eary convalescence,! during which 1
Ibarned that they had sent that very
day from Dalehurst to inquire about
me, and ,liad .'also 'sent fruit and flow
ers continually till, I put of danger,
and that they had now gonb abroad.
"I bog pardpn 1" I oxblaiinod absont
ly, foi' I had cotno into sudden, and
violent o.ollissldu with a lady who, llko
jinyholf,, was turning thp cPrner' of a
street in Haminersimth. There Was a
deiiBo for1, and alib waa closelv vdllod.
eb it, is not Wo'iiderful that I did hot at
first, recognize lior. "Miss Lir6wn 1 Is
ty possible, and alpno f Ilmvo grown
Indopondont you lee'1 in slightly, itro-
nations tones. ".'You must lot mo pnt
ypu jnto a cab., Where aro you goingl"
Ijaikod,, fooling like one .who dream-
"llomci no, no ploasol" as .1 took
iimbroila and immio roll from her hand,
"indeed, I cannot let you ," but tho
words wore woak and faltering, nnd I
ventured to disohoy.
Drawing her hand through my arm
4;wamen uy nor biuo in silence, lor l
could hoar by lior quiok, Irregular
ijroathing thnt slio waN Bti'ug'lilig will)
soma halnfuVdiilPliop. .
i "iyhat "iuus you think ojf,'us,f' .ulie
tlxolaiiued at fastr-V'our silence It win
ijoV my faulu Aro you quite strong
afealn t"
Uy degrco l drew ortn troiu nor
lat thoy wpro (JuHo poor uow, and
lat.sho was uiviinz daily tnusiu lesfons
in order to lierself and lior father, who
m Weak and ill and terribly 'altered.
Qalto poor indeed they were and iiv-
5g In.apartirto.uUr to. whiclt,, Vy her
sioful arrangement, of tho, relics that
mained to them of their prosperous
iyB, GenovioVo had iievdrtHoeS!
raanagdd to impart an air .Of .rennet
me;it, ami 9egaice. It waq oply. just
ii 'timo, that I. had found them,,, for
ppon old Mft ISrowno. waf, as any ono
cbltld sue, qnito brokon up, and seemed
to"dcpend entirely upon his daogtitvr,,
5hd ' told tno that When I dad oomo
upon them in the wopd her cousin had
liistiboeu reiusoci Dv.ncr, upon which
hp taxed her for entertaining nn afTec
r. il.r. l.. - it....." -
linn ior a penniless luriuno-uiiiiier, ytuo
hKd been kicked out of Dalohurnt as,
soon as her father became awaro of his
presumptuous designs.' -Then followed
lior' indignant Words and my' interfer
ence and Sudden faint. As a whole
party had been piu-nicing thcro .help
was not far off, aud Mr. Browno would
hjwe had: mo carried , to,. Dalehurat had
itj not boon for his nephew's strenuous
A.fqw days rtf.tcrwaid,horfi;thor had,
s)okun .to her and boggod lior to. re
ceive Vano'B attention favorably.
Gradually it came out, that he had been
ft) coulating nnd was ruined, if 'sho did
not help him'to .rotr'uSvo Iiih position Iy
,ij is marriage, but, thi3lhe,did,ii9i,.,ol( her
til, they had alliquittcd'Dalohur8.t .for
tl u .Continent, and she had again ro-.
fiKod' her' cousin. From her mother
o had inherited n sum which' brought
r i$0 a year., ,U poll, this pittance,
u,what she, could mako,, by teaching,
my, bravo girl, had struggled, to main-,
t: in hoiudlf and her father until now.
I md not been mistakun'with 'regard to
,G ineviovo'a sentiiin.'pts,' Ipx, won .from.
Ik r thp confession that slip had. loved
m ; frpjn thp first. (3o now that , thqro,
,w is. no mpnoy to como. hetween us, I
asccd and obtained her father's consent
to our union. Wo were married vory
quietly, botii for tho sako ,of epouomy,
an'd also on account of her father's do
cliniu? Jiealth. ,
Among the relics of his former
grandeur, 'Mr. Browne had retained a
picturo which, in spito of everybody
ha had always persisted in believing
tpjbo of groat.valuo, This hqjprcaoilt-.
ed, with raiich.satfsfactiono lusi'daugli,
tcr on tho occasion of hor marriage. IIo
was getting 'quite 'childish udw, nnd
she1 nursed 'and humored llim with'
.Unfailing awqetqesa and, devotion.
Quo morning, on, coming down into
the kitchen, I, found her busily engaged
in (cleaning her father's picture.
, ("What are you doing T" I asked.
."I am trying to make ,tiis 'old and
valuable picture' look, a little morp Ale
cent," Bhe replied, laughing igayly.
''ljoor papa has taken it into his head
that I do not value it,- so I am golng'to
give it1 tho place of honor in tho dining
Df, cqursp I, grumhled, for it
rcally an awful productionand equally
p'f oourse, my darling coaxed tnc into
'Loqk here, dear'1 shq exclaimed;
vofy suddenly, 'how, oddly this painti
nae pooled oit horo in tlio cornor I It
looks as if thorp ware -.-another picture
I looked oarelesslyiat first, then cu-,
('So it does," I replied, nnd taking
thq cloth from1 her hand I, carefully
continued the process till about lour
sqiiaro inohen had .beep cloaupd pff, re
vealing, part of a lamb.
''My word I" I exclaimed, and Gone-
viuye must havo 'thought mo mad, for.
datehiilg up tho, picture, I hurried away
witjh it to my studio, packed it. up, tore
out ;ot tne house, took' a cab and .in
half an hour's timo wuBexoitodlywatch
ing tho operations of tho restorer to
Whom i had taken It.
lo uiako a loua.storv short. It luruud a orreggio-wlnoltBomoAioth
had covered with his own infamous
ubud. ii was sent '.to uiinatiq and
Marison 8 and Bold.ior 2500.
Mr. ,Uro who's .triumph may bo easily
"' : r 1 1.... 1 ,1 . ,, .
iinagiueu, uui no wouhi not aiiow mar.
tjio. money belougod to him. "It was
his dear' girl's dowry," ho qa'id.
ao you seo you nave marriod. an
heiress.) after al, you mean, .fortuno
hmltorli iciiediGeiiovieyo, with glad
tears in ncr eyes.
''Yes, 'and tiierefore I shall paint no
more 'pot-bcllers !' " I exclaimed. I
kept, to this' resolvp, and, noxt ypar-1
puu it pivuuii; in tuu ivcauumy.
1 .
A bnnvan trco is a forest m . itself.
giving Hboltpr and-Bliailuto , wholovih
IrfgeB oL ,huls.. its wido-sproading
branonoB aro finpportod iw many scpa
rata atoms or trunks, formed hv'dn.
scenuing aerial roots winch, pn r.eapli
ingiino ground oocomt4;nx.pua9, propsi
t6 tho great loaf v roofabove., .Natives
ol; parts iof India regard tho tree as
Bituijcu, uuu ib is uui surprising tuat. tno
deep twlliglit whtqh always , iireyaibj
unuor us. uqnsp louagq should impross,
With nwo tho simple Ruddhiet dwellers
in, its shade. ReBpocling tho size
reaohod by this tree, it may pp Stated,
that! Forbes,, in his '".Qrieptal .Meinp
ries,;' inentioiiB .a banyan,, whioli ,was
pearly 2,ouo leet in circumference,
measured round ilH principal stems.
wiiile tho gronud covered by its
branches was considerably moro. ex
tensive. Tho largei trunks numbered
450,, and tho Bmalldr1 olios exceeded
3,00Pj Even tho 2,000 fe6t or mpril
tl. e .!i. !i .
man tunu iiiuu oi u (uuu .noes, yo
roprpsent Mio lull en puiiuorqiice. over
yvluqli this colossal plants chief sup
ppits had been spread, as a lldod had
parried away a very ljirgo part, , pf thp
wm uyiuiu A'lnuca, pnw 11, reuuuiug UIO
nqipper of larger trunkH from 1350 to
tha,3Q upw remaining,! Tlio banyan
belongs to. the goumt whluh iucludeo
tho common fig; and is known as tho
T. ..!!-.. 111. EV..r. T" . , . v
Aiiuiau a'iuh j.nut;a.)
"By cuUiiig back the, hybrid perpet
lial roses after thoy ImVo lloweml
later crpp9 pf floyors will bo' moro per
taip vp appear,
nr . !.i r . t ,
yuuing ior a rtso ino young
lauy wuo iiaqgs en to a Birap in
It takes a long tlmo for a woman lo
get, into tjio thirties,' bjut when slio does
gut iuy.( anu atays.i
tir nni'.UMniAN. Vni.. vvtti wnn
Oen, Jackson's Duels
Gfen Andrew .Tackson. l'reeldenL of
tjio ITiutcd Statin, and iuimortnl as tin)
l.(ron saint of Dcinbcrncy, is ppo of
ho few men whoso rcpord was nptjna
eriallv Biilllod bv his dueHintr. To
fight scemod in iierfcpt ncqord with tho
man h coiir.igcotH .tcmiierninent nnd tho
hole drift of his career. Tho first af
fair of honor in whlch-tho General was
tigagpd was wben ho was n very
pung nirin,- nnd holding tlio odlco of
istvict Attorney ,111 Western Tennos-'
;seo. it vvasiin the summer of 1790
Jtajor-Gnoral Sevier had just bein
leclod Uovcrnor, and still retained his
commission as General, Jackson want
ed him to resign, and thoy becama en
gaged in a dispute, m which buvier
told Jackson tlmt ho had run off with
another man's wife. This happened in
thu streets of KnoxvillP, Jackson ra-
lieJ i
"Great God ! Do you mention her
acred namo f Doth drow pistols nnd
red Bhots in tho crowded street. Ono
hiau was grazed, but no ono was ser
iously injured. When Jackson chal-
onged bevlcr tun lntter declined to
fight because ho. was a poor man and
had h largo frimlly dependent upon
him. Soon after this nioetiug tho par
tips camo together on tho' main road
frpm Knoxvillo unexpectedly. All
wero on horseback. Jackson, who was
accompanied hy Di. Van Dyke, called,
upon Soyicr to defend himself. Tho
1iitor jnmped from his horse, whicli
rah away with, the pistols in the hols
ter. Sevlerls bpii drow on .Taokson,
nving He wdnld 'protect his father, and
Vnn Dyko drew on Sovior, but travel
lers interfered, and no blood was splll
qd. In this caso Jackson was popularly
(judged to bo in tho right, as the lady
in question was then his wife, nnd had
.been descried by her former husband.
lie hold her namo sacred.
Iti 1805 Gen. Jackson heard that
ChiirleV Dickinson, a young lawyer,
had 'spoken disparagingly of Mrs. Jaok-
'sph.- This was something ho would
not allbw under any circumstances. IIo
lound Uickinson, who told him if ho
said it ho must havo been drunk. Tho
matter wns for a time amicably arrang
ed. Again Jackson heard that youlig'
AJicKiiison naci oeen taiKinif. Anoroner
n I -1 1. - .1 1 nn
ai then; went to tho young man's father-in-law
and told him that1 ho wished tho
young' man' would hold his tongue and
comport himself as. a gentleman, IIo
Wanted 'no quarrel, and counselled
Capt. 'Ei-vin to exert his influence id
quiet tlfe ydung man down. ' Moan;
limo'n hPrso race was to come Pit in
wljich Jackson 'and Dickinson were in
terested. The stakes wore $2,000 a side.
Heforo the race" tho horso in onosition'
to .lieu Jackson broke down, and $800
was forfeited. A young man named
Swann, iti speaking'of the notcS placed
up on each, side, said something that
irapugneu uenerai jaeKson s veracity,
'and Jackson, when tho matter was
brought bc'foro liim, promptly said that
whoever1 'made tho statement was a
m! liar: Swann addressed a letter
isking nn explanation. Tlio' General
replied 'by reiterating1 his language:
though' ho did not know'whqm'it struck
when1 first nsell, and referred to Dick
inson ds a tale-bearer, a'cuw'ardlv nol
trooii add liar. Swann then chalieng-
3 1 I-i ii. . : . I .
threat prSoviously made, caned Swann
in a public place. Dickinson next
wrote a fierce letter to him, and left on
a trip for the aouth, expecting An an'
swer on' Ids' return. While ho wns
iway another duel camo olT between
two gentlemen,- Mr. Coffco and Mr,
MoNairy, who wore mixed up in tho
imo affair, Coffee being wounded.
When' Dickinson returned on May 20th,
no published a long letter in the iNash-
viiio Impartial JCevieto, lull of cutting
sarcasm, and branding Qen. Jackson as.
,a-coward and poltroon. Tho inevita
ble 'came. Reforo the article 'appeared
ui punt lJicKinsnu was handed uyUcn
Overton,- Jackson's second, a perempto
ry challongo. It was. promptly accept-
and Dr. Harrison ColloV earned
Dickinson's reply, naming Friday,
iuav aum. tauo. as tne rintn. (-.en
Jackaon wanted to fight at an. earlier
datp, but, the other would not consent,
The location of tho duel was a long
itayis ride lrom JNashvillo, in Kentucky,
across tho' Red River. It was tho gen
oral opinion that the' meeting wpuid bo
i.iLiii iu ,1 ii, iicKinson was n
marksman bf unerring accuracy, and
was considered tho crack shot of Ten
nessee. He was certain ho would kill
Ins niitngoiiist. Tho morning before
tho duel ho kissed his young wifogood-
uy assuring uer no wpuiu ue nomo mo
tollpwing evening, alio was m entire
ignorance of his mission from: home,
Dickinson wn,g accompanied by a party
of gay young men. All disported
tuqmsoi.ves as u on a pleasure tour, On
tlio lournoy tho principal amused them
hy giving exhibitions of his skill with
tho pistoK At a .distanco of twenty-
four ,feet ho fired at oonttuand four
balls into a spaqp that could bu covered
by .half a dpliar, .At. a waysido, inn he
cut a string at a good distauco with a
pistol ba II, and instructed tho andlord
Bh'oilld An'drpw Jackaon pass that way
to , point, it, oui to uuu. it was also
Baid iliat ho wagered 500 that hq
would comq within half an inch of a
certain fiuttpn pn Jackson's coat, and
had Bevqrnl thousand dollars wagered
on tho reBult of tho fight, betting ho
would kill Ids antagonist at tho first
(Son, Jackson's demeanor was entire
ly qiUoruut. His second, Gen. Over
ton, and himself conversed aoloinnlv
together op thq prosiUots. They know
tho oppouent, to bo it irnro Bhot, and
cpupiea every olinnce, I no inon wor
to aland at eight paces, with pistols
down, and pro ac tho simple woixl with
out f Hi ther ado. Tho two parties passed
the 'night at pountry taverns about two
miles apart. Jackson Had determine!
to let bis adversary lire, first, as h
kpqw Jinn to bo, tho quicker aud the
surer, anu then take Ills chances later,
Jaokson was dressed In a loose frock
ooat, which concealed the Blendemess
pf hU phisiqne.nnd rendered thu exnot
iii.. . , , i .
puaiuuii vi ilia vital pans some wnnt tin
cciiam. AicKiusou was tno youuge
and handsomer, Jackson being mot-
commanding and superior. Thorn was
a etui intensity in his niannor that ron
dercd him grand as ho stood under tho
tail poplar pn that bright Moy mom
ing awaiting tlio crack nf doom. -
Tio word "ready" was repeated by
both men, and Uen. Ovortoii shouted
17 00
DO (10
18 0
110 '
18 00
SO 00
Ml 00
100 00
onolnch J3(l
3 mi
Two Indies. . , .800
14 m
rilirco lnclios..iv A t
II 00;
rourincurn.t.j.i oi
ijunrter column.. Boo
Ilalf column... ...100)
onccolumn in 00
S5 00
Yearly adverUaomenU payable grtartcrly. 1 ran-
lent adverllsomciila must bo paid ior oeroreinr rri
rd except where parties havo accounts
Legal advprtlsemenls two dollars per Joe'' lot
thr"o insertions, and at that rato for ftidlllonal
InaerllonswltbouLrofertncotolengUii y
Kxeeutofs. XrlmfnlstratoT'rii andilluir nnriri-i
three dollars. Must bo paid for wnen nsencn.
Tranilent or Xxn notices, ten cents a lino, rrgn
lar ndvcrtlschicntJi baltrjurs. . UJ
Hard in the 'Business Directory" column, one
dollar a year for each line.
J U1....L .i in " ii i i i I
tho" signal; nrtC''rcTci5B-nlfifo1r
instantly fired. T'lwrb- Was UK pltfTiof
dust from Jackson's coat, nnd ho raised
his hand and clasped it td' his breast.
His frleiAls wiitad 16 SfrolhlKil Tultl hut
lie stood calm and iipplacablo as fate.
Astounded at his failure, Dickinson ro
coiled n step cr two, Baying :, "Great
Godl havo I ml.sqd hun t",
"Rack 'to' thu" mark; slPf'sllriekcd
Overton, with his hand on his pistol.
Dickinson recovered his composure,
rind stood with his eyes averted. vG6n.
Jackson took deliberate aim and pulled
tho trigger. Tho pistol neither snap-.
pod nor went oil. It stopped at Hall i
cock. Unrctuliy he reoocKuu it, anu a
fcccond time took aim and fired. Dick-
nson reeled, and was caught by his
friends. A deadly pallor camo over "'
his fact1, and his trousers, became crim
son from the lifq blood tlmt ti jcktqil
from his breast. The ball had entered
6no side nnd come out at tho other.
Jacksou was joined by Overton and
thoy hurried from thp field. Ldoking
down, Ovorton saw that tho General's
shoo was full of blood. It was tho first
ho know that his friend was wotinded:
Mv God, aro you hit," ho exclaimed.
I believe ho has milked mo n little.
but say notliing about it," Jackson re
Dickinson's' aim had been' herfect.
Ho struck" tho markwhero lie thought
would piercd Jackson's 'hoart, but-th'd
lender Iignro and deceptive uresa ot
is adversary rendered tho wound not
fatal The bnllct raked "tho breast bono
and broko two or three ribs. Jackson
us laid up for wccksrTind though lie
lived to a rilto old age, thy tvoun'd Was
tho" eventual cause of his1 deatl). 'I'was" 1
ti case in which one or tho pthhf' liad to' '
bp kil!ed; aud Jackson 'was to' btamo'J'
n4 mdro than the other i'uati: 'Dick'ni-''1'
Bon died tho following day, beforo his" '
wjfo arrived at Ins bedside. ( j
'Thd next encounter of mip'oKanco in
which Gen. Jackson was' .c'liga'gcd
was in 1813. It wa ho fault "of .-
A young Captaill naliied Wil-
iam Carroll, who later bc'caino'a ueff ,
!ral, was a favorite of Jackso'ii'A.'''.Ies's6
Renton, a brother ofCbl. Thomas 11.
Benton, challenged Carroll 16 fight d
difel for somo imaginary' offeDso.- Car
roll 'succeeded in getting Jack'son' to lib " ,
His second, tuough tlio uencral tun an
hq could to iriake a plcas'act settleiiicnl.
Jesse Ilenton was untamed 'aild fiery, '
and' would figh. They piPt, and Car- ,
roll wpurtded him. Jackson, who'was
ggravatcd that tho fight should take"
placo at all, mado light of tho affair all''
around. Jessp Benton then poured.,
into.thdtears 6f Tlipmas.BrJn'tPri a won-'
derful talcj'and Thdmas ai," onco' dd- '
nouncccl Jackson as an ingrate; a'trii-',
tor, itci Jackson 'said lie :would hprso-
whip hirri on sight, arid pyery oild'.be-.!
lieved it. On the 3rd of 'September all '
the parties1 wero', in NaBh,villo: ' 'Jaok1-'
son witli his friotid, Col. Coffee, 'went1 .'
to itho Post Ofiieo whero thoy saw tho,
two Bcntous standing.
"iNow, you d u rascal,, JLam go
ing to punish you,' said Jackson to
xom ilenton, advancing, ruling .whip,
in hand. Benton madp a uioyemeiit.lp
draw a piatol( and Jackson drew hist .
still ndvancing, whip in hand, Jes's'q
JtScntOii then discharged a pistol lpadcd
with slugs at Jackson, literally ,tearingr
upiohobf his shoulders. Jackspn foil,
vplleriHg in blood. running.duoI ,
theil commenced in the street, though,.
will but effect. Coffee shot nt Thorn-, '
as Rentoif .and knocked iiiin down "a ,
flight of stairs,- and friends .of Jpkon,
tried lo kill Jesso Benton,' who'was.
wounded with a dirk. Jackson rinnih'
very nearly dying, nud'carri'rd'Ben'tqn'si
ball io Ins dying day.' This. , was tho'
last ot tho iinpoi-laut engaginciits in'
which Gen'. Jackson figured. Oinhiii
nali Enquirer.
A Ooward Seeks a' Pension.
At a club dinner in New York -ro
ccntly,,an examining surgeon related
tho, following Incident Hbow'ing how. I
tho, arrears act, developed pensioners
out of sound and uudeserving'. i mdn,
Duripg tho war ho was Burgeon df an
infantry regiment. When tho regi
ment tirst went into battle ho observed.
Hitting, behind a,big trco at alBafudlp-
tahbo from the, .lighting line, thn cap
tain of one of tho companies. '"What-.
aro you doing horo. Captain?,'' asked
tho doctor. "I am not, feeling! well?
repped tho oihcer in- a- doietul voico.
Tho Burgequ.was too, busy looking af
ter the wounded to stop and inquire as
to his coiuplainl. A low, weeks later
tho regiment got under pre, nnd tho
surgeon found the same captain skulk
ing behind a bam. "Hello 1 sick
again t" he oxclnimcd. t'Well, tho fact
:s Tl . .1 T. I .L.
ip, uubiui, ul 111 iiuw uAuuuv riuK. a limy
aS well own up that I'm a'cotya'rd.
Them's no help for it. It must bo' cbn
stitutional. Now, doctor, what'sl Hho
use of my staying iu tlio armv ? WPri't
you help mo get a discharge?" Tho
surgeon thought ho was doing tho
oountry a sorvico when, a fow'days af
terward, ho recommended that tho
man bo discharged on tho ground of
general disability. IIo heard nbthiiii
of tho captain until sixteen yenrs late
when ho received ailettobfrorh tho pen
ttion office informing him that Captain
isiauk had applied lor n pension lrom
thu data of his muster-out that he, ns
surgeon of tho regiment, had certified
tq tho disability, wonld ho kindly in'
form tho Government as to tho tmturo
of thu d'lBoaso from which tho officer
suffered t The Burgeon replied that
the complaint was chronic and incura
ble cowardico, not contracted in tho
lino pf his duty, but constitutional. Tho'
captain did not go upon tho roll,- and
nis pinn jor geuing hoiiio 5 i,uuu ior
arrears and $20 a month for tho rest
of his lifo cainu to oriof. Ilhw mnnv
schemos no less' dishonest h.nvo sun
cccded through1 tho coinplnisaiicu of '
oxaiiiiniug surgeons less houost than
thq narrator of this incident, could on
ly bu nnoertaiueil by a thorough oyer
hauling of thu wholu pension list nnd a
rq-oxaininatiori of tho entire nnny of
pqnsionot,-r-(7e"Hf!r-y. 1
Dr. Bjornstrom, Biuteimlenduut oi tf
lunatlo asylqin at Stpckholm, intro-,
duood a print'"? Pa. W& s.pinp, typo
into tho establishment' (or tlio boijofit
of an insanq ppinppsUor, Thp qior
patlpnw ht'oiunn Interested In pijuthig
and thq Doctor spqn gnyo then n
morq extous'ivo npparatiH. Thq result
1m tint rw.i!it iinlutnntlnii nf flu, 11n-
tor's bpok on ''Diseasq of tho Mind,"
which was set up, printed and hound
by thu patients, and is prququnced, a
very good piepo of work ii) pvqry
spect. It contains 2.Q2, pages.
Tho rdally highest tit rung'' tit Ju iii'tho'
, West aro tho horSP thipWHV ' ' '""'J 7-